White Students Riot At New Hampshire Pumpkin Decorating Festival

 Riots over nothing are nothing new.  College students, in particular, think it is fine to run riot for fun and destroy neighborhoods trash and loot when festivals or sports events are held.  This happened the other night in white-bread states up north, in New Hampshire.

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Over 80% Of America Wants Travel Ban For Ebola Nations, Obama Refuses

Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 7.47.35 PM

Retired Perv on Twitter: “To fortify yourself completely against ebola virus ,add this salt to your bathing and drinking water http://t.co/VEuLayAkxk”:  a number of people in Africa have already died trying this fake, magical cure.  Taking in a ton of salt is deadly. Back in Dallas, Ebola hysteria hits Dallas as train station is closed after woman who stayed at ‘patient zero’ apartment complex spat on platform.  And I am not surprised by this news:  Dallas hospital where one man died of Ebola and two more contracted the deadly virus has become a ‘ghost town’ as patients are avoiding facility over safety fears which are understandable.


Mr. Duncan is bankrupting a hospital, a wedding dress store, perhaps a number of airlines, ships, etc.  He is one very expensive alien brought into the country due to no quarantine on travelers from ebola nations.


This disease is unusual in that the symptoms are quite common to other diseases until the bleeding begins and the inside of the body disintegrates.  This makes the problem with ebola so taxing and frightening: it doesn’t look like much early on. PressTV – US can detect Ebola virus in seconds: 


American researchers working at the Department of Energy have developed the test in a laboratory in Knoxville, Tennessee and now they are attempting to find a partner to commercialize the know-how, the International Business Times reported on Saturday.


So far, one contractor named Healtheon Inc. of New Orleans, which produces various diagnostic tools, has expressed readiness to cooperate with the department.

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Russia, China Alliance Grows Stronger, US Allies Undermine US Power In Every Way Possible

«Sukhoi» and «Mikoyan» Extreme maneuverability – Истребители «Сухого» и «Микояна» – YouTube

Time to talk about WWIII with Russia and China and our ‘allies’ who are not exactly very good to have in the rear since they all expect us to do 90% of the fighting and dying for them all.  The above video I got from a Russian news site.  I am astonished. Their fighter jets are totally mobile, they can fly BACKWARDS and pause in place like a helicopter!  Among other things, this isn’t shown much in the US due to the need to pretend the US is #1.  China watched last year’s air show in Paris and started immediate talks with Russia about sharing jet technology and buying Russian military goods.

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Possible Ebola Woman Lobbying For Africa Throws Up At Pentagon Scaring The Clowns Who Sent Soldiers To Fight Ebola

Star Trek – We are the Borg (2013) – YouTube

Hazmat teams swoop on the Pentagon in Ebola scare: Entrance sealed off after female lobbyist who’d recently been to Africa vomited in parking lot: hey, bring the War on the Virus Empire home!  This shows how clever the Virus Empire is, sending an agent over to lobby the Pentagon to send more troops there because the Virus Empire knows from History that…troops bring home epidemics and plagues!  Yes, that, and in a lesser extent, world trade does this too.

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Race Riots Will Destroy America, Blacks Must Face Truth About Social Disintegration That Is Destroying Them

Mob loots Brooklyn deli, attacks employee | New York Post: when mobs of out of control black youths riot, this is either excused as ‘They are angry because some cop killed one of them who was acting out earlier’ or isn’t reported at all except locally.  Black leaders including Mr. #1 Obama, never find the time to talk about this problem much less the even worse problem of blacks killing each other at a very high rate, far, far higher than whites of any sort killing any blacks of any sort.  When blacks complain about how they are being ‘killed off’ while at the same time ignoring who is killing them, this makes white people increasingly angry because it is racism for blacks to always blame whites for the high death rate of black and the increasing ‘avoid all blacks because they are likely to commit crimes’ society we live in today.


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Nigerian Passenger On Flight To JFK Throws Up Violently And Then DIES On Plane!

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 8.45.00 PM

Here comes the tsunami: ebola zombies are trying desperately to come to America and it looks as if one of them died ON A PLANE flying from Nigeria!  This is going to be a major issue in the looming election and Obama still sits on his rear end, trying to ignore this mess.  Congress hearings with CDC head ends with political divide as Democrats try to mollify blacks by keeping the door to Africa wide open.  This is fatal for the party.  Worse than the excuses for riots in Ferguson.

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Climate Chaos: As It Gets Colder, Global Warmists Make Up Silly Explanations

october 2014 wind and hurricanes Atlantic Ocean


Hurricane Gonzalo can be seen grinding away towards Bermuda while cold air pours down from Greenland and the Arctic bringing the beginning of winter to the cold waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean.  Note how there is very little wind over the continents, in general.  The most dynamic part of the earth’s wind systems are the oceans and these are cooling off, not heating up.  The predicted el Nino event still is floundering, too.  Colder and colder it gets.

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