Hamas And Palestinian Authority Become One Party Again, Kerry And Netanyahu Blow Up Screaming In Rage

total nuclear warfare

Startling things are happening on the diplomatic front so of course, our media owners who are Bilderberg gang members or Zionists or corporate wealthy, are totally ignoring all this news.  They do publish it all…on the nether reaches of their papers, way back in the very far back so no one will be aware of this unless they are very fast, patient readers.  The news being buried is the news that our State Department used Jewish lies about Ukrainian Russians in both the photoshopped pictures and the fake leaflet.  Meanwhile, the news about Palestinians uniting is carefully concealed.


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Earth Day Ends With Endless Lies About How We Are Roasting To Death

As yet another cold wave pounds us and temperatures fall below freezing again, as blizzards blow in New York and the Cascade Mountains out West not to mention Arizona!  As this grinds on and on, our media owners especially the goofballs who call themselves ‘liberals’ tell us we are roasting to death, yes, for sure, dude!  This insanity is enabled by rigging temperature statistics and dropping the older records by a couple of degrees to make it look colder long ago, like, 70 years ago.

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Biden Gives Ukraine $70 Million In Bribes, Warns Of ‘Corruption’


The hard push to WWIII continues.  Biden went to Ukraine to offer huge sums of money so that the coup would be our mercenaries and thus, attack the pro-Russian Ukrainians and he acted as if this would not provoke a war which is insane.  And we don’t have the money for this, the money due to sequestration, now has to come out of programs for American citizens.  Also, Obama went to Japan right after the LDP insulted all Americans by going to the war criminal shrine and basically yelling ‘Banzai!’.

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Cesar Millan, National Geographic Dog Trainer Dude, Thinks Pit Bulls Are Safe, Friendly Dogs Which Is Insanely Wrong

Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 7.35.21 PM

I really despise this man.  I train dogs and horses and other animals and one animal I would not train is a pit bull.  They are unreliable as wolves and if you are injured, sick or have a baby, they switch to wolf mode and due to breeding, have very strong jaws and strong wills.  They are great for bull baiting and I trained oxen that weighed over a ton each and found them far safer to handle than pit bulls.  Here is Milan’s latest attempt at conning people into having pit bulls as pets:  I’m not a bully! Heartwarming portraits of rescue pit bulls hope to challenge harsh misconceptions about the breed | Mail Online

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Liberal Warmongering Against Russia And China Rises To Hysterical Fever Pitch As US Continues Cold Spring Weather

huffington post is biggest war monger media


The neocon President who sent the Kagan wife working with Pyatt to overthrow the elected government there is now giving deadlines about war.  That is, the citizens angry about the coup in Kiev must surrender to the coup or the US will muscle them into surrender exactly like how we did it in Egypt.  That is, kill everyone until they give up resisting a coup.  The Peace Prize President has fine tuned his warmongering.  He does what his handlers order and then gives up.  Right now, the US has redoubled assassin drones killing peasants in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen which is a very failed strategy since it only makes the peasants angrier.  But we keep on doing this because our boss in Jerusalem has ordered our President to do this and our corrupt AIPAC Congress votes to do this while cutting spending on social programs, science and protecting our borders at home.

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Time To Look At Japan Trade Statistics: Japan Is In Same Trap We Are In

Japan trade deficit is both manufacturing and energy imports

Japan’s trade statistics are terrible, Japan is now wallowing in red in both government spending and trade just like the US.  The above graph’s red parts are energy trade deficits while the blue represents Japan’s imports from industrial nations, mostly China and the EU.  Japan cannot run on red ink forever and Fukushima is a huge budget hole that is destroying a large sector of Japan and menaces the entire population with future cancer rates going very high.  Japan’s economic problems perfectly mirror the US only with the added population decline problem making problems in the future.

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Yellen, No Surprise, Will Keep ZIRP Banking Going Despite Obvious Huge Inflation Surges

Federal Reserve cornucopia

A photo I took in DC showing the cornucopia of the Federal Reserve

Our elites have done various things over the years that created the present economic mess.  They did all these things in order to make themselves richer and more powerful but this process has destroyed the US economic base and many of our manufacturing cities lie in smoldering ruins today thanks to stupid policies.  It all began with the Vietnam War and politicians hiding the real cost of that war via printing money.  To do this, Nixon and Burns cut the gold standard.  To fix the following hyperinflation, free trade was instituted whereby the US now imports more and more manufactured goods, this in turn, killed our cities and laid waste to the working class that once manufactured goods.


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