Obama Illegally Legalizes Illegal Aliens And Ebola Nation Africans

Well, he tried to help the Democrats lie about who they really are by not giving legal working rights to illegal aliens while Democrats controlled the Senate, he now does this right after an election!  An election where this was a HUGE issue!  Unilaterally, of course, which I think is impeachable.  There was no political consensus for this move, outside of the illegal alien community.


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CounterPunch Magazine Prints Editorial Demanding No More Children To Fix Global Warming

Counterpunch is an online magazine run by old-fashioned liberals, ‘In 2007 Cockburn and St. Clair wrote that in founding CounterPunch they had “wanted it to be the best muckraking newsletter in the country”‘but over the years, the muckraking has been replaced by endless whining and gnashing of teeth.  This week, the rag has gone over the Niagara Falls in a barrel with an editorial calling for outright conversion of the US into North Korea especially calling for the annihilation of children because of…get this…GLOBAL WARMING.  This itch to attack society about warming is sad, hilarious, and insane.

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Obama Ignores Election Results And Will Legalize Millions Of Illegal Aliens


We just had an election.  The Democrats lost hugely in the recent election.  Nearly across the board.  To an astonishing degree.  This was no mistake, it was a voter revolt mainly of the middle class and obviously, mainly white voters alarmed at the seething mess the Democrats have created.  The President and his party that used to control the Senate did no ‘immigration reforms’ before the election because their own polls showed clearly, the vast majority of voters were against this.  So they waited until after the defeat to unilaterally create, what they hope will be, millions of Democratic voters for the next election and thus, get back into power again.

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Americans Freeze To Death In Historic Massive Blizzards While Obama Battles Poseidon (Oceans Rising Due To ‘Warming’)

Screen shot 2014-11-19 at 8.38.55 PM

As Arctic winter winds howl around my house and is killing US citizens living in Western New York, Obama and his gaggle of goofy buddies are all about…GLOBAL WARMING.  Yes, these monsters are totally and completely ignoring the blizzards howling across the northern tier of the US and the severe cold going all the way to Miami Beach and near Malibu…all the White House activities this week are about protecting ourselves from hot weather.  Yes, I kid you not.  Droughts!  With only a thin sliver of the nation suffering from drought.  Namely, Malibu.

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International News About Fascism, France, UK, Russia, Japan, India, Israel And Of Course, The US

Russian politician covered her in oil and feathers by masked men video shows exactly how our ‘allies’ in the coup Kiev half of Ukraine behave.  Sort of like Israelis, no?  The US is going to punish the Palestinians for doing something nasty while never lifting a finger when Jews do nasty stuff and the same rule of ‘whips for Orthodox Russians and powder puffs for US sponsored fascists’ continues.  Meanwhile, the EU economies are falling like a souffle exposed to the Arctic blasts we see hitting Buffalo, NY this week.

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Both Black And White Police Officers Are Killed By Thugs Every Year, Not A Peep From Liberals And Black Racists

Out of plain curiosity, I wanted to discover the race of cop killers over the years, some sort of government statistics and tried every possible way of doing this and found absolutely nothing.  No studies, no graphs, no clues at all.  If anyone can find a list of cops killed (annually, it is around 40-50 a year) that also breaks down the race of who kills cops, I would appreciate this.  Having run street patrols in mostly black communities in the past, I know from personal experience that black street thugs are the most likely killers of police with the second most common killers being violent domestic white males going nuts when police come to stop them from abusing their families.  The fact remains, people kill cops.  Even 57 Cops Are Murdered by “Unarmed” Criminals.

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Nearly Entire US Has Record Cold, Lots Of Snow…US Media Ignores This News

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 10.19.56 AM

NASA’s SDO Observes Largest Sunspot of the Solar Cycle | NASA in October when the present 24th solar cycle which is very weak, had an outburst. Thanks to this active month, the sun has caused a very mild el Nino to perk up in the Pacific Ocean.  There is a lot of denialism going on about the sun and its huge effect on the climate with both the global cooling and the global warming community ignoring or pretending the sun isn’t the planet’s #1 driver of climate changes.  As we see from above, there is more sun spot activity going on.


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