Lots Of NYC Ebola News, Obama Continues To Dither, More Ebola People Come To NY, NJ Airports

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The Right-Wing House of Fear | The Nation: Tom Tomorrow’s cartoon making fun of rational ebola fears is typical left wing propaganda.  This guy is in hysterics about ‘global warming’ and calls everyone names who disagrees with his delusions, but his childish cartoon making fun of ebola fears is incredibly dumb.


‘I’m angry he’s getting trashed!’ Family leap to the defense of New York Ebola doctor – who spent DAYS roaming the city and even went out when he was contagious with symptoms of virus: the doctor who should have known better is being defended by his delusional family exactly like Mr. Duncan was defended by a family in denial.  This man had zero excuse for what he did to one of the biggest urban areas on earth, the Tristate Region which has 23 million people, one of the greatest on earth.

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A Proposal: We Need A Disposable Isolation Unit That Protects Doctors And Nurses From Dying Ebola Patients

ebola isolation unit

Here is my first proposal for an ebola isolation unit which should be used when a patient becomes toxic to doctors and nurses.  The problem is, using individual suits DO NOT WORK.  Especially when handling dying patients who have rampant germs that spread very, very easily.  The concept is fairly simple: the gloves attached to the plastic cover unit reach all the way inside and can be applied wherever the patient needs services  There can be an opening for inserting needles, etc.

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Doctors Without Brains: Ebola Doctor Ran Riot All Over NYC, Cops Handling His Stuff Dumped Gloves In Street Bin

I have lots of family in NYC.  The doctor who knew very well how to do a quarantine voluntarily, instead did what the nurses did: he ran all over the planet spreading germs!  Mindlessly and carelessly, but the worst part of this is, we now have proof that NO ONE knows how to isolate and prevent this hideous disease.  News is pouring out of NYC showing carelessness, incompetence and an inability to understand how easy it is to get this deadly disease.  The liberal community in particular, has been criminal in its inability to understand the gravity of this situation, making fun of it all, denying it is even happening and blaming fears on right wingers rather than understandable fear of contagion.  A ship of fools is sailing off the Niagara Falls.

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Ebola Doctor From Africa Comes To NYC And Spreads Disease

UPDATE: The doctor definitely has ebola and has definitely interacted all over the place while definitely sick.


A Doctors Without Borders person came back from Africa and then went out having fun instead of putting himself into quarantine.  So now we have this news: Doctor who treated Ebola patients in Africa rushed to Bellevue Hospital in New York with 103F fever and nausea as it emerges ‘he spent last night at a crowded bowling alley despite feeling ill’.


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I Just Got This UN Invite To Talk About Economics And Sustainable Development

This is legitimate.  I have been at meetings at the UN long, long ago.  I was actually very active there way back until 1997.  Since then, the Bilderberg gang has been very angry with me mainly over the issue of ‘free trade’ and illegal aliens.  The Chinese are now angry over the UN demonstrations I organized after Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.  I set up a tent camp on the grounds of the Union of African States across the street to the UN and pestered the Chinese to release the families of protesting students.   The UN is now dead set against me but I assume I am still on their ‘activist’ lists!


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Gunman In Canada Parliament Shooting Is Son Of Immigration Chief

In the Californian desert, UK and US forces crave ‘a crack at the headcutters’ because media stories don’t tell the entire truth.  All the evil things the ISIS army is doing is EXACTLY the same things Saudi Arabia does day and night and has done for the last 100 years.  They are imitating Saudi Arabia’s rulers.  This includes forcing women to wear Saudi-style veils.  Beheadings, beatings, persecution of all other non-Sunni religious people, stoning women, enslaving children and foreign workers and other religious believers, etc. is exactly how our best ally in the Muslim world does daily.


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Ebola Quarantine Totally Fake And More Muslim ‘Terror’ Attacks As US, EU Wars Widen In Middle East

This new ‘quarantine’ is a complete joke!  US expands Ebola checks; Rwanda to check Americans | Daily Mail Online


The measures will be introduced next Monday across six states, according to CDC director Tom Frieden
Passengers arriving from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea will be asked for emails, phone numbers and addresses
Travelers will be given a kit from the CDC which contains information cards and a thermometer to take their own temperatures


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