August Warmest Month Ever! According To Fake Data, Lies By NASA ‘Climatologists’


It is still summer but we already have serious winter weather in the northern parts of North America.  On my own mountain, we barely had any summer at all this year and 90% of the time the temperatures at night were so cold, I opened the windows only on rare occasions.  The Planet Just Had Its Warmest August On Record claims NASA which has to be one of the most insane things NASA has issued, ever. Dr. Gavin Schmidt is NASA’s ‘climate modeler’ which means this super hot August is his computer overheating.

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Lab Mice Get Human Gene Splices In Brain, Become Smarter, Want To Take Over The World

PatB–A Meticulous Analysis of History – YouTube

Yes, the Pinky and the Brain scenario is now officially real.  In this lab, as in the cartoon, mice were given human genes to make them smarter.

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NATO Goes Insane, Bilderbergs Go Nuts As Events Race Out Of Control

The EU/US attempt at isolating Russia is causing the Althernative Alliances to grow stronger and more powerful as China, Russia and the other members of the BRIC group ignore the Western hysteria about nearly everything:  PressTV – Russia to build 8 power plants in Iran: Iranian minister


The comments came a day after Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Houshang Falahatian said that Russia would invest nearly USD five billion in the construction of thermal power plants in Iran.On September 9, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said in Tehran that Russia and Iran have signed projects worth 70 billion euros to develop trade and economic ties.


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The Age of Iraq: Diplomacy Collapse Is Leading To WWIII With Russia, China, Muslims, Everyone

Andrew Bacevich is a well known writer about foreign affairs and wars who knows rather little about these things but due to being  a military man, people imagine he understands diplomacy which has very little to do with armed might and a lot to do with sophistication and thinking about political power.  Here is his latest attempt at trying to understand the world today:  Obama is picking his targets in Iraq and Syria while missing the point | The Great Debate

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Dutch Detectives Back Track On Findings, Forced To Claim Russkies Did It

After issuing a mealy-mouthed report two days ago, the Dutch Detectives issued a new statement that contradicts their previous one, namely, they are paying more attention to the belief that the Russians shot down the jet.  Imagine that!  The arm twisting that went on for 48 hours must have jerked their limbs out of their sockets!  So the warmongers of NATO crow that they must punish Putin even more.  And Putin has a finger to the weather which is turning dangerously cold earlier than NATO expected.  I see a frozen EU this winter.

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Abe Takes Over Asahi TV and Newspapers, Forces Censorship of Fukushima and Comfort Women

Thanks to the new secrecy law in Japan, Abe and his fascist gang have throttled the press and he as totally taken over the NHK and now all the Japanese get is pure propaganda.  Abe now has begun to attack news papers and forced an Asahi to apologize for erroneous Fukushima, comfort women reports ‹ Japan Today:  The rulers of Japan told the newspaper all the stories about Fukushima and the comfort women were outright lies.  Which is false.  They are certainly true!

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Black Women Hate The Way They Look So They Torment Themselves To Look ‘White’

black super model goes from curly hair to long hair extensions


The top picture is Beverly Johnson today and the bottom picture is herself in 1974.  Note her hair is really very curly not long ans straight.  The Huffington Post has this angry editorial by a black woman who has destroyed her natural hair because she is embarrassed to appear in public with natural curls.  She complains about black men not liking black women the way they are yet she, herself, hates her own appearance and goes to great lengths to look as white as possible, herself.  The Definition of Beauty for Black Women Is Still in Flux — Why? | Beverly Johnson

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