Okayama Park In Japan Will Be Destroyed, Made Into Ugly High Rise Condominiums

Okayama Park Japan

An amazing act of vandalism is happening this week in Japan:  400-year-old garden in Okayama to be replaced with condominium complex ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


Japan loves to devise top three lists, and Okayama City’s Korakuen is held to be one of the country’s three best gardens. Anyone who’s visited will tell you that it’s indeed beautiful, but Korakuen isn’t the city’s only garden, or even its oldest…The garden’s layout is thought to be the work of noted landscaper Kobori Enshu, who designed Tokoen in the kaiyu style, in which visitors are led on a course that winds around the grounds and past a spring-fed pond and tea house. As with many Japanese gardens, it was created with sight lines that ”borrow” aspects from the surrounding scenery, which in Tokoen’s case means affording visitors views of nearby Mt. Misaoyama.


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FAA Cancels All Fights To Israel And…Government Admits Putin Didn’t Do Anything

Israel is freaking out tonight due to all incoming and outgoing flights from Israel are being suspended!  WASHINGTON: FAA tells US airlines not to fly to Tel Aviv – Business Breaking News – MiamiHerald.com  Airlines Scrap Israel Flights Over Missile Fear – ABC News.  And then there is the gangsta attempts at blaming Putin for the previous shoot down in Ukraine:

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US, EU Begin Backing Down On Wild, Irresponsible Accusations Against Putin, Russia And East Ukraine Rebels

Europe has witlessly run along the exact same path that began WWI.  The ‘rebels fighting an empire’ killing someone, then using that as an excuse to start a raging war between rival empires is happening alongside the ‘kill poor trapped natives far away and accuse them of being terrorists when Europeans invade and try to colonize them’ storyline.  So, many times more women, children and elderly have been butchered in Gaza compared to the Ukraine event, while Europe and the US wail about the Malaysian plane shot down by someone, we have no idea who.  Jumping to conclusions, all decorum and diplomacy collapses as the US and EU indulge in outrageous language and childish name calling.


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Super PACs Run By Oligarchs Destroying Our Democracy And Economic Power

Ever since the right wing Catholics put in power in our top court by Republican Presidents, we have seen all campaign finance laws tossed into the dumpster.  The Supreme Court’s rejection of U.S. campaign funding limits has opened the door for all oligarchs to run rampant.  Their rule of our nation has been an unmitigated disaster and the US is being internally destroyed by abuse of the banks, politicians and leaders.  They view this nation as something to exploit and devour, not grow and strengthen.

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Israel Butchers Hundreds Civilians, Children, US Screams At Russia About Ukraine Killings

Lady Liberty covered with blood accuses Putin of being bloody

The 777 Malaysia air crash still is not investigated properly but this doesn’t stop everyone from lobbing threats and accusations in the wildest manner.  Meanwhile, we have 100% proof that Israel is butchering this ghetto where civilians can’t escape, with diplomatic impunity thanks to the US protecting ethnic cleansing.  The ethnic issues in Ukraine are also ignored by the US for the same reasons.  The ‘It’s OK to ethnic cleanse’ versus, ‘How dare you do this?’ see saw is going to explode in multi-racial, multi-cultural US hinterlands.  For our own survival we have to stop this nonsense.

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Japan Politician Proposes Fake Birth Control To Force Women To Have Babies

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Low Birth Rates and a Falling Population | Saving Japan

Yes, an LDP member actually suggested this as a solution to the declining birthrate in Japan!  Over 30,000 Japanese kill themselves every year for the last 14 years.    Poverty rates have doubled.  Birth rates continue to fall.  Germany, Russia and Japan all have below replacement birth rates and this is tied to a global economic mess which began six years ago in the West but the predecessor, the BIG blow-out depression coupled with ZIRP rates began way back in the early 1990′s in Japan and today Japan remains mired in this depression and is using the typical way out which is fascist imperialist expansion and suicidal wars, something the US is choosing to do, too.  Oh, and high government debt shooting ever upwards which the US has also aped.

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Zionist Liberals Are Really Fascists

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Twitter / AnitaGunn1: It’s scary when Bill Maher …a typical reaction of fake liberals in the US.  Many of them are also fascist Zionists and think that stealing from Palestinians and killing them with brute force is a liberal enterprise not a fascist crime.  The liberal community is being torn slowly asunder thanks to this.  It is a mental illness that causes schizophrenic reactions to reality.  That is, it is naughty for non-Jews to discriminate or invade or steal but it is wonderful to do this if you are a Jew.  The latest invasion of poorly armed, helpless, poor Gaza brings out the vampire in many Jewish liberals.


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