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IMF Proposal To Tax Banks To Protect The Derivatives Beast Won’t Ever Really Happen

The interrelationship of all the derivative contract deals in banks


IMF graph showing the present banking system’s use of derivative contracts

Where is the Money Going? – Bank of America Gets Away with Paying $10.3 Billion to Settle Foreclosure Fraud Case with Fannie Mae: government attempts at controlling banks always fails because bankers control the government.  End of story.  Here is more proof:

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Tokyo Mayor Wants Nuclear Bombs & International Regulators Want More Power Over Offshore Banks

As I predicted, the elites of Japan have gone insane and are resuming open, vicious levels of imperial muscle just exactly like 70 years ago.  Also, international regulators want to stop the offshore hedge funds and banks from destroying global finances but are stopped by the US and UK governments which work on behalf of these pirate operations.  Continue reading


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IMF Tells Japan To Put Elderly And Mothers To Work

First Japan and now southern Europe are spiraling down the economic drain.  I see in the news today that the French lady heading the IMF is asking Japan’s ladies to go to work and thus, save Japan from its elitist capitalist ruler’s bad choices.  In the US, we are told to go to work, too, as jobs are ruthlessly eliminated.  Above all, the IMF and our own rulers, like Japan, want the very elderly to work thus fixing things that could easily be fixed with much higher taxes on capital holdings of the very rich. Continue reading


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Spain Rescue By EU Saves No One As US And Britain Go Over Edge

The hoopla about the Spanish bail out has fallen like Facebook stocks.  No one wants to be caught holding this hot tamale.  So gloom enfolds global bond markets while the currency traders ply their trade, betting the euro will weaken.  This, in turn, freaks out the Japanese and frankly, the Chinese who wish to sell to Europe at a good exchange rate.  Time to examine Spain’s problems and compare these with other nations, for nearly all nations are being stressed by this massive global lending bubble’s demise. Continue reading


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Why Nations Fail: Ask AIPAC And Wall Street

A recent book has all our rulers in a buzz of happy self-justification.  According to the two MIT ‘economists’ Daron Acemoglu and Harvard Robinson, China, not the US, is an ‘extractive’ economy and thus, will soon fail unlike our lovely nation that is the Queen of Corruption in politics.  How bizarre this is!  China, which is madly building infrastructure, industry and education, is bad whereas our government which the rich run deep in the red deliberately, is seeing its infrastructure being sold to the Chinese or left to rot!  How can anyone miss this?

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Understanding Global Bond Markets: The Anti-capitalist Systems Wreck Bonds

Most people, when thinking about bond markets, snooze.  It isn’t the most exciting topic on earth but understanding its nature and process is life and death for all of us for we live in a government-debt/banking bond system that reaches every aspect of modern economic systems.  And these bonds have been turned into money-generating systems with the goal of enabling the creation of money out of thin air via increasing debts of various types and then using this to create more debts. Continue reading


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There Isn’t Enough Sovereign Wealth To Bail Out Entire First World Banking

Worst Sovereign Debt Countries Cannot Bail Out Global Banking | Culture of Life News

Europe is a confederation. Since it was a loose one, it grew tremendously after the fall of the Soviet empire.  It began with six members and was 9 members in 1973 after Nixon cut the US gold standard.  Today, there are more than twenty states with a host of others pending.  This confederation is now collapsing because it is a bubble and not a union.  All unions are created with a lot of bloodshed.  For some reason, this is how humans operate in general.  The EU is going bankrupt individually rather than, like the US, as one entity. Continue reading


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