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Violent Saudi-backed Egypt Junta Massacres Many Muslim Brotherhood Protestors

Al Jazeera threat letter in Egypt

Twitter / RawyaRageh: Threatening leaflets dropped off at Al Jazeera headquarters in Cairo.

The military coup which supposedly was beloved and supported by ‘the people’ in Egypt turns out to be highly unpopular.  Not only did it depose a democratically elected President, it arrested all the party leaders and planned to accuse them of–get this—killing demonstrators!  To bring this illicit ‘justice’ the junta has been busy butchering hundreds of protestors.  So, can we arrest them, too?   Continue reading


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Oil Train Blows Up Lac-Megnatic Quebec

oil train derails in Quebec

A train with lots of oil cars was heading to the US from energy export power, Canada when it exploded in the center of a small city, killing probably over 100 people:  60 reported missing as runaway Canada oil train explosion forces town evacuation (VIDEO) — RT News Continue reading


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ZIRP Lending Continues In EU, UK And Japan while Snowden Spy Scandal Reveals EU Spying

European Central Bank Commits to Low Rate and the Bank of England hints policy to remain loose: the dollar is up against trade partner currencies as the status quo for the present global trade (i.e.: ONE WAY) continues.  Japan showed that the US would allow this so all the rest are doing the same.  Since the Snowden revelations, our trade partners have all backed down and gave only lip service to the idea that they are sovereign nations, yapping about how the US shouldn’t spy on them…only to resume business as usual.  And the key to all this is the gigantic US trade deficit with all our ‘allies’ as well as everyone else.  So long as this is allowed, everyone will let the US spy on them.

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Wild Money Printing By Japan Re-inflates Housing Bubbles And REIT Investments

More firms selling prime real estate to get cash in Tokyo as the electronic giants of Japan and others go bankrupt due to competition from South Korea and China destroy the once-mighty Japanese power houses like Sony and Sharp.  The Bank of Japan printing press has gone into high gear to flood the market with yen and thus weaken it so Japan can export more to the US and Europe and this, in turn, is causing…more real estate bubbles.  Even as corporations collapse due to the rising South Korea/China boycott of Japanese goods, a desperate Japan Prime Minister Abe says Tokyo 2020 will be ‘inspiring’ due to this ruinous, huge government spending spree. Continue reading


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Israel Demands More Money And IMF Demands US Fund World Spending

The sequestration of our budget is causing huge waves of anxiety.  Global elite operations like the IMF want the US to continue flooding the world with dollars.  And of course, the issue of Zionism and how it resembles Naziism continues to cause the ethnic cleansers in Israel and their supporters in the US to get hysterical when anyone says this in public.  Turkey’s prime minister is the latest person to bring up the issue.  And will be punished. Continue reading


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IMF Proposal To Tax Banks To Protect The Derivatives Beast Won’t Ever Really Happen

The interrelationship of all the derivative contract deals in banks


IMF graph showing the present banking system’s use of derivative contracts

Where is the Money Going? – Bank of America Gets Away with Paying $10.3 Billion to Settle Foreclosure Fraud Case with Fannie Mae: government attempts at controlling banks always fails because bankers control the government.  End of story.  Here is more proof:

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Tokyo Mayor Wants Nuclear Bombs & International Regulators Want More Power Over Offshore Banks

As I predicted, the elites of Japan have gone insane and are resuming open, vicious levels of imperial muscle just exactly like 70 years ago.  Also, international regulators want to stop the offshore hedge funds and banks from destroying global finances but are stopped by the US and UK governments which work on behalf of these pirate operations.  Continue reading


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