Dear readers,

I finally got around to launching the new web site.  I paid over $150 a year for Typepad service.  And like typical modern business people, they decided to irritate me to death for this.  I had to periodically remind them that I was one of their elite customers who pays, not gets a free ride.  But they didn’t seem to get the message.  So off I go, yet again.


I left Blogspot because they lost or jumbled my archives as well as letting anyone come along and censor me.  Censorship is a big issue with me because I step on many toes while doing analysis. 


Analysis without toe-stomping is false analysis.  We have to put up with people saying things we don’t want to hear if we want to hear things that irritate us.  Our entire schooling and media system is set up so it can operate as a barrier to seeing the world clearly.  We live in a universe which doesn’t give two hoots, what sort of limitations we wish to impose on it.  


I will continue to cross-post stories to my old blog for a while until everyone catches up and comes over to the new site.  I will be doing things differently here because of the features they have on this site.  I hope to make a series of improvements and welcome feedback from readers.  


I hope everyone is patient with me as we make this move.  One thing I must do is an archive crossing scheme.  My in-house staff [the kids] should help out with this scheme.  I probably won’t do that this week because of lack of time.  But as the winter snows fall, my outside work slows down and I have more time to fiddle with things  here.


Comments on the opening page will be enabled so feel free to comment!  Thanks for the patience and all the previous donations that makes this work so rewarding.

Here is an attempt at making a poll here: Click on this link to participate.

Obama won, big time! How do you feel?
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I have to go to bed but I want everyone here to know that one of Obama’s people reads this blog. I hope that he provides us with great leadership and the most important thing a leader must do is LISTEN and CHOOSE CAREFULLY.

Bush loved to say, ‘I’m the leader who leads’ and other noxious things. Then he set off with great determination to do whatever he wanted, damn the Constitution, damn the entire planet and above all, damn the American people.

Some Americans were happy with this sort of mindless leadership. It took us off the same cliff that all dictators who ignore everyone fall off of: like Saddam, Bush seemed to only have a talent for making enemies or making a fool of himself.

He was a spoiled brat, son of a very connected family that should have raised him properly. Instead, Mama Bush let her son torture small animals, skip out on doing his school work and then he grew up to drink, take drugs and evade the draft with a powerful Daddy’s help. Papa Bush was worse than Mama Bush. He spoiled his son totally, gave him every advantage which his son tossed off the cliff. Bankrupting companies handed over as birthday presents, crashing things all over the place, getting arrested and then having Papa clean up the police records, etc.

Good riddance! I hope I never see another Bush walk the public stage ever again!

Now it is Obama’s turn. We don’t know what he will do. He certainly has patience and a good grip on his temper. These are great qualities for leaders. Hitler couldn’t control his temper at all and at the end, was screaming at everyone in his tiny bunker.

One of the top qualities for any leader who has to negotiate with foreign leaders like the very formidable Hu of China, just for example, must be able to control his face, his attitude and his demeanor. I supported Obama for the simple reason, he knows how to eat in public and not puke on people like Bush Sr. Or spray food over everyone, talking with his mouth full like Jr. Bush. Also, Obama knows how to shake hands, say hello without smirking or contorting his face in odd ways like Cheney or McCain.

Obama speaks English. It has been very tiresome, listening to Bush. I was an early compiler of ‘Bushisms’ many years ago. The author of the book of Bushisms even credited me for my tireless work back in 1999-2001. After that, I gave up in disgust. How on earth could anyone stand this creepy man? Foreign powers had a field day, of course.

ALL DIPLOMACY IS CONDUCTED ON THE BASIS IF LANGUAGES! The exact wording of things matter a great deal! And we had this maniac who could barely construct a sentence, doing diplomacy. This dimwitted dopey diplomacy has been a total disaster!

Obama knows how to talk like a sentient being. Our fading empire needs this desperately. We should all hope and pray that he can make the right choices. And to do this, we must assist him by being noisy and letting him and the new Democratic Congress know what we want.

We want the Bush wars to end. Now.

We want to go back to a balanced budget and balanced trade. That can’t be done now. But a first step should be to cut down our imperial obligations to a more reasonable size. We are going bankrupt, trying to rule the planet.

We need a new banking system with laws that have teeth and regulators who regulate, not goof offs. This must be done quickly. And all the authors of the banking collapse should be examined and PUNISHED.

And last but not least: restore our ancient Constitutional rights and close that gulag in Cuba. And stop the Cuban and Palestinian embargoes. One can only hope.


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  1. emsnews

    testing comments

  2. Welcome to a new era in our Nation’s history… for once I feel better about the future. I think we just might pull through the upcoming storms after all.

  3. justputitdownandbackaway

    Dear Elaine,

    What serendipity that you managed to launch your new site simultaneously with our national regime change. I would like to point out that McCain’s concession speech was truly gracious and that he was *finally* able to show his disgust with the petty outbursts of his supporters. He probably feels somewhat relieved, no? Who’d want to take charge of the smoking wreckage that is going to be our economy over the next few years?

    I’m glad Obama was sanguine in his acceptance speech. I hope I’m not naive in believing that we’re finally getting it – that we have sacrifices to make and grinding work to do.

    And for what it’s worth, I think “W” is tired of playing president. Don’t most spoiled brats love to run away from their messes? (“Run away! Run away!”)

  4. mckinnemon

    “We want the Bush wars to end. Now. ……………..and the rest”.
    I agree Elaine! Hopefully, we can persuade President elect Obama before the “special interest” dominate the scene. It would help if the Federal budget was divided between S.S. and other taxes. It’s amazing how accurate the polling and final results correlated. Maybe they can use these skills on an accurate census, GDP, employment, oil reserves, etc.

  5. mckinnemon

    ******** !!!!!!!!! exclamation mark looks strange********

  6. Bokonon

    What chance of a post-mortem on your Tarot reading for election?

  7. Hi Elaine,

    I wonder what WordPress will charge for all the bandwidth.

    Well, now we seem to have Obama. Hard to believe anyone voted for McCain after all this. But the Republicans did a great job of trying to steal this election too.

    I am wondering, what would have happened if Bush had not gone for the bailout? Would there have been some big crash, or did Bush hand this thing to Obama by acknowledging this reality? The political bloggers did not seem to be much aware of this.

    I was 85% sure some kind of crash was due just before the elections.

  8. CK

    A new home gets a nice housewarming present.

  9. PJSV

    Congratulations for your new blog, Elaine !

  10. CK

    A new home that has its clock set 5 hours fast. My last post was at 5:27 am EST.

  11. Fred, RTP, NC

    I feel about Obamas win the same as I would have for McCain-makes no difference economically. I do continue to fear for citizens rights.

  12. Congratulations on the new location. I’ve added it to my favorites.


  13. emsnews

    I’m sorry about the comments not showing up. Had to go to bed.

    Have fixed it. Now on to other problems here: I want the comments to look larger so they are easier to read. Will try to fix that today.

  14. Canuck

    I’ll give Obama credit for being a very good orator. His acceptance speech almost overcame my pessimism of what the American executive office represents, maybe it was the cut shots of Oprah.

    Best of luck with the new site and that lording it over the world thing.

  15. Grok

    Good luck with the new site. I hope it prevents the headaches and frustrations you were experiencing. I’ve had a bit of trouble bookmarking it but I think it is operator error on my end. I’m sure I’ll get it worked out.

  16. Hey Elaine,

    If you have not done so, I STRONGLY recommend getting the “short” domain name nailed down fast! Here’s a “virtual review” of a small but reportedly very reputable name service that charges $8.00 per year:




    This could turn out to be important. Once you start a blog, the squatters take notice and snap up the name! This gives you ultimate control.

  17. Pluto

    Hey, it’s nice in here. I like it. It has a Japanese feel.

    I still can’t figure out why a guy as smart as Obama wanted to win the Presidency. The US is about to get hit by a shit-storm of deflationary pain, misery, and death. He has no money or resources to implement any programs to improve the lives of Americans.

    Somewhere in a parallel universe, the senile old fool wins, and all the crap coming down the chute dumps on him and his party. Now, that’s poetic justice.

  18. blues

    Looks like there will be a few glitches. I think to change the font and font size, you have to edit some file (I would have to ftp mine up to WestHost). (Always save the originals, natch.) I don’t know how that works on the WordPress server. Probably there is a control somewhere in the WordPress browser control panel that lets you set comment features (hit: Settings THEN Discussion).

  19. blues

    Another thing (you seem to be messing around with this right now) : As soon as you start a new blog like niftyblog.wordpress dot com, the squatters will notice this (really!) and grab the “bare” name, including niftyblog dot com, niftyblog dot name, etc.

    I Strongly recommend you reserve the name. One very reputable outfit that has been around for awhile is:


    They only charge $8.00 per year (and due to their unconventional hosting method, you have to become a “member.”). This gives you control of the name!

  20. emsnews

    It will take time to iron out the site. I just changed the entire format because I didn’t like the comments showing up so tiny! This looks better. I am, as usual, having the most problems dealing with the entire comments section.

    Hope this is better. Thanks for the patience.

  21. jbh

    Elaine, I’ve been lurking for about a half a year. I really appreciate you analysis and the fact that you drag root causes out of the mythical shadows. Having been a Classics major and writing on mystery religions and cults, I know that all of these things are both absolute and inescapable. Though there are points on which I would disagree with you, you are a fantastic intellect and a thinking person’s treasure.I have little “hope” for a presidency that was granted as a result of sloganeering, but I pray I will be proven wrong. My watchword will be “personal responsibility” going forward. Others may have their “hope” and “change,” I’m going to pick up Loeb Library edition of Marcus Aurelius’ writings after work.

  22. emsnews

    Thank you, JBH. I hope for the best but fear the worst.

    In this world, winning an election is the beginning of a power struggle, not the end. This is the part the electorate has to be most wary! This is where we have to be loudest, not quietest.

    I intend to continue pushing for real change. We need this desperately! And it will not be easy.

    Also, dear readers, if there are points where you find your comment not published immediately, please let me know. I am still trying to fix this new site.

    Also, I am allowing up to 4 links per comment. I love links here and click on them! So please enjoy!

  23. emsnews

    I enabled the avatar icon. It is invisible unless one wishes to get an avatar. If you have problems with this, let me know.

  24. emsnews


    If you go to the wordpress.com link, you can upload an avatar. Just go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Sign up for a blog with us.’ You don’t have to launch an entire blog, they have the ‘avatar only’ option there.

    If regular readers can’t make or find a 100×100 pixel avatar art work, you can ask me to make an appropriate cartoon this size and then upload it. It takes me less than 15 minutes to make one.

    You can also choose from a favorite cartoon here such as the gnomes, etc. 🙂

  25. rockpaperscizzors

    “It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment. This sweltering summer of the Negro’s legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn of freedom and equality.”

    MLK I have a Dream Speech 1963. 45 years later

    Champagne cork (Pops), bubbly filling crystal flute. Speech: Here’s to Elaine’s new home! And to the healing of man’s historical injustices that wrought discontent and bigotry in this country since its’ beginning. May President elect Obama banish the fanactism and divisiveness of the past 12 years. Bring us forth to a unified strength and determination to repair the damage done here and abroad.

  26. RobG

    I think estimates of derivative beast is around $70 trillion. So CDSs are 50% of that:

    Credit-Default Swaps Top $33 Trillion, Depository Trust Says

    Here is the site: link

  27. RobG

    Some analysis over at nakedcapitalism.com.

    The part that leaves me scratching my head is this:

    The collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. contributed to a decline in financial markets last month because no one knew how many contracts were outstanding on the securities firm, or who holds them. Estimates ranged as high as $400 billion, though the actual amount turned out to be $72 billion, the DTCC said.

    After subtracting redundant trades, only $5.2 billion actually changed hands, DTCC said last month, the first time it had released such information from its data warehouse.

    The problem is that DTCC can only talk about DTCC settled trades, and those apparently did go smoothly. However, as Chris Whalen from Institutional Risk Analystics reported last week, some players decided not to settle through DTCC. Why? DTCC used an auction process and did not require those seeking to collect on their insurance to produce Lehman bonds. If you were reasonably well hedged, you’d presumably go through DTCC to get it over with.

  28. don

    I hope the relationship with the foreign countries improves for global peace and we get the Japan
    carry-trade resolved. I never trusted a drunk
    or a cowboy. Bushman, please ride into the
    sunset and dont look back, you have created
    a financial and eonomic mess you shiiit…………..
    and take you artificial croniers with you………….
    Obama, please step forward……………………………..

  29. gjemd

    I believe in the Long wave of financial history. It seems it will provide a tsunami of a head wind for the president elect. I worry this historic political moment could get inundated in 2009 by underestimating the structural collapse of Capitalism. I don’t see a New Deal or a Real Deal salvaging Free Enterprise for a second time in 100 yrs. I voted for Obama but I’ve not heard him say anything that rises to the occasion that I speak. The only thing that could rise to the occasion would be a single payer health care system and the elimination of the Insurance industry in health care. It appears this issue may be the first casualty of the “financial crisis”. My cynical persuasion leads me to a single term for Obama.

  30. don

    ooops. nice site Elaine, I am looking forward to the educational process to continue, and thank you. For those of you who post here, you insights
    are the best, pro and con……..

  31. dffacti

    Hi, Elaine and all!

    Very nice format. – – – It’s feels good to feel good about something for a few minutes – – – Christiane Amanpour said this morning that the reaction of people all across the country last night was reminiscent of first time democratic elections elsewhere in the world. I especially loved the students outside the White House. I do hope Obama has the stones to rout the crooks – – – They’re talking about Lawrence Summers and Rahm Emanuel again this morning – – – let’s hope those are the 2 worst picks – – – can’t stand either one – – – but I wish Obama well.

  32. Blunt Force Trauma

    Ohh. Nice. Different. Is this in concert with Obama’s win? New beginnings? Hmm, how do I feel about Obama’s win…..

    Being a Canadian and an outsider as such, but still a World Citizen, I guess all I can ‘hope’ for is that this man will repeal all that Bush brought forth (i.e.: Patriot Act, Posse Comitatus, Warrantless Spying/Wiretapping, RFID et. al.). Also, that he’ll not raise your taxes, share the wealth, end the illegal wars and occupations (which includes his rumblings on Iran), offer universal health care, round up the Thieves of Wall Street (which I doubt as Gollum Sucks was his biggest contributor), will actually do something about the economy and somehow, reinstate manufacturing and thus jobs – but doesn’t do any(more) ‘corporate welfare’ handouts (let ’em wither and claim bankruptcy if they can’t make it). We’ll see just what Obama does now that the Demo-brats have the House, the Senate and the Executive. They’ve had control over the Senate for the past couple years and look what happened!

    All I can do is ‘hope’ for the best for the US (and the world at this point), but I’m not ready to board the “Happy-Shiny” train just yet.

    Until I see Obama do any of one of the things I’ve listing above, I might change my tone. But for now, he’s a bought-and-paid-for politico not unlike the rest. I imagine the Tri-lateral Commission and the Bilderbergs will be watching too. Closely. Should they not like what he’s doing, they’ll rein him in.

    I too hate(d) ‘Decider Guy’, but I can’t simply accept Obama becuase he’s more presentable or speaks well. His integrity will be tested soon and probably not before (or after) Bushco really bashes things up with three months to go and leaves a heaping pile of cinders for the new government to sift through.

    Time will tell with regards to Obama. Methinks, as I have stated before; that the honeymoon will be short.

  33. Blunt Force Trauma

    I copied what ‘Richard’ had written in the previous blog entry/website and will paste here as he touched on subjects I almost forgot and that I agree with which should be read; in case you missed it:

    “The prior establishment government, that is the neocon led government, together with the democrats in Congress, have “sold off” and “sold out” the US to the point where it is now a deindustrialized wasteland.

    The bankers led by Trilateral Godfather David Rockefeller have had eight years of stunning success in implementing free trade under Bush via passage of NAFTA and CAFTA.

    And the media has been fully supportive of the Trilateral Commission. The bankers hate a constitutional government, they want an oligarchy of elite ruling, so the best way to implement their governance has been an ongoing policy of reducing barriers to trade and transferring factories and technology to the emerging markets.

    General Motors, GM, and Ford build more than half of their cars overseas, soon General Motors will be building no cars here or anywhere as it and Ford are both “walking dead” corporations.

    During his campaign Obama criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, blaming it for the loss of jobs in the United States and was quoted by CNNMoney.com as promising to “Work to renegotiate NAFTA, the free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico.” But he sent a senior member of his campaign team to Canada to tell officials there not to take his criticisms seriously as reported in CTV.ca News Staff in article Obama Staffer Gave Warning Of NAFTA Rhetoric.

    The supply chain needs to be shortened, must be shortened and will be shortened as free trade will become obsolete by a worldwide financial collapse

    While the US has recently lowered it’s central bank interest rate to 1%, the bond market place has been calling interest rates higher since a credit gridlock developed 9-11-2008, as is seen in the interest rate on the 10 year US government note going higher to today’s 37.65

    The chart of the yield curve interest rates steepened dramatically today, $TNX:$UST2Y, popped, this is highly inflationary. Richard the Resourceful Bear says: “Rising interest rates, and a steeping yield curve, are a bond killer and a gold thriller.”

    The chart of the US government bond ETF, TLT, courtesy of Jack Chan from JC’s Buy and Sell Signals shows consolidation; and I believe it shows that a run on US government bonds is underway.

    And the supply chain will be cut from the source, that is, at the manufacturing level as US Treasuries loose their value.

    The real breakdown in the supply chain, and the re-direction of the supply chain to the North American Continent, will come from the occurrence of a systemic risk event, that is, an investment and economic collapse.

    The breakdown is coming soon, and when it does occur, the civil security and emergency management provisions of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the SPP, will be enforced.

    The North American Competitiveness Council, the NACC, through working groups, and appointed stakeholders will oversee the factors of production, and the institutions of finance, commerce, trade and investment. The supply chain for critical homeland security needs will be rerouted to select North American Continent sites.

    The supply chain for non critical supplies will simply shrivel up and consumer spending and retail buying will evaporate like water in the desert: there will be very little imported from foreign countries, and thus no need to renegotiate NAFTA.”

  34. Chorddog

    Your new site looks great!
    Did you notice that the comments are on London time?
    EMS News. Emergency/M——-/Service
    Great domain name for your blog!

  35. Gary

    Hey “Blunt” Re: your post a couple days ago.

    “Greedy Unions” my arse ! ! ! !

    My uncle used to always say, “the fish rots from the head first”
    He ought to have known. He owned a fish delivery business.

    Evidently you belive biological and social laws work in reverse.
    The Rot in GM started way back in the 50’s when they bought out
    most of the US politicians and became part of the military welfare
    complex. And used that power to defeat the Tucker Motor Co. And then moved off to Grosse Pointe leaving behind the old
    neighborhoods where they grew up making things.

    Unions are only a reactive power. They can only react to, or imitate, unfortunately,
    the rot that starts at the top with bad management. If GM management stayed focused on delivering decently designed autos rather than
    focusing on their own power and priviledge, the union would’ve
    followed in their steps.

    I ask you how to expect a union to behave in the face of gross
    management greed, incest, and insulation ? You’d want a share
    of that big fat pie as well. Put yourselves in their shoes, eh ?
    Especially how would you expect union members to think and FEEL if, in the face of all that top greed, to have their jobs outsourced to cheap labor camps in Alabamey and Chinatown.

    Get REAL eh. Be a little more acute than obstuse (ie, “blunt”)

    ys, Gary

  36. Ritchie in Strasbourg

    Good evening from a wifi bar in Strasbourg, France.

    Very happy for the US. Hopefully a turning point, now you should start stringing up those peeps who got you into this mess…you know who.

    Currently forced to go to the local jazz bar cafe whilst we get internet connected in the new house…its a hard life doing business in a bar 3hrs a day!! 😛

  37. Congradulations to the people of your country, at least you are pointed in the right direction at last.
    And with perfect timing Elaine has a new website, i’m looking forward to seeing those great drawings again!

  38. Paul S

    We will finally have a President in Obama with a brain worthy of the office. As opposed to what we have had: a spoiled rottten rich kid who thinks none of the rules apply to him. I’m looking forward to monitoring the right wing talk fascists today. Remember the scene in the “Exorcist” where the priest tosses Holy water on Linda Blair? Blair starts screaming, “It Burns! It Burns!” This is gonna be Hannity and Limbaugh today–HaHa. I’m loving it.

  39. Joseppi

    On the way over to your new digital residence I was feeling like a victim of a subprime eviction notice. My fear of having to hunker down as refugee in a tent was unfounded as I look around your new digs. Very respectable and greatly appreciated by your guests.
    I promise to send a check to help with the move.
    As a series of sucker punches inevitably strikes our new president and he is staggering over seemingly insurmountable obstacles left by the Neo-con crime syndicate, and even though he is able to mask the inescapable pain with a facial demeanor of presidential dignity and clear headedness, we all hope and collectively pray with positive blue state affirmations that he really can fulfill our projected hero expectations.
    The collective unconscious and the Gods know – we certainly need one now.

  40. Chorddog

    Gary – no need to excuse Union behavior!

    Trade Unionists – the people that brought us “The Weekend”, were arguably the only ones standing between the Corporate Syndicate Trusts of Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan et. al. and a Communist revolution in the USA from 1905-1920.

    The question is not, “Are Unions good or bad?”.

    Unions will form from the collective interests of workers in any free industrial society.

    Show me an industrialized nation without unions, and I will show you a police state.

    The question for you is, “How many working families in America would have been ripped apart by poverty, and how many of us would not even be here today to debate their value, were it not for the economic voice afforded the laborer through his union, whereby he could organize with fellow workers to stand against the ammoral, exploitive nature of industrial corporate monopolies?”

    Corruption? Of course, as with any institution made of man, but better than the alternative(see- U.S.S.R.).

  41. non

    Miz Liberty ask tall dark handsome gentleman for help after years of abuse by cowboys.

  42. nah

    cool i found this like by economic self descovery im a genious… your smart girl i read alot of this stuff and am amazed super glad its free too… now that obamas in for real i guess we will see things a year or 2 out… hope there a hell of alot better… you rox girl post your smarts all over the web we respect you and your version of funny people storys…

  43. micabay

    Long time lurker here from northern Idaho. Nice timing with your new site and the new direction for the country. Time to dig in the paddles and turn the boat. About that house warming present idea, am I missing a Paypal link here or how do we go about such a thing? The information you provide here is fascinating, keep it up!

  44. Jeremy/Nashville

    Do I think Obama is going to bring much-needed change to America?

    YOU BETCHA! hahaha!!!

    I am so excited that he won!!!

  45. buffaloken

    This is a test to see if new avatar shows up!


  46. JZ

    Obama is a great speaker, and has excellent speech writers, that most likely study NLP and other hypnotic technique to move others.

    What kind of heart he has is still to be determined.

    Can he stand up to the putrid rot that is multinational corporations, american politics, the military industrial congressional complex, and the stinking ultra-rich?

    As when judging any person’s character, study what he/she does, not what they say.

    Words are like federal reserve notes, worthless, with nothing to back them.

  47. krzcat

    It’s a big plus that we will have a new President who knows how to communicate successfully. I also like that Obama and his wife Michelle are younger and have kids. They bring some much needed vitality to a country that needs it badly.
    McCain’s goofy choice of running mate probably was a big factor in why he lost. Also, the Republicans have a habit of acting flippant and facetious regarding the country’s economic difficulties. I’m not surprised Obama won in Nevada and Florida, two of the states hard hit by the mortgage crisis.
    Last but not least, congratulations on your new page, Elaine. It looks great!

  48. ”super glad its free too”
    hey, this lady pours her heart and mind into this, and what comes out is pure gold.
    Its the best thing around and deserves your support.

  49. Grok

    Elaine…..don’t forget to move the Tip Jar over to this new site.

  50. Wha?

    Independent, UK

    Greenspan says crisis left him in ‘shocked disbelief’

    By Stephen Foley in New York
    Friday, 24 October 2008

    Alan Greenspan, the formerchairman of the US Federal Reserve, has dramatically repudiated large parts of his laissez-faire ideology and joined the chorus of voices saying that the credit crisis reveals a need for more regulation of the finance industry.

    Returning to Capitol Hill to testify before Congress, where lawmakers were once in awe of his intellect and his reputation as a steward of theeconomy, a bewildered-sounding Mr Greenspan admitted that his view of the world had been flawed.

    Self-regulation by Wall Street had failed, he said. “Those of us who have looked to the self-interest of lendinginstitutions to protect shareholder’s equity – myself especially – are in a state of shocked disbelief.”

    And he went on: “I found a flaw in the model that I perceived is thecritical functioning structure thatdefines how the world works. That’s precisely the reason I was shocked… I still do not fully understand why it happened and obviously to the extent that I figure where it happened and why, I will change my views. If the facts change, I will change.”

  51. DP

    Mcain gave a very gracious and heartfelt concession speech. But dont you think its interesting that when he mentioned Obama they booed and when Obama mentioned Mcain they did NOT.
    Mcains rally was at The Biltmore. Obama’s was at a large public stadium. That says it all
    PS- the new site looks great

  52. Dp, also, seems to me the results showed up the geographical divide between racist and other states.

  53. tio

    Some articles with BIS stats wrt the Derivatives Beast:

    Global Derivatives Market now valued at $1.14 Quadrillion
    “The Bank of International Settlements, which seems to be the only institution that tracks the derivatives market, has recently reported that global outstanding derivatives have reached 1.14 quadrillion dollars: $548 Trillion in listed credit derivatives plus $596 trillion in notional/OTC derivatives.”
    The Crushing Potential of Financial Derivatives
    This article is interesting and it contains a link to U.S. Bank Derivative Exposure.
    & just for fun…
    The Beast is beyond hungry…and will eat even the un-dead 😉



    Looks nice so far. Good for you on kissing the old site people goodbye. You pay, they should give you commensurate satisfaction.

    Here’s a good article by Ralph Nader on Obama.
    He usually brings up the issues no one else will talk about, or even are aware of:

    Only Nader Is Right on the Issues

    By Chris Hedges

    Sen. Barack Obama’s vote to renew the Patriot Act, his votes to continue to fund the Iraq war, his backing of the FISA Reform Act, his craven courting of the Israeli lobby, his support of the death penalty, his refusal to champion universal, single-payer not-for-profit health care for all Americans, his call to increase troop levels and expand the war in Afghanistan, his failure to call for a reduction in the bloated and wasteful defense spending and his lobbying for the huge taxpayer swindle known as the bailout are repugnant to most of us on the left. Nader stands on the other side of all those issues.


    goldtraderrr.blogspot.com for more good articles


    I posted the wrong URL above, although that is a good article also.

    Here’s Nader’s Open Letter to Obama:

    An Open Letter to Barack Obama

    Between Hope and Reality

    By Ralph Nader

    Far more than Senator McCain, you have received enormous, unprecedented contributions from corporate interests, Wall Street interests and, most interestingly, big corporate law firm attorneys. Never before has a Democratic nominee for President achieved this supremacy over his Republican counterpart.


    Flipping channels last night I saw Nader on Fox last night talking with Shepard Smith, who jumped on Nader’s comment that Obama had a choice to do the right things instead of being an “Uncle Tom”.

    Smith jumped on that like a fly on fresh dookie and wouldn’t let go regardless of the substance of what Nader was expressing.

    Smith is such a queen. Fox people should return to the graves they were dug up from..they are simple revolting. Lock them all up in a confined space with Rove and Kristol for eternity until they all kill one another.


  56. Hey – That avatar showed up. This is fun.

    There’s hope and there’s reality. They are very connected.


  57. Elaine,

    Some of the words in my post above Wha? (Greenspan) have run-together. This is not a WordPress issue. My ancient MS WordPad proggie put the errors in. There is something in the Independent, UK’s HTML that it cannot interpret.

  58. Blues – I think I understood the post. Greenspan says he fell in love with a model, but oh then he later discovers that the model is not what he thought it was. Happens all the time.


  59. milo

    this monkey does not like change in his cage….but..anyway.. such is life…add some color again to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Thats why some of these economist just probably need some good loving – they fall in love with models who are only posing for the show….Now the square root of 10 – that (plus of course the reciprocal) is something special.

    The amazing (astonishing!) thing about the “internet” for me is that the ideas move so fast that the current is strong….still, just turn off the computer and get in the dirt if you want some real peace.


  61. tio

    “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” – Pericles 430 B.C.

    Incessant, Nonstop, Unabated, Fiendish Manipulation by Evil Illuminist Miscreants
    Bob Chapman
    bites ones lip.
    I wept this morning as did the rest of the planet I’m not sure why, neither did they.

  62. DrKrbyLuv

    Many Republicans are wondering what went so terribly wrong during the 2008 election cycle. The Whitehouse, the Senate and the House of Representatives have all been lost in what can only be called a national mandate. Surely the 2006 election results should have put the party on notice that something serious was awry. In this post I will identify the problem – a problem that party apologists will not dare discuss.

    The GOP left “America first” conservatives – libertarians behind. The Republican Party that many once supported was rooted in fiscal responsibility, personal freedom and prosperity, small and restrained government and the rule of law as expressed in our constitution. The problem is that the party was hi-jacked by the Zionist neoconservative administration that Bush unleashed on the nation (Wikipedia – Zionism is an international political movement that originally supported the reestablishment of a homeland for the Jewish People in Palestine and continues primarily as support for the modern state of Israel).

    Most Zionists in America are Christians. Zionist policies have greatly damaged atheists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, et al, in America and the world. The PNAC (Project for the New American Century); the neoconservative think tank, has been clear in their quest to make the United States a new imperial empire to enforce their prescribed new world order. The new world order plans call for perpetual war in the middle-east and a dangerous confrontation with Russia. Non-declared wars and military interventions are immoral, illegal (constitution states only congress can declare war) and as we are finding out in a very painful way, impossible to sustain financially.

    Israeli’s are questioning the validity and wisdom of international Zionism. A growing amount of evidence suggests that Zionism is based on a deceitful corruption of history

    Dr. Shlomo Sand (expert on European history at Tel Aviv University) is surprised than his latest academic work has spent the past 24 weeks on Israel’s bestseller list – and that success has come to the history professor despite his book challenging Israel’s “biggest taboo” – the legitimacy of Zionism. Dr Sand argues that the idea of a Jewish nation is a myth invented little more than a century ago and he has the facts to back up his claim.


    “That was because the Romans did not exile people. In fact, Jews in Palestine were overwhelming peasants and all the evidence suggests they stayed on their lands.” Instead, he believes an alternative theory is more plausible: the exile was a myth promoted by early Christians to recruit Jews to the new faith. “Christians wanted later generations of Jews to believe that their ancestors had been exiled as a punishment from God.”

    So if there was no exile, how is it that so many Jews ended up scattered around the globe before the modern state of Israel began encouraging them to “return”? Dr Sand said that, in the centuries immediately preceding and following the Christian era, Judaism was a proselytizing religion, desperate for converts. “This is mentioned in the Roman literature of the time.”

    Translations are under way into a dozen languages, including Arabic and English. Dr. Sands predicted a rough ride from the pro-Israel lobby when the book is launched by his English publisher, Verso, in the United States next year. There can be little doubt that AIPAC has tremendous influence on both of our main political parties in the US. And, there is little doubt that the US media is also influenced (controlled?) by groups like AIPAC. We are led to believe that these lobbying groups represent the monolithic opinions of Jews in the US and Israel while the reality is that alternative groups like the JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency; dubbed the J-Street Group) more closely represent popular Jewish opinion.


    Christian Zionists like Reverend Hagee and the countless Christian fundamentalists who claim to be friends of Israel are actually the enemies – they use the nation of Israel to advance their Biblical beliefs and prophecies to create and sustain a separate Jewish homeland at the expense of the Palestians. This destroys any real hopes for peace and stability. Free speech in America has given way to a bullying political correctness. To question Zionism is to be labeled an ugly “anti-Semitic.” In reality, the term Semite means a member of any of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia; including Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Arabs, and Ethiopian Semites (Wikipedia). By definition; one cannot be “anti-Semitic” if they are pro-Arabic, pro-Ethiopian or pro-Hebrew. And, one may be pro-American without being anti anything.

    John McCain and the Zionist-neocon leadership within the Republican Party espouse a ruling philosophy that is antagonistic to the once popular platform of fiscal responsibility, personal freedom and prosperity, small-restrained government and the rule of law as expressed in our constitution. McCain and the Republican leadership refuse to link the high cost of perpetual middle-east wars/military interventions with our fiscal crisis. Simply put, we cannot afford spending trillions of dollars a year on war and “building democracies” without totally destroying our individual prosperity and national economy.

    New born Americans come into this world enslaved in debt that they did not incur while adults are having their future financial prosperity taken from them, all in the cause of sustaining imperial wars and military interventions. John McCain talks about the need to gain victory in Iraq but the truth is that Iraq was conquered in 2003 – that’s a done deal. It is impossible to find victory in an ongoing occupation. We continue to destroy and rebuild Iraq’s infrastructure while ours crumbles at home.

    By keeping the country at war, Zionist Republicans have grown the government at an exponential rate – which undermines our individual freedom and prosperity. The United States has been under a declared state of emergency since 2001. Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, FISA, increased executive branch powers, et al; are the heavy boot steps in a steady march towards fascism.

    Unbelievably, the US Government has placed its sovereignty in jeopardy by becoming the guarantor of most debt in America. Our homes, businesses and personal property have become collateral for risky debt and insolvent corporations. Republicans have become fascists by privatizing corporate losses and debt while federalizing control and ownership. And it is no coincidence that many international bankers are self described Zionists. Why are Americans asked to provide billions of dollars in foreign aid to middle-east countries; many wealthier/per capita than us, while we are simultaneously told that we are on the verge of an economic collapse that requires a multi-trillion bail-out? We are asked to empower; without question or oversight, the Treasury Department with the authority to determine our fiscal future.

    Voltaire warned that “Those who can make you believe in absurdities can also make you commit atrocities.” Such is the sad truth of Zionism. How many hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed or made refugees in the name of Zionism? How many US soldiers and Iraqi civilians have been terminally wounded by the slow poisoning death that comes from expelled depleted uranium bombs and bullets? How many innocent Afghanis, Iranians, Pakistanis, Palestinians and Syrians will we kill under the moral guise of Zionism?

    The Republican Party is moving beyond any possible reform. They have become treasonous by placing the interest of other nations above our own. Just as failed corporations should be allowed to liquidate under bankruptcy, the Republican Party should be liquidated.

  63. Great website, Elaine! And hopefully a great break by the American people from the bankrupt (in every sense of the word) policies of the past twenty-eight years that culminated in Bushco! Well, one can only hope. Obama’s got so much corporate money out the wazoo it ain’t funny! And that ctv.ca about his and his campaign’s at odds with each other over Nafta during the primaries was true! At the time it happened, I decided that it was time to judge Barack NOT by the color of his skin, but the content of his character! Turned out, McCain was even worse, and scarier still, he had a chance of passing away before Inauguration Day! And nobody else had a snowball’s chance of winning!!! So I went ahead and voted for the Dem over Reep. Doesn’t matter – coming from Louisiana, my vote and everybody else’s is going to McCain by virtue (if you can call it that) of the electoral college.

  64. Grok

    Pro Zionist philosophical inclinations are rampant in both major political party’s. IMHO, Milton Friedman’s, trickle down, laissez faire, economic academic theory, implimented in the real world during the last 3 decades, better explains the down fall of the Republican party. As often happens, the human factor, has a way of tainting ideological theory. McCain and Obama’s stance toward Israel were identical and played little or no part in the election results of 2006 or 2008.

  65. I am so happy for you Elaine! I am also excited at the prospect of genuine and sustainable Change- with a cpaitl “C”! I have a feeling that the person on Obama’s team that reads your blogs will take to heart your counsel and sage advice pertaining to the unfolding current events that will mark our planet’s future course (economic, military, political, sociological, etc) vis a vis our evolution (or devolution) over the coming months and years. May Empowerment of the People & Change be our present and future destiny! Patrick — Albuquerque NM

  66. carli

    Congratulations Elaine! This new site has a nice feel to it. Look forward to your posts, have already bookmarked the site.

  67. Great for you Elaine, to have switched from the
    CIA-Cyber-Google to WordPress.

    Will you be researching Obama’s tech lobby supporters, Al Gore and his vc firm which backs GOOGLE INC. (Colin Powell is also on the vc board) whom Obama has pledged to outsource/insource American white collar jobs despite the fact that we are in “the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression” in Barry’s words?


    We couldn’t be happier to get rid of Bush, but Bush also supported kicking American white collar pros to the curb, too. Unless he retracts his pledge, Obama is no different and more of the same.


  68. criticalcontrarian

    Elaine, this is carli, I decided to change handle as someone on this site has already registered my old handle (pretty common nick I guess).

    To all my friends, OC, Buffalo Ken, Blunt Force, rockpaperscizzors, GK, DrKrbyLuv, CL, Paul S, PLovering, blues, Karmaisking, PK Scott, CeoNutcracker , calvino (;->), I look forward to our continued exchanges on this site. Peace to all.



    If we had really just elected a President who believed in our Constitution,

    The first action Obama SHOULD take is:

    On Inauguration Day, after he has been officially sworn in, and when all the previous Bush Administration members have left the stage and gone to the departure area, Obama should have EVERY ONE of them arrested for TREASON and transferred immediately to a Federal Prison and incarcerated as a Flight Risk by assuming the powers that Bush himself claimed to be able to declare ANYONE an “illegal combatant” or “enemy of the state”.


  71. Grizzled Adams

    Nice new diggs Elaine………..yeah, I’m still following you thru the innertubes. Voted for Obama……hoping for a better life for my grandchildren.


  72. America is an Obamanation unto the Lord. If you want to read today’s news, read the prophets. You’ll see that human nature hasn’t changed an iota in over 3000 years. Now that Shaka is leader of the New World Order, we’re certain to have change. America isn’t even a blip on the radar screen of eternity. Our life is like a drop of water in the ocean. For a brief moment in time a few people fled persecution, ordered their life by Divine law, and built a nation. Scarcely four generations later we have abortion on demand, homosexual marriage, and thieves and murderers running the entire show. We have change. Welcome to the Zulu Nation.

  73. Peter

    Love the new digs, Elaine. Not sure why, but noticed there’s an increase in new posters/commentators here-the more the merrier-well, under these circumstances, not merrier, but a more flavorful stew of ideas….keep on truckin’, we appreciate you so much!

  74. Zulu

    Do you register to post?

  75. criticalcontrarian

    GOLDTRADER said: If we had really just elected a President who believed in our Constitution,

    The first action Obama SHOULD take is: …Obama should have EVERY ONE of them arrested for TREASON and transferred immediately to a Federal Prison and incarcerated…]

    GOLDTRADER, while I sympathize with your thinking, unfortunately, it has cost Barack Obama approximately $496.7 million to get elected President of the United States (http://tinyurl.com/635jdl), so the question that needs to be asked is, who can accept that much campaign money and still remain “independent and uncompromised”?

    Our system is a clone of the US political system; I am familiar. It is a system designed like a funnel, it guarantees that to win an election is VERY EXPENSIVE for the candidate. Which guarantees in turn promotes “political patronage”.

    How can anyone be above that, except for say a Warren Buffett or Bill Gates type, who can spend double that amount of their own money without blinking? And even if, ask Ross Perot how that worked out. And even if they do get elected, and they try to do what is right, ask JFK where that got him.

    There has to be a Campaign Reform program, one that allocates same amount of media time (for free, tax credit to media) to all qualified candidates, for starters. There are many other things required, but you get my point. Without this it doesn’t matter who gets elected.

  76. criticalcontrarian

    Zulu, I actually tried to register to keep my handle (carli), but too late, so I decided to register anyway. Still trying to figure out how to put my avatar. But to answer your question, not necessary.

  77. fingo

    congrats on the move and looking forward to more! obama or not, here we come. poor him, our next economic janitor, sweeping it all uunder the rug..

  78. OC


    Thanks for all your efforts to engage us in these interesting times!!

    Here is a website from one of your favorite Asian writers:

    And may Obama gets all the help he needs at the start of his presidency and especially for the G20 meeting next week

  79. tafseer1884

    Do I think Obama is going to bring much-needed change to America?

    YOU BETCHA! hahaha!!!

    I am so excited that he won!!!

  80. OC


    Let us all pray very hard that he succeed in bringing the necessary changes!!

  81. emsnews

    Dear readers,

    Thank you for all the advice and links. We had two days of really nice weather and I spent the entire time, from sunrise to sunset, frantically doing things to get ready for a very snowy, wet winter.

    It rained much of the summer and even much of the fall. This is due to high atmospheric volcanic dust which is why the evenings have been so brilliant and lovely.

    I am nearly done! It has been quite a haul. I scavenged a huge amount of building materials so I was able to build a small garage for the jeep and a deck off of the bedroom so we have a safe exit in case of emergencies as well as making it safer to work on the front of the house.

    I am growing old. I spent 50 years working off of ladders and scaffolding and now, it is quite tiresome doing this so I like having the ability to do woodwork while on a platform with a door leading to the inside rather than climbing those darn ladders.

    But it is going to rain the next week so I will be tinkering with this site a lot.

    BLUES: I have free phone service now, all hours. I need to talk to you, OK? Just email me your phone number again. I can’t find it. Thanks in advance!

  82. igneous

    I don’t live in America but this is what I think about the grave financial situation there and I guess through out the whole world on the first day of democrat Obama as president.
    I was thinking that the problem that america has is in some part due to a total lack of political power within the working and middle classes. I’m not talking about the vote but more direct powers. The power to go on strike, the power to cause political dissent or financial power through tax breaks redistribution of wealth. From my limited understanding of economics (mainly Austrian) I do believe that Laze Faire markets, capitalistic responsibility, GAAP and ie where people buyers and sellers decide the values of goods is the only way to build an economy it is Anarchic . But this model like all models is limited. It does not take into account the leverage that the rich investment class have over everybody else. For one thing they are global able to move their funds over seas if not appeased by workers. I wander how this political imbalance, if it exists, can be redressed. Is it enough to simply have the anarchist / libertarian values of right to own property etc. I think its a start and it insures that people will always have power against tyrant (This for idealistic socialists is why libertarians get angry when rights are revoked. I think its important that. the right wing (say libertarians) and the left wing people (marxists) understand that they are both offering a solution to that unfair balance of power. One trusts the state the other mistrusts it. Maybe its a matter of being more creative in reigning in these barstards. Can americans just say perhaps “Hey we have a great big country with lots of people we don’t have to do business with you. You need us more than we need you. Either pay your taxes and build industry or go into the economic wilderness”

  83. Lovely post on Obama’s victory.
    About WodPress: it is a wonderful choice. There are many possible layouts, some of them with a very good usability approach. Getting all the published material at Blogger, though, can be troublesome and irritating. I’m still looking for an easy way to export all my Blogger posts – from my political blog service (O Antonio Maria), to Word Press.
    Cheers 😉

  84. emsnews

    Yes, transferring all past postings is very annoying. This is my third attempt at finding a cyber-home.

    I get very annoyed at the loss of control. Here at WordPress, I have no control over my htlm right now and that annoys me greatly. I hope to pay them so I can get access to the coding. I need that badly.

    Will update everyone as to how this turns out.

  85. Blunt Force Trauma

    Gary said, after quuoting me:

    ““Greedy Unions” my arse ! ! ! !”

    Well, Gary I’d like to get into a debate with you about ‘the unions’, but frankly, the whole subject is rather boring and monotonous and the best analogy you came up with was with regards to rotting fish and what happened 6 decades ago.

    Lets jettison you to the present where unions have done their part in precipitating the bankruptcy of their members’ employers, shall we, especially when talking about the ‘walking dead three’ auto makers.

    In the past few years, when those manufacturers were being hammered with competition from Asia and the products being churned out from the ‘walking dead three’ were no longer viable and not wanted, those unions still asked for, and demanded that the plants remain open just to keep the jobs alive (seems silly when few want the product, but you demand that the employer keep plants open at an even greater loss), higher wages, more benefits and fatter pensions and health care long after a worker retired. Great on them. But at the same time, the costs of those aforementioned items ended up costing BILLIONS to the companies and throngs of people to administer. All the while the unions were still collecting dues from it’s members and getting richer. And that is not stopping the fact that plants ARE closing and jobs ARE being lost. Ten of thousands more will be lost as well. This is not over. Yet, those unions will still demand that plants keep cranking out SUVs and other products that no one wants and cannot afford due to a credit situation with banks squandering their, er, your tax money that saved them.

    But, I digress. The fact remains that the unions, as I have said earlier, played a major role in defeating their purpose in the interests of their membership by financially straining their employers to the effect of what we have today.

    May I also remind you that the competition from Asia; namely Honda, Toyota and Nissan, who have plants in North America were NEVER unionized and their employees have enjoyed better benefits and pay than those who make the not-wanted products made by the ‘walking dead three’.

    Obtuse? No, I’m a realist. Er, I have been real.

  86. igneous

    Hi emsnews
    I think the new site is great ,very clean but could do with a bit of colour.
    You will find that most blogging sites will want to control the html coding of their site. What with the potential to break the clean rendering of the page with bad custom html. They are dealing mostly with writers not coders. Also html can contain js which can be used for malicious purposes.
    Hopefully they will be reasonable, it wouldn’t be too hard to implement

  87. Blunt Force Trauma

    Gary….for you.

    American Axle Strike: Unions Continue to Kill U.S. Manufacturing (Seeking Alpha – March 4, 2008)

    ‘American Axel (sic) made a profit of $37 million last year and wants to cut its wage and benefits package to a total of $20 to $30 per hour. They are currently paying $70 per hour…’

    – Wow. Who makes $70 p/h? Sort of absurd, isn’t it?


    ‘There needs to be a paradigm shift with the realization that unions have been the downfall of the Detroit marketplace and will continue to move jobs overseas. Is it any surprise that we outsource and offshore so much of our labor and manufacturing pool? How long do we allow unions to lose jobs for Americans?’

    – That too, is my point, Gary. And it’s been raised by those who are GM employees right here in Ontario every time they go on strike and don’t want to. There has to be fairness with work done and pay received and not extortion to the employer by way of the union who is getting richer while the worker suffers.

    Full article:


    How The Unions Are Killing The American Auto (Jay Reding.com – January 30, 2007)

    ‘The Big Three have hurt themselves with overly generous union contracts, including lavish health and retirement benefits and restrictive work rules; an overemphasis on light trucks and sport utility vehicles that have lost their appeal amid higher gasoline prices; and a lack of exciting new models. No appreciation of the yen will save the Big Three from competition against nonunion plants turning out stylish, dependable and fuel-efficient cars in the American heartland.’

    Full article:


  88. Blunt Force Trauma

    Is the honeymoon over for the Wall Street types? The day after the (s)election and/or distraction, the DOW closes down nearly 500 points yesterday. Today, so far, the DOW is down nearly 260 points to 8800. A week and half before the (s)election, the DOW had been close to that level at 8500. The predictors I had been reading are pegging it to near 6000 or lower. By when, I can’t recall.

  89. emsnews

    Most of these union costs are medical. The US is the only developed nation that has this wretched feature whereby unions with power get good medical care and everyone else drowns.

    It is NOT the fault of the unions. But then, the manufacturers bankrolled the GOP so that universal health would not happen.

  90. Blunt Force Trauma

    Over 1 Trillion Dollars Worth of Credit Default Swaps Against Governments (Geo. Washington’s Blog – Nov. 4th)

    ‘There are between $33 trillion and $47 trillion or so in CDS still outstanding, even after the Lehman CDS were settled (PNB Paribas estimates that as much as 40% of the CDS market – including much of the market for CDS on collateralized debt obligations – is “off-the-books” and unreported).’

    Full article:


    U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose Higher Than Forecast (Bloomberg)

    ‘More Americans than anticipated filed first-time claims for unemployment benefits last week and total jobless rolls climbed to the highest level in 25 years, indicating further deterioration of the labor market. ‘


    ‘The economy probably lost 200,000 jobs in October, the most this year, according to economists surveyed by Bloomberg before the Labor Department report set for Nov. 7. The unemployment rate may jump to its highest level in more than five years, the survey showed. ‘

    Full article:


    U.S. to Sell $55 Billion in Long-Term Debt Next Week (Bloomberg)

    ‘The U.S. Treasury said it plans to sell $55 billion in long-term government debt this quarter and bring back auctions of three-year notes, as a slowing economy balloons the budget deficit to a record level.’

    Ha! Whom are they going to find to buy it?


    Goldman Sachs laid off thousands this week-sources (Reuters)

    I will shed not one tear.


  91. Blunt Force Trauma

    U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose Higher Than Forecast (Bloomberg)

    ‘More Americans than anticipated filed first-time claims for unemployment benefits last week and total jobless rolls climbed to the highest level in 25 years, indicating further deterioration of the labor market.’


    ‘The economy probably lost 200,000 jobs in October, the most this year, according to economists surveyed by Bloomberg before the Labor Department report set for Nov. 7. The unemployment rate may jump to its highest level in more than five years, the survey showed.’

    Full article:


    U.S. to Sell $55 Billion in Long-Term Debt Next Week (Bloomberg)

    ‘The U.S. Treasury said it plans to sell $55 billion in long-term government debt this quarter and bring back auctions of three-year notes, as a slowing economy balloons the budget deficit to a record level.’

    Whom are they going to sucker into buying that?!

    Full article:


    Over $1 trillion worth of CDS against gov’ts (Geo. Washington’s Blog – Nov. 4th)

    ‘There are between $33 trillion and $47 trillion or so in CDS still outstanding, even after the Lehman CDS were settled (PNB Paribas estimates that as much as 40% of the CDS market – including much of the market for CDS on collateralized debt obligations – is “off-the-books” and unreported).’

    Full article:


    Goldman Sachs laid off thousands this week-sources (Reuters)

    ‘….roughly 3,200 employees this week that they have been laid off, part of previously reported plans to slash 10 percent of the firm’s global work force amid slumping markets…”

    Full article:


    On top of all that, the DOW is down close to 370 points to 8770; 2nd day in a row, immediately following the (s)election.

  92. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    The contrast between the speeches by the two Presidental candidates could not have been more defined.

    I was convulsed by the glacial hand shakes between Mr. McCain and Mr. & Mrs. Palin. Note that Mrs. McCain couldn’t stay far enough away from the:

    “Two Wasilla hillbillies looting their way through Nieman Marcus from coast to coast.”

    according to a comment accreditied to a McCain advisor.

    All’s well that ends well.

    Kindest regards,

  93. Blunt Force Trauma

    Collapse of automaking industry would crush U.S. economy: study (CanWest)

    ‘A leading think-tank has drawn a doomsday picture for the North American auto industry showing that if Detroit’s automakers shrink further or even fail, the U.S. economy will suffer a crushing blow.’

    And the alternative is, to put it mildly; as Ilargi so agreeably stated:

    “….if Detroit scales back it operations by 50%, 2.5 million jobs will be lost. GM October sales were down 45%. We call that the writing on the wall. The cheerleaders who wrote this report can talk all they want about the terrible consequences of scaling back, but at least that is less idiotic than producing cars just to let them sit in the lot. Consumer demand is plunging throughout the entire economy, not just for automobiles. Are we going to let everyone keep their jobs at the expense of everyone else? How absurd would you like it? I haven’t seen any recent claims about making a profit on the AIG bail-out, but that’s about the level of emptiness we’re talking here.”

    Anyone want to disagree that we’re screwed either way?

    Full article:


  94. Blunt Force Trauma

    U.S. carmakers may not be able to wait for Obama (Reuters – Nov. 5/08)

    ‘”He’s not here until January (20th) and that’s a long time in the life of these companies at the moment,” John Engler, a former Michigan governor and president and chief executive of the National Association of Manufacturers, said on Wednesday.’


    ‘”It’s not just the three auto companies, it’s suppliers, all the way down the chain,” Engler said.’


    ‘Carmakers, their lobbyists and congressional officials have suggested up to $25 billion in direct loans with few or no strings attached to help them through the current crisis, officials said.’

    Oh good, even more ‘corporate welfare’ for the dying auto sector using taxpayers money at the cost of millions of other taxpayers (if they all have a job to pay taxes and jobs are thinning out). If it weren’t the economy, Peak Oil would/will be the next death knell to deal with in with a scant few years. So in the case of the auto industry, pick your poison.

    Full article:


  95. GK

    Check this out.

    1. Geffen says in 2004 he is going to make Obama president.


    2. Geffen buys a Super Yacht with Larry Ellison


    3. Check out the President of Ellisons’ corporation

    4. Check out Geffins’

  96. GK

    Embedded URLS do not seem to work on new site so here there are raw:





  97. GK



  98. Ashley Prins

    Hi Elaine

    I do enjoy your commentary and added your new site to my bookmarks immediately. You seem to be very well informed from a macro and micro perspective without the baggage that comes from a political or corporate bias. You are in good company with John Rubino of Dollarcollapse.com and Peter Schiff from Euro Pacific Capital , Jim Sinclair from Mineset, James Turk, Michael Panzner, and Jim Puplava from Financialsense.com , James Howard Kunstler etc…… All of you have been “keeping to your knitting” for many years and are now being vindicated due to the events currently unfolding . Unfortunately , many people are still not paying attention . “You can lead a horse to water……” We are all worried about what may be coming , particularly with the baby boomers about to retire. Anyways, do keep up the good work. Many are listening ,watching,preparing in the way they may think is appropriate. ( I do envy your rural lifestyle with a modicum of control of your day to day )

    Your tenacity is appreciated !

    Regards from Canada,

    Ashley Prins
    Peterborough, Ontario

    P.S. …I am conservative/republican from a fiscal standpoint even though the Bush government has been anything but, yet they have been very democratic/liberal in their cronyism. The world is getting too small for this type of behaviour. Take Care

  99. GK

    Can anyone help me figure out where this chart is going?

  100. Gary


    If GM’s (and others) management hadn’t been
    so arrogant the union wouldn’t have been so
    arrogant as well. If management disciplined themselves and concentrated on engineering rather that huge bonuses and Grosse Pointe mansions, the union would’ve been more disciplined. You see, the tone of things is always set from the top in a heirarchy. If the unions didnt see their exec’s living fat off the hog, they would not have expected to do so as well. Again the arrogance originated in the head and not the tail fins or the tail-pipe.

    There have been so many many other unions that
    gave back and gave back and still lost their jobs
    to fascist and commie labor camps. And so many
    people that lost their careers trying to get a union.

    Now the economy is in shreds due in part to
    income suppression by the CEO’s and Harry Potter
    finance Geeks of the Wally World. Lots of credit
    to go around but crap for paychecks.

  101. RunGirl

    Let me chime in to say that there is more than enough blame to go around for both the unions and the hierarchy within these large, greedy corporations. I don’t think it is reasonable to excuse the bad behaviour of one because of the bad example of the other.
    Yes, the “get as much as you can” executive bonus system is absolutely wrong, but so are the “get them by the balls and wring every cent you can out of them” union tactics. Unions were of value when they set up to curb the unreasonable treatment of workers. The implicit mandate of the labour union was to keep company management honest, making sure that there was an equitable distribution of wage. If they were ever able to fulfil that mandate they gave it up when the crawled into bed with management and started making ridiculous deals in which neither side cared about the long-term good of the company.
    Yes, I am management and I have hired union when it made good business sense. That is not always the case. I make it clear to my staff that good business rewards performance, not avarice. Too often unions and their friends in managment reward the wrong thing.

  102. nah

    more news more news more news more news

  103. albanila

    This is a test comment… and if it works, congratulations.

    I never could succeed in establishing a comment account with typepad. So I’m yours for better or worse.

    Mazel tov!

  104. N. Ron Shrubbard

    This “election” is at most trivial in relevance, as they all are. “Elections,” especially of the presidential variety, are important indicators because they do provide a few forensic clues about what flavor and spin the plutocracy wants to put on things going forward, at least in the near term. A very small group of individuals (e.g. plutocrats) own a very disproportionately large percentage of all assets, and because they number so few (who own and control so much) and all have the same class-interests, they are able to work together cohesively as a class — the plutocracy (without any need for any impossibly complex or bizarre formal conspiracy).

    Because of their disproportionate control of assets and power, the plutocracy is able to control the media and “education” (equals public perception), and they are able to manipulate all “markets” to a very large degree, and going full circle, the plutocracy can even use “market” behavior as a tool to manipulate public sentiment and opinion. As Elaine documents so well, all systems are very badly strained now, and in fact stretched to a place that is really very surreal.

    One repurcusion is the plutocracy’s ability to daily move all “markets” where they want, like a daily puppet show, is no longer what it used to be. One entity nonetheless still has quite a bit of power to do this, and this is BoJ. Simple observation of behavior clearly shows the entire G7 plutocracy clearly all wants the same thing (whether in the US, Japan, or elsewhere), so they no doubt all work together, at least to some extent.

    Despite all this, BoJ’s ability to manipulate all “markets” where they want still has its limits, as recent events have shown. As Elaine points out, what limits BoJ is its finite ability to force all conditions to a place that keeps Japan perpetually in a large trade surplus. While many focus only on the grotesque policies and manipulations underpinning the so-called carry trade, what is often overlooked is the import (by Japan) portion of trade balance.

    For Japan, this pretty much comes down to oil. Japan must import all its oil, and at a high enough price per barrel, it dooms Japan to a trade deficit. Worse, the so-called carry trade dynamics themselves, plus other slimy little volume, velocity-of-money, and multiplier-effect manipulation techniques BoJ employs to buttress these same dynamics, greatly inflates total G7 money (credit) supply and further causes USD to accumulate outside the US (often as forex reserves, as Elaine ceaselessly documents). These credits and USD end up — you guessed it — bidding for oil. So much for BoJ’s (and the entire G7 plutocracy’s) ability to infinitely keep this going.

    It’s not surprising that the final bubble to inflate before the serious systemic problems broke out was the commodity bubble. Of couse, this was the bubble the plutocracy wanted to avoid as long as it could, in part because they must have known what it would do to their whole nasty and horribly unhealthy G7 dynamic, which only benefits plutocrats and can only for so long. Despite their truly cosmic ability to manipulate that most watched of all commodities — gold — with a manipulative ability that inspires genuine awe (in the true sense of the word), they simply in the end could not prevent all that excess credit and USD from bidding up commodities, especially oil.

    It all came to a head late last spring, when oil was pushing 150. This proved too much, and BoJ palpably toned down its shenanigans, and shortly thereafter they could no longer paper over the crisis, and it manifested publicly and viscerally. So the plutocracy “elected” Obama, e.g. appointed him as next president. While the plutocracy generally seems to prefer republicans, at times the republicans seem most useful to them in a scapegoat role. This seems one of those times. Of course, anybody half awake can see the plutocracy tolerates very little insubordination from “elected” officials of either major party, who the plutocracy realistically see as their employee servants.

    This “election” was hard to call, because the plutocrats seemed un-united for a while, and only seemed to agree upon Obama in early October, at which point they let the Dow crater and the media became hugely, and almost monolithically, pro-Obama. This is all it took to manipulate enough of the “education”-system-brainwashed and media-brainwashed masses to vote “correctly,” in end-effect as if directly instructed by the plutocracy.

    Needless to say, I did not vote. What a complete waste of time. Fifteen minutes of my time is a terrible thing to waste, at least on a charade like an “election.” If I want to play charades or play some other fantasy role playing game, I can find a much more entertaining, and fulfilling, way to do so, and I can find people to play with who do not depress me. I can also find a game in which the makers of the game do not thoroughly disgust me and fill me with loathing and rage.

  105. N. Ron Shrubbard – Thank-you for that eloquent analysis. I concur. Also, as a “gamer” (board games, computer games, etc.) I really appreciate your sentiment regarding games.


  106. JSmith

    I don’t think it’s as simple as all that. I think the plutocrats wanted Senator Clinton, not Obama.

    I voted for Obama, not so much because I am a brainwashed rube that needs to be told what to think, but because I felt that my interests happened to more or less coincide with the plutocrats that preferred Obama to Palin. (McCain is irrelevant).

    If you don’t believe your voice matters at all, then you are just as brainwashed as anyone else. It’s called learned helplessness, and it is one of their most potent psychological weapons.

    Another example would be Iran: they wanted war, but they didn’t get it, for now at least.

  107. N. Ron Shrubbard

    I also believe Hitlery was their initial choice. In fact, I’m convinced of it. Since 1981, the point in time when things went from worse to inevitably catestrophic, there has been either a Bush or a Clinton in the white house. This is true from Raygun’s inauguration right through today’s date, without a single gap. Of course they preferred Hitlery! This is obvious.

    The problem, ultimately, was the Commodity Bubble. It was already out of their control very early in the primary portion of the “election” cycle. For reasons discussed here and elsewhere, which I presume are well understood by those who post here, inflation in commodities caused a real problem for, and the end for, the groovy little overall Credit Bubble that had been enriching and further empowering the plutocrats for many years.

    It first manifested in 2007 when banking went into undeniable crisis. It manifested openly, such that it could not be shielded from mass public view, with the Bear Sterns implosion (and one other) early in 2008. It was the MLK weekend (mid January) event that first hit the US stock “market” in a major, visible way. At one point during the long weekend, Dow futures were down almost one thousand points. On two occasions, clearly visible on charts, the PPT perpetrated two traditional premium jamming operations in an attemp to bring the index futures back up. Both were major and full-on operations, and both failed badly.

    At this point, the G7 NWO Plutocracy took the decision to employ BoJ as the primary tool to directly prop and jam US stocks. This was a first. Prior to this, BoJ was only tasked with (1) propping and jamming USD, and (2) supporting gold price suppression efforts (primary centered in and around Comex).

    The problem is at this point, the price of oil was already above 70, which tends to be BoJ’s first point of discomfort. They did it anyway. God only knows exactly what BoJ was given as consideration in return. In any event, the plutocrats must have known, right then and there in January 2008, that this was in all likelihood self-limited, and the moment was near when they would be forced to accept some deflation. Hey, they had a good run, and with gimicks as creative and artistic as they were delusional and dishonest and evel, maintained the false prosperity and illusion for a very long time.

    Back to Hitlery, they did not want to waste her as their top servant during a time (2009) when they already knew (in early 2008) deflation could no longer be avoided. They did this with Raygun himself in 1976. Recall he was an early front runner and favorite amongst republicans, and the plutocrats (via Rove) actually torpedoed his campaign. I have read Raygun was miffed, and Rove actually told him that those who really run things did not want him in there quite yet.

    In all likelihood, they’re going to work on rejiggering and rechoreographing things for a while, and they’re saving Hitlery for when the new props and set are in place on the stage. In the meantime, the plutocracy “elected” Obama for these dicey times, with Palin as a just-in-case back up. Obama’s actually perfect for foisting the image and illusion of humanitarian motivations for what he does, while imposing harsh and authoritarian public service requirements and austerity measures. Simply look at his Chicago political machine roots, and his white house staff selections so far.

    Making the principled and thoughtful choice of not voting is NOT silence. The belief that one must vote to make his/her voice heard is the result of very shallow thinking, and it is outright simple minded. Insiders, up to and including even plutocrats, pay attentio to the percentage of registered voters who do not vote. Myself, a little while ago, I made a point of getting registered, and staying registered. Then, my refusal to vote actually gets noted, and in effect counted, as a no confidence or none of the above vote. A large motivator for Ross Perot was the large percentage of registered voters who did not vote in 1988, even at the national level, and in general, the long-term declining voter turnout. Whatever anybody thinks about Perot, the plutocracy did not really care for him. Obviously.

    After Perot, the democrats and republicans cooperated very well at making the appearance of another Perot very unlikely. When it comes to disenfranchising 3rd parties and independents, the democrats and republicans overlook all competitiveness, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya. Their most effective effort in the 1990s was getting the debates away from the League of Women Voters, who had a policy of inviting candidates like Perot to televised debates.

    Still, because of this, the percentage of registered voters who do not vote is watched, and noted. To say expressing one’s voice in this way, by registering and then not voting, is pure bull. This is the only way I can express my voice within the “elections” of our time. Relevant and to the point at present, individuals such as Jesse Ventura watch this too. Ventura has publicly stated he may run as an independent in 2012, and he may be worth working for and voting for. He also stated, before he makes his personal decision, he will look for signs that he has a chance, mostly by watching what citizens do. My choice to register to vote — and then not vote — was my first opportunity to express my voice in preliminary support of Jesse Ventura. So I did it.

  108. nah

    hey chances’ are we will win oh my gosh


    vote your paycheck

  109. I am dismayed that seeming intelligent people would not vote based on the assumption that it does not matter. The idea is exactly what the PTB want you to believe. It it is easier to manipulate a small group of active voters than a whole country of voters.

    Also, I have heard many say that a vote for anyone other than McCain is a vote for Obama and vice versa. This is a lie accepted by a mass media hypnotized public. We should all be voting for whom we believe will be the best person for the job not for the “lessor of two evils”. There were many more candidates on the ballot that we could have voted for or we could have written someone in. In my view, voting for the establishment pimped candidates only perpetuates more of the same old corrupt and criminal system that has stolen our country. The voter that follows the media instead of their own research and conscience is complicit, I will not allow myself to so manipulated. And, by God I my voice will be heard. And, if I am luck enough to be alive if and when a revolution is necessary to this get country back to the constitution, I will be on the front lines

    I am mad as hell and I want my America back!

  110. M.T.F.

    New site,
    New president,
    What else is new, perhaps a new and better direction for this country?
    Let’s hope so.
    Keep it up Elaine, we look forward to your commentary on the events to come.
    Good luck w/ the new site!


  111. JSmith

    Well, I think from a realistic standpoint one needs to balance cynicism and idealism.

    This type of struggle had been going on since time immemorial. It’s just so happens that, unfortunately, we seem to be caught in one of the more interesting moments.

    I find it hard to believe that those Iowa farmers and other idealistic Americans did not make a difference.

    Regarding third parties, politics takes organization. Millions of people merely voting their consciences will not change anything.

    But in any case, power corrupts. The “America we want back” has always had problems. That will be true no matter who gets elected. For example, Andrew Jackson is basically the guy that started the idea of political resistance against elites, but he also presided over an atrocious genocide. So “the good old days” are a matter of perspective. Still, it’s pretty obvious we are all under extraordinary pressure now.

    I don’t think fanning the flames of revolution is necessarily productive. I think the best strategy is to use the political process, underground media, and non-violent resistance to “rage against the machine” (i.e., put serious pressure on government) in order to try to restore the checks and balances that are designed to fight corruption and raise the Bill of Rights back up to its proper place within national sentiment, i.e., promote widespread rejection of the Federal police state and imperial wars of aggression.

    It’s not necessarily hopeless. A lot of people want to do the right thing. For example, the AIG party scandal was on the national news last night, and there is still a special prosecutor investigating the AG firings as far as I know. I wish that would get more press.

  112. Great post by awesome brain power. Please join our small team of debt free money economics, where government is for the people not for soulless corporations.



  113. texasindependent

    Elaine, I am stunned! I cannot believe that you, of all people, believe Obama will really change anything other than the face of the white house occupant. Oh yeah, he’ll push us under UN rule a little faster than Bush did – but Bush laid the groundwork in creating this crisis under his numbskull watch. (Psst: They work together!)

  114. pavel west

    elaine – here’s eamonn fingleton’s website. he has commented on japanese industrial policy for years. http://www.unsustainable.org/index.asp?navID=1

  115. OC


    Here is an article on one of your favorites: hellhounds or vultures whatever…


    May the whole lot of them descend into the deepest levels of hell along with all their kin..for all of eternity!!

  116. OC


    Here is the Saxo Bank’s 2009 Predictions:

    Saxo Bank’s Outrageous Claims for 2009:
    1) There will be severe social unrest in Iran as lower oil prices mean that the government will not be able to uphold the supply of basic necessities.
    2) Crude will trade at $25 as demand slows due to the worst global economic contraction since the great Depression.
    3) S&P will hit 500 in 2009 because of falling earnings, vaporizing housing equity and increased cost of funds in the corporate sector.
    4) The EU is likely to crack down on excessive government budget deficits in several member states, and Italy could live up to previous threats and leave the ERM completely.
    5) The AUDJPY will drop to 40. The decline in the commodities markets will affect the Australian economy.
    6) EURUSD will fall to 0.95 and then go to 1.30 as European bank balances are under tremendous pressure because of exposure to the faltering Eastern European markets and intra‐European economic tensions.
    7) Chinese GDP growth drops to zero. The export driven sectors in the Chinese economy will be hurt significantly by the free‐fall economic activity in the Global Trade and especially of the US.
    8) Pre‐In’s First Out. Several of the Eastern European currencies currently pegged or semi‐pegged to the EUR will be under increasing pressure due to capital outflows in 2009.
    9) Reuters/ Jefferies CRB Index to drop 30% to 150. The Commodity bubble is bursting, with speculative excesses so large they have skewed the demand and supply statistics.
    10) 2009 will see the first Asian currencies to be pegged to CNY. Asian economies will increasingly look towards China to find new trade partners and scale down their hitherto US‐centric agenda.

  117. criticalcontrarian

    Ni hao OC, zen me yang? Xi–wang dou-hao. Better use the following link to access this site, the one you are using is Elaine’s test site. https://emsnews.wordpress.com/

  118. thecoyote

    Congrats on the new site. I’ll be a regular visitor as I love the breadth an depth of the topics, as well as the “smarts” of the bloggers.

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  120. Jeff Meyers

    Unless Judge Ronald Ellis is a member of the Lost Tribe off Israel, I don’t believe he is Jewish, but African-American.

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  122. Pingback: general motors employee insurance

  123. nah

    The number of people remaining on the benefits rolls after drawing an initial week of aid surged 170,000 to 4.99 million in the week ended Feb 7, the most recent week for which the data is available, the Labor Department said.
    by my calculations thats about 4 billion a week ‘especially with all the sooper talent’ 208 billion a year… and if they dont fix the economy in a year extending jobless benefits aint gunna help much ‘not to mention things could ‘always get worse before they get better’
    put on your thinking caps clowns!

  124. Kent Canoy

    Hi all,

    Enjoy everyone and this site very much. However, I need your help and advice today.

    I have read some posts on other sites about the USA giving China
    emanate domain to cover our debts. I really have not been able to find aything to really confirm this.

    I know that their is wisdom is many good counselors. So I come to you all here. Has anyone heard anything about this.

    Thank you for your help.

  125. nah

    Kaz Hirai, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, defended the difficulty of programming for the Playstation 3 console.

    According to Mr. Hirai, Sony chose not to “provide the ‘easy to program for’ console that (developers) want, because ‘easy to program for’ means that anybody will be able to take advantage of pretty much what the hardware can do, so then the question is, what do you do for the rest of the nine-and-a-half years?”.

    “So it’s a kind of–I wouldn’t say a double-edged sword–but it’s hard to program for,” Hirai continued, “and a lot of people see the negatives of it, but if you flip that around, it means the hardware has a lot more to offer.”
    like a nintendo wii

  126. nah

    China says U.S. naval ship broke the law
    think of a world with a weak U.S. international military… may take 70 years till people want what we got… and there are less precious resources than 50 years ago to be sure… not that the chinese are con men but if we were weak enuf we might be able to ask palin to see to tibet
    thanks to the banks if the international system breaks down enuf it might just strip bare order, ‘not to say we arent everywhere’ people have no idea what life was like before oil… keep the pentagon

  127. Paul S

    As I have said before re a nationalised health care system–so I hope I don’t sound repetitive–employers want their cake AND eat it too. One, employers obviously do not like paying ever higher and higher health care premiums. This is a big motivator for outsourcing: get rid of your employees, especially the ones who are 40+ years old (when they start to need more medical care, statistically) and replace with contract workers or outsource out of the country altogether. But ALSO: as an employer you fight nationalised health care tooth, fang and claw because you want to keep your biggest single bargaining chip over your employees collective heads. As employers well know, if their employees have health care free and clear of their employERS, employees will be MUCH quicker to change jobs if they don’t have to worry about their health care. And it isn’t about fiscal/deficit concerns either: GM produces MORE cars in Canada than in the US. Toyota and Nissan are moving operations out of the US to Canada as well. Why? Lower health care costs. Nationalised health care coverage means employers must start treasting their employees better. Even if employers do not treat their employees better, the employee wins because a very real concern is eliminated. BTW: this explains why the corporate welfare whores of talk radio–like Limbaugh and Hannity–bash nationalised health care nearly every day.

  128. nah

    “We’ve got to make sure that we’ve got regulations that don’t allow companies to take these huge risks that are so big that they can sort of hold us hostage.”
    im pretty sure its not the banks holding us hostage, its the chinese, europe, the middle east and latin america
    if it were just the banks we could tell them to blow and not worry about the failure of institutions… but when government allows trade to invade markets and export american support structure overseas… we are held hostage by systemic insolvency

  129. nah

    Aligators ARE Dinosaurs!
    no suprise there

  130. nah

    For example, the interest rate cuts by the Fed in response to the Asian crisis in 1998 encouraged consumers to binge, using their houses as ATMs. Instead of letting the world economy adjust to a more efficient allocation of resources, our leaders ensured the price signals were not changed and encouraged this misallocation to continue. The same happened in the UK where interest rates fell 50% between October 1998 and June 1999.
    thats how it happens… free markets start to adjust ‘pain’ and the government intervenes to unlimited extent ‘unpredictable’
    we are living in debt things are NOT AD2000…. THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT… our GDP is bullshit and our government is a monopoly now… be aware

  131. bronco




    Bible Quote

    There is no greater sacrifice, then when a man,
    lays down his life for his fellow man………

    Are you willing to go that far ?

    Be Aware, the WIND can sometimes change,
    and BLOW you piss in your face !!!

  132. nah

    The very public disagreements between the US and Germany over the economic policy respsonse to the crisis are misleading. The two countries have a lot more in common than meets the eye. But this is actually rather worrying.
    if someone like Germany decides they are actually going to fix this problem the US shouldn’t be the last one on the fence trying to figure out a way to stay uncompetitive… restructuring the economy from subsidized underfunded socialism may not be easy but we got to be half way there
    real healthy excellence is just easier to regulate id figure, people mite like that ‘see bullshit US banking’
    and if the US could be one of the first out of the gate id bet we could enjoy a relatively strong dollar

  133. nah

    Moon landing tapes got erased, NASA admits
    government is born to address its greatest misnomers
    but at least THE PEOPLE ROX

  134. Pedro

    “Now it is Obama’s turn. We don’t know what he will do. He certainly has patience and a good grip on his temper. These are great qualities for leaders. Hitler couldn’t control his temper at all and at the end, was screaming at everyone in his tiny bunker.”

    What sort of comparison is that? If Hitler had a good grip on his temper would he have been more agreeable to be around when he was waging war?

  135. nah

    Building block of life found on comet
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The amino acid glycine, a fundamental building block of proteins, has been found in a comet for the first time, bolstering the theory that raw ingredients of life arrived on Earth from outer space, scientists said on Monday.
    the US is a total badass too we are total spacemen… we gots’ flags on the moon and we gots’ commet dust in out pants BOOOOI

  136. Oh no – I had planned to have the Moon with me in 2016. Now I must change all of my plans.

    Thanks Nah!

    Hey by the way, maybe it is best just not too move the moon. Maybe that is the lesson to be learned here. Maybe not. What you think nah!

    Oh yeah, to all. If I might be so bold, welcome to the “New” website. Welcome.

    Nice 5 by the way….

  137. nah

    FSA’s Lord Turner Tells Banks to Get a Death Wish
    The reason for the howls of protest, however, is more immediate: financial firms often have complex structures either to minimize taxes or circumvent regulations. So they would not only face the cost of restructuring, but higher ongoing expenses. How horrid. Those banks have an absolute right to their profits, or at least that’s what they expect us to believe.
    move the moon it will provide the bankers with more money… it is hard work

  138. Willie Orwontee

    I am very glad to have found you website again.I had bookmarked to old one yet lost the book marks when change of hard drive.
    Good to see that You are still posting.Keep up the good work, i have always found your blog to be very informative and interesting.
    You ought, imho, get rid of this comments section and retain focus of attention on your own blog postings rather than let free rein to anyone( who doesn’t pay for the site).and everyone to side track

    Will be back regularly. Sorry no email address just now.

  139. emsnews

    You can get rid of yourself, Willie.

  140. nah

    Fed’s Bullard: Don’t underestimate inflation risk
    man, well, i guess all your garbage are belong to us just put it back in the store… guess we will figure out what full price is

  141. nah

    physics gets pwnd in 9 dimensions…
    so like how do we measure 10 with noodles

  142. elaine, I read an old post on another website (http://greatdance.com/danceblog/archives/history/000438.php) in which you spoke about Loie Fuller…could you contact me at my e-mail directly regarding your association with Fuller dances? I’m curious about where and how you learned them…

  143. nah

    Speaking to an audience at St Paul’s Cathedral in London about morality in the marketplace last night, Griffiths said the British public should “tolerate the inequality as a way to achieve greater prosperity for all”.
    seriously, if this is the view of banking im for big wasteful government every day of the week if we just need more overpaid everyguys… The solution for world trade is BANKERS get rich, cmon…. we can do alot better than that if its about waste to fuel trickle down economics in a world of credit

  144. I found your post on my (almost) daily obsession with blog searching. Thanks for the informative blog post as I can certainly appreciate all of the hard work that goes into maintaining a site like this! Thanks again.

  145. Finally, an issue that my partner and i are passionate about. We’ve looked for information of this caliber for the last hrs. Your site is greatly appreciated

  146. charlottemom

    Elaine —
    Your focus is primarily on his personal downfall. His actions were self-destructive and he was a creep. The self-destruction was exposed a very critical moment. That is my point.

    Spitzer was THE LAST person who prosecuted AIG’s corrupt and criminal ways. Fact, not elaborate conspiracy.

    What has Cuomo done about AIG? Demanded bonus info (bonuses sigh — such a red meat issue and problem, but not THE problem). As you’ve discussed many times. Guess what AIG FP were still getting bonuses as of last week. And the new CEO of the AIG’s pay & benefits scheme…. paging Cuomo. Fact, not an elaborate conspiracy.

    Hero or zero. That’s it? Black or white. Can a zero ever also be a hero? I think that even with the best of our politicans — a matter of degrees of both.

  147. nah

    Ron Paul on Fox Business: Geithner and AIG
    ron pual is da’ shit… banks are cloisters

  148. nah

    This is the bitter reality of the American present, a period in which big business has cemented an unholy alliance with big government against the interests of ordinary Americans, who, of course, are the great majority of Americans. The great majority of Americans no longer matter.

    No one knows how much of BP’s runaway oil will contaminate the gulf coast’s marshes and lakes and bayous and canals, destroying wildlife and fauna — and ruining the hopes and dreams of countless human families. What is known is that whatever oil gets in will be next to impossible to get out. It gets into the soil and the water and the plant life and can’t be scraped off the way you might be able to scrape the oil off of a beach.

    It permeates and undermines the ecosystem in much the same way that big corporations have permeated and undermined our political system, with similarly devastating results.

  149. nah

    The E.U. carbon emissions trading fraud is huge, but perhaps nothing compared to the potential for cheating that will become available in the United States once Waxman-Markey, or some similar scheme for reducing carbon emissions, emerges from the Senate to become law.
    is it just me… or are we subidizing oil as part of the empire

  150. Hm…as for posting back…(you all have seen those foreign language posts of late haven’t you….) I would speculate that the post originate from somewhere in the Ukraine, but I’m probably wrong about this. Harmless statement if there ever was one.

    And the answer is NO. No subsidies is what I vote for, plus, some folks who already lost should have known better than to look for a loophole. Bad idea.

    Loopholes suck. I avoid them.

  151. I like to prevail by virtue of substance.

    Loopholes are lacking in substance.

    Almost like cheating.

    Anybody need a drink?

  152. true… you know what they say…There are a relatively few number of the truly outstanding companies

  153. Nice and informative.Thanks for sharing.

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  156. OK, in the midst of seeming struggle it can be fun to go back in time. I see some posts of my own here, and I wonder what I might have been thinking.

    No matter, you can’t really go back in time anyhow, except in your imagination. And don’t get me wrong, I am not diminishing imagination in any way, but it is not the same as real time.

    Some folks long ago (to be all poetic about it) had some imagination about what they wanted in a new country. And for that, I am thankful. I hope you know what folks I’m talking about. The Founders for goodness sake. The Founders I learned about in grammar school.. Those were some great People.

    Myself, about ten years ago I realized the country I live in is not what I thought it was. And basically, since then I’ve been alienated from what I thought I knew. I’m sure there are many more like me out there. Maybe not as many who were so prodigious with online content, but I think they’re out there, and they are not having a great time with the pursuit of happiness (or even a content lifestyle).

    Elaine, lately I’ve been wondering a bit about you. I think what you are trying to avoid is either unavoidable or can’t really be changed through discourse. It takes action. You probably already know this, and for all I know, actions of yours are happening in the background. Regardless, I wonder about some of your predictions. I’m not sure that is your strength.

    Just now, being alienated means I don’t feel like I have a vote to cast and even if I did, who the hell would I vote for. I don’t like to vote against, so I’m not voting.

    Later folks,

  157. Jim R

    Wow, it’s interesting to look back. Eight years ago … we were hopeful about Obama because he spoke clearly, in complete English sentences. It was refreshing after eight years of ‘Dubya’.

    But he turned out to be a bought-and-wholly-owned Bilderberg subsidiary (or do they call him an ‘asset’?)… There was that one little time when he mentioned not wanting to end up like JFK. An honest moment.

    Not a single crooked banker prosecuted, or even asked hard questions. Trillion-dollar bailouts for outfits like AIG, and everyone whose name doesn’t end in ‘Bank’ ignored / forgotten. Race relations turned back 50 or 75 years. Gitmo still there. MIC out of control. Worst whistle-blower prosecution record in US history — anyone with an unapproved message is silenced.

    Now, perhaps, we shall see if it is even possible for a US President to control the machinery of empire.

    I was previously a follower of your blog, Elaine. I don’t think I ever commented on any of the old ones. Then I sort of forgot about it, wandered off and looked at other things. Dmitry Orlov, for example, and The Automatic Earth. Finally did a web search, as I missed the cartoons and well-informed commentary. Thanks for keeping it going.

  158. Lets see. I had the 46th post at this newer site, but the best posts are at the sites that are older. Their still out there I think.

    If Elaine is nothing else, she is a communicator. So am I.

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