The CFR Control Of US Foreign Policy Continues

There are many hidden and public groups that seek to draw in rising political stars and thus, make them part of this global web of influence which I call ‘The Real Rulers’.  They often operate in the shadows but one of their biggest organizations in the US that is public is the Counsel on Foreign Relations. The CFR is the final arbiter for who gets to be President of the US. An

yone who is not a member before running for office is systematically excluded from the electorate by the simple process of never letting them appear in the news or if they are in the news, it is totally negative. Palin is not a member of this organization and they turned on her with a vengeance.

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The bigger the empire, the harder to change direction






There is always hope that an empire might change its direction.  But this hope usually fades as inevitable reality takes over.  Whenever there is really anyone who might change course running for top Emperor, all the forces that benefit from old policies rear their ugly heads and insidiously destroy anyone who dares to even suggest any real change.  Because of this, it is virtually impossible for anyone running for President, for example, to suggest any major and even rather minor changes.


The United States is the world’s biggest empire with obligations and military scattered across the planet to a great degree.  There is virtually no country we haven’t developed entangling interests in.  This is a great problem for the US.  For the countries we are engaged with are also very much in control of our own government.  And they will move heaven and earth to keep the US status quo going.  Especially since it benefits many rulers of other lands.


President elect, Obama is no exception to this iron rule of the Iron Rule


The history of the world is very clear: no empire dares change course once it is off course.  When change overtakes an empire, it usually comes from two sources: internal bankruptcy or defeat in war.  Generally speaking, the two forces are actually twins.  On occasion, an empire is destroyed by natural forces.  For example, the Minoan empire of the eastern Mediterranean Sea was utterly laid to waste when the volcano of Thera blew up and sent huge tsunamis over all the major costal cities of that very early shipping empire.6a00d83451c0bf69e200e54f6954db8834-800wi

Culture of Life News: Scientists Use Olive Branch To Accurately Date Great Thera Volcanic Eruption

About 3,500 years ago, a volcano on the Greek island of Thera erupted with such force that it created a column of smoke and debris 23 miles high and flung ash to places as far away as China, Greenland and the western United States.
The blast also triggered 40-foot-high tsunamis that slammed into the island of Crete nearly 70 miles away and likely contributed to the downfall of its famed Minoan civilization. 

Despite its widespread influence, the precise date of the eruption has been hard to pin down. Some archeologists have put the event at around 1500 B.C., based on similarities between pottery shards found in Akrotiri, a town buried in ash by the blast, and pottery in Egypt from a period known as the New Kingdom.


Dynasties fail due to climate hazards such as floods or long droughts.  But usually, the imperial machinery rolls onwards on well-oiled tracks.  Ancient Egypt ran through several thousand years of growing imperial reach even as various dynasties rose or fell.  Even when the first chariot riders came roaring in, they basically took over existing machinery and continued ancient Pharaonic practices.  Another fine example is China.  Many invasions and many dynasties come and go but the basic imperial superstructure rolled onwards, majestically.  


It finally wheezed to a halt when the Europeans showed up with their gun-bedecked ships.  Even with 200 years of terrible disruptions and social chaos, even while Mao was still alive, the older imperial machinery reappeared.  Mao thought he could stop this by launching the Cultural Revolution.  This messy anarchy simply made the survivors who took over after his death more intent on reviving the imperial powers and systems of the past.


By the way, I want to warn readers here that when I give very small thumbnail sketches of huge stretches of history, it is not going to be detailed or cover all possible bases.  The point here is to look at today with a little perspective.  


In general, we know that all empires go through cycles.   The US is undergoing a very deep cycle here.  Only for 100 years can a global empire cling to power.  This is because all empires go bankrupt doing this.  The economic troubles usually show up in the 50th year of global rule.  This is when the emperors decide they can solve all problems with military force or bribes.  


When applying this to one or two neighbors, it is possible to indulge in this sort of power play.  But when this has to be done with everyone on earth, it becomes impossible.  Back to the US today: President-elect Obama is responding like anyone who is allowed to sit on the Imperial Throne.  He is not changing foreign policy in the sense of stopping our wild spending on international rule.  He wants to keep all the trappings of power and glory.  


He also doesn’t want a million furious Ruling Elites out to rip him to shreds.  People imagine someone who is allowed to rule us for the Ruling Elites just has to go off and do whatever: they cannot do this.  The media, for example, the mainstream media is the enforcement arm for any upstarts.  If they go against the desires of the internationalist owners of much of our media systems, the media goes in high gear and runs a campaign to agitate the masses into deserting whoever this person might be.


This media machine is somewhat threatened by online agitators.  This troubles them a lot and there is a global push to prevent people from getting too much a voice.  Censorship of commentary or analysis is very powerful.  For example, if you don’t hew the official party line of certain issues, you can literally be arrested if you travel from one country to another.  People going in or out of the United States can be stopped at the borders if public neo-Stalinist Homeland Security guards go online and discover you have written about using LSD in the past.


For example, I have written about this interesting topic.  I haven’t tried to go to Canada lately and maybe I should try just to see if the guards stop me for this sort of thing.  Certainly, it has happened to professors, for example.


Back to Obama: he is, of course, intimately connected with the Real Rulers.  He was never a revolutionary.  It was rather dryly amusing to see fellow Council of Foreign Relations member, McCain, trying desperately to paint him as some radical socialist revolutionary.  Naturally, the affiliations and associations of both final candidates for President were never brought up in debates nor did the mainstream media talk about this much at all, if any.  


Now that Obama is heading towards the White House, the cat is now safely out of the CFR bag.  The media is now talking about all this.  With immense satisfaction.  


Washington Post: All Deliberate Speed By David Ignatius

· As he builds his team, Obama wants to spend time listening to experts who can advise him on policies. The former law professor is being characteristically deliberative. He doesn’t want to make up his mind until he’s heard from all sides. That consensus-seeking style is likely to be a trademark of his administration. 

· For national security adviser, Obama is likely to pick a pragmatist. “He wants to find out what works — what advances U.S. national interests. . . . If secret diplomacy is required to achieve your objectives, he would certainly accept that,” says Gregory B. Craig, a Washington lawyer who’s on the shortlist for a top position.

· During the transition, Obama won’t meddle in the Bush administration’s decisions — and he won’t allow other governments to end-run Bush. “He’s not going to do anything that gives the idea they don’t have to negotiate with this administration,” says the adviser. This insistence on “one president at a time” is especially important in the deadlocked negotiations with Iraq over a new status-of-forces agreement. Several Obama aides caution that the Iraqis shouldn’t drag their feet and hope for a better deal.

· Obama wants to make an early push on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, despite political turmoil in Israel. He has learned from watching Presidents Clinton and Bush that you can’t wait until the eleventh hour to be an active mediator. Similarly, he wants to work quickly to build strategic relationships with Russia and China, and to reassure both countries that the United States doesn’t threaten them.

· On Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama will listen carefully to advice from Gen. David Petraeus, the Centcom commander, and other military leaders before making decisions. Petraeus will make his recommendations on Afghanistan in January, and the early indications are that he will recommend a strategy of “surge first, then negotiate” — that is, building up security in Afghan cities with additional U.S. troops before beginning talks with Taliban “reconcilables” about how to settle the conflict. That approach would fit well with Obama’s view on Afghanistan, one key adviser said.


All the talk about diplomacy and international relations, I don’t see even the slightest mention of the US trade deficit.  This happens to be the key issue, I fear.  Looking back on all the media commentary about the election, I note a change in how the media viewed Palin as they ‘got to know her.’  She came right out of right field and was pretty much a dark horse who was put in the race to attract white, right wing voters.  


At first, she was hosted as charming.   But she had no grooming by the CFR If you click on the official CRF site, you will see that most of their policy position areas are marked as ‘unknown’ in her resume. These series of ‘unknowns’ in her sparse resume troubled the Real Rulers greatly. They could assume things about her but she was very much an ‘unknown’ quality here. So they probably mulled over what to do and then launched a series of media attacks on her.

She was, of course, a very inviting target. Being used to getting her way by being a ‘bimbo’ sort, she mistook disrespect as admiration of her sexual powers. The media began their silly practice of making fun of her spending money to look nice on TV. Whenever they want to do in any uppity candidate, they focus with moronic energy on how much hair styling costs or the cost of clothing. If a dark horse candidate dresses down or has mussy hair, these Heathers in the media mock the lack of fashion sense, etc. There is no escape, one way or the other.


Obama’s wife, Michelle, belongs to the Chicago branch of the CRF organization.


McCain belongs to the CFR but his lack of any diplomatic finesse was a straw that broke the back of his own campaign.  Tired of the growing wave of revulsion with President Bush’s Faux Cowboy Traveling Circus, they wanted someone more ‘normal’ and Obama or Clinton filled the bill.  Clinton, much more than Obama, was their dream candidate.  She was a very old hand within the CFR community as well as the Bilderbergers, etc.  They knew her very well from when she was in the White House before.


Note that Obama’s wife is also a lawyer and is lower down in the hierarchy of the Ruling Elite stellar universe.  But unlike Palin, she is no stranger to them all.  So now, the people who really run our nation are settling in to have the old status quo continue.


Washington Post: Richard N. Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations; Interviewer: Bernard Gwertzman, Consulting Editor, Council on Foreign Relations ‘Obama’s First Priority Should Be Economy’

And on issues like, say, the Middle East, there’s great expectations from all sides. Do you sort of sit back a bit and digest what the situation is and invite leaders to come to Washington? 

I don’t know why there are great expectations on the Middle East. Years ago I wrote a book around the theme of ripeness, and it’s hard to see where the Middle East is poised or ripe for progress, much less a breakthrough. You’ve got a divided Palestinian leadership and you’ve got an Israeli polity that’s moving toward elections in early 2009. I would actually not recommend this as an early area of major focus. I just don’t see the pieces there to work with. What I believe ultimately the next administration needs to do is to come up with a policy that would, hopefully over months or years, develop that ripeness and that would set in motion a process where hopefully Israelis and Palestinians could get leadership that is willing and able to make compromises for peace.

The area in the Middle East where potential exists for some ripeness is on the Israeli-Syrian front. It’s something certainly worth exploring early on in 2009. And obviously there will be a lot of attention paid to the Iran situation given the Iranian advances in uranium enrichment. There’s a piece of interesting hope, which is, ironically enough, the silver lining in the recession cloud: The halving of oil prices has clearly created significant economic problems for the Iranian government. It means the financial sanctions are having a lot more traction, and it’s possible that this will create an environment in which a new diplomatic initiative could have some promise.


The only breakthrough I foresee in the Middle East is the Apocalypse.  Perhaps we might still avoid this.  But it is very much looming in the future.  Palin frightened the Real Rulers because she was happy with this prospect.  Millions of Americans hope this happens!  It is a mania in huge parts of the nation.  Part of the usual fin de siècle mood one encounters in dying empires.  According to Wikipedia, ‘The expression fin de siècle is used to characterise anything that has an ominous mixture of opulence and/or decadence, combined with a shared prospect of unavoidable radical change or some approaching “end.”‘  The end of the British rule of the Seven Seas was heralded by a cultural sense of doom and corruption.  So it is with America.


The childish joy the CFR crowd has over the collapse of the oil commodity bubble is typical of them.  They see the world through a one-way telescope.  They hope the people of Iran suffer like the people of Cuba.  Then, they will bend to the will of the Ruling Elites.  Who hate revolutions.  


There is a huge body of online commentary that believes that the Real Rulers want revolutions.  They only want this in enemy territory.  For example, the Kaiser in WWI wanted to give his cousin ruling Russia a hard time so he assisted the return of Lenin.  Much to Germany’s future annoyance.  This sort of goofy gaming is typical.  They love to see someone who might rival them in power, being kept busy, fighting revolutionaries.


Indeed, astute non-CFR entities like Bin Laden loves this concept and has artfully applied it to our own empire!  Peace in the Middle East will come when the Palestinian people surrender and agree to eternal exile.  They will then be packed off to go where?


Nowhere, of course!  No one wants them for they have developed a fearsome sense of revolutionary self-empowerment and will overthrow any government of any country that accepts these victims of Jewish ghettoization.  Like the Jews in Europe, several generations in a ghetto or living in very nasty circumstances has forged a most formidable revolutionary culture.  All the Muslim leadership that already fear their own populace will not take in this explosive population.  Nor will the US.  We want them to vanish from history, somehow.  


They won’t and this is the crisis that no American President can resolve and remain in office.


Let’s look at today’s war news from Afghanistan


40 Afghan civilians killed as U.S.-led air strike hits wedding party

The U.S.-led troops called in gunship helicopters Monday afternoon to retaliate on militants who earlier that day attacked them at Wech Baghtu village in Shah Wali Kot district of Kandahar. However, the air bombing hit a wedding party being held near the hilly area where the Taliban insurgents’ firing came from, according to locals. 

Condemning the incident, Afghan President Hamid Karzai was saddened by “the killing of 40 civilians and injuring of 28 others in a Coalition air strike,” a statement from his office said. “President Karzai has stressed repeatedly in the past that civilian casualties should be avoided but the Coalition forces usually carry out bombing without planning.”

Haji Roozi Khan, owner of the house where the wedding ceremony was held, earlier told Xinhua that at least 37 civilians including10 women, 23 children were killed and 35 others including the bride wounded in the bombing and firing of Coalition forces which lasted from 2 p.m. Monday until late that night.


The wedding party was under sustained US air force attack.  This went on for hours!  The bride survived.  Barely.  There are several features of this manic imperial approach to human relations.  First, the US spent how much, attacking a group of mud huts filled with families celebrating a union?  We aren’t told.  I am guessing, the bombs used alone were several million dollars.  The equipment used cost us billions of dollars.  The pay of the players in this hideous repeated tragedy cost us immense sums of money.


Our nation is going bankrupt, blowing up wedding parties.  And we earned nothing but more hatred, more fighting.  We are attacking a tribal people famous for carrying grudges and fighting to the literal death.  Worse, this is exactly the outcome Bin Laden planned.

  Taliban ask Obama to begin ‘a new era of peace’

Reacting to Barack Obama’s election as new US president, Taliban on Wednesday said the new US president should bring an end to fighting and begin a new era of peace in the world. 

Taliban spokesman Qari Muhammad Yousaf while talking to AIP said: “We want to tell the world and the West to pull out their troops from Afghanistan as the Bush party has lost the race because of their flawed polices.”


The trick here is simple: the US is like the proverbial monkey who has gotten its paw stuck in a jar because it can’t let go of this ideological banana.  Any sense of gaining imperial power by holding this difficult key state has been negated by the impossibility of us ruling the place.  We have failed.  Obama’s CFR crew hope that Petraeus will save the day by gaining control of the cities in Afghanistan.


As if Afghanistan is even remotely like Iraq!  Iraq is the heart of one of the very oldest civilizations on earth.  It always has been very much a citified culture.  Hell, they invented the entire concept of what a ‘city’ was!  Afghanistan is utterly different.  This is a mountain ethos and is like many such cultures: stubborn, clannish, fierce and if not fighting outside domination, they fight each other over the smallest of insults and issues.  Great empires have been known to slowly bleed to death, trying to subdue this sort of population.  Some of them, like Britain, dealt with it by exiling huge numbers of the mountain people.


This is why so many Scots were shipped to America.  They moved rapidly into the Appalachian mountains and set up shop, there.  Retaining many of their cultural characteristics which are still stubbornly there, today.  Obama has no way of getting a grip on Afghanistan.  And the ‘divide and conquer’ method whereby we pacified Iraq…slightly…won’t work in Afghanistan. 


And isn’t working in Iraq.  The expensive tools used to gain a grip on Iraq are also bankrupting the US.  And when we leave, our ability to control that place will collapse in the wake of our soldiers marching out.  So it was all a total waste of treasure and blood.


They came, they saw, then left the Afghan war without a single mission

GERMANY has admitted its Special Forces have spent three years in Afghanistan without doing a single mission, and are now going to be withdrawn. 

More than 100 soldiers from the elite Kommando Spezialkrafte regiment, or KSK, are set to leave the war-torn country after their foreign minister revealed they had never left their bases on an operation.

The KSK troops were originally sent to Afghanistan to lead counter-terrorist operations.

But Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the foreign minister, admitted they had not been deployed “a single time” in the last three years, despite a desperate shortage of Special Forces units in the country.


The Germans merely pretended to cooperate with US imperial desires.  This is for the exact same reason the Japanese LDP cooperates: to keep the US trade situation in control of their own ends.  Both Germany and Japan have had huge trade surpluses with the US.  I keep saying, this is the true key to what is going on.  The US refuses to understand this and it is because nearly all of our major media is moronically focused on ‘free trade’ and keeping us clueless.  


The US paid little attention to the Japanese General who tried to rewrite the history of WWII


Japan Fires General Who Said a U.S. ‘Trap’ Led to the Pearl Harbor Attack

A high-ranking Japanese military official was dismissed Friday for writing an essay stating that the United States had ensnared Japan into World War II, denying that Japan had waged wars of aggression in Asia and justifying Japanese colonialism. 

The Defense Ministry fired Gen. Toshio Tamogami, chief of staff of Japan’s air force, late on Friday night, only hours after his essay was posted on a private company’s Web site. The quick dismissal seemed intended to head off criticism from China, South Korea and other Asian nations that have reacted angrily to previous Japanese denials of its militarist past.


We must understand, this general became emboldened because he knows he represents the true opinions of the rulers of Japan.  Aso is the son of a war criminal who brutally worked slaves to death in Japan.  The US should have given this guy the cold shoulder.  But just as the US refused to side with China and all of Asia over the issue of the ‘comfort women’ when these poor victims of Japanese slavery demanded reparations, so it is here.  


China’s reaction led the Japanese to shoving this guy out of office.  Here is the Chinese news from last week:


China expresses indignation over essay justifying Japan’s military aggression

China on Saturday voiced strong indignation over an essay written by former Japanese air force chief Gen. Toshio Tamogami which denied the country’s World War Two aggression in Asia. 

“We are shocked by and express our strong indignation over the senior Japanese military officer’s denial of Japan’s aggression and overtly glorifying its history of invasion,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said in response to a question.
“We have taken notice of the attitude and measures taken by the Japanese government,” Jiang said, and called on the two nations to work together to safeguard bilateral relations.

“The war of aggression launched by the Japanese militarists brought untold suffering to the Asian people including the Chinese people, which is an undeniable historic fact,” she said, adding that having a correct understanding of, and properly dealing with that period of history, is the important political basis for the development of Sino-Japanese friendly and cooperative ties.


The Chinese are back to their diplomatic globe trotting this month.  They are swarming over Eurasia and Africa, for example.  Sending out more feelers to South America.  They took time out to turn to Aso and give him a very stern warning.  Aso isn’t stupid.  He knows that the US is increasingly unable to protect Japan.  Probably, the days when Japan could openly defy China and spit in China’s eye are past.  


So he retreated.  China now moves towards the reunification of Taiwan with the mainland government.  


Here is the Washington Post’s take on the Chinese historic visit to Taiwan


Will the Communists Call President Ma “Mister”?

How will the Chinese negotiators react? Will China be smart and give Taiwan some ‘face’ or continue to deny that the island of 23 million has a legitimate (and democractically) elected government? And will Taiwan’s independence extremists succeed in once again ruining the prospect for better ties with China as they push an agenda that is actually hurting the cause of Taiwan’s independence? 

The key question for China is simple: What is Chen Yunlin going to call Taiwan’s president Ma Ying-jeou when he meets him on Thursday? If he address him as ‘president,’ that would be enormously significant because it would underscore the fact that China at least recognizes that Taiwan is more than a province. It would give huge “face” to Taiwan.

If Chen calls him “mister,” however, it would be tantamount to a rude slap in the face

My guess? The two sides will probably work something out so that Ma enters the room first announced as “the president of the Republic of China.” Chen will enter second; so he can pretend that he didn’t hear. And then Chen will call him ‘you.’ This will bomb in Taiwan, however. I really hope I’m wrong.

The reason that I am not that optimistic that the Chinese will act like good guests and call Ma ‘president,’ is because in general the PRC is a lousy winner. Right now, its position — its military, its economy and its geopolitical heft — dwarfs that of Taiwan. So why not give a little?


The Washington Post is the public arm of the CFR.  Of course, they have to have their staff tell readers all sorts of goofy, infantile stuff.  The US doesn’t understand anymore, when Japan is openly insulting us.  Our reaction was feeble, to put it mildly.  This will embolden the Japanese elites to attack us in the future.  In the case of this analysis of China’s historic visit to Taiwan, the names of the leaders of this business is of highest importance.


When on the public stage, who stands where, who talks first, who defers to whom, matters greatly.  McCain was so utterly unable to understand this, he let his own Vice Presidential choice openly upstage him repeatedly.  Bush did a similar thing when he let Cheney totally upstage him in international politics.  This made Bush look like the fool and everyone took advantage of this.


Naturally, the Washington Post CFR commentator wishes the Chinese leaders be stupid like us.  He wants them to endorse the government of Taiwan.  Then, of course, he and his buddies in the CFR will jump on top of China with both feet, crowing that China now accepts Taiwan as a separate nation!  Hu isn’t stupid like Bush.  He is very ceremonial and runs things in a proper, imperial way.  The CFR is very aware of this and prays that Obama will be the same sort of astute ruler as Hu.


Since the US is stuck being a global empire, we should at least have a smart emperor.  And the GOP forged imperial powers of the Presidency that makes it increasingly Roman in style.  We can swing from a Caligula to a Trajan,  Trajan picked up the smashed pieces of the empire in 98 AD and ruled with some sanity.  But this only delayed the end of the Roman empire.  It didn’t fix what really ailed it. 


Here is China’s own news media, talking about the historic visit:


ARATS president: Cross-Strait historical problems could be solved through mutual trust

(Xinhua) — Chinese mainland’s chief negotiator on Taiwan affairs Chen Yunlin said Thursday that complicated historical problems across the Taiwan Strait could well be resolved through mutual trust. 

Chen, president of the mainland’s Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS), told a banquet, held in the island’s landmark Grand Hotel, that problems could be settled as long as the two sides made concerted efforts with “kindness and wisdom” to create conditions and firstly solve economic and livelihood problems closely linked with public interests.

Chen was grateful for the considerate arrangement and warm and friendly service on the part of the Taiwan-based Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) over the past four days.


All went perfectly well.  The Chinese have a great deal of patience. If US commentators imagine they are hasty, well…that is pure fantasy.  The 50 year plan certainly revolves around inching Taiwan away from the US and into China’s orbit.  Step by step, by alternately closing off contacts and systems and opening only those which send Taiwan’s leadership and people into union, the Chinese will triumph.


For time and money is on their side.  


Now, let’s go to Russia and look at the increasing terrorist attacks in the Ossetia region


11 killed in minibus blast in Russia’s North Caucasus

(Xinhua) — Eleven people were killed Thursday in a minibus explosion in southern Russia, local news agencies reported. 

The death toll from the blast, which occurred near a marketplace in Vladikavkaz, the capital of North Ossetia, has risen to 11, RIA Novosti reported, citing a law-enforcement source.


“Seven people died immediately, some died on the way to hospital, and some passed away in hospital,” the source said.

The explosive device is believed to have been detonated by a female suicide bomber. A criminal case has been opened over the blast for murder and terrorism.


The terrorism exploding across this region is barely noticed by the US. We are concerned only with certain classes of terrorists. But the infectious agitation of using suicide bombers is spreading like wildfire. The US allowed this to germinate in Iraq and it is now a rising form of protest against imperial power. China has felt its dire effects. Last time I traveled through Penn Station in NYC, the place was on full alert with bomb sniffing dogs all over the place.


This howling mess is very similar to the assassin/bombers who roamed the landscape from 1865-1914.  The last of these big assassinations launched WWI.  This is a danger to us since WWI began not because of the assassination of the Archduke.  Rather, it was the change in power levels between existing empires and rising empires.










And the economic difficulties of the British empire made it vulnerable to attack.  Just as our declining economic condition endangers us.


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    Elaine, with the entry of Rahm Emmanuel into Obama family you can expect the continued expense of Middle Eastern “diplomacy”. Even with a complete Iraq withdrawal the funding will be reallocated to the Fatherland.

    The US taxpayer is and have been slaves of Israel; the milking cows, the money tree and honey bees. The system imposed during the slave years in the Confederacy has been perfected and is now carried out through proxy, with “their representatives” in the Senate and Congress. The CFR, Bilderbergers are one thing, the Zionists another, which is why many times the US is a house divided.

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    So here is some Change we can Believe in. A US citizen replaced with an Israeli citizen for Chief of Staff. Cool!

    The Israeli war party wins again

    Let’s see…

    * Rahm Emanuel was (still is?) a dual US-Israeli citizen.

    * He fought in the Israeli army

    * His father was a member of the Irgun, an Israeli group the British called “terrorist.”

    * Emanuel is considered AIPAC’s “go to” guy in Congress.

    Now he’s Barack Obama’s first White House pick, his Chief of Staff.

    And the US news media has nothing to say about it.

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    A much better posting today on the whole and I do commend you for the courage to openly declare your controversial opinions. Nevertheless, ‘internationalists’ in the CFR? The agitprop is reaching Soviet nuance. As I have read To the Finland Station, I have also read the International Jew. Unless you are referring to a recrudescence of the communist International, eponymous with the old Soviet anthem. Which iteration is it, because I have lost count of them.

    I am wondering myself about the plight of the Albanian transplants in Israel who call themselves Philistines. That is the Arabic pronunciation, no agitprop, rather an attempt to be authentic. Since Israel took in many hundreds of thousands from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Yemen, Ethiopia and Turkey, as well as the old Soviet Turkic states, perhaps the despots of those lands would reciprocate for their Albanian co-religionists that are occupying Israel now.

  8. “By the way, I want to warn readers here that when I give very small thumbnail sketches of huge stretches of history, it is not going to be detailed or cover all possible bases. The point here is to look at today with a little perspective. ”

    Nicely said.


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    Calvino, Israel may take in all sorts of ‘Jews’ but my own son CANNOT come in at all. Because I am his mother.

    This is hopeless racism! The controversy over the extreme right wing efforts to alienate all ‘half Jews’ is roiling Israeli politics. Note also, this applies to ONLY Jews whose mothers are ‘not Jewish’.

    I don’t care if they let in any sort of ‘Jews’ if their country is based on a genetic/racist model..

  10. emsnews

    To get married in Israel, couples have to prove their genetic purity back at least three generations. Another sign that this is pure racism.

    We used to have these laws in the Deep South. So did Hitler.

  11. Blunt Force Trauma

    The DOW is up over 200 points on reported stupidity…

    U.S. Stocks Gain on Rate-Cut Speculation; Nvidia Shares Rally (Bloomberg)

    ‘U.S. stocks rose for the first time in three days on speculation the Federal Reserve will reduce borrowing costs to combat the highest jobless rate since 1994.’

    Full article:

  12. Blunt Force Trauma

    All is not going so well for us Canadians and will worsen.

    Consumers hurt most by credit crunch (National Post)

    ‘In the past year, 85,243 consumers have gone bankrupt and 23,564 have filed proposals. Consumer bankruptcies are down in Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, but jumped 13.6% in Alberta, and are nearing double digit increases in Ontario and Quebec. Proposals are also up 19% in Quebec and 13.3% in Ontario.’


    ‘The pain looks like it’s only starting to hit businesses. Bankruptcies and proposals are down year-over-year for businesses. However, they rose 4.3% in September as 489 businesses failed. New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia saw increases in business bankruptcies, while Alberta and B. C. both saw increases in the number of proposals by companies.’

    Fulla article:

  13. Blunt Force Trauma

    Zero Rate World May Lie Ahead as King, Trichet Cut (Bloomberg)

    “It’s the race to zero,” said Stewart Robertson, an economist at Aviva Investors Ltd. in London, which manages about $230 billion. “There’s no obstacle to more rate cuts.”

    Full article:

  14. Blunt Force Trauma

    At Least Seven Civilians Among 20 Killed in Latest US Strike in Afghanistan (

    ‘Just a day after reports emerged that a US air strike against a wedding party in Kandahar earlier in the week killed at least 40 civilians, another US strike in Badghis Province killed at least another 20 people, with at least seven of them reportedly civilians.’

    Full article:

  15. Blunt Force Trauma

    On their way to ‘ONE’ bank no doubt; the devaluing and crashing of the US dollar and then we’ll be using one currency.

    Just 3 ‘superbanks’ now dominate industry (MSNBC)

  16. drkrbyluv

    Elaine – I agree the larger type is better.

    Your comments on the Amerikan empire and CFR are very interesting as they go to the real heart of our problems-crisis.

    The Roman empire moved it’s capital which signaled a shift within the true power structure. I think we are seeing this today, as the NWO pigs have quietly established their real capital in Israel.

    Early on in the election cycle I was impressed with Obama’s opposition to FISA, NAFTA, Patriot Act and war. Of course, this was all poppycock for the sheeple.

    The fact that he strongly supports the theocracy in Israel, which is racist, tells us much about the man.

    Obama’s dual citizen appointment; Emanuel – Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal

  17. drkrbyluv

    Oh…forgot to mention…I was enjoyed Reverend Wright and thought he was dead on when he said “god-damed amerika.” Obama quickly threw wright in front of the bus.

  18. Mentioning “other talk” that seemed accurate (or at least interesting), I have enjoyed some of the back-and-forth discussion regarding “labor unions”. I worked at a two plants (both made “CFC’s” “genetron-brand”), both of which had Unions. What I heard was that if you deserve a Union you get one – they are there to balance off unfair practices. Unions make a lot of sense to me. But I suppose its true, sometimes Unions morph into the very thing they are opposing – odd how that often seems to happen. Anyhow, imagine if a company treated the employess so well from the get go that there never was call for a labor union response. A company (or entity or “enteprise” if you prefer) “integrated” into the local community (real connected in many concret ways) has considerable incentive to do this, and thus, has great potential for long-term sustainability.


  19. Hey – where did the avatar go…..

    By the way – I really enjoy these avatars. Carli, or make that “criticalcontrarian” (cc) – how did you make yours change to the rainbow, and yet, both images remained? I’m curious, but it doesn’t really matter – all this computer file stuff and programming maneuvers change so rapidly inside all this “computer memory” some of which is based on “extreme” calculus….well errors will occur…..or at least funky and odd things….


  20. Hey nah what are you advertising?

  21. Elaine – I would like to propose something for consideration. “Forum Guidelines” that speak to “proper communication”. I think something like this is worth consideration.


  22. Government licensees acquire the Software with only those rights set forth in this Agreement. Mavis Tips

  23. I’m not talking about restricting communication in any way…….i just think sometimes there needs to be “broad” (as in a “broad” maple leaf) criteria to help avoid distractions…..


    P.S. Glad my avatar showed back up…wonder if it will be here this time…it is a close up of the first….anyhow, like i said attitude is what i’m going for…..a good attitude.

  24. But I do want to say one last thing….i said i’d support Barack now that he is the president-elect, but I think I have also gone on record with my outright opposition to his statement that “Israel is sacrasanct”. No way – this is not possible, and he should know this. Perhaps he just wanted the media and was willing to say anything, but even so this claim is right on up there with Pelosi’s “off the table”. Cindy Sheehan got 17% of the vote and these kinds of numbers are only going to grow…..unless that is we see some growing up coming out of the juvenile “status quo”.


  25. And I ain’t no preacher – no way no how, but still lets all take a look at the scales of justice….come on this is obvious.

    Logging out after this.


  26. Blunt Force Trauma

    Obama’s Legislative Voting Record (Hubris and Nemesis)

  27. Pingback: the thumbnail post enter | Bookmarks URL

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  29. Greg

    I’m not talking about restricting communication in any way…….i just think sometimes there needs to be “broad” (as in a “broad” maple leaf) criteria to help avoid distractions…..

    LOL thanks Ken, got a list of books you want banned aswell????

  30. Greg – I think you misunderstood my sentiment. All I’m saying is sometimes on these internet forums there can be considerable confusion (distractions). Obviously at the discretion of the forum moderator (Elaine) some basic guideliness regarding posting etiquette can be helpful. It was just something I put out there for consideration.

    I was informed in this opinion by the fact the I have been “banned” from certain sites and all I was doing was excercising some 1st Amendment “rights” (as best I understood them).

    Anyhow, Greg today I’m going to enjoy some of my Oktoberfest homebrew and watch the fantasy games….


  31. Sorry….

    “by the fact THAT i have been “banned”….”

    The main site where this happened was “Common Dreams” – sad in a way cause I really enjoyed some of the posters there.


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