I grew up living next door to the Bonanno Mafia family in Tucson.  Joe Bonanno ran gambling joints in Las Vegas. But he didn’t want his own children corrupted by this dirty business, so he lived in Tucson. In particular, he wanted his daughters to be clean. Since states began to run lotteries and especially since Indian tribes use gambling as money making industries, this destructive form of ‘entertainment’ has permeated throughout our culture and society. It was supposed to grow and grow like the Derivatives Beast. But it has over-extended itself and is now collapsing just like our banking system our own governments, all of whom depend on a steady flow of cash from gambling addicts, to fund themselves. The Sands organization is the latest victim of the collapse in credit and savings.

Sands new casino in Macau, China

     Lady Luck is, to my mind, the eldest of all the gods and goddesses ever created. For she existed before there was an earth or a sun. Indeed, she predates the existence of the universe itself. For when there was nothing but darkness, there was random chance. Libra is an odd goddess. She is blind. Like all ancient and modern depictions of Lady Luck. Libra wields a sword as well as scales in ancient Roman depictions.


     Lady Luck also carries a sword. She holds not a scale but dice made from knuckle bones of the dead. She not only endlessly rolls these dice, she flips coins constantly. We are all slaves of the forces of Nature. But we are even more, the slaves of random chance. Just for example, we could take all possible precautions to not die prematurely. Then random chance goes into operation as Lady Luck rolls her bone dice. Oops! A meteoroid that is at least 5 miles across is aimed straight at your deep cave!


     Instantly, upon impact, you are vaporized. A person can be very careful and it pays to be careful, not careless. But this doesn’t stop random hazards from rolling across our paths like black cats. For example, last week, I was driving on an interstate with my truck which I use to haul heavy stuff. I had a heavy load and so I was driving with great care. This included signaling well before entering an off ramp while slowing down.


     I was in a big, big truck. It was obvious to anyone, the truck is big. Yet a new driver, a very young and possibly very doomed youth learning to drive suddenly decided to cut me off so he drove around me and then came straight at me! From the driver’s side!


     I nearly went right over his much smaller and lighter car. I have a snow plow steel cage assembly on the front. This would have taken apart his entire car and killed both himself and his mother. Lady Luck rolled the death dice but I was cautious so I had good control of a heavy truck in heavy traffic and I managed, by literally less than 6 inches, to avoid killing someone. But I was certainly very angry.


     Lady Luck is Risky’s mother. She entices us into taking big risks. Sometimes we win. The kid who nearly got himself killed had to talk to me afterwards because I forced him to stop when we got off the highway. He said, he just wanted to be ahead of a truck that was slowing down. So he risked his life to gain one second in speed. Thousands of fools like this reckless kid, this child of Risky, die every year on our highways. It is truly a carnage.


    There is tremendous profits in playing risky games. And tremendous, especially fatal consequences when betting on winning something. Death stalks risk taking. The common theme here at Culture of Life News is this discussion about death and wealth and how they interact with risk. The foundation of all wealth comes from human labor of various sorts including the very important literal labor of women bearing young. The creation of shadow wealth is via various risky instruments. Which are very prone to collapse.


    A common theme here is this paradox about risk: it can cause wealth to grow magically. But it is also doomed to regular collapses where the wealth resets to wherever labor has value. We call the cycles where fake wealth grows much faster than labor wealth, ‘bubbles.’ This is because it is very easy to expand wealth that is made out of thin air and only when governments restrict this, does it not instantly shoot into bubbles that instantly collapse.


    Since the invention of ‘money’, the tendency to use credit to create bubbles has been a huge temptation. Stock markets were organized centuries ago as a way of funding industry and trade via gambling. Lotteries have been launched for hundreds of years in order to fund government programs, wars and wild palace building by princes. Every time these gambling systems are launched, they are always hailed as a great salvation for the People.  


    Supposedly, gambling is hailed as a way of avoiding the burden of taxation. Common people give huge sums in savings to the State if there is even a very slightest chance, one of them will win a portion of the money collected. These things always bankrupt States as well as decimate the savings and thus, the welfare of the masses. This is why all lotteries and gambling manias end the same way: governments fall and the replacement governments outlaw the practice.


Click here to see entire timeline of global gambling:

  • 1901— Horse racing is banned in San Francisco, last race March 16th. 
  • 1902—Belgium makes new casinos illegal, allowing eight existing casinos to remain.
  • 1903–Luxembourg law forbids all kinds of gambling. 
  • 1904–Nevada legalizes bookmaking on horse racing. *snip*
  • 1931–Phil Tobin introduces Assembly Bill 98 in Nevada legislature to allow licensed gambling on a variety of games.  Nevada legalizes casino gaming and most other forms of gambling. Nevada Governor Fred Balzar signs into law Assembly Bill 98, allowing faro, monte, roulette, keno, fan-tan, twenty-one, blackjack, seven-and-a-half, big injun, klondike, craps, stud poker, draw poker, or any card, dice, machine, at licensed establishments. Licensing fees for social games is set at US$25 per table per month, $50 for each mercantile game, $10 for each slot machine. Legal gambling age set at 21. 
  • 1934–Massachusetts decriminalizes bingo. Nevada legalizes gambling.  Florida legalizes pari-mutuel horse and greyhound race betting.  O.D. Jennings introduces the first electrically powered slot machine, called “Electrojax”.  Reno race track, becomes first in US to use daily double wagering. 



At the end of the 19th century, many governments cracked down on gambling and other ‘sins’.  This included a massive and successful push in the US to outlaw alcohol.    This was supposed to bring moral uplift to the masses who have this tendency to gamble and carouse.  This was supposed to improve the economic condition of the teeming masses who were gravitating to all the major cities of the major economic empires.  All this moral uplift ended up being expended in a massive, ugly global war.


    Many laws to raise the moral fiber of the public were tried between WWI and the Great Depression.  But look at what happened when the gambling frenzy on Wall Street and the risky lending practices of banks collided with the collapse of Germany’s reparation payments:  Gambling and drinking became increasingly legalized and even encouraged!  This way, the hope was, commerce would resume!  


   So between 1930 to WWII, gambling was returned to legality in many places and venues. Lotteries didn’t take off until New Hampshire, due to a refusal to raise taxes for schools, launched a small, semi-annual $3 lottery in 1964. New York state proposed this in 1966 and the excuse for the lottery was, it would fund the schools and thus, drop property taxes. In 1970, Rockefeller launched off-track betting parlors. Which swiftly turned into neighborhood blights.


    The spreading state lotteries went from twice a year to monthly to weekly from 1964-1970. In 1973, there was sufficient worry about the wildfire spread of gambling, a commission was launched to study this obviously bad social force. In 1974, gambling ate up and redistributed over $17 billion. By 2007, casinos took in over $32 billion just by themselves. And they were the least of the system by then. 2008, slot machines were $25 billion just by themselves. Each year, now, American gamblers are expected to lose nearly $100 billion to the gambling business . This is money gamblers lose to the casinos and state lottery pickings on winnings.


    We can clearly see how gambling has eaten into the public’s purse.    It is pretty simple: these things are rather addictive.  Therefore, people will do it even if it means spending money that could be saved for retirement, for example!  It is like all addictions: the workforce will feed the monster no matter what.  If the children can’t go to the dentist or wear shoes, money will still be spent on cigarettes, booze and gambling!  And the State gets its cut.  During depressions, the State can’t raise taxes easily.  Or collect taxes at all, in many cases.  But if even the very poor are addicted to something, then the taxes will flow like the River Styx.


    Indeed, the State calls all this ‘sin taxes’ and during the latest binge of removing taxation from income and shifting it into ‘sin taxes’, the taxes rise relentlessly in these addictive systems.  Anyone with half a brain who wishes to avoid this taxation simply has to live a sober, careful life.  And park savings into retirement accounts.


   Which we used to call ‘banks’.  Today, banks pay virtually no interest compared to simple inflation.  This forces savers to move their money into one of the more dangerous gambling houses: stock bourses and increasingly risky investment banking schemes run by offshore, unregulated pirates.  The gamble that one’s retirement accounts would grow by at least 10% a year has led to responsible people trusting gnomes and pirates who had only one aim: to skim off as much wealth as the gambling casino operators hoped to seize by hook and crook.


    Now, off to today’s news: Sands Casinos is going bankrupt rapidly due to the fact that people who are gambling addicts no longer can access endless credit to feed their manias.  First, let’s look at some older stories from this decadent decade.   The corporate entity of Sands was launched only 5 years ago.  They went bankrupt during the Dot Com collapse.


   This is due to gambling being risky.  The gambling houses go bankrupt all the time.  Here is part of what happened to the Sands casino group 8 years ago:


May 11, 2000: Metro Business; Icahn Gets Approval For Casino License

After hearing Carl Icahn’s plans on two bankrupt casinos — the Sands Hotel and Casino and the Claridge Casino Hotel — the New Jersey Casino Control Commission voted 4 to 0 to grant him a temporary license to operate a casino, should he take over one or both. 

Mr. Icahn has proposed to take over the Sands, investing $65 million in the casino and issuing $110 million in new bonds while Park Place Entertainment Corporation, in a competing plan, has proposed investing $40 million and issuing $128 million in bonds.


    Ichan is supposed to be a businessman.  But like Trump, he couldn’t resist going into the dirty business of running gambling houses.  As the British Empire expanded across the globe, many a British subject launched vast overseas gambling empires.  The same was true of the US Wild West years.  Especially in places where there was mining activity.  Especially gold.  Before gold filters into government vaults, it first circulates through gambling casinos surrounding mining areas like Nevada and Alaska, just for two prime examples.


Dec 27, 2005: Icahn’s casino company flexes its muscles in Laughlin, Atlantic City

Brown, who isn’t fazed by acreage constraints at the Traymore site, philosophized that “you’re only limited by your inspiration,” and the development in Atlantic City comes down to a risk/reward equation. One possible strategy is the construction of a property that would augment or supersede the Sands. This would be terra incognita for Icahn’s company, which has made its name by snapping up financially troubled casinos at low cost, then performing financial turnarounds. “The fact that we haven’t built (a casino) doesn’t create any trepidation on our part,” Brown said. 


    Ichan would like to think of himself as a moral, upstanding character.  He is not.  Never was.  He is a vulture who couldn’t resist trying to tap into a system that feeds off of the carcasses of fools and risk-addled addicts.  The Holy Grail to all gnomes is a system whereby money pours in no matter what.  Selling opium is an ideal way of doing this.  But the social costs are so very high, governments try desperately to prevent this.  Even as ‘sin taxes’ drive governments into enabling addictions.


    So anyway, Ichan took over the more unprofitable sectors of the bankrupt Sands organization.  But just like Donald Trump can ruin investors who trust him and still get credit and reassemble his depraved empire, so it is here.  Sands was relaunched and during the easy credit years of 2003-2007, the stocks of this gambling house took off.


    The Chinese are big gamblers.  I remember vividly, when some communist officials were living with me.  They came to me one day, very excited.  ‘We can get rich, fast!’ said one of the future overlords of Southern China.  


    ‘How’s that,?’ I inquired.


    ‘We can get a free bus ticket to Atlantic City and the casino gives us $20 and we can gamble and win lots of money,’ he said.  


    ‘It’s a trap,’ I warned him.  Well, the delegation took that bus.  They all spent their $20 and then some and ended up losing their entire monthly allotment from the Central Party headquarters.  So they had to borrow money from me and I made them work it off, the hard way.  Via labor.  This was a lesson.


   The Chinese government has very mixed feelings about gambling.  I expect them to crack down on it eventually.  All governments must do this.  Hong Kong and Macau are very old gambling locations due to European imperial forces creating these enclaves.


November 8, 2006: Macau Casino Firm Hires Top Executive From Rival Las Vegas Sands

Las Vegas Sands, is one of the leading international developers of multi-use integrated resorts. It owns The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas and The Sands Macao. The company’s controller, Sheldon Adelson, has recently become Stanley Ho’s first competition in his 40 years gambling monopoly in Macau. 

Macau, was a Portuguese colony that returned to Chinese rule in 1999. It is the only place in China that allows casino gambling. Only two Las Vegas companies were allowed into Macau: Wynn Resorts Ltd. and Las Vegas Sands Corp. Sands, the world’s largest gaming company, got established first in Macau, opening in 2004 the luminous Sands Macau, which has so far been very successful.


    I remember when this news was announced.  Every pirate and gnome on earth was salivating over a billion Chinese addicted to gambling, pouring all their savings into the maws of Lady Luck’s seven-headed dragon.  Endless wealth was a dream come true!  Here is a prediction of endless future wealth for stock investors interested in this seemingly endlessly profitable form of addictive commerce:


Jun 16, 08: Gambling Fears Overblown: Las Vegas Sands (LVS), MGM (MGM), and Wynn Resorts (WYNN) Could Double

Deutsche reiterates BUY on Las Vegas Sands (LVS), target price $94; MGM (MGM), target price $74; and WYNN Resorts (WYNN), target price $160.  


     See how provident this all is!  Las Vegas Sands was expected, just one year ago, to rise to nearly $100 a share.  Many hedge fund hell hounds as well as banking gnomes bought this fantasy and poured lots of other people’s money into these stocks.  Worse, they all went to the Japanese carry trade headquarters in Asia and took out super-cheap loans to fund even more purchases of stocks while they all merrily drove up the stock values of these gambling dens.


    And look here!  A certain very powerful and well-connected former investment bank went into this business head over heels!


Sep 3, 2007 Morgan Stanley Building a Ultra-Luxury Casino in Atlantic City

Major investment firms such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse as well as other investment/hedge funds are starting to invest in industries outside of the financial industry. Real Estate for one, has become one of the most popular forms of investment by these firms, look at Blackstone, earlier this year they made the largest private equity purchases to date with the 46billion dollar purchase of Equity Office Properties, and then a few short months later purchasing Hilton Hotels for 26billion dollars. Companies that were once thought untouchable – especially by private capital – are being purchased more and more often – at very attractive numbers for their current shareholders. What does that mean? Private Equity firms, and investment banks do not make large purchases without doing their research. Sure there is a lot of discussion on Blackstone’s payout to their CEO, and the disappointment with their recent IPO – but one thing for sure, Real Estate is the best long term investment, much better than the financial markets, and even the treasury market.  

Lately, a new type of “real estate” investment by these investment firms is in Casinos – an industry that was almost completely owned and run by organized crime and frequented by the worst of the worst – casinos have had an amazing resurgence over the past 4 decades or so. Proof of this is the growth of destinations like Las Vegas, and something a little closer to home – Atlantic City.


    HAHAHA.  Just what I expected!  The übergnomes of Goldman Sachs rushed right into the Cave of Wealth and Death and joyously embraced Lady Luck!  And she smiled, showing her fangs, and happily rolled her bone dice.  SNAKE EYES.  ‘Why did you do that,’ screamed the Goldman Sachs gnomes.


   ‘Because it is fun,’ said the eldest and by far, the most dangerous of the goddesses.  ‘Want me to roll again?’  She rattled the dice in her palm.  ‘How about the Wheel of Fate?  I really love Russian Roulette, too.’


    Notice the news article that mentions with gay abandon, how casinos are great investments for banking gnomes because they are ‘much better than financial markets’!   EVEN THE TREASURY MARKET!  Good as gold, as they like to say before the prospector enters the local saloon and loses all of it and his shirt to card sharks and fast women.


    Before Sands blow away in the Saharan winds of the collapse of the gnome’s dream system of destructive wealth, let’s visit their headquarters:



Severely bad taste decor at Sands gambling dens in Las Vegas

Severely bad taste decor at Sands gambling dens in Las Vegas


Click here to see the Las Vegas Sands Headquarters:

Las Vegas Sands Developing Capital Raising Program, Sheldon G. Adelson Family to Participate 

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE: LVS) today announced that it is working with an investment banking firm to develop a capital raising program for the company. Sheldon G. Adelson, the company’s chairman, chief executive officer and principal stockholder, and his family intend to participate in the company’s capital raising program. Mr. Adelson and his family recently completed an investment in the company of $475 million in convertible senior notes in a private transaction. The company will announce further details of the program in the very near future.

Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE: LVS) is the leading international developer of multi-use integrated resorts.

The Las Vegas, Nevada-based company owns and operates The Venetian Resort- Hotel-Casino, The Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas and The Venetian Macao Resort-Hotel and the Sands Macao in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Special Administrative Region of Macao. The company is currently constructing two additional integrated resorts: Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; and Marina Bay Sands(TM) in Singapore.

Here is the latest stock charts for the Sands organization:

Las Vegas Sands Corp stock chart from

Las Vegas Sands Corp stock chart from

    Looks an awful lot like the charts for Goldman Sachs and Bears Stearns and all those gnome operations!  These stocks are being sold off not just because the flood of gambling loot is lessening due to inflation eating up excess income of the working class, all credit has also vanished.  So people can’t easily gamble on credit in casinos OR in stock markets.  Ergo: things fall off of many cliffs.  This chart is a classic bubble chart.


    I used to be a mooch who would take the Atlantic gambling casino buses to the Jersey shore on summer weekends.  Not only was the trip free but I was paid $20!  So it was profitable.  I would drop one dollar into a slot machine before going right out again.  I never won, which was good.  I might have gotten hooked.  Instead, I made over $200 in profits before Resorts International figured out my scheme.  Their hopes I would become addicted were dashed so they banned me.  


   HAHAHA.  Gnomes and I just don’t get along.  Here is a study done, by the way, by order of our government, concerning the spread of gambling and its dire effects:


June 18, 1999: National Gambling Impact Study Commission Report:

3-4 The Commission recommends that warnings regarding the dangers and risks of gambling, as well as the odds where feasible, should be posted in prominent locations in
all gambling facilities.
3-5 The Commission recognizes the difficulty of campaign finance reform in general
and an industry-specific contribution restriction in particular. Nonetheless, the
Commission believes that there are sound reasons to recommend that states adopt tight
restrictions on contributions to state and local campaigns by entities—corporate, private,
or tribal—that have applied for or have been granted the privilege of operating gambling
3-6 The Commission received testimony that convenience gambling, such as
electronic devices in neighborhood outlets, provides fewer economic benefits and creates
potentially greater social costs by making gambling more available and accessible.
Therefore, the Commission recommends that states should not authorize any further
convenience gambling operations and should cease and roll back existing operations.
3-7 The Commission recommends that betting on collegiate and amateur athletic
events that is currently legal be banned altogether. 


    None of the worries or recommendations of this last report did the slightest good. Gambling got worse and worse. It spread like a cancer across our fair land. It sucks out the lifeblood of our entire economy and depresses workers who lose and destroys the work ethics of anyone who wins. And winners tend to end up in poverty no matter how great their winnings.


    This is due to the fact that the most powerful of the goddesses in the Cave of Wealth and Death is the eldest: Lady Luck. And she is adept at playing games of chance. And as I explained to the Chinese long, long ago: the Bank always wins in the long run.


    And ill-gotten wealth fritters away rapidly. This is because even winners know it is not all that real. And the reality usually destroys their social systems built up by generations. Nothing destroys our young faster than easy wealth thrown upon them. This can destroy their morals and teaches them bad, bad lessons. Feeding and encouraging a system this destructive will lead to more destruction. The US is going bankrupt and the epicenter of the housing collapse is in Las Vegas.


    The downward spiral there is like a huge black hole in our economy. It is destroying solvent banks. It is wrecking marriages. The Bonanno capo didn’t want his own children in Vegas for moral reasons. He kept them far from the gambling operations. And as a child, I heard more than one adult warning another to not take a job in Vegas. ‘It will wreck your marriage and you might become a gambling addict,’ was the stark warning.


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  6. That Greenspan is a comedian: “All bottoms look like what we’re looking at now, but it doesn’t follow that this bottom always leads to a recovery,” [Greenspan] said. “It may just be another stage before you go down again, and I’m not going to forecast where we are going because I frankly don’t have a clue.”

    Re: casinos. Here in Arizona we have as many as 23 different casinos on Indian tribal lands. Displays of Vegas-style lights illuminate the outback. Gambling is huge business here amongst the tumbleweeds.

    Re: the new page, I created a WordPress avatar but can’t figure out how to make it show up – maybe I have to log in before posting a comment? Also, I wonder if it would be possible to preview one’s comment before posting? It could be most people don’t find that necessary but I find it helpful.

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  7. DeVaul

    I would like “preview” also, as that is how I discover my spelling mistakes. I found it very useful.

    I just read over on the Silver Bear about how people are walking over plains, rivers, and mountains to Uruguay to deposit their breifcases full of dollars which they are taking out of Argentinian banks before the banks are shut down by the government.

    Uh….to me…just from an environmental and spiritual perspective… the whole image of people trekking hundreds of miles carring sacks of Federal Reserve I-owe-you-nothing Notes has got to be one of the most bizarre events in human history.

    If aliens were watching this, they would undoubtedly swoop in and snatch some of these pieces of paper and take them back to their home planet to study them in order to find out why humans would risk their lives to save them. Tulip bulbs, if you plant them, will at least produce a beautiful flower.

    We have de-evolved.

    A Chinese newspaper recently stated that the US has used the dollar to plunder the world. Wow. That is a bold statement, and I have no doubt permission was obtained from the highest level to publish that. It is also probably true.

    In my view, however, the real problem is that humans have used fake promises based on abstract mental contructs that have nothing to do with reality to plunder each other and all living things, leaving behind a large number of starving humans and an increasingly smaller number of other species.

  8. Paul S

    I always wondered what would have happened to Prohibition had they kept beer and wine legal and only outlawed the ‘hard’ liquors. Little known bit of trivia: when Prohibition ended, Al Capone got into the milk business. Of course Capone didn’t run his milk business on the straight and narrow, but he told his crew they’d been in the wrong business all along. Maybe they should have banned milk too! HaHa

  9. here i am off topic again, but heres the latest wrinkle, just how robust is China?,0,7768849.story

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    In some ways it’s a good thing that vegas is slowing down, it had been the fastest growing city in Amerika for several years running.

    First, it may mean that people are becoming more fiscally responsible by saving more. And locating a large city out in the middle of a desert with no water seems unsustainable. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy gambling on occasions as a leisure activity.

    One crazy thing about vegas is that if you walk along the sidewalk with your wife or significant other; people will attempt to pass small photo ads of hookers to call. You feel like telling them “hey, if I was interested, I sure wouldn’t grab the ad now!”

  14. drkrbyluv

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  15. rockpaperscizzors

    “In my view, however, the real problem is that humans have used fake promises based on abstract mental contructs that have nothing to do with reality to plunder each other and all living things,” Devaul

    Great point. In other words, TRUST ME.

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  17. Blunt Force Trauma

    Jobless ranks hit 10 million, most in 25 years (Yahoo/AP)

    ‘The nation’s jobless ranks zoomed past 10 million last month, the most in a quarter-century, as piles of pink slips shut factory gates and office doors to 240,000 more Americans with the holidays nearing. Politicians and economists agreed on a painful bottom line: It’s only going to get worse.’

    Casinos closing in Vegas is a moot point while the real casino on Wall Street keep destroying the economy.

    Full article:

  18. DeVaul

    Here is what China is doing:

    “A stimulus package estimated at 4 trillion yuan (about 570 billion U.S. dollars) will be spent over the next two years to finance programs in 10 major areas, such as low-income housing, rural infrastructure, water, electricity, transportation, the environment, technological innovation and rebuilding from several disasters, most notably the May 12 earthquake.”

    What did we do with our 570 billion?

    Elaine has always said the Chinese are smart. Looks like they are not waiting for the peasants to revolt. They will start their “New Deal” early and head off any uprisings.

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  22. DeVaul, i found that story was appearing all over the media , so i guess it was part of ‘everywhere else is worse’ story”,0,7768849.story

  23. drkrbyluv

    The news media has done a wonderful job of keeping the people dumb and distant, they have been loyal to their keepers – the NWO.

    No where is this more evident than in the complete absence of any articles regarding what is being described as a “Brentton Woods 2” coming mid november.

    Some people from our government will be meeting behind closed doors to discuss the financial solutions for the once free world. Why are there no articles about this? Why do they not show at least several approaches to our problems?

    Why are we submitting to a global system? Shouldn’t the people have some say?

    But of course we have no say – that’s the point.

    To date, my anger has been directed towards the NWO banking bastards but that is beginning to change.

    I am beginning to feel contempt towards my fellow man, those who simply look the other way – after all, it is much easier to vegetate in front of a TV.

    Maybe the sheeple need the rule of tyranny so that they won’t have to think or become accountable – responsible. Sorry if I seem down but I just cannot comprehend how anyone can remain asleep at this point in history.

  24. If its a gambling den of debt, seems like China is making the best bet…I’m curious also about the 15th and I have seen some coverage (in fact it was mentioned in the “China story”), but seems like there should be more discussion about the details. Public discussion.

    Nice to see you here “Bear of Litlle Brain”.


  25. Bear of Little Brain

    Thanks, Ken. Nice to be back.
    First my Powerbook refused to access “Money Matters” on ALL browsers; the only site to exhibit this problem (at first I thought Elaine had been taken down by the PTB’s, only to find the PC was OK). That should have required a complete reinstall, but I bottled out. My PC is my trading/gambling/losing platform and not set up for leisurely reading, so that was out. Then my ISP graciously upgraded my bandwidth. True to their earlier form, they immediately lost my broadband for five days; now I only have random interruptions! Fortunately, the new site is my-duff-Mac-accessible, so here I am. Hope you’ve all been well.

    Being “down” is pretty much the only valid emotion available just now. But look on the bright side, you’ve still got forlorn, sad, despondent, depressed, lachrymose, inconsolable and suicidal to fall back on! Change you can believe in, huh? Perhaps that nice man, Rahm, can cheer you up. Aaaaah…

    From the Who, “Won’t get fooled again”:

    I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
    Take a bow for the new revolution
    Smile and grin at the change all around
    Pick up my guitar and play
    Just like yesterday
    Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
    We don’t get fooled again
    Don’t get fooled again
    No, no!

    Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss…

    Won’t inflict a YouTube vid on you.
    Hey, Nikkei back to 1980’s levels. Here go dee Dow, here go dee Dow!

  26. Impatient Patriot

    Starting to like the new site. Other then have to delete the old address so I don’t go to the wrong/old site.
    Any future plan for a participatory comment/vote on the comments section like the KOS site has? Also maybe the ability to post to a specific comment and not to the list as in the diary?
    As your posting the comment without a preview I can still rt click and show my spell check ieSpell v2.5.1 .

  27. Impatient Patriot

    And a question about the comments and the site? The time?
    Is it posting as GMT? and can I change the time display?

  28. justputitdownandbackaway

    I lived in Vegas for 5 years during the late ’90s. All of the “opulence” you see is veneer – most of it painted plastic. I used to look up in the sky and marvel at the planes stacked one after the other in the air, filled with people eager to arrive, drop off their money (for nothing in return) and then leave. Astonishing.

    Living in Vegas, by the way, is what helped shape the perspective expressed by my handle here.

  29. justputitdownandbackaway – awesome handle….

    My wife in I were in Vegas a few years ago (we went to Red Rock park (or whatever its called), Hoover Dam, and Grand Canyon on the same visit but anyhow…) and we happened to be walking past the Belogio just as the fountain show began. Amazing. That show is incredible. The water, the lights, the music – everything syncronized —- it is something to see…but afterwards, you think to yourself as you look around —- I am in the middle the the middle of decadence….wow.

    There is a reason what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas….


  30. Think of the marketing approach – what is being sold? The chance (it isjust a chance) that you can go somewhere and do all the things that you really want to do? This seems a bit bizzare to say the least. I’ve been to Vegas several times (remember “Bob Stupack”), and I think I lost just about every time, but I never lost much.

    Thats the thing – these current day bankers and their other gnome and pirate friends are betting with more than they were ever allowed to lose. This debt will be paid – don’t you think cause the HOUSE always demands payment. Always.

    Now if you want my ideas about banking, check out:


  31. N. Ron Shrubbard


    I appreciate your last post. I’m also starting to feel very much frustration with, and actual pointed anger at, the blind and oblivious fools around me, that unfortuately still, even now, number a vast majority.

    I also can clearly see a NWO, which is the entire G7 plutocracy (composed largely by top bankers, naturally). I’m new to posting here, and last night I put a post up about this. I didn’t have the site figured out yet, so I put it on the November 5th welcome page blog.

    I was a late teen when Ronnie Raygun got elected, and I could see right then and there that something was very wrong, and we would all somehow pay hell for this chosen direction. At that time, I had no clue how bad it really was and how deep and systemic it all really goes. I was too young at the time, and so did not have enough life experience and lacked an appreciation of how things flow, one “event” (even when the manifest “event” was carefully staged and performed per script) to the next, though history.

    At the time I could see Raygun was nothing more than a highly talented snake oil saleman, owing to his training and ability to perform in acting. At the time, I could not see the backdrop is also fake and simply peddled snake oil, so I took the “mainstream” (for dislikers of Raygun) view that he was pitching snake oil simply for his own personal gain, the gain of a few of his cronies, and the gain of the republican party. I had no clue it went any deeper than that.

    Still, the above was enough to royally piss me off. I could see the “Duhmerica’s Back!” and “Happy Days are Here Again!” fake prosperity were pure smoke and mirrors and accepted from nothing more than mass wishful thinking. I could also see the illusory and faked up “reality” was supported by a rocket launch jump in borrowing and the mass acceptance of fast and easy borrowing as a good thing. I saw the coked-up attitude (and often matching brain chemistry) and the icons of Good Ole’ Days Duhmerica Rules! such as the sudden obsessive fascination with Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, classic high-end limousines, etc.

    All of this really did piss me off, and I used to argue with people and tell them to wake the eff up. In response, all I got was clarification that I’m a commie, or negative and a pessimist because of character defect, or a chronic complainer, etc. In one such discussion with a new religous right holy roler type, God personally and directly told the holy roler that I’m a “ho mo sek shawllllllllllllllll!,” whatever the hell that is. God has never told me.

    In any event, I got a bit older and figured it was time to get on with life (it was getting on anyway) and work on forgetting about this stuff. I did, my concerns simply faded from neglect, and I pretty much didn’t pay attention to any of this stuff for a long time.

    It was really the popping of the Silly Con Valley Bubble in conjunction with the shrub “election” that jarred me back out of wilfully self-imposed ignorance. From there, especially studying the Silly Con Valley Bubble, I learned about pushing credit and bubbles generally, saw with more time how not only credit spiked with the advent of Raygun (1981 actually shows as a discontinuity on some graphs), it continued and even accelerated with Bush and Clinton. I already had enough reason to dislike these two clowns, and the internet was widespread now, so I started paying attention to this stuff again, I went looking.

    I learned about Raygun’s deal with the Japanese plutocracy in 1983 (Elaine mentioned this recently) and about how Raygun wanted to get rid of Volcker and install Greenscum immediately, yet certain “handlers” instructed him to wait until certain other transactions were in place first. Example: 1983 deal with Japan, plus some others. I learned about Poppy Bush getting coke, plus the crack form, in the US to fund nefarious operations, and about how a certain governor of Arkansas save his ass when an incident arose that created a high risk of him getting caught. I learned about how a reporter for the San Jose Mercury was about to expose the whole thing, and the New York Slimes threatened to ruin the paper’s reputation (with accusations of trashy tabloid quality reporting) if they didn’t shut down the investigation and article series. From this I learned it is really the New York Slimes that operates at a trashy tabloid level, and they use superficial image manipulation — backed by power — to successfully sell the false illusion that it is a real newspaper.

    On and on, I came to see what is really going on. And now I am actually angry with and deeply disgusted by the imbecilic ignorance and grotesque immaturity (inability to acknowledge and deal with reality, actual reality, even though it is very disturbing and scary), which I find myself so completely surrounded by. I mean, I understand the impulse to wilfully ignore all this crap and live a private life. All this crap is very wrong and yet we really can do so little about it, so I also chose to ignore it myself for quite a while.

    Yet as you say, it is now so bad that the choice to simply ignore it is now nuts, and actually dangerous. It remains true that none of us, as individuals, can do a damned thing about anything. Also, if we’re too few in numbers, even collectively we cannot do a damned thing. At this point, everything is so bad, and all social systems so stretched and tortured, I simply cannot understand how pretty much everybody cannot notice that something very deep is very wrong. Even if an individual does not understand it, simply the observation must scream out to anybody who is at least half way awake. Not enough are.

  32. Come on now in the US of A so many are so comfortable. It is easy for intertia to control when the “many” are “seemingly comfortable”, BUT comforts are being revealed for what they truly are….temporary. There are other things that matter more. Only when these are in jeopardy will folks in the US of A awaken from the somnobulance kind-of-state. But let me tell ya, when the “awakening” fully shows itself it will be something to sense… will be good in my humble opinion (even though my lovely spouse tells me I don’t really have any humility – what does she know?).


  33. sorry, i mean “somnambulance” (as in “nam” is in Vietnam…). Come on 60’s generation – what are you really made of? Thats what I’m curious about a bit, but I’ll also say this, I’m glad you generational representative ain’t the president-elect.


  34. Grok

    DrK and N. Ron……I actually think that many people DO sense something is wrong. But given the failure of MSM to do its job, they are clueless as to what is wrong and what can be done to correct it. Day to day existence is a difficult struggle for the vast majority of people. They simply do not have the resources and time to analyze correctly what is happening. Instead they depend on the MSM and their “leaders” to take care of things. Because the MSM and their “leaders”, for the most part, ARE the problem, those of us who are more aware will just have to watch it collapse. Those who are aware can only take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones as best we can. The collapse of social systems are disastrous. I take some solace that historically, after much tragedy, chaos, and loss of life, a new and reorganized system takes the place of the system that can no longer sustain itself.

  35. Yes, but the KEY is to enable the transition to a “reorganized system” to occur in a way that minimize further suffering. Enabling something is an art form.


  36. Bear of Little Brain

    Speaking of collapse, there is a book by Lester Brown, “Plan B 2.0, Rescuing a Planet under Stress and a Civilisation in Trouble”. It is a fairly recent book, but is legally available FREE on line (as PDF’s):

    It is linked from here:

    Whatever one makes of his solutions (and I am a Human-Global-Warming sceptic), just reading the first section, in which he describes our environmental problems in detail, with supporting statistics, is enough to make one realise that we have far more than a financial problem on our hands.

    Once again, for new visitors, I recommend YouTubing, Dr. A. Bartlett’s 8-YouTube-section lecture on the exponential function. This is fundamental to an understanding of natural growth and thence its catastrophic consequences. Search against his name, or part 1 is here:

    Reality will keep biting until we wake up.

  37. Bear of Little Brain

    BTW, nicely written piece N-Ron.

  38. DeVaul

    I agree with Shrubbard’s analysis, as I lived through the same time frame at the same age as well. For most of the 90’s, I was preoccupied with “trying to get better” after a medical catastrophe.

    His point about the futility of collective action when the number involved is too few to make a difference is also true. I believe an example of this is the mass exodus of Jews from Europe from 1933 to WWII. They knew they could not stop anything or change it,. They were too few in number, so they just got the hell out (if they could).

    I bet if we had an actual eye-witness account of the last days of the Roman Empire, we would be amazed at how similar the situation is to what exists now.

    As for the Nov. 15th meeting, even China News will not give any details. However, I find it hard to believe the Chinese will allow a “G7 Plutocracy” to rule the world’s financial systems.

    My wife is from Thailand, and this morning she called her family using Skype. Many of her friends have been laid off from their factory jobs. The global export trade collapse is real, even if it is being used for propaganda purposes here in America.

  39. Blunt Force Trauma

    Bush Could be Executed For War Crimes (Existentalist Cowboy)

    Ha, ha…we could broadcast the executions on pay-per-view. The revenue from around the world would restore the US economy.

    Full article:

  40. Blunt Force Trauma

    Speaking of gambling…

    Possible Israeli attack against Iran worries EU (Hurriyet Daily News)

    ‘With the entire world is still celebrating the election of Barack Obama, it may not be the best time for pessimism about the future, such as fears of a possible Israeli attack on Iran in two months.’

    It’s been ‘two months’ from now for 6 years now. Let’s just hope this doens’t happen.

    Full article:

  41. Blunt Force Trauma

    Let G.M. go bankrupt (Philip Greenspuns’ Weblog)

    “The stockholders, creditors, and employees of G.M. do not deserve to be spared the pain of the recession. The rest of America will be taking pay cuts, losing jobs, giving discounts to customers, etc. What is special about G.M. that they should be able to live as though 2008 never happened?”

    I enjoyed the first comment in the comments section following this short article. The person that wrote it needs to understand that in their scenario, the U.S. would first need to have a universal health care system in place. Or would simply have money to do as they suggest.

    I say, let the ‘Walking Dead Three’ file for bankruptcy and if all fails, so be it. The time to have done something viable and creative was 20 years ago. if this financial disorder didn’t kill them, Peak Oil will….in about 4 to 5 years.

    Full article:

  42. It was with respect to a possible Israeli attack upon Iran that got me banned from the other site…..too late now. If Israeli tries such an offensive maneuver, it will be more clearly evident for all about the apparent TRUE nature of the Israeli government. Oppressive would be a possible adjective to describe this mode of operation. Oppressive to many who are so innocent. What hypocrisy.

    In my opinion Israel better start minding their own business and watching their puny little tail. Israel is not sacrosanct. No country is.


  43. Blunt Force Trauma

    Why the GM/Cerberus/Chrysler Bailout is bad for taxpayers and doomed to fail without the benefits of a Chapter 11 filing for both Chrysler and GM

    According to this site, the following analysis was sent by a NYC bankruptcy lawyer who wishes to remain anonymous.

    Full article:

  44. Blunt Force Trauma

    Ken said:

    “In my opinion Israel better start minding their own business and watching their puny little tail. Israel is not sacrosanct. No country is”

    Hear! Hear!

  45. Paul S

    The ONLY solution with these guys at GM/Cerberus/Chrysler is to tee it up and play hardball with them. Go straight to the criminal investigation/prosecution option. Let them play whatever trump cards they think they have. We should have let Chrysler fail when Iacocca was going around begging, but then Iacocca gave the Statue of Liberty a facelift just in time for the Bicentennial. No, prison is the only REAL solution for these guys–and their enablers in Congress/White House. And confiscating their wealth. We can’t rebuild ANYTHING if the previous, corrupt crud is still lying around. Clean slate time..

  46. Blunt Force Trauma

    Not just the ‘Walking Dead Three’ with hat-in-hand. Over in Britian, the same secanrio plagues…

    Britain’s motor groups plead for aid (Times Online)

    ‘They want ministers to scrap plans to raise vehicle excise duty and will ask for subsidies for companies that renew old corporate fleets. Alistair Darling, the chancellor, has separately been asked by industry leaders to throw his weight behind a €40 billion (£30 billion) package of loans being prepared in Brussels.’

    You do the math at 1.27 US per Euro. I’m tired from readin’ so damn much.

    Full article:

  47. fingo

    I made a “The Audacity of Depression” tshirt while i was in LA last month… when should i start to wear it?

  48. N. Ron Shrubbard


    My opinion is that immediately is an appropriate time to start wearing it. I believe the depression has already started. The only thing left covering it up is the last of the Bubbles: the very very important and powerful Psychology Bubble. While a good deal of bad and scary stuff has gotten through the social filters and appeared on stage for mass public viewing, the image / illusion / appearance that all is still basically okay and life as usual has been held up intact — to date.

    I even expect the plutocrats have planned a little “market” and “economic” euphoria for us, in order that we may, you know, properly celebrate the “election” of Slobomba. If they pull it off, this “market” celebration will be tasked to and executed by our wonderful friends in the G7 central banks, as is par for the course. When they were allowing some outright deflation, timed to help manipulate voters in favor of Slobomba, they also took advantage of the same to encourage the deflation of the Commodity Bubble to the greatest extent possible, particularly oil. They now have oil in BoJ’s comfort zone for the price of oil, so if BoJ is required to do the bulk of the heavy lifting to create an illusion of “market” happiness, they should be ready, willing, and able to do so.

    If BoJ does ramp it back up to full speed, I expect oil to go back up, very high and very fast. The thing about manipulative endeavors is the same act never works as well the 2nd time around as it did the 1st. Bummer for the G7 NWO Plutocrac and their very top-level servants in the central bank. When all the USD starts spewing out as exhaust from the BoJ machinery, I expect it will run, not walk, straight to oil futures contracts.

    So they will get away with something like this for only a little while. I expect they know it, and will try to keep it going until approximately the inauguration. That way, it will be most balanced for republicans to be able to blame democrats as easily as democrats to blame republicans (think divide-and-conquer as a distraction tactic). Then, sometime in Q1 of 2009, or Q2 at the latest, the depression [i]really[/i] gets started.

    If I have correctly guessed how they have scripted their Freak Show for the next few months, you will be subject to wisecracks for your t-shirt for a while. Then you’ll be able to say “told ya’ so” when the next leg of deflation gets going.

  49. emsnews

    During the launching of the floating currency mess back under Nixon, we had one wave of inflation after another. Each bigger than the previous one.

    This was fixed by the US allowing a flood of cheap-currency or cheap-labor imports which undermined wages in America which have ceased to keep up with inflation since Reagan.

    Now, we are stuck in this stupid system which is falling apart.

    I have been VERY busy lately with getting ready for winter, by the way. I still don’t have a winter’s worth of firewood. I use this to heat the house since I can’t pay for other fuels.

    And boy, has it been wet! Annoyingly wet. And so it goes: Mother Nature never cooperates when we need it from her! On the other hand, neither do our banking gnomes cooperate with us.

  50. emsnews

    Oh, about the avatars: people have to email me about that and I will explain how we do it and email an avatar if you want one made by me. Feel free to contact me at

    Also, if you type in funny face things using the ) and the : or other keyboard letters, you get the faces. I like those things and don’t be shy about using them!

  51. abearoflittlebrain

    just testing my avatar

  52. Bear of Little Brain

    OK, I’ve got an avatar sorted. Now I’m logged out. Will it work?

  53. Bear of Little Brain


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