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As I explained during the election, the media herded the US public away from anti-war candidates towards pro-war candidates.  Obama tried to portray himself as an ant-war candidate when running against the very pro-war Hillary Clinton.  But after his song and dance routine in front of the extreme war-monger ethnic cleansing operation called AIPAC, he steered himself, directly after winning the nomination, into the pro-war seas on the right.




Since then, he as again, declared war on the shadowy world of Islamic revolutionaries.  They, in turn, are now very busy and happily doing what they do best: attack where there is the least guards.  The problem never was ‘al Qaeda’ but rather, the resurgence of Islam due to oil revenues bringing in new wealth to a region that saw only increasing poverty. 


The US support of the ruthless removal of the Muslim natives of Palestine has been a major generator of Islamic energy.  It is like a dynamo at the heart of Islamic revolutions.  The PLO was much more secular than Hamas.  The persecution of Hamas supporters has fired up many Islamic groups across the planet.


Then there is Afghanistan: this land is always very difficult to control.  Long before Islam was even a glint in some god’s eye.  Only Alexander the Great managed to bring them around.  He did this by marrying an Afghani princess, Roxanne.  Then, most importantly, he left.


Because bin Laden hid out in the wild mountains of Afghanistan before 9/11, the US decided the only way we could be safe from ‘terrorists’ was to attack the Afghani people and subdue them.  Then, after we ‘civilize’ them and bring ‘democracy’ where they get to vote for whoever the US ruling class desires or suffer the consequences the Palestinians are suffering….yes, good old democracy.  Not.


Anyway, we merrily marched into a trap.  Bin Laden recognized this.  The US ruling elites desperately wanted an excuse to launch invasions which is why the entire Pentagon sat utterly idle while several jets were hijacked.  We know they knew these jets were hijacked because a stewardess called Houston on one plane, I believe, a United flight, to tell them about the hijacking.


So here we are, 7 years later and stuck in Afghanistan, losing that war, and losing our shirts, trying to pay for it.  Just as bin Laden prayed to Allah.


Barack Obama plans 20,000 troop surge to boost Afghan effort – Telegraph

The President-Elect’s intention to shift the focus of the fight against terrorism to Afghanistan has been bolstered by Robert Gates agreement to stay on as Defence Secretary.
Mr Gates is a strong believer in an Afghan surge, which would not only put thousands more boots on the ground but involve negotiations with malleable branches of the Taliban.
It would also aim to boost co-operation with Iran and Pakistan where some elements have supported the anti-Western insurgency.
The need for more US troops in addition to the 32,000 already serving, has been accelerated by the Afghan presidential election in September 2009, and the voter registration process that begins in the New Year, Mr Gates said.
“The most important objective for us for 2009 in Afghanistan is a successful election,” he said at a meeting of defence ministers from the eight countries fighting in southern Afghanistan. “One of the things we talked about was trying to surge as many forces as we can prior to the election, to try and provide a secure environment for the election….”
Some analysts believe Washington ultimately will need more than 100,000 troops to stabilise Afghanistan before the Afghan army is ready to take over security.
“I suspect that to succeed in Afghanistan, we’re eventually going to have to swing a sizeable fraction of what we now have in Iraq into Afghanistan,” said Stephen Biddle of the Council on Foreign Relations.

For years, the US struggles to have some semblance of fair elections.  Our systems are all gummed up with all sorts of goofy systems that perform rather ill.  To put it mildly.  Close elections are often filled with fraudulent actions.  Our media is totally insane and interferes greatly, especially the TV parts where the media that covers campaigns also solicits TV ad money.


This, in turn, is very expensive.  Most of the money raised by politicians to pay the TV stations is an open door to fraud.  Foreign nations seeking to control our political process use this desire for money to corrupt our political elections and to overrule our own control of our own politicians.  When media owners join forces with entities like AIPAC, we get a foreign policy that is hijacked by alien countries.  


This is why all the surviving politicians in the winnowing process loudly proclaimed fealty to Israel. Back to the Afghani elections: they already had these!  Karzai is supposed to be their ‘elected’ leader!  So why the need for doubling our occupation forces for a second election?


It is simple: people vote with their feet and their bodies.  The increasing attacks on the Americans are just one small hint that we don’t have their hearts and minds and they don’t have ‘elections’ in mind at all, certainly, not ones sponsored by one of the least ‘democratic’ nations on earth outside of communist China.  Proof that we don’t have a real democracy is obvious: when 64% of the public wanted to stop these fruitless wars and occupations, only pro-war candidates were popular.  The anti-war left and anti-intervention right were both locked totally out of the process.


John Hutton: Nato put at risk by European failure over Afghanistan – Telegraph

The Defence Secretary will deliver a blunt demand to European nations that they must send more troops and equipment to fight the Taliban.
Otherwise, he says, countries like Britain and the US will be forced to go it alone in “coalitions of the willing”. That, in turn, would make the world less secure.
In a speech in Berlin, Mr Hutton will step up British pressure on European Nato members to share more of the military burden in Afghanistan.
Britain has 8,100 troops in Afghanistan. Some 126 British service personnel have been killed in Afghanistan since the invasion that drove the Taliban from Kabul in 2001.
France has sent 2,700 troops to Nato’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan and Germany has deployed 3,300. The European troops are largely stationed in the more peaceful parts of the country, and “caveats” on their deployment often mean they cannot be deployed on combat missions.
Repeated British appeals for European allies to send more vital equipment – and especially helicopters – have also had little success.


NATO is a dinosaur that is destroying the US.  It is still extremely lopsided.  EU Population: 500 million. The US has only 300 million people. Tiny, poor Afghanistan has only 31 million people! England, alone, has double the population of Afghanistan. Germany, alone, has over 80 million people! And for some perspective, the tiny ghetto of the Gaza strip refugee camp now is nearly 2 million people. There are approximately 11 million Palestinians in all.


These numbers tell us several key things: in NATO, Europe has the obligation to carry more than 50% of the costs and personnel duties. Instead, they pay about 10% and deliver about 10% of the troops and military equipment. This, while running huge trade surpluses with the US. Like Japan, Europe is very happy to get this magnificent free ride.


So here we are in history: a total of 860 million people who don’t live anywhere near Afghanistan, are behind the invasion of that small, extremely poor nation. Incidentally, we spend MUCH more than $860 million a month, trying to occupy this land! And the money is in the form of debts. 100% debt. Which is sold to the communist Chinese. The Chinese don’t mind if we die, fighting Islamic radicals. They have Islamic radicals and they want to keep THEM suppressed!


All of which winds back to the violence in Tibet: the US is officially for fighting rioters and terrorists. But thinks riots and terror is OK inside China. The Chinese strongly suspect the US is funding or sponsoring or enabling terrorists within China. Certainly, we are doing this inside Iran! Without a doubt. We are pleased if ethnic groups attack the fundamentalists ruling Iran.


But not if this happens in, say, India. The Chinese are siding with the Indian government in the battles still raging in Mumbai, India. This is for ideological reasons.  The US is eradicating opium fields in Afghanistan.  And so the fighting is raging higher and higher.   We are still spending billions ‘fighting’ cocaine growers in South America.  Totally futile.  And then there are the raging Mexican drug wars right on our border, quite literally.  The government of Mexico is very right wing, installed via a very bizarre election that many Mexicans consider illegitimate.  


Then we have the entire concept of spending many billions and flooding someone’s country with killer drone planes that shoot wedding parties, etc: we do absolutely nothing about the total lack of any form of ‘democracy’ in our allies’ nations such as Saudi Arabia, for example.


Hillary plays hardball – The Independent

 Before Hillary Clinton has been formally offered the job as Secretary of State, a purge of Barack Obama’s top foreign policy team has begun.

The advisers who helped trash the former First Lady’s foreign policy credentials on the campaign trail are being brutally shunted aside, as the price of her accepting the job of being the public face of America to the world. In negotiations with Mr Obama this week before agreeing to take the job, she demanded and received assurances that she alone should appoint staff to the State Department. She also got assurances that she will have direct access to the President and will not have to go through his foreign policy advisers on the National Security Council, which is where many of her critics in the Obama team are expected to end up.


So, she will get to answer the 3am phone calls.  No one can be worse than the utterly ineffective Condi Rice.  She was so detached from her job as an advisor on 9/11, she was no better than the reader of ‘The Pet Goat,’ Bush.  Nor did she show the faintest flicker of responsibility as a hurricane destroyed a major city, killing thousands.  Nor at any point, has she taken up the task of doing any visible job.  She globe-trots to go shopping, basically.


I have no idea how Hillary will act except she is totally owned by AIPAC and her husband is totally owned by foreign entities who funnel millions of dollars into her husband’s ‘charity’ which seems mostly to keep him out of the poor house and in more than one mansion while mooching around the planet on private jets.


The US is going bankrupt.  And our leaders are all in hock to foreigners.


Rude Awakening

As the Federal Reserve conjures up all this money from the bubbling cauldrons of currency creation on its balance sheet, it might also conjure up a frightening dose of inflation. A forward-looking investor could be forgiven, therefore, for wondering if today’s deflationary interlude might yield very suddenly to a vicious inflationary spiral…or at least a mild inflationary uptick.“The yield on the 30-year Treasury bond has plunged to 3.62%,” Dan notes, “the lowest since regular issuance of the security began in 1977. This is the last big bubble. There’s going to be a stiff penalty for staying in Treasuries as the supply increases (the three-year note is coming back, monthly auctions for ten-year notes will resume). Plus, you know, all that new stimulus. All that new borrowing. And all those new bailouts! Yields will be going up for sure.”


Wars are very notorious for creating inflation. Obama is going to fight every sort of goofy messes people conjure up, overseas.  They will even bring these wars to our shores again and again.  This is obvious!  We can’t afford to play this game!  It just isn’t possible.  The money the Fed and Treasury are pouring into these corrupt banks is all disappearing down the maw of the invisible Derivatives Beast.


But once that process is done [after we go another $20 trillion in the hole, I bet] we will see a flood of inflation.  OPEC is unable to stop the collapse in oil prices.  This is bad news for our wars: the revolutionaries fighting us do best when oil prices are very low.  This way, the despotic rulers we support loose domestic support.  People get hungry and angry and begin to retaliate.


I am betting, with LOW oil prices, the al Qaeda-style of fighting will increase, not decrease.  And many Indians work in the Islamic oil kingdoms.  They are seeing dropping wages or loss of jobs.  This will also increase tensions and raise the specter of all sorts of ‘terrorist’ mischief.  For the Muslim/Hindu fight also goes back to Mohammed’s first days.  The multi-god [Zodiacal] religions of Persia and India flourished in Arabia at that time.  This is what Mohammed destroyed.


They have been at each other’s throats a long, long time.


Obama Foreign Policy: Realists to Reign? – by Jim Lobe

“With Gates staying on at the Pentagon and Jones in the White House, the realists will have more leverage,” according to Steven Clemons, the director of the American Strategy project at the New America Foundation, who added that, if not handled carefully, “there’s a chance we could end up with warfare between the liberal interventionists and the structural realists” comparable in some ways to the battle between the hawks led by Vice President Dick Cheney and the realists led initially by former Secretary of State Colin Powell and later by Gates that bedeviled the Bush administration.


These guys are anything but ‘realists’.  Realists tally up the cost of some operation versus the ability to pay.  And in addition, they also figure if it is even strategically sensible.  Not one iota of our foreign policy strategy is sensible.  It is utterly out of whack.  Powell wasn’t a realist. He was a ‘go along to get along’ war criminal.  He would rather tell lies than resign.  The man has no honor.


Gates isn’t a ‘realist’ or he would be a patriot and denounce the gigantic Pentagon budget.  He would demand ending our sponsorship of all of Europe’s security and pull out of NATO.  If he were realistic.  He would demand we cease funding and supporting the goofy ethnic cleansing business in Palestine.  


He is a fantasy figure, not a real man.  He wants his pay, his influence and above all, a nice mansion to live in.  He dare not tip over this gravy boat!  


Top Ex-Diplomats Slam ‘Militarization’ of Foreign Policy – by Jim Lobe

While the Pentagon’s budget has risen to heights not seen since World War II, US diplomatic and foreign aid assets have largely atrophied and must be quickly rebuilt by any new administration that takes office in January, according to a new report released here this week by former senior foreign service officers.

The report by the American Academy of Diplomacy (AAD) and the Henry L. Stimson Center is calling for a nearly 50 percent increase in the number of diplomats and aid and development specialists recruited into the foreign service over the next five years. This would cost about three billion dollars – or approximately what the Pentagon is currently spending every 10 days on military operations in Iraq – over current budget estimates.


We can hire a billion diplomats.  But if their goal is to enable ethnic cleansing, break up other nations into smaller bits and use the US to patrol the entire planet earth at our cost while running up huge debts with communist China: forget it!  It won’t change a thing!  Either we re-examine our entire foreign policy while trying to figure out how foreign entanglements have destroyed our economy, well!  HAHAHA.  Hell will freeze over before any realist ever is allowed to run any part of our foreign policy which is controlled mostly by foreigners.


Hint: this is treason.  Letting foreigners determine our nation’s course in the world—this should be only Americans who do this.


Somali pirates hijack Liberian flagged tanker _English_Xinhua

 Armed Somali pirates have hijacked a Liberian-flagged chemical tanker in the pirate-infested Gulf of Aden, a regional maritime official confirmed on Friday.

    Andrew Mwangura, East Africa’s coordinator of the Seafarers Assistance Program (SAP), said the seized vessel has 30 crew members, mostly Indians onboard.

    “The pirates seized the Liberian flagged chemical tanker in the Gulf of Aden with 30 crew members mostly Indians. There are three Indonesians, about 25 Indians and the remaining could be British,” Mwangura told Xinhua by telephone.


And our fleets no longer deter pirates.  We have pirates in the Caribbean sucking out the oxygen of our banking and business sectors!  And now, the real thing, actual pirates, operate with impunity.  So much for America’s rule of the Seven Seas.  We will be lucky to rule the Great Lakes when we go bankrupt.


ADDITIONAL NEWS in the last hour:

9 die in attack in Shiite mosque – CNN.com


Also on Friday, Japan’s Prime Minister Taro Asoannounced that the country will pull its Air Self-Defense Force out of Iraq, part of an effort to pull all 210 military personnel out of the country by the end of the year.

The prime minister’s statement says progress in development of democracy, improved security and the wishes of the Iraqi people were considered in making the move….The Bosnian-Herzegovinian and South Korean armies are also planning to pull out.



As our trade deficit with our allies wanes, their desire to please us by pretending to support our military collapses even faster.

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  1. don

    I was hoping Obama would start pulling troops
    out of Iraq in 16 months as he promised on the
    campaign trail. I guess those dates are gone.
    Some things never change, hugging the baby,
    and lying to get votes. Maybe John McCain was
    right, we will be in Iraq for 100 years. Al Sadr
    doesnt want us there. I cant wait to see where
    the first Dairy Queen will be in Bagdad…

  2. Gary

    The Marxists are right when they say that racism is just a subset of class

    The Aristocracy of both political parties is being very creative running candidates of color. But when you look at these candidates you can see they are very closely selected so as to not upset the real money/military powers of the empire.

    Look at Mr Powell. He practically started his career running smokescreens
    for Gen Westmoreland covering up the My Lai massacres (plural) during
    Operation Free-Fire zones in Vietnam.

    Now look at Cynthia McKinney: Former Congresswoman from Georgia who
    is now banned from leaving America to give human rights speeches.


    Much like the church hides Jesus’ message in plain sight and keeps him
    nailed on the cross , America hides MLK’s message in plain sight and
    “celebrates” his deeply sanitized message in plain sight by having a holiday
    every year.

    Ralph Nader was right. He said, “Obama has the choice of being Uncle Sam
    to all American citizens or being Uncle Tom for the money bags. Its so funny how people went nuts over this “politically incorrect” quote but cant arouse
    a shred of anger in themselves observing realitly.

    Is reality in America that far gone from our grasp.

  3. Paul S

    Why didn’t SOMEBODY call McCain out when he said (during the campaign) the surge was working in Iraq? Not one member of our media did so. That tells you something–and it’s not good. Or what about when the media makes the claim that the American public is opposed to public financing of elections? They NEVER cite their proof. Which is because they don’t have any. Why is Obama pandering to the Clintons? Hillary–actually both of them–are snakes in the grass. Watch your back, Mr. President-elect. The Clintons are social climbing, money grubbing, glorified white trailer trash. And they give trailer trash a bad name at that. Our government already has more than enough people who are morally and ethically bankrupt without adding the Clintons to the mix. Our military will always have a job; they are just going to become more openly mercenary. It is already openly mercenary. What the US taxpayer can’t afford will be supplemented by “fees” (pick your term) to keep our military operating. Oh you won’t be hearing the “m” word; not with the media we have in the USA. You will start hearing talk of how other countries must shoulder more of the cost, but don’t worry. The US taxpayer will ALWAYS have a role in paying for the military. The warmongers will be waving the flag and telling you you are a traitor if you don’t support “our” military. Waste some time and listen to Fox. Fox are the leading propagandists for war. You can hear the arguments for war right now.

  4. mey

    My thoughts on the horrendous “Hillary as Secretary of State” rumors match those of Al Giordano’s: Freak Show: Behind the Clinton for Secretary of State Rumors

  5. Carolyn Damon

    Paul S. is absolutely correct. The Clintons give trailer trash a bad name, and President-elect Obama better watch his back. And another reason our troops will not come home in large numbers is that they won’t find employment. The numbers that would, along with their families, wind up homeless, would be too scandalous for the Pentagon to be able to tolerate. It will mean endless wars everywhere. It also keeps big corporations happy that their gravy train won’t end. The American people are about to become serfs, in debt over our wars, and fleeced by international financiers, who are busy emptying the treasury of tax dollars.

  6. crad

    Humans are violent predator omnivorous mammals.

    Well, OK, but is that the whole story? You yourself said that the British love to rule, i.e., enforce submission, by pitting one against the other. Since this is a tried and true successful ruling strategy, one can reasonably infer that it is emulated by other rulers as well.

    One doesn’t have to be overly paranoid or cynical to form the hypothesis that at one level or another the very problems that you dissect on this blog are in fact desirable to one entity or another, especially given what we know about The School for the Americas, events in South American countries like Argentina and Chile, shock capitalism, etc.

    In order for a policy of “divide and conquer” to succeed deception must be utilized. So I am more inclined to blame the decievers than human nature itself.

    For example, some native Americans were predators but they worshipped, for lack of a better term, their prey because they understood correctly that the lives of their prey (buffalo) was in effect their lives as well.

    Now regarding economics and policy, your analysis of various doings and problems is superb but I have concerns regarding certain policy solutions. For example, if we nationalize our systems in the interests of economic security and surrender our natural liberty in the interests of physical security doesn’t that pretty much negate whatever “good” the USA is supposed to embody? So we essentially make the final descent into being just another totalitarian hellhole.

    Virtually everything can be discussed in the media except a handful of topics that are really important. If one allies himself with the Left it’s possible, of course, to expose the Right to some extent, and vice verse, but it’s virtually impossible to publish a serious article about the 9/11 Truth movement, government assassinations and terrorism, CIA drug imports and mind control, high level pedophile rings, or other extremely sensitive stuff which will change people’s whole concept of government. This kind of stuff is just not done. And if you are uniquely in the possession of evidence that relates to some of the examples above, you run a good risk of becoming a victim of harassment, intimidation, financial ruining, and you could well end up dead.

  7. crad

    oops, I put my comment above on the wrong thread, sorry for the confusion.

  8. PLovering

    When the Taliban ran Afghanistan, opium production dropped by 90%, and the Taliban grabbed what profits remained.

    Since the UN defeated the Taliban and took over Afghanistan, opium production has soared. Opium profits have never been better.

    So now you know why the Reptiles are fighting the Taliban.


  9. PLovering

    Now that short UST paper is yielding next to zero while 10 year UST paper yields close to 3%, our mighty NYC banks can borrow short from the USA and lend long to …..HAHAHA … the USA, and collect a neat profit into the bargain.

    This is a Kabuki Party of the first water.

  10. nah

    woot thanksgiving was nuts hope there was alot of ‘happy readers’ god bless yall’


    vote your paycheck

  11. DrKrbyLuv

    The US like most countries, is run by a central bank. Government is a curtain to make the people feel as if they have a say. Democracy, Communism and Socialism are just facades to hide the true governing model – corporate Fascism.

    Don’t bother looking for any consistency, for example, yea Obama was against NAFTA and FISA and promised playing the role of an honest broker in the middle east.

    They like to keep us off balance by perpetual turbulence and fear. Fear of war, fear of bankruptcy, fear of the weather, fear of the bogyman (muslims). Now with Obama they can create new bogymen, like white supremacist groups and militias – in order to take more of our freedoms.

    Anyone who more than ignores history should plainly see that the CIA, MOSSAD, ISI and MI6 has caused most of the mischief in the modern world. Forget fighting for peace, we could have “cut” for peace by long ago deeply curtailing the budgets of these heinous clandestine thugs.

    The battle for control of countries was won long ago by the central banks. Now, they are simply consolidating in a muscle game for a NWO.

    It’s sad to see the people lose, mostly because they don’t know that they are in a fight. Our only hope is not vested in our fellow citizens, our only hope is that the NWO banking bastards will over-play their hand.

  12. djcrow22

    The invasion of Iraq has always been an imperialist plan to take Iraq’s oil, slaughter as many of them as possible and build permanent military bases in the center of the Middle East. Mission accomplished. Oil, military power and death to all who stand in the way. “Ain’t that America for you and me?”

  13. Crad,

    I think I agree with your insights. I Googled for the source of your quote and came up with one solitary source: Recognizing disinformation in the media in Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP), by Joël van der Reijden, dated January 17, 2008.

    It’s an interesting site:


    The purpose of the Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions (PEHI) is to put together the entire spectrum of highly influential but low-profile organizations which appear to shape the world from behind the scenes. It’s a grass-roots effort carried out by a person with absolutely zero “inside” sources. Although information will continue to be gathered on such organizations as Le Cercle, the 1001 Club, and the Pilgrims Society, in the future focus will shift to more loose networks and other, related topics.


    The information has been gathered systematically since early-2004 and the first articles were ready in May 2005. The PEHI website was created in July 2005 and began to count visitors several months later, on October 1. After having reached 150,000 individual visits in May 2007, the site was transferred to pehi.eu.

    In July 2008 the site’s name changed to Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP) in an effort to make it sound a little less conspiratorial and reflect the serious nature of the site (the word “exposure” also never felt right). The url changed from pehi.eu to isgp.eu. At this point the site had reached just over 500,000 total page loads and 296,000 unique visitors, with a daily average of just below 300 unique visitors.

    I always try to provide links to quotes whenever possible. (If you need three links, you need to break the comment into parts, else it gets stuck in the notorious stupid spam filter.)

    I voted for Obama, but now wish I had voted for Nader. I’ve been reading, but not writing for a few days. The O-baaa-ma code talk express is turning into precisely the unholy grift job that was fully expected. Bummer.

    I expect to be returning to my democracy theory and retro-techno themes. Obama seems to be making it clear he has no interest in hearing from us. Ralph Nader will be 78 in 2012, a little old. Maybe Cynthia McKinney will run.

  14. Correction: This site will usually let you insert up to three links before the dreaded spam filter attacks.

  15. Jeremy/Nashville

    This was a great blog, very informative. I am so disappointed with Obama. He seemed so anti-war, but I guess he is a corrupt politician like all the others. I don’t why I am surprised about that….but I am. I was hoping he would be the change America needed, but I am afraid he is only going to make things worse. 20,000 more troops in Afghanistan? Gosh! America will never learn. Perhaps when our economy collapses we will learn then.

  16. Karl Marx right again!!!

    Wal-Mart worker trampled to death by shoppers

    NEW YORK (AP) — A worker was killed in the crush Friday after a throng of shoppers eager for post-Thanksgiving bargains burst through the doors at a suburban Wal-Mart, authorities said.

    At least four other people were injured, and the store in Valley Stream on Long Island was closed.

    Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in Bentonville, Ark., called the incident a “tragic situation” and said the employee came from a temporary agency and was doing maintenance work at the store.

    “He was bum-rushed by 200 people,” co-worker Jimmy Overby, 43, told the Daily News. “They took the doors off the hinges. He was trampled and killed in front of me. They took me down too. … I literally had to fight people off my back.”

    Nassau County police said the 34-year-old worker was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead at about 6 a.m. The man’s name was not released and the cause of death was not immediately known.

    A police statement said shortly after the store’s 5 a.m. opening time, shoppers “physically broke down the doors, knocking (the worker) to the ground.”

    A metal portion of the door was crumpled like an accordion.

    Shoppers around the country lined up early outside stores in the annual bargain hunting ritual known as Black Friday. Many stores open early and stay open late, and some of the most dramatic bargains are available in limited quantities.

    Among the bargains offered by Wal-Mart for Friday were Samsung 50-inch high definition Plasma TVs for less than $800.

    Witnesses told the Daily News that before the store was closed, eager shoppers streamed past emergency crews as they worked furiously to save the worker’s life.

    “They were working on him, but you could see he was dead,” said Halcyon Alexander, 29. “People were still coming through.”

    This is what should scare you. You can send Uncle Joe Sixpack to Gitmo — we can get over that. But you better let us have our MTV — and our Bitter Lord Jesus. Fight back the Mortgage on Christmas? Not without a “good” lawyer! Which we have not. So we will play the game of “Loser” again. At least we know where the game is! We always lose, but that’s always magically the past, and we are masters of survival through cluelessness.

  17. GK

    How to Make $10 Billion Dollars Overnight!!!

    Imagine investors as cattle (bulls?) that get herded between investment classes that you can imagine as paddocks (individually fenced sections of a farm) where the sit until they get complacent and then half are slaughtered or eaten (by bears?).

    (The consumers you can imagine as sheep getting herded into Walmat to gorge on cheap crap from China, but no one really cares about them, so let’s get back to the real money of investors)

    First they get herded into dotcoms and slaughtered, then housing bubble then sheared, then the Dow Jones and culled, then the Oil field and drilled, then the Gold mines and blasted, then the banking slaughter house where they had to promise the next 10 years of tax revenue (bailouts) to get a stay of execution.

    But the grand finale, the big kahuna, is herding them into US Treasuries, that pay between 0 and 3%, about as low an interest rate as you can imagine. A supposedly ‘safe’ paddock.

    The banks have $7 trillion of stolen future tax revenues stashed away now that they can expand into $70 trillion of loans to create MEGA INFLATION.

    This will be solved by our friend Volcker who is now in charge of Obama’s policy. To ‘solve’ this problem of inflation he will do what he did for Carter and raise interest rates to 18% and you can just imagine the juicy smell of US Treasury investors grilling over the open fire.

    The value of T-Bill, the central core of the global central banking monopoly control of the world, will vaporize.

    If the value of the USD falls 90%, you can drop a zero off the value of your paper Federal Reserve Notes, but also drop a zero of the cost of paying back your huge USD debt. Add a zero to the value of your Gold, Oil and Drugs (In GOD we Trust).

    If you owe a billion denominated in USD and own a billion GOD units (Net Worth $1B – $1B = Zero) will increase to $10B – 0.1B or $10 Billion. Overnight.

    What is the rate of return when you can go from $0 to $10 B overnight? Infinity?

  18. When did US presidents become frontmen, Was Eisenhaurer. Bush sure was, so is Obama. Obama”s a patsy, he will rule during the worst years america will have seen. OIl is Kaput [its hard to recover from a ‘finger’ chart] so his green initiatves will all seem uneconomic. So in 4 years i guess its Palin.
    That busines at Walmart today was a new low, lower even than the trouble in Mumbai.

  19. Paul S

    What most bothers me about WalMart is people who shop there are slitting their own throats. WalMart is a government subsidized China product importer. People who shop there are fueling the outsourcing/exporting of US jobs. And they do this so they can “save” 20 cents on the paper towels they purchase. Some savings. Think people. No wonder we are in so much trouble. And WalMart is NOT cheaper that their competitors-except on selected items. WalMart is very good at making their stores appear to be cheaper than their competitors. Slick marketing. The Waltons aren’t among the wealthiest people in the world because they run WalMart on the lowest prices. On many items, WalMart is actually NOT cheaper. Target, Kmart are actually pretty comparable overall.

  20. PLovering

    “Going to Summers, Rubin, Reich, Tyson, Volker and the rest of them to fix the economy is like fighting the War on Crime by bringing in Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Seagal, and Machine Gun Kelly.

    ‘Yes, we can,’ sounds good but it is a delusion, ‘No, we can’t.’ Nobody can, given the current socio-political and philosophical make-up of the nation. And, unfortunately, Obama’s promise of ‘change’ is already revealed as a fraud. That won’t change either.”


  21. igneous

    The US has a disproportionate number of military equipment in Nato because it is the Super Power. It is da man. When you are a super power or an empire you dominate with superior force. You provide more ships manpower planes so that you dominate militarily and thus enforce political and economic allegiance. The United States Navy is the largest in the world with a tonnage greater than that of the next 17 largest combined. THE REASON THE US IS OVER REPRESENTED in NATO is because it wants to be or wanted be I think.

    Bill Bonner has this amusing article where he talks about the US after WW2 making the world agree to having the $US as the global currency simply because they have the upper hand militarily. Wish I could find it.

    Unfortunately for the US that military presence no longer provides the US with influence. I’m just saying there were benefits to having the most boom boom toys.

  22. igneous

    As for Obama I fear that another fresh crop of idealists will wither and die as he fails to keep any of his promises to stop US war mongering.
    The democrats all but supported the wars against afganistan and iraq why would they stop now.

    Why the US is having these wars and why they will continue having them is a good question ask.

    A large part of the answer must be due to the power play between the main players involved. You have the neo-conservatives (bad boy socialialists seduced by the free market economics (but completely corrupting it)= facist) these guys are on sides of politics. You have the oil men and the central bankers. The religious christian conservatives and the muslim fanatics. They all want different things sure but they all benefit from wars in the middle east. The neocons want to spread democracy, they really believe this, it is not cynical manipulation they are idealists and currupt. The banks love the idea as they get to create more money with fiat currency, the oil men love it as they will get new oil deals. the extremist chistians are scared of muslims. the al quida muslims get an agitated population of muslims. The American people are just not represented.

  23. bubba

    It will soon be time for Americans to form benevolant vigilante groups to dicipline the rulling classes by snatching them, putting them on trial, and executing those that are found to be guilty of treason..

  24. Simon

    Welcome to the new manager
    Same as the old manager 🙂

  25. emsnews

    Europe does NOT want the US to stop paying for their own protection! Neither does Japan. Both want to continue this status quo which is why all of them are bankrolling US debt.

    China is doing it for the opposite reason: they want to own US debt so they can be the ones who force us into bankruptcy by suddenly calling in our loans! Got that?

    Heh. It is at the core of their 50 Year Plan.

  26. hardrock

    GK, Marvelous insight and, as I posted earlier in a mention of Elaine’s bravery, the idea of calling things ‘by their right name’ is of utmost importance. You have called it exactly as it is. You have described the ‘TERMS’, these terms are hidden from the masses but are well known by the insiders. We are similar to your metaphor, ‘cattle or sheep’ being readied for a serious shearing or slaughter. The ‘slimy little bastards’ [my favorite ‘term’ for these people]j that run and benefit from the present system look at us the same way those who run factory farms look at their ‘victims’…..as a unit of consumption vs production. We are no longer units of production and our consumption has been with borrowed money….we therefore are subject to elimination. Sounds crazy doesn’t it…..but I fear it is the truth. Many of you may be familiar with a guy who writes under the name of ‘Deepcaster’. He is a professional newsletter writer with a fair circulation and many clients who have prospered financially following his advice in the markets…..we are also following his advice in preparing for what he calls the PTB’s ‘End Game’. What he has to say will scare the hell out of you but, it needs to be paid attention to. Elaine is doing her best to describe the methods and events that are imprisoning us….she has knowledge of how these ‘slimy little bastards’ think…I doubt she can describe for you the plans these SLB’s have for us other than generalities. She could but, she has another form of work to perform and she is doing it well.
    Listen to Steven Quayle on Coast to Coast on Wednesday night, discount some of the hyperbole and hear the message…we are closer than you think to a new way of life…and it ain’t pretty.
    Thanks again GK for wising up the ‘dummies’.

  27. DrKrbyLuv, you are right when you say the international financiers / controllers got control of things a long time ago. Interesting that just after they got the (un)Federal (no)Reserves in place, the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand and his wife met their “Stemmons Freeway Moment.” And Austria-Hungary, predictably blamed the Serbs for it. IMO it was that one lone nut unhinged by demons who were called forth at the entrance to the Cave of Death in Connecticut, Skull and Bones, as it always is in every successful assassination in this country, this past century.

  28. emsnews

    There was this big wave of anarchist assassinations from 1880-WWI. Czars, kings, emperors, Presidents, rich bankers, you name it: the cartoon character of a guy wearing a Victorian long coat carrying the black bomb that looks like a bowling ball comes from that chaotic time.

  29. JSmith

    “the media herded the US public away from anti-war candidates towards pro-war candidates”

    And the choices were?

    1) A hectoring twerp from Ohio who bills himself as “America’s Congressman” when he’s supposed to be the Congressman for the 10th District,

    2) A hectoring old coot from Texas (of Texans I’m sure you’ll agree we’ve certainly had enough,) and

    3) Ralph Nadir. ‘Nuff said.

    None of these had a chance greater than zero in a general election.

  30. emsnews

    So why were not ONE of the ‘mainstream’ guys anti-war?

    Even though most of us are? Eh?

  31. JSmith

    As Uncle Ron once said to Saint Jimma, “There you go again.”

    It’s a mistake to blame a lack of viable candidates on “the media” – mainstream or otherwise. Kucinich, Paul, and Nadir may all have had some message or other that resonated with some group of people or other but you wouldn’t pick any of those guys to lead a charity carwash, let alone the USA – the key word there being “lead”.

  32. emsnews

    Oh, and pray tell, how many Americans hear all these guys during the fake ‘debates’? Eh? EH?? Ralph Nader was locked out for years! Paul and Kucinich were allowed to attend and were asked nearly no questions!

    Certainly, none of their speeches made prime time. Palin can pull down her panties and get coast to coast coverage. But anyone trying to discuss, say, ending free trade finds themselves living in Gaza.

  33. JSmith

    “Ralph Nader was locked out for years! Paul and Kucinich were allowed to attend and were asked nearly no questions! Certainly, none of their speeches made prime time.”

    Well, Requirement #1 for a politician is an audience that’s awake. And that’s a problem for all three of your faves there: they are all less charismatic than the average mushroom.

    Remember, the presidency is a leadership position. Someone may have fine ideas on ending free trade, returning to the gold standard, reviving feudalism, or wnatever… and still not be suited for the presidency. A cabinet slot maybe, but not the top job.

  34. emsnews

    You obviously have no eyes nor ears.

    Good grief. And pray tell, how did you see them putting people to sleep? I haven’t. When McCain was boring people to death, Ron Paul speeches featured screams and yells of excitement! Just for example.

    My other point stands: THERE WAS NO REAL DEBATE AT ALL DURING THIS ELECTION. Which is why we get the status quo.

  35. JSmith

    “Ron Paul speeches featured screams and yells of excitement!”

    Emanating from his vast legions of devoted fans, no doubt.

    Kucinich, Paul, and Nader all have a certain devoted base, made up mainly of single-issue voters: the “peace now” people, the “end the Fed/back to the gold standard” folks, the “death to corporations” crowd.

    But you have to have more than a single issue to get the electorate out in sufficient numbers to put you in the White House.

    Kucinich and Nader have made so many windmill-tilting runs at the presidency that you’d think they’d have gotten the message: No Way.

    And if McCain’s too old and crotchety, why isn’t Paul?

  36. JSmith – what is you point? Are you “blaming” the us of a citizens rather than poor leadership and bought media? Have you ever chased after a windmill? Could you kindly define with some specificity what you mean by “lead”?

    Lastly, have you ever lead a charity carwash?


  37. JSmith

    Well, Ken… I’d’ve thought the point was pretty clear, but for you, sure – we can recap!

    I hold that it’s mistaken to blame “the bought media” for the failures of weak candidates. In order to get votes you have to do some things besides stating your positions and waiting for he votes to roll in. Obama – a strong candidate – was able to build a formidable national organization of (largely unpaid) people who went around knocking on other people’s doors asking them to vote for Obama. Paul, Mader, Kucinich (not to mention Romney, Giuliani, etc., etc.) just didn’t inspire that kind of support.

    Which answers your question about leadership – it consists in large part of getting others to buy into your goals, to the extent of actively working to further those goals, often for little or no direct compensation. (Which reminds me – on what did Paul spend all those donations he supposedly raised on the net, anyway? Certainly not on getting his message out!)

    I gave up windmill-tilting by the time I was 25, and yes, I have organized a charity carwash.

    I hope that was helpful.

  38. JSmith – it is kind of you to reply. Thanks, and I must say I’m surprised (a bit) that you have organized a charity carwash. I guess it wasn’t too hard for you.

    In my opinion, on the federal scale, it seems that the “party machines” (which are closely linked in the halls of power and might as well just be referred to as the “machine”) matter more just now than the resonance of a leader’s message. Witness how the feds in DC have gone against the will of most citizens regarding wasteful foreign adventures and diplomacy that tends to only enrich the few at the expense of everyone else. Thus, the big machine and the dreary cogs constantly fiddling with its levers and gears, matter more than leadership capability, and if you go to far counter to the machine, it will try to prevent you from being a “threat” to its status quo that it is programmed to perpetuate forever. The machine knows many ways for eliminating and silencing the opposition and because the machine isn’t alive in the first place it will behave unconscionably through the actions of the cogs – you know? Mario Savio had some good ideas about how to respond to the machine.

    Plus, nowadays it helps if a “leader” is “good looking” and “smooth talking” with media being the way it is (mainly fluff and propaganda). I thought the “news” media was supposed to be the tool for good public communication based on well-trained and capable media reporters doing good due diligence and then reporting objectively (whether they are good looking or not). What a joke huh?

    So anyhow in conclusion of this rant, the political system is now so fucked up by the machine that the machine is soon going to start eating its own cogs. If you are in it, my advice would be to get out of the machine ASAP. The machine now is rusty and creaking and full of ghosts and other displeased spirits. Seems that way to me. The machine’s parts are grinding – I’ll be glad when its no longer moving, but who knows when this will happen. All machines eventually breakdown.


  39. Damn
    I forgot to use “my colon” separator above.
    I was going to say something here about colons and disembowelment, but I’ll refrain.
    The machine likes torture, but this usually spells the end of the machine – when torture becomes acceptable breakdown becomes inevitable.

    Too bad the non-speaker didn’t do her job.


  40. A minor edit: I meant IMMINENT breakdown for the torturing machine. Imminent breakdwon is inevitable.
    Too bad the non-speaker was dining and dancing in the void-house….she should have been studying the Constitution. Too bad for her.

  41. JSmith

    Obama certainly wasn’t the “machine” candidate – this was supposed to be Hillary’s turn, remember?

    “Plus, nowadays it helps if a “leader” is “good looking” and “smooth talking” with media being the way it is (mainly fluff and propaganda).”

    ‘Twas ever thus, Ken. Especially “smooth talking.” Lincoln didn’t look especially good, but he had the oratory down. A candidate may have excellent ideas but without powers of pursuasion s/he’s sunk. That’s pretty much a prerequisite for candidacy.

    You may want to level the playing field for candidates to the point where oratorical skills don’t make a difference, but I’m not sure how you’d do that – some people will always be more pursuasive than others.

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