picture-43The massive attacks in Mumbai continues.  This latest, tragic episode in terrorist counter-tactics is just as horrifying as so many previous attacks.  We do have a war going here: Up until 1600, Islam successfully dominated a huge area from Northern Africa, across the Middle East, much of India and other lands along the present-day ‘Stan’ belt in the mountains.  The ongoing wars between Islam, Christianity and various other major religions like Hindi cultures continues.  These have been raging since the fall of the Roman Empire and the destruction of the Chinese empires by the Mongols.  



We are dismayed to see these wars increasing rather than vanishing.  The founders of the US were not of all religions.  Indeed, they were often rather bigoted and unyielding.  The Puritans were, in particular, very difficult.  But there were others who came to America: free thinkers and believers in new religions like the Masonic Temple believers, for example.  These people didn’t want witch hunts or religious wars.  They wanted a secular society so they could live their own lives and have their own philosophy.


The birth of secularism is a great topic.  Maybe I should go off and do it on Sunday, if I have time.  I do thumb-nail histories only because they illuminate some odd corners.  Even if people hate me for trying this!


In this case, there was ONLY ONE secular nation on earth in 1789: the United States.  Soon, we were joined by France. They did this with a revolution that was pretty bloody.  The revolutionaries felt naked when faced with true secularism so they tried to worship Mother Nature.  She is one of the bloodiest goddesses.  In tooth and claw.  They certainly killed a lot of people while in Her grip!  


After that, they tried hero worship with Napoleon.  This mirrors the mental collapse of all the communist revolutions.  All ended up with state-worship of various odious monster humans who specialized in killing and torturing innocent people.


We are now in a counter-war: across the planet, everyone has been deciding that the best way to run a religion is to be violent in one way or another.  For example, the Buddhists tried this in Tibet, recently. With the support and blessings of ‘nonviolent’ Western celebrities and politicians.  Heh.  That was a mind-bender.


One of the triggers for this planetary surge in religious warfare comes from WWII.  I would have hoped that the winners of that war would have recognized that religious and ethnic cleansing was a root cause of WWII’s worst atrocities.  Both the Japanese and Germans decided they were better than everyone and thus, had the right to enslave everyone.  Their gods demanded this!


So I would have thought that ethnic cleansing would be the UN’s #1 worry and an army of thinkers, historians and philosophers would tackle this terrible force and show how secularism is the best solution.  Nope.


Instead, the UN launched one ethnic cleansing disaster after another.  From the founding of Israel, Pakistan, India, the various small states across Europe, the negotiators after WWI and then even worse, after WWII tried to slice apart the planet and isolate all ethnic/language/religious groups.  This has been a VERY bloody business and UTTERLY FUTILE!  With modern transportation and movement of people, even more futile each year.  But it grows.  For the underpinnings are in place: justification for ethnic cleansing is endorsed by the most powerful nations on earth!


So on to the latest news from India:


Mumbai attacks: Was computer expert aged 36 the mastermind? – The Scotsman

Alex Neill, head of the Royal United Services Institute’s Asia security programme, believes the attacks were probably carried out by local jihadists linked to the radical Students Islamic Movement of India (Simi), a banned Islamic fundamentalist organisation which advocates the “liberation of India” by converting it to an Islamic state.

One possible mastermind and Simi member is Abdul Subhan Qureshi, a 36-year-old computer engineer suspected of being behind multiple bombings in Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore and Ahmedabad earlier this year. 

Qureshi, also known as Tauqeer, is from Mumbai and his expertise with internet security could have played a vital part in pulling off such an ambitious plot, said Mr Neill.

“He is an IT whizz-kid so it is quite possible he is the person investigators will be concentrating on. This is a great embarrassment to the Indian security services because it has been pulled off right under their noses.”

Simi has declared jihad on India, the aim of which is to establish Dar-ul-Islam (land of Islam) by forcefully converting everyone to Islam…..JUST last week the former United States secretary of state Henry Kissinger sat with top executives from Goldman Sachs and India’s Tata group to chat about American politics in one of the Taj Hotel’s many opulent meeting rooms.

Last night, that wing of the building was engulfed in flames.


The battles still rage.  Now, we learn that the Mumbai Jewish Center is being blown up with the people still inside!  Of course, Jews will think, ‘We must kill or remove or stick into nasty ghettos all Muslims!  Then we will be safe!’  


The Hindu in India will want revenge, of course.  They feel, ‘Why not fight them all to the death? Then we will be rid of them!  Ha!’  


And the Muslims might say, ‘What if we unleash even more fighters who will then insure that the world’s economy will collapse further?’  This is called, ‘Sliding into the pits of hell’.


Why on earth can’t people practice their various bizarre religious things while leaving the rest of us alone?  I happen to be a pagan. What if I demanded that everyone live like me?  Eat, drink and be merry?  That would be awful!  Heh.


Back to the truly awful: most gods have bad tempers.  My gods have bad tempers.  But this doesn’t allow ME to have a bad temper.  Most gods are killers.  This doesn’t mean I have to kill in order to be religious.  The conflicts between various religions can easily be resolved: secularism.  Of course, religious bigots and lunatics HATE THIS SOLUTION.  They want to impose their rules on all of us.  For example, there are people in the US who HATE the idea of ‘eating, drinking and being merry’.  So they want to pass laws preventing this as much as possible.


Rats to that!  They can do whatever they want.  But they don’t want ME to do whatever I want!  The attackers in Mumbai want everyone to worship their peculiar god.  The Hindu want to pray to their own gods.  The Untouchables want to exit the Hindu religion because it is pretty annoying, nasty and ugly for them.  And everyone hates each other because their gods of various sorts are all irritable manic/depressives.  So on with the ethnic/religious wars! – Al Qaeda’s Goal: Cripple Amtrak’s N’east Corridor

(CBS) ― The world’s economic fears were violently pushed aside on Wednesday by another global threat — terrorism. 

A massive coordinated attack was launched in Mumbai, India just hours after the FBI warned that Al Qaeda may be targeting New York’s subways and railroads. 

If Al Qaeda terrorists have their way there will be chaos and mayhem here this holiday season, a mass transit bomb plot that would probably affect all the subway and train lines at Penn and Grand Central stations. 


I use these trains a lot.  So do my children.  I don’t want terrorist attacks anymore than I want WWIII.  We have to have an international convention where we discuss secularism.  We can have it chaired by Turkey.  They had a revolution and enforce secularism there!  This whole business is very sad.  Some people, like the American Jewish community, has to recognize that their desire to be like the most intolerant of religious bigots isn’t working.


The US was founded by SECULARISTS.  And it is embedded in our Constitution.  The GOP has gotten totally out of line in this regard.  They let the Christian bigots attracted to the party, dominate it to the point, they have become an AIPAC/Talibanist element.  And the party has become intolerant and ugly.  This is like the plague.  It is spreading.  We must feel sorrow for the innocent Jewish people being killed tonight in India.  


But then, Israel is brutalizing Gaza yet again!  There is no end to this monstrosity.  Except secularism.  So no one can know what religion you have when you travel or apply for a job or whatever.  We had to pass a Civil Rights Bill to give natural US born citizens the same opportunities and privileges that white Christians got for free.  Before 1964, Jews suffered discrimination just like other minority groups.


So why do we see this in the Holy Land?  In India, the legacy of religious bigotry smothers that country.  The Untouchables suffer social discrimination which persists despite law changes.  Instead of reforming the religion that does this, there is a movement to make it WORSE.  To make the religion stronger and to make it the law!  Just like in the US, Christians on the right want to impose their strange habits and ticks on all of us.


Four Killed in Blast Near U.S. Embassy in Kabul –


The attack occurred around 8:30 a.m. when a man driving a Toyota Corolla detonated a load of explosives about 200 yards from the U.S. Embassy as a line of what witnesses described as U.S. military vehicles passed by. The powerful explosion in busy rush hour traffic in the heart of Kabul damaged cars and blew out the windows of several apartments in a nearby high-rise building.

Witnesses and Afghan police said the military convoy, however, was well out of range of the blast and no American soldiers were injured. Although blast occurred only steps from the U.S. Embassy there were no visible signs of damage.


Afghan soldiers stand guard near a damaged vehicle at the site of blast in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, on Nov. 27, 2008.

Suicide car bombing kills at least 4 in Afghan capital_English_Xinhua


The fighting rages in Afghanistan.  The US doesn’t control the streets in front of its headquarters.  The US is also suppressing opium crops.  So the fighting is raging nearly out of control.  The US wants to increase troops there in the hopes that a bunch of US mostly Christians can impose their wills on Muslims with a long record of resisting any invaders of any sort.  Especially total aliens.


Iraq isn’t quiet.  The US stupidly let the Iraqi Shi’ites keep us there for more years of torment.  They are still killing US soldiers.  This doesn’t make the news very often, if at all.  The Iraqis recently had a celebration where they burned Bush and other US figures and then stomped on them, etc.  Boy, do they love us.  We patrol the streets in total terror.  Armored and muffled in camouflage that makes us look like mud, our troops lurk about the place while lightly-dressed Iraqis laugh at them.


The US troops also drive around like maniacs because they are scared to death.  This leads to crashes.


Russia accuses Washington over Iraq road crash


Three Russian diplomats suffered bruises when the U.S. military vehicle swerved into the car, causing it to nearly overturn, as they drove from the Russian embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone to the airport, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“Russia has issued tough protests in Baghdad and Washington, questioning the intentional nature of the U.S. military’s action, and demanded an investigation into what happened and punishment for those guilty,” the statement said.


I bet the Russians are not dressed to look like mud walls.  Nor do they run about in heavy-armored vehicles, screeching about, desperate to not be stuck in traffic.  This is so pathetic.  I bet, the Russians are safer in Afghanistan, too!  


But in Georgia, the fighting continues.  Last month, it barely made the news in the US but Georgia was finally proven to be the one at fault during the Olympics.  The US media is normally a mere outlet for whatever propaganda the think tanks want us to think.


Russian Missile Plan Gives a New European Trade Hub an Old Identity Crisis –


Former President Boris N. Yeltsin saw it as the Russian Hong Kong, a free trade zone to entice foreign investors. Mr. Yeltsin’s successor, Vladimir V. Putin, drew it closer to Moscow, planning a nuclear power plant that would export energy to Europe. As oil and gas wealth poured into Russia, more ideas emerged: Las Vegas-style gambling, for instance, and a constellation of luxury resorts.

The most recent idea arrived early this month, when President Dmitri A. Medvedev said Russia would stage short-range Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad if the United States proceeded with missile defense facilities in the Czech Republic and Poland.

The proposal is seen by many as rhetorical — a bargaining chip to use with a new American president. But if carried out, it would mark Kaliningrad’s first rearming against the West since the end of the Soviet Union, and another twist in an old identity crisis: Is it Russia’s window, open to Europe, or a turret for firing on it?

“The phrase ‘military stronghold’ was gradually forgotten here,” said Vadim Smirnov, a columnist for Kaliningradskaya Pravda, the region’s largest newspaper. “Experience shows that it was premature.”



The Russians are old hands at playing hardball.  By re-starting the Cold War while we, not the Russians, are stuck in both Eastern Europe AND Afghanistan is total insanity.  Russia asked us repeatedly to not surround them with missiles.  Now, we get to see them play tit for tat.  A good way to launch WWIII.  And this is why we should have mutual, yes, MUTUAL disarmament talks.  Why do Russia, China and the US need many nuclear missiles? 


Heh.  So they can blow up this planet!  This is stupid and futile.  So we assume, this is for blackmail purposes. Well the US got used to blackmailing the entire planet.  Now, that is over.  We won’t accept this.  I hope Obama won’t listen to his advisors on this: Kissinger’s pets and buddies are INSANE!!!!  But no one listens to me.


Gunshots heard near Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport_English_Xinhua


(Xinhua) — A series of gunshots were heard on Friday morning near Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport which was seized by protesters led by the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD).

    According to local radio reports, over ten gunshots were heard at about 5:00 a.m. Friday (2200 GMT) in an area in front of the airport.



Thailand and what used to be called Burma, are seeing popular uprisings.  These, more than anything, trouble the Chinese!  Religious bigots are easy to isolate and control.  But mass, popular uprisings like the 1989 event scare the Chinese leadership more than anything.  They watch both their neighbors with a jaundiced eye.


The people doing this sit-in are VERY BRAVE.  I wish them well.  I hope they succeed.  This is the difference between a mild demonstration and a real uprising.  Very dangerous.  Eventually, when things go off track, people must do this: risk their lives.  It is preferred they do this in peaceful protest.  But rulers must realize, they can’t be violent and then not reap more violence as peaceful protest turns to violent revolution.  We have this sort of dynamic in places like Mexico, for example. 


Chinese FM: President Hu’s participation in APEC meeting, state visits successful, fruitful_English_Xinhua

Chinese President Hu Jintao’s participation in the Economic Leaders’ Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in Lima on Nov.17-26 and his state visits to Costa Rica, Cuba, Peru and Greece are rich in content and fruitful in result, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said here Thursday. 

As the world financial situation is becoming increasingly grave and China-Latin America, China-Greece relations are entering a new phase of historical development, President Hu’s trip is of great significance in enhancing international cooperation to cope with global financial crisis and boosting the further growth of China-Latin America, China-Greece ties.

    During his visit, Hu attended more than 70 activities and signed over 30 cooperation agreements with different countries. Hu was received with the highest courtesy and great warmth in all the countries he visited. The visits have also attracted great international and local media attention and been given heavy coverage.     



The Chinese dragon continues to fly about the planet, making deals.  It wants STABILITY.  No pirates like the ones coming out of Somalia.  It wants safe seas.  General peace and quiet.  For it wants to win via trade, not war.  The US should reconsider our own situation.  We can’t please all the various religions and ethnic itches across the planet. When we invaded Yugoslavia and then chopped it apart, we were NOT saving Europe, we were shattering even more of Europe.  


All along Russia’s borders, we are chopping up states and trying to make them part of NATO which is NOT a state but more like the Warsaw Pact. Hell, even tiny Belgium can’t be a country anymore.  It is split on language lines!  


Secular states: one of the few solutions to endless wars.




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  1. DBS

    Holiday Greetings, Elaine.

    Great work so far, but I will not agree on the Thai situation. Think back in 2003 the Rose Revolution, 2004 the Orange Revolution and now the Yellow Revolution 2008. The aim and purpose was/is to install pro-US puppets like Saakashvili, Yushchenko and Thaksin. Looters and plunderers gets tons of riches, ask Suharto and Chen Shui Bian. Thaksin owns Manchester City Football Club by the way. Another is Roman Abramovich who owns Chelsea Football Club.

    See in 2006, a real people uprising with the blessing of the Thai King threw out the Thaksin chronies. Now recently, the Thai courts found Thaksin guilty of corruption. So to protect their puppet, the same people who brought you the Tibet protest 2008 staged all of this.

    Elaine, you are correct on the Georgia/Russian august conflict. Remember how the media lied on almost every aspect of the conflict. We must be careful when the media show “realities” through propaganda prism. Therefore the sit-in people are not very brave, more like very hungry. Although the current economic conditions do worsen things.

    Peace out to all the Indians and Thais especially.

  2. Chorddog

    Here I go Elaine, and please monitor your blood pressure.
    The U.S. was NOT established as a secular state!

    In a truly secular state the rights and freedoms protected by the Government are those that the Law establishes; they are from the Government.

    The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution explicitly affirm that the rights and freedoms protected by Government are not themselves a creation of Government; but that the people are “endowed by their Creator” with certain rights, and therefore no government of men can abrogate these God given rights.

    The Founding Fathers were very much aware of the dangers to individual rights caused by the establishment of a “State Religion” and were diligent in drafting a document that protected the people from a government that could usurp the position of “God on Earth” as in the monarchies of Europe, giving the State the legal authority of God.

  3. Siddhant

    Religion is what a person believe. Buddhist believe in peace and non-violence. It was china who was using force to curb tibat independence movement and not the monks who took arms. get your facts right first.

    And on US being secular state !!! The state supports Jews openly so it can’t be secular.

    It seems Elaine is only good enough for writing on financial situations rather than politics and religion.

  4. emsnews

    My god, did you ever see the Buddhist priest riots in the news over the years? They fight each other like FIENDS! Not only that, the peaceful Buddhists of Tibet actually had brutal battles with other Buddhist sects when vying for power.

    There are no ‘peaceful’ religions. Jesus was very ‘peaceful’ but his followers were quite violent.

    Why is this?

    Humans are violent predator omnivorous mammals.

  5. emsnews

    Also, note how I refer to the Constitution. I never said that religious bigots wouldn’t abuse power in the US. They still want to abuse power here!

    AIPAC also abuses its powers to a huge, dangerous extent. I am 100% against this.

  6. GK

    Some Hindu Gujaratis of the Nariman area spoke live on several TV channels–they openly said that the firing by terrorists began from Nariman house. And that for two years suspicious activities were going on in this house. But no one took notice.

  7. Simon

    Buddhist believe in peace and non-violence
    And Santa will drag us out of this economic tsunami 🙂

  8. Elaine, DBS,

    I, too, know the real reason behind the Russia/Georgia conflict. Got the goods from the Beeb via one of our two local PBS affiliates. The night it started, BBC World Service reported Georgian artillery firing on South Ossetian targets. I thought it very strange and peculiar. Especially when the artillery fired in time with the beat of the Beeb’s theme music! So naturally, our affiliate that carried the World Service DROPPED it about two months later! Can’t have the Brits contradict the neo-cons except on cable!

  9. Dragon

    just like you hindus force non-hindus to convert in india, if non-hindus don’t you kill them! I thought you hidus believe in peace and non-violence, no? What a joke!
    Siddhant, on November 28th, 2008 at 11:04 am Said:

    Religion is what a person believe. Buddhist believe in peace and non-violence. It was china who was using force to curb tibat independence movement and not the monks who took arms. get your facts right first.

    And on US being secular state !!! The state supports Jews openly so it can’t be secular.

    It seems Elaine is only good enough for writing on financial situations rather than politics and religion.

  10. emsnews

    Ack. The US CONSTITUTION is secular. Various religions hijack our constitution.

    I hope everyone learns to read carefully before accusing me of being stupid. I do make mistakes but not errors, so to speak.

  11. Aaron

    The reason many fundamentalist and evangelical groups spew such hate at the Masons is because the Masons will not be drawn into a sectarian battle between denominations or even outright different religions.

    They will sit with people of any faith in lodge, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Muslim, even Wiccans in some cases.

    This drives the control freeks who NEED to have the ONLY answer and who seek to withdraw from the rest of humanity nuts.

  12. emsnews

    Well, what about us people who belong to NO cults at all? We just want everyone to live together and to not believe their bizarre gods have any interest at all in human sexual/eating habits.

    Gads! So many gods have this big, big thing about what people do in bed or eat! Why is that? Perhaps they are all a bunch of nosy old maiden aunties? HAHAHAHA.

    Or death gods.

  13. Siddhant

    hmm someone talks about converting to hinduism.. what a joke.. You can not convert anyone to Hindu. Hindu can only be born. Check the facts first. But Muslims and Christian are spreading not by organic growth but by acquisition of other community i.e by converting others either forcefully or using bribe.



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