miz-japan-senate-minority-whipTreason runs amok in DC.  The insidious way our dire trade rivals operate, using or own elected officials, never ceases to astonish me.  Treason pays most handsomely!  In this case, the GOP southern Senators are all playing interference with Toyota’s blessings.  They are working hard to kill the US auto industry.  Time to look deeper into this matter.  Letting trade rivals not only infiltrate our native markets but then, open factories here and then undermine laws and systems supporting native industries: this is treason.  Of the worst kind.  

NAFTA began the process of killing US unionized industries. On top of that, allowing former slave states to undermine union states was a stupid move. Of course, it makes cheaper stuff! But then, who can buy even cheap stuff, when we are all enslaved? This means we must look long, way ahead in the timeline, when considering all these Trojan horses being set up deep inside the US.


First, I want to set aside a minute to look at today’s latest AIG story:


AIG hopes to cover all derivatives with Fed plan: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance

American International Group Inc (AIG – News), the giant insurer bailed out by the U.S. government, is trying to figure out how to unwind derivatives contracts that cover nearly $10 billion in trades, without asking taxpayers for more money…

AIG spokesman Nicholas Ashooh said on Wednesday unwinding the $9.8 billion in derivatives trades is not as straightforward as unwinding others.

With credit default swaps, AIG agreed to protect debt for banks and other parties in deals that forced the insurer to post large amounts of collateral and ultimately seek government help.

Under the government rescue package that swelled to more than $150 billion last month, many of those derivatives transactions can be canceled because a government fund is buying the debt that AIG had guaranteed for banks and other parties.

But with the portfolio in question, the parties that bought the credit protection do not own the actual collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), making the deals harder to unwind than other transactions.

“It does need a different approach, but we are still addressing all of our financial issues with the package from the Federal Reserve, and we still have capacity under the federal loan,” said Ashooh…

Ashooh said the $9.7 billion worth of contracts may be addressed through a government-backed fund called Maiden Lane III. The contracts are not expected to be a cash drain for AIG in the same way that others linked to mortgage debt have been, he said. Two-thirds of the contracts do not carry collateral requirements.

Nothing involving the Derivatives Beast is either straight forwards or even sane.  It is totally demented.  It is the fiscal embodiment of either the Gordian Knot riddle or the Horns of Dilemma riddle.  No solution can possibly exist that fixes things so it doesn’t blow up in our faces and destroy everything.  There is this futile search going on, looking desperately for some way out of this monster maze.


There is none.  Understanding this is key to finding an end to this mess.  Instead, desperate banking gnomes are trying to find some sort of system whereby they can park these bombs in the public Treasury so it blows up NATIONS instead of banking gnomes.  Gosh, they lose their damn pay bonuses if these Derivative bombs blow up on their desks. 


The way they are doing this is fairly straight forwards: they are using their own buddy, Paulson, the Übergnome aus der Hölle to save their skins.  What the hell is this business about ‘not actually OWNING the CDO’s’?  Where do these things reside?


HAHAHAHA. On pirate islands!  They have to move these stupid things onshore to the US.  Then they can get rich while killing us.  Isn’t that sweet.


Did our cosmos exist before the big bang? – space – 10 December 2008 – New Scientist

LQC has been tantalising physicists since 2003 with the idea that our universe could conceivably have emerged from the collapse of a previous universe. Now the theory is poised to make predictions we can actually test. If they are verified, the big bang will give way to a big bounce and we will finally know the quantum structure of space-time. Instead of a universe that emerged from a point of infinite density, we will have one that recycles, possibly through an eternal series of expansions and contractions, with no beginning and no end.

LQC is in fact the first tangible application of another theory called loop quantum gravity, which cunningly combines Einstein’s theory of gravity with quantum mechanics. We need theories like this to work out what happens when microscopic volumes experience an extreme gravitational force, as happened near the big bang, for example. In the mid 1980s, Ashtekar rewrote the equations of general relativity in a quantum-mechanical framework. Together with theoretical physicists Lee Smolin and Carlo Rovelli, Ashtekar later used this framework to show that the fabric of space-time is woven from loops of gravitational field lines. Zoom out far enough and space appears smooth and unbroken, but a closer look reveals that space comes in indivisible chunks, or quanta, 10-35 square metres in size.

Well, before the Big Bang, there was the Big Bank.  It blew up after it created the Derivatives Beast and then let it grow to be bigger than all the GNP of the entire universe.  This mega-event annoyed many alien cultures.  The collective memory of this was preserved in the exo-kingdom of the Cave of Wealth and Death which is outside of the known Universe.  Got that?


So, the demons there are actually all aliens from across the entire pre-universe.  They hate us for existing and hope to destroy us by making us go crazy and create modern versions of the ancient Derivatives Beast!  HAHAHA.  That irons out a lot of difficulties for me.  I always wondered why the denizens of the Cave hate us.  So much for my other favorite topic, black holes.  Due to the banking collapse, I haven’t had much time to write about black holes.  I will correct this in the future.


Now, on to my other favorite topic: treason.


Republicans Stand Firm, Putting Auto Bailout in Doubt –

In a speech on the Senate floor, Mr. McConnell said he and other Republicans had drawn a clear distinction between the Treasury’s $700 billion economic stabilization, which they helped pass in October, and the proposal to aid the American automakers, which he said raised questions about which industries or individuals deserve help.

“A lot of struggling Americans are wondering where their bailout is,” Mr. McConnell declared. Although Mr. McConnell voiced support of an alternative plan that was developed by Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee, it seemed unlikely that there was any possibility of compromise at this late point in the year, although some Congressional aides still expressed hope and said talks would continue.

Here is a blog run by Toyota that loves McConnell:


Toyota of Hopkinsville Audio Rack: U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell comments


McConnell is working for the Japanese.  He gets lots of campaign cash from Toyota executives and others involved in land deals, etc, with the Japanese.   He works for Japan, Inc.  And he was told to kill the Detroit rescue bill.  He hates fellow Americans.  Many GOP leaders actually are not patriotic in the slightest.


For example, Cheney’s company,  Oilfield Technologies and Services – Halliburton has moved to Dubai.  When the Supreme Court installed Cheney in the White House….er… the Naval Observatory building in DC, Halliburton was going bankrupt.  Since then, it has become flush with money.  The US Treasury is empty, the US is deep in debt but those government contracts for Halliburton have certainly feathered Cheney’s fat little nest and laid a number of eggs, too.


McConnell deals major blow to bailout – David Rogers –

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell broke with the White House Thursday over a proposed $14 billion loan package for ailing automakers, all but assuring its defeat this week and forcing the administration to consider other emergency steps to avert bankruptcies among Detroit’s Big Three this winter. 

The Kentucky Republican, with a large auto presence in his state, had been seen as a potential ally for the industry, and he provided crucial support for the Treasury Department’s financial markets rescue fund this fall. But he has since endured a punishing reelection fight. And faced with strong resistance in his caucus, he said that the bill “isn’t nearly tough enough” and that he could not ask taxpayers to “subsidize failure.” 

Treason is treason.  When US officials work for alien powers, they must be removed!  Even if voters vote for traitors, still, they must be stopped!  Any nation that allows this sort of thing is doomed.  But then, note how many traitors from the AIPAC nest of spies and bribers, the Chinese communist contingent buying up Bush family loyalty by making sweetheart deals with relatives of Bush Jr and Bush Sr, or how about the Saudi royals who own much of our political chattering class?


Everyone is for sale.  Note how the bank bail bill saving pirates who run tax evasion schemes sailed right through Congress after collecting huge hunks of goodies for everyone and their cousins?  But this bill, since it saves US workers, is dying.  McConnell dearly wants to kill all unions in America.  The dream of reimposing slavery dies hard.  


The only reason the poor squabs in the deep south have any income at all is due to competition from the North.  Once that is killed, all hell will descend on the idiots working for Toyota.  Toyota isn’t a kindly company that cherishes workers.  And the fable of fraternalism in Japan is just that: fake as hell.  


February 2007: Toyota to Build $1.3 Billion Plant in the Land of Elvis – New York Times

Toyota, the Japanese automaker, said yesterday that it would invest $1.3 billion to build its eighth North American assembly plant in Blue Springs, Miss., just outside Tupelo in northeastern Mississippi.

The plant will build the Toyota Highlander, a crossover vehicle, and will employ 2,000 workers, the company said. Production is expected to begin in 2010, and reach 150,000 vehicles each year…

The site is logical for Toyota, which has an engine factory in Huntsville, Ala., about 125 miles away. It continues the company’s strategy of building plants in Southern states, where automotive factories are largely nonunion…

 The Toyota plant would be the second big auto factory in Mississippi and would be an economic boost after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Nissan Motor opened an assembly plant in Canton, outside Jackson, in 2003.

Toyota also had considered expanding its plant in San Antonio, which builds a new version of its Tundra pickup. The 2,000-acre site there is believed to be among the biggest auto operations in the world, and it is common for Toyota to expand factories after it begins production.

Toyota executives see the newest Tundra, which competes with Detroit’s big pickups, as the most important vehicle the company has ever introduced in the United States.


Just last year, Toyota was hard at work, trying to suck down the US SUV markets here.  They were not selling these monsters in Japan or Europe.  But here!  And now, these plants will stand idle unless there is a market again.  The US makers wanted to have all the SUV market to themselves, of course. But this is ending.  But rather than help the US automakers resize, the US government is going to drown them in the tub.  


Tax break for Toyota Prius buyers. | Kiplinger Tax Letter,August, 2002

Buyers of a Toyota Prius can get a special tax break, IRS says. The car is a hybrid…uses a gasoline engine as well as an electric motor.  Purchasers can deduct up to $2,000 of the cost of the vehicle on their returns as an above-the-line tax deduction in the year bought. …

Several years ago, as Toyota was gearing up to build gas guzzlers, they were also getting not only tax breaks from the US government, subsidizing imports, these Prius cars were nearly all built in Japan or China!!!  Not only that, the ZIRP system in Japan as well as the cheap yen back then, also gave Toyota a huge advantage.


Toyota Driving Automakers’ Global Race to the Bottom | Corporate Accountability and WorkPlace | AlterNet

Beneath Toyota’s buffed shine lies a dark undercoat. The Toyota Corporation enjoys a fine reputation for well-built cars, environmental innovation, flexible production lines and effective management practices. But in its quest for ever-increasing efficiency, profitability and growth, the world’s largest auto manufacturer has sparked a race to the bottom that, like its car sales, is global in scope.

Around the world, the company has been complicit in union busting in the Philippines, and engages in cozy relationships with Burma/Myanmar’s military dictatorship.

In the U.S. — where Toyota has 13 facilities employing some 36,000 people, and sells an average of 56,923 vehicles each week — the need of the Big Three (General Motors, Ford and Daimler Chrysler) auto companies to compete is causing profound changes in the industry.

And in Japan, at its flagship operation in Toyota City, some 30 percent of the workforce is temporary workers who earn as little as half what permanent employees do. In the surrounding area, a network of closely-related supplier companies utilizes thousands of foreign guest workers under conditions that, by many definitions, qualify as human trafficking.

Toyota Japan has also created a work environment so stressful that, each year, an estimated 200 to 300 employees are incapacitated or killed from overwork and stress related illness.

Much of Japan’s younger workers are trapped in the hell hole of temp work.  The older Toyota workers still have some minor protection from abuse but not all that much.  The main thing is, the government of Japan is owned and ruled by Toyota and whatever is good for Toyota becomes literal hell for the Japanese people.  They are being rapidly destroyed by this robot-obsessed company.  


Toyota Driving Automakers’ Global Race to the Bottom | Corporate Accountability and WorkPlace | AlterNet

Hiroko was left with two young children to support. When Toyota refused to acknowledge her husband’s death as work-related, she went to the Japanese Labor Bureau and then to court to win his pension. Kenichi Uchino had kept meticulous records of his work time, which totaled a stunning 155 hours of overtime in the 30 days before his death. Toyota claimed that he had only worked 45 hours of overtime — saying that the rest of the time was voluntary. Almost six years later, in November 2007, the court recognized 110.5 hours of overtime (putting aside the hours Uchino had worked offsite) and judged that, indeed, Uchino had died of overwork.

This was the first time that anyone had won a judgment from Toyota establishing that karoshi qualified as a work accident. But Hiroko Uchino did something else that was a first: She spoke publicly about her husband’s death by overwork — practically a revolutionary act in a culture where families and communities are expected to be completely loyal to the companies that employ them.” People don’t talk about the problems [work-related illnesses and deaths] as it reflects badly on Toyota,” Hiroko Uchino said. “People tend to keep it to themselves.”

People say all kinds of marvelous things about the great products put out by Japanese workers.  But they do all the fixing of things, the fine-tuning FOR FREE.  There are no national rules forbidding making workers work for free.  So the workers get sucked into a deal where they are asked to perform more and more tasks off the clock.  Walmart did this for a while until sued.  


Getting someone to sue a giant like Walmart with its many lawyers and layers of political protection is very difficult.  Note how Walmart enables the destruction of US industries as they force US workers to compete directly with Chinese labor.  And the US lost.  All the way down the line.  Now, virtually everything in Walmart is ‘made in China’.  This is so obvious, they are now ditching the ‘red/white& blue’ motif and repainting their stores in sand colors.


‘Voluntary’ free overtime is a joke.  There is nothing voluntary here.  Unless there are pro-active laws forbidding this sort of exploitation, people will be exploited literally to death.  I despise libertarians who imagine we can all negotiate singly with employers!  If there are not a body of strong laws protecting labor, we get slavery and worse, riots and revolutions.


This is why a balance between socialism, communism and capitalism is the proper way to go.  None of these ideological systems can operate by themselves, unhindered!  We need a judicious mix coupled with a well-tuned sense of national patriotism which prevents the sorts of treason which is eating up America like termites eating a rotting log in a swamp.


August, 2000; Chinese Laborers Enslaved During WW II Sue Japanese

Five Chinese laborers from Hebei Province held a news briefing in Beijing at 10:00 a.m, August 23, suing 16 Mitsui Companies and four Mitsubishi Companies in the United States, accusing them of their fascist crimes of forcibly carrying off and enslaving Chinese laborers during World War II and claimed compensation. While in five hours prior to this, four former Chinese laborers residing in the United States also formally sued Japanese Mitsui Companies in San Francisco, California. 

As Chinese scholars disclosed, during Japan‘s invasion of China, countless Chinese people were forced to become laborers. They were subjected to Japan‘s inhuman enslavement, innumerable workers were tortured to death. The survivors were also covered with scars. Reference materials discovered last year in Qingdao Archive office concerning Japanese troops’ transport of laborers from Qingdao to northeast China and Japan during of the war of resistance show that from 1939 to the first half of 1944, Japanese troops transferred 740,000 laborers from Qingdao. 

Japan neither apologizes nor pays back people it enslaved.  Instead, it exploited the US need to defy Russia and China during the Cold War…we not only rebuilt Japan and allowed Japan to flood us with imports for the last 50 years, we also protect Japan from paying war reparations to victims of Japanese cruelty.


Aso’s daddy was a war criminal who worked prisoners of war and Koreans brought in as slaves during WWII.  When the LDP installed this creepy man, much of Asia recoiled in horror.  Now, even the Japanese recoil in horror.  He is immensely unpopular.  And he has that sneering, ugly face of cruel children of ruling elites.  


ABC News: Americans Enslaved in Japan During WWII

Les Tenney and Mo Mazer were tortured and starved while working as slaves in Japanese mines during World War II.

The men are just two of some 20,000 American GIs taken prisoner in the Pacific and put to work as slave laborers for Japanese companies. Their plight, though a well-established historical fact, has been largely forgotten.

“This issue is about companies that put us into servitude, took advantage of us, didn’t feed us, didn’t give us medical care, didn’t pay us, and now they’re trying to deny all responsibility,” says Tenney, now 80 and living in Phoenix.

Tenney and Mazer contend the companies that forced them into hard labor are connected to the giant Mitsubishi and Mitsui corporations, both of which have been named in lawsuits brought by the veterans.

Adding to the veterans’ frustration, they say the U.S. government has taken the side of the Japanese companies, arguing that the peace treaty with Japan pre-emptively settled all such suits.  

And has the US demanded the Japanese LDP leaders who openly go to the Yasukuni Shrine to cease and desist?  


Toyota Driving Automakers’ Global Race to the Bottom | Corporate Accountability and WorkPlace | AlterNet

Almost a third of the assembly line workers at Toyota City are temporary employees who earn an average of $12.13 an hour. These 10,000 temps toil alongside permanent workers, who earn almost twice as much — $20.49 an hour including bonuses. The permanent workers also enjoy benefits including child subsidies, cheaper meals at the company cafeteria, and far greater job security. Temps are, well, temporary, hired month-to-month, laid off at will and not represented by a union….

In its zeal to “increase productivity,” Toyota presses its suppliers to produce more and more for less and less money. When there is a downturn in auto sales, the parts plants are the first to feel the pinch — and since a high percentage the workers at Toyota’s subcontract plants are temps, they are easily shed. Extensive, obligatory overtime is the rule, and it is very common for workers not to be paid correctly. For example, in one plant, workers interviewed normally worked 97-hour-weeks, typically receiving only one or two days off a month and no paid holidays. Some workers told investigators that their employers failed to pay what was owed….

Toyota’s supplier plants also make extensive use of guest or “trainee” workers — under conditions that in some respects qualify as human trafficking: The workers, most of whom come from China and Vietnam, pay manpower agencies in their home countries as much as $8,000 to $10,000 for a two- or three-year contract.

All corporations, in the Freebooter Trade universe all operate the same way: they force everyone to engage in a race to the bottom.  The US is the first to fall apart in this race.  Crippled, we struggle to drop our life style to suit our new status which is NOT #1 at all.  So far, the illusion of wealth was promoted via cheap loans.  This is temporary.  


As Japan ceases to produce children, literally, it must depend more and more on Asian neighbors for labor.  All of Japan’s Asian neighbors harbor deep hatreds towards the Japanese overlords.  Who live in cold sweat fears of these workers overwhelming them some inevitable day.  They would dearly love to import other workers, they bring them in from South America, for example.  But Asia is nearby.  And are a much closer culture.  This is another example of a Gordian knot/Horns of Dilemma situation.


Trade Deficit in U.S. Unexpectedly Widens; Jobless Claims Hit 26-Year High


(Bloomberg) — U.S. exports slid to a seven-month low and the number of Americans filing claims for unemployment benefits surged to the highest level since 1982, signaling the economy is shrinking even faster than previously estimated.

The export slump, caused by recessions spreading through U.S. trading partners, spurred a widening in the trade deficit to $57.2 billion in October, a Commerce Department report showed in Washington today. Initial jobless claims rose more than forecast to 573,000 in the week ended Dec. 6, the Labor Department said.

Rising joblessness will deepen the pull-back in spending by consumers, and the worsening trade balance removes what had been a source of support for an economy that’s been in a recession for a year. The Bush administration said the Labor report shows why U.S. senators should approve an emergency loan for automakers, to prevent a bigger hit to jobs from that industry’s collapse.



File this news that just came in under ‘Good Grief!’  My god, at this point in time, shouldn’t Congress be debating about our damn trade deficit?  Note that Detroit is moving factory jobs out of America while Toyota is colonizing us!  Isn’t that the definition of insanity?  Why on earth are we allowing this????  Countries can control their borders, you know.  They did this for many centuries!  Until the stupid business of ‘free trade’ was hatched.


By traitors!  And of course, this is due to a totally wicked belief system our schools teach at every level: that trade barriers created the Great Depression.  


No, they did not.  They were a REACTION to a BANKING COLLAPSE which caused the Great Depression.  The barriers were attempts at protecting US industries.  And they worked!  Damn it.  Or we would be speaking Deutsch [German] or Nipponese.  Fly that swastika and rising sun flags, boys!  Sieg Heil and Banzai!  





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  1. Gary

    Tis obvious that our upper class values class
    warfare more than a decent economy. They will
    fight this war to the bitter end even though its
    obvious their war is destroying them as
    well. They must be suicidal with their economic
    fundamentalism. Not much different than suicidal

  2. GK

    Here is a quiz:

    What lives forever, only cares about money, has no conscience, cannot be killed or jailed, and can grow forever?

    A) Corporations
    B) Satan
    C) All of the above

    Corporations now rule the world and are relentlessly picking apart the national boundaries and citizens rights that limit them.

    The people who control the world’s central banks and who worship A. B. or C. (take your pick) feed these corporations money to complete their vision.

    The corporations feed the politicians who can disassemble the national boundaries and citizens rights.

    The people at the top have many, many layers of cutouts who can do the destruction so they remain out of site and can toss them to the ignorant rioting peasants when and if that happens.

    So for example, the criminal global central bankers decide it is time to disassemble the USA, they call on cutout layer 1 Lehman brothers and pay them many pieces of silver to self-destruct themselves having fun with derivatives, and Lehman itself has cutout banks to do all the dirt work of writing as much sub-prime crappy paper so they can sell more derivatives upon that.

    They they ask the NY fed and their criminal cutout Tim to pull the leg out from under than and WHAM goes the US economy.

    I had alot of sunshine blown up my ass in the Ivy League until I got out and realized I did not know JACK and had to start all over again to learn everything myself. The ivy leaguers who are being ‘blamed’ for the collapse are just completely ignorant of the criminal elements above them leading them around by the million dollar bonuses.

    So while Yes, the government officials are traitors, the system is designed to allow treason at all levels and they will never be arrested.

    For treason to exist, there must be someone giving them the incentive to become a traitor.

    The bond market controls the world and here is proof that their plan is working.

    Multinational corporations are seen as safer locations for money than governments.

    “Confidence in the UK economy has been knocked to such an extent that investors now see the burger chain as a more secure investment.

    Faced with the sterling in free fall and the threat of an impending recession, there is no doubt that the UK economy isn’t in the best of health. However, despite this gloomy outlook, news that Britain is now seen by many as more of a credit risk than the big name burger chain is more than a little shocking.

    Until recently, government debt was seen as the safe option for investors, particularly that of an economically strong country such as Britain. Corporate bonds on the other hand were seen as a more volatile means of speculation. However, in recent months the table has turned and the UK economy is no longer seen as the safe bet it once was.”

    Just to be clear, I am an enormous believer in free enterprise which requires a clearly defined set of rules to sustain. Contracts must be rigorously enforced, ownership and debts must be clearly visible and enterprise must be freed of predatory attacks.

    Otherwise it quickly collapses into a world of global predatory monopolies where the power of these multinational corporations quickly merges with state apparatus to modify the rules for its own benefit.

  3. emsnews

    GK, there is a total difference between ‘free trade’ and ‘free enterprise’. And then there is ‘free funny money’ which is what is going on now. THAT is a total disaster.

  4. drkrbyluv

    Treason runs amok in DC. The insidious way our dire trade rivals operate, using or own elected officials, never ceases to astonish me. Treason pays most handsomely! In this case, the GOP southern Senators are all playing interference with Toyota’s blessings. They are working hard to kill the US auto industry.

    No, our outdated auto industry killed itself. They are insolvent and should be allowed to pursue the protection of chapter 8 or 11 bankruptcy.
    It is wrong for our government to play god in deciding who is allowed to fail and who should foot the bill.
    There will be many entrepreneurs who would relish the opportunity to service the US market for new cars.
    The nationalization of insolvent companies is wrong legally and morally and it makes no economic sense.

  5. Bubba

    “All corporations, in the Freebooter Trade universe all operate the same way”

    There will be no arrests.

    Americans are to blame for the mess because they are stupid and complacent.

    The solution is for Americans to wake up, and put a bullet in the heads of those running the corporations and banks, and any other treasonous individuals.

  6. David

    drkrbyluv you are absolutely wrong.

    The mantra you are spouting is the same one the corporate and bank owned GOP has spouted for years…that US workers are overpaid, overunionized, lazy, inefficient, and generally worthless. This is a huge load of total bullshit, hogwash or whatever other nasty substance a person can call it.

    It’s real simple drkrbyluv. Corporate executives resent every thin dime they have to pay workers because they know they have squeezed their suppliers to the limit already and the remaining best way to make more money for executive bonuses is to starve the workers.

    I am from the South that Elaine often talks disparagingly about…and she is absolutely right. Places where no unions are allowed end up being slave labor havens, like Mississippi in the above article. drkrbyluv, Mississippi, where Toyota lives, is ranked at the very bottom of the national average in worker pay and median worker income, and the standad of living for ordinary people there sucks–trailer park living, an old beater of car and kids in rags. If you doubt this, go to and compare Tupalo, Miss. with New York City.

    My own dad worked in a Southern non-union furniture factory for 30 years. When I was a child, he earned $20 per week and we ate out of our garden or we would have starved.

    My brother died at an early age because he had pneumonia every winter and we could not afford medical care for him. When dad asked for a 25 cent pay raise to help afford a doctor for brother. His straw boss just laughed at him and told him he liked to keep his workers hungry so they would show up for work on monday mornings. Dad missed 7 days of work in 30 years at the factory and he retired with a $60 quartz wrist watch and $93 per month.

    drkrbyluv, dad’s non-union bosses were Americans. When Japanese bosses have total control over non-union wage slaves, what do you think will happen? Remember, during WWII, Japanese soldiers went into Chinese towns and killed all of the old people and children. Then, they used the young women as “comfort girls” until they went into battle. Then they stripped the Chinese girls naked and forced them to run ahead of their advancing troops so the young Chinese soldiers would have to shoot their own women in order to stop the Japanese. Now, drkrbyluv, how would you like to work for a people who are willing to treat foreigners in such a way.

    Yeah! The government needs to partially nationalize the US auto industry and get rid of overpaid deadbeats who RUN it and keep jobs inside the US, but that’s not the real problem. Free trade and wide open US borders while American autos are shut out of foreign markets is the main reason that Detroit is failing.

  7. PLovering

    Encountering local high school students reading “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy fell on me like a ton of brick. When I tried to check out “Blood Meridian” by this author a few years ago, not one library, of dozens, in my suburban county owned the book. The Reptiles in the Modern Library Association had effectively banned the book throughout the land as a bloodthirsty piece of politically incorrectness.
    Harold Bloom, eminent Shakespearean scholar, professor and author, said, “No other living American novelist … has given us a book as strong and memorable as Blood Meridian.
    Blood Meridian chronicles the actual expedition of the Glanton gang, a murderous paramilitary force send out both by Mexican and Texan authorities to murder and scalp as many Indians as possible. Yet is does not have the aura of historical fiction, since what it depicts seethes on, in the United States, and nearly everywhere else, as we enter the third millennium.”
    Firstly, I mention this because “The Road”, about a post-nuclear landscape, is now required reading, the implications of which are startling.
    Secondly, please note that my use of Reptiles extends beyond Jews.
    Thirdly, all Reptiles should read “Blood Meridian” … prescient down to last details.

  8. nah

    ya ive worked with unions and i think they try ‘hard’ to control jobs and dont care about business the dumbest ones get into government and provide enforced observation ‘not quality’ so that people get 10k licences that look real! all the same industry provides wealth period it is the source of the coolest brightest tuffest junk on earth and if we dont make it bettern’ all the american puppet regimes we could be unfinanced into oblivion. that being said i dont think single mothers should be called out by mccain into competing openly with boeing thats insainer’ than the insainest. we should all pay taxes ‘not accountants’ period so that we can pay our bills finding comfort in our humanity or whatever ‘trillions what they call it’
    vote your paycheck

  9. jeremy/Nashville

    Elaine, as I am reading this, Bob Corker is on our local news. Gosh, I did NOT vote for him!! We went from Bill Frist, who is mega-wealthy – actually the entire Frist family extremely wealthy, to Corker. Corker was supposed to have made Chattanooga into a dynamic place to live, but as everyone in Tennessee know, all of eastern Tennessee is very poor. I think Nashville is the only place in Tennessee that isn’t poor. There are a lot of Japanese companies here in TN. I know Nissan relocated here not that long ago and everyone cheered “hurray, new jobs!” This will be interesting to watch. America is becoming New Asia.

  10. criticalcontrarian

    David: I resonate with your sentiments. Flying around in His (CEO) and Her (wifey) corporate jets while the people who produce the wealth cannot make health care payments is unconscionable. Then when the party is over they pass the hat to the ones who created the wealth and got nothing but a token for their contribution. This is capitalism at its worst, and a consequence of small minds with little or no EQ. Hell, these guys don’t even believe in their own bullshit. So they live it up today, the hell with tomorrow.
    My view is there is a need to go back to basics. A “real government for the people, and by the people” would be a good place to start. I suspect that there are good solid Americans who are in positions of power, in government and the military who will step up to the plate. This political drama that has been inflicted on the American people for decades has to stop.
    If countries like Singapore can create wealth out of nothing, and be equitable with their citizens, there is no excuse for a country like the U.S. which has so much be in this situation. Brilliance without maturity is short lived. Unfortunately, the immature rule.

  11. emsnews

    Singapore literally started out as a British pirate cove.

  12. emsnews

    And I have a new story up! One of the CREATORS of the present stock market systems, one of the oldest gnomes alive on Wall Street today, ripped off investors to the tune of over $50 billion dollars and was arrested.

  13. Paul S

    Shelby from Alabama is another whore for the Japanese. The only way out of this mess is to FORCE change on the ruling classes of Washington. Here is an interesting link I think is informative: . It seems southern states aren’t funding their public schools, but DO have $100’s of millions of dollars for Foreign car companies. But there is a glimmer of hope. Not from our honorable Congress of course, but from the Japanese themselves. Seems they are expanding from now on in Canada, where workers are better off. The Japanese have figured out that if you ‘race to the bottom’, you lose your customers because they can’t afford your product. AND: Canada has National Health care which is also why GM makes more cars in Canada than they do in the US. Keep listening to Fox Noise sheeple.

  14. emsnews

    Yes, I wrote about that in the past. A Japanese auto executive slipped up and said US southerners were ‘fat and lazy.’ And he said, yes, Canada’s health system was a clincher for the deal.

  15. Infected

    Other Toyota news:

    Toyota Drops as Senate Fails to Agree on Auto Bailout

    Toyota to reduce production at West Virginia plant

    Toyota Scrubs U.S. Dealer Meeting as Slump Triggers Cost Cuts

    Toyota to cut output at two plants in Canada

    And that plant in Mississippi is still proceeding as planned. Quit the bitching. At least there will be jobs. GM is investing $1 billion in Brazil. Google that if you don’t believe it.

    Toyota proceeding with Mississippi plant construction

  16. Infected

    Bailout is dead? Should have re-tooled for reviving the rail system, huh?

    Asian car stocks tank after U.S. bailout bill dies

  17. JT

    I don´t understand US government at all. 3 million jobs in the auto industry. And you can´t find money for that.
    And they found 2 trillion for bankster and gangster so far.


  18. Simon

    England literally started out as a French pirate cove. 🙂
    And looks like Yen is moving north
    Quick,short Japanese stocks

  19. emsnews

    Oh, worse! England attracted infamous pirates who had dragon head ships. These were Vikings. A sub-group of the Vikings who had sex with winsome French maids were the Normans. They continued the Viking tradition.
    My ancestors were Normans. If we saw something we liked or a land that we could conquer, we killed.

  20. Simon

    On a different pirate note:
    I always believed that the Indians were slaughtered and had not fell to some plague as promoted by history books.
    The human body adapt to something like small pox much easier than bullets and blades

  21. Confused

    In a December 5th blog entry, “NAFTA Troika: Harper Kills Canada’s Parliament”; Elaine wrote:

    “The US is bailing out GM and Ford so they may continue to destroy our industrial base.”

    Well, which is it?

    Reading the title of this blog’s entry and the sentence above seem to contradict one another.

    How can Elaine say that “the US is bailing out GM and Ford so they may continue to destroy our industrial base”, but then blame the GOP for conspiring with Toyota to kill the US auto industry while also writing this in that same blog entry, below the above quote sentence, “Note that the bail out closes AMERICAN factories!!!!”

    Strange indeed.

  22. Blunt Force Trauma

    Unflippin’ believable!

    Well the Senate killed the auto bailout bill, so Decider Guy will simply pull out of the pot, money that has already been voted on and set aside for “other” things and will likely handout to the ‘Walking Dead Three’; all that they desire anyway. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    W.House says mulling TARP funds for automakers

  23. Paul S

    JT: it is actually understandable. Congress takes its marching orders from Wall Street, especially GS and JP Morgan. The taxpayer be damned. A top priority of the ruling class is to destroy organized Labor; $34 billion is nothing to a Congress that goes along with $450-$500 billion budget DEFICITS–year after year.

  24. Paul S

    A clarification. In a previous post I closed with, “Keep listening to Fox Noise sheeple.” That was a general statement and not aimed at posters/visitors on this site. I think it’s safe to assume that the folks here are too smart to not know what Fox is all about.

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