The people at the very heart of this utter implosion of the US economic system are still very much in power.  The slight shifting of the guard means nearly nothing will change.  This is because everyone wants the previous status quo to return.  This is why the bail outs of banks and industry do not include nationalizing both and then setting up tariffs and barriers to protect both.  Instead of closely examining all the factors at work here, the rescue parties all focus on one thing: propping up what was going on before.  And this leads to the complete and utter destruction of the American Empire.


To prove this, I picked at random, two stories from 2005 which clearly illustrated in cartoons, what is going wrong.  Actually, I have reams and reams of cartoons that show what really must change and why.  So here is from October, 2005, back when stock markets were beginning their final ascent to their peaks and the housing boom was still growing bigger and bigger:


October 24, 2005: Culture of Life Financial News: New Fed Chief Will Be Foolish Bernanke


Professor Barnanke invented the “Global Glut” to explain why hostile foreign governments are offering us seemingly unlimited loans. He thinks they are doing this because America is a good investment. I say, they are setting a trap.

From the BBC:

Global banking chiefs have continued to welcome the nomination of Ben Bernanke to succeed Alan Greenspan as US Federal Reserve chairman.
If approved, Mr Bernanke is set to take over from Mr Greenspan early next year.

Bank of England governor Mervyn King said Mr Bernanke had the required “intellectual and personal qualities”.

The European Central Bank (ECB) described Mr Bernanke as “a highly respected central banker and a remarkable economist”.

“I will be happy to have the possibility to develop with him the same fruitful cooperation and enjoy the same confidence and friendly relationship that I had with Alan Greenspan,” said ECB president Jean-Claude Trichet.

You bet, they are all overjoyed. The Greenspan mess is great for them. They, like our ruling class, want this gravy train to continue. Do remember, our ruling class hates America and despises American workers. Destroying these entities is top of their “to do” list. Making Americans weak, in debt, powerless, is highly important to them. This serfizing of America is a long term project. Already, they are getting us used to the idea that the lowest classes should be allowed to drown like rats. 

It is important for us to revisit past writings here.  Right now, Obama  is putting together his dream team.  I say, it is a nightmare hodgepodge team.  Because none of the members seem to understand even the slightest, how free trade is destroying us.  And most certainly, no one understands how free funny money in the ZIRP system will complete our total destruction.  


I see some attempts at fixing this enormous mess via things like nationalizing the Federal Reserve, for example.  That is an important step forwards, of course.  But if it is not accompanied by higher taxes AND higher social spending at home, it is useless.  The return to the gold standard is good, too.  But ONLY if it is used for managing world trade, not for domestic consumption.  All our focus has to be on two things: reducing the temptation to run up infinite debts and reducing our dependence on imports.  Balancing the Federal budget is easy if we charge fees for imports, for example.


Cheap oil is a menace, too.  Not one of our trade rivals who are destroying our native industries, has cheap oil.  They all tax gasoline very, very harshly.  This sharply cuts down on oil imports which balances trade budgets, for example.  Also, nearly all of the biggest trade rivals who have advanced industries also have value added taxes on consumer goods.  The VAT doesn’t exist in the US.  We have general sales taxes that vary from state to state and none of this goes to the Federal budget.  Here is another very old story of mine:


October 27, 2005:  Culture of Life Financial News: The Rich Have Too Much Money


Our President isn’t sober. Neither is our Congress. Nor are our industry captains nor seemingly anyone. Drunk on open credit, endless looting of the world’s savings, careening along, charging everything to the credit cards, refusing to pay taxes to keep things afloat, obviously, they have way too much money and way too much credit to spend.

Bennett blew his way through the entire profits he made off of his goofy “Virtues” books, gambling naked in Vegas. One CEO spent all his company’s money on birthday parties. Another recently was caught stealing $400 million for fancy houses and artwork. They all have not only gigantic salaries, they have this open ended need to throw money away just to show off that they can do it. This human need to show off has infected everything.

DeLay of Texas can’t keep track of all the loot pouring through his pockets, for example. His daughter conducted champagne hot tub parties in Vegas. The Bush twins spend a fortune drinking, too, for that matter. All the lobbyists and GOPers spend money like crazy, they think, there is no limit, why not?

The poor saps in the GOP went on a bacchanalian fling after winning power via the Supreme Court overruling the normal vote counting methods which we see today in the Minnesota Senate race.  Back int 2005, I noted that they and Wall Street were having one big blast of a party, consuming the entire planet’s savings.  Under the rule of the born again Christian Coalition, gambling and whoring spread like a cancer across all US communities even as sober businesses fled overseas.  


The captains of finance stuffed their pockets with record bonuses that were barely taxed by a government running extremely deeply in the red.  During the entire frat rat Harvard/Yale blow-out party, the US overspent its own budget by record amounts and no one lifted a pinky to raise taxes on capital gains.  No, the push was always to drop these minimal taxes to zero.  Even when I was in the House hearings for Bernanke and Paulson’s unconstitutional bail out bill, the only reason the GOP House members voted against it was, it didn’t have capital gains tax cuts.


Now that I have established that not everyone was clueless as to ‘what will happen next?’ we can read today’s awful news with a clear conscience:


Obama Said to Be Weighing a Stimulus Spending Plan Exceeding $850 Billion

(Bloomberg) — Barack Obama may ask Congress next year to approve a stimulus plan of around $850 billion, an amount that has grown as the U.S. economy sinks deeper into recession, an adviser to the president-elect said.

Obama’s transition team believes the amount, about 6 percent of the U.S.’s $14 trillion economy, is needed to reverse rising unemployment, said the adviser, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The sum would exceed initial estimates by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, as well as surpassing what some economists and the International Monetary Fund say is required.


The IMF has absolutely no control over things here.  Nor do the American voters.  The funds that flowed into our election system comes mostly from the idiots who are rapidly destroying our nation.  They want to have the party resume.  Now that the gnomes in the Democratic Party are in control, they plan to have lots and lots of fun.  No one has said a thing about fixing our trade deficit and Obama tried to get a Hispanic elected official to be our trade negotiator.  A man who has never said, he wants tariffs and barriers to prevent our own industrialists from manufacturing overseas and then importing goods to the US.


The outsourcing mania is due to tax rules, trade deals that removed all controls and protections from depredations  from cheaper labor venues.  All this does is raise the profit margins for our industrial leaders who suck down the entire amount in the form of bonuses and stock options.  This force is getting much worse, not better.  It is now so alarming, they are openly closing factories here and opening them elsewhere, using these ‘rescue funds’ from the government itself.


The Reckoning – On Wall Street, Bonuses, Not Profits, Were Real – Series – NYTimes.com

The difference between the two amounts was his bonus, a rich reward for the robust earnings made by the traders he oversaw in Merrill’s mortgage business.

Mr. Kim’s colleagues, not only at his level, but far down the ranks, also pocketed large paychecks. In all, Merrill handed out $5 billion to $6 billion in bonuses that year. A 20-something analyst with a base salary of $130,000 collected a bonus of $250,000. And a 30-something trader with a $180,000 salary got $5 million.

But Merrill’s record earnings in 2006 — $7.5 billion — turned out to be a mirage. The company has since lost three times that amount, largely because the mortgage investments that supposedly had powered some of those profits plunged in value.

Unlike the earnings, however, the bonuses have not been reversed. Pay was tied to profit, and profit to the easy, borrowed money that could be invested in markets like mortgage securities. As the financial industry’s role in the economy grew, workers’ pay ballooned, leaping sixfold since 1975, nearly twice as much as the increase in pay for the average American worker….

Clawing back the 2006 bonuses at Merrill would not come close to making up for the company’s losses, which exceed all the profits that the firm earned over the previous 20 years. This fall, the once-proud firm was sold to Bank of America, ending its 94-year history as an independent firm.

And I highlight the obvious here: the pay of the executives, which was barely taxed, took off when the goofy Reagan tax cuts began to ravage government budgets.  The profits from all this came from not one but two sources: outsourcing work and then reimporting the product, thus killing our trade balance.  And easy borrowed money.  A great deal of which was via the infamous and often barely understood ‘Japanese carry trade’ which flooded the entire planet with immense amounts of faux US dollars.  These dollars are being eaten up by the Derivatives Beast.  


When the pay for finance industry gnomes shot upwards, this was a bubble.  It should have been cut down to size via the very simple method of increasing taxes on these clowns.  This would have fixed the budget deficit, paid for the wars that the financial community obviously loved since it increased US Treasury sales overseas and they could get easy fees out of selling our debts to our trade rivals and outright potential enemies.  When trade partners bought US Treasuries and all our other debts and deficits, they strengthened the dollar and thus, improved their own trade profits with us.  No one was more outrageous in all this than both China and Japan.


Yen Declines as Nakagawa Says Japan `Has Means’ to Halt Currency’s Advance

(Bloomberg) — The yen fell from near a 13-year high against the dollar and tumbled versus the euro after Japan’s government signaled it may intervene in the foreign- exchange market for the first time in four years.

Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa said he has “the means” to limit the yen’s advance, which undermines Japanese exporters by raising prices for overseas customers. The dollar erased its annual gain against the euro on bets the Federal Reserve’s near- zero interest-rate policy will reduce the appeal of U.S. assets. The pound tumbled to a record against the euro for a ninth day….

The last time Japan intervened on its own, it sold a record 20.4 trillion yen in 2003 and 14.8 trillion yen in the first quarter of 2004, when the yen rose as high as 103.42 per dollar. Japan hasn’t bought yen since 1998, when it spent 3.05 trillion yen as the currency reached as low as 147.66. The Group of Seven, which comprises the U.S., Japan, Germany, the U.K., France, Italy and Canada, propped up the dollar in 1995, when it declined to a post-World War II low of 79.75 yen….

“The Bank of Japan is set to cut rates to 0.15% overnight and open the door to quantitative easing,” wrote Fiona Lake, a Hong Kong-based analyst at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., in a note to clients. “Contrary to history, the yen is likely to benefit given the Bank of Japan’s experience with this policy framework compared to elsewhere.”

This week, the yen rose to 86 to the dollar.  This is a complete catastrophe for Fortress Japan!  Japan is being utterly hammered by the violence of the unwinding of the Japanese carry trade.  This unwinding is also hammering all other markets like the oil market.  The hedge funds, most of which are really piratical Ponzi schemes shoveling mountains of debt on top of all properties and industries of this planet, have been forced to unwind their oil deals they made last year.  This, in turn, is causing oil prices to collapse.


I remember Iran warning the stupid Saudis to not overproduce oil last July.  They knew this would happen and are royally pissed that the fat little rabbits running Saudi Arabia were spooked by Citigroup and others into flooding the commodities markets.  The US wants desperately for cheap oil.  We got it.  But it only makes things here much, much worse in the long run.  Japan is happy that oil is cheap but then, they have very high taxes on gasoline.  Like Europe, they didn’t like high oil prices.  But the RATIO differential between the cost before the oil price hikes and afterwards, when it dropped, was much smaller in Asia and Europe than in the US.  More: Europe’s strong currency protected them from much of the rise in oil prices.


Note in this news story how the G7 propped up the dying dollar in…1995.  Now, what did Japan do that year?  HAHAHA.  This is when they began two things: holding US dollars in a FOREX reserve which took off like a rocket, rising from $80 billion to a trillion dollars.  And they dropped Bank of Japan rates to 0%.  They pegged the yen to be around 120 to the dollar.   And fight like devils to gain this.


Mortgage Rates Left in the Dust by Falling Treasury Yields, Failed Lenders

(Bloomberg) — Americans seeking mortgages aren’t getting the full benefit of record low yields on Treasuries and government-supported mortgage bonds, blunting U.S. efforts to curb the housing crisis.

While the average rate on a fixed 30-year mortgage fell to 5.18 percent last week from 6.47 percent in October, according to Mortgage Bankers Association data, the historical relationship between home loans and mortgage bonds shows rates should be at least half a percentage point lower. Though the U.S. is paying nothing to borrow in some cases, homebuyers are paying about $730 more a year then they would otherwise on a $200,000 mortgage.

Smart financiers know that the best profits from lending comes when the SPREAD between the Fed rate and what they charge to make money out of thin air, is greatest.  The housing bubble happened when the Fed was at 1% and lending was at 5%.  Niravana!  When the spread narrowed, the entire lending business collapsed.  So we have a big, fat spread again.  The bankers hope to use this to enrich themselves.  


Only problem is, we are in a deep, deep recession that is now a depression.  Who can borrow when no one can be certain, they will have a job tomorrow?  Especially, since our rulers who are bribed by the rich, are busy destroying our industrial base?


Bloomberg.com: AIG Writedowns May Rise To $30 Billion Due To Swaps

American International Group Inc., which already has suffered more than $60 billion in writedowns and losses, may have to absorb almost $30 billion more because of flaws in the way its holdings are valued.

An examination of AIG’s credit-default swaps guaranteeing more than $300 billion of corporate loans, mortgages and other assets not covered by a $152.5 billion federal rescue shows the New York-based insurer may value some of its positions at levels that don’t reflect distress in the markets, according to an analyst at Gradient Analytics Inc. and a tax consultant who teaches at Columbia University Business School in New York. Executives at two firms that have similar investments say they account for the securities differently than AIG does.

“Every time I look at their statements I find something new,” said Donn Vickrey, executive vice president of Gradient Analytics in Scottsdale, Arizona. He estimated that AIG may need to take at least $28 billion in additional writedowns on swaps covering European corporate loans and prime residential mortgages, as well as collateralized loan and debt obligations.

The Derivatives Beast was NOT tamed by the stupid sales of Lehman and AIG garbage CDOs.  It is still munching away.  Eating easy paper faux dollar wealth.  This is now nearly a trillion dollars that has vanished out of the AIG door.  And, there is NO END IN SIGHT.  We have another $300 billion to go!  On top of the $50 billion Madoff fraud.  


GM, Chrysler Await Bush’s Aid as Idled Factories Herald Industry Implosion


(Bloomberg) — General Motors Corp.Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler LLC will shutter about 59 factories over the next month as they struggle to adapt to the worst sales in 26 years and await a verdict on a U.S. rescue of the industry.

The closings show how far automakers are going to conserve cash and prune output under the pressures of a shrinking U.S. market, dwindling access to credit for dealers and demands for advance payments by some GM and Chrysler parts suppliers.

“No one is immune,” said Ed Kim, director of industry analysis for consulting firm AutoPacific Inc. in Tustin, California. The industry is “imploding to a degree I’ve never imagined could happen, and at a speed I’d never expected.”

The auto industry owners like the offshore, evil and well-named Cerberus are quite happy to shut down ALL US operations.  And then reopen minus the UAW.  The trick is to do this without going bankrupt and having the financiers lose their loot.  This is a very tricky operation.  One that can cause riots, insurrections and demands for guillotining the rich.  


The rescue operation has to be carefully packaged so it helps a maximum of rich donors to our election process and keeps the workers sufficiently pacified, they don’t go and have a revolution or something like we are seeing in Greece today.  Now, let’s read the next GM story:


GM Mexican Plants Expand as Carmaker Seeks Funds for Rescue Dec. …

(Bloomberg) — General Motors Corp., the biggest automaker in the U.S. and Mexico, increased production of $12,625 Chevrolet Aveos south of the border while seeking a bailout to keep domestic plants from closing. 

The Detroit-based company and competitors such as Ford Motor Co. shifted more manufacturing to Mexico this year to capitalize on wages less than an eighth of those in the U.S. and factories that make fuel-efficient models. Through November, Mexican plants turned out 5 percent more vehicles than a year earlier, versus an estimated decline of 30 percent in the U.S.

Mexico is so far weathering the collapse of the global auto industry better than its North American neighbors. Even with a projected decrease in production of as much as 20 percent in 2009, the world’s 10th-largest maker of light vehicles will still suffer less than the U.S. or Canada, according to Eduardo Solis, president of the Mexican Automobile Industry Association.

HAHAHA.  Of course, the outsourcing, offshoring business is booming.  It is INCREASING, not decreasing.  All trade rivals want more of our industries, not less.  And the owners of our own government want the same.  Speaking of Mexico, here is some snippets from emails I got from a reader who does business in both Mexico and America:

 Hi Elaine: Yes indeed everything is getting very mean and tough for the commons citizens. Just last night we were chatting with neighbor, he said his friend, just a common bomb sleak well dress but penniless got kidnapped in Tijuana.

Guess for how much? only for $ 1000.00 dlls!!!!! it’s very difficult to find a job, maquiladoras have shut down, so no way to make a living in a decent way, everything is so corrupt!! I was watching Mexican Televisa, they mention the military check point. Well the two cases they metion one of them a pregnant woman was shot because she was afraid to stop, so militars shot at her and wounder her.
Another case is Monterrey ” La Bella Airosa” another family was shut to death because the militar said “they looked suspicious to them” just shot and later find out what happened!! we’re having in Mexica dictatorship just like in the times of Porfirio Diaz another motherland seller.

I think all this fight againts drugs is just a way of controling mases for the winners, in Tijuana there are organizations of Dissapeared people. A lots of cases families have lost family members this way. There is another case of a Doctor, this doctor from IMSS, a public hospital. This Doctor was fired because he dared to protest all the insecurity people are forced to live. Now he’s jobless, firts he got kidnaped and release a week later. A lot of Tijuana hospital whether public or private, the wounded ones from gunfire are either go inside the hospital and shot them again or take them away to kill them somewhere else. It’s terrilbe!

I forgot to mention two cases of kidnaping. One of these cases is related to the family of a young wealthy boy. Marti family, the kidnapers got the money for the rescue. After they got it they killed the boy. The family was on TV Televisa, with such outrage because the loved one was murder.

Also another teenager, the teenager was kidnaped and dissapeared for more than a year. Finally was found buried in the mountains inside of a house. Also the money was paid to release her, these wealthy people were screaming with such outrage.

I just finish to talk to one of my customers from L A. They told me another story about the current situation in Tijuan. They went to Tijuana to buy merchandise for their store. One of their suppliers said that a businessman was transporting blankets in a truck. He was stopped by some men, more like paramilitars and his merchandise was confiscated and also his money!!
This is more or less like the movie “The Godfather” with Alpacino and Marlons Brancon>

Mexico is looking more or less like Colombia and has to do with Iniciativa Merida. Im sure you know about that.
President Bush has been pushing very hard to have the iniciative stablished before he leaves power. From what I read from the Counterpuch its to control natural resources of Mesoamerica, Plan Puebla Panama and stop the flod of Central Americans and Also Mexicans. Plus along with all the economic crisis, people are being lancklock!!
Mexico is what many laissez faire people want for the US.  It is not Germany or even Japan, it is China without a pseudo-communist government.  Outrage in China is rising and the workers there are very activist and push back against their very powerful government.   The last rigged election in Mexico whereby a rich right wing guy educated in the US ‘won’ but only by using obvious strong-armed tactics, has led to Mexico’s social condition worsening.  


The safety valve of sending workers illegally over the borders is now ending.  The US and Mexican border is now less and less a ‘free trade’ ideal as both countries cause trade to grind to a halt via vehicle inspections, police intimidations and outright theft.  But the industrial power’s ‘trade’ is growing, not diminishing.  The US corporations have NO barriers at all and have the full cooperation of the corporatist techno-rulers at the apex.  But, like Greece, Mexico can erupt in even greater violence.  The rich have to realize, their wealth is meaningless if armed gangs are roaming the streets, seeking to kidnap or kill.  


Social chaos is dangerous.  We don’t want to emulate this sort of system.  Even hyper-controlling Japan is collapsing as criminality spreads as desperate people, even the elderly, are driven into crime due to the enforced depression there under the ZIRP system.  Many alarmed economics writers are worried that our own ZIRP system will fail, socially, too.


And it will!  This is why I focus not on cheaper lending but fixing what ails us.  Which is trade, cheap oil that has caused our trade deficit to be much, much worse and nationalizing both our central bank and increasing taxes on capital gains.  All things our leaders absolutely refuse to do.


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  1. JSmith

    “This is why the bail outs of banks and industry do not include nationalizing both and then setting up tariffs and barriers to protect both.”

    Wow… I wonder if I could obtain a position at a place like that? “Working” at a nationalized, tariff-protected organization would involve even less effort on a day-to-day basis than being US Ambassador to Tahiti.

  2. ralph

    US govt is a fascist ponzi scheme, with a printing press, that can print gold. If it doesnt destroy itself, we are all DOOMED. Hope and pray for it to decimate itself, and dont give in to it, when it collapses,destroys the country than poses as the savior. WE THE PEOPLE are the Savior. We create wealth. The Govt creates debt and chaos!!!

  3. yep……at least thats how its been lately

  4. Hey JSmith do you know about this fella named ASmith (Scottish I think). I’m sure you do being how smart you are.
    This ASmith fella had some ideas regarding balanced trade if I recall correctly.
    The invite is still there if you wish to come to NC – (Charlotte area).

  5. nah – screw that. JSmith you would be a bore.

  6. I’d much rather have some of the others around here come by. In fact, I may try to set that up one day in the future….time will tell.

  7. Just to be clear – I withdraw the invite. JSmith you are NOT superior and its good for you that you didn’t show up here. Look in the mirror yourself fool.
    I know none of us will probably ever meet face-to-face. That is a shame but space is space.

  8. This just in (text, etc. somewhat redacted):
    portland imc

    <h1 New York City: New School
    University is now OCCUPIED!
    author: imc
    We liberate this space for ourselves, and all those who want to join us, for our general autonomous use. We take the university in explicit solidarity with those occupying the universities and streets in Greece, Italy, France and Spain .
    We liberate this space for ourselves, and all those who want to join us, for our general autonomous use. We take the university in explicit solidarity with those occupying the universities and streets in Greece, Italy, France and Spain .
    This occupation begins as a response to specific conditions at the New School, the corporatization of the university and the impoverishment of education in general. However, it is not just this university but also New York City that is in crisis: in the next several months, thousands of us will be losing our jobs, while housing remains unaffordable and unavailable to many and the cost of living skyrockets.
    So we stress that the general nature of these intolerable conditions exists across the spectrum of capitalist existence, in our universities and our cities, in all of our social relations. For this reason, what begins tonight at the New School cannot, and should not, be contained here.
    Thus: with this occupation, we inaugurate a wave of occupations in New York City and the United States, a coming wave of occupations, blockades, and strikes in this time of crisis.
    Be assured, this is only the beginning,
    With solidarity and love from New York to Greece,
    To Italy, France and Spain,
    To the coming insurrection.
    -The occupied New School

    homepage: http://www.newschoolinexile.com

  9. The New York Times has it that the New School (NYC) Revolt is over the university’s president, Bob Kerry, a former governor and senator from Nebraska.

    Nw York Times clip about Bob Kerry
    Movie-star handsome and a former companion of the actress Debra Winger, Mr. Kerrey is a Medal of Honor winner who was a fiercely independent and unpredictable Senator. A Democrat, he once called President Clinton “an unusually good liar.” In 1993, holding the crucial vote on a budget deal, he wandered out of the Senate chamber and went to the movies (to see “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” about Tina Turner). Upon becoming president of the New School, he admitted that he had never heard of the institution before being considered for the job. He endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primaries.

    Kerry has a blog:
    The Presidents blog is experiencing technical difficulties

  10. Blues – I support you.
    My grandma came out of Russia as a fearful child…..she was from a German community who was transported cause some lady who had married a czar (or something like that) was lonely. The whole community from Germany apparently was moved — kit and kabiddle. The local Russian residents nearby (and maybe displaced – I don’t know about this part), I’m sure didn’t approve. Then when the “revolution” happened “outsiders” were not appreciated. No wonder my grandma (who was only 3 years old at the time) nonetheless had fears to last a lifetime as she and her family scurried away for their lifes…..thank goodness they made it to America. Elsewise I wouldn’t be here.

  11. I’m not part of the New School Rebellion. I’m trying to consider it implications. The striking thing about it is that the rebels are doing something completely new:
    However, it is not just this university but also New York City that is in crisis: in the next several months, thousands of us will be losing our jobs, while housing remains unfordable and unavailable to many and the cost of living skyrockets.
    I have been involved in many protests, but this is the very first one (I know of) that addresses generalized economic complaints. (Except perhaps the Boston Tea Party?)

  12. Ken,

    Smith is not really boring, is he? Sometimes a pain in the backside, but it takes all kinds.

  13. OK Blues – I agree. Smith did one-time ask me if my mind was split and that was a fair question.
    Still, I think he is a bore.

  14. Who cares though. Really who gives a flip.
    Fear that lasts a lifetime has consequences. Blood (much blood) was mindlessly spilled on the ground of the new land (for fun) and the blood holds power reminiscent. Power onmipotent, if you want my opinion.
    If there are those who think they are superior, then it boils down to this. Either they will die or our species ain’t nothing but a killer species on its way out for good.
    The weather is only getting revved up and it is only gonna get worse. The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned.
    From what I’ve read Adam Smith seems to have known what he was talking about, so why has his message been so twisted. If we can’t learn, we might as well be dead.

  15. Omnipotent. Relentless. Unstoppable.

  16. OK – JSmith – I doubt you even want to and I doubt anyone really cares, but your invited again. Who else is interested. Lets turn it into a party.
    I have a feeling this is sort of how the demoncratic party started with Jackson and his spouse and all the other intrigue. That is why I think it should exit first – a total sham is what they are and to think Jackson called himself “A Man of the People”. The repubs ain’t enjoying their deep in the club conversation these days and I think they are already splitting up. North and South. Freeforall……
    There are better parties. I am a member of one of them.

  17. What I mean about Jackson is that with his war heroics and all, I think he got accustomed to always winning. Sours the mind if you want my opinion.
    Then he ended up getting so confused about what the word “People” means. He got lost in the clouds, but he wasn’t alone.
    What a shame. What a sham.

  18. Furthermore and for good measure as I’ve mentioned many times before, then there was Houston who had “designs” and Tejas (with a J) and then there was a meeting under false pretenses and clueless-Texas-handed newfangled Colt revolvers were fired and history set off on a new course…I’m tired of Texas – big time.

  19. Even so my grandma and my awesome engineer grandpa (Colorado School of Mines) lived in San Antonio after some time in Mejico – I love the River Walk. So there you go. Its a small world.

  20. Sorry to keep talking and planning on turning off the machine, but don’t you think this speaks to all of the “strings”. So many there is no way to keep track. Infinite in a way stretching back and reaching forward simultaneously – almost independent of time, but not really cause time defines the strings.

  21. RobG

    Hohoho, Santa Claus is coming to town! Great stuff over here: Credit Suisse to Use Illiquid Assets to Pay Bonuses

    The securities will be placed into a so-called Partner Asset Facility, and affected employees at the bank, Switzerland’s second biggest, will be given stakes in the facility as part of their pay. Bonuses will take the first hit should the securities decline further in value.

    I think we are ready for the plan call SPLAT, Shared Partner Assets Termination; munch munch goes the Derivative Beast.

  22. nah

    its hard to understand how our leaders almost think work itself is a commodity when it should be an established order under the flag of capitalism. and we vote and we write and we speak and we blog and they dont care… at all… its deafening its still surreal to me how the first 850Billion bailout was passed… its like all these afficanado ‘political’ romantics say about the great wars that gave us the power of our people… 1/3 were for it 1/3 didnt care and 1/3 were against it… only the 1/3 that were left hated it… the 1/3 that were right hated it.. and the 1/3 that didnt care are waking up and going that was like 2.2 mil a person and i cant get a good job my xwife is a bitch and im bankrupt working 3 jobs cant believe how slow business is… and were rich this is the USA we have endless resource GREAT education fuck these boners if you want knowlege you can go GET IT thats amazing… but they still call us undereducated MCaddicts barbarian youth lovers… its deafening who supports this nonsence i cant find them noone can explain to me why this is the right course of action and i actively look for it… this could end terribly… the best side of the supporters are like im to stupid to explain it to you, or it looks really bad and it probably is but… this could end terribly…


    better not expect to many huge ‘unbelievable’ sacrifices from the multitudes

  23. ImpatientPatriot

    Hi Elaine.
    Keep up the battle.
    I see a picture of you in a sea of flames fighting the beast. It appears at times your head is just slipping below the flames as the volume is so great.
    The sound of one hand clapping in the forest is heard. And we know the Truth.

  24. DrKrbyLuv

    [quote=Elaine] Balancing the Federal budget is easy if we charge fees for imports, for example.[/quote]
    While I agree that tariffs are in order to help balance our trade – it is impossible to balance the federal budget under our current debt based system. By design, there must always be more debt than money – balancing is impossible as the multiplication (exponential increase in interest) will always increase.

    [quote=Bear of Little Brain]You can throw shoes at Bush 🙂
    Thank you very much for this link Bear – I have mastered the skill and never miss smacking Bush in the kisser every time – lots of fun!
    I was very proud of the Iraqis – their media has done a magnificent job of covering the news (compared to our lying corporate bastards) – I am hopeful the shoe throwing journalist will win a Pulitzer Prize or some other distinguished award. He has the admiration of freedom loving people everywhere.

    Here is an interesting story:
    The “Villain Series” of newly minted urinal tabs
    The US mint is proud to announce a new series featuring the greatest villains of all time. They have whittled their list down to the following deserving villains:
    Henry Paulson, Benedict Arnold, Adolf Hitler, Satan, George Bush, Saddam Hussein and the Grinch that stole Christmas.
    The coins will be minted out of special chemicals to act as urinal cleaners and deodorizers. The coins will be much smaller than traditional urinal tabs, and the government has hired a marketing firm that claims the “coins” will bring much joy to an otherwise mundane activity.
    I loosely paraphrased rather than quoted the article which may be found at:

  25. DrKrbyLuv

    Other interesting news:
    Caroline Kennedy is deciding if she wants to be Senator from New York. No, she has absolutely no experience but, she is a Kennedy.
    This is a wonderful idea as we can save lots of money by eliminating elections. Why not have the Bushes, Kennedys and Clintons run the government from here on out?
    If there aren’t enough of them we could fill in the vacant seats with movie stars and sports figures.

  26. emsnews

    HAHAHA, evil-doers bullion! I could go for that! How about John Law coins? And the Tulip pfenning. Or how about Friedman offshore dollars? You see, the coin is totally FLAT. Like when we used to put silver dimes on RR tracks and have freight trains run over them.

  27. GK

    If I were the Chinese, I would form a regional currency like the Euro in Asia, base it on silver. Pow, good bye US Dollar.

    But Since we are talking about Free Trade, how about a quick look at Freetown, Sierra Leone.

    If you think Jefferson was bad, check out what these dudes did in Africa.


    “Freetown Was Founded in 1648 By European Slave Traders”

  28. emsnews

    PJSV: thanks for the link! Am digesting it along with dinner.
    BIG snow storm starting tomorrow. I will be one busy bee, snowplowing everyone out. I have two snow plows: one huge and one small. And this is a huge storm so the Big Boy will be dragged out and chains put on the tires.
    This is barely the beginning of winter and already, I feel like it is almost February, it has been so cold, icy and snowy.

  29. Yeah, Elaine,
    We have totally begun our pre-Christmas shopping. For Canned foods and snow shovels!
    Quaint, well maybe, stupid, NOT!

  30. nah

    so i ranted about not giving the bailout a chance why… why did i and millions of millions american say that the bailout was for children logic maybe crayons… LIQUIDITY LIQUIDITY LIQUIDITY LIQUIDITY LIQUIDITY… all we need is rich people to pay thair bills and if they cant… LIQUIDATE THEM we do it to the poor and middle class everyday and the world doesnt stop dont give me this bullshit that if it werent for supply side economics we would all be on food stamps… stick it to the man ‘but sir, you are the man’
    vote your paycheck (like this website)

  31. PLovering

    GK: now that you mention slave traders ……

  32. Well, it’s like this:

    Yeah, we know about the Jewish bullshit. (Like, We are not stupid, okay.) We also know about one helluva lot of other bullshit.

    Yes, the Jews do indeed suck.

    So do we. In fact, there’s one suckass born every minute.

  33. criticalcontrarian

    Elaine, my emails keep bouncing back, have you resolved your spam settings?
    blues: The problem is not the Jews or the Catholics, or the Hindus or the Muslims, they, like we, are the victims. Victims of a very miniscule elite who lord it over the rest of humanity by the strategy of divide and conquer. Much like the Romans did to the Jews, the Brits to the Middle east and Stan countries, the US to the Germany’s and Korea’s.
    These elite have no conscience, they will sell, kill, rob, torture, sell out, marry off, and ruin a country for profit. Street dogs have more honor.
    History is a broken skipping record much like the movie Hedgehog Day, and we are in it, only we recur not by mornings, but by lifetimes. It’s a big play and we are the actors. You have a choice, to play your role well, or find an out.

  34. GK

    CC, you are correct: no one group has cornered the market at criminal global elite. (But one groups’ wrongs do not absolve another group’s.)

    Look at this list of Clinton Donors:

    “Bill and Hillary Clinton should be in jail.

    And America is a corrupt third-world country, sold to the highest bidder, now paying the price.

    Donors who have contributed between $10 million–$25 million:

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: The royal family wants to remain a loyal U.S. ally, and keep their image clean. The Saudis give to every former president’s library or foundation, so this is a regular part of doing business for them.

    Donors who have contributed between $1 million–$5 million:

    Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi: An Ethiopian-born Saudi businessman whose businesses extend from oil and gas to gold. He made his first fortune in construction and real estate before branching out into buying oil refineries in Sweden and Morocco. Today he is reportedly one the largest foreign investors in both Sweden, where he was honoured with the Royal Swedish Order of the North Star by King Carl XVI — and his native Ethiopia, where he bankrolls the national soccer team.

    Nasser Al-Rashid: A 69 year old Saudi businessman. Chairman of Rashid Engineering, he is described in a biography listed at University of Texas, his alma mater, as an engineering consultant to Saudi King Fahd and the Saudi royal court. He received a Ph.D. from UT in engineering, and has built the Dr. Nasser Al-Rashid Strength and Training Center there. According to the UT Web site, Rashid Engineering was grossing over $2 billion a year by 1980, and had become the kingdom’s largest engineering firm, designing more than 100 major projects. Rashid’s corporate Web site says that the firm designed the Riyadh-Dammam highway, the road that leads from the Saudi capital to the oil-rich region in the eastern half of the kingdom; the governorate and administrative offices in Saudi’s oil rich Eastern Province and the King Fahd Holy Koran Printing Complex, the major Saudi religious text book publisher.

    Gilbert R. Chagoury: A Lebanese Christian businessman with an industrial fortune in Nigeria. The Chagoury Group has become one of the leading Africa based corporations in Nigeria, with manufacturing, construction, industrial, hotels and high technology companies

    Dubai Foundation: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, set up this $10 billion foundation in May 2007 to improve the standard of education and research and to stimulate job creation in the Middle East. It is unclear how donations to the Clinton foundation help spur those objectives. But Sheikh Mohammed is also the majority owner of most of the major Dubai companies, like Dubai Ports World, the port manager that became embroiled in the congressional battle and ultimately was prevented from taking over management of various US ports in 2005. DP World’s parent company Dubai World owns significant stakes in gambling and hospitality industries as well as real estate projects in Los Vegas and Los Angeles. Clinton has business interests with Dubai together with Ron Burkle.

    Mr. Issam M. Fares & The Wedge Foundation: He is the deputy prime minister of Lebanon and an international financier. Fares heads a broad collection of banks, factories, and companies in the Middle East, Europe and the United States through the Wedge Group, an investment firm based in the United States. This is all according to his personal Web site. Among his Wedge Group holdings: the Food Corporation International, an American exporter of staples such as rice; and Ballast-Nedam, the largest Dutch construction company.

    Friends of Saudi Arabia: This is a U.S. based non-profit. The group is made up of former diplomats and U.S. businessmen with interests in Saudi Arabia. Officially, they say that they work to address cultural and educational links between Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Their major objective is to massage the image of the Kingdom and the portrayal of Muslims and Islam within the U.S. and its media outlets. Funding comes from the Saudi royal family.

    State of Kuwait: The Kuwait royal family. Eternal gratitude for saving their country is a big enough reason to give to every former president. No outstanding foreign policy issues that butt up against U.S. interests or goals. The Kuwaiti sovereign wealth fund has massive U.S. investments, in the financial sector and elsewhere.

    State of Qatar: The Qatari royal family. Qatar is host to two U.S. military bases, and the country is a very close Gulf ally.

    The Sultanate of Oman: The Omani ruler is the big defense client of the U.S. It also has a free trade agreement with the U.S that was signed during the Bush administration. Oman is not a big player in regional or foreign policy issues, so unclear what direct issue they would be gunning for in exchange for the donation. In the Gulf, if one royal family gets wind that another is giving a gift, they have to match to save face. That’s one reason why we could have Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and the U.A.E all in the same monetary bracket.

    The Zayed Family: This is the ruling family of Abu Dhabi and the U.A.E. Abu Dhabi is the real power of the country, the silent, deep-pocketed rulers to Dubai’s nouveau riche brashness. Dubai can form its own trade policies, but Abu Dhabi controls national policy. The U.A.E is currently negotiating to buy a reported $9 billion in U.S. missile defense technology. The Pentagon is on board, but it is possibly contentious from Israel’s point of view. Additionally, the U.A.E is looking to sign a nuclear cooperation agreement with the U.S., something that members of Congress are already looking to spoil due to concerns about the U.A.E’s close trade relationship– and lax banking and trade regulations–with Iran. Additionally, the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth funds have major investment interests in the U.S., including in Citigroup and General Electric.”

  35. criticalcontrarian

    GK, agreed. Actually they (all factions) are guilty, either by commission and omission.
    If you will look at the younger elites, say, the Saudis or Brunei’s, their lack of experience at this caused them to send camel drivers and fishermen to study at the best English and American Universities. This later became a problem, as the newly educated students returned home they started to question the policies, and behavior of the ruling class.
    In Western styled Democracies this had much more finesse, people were allowed to prosper (but a limited few) who were either used as examples of a propagated myth (the American Dream), or as lieutenants to run the visible empire. The Clintons like the Bushes are in the lieutenant class. They both propagate the myth and run the racket for their handlers. They are wealthy but insignificantly so compared to the actual rulers.
    Here is one up close, notice how he speaks in an elevated and condescendingly modest tone, a ruler speaking from Mt. Olympus to mere mortals: http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232?video=958574063

  36. criticalcontrarian

    GK: Actually the Bush faction has plunked down huge amounts of money in Dubai, and the Emirates. Money which is vaporizing as we speak. Money which is not all theirs. Money which is being collected from them but which they cannot pay. Being elite is more a guarantee of stupidity that intelligence. It is just a matter of time before their luck runs out.

  37. emsnews

    Critical contrarian: I wonder why your emails are not coming through? We have a ‘gray mail’ which we control and I haven’t seen them there! Try sending it to me at emeinel@taconic.net and see if that works. Or falkenfelsen@taconic.net

  38. PLovering

    All you FOB fans get your money ready.
    Bernie never rests.

  39. criticalcontrarian

    Here is an an interesting article that shows how Madoff and the Wall Street gang spend their money. With real dollars. LOL. http://tinyurl.com/47jpw8

  40. I think those emails better start coming through. Enough bullshit.

  41. Native Client: Google’s craziest idea yet
    Is Google’s plan to run native x86 code inside browser windows just a disaster waiting to happen?

    TAGS: Application Development, Browsers, Google, Platforms, Security, Virtualization, Web applications

    The browser’s role is ever increasing. It already has become far more than a mere tool for accessing information. Today we use it to communicate, to collaborate, and to interface with applications. And if Google has its way, we’ll soon be able to use it to chalk up a few righteous frags, too.

    Last week, a team of Google engineers demonstrated a copy of Id Software’s classic first-person shooter Quake running within a browser window at a frame rate comparable to an OS-hosted copy of the game.

    How did they do it? Simple. The Google Native Client is a new set of components that allows Web browsers to download and execute native x86 code. It’s not an emulator, and it’s not a virtual machine. The code runs on the actual processor with access to memory and system resources and negligible loss of performance. It even gives browser-based apps access to modern, accelerated CPU instruction sets, such as SSE.

    Just how crazy are these guys, anyway?

  42. Native clients my sweet ass. They are not me. These idiots have no concept of what they are screwing with.

  43. Not that I love Micro$oft. Not quite. In fact “Intellectually property” is a totally negative concept. We must survive this insanity.

  44. Noneed

    end point, wealth gap too big and that we can created as many laws as we want but in the end not everyone plays by the rules. Until people learn to actually self-govern themselves in some kind of productive way humans will eventually destroy themselves. A society where the ‘I” comes before the “we” usually ends in its own destruction.

  45. criticalcontrarian

    blues: I didn’t realize you were big on computer tech. Check this out it’s got me thinking.
    Check out the Real Time Conversation Scene analysis. http://tinyurl.com/2bqzw4
    Noneed: Touché! It’s not encouraging, the Japanese seemed to have the right idea after WWII the way their elite would care and help their workers, loyalty existed on both sides of the social strata. Unfortunately for humanity their example fell to the wayside after Desert Storm. Too much greed, too much I-ness.

  46. emsnews

    Blues is from the dawn of the computer’s transition from NASA/Pentagon use to general use. He knows a tremendous amount of the development of software programming history as well as the physical mechanisms that comprised computers. I, too, come from the same background, but from a different angle.

  47. criticalcontrarian

    Food for thought: A few months ago I posted the question, …”once the economy of the US collapses and the money flow stops, where will Israel get it’s funds?” Read this to consider a possible scenario: http://tinyurl.com/3h8uar

  48. criticalcontrarian

    Elaine, check out the Derivatives pricing, LIBOR interest, and Quantitative Risk Analysis and Algorithmic Trading applications on the NVIDIA Tesla machine.
    Btw have resent email, pls confirm once received.

  49. nah

    mmmm… x86 native browser huh wow… so takes native x86 instructions via a link and runs it local inside the browser??? mite as well download it if its gunna be DOOM3 lol… must be a killer app hidden in there somewhere… and i hope obama rox like heavy metal rox… cuz heavy metal RRROXXX!


    i like microsoft it was nice having a unified platform 2 bad there getting beet up with unified languiges and web communications there doomed if they cant produce the best OS web browsers and interoffice documents/emails are just a copy/paste away from a faster ‘better’ competitor there core business is crap anymore buts me loves me xp

  50. Hey. You could get another hard drive for 20 or 30$. Ubuntu, or Fedora? Oh yeah. No need for “security software” with that!

    Besides, once I get through with this idiotic “computer language” bullshit, your worries will be so past tense! Ivan Torvald, step aside!

  51. Grok1

    Elaine…you are probably aware of this but just in case…………….

  52. David


    An overall theme of many of these comments seems to be, “how can they do this to us?”

    You are absolutely right when you say the “elites have no consience.”

    I taught public school for many years.

    In every class, there were always a couple of kids who were absolutely sure they could con their way through any situation in life. Often they created rivalries between others just to watch their “suckers” go at each other. Then, they smugly sat aside and watched the show. Add to this sociopathic predisposition, a genuine selfish belief that they are smarter and deserve more of everything than others (the peasants) around them and a willingness to do anything it takes to get it, and you have a future political criminal.

    Much of what our political elites and crooks and even our good common people (peasants) believe in is openly taught in public schools.

    (I’m gonna catch hell for this)

    American Football is just a rehearsal for future bullying, warfare and destruction of opponents–the “American Way.” Schools call it leadership development.

    Symbolic young warriors go into battle and destroy their opponents while the young dancing virgins jump into the air and splay their legs, offering to mate with the winners. When the game is away, it is to take over foreign territory and when it is a home game, it is defending the homeland…and note that American football came about in the early 1900s when the Federal Reserve was created and US elites decided to drive the US economy with warfare.

    American education teaches class separation. Right now, without many parents knowing about it, their kids are separated and tracked in middle school. Three groups emerge.

    The loser group is dogged and mistreated by school administrators and some stupid teachers until they either quit or finish at the bottom of their class (this group almost always includes free thinkers who have a lot of difficulty believing bullshit).

    The second group is the amiable, but not-too-bright kids who will go along with almost anything. They have soccer moms who love them and they live to play sports and video games. They used to be trained to become factory fodder. Now, almost every high school has a junior ROTC program where these kids are encouraged to develop their “leadership” skills by dressing up in pretty military uniforms and having fun marching around and playing with guns like they see Rambo use on TV (they ar future cannon fodder for future wars).

    The last group is chosen early on. High IQ is essential for acceptance, but also, a willingness to accept leadership without question. Cleverness is also valued. Adminstrators always encourage teachers to expend a lot of effort on teaching high IQ kids no matter how cynical or self-serving they are (imagine what their future occupations might be). Often, by the time these petite elites enter college, they genuinely believe they are superior to all those around them. Nearly always included in these, are the desperate, but not too handsome social climbers and clever con artists who will lie about anyting to get what they want. Also included are pretty future trophy wives who will eventually seek out and attempt to breed with anyone who rises to leadership within the herd.

    After teaching 15 years and going along with the program, I realized that I did not really care to teach a clever sociopath how to be smarter because he would become a leader who would have no qualms about cheating me in my old age. Then, I began concentrating on reasonably intelligent, but genuine, good-hearted kids to “take under my wing” and teach critical thinking, analytical skills about how life works. And you know what? They loved it, and seemd to appreciate the knowledge.

    Of course, I really caught hell from administrators for my “radical” views and actions.

    Just some thoughts on why things are the way they are.

  53. Hey – did someone say something about “slaying” legs. I love it!

  54. Wait – I meant sPlaying legs…..”splay” – I need to look that up but I know what display means.
    David – I betcha your students from the past truly appreciated what you taught them.

  55. Grok1

    David…..I really appreciate your observations about football. I have felt the same since pressured to take part in the facade. I quit after a couple of months and was ostracized for my remaining time in high school. And I doubt you will receive much grief from this web site for your perceptions.
    And bravo for your decision to buck the system. I hope you are still in the teaching profession. The teaching field could certainly use more like you.

  56. I was much more obviously “autistic” (there are many types of developmental conditions) when I was a kid. The schools threw me out because I could not write with a pencil. I was studying calculus while failing simple algebra! Some of the teachers knew this, and were a little nervous about the situation.

    Since I had no education, I can think rather freely. Apparently, education is about sucking out kid’s brains.

  57. Rowan

    I like this theme! It makes me think of James Thurber…people like him remind me of how great Americans can be. His description of himself playing basketball(he couldn`t see very well),
    “I could take it, but I couldn`t dish it out”.

    Or the Robert Crumb newspaper headline “NIXON HAD A SHIT TODAY”

  58. PLovering

    David: Damn fine posting.
    Both communism and feminism depend on teaching, in order to make people do bad things … truth must be tailored to fit the political purpose.
    Half the solution, at least, is teaching same-sex classes. The concept of teaching mixed classes of boys and girls absolutely impairs the whole.
    See IQ Study below:
    “The battle of the sexes is back. According to a study set for release in The British Journal of Psychology this fall, men’s IQs exceed women’s by an average of five points. The disparity is more pronounced at higher levels, with three men for every woman scoring above 130 and more than five men per woman above 145 IQ.”
    Your further comment would be appreciated.

  59. Hey PLovering – you have an awesome name. Wonder what the family seal looks like.
    Families require members of both genders if they hope to suceed! :ha.ha: 🙂
    Separating the boys from the girls seems goofy to me.

  60. IQ test just like all standardized test are honky….
    Even the stupid queen of england knows this.
    Hi miss quennie – gald I’m not near your castle – I wouldn’t be able to dodge the arrows — or maybe I would, hm.
    Screw england, screw london, screw DC, screw all the so-called elite and nail them up too. Then, smack-em with a wooden plank!

  61. the blood of the innocent holds power reminiscent – dismiss this are your own peril…
    the warning has been made.

  62. shoot, I even messed that up – “dismiss this AT your own peril”. OK, maybe it is not a warning. Maybe it is totally obvious. We should know. Can’t we learn collectively. I think so.
    Elaine, I know even if the snow piles up high you will come out smiling. The Gods and Goddesses must love that about you!

  63. criticalcontrarian

    David: I concur with your view for the most part. Great analysis of football, I missed that one. Having gone to a co-ed boarding school myself I can validate a lot of what you say from a close quarters perspective.
    The three groups you mentioned are pretty spot on except that you might want of include a fourth group, the one that is a combination of “loser-high IQ-elite”. They are losers in the eyes of the school admin, but smart enough to have a modus vivendi with the losers, the go-along-with-anythings, and the “leaders”.
    They have their own agenda, are critical thinkers, question everything and fight for what they believe in which annoys the school authorities to no end. In the end, these types influence, not control, the different groups in a positive manner.
    And while the jocks get the girls, when the girls get tired of playing with stupid, they gravitate to these individuals. At least the ones with some semblance of intelligence.
    I always advise my children to question everything, and to validate, validate, validate. We spend a few hours a week discussing local and international events from a contrarian perspective. It’s part of our bonding time which can be quite funny and spirited; we do not always agree, but our rule is we can agree to disagree. Everyone walks away with something.
    If you ever put up a school let me know, I would consider sending my grandchildren.
    Btw, one thing I have learned in life is that intelligence does not guarantee worldly “success”. One of the richest men I know when asked, to what do you attribute your success, answered, “I was lucky.” The man has an IQ of 165. I also know a lot of really dumb people who have lots of money.
    But then here’s the rub, they are not happy. The formula of Reality is:
    Money + Success =/= Happiness
    My view is it would be more like:
    Self-worth + Contentment = Success
    My parting shot, have you considered what the current crop of “leaders” who have been trained the past 4-6 years to become investment bankers and run Wall street are going to do with their skills? Great post, David. Cheers.

  64. Dutch

    Weekend at Bernies Economy!

    “The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves.”

    Dresden James

  65. Paul S

    There were never going to be sensible taxes on oil usage as long as Exxon Mobil and Haliburton had their lackeys in the White House in Bush and Cheney. These are the groups Bush and Cheney have been serving the last 8 years. At last, a policy success Bush can lay claim to.HAHA I love those “nonpartisan” ads on the radio claiming EVERYONE wants oil drilling opened up to everywhere in the country AND offshore. At the end the ad says “Sponsored by the API.” Now, isn’t the API the American Petroleum Institute? Why, Yes it is. Conflict of interest? Now only those left wing loonies think like that. If you don’t laugh at this stuff you might cry.

  66. Art

    I like your news for a different angle, but i think your spit, foam and blood, no holding back, gloating i am right attitude, is the reason why you lose a lot of people and two, why top people in the industry don’t refer to you or consider you a sensible person. You mentioned before that Brad Setter no longer talks to you, and you said its because you right, have you consider that its because of your delivery. Crazy, over the top foam and gloating, nither sensible nor resonable. You dont cosider other peoples positions, thats why you quote only yourself. Why not open up a bit, and chill out.

  67. Dutch

    ummmmm sure, now Obama wants to spend 850 billion for oil on our highways so we can drive cars that run on gasoline?

  68. PLovering

    Should you find a more open forum than Elaine’s elsewhere on the Internet, please advise.

  69. JSmith

    “OK – JSmith – I doubt you even want to and I doubt anyone really cares, but your invited again.”

    That’s OK. Nothing personal, but I make every effort to keep “net life” separate from real life.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all at Culture of Life News.

  70. Good one JSmith. But can they really be separate?
    Check out this link if you are interested – especially the last paragraph (if I remember correctly…).

    oh yeah, here is the link:

    -oh double yeah and turns out its the 2nd to the last paragraph

  71. JSmith

    McLuhan was an odd squirrel… he was red-hot shit in the 60s & 70s if I recall correctly (I still have a copy of “Gutenberg Galaxy” on my shelves somewhere, I think) but not much studied since.

  72. emsnews

    McLuhan pried open a door for the CIA whereby they could better understand how the media is the message and when he made this public and POPULAR, they were utterly furious with him.
    It took a while to bury the information and the man. They have succeeded. The not-so-subtle business of manipulating humans via the media forms continues, of course, unabated.
    Setser doesn’t refer to me because I was 100% right about Japan. He stupidly thinks that Japan is helpless, not THE major player in this global game. And so I am rough with him. HAHAHA. He deserves this. When I gave him lots of graphic information, he said, ‘I am tired of your links and graphs. Go start your own blog.’ So I did!
    Thank you, Setser!

  73. emsnews

    Oh, I forgot: a huge hunk of what we call ‘research’ in Universities are actually programs set up to study how to manipulate and control humans, both at the micro and macro levels. Professors who toil to uncover gems that are useful to the ruling elites are rewarded. Those that trip up and expose this game are punished. McLuhan’s publisher [who no longer exists as a publisher, imagine that!] thought the book was rather innocent. I was stunned when it came out because it confirmed what I already knew but couldn’t articulate as well as McLuhan did.
    The recent report on AIPAC is a classic example: this time, academia and US publishers outright, refused to publish this important thing. So the professors went outside the system, overseas. This triggered a massive media/academic attack force that unwittingly revealed, via their open ire and excessive hatred, the campaign to kill the AIPAC report BACKFIRED. HAHAHA.
    This is because they forgot the information McLuhan described. This brought the entire business of how Jews at the top control our minds. A no-no, big time. This is why no one in the media refers to the professors, President Carter or anyone who got in the news, talking about the obvious.
    Just this week, the professors in England who wanted to boycott Israel due to the cruel Gaza ghetto ghastly starvation project were crushed silently by the Jewish operators at the top. The boycott talk was dropped and the key professors, punished. So now, dead silence in the dead realm of academia. This is EXACTLY how the Nazis operated, by the way. Exactly, alas.

  74. Excellent goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and
    you’re just too magnificent. I really like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it smart. I can’t wait
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