The Madoff Affair ate up a lot of time here.  But it is important because it yanks aside the velvet curtain that hides a tremendous amount of corruption in our systems.  Now we go on to the other level of corruption: US retired Presidents using their connections to live high off the old hog.  All retired Presidents are tempted to run ‘Presidential libraries’ and ‘charities’ but these things are simply ways of tying up people so they don’t interfere with the status quo that is destroying America.  

Clinton is one very slippery fish!  We keep being presented with these hideous choices of either a Bush or a Clinton and both are up to their eyeballs inside of the conspiracy to keep looting the American people.  During the Bush/Clinton/Bush and attempted Clinton [she is now going to ravage us from the seat of the Secretary of State!] we saw the worst trade negotiations, the worst entanglements with Israel, the worst wars, the sale of the US military as mercenaries working on behalf of corporations and kings, the biggest trade deficits and the biggest destruction of our industrial base.  Not to mention, tripling the US budget deficit.


Clinton did have one year where we balanced the budget but that was due to the battles with the GOP Congress and the Dot Com Bubble, not due to fixing the business of our financial sector using offshore tax havens run by the British Crown, for example.  All the things that went wrong starting with Reagan got much worse under both of the Bushes and Clinton.


Hillary continued her husband’s influence peddling, becoming a NY Senator and voting nearly 100% for Bush policies.  The Clintons went from near-bankruptcy to over $100 million in just a few years, peddling their influence.  At first, the GOP gang prevented Clinton from selling himself like a cheap whore by giving faux speeches to rich fat cats.  But Hillary had a key position: her Senate seat represents Wall Street.  


So the campaign to impoverish Clinton and thus, destroy the money flow to him, petered out and then was utterly dropped when the DNC took over Congress again.  Then, the money flowed, like a tsunami, into the Clinton Coffers.  From day one, the Clintons should have let us see exactly who was seeking influence.  But they refused [not surprised, these guys love to be secret!].  It took the threat of not letting Senator Clinton take over our State Department for them to fez up.




Also, the fact that it was kept secret and had to be negotiated over was enough cause to deny Clinton the Secretary of State plum prize.  But then, everyone is so shameless today, no one backs down or resigns anymore unless they are utterly trapped by lawbreaking and even then, often get to skate free.  Case in question: Bush and Cheney.


So, here is my own analysis of the faux charity run by the Clintons:


What We’ve Accomplished | Clinton Global Initiative | What We Do | William J. Clinton Foundation

Since its launch in 2005, CGI members have made nearly 1,000 commitments to action to improve the lives of more than 200 million people in over 100 countries. CGI U and have also inspired action on a large scale.

The CGI community is helping to:

  • Avoid or reduce more than 20 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Provide more than 3 million people with access to clean-energy services in the developing world
  • Ensure more than a million patients throughout Sudan, Chad, Uganda and the Democratic Republic on the Congo receive emergency and primary medical care, including mental health services
  • Fund more than 270 microfinance institutions, permitting access to finance for close to 3 million micro-entrepreneurs
  • Provide more than 8 million out-of-school children with access to schooling
  • Provide access to safe drinking water for 11 million people in Asia


There are PLENTY of charities already doing everything on this list.  The UN was set up to do these very things, for example.  But couldn’t do all that much due to lack of funding.  There are vast numbers of these sorts of ‘charities’ and each has to have lots and lots of staff, a big, fancy building, lots of parties to ‘fund raise’ and lots of get togethers so they can all hob nob and discuss how to make more money.


And their children need jobs.  Plopping down all of these legacy children inside of cute charities is a great way to keep the money flowing inside of families.  The series, ‘All in the Family’ this week is how these people at the top all mate with each other, cover up for each other and protect each other’s turf.  When we look at the Clinton list below, several things stand out:

  1.  Many of the ‘donors’ are other nations that are often much poorer than the G7.
  2. OPEC gave money to Clinton to insure influence in the US
  3. Bizarre European outfits gave immense amounts for nefarious purposes
  4. A host of Jewish charities and donors gave a tremendous amount, too, many of whom, I suspect, are now decimated utterly by the Madoff Affair
  5. Many of the donor groups are groups seeking donations for various charitable activities, themselves


Here is the very top of the donor’s list, the multimillion dollar donors:


Contributor Information | William J. Clinton Foundation

Greater than $25,000,000
The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
$10,000,001 to $25,000,000
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Stephen L. Bing
COPRESIDA-Secretariado Tecnico
Fred Eychaner
Frank Giustra, Chief Executive Officer, The Radcliffe Foundation
Tom Golisano
The Hunter Foundation
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The ELMA Foundation
Theodore W. Waitt
$5,000,001 to $10,000,000
Government of Norway
Nationale Postcode Loterij
Haim Saban and The Saban Family Foundation
Michael Schumacher
The Wasserman Foundation


$1,000,001 to $5,000,000
S. D. Abraham
Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)
Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi
Alltel Corporation
Nasser Al-Rashid
Smith and Elizabeth Bagley
The Eli & Edythe Broad Foundation
Richard Caring
Gilbert R. Chagoury
Citi Foundation
Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative – Canada
Victor P. Dahdaleh & The Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Charitable Foundation
Robert Disbrow
Dubai Foundation
Elton John AIDS Foundation
Mr. Issam M. Fares & The Wedge Foundation
Wallace W. Fowler
Friends of Saudi Arabia
Mala Gaonkar Haarman
The James R. Greenbaum, Jr. Family Foundation
Robert L. Johnson
Howard and Michele Kessler
Michael and Jena King
Lukas Lundin
John D. Mackay
Lakshmi N. Mittal
Open Society Institute
Victor Pinchuk
Presidential Inaugural Committee
Princess Diana Memorial Fund


I was very curious about the #2 donor, Unitaid.  Here is what I dug up:



For several years, the international community has been looking for new tools to ensure sustained financing for development and the fight against hunger and poverty. .A consensus has emerged on the value of innovative sources of finance to respond to this global challenge. With one child getting HIV/AIDS every 20 seconds and one child dying from malaria every 30 seconds in the developing countries, there is an urgent need to address a global State of emergency, where patients are in the South when medicines are in the North.

In 2004, a group of 44 pioneering countries agreed on the need for additional stable resources for development and committed to develop innovative mechanisms and has started working on implementing innovative development financing mechanisms.

France and Brazil, along with other countries and international organizations, opened a discussion on the need to facilitate access to drugs for the world’s poorest people as part of the fight against the major pandemic diseases. In 2006, France, Brazil, Chile, Norway and the United Kingdom decided to create an international drug purchase facility called UNITAID to be financed with sustainable, predictable resources. As an economically neutral tool the tax on air tickets was considered as the most suitable instrument.

This mechanism seeks to fill a critical gap in the global health financing landscape: the need for sustained strategic market intervention to drive price reduction and increases in supply.

UNITAID was officially launched on 19 September 2006 in New York on the occasion of the Opening Session of the United Nations General Assembly by France’s President Jacques Chirac, Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Norway’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, Chile’s Foreign Minister Alejandro Foxley Rioseco, Great Britain’s Parliamentary Under-Secretary of International Development Gareth Thomas, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the Republic of the Congo’s President Denis Sassou-Nguesso and the former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Aha!  It is a UN operation!  Why is the UN giving money to Bill Clinton?  Why isn’t the UN doing this work?  What is going on here, anyway???  Not only that, this thing was launched right at the same time as the Clinton scam operation opened.  This is remarkably like the proliferation of hedge funds, many of whom were set up to simply funnel money to Madoff while munching merrily on the fees they got, doing this useless action.


All good scam charities need to produce something: save a few widows and feed a few orphans.  But they do as little productive work as humanly possible.  But if you look at photos of their headquarters and read about all the parties they throw, ‘fund raising’, you get a hair raising picture of the true function of all of these grand operations: to feed the faces of the very rich.  Here is more about the UN operation:


New Executive Director for UNAIDS

On World AIDS Day the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Mr Michel Sidibé as the next Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

Mr Sidibé has more than 20 years of service in the United Nations and worked for UNAIDS in Geneva since 2001 and with UNICEF in New York and in countries in Africa. He has been the driving force behind promoting Universal Access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.

According to this information, Mr.  Sidibe trotted off to Clinton and simply handed over the UN loot.  Australia gave Clinton a lot of loot, too.  They had to publish this quick news story to explain this while not explaining why they kept it secret.  Huh?


AusAID-Clinton Foundation Partnership

The Clinton Foundation today released a list of contributors. As announced in 2006, Australia is one of the providers of funds for Foundation projects.

Australia is providing up to $25 million over four years to the Clinton Foundation for HIV activities in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Vietnam and China. An estimated $7 million was provided in 2007-08….

 Australia has also developed a strategic relationship with the Clinton Climate Initiative that will help reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries. Australia provided $2 million in 2007-08 to the Clinton Climate Initiative, to support sustainable urban development in the Asia Pacific region.  The partnership focuses on providing assistance to cities in the region to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

This certainly was all about ‘strategic relationships’!  Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, etc are all very far from the US and much closer to Australia.  So why did Australia give money to the Clintons?  Who are, I would suggest, actually vampires sucking the life blood out of other charities.  The other big donor is the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation:


The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(CIFF UK) is a large charitable organization in the United Kingdom.

It was founded in 2002 by hedge fund manager Chris Hohn and his wife Jamie Cooper-Hohn.

It is a registered charity in England & Wales and in 2006–7 had a gross income of £324 million,[1] making it one of the 30 largest charities in the UK.[2]

It receives its funding as donations from TCI (The Children’s Investment Fund Management), the London‐based hedge fund founded by Chris Hohn in 2003.

A hedge fund outfit!  And is this thing still running?  I seriously doubt it.  Indeed, I would suggest, thanks to the collapse of the hedge fund frenzy which is remarkably like the Trust Funds of the Roaring Twenties, this fund performed no real process if all it does is funnel the money to other ‘charities’.  Once upon a time, charities had to function by actually doing things, not passing bucks to others who passed bucks to others.


One begins to suspect these charities are actually tax dodges, eh? Now, on to one of the top ten donors is this group:


Nationale Postcode Loterij 


HAHAHAHA.  Good grief.  And why did they give $10 million to Clinton?  Did he win their lottery?  Aside from this bizarre donor, we come to one that is rather sad since it reveals exactly how useless these stupid ‘charities’ really are:




This organization gave, supposedly, around $25 million to the Clintons.  It is very small!  And located in a third world country that is desperately poor:


News in detail: Dominican Republic – COPRESIDA

A team from USF Health’s Signature Program and Division of Infectious Disease and International Medicine recently met with representatives of COPRESIDA (the Presidential Council on HIV/AIDS), the Dr. Salvador B Gautier Hospital in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic and visited the new trauma hospital site in La Vega. The team also visited with Dr. Maria Castillo, USAID, as well as a local politician interested in HIV/AIDS. Dr. John Sinnott, Associate Dean of International Affairs, College of Medicine, commented, “the Dominican Republic would be a great place for many exchange programs in many areas within USF Health”.

Out of curiosity, I looked up the residence of this organization.  It is in a pathetic, tiny building in a rather weary-looking neighborhood.  Two small parking lots nearby.  This is all so incredible.  Why would they be giving money to the Americans so the Clintons can disburse it?  Here is a recent news story from a paper located in Santo Domingo:


Agua Buena – Articles – Ticotimes

PLWA angrily called on COPRESIDA to open long promised treatment centers outside of the Capital in various small cities and rural communities, where PLWA still have no access to medical services for AIDS and often lack resources to travel to Santo Domingo or other distant centers where medicines and better care are available.They also denounced “mandatory” AIDS testing in the tourism sector. Two PLWA and former tourism sector employees described how they were immediately fired when their tests were positive. Several described how blood samples are collected from Hotel employees, under the guise of testing for Hepatitis or other diseases and then AIDS tests are conducted without the consent of the employee. The Dominican tourist sector is one of the islands most important industries and it serves hundreds of thousands of visitors from the US as well as many European countries flocking to Dominican beaches and luxury hotels. There are no requirements for HIV testing for hotel guests, who pay an average of $200 a night for their rooms in expansive all inclusive resorts run by multinational hotel companies and investors.

HAHAHA!  So, this is a classic.  Why do the Clintons need to get their greasy palms on this loot?  And should we hold them responsible for looting a poor, third world country?


DRSol :: News Archive :: Explican relación de Copresida y Fundación Bill Clinton en la compra de medicamentos


Explain relationship and co-chair of n n Bill Clinton Foundation on the purchase of medicines 
Story Text & Photos © 2008 by Listin Diario Dec 20 2008 00:32AM 
Listin Diario – SANTO DOMINGO .- Dominican Republic has not donated resources to the n Bill Clinton Foundation, an organization that acts as an agent for the purchase of antiretroviral drugs that purchases across the country to the s resources to the Global Fund grants for those purposes, said yesterday the director and former director of the Presidential Council on AIDS (co-chair), Gustavo Rojas Lara and Humberto Salazar.Ambos attributed, separately, to a confusion ³ n bad interpretation or the information n n published which states co-chair donates ³ n to the Clinton Foundation between 10 and 25 million days lares.Explicaron that the country has a contract with the Clinton Foundation n since the year 2004, across s for which the money that the Global Fund commanded the country for the purchase of antiretroviral drugs for opportunistic infections and laboratory testing of patients with HIV, the Dominican Republic is transferred to the Foundation for n comprarlos.Explicaron that on this account, from 2004 to date,

Now, this story denying that the third world Dominican Republic isn’t funneling money to the Clintons is rather amusing.  This money doesn’t really improve anyone’s lives except for the big pharmaceutical operations in the US and Europe.  This probably explains why Belgium’s lottery is giving so very generously.  


The point is, by the time all of this grand charity sprinkles down to the suffering masses, it is too little, too late and too incompetent.  And since the entire operation is more about sprinkling tax-free money on the children of the rich and connected, not helping poor people, the media doesn’t bother to notice.  This is why there was some talk about the Arabs and communists giving money but none about what I am talking about here.

Here are some other oddball money givers:Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago ,Iceland Ministry of Foreign Relations,Korea Freedom League, Office Of Tibet, Embassy of Sri Lanka, Vietnam Ministry of Finance…just to name a few strange donors.  Many, many third world or poor national governments donated millions to this slick Bill Clinton operation!  I could spend a few hours detailing exactly how many nations who are negotiating trade deals with us, are on this list.  Trust me, all of them gave very generously to Clinton.


And his wife will now be negotiating with all of these donor nations who will, in turn, funnel even more money to her husband.  And this octopus of a ‘charity’ will add yet one more layer to the multilayered wedding cake of charities that infest everything in this world.


While, at the same time, social services continue to collapse.  Even in first world nations.





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  1. Teacia

    This is probably one of the most informative political blogs that I’ve read. Keep it up!!

  2. Gary

    The Salvation Army remains one of the few really decently
    run charities. The head of which pays himself only about 20
    grand a year.

    The absolute worst are the Shriners. Over 80pct of the money
    collected goes to “administrative costs”. Ha ha. “Job’s Daughters”
    dont come cheap.

  3. As a certified representative 😉 of the mulchers (label it whatever you want), “We” just want to say — this is sickening.
    Is anything not for sale and when is this 3rd-rate show going to end? Furthermore, who are all these NY Senators representing?
    * The Mulchers support Balance

  4. emsnews

    The Mulcher Party Motto: WE TAKE SHIT!

  5. emsnews

    One of our planks is: ‘Don’t you even THINK of throwing shit at US! HAHAHA.’

  6. GK

    Every wonder why there has been a Clinton or Bush in the White House for the last 30 years?

    They are both cocaine crime families. Scamming lotteries and children’s AIDs foundations does not make you $100 million, you need the juice.

    I have a friend whose relationship was ruined when her boyfriend partook in the flood of cocaine that is running through San Francisco right now.

    It is a gentle version of the Opium war the British ran against China.

    “The Clintons’ rise to the White House was fuelled by the Iran Contra operations in Arkansas. The drugs and arms transhipment point in Mena Arkansas had allegedly been one of the most significant operations operating under the aegis of the NSC’s Oliver North. Some said that as much as $100MM a month of arms and drugs flowed through the airport at Mena Arkansas. The stories and lore—whether about the goings on or the deaths of the many people who tried to stop or expose them—took up thousands of pages on the Internet but never seemed to work their way into the “official reality” of national TV and newspapers.

    When the Clintons arrived in Washington there were numerous efforts to investigate government narcotics trafficking and fraud. Sally Denton and Roger Morris probably got the closest. Their article on Mena was pulled by the Washington Post at the very last minute, eventually to run in Penthouse in the summer of 1995. But the journalist who finally broke through the nation’s mass denial was Gary Webb. And he made it through thanks to the Internet— a medium much harder to control than the broadcast or printed press.

    In August of 1996, the San Jose Mercury News broke Webb’s story of illegal narcotics dealing by the US government, targeting South Central LA with crack cocaine. The story was told from the point of view of Ricky Ross, the legendary dealer who built the market in South Central. And what an incredible story it was.”

  7. The Mulchers – We’ve learned to take a lot of shit, but we also know how to kick back.
    Appropriate Technology for the Day (just came to me but others are way ahead…as evidenced by quickly found link).
    Anyhow, implement a mobile solar platform carefully operated by one or two personal who assure maximum sunlight exposure during the course of the day. Use solar energy for charging batteries. Cost – I betcha this could be done cheap and it could just about be installed anywhere the sun shines….
    * The Mulchers support Balance

  8. GK

    BK, this sounds great. Please calculate the resources required to produce 6 billion of these.

    When you have completed producing these, will I still be able to fly to Duluth to see Aunt Gertrude for Thanksgiving or will I be eating potatoes from my mulch at home next year?

    How many of these will be required to run the MRI at the hospital for my Grandpa Kettle?

    Oh, that won’t be possible? OK, I guess we can mulch him too for next pagan solstice. Peace out.

  9. emsnews

    Gk, we use mulch to run our organic cars called ‘horses’. If you want slow by heavy loads, oxen. They eat corn grown in mulch and then create mulch in their stalls. My entire farm runs off of oxen/horse mulch.

  10. nah

    BRUTAL … 3rd world countries giveing money to 1st world countrys who hire workers for 50k a yr to give money back to them at $3 a day… BBBRUTAL no wonder why the rich US Inteligence and domestic politicians ignore US Citizen concerns enmasse… because the dont care about anyone lol… once again showing that ‘talent’ being recruited for the leadership of our institutions is an utter failure if only because of the blatent lack of oversight that hampers any ‘real’ solutions…
    no new rules no new rules PAGODA!

  11. GK

    I have great admiration for that lifestyle and the hard-work and self-sufficiency required to succeed.

    I will admit that I dream of it for myself and my family often.

    My only concern is that it the future for everyone in the US unless we stop the criminal central banking families from siphoning off the wealth and credit of US citizens engaging in free enterprise and scientific progress.

    Mao tried this much to the chagrin of 80 million who did not agree.

  12. DeVaul

    This is a great article, Elaine. It is also sickening. I had no idea that charities gave money to other charities! What the hell!

    This just confirms my own suspicions about an organization that is not helping me much: the NAD (National Association for the Deaf). It is based in DC, and after adding me to their email list, I have received countless invitations to cocktail parties, conventions in places like the French Quarter of New Orleans, and other events that cost far more than 99% of all Deaf individuals could ever hope to pay.

    Most of my Deaf friends would often hang outside of Deaf social events because the cost of entering (2 dollars) was too high for them.

    At the bottom of each email is some fine print about how they fight for the basic human rights of the Deaf and hard of hearing, but I have not seen them do anything in 20 years.

    They claim they can only afford two lawyers, but they can have endless cocktail parties and conventions in New Orleans? Bullshit!

    I am thinking of asking my Senator (Mitch McConnell) to defund them in the name of budget austerity measures. I bet he would. He uses disabled veterans here in Kentucky like an old rag.

    You are right. Shamelessness is so endemic to our society right now that anyone with a real conscience might just go insane.

  13. Bubba

    For the sake of the survival of the human race, the parasitical elite class must change, and stop leeching, or must be eradicated from the face of this earth, before they kill the host.

  14. GK

    You will not believe this insane sell-off of the US assets allowed by your thoroughly bought and paid for criminal elite.

    “Rome fell for the same reasons the US will have lost empire and world influence. Like Rome, the US has despoiled the land, waged war upon both the small farmer and the laborer, outsourced it’s industry, devalued the dollar and subverted the products of labor –the sole source of ‘value’ in any economy. That the US ‘current account balance’ –as officially recorded by the CIA –is the highest in the world proves that US is bankrupt and has been for years. It also proves that GOP economics have made the US less productive vis a vis the rest of the world.”

  15. Dutch

    Awesome article! Yes, they hide their monies in “charities” ahem (tax shelters) ( to funnel into intelligence ops) ahem national security! The Bush’s , Clinton’s, with LBJ have a loooong list of dead bodies all the way to the top!

  16. emsnews

    These charities mostly support the sons and daughters and spouses of the wealthy, the connected or various political families. They are mostly scams. Even when they ‘do something useful’, the money flowing into the pockets of the connected people is most overwhelming.

  17. hardrock

    Awesome work Elaine. You do more in one day than a whole bank of reporters at major newspapers could muster in a month. Gonads, that’s what it takes. The folks that run ’60 minutes’ would no longer get to rub shoulders with the R&P should they ever run a story on these creeps….of course those in the Media think they are the ‘Rich & Powerful’. Can you really believe that Andrea Mitchell actually has any credibility with any intelligent person?…..on the other hand, do you think any door is closed to her?

    If you have the time Elaine, or any of you on this blog, go to page 282 of Will Durant’s “The Life of Greece”. Read what is there and you will see we are going to repeat something that happened 2500 years ago. Every road you travel down, you meet a Greek coming back. There is no new thing under the sun… is a flawed critter and is not, NOT the ultimate. Once we go back and accept this premise we can rekindle our humanity. Going back is going to be a bloody, long, painful trip. The ridding ourselves of the leeches in society like the Bushes and the Clintons will be the least of our problems….survival will be a bitch if you know much, work hard, stay healthy and are smarter than most. The smartest will rid themselves of greed, avarice and aspirations right out of the gate. Where does that leave the leeches? Dead on the roadside, unable to attach themselves to living organisms who struggle for their own survival….no room for ‘extra baggage’. Unable to conceal themselves they are exposed for what they are. Exposed, they, like a naked person in the sun or cold wind shrivel and die in short order. Continue to ‘expose’ these leeches Elaine…Bravo!

  18. Paul S

    These phony charities also serve another purpose; they help preserve/maintain a facade. The charade being played is that the rich are not unfeeling about their ‘lessers’. But…don’t look too closely at what these ‘charities’ actually accomplish. These faux charities help blunt any talk from uppity peasants who start talking about class warfare. And last, but certainly not least: it gives the elites control. They love control. You see if a legitimate charity ever starts up it can be torpedoed by the wealthier charities of the elites. Note what control Exxon Mobil/Chevron exerts over the Heritage Foundation. Don’t expect HF to “go green” any time soon.

  19. emsnews

    It is also tax evasion. Our government, the governments of Japan, of England, of many nations are ALL RUNNING IN THE RED. The charities don’t improve matters for the masses for the debts accumulating in our governments are destroying all social systems.
    Ah! I have some socialist tendencies! Seriously: if things get bad, we see in Greece how a population can explode. I saw this first hand in Europe in 1968 and in US race riots of the sixties and early seventies.

  20. Remember, I’ve been on this little blue blue planet since 1947. I’ll never forget Old Blind Tony! He was pretty old when I was little. Went blind in some back alley in Manhattan from penicillin. They were just finding out how that could happen. Old Blind Tony was a Great Depression Survivor. Rode the rails. Put a chock of wood in the door of the freight car else the door’d slide shut and you freeze in the dark.

    He taught many things. “I know now Robert, I would tear open your stomach and eat the food out if that’s what it took to survive.” There was none of that mushy euphemistic stuff with Old Blind Tony. Fortunately for me, times had become a tad easier, so he could afford to be kind and gentle. He remembered the Salvation Army. He wouldn’t waste energy on laughing at their religious bullshit. But he said that at the end of it all, they were the only ones who actually helped him out. Religious believers take no offense. All is lost if the creator has no sense of humor.

  21. David

    Elaine and BK:

    I am happy to know that The Mulchers Political Party is off to a great start and is flourishing…and not taking any thrown shit.

    That’s really admirable because there is a tremendous amount of shit flying about nowadays, and the stink is splattering on a lot of people.

    It continually find myself surprised, even though I tell myself that nothing that happens in Washington will ever surprise me.

    These guys are not even attempting to solve our national problems…I stupidly keep expecting them to at least ATTEMPT to do something for the nation. Instead, they appear to just roll over and join the gang that is already scamming and stealing and destroying our country.

    The corruption just shifts from one administration to the next and then on to the next, and nothing changes. Upon gaining power, one political party is soon just as corrupt as the last (except for The Mulchers of course).

    I’m an unashamed liberal. True liberalism is based on ideals that evolved at the end of the feudal dark ages during The Enlightenment, where reason, justice and meaning became important, as did making some progress for mankind.

    This is not altogether incompatible with true Conservatism where traditional values, justice and meaning are also important.

    In other words, both traditional Liberals and traditional Conservatives have been totally abandoned by this new breed of political hacks and criminals.

    Our US political system has changed drastically and now supports a very low class of criminalized politicians who care only for themselves and their “in group.”

    The Japanese have two words that describe this. “Uchi” means being inside the group and “Soto” means outside of the group. Everyone belongs to “in” and “out” groups to some extent, but, never before in American history has there been such a separation as now. It appears that we have a new, fairly large, major class of super-corrupt politicians, financiers, corporate, and related government leaders who view themselves as the “uchi” elites who keep silent and protect their dirty little secrets among themselves. The rest of us are “Soto,” outsiders…us Americans who rise daily and attempt to operate and do business in a reasonably honest and forthright manner.

    Also amazing to me is that this “uchi” group appears oblivious to the fact that the nation is crumbling around them as they merrily go about their thieving and looting.

    Damned! I’m gonna have to go to a Mulchers Conference (in New Orleans maybe) to improve my spirits.

  22. emsnews

    We will be the Anti Uchi Mulchie Party!

  23. I knew it – The Mulchers are already splitting-up….(out of my hands…. 😀 )
    oh well, mulch is as mulch does!
    Anywhohow, the way I was contemplating, its probably best for “The Mulchers” (who I’m thinking of retiring so that this doesn’t get boring…) NOT to get together face-to-face very often if at all (and especially not in NO!)….The problem The Mulchers often have when they are in close physical proximity is that they tend to start mulching on each other – it can be fun, but usually a few get broken up and this can leave a bad taste in the mulchers’ mouth.
    Ah well, such is life.
    I don’t know about the rest of you all, but I had a Great Solstice and now it seems as if things are circling around!

  24. Paul S

    Correction/clarification to previous post here. I know that The Heritage Foundation is a “think” tank not a charity. My point was and is that the wealthiest in this country run ALL sorts of scams: phony “non partisan” think tanks which disguise themselves as public interest groups are another. Also: the elites can corrupt actual, legitimate interest groups like the Sierra club just by becoming the biggest donor to the group. Should it be a big surprise that these same uber rich would ALSO pollute charities? No. These sleazeballs corrupt everything they touch.

  25. Paul S – If I needed an attorney, you would be my choice. 🙂
    David – I would like to propose the following “beveridge” as the preliminary official drink of “The Mulchers”…..
    Since 1829: Yuengling “Original Amber Beer”
    (brewed in Pottsville, PA – ever been there? I have or at least I’ve been real close many times…).

  26. P.S. Paul
    I don’t care if you have a “law” degree from some official institution or not. Diplomas are just goddammed pieces of paper anyhow….

  27. I hope the Clintons get thrashed. I’m sick of em.

  28. Hey everybody in the Northern Hemisphere:
    Welcome to Winter….

  29. Paul S

    Buffalo Ken: Why is it impossible for a lawyer to drown? Because scum floats! HaHa

  30. Hey, cool tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the man from that chat who told me to go to your blog 🙂

  31. khan arif

    my name is khan arif i am patients a Plastic enemia last two year & continues blood tranfusion every month doctor suggest to born marrow transplant i contact national bon marrow programe in america but now i am not infinancel postion to transplant & travell to america please my life save help financal supports to urgent doctor suggest final solutaion bon marrow transplant please help i am residence in pakistan my eduation master (mba) marketing my feild experinance 25 year in pakistan my contact no 0333-2601223 cell
    landline 0222729889 please help me

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