International trade was collapsed into the same hole dug by the Japanese ZIRP system.  As I predicted several years ago, all the top G12 nations would all emulate the Japanese depression since they all rewarded Japan for this ZIRPiness.  Namely, Japan’s export powers grew swiftly and  Japanese export corporations ruled the roost.  Anyone who didn’t protect themselves from the flood of Japanese exports saw their own industrial base decline or even be nearly eliminated.  And the Chinese were the very first to successfully imitate the Japanese system.  Except, to keep peace with the US and EU, they let the yuan get stronger which was a mistake.

It was a mistake because the US and EU both were using the Japanese carry trade to get around their own banking and finance laws!  So they gave Japan free rein to run riot in world lending markets while screaming nonstop at China to not copy Japan.  To appease everyone, China made the yuan stronger.  And was simply punished even more.  The greatest punishment being, the run up to the Olympics when the G7 nations ran a huge anti-China propaganda campaign coupled with an open attempt at supporting rioters in Tibet.


As I predicted two years ago, after the Olympics, China is now shutting down.  And world trade is collapsing.  We have to look at not only the propaganda but at the news to see how the New World Order people are operating. These are the same people who run interlocking charities to evade taxes and shift charity money back and forth between players who are more interested in padding their nests.


Let’s look at their nastiest enforcement arm, the IMF.  This organization is heartless and cruel when it comes to small nations struggling with economic problems.  But when it comes to the G7 who run the IMF, this organization encourages exactly what it condemns when the shoe is on the G7 caterpillar’s many feet:

BBC NEWS | Business | IMF urges spending to spur growth

Dominique Strauss-Kahn said he feared measures announced by the Group of 20 nations last month would not be enough.

The IMF has already cut its forecast for global growth next year, and he said the next projection, due in January, would be even worse.

Mr Strauss-Kahn spoke of “2009 as really being a bad year”….

He said it would take a spending stimulus equivalent to about 2% of global Gross Domestic Product, or about $1.2 trillion (£800bn), to make a real difference.

The level of debt in the UK was “disturbing”, he said, but he added that given the choice between increasing the deficit and not fighting the recession, he favoured the “less bad solution”.

Which nations have the highest levels of debt?  Easy!  The US is champ.  Then comes Japan and then Britain.  Per capita, Britain and Japan beats the US, hands down.  Later, I will link to these other stories.  Right now, the main thing is, the IMF wants the US to flood the world with borrowed spending that is based not on selling debt but making up money totally factiously.   Instead of lending it to people against the value of either future earnings or against business’s future profits, the government is simply ‘printing money’.  We fear, to the tune of over $8 trillion which is much more than the IMF is talking about here.


Protectionist dominoes are beginning to tumble across the world – Telegraph

Greece has been in turmoil for 11 days. The mood seems to have turned “pre-insurrectionary” in parts of Athens – to borrow from the Marxist handbook….

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund, is worried enough to ditch a half-century of IMF orthodoxy, calling for a fiscal boost worth 2pc of world GDP to “prevent global depression”….

Russia has begun to shut down trade as it adjusts to the shock of Urals oil below $40 a barrel. It has imposed import tariffs of 30pc on cars, 15pc on farm kit, and 95pc on poultry (above quota levels). “It is possible during the financial crisis to support domestic producers by raising customs duties,” said Premier Vladimir Putin.

Russia is not alone. India and Vietnam have imposed steel tariffs. Indonesia is resorting to special “licences” to choke off imports….

Shortly after President Hu Jintao said China is “losing competitive edge in the world market”, we saw a move towards export subsidies for the steel industry and a dip in the yuan peg – even though China already has the world’s biggest reserves ($2 trillion) and the biggest trade surplus ($40bn a month).

So is the Communist Party mulling a 1930s “beggar-thy-neighbour” strategy of devaluation to export its way out of trouble? Such raw mercantilism can only draw a sharp retort from Washington and Brussels in this climate.

“During a global slowdown, you can’t have countries trying to take advantage of others by manipulating their currencies,” said Frank Vargo from the US National Association of Manufacturers.

During all global trade/currency collapses there is one simple rule: every man for himself.  Anyone who doesn’t protect themselves will be trampled to death or drown.  Rescuing drowning people is very dangerous.  If they are still actively struggling to stay above water, they will yank down anyone who comes near.  


Besides, we already are deep into a huge trade war.  Japan weakened the yen for years while running their ZIRP program.  They didn’t allow any lending in Japan for consumer purchases and thus, kept imports out via all sorts of means and systems.  The end story was, one of the world’s biggest economies was a dead end.  A black hole.  No reciprocal trade.  This was very unbalanced.  In some petty kingdom, it might make no difference.  But for a top industrial nation, this sowed the seeds for a total meltdown of global trade.


Once again, I see in the above article, mention of China’s huge FOREX reserves but NO mention of Japan’s huge reserves.  Per capita, Japan’s reserves dwarf China’s reserves.  China’s is slightly more than a dollar per person. Japan’s is less than 130 million people holding a trillion dollar reserve.  Their FOREX reserve is one quarter the size of their entire GDP.  This is amazing.  Their public debt is 170% of their GDP.  92% of this debt is held by the Japanese people or the monster-sized Bank of Japan that pretty much rules Japan with the LDP.


Japan’s money stock is only four times greater than their FOREX reserves which is mostly dollars and euros.  Over 55% of Japan’s trade is with its nearest Asian industrial partners and the US.  And the trade with the US is much more one way than the trade with the other Asian nations.  Let’s look at today’s news from Asia:

China to support 9 crisis-stricken industries_English_Xinhua

China must take more powerful and effective policies to support industrial development, the country’s vice premier Zhang Dejiang said at a work meeting concerning national industry and information technology on Friday.

    “A stable and rapid industrial development is essential to the country’s overall economic advance,” Zhang said.

    China plans to initiate a policy package in the coming new year to revive nine industries heavily hurt by the unfolding global financial crisis, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) vowed at the meeting.

    The nine industries to receive national support include light industry, textile, steel, non-ferrous metal, automobile, petrochemical, ship-making, electronics and telecommunications.

The US gave up making ships.  Here is an old story I published in June, 2005, about how the US has utterly surrendered our ship building skills and how we no longer have a merchant marines:  Culture of Life Financial News: ALL GREAT EMPIRES Built Great Ships


It is a good read, as always.  The US put itself in a position whereby we enable foreign ships to invade our native ports so we not only have a huge trade deficit with Asian shipping nations, we don’t even make one thin dime on the transportation of not only their goods but our own goods!  This has weakened our own economic tremendously.  Note how China is protecting its most important industries: automobile, ship building, communications!  


While Obama talks wildly about spending a fortune of money we don’t have, building roads, trade rivals in Asia are spending money on more ships!  We killed our sold to aliens, our entire steel industry.  China is working to protect their steel industry.  So, who is smart and who is stupid here?  Japan’s Budget Hits Record

 Japan’s government expenditure will increase to a record next year as Prime Minister Taro Aso tries to spend his way out of a recession and lift his slumping popularity ahead of an election.

Spending will rise 6.6 percent to 88.5 trillion yen ($988 billion) in the year starting April 1, a third year of expansion, according to a budget proposal released by the Finance Ministry in Tokyo today. The government will sell 33.3 trillion yen of new debt, the most in four years, to help fund a revenue shortfall.

In his first budget since taking the helm in September, Aso is expanding a debt burden that’s already the largest in the industrialized world as the economic slump cuts revenue and forces him to spend more to spur growth. His approval rating fell by half this month as voters and lawmakers in his own party shunned his handling of the world’s second-largest economy.

Throughout the last 8 years, the G7 never questioned why the world’s #2 economy was floundering.  There were many theories but not mine: Japan WANTED this depression for it fixed its EXPORT CORPORATE PROBLEMS.  They grew massively and colonized huge swaths of the industrial landscape during this ‘depression’.  Their profit margins soared.  They were quite content with this.


Only when the international struggle between the G7 and China heated up to a broiling disaster beginning in July, 2007 and all the way until after the Olympics, has the Japanese depression model faltered and collapsed.  Japan is running like a scared rabbit, trying to get China to cooperate with restarting things.  But China can’t do this.


The US is totally wounded and can’t function anymore as a trading power.  Not only have we no merchant marine, we have little true reciprocal trade.  This week, China’s communist rulers ordered their airlines to stop buying US planes and to cancel Boeing and EU plane contracts.  For years and years, our Presidents would fly to Asia and OPEC countries to make deals on behalf of Boeing.  This way, they could claim, we were exporting high-value goods, not commodities.  


I said, these deals were political, not economical.  And when China figured, there was no positive upside to these deals, all the contracts will be ripped up and thrown aside.  The same goes for OPEC.  They can and will cancel contracts.  We can weep and wail, but when they take draconian measures to protect themselves from ours and Japan’s collapse, we cannot blame them. Japan

The Fed’s reduction brought the U.S. key rate lower than Japan’s benchmark for the first time since 1993 and caused the yen to surge to a 13-year high, hurting Japanese exporters already reeling from a collapse in overseas demand.

Honda Motor Co. cited the yen’s gains and slumping sales as reasons for slashing its full-year profit forecast by 62 percent this week. President Takeo Fukui described the currency’s level of around 89 yen to the dollar as “abnormal” and called on the government and central bank to take “swift action.”

“With U.S. rates now lower than Japan’s, there’s the risk that the yen will keep strengthening,” said Nobuto Yamazaki, executive fund manager at Diam Asset Management in Tokyo. “Now that the U.S. has a zero-rate policy, there’s no point for the Bank of Japan to hold its key rate at 0.3 percent.”

Note how the Japanese are grinding their teeth!  What is so damn ‘abnormal’ about a strong yen?  Eh?


Of course!  There is nothing wrong with it!  The entire philosophy of the floating currency which the stupid geniuses in our economics think tanks talk about all the time, is how trade that is unbalanced will balance via currency values!  Of course, every time we tried that in the past, the only way was for the US to have negotiations with Germany and Japan and DEMAND they devalue the dollar and strengthen their currencies!


We called these desperation meetings, ‘Bretton Woods II’ and ‘Plaza Accords’, etc.  Since the triumph of the free traders and the monetarists, we have had no more negotiations.  We just went with the flow.  And the flow was totally one way: our deficits with Germany and Japan as well as China and OPEC shot through the roof.  They all imported with utter impunity.  And we sucked down immense deficits that led to a huge growth in US debts.


See how the Japanese bankers are howling with rage as they note that our own ZIRP is now lower than theirs!  Rats!  So Japan will take swift action so they can continue to destroy our industrial base.  Isn’t that sweet?  They are our GOOD allies, after all! Japan

The central bank may offer to increase its monthly government bond purchases from lenders, one of its main tools for adding funds to the banking system. The purchases have been kept at 1.2 trillion yen ($13.7 billion) since October 2002.

The bank may also begin to buy commercial paper from lenders outright. Currently it accepts such short-term corporate debt only as collateral, with repurchase agreements. Prime Minister Aso announced last week that the government will start buying the securities.

All the major central banks are propping up collapsing financial houses.  The frenzy of  buy-outs, hostile take-overs, etc. are now being protected by the central banks.  These manic deals were made mostly with Japanese carry trade funds created by the Bank of Japan or by US lending from the Federal Reserve.  


These things are toxic as hell.  They are mountains of debt businesses can’t service in a down turn.  This is why I raged about these deals when they were hot, hot, hot.  This drove up the stock market but was not healthy.  The Dot Com Bubble was healthier than this business.  Now, on to the Nikkei:


Nikkei Net Interactive – Japan Business News Online

Govt To Issue 3-Year JGBs For Individuals

TOKYO (Nikkei)–The Ministry of Finance announced Saturday that it will start selling three-year fixed-rate government bonds for individual investors as early as the second half of fiscal 2009. 

Japan Carmakers Plagued By Bloated U.S. Inventories

TOKYO (Nikkei)–Toyota Motor Corp. (7203), Honda Motor Co.(7267) and Nissan Motor Co. (7201) have seen their inventories in the U.S. skyrocket to double the levels deemed appropriate as demand continues to weaken in the world’s largest automobile market.

Fed Rate Cut, Soaring Yen Raised Stakes For BOJ Meeting

TOKYO (Nikkei)–The Bank of Japan’s decision to lower interest rates to near zero signals a new sense of urgency brought on by the U.S. Federal Reserve Board’s unprecedented rate cut and the yen’s subsequent surge against the dollar.

Honda May Cut Full-Time Jobs If Yen Stays Strong: President

TOKYO (Nikkei)–Honda Motor Co. (7267) may have to abandon one of its key principles of protecting the jobs of its full-time workers in the year ending March 31, 2010, if the Japanese currency remains at current levels of around 90 yen to the dollar, President Takeo Fukui said Friday in an interview with The Nikkei.

The Japanese workers are being hammered even harder.  Both the US and Japanese workers have seen grave declines in take home pay and benefits for the last 25 years.  This is the real depression.  Workers who can’t buy, don’t buy.  Commerce declines.  In Japan, to the vanishing point.  In the US, the Japanese carry trade enabled us to overspend for 15 years.  This increased worker’s debts to the upper limit.  Now, seeing only more pay cuts and layoffs, everyone is going down in a depression.


The Japanese cannot sell to American workers who are unable to buy.  So we have the sight of the world’s #1 and #2 economies going down the same depression rabbit hole.  A depression that has ravaged both nations’ work forces for over a decade.  The depression today has deep roots!  And this is why it is not easy to fix.  We can’t have the top two economies playing this sort of destructive economics.  Against their own work force.  


Japan has reduced much of its workforce, about one third, to ‘part time’ status!  And the few protected workers are now being shoved into that pool of peasant labor.  Japanese workers are very highly educated and urban.  But emotionally drained and nearly utterly helpless when it comes to politics, organizing themselves or fighting their rulers.





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  1. Grok1

    Elaine said:

    “Japan has reduced much of its workforce, about one third, to ‘part time’ status! And the few protected workers are now being shoved into that pool of peasant labor. Japanese workers are very highly educated and urban. But emotionally drained and nearly utterly helpless when it comes to politics, organizing themselves or fighting their rulers.”
    If you allow some leeway on “highly educated and urban”, I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to substitute the first word “Japan” and insert the words “The United States”.

  2. ImpatientPatriot

    Elaine. Is the time shown on posting from you GMST?

  3. nah

    ive been saying for years in a free market either we become more chinese or they become more american ‘lifestyle wise’ but with the vietnamese indonesians cambodians chileans and all the 3rd world labor to exploit ‘our systems are ultra refined we can trade on more than our laurles’ we have never had the changes required for a higher standard of living because once chinese or whoever started doing a lil’ better we would open markets to some other mudpit and make them compete for the same markets… the horror here is not that our nation is still quite strong and can absolve these sins, it is that these governments are weak propped up by spies and capatalist puppets… it will be a shame if they dont see the promise of democracy and freedom because the corporations ‘given 20+ fuking years’ failed our nation falling back into epic 20th century wars that are quite decided but can yet burn bright again… communism is a fools system, but without education and trust capatalism is fataly wounded… these hedge funds and corporations that did not do thair duty ‘while requiring national sacrifices of extraordinary proportions’ should be investigated, liquidated, and regulated out of existence… we must have proper systems to support our empire FAG CIA SPY are not enuf there must be a support structure that can stand alone in catastrophe… but i could be wrong and printing money without reciepts so low taxes and wealth accumulation is our modern salvation, Keep looking up!
    vote your paycheck

  4. Gary

    Nah ….

    I apologize for making fun of you once. What you say makes
    more sense than the evening news ! Esp Fox News

  5. “communism is a fools system… ”

    Substitute “capitalism” for communism and you’ll have something.

  6. DrKrbyLuv

    The media never links our huge trade deficit with our financial problems. Thank God for the internet and Elaine’s blog!
    The IMF, like our Fed is a criminal cabal.
    Speaking of the Fed, there is a great article “95th Birthday of our ongoing National Nightmare – the Fed” written by a really bright person (me).
    “On December 23, 1913, when most members had already left for the holidays, congress passed the Federal Reserve Act which relinquished our national sovereignty in the clear violation of our constitution. The United States became a client state to a group of international bankers who have ruled us ever since.”
    “When the people come to understand that the government neither issues nor regulates our money; then they will begin to realize that the Federal Reserve actually controls our government. The full extent of the damage done by the parasitic central bankers cannot be measured in monetary terms alone; the Fed and their co-conspirators have created great suffering and injustice while diminishing all that we earn and all that we have saved. Consider the following:”
    Note I linked to this site regarding England’s WW1 ongoing debt..

  7. DrKrbyLuv

    nah…well said! What we are witnessing is not a free capitalistic system…it is a fraudulent and corrupt “seat of the pants” juggernaut held together with duct tape and lies.
    Grok1…agreed, we seem to be following Japan’s model, even though it has been a failure for the people…coincidence?

  8. Bubba

    I think we are witnessing the death of the current system, which is great.

    It won’t be easy, and very likely the parasites will have to be killed rather than arrested, for the simple reason, we would need a not corrupted system, for there to be true arrests of all the players involved.

  9. flash

    Grok1 and nah: We’re not turning Chinese, we’re turning Japanese! I’m a highly educated, urban American, and I’ve only been able to find part time work since 2005. I find Elaine’s “ivory tower” cartoon particularly relevant, since I live down the street from one of the ivory league universities the parasites come from. I notice that real estate values in the poorer parts of town are tanking because of foreclosures, but the upscale areas are doing fine.

  10. GK

    Imagine if British Imperialism continued to have as their goal of one world government that they (or their central banking crime family friends) run. What would be the most useful way of destroying nations that get in their way?

    Free trade? Good one. But how about stealing all their tax money? Even better!

    Is the Queen of England running this show (Option #1) , or is she just still alive because she has allowed the Central Banking crime families to use her land to run their scams (Option #2)? I vote for Option #2.

    “Why does the UK retain a handful of colonies? To destroy the world’s taxation systems.

    By George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian, 16th December 2008.

    If you want to know why Britain has never completed the process of decolonisation, look at two lists side by side. One is the official register of tax havens, compiled by the OECD(1). The other is the list of British overseas territories and crown dependencies(2). Over a quarter of the world’s tax havens are British property. More than half of Britain’s colonial territories and dependencies are tax havens. Strip out Antarctica, the military bases and the scarcely-habited rocks and atolls, and of the 11 remaining properties, only the Falkland Islands is not a recognised haven. The obvious conclusion is that Britain retains these colonies for one purpose: to help banks, corporations and the ultra-rich to avoid tax. “

  11. Zorro

    Hey GK

    The Queen appoints the guv general of the Cayman Islands.
    80% of the hedge funds in the WORLD are domiciled in the
    Cayman Islands!

    The “City” is a one square mile of downtown London which
    is a separate state like the Vatican. The “Crown” is located
    in the “City”. Composed of 12-14 men who rule. The King
    of the “City” is called the Lord Mayor of the City. Rules the
    Empire. When the Queen visits the “City” she is required to
    wear service uniform LOL. The Lord Mayor is in full feudal
    regalia with scepter.

    Once a year in London there is the Lord Mayor’s Parade
    where the Lord Mayor rides across London to a location
    where he is required to pledge loyalty to the Monarch.

    Gee… I wonder why?

    The “City” has its own police force called Beefeaters.
    (Remember the Beefeater picture on bottles of Gordon’s Gin?)
    They dress just like the feudal Swiss Guard of the vatican.
    Pikes and all, from feudal times.


    1809 concerning renewing Charter of US Bank

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies . . . If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] . . . will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered . . . The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

    1937 Lord Josiah Stamp Director Bank of England:

    “The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The most astounding piece of sleight of hand ever invented. If you want to be slaves of bankers, and pay the costs of your own slavery, let the banks create money. Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.”

  12. nah

    Chavez orders halt to construction of Caracas mall, says building to be expropriated

    Chavez said the mall, scheduled to open in La Candelaria district in downtown Caracas next year, would severely clog an area that already is so crowded “not a soul fits.”

    The hulking concrete and brick structure takes up an entire city block and according to the Sambil Web site was to include 273 shops.

    “We’re going to expropriate that and turn it into a hospital — I don’t know — a school, a university,” Chavez said to applause during his Sunday television and radio program, “Hello, President.”

  13. PLovering

    The Trilateral Commission was founded by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1973. The TC divided the world into three regions: Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America. The stated purpose of the TC was to create a power structure superior to nation states.
    The 300 some members of TC ruling Directorate are spread equally over the three regions. The first TC Executive Committee meeting was held in Tokyo in late 1973. The first Task Force Report for a global “protectorate” was held in Kyoto in 1975. The first Plenary Session was held in Kyoto in early 1976. Brzezinski then left to join the Carter Administration. And now, ZBrz is Obama’s foreign policy adviser.
    Japan has headed the TC Asia-Pacific region from day one. Little wonder that Japan enjoys protected status under the TC NWO. However, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and Middle East countries are not TC members.
    ZBrz, “National sovereignty is no longer a viable concept.”

  14. criticalcontrarian

    PLovering, before this happens in America:
    The American people have to do this:
    To put the people responsible for this:
    in jail. Without accountability nothing will ever change. The rule of thumb in our world seems to be “only loosers hang”. Sad, but true.

  15. criticalcontrarian

    nah, I would take Chavez over Bush and Cheney any old day of the week. The man walks the talk. Not to mention he warms indigent Americans during the winter. I have never heard of any good ‘ol Texans, CFR’s, Bilderbergers, AIPAC scum and the like do that for their fellow Americans despite the record billions of dollars of oil profit they bilked from the world, these past few years. If you want to read up on some of Hugo’s accomplishments you can read an American’s view, here:
    If you want to refresh your memory on Bush’s accomplishments, you can read his resume here:
    And yes, I am biased for Hugo, coming from the experience of several coups in my own country, I find it both encouraging and hopeful that there are men who will stand up and fight 1st World oppression and refuse to bought by the intelligence agencies. May their tribe grow and prosper.

  16. nah

    im not saying bush is a great businessman… but i am extremely concerned about this nations sovereignty and i do think that communism ‘read the communist manifesto were 8/10 the way there already’ is a real danger… state control of more and more of our lives because…. say….. THE WORLD BANK SAYS SO…. or any other of innumerable crisis…. say….. INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM…. make us slaves to the slaves of thair masters…. capitalism IS a economic form of freedom and this stage is set for its demise…. creepy…. so what is the outcome? loyalists vs …. say…. REBELS WHO DONT DESERVE ANY BETTER THAN INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST… DENY THEM ACCESS TO OUR PRECIOUS DEFLATED/INFLATED RESOURCES…. and yes chavez makes this behavior ez to see… and thereby…. say…. HARDER TO UNDERSTAND… so i believe that clearly bush is destroying the american military ‘no clear victory or education/leadership’ which makes it ez for us to loose conflicts ‘like vietnam’ which makes it MORE LIKELY we will lose more and more… DEFEND AMERICA USA… save the world…
    vote your paycheck

  17. nah

    this is why you liquidate the banks
    suppose they are ‘crazy’ and they dont understand ‘money’ what the hell are they doing?

  18. Bear of Little Brain

    Here are other quotes from the AE-P Telegraph article you quoted from:
    “There has been much talk lately of America’s Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act, which set off the protectionist dominoes in 1930. It is usually invoked by free traders to make the wrong point. The relevant message of Smoot-Hawley is that America was then the big exporter, playing the China role. By resorting to tariffs, it set off retaliation, and was the biggest victim of its own folly.”
    “Britain and the Dominions retreated into Imperial Preference. Other countries joined. This became the “growth bloc” of the 1930s, free from the deflation constraints of the Gold Standard. High tariffs stopped the stimulus leaking out.”
    In my little world, this is the first mainstream article I’ve seen that indicates a shift away from the “globalism is good” mantra. Cheerful old Ambrose likes to end on an up-note, though:
    “The last great era of globalisation peaked just before 1914. You know the rest of the story.” 😦

  19. criticalcontrarian

    nah, copy that. I understand your concern and it is a valid one, but it not communism that you should be concerned about, what is already in America is fascism. The jackboots are Nazi’s starting with Bush & Co.
    Hugo is not a communist despite his being close to the Castro’s. He is a socialist who defends his people’s interest against the internationalists (same guys who pillage the American people). He is projected as a communist by the corporate media who spend huge sums conditioning the minds of middle America against him and others like him, rather than spend it at home where they should. Win-win is just a catch phrase they invented to pretend they are compassionate Americans. We know what they are, bonuses and all, don’t we?
    You will find some jackboot action here:
    And here a comment from a participant at the Republican National Convention:
    im from the U.S. and i have a little story to share. The republican national convention was held in St Paul Minnesota this september. Thousands showed up to protest the american system and the policies from those in power. A few bolder and courageous individuals decided to try to make actions similar to those greek protesters, but their efforts were swiftly ended by the police. The protests were basically parades being over-watched by the black uniformed riot police that lined the streets. Any deviation in pattern from the main parade/ protest people would be picked off and dragged away with ease. Any confrontation with the police the people were going to undoubtedly lose. The weapons, technology, tactics, brutishness, and pure egoism that the police had was enough to suppress any type of confrontation. During the final night of the protests the police were fed up and decided to put an end to the foolish spectacle that was considered a protest. I was there that last night and this is what i experienced. The 300 hundred or so people left (mostly youth) in a final push to get to the place where the actual convention was being held were met by a huge and threatening police force. Quickly the police surrounded the group of protesters, the police force matched the protesters in numbers and out-powered the group of people substantially. The police began to shoot tear gas and concussion grenades into the crowd. The people were herded onto a bridge and they all just laid down defeated. I tried to run, i ran in circles being chased by police as i was completely surrounded. I was tazered at one point while trying to get away, i managed to rip the tazer darts from my back and get back up and continue to run. I was being maced the whole time this was happening also. I was fairy upset at this point and i charged the police line broke through and tried to escape. I made it about 5 city blocks before i was hunted down by a gang of police. In the square of an apartment complex i was beaten relentlessly. I was then arrested and taken to jail, where i was thrown into solitary without any contact for at least 24 hours. Finally i made my phone call and was able to get out. Im not saying people were apathetic, or cowards, or anything of that sort. People made a legitimate effort to express their anger towards the U.S. government, but the police force was just overwhelming. I realize now why many remain complacent in the american system, there is a lot of fear. I only attempted to run from the police when they began to shoot grenades at me, and i was beaten, tazed, maced, and jailed. I did not provoke the police at any point and neither did any single person in that protest or crowd, and yet we were met with a massive amount of violence. The american powers have too much of just that, Power. Any resistance is quickly stopped, and unless people are ready to face this violence there will be no uprising or quasi-revolution like the greeks. America exists in a state of fear and dark energies, ignorance and apathy is wide spread and the people who can make a difference and want to either are; too fearful or put their energies into the false hope of change that is being sung throughout the land. – Posted by Benji the Anonymous December 20, 08 12:46 AM
    A lot needs to be changed, and a government for the people, by the people has to be restored. The elites should be exiled to their pirate coves and embargoed economically for 50 years.

  20. Bear of Little Brain

    Jeez. Clicked your Obama link for a little headbanging heavy metal session and got a rational description of the path to Armageddon instead! The nuke sequence now falls into place.
    Jim Sinclair has been going on about Pakistan for ages, but I didn’t give it too much thought. Brilliant (and frightening) link. Thanks.
    Next problem: where the f**k to hide.

  21. David

    nah and coldtype:

    nah, I especially liked your explanation that we US citizens and the Chinese Communists workers are going to be more alike in our lifestyles under the ongoing free trade system.

    When you think about it, that is so right.

    Friedman and the free market economists out of The University of Chicago and Harvard and elsewhere, appear to intentionally want things to turn out this way, but I suspect that they are just little intellectual hacks who are trying to keep their endowments from corporations and foundations coming into their other words, go along to get along.

    It is the elite club of ultra-wealthy globalists and their think tanks who want this GREAT ECONOMIC LEVELING of the world’s lower tiers of humanity to occur.

    This is especially disgusting for me. My grandfather was a railroad worker before the Great Depression, and he did quite well. Because of that Depression, I saw my dear dad work half a lifetime in a factory to own a modest, comfortable little brick home, and try to better our family. My brother and I graduated college, thanks to dad’s hard work and good example, and our standard of living rose just a little…it took three generations of really hard work for this to happen.

    Multiply my little tale by a hundred million and you begin to get an idea of the total amount of work it took for the US to become successful. Now, the free market globalists want this great, worldwide leveling to occur, including downgrading the US standard of living back to poverty status for most US citizens. And they think they will sit on top of it all and “guide” us “leveled down” peasants who will be expected to continue supporting their usual excesses.

    Nah says “communism is a fools system” and coldtype says that capitalism might be a fool’s system also. I think you are both wrong about this.

    Both systems work if they are well regulated by well-intentioned, smart, serious people. The Soviet communists failed because of corruption and elitism, and our US capitalist system is also failing because of these very same problems.

    On the other hand, the Chinese appear to be following a reasonable, well-controlled course, and their system is presently economically stable.

    A fool’s system is a corrupt, unregulated free trade system.

  22. emsnews

    I have a HUGE article about the second half of the Telegraph article, Bear. You see, it has FAKE INFORMATION that is very nasty embedded in it. Propaganda.
    The lies about the Great Depression are legion and pop up constantly because writers simply repeat previous propaganda put out over the years. They do NOT look at raw data, statistics or try to ‘think out of the box.’ And this inability is why we are seeing a global collapse.

  23. Looks like Japan’s fake depression is starting to become real…

  24. Charlie x

    First of all, communism and fascism are practically the same things. The fact that some people tend to think of these as opposites is due to indoctrination, disinformation. etc.

    Bubba, what you are advocating is indeed the political opposite of totalitarianism. It’s called anarchy, and it is very unstable. In nature, unstable systems have a tendency to flip into their opposite states, often violently.

    On the other hand, the Chinese appear to be following a reasonable, well-controlled course, and their system is presently economically stable.

    Yes, systems where workers have no rights, no controls over their own fortunes, and are virtually slaves have a tendency to be stable. Miserable, but stable. But hey, if you don’t like 80+ hour work weeks at slave wages, you can always plant rice in the country. You will probably starve, but a quicker death may actually be preferable.

    David, people all over the world work hard for generations and end up with nothing. The reason some Americans have been able to accumulate wealth is because it has been a global empire living off of the fat of its exploits. In other words, we Americans have been the beneficiary of the very same forces that have been more openly turned against us and the world since 9/11. That is why the world is cheering our downfall. It’s not like as Americans we are somehow entitled to consume a grotesquely disproportionate amount of the world’s energy.

    Anyone that maintains a roof over the head, a mattress to sleep on, protective clothing, regular nutrition, and proper rest necessary for reasonable health is an extremely lucky person.

    As Americans, if we want to have any chance of fighting for rare and precious liberty one of the things we must do is drastically reduce our expectations regarding materialism and consumption. In other words, we will either willingly accept less, or we will be forced to accept less.

    On the bright side if we do choose force at least we will have more “stability” once the proverbial dust settles.

  25. CK

    What CK wants for Yule is a handpump for his well, just in case the power goes out and CK wants to make a cuppa coffee.
    Prices for working/repairable hand tools are slowly inching skyward.
    Was a bit lucky last week, purchases a set of chimney sweep tools for $5. Woodburners need chimneys swept more often than oilburners do.
    Anarchy is what most of us live in every minute of every day. Truly how often do any of you have call for the armed service of your local governmental thugs?

  26. Grok1

    Elaine….exactly as you have predicted:

  27. CK – What type of coffee maker do you have?
    Also, I assume you have an inverter and some batteries if you want to drink warm coffee. Plus, you need a way to charge those batteries if the power stays out for long.

  28. emsnews

    I used to joke, when we lived in a tent, ‘Running water is when it is raining or when we go very fast while carrying a bucket of water.’

  29. Bear of Little Brain

    He confesses; his records are hopeless and could take years to sort out; but his admitted fraud enables out-of-pocket investors to claim compensation (instead of taking their losses??). I’ve heard of a double bluff, I’ve heard of a scam – never a double-bluff-scam. Expect Bernie to sell the movie rights to Spielberg 🙄 :
    “But then I started to look more closely at the mix of investors who have lost money. About half of them are professional investing institutions.”
    “I have acted as a professional consultant to major EC and US financial institutions on corporate and institutional credit risk and the idea that anyone in HSBC or Santander could authorise large investment without the internal checks and controls being employed is almost impossible. To try and believe that EVERY institution that invested in Madoff circumvented their internal control procedures IS impossible.”
    A comment says the Daily Mail link does not work. It did for me:
    The blog is Sunniforum. Trust a real Semite (probably) to spot the possibility. 😉
    Apologies if this has been spotted before. I’m falling behind on these postings!

  30. Hey Big Bear of Big Britain Brain 😉
    Makes you wonder what the lawyers are doing?
    Whose law are we talking about here?

  31. and what the FUCK are the accountants doing….worthless number-crunchers…

  32. Hello accountants…do you read?
    Don’t you know what the accountant is supposed to do?
    Make sure everyone plays by the rules.
    Go burn your diplomas…

  33. Charlie x

    Re: CK’s wish list:

    So, coffee is your drug of choice? Well, we all have our vices.
    Just so we’re all on the same page, we understand that in the real world a state of anarchy is defined by characteristics such as bloodthirsty mobs, widespread lawlessness and screams in the night, right?
    I am going to wish for everyone to have a happy Christmas. For any Christians reading this (especially those affiliated with organized churches), however, I would like to urgently encourage the traditional holiday expressions of wishes and prayers for peace on Earth be upgraded from a seasonal activity to more of a full time policy.

  34. Awomen to that Charlie x…..
    Amen too.

  35. But we all need to remember – the righteous tend to only have one eye….

  36. And finally plus thankfully lastly on this cold but sunny winter day as a left-handed son of a left-handed navy US Destroyer commander, I think I am in my rights to say as such.
    Good day gentlemen and of course also for all you wonderful and beautiful ladies out there – Good day to you.
    Salam and Shalom (imagine that).

  37. I do remember there was this great calamity at the local “commune”/ hippie house/ store/ restaurant, and everybody was trying to steal everything. So the smart-ass rich-kids who knew how to do certain things incorporated the place. They found, much to their dismay, that running it was a hell of a lot of work, so they ran away and left me in charge.

    Even though it was not-for- profit (but not “tax exempt”), I could barely make ends meet. I had to wire up a ground connection to the big stainless steel kitchen (which ended up literally saving their stupid behinds). When a pipe froze, I had to cut the copper pipes and wield the blowtorch. And I had to do all the “books.” I certainly could not afford to screw up, else everybody there was out of their jobs, homes, etc.

    At first I was certain that all the Madoff victims had to be small fry, busy types who made less that a million a year. I was frankly shocked that so many of them were big institutional investors, pouring in 100’s of millions. If I was them, I would have seen this guy’s first grade homework. I would have had planes with infrared imaging fly by his office. If he had hemorrhoids, I would known all about it. Then again, I’ve seen it before.

    GM insisted on making gas guzzlers even when it was clear as day they were doomed. The U.S. wanted “free trade” when it was an obvious fast track to ruin. Stupidity of cosmic proportions. Capitalism must be a joke: The dumber and crazier you are, the more money people will hand you. Why impose capitalism on these dumb creatures who cannot reason their way out of a paper bag?

  38. CK

    @BK: Graniteware coffee pot, it works fine on any stove or over an open fire.
    @CharlieX. Drugs of choice, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, red meat, salt. Anarchy is defined as a state of not having a government. What you defined is chaos. They are different. As far as bloodthirsty mobs, thugs, widespread lawlessness and screams in the night…pretty decent description of American Democracy at home and forceibly applied outside those pesky lines some old sod in England drew on a map.

  39. David

    Charlie X:

    Sorry it took awhile for me to respond, but I’ve been busy with some outside work.

    I’m not questioning whether either Capitalism or Communism are good or bad. I’m simply saying that they both work when they are well regulated. You are sidetracking somewhat with your argument that both fascism and communism are the worst systems of worker enslavement around. That is also debatable, because capitalism is also a system where the worker is hired as cheaply as possible (and believe me, our large, good-ole-American, flag-waving, talking-about-freedom-and-liberty, capitalist corporations who are presently doing away with American jobs and exploiting Chinese workers for 57 cents an hour) do not give a flying whit about worker welfare or worker liberty.

    The only reason that these Capitalists are using the Chinese is because they cannot quite yet force Americans to again work for slave wages as they did in the past. We need to remember that US capitalists used to work US children to death in US mills and factories, and they didn’t give a shit about the little urchins’ health or living conditions until American unions and American socialism forced regulators to end these practices. Now, they’re doing the same damned thing again overseas.

    Now, that the Chinese communists are doing some nation building, they are allowing US capitalists to exploit their citizens, for a price: the money, the technology and the industrial machinery they have gotten out of the deal. A time will come when US Capitalists return home with only the shirts on their backs, and I hope I’m here to greet the greedy bastards, and maybe spit at them them.

    It is misguided to think we in the US care about our workers more than the other nations, or that we are all about democracy and freedom. The US has always flirted with fascism a bit, and it is now leaning pretty hard in a fascist, authoritarian direction. US corporations, officials and stockholders care about one thing…making money. In the US, the super wealthy moneyed elite have a huge disconnect when it comes to caring how their wasteful, luxurious lifestyles are directly responsible for a lot of human suffering in the world around them, but many of them could give a shit less.

    However, all of this being said, it still seems rather stupid to throw away national wealth earned with a century or more of effort, or allow it to be stolen by corrupt bankers, wealthy financiers and corrupt officials. If you are right, Charlie X, and the world is looking to level things for us, we had better hang onto and protect all we presently have. We’re really gonna need it.

    So, as usual, in this new world order, there is one set of rules for the wealthy and another for the peasants. Same old song, just a different verse.

  40. emsnews

    Hey, that describes Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, NY back in the seventies! No cops, constant crimes, screaming and guns going off at night.
    True story: This career criminal and his out of control girlfriend were, as always, fighting in the middle of my block, at the top of their considerably powerful lungs.
    ‘I’ll kill you,’ screamed the con man.
    I’ll kill you DEADER’ screamed the GF. A neighbor yelled, ‘Will you kill him and shut the hell up?’ Just as she stabbed the guy in the chest and killed him.
    I was pretty disgusted by this for it interrupted my sleep.
    Another time, two gangs were fighting over turf one block away. One threw a stick of dynamite into a building occupied by the other gang. BAM. It knocked me out of bed, the block was now on fire.
    And I went on the war path! Got rid of both gangs. Yes, you can live in total lawless chaos but you better be a good shot [HAHAHA] have nerves of steel and a cruel streak that is pretty wide. Like, slamming someone’s head into a sidewalk after tackling him after he mugs a neighbor, screaming, ‘If I ever see your bloody face again, you will die!’ and other such pleasant things.
    This is why gangs take over. Or people like me start our own patrols and security systems. I much prefer to have law and order and not have to hobble outside in my old age, beating thugs with my umbrella.

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