Gaza is a combination of Fallujah, Iraq, and the Warsaw Ghetto. Of course, the Israeli Jews can’t march everyone off to an extermination camp. But the malice is there. The use of white phosphorus shells on civilian neighborhoods is a war crime. Of course, the US won’t say this since we do it, too. Treating imprisoned populations as a battleground is wrong in every possible way. But then, nearly all of WWII was fought in civilian neighborhoods. And treated as a glorious thing. This is quite different from previous wars. Even WWI wasn’t fought nearly entirely in cities.

Gaza and Israel conflict

Artillery shells explode above Gaza City


Israel is believed to be using controversial white phosphorus shells to screen its assault on the heavily populated Gaza Strip yesterday. The weapon, used by British and US forces in Iraq, can cause horrific burns but is not illegal if used as a smokescreen.

As the Israeli army stormed to the edges of Gaza City and the Palestinian death toll topped 500, the tell-tale shells could be seen spreading tentacles of thick white smoke to cover the troops’ advance. “These explosions are fantastic looking, and produce a great deal of smoke that blinds the enemy so that our forces can move in,” said one Israeli security expert. Burning blobs of phosphorus would cause severe injuries to anyone caught beneath them and force would-be snipers or operators of remote-controlled booby traps to take cover. Israel admitted using white phosphorus during its 2006 war with Lebanon.

The use of the weapon in the Gaza Strip, one of the world’s mostly densely population areas, is likely to ignite yet more controversy over Israel’s offensive, in which more than 2,300 Palestinians have been wounded.


People like to pride themselves on becoming increasingly ‘civilized.’  The word comes from Latin for ‘city’.  The earliest cities discovered they had to defend themselves from outside invaders.  The history of humanity is all about building cities and then seeing them destroyed in wars.  During the Age of Enlightenment , after the horrors of religious warfare swept through Europe leaving huge swaths of devastation and starvation, military and social critics and philosophers pondered, how to wage war without that level of utter devastation.


Many Jewish thinkers joined in this effort since the Jewish community, virtually all urban, suffered tremendously whenever ethnic/religious wars roared into fire.  A large body of work grew up from 1600-1800 about how to have humane wars.  Of course, this humanity was not extended to non-Europeans.  The savage wars in Africa, South and North America and Asia continued unabated.  Much of this featured the annihilation of whole civilizations.  But in Europe itself, a truce was called.  


In addition, the battle tactics of the Mongols who swept Asia and the Middle East and all the way to Vienna and Warsaw, was to wipe out ALL cities, totally.  This draconian method of warfare was roundly condemned not only by Europeans but especially, Muslims.  The memory of this was particularly strong in the Middle East and Russia.


For 200 years, everyone strove to fight wars outside of cities and towns, not inside them.  A feature of the Napoleonic wars was how nearly all the battles occurred outside of cities.  There is one major, major exception, of course: the sneak attack on Russia.  Napoleon tried to keep the cities intact so he could exploit their services.  But the Russians either torched their cities or abandoned them and the French allowed them to burn down.  The destruction of Moscow was considered not just a war crime by other rulers in Europe but also was considered foolish in the extreme.  For the loss of the city forced Napoleon’s Grand Armee to swiftly flee Russia and 90% of it perished doing this.


Sentiment moved towards sympathy with Russia and eventually, Russians entered and occupied Paris, itself.  They didn’t burn it down.  After that, the wars between the empires of Europe were confined to other people’s territory: the fringes of the Ottoman Empire, the Chinese Empire, Africa, etc.  Killing natives armed with sticks and stones or feeble empires that had no firearms was normal.  When the Chinese rioted against foreign invaders, the European troops would loot palaces and burn parts of cities but even then, the razing of cities was discouraged.


Sherman’s march through Georgia was a revival of Mongol warfare techniques.  Burning all the habitations and driving the populace before him, he ruthlessly destroyed everything in his path.  A number of observers were appalled.  Yet, that was a harbinger of what was to come.  WWI saw increasing battles centering on cities.  But not to the degree that Sherman used.  After WWI, the victors wanted to chop up the German and Austro-Hungarian empires so they introduced a new concept that was kicking around the attic of European politics: ethnic nationalism.  


Of course, the British Empire had no truck with ITS ethnic/religious victims asserting sovereignty!  Ireland managed to force Britain to accept the fact that at least half of Ireland should be free of British rule.  But the other half is still in the firm grip of the Empire.  A century of warfare and ‘terrorism’ has led to a stalemate which the Irish hoping that sheer demographics will gain them the rest of Ireland at last.  The fury of this particular fight was so intense that in both WWI and WWII, the Irish refused to lift a finger to help the British Empire.  


Anyway, the contagion of ethnic identity politics spread like wildfire.  The Germans picked it up, of course, and gave birth to National Socialism whereby only the people of ethnic purity gets social services or are citizens!  This idea, far from dying, is thriving.  And the main pushers of this sort of ideology are the Jewish thinkers, writers, movie makers, etc.  They openly endorse the concept that there are no nations, only ethnic identities.  This, in turn, is causing mayhem far from the troubled waters of Galilee.  


Thanks to national socialist beliefs, WWII saw the focus of fighting shift from open fields of the Napoleonic era to the burning of cities of the Mongols and Sherman school of warfare.  The Luftwaffe and Japanese planes didn’t bomb armies fighting on fields. They bombed cities.  And in return, the Allies did the same. With increasing ferocity.  Soon, all the civilian centers of the warring parties that were not protected, were bombed ruthlessly.  The US was not bombed only because no one could reach us.  But we showed NO mercy at all, when hitting civilians.  


Indeed, unlike the field warfare of the 1600-1864 period, virtually all the major battles in Europe were fought in or around cities.  Paris was one of the very few cities that was spared this.  WWII ended with a dual war crime: the complete and utter and INSTANT annihilation of two major cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The message was clear: if people don’t surrender, ALL CIVILIANS would be killed without mercy.


So, in Desert Storm I, the US bombed fleeing Iraqi troops.  They weren’t fighting, they were trying to pull back into Iraq.  We butchered them.  After that, we invaded in Desert Storm II which should be called ‘Desert Sturm Truppen Zwei’.  We bombed the cities mercilessly.  When they surrendered, after a small gang killed four US mercenaries, the US punished the entire city of Fallujah by encircling it and then destroying, not allowing the populace to flee.


This was far worse than Napoleon burning Moscow.  He didn’t surround Moscow, pen in the population, then burned it.  This is what the Mongols did.  Today, we are witnessing modern Mongols destroying systematically, a city.  All, in the name of ethnic nationalism socialism for Jews.


Gaza Hospital Fills Up, Mainly With Civilians –


On Sunday, the day after Israel began its ground invasion of Gaza, Fida found Hanin at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. One of Hanin’s legs, her sister was told, had been amputated.

“I want her leg now!” Fida screamed at her mother, blaming her for moving them to the concrete house. “God has no mercy! You get me her leg now!”

Her uncle lost both legs in the missile strike on Sunday. Another woman found only half of the body of her 17-year-old daughter in the Shifa morgue. “May God exterminateHamas!” she screamed in a curse rarely heard these days. In this conflict, many Palestinians praise Hamas as resisters, but Israel contends the group has purposely endangered civilians by fighting in and around populated areas…..

Dr. Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian who was allowed into Gaza last week to give emergency medical aid, and who has worked in many conflict zones, said the situation was the worst he had seen….


The Israeli government says it has allowed 10,000 tons of essential humanitarian aid, mainly food and medicine, to be delivered to Gaza throughout the past week, even as Hamas has fired its longer-range rockets into major cities in Israel’s south.

Among the donations were 2,000 units of blood from Jordan, five ambulances from Turkey and five transferred on behalf of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society from the West Bank.

In recent days, most of those arriving at Shifa appeared to be civilians. On Sunday, there was no trace here of the dozens of Hamas fighters that the Israeli military said its ground forces had hit in the past few hours in exchanges of fire. The reason was not clear. Many ambulance drivers refused to go near the fighting. It also seemed possible that Hamas and Israeli fighters were still battling at some less lethal distance. It was difficult to know whether fighters were at other hospitals.

90% of Hamas rockets fell on open countryside.  Only after Israel attacked the cities in Gaza, did they aim their rockets to population centers.  They knew these rockets, which are very small and quite feeble in power, were statements, not warfare.  The Israelis, on the other hand, can kill all the people in Gaza using their airplanes and tanks.  Israeli missiles are the most potent on earth and are raining down on civilian populations.  The US media seldom mentions the fact that the Palestinians were bombing fields while the Israeli forces are bombing cities.  We can see this with our eyes, of course.


The NYT takes delight in seeing that the Palestinians, whipped from pillar to post, are divided about how to fight the Jews.  In any urban war, the victims curse anyone and everyone.  They want peace.  This is normal.  What is abnormal in the present case is this fact: the poor woman cursing Hamas has no champions who will protect her.  The West wants her DEAD.  Or at least, to shut up and wither on the vine so her grandchildren cease to be a ‘people’ and become ‘stateless’.  In a world where ethnic and religious identity equals citizenship, this woman has no hope of a homeland.


On the other hand, the entire business of Hamas is, ‘YES, Israeli Jews are right.  States should be cleansed of minorities and citizenship should be based ONLY on blood relations!’  And this is the real tragedy.  The two sides are fighting for the same monstrous ideal.  Just like all parties in the dismemberment of Yugoslavia embraced Jewish national philosophical values of Naziism.  Of course, we are ordered to never compare the Jewish terror state to the German terror state.  Yet both have the exact same philosophy and beliefs.  So they are the same.  The TARGET of the two groups is not the same.  But the beliefs are a perfect match.


Before the British and French empires conquered the Middle East, the people there considered themselves to be the subjects of the Ottoman Empire.  But even that was predated by another ethnic cleansing episode that was horrible: the Armenian Christian massacres.  The seeds of the ‘ethnic identity’ century was sown by the Ottoman Empire, itself.  Even as Russia’s czar was trying to ethnically cleanse the Khazar Jewish populations trapped inside of Russia.


Al Jazeera English – Middle East – Civilian deaths mount in Gaza war


Civilian deaths mount in Gaza war

Women and children are among the many 
Palestinian casualties [AFP]




Palestinian civilians are continuing to suffer as the Israeli military pushes deeper into the Gaza Strip.

At least 540 people have been killed in the territory in the last 10 days, with more than 80 deaths reported since the Israeli ground offensive began on Saturday.

Among the dead on Monday was a family of seven from Shati refugee camp, who were killed by Israeli navy shelling.

Three siblings from one family, as well as a girl and her grandfather, also died in the Zeitoun neighbourhood of Gaza during artillery shelling.

Emergency medical services have also come under attack with the al-Awda hospital in Jabaliya being hit by two Israeli shells, foreign human rights actvists said.



The heart breaks, looking at any ethnic wars.  These are very merciless.  The Communist ideology was supposed to repudiate ethnic identity and replace it with class identity.  Even so, communist nations fell prey to the same ethnic tensions as plagued the perimeters of the European empires.  When this horrible Jewish invasion of a helpless Gaza ghetto ends, we will have to count the bodies.  The vast majority of the victims will be, like Fallujah or Afghanistan, civilians.  In Afghanistan, they are peasants in the countryside.


Gaza has no real standing army. No navy, no air force.  They are nearly 100% civilian just like the armed Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, even if they served in armies in WWI, for example, were STILL civilians!  Pretending that all males in Gaza are military is propaganda.  Nearly all males in Israel ARE military and are part of a military organization that has an army, navy and air force.  Therefore, any male casualties are not civilian casualties.


OF COURSE, they are not counted this way!  Only in Gaza.  And this is how the US operates.  We are still holding prisoners, young people from Afghanistan who fought US military invaders.  We accuse them of being ‘terrorists’ because they fought us.  They are civilians who picked up arms.  But are not part of a government waging war on the US.  


The entire Al Qeada business was about being a civilian fighting force.  In WWI and WWII, it was legal for armies to kill non-uniformed fighters only in battle.  You couldn’t torture them, for example.  We torture them.  The Israelis torture Muslims who are often mere children throwing rocks at armored tanks.  Israeli militias wearing masks regularly attack Muslims openly, in daylight, and are not punished.  Nor are the illegal settlements that disgorge these members of the IDF reserves, get surrounded and bombed to destruction by the IDF.  They are allowed to practice terrorism.  They get this right because they are Jews.  And in any good national socialist ethnic state, this means they are legal and anyone resisting them are terrorists.


Al Jazeera English – Middle East – Jordan ‘reconsidering Israel ties’


Jordan ‘reconsidering Israel ties’

Protesters have called for diplomatic ties to be frozen and the Israeli ambassador expelled [EPA]




Jordan’s prime minister has said his country may review its diplomatic ties with Israel in the wake of the offensive in Gaza.

“Jordan will look into all options, including reconsidering relations with Israel,” Nader Dahabi told legislators on Sunday.

“There is no way we would remain silent when this threat affects the security of the entire region.”

Jordan and Egypt are the only two Arab states to have normalised relations with Israel. Amman also has strong ties with the US.




The US and Israel can see the unwinding from afar. They are both indifferent to this force.  They figure, we can buy off the rulers of the Muslims and they, in turn, will turn a blind eye to this ethnic cleansing episode.  Of course, many Muslim populations have been driven into endorsing national socialist ethnic identity politics!  So we get raging mobs spreading across the land, seeking to wipe out all other people.  In turn, the Jews complain that their people in other lands are being persecuted.


The logic of ethnic warfare demands that anyone of the wrong groups should be killed or removed, after all.  If Israel thinks this is bad and I think it is horrible, then we have to endorse US-style citizenship.  Anyone can be an American!  So anyone can be an Israeli or an Egyptian, etc.  How simple is that?  Well, ask the British!  


They locked out Catholic Irish for centuries. In Northern Ireland, until very, very recently, Catholics were not allowed to be police, just for one glaring example.  For 300 years, the Irish Catholics could not buy land!  Or build houses, only huts. This is EXACTLY how Israel is run today.



Israeli Arabs on Gaza firing line lack shelter | Antiwar Newswire

A rocket exploded a few hundred yards from Mateb Abu Nasr’s house, driving home the message that tens of thousands of Israeli Arabs living within range of militant attacks from Gaza are just as vulnerable as their Jewish neighbors.But there’s a difference: When the wailing sirens warned of an incoming missile, Abu Nasr’s family had nowhere to hide.


Homes in Jewish towns and settlements are required to have one room with reinforced walls and a steel door. Public bomb shelters are accessible, and protective barriers even have been erected in rural areas.

The Arab town of Rahat, population 45,000, is about 24 miles from Gaza and is situated on the outer perimeter reachable by the long-range rockets that Hamas has unleashed for the first time. Few homes here have a safety room, and there are no public shelters

“This is clear discrimination,” said Hassan el-Rafia, an Arab regional official, who says the lack of defenses is typical of the way Israel treats its Arab citizens. Arabs comprise about 20 percent of Israel’s population of 7 million people…

Like many of the Palestinians of Gaza, the Abu Nasr clan and thousands of other people were displaced after the 1948 war that led to Israel’s statehood. Unlike the Gaza Palestinians, they stayed in Israel and became citizens. But land disputes were never settled, and many live in simple homes built illegally and under constant threat of having their homes bulldozed.



This happens in every war in Israel: the Jews are protected, the Palestinians are left outside to bear the brunt of the fighting.  I can’t imagine how the Jews here in the US or in Israel sleep at night.  How can they ignore this obvious racism?  This obvious throw-back to Naziism?  For the Nazis only allowed ‘echt Deutsche’ into bomb shelters.  Foreigners, enslaved workers, Jews, anyone who was not a good German was left outside.  And the very clever lawyers who infest the Israeli court system have written neo-Nazi laws that make it nearly impossible for the natives of Palestine to build or enlarge homes or to buy land from Jews.  They can sell, not buy.


Israel Won’t Let Red Cross Team into Gaza | News From


With hospitals overwhelmed by the shortage of supplies caused by weeks of on-and-off blockades and the enormous number of casualties, the need for foreign aid workers, in particular doctors, is greater than ever in the Gaza Strip. Why then, is a Red Cross team of doctors and nurses unable to enter the area?

The organization says the team has been waiting at the Erez Crossing for three days now. Initially their entry was denied by the Israeli military, citing security reasons, and while that decision was officially reversed the crossing has been closed ever since, keeping the team unable to provide aid to Gaza’s thousands of wounded.


Neither lawyers, reporters, medical doctors, food or the Red Cross can come in.  The Jews know that this is what the Nazis did, too.  They can’t help themselves.  They talk big about being humane and even pretend to be a DEMOCRACY that obeys LAWS.  But when the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that 12 reporters could go into Gaza, the Israeli Nazis said, ‘Nope.  Can no do.’  And ignored the courts!  So, is Israel a democracy or is it a military police state? 


Ask any Muslim.  


In Israel, Bloomberg Shows His Support –


Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was touring this rocket-battered town on Sunday when a public-address system warned of a fresh attack. Chairs were knocked over and frantic shouts — “Get inside now! Move!” — could be heard in Hebrew and English as the mayor was whisked by Israeli guards and his own security detail into a protected room.

The rocket, and a second one, missed the town. But they gave the mayor a visceral taste of the conflict the world has been watching from a distance for more than a week: rockets fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza, and Israel’s sweeping air and ground assault in response.

Calm but somber as he emerged from the safe room, Mr. Bloomberg played down the moment of panic. “I feel exactly the same way I do when I’m in New York City,” he said. “You are worried about it, you turn to the professionals, and I think what is obvious is that the Israelis are as well trained as the N.Y.P.D.,” he said….

Mr. Bloomberg’s stops included the pediatric department of the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, which has been transferred to an underground, bombproof ward. There he met with children, including Palestinians from Gaza whose illnesses were being treated. He passed out stuffed toys — Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Elmo.

“Do you have ‘Sesame Street’ here?” he asked a Palestinian toddler who looked at him blankly as the mayor tucked Big Bird next to his small hands.


Has the Jewish mayor, Bloomberg, demanded to know why Muslims have no bomb shelters?  Did he demand to see the victims of masked Jewish marauders in Galilee?  And the ‘well trained as the NYPD’ business?  HAHAHAHA.  Good grief.  When I lived in NYC, I joined with a number of black community leaders to demand that half of the police be black.  Not even 5% was aback in 1970.  And these white, often suburban cops were horrible.  They abused everyone in the inner city.  When I tried to get them to patrol my neighborhood sanely, they snidely said, ‘Why don’t you move away?’  


The fight to integrate continues!  White cops gun down black civilians all the time.  Quite famously so!  The Israelis are ten times worse than the NYPD when it comes to racism.  Bloomberg, of course, thinks it is cool that Jewish cops in Israel can stand aside while masked Jewish marauders ethnically cleanse neighborhoods.  Many a neighborhood in Brooklyn or Queens lusts for equal powers!  Our own city can end up a flaming ruins if ethnic warfare breaks out!  I have witnessed this in the past!


That poor Muslim child from Gaza, brought into Israel for a propaganda photo shoot.  This obviously Jewish guy hands the poor tyke a toy and is asked if he has ‘Sesame Street’?  How about a sesame BUN to eat at HOME????  


Click here to see the Galloway interview on Russian TV —RT: Interview with George Galloway on 2008-12-31 18:58


The U.S. and the EU gave the greenlight to Israel for the attacks on Gaza, says George Galloway, a member of the British Parliament representing the Respect Party.


Statement on Gaza Stalls in UN Security Council


Following a day of debate, the U.N. Security Council could not agree on language for a statement condemning the deterioration of the situation in the Gaza Strip. From U.N. headquarters in New York, VOA’s Margaret Besheer has more.

The draft statement circulating among the 15-member council expresses concern about “the steep deterioration of the humanitarian situation” in Gaza due to Israel’s continued closure of all border crossings, and the cutting of electricity and reduction of fuel to the Palestinian territory’s one and a half million residents. But it fails to mention the hundreds of rockets Hamas militants have fired into southern Israel in the last week.

U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad said he could not support the Libyan-authored draft as it stands.

“As is, it is not acceptable,”said Zalmay Khalilzad. “Many other colleagues have spoken also in the council that it does not talk about the rocket attacks, the attacks on innocent Israelis.”

Libya’s U.N. Ambassador Giadalla Ettalhi, who is also the Security Council’s president this month, told reporters following the marathon session that the council would meet again Wednesday afternoon to discuss a revised draft and hopefully it would be adopted. Passage of the non-binding text requires approval by all 15 council members.


All the might and majesty of US power is being used up rapidly, throwing ourselves in front of the Israeli ethnic cleansing machine, trying to protect it until it finishes its dirty work.  We are running out of time.  We need the world’s sympathy, not hatred. We gain NOTHING from this activity. And the danger that ethnic warfare will come to the US rises every hour.  The more we endorse, protect and enable ethnic cleansing, the more likely it will RETURN here.  For we did this in the past!  As Europeans colonized this land.


US opens new Iraq embassy, moves to normalise ties | Reuters

The United States opened its new embassy building in Baghdad on Monday, a step meant to symbolise its transition from occupying power to an ally of a sovereign Iraqi government.

In recent weeks U.S. diplomats have gradually moved into the $592 million newly-built compound, the world’s largest U.S. embassy building, leaving behind a sprawling palace they had inhabited since toppling Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in 2003.

U.S. officials ruled Iraq directly from the same palace for more than a year after taking Baghdad.

The opening of the new embassy is in line with a change of power that was effected on New Year’s Day, when U.S. forces in Iraq officially came under an Iraqi mandate.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte and Iraqi President Jalal Talabani attended the opening ceremony. 

In a courtyard between two wings of the new building, the Iraqi national anthem was played, then U.S. Marines raised an American flag to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner.

We move into this fortress, hoping to control Iraq.  We don’t control Iraq.  The internal ethnic battles still rage nearly totally out of control.  The Shi’ite alliance with Iran grows stronger by the hour.  Our days are doomed there in Baghdad.  And look at the money we spent!  Half a billion dollars?  And the biggest embassy on earth?  HUH?  Some ’embassy’.  And big as it is, it is as futile as the big one we built in Pakistan, way out in the countryside so angry Pakistanis can’t storm it.


AFP: Iraqi PM says links with Iran are developing


(AFP) — Relations between Iraq and Iran are developing in a number of ways, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said during a visit to Iran on Saturday.

“The exchange of high ranking visits between the two country’s officials shows that the bilateral relations are developing in different areas,” Maliki said after a meeting with Iran’s first vice-president, Parviz Davoudi, according to the Iraqi leader’s office.

Maliki, who arrived on Saturday for a two-day visit, also met Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

In the meeting, Ahmadinejad prioritised “regional cooperation to establish security in the region,” state television website reported.

“Our Islamic and humane duty requires that we always stand by the Iraqi nation,” he was quoted as saying.

The Iranian president also said that the two countries can “rapidly boost relations and bilateral trade with the wisdom and will of their leaders.”


Iran’s supreme leader:With U.S. presence in Iraq, no peace expected for Iraqis_English_Xinhua


Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said here Sunday that with the U.S. presence in Iraq, no peace can be expected for the Iraqi people, the website of state TV (IRIB) reported.

    He made the remarks in his meeting with visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

    “Our aim is peace, dignity, independence and advancement to Iraqis and will do anything needed to implement this goal,” Khamenei said.

    Referring to the U.S. presence in Iraq, he said that “The U.S. is treacherous and reneger and is not a good friend even for its close allies in the region, therefore, its promises cannot be trusted.”

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also said on Saturday that it was Iran’s duty to stand by the side of Iraq.

    “Our Islamic and humanitarian duty requires us to be incessantly by the side of Iraqi people,” he was quoted by the official IRNA news agency as saying.


Israel and the US pray that Iran comes to the aid of the Palestinians so we can bomb Iran, too.  And this is how world wars begin!  The US is rapidly losing economic and political power and our military heft is being halved each generation.  We can barely fight off waves of partially or barely armed civilians as they fling themselves upon our armored vehicles.  We know we can win the way we won in Fallujah: kill them all.  And this is the miserable end of the American Dream.


An ethnic nightmare.





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  1. You have no memory signals!What has Hamas been doing with their rockets?Remember,sederot etc…
    They aren’t targeting civilians,and the reports
    prove it!Hamas,is using them as shields…Read some war history on terrorism…

  2. Hello tio

    Just a private joke there Elaine LOL.

  3. emsnews

    Yes, isn’t it sad? Sderot was once upon a time, a Palestinian village. Now, they are all confined on the other side of this nasty fence, in a ghetto they can’t escape as the Jews butcher them openly.

  4. CK

    It is truly fantastic that the Israeli army is unable to do simple counter battery fire. Unable or unwilling. The drive to the sea continues. And lo the old CK was wrong a few days ago in stating that there was nothing valuable in palestine. seems that there are seriously large nat gas deposits off shore … off the palestine shore; like those serious gold deposits in the badlands of South Dakota that led to the battle of Greasy Grass. And now we find out that all those missing Madeoff funds somehow ended up in Bank Leumi a wholly owned sudsidiary of J. Ezra Merkin. Merkin’s other enterprise GMAC and its Bank were all over the TV today advertizing high yield cd’s.
    Someone ask me why am I not surprised?

  5. billibaldi

    Elaine, the US embassy in Baghdad seems large enough to make a really good Viceroy’s palace.(lol)

  6. Dutch

    Interesting article. Could it be that some countries on the “Terror list” do not want to play the 10 for 11 ball? Elaine you were right about an Iranian War. But I believe the Iranians want to sell us cheap oil. Something Bush was against. Notice how news in general has died down, no cameras , no reporters, etc. Halliburton was building the nuclear reactors in Iran.

    They actually started construction on this before this story broke.

  7. Simon

    Part of Ireland is still firmly under the Queen’s thumb
    The industrialized half :)

  8. seraphim

    No Elaine. There were not the Russian czars who “ethnically cleansed” the Jewish Khazars. It is true that they tried to integrate them in the Russian society, mainly by encouraging baptism. Some Khazars converted, but the majority viewed this with such horror that they either emigrated (blessing America with their precious presence) or became revolutionaries hellbent to destroy the “mystical-obscurantist” (to use the term used by the communists)tyranny of the czars (with the money from the American Khazars who maintain to this day their hatred of Russia). They tried the ethnic cleansing in Ukraine (and they invented the “camps”).

  9. if

    Remember Stalin’s favorite phrase: “No people, no problem.”


  10. emsnews

    Seraphim, that is not true at all. The Jews had to flee to Poland, America, Germany, Austria, etc. My own Levy side of the family came to Brooklyn in 1899 because they were forced out of Russia.

  11. cognitis

    If you thought only the US to have gravely restricted civil rights, go to this link:

    All rulers continue to convert the world into a single prison, a prison with grades of freedom; ie: felons have access to internet, but only the lawful can get proprietary net accounts, while all net access–of criminals or of the lawful–suffer continuous observation and are subject to “hacks” or interruption; such a conception of the world as a prison with varying degrees of freedom is to me as fascinating as outrageous, and it’s certainly insidious, hardly detected, very effective.

  12. Simon

    What happened with the people at Gaza? did they tried to install their own currency again?? :p

  13. emsnews

    Of course, tyranny is all over the place. But the US and Israel both love to boast that we are for ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’. Note how our representatives won’t vote for us if someone with money wants them to vote against our interests.

  14. Exchell

    First reported massacre committed by Israeli ground forces!
    The morning 6 of January the Israelis attacked the village Zytom in Gaza and gathered men in one building; women and children in another, and then Panzer bombed the buildings. Poor farmers and not Hamas fighters. Nine months old Joumena survived the pogrom, had to have her left hand amputated, reveal the Norwegian paramedic Mads Gilbert.
    Joumenas family where extinguished, eleven killed, her mother survived but has gone missing. Photo of Joumena by MADS GILBERT;
    The Israeli uses DIME- weapons, a bomb or missile that detonates with powerful and lethal explosive power confined to a small area, and tears the human body to pieces report Gilbert from hospital in Gaza. The experienced doctor, he was in Beirut 1982, is totally shocked by the Israeli behavior in Gaza and compares it to Hades.

  15. emsnews

    We did this sort of thing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Like that poor girl who was brutally raped and then the US army soldiers then gunned down her family.

  16. PLovering

    Peter Worthington, of the OTTAWA SUN reported in his column on September 12,1989 the following, in part:
    “…it is hard to escape the conclusion that Dwight Eisenhower was a war criminal of epic proportions. His (DEF) policy killed more Germans in peace than were killed in the European Theater.”
    Ike designated captured German POWs as “Disarmed Enemy Forces” (DEF) and imprisoned them in open fields to die of starvation and exposure. Under DEF, Geneva Rules did not apply to these prisoners nor was the Swiss Red Cross permitted access to these death camps.
    Ike was following the Morgenthau Plan for the complete destruction of Germany after WWII.
    General Patton released his German POWs after the war, until ordered otherwise by Ike.
    “Open Losses” by James Bacque details the matter.

  17. nah

    lots of little wars… wonder whats next to blow tha’ caldera or WW3
    they just ‘went in thar’ to stop the rockets, theyl’ keep hamas around

  18. seraphim

    Well let us not forget that the ideea of a territory belonging exclusively to the Jews “no matter in what part of the world” (even in Russia!) was born in the the ’70s of the XIXth century. In Russia the circles Hovevei Zion (the beloved of Zion) predate Herzl. In the ’80s the “palestinophylia” was raging among the jews of Russia so that many emigrated to Palaestina, where, (surprisingly?)they have not been welcomed by the Turks.

  19. Simon

    More than one nation were willing to give a homeland to the Jews after WWII but they insisted on the holy land, which was not only holy to them.
    It could not have been the massive amount of OIL in the Gulf region could it? Nope, of course not 🙂

  20. openly hidden

    about fallujah. i have close relatives who were in both iraq and afghanistan. in fallujah, don’t you remember “everyone knew” the marines were going to take the town or the war would have been over. for weeks our bullshit media confidentally told us it was impossible to take fallujah. the lefties were gleefully anticipating the united states defeat in fallujah. the civilians in fallujah had at least a couple of weeks notice this battle was actually going to be happening and when the marines went in most of the town was empty. this was no sneak attack on a civilian population. it was all-in time do or get out of iraq.

    of more interest to me is the fact that somehow it is possible to get soldiers to even do urban house to house warfare. i cannot imagine how a squad or fireteam can have the mental discipline to enter 10 empty houses to clear them, then on the 11th, find themselves IN THE SAME ROOM with 2 or 4 islams who pop up shooting so you will have in one room 6 or 8 fighters shooting at each other point blank on full automatic! of course discarded needles for shots of adrenaline would be found all over the ground. but give the devil his due, courage and training can apparently provice discipline to do the most horrifying things. i don’t see how anyone doing this shit can return sane personally. about japan, my dad was first in nagasaki with the second division marines who had been floating offshore waiting to wade ashore in a conventional assault like the marines did in sipan and tinian and wherever in conventional warfare in a battle that was fully expected to cost another million american casualties for the americans to take japan foot by foot if they hadn’t dropped the bomb. my dad was there. just tell the truth, don’t exagerate, the truth is bad enough.

    about you personally elaine. if, god forbid, you were born in different circumstances and lived in the mountains of afghanistan instead of new york, to travel, you would be led down a mountain trail riding on a donkey, covered head to foot in a burka by your husband. and you would certainly not be expressing yourself publically about anything. and gay people are simply to be killed. well, i will self-censor myself aobut more here…. so about this violence, well the wet ass hour approaches quickly now. what else can you expect in hell.

    personally i still don’t know why we are fighting over there. if we would exploit our own north american energy reserves for another generation while we perfect alternative sources of energy would we even be over there. but what is for the left to like about the islam culture i just don’t see it. i remember afghanistan blowing up the mountain with the big buddhas carved in them. they are not good neighbors to anyone. meanwhile, for example, the chinese culture whats not to like and admire about their history and culture. i hope they are around to pick up the pieces some day.

  21. openly hidden

    don’t get me wrong. i think that i would personally fit into an islamic culture if i had to. hell, better than i fit into our own culture here maybe. but i doubt elaine would….or many of the posters here could.

    so there must be something more going on here that i just don’t get. surely you all aren’t just motivated against the jews because of high principles? and don’t get me wrong again, i am against “money”, especially big money. especially big money charging interest. i always thought the spartans had the right idea. if you have to have money, make it difficult.

  22. criticalcontrarian

    So sorry, but bombing a walled-in people in Gaza is not the same as Fallujah. Perhaps the massacre in Qala-i-Jangi, or the containerized executions of surrendered prisoners on the Convoy of Death, would be more appropriate. Watch here:
    The media blitz disparaging the Palestinians is deafening. The truth is there is a very methodical process to ethnically cleanse the population of Gaza while driving the price of oil back up. Notice the hurried attempt to do so before January 21? Last hurrah of the Neocons? You wish! No cigar people. Let’s review the facts: Top 5 Lies About Israel’s Assault on Gaza @
    Who created Hamas? Good question, you can get a pretty contrarian perspective here:
    Who helped nutture and grow Hamas, just like “Al Qaeda” and Bush baby, bin Laden? Bin thinkin, have you? Try:
    At the end of the day the leadership of the US, UK and Israeli triumvirate have a great number of criminal liabilities to contend with in future. And that is just talking of the Middle East and Afghanistan. The list is a lot longer. With the end of Pax Americana the question one has to ask is, will the rest of the world be as kind to the leadership of these States as they were to the losers of WWI & WWII? We truly live in interesting times.

  23. JSmith

    “The use of white phosphorus shells on civilian neighborhoods is a war crime.”
    And poor Hamas has nowhere other than civilian neighborhoods to fight from. If they had any choice but to use civiliansd as shields I’m sure thay’d do it!
    “[WP] can cause horrific burns but is not illegal if used as a smokescreen.”
    US forces use it in a simple but effective tactic known as “shake and bake”. You fill an area with WP smoke and shoot whatever runs out.

  24. JSmith

    “90% of Hamas rockets fell on open countryside. Only after Israel attacked the cities in Gaza, did they aim their rockets to population centers. They knew these rockets, which are very small and quite feeble in power, were statements, not warfare.”
    OK, then! If Hamas was just making a statement, that surely wasn’t something the Israelis should have gotten all worked up over! But what, exactly, were thay stating? “We’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it any more?”
    ” Israeli missiles are the most potent on earth and are raining down on civilian populations. ”
    Possibly the Israelis are making a counter-statement?

  25. emsnews

    Smith, tell me, please, how many naval ships that have guns, how many helicopters, fighter jets, bombers, tanks and armored vehicles the Palestinians have? Eh? EH??? Ditto, the Iraqis when we INVADED their SOVEREIGN NATION, openly hidden? Did the people we killed…and we killed a lot…were they CIVILIANS?
    Remember what a civilian is: someone who is not wearing an uniform, someone who has no air force, not ships, nothing. People resisting an invasion have the RIGHT to fight and they have only a few places they can fight and that is cities.
    The Taliban are fighting us in the mountains. This is the alternative place where resistance to invaders happens: in very remote places difficult for invaders to penetrate like jungles, etc. As for insulting me about how we are freeing women; you utter creep!
    Women in Iraq were far, far, far freer under SADDAM. In Afghanistan, they were also far, far, far freer under RUSSIA than with us ‘helping’ them. We have freed exactly NO females ANYWHERE ON EARTH.
    In Vietnam, our military forces turned half of the female population into SEX SLAVES. Got that? Whores. The communists didn’t. I could go on and on but this is absolutely clear: no where on earth has the US military freed any women in the last 50 years.

  26. criticalcontrarian

    JSmith: Gaza is one of the most overcrowded places on the planet, that is some counter statement the Israelis are making! How would you feel if they were raining this down on downtown Manhattan?
    Better do your homework. Read what Norwegien Doctor Mads Gilbert has to say on what weapons are being used on civilian populations: Unconventional weapons used against Gazans @
    Between 270-500 Palestinians have lost their lives depending on who is reporting, and 2 Israeli deaths, and 2 “captured”. That is a very telling number. The Germans would kill 30 Frenchmen or Greeks for every German soldier the Resistance would kill. What is going on in Gaza is more like 135 to 1 up to 250 to 1. If they could get away with using a Neutron bomb, they would. Well, there are still 15 days from 21 January.

  27. emsnews

    Three Jewish soldiers died when they were bombed by their own side.

  28. emsnews

    By the way, we did this a lot to our own allies and ourselves in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  29. Gary

    Openly…. Sometimes you are freaking crazy.

    No-one in the “left” “gleefully anticipates
    failure of our country”. OUR country as well.
    Just like No-0ne spat on returning troops from
    ‘Nam. That was a planted story to arouse the NRA
    nuts. We look on in horror as what our govt
    is doing overseas. This horror comes from
    love of country.

    And the big one that was dropped on Nagasaki
    was to intimidate the Russians and NOT to
    cause Jap surrender. We knew they were ready
    to surrender. They were only waiting on some legal
    terms to keep their emperor from being executed.
    Which we agreed to later. We had all their codes
    cracked almost from the get-go.
    And by saying, “if you dont like it here
    go over there”, or similar phrasing, is like
    telling blacks to be grateful to the ‘massa
    for his cotton fields.

  30. criticalcontrarian

    Well the Israelis are doing a great job of targeting innocent children with all their “high tech” targeting systems, satellite imagery and “superb intelligence” gathering agencies, aren’t they? Bottom line, if your real intent is to be target specific and avoid civilian casualties you go house-to-house, CQB. You do not use artillery, phosphorus shells and aerial bombardment. 2,000lb. bombs are to-whom-it-may-concern, not target specific, way too much collateral damage. Even a 500 pounder is devastating. Worse, they are using the latest DIME ordnance, a real human shredder.
    Several sniper squads would be much more effective for target specific missions. Check out this latest report: Strike at Gaza school ‘kills 30’ @

  31. openly hidden

    what on earth are you talking about gary? go where? aho said anything like that about whom? i never heard anything like that about bombing nagasaki? i don’t know. for sure the second marine division expected to have to go ashore.
    oh i hate to get started on “the left”….especially since i read on this site that the left is being fractured by israel. so its not a monolithic movement. so i was pleasantly surprised about this site. but i know this. but i know, i know something for a fact gary. and that is what i call “the left” and big money, big big money that runs the world both basically want the same thing for us harmless little people. and that is the bottom 80% of the population basically be confinment hogs….follow along. i am from iowa where the tall corn grows and hogs are everywhere….or used to be before they disappeared inside. 50 years ago, i used to raise hogs like a pig is supposed to be raised. i.e. naturally outside in the woods with a shelter and all the freedom a hog could want. some of my old friend sows would be bigger than a horse did you know that gary. anyway, there used to be nothing prettier than corn harvest time as i picked corn, seeing a couple of mama sows with a dozen little piglets scooting in front of the corn picker making there way back home after spending the summer in the corn field. a hog is much smarter than a cow or a horse. a hog, the old style hog actually was a very admirable animal very capable of making its own living in the wild on its own. it is smart and a good mother and brave as hell. then along came “the experts” and they were paid by i am sure big money to “prove” it was more efficient to raise hogs in confinement. elaine would call these conditions “concentration camps”. so i watched all the little farmers over time get out of hogs unless they were prepared to spend $600,000 for a confinement barn and feed all concentrate rations and basically now hog farmers just provide labor and big companies own everything else. but my point is this. back when people first put the old tyme hog into confinement, they failed miserably. the hogs went crazy being penned up with only room to lay down basically not even be able to turn around. so what did the experts do gary? THEY BRED STUPID HOGS. hogs who if not happy being in their concentration camps, at least made the best of it while they wait their turn for slaughter.

    get my point? the left, the hard core totalitarian left/right (and what is the difference i ask you. i am not talking about you refreshing true liberal lefties i am talking about Dr. Zhivago scar face revolutionary riding stone faced on the train to kill some more people totalitarian demons) where was i? and big, big money want the same thing. they want us all to be confinement hogs, not even something real anymore. don’t ask me how i know. its a secret. if i told you, i would have to kill hyou then.

    follow along. i used t

  32. gary

    There are Neither Conservatives nor Liberals left in America
    Only Authoritarians. When you think of the “Left” you are
    thinking of the label, “Liberal” which, today, is a fraudulent
    term as the old time liberals from ys ago at least gave a little
    bit of a shit for the small guys like us. I truly wish there were
    real liberals and conservatives. Where theres a low level of
    healthy conflict between competing philosophies things are good for most of us. But all political conflict in this nation has collapsed and we have the “center” which is a big black hole of anal retentives, control freaks, “religious” wackos and swindlers.
    There is a real “left” in this country but its extremely small
    due to constant pressure from the media to surpress it.
    Its the Authoritiarians that really “hate” America and they can
    be labelled both ‘Liberal” and “Conservative”
    I see we are arguing over terms here and dont have a Grand
    Canyon between us. You see, words are basically meaningless
    jumbles of noises that are assigned meaning by us humans.
    Living in a gigantic heirarchy, those word meanings are given
    to us from on high (media) The word “Left” has been demonized since the late 1800’s. Some of the left like the
    commies deserve demonization but the socialists are quite
    different as they are not so dogmatic. But the socialists are always lumped in with the Trotsky’s, Stalins, and Mao’s in order to surpress any participation in politics by the “riff raff” like you and I. And I do very much agree with you when it comes to
    hog raising. A good hog farm ys ago was about 500 animals.
    Nowadays I hear its 50,000 or more. Iowa has been fucked up
    by a raft of evils. My heart goes out to people of Iowa. They have been screwed by giant Agri-Biz, corporate outsourcing (Maytag, Amana, etc) and Illegal immigration which is encouraged by IBP because nobody will work in their death
    camps for slave wages. My cousin, Joe-Joe lives in Sioux City
    in the NW corner of the state. He’s told me a lot. He’s kindofa
    fundamentalist but not the political kind so we get along.

  33. openly hidden

    hello gary. i am back. it sounds like you know what you are talking about. about hogs. it used to be 40 pigs would pay for a brand new pickup truck. and everyone had what…say 20-30 sows which would produce 200-300 pigs a year and they basically fed themselves following along behind cattle. i mean everyone could start out with twp or three female piglets and basically have a job that would support them just from retaining the females in 2 or 3 years. but apparently that was not good enough.

    now. about the confusion with elaine calling me…a….some kind of creep. a total creep? an utter creep! that was it!

    what i meant was this….if it is true that jews control all the finances of the country, and control the media of the country, and control the politics of the country….and given that i while not having anything in particular against the islams….i mean i liked lawrence of arabia and read ali babba and the whatever i mean i have afinity for nomads and that freedom….but on the one hand it seems like all the power resides with the jews and those who have all the power and money in our country. and on the other hand, you have the islams, and their quirky insistance of killing infidels who won’t convert if they have power over you, how come you all support the islams? personally, for myself, i got no dog in this fight. i mean its too bad and a shame of course, but i totally think things can get way worse world wide if indeed the financial capitalists have lost everyones money and overnight the dollar is not accepted overseas for example. but to me, if the elites and powerful for right now have all power over you and over me if we attract their attention for some reason, why go out of the way to annoy them isall i want to ask. and if things get totally out of hand and war develops everywhere, i personally don’t see why the united states ought to get involved with any of it as i cannot see who or why anyone would do anything but invade their own neighboring countries overseas if usa loses a lot of influence and power world wide but why should we get involved in it all sez i. thats all. i am sure i gought to proof read more what i write but….anyway, i wasn’t insulting elaine in any way. although she assumed i was saying usa military was “rescuing’ women i think but that never entered my mind either. so i want to know is it wise to piss the elites off supporting the islams if the elites are determined to go to war about this.

  34. gary

    Well, “Openly” I have neither affintiy for the Israelis or
    the Palestinians. I’d be happy to ignore both of them if I could.
    You have to draw a distinction between the “Jews” and
    the Israeli Zionists. One of the most vocal critics of Israel is
    Uri Avenry, a Jew living in Israel. Google him sometime. Ditto for Noam Chomsky in
    America along with Howard Zinn, Naomi Klein and Norman
    Solomon. All Jews by ancestry. I/we dont support the Islams
    at all. We fear/loath them as much as our own fundamentalists. All we want is for America to play the role of a mediator.
    And ocassionally a good mediator has to whup both sides upside the head with a 2X4. The fans of Israel in America started out by being used by white Anglo Saxon boys. And Anglo Saxon Boyz have been playing the same financial games as the Jews. The world is really not complex. Its just like a dense thicket of devils club or blackberry bushes. Its a huge hall of weird mirrors and smoke. And we are truly on our
    own to try and de-cipher it. The media wont do it. The schools wont do it. And the preacher on Sun morn. usually wont do it.
    Most people are lazy on their philosophical observations and
    will basically repeat noises that they’ve heard elsewhere.
    Like Parrots, really. Thats as close to original sin as you can
    get in my book. The worst “sin” of humans is the sin of
    trusting leaders too much. Leaders must always be kept on
    a leash like Pit Bull Terriers. Our constitution and Bill of Rights
    is an attempt at doing that. If either you or I had too much
    power, unfortunately, we’d be the same way. Tis the sin
    of human nature to respect and adore power.

  35. criticalcontrarian

    openly hidden & gary: The “islams” you keep referencing, the visible, media hungry, in-your-face types are cutouts of Western and Israeli intelligence agencies. The “real Moslems” are not confrontational unless confronted or violated, just like any other religion. These Hamas, al Qaeda types are creations, tools of Western imperialism designed to destabilize and create a need for continued increases in military budgets, big brother restrictions at home, and fear in the voting public so that they are easier to manipulate.
    In an earlier post I wrote, Who created Hamas? Good question, you can get a pretty contrarian perspective here:
    Who helped nurture and grow Hamas, just like “Al Qaeda” and Bush baby, bin Laden? Bin thinkin, have you? Try:
    These articles will give you a better perspective of current realities.
    You have to look at the big picture and not get stuck on the “IDIOTsyncrasies” so to speak, that’s what they want you to do! Last week oil was $36/bbl, today it is $48.52. Tomorrow it will be $55. Mission accomplished. Welcome to reality.

  36. emsnews

    The next big energy price surge is right around the corner.
    Sorry about being so nasty, Openly Hidden. I just get very steamed when people repeat the stupid propaganda about how we are saving women in Muslim lands. We aren’t. We are causing their condition to deteriorate, greatly. This is so wrong. The Palestinian women were some of the freest on earth. No more, thanks to Israel.
    You are right, as usual, Gary. To desire power is to destroy one’s own mind and soul. Trust me on this. Leaders are to represent us, not tell us what we must do. We lead them.

  37. criticalcontrarian

    “…and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” One of the most moving phrases ever, great then, but today it has turned into a cliché. Too sad.

  38. Gary

    Yes, the “Islams” we talk about are the Fundamentalists, functionally no different
    than “Christian” fundamentalists. And yes these
    Islamic fundies were encouraged both by our
    Govt. and the Jabba the Huts we enthroned there.
    We/I realize that the mainstream Muslims are
    different, but they are disappearing much like mainstream Christians in America, due to economic stress mostly. Their middle class secular society has been decimated just like ours and the church
    is all thats left for people’s hope. This is also
    typical of 3rd world countries that had active
    movements to become independent that were crushed
    by our corporate armies. A lack of hope leads
    to all kinds of crazy religious phenomina like
    “end times” and “millenialism”.

  39. JSmith

    “Smith, tell me, please, how many naval ships that have guns, how many helicopters, fighter jets, bombers, tanks and armored vehicles the Palestinians have? Eh? EH??? Ditto, the Iraqis when we INVADED their SOVEREIGN NATION, openly hidden? Did the people we killed…and we killed a lot…were they CIVILIANS?
    Remember what a civilian is: someone who is not wearing an uniform, someone who has no air force, not ships, nothing. People resisting an invasion have the RIGHT to fight and they have only a few places they can fight and that is cities.”
    No kidding?? And I thought a civilian was someone who provides cover for Hamas rocket-launchers (or should that be “statement-makers”?) If you’re not in uniform and utterly without ships, planes, or tanks, but you do have some AK47s and RPGs, are you still a civilian?
    Personally… if I had no heavy arms, I would take care to NOT provoke invasion by a neighboring power. (I don’t walk up to Rottweilers and kick them in the nuts, either.) There seems to be something almost common-sensical about that. But maybe it’s just me.
    I can see, if you’re Hamas, that provoking a violent retaliation may be a viable tactic. Launch some bottle rockets, provoke a response, and your opponents earn the world’s opprobium at very little cost to yourself. You’re only out a few civilians which you didn’t really care about anyway – you have plenty more where those came from and they’re holy martyrs to the cause, besides.
    That reminds me of when old Yasser (winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, you’ll recall) called suicide bombers “our guided missles”. The guidance systems must’ve been a little off, however – they mostly detonated in buses and restaurants, although I’m sure they were really trying for military bases.
    But since the Israelis appear to show no signs of pulling out of Israel and returning to Europe, Russia, or wherever it was they came from, the Pals may want to re-think their strategy. They’ve been doing what they’ve been doing for a few decades now and it doesn’t appear to be working well for them.

  40. emsnews

    Remind me to come visit and knock down your door, throw you into the backyard and then beat you bloody whenever you complain, Smith.

  41. JSmith

    Something we need to be clear about here is that neither party to the conflict really gives a flip about civilian casualties.
    If you’re Hamas… and you’re totally committed to the total destruction of Israel… and you manage to kill some Jews of whatever age sex or military status… that’s fine. After all, it’s in your mission statement.
    And if you’re Israeli… and Hamas wants to operate from crowded cities thinking that will save them from retaliation… they are mistaken.
    The only hand-wringing being done is taking place among non-parties to the conflict. The Palestinians’ supporters apparently think the Israelis should either give it all back or take what’s coming to them, and supporters of the Israelis think Hamas should man-up and stop hiding behind women and children.

  42. openly hidden

    thank you all for helping me see the light. seriously. i am changed for the better a little bit i think so thank you. but….so even though i still don’t understand why everyone here thinks they ought to be kicking a rottweiler in the nuts so to speak…heh….and i still don’t know what your alternative energy plans are….doing without water or electricity is no solution whatsoever unless you all want to end up losing everything in this world you think you have pretty quickly….well, you get my point. build better coal slurry holding ponds for now sez i. but whatever. and gary i think in my humble opinion two very important karl marx basic fundamental background assumptions he held are wrong which most of you apparently accept…. well, still i will read with delight as the economy is discussed. no offense anyone. i just like elaines style of writing which is as sort of delightful as the first time i read the book “cadmus and harmony” or whatever it was called i have it on my shelves somewhere…or carlos castenadas first book i read. but i gotta admit, i am sort of disappointed in practical solutions you have i think, again IMHO, that will work. meantime, we elected obama so i at least will be happy to let him get on with his job for now sez i.

  43. JSmith

    “The Taliban are fighting us in the mountains. This is the alternative place where resistance to invaders happens: in very remote places difficult for invaders to penetrate like jungles, etc. As for insulting me about how we are freeing women; you utter creep!”
    I don’t think that was me. But since you brought it up… the Taliban would drag someone like you to a soccer field and shoot you in the head for the edification of the people right after Friday prayers. And President Ahmadidgeridoo’s crowd would see you dangling by your neck from a crane boom.
    You may want to be a bit more selective about who you root for, Elaine. Underdogs aren’t automatically wonderful just because they’re underdogs, and great powers aren’t automatically bad just because they’re great powers.

  44. openly hidden

    about fundamental background assumptions….they determine not only how you see things but what you see too. if your perceptions are wrong and colored with emotions, your attachments will be too. meanwhile, i suppose i am just a tourist to a very colorful place here. but that does not make me a bad person i don’t think.

  45. Gary

    Hey JS

    The flourescent lighting in your govt. office
    must be terrible. Ask them to improve it and
    your logic and emotions may improve along with
    the better lighting. What a job you have roaming around all day howling at the few tiny remnants
    of “lefties”. You guys totally won here with
    your “conservative” movement ! Take credit for
    your success, eh ? You cant blame the nation’s
    problems on a few lefty college professors or bloggers.

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