Another day, another Obama choice and another status quo queen and another attempt at pretending to change when the only thing that has changed is that Obama is a changeling.  What is a ‘Changeling’ ?  ‘It is the offspring of a fairytrollelf or other legendary creature that has been secretly left in the place of a human child. The apparent changeling could also be a stock, an enchanted piece of wood that would soon appear to grow sick and die.  A human child might be taken due to many factors: to act as a servant, the love of a human child, or malice.’ Obama was not born in the ruling class but he is a most useful servant.  There are many ruling classes across the planet.  The trick for the US is to avoid being taken over and used by these people.  And protecting our ‘democracy’.  We voted for change but got no change at all so I consider this to be a very bad thing.  Very bad.


Obama announces ‘chief performance officer’ | Reuters

President-elect Barack Obama, who faces trillion-dollar government deficits stretching into coming years, named on Wednesday a former Treasury official as the first U.S. “chief performance officer” to oversee budget and spending reform.

Nancy Killefer, a director at McKinsey & Company and a former assistant Treasury secretary in the Clinton administration, will work with economic officials to increase efficiencies and eliminate waste in government spending.

“We can no longer afford to sustain the old ways when we know there are new and more efficient ways of getting the job done,” Obama told a news conference just hours after new official projections put the fiscal 2009 U.S. budget deficit at a record $1.186 trillion.

I never heard of this here dame so I did my usual searches.  One great hopping off point is the Muckety relationship maps.  I find this site to be a most wonderful shortcut to sleuthing.  Many of Obama’s top choices have little public publications and speeches I can access so this site is great to find out where these people hang out.  This graph is missing some connections.  Or rather, McKinsey and company are in many connections we need to know about.


Nancy Killefer relationship map –

Nancy Killefer relationship map
As per usual here, I go off to visit the McKinsey home page. It is a bit more functional than the average web site I visit. They even solicit feedback. Which I gave them, of course. Not that they will understand or want it.

McKinsey & Company – Home Page


Information about the new Chief Performance Officer was rather slender.  I did find this old discussion from 2002:

ZoomInfo Cached Page


HAHAHA.  What a great place McKinsey and company is!  There is this sort of soulless feel to most organizations, in particular, think tanks that advise people.  The sort of thinking that is encouraged isn’t the sort I do here, for example.  It is closer to ‘how to train a weasel to steal’ sort of thinking.  They can’t help it!  Even when they profess to want to save humanity and spread love, they end up training weasels instead.  I know how meetings are conducted.  The process works towards weasel behavior.  When it is all about money, it tends towards outright gnomish behavior.  The darkness descends.  The mind ceases to think in paleo-human terms and begins to think like creatures living in the Cave of Wealth and Death.


If McKinsey  was part of the SEC ‘reforms’ under Bush, then…what the hell?  HAHAHA.  Right!  Let’s say this in unison: they are part of the problem!  Obama has a hard time of it, trying to find untainted people with some intelligence who have some clues about what is going wrong here.  He could have a group scan the net and find all the people like at iTulip, just to name one aside from here, that has an inkling of what is going on and who have a long record of accurately predicting economic as well as political events.


A basic understanding as to how the Fiat Currency regime coupled with a long program to drop interest rates lower and lower over the last 25 years and how this created a monstrous trade and debt deficit: this is life and death.  A bunch of insiders who created this whole system and worked inside this system and benefitted from this system are NOT going to change one thing that really matters.  Here is another news story about Killifer:


The Associated Press: Obama pledges to take on entitlement spending


(AP) — President-elect Barack Obama said Wednesday that reforming massive government entitlement programs — such as Social Security and Medicare — would be “a central part” of his effort to control federal spending.

Obama made the pledge but provided few details as he named Nancy Killefer as his administration’s chief performance officer, creating a new White House position aimed at eliminating government waste and improving efficiency.


Social Security will work just fine if US workers can work.  Got that, Obama?  Can you comprehend this, Ms. Killefer?  I seriously doubt this.  For as I dug around in Ms. K’s past, I grew more and more dismayed.  From the previous article:



See?  ‘The more revenues you create, the more your compensation and standing in the firm increases.   The 891 partners of this group are more akin to Alibabba’s 40 Thieves.  All we have to do is look at their many publications to see what this ugly little treasonous hive mind really is doing:


McKinsey & Company – Perspective – U.S. offshoring: Rethinking the response – December 2005


Rethinking the response - December 2005
Research Topic: Labor Markets and Offshoring
By 2008, U.S. companies are expected to offshore 2.8 million jobs, affecting less than 2 percent of all service employment. This is far fewer than the normal rate of job turnover in the economy: 4.7 million Americans started jobs with a new employer in May 2005.    

Nonetheless, while the U.S. economy gains from offshoring and other forms of trade, none of the benefits flow directly to those who undeniably suffer as a
result – those workers whose jobs move overseas. Companies and governments can – and should – do more to help citizens cope with the faster rate of job change. 

The U.S. ranks at the low end of what developed nations allocate to policies that assist displaced workers, spending only 0.5 percent of GDP. Further spending is necessary. 

For example, job retraining credits and continuing education grants give workers a chance to build those skills that are in demand. Portable medical insurance plans and pension benefits are also essential to a workforce changing jobs more frequently. 

Companies benefiting from offshoring could provide generous severance packages and fund wage insurance programs that make up some or all of the difference between workers’ previous wages and their new ones, thus encouraging them to get back into the workforce quickly and avoid long-term unemployment. 

These measures – if properly implemented – would cost only a fraction of the economic benefits that offshoring will bring. 




McKinsey & Company – Ensuring India’s offshoring future – September 2005


Ensuring India’s offshoring future - September 2005
Research Topic: Labor Markets and Offshoring
India has the world’s largest and fastest-growing offshoring sector, dominated by IT services, which play a major role in the country’s overall economic growth. But signs of strain are appearing that could hamper the nation’s growth.
Research by MGI shows that India’s vast supply of graduates is smaller than it seems once their suitability for employment by multinational companies is considered.   

And in the country’s most popular offshoring locations, such as Bangalore, rising wages and high turnover are evidence that local constraints on talent supply have already appeared. Worse for India, other low-wage countries such as China, the Philippines, and Hungary are gearing up to challenge its lead.

In addition, public investment in airports, roads, and utilities – necessary for the millions of people in this field to live and work more efficiently – has not matched private-sector investments in air-conditioned offices, apartments, and shopping malls in offshoring centers

But the end of India’s offshoring bonanza isn’t necessarily at hand. In 15 years of offshoring, the country has developed a stable of world-class IT service vendors that can save foreign companies the trouble of setting up their own captive offshore centers. And it has a large supply of qualified talent in areas outside IT, such as R&D, finance and accounting, call centers, and back-office administration.

Still, India’s leaders have to ensure that companies hunting for places to offshore don’t turn to other locations: they must not only adjust the country’s educational policy to ward off the looming squeeze on talent but also invest more money in infrastructure.

From now on, government and business must work together if offshoring is to remain India’s engine of growth.







Panel debates offshoring
Offshoring has earned a certain cachet as the “new new thing” that could define the next generation of global economic growth. But with that status has come controversy. McKinsey recently convened a panel of leading thinkers on the topic to explore the trends, evaluate the costs and benefits, and dig for some answers to the challenges presented.
Read McKinsey Leadership Roundtable
Perspective — Exploding the myths about offshoring
Offshoring benefits both the United States and developing countries. The challenge is in making sure everyone gets a piece of the pie.
Read more
Perspective — Offshoring: Is it a win-win game?
The controversy in America swirling around offshoring centers on the hot-button topics of profits made and jobs lost. MGI’s latest research and analysis cuts through the debate to provide a new perspective: Offshoring is as beneficial to the United States as it is to the destination country.
Read more
Who wins in offshoring
The McKinsey Quarterly, 2003 Special Edition: Global Directions
By moving service industry work to countries with lower labor costs, U.S. companies can focus on creating higher-value jobs.
Read more on the McKinsey Quarterly site


The main dude running this joint is Gupta who is Indian.  The 800+ gang working with him are all working on justifying offshoring and minimizing the dire effects of the entire trade mess.  Wherever I look in DC, I see wall to wall treason.  This is why our nation is declining very rapidly!  Gupta won’t give you a big bonus and promote you if you don’t endorse and enable the outsourcing of US jobs!  Good barking grief!  Am I the only person left who thinks this is hideous?


The gnomes at McKinsey all blubber the same stupid lies all the other brainless think tanks filled with traitors tell us: we need money to give to all the victims of this outrageous rip off of US jobs and ‘retrain’ them.  For what?  If you get a degree in engineering, what are you supposed to do?  Go back to school and get a degree in treason?  For our business schools are filled with teachers who teach treason!  As well as businesses who encourage and abet in treason.  It is treason, not accidental, that people with technical degrees are now being destroyed in favor of cheaper labor in India and China.  


This is just beyond bad.  Obama hasn’t chosen even one anti-free trade person at any point and you can bet, this latest creature he has picked will pick only pro-outsource/offshore creep from her small circle of treasonous friends.  And now this traitor will fix social security?  We have fine social security if we have JOB SECURITY and we can’t have that if the contributors to the Social Security fund are losing their jobs to India.  And speaking of India:


Satyam chairman resigns amid $1bn fraud – Times Online


One of India’s biggest-ever corporate scandals took a sensational new turn today when the chairman of Satyam, the IT services giant, admitted he had orchestrated a $1billion (£669 million) fraud, and resigned.

B. Ramalinga Raju, the founder and chairman of Satyam, which means “truth” in Sanskrit, said in a letter to the board that he had wildly inflated the company’s profitability for several years.

This resulted in 50.4 billion rupees ($1 billion) worth of “fictitious” cash on the company’s balance sheet at the end of September.

“It was like riding a tiger, not knowing when to get off without being eaten,” Mr Raju said, describing how the fraud, which he claimed had begun as an effort to smooth over a minor accounting discrepancy, had “attained unmanageable proportions as the size of the company operations grew”.



The guy stealing the most jobs from here is a fraud.  Imagine that.  And he found a glitch in his bookkeeping which was actually what I call ‘a hole in the wall to the Cave of Wealth and Death’.  And quite accidentally, of course, seeing that he found an unguarded route into Alibabba’s cave, he enlarged the hole until it was billions of dollars in size.  Like Madoff, he made off with this loot and used that old tool of con men: he lied about things.


Imagine that.  And everyone is lying these days.  And all will end up lying in the gutter since the system they abused is now collapsing in on all our heads.  And do note, this is yet another Ponzi scheme-type story.  The seemingly rich are not so rich, after all.  It is an illusion.





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  1. openly hidden

    so basically there is no “plan B” is there. there will be no change because apparently everyone running things wants things to be this way. i assumed…my basic fundamental assumption i thought was a simple one. ie. i assumed a “we” and i assumed an “our” and i was part of it all a small part but a part nethertheless. but now i am thinking maybe this way of looking at things is not right. perhaps, like currently being bombed ufortunate “others” maybe this is not my world either. from the standpoint of the rotweillers with the big nuts, it is their world….entirely. and of course during these temporary troubled times where something went wrong, it is only a matter of time before they start to look sternly at those who are confused as to whose world and whose democracy this is anyway as being exceedingly not worth the trouble what with their expectation of a place to live…with heat and running water please! and a job and social security. maybe they won’t need such expenses in their world anymore.

  2. emsnews

    The same gang is recycled over and over and the ‘left’ is left out over and over. Right wingers of the most outrageous extreme get in but when the Democrats take over, they give virtually nothing to even mildly leftist supporters.

  3. “According to Postman Patel ( President Sarkozy’s mistress now to be the new Mme Presidente ?) :”…
    “Sarkozy ‘poster girl’ hit by family drug allegations”…
    “Is French minister Rachida Dati Mistreating her Staff ?”…
    “Sarkozy’s darling minister mired in ‘false’ CV row”…
    “French Justice Minister Rachida Dati has confirmed rumours that she is pregnant, media reports say”
    “Ms Dati, who is not married, has declined to name the father, and was quoted by newspaper Le Monde as saying her private life was “complicated” (See above posts)…
    Saturday January 12,2008
    “The latest revelations came as Mr Sarkozy’s ex-wife Cecilia yesterday failed to ban a book in which she described the French president as a “stingy philanderer” who was unfit for office.”…

    “Sarkozy’s former ‘girlfriend’ justice minister Rachida Dati prompts sperm donor rumours by refusing to name father”
    06th September 2008
    “Top names include President Nicolas Sarkozy, with whom she was once romantically linked, and Sarkozy’s friend and former Spanish prime minister Jose-Maria Aznar.”
    “Aznar has taken the bizarre step of publicly denying the rumours, while Sarkozy’s office has refused to comment.”…
    07th January 2009
    “Just days after giving birth, French justice minister is back at work – and more glamorous than ever”…

  4. Gary

    Soon, the Lunatics running this asylum are going to have to
    drop all pretense of running a Democratic Republic with a
    Constitution/Bill of Rights. Right now we have these huge pageants every 4ys to con us into thinking we have a choice.
    That illusion is almost at its yield point, metallurgically speaking. The naked fist is hardly concealed anymore.They barely need us now and soon we will no longer need them.
    Rome took a long time to collapse. Ours will be drastically faster, like the USSR in the early 90’s. We seem to have a front row seat for this huge social earthquake. This huge collapse of our social symbols ( ie, money,finance, etc)— basically our God really when you think about it. Our model of organization.
    And , really, this is largely due to the collapse of healthy conflict and tension between opposites—ie capitalism and Socialism. We could’ve had a middle ground of what you
    would call a “mixed economy”. With Capitalism for industry,agriculture, service industries, etc etc and with
    socialism for schools, bridges, infrastructure, health care
    and parks. But our economic fundamentalists acquired so
    much power that the “left”or “socialism” was pretty much completely killed off except in a few universtites (where theres tenure and profs can do indendent research) and blogs.
    Capitalism and Socialism actually should have remained in
    tension with eachother with healthy squabbling over the proportion of each. Now that ALL socialism is dead, Capitalism
    is also dead. Its like a fatal business partership. When one
    partner dies, the other one is no longer able to run things
    and the whole business dies. You can also compare Capitalism/Socialism to Sodium and Chloride. A pin prick of
    either, in pure state, on your skin will kill you. Put them together and you can shake it on your pizza.

  5. Gary

    Hey JS…. Where are yooooo !

    The florescent lighting in your govt. office
    must be terrible. Ask them to improve it and
    your logic and emotions may also improve along with
    the better lighting. What a job you have roaming around all day howling at the few tiny remnants
    of “lefties”. You guys totally won here with
    your Neo Liberal / Neo Conservative movement ! Take credit for
    your success ! ! ! You cant blame your success on a few lefty college professors, bloggers, or residents of Berkeley.
    Look in the mirror !
    Oh I forgot, you must have removed all the mirrors from
    your house and workplace…

  6. emsnews

    My hopes for some slight sanity in our trade and financial systems is fading fast. Obama talks about balancing the budget but this has been already rendered impossible by Bush II. The very least he can do now is staunch the flood of outsourcing of jobs, the offshoring of jobs and the rise in general indebtedness. But I don’t think the American people want this. They want the previous 8 years all over again minus the collapse at the end.

  7. emsnews

    Tell, next time, use only 4 links or less, OK? I managed to save your last posting.

  8. grok1

    Elaine…I think the American people are so politically and economically ignorant and mis- informed that they don’t know what the hell they want. They do know that things are f*%ked up and voted for a “change”. But the only thing that this new president will change is his underwear.
    We are witnessing the collapse of an empire and decadent social system. And I don’t think there is a hell of lot we can do about. I do applaud you for your educational efforts though.

  9. emsnews

    I took up this burden long ago: to try to change history. Of course, I can’t or rather, the people who did listen to me were the Chinese! AAAAAGH! HAHAHA.
    What can I say? I want the best for us here in America. But we want to be bullies and rule the planet via fear. Alas, for us. All we are gaining is contempt, not fear.

  10. David


    Thanks for the article and the research…it allows us to see a little more clearly where Obama is heading.

    Not good for the bottom 70 percent of the US population…more outsourcing and downsizing while trying to make up for job losses with “creative” financial manipulation of government programs and borrowing…also backed up with an iron fist if the masses protest very much about their deteriorating living conditions.
    I think the population does care as far as it can understand, but ordinary people I talk with are just now barely figuring out that Bush was probably not working in their best interests. It is amazing how effective the mass media propaganda machine has been.
    I talked with a neighbor today about the economy. He had a few very simplistic ideas about what is going on… He felt that this recession is “just one of those cyclic things” that comes and goes, and “in a year or so, things will pick back up again.”
    I too feel that the levels of corruption and treason are astonishing in our government…and I personally cannot see how “our” (read really THEIR) nation can survive without reform of some kind.
    I was taking a course in Russian History back in 1987 and I wrote a paper that predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union within two years…Well, I was a little hasty…it lasted until 1991.

    From wikipedia (about the Soviet Collapse).
    “The Soviet Union’s collapse….began early in 1985. After years of Soviet military buildup at the expense of domestic development, economic growth was at a standstill. Failed attempts at reform, a stagnant economy, and war in Afghanistan led to a general feeling of discontent….”
    Sounds Familiar…Well, that is exactly what we see in the US right now…and we’re broke and deep in debt…and corrupt officials blindly continue doing business as usual…

    Do you think that our leaders are mainly blinded by their greed or are they just plain stupid, or is it something else. How did their core value systems get so out of kilter?

    This nation survived and stumbled along for over 200 years, and it seemed that, during that time, it was led by people, many of them who certainly were not perfect, but still they seemed to have just a little interest in seeing the nation survive and even prosper…
    What has changed with this new generation of leaders to make them so uninterested in seeing the nation survive? Do they intend to destroy themselves along with it? I mean politics has always been corrupt, but this is beyond any normal level of corruption.

  11. emsnews

    Unlike China, we don’t shoot traitors. We give them a nice retirement and a state funeral. Reagan ran off to Japan to collect $2.5 million for ONE LOUSY SPEECH. Everyone was told, ‘The Japanese love Reagan.’
    I told the Chinese, ‘See? The Japanese figured out a way to openly bribe a US president so he would give them a better trade deal. Japan will now wipe us out in trade!’ The Chinese were very excited.
    ‘All we have to do is tell them, we will pay them if they make a speech in China? HAHAHA.’ And off they went! Everyone began to openly bribe Presidents. Hiring their siblings and children. Making sweetheart deals for oil contracts or gold courses.
    Not one president has been ‘owned’ by the US voters since. Note that Clinton bagged over $100 million+ GIVING FUCKING SPEECHES. Disgusting as hell.
    They are, of course, all traitors. But look at today’s news! All of them standing in the White House, LAUGHING. The economy is tanking. Gaza is burning. Russia is squeezing Europe’s balls [HAHAHA} and they are laughing. And all will head out to collect more ‘speech fees’. Just watch how much money the monkey will make now that he is free to roam the planet, collecting bribes!

  12. emsnews

    Can you imagine me standing there, shaking hands, laughing and then winking. ‘Yeah, I can’t wait to shower goodies on my buddies. Hey, most of them live overseas! HAHAHA. Who cares about the trade deficit? And budgets are for bozos. Spend more money and give me my cut! I earned it!’
    On the other hand, I could use some cash….hmmmm…..

  13. PLovering

    President Bush: “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system”
    IOWs Bush is for burning the village to save it, or bombing for peace is like screwing for virginity.
    Apartheid in South African is different in Palestine.
    Christianity is the “Final Solution.”
    Nationalism is really socialism.
    Violence is peace.
    The Constitution is for traitors.
    President Carter created The Dept. of Energy in 1977 to lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

  14. emsnews

    My father was the head of the Alternative Energy Development under Carter.

  15. Paul S

    “Just watch how much money the monkey will make now that he is free to roam the planet, collecting bribes!” Maybe this won’t happen. Bush and Cheney are BOTH mighty nervous about travel outside the US. In the international community, these two are considered war criminals because of their sponsorship of torture. Some internaional tribunal (The World Court?) may attempt to prosecute Bush/Cheney. We can only hope. There is also talk of Bush giving out ‘retroactive pardons’ to his confederates. I wonder if “Dubaya”: can give one to himself.

  16. nah

    there gunna give 700 billion away promicing ‘no pork’ then sell scrooge to old folks hahaha… wait a minuate is this for real am i just a thinking turd
    know one cares what the pieces are worth, liquidity is becoming fools gold, politics look ez, whats gunna happen

  17. JSmith

    “What a great place McKinsey and company is!”
    Ehhhh… I’ve run into a few McKinsey-ites over the years. Basically, they have a bunch of 25-year old MBAs trying to convince 57-year-old CEOs that they can’t run their companies without the MBA’s advice.
    Worse… the CEOs frequently buy it.
    “Hey JS…. Where are yooooo ! [etc.]”
    Say what? Those are English words, but they don’t seem to form coherent English sentences. Coherence, Gary… that’s what you want to try for, bud. Try again; perhaps that whole “language” thing will work better better next time!

  18. JSmith

    “Obama hasn’t chosen even one anti-free trade person at any point…”
    Well… no. You expected otherwise? And if so… why?

  19. RobG

    US porn industry seeks multi-billion dollar bailout

    In an interview with entertainment news website TMZ, Francis admitted the move was more of a “precautionary measure” than an emergency rescue, “but as long as the government is handing out money, we want to be there to take it.”

  20. PK Scott

    Actually what we have is the B, C, D, and F plans.

    The A plan was DO NOTHING and let the imprudent and their investors fail. DUH! That would be, oh just for a shot, the FREE MARKET SOLUTION. Painfull for sure and brutal for some but it has the virtue of not turning every US citizen and their children’s children into debt serfs.

  21. Elaine
    What I have picked up today. It`s not looking good on all fronts…I fear.
    “Martial Law, the Financial Bailout, and War”
    “by Prof. Peter Dale Scott”…
    When Prof. Peter Dale Scott talks I listen.
    “Obama – government and military connections?”…
    “Below are charts showing the declining value of the two longest running currencies – the British pound sterling and the United States dollar, considered to be the most successful paper currencies of all time”…
    I fear Prof. Peter Dale Scott has got it spot on.

  22. “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero.”
    (Voltaire, 1694-1778)

  23. MILO


  24. Dutch

    @ tell

    thanks for the link

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