Jim Kunstler, of Clusterfuck Nation fame, has fallen off the cliff. Like many Jews in America, he is very liberal when it comes to things he and we all want and use. But when it comes to Israel, he is suddenly a ‘Seig Heil’ neo-con, neo-Nazi. It is not uncommon at all. Many people who want separation of Church and State in the US as well as tough civil rights laws, suddenly want the reverse in Palestine. There, they want ethnic cleansing and a Jews-only state. This leads to terrible crimes and disorders that are a possible trigger for WWIII. And the same day that Jim chastises us for being ‘anti-semitic’ because we don’t support Jews murdering small children, is the same day the faux media in the West admits that Israel has banned all Muslim parties in ‘Israel’. Not that this news makes any headlines.

Palestine Monitor

From my emails today:

I’m a Norwegian reading your blog regularly. Thank you.

I just wanted to send you a photo of the Norwegian Finance Minister in a peace/anti-war demonstration in Oslo this week:
Read the text to the right!!
The demonstration gathered 40.000 people (, and Oslo has a population of a bit more than half a million people. Do the maths – this is BIG here. There has been 3 big demonstrations in Oslo in support of the Palestinians in Gaza this week. 
There has also been several illegal demonstrations ending violently in street-fights the last days. (160-170 people arrested, mostly young muslims, I think (according to photos), frustrated young boys and some girls in their teens. 4-6 McDonalds are trashed). 
 Background: The public opinion in Norway is very splitted in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but media has long traditions of showing both sides in this conflict, and the majority probably has views similar to the ones you hold. 
(Norwegians are labelled anti-semites by many in Israel.
This is of course mostly not true.)
 To be noted, the Norwegian government is as far as I know the only Western/Nato country to recognize the Palestinian government:
 Hope you found the info interesting, even if my country is a small one.
Have a nice day! 


We see, mostly only online, news of an ever-growing number of increasingly angry demonstrations across the planet.  The US ‘peace movement’ has always been rent in two by the pro-Zionists on the left.  Many leftist websites are now paralyzed by an inability to confront the US and Israel when there are obvious massacres going on in Palestine.  A number of websites hope that if we ignore this, it won’t shake our shaky alliances.  On the other hand, some have come out roaring at anti-ethnic cleansing people.  Namely, ethnic cleansing is OK if you are a Jew.  If you are a WASP, this is racism and anti-semitism.  But if you are a Jew, this is a grand thing and a good thing, too.


One of the more disturbing cases of wild Zionism comes from Jim Kunstler.  His audience today, is disputing him over his latest hysterical attacks on anyone who is disturbed by sights of dying children, crushed babies, wailing mothers, Jews brutalizing civilians trapped in a ghetto.  How can any human look at this with a hard heart?  Evidently, if one is Jewish, the sufferings of others are just a pain in the neck.


Clusterfuck Nation by Jim Kunstler : Out of the Woodwork

When rocket attacks from Gaza were answered by Israeli air strikes, a great outcry of empathy for the beleaguered Palestinians rang out world-wide — along with growls of objurgation and anathema aimed at Israel from certain quarters in the USA. They showed up in my world as a raft of Jew-hating e-mails (READ THEM YOURSELF) after I wrote that Israel had a right to defend itself.
     Lately, public Jew-hating has made a comeback in the USA among two distinct groups: one is the extreme right-wing crypto-Nazi step-child of the old John Birch Society bunch, the idiots who believe the world is a web of conspiracies against wholesome Christian white folks. As a young newspaper reporter with an interest in political pathology back in the early 1970s — a heyday for extremism — I used to cover the Birchers’ antics (and study their belief system, if you could call it that). Their paranoid ideology has survived the decades marvelously intact, complete with all the colorful leitmotifs including The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Orders of the Illuminati narrative, the Bilderburgers conspiracy story of world domination, and a Jesus-soaked crusade against “socialism” that has mutated far beyond the quaint sepulcher of John Birch into a broad mostly Southern evangelical, Nascar-tinged, aggressive apocalypticism.

The Jewish community, via Zionism, has become the tool of the Christian Apocalypse believers.  They egg the Jews on in this epic battle that is set to trigger WWIII which is a horror I wish to avoid with all my heart and soul.  I would rather sacrifice my miserable life, then let this monstrosity happen to this lovely planet.  Jim, by the way, mentions the John Birch Society.  Their headquarters in Arizona were directly across the street from my school when I was in elementary school and we lived next door to Barry Goldwater.  [I know, this is name dropping, but my father was friends with many powerful people]


Back then, I thought the Birchers were nuts.  They were racist as well as anti-semitic.  It is one thing to notice how religion and money intersect, for they do intersect.  Money is, after all, magical.  And religion is all about magic.  It is also important to understand how religions enable and create wars and other destructive things, we must strive to understand this and to enlighten others so they don’t fall into obvious traps.  One of the worst traps is to fall for ethnic cleansing as a solution to monetary and political problems.


The people of Palestine have been cast into the caldron by European and American powers who have overwhelming power and wealth compared to the simple towns folk and peasants of Palestine.  Over the last century, they have had to pick up whatever stones or sticks they can find and desperately fight off a very powerful foe armed with the most sophisticated weapons and funded by the world’s biggest empire.


So naturally, my sympathies are for the underdogs.  And I am partially Jewish and have Jewish children.  But more than one Jew is outraged by Zionist crimes as well as the looting of the US/European banking system by Jewish financiers who work under the table, in collusion with each other as we clearly see with Madoff and his gang.  Below is my reply to Jim’s hysteria about anti-semitism:

Dear Jim,

I write a great deal about religion and money as well as religion and politics. As you well know, the gravest danger to the Jewish community is the concept of ‘ethnic cleansing’.

Israeli Zionist Jews are attempting to ethnically cleanse a population of natives that are growing, not shrinking, in size. The Jews, in this case, are the invaders who are trying to move the natives into reservations like we did here in the US.

Only, the land where this can be done is very, very small. The hapless Indians were shoved brutally from one place to the other. If any mineral or plant wealth where the Indians were shoved, they were then uprooted and moved to more and more lunar landscapes where the European invaders hoped these pesky Indians would die.

During even my own childhood, living on the Papago Indian Reservation [O’dodam is the modern name] at Kitt Peak, I read books and heard whites talking about ‘Indian Massacres’ and it was a total shock to me when I learned that the REAL massacres were Europeans murdering masses of Indians!

So it is with Jews in the Middle East: they are obvious invaders hoping to massacre the Indians and hope the terms will be reversed if only Jews and European supporters of Jewish massacres tell the stories.

What very few massacres there were by the natives are dwarfed by Jewish massacres as well as Jewish police state viciousness towards Muslims. I just posted today, at, a video showing Jewish guards sticking a huge mastiff dog on a single, helpless Muslim woman! This is exactly like Nazi Germany. You cannot deny this.

Claiming that Muslims will be cruel to Jews is evading the truth of this nightmare: the Zionist dream is turning Jews into Nazis.




I have lost a number of faithful readers due to taking sides in this lopsided battle between the Palestinians and the invading Jews.  This is simple.  Below is a series of photos and maps that show clearly how the Jews are decimating Palestinian territory.  The ‘Two State’ negotiations are not working because the Jews hope to displace enough Muslims so they can take over everything.  When Reagan stood before the Berlin Wall and said, ‘Mr. Gorbechev, take down that wall!’  our media cheered and he was given credit for the wall falling.  Even though the wall fell due to Russia going bankrupt.  


The present wall in Palestine is much, much longer than the Berlin Wall.


Maps and Photos of Israel’s Wall in the West Bank

Click for story - A report prepared by the Hebron Land Defence Committees expert Abed Elhadi Hantash shows that the planned section of the separation wall south of West bank will deprive Hebron county from 49% of its land and leaves more than 60,000 residents west of the Wall. Hantash said that the separation wall plan in Hebron area reveals the political aims behind the construction of the wall, which is to push the green line further deep into Palestinian territories and evacuate more Palestinian villages and towns.

Electronic Intifada

Since Jews and only Jews patrol all of these areas, they are utterly and unashamedly lopsided and vicious in applying the rule of law.  In the case of settlers putting on masks and terrorizing Muslims, the police and military are committing war crimes by not preventing this and arresting the Jews, doing this.  Jim Kunstler can’t see these crimes because they don’t make the news in the US.  This is because Zionist Jews own most of our media.  A fact he conveniently over looks.  


The grinding horror of Jewish domination in the West Bank is something that should be in the news every day since the US funds not only the military but the walls themselves.  These walls were built DIRECTLY with US funds.  Now, for the latest ugly little news from what Jews love to call, ‘The ONLY democracy in the Middle East’:


Israel Bans Arab Parties From Election | News From


By a margin of 26-3, the Israeli Central Elections Committee decided to ban the Balad Party from running in next month’s election. By a margin of 21-8, they also banned the United Arab List-Ta’al (UAL-T). The two bans will prevent more than half of the current Arab members of Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset, from running for reelection.

The Arab parties earned the ire of the most hawkish elements in the Israeli government by publicly opposing the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip. Balad likewise made enemies by explicitly calling for equal rights for all citizens of Israel, regardless of national or ethnic identity, which the ruling Kadima Party said would “undermine Israel’s identity as a Jewish state.”

Jim Kunstler won’t see this news, either.  He used to email me and talk to me and we read each other’s blogs but when the wars restarted, he dropped off the radar screen.  He is now angry at anyone who is horrified by obvious war crimes.  The fantasy  that Israel has even a half-assed democracy is now obviously drowned in the bath along with several hundred helpless babies. 


So, ‘Arabs’ can run only when they are part of a Jewish party?  Seig Heil, Zion!  How obnoxious is this?  It is beyond pathetic.  And how dare Muslims call for EQUALITY????  Seriously?  The Zionist state is anti-equality.  It is all about special privileges for Jews, only.  If a Christian moves to Palestine and preaches to Jews, he or she can be arrested.  Just for example.  No preaching Jews are arrested.  And note the racist business about how Israel MUST be ‘Jewish’.  How dare they!  Imagine if the governor of Mississippi said, ‘Segregation now, segregation forever!’  We would condemn that, eh?


Israeli Military Changes Stories Yet Again on Gaza School Attack | News From


The above story about the school massacre is typical of the new form of Jewish Naziism: they throw one excuse after another to see what sticks.  When nothing sticks, they retreat to the first lie and tell us to go shove it.  For the next 50 years, they will scream that there was no massacre and the Indians started it first, hiding behind women and children in tipis.


Gaza Is the Future- by Justin Raimondo

No one knows, of course, but the general outlines of what is going down, as we say in America, were laid out in “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for the Realm,” a policy paper produced by a remarkable group of American analysts in 1996, for then-Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu. The realm being Israel, and the unique group that produced it characterized by their centrality in pushing for war with Iraq. Led by Richard Perle, the “Clean Break” group consisted of James ColbertCharles Fairbanks Jr.Douglas FeithRobert LoewenbergDavid Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser.

I include this link because it talks about how Zion is a REALM and not a nation or a people.  The realm includes the entire US, at least, the part parked in DC and NYC.


Egyptians Seethe Over Gaza, and Their Leaders Feel Heat –

Inside Al Azhar Mosque, a 1,000-year-old center of religious learning, the preacher was railing on Friday against Jews. Outside were rows of riot police officers backed by water cannons and dozens of plainclothes officers, there to prevent worshipers from charging into the street to protest against the war in Gaza….As the war in Gaza burned through its 14th day, Arab governments have felt their legitimacy challenged with an uncommon virulence. With each passing day, and eachPalestinian death, the popularity of Hamas and other radical movements has ratcheted higher on the Arab street, while the standing of Arab leaders has suffered.

Nowhere in the Arab world is the gap between the street and the government so wide as here in Egypt, which has a peace treaty with Israel and has refused to allow free passage of goods and people through its border with Gaza, a decision that has been attacked by Islamic and Arab leaders and proved deeply troubling to many Egyptians. And so the government of President Hosni Mubarak appeared to lean back on its standard formula for preserving authority at Friday Prayer, relying on its security forces to keep calm on the street and government religious institutions like Al Azhar to try to appease public sentiment, in this case by lashing out at the Jews in response to Gaza.

The people of Egypt toil under the whip of US-funded despots.  They hate their own government.  US voters have absolutely no control over our own government thanks to the Zionists of AIPAC.  Imagine being in Egypt where there are no real elections at all of any sort and the ruler works for Zionists who wish you dead!  Well.. is this anti-semitism?  The Jews can’t control our government to the point that BOTH parties vote 90% for whatever AIPAC wants!  This is very, very bad!  And worse, proves outright anti-semites right when they accuse Jews of holding our government hostage.  


The outcome is obvious.  Either the Jews must let loose their death grip on the US government or, when this government fails due to corruption, treason and bankruptcy, the next ruling party will not be kind to Jews.  It is painfully obvious.  Declare AIPAC to be an alien organization just like those Muslim charities and then kick it out of the US for spying on our military secrets.  This news just came in:


Press TV – Israel destroys medical clinic in Gaza

Charity groups say Israeli aircraft have bombed and destroyed a clinic in the Gaza Strip, shortly after targeting Hamas’ ministry of culture. 

The medical facility – administered by the Middle East Council of Churches – had been evacuated prior to the Sunday evening attack and no one was injured in the incident. 

“The clinic is completely destroyed with all its equipment and medical supplies,” said Zack Sabella from the council’s Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees. 

“Minutes before the missile hit the building, which hosts the clinic, the Israeli Air Force fired a warning missile next to it, forcing all residents of the building and the adjacent buildings to flee the area. A short while after, the army directly hit the building and razed it completely,” He added. 

The building was registered as a medical facility and was given assurances that it would not come under attack. 

The US continuously claimed that all the many killings of reporters and medics in the Iraq war were ‘accidental.’  I remember being part of the Berkeley Free Clinic during the Vietnam War years.  At demonstrations, we used to wear badges and such, identifying us as medics.  Then, by 1969, we quickly figured out that wearing the red cross was like wearing a bull’s eye on the chest.  We were targets of police violence.  So it is in all the war zones of the West: the medics and reporters are witnesses and therefore, must be frightened off or eliminated entirely.  Some democracy, eh?





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  1. DeVaul

    Oh, I am soooooo glad you wrote about this, Elaine.
    I was shocked and appalled to read what he just recently wrote and could only think of him as a monster, and this after I had emailed him for advice on what kind of pottery work might be good for the future.
    He answered my email and I have read him for a year or so now, but not anymore.
    He is a prime example of what I consider the “Jew Disease” that is crippling our country. He can talk common sense one moment, and then talk like a total Nazi the next when the word “Israel” is spoken. What a strange phenomenom!
    Israel is not America. It is a foreign country with goals that are the opposite of our own (at least as far as the Constitution was concerned), yet everyone acts like Israel is more important than our own homeland!
    Israel does NOTHING for us! They eat our money!
    We are so doomed. America died when a foreign country gained control over it and its people.

  2. Impatient Patriot

    This says it all “US funds”.
    It makes me SICK!

  3. Diana O.

    I was so disappointed and upset when I read Kunstler’s comments today. I had stopped reading him for a while previously because he was so callous about the Israeli onslaught on Lebanon in 2006, but I kept hoping he would start to understand. I was a Zionist up until the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon. I was a Zionist because I was so moved by the tragedy of the Holocaust. But when I began to look further into what really happened in Palestine, I stopped being a Zionist. The UN had no right to divide Palestine. The Arab people had nothing to do with the Holocaust. If the Jewish people needed a state, Germany should have had some of its land given to them after World War II. That would have been a lot fairer than “giving” the Jews part of an already occupied country.

    But now I think a country should be the country of all its people. I believe strongly in the separation of church and state and no nation should be defined as the country of only one ethnic/religious group. The land that is now Israel should be a multiethnic, multireligious, secular state, the state of all its people.

    I live in the South now (originally from New York City)and had previously noticed Kunstler’s stereotyping of Southerners. But his post today was so over the top in its racism, sterotyping and general refusal to look at the situation dispassionately that I was very upset when I read it. I noticed that you left a comment on his site, and I was glad you addressed it here, too.

    I had enjoyed Kunstler’s writing, but I can’t enjoy it anymore. I resent people who assume that anyone who criticizes Israel is an anti-Semite. That’s not true and asserting that position makes it impossible to have a real discussion about the Middle East. There are plenty of people who care about both the Israeli and Palestinian people.

  4. emsnews

    Of all places on earth, the Middle East around Jerusalem should be a neutral place where all religions co-exist in harmony. This was possible after WWI. But the desire to break up the German, Austro-Hungarian AND the Ottoman Empires was too great. The victors thought, if they unleashed all sorts of ethnic enclaves this would rip apart these defeated empires and France and England would easily rule the splintered mess.

  5. emsnews

    Looks like Kunstler’s site just had a full melt down. One thing strikes me is how the pro-Zionists tend to curse a great deal. When I used to debate them at the old CNN and NYT web forums that were all terminated by 2001, anyone who was arguing against Zionism had to be very, very patient and extremely careful or they would be banned.
    Finally, I was simply banned, outright. Because I was patient, careful and never cussed. When Kunstler wrote his piece supporting butchering civilians, he cussed all over the place and those who support him, do likewise. I do hope people like him figure this out: people who curse constantly when talking about killing people, are acting rather demonic.

  6. Gary

    We’re all going to be living in Gazas soon. At least us members
    of the poor and middle class. The rich are walling themselves
    off from us like the Israelis are doing with the Palestinians. Its terrible that the Jewish leaders can be this way when so many creative, prominent Jews oppose this invasion. Chomsky for one. I guess they’ll say that Chomsky is a “self hating Jew”. What a terrible stupid thing to say. This is no different in America when we first invaded Iraq. Anybody that spoke out against the war was called an “America hater”. Uri Averny calls the invasions of Gaza and Lebanon, “manufacturing anti-semitism”. He lives in Israel. He is a Jew. With the leaders of Judaism now embracing this militarism their spirit and creativity will recede and the world will be a lot more
    impoverished place for it. We really had a chance with Carter
    to have a viable Palestinian state on the W.Bank and Gaza.
    But the right wing in Israel didnt want an independent state.
    They wanted South African style Bantustans isolated from eachother by the “settlements” of right wing end-of-times Jewish and Christian fundamentalists . Arafat, shitbag that he was, couldnt take that to his people. No one could. Israel had a chance and blew it, much to their and our collective miseries.

  7. emsnews

    There are many heroic Jews who defy the Zionist police state. And it is very dangerous. They don’t get published. They don’t appear on TV anymore in the US. They are ostracized. It is a very hard road to walk. I am on the same road. I threw away the chance to make lots of money because I refuse to censor my thoughts and look at the world from upside down. If I think I see something, I will talk about what I see.
    Pretty simple. And increasingly dangerous. Uri Averny and Chomsky are, like Finkelstein, locked out of the Realm.

  8. seraphim

    Israel looks increasingly as the Nazis. But not that they imitate them. The Nazis imitated Israel. Ethnic cleansing, extermination of entire peoples (including children), burning people in brick-kilns, the Old Testament is replete with all that, since the conquest of Canaan. It is a commandment of the God Lord of the Hosts: You shall smite them ,you shall uterly destroy them, leave no one alive, take their land which I gave to you, my people! The zionists say: if we have the Bible and if we are the people of the Bible shouldn’t we possess the land of the Bible?

  9. emsnews

    Meanwhile, as my next story shows, all of our rivals are in this space race while we seem to be mostly interested in shoving Palestinians into smaller and smaller boxes.

  10. sri

    Jim Kuntsler, Zionism requires massive amoutns of energy, possibly a very ineficient project to maintain with depleting reserves of sympathy for the Holocaust.
    Most American Jews don`t know much about Judaism or Zionism, there are lots of videos on youtube if you google “anti-zionism”, lectures, speeches etc from various rabbis.
    It`s impposible to talk to my jewish friends as they themsleves are confused as to what is Judaism and who the zionists are and their history.

    51 Documents:
    Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis


    Nothing thats going on now is surprising.

  11. nah

    the first poster got it rite… we are not an extention of israel or israel us… band to gether and suck harmony
    lucky little lady in a city of lights

  12. emsnews

    Sri, before Hitler, there was little problem with Zionism being confused with Judaism. After Hitler, it was nearly impossible. I do not blame the greater Jewish community for how they now think. But my main thesis is, this thinking is going to destroy them here in the US where they have a wonderful situation where they have full civil rights, etc. I am very much a part of the US Jewish community. Except I am now an outcast from it.
    The ethos of Zionism is racist. Racism in America is deadly. No Jew should support racism. Or they will create a racist hell, here, inadvertently. AIPAC rules Congress only via bribes. This is bad. Jews should not be seen as manipulating Congress via bribes. I am all for campaign finance reforms that are very strict.


  14. sri

    Yeah Elaine, I dont blame them for not knowing either but after this round, it might be totally impossible to tell the difference.

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