Well, well, well. Olmert got away with dissing Bush and pissing on him not once but twice. We now have proof that our media owners don’t give a hoot about Israel openly insulting our leaders. Russia and China did notice this and put it in their files. Waltzing our rulers into a position where Israel can insult them will be a great game, eh? I am betting on this. But there is this other matter: the European attempts at insulting Russia while begging for energy products from Russia. This is even more insane than the sick US/Israel relationship. For some queer, besotted reason, European leaders think, if they super-irritate Russia, Russia will bend to their collective wills and shrink in size and become their slave state rather than the reverse. This is sheer madness.

Regional Map : Weather Underground


Old Man Winter, he be blowing from the Cold North.  This reminds me of Norse mythology: The Gods, Thor and Wotan had this habit of going off to the Ice Giants up North and trying to show off how strong and clever they were.  The Ice Giants always won the contests.  Still, feeling sorry for the puny powers of the two Gods, the Ice Giants would not kill them, just laugh at them.  For example, Thor couldn’t lift the paw of a cat who was really the wurm which encircled the entire planet, and Loki couldn’t eat faster than Logi who ate all the food, and then ate the trough it was in.  Thor also tried to outdrink the Ice Giants but the drinking horn was the oceans.


The folly of fighting giants was part of the story.  Even if one is very, very strong, winning against the giants requires being very clever and outwitting them.  Giants can and have often been defeated.  They have many weaknesses, for example.  Bin Laden and his crew knew perfectly well, how to lure both the US secret agencies and Israeli agencies into helping them terrorize the US people.  The bin Laden plan was stark naked: he knew, if he could lure us into the deep mountains of Afghanistan, we might bleed to death there just like Russia!  


Guess what?  This plan is working just great!   If he wants to irritate and insult American leaders, all he has to do is issue statements of various sorts to egg them on.  And whenever they claim, ‘He doesn’t matter’, or, ‘Who cares about him?’ or even funnier, ‘We will hunt him down later,’ old bin Laden, sitting in the Cave of Death, taunts them and forces them to double the troops in Afghanistan, etc.  Amazing.  


Russia is no longer involved in distant mountain warfare with crazed fanatics.  Instead, Russia is arm wrestling with European leaders who seem to be even stupider than Bush and Thor.  They seriously believe that  if they are nasty, spitting mad, and throwing  bricks and bats at Russia, this will bring the enraged bear to heel.  There is this psychological tendency in Europe to misunderstand Russia.  One comedy, I forget which, has an alarmed German general telling Hitler, ‘Did you ever look a map of Russia?  It is big!’  Before Operation Barbarossa.  Another obvious thing is simple: Russia’s best ally is Winter itself.  True, Russian winters didn’t bother the Mongols much. They came from the Siberian regions.  And it didn’t bother the Vikings much, either, since they came from even further north.  But France and Germany don’t have the cultural ability to fight in a Russian winter.  


Below is today’s forecast for cold in Europe.  What a splendid time to pick a fight with Russia over how energy is supplied!



Ah, but the clever Europeans know that the weather, by this weekend, will be somewhat milder.  So I suppose they think they can outwit Russia!


Time is NOT on Europe’s side here!  You see, a terrible cold wave with sub-zero temperatures at Siberian depths, has just swung down over the US.  Here, on my mountain, the high has been only 17 degrees and the lows will be -17 degrees.  In the Midwest, it is -25 or worse!  This cold wave will be coming to Europe.  Expect snow and severe cold by Wednesday.  This is still January, after all!  


The Raw Story | Kremlin snubbed as Russia, Ukraine plan gas crisis talks

Russia and Ukraine agreed Thursday to hold new talks on their gas war as Europe batted aside a Kremlin proposal for a summit in Moscow to resolve a feud that has left millions of Europeans freezing.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Russia was in danger of losing its credibility as an energy supplier because of the gas cutoff to Europe, and France said supplies should resume before any summit takes place….

Yushchenko further upped the stakes by telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev by telephone that Moscow should pump the full 330 million cubic metres a day due to European consumers, which Ukraine would then pass on to Europe….

“The danger that Russia will also lose part of its credibility because of these interruptions of supplies is certainly one that exists, and tomorrow in my talks with… Putin, I will have to address this issue,” Merkel said.

The European Union said it was prepared to send the Czech energy minister, representing the Czech EU presidency, and the EU energy commissioner to take part in the Russia-Ukraine meeting in Moscow on Saturday.

But the EU has so far held off on responding to Kremlin leader Medvedev’s proposal to hold a broader summit of all the countries affected by the gas crisis, including consumers and transit nations, also in Moscow the same day.

Look at how brave Germany is!  Russia will lose credibility?  Well, Europe will loose fingers and toes to frostbite!  Not to mention, the collapse of their industries!  In this wrestling match, the winner is whoever is stronger in the end.  If Russia tosses Europe under the table, Europe looses.  They will be sore losers and claim, Russia cheats, Russia started it, etc.


But this isn’t like the Palestinians and the Israeli Jewish invaders.   The Palestinians are being offered nothing at any point in time.  Less and less territory, less and less food, fewer and fewer civil rights.  And one-sided fighting.  But Europe CAN do something with Russia: BE NICE.  This novel concept is hard to grasp!  It is so much fun, barking orders, snubbing someone, killing their troops in bed while Putin is in Beijing for the Olympics. 


But if one wants to conduct diplomacy on this level, expect to be destroyed in a nuclear exchange.  What gives with Europe?  Do they imagine they can escape the grasp of Russian power?  If so, they better get used to living with a lot less natural gas.  It is possible, incidentally.  But they want the gas AND want to kick Russians around, at the same time.  This is stupid. | Brussels Blog | Putin to Europe: Stop dithering, quibbling and sipping horilka


Negotiating with Vladimir Putin, Russia’s prime minister and former president, is hard enough even when Europe’s relations with the Kremlin are going well – which they haven’t been for some while. For an insight into Putin’s brutal, hard as nails character, have a look at the official Russian government transcript of a conversation he had with some Moscow-based western reporters last week.

The discussion, which centres on the shut-off of Russian gas deliveries to the European Union via Ukraine, turns at one point to the possible deployment of EU monitors along the pipeline route through Ukrainian territory. “We hope that the issue will be resolved expeditiously. We don’t want a group of men and women to come to Kiev and just sit in a hotel and sip horilka [Ukrainian vodka],” Putin says.


HAHAHA.   He is pretty blunt.  I hope Europe’s leaders get the hint.


Al Jazeera English – Middle East – Israelis shell hospitals and UN HQ

Three hospitals and a UN compound have been bombed by Israel as troops continue to advance into the densely-populated Gaza City.

Around 500 people were sheltering in the Al-Quds hospital in the city’s southwestern Tal Al-Hawa district when it was bombed by Israeli jets and set ablaze on Thursday morning.

Hospital officials said the fire was sparked by a “phosphorus shell”.

“We have been able to control the fire in the hospital but not in the administrative building,” one hospital official said.

“We hope that the flames don’t spread again to the wings of the hospital.”

Two hospitals east of Gaza City were also hit by Israeli shells as Gazans fled tanks advancing into the city….

The Israelis also bombed a UN compound in Gaza City, setting fire to warehouses of badly-needed food and medical aid and prompting international outrage.

Around 700 Palestinians were sheltering in the UN complex at the time of the strikes which left two civilians and three staff members injured.

Adnan Abu Hasna, a spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (Unrwa), said fires were still raging hours after the attack and “tens of millions of dollars worth of aid” had been destroyed.

Russia isn’t bombing Europe.  Russia is in a classic business dispute and this can be resolved easily if Europe treats Russia’s leaders more respectfully.  The Chinese know that the Russians can easily be buttered up.  Instead of battered to death.  But the Israeli Jew desire battering to death, the natives, so they can get rid of them.  The Palestinians can’t surrender to Israel because this would mean, Israel would have to give them some sort of citizenship in Greater Israel or declare an outright dictatorship and expel these poor people.


Indeed, this week, the police state went one step further in destroying even the pretense of democracy there.  Mass arrests of anti-war Jews as well as disbanding all Muslim parties and the  Indictments of  Two Journalists For Reporting Start of Gaza Invasion | News From, as well as refusing to honor the Israeli Supreme Court ruling about allowing in 12 reporters into Gaza.  Israel is most certainly NOT a democracy at all.  I live in NY.  My political leaders are all Democrats.  All are racist war mongers. Here is proof:


Pro-Israel Rally Attended by Big-Time NY Dems Descends into Calls for ‘Wiping Out’ Palestinians | | AlterNet

Watch Max Blumenthal’s exlusive video of the rally on the right-hand side of the screen.

On January 11, an estimated 10,000 people rallied in front of the Israeli consulate in midtown New York in support of Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip. The rally, which was organized by UJA-Federation of New York and the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York in cooperation with the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, featured speeches by New York’s most senior lawmakers. While the crowd was riled to righteous anger by speeches about Hamas evildoers, the event was a festive affair that began and ended with singing and joyous dancing.

Sen. Chuck Schumer highlighted Israel’s supposed humanitarian methods of warfare by pointing to its text messaging of certain Gaza Strip residents urging them to vacate their homes before Israeli forces bombed them. “What other country would do that?” Schumer shouted from the podium. Gov. David Paterson appeared on stage wearing one of the red hats distributed to demonstrators as symbols of the red alerts some residents of Israel endure when Palestinian groups fire rockets their way. Paterson cited the many Qasam rockets that have fallen on Israel as a justification for the country’s operations in Gaza, a military assault that has resulted in over 800 casualties and thousands of injuries.

Below is the You Tube of Democracy Now talking about the video:

Shame on Governor Patterson!  He is black.  Watching him endorse racist ethnic cleansing is disgusting.  He has to do this because if he doesn’t, the NY media, nearly all owned by Zionists, will hammer him to death.  So he swallows his pride and mouths obvious neo-Nazi pablum to a bunch of raving lunatics who want to have the US help Jews commit gross crimes against humanity.


Reuters AlertNet – ICC prosecutor says has no jurisdiction in Gaza

The International Criminal Court prosecutor in The Hague said on Wednesday it lacks jurisdiction to investigate possible war crimes recently committed in the Gaza Strip. 

The prosecutor’s statement came after a Palestinian rights group called on the ICC to investigate Israel for committing war crimes during its 19-day-old offensive in Gaza. 

The office of the prosecutor said the court’s jurisdiction is limited to war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of genocide committed on the territory of, or by a national of, a state party. 

“In Gaza at present, the ICC lacks such jurisdiction,” the prosecutor said in a statement.

No ethnic group has higher proportional representation in the world’s law courts.  As judges as well as jurists.  How on earth can they all justify this latest news?  The US never tires of calling on the Hague to try all sorts of miscreants.  But then hides behind pieces of paper to claim, we are NOT covered.  Just like nuclear US and nuclear Europe and nuclear Israel harangue and harass everyone about the possibility that tiny little Iran might get what the US and Europe and Israel stockpile in the thousands!  


Keeping the criminal state of Israel outside of the law is typical.  Both the US AND ISRAEL ARE OUTLAW STATES!  And we are supposed to be the beacon of liberty and clarion call for legal retribution for committing crimes against humanity!  This is beyond disgusting.  And both Israel and the US demand Sudan be punished for Darfur.  I will note with total cynicism, Darfur isn’t in the news right now.  The contrast between a bunch of guys on camels and horses, hassling farmers compared to high-tech mass murder is just too painfully obvious.  Even the Jews and the Americans have a dim awareness about this.


Now, back to Russia:


RT: News : Russian ship saves Dutch vessel from pirates

Russian anti-submarine destroyer “Admiral Vinogradov” has defended a Dutch container ship from a Somali pirate attack in the Gulf of Aden.

The captain of the Dutch vessel sent a distress signal to the Russian ship saying that pirate boats were approaching his ship and shooting at it, Russian Navy spokesman Igor Dygalo informed. The crew of the Admiral Vinogradov raised the alarm, dispatched a helicopter and the Dutch ship was asked to speed up and dramatically cast about. 


HAHAHA.  Both Russian and Chinese ships are now prowling the Seven Seas, stopping pirates!  Where is NATO?  Where is the US Navy?  Good grief.  So much for US rule of the Seven Seas.  This, incidentally, happened increasingly to Britain just before WWI and then worse, before WWII.  And as I was visiting the Russian news, I saw this breaking story:


RT: News : We can give gas, but have no order to do so – Ukraine’s Naftogaz

Gazprom says Ukraine’s Naftogaz confirms that it is technically possible to transit Russian gas to Europe via Ukraine, but that there has been no political decision from Kiev to start the process.

Chronology of Russia-Ukraine gas war 

The current gas cuts are the culmination of a long gas war between Russia and Ukraine, RT looks back at its latest chapter, starting back in October 2007 and the ongoing crisis, the effect of which is now being felt all around Europe.

Gazprom says Ukraine’s Naftogaz confirms that it is technically possible to transit Russian gas to Europe via Ukraine, so it’s purely politics that’s hampering the process.

“There has been no political decision taken to resume gas deliveries. Although at dispatcher-level we’ve received information that there is a possibility of accepting gas into the system, in a phone conversation the head of Naftogaz Oleg Dubina has said that the company will not do it,” said Gazprom’s spokesperson Sergey Kupriyanov.



The ball is in Europe’s court: they can yell at Ukraine and make threats and they can make nice to Russia.  HAHAHA.  So much for that little tit for tat rough diplomacy. The desire to demonize Russia is backfiring.  Maybe the media in Europe can scare everyone by showing Russian rockets and goose stepping Russian soldiers or maybe play movies showing Hu and Putin laughing together in Beijing.




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  1. Ever since the Demrepocrat cockroaches in the U.S. house decided to cheerlead the Gaza Massacre, I have been too nauseous to blog, pretty much. The two mafia party “system” never worked for the nation, and it never will.

    I will work on my linguistics site for a while, now. I have further refined the methodology of consecutive runoff with approval voting, which is the only way to avoid having a two mafia party “system”! Will have some stuff about that soon!

    (If you want paragraph breaks without extra symbols, try putting “& # 3 2 ;”, without the spaces, in the blank lines in between.)

    Oh, and after two weeks of trial and (mostly) error, all the old stuff is working on the new motherboard. Plus, I backed up five gigabytes of data to CD-Rs. (Burn ’em at the lowest available speed, so they will be most reliable.) And try to avoid zipping whole big folders, else it’ll be impractical to search for what you might want someday! (File splitters are a pain!) I create folders of about 200MB, then create new ones as needed. I label them “zxnt0905”, “zynt0906”, “zznt0907”; the “zx” makes the newest ones show first, “nt” is the label (say “notes”), and the the last four digits are the year and month. If more than one a month is needed, you could have, say “zynt0906b”.

    Just more of my free advice!

  2. Bear of Little Brain

    Sorry. Off-topic, on Gaza
    I have a news headline, time 3:41 pm ET:
    “Medics: Flames engulf Gaza hospital after Israeli air strike.”
    (more to follow, it says)
    Will post follow up, if there is one.

  3. Simon

    New local news headline
    Obama softens on Osama

  4. Bear of Little Brain

    Looks like you had this already. didn’t expect to see it in your article. Will take more care next time. (Why was my news service so delated?) Sorry.

  5. Bear of Little Brain

    delated=delayed 🙄

  6. ralph

    “Shame on Governor Patterson! He is black. Watching him endorse racist ethnic cleansing is disgusting. He has to do this because if he doesn’t, the NY media, nearly all owned by Zionists, will hammer him to death. So he swallows his pride and mouths obvious neo-Nazi pablum to a bunch of raving lunatics who want to have the US help Jews commit gross crimes against humanity.” I like Gov.Patterson. I saw him with his red hat on too. What a shame. You are the BEST news service on the internet. I wish you were allowed on TV.

  7. Ever since the Demrepocrat cockroaches in the U.S. house decided to cheerlead the Gaza Massacre, I have been too nauseous to blog, pretty much. The two mafia party “system” never worked for the nation, and it never will.

    I will work on my linguistics site for a while, now. I have further refined the methodology of consecutive runoff with approval voting, which is the only way to avoid having a two mafia party “system”! Will have some stuff about that soon!

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    Wordp0ress is a backwater nowhereville!

  10. WordPress is compromised! Move everything to a WestHost account! Why wait? You want to get the shaft once again?


  11. DeVaul

    Just read the minutes of the meeting in Russia. Unbelievable! The reporters did not listen to anything he said. They went after Putin like a pack of wolves and he just swatted them away like flies, even squashing a few pretty good, I might say. What a bizarre scenario!
    Not one reporter wanted to find out what the Ukrainians were doing or what plans they had or anything like that.
    There was an American reporter there, and Putin informed him that we might soon be receiving liquafied gas from Russia if Ukraine does not pay what they owe. Wow.
    Maybe we can profit off of Europe’s madness.

  12. emsnews

    Yes, this is the funniest part: Putin, who honed his fangs inside the German sector KGB service, is a very dangerous debate opponent not to mention, he can snap necks with his bare hands.

  13. MikeM

    Regarding Putin, I wish Americans would ask: ‘Why can’t we have a leader of such intelligence, insight, and determination?’
    Instead, I smolder over the ignorance our leadership and bureaucracy has inflicted on our population over the years…
    …as I rapidly descend into the simple spectatorship of the demise of a great society; rather than attempt to make a difference with personal participation.
    Pass the popcorn, please. “We’re all dead in the long run.”

  14. paul

    One smart Putin will not make Russia great global power. The future of Russia looks very grim because of social problems like demographics, health etc. ( ) Think of it: Russia is so underdeveloped that it cannot make enough food to feed their 140 million nation. They have to buy food from Ukraine and other countries. My take is that Russians badly need money (because of commodities crash), Ukraine is a bankrupt state already. This is the game of economic life or dead between those countries. Russian multi-billionaires, supporters of Putin, are now only multi-millionaires and they have to say goodbye to the lifestyles of the richest. Comparing russian leaders to US leaders, well for me it’s just silly. USA spends like $500 bln a year on defense, while Russia $50 bln. Despite credit crisis USA is way ahead Russia. Sooner or later Russia will be a bankrupt state. One condition: oil priced below $40. In 1998 Russia defaulted, they might default once again.

  15. emsnews

    DEAR READERS: I censor no one so I was very annoyed to see several perfectly fine postings were put in the spam filter. I wish to apologize to everyone including the new readers who got spammed out.

  16. emsnews

    Paul, the big difference between 1998 and today is, Russia’s leader is smart, not a crazy old drunk. Leadership makes a huge difference. Huge! And Europe? Are they going into an up and up economy or are they CRASHING. Unlike Russia, they depend on having a huge export market in the US. Which has collapsed completely.

  17. paul

    I agree Putin is very smart leader, but in my opinion Russia is crashing even more then Europe now. I live in Poland and Russian import market literaly collapsed to zero. There are no production orders, no transportation orders. Russian stock index RTS has lost 80%. If the same happened to US stock market, DJIA would be at 2600 today.. I just dont see Russia becoming greater power after that crisis. That’s my view and of course I could be proven wrong in the future.

  18. MikeM

    I’m curious to know if you’re aware that the U.S. is now a net food importer? The U.S. press dropped that subject very quickly when “about to become a food importer” was published in 2005. Google it.
    Energy consumption is critical to food production, please look at the statistics, from fertilizers to John Deere tractors. Please do the math.
    Africa could easily duplicate or exceed the food production of the U.S., if subsidies, tariffs, and other economic hindrances were removed (summed up: U.S. politics).
    What frightens me more than anything isn’t the spewing of who can produce enough food for themselves. People in places of (recent) historical abundance cannot accept that possible shortages can (and likely will) occur!
    Once again, looking at statistics, we are very plainly way overdue for an instance of massive crop failure, somewhere on our globe. This would collide horribly with the current macro-economic situation, and complicate everything greatly.
    But I’m being trivial, perhaps.

  19. emsnews

    The ONLY reason the US stock market exists at this point is thanks to the Treasury and Federal Reserve conspiring with the other G7 to recapitalize the entire system with nearly $9 TRILLION.
    The system is really defunct, big time. Europe and Japan, who both have huge trade surpluses with the US this last 10 years, are desperate to restart this. And this is all illusory, you know. The system is kaput. Big time. Russia isn’t nearly so deep in it as we are.

  20. emsnews

    I own a farm. MANY of us were driven out of business by globalization. There used to be several hundred farms in my township in NY. Now, there are three.

  21. MikeM

    And I forgot to mention, that crop failure should be viewed in context of global population growth.
    It’s a classic hockey stick.

  22. TTC


    1) Putin and the Russian oligarchs are generally at odds. He has confiscated the assets of several, and put a few more in prison. These actions have tended to endear Vlad to his people.

    2) I would argue that 50%, possibly even 75% of the US defense budget is wasted on bureaucracy, inefficiency, fraud, graft, and outright theft. The US spends enormous sums on defense and gets very little real value in return.

  23. leavingtheoffice

    The really funny part of all this is that Gazprom now has large holdings in Algeria and Libya. Europe will pay the Russians one way or another.

  24. emsnews

    Or the Chinese who have been using their vast Sovereign Wealth Funds to buy energy systems in many countries. Especially feeder countries who send oil to the US.

  25. openly hidden

    all of the land is still there in your township. do you mean there were several hundred farmers at one time and now there are 3? three humungous commercial farmers? or has the land reverted to trees or abandoned?

    i ahve been a farmer all my life and i would think it would be the easiest thing in the world for any society to basically be self-sufficient in food. anyone strong and healthy with a few acres and a few basic hand tools could easily grow enough fruit or vegetables for their family. but of course this sort of thing would do nothing for the profits of big agriculture corporations and commodity exports. or for anyone depending on intelligent and sophisticated helpless people living in cities. or for anyone wanting lots of cheap surplus labor moving to town to work as debt slaves. i was talking to a friend just this week. every day his family still eats vegetables they grew and froze last summer in a normal garden and venison (deer meat) or fish he caught from his pond every day. he says they buy very little actual food from stores now and he never felt more healthy. he told me they went on a little 3 day trip and ate every day in restaurants and he had heart burn all the time. and my friend is a farmer millionaire not a survivalist. grow your food. can your food. freeze it. dry it. this country would have to be completely deliberately fucked up for people not to be able to eat. whatever food we we import is exotic from other lands or out of season.

  26. openly hidden

    don’t get me wrong we depend on john deere and fertilizer and chemical companies but most commodities are actually ….industrial imputs now. not actual “food” people are going to eat. nobody in the world actually eats field corn and damn few soybeans.

  27. openly hidden

    everything is fucked up because of money now. the smallest barn a small hog farmer needs now starts at $600,000. and to even be “commercial” he would need like 10 of those barns now. its insane what has happened in my lifetime. completely stupid. banks decide who does what now. and the modern meat and produce and eggs tastes like crap compared to how they used to. all so youall can live in cities with warped, distorted egos and be sophisticated consumers with advanced degrees but know nothing and feel good about yourselves. everybody gets what they deserve someday i hope.

  28. nah

    herald the end of the cold war… it meant little… we are quickly moving to pre WWII vague misunderstandings supported by massive alliances based if not purely on ethnic superiority and monetary dominance… hopefully russia learned something from WWII because as our part was somewhat distant we appear to know little ‘altho one of the GREAT US generals warned us of incompetent government creating a fascist element’. WOW we needed leaders ‘and your piece says FUCK ITS POLITICS BE NICE PEOPLE ARE DUMB’ but they are too bold bordering on murderous greed ‘remind the jews of anyone’ so that our true aims become mired in inconsistent application possibly driving divisions in policy.

    obamas up to it

  29. seraphim

    Well, it seems that good old Europe can’t break the mental habit (aquired over centuries) of viewing Russia as a source of plunder, slaves and prostitutes(the very name of sclavus is derived from the ethnic name of Slavi traded by the Khazars with Europe). Europe can’t break the habit of thinking that Russia would collapse in chaos if Europe doesn’t manage her bussines. They cannot fathom the starck reality that in fact Europe cannot live without Russia and that they must pay for that.

  30. MikeM

    openly hidden, you are right about the commercialization of farm production today, sadly.
    In the good ol’ days (yeah we all have those, in the’60s for me)… when I was young, I relished spending the night over at friend’s homes out in the rural Iowa farmland.
    Always, we got up really early on Saturday morning (much to my dismay). The first thing was we ABSOLUTELY HAD to milk the cows, then we had to feed those cows, and pigs, and chickens, gather eggs, and of course importantly in between all this pull the typical pranks that young schoolchildren pull on each other, and we had to do all this under the radar of very stern, God-fearing parents!
    After the morning chores we ate breakfast. The only thing on the table not from that very farm was the wheat flour in the bread. We worked hard for those breakfasts, ate like kings, and the satisfaction from them can not be described accurately by anyone not having lived on a farm.
    But the only crops grown on those farms were field corn and soybeans, with rare sorghum.
    Keep in mind that farmers don’t sell all their crops. Some are used for other productive purposes.
    But what I would stress for typical American: food doesn’t come from the grocery store.
    If I were to stress the importance of anything to all Americans, it would be please, please, please educate yourselves on how how food is produced and distributed.
    This need can’t be overemphasized!
    Food is far more important than money, knowledge is more important than money.
    Education is easy to come by. Just look for it.
    Look at how food USED to be produced locally, where you live. PLEASE!!!!!
    Apologies for sounding extremist, but time is running out.

  31. David

    Openly Hidden:
    I agree with you that we would all be healthier if we grew our own food, and for many people this is not impossible, especially if you can gain access to a small plot of land.
    This should not be too difficult. Many small farmers have difficulty competing with huge agribusiness corporations, so they limit their farming. Many are happy to lease land for deer hunting, and other purposes just to pay their property taxes. In many places, you can lease an acre or so for a couple of hundred bucks per year… If you put up you own food, you know what you are eating is not laced with all kinds of poisonous additives.
    I think, in the future, if we are going to survive and have any kind of acceptable life, US citizens will have to become a much thriftier and more self-sufficient. We need to become a basic needs oriented nation instead of a huge energy glutton.
    I spend about $25 tops on diesel and gasoline to raise a 1 acre garden each year. I use a diesel tractor to break the earth and a small gasoline tiller to work the garden as it grows. Add to that about $75 worth of fertilizer, lime and seed and I have a bounty of fresh vegetables which we store and freeze. I buy fresh apples and freeze them also. The food is great.
    Home heat… we have a wood stove in the basement where the heat pump can draw the wood heat from the stove into the cold air return. On particularly cold days, we simply burn wood and flip the controls to “fan only.” Our electric bill is actually less in winter than in summer.
    Even urban homeowners can grow great vegetables and fruits in garden plots in their yards if they will just do a little research and flip off the TV and get up off of their lazy asses and get to work. Growing a garden is not rocket science, and almost anyone can do it. My own yard garden is 20 feet in diameter and it produces all of the tomatoes we can eat.
    Learned helplessness and the “easy life” is killing us. I know that what I’m going to say is hokey, but I’ll say it anyway.
    A dollar saved is a dollar earned…actually about $1.50 earned if you count in taxes.

  32. Zorro

    Putin plays Chess in Africa:

    In the part of Qaddafi’s meeting with Putin shown on Russian TV, the two sat in leather arm-chairs beside a bonfire, heedless of the cold autumn wind. “We’re becoming closer and closer”, Putin said. Qaddafi said: “We think alike about gas and oil policies”. His visit followed a long courtship by Gazprom, the world’s largest natural gas company, and the supplier of about 40% of the EU’s gas imports.

  33. emsnews

    The many farms here have turned back into forest. It looks a lot more like it did 400 years ago.
    Hunting, by the way, is most excellent here. Turkey and deer abounding. Smaller animals, too. Have hunted all of these.
    About Putin: yes, he is playing the identical diplomacy game China’s Hu is doing so great. The Europeans and US can’t do this. We desperately need to scare everyone and strut about, fretting.

  34. openly hidden

    more about farming but likely everything else also. i don’t know how to put it, but it seems to me that ordinary farmers have no choice….do it big moneys way or hit the highway and get out. and big moneys way always requires spending lots of money for whatever it is they are selling….and imho, big money pays academic researchers to “research” and “prove” whatever they want proved, own the media to disseminate the “information” they want people to hear, and lobby the politicians to order things the way they want them to be. farmers are trapped….trapped into being just another factor of production now….and it looks like change won’t happen it doesn’t look like unless the way things are now gets a lot worse. at least it sounds like mikeM has good memories. i simply hate to say it but it looks to me like we all are in this together! me with the lefties that spit on the returning viet nam veterans and hate america!!!! wtf happened!!!!

  35. emsnews

    Factory farms stink all to hell. The remaining farms in my region are like that. It smells so bad, you can detect them from miles away if the prevailing winds are right. No sane farmer can live on his own land if he has a factory farm for pigs or dairy cows, etc. It is quite disgusting and infuriating. I hate these farms intensely.

  36. openly hidden

    nobody but horribly cruel unemphatic people would cage pigs and dairy cows in confinement in the first place. most got out for that reason. but this is what had to happen if you were a chicken or pig farmer and went to the bank for next years operating money. you will either get on the bandwagon with “progress” or get left out. and my point behind all this stupid talk about farming i think is i remember when all the white working class males were democrats…and in the 1960’s, you all pissed all over us and what we do like “don” still is apparently, and basically were the real cause of the regan “revolution”. well, i am willing for bygones, but ….

  37. openly hidden

    empathy, not emphatic. this “confinement” is another step along the road to evil imho. but someone DEFINED DOING THIS AS PROGRESS! and split the white working males from their traditional democrat party home to the old time long time party of the rich eastern establishment.

  38. emsnews

    Yes, enslaving our fellow creatures and abusing them to death is evil. I ate my farm animals on occasion. I sold them. I had to put down the old horse, Sparky, who we loved very much.
    We have a deal with animals: they work with us and we protect them and make their lives as comfortable as we can while they serve us. It is a two-way deal. I never worried about my animals running free. They loved living with me. They didn’t leave!
    My chickens, in summer, the ducks and turkeys, too, would follow me around the farm like the dogs. If we were fixing the tractor, within minutes, all the sheep would be grazing in a circle around us and the chickens would come right to our feet and begin scratching away at the earth. It was funny how the animals gravitated to where ever we were working. When I was mowing the fields, I had to pen up the animals so they wouldn’t get hurt, trying to be next to me!

  39. Rowan

    I`m with you, openly hidden. The farmers are the salt of the earth. When they take you to their hearts (you must have a good heart yourself) you are very lucky. I wouldn`t go back to the city for anything.

  40. kenogami

    Time is running out for the big farm combines. I read that the production of oil is decreasing by 7% in the last 3 years. Without oil, no industrial pesticides nor fertilizers, no transport of meat or vegetables or fruits for 2 thousands miles, no giant equipment on the giant farms, no trucking industry. Soon, I believe the abandonned small farms will be reborn if Americans want to eat. And as a commenter here said, the food will be infinitely better to taste and for your health than the present corrupted big industrial agriculture.

  41. kenogami

    oil is decreasing by 7% per year in the last 3 years.

  42. hardrock

    Hidden, Elaine, others, I remind you again of ‘The Southern Agrarians’ who wrote the book “I’ll Take My
    Stand” in 1935 as FDR’s New Deal was pushing forward the idea of electrifying and industrializing rural America. These guys were some pretty solid thinkers who knew way back then that if you ‘tinker’ with society there will be unforeseen problems arise. They thought that society should evolve in a more natural way. They presented their case as to why this is best and were laughed at then and are still considered backward hicks for the most part by the very academicians and corporations who sponsor them….for obvious reasons.

    If their ideas had been allowed to be heard we would not have industrialized, factory farms nor would we have had the population bomb that is an outgrowth of the implemented policies and programs that allow big business and big government to grow ever bigger as they extract wealth and impart ruin on the earth and her population. We would still have the small farmers, active and friendly small towns, we would have culture and dialects, strange habits and religions we could go and see, visit true ‘cultural’ ideas and habits that are the antithesis to the fascist, corporate bullshit named farce of ‘multiculturalism’. For anyone to remain naive about the truth of who and why the earth is run the way it is, they should be taken out behind the woodshed and have their ears pulled, asses kicked and a few teeth loosened. The Obama maniacs and the Bush rednecks are all as stupid as a post. All of us have participated to some degree or another in our own demise and possible suicide. We have destroyed the family and the essence of unity which was held together by myth, religion, call it what you will….but the ‘learned’ from the ivory towers have sponsored and encouraged this destruction in their own nefarious ways to such an extent that even some of them are beginning to see the consequences and therefore the ‘light’. Take the time to watch this great video and you will begin to see what is really happening with populations around the world and what is heading our way….it is not what you think. Anything as important as the message in this video will never see the light of day in the MSM. I have posted on this site in the past about a joke I’d tell old geezers when they whined about the younger generation. I’d tell them that they should be nice to them and try to educate them or the day may come in the not to distant future that there might me a bounty on their old ass as they were too expensive for those youngsters to support. That it wouldn’t be safe to be walking down most sidewalks where these youngsters drive. “There’s one…get him!”

    In case the link doesn’t work look up ‘Demographic Winter’ on google video.

  43. Lashaber Petrosian

    Russia is Evil Empire and it will defeat itself eventually. No gas and Oil will help.

  44. JSmith

    “For some queer, besotted reason, European leaders think, if they super-irritate Russia, Russia will bend to their collective wills and shrink in size and become their slave state rather than the reverse.”

    Possibly… because Russia really is shrinking in (population) size.
    Uncle Volodya, much like Uncle Hugo in Venezuela, has staked a great deal on the price of oil remaining at historic highs. Oil at $35/barrel is highly problematic for them: some of their promises have suddenly become very hard to keep.
    The gas pissing match between Russia and Ukraine has been an annual New Years’ celebration since 2006 (the Orange Revolution did not go down well in the Kremlin.) Russia can play this for all it’s worth until late April when General Winter retires to his icy command bunker and Western Europe can safely tell Russia to go pound it: without winter, they got nothin’.

  45. emsnews

    Except General Winter returns armed to the TEETH. Europe hasn’t figured this cycle out very well. They are like a chihuahua barking at a WOLF. Try it some time.

  46. JSmithy

    “Except General Winter returns armed to the TEETH.”
    Yep – ’bout every six months, on average…
    “They are like a chihuahua barking at a WOLF.”
    Except this wolf isn’t quite the wolf he used to be. Russia has very little other than gas and oil, which they REALLY need to sell in order to buy other stuff they need. You do like to overestimate Russia, for some reason…

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