YouTube – HOUSE OF LORDS – Pleasure Palace

Seems that a newspaper played a game with some Labour Lords and they tried to sell their services.  We know that DC is a whore house but the house of Lords is a whore house is a lot funnier.  Alas, the declining fortunes of the Financial House of Cards in England are sad.  The housing bubble was very bad there, it reached Tokyo aka 1990 levels of insanity. The banking system nearly totally collapsed last October and might actually finish doing this by next October.


Erminegate: police called to examine corruption allegations in House of Lords | Politics |


The Metropolitan police will tomorrow be urged to investigate whether two Labour peers broke the law after allegedly indicating to undercover reporters that they had used their influence to help to amend legislation in exchange for payments.

As the government admitted that the peers were facing “very grim” allegations, the Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, Chris Huhne, said he would write to the police tomorrow to ask them to investigate whether bribery offences had been committed.

“If these allegations are confirmed, they are not merely a breach of the Lords’ rules, but are surely also against the law on corrupt practices,” Huhne said.

He intervened after the Sunday Times reported that Lord Taylor of Blackburn and Lord Truscott had admitted influencing legislation on behalf of clients. Their alleged comments were made to undercover reporters who claimed two other peers – Lords Moonie and Snape – were also allegedly willing to use their influence. All four peers deny wrongdoing.


Everything and everyone is for sale, it seems.  No one has ever seen fit to offer me any bribes. When I was very political, people were happy to make threats or verbal attacks or shove me aside or censor me but no one bribed me.  Maybe I played my cards wrong.  Maybe, this is why I ended up living in a tent, on a mountain, rather than sitting on a throne, wearing ermine in the House of Lords.


Well, fuzz that!  The House of Lords should be shut down.  It seems to have no real function anymore except to be a mall for corruption sales.

YouTube – Blackadder 3 – Baldrick fills in an MP form

Meltdown in Iceland – The Irish Times – Sat, Jan 24, 2009


ICELAND HAS become the first European country in which a government has decided to have fresh elections after the international economic crisis provoked continuing street demonstrations and violent incidents over police retaliation.

Other countries too are feeling the strain of social protests as the recession bites and governments respond with public spending cuts and tax increases. In the last two weeks Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria have seen this happen, while in Greece the violent demonstrations that broke out last month over the shooting dead of a young protester by a policemen have continued sporadically and have now been taken up by farmers. They were sufficiently serious to convince French president Nicolas Sarkozy not to introduce a school reform for fear of provoking a similar student protest in France.


Two years ago, I predicted vast riots in Europe when the EU hit the wall.  The wall was pretty obvious back then.  It is even more obvious now.  Since everyone’s noses are being mashed by it.  Anyone who says, ‘No one could have forseen this’ hasn’t read my various blogs, Money Matters and Culture of Life Financial News.Just looking at trade data, banking information, reading lots and lots of old newspaper articles, looking at IMF data, etc, it was pretty easy to foresee this disaster.


I remember when people were marveling about how a closet in central London, in the City, was as expensive as a fine house in the countryside. A Russian ex-KGB officer, spending $40 million to buy a wretched house in a fancy neighborhood was viewed as a harbinger of eternal wealth, not a blazing danger sign, this was a bad, bad bubble.  The Japanese had the same marvelous experience when an apartment in Tokyo was worth more than half of the mansions in my neighborhood in New Jersey, back in the late 1980’s.


When simple dwellings suddenly balloon to a value much greater than mansions, this is a bad, bad sign, not a miracle from heaven.  Smart people are supposed to notice this and stop it.  The method is simple: raise interest rates and kill off the Bank of Japan via G7 negotiations.  Instead, this was encouraged.  The British have a long history of banking knowledge.  The fact that they all threw it out the window is just too bad, isn’t it?  


I suggest arresting everyone responsible for creating this bubble including the House of Lords. Get rid of the Queen and her brood, too, just to make it even and more natural.  Revolutions are no fun unless the royals get knocked off their pedestals.


‘Stealth tax’ on recession victims – Home News, UK – The Independent

Ministers were accused last night of profiteering from the soaring numbers of people facing bankruptcy after they announced huge increases in fees at debtors’ courts.

Charges are to rise by up to 233 per cent for debt proceedings from next May, affecting hundreds of thousands of people who plunge into the red.

The move, which has been branded a stealth tax on those least able to pay, comes as a survey by The Independent reveals the depth of Britain’s debt problem with the country now officially in the worst recession for 30 years.

Right before the big economic train wreck in America, the corrupt minions in our own Congress and the idiot Crown Prince, Bush, reformed the bankruptcy laws, making it much nastier.  Well, it is no shock to see the equally corrupt House of Lords and others do the exact same thing.  Birds of a feather.


Revealed: The day the banks were just three hours from collapse | Mail Online

Britain was just three hours away from going bust last year after a secret run on the banks, one of Gordon Brown’s Ministers has revealed.

City Minister Paul Myners disclosed that on Friday, October 10, the country was ‘very close’ to a complete banking collapse after ‘major depositors’ attempted to withdraw their money en masse.

The Mail on Sunday has been told that the Treasury was preparing for the banks to shut their doors to all customers, terminate electronic transfers and even block hole-in-the-wall cash withdrawals.

Only frantic behind-the-scenes efforts averted financial meltdown.

If the moves had failed, Mr Brown would have been forced to announce that the Government was nationalising the entire financial system and guaranteeing all deposits.

But 60-year-old Lord Myners was accused last night of being ‘completely irresponsible’ for admitting the scale of the crisis while the recession was still deepening and major institutions such as Barclays remain under intense pressure.

KEEP IT ALL SECRET!!!  Don’t want to panic anyone.  Especially the House of Lords.  The chance of an entire nation’s banks going under in one day is not impossible.  It is quite probable.  Here is my own blog from October 9th to the 10th:


92% Losses In Lehman CDS Auction Explained

Picture_36_2Sorry about the choppy posting here today. Finally, real, hard information is flowing in. It seems that the messy auction of Lehman credit default swaps is NOT finished at all. We know that the amount these things are worth is around 8% which means the counterparties who promised to pay the insurance on these crappy CDOs will now have to make up the difference. NONE OF THEM HAVE, YET! How they will pull off this $400 billion minus $24 billion, is anyone’s guess. I suspect Paulson will be the one who will pay up. Also, the threats against the dollar hegemony continue and Japan has retreated from these dark threats and now wants all the FOREX holders of massive dollar bags of money should use this via the IMF to bail out the US and not punish us but give us even more loans so we buy Toyotas again like in the good old days. This is impossible, I say, as well as undesirable.



The October Friday Crash News Dump

Picture_32The running story of today’s economic news continues. I will comment on what this all means as I figure out the ramifications of all this mess. Many, many things are flowing out of this devolution of the entire G7 banking system. This is a monumental failure of the entire concept of Free Trade and the Floating Currency. Indeed, it is almost like a fairy tale: all the ill-gotten gains from manipulating things will vanish and everything set to rights again by the intervention of divine authorities.



OCTOBER 09, 2008

Running Commentary On Derivative Beast Eating Everything In Next 24 Hrs

Picture_17All hell is breaking loose before Halloween. The next 24 hrs will see many insurers and banks across the planet go belly up as the monstrous Derivatives Beast begins to rip and tear it all apart as the grim Goddesses unleash this great creature upon our unbalanced international finances! Things will happen FAST. So feel free to add lots and lots of links and news stories here today. I will revise this story as it unfolds and will be very happy for any information everyone brings here! Thanks in advance!




Well, well, well!  That was one busy day!  I remember staying up nearly all night, tracking the news and analyzing it.  And has things gotten better or worse, since then?


I don’t need to answer that rhetorical question!  The Derivatives Beast was not allowed to finish off the entire banking system.  Is he dead?  Or is he now a member of the House of Lords?  HAHAHA.  Sigh.  This is beyond sad, it is stupid.  The entire business which comprises the greater part of the planet’s known wealth is the Derivatives markets.  $66 trillion is involved and already, over $10 trillion has vanished.  More to come.  And the bankers simply latched onto the taxpayers in a forlorn hope, the taxpayers can still swim.  Only they, too, are sinking, fast.  So this business of saving the derivatives markets by putting it all into a Bad Bank, the Bank of Azazel, the Bank of the End of Times, yes.  It won’t work.


If you click on the links above, you will get all the sordid details of that terrible day.


Lights go out across Britain as recession hits home | Business | The Guardian


Britain’s days as the fastest growing economy in Europe were officially declared over yesterday as the deepest recession in a generation saw consumers turning off the lights and Poles returning home.

While official figures showed the economy contracting at its fastest since 1980, National Grid said demand for electricity had fallen over Christmas at homes and factories across the land, and Poland confirmed that thousands of its citizens were coming home from Britain and Ireland.

National Grid said it was cutting its forecast for electricity consumption this year because of the recession. The thousands of people being laid off each week and the hundreds of firms cutting production are reducing demand.


Well, one good thing: Putin doesn’t have his hands on the light switch like he does in Europe.  By the way, Davos is having its annual Ruling Elites dinner.  Putin and Wen, of China, are going to be there.  Hardly anyone else.  Brown will be there.  Heh.  Needs to escape for a few hours and hob nob with the Future Real Rulers.


Official: £40,000 loss for every taxpayer | Business | The Observer


Every taxpayer in the country has lost almost £40,000 since the onset of the credit crunch, as plunging house prices and the savage sell-off in stock markets have obliterated £1.2 trillion of Britain’s national wealth.

The combined impact of the property downturn and the slide in share prices has wiped out the equivalent of a full year’s economic output, according to research by analyst Dharval Joshi at City bank RAB Capital, £38,700 for every one of Britain’s 31 million taxpayers.

“We’re only halfway through; there’s more destruction to come before we stabilise,” said Joshi, predicting that as much as £2 trillion could be knocked off the value of assets.


And this isn’t the end.  The Derivatives Beast will eat all the illicit wealth from the property bubble.  Look at Japan.  Same story.  And the US, also the same.  Back in 1998, some friends and I started a web forum called, ‘Dow Jones 36,000’ as a great place to track the collapse of the stock markets. You see, a pundit in the news made big waves, boasting that we would see markets at that level.  I said, he was insane, and compared it all to Japan.  Back then, that is.  Well, like I said, all of this was very easy to foresee.


Superannuation savings dive 19.7% – Business – BrisbaneTimes


Australians have suffered their worst losses on superannuation in living memory, with typical funds losing an average of almost 20 per cent in 2008, new figures reveal.

Research agency SuperRatings said the average balanced fund dived by 12.5 per cent in the second half of 2008, and by 19.7 per cent for the full calendar year.

It was the worst annual result since the start of compulsory superannuation in the early 1990s, wiping out any gains made over the past three years.


And dear Prudence was thrown to the dogs and everyone ran off with Risky.  And now, the party is over.  We can’t retire.  This is disgusting. And easy to see. When I was very young, I said, ‘When we [baby boomers] get old enough to retire, we will bankrupt everything and have a Great Depression.’  I based this prediction on the idea that all the things I needed to use as a child were always overcrowded and I couldn’t get my fair share.  I really didn’t want this prediction to come true. 






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  1. GK

    Dang! I was just rushing to post the predication that tomorrow you would be posting on the crash of the UK!
    Your basic premise is that the UK government is corrupt and the Queen should be deposed.
    Note that this is exactly what happened to the French and Russian royalty when faced with the ‘illuminating’ forces of European Masonic secret societies.
    My take on it is that the UK government has been invaded by stealth, as shown below, and the Queen has to allow it to happen if she wants to keep her head.
    I have been researching Common Purpose today, which is a secret British ‘charity’ which is a cover for creating the EUSSR.
    Basically they want to weaken Britain socially, educationally and economically so they will cave in and join the EU.
    I shudder to think how much Champagne will be consumed at Davos as the attendees there watch the carnage tomorrow as they POUND THE POUND.
    I wonder how many billions the criminal George Soros will make crushing the UK?
    Here is a very interesting site in the UK about trying to stop the CP virus.
    If you think the North American Union is far progressed, you will not believe how close the UK is to communism.
    A bunch of drunken louts with no economy. Sounds familiar?
    The only difference is that Russia was filled with Rocket Scientists, lots of natural resources and the Bolsheviks were not able to exterminate all the Orthodox Catholics that are the backbone of Russia.
    By the time they are done with Britain, it will be a F****** Illuminati amusement part on Thames like Disneyland and that is it.
    Anyone who has researched this for more than 8 seconds knows that they love large ferris wheels on water.
    Have a look at:
    Should be fun to watch.

  2. Karmaisking

    Corruption? Whores? You don’t know the half of it.

    In Australia, the Federal Government has just (very quietly) announced that it will spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars supporting…supporting…who do you think? The newly unemployed? Nurses? Solar technology companies? Farmers? Single parents? People taking care of the sick or the elderly?

    No. They are planning to bail out shopping center developers and commercial property developers to the tune of 4 billion taxpayer dollars. That’s right. $4billion to the most wealthy, greedy bastards in our society.

    Think I’m lying? No. See the story here:,28124,24961867-25658,00.html

    Westfield and other greedy property developers have extorted millions from tenants, bankrupted countless retailers and effectively enslaved a large slice of the retailers who are “forced” to rent in the rat-warren shopping centers because of the lack of alternatives. They actually have refused to consider recycling technologies and the recycling of paper in their centers because of the $$$cost! Can you believe that! Anti-environmentalists who are getting MORE taxpayer dollars so that extort more money from tenants and consumers. Is this insane or what?

    They developers find they don’t have a sustainable business model so they go to the government to bail them out.

    At what cost?

    Well, the minute a big-box shopping center is developed, it cannibalizes an area of up to 30 miles around it.

    Now these GIGANTIC companies (the owners of Westfield, the Lowrys, are amongst the wealthiest families in Australia) are being “protected” and bailed out at the expense of the already indebted and shopped-out taxpayer.

    Talk about prostitution. The Federal Government has opened its legs wide and said “how long?” “how hard?” “what do you want me to do?”

    The greatest irony is that AT THE SAME time the Federal Government is bailing out Westfield and others, the Tax Dept is investigating the owners of Westfield for…you guessed it…TAX EVASION.

    Apparently the Lowrys used Liechtenstein as a base for tax avoidance to funnel money to Israel and other associates. The details can be found here:

    This is not just corruption. This is cannibalism.

    Where is the f*cking rage?!?

  3. Karmaisking

    Delete the first one. Or both. Happy for both…

  4. Simon

    Worse problem are the media owners like Murdoch who keep the population dumb and blind.
    Shopping centres are nothing compared to forced indoctrination by television

  5. Bear of Little Brain

    House of Lords is house of whores? Nothing new there, Elaine. 🙂
    A more bizarre system would be difficult to dream up.
    The bezzle quotient is going parabolic, it would seem.
    You’re probably already onto this but, just in case:
    “Government regulators aided IndyMac coverup, maybe others”
    Via Jesse’s:

  6. if

    Perheps we can copy the german way to “Wirtschaftwunder” á la 1934 adminstrated by Hjalmar Schacht President of the Reichsbank. Unfortunatelly, to bee able to copy it we need a World run by a Dictator. Can we fix it, there is a Wonderfull New World waitng for everyone. How about that?

  7. Zorro

    Just today I was thinking about the fact that since
    1066 there really hasn’t been a real housecleaning
    of institutions in the United Feudal Kingdom. There
    must be secret societies and feudal institutions
    that are hundreds of years old in the tangled
    cobwebs of that dark feudal cave. Not to mention
    the dangerous feudal cave known as “The City”.
    It is the Vatican of the Gnomes. Neo World Order
    is just recycled Neo Feudalism with fascist fangs.

  8. Zorro

    If Gold isn’t responding to inflation maybe
    its responding to cold blooded fear.

  9. emsnews

    Gold is the only commodity that didn’t plunge by over 50%. As for the government of Britain: my own ancestors did try to change it. This is why we were in the New World by 1660. A failure. Tried again, over here. It, too, seems increasingly to be a failure.

  10. don

    I went back and re-read the Derivative Beast blog.
    Boy, did you hit that on the nose with RBS. Royal Bank of Scotland. This week they announced another
    30,000 layoffs within a 3 year period and the stock
    is in the crapper. Europe is imploding !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe the house of ho’s should be wearing pajama’s.
    Turn out the lights, the party is over………….

  11. Paul S

    It really is too bad about the ‘whores’ of the house of Lords. But I worry about the whores here in the US, specifically in Congress and the Executive. THEY are the ones who allowed our media to be held in the hands of so few companies through de-regulation. Right wing fascists like Murdoch wouldn’t have half the influence they do if ANYBODY in government–like the FCC–even gave a passing concern for the public interest. Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-SD) has pointed out these failures on the part of those who are supposed to be protecting the public interest. This explains why too many people think “Fixed News” is “fair and balanced”. There are too few REAL journalists out there like Seymour Hersh. What we get instead are people like Bill Oreilly who mouth the right wing’s corporate talking points, disguising them as truth. A sad state of affairs.

  12. Gary

    Dear Prudence, won’t you come out to play
    Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day
    The sun is up, the sky is blue
    It’s beautiful and so are you
    Dear Prudence won’t you come out to play

    Dear Prudence open up your eyes
    Dear Prudence see the sunny skies
    The wind is low the birds will sing
    That you are part of everything
    Dear Prudence won’t you open up your eyes?

  13. Karmaisking,

    Austrailia’s not the only place where Westfield has its fancy-schmancy rabbit-warren malls. Here in the US, they have bought preexisting malls, like Brandon Mall and Countryside Mall near Tampa, FL (hailing from New Orleans, I was there right after Hurricane Katrina). Only Westfield doesn’t call either by their proper names: the signs at BOTH read “Westfield Shoppingtown” with the first name of each mall beneath in microscopic print. A motorist is liable to miss one of Westfield’s malls completely if he/she is looking for the mall by its proper name rather than “WESTFIELD.” Good to know the US commercial market is hammering them big time but NOT if they’re buggering the Australian taxpayer.

  14. Karmaisking

    Ironic. The one with the typos was kept and the “good” one was deleted.

    May as well delete the other one as well.

    Property developers in Australia are known for their “revenge” tactics. Juanita Nielsen, a lovely anti-development activist who was part of the Mark Foys retail dynasty in Australia, was brutally murdered by thugs paid for by property developers a few decades ago. Not much anti-development activism occurs any more in Australia. No awards for guessing why.

    It gets ugly down here when it comes to property development. The barbarians are not just at the gates. They’re inside the gates, making the rules.

    I try to keep a low profile….

  15. nah

    never give up NAFTA! keep those prices high shippin’ good jobs overseas to create value for multinational corporations that can buy anyone they want practically for free… give me more 100000 man mercenary armys to fight my wars to keep me free from mercenary armys… and keep the credit flowing to the people who will take it, ‘damned if you do damned if you dont’… and keep inching up those taxes ‘lord knows we deserve it, hell we cant pay for it ourselves’… and if all else fails blame the UK or Saudi Arabia or Iraq or something, not Israel ‘we got a real special relationship! whatever the hell that means’

  16. “Cash for questions: new row over Scottish lord’s £30k deal”
    “The Sunday Herald has established that around half the parliamentary questions tabled by Lord Moonie, a close friend of prime minister Gordon Brown, relate to areas of commercial interest to US-based Northrop Grumman Corporation.”…
    “Lord Foulkes faces probe over legal consultancy”
    About time.

  17. emsnews

    Arrest them all. Heh. There are so many. Don’t know quite where to start…hell, start at the top! 🙂

  18. “Any news of the return of the donation to the Lib Dems of £2.4 Mn. from Michael Brown, 42, of Templewood Avenue, Hampstead, to help fund their 2005 election campaign , who was alleged to have stolen a total of $11,348,003 (£7,092,501) from Charles Martin Edwards and three of transferring criminal property in the same overall amount.”…

  19. “The police will not investigate allegations against four members of the House of Lords accused of being willing to change laws in exchange for cash”…
    We are the government and we can do anything we want…We are above the law.

  20. Sunday, February 22, 2009
    “Lord Ashcroft and more of his dodgy dosh helps fund the Conservative Party local constituencies – Electoral Commission sniffing about.”…

    Saturday, February 21, 2009
    “O’Bomber picks his big fund raiser for the London Emassy – to the Victor the spoils”…

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