At least one can understand Jewish desires to fight and remove natives.  It is pure colonialism.  But the US is doing something worse: we invade countries so we can control them via tremendous violence, from afar.  We have vague goals and don’t even want the people at all, we just want them to be whatever we want only we won’t tell them what this is.  If they trust us and vote for a democracy, the wrong votes gets them hammered.  So now, they all hunker down and do stray attacks.  This is bankrupting the US, of course.  For we fight small arms with the most expensive tools on earth.


Pakistan to U.S.: Call Off the Killer Drones | Danger Room from


Since the start of August, U.S. drones have struck targets in Pakistan at least 19 times. The latest attack, one of the deadliest ever, killed 20. Now, Pakistani officials say they’ve had enough of the robot planes, and are demanding that America call off its killer drones “immediately.”

“The drone attacks have negative repercussions when the Pakistani government tries to get the support of the people in the tribal area,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammed Sadiq tells the New York Times. “They are not helping meet the objectives of the war on terror.”

“Such attacks [a]re a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and should be stopped immediately,” the ministry added, in a statement.


These robot killing machines are hideously expensive.  They also are utterly impersonal.  At least, in Vietnam, we had to put ourselves into grave danger, bombing straw huts and rice paddies!  And the North Vietnamese had an army and air force!  


The people we are now fighting have virtually nothing at all.  They are, like the Palestinians people, nearly totally disarmed.  They have only their anger and their wits.  And they are not bowing to our imperial rule.  Not at all. Let’s look closer at these poorest people on this planet:



They look like players in a Medieval movie.  They are skinny.  They live in either tents or rude stone huts.  This war we are waging, long distance, isn’t even as honorable as our Indian wars 100 years ago or earlier!  In those wars, the US had more guns and cannons but not much more than the Indians!  


The Indians rode horses and so did the US.  Both of them had to hunt animals for food, while fighting.  Both used basically the same guns, too!  It was much more even.  


Look at the people in this Al Jazeerah video:

YouTube – US air raid fuels Afghan anger – 27 Jan 09


We are annihilating little girls.  Just for example.  We are killing old men.  Burying babies under rubble.  And we do this from our bases far, far, far from where these poor, poor people live.  Long distance murderers, that is what we have become.




Which one of these men are Jesus?  Hard to tell.  They look like the Jews, circa 66 AD.  Their culture, lives and thinking processes are virtually the same as the Jews under Roman domination.  Are we going to force a diaspora on these people, just like the Imperial Caesars?  


The David and Goliath parts are equally horrible.  We are the evil, blundering Darth Vaders, killing the Desert People.  With Bin Laden playing Yoda.


YouTube – On War – Profit and Loss – 26 Jan 09 – Part 2


The Force is with these mountain tribes.  They know that the US is a dying beast.  Our Death Star is sinking, fast.  They probably are aware, via mouth to mouth transit, that bin Laden’s plan is to bankrupt the US.  But they can’t believe the horror of this form of fighting which is despicable, cruel, inhuman and of course, utterly and totally cowardly.


We have no honor.  Fighting the poorest tribes on earth with super-expensive robot killing machines is morally degrading and it is destroying our nation and our national character. Who did we root for in Star Wars?  Darth Vader or Yoda?  


And who are we?  The Nazis or the French Underground?  We have to look in the mirror.  





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  1. GK

    Obama has already ordered Pakistani’s exterminated with one of the drones, so there is some change you can believe in.

    “Missiles fired from suspected US drones killed at least 15 people inside Pakistan today, the first such strikes since Barack Obama became president and a clear sign that the controversial military policy begun by George W Bush has not changed. “

  2. emsnews

    Like I said long ago, it is ‘Changeling’, not ‘change.’

  3. openly hidden

    i probably am stupid or something but i still cannot for the life of me understand why usa is invading iraq and in afghanistan????? where is the profit to it i cannot see. why? i have relative who was in both countries and i still do not understand why we did this. they obviously do not want to be like us and have our culture and i have some sympathy for that for sure but wouldn’t it have been far, far cheaper for usa oil companies to just buy some oil if we needed oil so badly? and afghanistan? i can’t post it, but somewhere i read today that usa loses half its supply convoys going to afghanistan as they go through pakistan from bandits???? wtf??? what is to be gained by being there i wonder???? who gains from this seriously? i just don’t see how any of it is worth it. but like i said, i am probably stupid about this. but the banksters! now they really, really piss me off. but who gives a crap about afghanistan that we are having a war? i am wondering what usa stands to gain by fighting wars over there. i just don’t see it. what can usa possibly gain by doing this all in the first place? develop our own energy and leave them alone for much less cost plus put lots of people to work erecting wind power generators and windmills, building SAFE nuclear plants, running basically alcohol stills to refine diesel fuel and gasoline which requires lots and lots of educated kids working in those places, refining clean coal, and solar power plus lots more. i just cannot understand any reason why usa does not let all the islams and stans fester in peace if they don’t like us. i do not understand who gains what from this.

  4. GK

    Iraq = oil pipeline to Israel.
    Afghanistan = heroin profits to banks.

  5. openly hidden

    and personally i think the idea of a interstate highway, rail line, and pipe lines running right up mexico into the heartland of america right through iowa and on up to canada would be a hell of a lot better investment than wars in places we couldn’t keep if they all did surrender to us. that would employ a lot of people too. lots of better places and ways to spend the money that is burned up in wars or given to banksters. and david, i completely loved the honkey tonk angels down south when i was a young stud. the closest i ever got to heaven was a honkey tonk in the middle of nowhere south of memphis in mississippi on blinding hot summer days playing pool in the dark tavern with the magnificent southern girls in their summer dresses feeling my muscles as i can run the tables and beat everyone arm wrestling and able to drink beer all day and all night without making a fool of myself back then. my goodness but it was fine then. i loved the south and always thougth southern girls were like from a different planet than northern girls seemed to me. but that is all gone too now i expect….more progress. and it was lots more polite even too. and how they all could talk! my goodness i loved it.

  6. openly hidden

    oil pipeline to israel!!!! heroin profits to banks!!!! israel and the banksters….they are really becoming more trouble than they are worth seems to me. why not bring everybody home from everywhere that doesnt’ want us i want to know.

  7. openly hidden

    good news everybody. the weather looks to improve some finally after tomorrow so i can work outside again and i won’t be lurking around here as much! god i am hating this winter! memphis and the old king cotton hotel was where i used to go on leave and mississippi honkey tonks they all were a lot better than this cold and ice and snow!

  8. David

    Openly Hidden wrote:
    “I do not understand who gains what from this.”
    Financial globalists, Government administration, Military contractors and homeland security officials and our military itself.
    OH, the financiers and globalists have foolishly destroyed jobs that could have employed thousands of young people who are coming of age, and government knows that if anyone will cause trouble as the US goes into depression, it will be these young people…we old fart baby boomers are too old to do anything but complain a lot. So a rather cheap war in Afghanistan is a way of keeping the military and its contractors busy and still making money…also, we hope to someday have an oil pipeline through Afghanistan, but nobody really expects this to happen. This is really war on the cheap…lots of rifle ammo, some fuel and secure perimeters…and print lots of funny payroll money (what can a soldier spend it on in Afghanistan anyway?)…patrol a little and fly helicopters around a little to prevent any staging of local forces against US troops…that’s about it…can go on for years and years, and keep military supplied with work and a reason for its continued existence.
    This also keeps a US presence in the Middle East so potential adversaries and angry trade partners won’t get any grand ideas.

    I do support having an adequately strong military, but not one that advances imperial rule all over the world…I think of our military as a tool for national defense, not as a tool of unwarranted aggression.
    Still, it seems that we could tone down the unnecessary killing a bit. I have no knowledge of why we would do this, but it appears that unstated US doctrine is to spread terror among indigenous populations so everyone there will fear us and get the idea that we are in charge.
    From the videos Elaine posted, I don’t really think this doctrine is working….it just pisses people off and creates more terrorists…maybe that is what our leaders desire so the “war on terruh” can go on forever.
    It’s that narrow minded, imperialistic thought paradigm again…static world view…no room for changing course, even though events and economics are forcing changes anyway.

  9. emsnews

    Yes, it is the old ‘whip the natives until they kneel and obey’ garbage.

  10. PLovering

    openly, we are going to Russia by way of Afghanistan.
    Rockefeller, Zbrz, and the Lizards have WWIII all mapped out. Russia has more gas and oil than any other country, and the Lizards and their crypto-cousins mean to grab it all.

  11. sharkbabe

    Every fucking word spot-on, Elaine ..

    I really don’t know what to do anymore .. it’s so continually heartbreaking and infuriating, i’m topped out .. and hopey-changey is just so goddamn fucking samey …

    Teh cosmic stupid and cruel .. it R us ..

  12. sharkbabe

    btw how near are you to Seneca Falls? I think I need to go have a good cry on Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s lap .. 🙂

  13. Simon

    Attacking nuclear Russia is insane

  14. Rowan

    If Brzeszinski ever unclenches that facial expression his head will explode!

  15. Rowan

    Seeing all those American weapons destroying Gaza was the worst advertisement for the USA we`ve seen yet.

  16. David


    “we are going to Russia by way of Afghanistan.”

    I really hope you’re wrong about this just like I hope I’m wrong about an impending total collapse…hope springs eternal doesn’t it?

    Still total stupidity is running rampant in the US leadership nowadays…and “goodness and mercy” are very scarce in our so-called Judeo-Christian nation.

    War with Russia would be absolutely stupid, almost as stupid as trying to fight our way through Iran to get to Russia. There are lots and lots of mountains and hard traveling to ever get to mother Russian…and that is their strength, the vastness of their country, not to mention their ability to absorb terrible military strikes…and look at a map, China sits nearby, with its military forces and command structure synchronized with Russia’s. Such a move, on the part of the US would be nearly impossible to bring off with any kind of sane results, but nobody is accusing the US of being very sane nowadays.

    The US leadership much prefers to assert control over nearly defenseless small countries…and to use those countries like Georgia and Ukraine to keep its powerful opponents occupied with annoying insurrections, etc.

    Our present economic condition and lack of jobs and economic progress at home makes going to war on a major scale to stimulate us out of a depression nearly impossible.

    During Great Depression I, we had state of the art factories with the best machine tools in the world, padlocked and sitting idle. We just unlocked them and called unemployed workers back and went to producing goods to win WWII.

    This time around, our dilapidated factories are empty, and our corporate raiders have sold our machinery to China.

    I hope this posturing is mostly bluster. If the US Iraq and take its oil with force, I doubt if it wants to attempt to take Russia’s.

    Of course, the insanity thing is still there, alive and well in US leadership.

  17. emsnews

    Power drives them mad. Bush was like Caligula, going to war with Neptune. But will Obama be Aurelius who went to fight the barbarians in Vienna and was killed, the last of the functional emperors. The Roman empire split permanently in two after that battle.

  18. Dr Benway

    Apparently, there are some elements associated with the crew that most (but not all!) believe were responsible for September 11, USS Cole, Khobar Towers, the Embassy Bombings, etc. lurking in those hills; a policy goal is to neutralize said elements.
    “The people we are now fighting have virtually nothing at all. They are, like the Palestinians people, nearly totally disarmed. They have only their anger and their wits.”
    Well, it’s the wits that are of concern. Given sufficient wits, you don’t need a lot else to perpretrate some carnage.
    See the following Encyclopedia of Philosophy on the theory of Jus in Bello: the situation is not as clear-cut as Elaine would have it.
    Sometmes, unfortunately, civilians stand too close to legitimate targets

  19. Gary

    Dr Bengay…..
    Unfortunately too many British civilians
    stood too close to the Churchill gang during
    the London Blitz.

  20. JSmith

    “These robot killing machines are hideously expensive.”.
    Compared to infantry, they’re extremely cost-effective.
    “We have no honor.”
    That argument ended several millenia ago, with the invention of the bow. It was no longer necessary to meet an adversary on the field of combat, face to face. And the finest and bravest warriors in the land could be taken out by a 120-pound twerp standing a couple of hundred yards away. It was as “dishonorable” as could be… but was remarkably effective. (See: Agincourt, Battle of.)

  21. emsnews

    Um, Smith, were you aware of WWI and WWII and the Vietnam War and the Civil War, etc, etc, etc. True, the US fought much of WWII from the air but the RUSSIANS fought it nearly all, on the ground, often hand to hand combat. And then there is Okinawa and Iwo Jima…I knew survivors of those battles. Hand to hand combat.

  22. Gary

    Ah ha ha ha ….”cost effective” ha ha ha
    I’m gonna laugh all the way to the bank, or, um my coffee can or mattress or the porcelein can. I’ll make sure to flush twice. Its a shame
    you Dr’s Bengay and Smith cant order more
    youngsters out there to do their battles. I
    guess you just cant find good (cheap) help
    anymore these days. As it goes you may soon
    have your wish for “cost effective” youngsters
    as the only jobs out there will be killing
    people to satisfy your blood lusts.

  23. emsnews

    Iwo Jima was quite literally hand to hand combat with knives for crying out loud. And of course, the Muslims fight hand to hand combat against the US who is using robot assassins. We call this ‘terrorism’ but it is really warfare. And remember: in war, ALL ECONOMIC TARGETS ARE LEGAL. Thus, the WTC.

  24. emsnews

    Yes, Gary, ‘cost effective’ means spending a trillion dollars to pockmark rice paddies or blow up shepherd tents in the mountains.

  25. Rowan

    Yep, everyone was issued with a bayonet.

  26. Gary

    Years ago guys like Smith and Bengay would’ve
    joined the Filibusters during the Mexican War
    Or, more likely, they would’ve financed ads in
    the NYT to whip up fear and loathing. Check out
    Cormac McCarthy’s novel on the Mexican War
    sometime—its called , “Blood Meridian”

  27. The issue of cost is infinitely more complex than a matter of dollars and sense. Silicon chips, tantalum capacitors, etc. are vastly more expensive than infantry in terms of focused energy units. We cannot even manufacture these items in the USA anymore. Most of them come from China.

    As the available focused energy continues to decline, a point will arrive at which no one can make silicon chips any longer. That might be incredibly liberating.

  28. David

    You’ve got a real point when you said “We cannot even manufacture these items [chips and capacitors] in the USA anymore. Most of them come from China.
    Yes, damned! You are right on….and this sort of backs up my point that the US military needs to keep its great big waddling ass away from an outright confrontation with the lean and mean big boys in the military technology game, especially China, because of these technology issues.
    Damned, Blues, you’ve hit upon some real pay dirt in our epic, earth shaking debates.
    And this technology issue also explains somewhat why we kow tow so readily to Japan on trade matters…it’s that old “great big tail wagging the little biddy, weakened and nearly dead dog” story again. Or this might explain at least part of what is going on.
    The insane, greedy, self-absorbed financial crowd ran around like Don Quixote, chasing windmills in their fevered brains worshiping idiots like
    Milton Friedman who taught that free markets and creating endless amounts of worthless paper or computer bits and bytes was the answer to enjoying eternal riches…well look at them now.
    These gnomes forgot to keep the homegrown defense R&D and production going and homegrown education for the future going and that idiot William Bennett, along with the faith based fundamentalist church groups, destroyed traditional US reason and science based public education and replaced it with a human warehousing process for children…not many new Intel chip designers or Einsteins being trained to keep us going in the future are there?
    Yes, the war in Afghanistan with guns and knives is all that the US needs to risk in the near future if its homegrown military supply capacity for high tech items is diminished right now. Of course we don’t know this for sure. This is pure speculation from where we sit right now.
    Still, remember the Bush/Rumsfelt war in Iraq when troops had no body armor or vehicle armor and were short on food for days?
    If a chip supply problem exists, when existing high tech weapons like our robotic wedding party/child killer drones are worn out, and no replacement parts are available (from China or Japan), the US will certainly find itself in a real bind, with nothing but young bodies armed with guns and knives to defend the nation with.
    So, in my mind, I can blame greedy gnomes and contracting corporations for even more insanity.
    Yes. Our leaders need to deep six their arrogance and approach the world around us as straightforward men and women who talk reasonably and honestly.
    This is the only way we will live peacefully and prosper in the future.

  29. Simon

    um, longbows are not effective over a few hundred yards, much less if anyone wore armour.
    But it helps when your opponent is an idiot who takes no account of the terrain
    In the end, they have to finish off the immobile heavy knights with daggers to the eyeslit.

  30. emsnews

    I have, believe it or not, won awards for shooting medieval longbows that are as tall as I am.
    IF you use an arrow that is MUCH longer than the modern ones, these can travel an awesome distance. You see, you draw the bow way, way back and then let it ‘ping’ as you release it. The arrow does travel over 100 yards ACCURATELY. I could hit bull’s eyes easily, doing this. Was featured in a travel magazine, doing this at an event.
    Second: the archers aimed not at the tiny humans but at the very big horses. And these arrows, fired from a very long draw, have a lot of force behind them. I used to nearly bury my arrows in bales of hay at less than 100 yds. At 200 yards, yes, you shoot up and arc it more…but then, these were done to get over the shields of the foot troops and NAIL THE OTHER SIDES ARCHERS! Heh. Oh, yes.
    I love medieval warfare and recreated it for many years. Am good with the sword and shield, too.

  31. David

    Dr Benway:
    I read the “if, and, but, however,” rationalizations in the essay you linked.
    Like most essays of this type, the essay jumps ahead and makes no mention of whether the war is justified in the first place. It merely runs through a bunch of “iffy” rationalizations for situations that might occur after war has begun.
    If I invade another’s “boxing ring” then I rightfully am a legitimate target. If an American invades another country to oppress (often propagandized as “liberate”) its people, then I am a legitimate target. If I intentionally vote for a warmongering leader who announces his intent to murder of thousands of non-threatening foreign nationals and steal their property and resources (ostentatiously for the good of my nation), when those foreign nationals become angry and retaliate, I am a legitimate target and deserve to reap the rewards that come with the path I have helped choose.
    More important questions would come about in trials like Nuremberg where combatants are asked WHY they killed millions of civilians. Was the killing done simply for gain or for defensive purposes or for pure hatred or just convenience, or for some greater cause that would benefit the nation in the long run?
    I spent time in Vietnam…as a conscript…and I respected those Vietcong and North Vietnamese who wanted to kill me, even though they were my enemy, they were the heroes of their nation.
    After three weeks there, the rational part of my mind overcame my military indoctrination and I realized that I was in another man’s (and woman’s) country supporting the murder of his/her fellow citizens and (from a justice-based reasonable point of view) I probably deserved to die.
    But alas, (what greedy warmaking leaders and generals rely on) human survival instinct, takes over and almost all soldiers “fight the good fight” to survive for their own sakes and the sakes of their comrades who are closer to them by nationality, forced common cause, skin color or language etc. than to the enemy they are killing. Then many spend the rest of their lives crawling into and out of a bottle attempting to rationalize that what they did was the “right thing.”
    Dr. Benway, people write books full of of bullshit rationalizations about warfare… These folks usually attempt to justify warfare as a NORMAL human condition. This is just not the case. WARFARE IS AN ABSOLUTELY ABNORMAL HUMAN CONDITION, brought about by originally dishonest human motivations. In the entire animal kingdom, only a few species including humans murder their own kind. This being so, it logically follows that OFFENSIVE HUMAN WARFARE IS ILLEGAL, IMMORAL AND WRONG, and that those who engage in it are criminals… When I did so, I was a criminal…even in my minor role as a support troop. The only LEGAL WARFARE IS DEFENSIVE WARFARE where an enemy is attacking my own nation and people because of racism, hate, greed, fear, expansionism, imperialism our just plain meaness.
    When a people knowingly attack non-offensive civilians in wedding parties full of children, then that entire people becomes a legitimate target for defensive retaliation. Intentionally killing one child is criminal, and willingly killing one as collateral damage is criminal also…Children are humans who have no evil intent until they are taught evil intent…thus they are innocents.
    Of course, most thinking people, such as yourself, already know that often nations kill civilians intentionally, just to spread fear in the populations of the enemy and also in its own people so that leaders and industrialists of the aggressor nation can collect up public wealth and engage in aggressive wars that are designed to create great monetary profits for the elites of the aggressor nation.
    When this occurs, warfare is illegal, immoral and wrong no matter how many rules of engagement one might attach to the evil process in a vain attempt to convince oneself and others to think war is somehow justified and normal.

    Understanding this is rather simple…Marcus Aurielus, the Roman Emporer, in his “Meditations” teaches those who will listen that one should look at the basics of a situation. What is the unerlying basic reason for this event (warfare) occurring. If we cannot answer (no complex, dishonest rationalizations allowed) that the war is being waged in self defense, we can conclude that it is wrong…absolutely.
    And self defense does not include preemptive, offensive warfare because we believe that “them folks might be turrurist.”

  32. The market is acting very strange lately. You could have a whole page of terrible economic news and the market is up???

    My feeling… the politicians, everyone is desperately trying to get things back to how they were, when there is no going back. The Japanese carry trade is over, houses ARE NOT worth what they were just two years ago and should never have been that high to begin with. A 300% increase in a homes value in four years or less is not realistic and not sustainable. And
    even though the fed has given banks money and assurances up to 8 trillion dollars, they keep asking for more due to their exposure to toxic assets and CDO’s. Last but not least, our debt load is WAY WAY to high and like the housing market (which no one believed me would fall bad) is unsustainable and not the least bit realistic. Lets also throw in our trade deficit. All this with two wars and 160,000+ soldiers deployed and 100,000 contractors paid for by our tax dollars.

    The scary part is…the government has done everything they can and nothing has helped.

    Throw trillions of dollars at the problem….check
    Make interest rates unrealistically and unsustainably low…..check
    Buy assets and majority stakes in companies….check
    Send out stimulus money to people to buy things….check
    Send out a second round of stimulus money to people to buy things again….check
    Open the fed window to any investment bank/bank that needs any money….check
    Implement ZIRP….check
    Create dozens of programs to help increase bank lending….check
    Create a program to adjust mortgages so people stay in their homes….check
    Keep bush tax cuts….check
    Allow financing and credit card companies to reorganize as banks so they can use the Fed window….check

    I’m sure there are more, but my point is….what has the FED got left??? Maybe print a bunch of money, but that would lower the value of the dollar and anger China, Russia and Japan, who would then lose billions on the reserves they already have, possibly triggering them to sell what they have. And if you don’t think countries go to war over debts owed, you don’t know anything about history.

    We have no industry to fall back on. A service oriented economy is great if there are services to render. But if no one is buying, if no one needs our services, what do we have? During the 30’s, we had farms and factories to at least make something tangible, something people needed and had to buy. Something other countries would want. What do we have now? Planes and agriculture…..and the biggest of course…our military hardware. If things go south fast, I can’t think of what the US has got left to fight it off. Unfortunately, people don’t see what is happening until it has already occurred.

    And to those that think bad things cant really happen to us (after all, it only happens to other countries, not ours. We are the best at everything and everyone else hates us for our freedoms. We can go to other countries and kill their women and children, maim their old men and destroy their lives, but god forbid if even one american ends up a causality), if you asked most people just 1 year ago if what has occurred could occur (Lehman brothers, WAMU, collapse of Iceland, Ireland…etc.) they would say you are crazy. If you asked someone back in 2005 if the housing market could ever collapse, they would say you are crazy. If you asked someone back in the 80’s if the Soviet Union would collapse, most would never believe it, the Soviet Union being massive and strong with their thousands of nukes. And yet, they collapsed. And yet, the housing market went down and down and down. And yet, Lehman brothers, WAMU and many others are gone. Iceland, Ireland and the UK have collapsed or are collapsing. Often, we can only see history long after it has occurred.

    Instead of everyone asking where we should be, we are approaching the problem asking how to get back to where we have been, even thought that was not a time of prosperity but of debt. People had huge cars, huge homes, nice furniture, the latest gadgets…..but no money in savings and all of it under debt, nothing really owned. That is not a healthy economy.

    I think if you listen to what is coming out of the Fed and Obama and others…listen and watch their body language. Look at how we went from “The economy is sound” to “if we don’t get TARP passed there will be rioting” overnight. I think they know how bad things really are but we don’t. There is a lot of information the Fed won’t release publicly that could probably give us a real idea of how bad things are or are going to get.

    It was only 17 years ago the soviet union extended itself financially and military too far and collapsed after engaged in a certain country. Interestingly, it was in the same place that Britain overextended itself and found its empire start to collapse. And here we are, in the same country, with a military complex that takes more than what every other country on the planet spends on their military all together to maintain, an economy losing steam fast, and we are killing women and children all over the globe and destroying wedding parties and funeral processions. Will we find that we too, have lost ourselves on the battlefields of Afghanistan?

    My .02

  33. “Weather Warfare: Beware the US military’s experiments with climatic warfare
    ‘Climatic warfare’ has been excluded from the agenda on climate change.”
    “by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky”…

    “Militarization and WMD”…

  34. Bear of Little Brain

    ” Maybe print a bunch of money, but that would lower the value of the dollar and anger China, Russia and Japan, who would then lose billions on the reserves they already have, possibly triggering them to sell what they have. And if you don’t think countries go to war over debts owed, you don’t know anything about history.”
    All the more reason to do it while still the unassailable military power, perhaps?

  35. JSmith

    “Iwo Jima was quite literally hand to hand combat with knives for crying out loud.”
    We wouldn’t do that now, or not nearly as much of it. In the late 1940s the air strike had yet to be refined to the degree we now know it.
    “Yes, Gary, ‘cost effective’ means spending a trillion dollars to pockmark rice paddies or blow up shepherd tents in the mountains.”
    Cost-effective means using machines instead of humans, machines being considered cheaper than lives.
    “Silicon chips, tantalum capacitors, etc. are vastly more expensive than infantry in terms of focused energy units.”
    Which reminds me of an old saying: a human can be created in nine months by unskilled labor.
    “Like most essays of this type, the essay jumps ahead and makes no mention of whether the war is justified in the first place.”
    There was a section dealing with jus ad bellum just above the jus in bello part I linked.
    Sure has been a lot of it over the last ten millenia or so, though, hasn’t there?
    The history of warfare is the history of killing at a distance. Armies moved from hand to hand combat to slings and bows, to catapults and ballistas, to gunpowder armies, to automatic weapons, to air power, to ballistic missiles and pilotless drones. Patton: ‘The idea is not to die for your country. The idea is to make the other poor son of a bitch die for his country.”
    “I love medieval warfare and recreated it for many years.”
    There’s nothing romantic about warfare at all. Those re-enactments would be a lot more fun to watch if the players used real edged weapons so you could see the limbs come off and the blood spurting out, or if those rifles the Civil War buffs used shot real Mini balls. Otherwise… it’s not as much fun as football.
    (“Dr Benway” is a name I use on a different WordPress board; unfortunately, WP saves your information when you switch from one blog to another. I’ll watch that in future.)

  36. emsnews

    Watching you try to wriggle out of your own statements is funny, Smith. First, you said, hand to hand combat died at the end of the Middle Ages. I could prove you wrong 1,000 times over but chose to pick a battle where my father-in-law and friends’ fathers who are still alive, took part and had hand to hand combat.
    You should apologize, not babble even more.
    About my ‘fake’ combat experience: HAHAHA. I used it in real life. I actually have used real swords in real ways, including stopping an assault in the middle of Manhattan! Not only that, my archery is used to hunt. Ahem. I know ‘real blood’ as much as any medieval warrior. Except for the ‘loot, rape and then burn’ parts.

  37. JSmith

    “First, you said, hand to hand combat died at the end of the Middle Ages.”
    Watching you try to read is equally amusing.
    All this started with how mechanized, inhuman, and impersonal pilotless aircraft are, as opposed to the “honor” in hand-to-hand combat. But, as I’ve been at some pains to point out, “honor” was only ever a very small component of real warfare, and a great deal of human ingenuity has gone into making warfare as impersonal and distant as possible. Aside from the Japanese, who banned firearms in combat because it made the exercise too dangerous for a sword-wielding samurai, the more of the other side’s people you could kill from farther away, the merrier.
    Hand-to-hand was once the only option. The Iliad is full of it. Now it’s the last and least desirable option for first-world armies (and most others as well.) The US Army hasn’t practiced bayonet training since the early 70s.
    And we don’t see the cavalry charge very much any more, either.
    “Except for the ‘loot, rape and then burn’ parts.”
    For your medieval warrior, that was the payoff at the end of a long day – the equivalent of Miller time.
    “You should apologize…”
    OK. I apologize. All better now?

  38. JSmith

    Archery looms large in the Iliad, too – Apollo is the god of the bow – but it’s still considered unsporting. From Book XI, a fellow has just been felled by an arrow, and now he’s going to bitch about it:
    “Vain archer! trusting to the distant dart, Unskill’d in arms to act a manly part! Thou hast but done what boys or women can;…” and he goes on in similar vein for the rest of the page.
    Perhaps there’s an evolutionary component here: the hand to hand enthusiasts got killed off by the archers, who lived to fight (and reproduce) another day…

  39. Rowan

    Yeah, JSmith – I`m showing my age about the bayonets. Gotta go out now and play some piano for a living – New Orleans style and boogie-woogie. I`m an old-timer from the Era of the bayonet!

  40. Rowan

    In “All Quiet on the Western Front” (Im Westen Nichts Neues), Kat recommended the spade.

  41. “I`m an old-timer from the Era of the bayonet!”

    They don`t like the cold steel…They don`t like it up em…lol.

  42. “Thursday, January 29, 2009”
    “Obama Order to Close Secret CIA Prisons Overseas Has a Big Loophole In It”…

  43. Bear of Little Brain

    Didn’t you forget the “Mr. Mainwaring” bit?
    I suppose you wanted to keep it “international”. 😀

  44. Rowan

    Nowadays they prefer to be an eight-year-old boy getting a head-shot, or a family getting a phosphorus bomb out of a US-made Apache helicopter, cry out loud.

  45. “I suppose you wanted to keep it “international”.
    We don`t want that sort of talk around here Jones…we’re british…lol…

  46. July 23, 2006
    “Secret 2001 Pentagon Plan to Attack Lebanon”
    “Bush’s Plan for “Serial War” revealed by General Wesley Clark”
    “”[The] Five-year campaign plan [includes]… a total of seven countries, beginning with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan” (Pentagon official quoted by General Wesley Clark)”

    “According to General Wesley Clark–the Pentagon, by late 2001, was Planning to Attack Lebanon”
    “Winning Modern Wars” (page 130) General Clark states the following:”…

  47. Feb 2, 2009
    “Minot base crew commander found dead”
    “MINOT, N.D. — The body of a missile combat crew commander from the Minot Air Force Base was found by police, and the cause of his death is under investigation, the Air Force says.”…
    This story is ongoing so I have giving it it`s own thread…

  48. February 1, 2009
    “Afghanistan and Pakistan’s “Salvador Option” ”
    “With a rightist insurgency raging on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistan border, the United States is resorting to a tried-and-true method to stem the rising fundamentalist tide: direct military intervention and massive violence.”…

  49. emsnews

    Assassination teams and hit men.

  50. “Most Recent CIS Starr Forum Videos”
    “Please note: Each video is about an hour long. If you are having trouble viewing a video, let it load about a quarter of the way before playing. Enjoy!”
    How can they use the word…”Enjoy”???.Me thinks they are not all they make out to be on this site.

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