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The ugly Rose Museum of Modern Art at Brandeis University is being closed because it lost all of its funding due to the Madoff mess.  So they are selling all of their ‘art’ in the middle of one of the worst art auction collapses.  Anyone want a painting of a Cambell’s soup can?  Heh.  More proof is pouring out that Madoff started his scam in the late fifties and his mom and dad enabled him up and down and all around the Jewish immigrant community.  And JP Morgan was a big investor in Madoff and suddenly terminated this last August.  Arrest them all.  And Madoff was such a schmuck, he even forced one of his poor flunkies to sign for his Mercedes Benz! Exclusive

 Madoff’s Tactics Date to 1960s When Father-in-Law Was Recruiter 

Bernard Madoff’s practice of promising investors double-digit returns dates to the founding of his firm in 1960 when his father-in-law steered clients to him, according to court records and customers.

Madoff, accused by the U.S. of running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme, got a boost in his early years from accountant Saul Alpern, the father of his wife Ruth. Alpern referred friends and their relatives who spent winters in North Miami Beach and summers at the Sunny Oaks Hotel in New York’s Catskill Mountains in the 1960s, according to Cynthia Arenson, the hotel owner.

“His son-in-law just opened a firm, and he was doing very well,” said Arenson, 68, who lost at least $1.25 million with Madoff. “Wouldn’t you encourage your friends to invest with him? Sometimes they got 18 percent, sometimes they got 19 percent.”

A 19% return is huge!  And of course, the Jewish community, which came to the US, mostly poor, loved it.  I remember these ‘inside deals’ back in the early seventies.  I lived right in the middle of this community and this was the chatter at dinner parties.  The community thought there was some magical way they could get rich and was very eager to find this lodestone.  I don’t blame them at all, after all, most Americans are from other places and came here with very little or nothing.  The struggle to survive in the Lower East Side ghetto was fierce and desperate. 


Many immigrant groups huddle together to survive in a harsh new world and this was very much true of the Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia.  My husband’s grandmother spoke absolutely no English after living in the US from before WWI, for example.  But her daughter spoke impeccable English and was a fine corporate secretary.  Quite an achievement.  These sort of insular immigrant communities are easy pickings for con men who are of the same background.  No one will turn these con men in which is why the Mafia flourished in Italian neighborhoods.


Madoff’s business was to exploit the trust of an insular community that trusted each other but not outside investigators.  Then, they foolishly closed ranks and held this viper even closer to their breasts.  The omerta wall of silence was a great protection for criminals within the community.  On top of this, Madoff was generous to the Jewish community and wove into his scheme, nearly every single possible charity run by Jews. Worldwide

 Banks Agree to Send $535 Million to Madoff Trustee 

Bank of New York Mellon Corp. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. agreed to transfer about $535 million in the accounts of collapsed trading firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC to Irving Picard, the trustee liquidating the brokerage.

Bank of New York agreed to transfer $301.4 million and JPMorgan agreed to transfer another $233.5 million, according to court papers filed today in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York.

The banks will send the funds to Picard by Feb. 6 and the trustee agreed to indemnify the banks against any claims brought as a result of the transfers, according to court documents. A hearing on the agreements is scheduled for Feb. 4 before Judge Burton Lifland.

Good thing they have some loot to hand over.  Thanks to all of us.  We gave these corrupt banks lots and lots and lots of money so they could live in high style and still be able to hand some over to the cops.  I adhere like glue to the notion that all of the executives of all these bankrupt banks be arrested and charged with reckless endangerment if nothing else is available.  


JPMorgan Pulled Cash Early From Madoff-Linked Funds –

JPMorgan Chase says that its potential losses related to Bernard L. Madoff, the man accused of engineering an immense global Ponzi scheme, are “pretty close to zero.” But what some angry European investors want to know is when the bank cut its exposure to Mr. Madoff — and why.

As early as 2006, the bank had started offering investors a way to leverage their bets on the future performance of two hedge funds that invested with Mr. Madoff. To protect itself from the resulting risk, the bank put $250 million of its own money into those funds.

But the bank suddenly began pulling its millions out of those funds in early autumn, months before Mr. Madoff was arrested, according to accounts from Europe and New York that were subsequently confirmed by the bank. The bank did not notify investors of its move, and several of them are furious that it protected itself but left them holding notes that the bank itself now says are probably worthless.

The Jewish partners of JP Morgan couldn’t convince investors to join the Madoff mess unless they guaranteed the investments?  HAHAHA.  Since all ponzi schemes have to grow faster and faster to stay alive and this one was absolutely gigantic, more and more people were drawn into it, many of whom were now not Jews in the immigrant community but were the general public.  When the immigrant community Jews who belonged to JP Morgan finally figured out [or knew beforehand, this was a ponzi scheme] decided to bail themselves out, they simply did the usual omerta thing and didn’t tell the investors, they were no longer insured.


Now, guess where this money to cover these frauds comes from?  JP Morgan essentially has no money.  It had to turn itself into a ‘bank’ and now goes merrily to the US taxpayers for ‘capitalization.’  The money to pay to the government investigators will come from us, not these Jewish financiers.  The executives who decided to secretly pull these funds should be arrested for fraud and embezzlement.  Seriously.  This is stealing from investors, the very definition of embezzlement.


Click here to see all the Jewish charities destroyed or seriously dented by the Madoff mess:


Madoff and America’s (poorer) Foundations – Nicholas D. Kristof Blog –

Mr. Madoff attracted a large share of investments from foundations and non-profits. If you’re running a Ponzi scheme, you might want to manage foundation money — the principal is likely to stay invested for the long term.

I’m posting the list because this is a matter of public concern: These foundations serve the public interest, and if the non-profits that rely on them have been financially crippled we should get a heads up.

The philanthropic world also should wonder if there aren’t more Madoffs out there. These foundations didn’t do anything wrong; they thought they were safely invested in a variety of financial instruments that they describe on the tax forms. Unfortunately, we now know that those securities apparently didn’t actually exist, and other foundations should take heed.

Here is one foundation that was built on Madoff sand:



*UPDATED: Brandeis University to close art museum, sell collection | Culture Monster | Los Angeles Times

On its website, Brandeis University’s Rose Art Museum styles itself as “an outstanding collection of modern and contemporary art widely recognized as the finest of such collections in New England.” Now you can color it gone — the Boston Globe is reporting that Brandeis, a highly rated private school in Waltham, Mass., is going to close the museum this summer and sell off its collection of more than 6,000 art works.

Works by Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Willem de Kooning, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg are part of the cache that will come on the market as Brandeis strains to plug what’s reported to be a budget deficit as high as $10 million…

A major Brandeis donor, the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation, was hit hard by investing with financier Bernard Madoff, the alleged Ponzi-schemer. It had given more than $3 million to Brandeis in 2007, according to media reports.



The Jewish community loved modern art.  Back when many of them emigrated out of Europe, they didn’t have money for the ‘old masters’ and didn’t have money to support the sort of effort and months of work that goes into making regular art.  Washington, DC is awash in marble statues and monuments which was considered ‘art’ by the rich.  NYC also has many statues and paintings, etc. which the Belle Epoch super-rich, virtually none of whom were Jewish, lavished upon the public.


After WWI, this sort of art began to collapse due to the financial woes of the European empires.  A flood of ‘old art’ came into America.  Many a Jewish millionaire, as members of this community got richer, bought up, lock, stock and barrel, this treasure trove suddenly released by revolutions and wars.  The lower levels of the community couldn’t buy this stuff.  So they created their own artistic style which involved, incidentally, virtually no actual work.  I consider one of the biggest scams in the history of art to be this system.


Namely, the ‘artist’ would spend an hour, maybe two, sometimes, even three, ‘creating’ something.  I used to compare this ‘art’ to the Emperor’s New Clothes.  The indoctrination that went on, trying to convince everyone that splashing paint for ten minutes was ‘art’ involved getting all the schools to teach this new system to everyone.  And then control the system for selling this scam at auctions.  The increasingly severe ugliness of this ‘art’ is astonishing.  


Hitler struck out at this and said it was a scam. And then tried to replace it with Nazi art which was also a scam.  And equally ugly.  Uglier than communist art which, at least, had some honest emotions behind it, at first.  But it soon turned into a straight jacket in Russia and China, of course.  In the US, the straight jacket was equally severe.  Recently, Wyeth died.  


The Associated Press: Wyeth’s ‘Christina’s World’ in Pa. this weekend

Andrew Wyeth’s final painting and one of his most famous works will be on display this weekend at the Brandywine River Museum near his suburban Philadelphia home.

Wyeth’s last painting is an egg tempera called “Goodbye,” which he completed last year. He died Jan. 16 at 91.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York is lending “Christina’s World” for the weekend celebration of his life and work. It’s the first time the iconic painting will be on view in the area.


Andrew Wyeth – Master Bedroom [controversial painting!!!!]


He was viciously savaged in the press.  Why?  Well, it took him nearly forever to paint his pictures and they looked beautiful!  And the public loved his art!  A triple whammy for the writers in the media selling the ugly art as great art.  He challenged the entire art community that depended heavily on two things: art should be very easy to do and it should be lucrative to sell.  And each depended on the other. 


If they could lock out of the markets and mock anyone who broke the Emperor’s New Clothesline, they could artificially elevate the value of worthless junk and peddle this to the goyim.  This worked just great.  Even when Wythe died, all the headlines mentioned how ‘controversial’ he was!  Hell’s bells!  He was very uncontroversial if we had a sane art community.  But we don’t.  The howls that followed him all his long life were renewed when he died.  One Jewish writer in the NYT even snarked that the Museum of Modern Art parked his ‘disgusting’ painting that looked ‘real’ in a side gallery and didn’t promote it.


This, incidentally, is why I never took a single art course.  I tried and gave up.  The school of art recoiled from my paintings like I was some sort of virus.  Ick.  I suspect future generations of art historians will look at this period as the equivalent of the Dark Ages, most of the valuable art being discarded as disgusting or stupid.  So I bid farewell to the Brandeis Rose Museum with a big, fat razzberry.


As is usual these days, the comments to articles are far smarter than the articles, themselves.  I will note here another thing which will earn me the name, ‘anti-semite’ but which is true: if you are a Jewish writer and support the status quo that keeps things the way they are going, you will be published, promoted and petted.  Even if you are completely stupid and anyone with half a brain can tear apart your work, if you are Jewish and support the system, you will continue to be published and petted and put on TV. 


So if anyone wishes for a sane analysis, we have to go to the ‘comments’.  I suspect, if these comments continue to run against the Agenda, they will end up being deleted entirely.  I cannot comment at the Times, for example, due to severe censorship.  Still, new people step up to the plate and try to explain the obvious which seems invisible to many Jewish commentators and reporters.


Madoff and America’s (poorer) Foundations – Nicholas D. Kristof Blog –

Bernie was pretty smart, he played the cards he was dealt which included insights into the behavior of the Jewish community. Everyone was an inside player and everyone was getting a piece of the action wholesale (no management fee) which had a slight feel of being crooked due to it’s low key, hush, hush, exclusivity, wink, wink. The worst that could happen is that Bernie would get caught and they could take their money elsewhere. No one wanted to look too closely. It is really the only way to explain the consistently lax oversight. Bernie has a system, don’t ask, don’t tell, you don’t want to know, he is one of us. They say universally that the easiest people to con are cons themselves. It appears most of the feeders were cons. You remember the lovely movie The Sting?

It is like everyone on Canal St. or the Garment District keeping two sets of books. Anywhere there is a disconnect in a paper trail there is opportunity for fraud. Early electronic databases were often disconnected with an emphasis on speed and not reconciliation or integration. Even today, there are complaints about pulling credit default swaps out into the light of day. It will be harder to con people. Conning the idiots at AIG, an insurance company that was oblivious to risk must have been quite a high.

— Ransome

Kristof could easily talk honestly about the Jewish community of NYC.  He is a prominent member of it.  But he is also very much part of the omerta side.  He is an enforcer of silence, not someone anxious to explain this community to the world at large.  His job is to protect it.  This is why he has 91 stories about Darfur and 0 stories about Gaza’s dying children.  His job it to distract and deny the goyim and defend the People.   Ransome, the commentator here, notes the Lower East Side dimension which I would imagine, all the mainstream media would be writing about.  But they are not.  Omerta, omerta: the sounds of silence echo in our media.


This is amusing to me since at least 80% of the victims of Madoff are themselves, the media owners, their friends and relations, the entire Jewish community is writhing due to this sudden loss of a great deal of wealth they depended on for running everything.  Schools, charities, government systems: these depended on the faux Madoff funds to give Jews a great deal of leverage over the cultural landscape.  


Modern art which is ugly, cheap to make and easy to do, didn’t take over until after the mid-1960’s when suddenly, a flood of money was directed into these markets.  The French impressionists, for example, died poor.  Their art didn’t take off, really, until after WWII.  The flood of abstract artists came after Madoff began his business.  The contempt of these ‘artists’ was tremendous.  They even produced canvases which were simply black paint!  And this was declared ‘great art’ by an army of commentators and faux critics.  I was furious about this.  


Well, this system just might totally break down, thanks to Madoff.  The plaintive cry of many a museum goer, ‘But this can’t be art!’ will now come true: it is not art and never was art.  It was all artifice.


‘Jewish money’ controls U.S.: diplomat :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: World

Johannesburg – South Africa’s deputy foreign minister has been taken before the national human rights body for allegedly saying that “Jewish money” controls the United States, officials said Thursday.

Fatima Hajaig allegedly told a political rally two weeks ago in Johannesburg that Jews “control America, no matter which government comes into power, whether Republican or Democratic, whether Barack Obama or George Bush.”

“Their control of America, just like the control of most western countries, is in the hands of Jewish money,” she allegedly said.

Outraged by the remarks, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies — a civil rights group — said it filed a complaint Wednesday against Hajaig at the human rights commission.

“We submitted yesterday our formal complaint on the minister’s outrageous statement to the South African Human Rights Commission,” the head of the group, Zev Krengel, told AFP.

Across the planet, if anyone dares to even mention Jewish financing and how it is very heavily intertwined with the media and the governments, the screams  of ‘anti-semitism’ rise like a storm.  This shrieking is very extreme.  For example, the day I decided to be clearer about the Israeli Defense Forces and mention that these are not Israelis at all but are Jews who live in Israel due to the Jews locking all Muslims out of the army, air force and navy, a number of Jewish readers of my blog got very angry and told me, this was anti-semitic!  


In other words, noting the obvious, is a thought crime!  I was recently attacked at another website for saying another obvious thing: virtually the entire US mainstream media is owned and controlled by Jews.  Anyone who is not Jewish has to obey the many rules of this omerta or they are fired.  When President Carter broke the omerta with his book about Palestine which correctly compared it to South Africa [only it is much worse] the Jewish media reared up like an enraged elephant and stomped a former President into the ground and since then, pretends he is basically dead.  Americans are encouraged to hate this President and he can’t fight back. He is now a non-person like myself.


The Jews are terrified that someone might notice the obvious. The more they increase their grip on the US foreign policies, the US media, the more nervous they are, someone might figure out the obvious.  Polls show that half of America buys this propaganda that Jews do not control the media or the US foreign policy.  This is due to epic amounts of misdirection and confusion being sown by an army of Jewish commentators, reporters and media owners.  Just like the scam of ‘modern art’ was spread, they have to keep yelling that the Emperor is dressed beautifully and we better not say otherwise. 


Of course, the little boy in the fairy tale would not have been listened to, incidentally.  He would have been beaten to death by the courtiers of the Emperor and even the crowd, itself.  Only if the Emperor screwed up and the economy went very, very bad, would the crowd listen to the little boy.  But then, the little boy would be a revolutionary and the crowd would turn on the Emperor and kill him!  Not laugh at him.


The Jewish community has used the Holocaust club to silence all critics.  We can’t discuss anything related to their business without being hammered to death by this club.  In Europe, all discussion of any of these things has totally collapsed.  But this isn’t leading to a wonderful new world for this army of naked emperors.  No, the little boys are going to start throwing rocks soon.  For all economic downturns trigger vast and desperate ethnic cleansing struggles as people turn inwards and begin fighting over the scraps!


No community has earned more hatred this last 50 years than the Jewish community!  This is because of the stupid ethnic cleansing program in Palestine.  This has not only turned the entire global Jewish community into fascists, it has also forced them to muscle all governments they can get their hands on, into schemes which back ethnic cleansing and murder in Palestine.  This is why the Palestinians, living in smaller and smaller ghettos, are still not allowed to defend themselves at all while the Jews can rain death on their heads at will.  


This is not popular.  Not at all.  Increasingly, the isolation being imposed on the US by wealthy and powerful Jews is destroying our nation’s ability to interact with nearly anyone.  Increasingly despised, repeatedly attacked by desperate revolutionaries, increasingly poor due to incessant wars against a billion Muslims, the US is sinking rapidly.  Now, after raging about this matter, back to Madoff and his creepy personal life:


YouTube – Mercedes Benz – Janis Joplin

Ex-Madoff Worker Objects to Paying $58,000 Bill for Former Boss’s Mercedes


A former employee of accused Ponzi scheme mastermindBernard Madoff’s investment firm asked a judge to keep him from being stuck with a bill for more than $58,000 for a 2009Mercedes S500-4 once used by his ex-boss.

Craig Kugel, who worked at Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, signed a lease for the car on Oct. 31 at Rallye Motors in Roslyn, New York. In court papers filed yesterday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan, attorneys for Kugel said he did so because Madoff refused to provide the necessary financial information about his firm to the car dealership.


The old schmuck couldn’t even sign a lease due to the possibility, a credit check would uncover his crimes?  HAHAHA.  And why on earth was this supposed rich man leasing a fancy car?  Eh?  He should have been paying cash!  Instead, he had to ride in high style while his courtier carried the hem of his invisible robes!  Equally sad is the date: Madoff wanted a shiny new car right when his entire empire was obviously collapsing!


UN crime chief says drug money flowed into banks | Markets | Markets News | Reuters

The United Nations’ crime and drug watchdog has indications that money made in illicit drug trade has been used to keep banks afloat in the global financial crisis, its head was quoted as saying on Sunday.

Vienna-based UNODC Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa said in an interview released by Austrian weekly Profil that drug money often became the only available capital when the crisis spiralled out of control last year.

And this is why we are in Afghanistan.  The bankers need crime to stay alive.  The various interlocking ethnic Mafias do this all the time.  Including the oldest of them all: the royals of Europe.  The British empire was built on illegal drug money. China was invaded by the British to enforce the sale of opium which the emperors forbade.  Someday, someone might even write a book about all this.  And maybe, even find a publisher…HAHAHA.  Won’t happen.  Yet.  Unless it is Chinese.  Incidentally, the Chinese do talk about all this.  The omerta for them is for anyone to talk about Chinese criminals who have power.  Heh.  That is forbidden.  Each country has its dark lands, its caves that cannot be explored.  And these are always where death and wealth are mixed together.  The omerta caves of wealth and power are deadly places and dangerous to explore.






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  1. billibaldi

    Elaine – you just came up on my Tag sufer.

  2. billibaldi

    Sorry, should be tag surfer

  3. nah

    yes any jews that turn a blind eye twords israels foreign policy is a rasist fool period see you in hell… i expect more from an alliance no matter how ‘special’ it might be percieved you make egypt look like a puppet government to ME i cant fuking believe that and i like them more than israel… foreign policy is what happens outside our borders and the resolution of american viewpoint in foreign nations so Israel can eat my ass we get nothing but wars and popular resentment… just cuz israeliz want to go shopping and see no brownskins disgusting ‘yes i think life and limb danger has been FABRICATED into existance! israel and palestine face bloody obsticles to peace’ and all i see is israel painstakingly doing the most miserable bloody broken military campaigns… 50% women and children are you serious you didnt kill any terrorists only dark men running away… if palestine was the size of america per capita it would have felt like a major conflict 260,000 dead 500,000+ wounded only 130,000 deaths would be women and children DISGUSTING…
    JP morgan CEO is pissed he doesnt want the gub’ment talkin’ nationalization. He will even throw out some 4 letter words to get the point acccross. BUT if you want to nationalize whats in his garbage for 320Billion in cash thats a great idea. call it whatever you want bad bank, bad investment, bad idea, bad business, full term trash… just make sure to pay in cash TAXMAN
    superstitious anyone

  4. nah

    blah blah blah they hide behind living women and children
    blah blah blah you hide behind dead women and children

  5. openly hidden

    well hellllooo elain. i see you are finally expressing what i was trying to get at. namely that for want of a better word, “evil” has the power to DEFINE in our “civilization” now….in the case of your wonderful essay about “art”, they redefined what is art. how about just about everything else you can think of elaine. how about for example, “science”? as in “junk science”??? what about psychology? sociology, anthropology? in psy 101,what happens elaine. what happens is every student who instinctively knows good from evil, true from not true, stops thinking, only regurgitating whatever it takes to complete their bullshit psy 101 requirements to get their degree in something else, and leaves the psychology department to fill up with majors that apparently cannot separate the dross from the true for themselves because they are lacking something. and of course, the department heads whose very existence depends on them promoting this redefined view of reality will only choose as majors and especially grad students those who agree with them. but this TRUTH gets avoided by everyone doesn’t it because then they cannot continue to think of themselves as “educated”. it all started with seizing the power to redefine “religion” a century or more ago, and then insinuating themselves into the (back then mainly religious supported) universities and concentrating their infernal influence over time on the useless to practical people then social sciences and over time training all of the well meaning but non-thinking normal teachers and writers and opinion makers who continue to defend the “definitions” for everyone to mindlessly accept the new definitions as what is REAL. ITS ALL CRAP. mark my words what is happening is what what is inevitable because…. well, you can’t take the truth yet. you all have only begun to suffer. but for instance this is why for example all the best television shows now revolve around the exploration by detectives of “body fluids” heh. anyway, we all are paying now and in the future for letting a small exclusive group of evil minded people to define what is real.

  6. flash

    Soon a real can of soup will be worth more than a painting of one. That, at least, makes sense.
    This whole financial collapse event seems to me to be reminiscent of the results of an organized crime blackmail/protection racket. Pay the racketeers more and more to keep your house from burning down. Don’t want to pay? They’re the ones that will burn it! Eventually you run out of money and you lose your house anyway.
    Did JP Morgan burn Madoff’s financial house of cards when they pulled their funds? Why are the criminals there and at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup who are getting away with burning down the Treasury? Who owns these racketeers?

  7. Gary

    From what I’ve heard, the Made-Off’s even hosed their maids and butlers into buying their toilet paper.

  8. Gary

    The Wyeth painting is just beautiful ! The Hudson
    River painters are some of my favorites along
    with the impressionists. My ultimate favorite
    art,though is the totem art of the coastal NW tribes, esp the Haida Indians of the Queen Charlotte Islands in BC Canada.

  9. if

    If you are connected, you can do anything.
    How the CIA placed one of its agents at the presidency of the French Republic:

  10. Bear of Little Brain

    On Israel and South Africa; an aside:
    A friend of mine, back in the ’80’s, was part of a small company that produced equipment and software for testing complex circuit boards, mainly for the defence industry. The equipment was of a general nature, and not specific to anything other than multi-layer boards. One of his customers was one of the South African ‘defence’ companies. He told me how strange it was visiting them, because there were always Israeli engineers around, although he never found out quite what they were doing there, and no-one ever even hinted at what they wanted his equipment for (he generally would pick up some vague idea about the end-use just from chatting to the engineers, even thought the specifics would be withheld). He has now long been of the opinion that the South African (apartheid) government were actually helping the Israelis develop their nuclear weapons. Maybe they also enabled them to test them, somehow. Maybe not. As far as I recall, all nuclear powers have had to test their nuclear weapons, so the Israelis must have tested theirs somewhere.

  11. David

    Probably the Chinese, and the Russians, have noticed that the emperor has no clothes, and they are talking, and laughing about it, and the Japanese too, since they have a homogeneous culture that holds them together.
    Perhaps the entire crowd needs to begin a chant about how naked the emperor is, and with a really ugly naked body too..Ugh!

  12. Bear of Little Brain

    Thanks for the Weber and Warhol images, and the Joplin link. The pooch would be good company for Whistler’s mother, methinks. Just winding you up on that.
    “Life is short; discussing art is interminable” Heh™

  13. The aim of an artist should be to create imaginative space for other artists. That space should be able to contain the power of expression and be successfull . ALL ELSE IS SUBJECTIVE [in the old sense of the word].
    Do you really want to see an endless stream into the future of ‘realism’ a ‘la Wyeth?

  14. Rowan

    Anyone who has an opinion about art only has to start making art and then they are participating in the real dialogue with the other artists. Naturally they risk being ignored! Many people put their whole soul and energy into Art that must speak for itself.
    The art racket is just static in the background.

  15. emsnews

    There are a MILLION ways to paint or sculpt in ‘realist’ ways, ziff. Seriously… maybe I should show all my art here. A big project. heh.

  16. emsnews

    PS. watching paint dry is good for meditation. But it certainly isn’t worth a million dollars.

  17. ”There are a MILLION ways to paint or sculpt in ‘realist’ ways”

    none of them new.

  18. ”The art racket is just static in the background.”

    So it is, but it is the most distinguished thing as creatures that we do, it [should] stretch are imaginations beyond what is known.

  19. emsnews

    This is rather sad, I’m sorry you think this way. 🙂

  20. picture 83 is a wonderfull painting by the way, if thats ol Pablo he can still knock’em dead.
    Wyeth inspired at lot of people, today he could be made a big hit like Elizabeth Peyton.
    Artists are all pricks by the way

  21. ”The school of art recoiled from my paintings like I was some sort of virus. ”

    This is the problem with the corpse of ART today , it has reverted very much to the 19th century academic model, you cant’t think freely within those institutions and you cannot survive outside of them.

  22. seraphim

    Is the Bank of New York Mellon the one which served as fence for the billions looted from Russia in the Ponzi scheme of the ’90s which ruined the russian pensioners? Money they refuse to pay back (22.5 billions)to Russia? Could that suggest that the unraveling of the Madoff scheme began when Putin stopped the expansion of the looting in Russia (arresting the culprits)?

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