Real fast posting today because I have to snow plow and do lots of work in the freeeeezing cold!  First: all the states in the US are now running in the red except for three.  The shortfall, altogether, is less than we spend in Iraq in one year, occupying the country by military force.  End the war now!  Also, the economic news is awful.  End the wars and bring home all the troops in the world!  And Denninger talks about our total meltdown and he is scary but then, so am I.  His solutions won’t work due to our fiscal entanglements overseas.  And riots are spreading across the planet.


46 Of 50 States Could File Bankruptcy In 2009-2010 « Freedom Arizona

No State has ever filed bankruptcy, but it could be coming to a State near you this year.

We are on the brink of something far worse than the Great Depression.












Patriots across the land should be furious about US imperialism.  We spent a trillion dollars, trying to kill Afghani shepherds and wedding parties and Iraqis throwing shoes, not flowers, at us.  This foolish utter waste has bankrupted America.  Bin Laden won the War on Terror.  Our terror has been hideously expensive and we gained absolutely nothing from it.  If the Democrats won’t end this farce, we must remove them and the Republicans.  I say, arrest everyone who voted for war.  And all Presidents including Obama who is trying to expand, not contract, the ugly war against mountain peasants who are the poorest people on earth.


Truck Index Plummeted 11.1% In December

The American Trucking Associations’ advanced seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index plunged 11.1 percent in December 2008, marking the largest month-to-month reduction since April 1994, when the unionized less-than-truckload industry was in the midst of a strike. December’s drop was the third-largest single-month drop since ATA began collecting the data in 1973. In December, the seasonally adjusted tonnage index equaled just 98.3 (2000 = 100), its lowest level since December 2000.  The not seasonally adjusted index edged 0.6 percent higher in December.

Compared with December 2007, the index declined 14.1 percent, the biggest year-over-year decrease since February 1996.  During the fourth quarter, tonnage was down 6.0 percent from the same quarter in 2007.

I watched a local ABC station last night.  The goofy blonde female with a chirpy, insipid voice was cheerfully talking about how people can be retrained for new jobs!  Wow!  Jobs as truckers and computer repair personnel!  People don’t fix computers, they replace them. This is due to China.  We love cheap computers.  Hiring someone to fix something when it can be replaced, cheaper, is of course, at the root of our problems.  We have a high standard of living.


As for the truck driver part: profits for private haulers is a disaster.  They are going bankrupt, one by one, just like small farmers.  Trucking will continue to fall until the economy picks up again.  The people running ABC should be given 100 lashes for lying to job seekers.  Or perhaps, this is like the business of letting Mexican truckers haul in America: drive down wages.


U.S. won’t unilaterally block China exports: Biden | Politics | Reuters


The United States will insist China play by international trade rules, but will not move unilaterally to keep out China’s exports, Vice President Joe Biden said on Thursday.

“The policy of this administration is to say to China — which occasionally the last administration was reluctant to do — ‘you’re a major player on the world scene economically and you’ve got to play by the rules that everybody else plays by,'” Biden said in an interview on CNBC.

“‘Not more stringent. We’re not going to impose on you, or attempt to impose on you, restraints that benefit our economy inconsistent with international trade agreements that exist,'” Biden said.

We have been in a trade war for the last 50 years.  We are now in the final stages of this trade war.  Look at the US surrender!  This is, of course, a total surrender.  We are simply giving up.  This is a retarded way of doing things.  We must declare a trade war with new weapons which are very, very old: tariffs and barriers.  This is the only way we can even hope to dig our way out of this stupid hole.


And no one is playing ‘fair’ because it is stupid to ‘play fair.’  We are in this massive trade war which we are losing.  And all is fair in love and war.  


Strikes spread across Britain as oil refinery protest escalates | Business |

Workers at refineries and power stations in various parts of the UK walked out, some holding placards quoting the words of Gordon Brown: “British jobs for British workers”. The wildcat strikes mark the latest in a series of protests over the use of foreign rather than domestic labour by large companies in the UK.

More than 700 BP and INEOS workers at the Grangemouth oil refinery in Scotland walked out this morning after an 8am union meeting. Police were called to the Aberthaw power station, near Barry, South Wales, and 400 workers at a refinery in Wilton near Redcar, Teesside, have also downed tools.

Workers walked off the site at Total’s Lindsey oil refinery on Wednesday, after weeks of discontent over the contract to build the plant’s HDS-3 de-sulphurisation unit. The plant’s owners put the contract out to tender with five UK firms and two European contractors bidding for the work.

The Italian company IREM won the contract and supplied its own permanent workforce, accommodating them in large, grey housing barges moored off Grimsby docks. It is understood 100 Italian and Portuguese workers are already on the site and 300 more are expected next month.

They don’t even bother with dropping wages anymore.  They simply ship in foreign labor and totally ignore the locals.  Our own government encourages this.  This is why it is worthless to get a degree in any of the computing fields anymore.  The minute you get a degree, the job is either outsourced or the people doing this are brought in!  The people of Britain were outbid by foreigners who then brought in foreign labor to do the work.  The workers aren’t even spending any money in England!  They are parked offshore! 


Talk about ‘offshoring’ jobs! / Global Economy – Call for teamwork on global stimulus

Mr Zoellick said the necessary solutions to the global economic crisis were well known: co-ordinating fiscal stimulus, keeping credit markets moving, dealing with bad loans in banks, fixing regulation, resisting calls for trade protectionism and safeguarding the most vulnerable developing countries. “There is a lot of good economic advice out there,” he said. “The challenge is the political leadership.”

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, managing director of the IMF, echoed Mr Zoellick’s concerns saying the Group of 20 big economies had failed to fulfil promises to co-ordinate global action to boost the economy and rebuild shattered banks.

At the G20 meeting in November, “governments spoke with one voice”, he said, pledging to recapitalise troubled banks, remove toxic assets from the financial system and co-ordinate fiscal stimulus. “But very little has been done and time is running out,” Mr Strauss-Kahn said. “It is moving very slowly.”


This is a cry for the US and UK to go deeper into debt so all trade rivals can resume flooding the planet with labor and goods.


U.S. Economy May Keep Deteriorating After Biggest Contraction Since 1982


 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. economy is likely to keep deteriorating in early 2009 after shrinking last quarter by the most since 1982, as consumers and businesses retrench.

The 3.8 percent annual pace of contraction in the fourth quarter was less than forecast, with a buildup of unsold goods cushioning the blow. Excluding inventories, the decline was 5.1 percent, the Commerce Department said yesterday in Washington.

Job cuts announced this month by companies from Starbucks Corp. and Pep Boys – Manny, Moe & Jack to Eastman Kodak Co. mean there’ll be little respite in the first half of this year, economists said. The Obama administration used the figures to reinforce its call for Congress to pass a stimulus package in excess of $800 billion to arrest the economy’s decline.

“The recession is going to last through most of 2009, and we’ll be lucky to have growth back at zero by the end of the year,” Kenneth Rogoff, a Harvard University economics professor, said in a Bloomberg Television interview from Davos, Switzerland, yesterday. Economic growth “will be pretty tepid for a long time.”


And of course, if we resume business as usual, yes, we will continue to collapse.  We can’t run on a 75% consumer economy.  We have to have production and it has to hire local labor. See how simple this is?  Very simple.


On The Edge of The Abyss – The Market Ticker

This, should Obama or others in Congress and The Administration try to play “too cute by half” and jack around the markets, the public, and the world, is what is going to happen:  That structure is known as a “pennant” or “symmetrical triangle.”The rules of technical analysis for this pattern are:

  • Pennants are continuation patterns – that is, whatever direction the market is moving when it comes in, it will move when it comes out.
  • The minimum target for the move is given by the length of the pole to which the pennant is attached.

In this case the pennant prognosticates a move downward of six hundred S&P 500 points from the break, which occurs at approximately 810.

That gives us a target on the S&P 500 of 210.

No, that’s not a misprint. 

I said two hundred and ten, and I meant two hundred and ten.

This puts the DOW at TWO THOUSAND.

I will go further into this story, later.  Denninger is a good read, as always.


On The Edge of The Abyss – The Market Ticker

Therefore, the only rational answer to this mess is to:

  1. Defang the CDS monster.  This must be done now.  CDS provide a limited-risk and near-unlimited reward for shorting a firm’s credit; this is exactly backwards from the equity markets where shorting is limited-reward but unlimited risk.  Short-selling is essential to a balanced market but allowing CDS to be abused to invert the long/short risk profile is outrageous and must be stopped. The proper approach to doing this is to:
    1. Force capital adequacy to be proved for all outstanding contracts.  If you can’t prove the ability to cover the contract, it is declared void.
    2. Bar the writing of new CDS on any TARP recipient.  The government has said it will not allow these firms to fail.  The bets have been made; existing ones that can be covered by the writer are ok, but no new positions can be opened until the government’s interest is extinguished in that name.
    3. Require that all new CDS be written against a public exchange and direct the ISDA to produce, immediately and nightly until that has taken place, bid/ask/OI on an accessible public interface.
    4. Consider barring all CDS that are written “naked” – that is, not against a deliverable bond.  There are already-existing means to short a firm you believe is in trouble in the equity, options and futures markets.  The inversion of the risk:reward profile in the CDS market is a big part of the problem and we must consider putting a stop to it.
    5. Do this all right here, right now.  Give market participants a very short term (two weeks, maybe four) to get their act together or face having their contracts rendered noncollectable.

This is all about the Derivatives Beast. Who is still very much alive and still eating faux paper wealth at an amazing pace and we can’t fix the other stuff unless we slay this creature.  Arresting the many fathers and mothers of this monster will be a requirement. 


On The Edge of The Abyss – The Market Ticker

Start investigating the fraud, and be vigorous about it.  The public is not going to sit for their 401ks being destroyed as they have already (and will be as this plays out) without blood.  There are lots of bad actors out there, starting with the officers and boards of failed institutions.  These were not just “bad bets” that caused our banking system and economic problems – I’m willing to wager that it can be proven that they were knowingly-unsound bets and the mismarking of “asset values” was not accidental either.  Down this road should lie plenty of securities fraud charges and maybe more than a bit of Racketeering.  Go for disgorgement of the ill-gotten gains to at least provide the people with something to refill the treasury and assuage the anger, along with prison sentences. 

I agree 100% with this.  ARREST THEM ALL.  I keep saying that.  Of course, if the present government won’t do this, then we have a revolution.  It happens all the time.  History is very clear about this!






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  1. gary

    Jack Welch (another apt surname like Madoff) of GE quote:

    “Ideally every factory you own should be placed on a barge”

    Looking at the case of the refinery workers in Scotland, the workers dormitories
    are on a barge as well. That contaminated peanut butter factory is probably being
    unmoored from its berth right now and being repositioned somewhere theres
    no health inspections. Maybe Zaire ? Who knows? When “Justice” finally comes to America it will be like that break in the coal slurry dam and it will be very very
    ugly. Europeans know how to riot but Americans dont. When Americans finally
    start rioting there will be zero restraint.

  2. Charlie the jester

    I would like to sumbit a comment that pertains to our use of language more so than trade policy.
    ‘And all is fair in love and war’
    Well, if one had to point a finger at why one might think twice about worshipping “mother nature” this wretched sentiment probably encapsulates it better than anything else. Who came up with this tripe?. All is fair in love and war? So much for arresting people for war crimes, for example. Or mairrage abductions, we are still prominent in some cultures.
    Essentially, this ridiculous statement can be construed as a pretense for completely dismissing the concept of justice in two arenas that arguably have more influence on the course of human events than any others.
    Is that really how we want to live?
    Now, some people may say, “it’s just an expression”. So be it. But it doesn’t happen to express anything that makes sense to me. And there is no single aspect of culture that is more definitive than language.
    ‘You say you wanna revolution, well you know…’ ‘and if you go quoting Chairman Mao…’
    Well, history is very clear about a lot of things, including the fact that “revolutions” seldom accomplish the desired result. Because once a mob assumes control, then what? It usually isn’t pretty.
    So, careful reality-based planning with specific short and long term objectives coupled with realistic anticipation of outcomes is a much better option. The Real Rulers can easily deal with ‘mob justice’. What they really fear is people organizing their efforts in a strategic fashion. Workers in Argentina are doing this now, trying to reclaim the abandoned factories and going to work without the bosses. They sometimes have to fight off the IMF police goons using slingshots. But they are organizied and working with a plan. And they are very brave, or desparate, or both. Interestingly, under the Ancient Law, property rights were not absolute. One had to be cultivating the resources in a productive fashion or else one might forfeit one’s claim. One can see this principle at work in the struggle of the Argentine workers.
    Dr. King provides a good example. He knew that revolutionary violence would be futile against a much better armed opponent. But he also knew that if he could get national news coverage of heavily armed law enforcement turning fire hoses and attack dogs on unarmed women and children that at some point that is going to register on the conscience.

  3. “PM says ‘no clear map’ for crisis”
    “History offered “no clear map” of how to deal with it, the UK prime minister told an audience at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort of Davos”
    In other words he hasn`t got a clue.
    Prime Minister Elaine Meinel Supkis…Sounds good to me.

  4. emsnews

    Jester, King got coverage only because other parties who would benefit from the Civil Rights Act, wanted it covered. Note that no ‘peaceful’ demonstrations against the apartheid government of Israel/USA ever makes the news here. Only violent ones. Indeed, most peaceful demonstrations NEVER make the news except if there is rioting! Otherwise, the media says, ‘X number of people demonstrated’ and that is it. Note that our demonstrations, huge ones, didn’t stop the Iraq war.

  5. Charlie the jester

    Jester, King got coverage only because other parties who would benefit from the Civil Rights Act, wanted it covered.

    See what I mean by strategy?

  6. “John Williams,, on the Unemployment Rate
    “John Williams, Founder of Shadow Government Statistics, calculates that the jobless rate is a full l0 percent higher than the government is reporting. He also discusses the news Monday morning that American companies (including Sprint, Home Depot) are cutting about 43,000 jobs.”…

  7. Grok1

    Two names being bandied about in congress for the new bailout bill.
    Bank Asset Recovery Fund
    Bad Asset Repository Fund
    Don’t these people realize what the new acronym will be?

  8. nah

    make um say uhhhhh’ na-na-na-nahhhh

  9. nah
    If they have done what their contract requires then how can they be refused a bonus? When a bailout occurs. Terminate them. Then make sure the new contracts are rewritten so the bonus is that they get to use the company van or have an extra half day paid holiday. If its a star performer, then they can have both. The bankers are still in denial about how bad they screwed up. Mostly likely with a fat bonus for every wrong step they made. It could be said the bonus culture contributed towards this mess. I don’t know I was not in involved but I’m happy to pay for cleaning up the mess they have created.
    crazy its been so long

  10. don

    This is why I cancelled my subscription to the WALL STREET
    Journal and Business Week. Your blog is more direct and doesnt
    sugar coat industries like the periodicals and CNBC does.
    Bravo Elaine !!

  11. emsnews

    Thank you, Don.

  12. nah
    thats rite republicans this is the superbowluh’ of rockinrolluh’
    it’s a crow, it’s a bat, no it’s supper nigger!

  13. if

    Sipping, i.e. global tradings activity in the world(what´s left of it):

  14. GK

    Yes, brilliant! Here is another awesome article. Amazing how people really believe that borrowing and spending another trillion will solve a problem of 10’s of trillions too much debt.

    “Every day seems worse than the previous day. Five hundred thousand people are getting laid off every month. Our banking system is on life support. Retailers are going bankrupt in record numbers. The stock market keeps descending. Home prices continue to plummet. Home foreclosures keep mounting. Consumer confidence is at record lows. You would like to close your eyes and make it go away. Not only is the news not going away, it is going to get worse and last longer than most people can comprehend. The Great Depression lasted 11 years, but the more pertinent comparison is Japan from 1990 until today. A two decade long downturn has a high likelihood of occurring in the United States. There are many similarities between the U.S. and Japan, but in many areas the U.S. has a much dire situation. If the next decade resembles the Japanese experience, there will be significant angst and social unrest.”

    “With an annual trade deficit of $700 billion, a National Debt that will surpass $12 trillion next year, a banking system that will need $2 trillion of additional capital, foreigners owning $3 trillion of our debt, zero percent interest rates and a weakening currency, something has to give. The Federal Reserve will do anything to defeat deflation. Deflation is fatal to a debt ridden society. There will be many more stimulus packages after this one fails. Eventually, we will reach a tipping point where too much debt will result in a hyperinflationary crash. It may be in two years or ten years. I don’t know. Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, and Barrack Obama also don’t know. It will catch us all off-guard, just like the current crisis caught them off-guard. Turning Japanese would be a best case scenario for the U.S.”

  15. Paul S

    Jack Welch (another apt surname like Madoff) of GE quote:

    “Ideally every factory you own should be placed on a barge”//
    Great “wisdom” from Neutron Jack Welch. I think Welch actually believes such a system could work. Welch probably thinks that on these barges his businesses can pollute without penalties or fines. BTW: GE’s current bill for their Hudson River pollution fines/cleanup is rising above the $2 billion mark. GE has been fighting paying up on this one tooth, fang and claw. They’d rather pay $100’s millions in legal fees (and bribes) than simply pay up.
    I really don’t think the current crisis caught the Fed or the Congress or (especially) the Executive–“Dubaya’s”–off guard. They knew. They probably spoke about this at the super secret, closed session of Congress supposedly over FISA. And you can be certain the Bush Administration was hoping the whole thing would implode AFTER “Dubaya” left office. Bush didn’t quite make it; the disaster came on his watch and rightly so.
    We are going to find out the hard way that our State and local governments have been as bad or nearly as bad as our Federal government has been financially. And EVERYBODY has been doing cost-shifting. States dump program costs onto counties and onto cities. “Dubaya” didn’t even adequately fund his “No-child-left-behind” program. Bush let the states/counties/cities figure out how to pay for the budget shortfalls. Bush just issued the mandates and declared victory.
    On a positive note, Karl Rove is facing his first subpoena without George Bush as President. Maybe we will get to see Rove in handcuffs after all–frog marched or not.

  16. WNC Observer

    “No state has ever filed for bankruptcy”.

    They have other options. I used to live in Indiana, and remember that the state went on a massive infrastructure binge in the 1830s – building lots of canals and roads. Then there was a “panic”. (What they called depressions back then, maybe a more apt word for what we are experiencing now?) The state had to default on its bonds. What did they do? They simply adopted a new constitution, which included a provision that the defaulted bonds could never be repaid, and prohibiting the state from ever going into debt again.

    It is not impossible that we could see something like this again. It is called “sovereign default”, and people forget that it is an option for US states as well as for national governments.

  17. GK

    In case you think the whole sub-prime mortgage product ‘financial innovation’ was not just a scam.

    “The only difference was that there was no actual homebuyer or borrower. The only assets backing the bonds were the side bets Eisman and others made with firms like Goldman Sachs. Eisman, in effect, was paying to Goldman the interest on a subprime mortgage. In fact, there was no mortgage at all. “They weren’t satisfied getting lots of unqualified borrowers to borrow money to buy a house they couldn’t afford,” Eisman says. “They were creating them out of whole cloth. One hundred times over! That’s why the losses are so much greater than the loans. But that’s when I realized they needed us to keep the machine running. I was like, This is allowed?”

  18. David

    Charlie and Elaine:

    People usually react or rebel when they have no alternatives. Dr. King and Black Americans had reached that point. Post WWII mechanization had destroyed even the sharecropping stoop labors that had previously employed (or enslaved) Black people. After WWII, landowners and society mechanized those stoop labors, but made no provisions for a livlihood for people who no longer had employment, and racism was rampant in the old South also. So those civil rights marchers were in despair…no hope for change and no alternative choices.

    Dr. King used Gandhian non-violent confrontation to force society to acknowledge its shortcomings. Even Mohandas Gandhi would tell you that this kind of unarmed resistance takes even more courage than picking up a weapon of some sort and resisting. Such was the strength of US racism in those days, and the courage it took to defeat it.

    However, as Charlie pointed out, King forced racist America and the racist world to take a good look at itself, and what it saw was really ugly.

    Well, changes have been made in America again….removing jobs that provided a livelihood for a large percentage of the US working classes, and leaving few alternative means of achieving even moderate prosperity in the future….vast numbers of citizens just sitting and stagnating..gradually sinking into hopelessness while a small minority of elites intended to grow more wealthy. These elites are really stupid.

    We all know that a good many elites do not value the common man, and many hope that we will just die off an go away, but, historically, that is not the way things usually work out. Historically, when this type of thing is attempted, those who implement such policies end up eventually being swept away by them one way or another.

    If we look at history, what is occurring in the US cannot sustain itself and come to a peaceful conclusion unless a majority of citizens are provided with a means of sustenance.

    Unless jobs and a means of sustenance is provided for these citizens, keeping order will become ever more costly…either from providing welfare for the people or from the exorbitant expense of maintaining order through fear and police state violence.

    Without a working middle class, this means elites will have to pay in one form or another to keep the masses oppressed…and these things usually do not work out well in the long run….ask the ghost of Czar Nicolas and many others who attempted things like this throughout human history.

  19. openly hidden

    if there is one hopeful thing for freedom and independence in america, it is that there are lots and lots of guns….and people who know how to use them. do not underestimate how important that fact is. (have you read about ammunition sales in walmart lately?) i read lucianne (a conservative site) too and it is amazing how pissed off and violent the comments are after reading a story about rioting in europe for example. EVERYBODY is getting ready to “rock and roll” as elaine puts it. and another hopeful situation in america is the way george bush used the states national guards to fight his wars. i.e. national guardsmen– MANY OF WHOM HAVE SERVED 3 TOURS IN IRAQ NOW — in the end CAN NOT be used violently against their own (non-elite, ordinary, patriotic) people whom they work with daily in their civilian life. everything can still work out well in the long run, but for the readers of lucianne, it has to somehow become clear to them how much and how deliberately they have been manipulated and used by …. whomever (i still don’t know what to call them–the illuminatti, the globalists, the theoretical “intellectuals”, the banksters — its a neo-liberal/neo-conservative thing somehow) benefited from the new way of doing business that was already planned and referred to by zbigniew brzezinski to gorbachev when he was national security advisor to jimmy carter and “tittytainment” as brzezinski referred to it was to be used to keep us diverted and pacified. the one thing that has to happen is to make common cause with the ronald regan voting democrat white males who were expelled from their old democratic party deliberately since viet nam wars so the globalists and the financial capitalists and their handlers could remake the world. none of this could have happened otherwise. the most important players are going to be normal working class males and they are still in play by the repubican party due to the hard left deliberately keeping them permanently pissed off. there will be nothing impossible to do with a finally united working class and middle class america starting over with everything that will be left after a national bankrupcy and the discredit of the illuminatti and their banksters, which is EVERYTHING, after all, that is REAL…otherwise, power will make real fucking ruthless fascists out of the lower/middle class and what makes living worth doing will be deliberately destroyed.

  20. openly hidden

    in the end, nobody matters in the wet ass hour except for the white class white trash probably. if the end comes, they will stop moving food into your cities and within a week, you all will be eating each other alive. i rent a farm house to a fellow with two boys. yesterday i gave them a cow to butcher because that is how country boys can survive. both “boys” will ride in the ft. madison rodeo again this year, and drive 4X pickups with “red neck” and “gun” slogan stickers on their trucks on the way to their blue collar jobs. if worse comes to worse, they and their uncles and brothers will come home from the cities and they all will start things up all over again from the countryside when the smoke settles. and they would make the taliban and afghans look like pussies if everybody actually forces them to “rock and roll”.

  21. openly hidden

    and for you all who are going to be so disappointed amd disillusioned with the real world and your place in it, all i can say is:

    Elias was full of shit. Elias was a crusader

    and: shut up and take the pain! hahahahahahah! do you want to live forever!

  22. openly hidden

    You talking about killing? Hmm? Y’all experts? Y’all know about killing? I’d like to hear about it, potheads.
    [takes pipe and inhales drag]
    Sgt. Barnes: Are you smoking this shit so’s to escape from reality? Me, I don’t need this shit. I am reality. There’s the way it ought to be, and there’s the way it is. Elias was full of shit. Elias was a crusader. Now, I got no fight… with any man who does what he’s told. But when he don’t, the machine breaks down. And when the machine breaks down, we break down. And I ain’t gonna allow that… in any of you. Not one.
    [hands pipe back and spits]
    Sgt. Barnes: Y’all love Elias. Oh, you wanna kick ass. Yeah. Well, here I am, all by my lonesome. And there ain’t nobody gonna know. Six of you boys against me. Kill me. Huh. I shit on all of you.

    Sgt. Barnes: Man, I don’t need this shit! I am reality!

  23. DeVaul

    Sgt. Barnes was killed by one of his own men — a crusader.
    He was shot crawling on the ground like a pig, and he didn’t even care.
    Not a very graceful way to go. And as for him being reality, this is the way all our leaders think. And they will be shot or stabbed while crawling on the ground — like pigs.
    Just survived 5 days with no heat, watching my daughter’s lips turn blue in my own home, and I have a whole different view of my “neighbors”.

  24. Paul S

    The lesson we learn from history is that we never learn from history. History is doomed to repeat itself.

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