Two volcanoes in Japan and one in Russia all responded in the last 48 hours.  The Alaskan volcano continues to rumble away but nothing is showing.  The Chiaten Volcano has dumped so much ash on the nearby town, it is now being officially abandoned.  The Japanese people haven’t had a good-sized eruption in a while.  It is easy to forget that these sleeping pussycat mountains can suddenly change into a roaring dragon.  Naples, Italy, forgets this too.  The volcano in Russia is very far from habitations but like all the volcanoes in the very active Bering Straits, they are a great hazard to aircraft so plane are being diverted as well as removed from near Mt. Redoubt.


mount asama near tokyo, japan

PHOTO IN THE NEWS: Volcano Erupts, Raining Ash on Tokyo

Smoke and gases billow fromJapan‘s snowcapped Mount Asama volcano early today. Powdery volcanic ash from the eruption rained down on parts of Tokyo, about 90 miles (145 kilometers) from the volcano. So far no resulting damage or injuries have been reported.

Beginning at 1:51 a.m. local time, the volcano belched out a mile-high (1.6-kilometer-high) plume and continued smoking all day. Chunks of rock from the eruption were found about 3,300 feet (1,000 meters) from the volcano.

Below is a Google map showing the areas we will be talking about today.  The Pacific plate is being ground under the North American landmass to to northeast and Asia to the north and west.  This action is creating many very active volcanoes.  Eventually, as Australia moves northwards, these long chains of volcanic islands will all be joined to each other.  The waters between Japan and Korea and Russia will become a large lake.  The lands between the northernmost Japanese islands, Russia and the Kamchatka Island will become open prairie.  And the Bering Straits will lock in a huge lakes where the Bering Sea is, once the mountains build up high enough to block out the ocean on this side.


Mount Asama Japan – Google Maps

Right now, the islands are isolated from each other and Australia is far to the south, still.  But not forever.  It is the fastest moving landmass on earth.  And it is very responsible for a great deal of volcanic action from Indonesia all the way to Alaska.


This shot shows clearly how Australia is creating volcanic chains as it shoves northwards.  We have no idea why this small continent is traveling so fast.  Or so powerfully.  The Ring of Fire has been rather quiet this last 100 years compared to past periods. Perhaps we shall see greater activity?  


The Associated Press: Geologist: No big energy bursts at Alaska volcano

Groans and steam emanated from Mount Redoubt yet another day, but the volcano showed no dramatic burst of energy, geologists noted Sunday.

“It looks like a volcano that wants to erupt, and our general impression is that it’s more likely to erupt than not,” said Tina Neal with the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

As a precaution, Elmendorf Air Force Base near Anchorage, about 100 miles northeast of Redoubt, was moving five C-17 cargo planes to McChord Air Force Base in Washington.

“We’re just trying to be proactive and protect our assets,” said 1st Lt. Erin Slaughter. “Our aircraft support other missions, such as delivering supplies to Iraq and Afghanistan, and this relocation will allow them to still do all those missions even if the volcano does erupt.”

Some volcanoes give virtually no warning.  This is why the job of geologists who specialize in volcanoes is very dangerous.  Death lurks very near.  One might even think, there is enough distance but then, when Mt.St. Helens blew up suddenly, any scientists who were in the nearer observation stations were killed.


Three volcanos in the Alaskan chain are showing activity this week.  


Alaska Volcano Observatory

representative image

Redoubt volcano:
Aviation Color Code – ORANGE
Volcano Alert Level – WATCH 
Full details on this episode of unrest

representative image

Cleveland volcano:
Aviation Color Code – YELLOW
Volcano Alert Level – ADVISORY 
Full details on this episode of unrest

representative image

Shishaldin volcano:
Aviation Color Code – YELLOW
Volcano Alert Level – ADVISORY 
Full details on this episode of unrest

I happened to get a lovely screen shot from the Augustine volcano web cam today.  




Here is Redoubt, taken a bit later, as the sun was setting.  It looks pretty quiet. But we know that it is shaking nearly continuously now.



BBC NEWS | UK | England | Model helicopter ‘predicts volcanoes’

A Scots scientist who invented a new way to help predict when volcanoes will erupt has received a major award.

Dr Andrew McGonigle, from Edinburgh, uses a remote controlled helicopter which he flies over active volcanoes to gather his data.

He has been named a Laureate in the 2008 Rolex Awards for Enterprise, a prize which brings with it the funding to develop his idea further.


YouTube – Andrew McGonigle – Predict volcano eruptions using a remote-controlled helicopter

Many millions of people around the world live in the shadow of an active volcano, at risk of sudden death. Scottish physicist Andrew McGonigle is developing a reliable way to predict eruptions, using an unmanned, small-scale helicopter to measure gases that escape from the volcanic vent.

“I wanted first to understand how the universe worked my real passion is to use that understanding to come up with simple, elegant solutions

His combination of science and advanced technology has the potential to save thousands of lives.

I have a dear friend who flies helicopters like the one in this story.  What great ideas people have!  I love the camcorder used to view things from the helicopter!  And I have a plastic stool like the one in this story. What a great way to monitor a volcano safely.  The idea is, for people in places like Indonesia can better deal with data from the volcanoes so they have some warning.


The Associated Press: Chile to relocate volcano-destroyed town

 The Chilean government says it will relocate a southern village that was destroyed by a volcanic eruption last year.

Interior Minister Edmundo Perez says a study “shows it’s absolutely not viable to rebuild Chaiten in the same spot” due to continued volcanic activity.

He did not say Thursday where or when the town would be rebuilt.



But Chiaten gave less than 24 hours warning.  Some volcanoes in Central America have given even less warning before having a mini-caldera event, blowing off their entire tops.  The satellite photo above shows Chaiten as a perfectly round volcano and it certainly has a very large mouth.


RIA Novosti – Russia – Russia’s tallest volcano erupts in Far East



Russia’s tallest volcano erupts in Far East

14:25 | 1610/ 2008
Print version

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, October 16 (RIA Novosti) – A volcanic eruption on the Kamchatka Peninsula sent clouds of smoke and ash into the air above Russia’s Far East on Thursday, a scientist said, warning of dangers to local inhabitants and passing airplanes.

The 4,750 m Klyuchevskoy volcano is spewing out rocks, ash and gases, said Alexei Ozerov, a scientist with the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology of the Far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“The luminescence in the volcano’s crater is becoming more intensive, which testifies to the appearance of new lava,” Ozerov said, adding that the eruption would probably last from two or three weeks to six months.



Klyuchevskoy fact sheet

Klyuchevskoy volcano, located in the remote Kamchatka Peninsula of the Russian Far East, began a major eruption on September 30, 1994, that disrupted air traffic across the North Pacific for the next 60 hours. An eruption column of ash and gas rose to 60,000 feet (ft) above mean sea level (MSL). Strong 150 mph winds rapidly carried the ash southeast as far as 640 miles from the volcano into the heavily traveled North Pacific (NORPAC) air routes at flight levels of 31,000 to 38,000 feet. These NORPAC air routes are used by 70 flights a day carrying about 10,000 passengers and large tonnages of cargo.

Throughout the eruption, domestic and foreign air carriers received prompt notification and warning of major explosive events and ash-cloud distribution through a concerted effort by a diverse team. This team consisted of the Russian Kamchatkan Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT), the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO)1, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the National Weather Service (NWS), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Synoptic Analysis Branch (SAB) and Air Resources Laboratory (ARL). As a result of their efforts, FAA controllers successfully rerouted aircraft around the volcanic ash cloud while keeping disruption to a minimum.


Yikes.  I do think, next summer is going to be difficult.  Despite global warming, with the sun quiet coupled with volcanoes, this equals a cooler earth.  Kentucky is still reeling from the massive ice storms that stripped many trees of almost all their branches.  And England is having a very cold, blizzard-wracked Ground Hog Day.


Cosmic ray detector reveals sudden atmospheric warming

Scientists have found an unexpected use for data from particle physics experiments half a mile down a disused US mineshaft – detecting abrupt warming in the upper atmosphere.

Two scientists at work  

Two scientists work on the neutrino detector of the MINOS experiment.


The experiments were part of a multi-million dollar project called MINOS, which aimed to investigate subatomic particles called neutrinos. But as it turns out, the information they provide on cosmic rays can be equally useful for atmospheric scientists, and may eventually help improve weather prediction and climate models.


How odd is that?  It shows that celestial activity is very much a powerful force in our weather systems.  We still have a great deal to learn.  This is why it is so dangerous to predict the future.  We just don’t know what will happen. Especially with the weather for there are so many, many elements that come into play. The general thing is for us to have Ice Ages due to the land masses blocking in the Arctic more and more and the sun changing its energy cycles due to age and other factors we still don’t understand.  For the sun is a very, very old star and maybe was a wanderer with a small mini-galaxy that got sucked into the vortex of the Milky Way.







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