This article took hours to do.  The US government has decided to take over the dismantling of the remainder of our native auto industry.  The agents chosen to shepherd this through are, to put it mildly, part of the Great Spiderweb of power and influence.  First, we will look at the less-well known but still, extremely connected lawyers in the Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP and then move on to the always-interesting Rothschild vultures.  Surprised about these choices?  Not at all.


US hires advisers, Rothschild firm, on auto restructuring

The US government has retained two law firms with extensive bankruptcy experience and the investment bank Rothschild to advise officials on the taxpayer-backed restructuring of General Motors and Chrysler, a person with direct knowledge of the work said.

New York law firm Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP was hired by the US Treasury last month and will consider a range of possibilities for the struggling automakers including the prospect of a bankruptcy funded by the US government, the person said.

Cadwalader is joined by Chicago-based law firm Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal and Rothschild in working with US officials as they prepare to review turnaround plans being readied by the two struggling automakers, the person said.

A spokeswoman for Sonnenschein in Los Angeles confirmed that the firm had been engaged to advise Treasury on ”ongoing matters related to the 2008-2009 developments within the US automobile industry.”

The lawyers from Sonnenschein who are advising the US government are from the firm’s capital markets practice based in New York, the spokeswoman, Melissa Anderson, said.

Representatives for Rothschild, GM, Chrysler and the US Treasury could not be immediately reached for comment. Cadwalader had no comment.


Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft relationship map –


Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft relationship map –



Rothschild vacuumed up a whole bunch of Lehman Brother buddies.  Isn’t it hilarious that Russo, one of the partners in the Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft group was a Lehman Brother’s executive?  HAHAHA.  Yes, he is perfect for the vulture work here!  He knows a lot about bankrupting things.  He is also connected to the J.P. Morgan Pirates.  And to top it off, like Madoff, he is also part of…all the regulatory agencies.  The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority [I get this picture of foxes tending hen houses here!], the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission [buck…buck..squawk! Wow!] and the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation [the only good regulation is a dead regulation, eh, Mr. Russo?] and the Institute for Financial Markets.


OK: ARREST THIS MAN!!!  Charge him with fraud, theft and high treason.  He endangered the entire US financial systems.  Geeze, how on earth is anyone going to this clown for dealing with dire financial problems which he, himself, created?  Eh?  Now, enough with petty criminals, on to the big fish: 

Baron David de Rothschild: Economic Crisis Will Bring New World Order, Global Governance

 Nov 12, 2008

Among the captains of industry, spin doctors and financial advisers accompanying British prime minister Gordon Brown on his fund-raising visit to the Gulf this week, one name was surprisingly absent. This may have had something to do with the fact that the tour kicked off in Saudi Arabia. But by the time the group reached Qatar, Baron David de Rothschild was there, too, and he was also in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Although his office denies that he was part of the official party, it is probably no coincidence that he happened to be in the same part of the world at the right time. That is how the Rothschilds have worked for centuries: quietly, without fuss, behind the scenes….

He stresses that the Rothschild ascent has not been linear – at times, as he did in Paris, they have had to rebuild. While he was restarting their business in France, his cousin Sir Evelyn was building a British franchise. When Sir Evelyn retired, the decision was taken to merge the businesses. They are now strong in Europe, Asia especially China, India, as well as Brazil. They also get involved in bankruptcy restructurings in the US, a franchise that will no doubt see a lot more activity in the months ahead….

“We work in a purely advisory capacity. We don’t lend or underwrite, because that creates conflicts. We are sensitive to banking relationships. But we look to ensure financial flexibility for our clients.”

They used to be banks, now they are pure vultures.  No shock that this vulture circled Brown as the poor sap trudged from one angry Arab king to another, begging for more money.  The Muslim kings don’t mind using a Jewish financier as a vulture to strip the carcasses of the British and American empires.  The entire Rothschild clan is deeply involved in bankruptcy work.  I was frankly astonished at how far this extends.  

 First, let’s look at some of the past operations in the bankruptcy realm:


June, 2006:  Outsourcing Delphi: The Crime of Felix Rohatyn


New York bankruptcy court documents have revealed the personal signature of Felix Rohatyn—synarchist banker, “Democrat” power broker, enemy of Lyndon LaRouche—on the original May 1, 2005 plan for the outsourcing of Delphi Corporation and the destruction of its union jobs, wages, and benefits.

It is clear from these documents and other evidence that Rohatyn Associates and Rothschild, Inc., through Felix Rohatyn personally, started the Delphi debacle and planned Delphi’s total “globalization by bankruptcy,” as Business Week termed it on April 24.

This Delphi outsourcing and bankruptcy plan—which may have gone by the internal moniker “Northstar”—has been a disastrous example, international symbol, and trigger for bankruptcies and shutdowns in U.S. auto and other industries. It had been called “the end for auto” and the destruction of America’s middle class by IUE (International Union of Electrical Workers) lead negotiator Henry Reichard, who passed away on June 6. Rohatyn launched that destructive plan, which has been linked with the name of Delphi’s bankruptcy CEO, Robert “Steve” Miller—whom Rohatyn’s plan brought in to head the company and take it into bankruptcy. In addition, Rohatyn has intervened repeatedly on Capitol Hill during 2005-06 with proposals for privatized “infrastructure corporations.” He has directly opposed and sabotaged action on Lyndon LaRouche’s emergency legislation to save the auto sector with Congressional credits and protection, “retooling” auto for infrastructure construction.

The Delphi debacle has opened the floodgates for the destruction of the entire auto industry remaining in the United States, including, since at least April, the auctioning off of entire closed plants and their machine tools, as if on eBay. It has already driven another 30,000 production workers out of auto employment in 45 days, with no end in sight. It has triggered Congress to react by forming an “auto caucus” and a “manufacturing caucus”—but not to act to stop the auto sector’s ongoing destruction.


Delphi (auto parts) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



The factories still make parts.  Just not here, that’s all.  Wages were brutally reduced. Now, all wages of all workers are being hammered down. This is how depressions operate.  When did this start?  Why, 2005, right at the top of the housing bubble.  Even earlier, here is another big, big deal:


Bankruptcy sans Bankruptcy: Rothschild tests law in Federal-Mogul/Bendix deal. (10-FEB-03) Investment Dealers’ Digest


2003 SourceMedia, Inc.

When Honeywell International Corp. recently agreed to sell its Bendix subsidiary to Federal-Mogul Corp.-an automotive parts supplier in Chapter 11-it received no cash or stock. But it got something far more valuable: the potential to rid itself once and for all of the thousands of asbestos claims that could threaten its future. 

This novel concept, engineered by Federal-Mogul’s bankers at Rothschild Inc., is an attempt to let Honeywell use the bankruptcy code to get rid of asbestos exposure-without actually filing for bankruptcy. 


What this did was simple: the workers couldn’t sue and they would then go off and die.  Good riddance, as the wealthy shake off the dust and step over the bodies.  Cheney did this in tandem: people thought he was nuts, buying corporations that were being sued for asbestos. Then, he became the shadow president of the US and bang!  All the lawsuits were terminated via trickery.  


Distressed Investing 2009: Rothschild’s Resnick on pursuing distressed deals

Chapter 11 has forced many companies to consider selling. At The Deal’s Distressed Investing Conference in Las Vegas Friday, David Resnick of Rothschild moderated a panel and also provided insight on approaching distressed opportunities. 

Resnick explained that due diligence is extremely important in the current environment because companies that appeared strong may be weaker in the current economic environment. His firm stayed away from broader M&A transactions in 2008 due to the marketplace. 

“In past years most companies could file for bankruptcy,” said Resnick. “This environment is one in which distressed investors can make much money. You are going to see a lot of tempting transactions out there. We have a lot of capital, and there are a lot of great opportunities out there, but you have to be careful that it’s the right target.” 


And here is Rothschild today!  Smacking those lips like a hyena.  Anticipating getting even richer while terminating the US business world.  End of story.  So many bodies!  So tempting!  Yah!  This is the environment that allows the Family to fatten.  Below is an article from 1998:




BOTTOM FISHING IN A TOP-DRAWER MARKET With the market on a seemingly unstoppable joy ride, those dark days in the early ’90s when junk–oops, high-yield–bonds were going bad and companies were going bankrupt seem far, far away. Clearly, only a true contrarian could be looking for trouble in these prosperous times. Enter the contrarian: Wall Street’s bankruptcy king, Wilbur Ross, senior managing director of Rothschild Inc. Not only is Ross looking for trouble, he’s predicting it–enough of it to earn him 30% annually from distressed securities. And more than a few sophisticated institutional investors agree with his view; they recently handed over $200 million to Ross’ new Rothschild Recovery fund for just that purpose.

The Dot Com Bubble was collapsing.  The first warning shots came from Asia with the Asian Currency Crisis and the bankruptcy of Russia [great vulture feeding there, too!].  The Rothschilds popped their bottles of champagne and toasted each other as they found lots of rotting corpses all over the landscape.  When everyone was getting poorer, they were raking it in!  Now, let’s go further into the past:


February 1994:  M.L. Rothschild files Chap. 11; liquidator, retail financer says it has credit package.

NEW YORK (FNS) — M.L. Rothschild & Co., the liquidator and retail financier, filed a Chapter 11 petition Friday in bankruptcy court in Chicago.

Oops. One of the Family goofed and ended up on the wrong side of the menu.  Well, every family has its blacksheep!  This is, incidentally, one family that doesn’t let the young fritter their time away, being spoiled.  All are put to work, all over the planet earth.  Now, below is a really old article.  The financial system was about to collapse in NYC in 1904.  By 1907, there was a total panic. This provided the excuse for launching, secretly, with the help of the Rothschilds, the Federal Reserve.  


ALBANY WAS WARNED ABOUT ROTHSCHILD; State Banking Men Heard of Federal… – Article Preview – The New York Times Examiners’ Findings. HOW HE WAS “ADVISED OUT” Rothschild In Equitable National The “Tip” — Banker Is Held for the Grand Jury. ALBANY WAS WARNED ABOUT ROTHSCHILD

April 21, 1904, Thursday

Page 1, 1851 words

That the operations of David Rothschild, late President of the wrecked Federal Bank and backer of the Globe Security Company, should have been carried on for so long a time without moving some one in authority to exercise that authority in the neighborhood of the “financier,” has become a topic much discussed in Wall Street in view of knowledge that prominent bank officials have had of what was going on for nearly two years past.

Below is a screenshot of the first paragraphs of the article.

Frankly, I strongly suggest reading the entire article.  Back then, reporters were not only nosy but also vigilant.  Many of them were radical leftists.  They talked openly about things that are forbidden today.  It is very refreshing, reading old news stories.  Today, the reporters are rugs for the rich and connected to trod upon.  Imagine talking like in the article above!  


The World Order – The Rothschilds by Eustace Mullins

In “The Empire of the City”, E.C. Knuth says, “The fact that the House of Rothschild made its money in the great crashes of history and the great wars of history, the very periods when others lost their money, is beyond question.”

On July 8, 1937, the New York Times noted that Prof. Wilhelm, a German historian, had said, “The Rothschilds introduced the rule of money into European politics. The Rothschilds were the servants of money who undertook the reconstruct the world as an image of money and its functions. Money and the employment of wealth have become the law of European life; we no longer have nations, but economic provinces.”

On June 4, 1879, the New York Times noted, “Baron Lionel N. de Rothschild, head of the world famous banking house of Messrs. Rothschild & Co. died at the age of 71. He was son of the late Baron N.M. Rothschild who founded the house in London in 1808 and died in 1836. His father came to the conclusion that in order to perpetuate the fame and power of the Rothschilds, which had already become worldwide, it was necessary that the family be kept together, and devoted to the common cause. In order to do this, he proposed that they should intermarry, and form no marital unions outside the family. A council of the heads of the houses was called at Frankfurt in 1826, end the views of Baron Nathan were approved.”

Very definitely, this is a family that sticks together.  More about that later.  First, we will look at all the Rothschild offices that mostly or only do bankruptcies:

Our History, Fox Rothschild LLP–

This is one of the older members.  

Rothschild Frankfurt – also does bankruptcies

This is the Mother Ship.  Below is a list of a great number of Rothschild younger members who branched out across the entire US, all of them are bankruptcy experts:

Bankruptcy Attorney in Nashville, TN — Edgar Meyer Rothschild III, 


Ellenberg, Ogier, Rothschild & Rosenfeld, P.C. LinkedIn

LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rated for Ethical Standards and Legal Ability
Law Firm in Atlanta, Georgia Bankruptcy, Debtor and Creditor, Commercial Bankruptcy, Consumer Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Mediation, Bankruptcy Litigation, Bankruptcy Reorganization, Fraudulent Conveyance, Creditor’s Rights, Creditor Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Chapter 7, Bankruptcy Chapter 11, Corporate Law, Business Law and Civil Litigation.

Rothschild- Shelly Attorney in Los Angeles

Fox Rothschild LLP Grows Financial Restructuring & Bankruptcy Practice in Delaware | Delaware Business Blog

Attorneys : Mesch, Clark & Rothschild P.C. – Attorneys – Tucson, Arizona

Lowell E. Rothschild has developed a nationally respected reputation as a bankruptcy attorney during his distinguished career. A founder of the firm, he has practiced law since 1952 and specializes in insolvency, bankruptcy, creditor’s rights and business reorganization. Rothschild is certified by the Arizona State Bar as a specialist in bankruptcy law and is a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management and a Fellow of the American College of Bankruptcy. He has long been listed among the “Best Lawyers in America.”

Zimmerman & Rothschild Llc

608 S Hull St
Montgomery, AL 36104

Brian Michael Rothschild – A Best Lawyer in Los Angeles, Bankruptcy Law

William L. Rothschild, Attorney at Law – Bankruptcy – Atlanta, Georgia – Georgia Lawyer Directory – Georgia Attorney Directory


Click here to get dozens of articles about bankruptcy written by Gideon Rothschild:

Moses & Singer LLP : Articles


The family isn’t invincible.  Lynn was this lynx at a Bilderberg conference and like any cloak and dagger dame, she did the Delilah routine with the British Patriarch of the Family and got him to kick his poor woman to the curb.  Blonde and with sharp, red claws, she prances about the planet, tossing her goddess locks and meddles directly in politics even to the point of telling the DNC, if they didn’t give Hillary Clinton [she sounds like chalk on a chalkboard] the Presidency, Lady Rothschild would destroy the Democratic party!  HAHAHA.


Below is an interview with this lovely witch:


2007:  An interview with Lady de Rothschild – Executives Column – Lloyd Grove – World According to … –

When 67-year-old British banking scion Sir Evelyn Rothschild first set eyes on 44-year-old Lynn Forester at the 1998 Bilderberg conference—the matchmaker was none other than Henry Kissinger—she was already a woman of major means.

A corporate lawyer and telecommunications entrepreneur, the sparkly blond ex-wife of former New York politician Andrew Stein had made more than $100 million from the sale of cleverly acquired wireless broadband licenses. She was also sexy, charming, and dazzlingly well connected. Two years later, after the smitten Sir Evelyn divorced his second wife, Victoria Schott, the mother of his three children, Forester became the third Lady Rothschild. After marrying in November 2000 at a London synagogue, they honeymooned at the White House, guests of Lynn’s good friends Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The Family has to learn, if you don’t lay low, you might be noticed.  And they really don’t want this sort of publicity but the Patriarch is smitten so he will be smitten, indeed.  Some people never learn.  I suppose, I might be hearing from this army of lawyers for writing this article.  Or maybe not.  If they do annoy me, I will publish the entire NYT story from 1904.  HAHAHA.  That, they don’t want!  






P.O. BOX 483

BERLIN, NY 12022

Make checks out to ‘Elaine Supkis’



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  1. seraphim

    How did the Rotschilds make their fortune in 1815?

  2. Karmaisking

    Killing people and feeding off the carcasses.

  3. Simon

    interesting defense of the gnomes

    “Wall Street bonuses are getting a bad rap, but they’re an important and useful part of the financial services industry. Taking them away could hamper the economic comeback.”

    “The capital-markets industry operates in a very sophisticated and
    competitive environment, one that responds best to strong performance incentives. People who flourish in this environment are those who want to be paid and advanced based on their individual and their team’s performance, and are willing to take the risk that they might be displaced by someone better or that mistakes or downturns may cause them to be laid off or their
    firms to fail.”

    “Wall Street was like other businesses, where 80% of the profits were provided by 20% of the people. You had to pay everyone well because you never knew what next year would bring, and because there was always someone trying to poach your best trained people, whom you didn’t want to lose even if they were not superstars.”

  4. criticalcontrarian

    Great post, Elaine! Very thorough. Here is an article that supports your “if you don’t know how to stay low” comment. The 3rd Lady Rothschild is anything but discreet. Check out Phony Tony’s new wings: Now Tony Blair finally has the private jet he’s always wanted (even if it is rented) @

  5. criticalcontrarian

    Sorry wrong link. Try this one:

  6. PLovering

    Felix Rohatyn is financial guru to … TraLaa! … Nancy Pelosi.
    Screwed by the best.

  7. hardrock

    Great work Elaine. I just emailed you a piece by Gary North which states that all those who think there is a ‘conspiracy’ are ignoramuses. I warned him not to drive the stake too deep or he will end up like he did on Y2K….dead wrong. The evidence of a conspiring bunch of ‘foxes’ of disparate interests are just too compelling to ignore. I hope some of you read about all the interconnectedness with the Madoff scam that Mitchell has put together at ‘DEEP CAPTURE.COM’. You will see a constant pattern. Mostly Jews, but many willing accomplices. Yep, Money still rules the world.

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  9. Rowan

    During the whole period of outsourcing of jobs, I wondered how western consumers would be able to buy all these imported products without having productive jobs themselves. The answer…throw money (credit) at them. Now that they can`t borrow any more (maxed out!), the system collapses and the instigators step in and buy up everything for peanuts. A 30-year scam that has destroyed more than a hundred years of working-class struggle for economic justice. This has been made possible by an army of corrupt enablers (Bumboys) in politics, the press, and the beaurocracy. Well, back to the drawing board,eh? People who crave solidarity from the guy next door are nearly always going to be disappointed, unfortunately.
    Eternal vigilance. As the Germans say,(and they should know), “Trust is good, Control (inspection) is better”. Mind you, their track record shows that this sentiment is more of a pious wish than anything else.

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  11. Bear of Little Brain

    No, no, no-o-o! Baron Karl (Denninger) de Niceville says this is all the fault of the greedy plebs. Not a Semite in sight (not a Semite insight?).
    And Karl is never wrong. 🙄
    Now, if only he could resolve his patriotism and belief in the Constitution with that pesky stuff about the issuance of money, and gold and silver.
    Will not grace his latest outburst with a link. You know where to find him.
    Just needed to get that off my chest. Sorry.
    It’s beginning to look like the EU will have our war criminal as its first ‘proper’ President.
    This was the paragraph from your link that caught my attention:
    “In 2000, Sir Evelyn donated £250,000 to the Policy Network, a think-tank presided over by Peter Mandelson which organises many of the conferences – including in Washington, South Africa and Budapest – at which Mr Blair gives speeches.”
    Mandelson seems to spend a lot of time with various Rothschilds doesn’t he? Not to mention, unsavoury ‘Russian’ oligarchs.

  12. Bear of Little Brain

    Just wanted to bring back some balance to our comments (well, my comment). Whilst we criticise the Banksters, and mostly associate this with what one might call the “Jewish Money Power”, let us also not forget that they constitute a very small, but powerful sub-set. “Not tarring with the same brush” springs to mind.
    And we can’t say we weren’t warned. Leonard (Cohen) told us what was coming; but watch out, Elaine, they’re headed your way!

    “First we take Manhattan (then we take Berlin)”
    Heh™. 😉

  13. criticalcontrarian

    Bear: I think you are referring to this war criminal, yes? 😉

    What is truly disturbing is how they go about flaunting their corruption and criminal activities with impunity. If you really think about it our current socio-political climate is not very different from how things operated during Roman times, a tad more discreet perhaps but not much. Imagine how much worse it would be without the Internet.

    What I find interesting is how the House of Rot has been coming out into the light, of late. What’s your take, are they forced to do this because of the “hired incompetents” who have royally screwed their game, or is it due to a lack of capacity in their gene pool? Too much intermarrying, n’est pas? Read: and (this site is anti-Zionist)

  14. criticalcontrarian

    Off topic, and without wanting to sound like a broken record, the bond markets are not responding to the Fed’s 10 year Treasuries as expected, pushing the spread from 2% to 3%. Simple formula, Credibility = Accountability. No arrests, no dinero, no cigar. Nada. Zilch.

    To think these twits have to raise $2 trillion in 2009 alone! The silence is deafening, does anyone the market shouting, “Show me the money!”

    Read, Bond market calls Fed’s bluff as global economy falls apart @

  15. emsnews

    Criticalcontrarian, they are ‘out in the light’ due to the INTERNET. Yes, the pesky toy I love to play with. If there was no internet, you would never had heard a thing I was saying, over and over again, in public, all my long life.
    Bear, you are right. I keep explaining to people, Jews are used as SERVANTS of the Real Rulers. They are one step below the Throne, literally. They dearly would love to strut about like the Queen of England but cannot due to the fact that the Queen or Czars or Kaisers have to be the same religion as the majority of their subjects. This goes without saying!
    In Muslim lands, the Rulers must be Muslim, for example. In America, our founding fathers were against this and prohibited it. It is part of our Constitution and the best part.
    All rulers love to have Jewish courtiers give them money because, when this always leads to bankruptcy, they can turn the raving mobs onto their servants, the Jewish money lenders. Jews have to understand this and not fall into the trap of being the anxious money bags just itching to be looted. They have to work out a system whereby they support real democracies like the US, not kill it in order to keep the mobs at bay when things go bad. It doesn’t work.

  16. Bear of Little Brain

    ” Jews are used as SERVANTS of the Real Rulers.”
    You may well be correct historically and in general but, given the strange relationship here in the UK between the Monarchy and its apparent subservience to the City (aka, The Crown?), I am not so sure that remains the case.
    The history of the 20th Century would seem to indicate that the Uber-Banksters in particular may have the upper hand. (I’m thinking Rothschild funding of all sides in WWI, the presence of the International Bankers at the Treaty of Versailles, and so on – you will know far more about this than I).
    HM Queen is not an absolute monarch. There is a lot of show and she has considerable wealth, but she remains a Constitutional Monarch.
    If there was ever a time for her to have shown any real power, it would have been when Brown presented the Lisbon Treaty for her signature. This had been signed (out of public view, and in a side office, apparently) by Brown in spite of earlier promises by Labour that we would be given a referendum on this European treaty, but it required HM to sign off on it. Since the Lisbon Treaty effectively abolishes our sovereignty and any relevance that a Constitutional Monarch may have had, the Queen’s failure to refuse to sign, many would say, was, itself, an act of treason against this nation-state.
    Strange days, indeed.

  17. emsnews

    The Crowns know that there is no real treaty but rather, so long as they retain the throne, they can retake everything. Or lose everything. If she were physically removed and Charles and his frau sent to live on a small farm, then I would think this is finally over.

  18. GK

    Elaine posed a riddle before about why the Nazi’s and Zionists are behaving in a similar manner.

    Here is an interesting possible answer.

    “European Jews had no interest in moving to Israel. Therefore Nazism was created partly to establish Israel. There was formal collaboration between Nazis and Zionists.”

    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    Robin de Ruiter, 58, is perhaps the most prominent European conspiracy writer after David Icke but his ten books have been available only in Spanish, Italian, French, Czech, Serb, German and Dutch.

    Recently an expanded and updated English translation of his classic “Worldwide Evil and Misery: The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines” has appeared. If anyone still doubts that a satanic cabal, the Illuminati, is responsible for all wars and depressions and is intent on enslaving mankind, I heartily recommend this book.

    A Dutchman raised in Spain, and now living in Equador, de Ruiter has been studying the Illuminati since the 1980’s. He writes with the assurance of a man who has deciphered the plan. For example, he doesn’t hesitate to place the Rothschilds and “their bank,” the Bank of International Settlement in Basle, at the top of the pyramid.

    De Ruiter uses familiar sources but because he is a polyglot, he has access to some important new ones. For eg. De Ruiter recounts the story of a Spanish geneticist who showed that there was no difference in the genetic origin of Jews and Palestinians. He was met with a storm of opposition from Zionists and quickly dropped this field of study. The anecdote shows that, even if the Jews weren’t a race, the important thing is that they think they are. (p.155)

    In 350 pages and 47 Chapters, de Ruiter surveys the New World Order, some parts in groundbreaking detail. He exposes the facts behind the death of Slobodan Milosevic, the 9-11 attacks (the topic of a separate book by de Ruiter), the Freemasons, the education system, descendants of Judah, the Satanic bloodlines, their Satanic rituals, the Mormon Empire, the Jehovah Witnesses, the music industry and the “Great White Brotherhood.”

    In the following, I’ll present a sample of some of the provocative information available in this volume:

    + The Antichrist will choose Jerusalem as the capital of his global empire. European Jews had no interest in moving to Israel. Therefore Nazism was created partly to establish Israel. There was formal collaboration between Nazis and Zionists. The Nazis allowed German Jews to transfer their money (and even the value of their homes and factories) to Palestine in the form of German industrial products. Thus, indirectly, the Nazis built Israel’s industrial infrastructure. The Zionists were allowed a large network of training camps in Germany. The Zionists were not interested in elderly Jews or young children. De Ruiter claims that they blew up the ship “Patria” in Haifa harbor in 1940 killing 260 people, not because the British wouldn’t let them in but because the passengers were undesirable as settlers. (p.196)

    + In his early days in Vienna, Hitler was not anti-Semitic and his friends were mostly Jews. His Jewish friend Reinhold Hanisch wrote, “Hitler at that time looked very Jewish, so that I often joked with him that he must be of Jewish blood, since such a large beard rarely grows on a Christian’s chin.” De Ruiter supports the view that Hitler’s grandfather was a Rothschild, who financially supported his grandmother. (p.174)

    +The Nazis were largely funded by Illuminati Jewish multinationals like I.G. Farben, German General Electric and German American Petroleum. The Jewish bankers Warburgs transferred 128 million Deutschmarks to Hitler (roughly $30 million.) The Rothschild-run Bank of England handed Hitler Czech assets worth six million pounds. The Rothschild’s Royal Dutch Shell, run by Jews, Peter Montefiore Samuel and Robert Waley-Cohen gave Hitler 50 million Deutschmarks. (p. 180)

    + A common practice among the Illuminati is adopt out their children. Then a biological father will impregnate his own daughter and the child will be sacrificed to Satan. (p. 122)

    + Like Israel, Nazi Germany and the USSR, the United States is an Illuminati creation. “The Illuminati use the US as a springboard for their world leadership to subject other countries and to eliminate the remaining heads of state.” (p.33)

    + The Illuminati operate under many guises. De Ruiter quotes The Instructions of the Order: “It is important that the objectives are realized; the mask that is used is not important as long as there is a mask.” Communism, Zionism, Nazism, Feminism, and apparently even Americanism can be seen in these terms. The key for us is to separate valid ideals from the hidden agenda which they mask.

  19. emsnews

    GK, did it ever occur to you that the money given to Hitler was ransom money? And protection money so Hitler wouldn’t confiscate things? Which he was VERY clever about. He would string people along. His annihilation plans were TOP SECRET. Got that? Top secret. Claiming that Jews knew about this is utterly ridiculous.

  20. GK

    I definitely believe that the German Jews did not know about it, however, the Zionists may have.
    It probably makes sense to treat them as two separate groups for research purposes.
    If you look at the statistics, Germany lost 7,233,000 (Christian?) people in military and civilian casualties and 160,000 German Jews in the holocaust.
    Most of the other holocaust victims were from Poland and Russia.
    If you look at raw body count, the German Zionists had a 45:1 loss ratio, which is almost as good as the Gaza Strip 100:1 loss ratio.
    And they got Israel populated with refugees and got the BIS fully funded. If you could form your own country, would you do it?
    The establishment of the BIS
    The Bank for International Settlements was established in 1930. It is the world’s oldest international financial institution and remains the principal centre for international central bank cooperation.
    The BIS was established in the context of the Young Plan (1930), which dealt with the issue of the reparation payments imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles following the First World War. The new bank was to take over the functions previously performed by the Agent General for Reparations in Berlin: collection, administration and distribution of the annuities payable as reparations. The Bank’s name is derived from this original role. The BIS was also created to act as a trustee for the Dawes and Young Loans (international loans issued to finance reparations) and to promote central bank cooperation in general.
    The reparations issue quickly faded, focusing the Bank’s activities entirely on cooperation among central banks and, increasingly, other agencies in pursuit of monetary and financial stability.

  21. Bear of Little Brain

    May have thrown this up before, or something like it:
    Rothschilds designed and built and paid for the Israeli High Court, which is full of Masonic meaning, apparently:
    Seems to tie in with your post.
    It is well documented that Hitler and the Zionists were co-operating in the early ‘thirties in order to get German Jews to emigrate to Palestine, something that the British finally put a halt to. But maybe you were not arguing that point.
    I have a suspicion that the “Judea Declares War on Germany” (March 24, 1933 – London Daily Express headline) by American Jews may have actually worsened things rapidly for Jews in Germany. Certainly, it would have rendered them an “enemy within”. Internment would be the expected reaction (c.f. American Japanese in WWII, Boers in S. Africa). So why did they (American Jews) do it? That may have to remain rhetorical.

  22. emsnews

    German Jews were FRANTIC to leave Germany when Hitler took over…because many of them had some money OR relatives in the US, they filtered out of Germany and into other countries but it got harder and harder to do. Hitler didn’t try to stop them. Once the war began and Hitler began it, unilaterally, he overran many Jewish communities and decided, DURING THE WAR…SECRETLY…to kill all of them. This is why the vast majority of the deaths were in Eastern Europe. And Hitler planned to kill absolutely everyone in the East. This was unprecedented and it horrifies me to see political parties in Israel, calling for the displacement of Palestinians and if no one take them in, killing all of them. This is pure Naziism.

    About the ‘Judea Declares War on Germany;’ yes, that was very provocative and played straight into Hitler’s hands. I think all Zionists were totally deranged from day one.

  23. GK

    Bear, thanks for the excellent link.
    Also, if you look at the BIS headquarters in Switzerland, you will see it is in the shape of a beehive, which is apparently emblematic of a Masonic lodge.
    “the beehive, emblematic of the Masonic lodge itself;”
    It seems like Zionism is a racist segment of the Jewish community. Just like there are horrible racist segments of the Christian community.
    They are both very dangerous to their relatives. We must all be on the look out for this constantly.
    I have read somewhere that the Zionist believed the Jewish people to the east were ‘impure’ and not worthy of immigration to Israel.
    If the Zionists were making secret deals with Hitler, this may explain why he got the go-ahead to do his evil with these innocent half-bloods to the East.

  24. PLovering

    Bear: “Since the Lisbon Treaty effectively abolishes our sovereignty and any relevance that a Constitutional Monarch may have had, the Queen’s failure to refuse to sign, many would say, was, itself, an act of treason against this nation-state.”
    I understand Blair got Parliament to change the Treason Laws effectively absolving Queen and himself from such crimes associated with the signing the Lisbon Treaty.
    Also, I understand that the final clause to the Lisbon Treaty remains unsigned. And that the Queen could still dissolve the present government and all laws passed hitherto, and start over.
    Article 61 Magna Carta: people free to “Lawful Rebellion.”

  25. emsnews

    Yes, the Magna Carta. And rebellion is always dangerous! The English will have to learn how to do this again…look to the Irish for instructions.

  26. Bear of Little Brain

    Thanks for your comments and the link. Will check out the videos and maybe get my facts straight(er?).

  27. Pingback: Hot News » David Rothschild

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    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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