I was in the biggest mall in Albany, the Crossgates Mall, to return my broken computer.  I watched workmen removing the names of defunct stores and except for the groups of elderly who use the mall to exercise in the morning, the place was deserted except for people seeking repairs at the Apple Store. This is the death of the Consumer Economy.  We have no second plan.  We just want more credit to flow.  Of course, the army of con men running an incredible number of ponzi schemes have drained a great deal of future wealth.

I can’t wait for my computer replacement!  Typing on this old one is a nightmare.  Assembling a story is annoying me to death!  I do not like severe recessions or depressions because I like earning money and I like innovation.  Only in recent years, have they come up with computers that respond to my typing speed!  


The US economy shrank almost as fast as Japan’s economy.  When the world’s #1 destination of world trade shrinks, all other economies will shrink, too.  Do not think for a minute that Japan and China don’t want to lend to us!  But they are worried that the money Congress is going to spend in the next year won’t translate into greater wealth for the Asian export giants.  They are already very upset with the ‘Made in America’ promises. Worldwide

U.S. Economy: GDP Shrinks 6.2%, More Than Estimated 

The U.S. economic contraction in the fourth quarter was deeper than the government first estimated, with other reports today signaling little prospect of relief until at least the middle of 2009.

Gross domestic product shrank at a 6.2 percent annual pace from October through December, the most since 1982, the Commerce Department said today in Washington. Separate figures showed consumer sentiment and business activity dropped this month.

“There has been no evidence that the pace of decline is slowing at all,” Bill Cheney, chief economist at John Hancock Financial Services Inc. in Boston, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. President Barack Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package will “kick in”

in mid-2009 at the earliest, he said.

This is so very much like the Great Depression.  And the most sensible thing to do now is to legalize fun stuff.  And here it is, Obama had to have it snuck into the news but the internet is happy about this and so am I:


YouTube – US Attorney General Eric Holder: Ending Medical Marijuana Raids now US Policy


About time!  The expensive war on drugs was really a confiscation effort and like the judges in Pennsylvania who were bribed to sentence children to detention camps so the camp owners could make money off of innocent people, so it is, 1,000% worse with pot users.  Actually, smoking it is the worst way to consume it.  Eating it is much better. I am already getting arthritis.  The last thing I want is for me to have to take heavy narcotics to kill the pain!  And I can grow my own, too, in my own garden. 


Where is the profit motive if things are this easy to do?  What will our massive industries do if they can’t leech off of our illnesses? Worldwide

 Citi Gets Third Rescue as U.S. Plans to Raise Stake

 The U.S. government ratcheted up its effort to saveCitigroup Inc., agreeing to a third rescue attempt that will cut existing shareholders’ stake in the company by 74 percent. The stock fell 39 percent.

The Treasury Department said it would convert as much as $25 billion of preferred shares into common stock provided private holders agree to the same terms, the government said in a statement today. The conversion would give the U.S. a 36 percent stake in the New York-based company.

Talking about  leeches!  Citigroup is leech#1 right now, right next to the AIG leeches.  Citigroup is now penny stock.  Literally.  I don’t know why it is still listed.  Usually, when something tanks this bad, it is dumped.  This way, the Dow Jones people can boast that over time, the stock market makes money.  They don’t mention all the stocks that get ditched over the years. Worldwide

Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) — Citigroup Inc. set a U.S. record for the most shares traded in a single day, beating the mark set by WorldCom Inc. in 2002, according to the New York Stock Exchange.

Citigroup volume was 1.87 billion as of 4:15 p.m. in New York, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The U.S. government agreed to a third rescue attempt today that would cut existing shareholders’

stake in the New York-based bank by 74 percent. Citigroup shares fell 39 percent to $1.50, the lowest closing price since November 1990.


U.S. stock futures tumble on Citi deal, GDP data – MarketWatch

U.S. stocks moved lower on Thursday, as health-sector stocks dropped in wake of President Obama’s move toward health-care reform, which helped offset advances in the banking sector….
The stock price drop for drug stocks “reminds me of the knee-jerk reaction seen in the early days of the Clinton administration when they started talking about universal healthcare and coming down hard on branded drug margins,” said Edmund Shing, a strategist at BNP Paribas….
The dollar dropped sharply vs. the Japanese yen, and gold futures rallied $21 an ounce. Oil futures fell $2.57 a barrel.

I suppose the Dow will dump Citigroup since it is hurting their stats.  About health care in America: it is the world’s most expensive and covers the fewest people.  It makes our hard industries non-competitive with the rest of the world.  We have no choice but to make it work like France, Germany or Canada.  Right now, all the unions are losing their health insurance so maybe they will NOT fight off reforms this time! Now, off to Japan!


Among weighty issues of the day, Shinkansen ranks high – English

It turns out that North Korea and the global financial crisis were not the only topics on Prime Minister Taro Aso’s mind during summit talks Tuesday in Washington with President Barack Obama.

He also tried to sell the U.S. leader on Shinkansen technology; Obama’s reaction to the pitch was also keenly awaited back in Japan.

The government and the private sector, eager to expand the export of bullet train technology, are teaming up to promote the idea worldwide.

With growing focus on the environment, as exemplified by Obama’s “Green New Deal” proposals, railway companies hope that 2009 will be the “Year of the Shinkansen.”

Germany, France, China and Japan have cornered this market.  We need these trains, very badly.  But we can make a deal with them!  They build some of the factories here and we can learn the technology from them.  And if we have  nationalized healthcare, we can compete with them, too!  How about that!


Japanese poverty god beats economic woes, stress | U.S. | Reuters

TOKYO (Reuters Life!) – Lost your job and looking for someone to punch up for causing the global financial crisis? A Japanese shrine offers down-on-their-luck visitors a chance to shake off the doldrums by hitting the “God of Poverty.”

The Bimbo Gami shrine is home to a wooden statue believed to be the poverty deity, a thin and filthy man who brings misfortune and impoverishment to the house it haunts….

Although the shrine master and his wife Haruko, 68, had been involved in several failed several business projects before founding the shrine, the god of poverty seems to have proven lucky for the elderly couple.

They now live off a fairly stable income generated from selling good luck charms to visitors.

German, French and Chinese workers know who to beat with a stick!  Not statues, they go for the real controllers.  But not the Japanese.  This is bad for them but good for us if we imitate the Chinese and Germans and use our own sticks on the appropriate places.  


Nikkei Net Interactive – Japan Business News Online

U.S. Giant Prudential To Buy Failed Insurer Yamato
TOKYO (Nikkei)–U.S. life insurer Prudential will buy the failed Yamato Life Insurance Co. with support from a safety net for the Japanese insurance industry, The Nikkei learned Friday.

 Nikkei Commodity Index Records Steepest Drop In 23 Years
TOKYO (Nikkei)–Reflecting the deepening recession, the Nikkei Commodity Index recorded its sharpest year-on-year decline in 23 years, falling 22.7% from the end of February 2008 to 139.699 on Friday. 

Japanese life insurers have no future if Japanese people have fewer and fewer children.  Also, Japanese are NOT saving money at all.  They have been seeing reduced incomes just like we are seeing now.  The illusion of ‘savings’ is due to paying down debts, not saving any money for the future.  As we saw in today’s earlier story, our own savings are vanishing as fast as our housing equity.





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  1. jeremy/Nashville

    The malls here in Costa Mesa are the same way, Elaine. The mall here on South Coast Drive is extremely upscale, as in Rodeo Drive shops, even a Harry Winston jewelry store…..but the only store with customers is the Apple store. All the upscale shops are empty with the sales associates standing around talking with nothing to do.

    Retail keeps getting worse! California’s unemployment rate keeps rising too. I was planning on going back home in July, but I may leave much sooner.

  2. if

    Chomsky: Humanity’s survival ‘by no means a sure thing’

  3. Simon

    Have you considered using a voice-recognition software, much faster than typing

  4. PLovering

    President Obama has referenced following the FDR model.
    What is the FDR model? The Pecora Commission explains it chapter and verse below:

  5. Mt

    When China opened up to foreign investment
    they seem to have had the policy that if you
    want a foot in the door of this 1 billion market,
    you have to build it here. China offered cheap
    labor and they got in return jobs, capital investment
    and technology transfer.

    China imports what they need, raw materials, they
    have the labor to make and the government needs
    to create jobs for political reasons.

    If you are a multi-national corporation looking to
    build a factory, there are many low wage countries
    to choose from. But the only place where you can
    build a factory and export to the world and for sure
    sell into the China market, is to build build that
    factory in China. China used the leverage of access
    to their huge market as a way to get multi-nationals
    to build factories in China.

    We could do the same thing. If you want access to our
    markets, you have to employ people here who are
    going to consume the product. I was thinking last
    night about say Obama’s plan to build green. A company
    like Vestas can get a contract to sell their tech here,
    they just have to build the wind turbines they plan
    on selling here, in this country and hire workers here.

    If Germany or Japan want to sell fast train tech here,
    they have to build it here. That way we get capital
    investment, technology transfer and jobs here.

    All countries should do this. Tariffs start trade wars
    between governments, not good. But requiring that
    corporations build their products close to where they
    sell them, (which is better for the environment, more
    efficient) is a private contract between a government
    (representing the interest of the people) and a corporations right to access a market.

  6. Simon

    Trouble is, they are doing this here, but use tactics to avoid tax or competition.
    Japanese industries are very anti-union anywhere in the world

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  10. “Tariffs start trade wars???”
    Lack of tariffs IS trade wars.
    How much do we sell to Japan? Uh, trade wars? Uh, what???

  11. kenogami

    Elaine, you bought your computer not so long ago. Is it still on guarantee? Your ideas come too fast and too explosive even for the computer.

  12. Mt

    When a government passes tariffs on another government
    there is retaliation. Between any 2 countries.

    In 2006 I think the data between japan and the US was Japan
    exported 150 billion to us and we exported 60 billion to them.
    Japan buys 3-4 billion in Aircraft in 2006.. Thats why they want to make
    planes in japan with boeing tech.

  13. Simon

    They are forbidden under clause of some treaty after WWII

  14. Mt

    Boeing does a lot of biz with Japan.

  15. nah

    when you pay thru the nose for nothing for a long time its like a nightmare… you wake up and are like whoa what was i thinking… personally as much as i hate socialized health care im for it… at least we can get people access to doctors who dont pay taxes then costs for everyone should be more reasonable… then deregulate the shit out of it and ban all health insurance… let doctors earn a good honest living… sorry doctor man i know you can make big cash but your just a guard at the door of profit machines who dont provide enuf care for the costs they encumber your clients with… deregulate in 2016!
    the wicked clasp must burrrake

  16. David

    “when you pay thru the nose for nothing for a long time its like a nightmare… you wake up and are like whoa what was i thinking… personally as much as i hate socialized health care im for it… at least we can get people access to doctors …then deregulate the shit out of it and ban all health insurance… let doctors earn a good honest living… sorry doctor man i know you can make big cash but your just a guard at the door of profit machines who dont provide enuf care for the costs they encumber your clients with… deregulate in 2016!”
    Agreed nah!
    My sister-in-law, a wonderful lady that we all loved, when she was age 50, because she used a (doctor recommended) IUD for birth control when she was young, developed fibroid tumors in her uterus…and then had a (doctor recommended) hysterectomy…but (for some unknown reason that didn’t make sense in the case of this woman having fibroid tumors in her uterus…except to make more money from insurance) the surgeons removed her ovaries also (which was unnecessary).
    Then this wonderful lady was put on hormone therapy to compensate for her missing ovaries not producing estrogen. The synthetic estrogen almost immediately caused breast cancer. When she went to the oncologist (cancer specialist) for cancer treatment, he told her that most gynecologists recommend such hormone treatment and oncologists know it causes cancer and don’t recommend such treatments.
    Anyway, in sister-in-law’s case, the cancer spread to her lungs and liver, but she fought it for 5 years before dying. Her health insurance paid out a million dollars for her treatment and then canceled. Brother-in-law, a hard working carpet layer, worked two shifts and on weekends. to pay an extra $1700.00 per month for his wife’s insurance so she could live a little longer. However, he missed having more time with his wife for her last few years.
    Just writing this little story really pisses me off. In the first place, doctors knew the IUDs caused lots of problems for women (after a short while, my wife had hers removed because it caused infections and misery)and they were removed from the market for several years. Now, I see the g..damned things being advertised on television again…(the medical establishment is going to mess up and kill another generation of women…all for profit).
    These are the kinds of things our screwed up health care system is doing daily…killing people…and women are especially vulnerable to this damned system because of their female complexities.
    Good health care need not be crushingly expensive. A couple of good nurses or physicians assistants located in a rented house in local communities can monitor citizen’s health and treat less serious illnesses. In today’s super communicative world, these providers can keep in touch with a doctor at a regional medical center..and can refer the more serious illnesses there for the usual treatment.
    I know medical doctors make lots of money,but the system has become so overwhelming that the insurance companies actually tell the doctor how to treat the patients and which medicines to prescribe. So, I think doctors who are being beaten up by this over bloated worthless, greedy system might be relieved if they could again practice medicine without interference from some profit making insurance company.

    I’m for national public health care even though I have some reservations about it and how it might be used if such a public system becomes corrupted like other government systems.
    Still, our private health care system has proving itself totally unworkable and uncaring about patient health, and we should go public.

  17. Simon

    you might be interested in this : printing press going full steam ahead

  18. emsnews

    I’m sorry to hear about your sister’s tragic end, David. Our health care system is not the best in the world. For example, I had to be treated a number of times by doctors and my uterus and ovaries had to be operated on when I was only 13 due to being raped as a child.
    I had a TERRIBLE time here with the doctors! They told me very little and gave me no guidance at all, concerning my mounting medical problems. When I was 17 years old, I went to school in Germany and immediately, went to a woman doctor in the Federal Health care system there and she threw away my American hormone pills that were making me ill and gave me better ones that were not ‘one size fit all’ and instantly, I felt better..
    She also gave me lots of good information and I came home, very pissed off that our system was so anti-information.
    About cancers: don’t blame medicine for this. Blame the Cold War. We and Russia and France and England, all detonated over a thousand nuclear bombs from 1945 to 1965. Alas, the dire effects of all this are lodged in our lymphatic systems which is connected to women’s breasts. And nursing babies is one of the best ways to not get breast cancer! I nursed 4 years out of my life. Many women never nurse at all and suppress the nursing hormones after having babies.
    About my computer: it is fairly new, it had an inherent flaw from day one but we couldn’t figure out what it was since it worked fine 99% of the time until this month. Then, every physical repair made things worse. So Apple is kindly giving me a new computer and I decided to upgrade it because of all the work I wish to do on it.

  19. In a comment above:
    When a government passes tariffs on another government there is retaliation. Between any 2 countries.
    In 2006 I think the data between japan and the US was Japan exported 150 billion to us and we exported 60 billion to them.
    Even I am not that stupid!!! First of all, it’s absurd to state that tariffs would be passed “on another government” and then there would be “retaliation.” Let’s be honest. Japan, for example, maintains (with a few unavoidable exceptions) an INFINITE tariff on goods from the USA! What “retaliation???” A simple tariff would be a tariff on all foreign-made goods, not “on another government.”
    Regarding “health care”: Basically, the oligarchy told the “consumers” (some would apply the term “sheep”) “we will take care of all your health care through employee insurance.” And the suckers let it happen. How many employers cared all that much? How many insurance companies? Now the jobs are gone, and the insurance companies are killing their patients. How did that happen???
    You may be homeless or dead, but at least you’ve won the glorious battle against “socialized medicine!” (“Socialized banks?” — Lost that one.)
    1) There needs to be a maximum wage for doctors.
    2) Patents and copyrights must be abolished. (No, Joe, there ain’t gonna be no more research to find anything that YOU could afford.) People need to be able to make things, and do things now, without interference from patent attorneys. Let the Chinese invent things, and we can spy on them. Survival trumps “progress.”
    3) Not merely “single payer.” The care provided will simply become so poor as to be useless. We need EQUAL CARE. If Bill Gates tries to sneak off to get better care than Joe The Tramp, Bill goes to jail. That way, we will all get good care.
    Don’t worry about “socialized this and socialized that!” Do worry about all those detention camps in the desert, and all those school busses with the bars on the windows!!!

  20. Gary

    Hey Blues and others:

    I’m going to the Phx/Tucson area next month. My nephew lives down there
    between the 2 cities. I think you were the guy that mentioned the “camps”
    outside the Tucson area with the busses running all day. Do you have an
    idea where this is near Tucson? I spent a little time on google earth looking
    around to no avail. If the place exists, it would probably be near Davis Monthan
    USAFB or the derelict plane storage area which are south of the city.

  21. Gary,
    Here’s the link to the article I read about this. The busses are all over the place day and night, it seems. The apparent detention camp is “at the edge of town,” or something. The article gives more details, and the comments do too. Be careful! Let us know when you plan to return, so if you don’t, we can send in a team.
    Mystery Prison Buses in the Desert

  22. David

    My son is a Mac expert. He says your best bet in the Mac line for complete reliability is the Mac Pro, but they are expensive…around $3000.00.
    Another good choice is the New I-Mac machine. Son says they are pretty reliable.
    Mac has been having some trouble with the Minis. The drives give some trouble sometimes.
    Generally, a large, stand alone machine lasts longer and is more reliable than a laptop.
    I’ve tried some word recognition software in the past, but it was unreliable in those days…I’m sure it has improved recently.

    About Cancers:

    All of the chemicals in our food and also the hormones fed to beef cattle and chickens we eat are bound to have a confusing effect on our genetic makeup in addition to all of the radiation we’ve been exposed to.
    Elaine, as I noted, I suspect that womens’ health issues are being ignored more than mens’ because of the complex and personal nature of womens’ reproductive problems.
    And I’m so saddened to hear about your terrible experience…just hearing this makes me very angry…any man who does this needs to be castrated (with a knife) and then strangled (with a rope), in that order!
    I love women and they deserve mens respect because they are burdened with carrying and having our children (and usually with raising them too nowadays), and for that reason alone, they deserve men’s utmost respect.
    ELAINE: my computer was a large Imac and it was a fine computer except for this one glitch which destroyed it. And I am getting a better one! I am paying an extra $600 for the differential in price but hope to fundraise this later. I don’t use mini Macs because I do ferocious things on the computer that requires good systems.

  23. Paul S

    The US healthcare system is THE most expensive “system” in the world–by far. According to the World Health Organization, in terms of service delivery, a systems effectiveness in serving patients, the US ranks 72nd(!) Who is behind all this mess? Big Pharma, Big Insurance and the politicians they bribe. It’s called profits before people, that’s what the “Free market” REALLY means. Another group that opposes national health care are employers in general. They LOVE having the threat losing health care benfits hanging over their employees heads. Makes employees more pliable when wages are pushed down. It should go without saying that the Bushes are neck deep in this sleaze. Take the example of Bill Frist, Bush’s health care “czar”. Frist was put in charge of “reforming” the health care system–even though Frist and his family owed their fortune to HCA holdings. You guessed it; HCA holdings is an HMO. Frist, even for the Bushes stepped over the line of “ethics”. Seems Dr. Frist dumped a bunch of his family company stock shortly before the company stock price took a BIG hit. Frist tried to tell everyone that he didn’t know how his stock was doing because he had put his family investments into a ‘blind’ trust. Wags called this blind trust the “seeing eye dog” trust. Then there is Bush’s Medicare “reform”. Big Pharma could NOT have written it better themselves.

  24. EMPhan

    “Actually, smoking it is the worst way to consume it. Eating it is much better.”

    Elaine, could you provide more information on this?


  25. nah
    New UBS CEO sees changes to Swiss banking secrecy

  26. Mt


    “Even I am not that stupid!!!”

    Don’t be so sure. You might be that stupid.

    Corporations don’t pass tariffs.
    Governments pass tariffs. If you put a tariff on products
    from a country they will retaliate. The corporation can move
    a factory to a third country and use cheap labor to continue
    to export that product to the US. If you put a tariff on a product
    that does not mean the jobs will come back to the US. There
    are lots of other countries that have cheaper labor. The point
    I was making was that in order to get jobs back in the US- it
    would be better to pass a law requiring that a product sold in the
    US market had to be made in the US. That way a corporation
    has to build a factory here to supply this market.

    Of course japan has unfair trade policies. They have been selling yen
    into the currency market to buy dollars to PUSH the dollar up and the
    yen down.

  27. Mt

    This story today in the news makes my point.
    Morales wants products like electric cars that
    are sold in Bolivia to be made in Bolivia so the
    people in the country can have jobs making the
    products that they buy.
    For Bolivians, economic development and job creation are a must _ the partner can’t be like foreign companies who they say shortchanged the nation’s hardscrabble Indians while extracting copper, silver and tin from vegetation-starved highlands. Morales wants lithium batteries manufactured domestically, and even hopes to assemble battery-powered cars.

    “We don’t even manufacture a pin here,” Mining Minister Freddy Beltran complained to The Associated Press. “It’s a story that must change.”

  28. emsnews

    MT, the way Japan and Europe discourage US imports is simple; the VAT value added taxes. We let everything flood into the country and do NOT tax either oil nor imports virtually at all!!!! Thus, the flood of stuff flowing here.

  29. Impatient Patriot

    “This way, the Dow Jones people can boast that over time, the stock market makes money.”
    They just forgot to add, the money that it makes is yours.

  30. Charlie the Jester

    Healthcare policy for a nation that consumes processed meals and snacks, fast food, and soft drinks, etc., in mass quantities is a lose-lose proposition.

  31. Karl Marx was the original libertarian. Sound’s very strange? Well, he wanted to “do away” with private ownership. Modern libertarians think they want to do away with “unnecessary” government programs, which do anything other than protect their personal interests. In fact, most “movements” are based on “doing away,” or “casting out demons.”
    Well, I too have a list of demons to be chucked. I want to “do away” with everything that makes human relations so damn complicated that people can’t understand what the hell is going on. Tariffs are very simple. You just apply a tariff on everything that is brought into the country (maybe 15%, I dunno). If every nation were to have such tariffs, things could be rather simple. There might be some exceptions based on humanitarian needs.
    Also, abolish foreign ownership. The Mexicans learned this the hard way, hosting foreign-owned maquiladoras (sweatshops) that exploited them ruthlessly, then set sail for lands with even cheaper wage slaves. Regulate banks and abolish holding companies. Allow only real human beings, or cohesive local communities, to own businesses, or stock in industries. No more corporate political contributions. No more corporate (insider) officers owning stock. (No more stock options.) Let stockholders elect registered, in some cases licensed, officers via secret ballot.
    Nothing will guarantee the return of industry to the USA. But lack of tariffs will guarantee that they will not return.

  32. emsnews

    What is never mentioned in America is this: tariffs paid for the damn government! How wonderful is that? And everyone complains about income taxes. It is no shock, the Fed Reserve, income taxes and the dropping of tariffs all arrived on the same foreign ship.

  33. flash

    Emphan: Traditionally, brownies. Or smoke some and then use your imagination.
    Elaine: BINGO! The idea seems to have been that the federal government would be supported entirely by customs duties and natural monopolies, of which the only one in existence in the 18th century was the post office. This helped to limit the size and scope of the government.

  34. David

    I think we do need tariffs on imported goods…and foreign owners should be required to manufacture products here at fair wages before those products can be sold here. If the don’t want to do this, then, we don’t need their products.
    Yes, the Mexicans learned that global corporations are as fickle as hell…they move in, set up sweatshops, but when things look greener somewhere else, they pick up and move. Ask the 6000 Mexicans and 2000 Americans that used to work for Hanes Appareal…Hanes moved the jobs to the US non-union South, then to non-union Mexico, and now to China. Just quit buying Hanes. The bastards don’t deserve your patronage.
    Mexico has laws that prevents foreign ownership of property. Unless you are a citizen, you cannot own property…you can lease it,but you cannot own it…very wise.
    China does the same thing…you can lease, but you cannot buy.
    Japan allows 40 percent ownership of Japanese corporations,but you will never gain a controlling interest if you are a foreigner, it’s forbidden by law. Ford owns 40 percent of Mazda…and also 40 percent of Suzuki the last I heard…so Ford makes some money when you buy Japanese. Still, the Japanese control things.
    Why in hell does the US allow free, unrestricted,untaxed imports into our nation? Very simple, because our lawmakers have been bribed to betray their country…and the bastards need to be hung for doing this…they’re traitors…and I don’t want to hear a bunch of complex, dumbass excuses about the US making money from free trade…the rich are making money and every other American is getting royally screwed!
    Nationalize the Federal Reserve.
    Put stiff tariffs on all imports so we can support our government and ease our citizens tax burdens.
    Require foreign owned goods that are sold in America to be made in America at a fair wages…and paid worker benefits. If foreigners come here to wear out our citizens in their factories, let them pay for their upkeep during the worker’s retirement and old age.
    Break up corporate monopolies and tax corporations like corporations instead of like individuals.
    If US owned global corporations are discovered hiding their profits offshore, treat them like foreign owned businesses, and apply all tariffs and taxes and fees that would normally be applied to foreigners.
    Just some thoughts…but we need to somehow send a message to the world that the US will no longer be a sucker and doormat to be used and abused and walked upon. We need change.

  35. emsnews

    One way to use pot is to use it in anything that uses oregano or basil, for example. The Perpetual Pot of Spaghetti was a favorite dish in my old-time hippie commune…

  36. HERE’ssome handy info for all you stoners.

  37. Paul S

    I recall when Obama’s “Made in America” initiative was first making the rounds in the media. That one seems to have died down quickly. All it took was the EU and other countries to tell the US not to do it because it would trigger a trade war. Do US politicians listen to the EU and other countries MORE than the US domestic interests? It appaears so.

  38. Thanks for this great post Im pretty sure that many people are searching informative post like yours .

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