As worldwide car sales drop like a rock, interesting things are now showing up in the statistics.  It is not what you are but where you stand, relative to others.  This month, China just passed a new road sign: more cars were sold in China than in the US.  This is very important: we no longer control world consumer markets.  It is moving East.  Japan refused to be a world market and looked only to enrich the top 10% so Japanese car sales have been declining for a decade or more.  But with the massive Chinese population indulging in this, it means the fall of world oil prices will cease and the US will begin seriously competing with the Chinese for gasoline. Worldwide


 GM’s 53% U.S. Sales Decline Leads Industry’s February Plunge

General Motors Corp., surviving with federal loans, said its February U.S. sales plummeted 53 percent as the recession pushed industrywide purchases toward the lowest in almost three decades.

Sales tumbled 48 percent for Ford Motor Co., 40 percent for Toyota Motor Corp., 38 percent for Honda Motor Co. and 37 percent for Nissan Motor Co. GM said it plans to build 34 percent fewer vehicles in North America next quarter, and Ford announced a 38 percent reduction from a year earlier.

All auto industries are contracting but the US is contracting the most.  We didn’t fully appreciate the Chinese market where we actually have a lot of ‘good will’ potential.  For example, unlike Europe or Japan, we never invaded and raped and killed.  We actually tried to be friends, repeatedly, with China.  We didn’t barge in with addictive drugs.  We supported the Chinese in their fights with neighbors.


Instead, we stood aside and let the aggressive Japanese dominate this emerging market.  The Chinese do not like the Japanese and would be happy to be our friends, we shouldn’t use China as cheap labor for US imports but rather, build cars in China for Chinese customers, for example.  This sort of ‘globalization’ is fine with me.  Just like, building cars in Brazil for Brazilians is excellent.  


The Japanese car makers colonized the US in this fashion, for example.  


BBC NEWS | Business | China’s car industry overtakes US

New figures have shown that in December, for the first time ever, there have been more cars sold in China than the United States.

A total of 735,000 automobiles were sold in China last month, compared to 656,976 vehicles were sold in the US.

The reason, analysts say, is that the slump in sales in China has been less severe than the slump in the US – not exactly a cause for celebration for carmakers Japan

All world stock markets are in decline.  All sales are going down.  Prices are dropping.  Countries that have sovereign wealth, large FOREX holdings and solid banks will dominate in the future.  The fact that the Chinese are now #1 in car purchases is the warning bell for the US.  Eventually, all of the sales that flow to the US will flow, instead, to China.  All the goodies we take for granted will vanish in a puff of smoke.  Overnight.


China’s car use means one very important thing: all these new cars mean more oil consumed.  This is the ‘floor’ for global oil prices.  Since both China and the US are competing for the same oil from the same dealers, it means our own costs will begin to rise if the Chinese buy more and more cars.


There is a dynamic at work which are ignored at our own peril: expensive oil periods ALWAYS creates economic retrenchments.  And cheap oil causes booms.  Oil is cheap again and people are expecting a boom to appear on the horizon but I fear, this will not happen.


 Rarely have we seen such a dramatic collapse in 

the price of anything as is depicted in the above chart of 

crude oil.  From the summer, as you can see, it has moved 

virtually straight down, losing some 75% of its value from 

its high!  This is a clear indication of powerful demand 

destruction brought on by the recession in the United 

States, and then having spread throughout the world.  This 

is exactly what we were expecting, but the rate at which 

this decline has occurred has even surprised me.  It 

means, I believe, that the aforementioned deflationary 

forces are more powerful than any we have ever seen, 

possibly even including the Great Depression era.  This is 

very ominous indeed. 





I altered the graph greatly to show the dynamics at work.  The hedge fund pirate community, flushed out of the CDO markets, all stampeded into the commodity markets and using Japanese carry trade loans, bet up the cost of crude tremendously.  Of course, it crashed when they all had to unwind their Japanese carry trade positions when the yen grew stronger and all the major oil consuming nations rushed towards ZIRP banking systems.


OPEC has cut back and is reading the tea leaves carefully and now is very aware that China is the Big Future,  not the US.  These sorts of tidal shifts take time.  But it is definitely going to happen. Japan

 South Korea’s biggest port is running out of room to store shipping containers, said Park Jung Ho, an official at one of Busan’s nine operators. The bigger concern is that the boxes are almost all empty.

Container trade at Busan, the world’s fifth-largest port, has fallen about 40 percent in recent months, said Park, at Busan International Terminal Co. Even by stacking boxes five deep and leasing a nearby lot, he barely has room for the 31,700 containers that have piled up on his wharves.

Alas, for the US economy!  A tremendous amount of trade goods we allowed to gush into America, was pure junk.  We wrecked our trade balance, our finances, our banking system, mostly so a flood of cheap junk could litter our garbage dumps.  True, people enjoyed buying tons of things to pile into the home.  Children were buried under a tsunami of toys.  We now have electronics of all sorts all over the place, in huge numbers.  We have lots and lots of stuff.


When we walk into the average house today, we can barely wend our way through piles of stuff.  This flood was fatal for our economy.  No one took the slightest measures to stem this tsunami of goods.  Now, we get to live in junkyards, at home, while world trade ceases and then, slowly, shifts. 


Nikkei Net Interactive – Japan Business News Online

China Mulls Oil Purchases With Foreign Reserves

BEIJING (Nikkei)–The Chinese government is considering plans to tap its foreign reserves to buy crude oil as part of a push to diversify holdings from U.S. Treasuries, The Nikkei learned Tuesday. 


All the profit from all that junk brought over in Korean and Chinese container ships is now being used to control future oil markets!  As China rapidly draws down on its $2 trillion in sovereign wealth, they will use it to corner world oil markets, no ifs, ands or buts!  And what are we offering?


Insults!  Demands that the Muslims back our looney ghetto program for the hapless and helpless Palestinian people!  They don’t like us.  They use us and are cynical about using us but our financial collapse is ruining them so they will drop us like a hot potato and run off to China to smooch in the future.


Already, China is smooching it up with Euador and Venezuela as well as Mexico. They have the loot, we have the snoot.  Now, back off to Japan! Japan

 Toyota, Facing First Loss in 59 Years, Seeks Loans From Japan 

Toyota Motor Corp., forecasting its first loss in 59 years, is seeking loans from the Japanese government as private investors demand up to 50 percent more in interest for the company’s debt.

The company’s financial unit may ask for 200 billion yen ($2 billion) in loans, public broadcaster NHK reported today, without citing anyone. Toyota Financial Services Corp. spokesman Toshiaki Kawai said the unit is in talks with state-owned Japan Bank for International Cooperation, without confirming the amount.

Japan is using its own immense FOREX holdings to buck up it own auto industries.  The US is seeing lots of suicidal Americans screaming for letting our own auto industries die.  Then we can work for the Chinese and Japanese automakers!  Or perhaps, the Germans.  Whatever: another mile stone on the road down for us and up for them.  All Japan has to do is wait us out and compete with China.  We committed seppuku.


Nikkei Net Interactive – Japan Business News Online

Nissan Eyeing 27% Global Output Cut For 1st Half Of FY09
TOKYO (Nikkei)–Nissan Motor Co. (7201) has set its global auto production target for the April-September half at roughly 1.29 million units, down 27% from a year earlier and the lowest level in eight years, The Nikkei learned Tuesday. 

Japan is shrinking but our own industry is VANISHING.  Bankrupt is dead.  We could revive the industry but with new owners, all foreigners or using foreign funds.  They will pretend to be American like Walmart pretends to be American. / Asia-Pacific – Japan taps forex reserves to ease crunch


The Japanese government is to use part of its nearly $1,000bn in foreign exchange reserves to provide loans to Japanese companies operating in overseas markets in a further step to prevent tight credit conditions from stifling business activity.

The Ministry of Finance is to lend Y500bn of Japan’s forex reserves this month to the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, which would use the additional funds to provide foreign currency denominated loans to help Japanese companies meet their overseas funding needs.


The news just came in, the opposition party of Japan that virtually never gets in power, is in trouble.  The police were able to find something to arrest the secretary to Ozawa.  Oh my, the odious, evil gangsters running the LDP which has a popularity rating of 9%, will now rejoice.  Of course, they are utterly corrupt, themselves, after all, they are the Export Power Corporate Party and are literally destroying the future of Japan!


But the best way to stop opposition is to get some scandal going.  Sex or money, it doesn’t matter.  Then, the rulers can ease back and laugh as they live as they wish, rich people don’t need bribes!  Connected people like Aso, whose family is one of these rich industrialists, a family that enslaved workers in WWII and worked them to death, yes, he is pure and clean!  Gads.


I read in the news in Japan that Ozawa was pushing for the laws to change concerning using temporary workers.  Over 40% of Japan’s workforce, from office work, engineers, line work, etc, is all ‘temporary’.  This is absurd!  And should be made illegal.  But now, the hope of the LDP is, they can continue to enslave the surviving Japanese people and squeeze them literally to death. 





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  1. I know some actually Japanese people. Worked with them, in fact. They were astonished that “Americans work hard.” What a concept!
    It’s strange how all the “small-islanders” (England, Japan, etc.) are destroying themselves. They lived on the oil peak.
    No oil, no water, no nada.
    It’s really about time for the 100,000,000 Southwesterners to move here. Earthquakes, lack-of-air-conditioning, lack of water, lack of oil, oh shit!

  2. Simon

    It’s difficult to understand but the actual opposition is inside the LDP and not outside it. The Democrats are for show and anyone showing genuine capability there is quickly recruited to the mothership.
    Party switching is the norm in Japan

  3. Simon,
    I don’t really understand this LDP thing at all. What is the “mother ship” you are describing?
    Maybe some very interesting scam? What’s the deal?

  4. MikeM

    In my younger, naive days in the Navy, I was surprised at the animosity displayed by the Brits we inevitably encountered touring the local bars in places like Hong Kong.
    I eventually figured out the resentment was due to our replacing them as the global #1 superpower, and noted that none of those displaying the hostility were even alive when that baton was passed.
    I wonder how Americans will deal with our new, diminished status? So far, we seem very adept at shooting ourselves in the foot, and living in denial.

  5. criticalcontrarian

    Blues: The LDP was a creation of the CIA after WWII. They are Rockefeller ronin. As America’s power diminishes day-by-day so too the power of the LDP. They are an anachronistic parasite that has outstayed its welcome. They will not last beyond the September elections. There will be a new Japanese political elite coming to power in 6 months. Some of the remnants of the LDP may be assimilated by the Democratic Party but with very much diminished power and decision making capacity. Certainly a positive development. Anyhow, 6 months to find out who know what, yes? 😉

  6. Well, CC,
    Always looking for that deeper and darker conspiracy.
    Oh, and Xinhuanet is imitating Pravda?
    Women and men set out towards rose gardens and mountain slopes before dawn, roaming around with baskets under their arms and picking flowers when the aroma is condensed and intoxicating.
    This, I believe, is a True Fact:
    Come harvest time in opium poppy land, the aroma of the poppy dope is so heavy, that if you stumble over harvesting it, you die of overdose.
    Fields of Ambrosia?

  7. just for the record, that oil chart looks all wrong from a charting perspective, if it goes that way it will be one crazy looking chart. Something like the monthly COMP chart is more likely from my perspective.

  8. Simon

    the LDP is on the verge of defeat again! how surprising….

  9. Simon

    I meant if there is a promising Democrat candidate he will be defeated and then switch allegiance to the LDP.
    The Democrats are more like the LDP Youth or something
    Politicians who play actual politics, shocking isn’t it ?

  10. nah

    its pronounced 2 state solution… not looney ghetto program… dont worry about oil boom bust cycles, were going to power our freeways with wind and solar… just look at the charts
    perfect delirium is illegal

  11. emsnews

    The LDP is actually the home of the elites who were not shoved out after WWII. Aso’s father was a war criminal, for example. Unlike Germany, the Japanese STILL won’t pay any war reparations or teach it properly in school.

  12. criticalcontrarian

    LOL. Pray tell, who released the “war criminals” from Sugamo prison to rebuild industrial Japan to be their private piggy bank? I suppose the war criminals threatened Big Mac into submission with their bokken. Disinformation is always half truths.

    Unlike the Germans the Japanese were not nuked when they had already declared their willingess to surrender. Besides, do you suppose the huge carry trade profits the fat cats in New York made all these years was still not enough?

  13. cognitis

    Japan in the Pacific War contended for resource rights just as any other sovereign. As Japan Air Force general Tamogami recently animadverted on Japan’s occupation of Manchukuo; Japan provided necessary resources for Manchukuo’s security and prosperity: capital investments, refined capital goods (steel, etc.), soldiers all under treaty; so Japanese corporations had similar rights to operate then in Manchukuo as, say, US corporations today have in Mexico. Germans, on the other hand, broke all treaties and cared nothing for prosperity or security of it’s occupied territories; in fact, Germans shamelessly and proudly announced to all their intention to exterminate territories’ inhabitants and destroy all vestiges of the original cultures. Contrast Japan’s occupation of the Philippines with America’s: American officers ordered soldiers to shoot thousands of children over 10 years’ age, and Americans murdered over 100,000 innocent Filipinos. Japanese invested in China’s infrastructure by uilding railways, roads, and modern sewers; while Americans abandoned Filipinos to shanty towns even today while using land for military bases. The fiction of race created by Europe’s ruling class in 19th century did not permit Europeans to develop “non white” cultures as equals, so Europeans’ occupations of alien lands necessarily differed from Japan’s. Even today, Japanese managers in US use American workers with far more dignity than “white”[sic] Americans have ever shown African-Americans.

  14. criticalcontrarian

    cognitis: the victors wrote history so not many get to hear that reality. Only now with a lot of declassification of military secrets are people starting to rethink history. Yamamoto himself was an Annapolis graduate. 😉

    cognitis, of topic, I would appreciate your comment on the following article? Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street @

    Have been digesting it all morning, and still have not made my mind up.

  15. Simon

    As for treatment of workers according to race,
    This speaks more of Japan’s Aryan worship than anything else.
    Which brings us another interesting point, their army was modelled on the old Prussian Army, and to this day the Japanese are fascinated by Germany and anything German

  16. cognitis


    I’d read your article on another site. I’m not a quant, so I’ve no educated opinion on the article. Regardless, though, of whatever regulators and politicians do, smart bankers and lawyers and traders will always evade regulations and exploit the stupid.


    Anglo-Americans repelled two German attempts at financial primacy in one century. Japan assumed financial primacy in mid-80s, so by definition Japan did something very differently. One difference between Bauer and Japanese is that before 1945 Japan had never lost while Bauer have never won. Another difference is that Japanese samurai ruled to defend and regulate as member of same tribe, while Bauer and Celts were ruled by superior alien Romans to suppress and pacify. Even today, as Elaine has noted many times, Japanese don’t instinctively mistrust their rulers and don’t protest; Celts and Bauer and Colonials mistrust rulers and protest, because in past rulers used laws and resources to suppress them.

  17. Simon

    Well, the Bauers and the Normans are in the same Germanic tribe
    Japan is not a part of any larger tribe and so cannot rely on outside help for anything. Everything need to be bargained for, nothing is free.
    The so called Nipponese financial ‘supremacy’ is viewed much differently in Asia
    There Japan is seen as having had a bitter haircut by its US overlord for its over-aggressive expansion in business sphere. Just as once the total land value of Tokyo was greater than that of the entire world combined, this too was seen as an accounting trick and doomed to fade.

  18. Simon

    The 19th century did not just stop at the races.
    If you are not from the same phyle, you are brutally downcast
    See the Irish, how they were treated then. Being European doesn’t guarantee you much.
    Japan simply learnt from masters of that time, then tried a petty rebellion of their own

  19. cognitis


    Bauer have been part of Norman tribe since Europe got steam and later combustion engine; before then, Rulers could control Celts and Bauer alone, but once steam’s advantage permitted expansion they enfranchised the Celts and Bauer to occupy Latin America, India, etc. The fact is Romans defined Celts and Germans as racially totally different and described them as animals. If you don’t get it yet, your ancestors were niggers, then for a short time enfranchised, and soon you’re going back to the place whence you came. In fact, geneticists today have traced Czar Nicholas’ DNA Haplogroup T to the wife of the first HRE Sigismund, and Hapsburg Maria Theresa was of Haplogroup H; Celts and Bauer, on the other hand, are of Haplogroup R; so Europe’s rulers, descendents of Romans who could read and write fluently in Latin enslaved your illiterate ancestors of a totally separate race. Perhaps the Japanese should start a new racial fashion: Japanese as a race and the niggers start at Yokohama.

  20. criticalcontrarian

    cognitis: right you are, figures don’t lie, but liars figure. I have no interest in quantitative analysis either. What I was referring to was the coincidental and curious nature of a mainland Chinese, raised during the Cold War era, being the source of the mathematics responsible for the collapse of the Western financial empire. Of course some people might construe my thinking as looking for deeper and darker conspiracies, but if you read the second paragraph you’ll get my drift.

    Enter Li, a star mathematician who grew up in rural China in the 1960s. He excelled in school and eventually got a master’s degree in economics from Nankai University before leaving the country to get an MBA from Laval University in Quebec. That was followed by two more degrees: a master’s in actuarial science and a PhD in statistics, both from Ontario’s University of Waterloo. In 1997 he landed at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, where his financial career began in earnest; he later moved to Barclays Capital and by 2004 was charged with rebuilding its quantitative analytics team.

    “Li has been notably absent from the current debate over the causes of the crash. In fact, he is no longer even in the US. Last year, he moved to Beijing to head up the risk-management department of China International Capital Corporation. In a recent conversation, he seemed reluctant to discuss his paper and said he couldn’t talk without permission from the PR department. In response to a subsequent request, CICC’s press office sent an email saying that Li was no longer doing the kind of work he did in his previous job and, therefore, would not be speaking to the media.

    Simon: 6 months.

  21. Simon

    We shall see what happens in the next 6 months
    The Japanese had a very brief run from late 19th century to end of the war in 20th centuries, but in the process totally alienating the Asiatics by “acting white”. Gone are their armies and navies, and if past indications are anything to go by, another shearing of the flock is in the offering.

    the history of Japan is far, far eclipsed by anything on the Asian continent, from the Hindus to the Palestinians who gave us things such as Jesus and the Buddha

  22. criticalcontrarian

    6 months. LDP. Kaput. Do you have ADD grasshopper? 😉

  23. Pingback: Mazda Nagare Concept

  24. Simon

    It’s not the first time 🙂
    Near hit is not good enough

  25. isha


    I am surprised that Japanese are keeping on producing and you are keeping on consuming these hogwashes such as Japanese colonilism is all pretty and legal stuff.


    When you compare this with the countries that were considered to be major powers at the
    time, you realize that Japan’s posture toward Manchuria, Korea, and Taiwan was completely
    different from the colonial rule of the major powers. England occupied India, but it did not
    provide education for the Indian people. Indians were not permitted to attend the British military
    academy. Of course, they would never have considered a marriage between a member of the
    British royal family and an Indian. This holds true for Holland, France, America, and other
    countries as well.

    Unfortunately, he left out some nice little details of Japanese colonial rules such as

    Don’t these Japanese right wingers look back at themselves why they are been accepted by into East Asia?

    Why this Japanese general is talking like this… A ha, all the history is modern history and he is using it to justify Japan’s sending troops to Iraq. No wonder he is using the parent-kid comparison… Japan as a loyal son of past and present colonial power! How accurate! Interestingly he is explain this to the Korean and Chinese, guess he still deem them as negligent nonsenses, right?

    “I am not repudiating the US-Japan alliance. Good relations between Japan and the United
    States are essential to the stability of the Asian region. However, what is most desirable in the
    US-Japan relationship is something like a good relationship between parent and child, where
    they come to each other’s aid when needed, as opposed to the kind of relationship where the
    child remains permanently dependant on the parent.”
    Well, some Japanese never learn, not when they are still enjoying the fruit of their ruthless colonial exploration in the Asian contienent!!!

    It is thanks to them that we are able to enjoy the peaceful and plentiful lifestyle we
    have today.

    Yes, he is talking about all the gold they stolen, all loots they used to idustrilized Japan from Japan’s Asian wars! the account is still outstanding! He know it and we know it and he is complaining and while seeking his parent’s protection.


  26. Simon

    Japanese supremacy…. bollocks
    We all know the one and true master of the universe,that is, KOREA!!
    Koreans have invented everything from compass to kimchi, and sushi is just raw fish when the rice has been spoilt.
    One ball of rice each day, the Imperial Army marches on its stomach

  27. emsnews

    Kimchi, the Asian answer to the chili hot pepper sauces of Central America.

  28. criticalcontrarian

    isha: As the saying goes, “An empty can makes a lot of noise.” Leave Simple Simon to his own illusions. Consider this, if he were so sure of himself then he would be jumping for joy that his ego would be proven correct in six months, but his actions speak louder than his words. Typical Bauer. From today as far as I am concerned he is a waste of time and not worth a response. おだいじに.

  29. kenogami

    cognitis writes:
    ” Contrast Japan’s occupation of the Philippines with America’s: American officers ordered soldiers to shoot thousands of children over 10 years’ age, and Americans murdered over 100,000 innocent Filipinos.”
    Your history seems to be of a parallel universe. It is estimated that 100,000 civilians were deliberately murdered by the Japanese. Search on
    any encyclopedia
    “manilla battle japanese killed 100000”

  30. criticalcontrarian

    kenogami: allow me to correct you on this please. The general perception is that the Battle of Manila was fought by Japanese, not true. The majority of the ground troops doing the looting, rape, murder and pillaging was dome by Korean conscripts in the Japanese Army who were panicked and going crazy. I know this because I have an uncle who survived the Bataan Death march as a US soldier; a grandfather who was put in a concentration camp in Manila for 2 years; an uncle who lost his mother while in her arms when the soldiers bayoneted her (he was 3 years old at the time); a father-in-law who survived being stuffed in a bathroom with 20 other men an having 4 hand grenades thrown in (his father was one of the men and died in his arms after three days on the street without medicine or medical care); not to mention my grand parents house being commandeered and used as Japanese Army Headquarters in San Juan because we had a bomb shelter.

    The Japanese officers were very kind to my mother and her sisters who were all below ten years of age then. But as the war went on the Korean conscripts started arriving, at the end Yamashita had taken most of the real Japanese troops to squirrel away the gold, the Koreans were left pretty much on their own. I have listened to all these peoples stories from the war since I was a child. different people who were in many different locations and scenarios, and while they looked as the Japanese as invaders they looked at the Koreans as animals, heartless and murderous. To this day my uncle whose mother saved him by covering him while getting bayoneted will on speak to a Korean.

    So yes, while your historical numbers are correct, there are nuances written into it by the victors. Perhaps to massage their guilty conscience for dropping 2 Atomic bombs on a broken people. And cognitis’s numbers are actually on the low side, there are other historical writings that report up to 700,000 Filipinos being killed during the Phil-American invasion. Hope this is helpful to you.

  31. kenogami

    Thanks criticalcontrarian, I appreciate your message. It is a sad thing to have many members of a family killed cruelly by men who behave like crazy animals.
    I am not a historian and I know that the victors (re)write history and after a while, it becomes gospel. I have read several times of the cruelty of Japanese soldiers in Nankin and Manilla and other places in Asia in the
    second WWar, but the eye-witness accounts of your family and others put a quite different light on the Manila bloodbath.

  32. emsnews

    The Battles (plural) of Manila were hideous, all of them…going back in time 150 years. Like many of the wars that surge and flow over the planet, heartlessness rules. The Geneva Conventions were created after WWI and it did NOTHING about hindering even worse crimes in WWII which was nonstop criminal actions, most often, aimed directly and often, ONLY at civilians!
    Look at what we did in Iraq and are doing in Afghanistan while the World Court goes after minor African [blacks] despots who killed fewer people than the US.

  33. Simon

    To constipated contrarian:
    did you have some sort of reading difficulty or could you not see that isha has refuted most of your points?

    in 6 months the LDP will still be the ruling party and Democrats are still on trainers.

  34. criticalcontrarian

    The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war that we know about peace, more about killing that we know about living. ~ (Gen. Omar Bradley) 🙂

  35. emsnews

    Japan has no popular political parties. The system is so corrupt, it is on the verge of collapse but like Zimbabwe, won’t collapse. Instead, it will chug along, killing the Japanese people just like the fathers of the LDP did from 1930-1945.

  36. isha

    Yes, Korean conscripts committed horrendous crimes in the WWII, yes, and their reputation are even worse in China under Japanese occupation. Japanese army purposely uses them to do their dirty works, like arresting resistances and torturing them. They are especially cruel to the Korean resistance fighters, to proof their loyalty to their masters. Japanese trained a Korean officer’s corp. under the Kwangdong army. After Japanese empire collapses, the resistance leaders in the South were assassinated, exiled, pushed out and those officer corps took over the South Korea. They kept their traditional cruelty in putting down the Korean democratic movement and proved their traditional cruelty and loyalty to their new imperial masters in the Vietnam War. It is well documented facts. Ask a South Vietnamese.

    I would not blame it on the character of Korean people. After all, they are the tools of Japanese empire. After all, unit 731, the infamous monsters, are all pure blood Japanese. All these monsters, after the war, took their protect from their new master, all became the capital of the industry in Japan …

  37. isha

    These same people, such as the said Japanese air force general, are pushing to join the Iraq war while beautify their “great east Asian war.”

  38. criticalcontrarian

    Isha: No disagreement with anything you have said. This is the problem with empire mentalities, if you are not imperial, you are looked upon as either a serf, slave or and animal. It is a wicked system of elitism very much lacking in compassion. Too much inbreeding perhaps. Personally, I have nothing against Koreans, although their manners are a bit tedious, the men in particular. Very poor in politeness.

  39. “Free Public Transport – An Idea Whose Time Has Come”…

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