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From the very earliest civilizations, before the very first cities, humans connected dark caves with wealth.  They also connected wealth with death.  The Greek god, Pluto, is the god of wealth and death, just for example.  All mythological forces which humans used for thousands of years to understand the world of our species and the universe, are part of our brains.  We can’t escape this legacy.  We can only hope to understand it. Let’s look inside this mythological cave:



  The very first ‘wealth’ accumulated by our distant ancestors were stories.   The wisest tribal members could remember old stories and explain them.  Humans are scared of the dark for danger lurks in the dark.  We like bright, shiny things.  We like fire.  Gold is the earliest metal that came from the darkness but was pure and shiny no matter what.  So gold has been, since the earliest times, a religious icon of light and truth. And a lure to death.  Many people die due to the quest for more and more gold.  I like to think of all the economic forces we see today are all easily understood if we pretend they are gods, goddesses, dragons and gnomes.  When we view them this way, we can understand their essence better.  




First, there is Libra: she is the one who, since ancient Egypt, balances the scales.  She is the guardian at the entrance to the Cave of Wealth and Death.  If we lead balanced lives, we have more happiness and can endure death better than if we live unbalanced lives.  When entire cultures try living unbalanced lives, the entire system can and will, collapse.  Since she judges all who die, she is also part of the death complex we are exploring. She is also a constellation in the Zodiac.  Long ago, she was Scorpio’s claws.  But was made less frightful over the eons. Now, Let’s go inside  the Cave:


There are two sisters who live in the Cave of Wealth and Death: the goddess of Infinity and the goddess of Zero.   These are philosophical as well as mathematical constructs.  These magical sisters can interact with each other in interesting ways.    They are the opposite of Libra, who represents ‘steady state systems.’  These two are extremely unstable. They are yin and yang.  They switch powers very easily.  And can even exist at the same time, tearing systems in two.


For example, if we want more money and add zeros to the number one, the closer to infinity of zeros we get, the more worthless the money we are using.  These goddesses are also known as other aspects: the goddess of Inflation and the goddess of Deflation. Any system using ‘money’ has to deal with both of these dangerous goddesses.  There is no escape.


When Inflation is just taking off, she is lots of fun.   This is Dionysian drunken fun, this is Pan who likes to have fun before panic sets in and everyone runs away.  Most everyone deplores Inflation but secretly, loves her.  We know from history that if we embrace her, she will take wing and fly to the outermost reaches of the Universe.  And leave us there, to die.  So our bankers swear, they will never release her from the Cave of Wealth and Death.  Oh, no.  They will fly only a short ways with her but keep her under control.


This control always fails!  Zeros are added since this is laughably easy to do and the temptation is too great.  Eventually, after flying with Inflation, we are thrown to earth to die.  This is when the Deflation goddess emerges from the depths with her flaming sword.  She destroys all the easy wealth we got by flying with the goddess of Inflation.  


Medusa is another ancient goddess which is connected to death and wealth.  She defied the gods and was turned into a monster.  When she was slain by Perseus, out of her thrashing body came Pegasus.  Pegasus was a very ancient god from the first civilizations, from Ur.  He is a star cluster as well as a guardian of money.  This reminds us of another issue about the gods: originally, gods were natural.  They were either planets, stars, the sun, the moon or natural events like lightning, rain, birth and death.  


Instead, over the eons, we evolved away from this and now, our gods are mostly elevated humans.  The systems have become totally detached from the natural underpinnings of the gods and goddesses.  Instead of being stories about natural systems, they are now stories about humans.  In other words, instead of humanizing the gods, we are now godizing the humans.


Our psyches are tormented by the Cave of Wealth and Death.  We yearn for all the things that are in there, yet we also suffer emotional torment because we find no love in there, it is anti-life.  We want to get our wishes,  by wishing on the stars, but even if they are granted, these can be most deadly.  Our deepest wish is to live forever, as gods.  We hope to do this in the afterlife.  Burials with worldly wealth such as gold and artworks, was a human attempt at carrying off loot to the afterlife.  But we raid previous tombs and carry off this loot!  This is why we fear the future.  We know there is no way to move wealth from the world of the living to the world of the dead.


Monsters that can eat wealth and drive people to suicide live in this cave, too.  Here is the Derivatives Beast, for example.  Human financial geniuses conspired to create this creature.  It, in turn, is now eating all the paper wealth on earth. Unable to rescue vast paper wealth from being destroyed after rousing both the goddess of Depression and her son, the Derivatives Beast, the bankers and financiers are now going stark, raving mad.  


The entities that can protect us will not appear unless we first give up what ill-gotten gains we picked up in the Cave of Wealth and Death.  If we are granted life, we should be grateful.  For that is a tremendous gift, indeed.  Here is a picture of Hell from a very early Bible, drawn at the end of the Dark Ages.  It is a place crowded with unhappy people, naked and helpless, locked out of Heaven.6a00d83451c0bf69e200e54f182a458833-800wi


What is heaven?  All features of this place are familiar: there is a wellspring.  There are flying creatures there.  And people listen to music and write poetry and do all sorts of things which are the province of Pegasus, the magic horse of Mt. Olympus.  The rule in Heave is simple: eat, drink and be merry.  Recent changes in this place due to the need to believe that humans are gods have turned this fun paradise into a constant session of reassuring semi-god humans that we love them, not ‘sinners’.


Humans are very prone to wars.  Most wars are about human greed and longing to be lords of creation.  Ethnic cleansing wars are by far, the worst.  The people who died from 1930-1945, for example, were in the many millions.  Perhaps, over 35 million people or more, died early, painful, hideous deaths.  There are many people who actually pray and hope that their particular brand of Death Gods will show up, throwing lightning bolts and slaying most of us, as punishment.


This is called the Apocalypse and I call it, WWIII.  The desire to elevate various people to godhood via killing off most other humans, is despicable.  And is part of the Cave of Wealth and Death.  The desire to rule both heaven and earth is deadly.  And will fail.  For the real rulers are Reality: the various entities who run the Cave of Wealth and Death.  Infinity, Zero and Libra.


Enough of this grim discussion.  Now, let’s visit the financial gnomes who are the creatures who scurry in and out of the Cave of Wealth and Death.





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  1. emsnews

    Video will be coming up very soon.

  2. if

    “…And the insistence on offering the same plan over and over again, with only cosmetic changes, is itself deeply disturbing. Does Treasury not realize that all these proposals amount to the same thing? Or does it realize that, but hope that the rest of us won’t notice? That is, are they stupid, or do they think we’re stupid?

    I don’t know which possibility is worse.”

  3. seraphim

    Where the gnomes came from? Let’s have a look in Genesis, 6,1-2: “Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born to them. That the sons ogf God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves…4. There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. 5. Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the toughts of his heart was only evil continually”. And God decides to destroy the humanity and send the Deluge. But Noah found grace etc…
    But the whole story is more developed in the apocreyphal Book of Enoch. Capter VII: “1.And all the others (angels) took unto themselves wives, and each chose for himself one, and they began to go in unto them and to defile themselves with them and they taught them charmes and enchantments and the cutting of roots and made them aquainted with plants. 2.And they became pregnant and they bear great giants, whose hight was three thousand ells 3. Who consumed all the aquisitions of men. And when men could no longer sustain them, 4. the giants turned against them and devoured mankind. 5. And they began to sin against birds, and beasts and reptiles, and fish and to devour one another’s flesh and drink the blood. 6. Then the earth laid accusation against the lawless ones”.
    C.VII: “1 And Azazel taught men to make swords and knives and shields and brestplates and made known to them the metals and the art of working them and bracelets and ornaments and the use of antimony and the beautifying of the eyelids and all kinds of costly stones and all colouriing tinctures. 2. And there arose much godlessness and they committed fornication and they were led astray and became corrupt in all their ways…”(They teach them and astrology and magic). “And as men perished they cried and their cry went up to heaven”. God listen to them and chose Noah etc…
    Now it seems that not all the giants perished. They kept a low profile morphing into gnomes and hiding in caves and crevasses, wherefrom started again their work of corruption and hoping that through their magic arts they would became giants again to devour the mankind and copulate more vigorously! They taught again man to produce swords and knives and atomic bombs! And they corrupted them again through gold and precious stones and fashion industry! But their punishment is in store.

  4. Angela

    You outdid yourself on this one, Elaine.

    And Seraphim, do you think the gnomes know their punishment is coming?
    Is that why they are turning up the heat on the rest of humanity? You think they’d want to lay low…

  5. hardrcok

    Here, again, is what Martin Armstrong has to say in a just released attack on the ‘Bankers’ and those in government who caused this problem. I’ve asked Elaine to read his entire treatise and begin the publishing of his story. He sits in a prison cell, no different than Alexsander Solzhenitsyn, for crimes against the State. He is much too brilliant and decent a man to not have all of us who care about justice and rule of law to sit idly by and not come to his [and our] defense. He has the solution to our present problems….problem is….the ‘Bankers’ don’t like the solution nor his ability to trade against them….a very dangerous person indeed. All who are interested in the truth….the truth of what, how and why this financial collapse came upon us has an obligation to read and understand what he has to say. Much can be learned from it and you will immediately begin to inform all those you are in contact with. We must understand the root of the problem or we are just ‘striking at the branches’, leaving the root to infect and devour our liberty and livelihood. By God Americans, wake up!

    Click to access ItsJustTimeMartinArmstrong.pdf

  6. seraphim

    Angela, they lay low for a while. But they always wanted to be big, to be admired and feared. They have a reptilian brain. What they’ve lost is the “brain of the heart”, the true intelligence which balances things. There is a sort of short-circuit between the instinctual part and the cortex. But otherwise they are blind to higher light. They cannot look but into the abyss.

  7. if

    “…There has been zero push for accountability and truth throughout the system. Not among our so-called “leaders”, not among the bankers, not among the political or economic elite. All are focused on trying to keep the impossible going.

    The truth of all of this is trivially easy for you to demonstrate to yourself. Just ask the following questions:

    * If you have $100,000 and borrow another $100,000, have you doubled your net worth, or have you actually harmed your economic position, as you will not only have to pay back the $100,000 you borrowed but also interest on that money?
    * If you do not own a home, do you want that house to be priced high or low?
    * If you want to buy a car, do you want the price on the car to be $20,000 or $40,000?
    * If you’re buying gasoline do you want it to cost $2 or $5 a gallon?
    * Are you better off with zero credit card debt, $2,000 in credit card debt or $20,000 in credit card debt?
    * How did we actually nominate a man for President of the United States (he lost by the way) who declared publicly that he had one half million dollars in credit card debt and couldn’t tell a reporter how many houses he owned?
    * How did we have a bill, the EESA/TARP that obligated citizens to pay $700 billion in taxes that we do not have (that is, to put us all in debt by another $700 billion), that was opposed from 100:1 to 300:1 in calls, faxes and letters to Congress, was passed over those objections with an election less than a month away, and we the people then returned 90% of those who voted “Yes” and stood for re-election to office?

    There will be no improvement in the economic condition of our nation until each and every one of us ask ourselves these questions, honestly contemplate our answers, and then put our outrage (or desire) for those economic conditions into firm, no-nonsense peaceful action to force our elected and unelected government officials to act as we direct.”

  8. Armstrong; you have to agree with what he says , but i suspect his cycles are rather unscientific in that one could select events from any year to fit the number sequence.

  9. hardrcok

    G. Edward Griffin on the Fed. Interview posted on ‘The Daily’. What he tells here will effect Elaine Supkis and her work, along with thousands of other sites who wish to combat the ‘collectivists’. As I’ve said for years; we are witnessing a collapse of socialism, not a true free enterprise system. Wake up Amerika!

    Griffin: The collectivists who run the Fed and dominate our government do not believe in free-market solutions to any problem, least of all, those of such magnitude as money and banking. They know only one trick: inflate the money supply. So, as long as collectivists dominate our power centers, I see no way to avoid inflation. However, I must add that we need to look at more than the money issue. The freedom issue is just as important, if not more so. While inflation ramps up and while the government is pushing more and more newly created money into the system, parallel to that we are witnessing a tremendous loss of personal freedom. If the government funds a bank, eventually the government will own the bank. If the government funds a manufacturing company, eventually the government will own the company. If the government funds a homeowner’s mortgage, eventually the government will own the house. If the government funds a person’s food, shelter, health care, transportation, and education, eventually the government will own that person.

    My biggest concern is that, in the name of purchasing financial security, people are paying with their freedom – and they’re not getting security either.
    ELAINE: All systems end up using inflation. It doesn’t matter what the basis of it is, they all do the exact same thing. Why?
    Because IT IS THE EASIEST WAY TO RUN ANYTHING. Running things the hard way is hard. Free enterprise, free trade, no controls, etc only make it easier to inflate things. ALL governments prefer to run things by simply running up debts. This is why a government has to have responsible people who restrict things. I constantly talk about restrictions because this is Libra: the goddess who warns us about balancing things or else. Humans hate balancing things. It is hard work.

  10. hardrcok

    Ziff, Have you read the entire thesis? Have you any cyclical works to compare against it? Have you done any additional research on his published works?

  11. hardrcok

    Sorry all, this was supposed to be included in my last post.
    G. Edward Griffin: There is no doubt that the ruling elite do not like the Internet’s present ability to bypass the controlled media and reach the people directly. However, I do not think it is correct to say they are not prepared. They have known almost from its inception that the Internet will need to be controlled by them if they are to keep the masses dumbed down. That is why we constantly have been conditioned to accept Internet content regulation supposedly as a means of preventing terrorism, crime, child pornography, drug traffic, and just about anything else that the public dreads. The real objective is control for its own sake. They already have this censorship of the Internet in China and numerous other Asian countries. The next step in this evolution is to put the UN in ultimate control of the Internet. If we allow this type of control to be established, the Internet will no longer be a tool of enlightenment but one of suppression.

  12. hardrcok

    If, what you bring up here is articulated precisely by Martin Armstrong in the essay I’ve been talking about. Ultimately the politicians are the only ones who can do anything about the problem. The bankers are never going to change unless they are forced to….the politicians are never going to change unless they are forced to….we are never going to change unless we are forced to….problem…if we don’t act soon we will lose the right to act…we will be forced to change but, under the direction of the bankers and politicians who we refused to force in the first place…so, that means WE are the culprits, we are the “Emperor without clothes”.

  13. if

    The chinese way to treat gnomes & golums:
    A Chinese man who masterminded a pyramid scheme that lost investors a total of $246m (£170m) has been sentenced to 15 years in jail.

  14. Hardrock (odd name),
    Look, we do not have socialism. I’ve actually been to Sweden, and they have socialism. We used to have something approaching capitalism, and it was rather lousy, and it was based on cheap oil.
    We now have imperialism, or crypto-feudalism, or Ponzism. This started quietly around 1960. The strange hippie “movement” was in many ways a giant protest against it (but many pretended to be against it, but were actually celebrating it). Here’s how Ponzism works:
    It started with small, cheap plastic items from Japan. We began buying small cheap radios, all sorts of small cheap junk from Japan. This grew and grew and grew. In 1980, Ronald Reagan actually “ran” on a platform of openly celebrating this new crypto-feudalism; it was really “hip” to get total “free trade” and zero tariffs! Note that “free trade” is an absolute oxymoron; how is it trade if it’s for free? We all gradually (with some occasional guilt and vague protest) settled for a new form of existence wherein “the rest of the world” would do all the manual labor. We became a vast superfluous clerkocracy. (A national strike would merely close the shopping malls!!!) Most people do not want to admit that. They insist they are producing “something,” maybe “financial products” or something. We live in one vast Ponzi scheme.
    PONZISM is the word for it. Can it go on forever? HAHAHA!
    ELAINE: 100% correct!

  15. openly hidden

    its not hardrock, it is hardrcok which i am not sure what that spells….it looks suspicious though…. about cycles, i used to trade commodities (before i became painfully aware that like at the poker table and life itself, dominion over your own mind is the most important trading tool you can have)….and totally was aware of cycles in agricultural commodities at least. i stated somewhere that the concept of linear time is just one way (invented by the jews i believe) of looking at things. time running in cycles is equally valid (and more useful in the long run, and immensely ancient,) concept over the long term. and i asked “what if”? what if the article mentioned by cc in the rolling stone is true? which by the way cc the article does do a most excellent job of explaining what happened for me anyway. and if what is happening is indeed a takeover by lets call them now the oligarchs, what do we do then? do we sit by while we complain about things and wait to see what our new owners will decide to do with us now?
    and angela i quit smoking lots of times. one time i quit for 2 years and started up again! i had lots of “stop smoking” periods of 2 and 3 weeks. if you are weakening by now, be advised that every time i quit, i gained 30 pounds and evey time i started back up, i only lost 20. do not play that game!
    and CK, if the oligarchs have taken over, like the article in rolling stone asserts, i agree we are doomed for generations now. if this is all just a coup of some kind, they will succeed in completely arranging society to suit them and the most we can hope for is they are logical enough to let us keep enough that they can maximize their harvest from us over time. but what do we do i still ask? do we just sit and wait and squabble and amuse ourselves about myths and religions and philosophies and history? if this is the case, embrace tittytainment fully! if this is the case, cycles of time concept is once again vindicated too. i will read hardrcok’s article now until i can get out of here at daybrake.

  16. openly hidden

    daybrake….what an idiot. sun up is what i meant. daybreak
    and reading bloomberg this morning, everyone apparently is rooting for our new owners from the president on down through the congress and everyone financially dependent on them succeeding. so if this happens, and they are successful and pull this coup off, we have just lived through a bloodless revolution? is that it? and soon they will consolidate their positions according to cycles i bet and it will definately suck to be eliane and other chronic complainers because the new oligarchs will DEFINE what patriotism and loyality is once again betcha! oh it sucks to be me!

  17. David

    “we have just lived through a bloodless revolution? is that it? and soon they will consolidate their positions according to cycles i bet and it will definitely suck to be Elaine and other chronic complainers”

    Preparing for Civil Unrest In America article.

  18. openly hidden

    i gotta throw this in. “dominion” over your own mind is not only the greatest trading tool you can have, and the most important poker skill you can have, but also is the fundamental basic assumption of all religions too. i.e. see “your mind” NOT AS YOU, but as merely the best tool that you have available for your lifetime, this time. religion teaches us that we all are more, much more, than is apparent, especially from the viewpoint of those who rose from the mud into our present, physical bodies, (and elaine is definately one who sees from this viewpoint) from their perspective, they ARE their mind, but the root of all religions teaches us that this body, and our mind, is less, much less than what we really are. from “gods” perspective, and from our REAL SELFS viewpoint, our mud bodies, and what we regard as “I”, i.e. our own “minds”, are just this lifes vehicle to live this CYCLE with and our mud bodies “mind” is just the best tool we have to live that life with. and dominion over your own personal mind is the most important advantage you can have. see, everything depends of perspective. and from our new owners viewpoint, all is working out for the best, betcha!

  19. openly hidden

    those who sit to the right of you are to be harvested….you always have position on them. (smack me on the head time!) and all you need is dominion over yourself and eventually you will win over the long cyclic term. that is what lifes lessons are all about maybe. i promise i am done….this cycle.

  20. openly hidden

    and angela and elaine, you once asked, and this is why “womanly” (as compared to traditional “manly” stoicism) “feeling” and masturbating your mind by seeking sensational sensations “is bad” according to the true viewpoint….not the mud bodies viewpoint, but from our true selfs viewpoint. see, seeking constant mental orgasm DESTROYS OUR DOMINION over our mud bodies lifes mind.
    god almighty i am on a role! wtf! i could have used this over the last 50 or 60 years or so!

  21. emsnews

    People who seek ‘dominion’ over themselves end up insane. We have to learn to accept the information flowing out of our Dream World and to graph the messages and then achieve balance and flexibility. Inflexible ideas are just as bad as mindlessness.

  22. if

    About 1000 employees at Japan’s largest bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group will be laid off as the global recession bites the Island nation.
    The spokesman, however, denied rumors that the redundancies were a result of the global recession which has battered Asia’s export-dependent economies.

    “This is part of our efforts to streamline our operations in order to maximize the effect of our merger,” he said.
    Can a gnome ever admit facts?

  23. nah

    illustrations by emsnews
    flying magical piggy banks dont got the same pizzaz… that should be the fourth step to fixing americas economy is government figuring out it uses private assets via large banks to pump and dump ITS OWN bad credit… then maybe you could include magical flying piggy banks as the divine skill exchangers
    nuclear WHAT

  24. nah
    “This is perhaps the first win/win/win policy to be put on the table and it should be welcomed enthusiastically,” the co-chief investment officer of Pimco told Reuters.
    Gee bill i thought all your bad trades were win win win recently Fannie/CDS/AIG… so what the hell is so special about this one? i thought you were supposed to come clean… o thats right the US taxpayer carrys 90% of the losses and you get 100% of the gains again… well thats not so special we have been doing that forever… good luck with your insurance business bill i hope you have a record year for profits

  25. nah

    the government should offer free insurance covering 90% of all underlying security’s… then we would have a super DOOPER economy
    and nary a cent would be lost… now thats efficiency

  26. Angela

    OH, I am into week three and it’s hard- have quit many times before, but this time is different.
    The business about the supposed superiority of the masculine control of the emotions is utterly bogus to me.
    Every religious tradition deals with a dark night of the soul, EVERY ONE, which is not to be avoided if one is to grow in character and spirit.
    The deep feeling of genuine emotion is so dangerous and threatening to the elite that it must be medicated and controlled with an entire army of psychotropic and illegal drugs. Vapid empty sentiment rules the day in the media and the propaganda machine.

    IF genuine outrage and feeling were to erupt in a balanced, focused and sane way as Elaine admonished, instead of the panicked mob, this would have the potential to change the entire physical and cosmic landscape, and the elite know it full well. Consciousness. Holding the tension of the opposites.
    Instead, the statistics of so-called mental illness and disorders of the AFFECTIVE spectrum occur in rates up to three times more often in women, who have been the “feelers” of feelings and contain the
    shadow or the shitbag of the baggage of these men who need to silence that human voice.
    Elderly women especially receive the barabaric electroconvulsive shock treatment for depression at a rate of three times that of men.
    In an awake and thinking society, that would be a shockking and disgusting, untenable statistic.
    How simple to blame this on diminishing hormones or the weakness of women and not to see it in direct relation to the brazen success of the ruling fascists and sociopaths who insist on absolute submission, on our knees with our bottoms in the air, to their wet dreams of power and might. Without their entire array of needles and machines, weapons, drugs and black magic, they are at best empty little windbags.

    DO NOT GET ME STARTED ABOUT THIS, OH. I am in the throes of nicotine withdrawal and have lots of raw emotion to spew.
    And plexisting ease notice that there are NO medications and treatments and thus NO cure for the disorders of character that are narcissism, sociopathology and psychopathology. Instead of depression, the hallmarks of those disorders are the insidious, death dealing exploitation of the weakness of others. Please notice how much of your newspaper is devoted to advertisements attempting to cure these disorders.

    DO you not remember the day your son was born? OR a loved one died. The fascist’s oaths to achieve godhood demand that love submits to will.
    All you have to do is take a look around the world and to see where that has gotten us.
    ELAINE: Watch out! Stopping any addiction makes us grumpy and difficult! 🙂 I hope you can hang on there, Angela!

  27. openly hidden

    so. i just got back from town. after i completed my business i went to the local grocery store. and i couldn’t help noticing how much higher prices are now than just a month or two earlier. and i am in the aisle mumbling to myself about the price of soup and a fellow in his 60’s probably heard me as he pushed his cart by going the opposite direction and we had this quick conversation as he told me that everyone are crooks now and especially all of the politicians. and when i went to pay, the checkout woman probably in her 50’s i jokingly asked her if she was the one who raised all the prices and she started right in on me that no, but she was the one who was expected to somehow make up for the higher prices while the store screws her on her hours. she went on and on and i had to tell her i couldn’t stand to think about this anymore right now and she told me “i know where you are coming from”. my point? well, very unscientific of course, but people seem to be pissed as hell. these were ordinary people of my generation who i would bet anything were no political “radicals” and for sure nobody especially observant or smart probably.
    my other point? i bet you all will have a very short window of opportunity to save yourselves from being owned as debt slaves and “cash cows” to be literally milked by the billionaire oligarchs, and the politicans they own, as they harvest your money . but be advised, most apolitical cops and other security personal and even most bureaucrats and most of your neighbors high on tittytainment or simply minding their own business will not raise a peep if you all get yourselves arrested or worse this summer. so whats it going to be folks? spartacus anyone? (which was a great movie back in the day but he did end up hanging from a cross and his followers were made “examples” of…)

  28. openly hidden

    and i promise, i PROMISE you that if the oligarchs pull this off and have their minions “disappear” you from your hopefully successful protests this summer, i WILL remember you and honor what you tried to do. heh. and hope what i sell will go up enough to make up for the deliberate criminal devaluation of the dollar. do you want to live forever! spartacus!

  29. The cave of wealth and death,,its hard to think of concrete examples from ancient times
    -burial caves, death but no wealth
    -there is the whole freudian sexual thing here
    – caves as art galleries, and unknown purpose
    -natural caves are not good places to look for wealth as they tend to occur in sedimentary rock
    -the ‘crystal cave’ some of these actully exist, there is a cave system in the SW US with 8′ gypsum crystals, and a cave of giant quartz deep in germany somewhere
    -mines, these really ARE caves of wealth and death. Its been an unbecoming ‘hobby’ of mine to find and ‘explore’ [this very dangerous as there is bad air,etc and i only enter if conditions are clearly ok] old mines. Modern ones have the technology to bore right in where ever they want, early ones [ i was in one, an old tin mine in Cornwall] they had to work very narrow passages around the rock that was hard like ganite and in poor light. Mines are extemmely dark, the blackness of it is quite a shock, a good flashlight barely penetrates.
    So you see i’ve been in the cave of wealth and death, but i’m afraid from the businessman’s mindset its just dirt [as opposed to seeing minseral wealth as the rare and unusual thing it is] miners can most times get barely enough to dig the stuff out.
    ELAINE: We dig our own graves and they are ‘caves’ and we build pyramids, etc, for the dead and inside, are cave/mazes.

  30. Gary

    Have you seen the little piggies
    Crawling in the dirt
    And for all the little piggies
    Life is getting worse
    Always having dirt to play around in.

    Have you seen the bigger piggies
    In their starched white shirts
    You will find the bigger piggies
    Stirring up the dirt
    Always have clean shirts to play around in.

    In their sties with all their bailouts
    They don’t care what goes on around
    In their eyes there’s something lacking
    What they need’s a damn good whacking.

    Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
    Living piggy lives
    You can see them out for dinner
    With their piggy wives
    Clutching forks and knives to eat their bailouts.
    ELAINE: Little did Paul know that his fashion-model wife would take him to the cleaners. 🙂

  31. Noob

    Look at this: A Wired article that explains how the whole derivatives beast got started. It was a mathematician. I wonder if it is significant that he is Chinese?


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  33. seraphim

    Dominion over emotions doesn’t mean suppression of emotions which would make our life a concrete coffin. But a balancing act. The IDF soldiers who kill children are overwhelmed by emotions, the more damaging that they are “good” ones.

  34. sharkbabe

    Great stuff, Elaine! Thanks!

  35. Angela

    Very grumpy and difficult, but hanging in there, Elaine…
    Seraphim, is it really emotion that overwhelms the IDF soldiers? Wouldn’t one need much armouring and necessarily be cut off from heart-centered emotion to kill another human being unless out of self defense?

    Is it really emotion that transforms people into a heartless killing machines capable of killing infants? Since killing with impunity is a “gateway drug” for the “godhood” and an initiatory rite for thugs and gangs of every stripe, it would seem like genuine feelings of remorse, guilt, loss, sadness, etc would need to be shut down totally and denied in a very absolute way in order to maintain a mask of sanity.

    Those same feelings- remorse, guilt, etc are commonly suffered by people who internalize denied aggression and THOSE people are then pathologized, medicated and electroshocked. Meanwhile, the character disordered, who have full control of their poker faces while committing heinous acts, are lauded for their self-control. Years ago, I rad some fascinating stuff about scapegoating, I will dig it out and flesh this out more thoroughly.

    I know this is an oversimplification, but I feel as if there is a causal relationship between the two. Narcissists and sociopaths often have a very charming public persona and ae very diabolical precisely because they have full control of their emotions, while their victims fill institutions and are marginalized or silenced as hysterical.

  36. kiwi

    The video was amazing! Keep up the good work…

  37. emsnews

    Lots of people think they control their emotions until they are really challenged. Then, they fall apart, rapidly. This is why they use lots of ‘believers’ and supporters who surround and protect them from being challenged.

  38. openly hidden

    if it feels good, its gotta be good….right? .heh. pop tarts and gnomes agree on this for sure. thats the big reason they are on teh same coin. not going to “redefine” this argument with me. i know my generations tricks! not in the mood dear. not tonight. hahahahahha!
    angela nobody is saying what you think i said. you are of course right. there is nothing more precious than ladies feelings i will retire i love all of you.

  39. openly hidden

    well i found out i still have much mind-work to do today. i was practicing dominion over my mind while dragging a 16 foot gate across a little creek. and i got stuck in the mud! i was stuck probably for 10 minutes finally had to leave my northern boots buried in the mud and walk in my socks while i dug my boots out of the muck. alas, my dominion needs work…

  40. emsnews

    Ah, the joys of Mud Season! 🙂

  41. Carrolls Merriman

    Hi,this is really a beautiful jeans,I like the classic jeans.

  42. Keep up the good work, bookmarked and referred some mates.

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