Tonight, we learn all about wizards in the latest video at You Tube.  I took a small class in how to use iMovie and am getting a bit better at this.  I hope everyone enjoys this attempt at explaining my cosmic universe. Below is the transcript with pictures:

YouTube – The Cave of Wealth and Death Pt 3 Wizards



Wizards: the most dangerous of all humans who dare to enter the Cave of Wealth and Death!  They don’t want sex—they seek power and control and use magic spells to rule all humanity.  They are arrogant and irritable and think they know better than all of us ordinary mortals.  But they are not smarter than the goddess of Infinity or the Goddess of Zero.  The wizards avoid Libra but seek the secret knowledge of the sphinx, little suspecting, She is just as dangerous as the other Goddesses in this dark cave.


The US is ruled by a group of wizards, the most prominent are the Chairmen of the Federal Reserve.  Bernanke is supposed to be an expert about depressions.  This is why we are in a depression, now.  Look at the magic spell here.  They use indicators of infinity, for example.  This is because, they imagine, these formulas will control world economic events.  This is very foolish.  But it is part of the essence of being a wizard.  Arcane spells and strange concoctions are the tools all wizards use.


For example, they have used every possible trick to convince everyone that fossil fuels don’t have anything to do with inflation.  Of course, the ultimate form of inflation is to add zeros to numbers.  The wizards have no problem with this at all.  But they don’t like it when the zeros are added to oil prices.  This causes the real world to collapse.  All recessions have been heralded by sudden rises in oil prices.


Wizards have little helpers.  Miss Safety and Miss Risky.  Miss Safety is the wizard’s conscience.  She is the daughter of Libra.  She warns the wizard about dangers.  Miss Risky is a minx who is the daughter of the Goddess of Infinity.  She wants to have fun and not pay any attention to how much it costs or how dangerous it is.  She is a pure party girl.



The wizards believe in ‘free trade’.  This gives them infinite opportunities to demand control of all world affairs since free trade requires some international controls which are to be as lax as possible.  The American wizards love this, too, for they get to do business mostly with their fellow Wizard’s Guild members.  This way, they can gain sneaky controls over the flow of money which is created in the world at large by other wizards.  For example, much of the lending which created dollars this last 10 years has been from the Bank of Japan.


The foolish US wizards think their magic wands are creating wealth.  Instead, it is simply transferring ownership from the US to foreign powers such as Japan, Russia and China.  The US transferred several trillions to China who now owns much of the US financial systems and is preparing to take over everything.  For China doesn’t just have its own army of wizards, it is a Dragon, a great Dragon empire.  And the wizards there work only for the Dragon or they die.


The wizards pretend to love Libra and gold but they really love their magic formulas since these things go to infinity, very easily.  The entire idea of balance and control is anathema to their wild desires to rule all of humanity’s fates and to force the rest of humanity to obey them when they issue orders.


They love the Sphinx.  This is because the Spinx is the Goddess of Executive Power. In other words, She is the one who kills people if it suits Her.  She is, like the wizards who worship Her, very vain.  Unlike Libra who balances Her scales with gold, the Sphinx likes paper wealth.  And riddles.


The wizards are like the gnomes in that they can’t resist the Darker Goddesses.  For example, they keep telling us, they hate too much risk.  Yet, every time, they hand the keys to the economy to Miss Risky and she then goes crazy and drives it off the cliff.  All the while, the wizards sigh, ‘Nobody could have foreseen this happening!’  They hope, we think this is mysterious and not due to them handing over the keys.


The wizards also protect the pirates.  This is because they love the British royals and think it is OK to evade controls via running business out of pirate coves protected by the Crown.  The wizards, for example, are working very hard to protect the JP Morgan pirates, for example.  Bailing them out so they can roam the Seven Seas, looting everyone, is very important for the wizards.  This is because the wizards often join the Gnome and Pirate community to line their own pockets.


There is this old story of the Mermaid of the Sea who grants wishes.  The wishes get wilder and wilder until the man asks for the Mermaid to make him ruler of all heaven and earth.  Then, she destroys everything and he is left in a small hut, as poor as before.



The wizards have created a global sea of red ink.  The sacks of money the wizard stands on are the Goldman Sachs bonuses.  This is the loot the gnomes need for their sexy females.  The wizard thinks, his magic wand created the money and it is a good thing, not a disaster.  Note the Chinese Dragon approaching from behind.


Like Xerxes, the wizard thinks he can control tidal forces.  He waves his wand and commands the seas to retreat.  Which, eventually, they do.  Inflation vanishes but is replaced by a massive, global depression.  Since he thinks he controls things, he doesn’t understand that this is the nature of the twin goddesses of Inflation and Depression.  One causes the other.


The wizards are now in a panic.  For the last two years, they have tried every possible formula, magic spell and trick to stop the elemental forces of the Goddesses of Inflation and  Depression.  The hedge fund hell hounds are dying.  They need to be saved.  This is why AIG is being saved even though this is costing the US all our future taxes for the next 100 years.


Japan has gone to great lengths to keep the yen weak.  With the zero interest regime, they created the carry trade business which is the real source of global borrowing as well as the cause of global inflation.  The yen got stronger against the dollar due to magic spells from the Chinese Dragon.  


The wizards are now causing humans to die.  They want everyone to take pay cuts, lose there jobs, lose their homes, lose their pensions, lose their governments.  While the wizards, gnomes and pirates all get as much loot as possible in preparation for fleeing.  To where?  That is the question.  To Mars?



The derivatives beast is everywhere.  It was created by the gnomes and protected by the wizards.  Both thought this was a most marvelous creature because the denizens of the Cave of Wealth and Death told them, it would protect all their illicit paper wealth.  Obviously, this was a lie.  Imagine that!


Russia, China and possibly Iran are all forcing the US into a New World Order of using gold as the basis for world trade, not paper fiat funny money controlled by the wizards.  The wizards are alarmed.  They know this kills their power. They can’t use the IMF to terrorize the planet, for example.


The hell hounds are now begging the wizards to give them safe investments, bankrolled by the US taxpayers.  The wizards are more than happy to do this.  The trick is this: they have to clothe it in magic chants and spells so the US taxpayers don’t notice, they are taking on all the risks while the gnomes, pirates and hell hounds get all the profits.


This attempt at saving the very things responsible for destroying the entire planet’s financial systems requires doing this in the dark of night. This is why many new schemes are floated on Friday afternoon.  In desperate situations, the wizards do this at midnight, on a weekend.  Unfortunately, with the internet, this still makes the news.



The latest magical attempt, to get rid of the Derivatives Beast, was a total failure.  Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, triggering the many swaps.  Despite losses of over 90%, the US government proclaimed, there was no danger and the Beast was under control. Then, AIG came and said, ‘The Beast is behind us.  See?  It is eating all the insurance we wrote across the entire planet.  You better give us half a trillion or it will eat YOU!’


The need for infinite funds is great.  Since these creatures created infinite wealth making machines, now that these are crashing, they are zeroing out all these ‘profit’ systems.  Risky knows, the solution is to take on even more risks.  But things are too exposed.  The people of the earth now know who is destroying their lives and making them poorer.  And are out to get the hell hounds, etc.


Up until 2007, everyone was told, wizards were very powerful and much wiser than us.  I thought this was stupid.  And it was, of course.  Now, suddenly, as all the forces launched by the wizards unwind, they can’t understand why their previous magic is now failing them.  What went wrong with their wands?


The sums needed to revive things goes up and up.  When this cartoon was done, it was only $36 billion.  Eventually, it soared to the trillions and hasn’t even begun to fix anything at all.  On the contrary, it is setting very dangerous counter-forces into motion!


The next trick was to get all the debtors to continuing paying interest on loans that they can’t afford.  This way, the hope was, the magic would resume and more funny money would appear and the world economy would resume, totally unbalanced, of course.  The hatred of Libra is not dead, not at all.


Chief wizard and criminal, Greenspan, still goes about the planet, giving speeches whereby he denies being one of the main wizards responsible for the utter destruction of the entire planet’s financial systems and the destruction of the US economy and government.  Suddenly, he began to blurt out the truth, to the horror of the present wizards, trying in vain, to pretend they have power over reality.


The public is now attacking all the creatures who ran into the Cave of Wealth and Death to grab loot.  The wizards wish we would just go away and let them continue, looting and destroying our lives, our countries and our future.  They can’t understand why we don’t want them to do this.  To the wizards, they are heroes saving the gnomes from a fate worse than death: the loss of their sexual fun.







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  1. emsnews

    I am still learning how to use the systems. If there are problems or anyone wishes to make suggestions, I am all ears. I want to do the very best here. It is a lot of work but worth it, in the long run, I hope. Thanks in advance.

  2. nah

    12 year history including depictions wow… you rock dont worry… jesus is out there somewhere watching

  3. nah
    Scientists find safer way to make human stem cells
    sweet super neuronz

  4. Angela

    you have figured out how to do this in record time! so informative and colorful and clear about who is who…

    then there is this cursing madman, but his punchline is far more extreme that your “arrest them all”…

  5. if

    One more gigantic black hole to throw money (and human resources) into:
    The Obama White House will send another 4,000 troops to Afghanistan in addition to 17,000 extra troops to counter fresh attacks against the US.
    The Soviet Empire tried it (1979-1989)
    The Brittish Empire tried it (1878-1880)

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  7. I can’t decide if i would rather be a gnome or a wizard. I thought artists might be both, but thats not working out so well. And i’ve been to the cave and it was bloody dark.

  8. criticalcontrarian

    Bush had a swell racket going for 8 years, it was called the War on Terror, and through it he and his minions bilked the US taxpayer out of trillions of dollars. That was then, today the Obama government is using the same scare tactics to lull the US taxpayer into submission, and it’s called the War on Collapse.

    Here’s how the scam works according to Prof. Micheal Hudson: ‘Suppose a bank is sitting on a $10 million package of collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) that was put together by, say, Countrywide out of junk mortgages. Given the high proportion of fraud (and a recent Fitch study found that every package it examined was rife with financial fraud), this package may be worth at most only $2 million as defaults loom on Alt-A “liars’ loan” mortgages and subprime mortgages where the mortgage brokers also have lied in filling out the forms for hapless borrowers or witting operators taking out mortgages at far more than properties were worth and pocketing the excess. The bank now offers $3 million to buy back this mortgage. What the hell, the more they bid, the more they get from the government. So why not bid $5 million. (In practice, friendly banks may bid for each other’s junk CDOs.) The government – that is, the hapless FDIC – puts up 85 per cent of $5 million to buy this – namely, $4,250,000. The bank only needs to put up 15 per cent – namely, $750,000.
    Here’s the rip-off as I see it. For an outlay of $750,000, the bank rids its books of a mortgage worth $2 million, for which it receives $4,250,000. It gets twice as much as the junk is worth.

    And so continues the forage of the gnomes into the cave of wealth at the price of the death of the US taxpayer.

  9. criticalcontrarian

    You can read the complete Hudson article @

  10. emsnews

    Correct, Criticalcontrarian. Yes, this is a raid on our future taxes. But the housing bubble itself was obvious, obscene and stupid and I raged about it for a long, long time. As I keep saying, my mansion cost only $128,000 in 1984 and at the top of the bubble, these things were going for more than $2 million and this was totally a bubble. Amazing to see! So little huts and run down joints were going for double the value of my mansion and this was criminal. Stupid and criminal.

  11. Jimmy

    Elaine, your product is coming along nicely!
    A suggestion: when you finish the video intro put in an appearance personally before heading off into the lesson. That would serve to remind us who is talking and to familiarize us all with your visage each time you go video. You never know which vid will go viral so having your visage in each video will cover all the bases. Possibly a goodbye from you personally as well for those that will fast forward through the vid.

  12. criticalcontrarian

    Elaine, its all inflationary isn’t it! You print that amount of money it has to go somewhere. You keep telling the truth but few listen or care because the great majority have become consumption addicts! Shopaholics! Give me more and more of what I do not need. Consumerism without compassion, greed out of control. They started with cigarettes and just ramped it up to everything else. A slave society the world has become.

  13. criticalcontrarian

    I second Jimmy’s motion. You are modulating much better now, your voice and speech pattern is clearer and the pacing is much better, it gives people more time to digest what you are saying. Do you write what you read or are you ad libbing it? If you are writing it, i would suggest you read it a few times loudly to yourself so that you sync your speech with what you are saying.:-)

  14. emsnews

    I write the text first because it has to be recorded in tiny bits and then the length has to be determined, then I have to edit the pictures to match the length and You Tube has a 10 minute limit and I use of exactly 10 minutes, many times.
    All this slicing and dicing makes it difficult to sound ‘natural’. When I do a regular broadcast, then it is easier to make it ‘flow’. Using the right ‘speech’ for the sound recording system is a whole different matter. I have to bring forward my tongue so the sounds are next to the teeth and lips or it gets ‘swallowed.’
    Over time, matching all this will be ‘natural’ due to sheer practice. I hope it gets easier. It is frankly, exhausting to do when one has to try very hard to E NUN CI ATE every syllable. 😦

  15. emsnews

    By the way, THANKS for the feedback! I wish I had a director!

  16. Angela

    The word Wizard conjures up the creepy Henry Kissenger who was rumored to have said that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. I say, Ew. For a masochist, maybe.
    Goddesses would have to be so money hungry and desperate for their Prada accessories or a house in the Hamptons to allow this man to believe for even one moment that he’s sexy. Least in part due to his odd physical persona, but rather the man who he is, sexy??
    Hows Henry for some beauty and truth and virtue?
    Just like this modern art movement being dast aside in the long annals of history, who in this century are examples of great and just leaders? Gandhi, maybe?
    Are any of the current crop of gnomes worthy men of honor, valor and virtue? How about women? The whole lot of them have sinister connections to the underworld cave of wealth and death.

    So, if the citizenry require great leaders and need inspiration to lead lives of substance, we can certainly pinpoint the dearth of honorable political and spiritual leadership.

    Big, fat, dumbed-down Americans with giant SUV trunkloads of plastic crap from Walmart, they and their big box strip malls are everywhere. This mediocre presence is a beaming reflection of the numbness and fragmentation of the masses. It takes a big heaping serving of denial to pretend that we aren’t REALLY being ruled by a sociopathic, skull-worshipping death cabal who murders, cheats and lies with impunity to keep their elite perks.

    We profane masses, however, are required to pay taxes and obey the laws which don’t pertain to the elite.

    Collusion with this kind of governance bears rotten psychological fruits, like stockholm syndrome and dread. Our participation is bought with our silence, we kow to discuss these things out loud in most cirles is to be considered subhuman and worthy of extermination.
    Collective denial then becomes the normal mode of survival and results in the painful wasting away of wit, imagination and independent thought. Witness our nation of couch-potatoes in rapt fascination with reality TV and Angelina Jolies new diet.

    MANY are sick, traumatized, flawed and imperfect people who are fatigued, medicated, stressed and weak. Staying abreast of the complex manuevering and wargames and cluster-fu$#s of the gnomeocracy is a vast task for an overdooked populace.
    Until huge numbers of Americans lost their jobs and homes, they were perfect fodder for slimy salesmen selling the patriotic “Buy American” big fat cars and SUV’s, including the vile Hummer-mobiles.

    You’re a unique one, Elaine, because you’re brilliantly paying attention and are in possession of a MENSA-like enormous scope of brainpower (ignited by lightning!) – but I identify far more with the above-mentioned group who are overwhelmed and limited in their ability to grasp the enormity of the issues. The citizenry is a direct reflection in the mirror, really, the face looking back at the scheming corruption, mediocrity and the banality of our leaders and their nasty, beastie ponzi products for sale.
    Huge fortunes were made by surpressing alternate technologies for decades. The overpopulated peons get blamed for the mess created by the gnomees, who seriously limit and control the playing field ALL around and manipulate the options and the outcomes.

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