Greenspan just won’t shut up.  Thank goodness.  This is because he is getting a tad senile and is actually blurting out the truth occasionally in between his usual blather and lying.  Again, he admits that he and his fellow members of the Wizard’s Guild are practicing magic.  Then claims, he can’t see ahead at all.  Japan is going into a major depression….again.  And the AIG bonus boys are quitting out of naked fear.  And to top it all, our dear warmonger in chief was ordered by AIPAC to DOUBLE war spending in Afghanistan and Iraq and to fight EVEN MORE.  So we are going to spend over $4 billion a month, chasing angry mountaineers who hate foreign devil invaders.  We all know how this story will end.  History laughs at us.

Europe, the US and Japan are all on exactly the same track!  All are seeing huge drops in growth rates to the negative.  One of the side problems with ‘free trade’ is, all go up and down together, all at the same speed.  The ‘major emerging markets’ are still seeing more growth than the older economies. But the rate echoes each other nearly exactly.  


As I said often from 2005-2008, Japan was not in a depression.  True, the workers were being hammered mercilessly.  But the economy was not in a depression.  Now, it is.  No surprise here.  If the US goes down, so do all other nations.  We also have the continuing problem of the world’s #1 and #2 economies in distress while still being #1 and #2.  This is not good.


Japan set for three-year return to deflation – Times Online

The Government said today that retail price inflation in February ground to a complete standstill, while retail sales collapsed at the fastest pace in seven years, falling 5.8 per cent, above the 3 per cent decline predicted by the market. Japan, with its big exporting sector and high exposure to global consumerism, has been fiercely affected by the downturn. GDP has begun to fall at a pace that defied forecasts, and earlier this week it was revealed that exports in February nearly halved as the world stopped buying Japanese.

The strong yen is a total disaster for Japan.  The Japanese carry trade is dead, too, since all of Japan’s trade rivals are all falling into the same ZIRP hole Japan is in.  Japan’s ZIRP system has been so stable, it barely  moved even slightly for over 10 years!  It is the fulcrum of all world monetary systems due to its stubborn singularity that has become a major ‘dead zone’ in finances.  


Always, we must look at ahistorical anomalies very closely.  Never, has any bank run a zero system before.  And virtually none have run it for years and years and years!  Since this is the only time in all history, this is happening, we must attend to it with a great deal of alarm.  It isn’t right.  It should be impossible.


Japan’s gross public debt is now the highest on earth, compared to a percentage of the GDP.  Italy and Iceland, to nearly or totally bankrupt nations, barely come close to Japan in this area.  The US has a huge economy and thus, is less than half of Japan’s numbers. But then, when this was calculated, Japan was in a ‘depression’ and thus, has a very low GDP.  The US has been in a hyper-consumerist mode and thus, has a high GDP that is 70% consumer spending.  


All we have to have, to get numbers like Japan, is a declining GDP for 12 years…a distinct possibility.  Everything is relative, literally.  Now that we looked at Japan, the Black Hole in global finance and trade, let’s look at AIG, yet again:


Two more quit AIG as depth of bonus anger emerges | Business | The Guardian


AIG said the situation remained “manageable”. But the loss of Banque AIG’s top two figures poses a headache, as replacements must be approved by French regulators or the division risks default on more than $200bn in derivatives transactions. 


As if ANYONE can fix this $200 billion derivatives mess!  Of course, no one can.  This is a magical thing that was created by greedy gnomes and killing it is inevitable.  But since this will also kill all the bonuses, all the fake funny money and derail the entire financial systems set up by a bunch of criminals…well, there is nothing we can do but do it.  Throwing money at these gnomes is a waste of time and good paper.  Spare the trees and get rid of the gnomes.


Then, we can go to China and learn about how to run banks.  Seriously, the Chinese have issued several speeches about this and we will discuss this later.  Yesterday, I did a little video about wizards:  

YouTube – The Cave of Wealth and Death Pt 3 Wizards

Greenspan is a wizard who retired and now flies around the planet, annoying and terrorizing everyone.   He is very intent on making out that he was a helpless babe in the Bretton Woods and had no idea, what was going on or why things happened.  Yet, he is a proud wizard and likes to preen so we get alternate whining and boasting which is very annoying.  And people pay this guy to do this on stage.  It is like watching Hamlet only it is Yorick talking to Hamlet’s skull.


Alan Greenspan:  We need a better cushion against risk


The extraordinary risk-management discipline that developed out of the writings of the University of Chicago’s Harry Markowitz in the 1950s produced insights that won several Nobel prizes in economics. It was widely embraced not only by academia but also by a large majority of financial professionals and global regulators.

Harry Markowitz – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Markowitz Efficient Portfolio is one where no added diversification can lower the portfolio’s risk for a given return expectation (alternately, no additional expected return can be gained without increasing the risk of the portfolio). The Markowitz Efficient Frontier is the set of all portfolios that will give the highest expected return for each given level of risk. These concepts of efficiency were essential to the development of the Capital Asset Pricing Model.

In finance, the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is used to determine a theoretically appropriate required rate of return of an asset, if that asset is to be added to an already well-diversified portfolio, given that asset’s non-diversifiable risk. The model takes into account the asset’s sensitivity to non-diversifiable risk (also known assystemic risk or market risk), often represented by the quantity beta (β) in the financial industry, as well as the expected return of the market and the expected return of a theoretical risk-free asset.

If Professor Markowitz is embraced by a large majority of financial pros, this is NOT a good endorsement!  Indeed, this is a major problem.  Obviously, people who used this guy’s formulas and systems to control events, look at the present mess!

They followed this guy for the last 40 years and where are we now?  In the toilet!  The entire system has been utterly and totally destroyed.  The bothers me all the time.  Nearly everyone is devoted to using these formulas that require plugging in numbers to arrive at answers.  Only, the numbers used are COOKED.  

Just like Greenspan used false inflation numbers when figuring out what was going on.  The best formulas on earth are failures if fake numbers are inserted, screwing up the answers.

But in August 2007, the risk-management structure cracked.   HAHAHA!  Is this the best he can do?  August, 2007, was when the Japanese carry trade began to violently unwind.  All the sophisticated mathematics and computer wizardry HAHAHA, at least he admits to all these guys being wizards!— essentially rested on one central premise: that the enlightened self-interest of owners and managers of financial institutions would lead them to maintain a sufficient buffer against insolvency by actively monitoring their firms’ capital and risk positions. HAHAHA!  Far from monitoring any capital, these guys all thought the Japanese easy ZIRP lending would last forever and they could dip into it when they needed ‘capital’.  

For generations, that premise appeared incontestable but, in the summer of 2007, it failed. It is clear that the levels of complexity to which market practitioners, at the height of their euphoria, carried risk-management techniques and risk-product design were too much for even the most sophisticated market players to handle prudently….

The chief risk-management technique was the Derivatives Beast.  They impudently decided, all risk was ‘spread’ and thus, wouldn’t take down all of them if something stopped dead in its tracks.  Two things did stop very suddenly: the people taking on endless loans to speculate in real estate or fund shopping sprees, suddenly became unable to pay even the bare interest on their loans.  And the Japanese ZIRP carry trade ended with a loud snap!

What, in my experience, supervision and examination can do is set and enforce capital and collateral requirements and other rules that are preventative and do not require anticipating an uncertain future. It can, and has, put limits or prohibitions on certain types of bank lending, for example, in commercial real estate. But it is incumbent on advocates of new regulations that they improve the ability of financial institutions to direct a nation’s savings into the most productive capital investments – those that enhance living standards. Much regulation fails that test and is often costly and counterproductive. Regulation should enhance the effectiveness of competitive markets, not impede them. Competition, not protectionism, is the source of capitalism’s great success over the generations….

It is obvious, Greenspan hasn’t the faintest idea, what capitalism is all about. He thinks, the system is set up to ‘enhance living standards.’ How enabling housing bubbles does this baffles me. All this means is, people must take on immense debts in order to buy a home! The very rich, though, loved this inflation. They loved seeing their modern art collection shoot up in value via auctions, for example.

But going to art auctions, buying yachts, buying mansions, buying sex is NOT capitalist activities.  They are CONSUMPTION which is utterly different. The huge mess we are in today is due to the entire US losing track of what capital really is.  But the Communist Chinese know exactly what it is which is why they have oodles of this and we have virtually none left, here.

History also demonstrates that underpriced risk – the hallmark of bubbles – can persist for years. I feared “irrational exuberance” in 1996, but the dotcom bubble proceeded to inflate for another four years. Similarly, I opined in a federal open market committee meeting in 2002 that “it’s hard to escape the conclusion that … our extraordinary housing boom … financed by very large increases in mortgage debt, cannot continue indefinitely into the future”. The housing bubble did continue to inflate into 2006.

So, in 2002, he was worried about a housing bubble?  Um, he dropped rates to 1% AFTER this observation.  This caused housing to shoot through the roof.  So why on earth did he do it?  OH!  After 9/11, the US foolishly decided to go to war with both Afghanistan and Iraq.  And needed cheap loans to do this since Bush cut taxes.

It has rarely been a problem of judging when risk is historically underpriced. Credit spreads are reliable guides. Anticipating the onset of crisis, however, appears out of our forecasting reach. Financial crises are defined by a sharp discontinuity of asset prices. But that requires that the crisis be largely unanticipated by market participants. In this case, the hedge funds running off to the Bank of Japan were totally unprepared for the end of the Japanese carry trade. For, were it otherwise, financial arbitrage would have diverted it. I predicted this before it happened but I am not on MSNBC shouting about these sorts of obvious things we can see from afar. Earlier this decade, for example, it was widely expected that the next crisis would be triggered by the large and persistent US current-account deficit precipitating a collapse of the US dollar. I also got this right: our trade rivals would NEVER allow the dollar to die. They love their huge trade surpluses with the US way too much. The dollar accordingly came under heavy selling pressure. Accidentally, since the Japanese did NOT want the carry trade to end, not even slightly. The rise in the euro-dollar exchange rate from, say, 1.10 in the spring of 2003 to 1.30 at the end of 2004 appears to have arbitraged away the presumed dollar trigger of the “next” crisis. Instead, arguably, it was the excess securitisation of US subprime mortgages that unexpectedly set off the current solvency crisis.

We sold too much US debt to China. China ceased buying all of this junk. And is now very outraged by our struggle to slip out from under our obligations. This is exactly why the US can’t just slay the entire Derivatives Beast. We owe too much to China and Japan.

Once a bubble emerges out of an exceptionally positive economic environment, an inbred –the gnome brain at work here—propensity of human nature fosters speculative fever that builds on itself, seeking new unexplored, leveraged areas of profit. Mortgage-backed securities were sliced into collateralised debt obligations and then into CDOs squared. Speculative fever creates new avenues of excess until the house of cards collapses. What causes it finally to fall? Reality. HAHAHAHA. In other words, Libra demanded the books be balanced.

An event shocks markets when it contradicts conventional wisdom of how the financial world is supposed to work. Of course, he will not admit that there is no ‘wisdom’ except in Libra, the need for honesty and accounting correctly and balancing the books. He means, ‘All the goofy magic theories and formulas of the wizards.’ The uncertainty leads to a dramatic disengagement–a fancy way of saying, ‘RUN AWAY!!!’— by the financial community that almost always requires sales and, hence, lower prices of goods and assets. We can model the euphoria and the fear stage of the business cycle. Their parameters are quite different. We have never successfully modelled the transition from euphoria to fear.

‘Fear’ always shows up six months before total panic. In the present case, it showed up at the end of February, 2007. Starting in Asia, markets plunged briefly. People over here ran around, screaming for 48 hours. Then, all settled down and they tried desperately to increase the buy-out deals which shot upwards as all of them tried to clear the financial hurdles before the crash.

In other words, they KNEW there would be a crash and were anxious to make as many deals as possible before it hit.  This caused markets to hit new highs even as bankruptcies were rising and it was obvious, any housing-based bonds were doomed.

I do not question that central banks can defuse any bubble. Even 100 years ago, sane people knew that the ONLY solution to bubbles was to prevent them from ever forming. This gave birth to business statistics. But it has been my experience that unless monetary policy crushes economic activity and, for example, breaks the back of rising profits or rents, policy actions to abort bubbles will fail. I know of no instance where incremental monetary policy has defused a bubble.

Did Greenspan even try to ‘defuse’ any bubbles?  Of course, he did raise rates leading up to the Dot Com collapse.  But the reason it didn’t work like a charm, at first, was due to the Japanese carry trade which took off at the exact same time.  How amazing is this coincidence?  HAHAHA.

Restoring the US banking system is a key requirement of global rebalancing. The US Treasury’s purchase of $250bn (€185bn, £173bn) of preferred stock of US commercial banks under the troubled asset relief programme (subsequent to the Lehman Brothers default) was measurably successful in reducing the risk of US bank insolvency. But, starting in mid-January 2009, without further investments from the US Treasury, the improvement has stalled. The restoration of normal bank lending by banks will require a very large capital infusion from private or public sources. Analysis of the US consolidated bank balance sheet suggests a potential loss of at least $1,000bn out of the more than $12,000bn of US commercial bank assets at original book value.

So, all we need is another trillion dollars and the mess created by these creeps will end?  And while keeping the Derivatives Beast alive at the same time?  This is the definition of ‘impossible.’

Through the end of 2008, approximately $500bn had been written off, leaving an additional $500bn yet to be recognised. Meaning, we lost a lot of loot and now have to loose a lot more loot. Unlike the AIG bonus babies, we are expected to bite the bullet and not get angry. But funding the latter $500bn will not be enough to foster normal lending if investors in the liabilities of banks require, as I suspect, an additional 3-4 percentage points of cushion in their equity capital-to-asset ratios. The overall need appears to be north of $850bn. Some is being replenished by increased bank cash flow. A turnround of global equity prices could deliver a far larger part of those needs. Still, a deep hole must be filled, probably with sovereign US Treasury credits. This deep hole was dug but the experts, the devotees of Markowitz’s imaginary universe where magic spells control human events that are running on a totally different track. Namely, lust and desire control events, not some numbers. It is too soon to evaluate the US Treasury’s most recent public-private initiatives. Hopefully, they will succeed in removing much of the heavy burden of illiquid bank assets.

The ‘heavy burden’ is being removed from the illiquid banks by transferring them to the illiquid taxpayers!  And illiquid banks are also bankrupt banks!  This is the definition of bankruptcy.  The fear of bankruptcy should motivate bankers to be very, very careful.  Instead, this was lifted from them so they ran riot.  


Below are two graphs from the Bank for International Settlements:


You may recall the headline of last year’s BIS Annual Report: “The unsustainable has run its 

course.” This reflected the view that the turmoil that started in July 2007 is not only an 

idiosyncratic failure in the functioning of financial markets.


It is also, and perhaps more 

fundamentally, a crisis rooted in the preceding credit boom that had fuelled financial 

excesses and was accompanied by large, sustained deviations of key macroeconomic 

variables from longer-term fundamentals.


The illusion of “growth without savings” in a 

number of advanced economies, combined with accommodative monetary conditions – with 

interest rates that stayed too low for too long – and unfettered financial innovation led to the 

build-up of excessive debt in the global economy. The build-up is illustrated in Graph 1 on 

the previous page by the large widening of the US current account deficit (left-hand panel), 

the surge in foreign exchange reserves (centre panel) and the rise of US debt backed by 

mortgages (right-hand panel). 


As shown in Graph 2 above, the outcome of these developments in the US credit markets 

has been a build-up of debt in both the household sector and the financial sector. 

This is an inditement of Greenspan!  ‘Illusion of growth without savings’ and keeping rates too low, can be laid at the feet of this particular wizard!  Look at these charts!  Goverment spending, as a percentage of GDP, was flat.  True, household debts rose rapidly.  But none rose as fast as ‘financial’ debts!  This is, in other words, the gnomes running JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs and all of the hedge funds, ‘making money’ out of thin air, via the Bank of Japan!  The second graph clearly shows that this was the majority of the growth in debt.


I remember debating the business of the US not saving money [ie: creating capital].  I said, ‘No banking system can run without true capital via savings.’  But the lure of making more and more debt based on less and less capital was too easy so everyone did this, to the n-th degree.


Obama Announces Plans for More Funding for Afghan War –

President Obama this morning announced a newAfghanistan-Pakistan strategy that will require significantly higher levels of U.S. funding and thousands more military and civilian personnel to reverse what he called an “increasingly perilous” situation… “I do not ask for this support lightly,” Obama said in a White House speech before regional ambassadors, aid officials and his senior national security team. “These are challenging times, and resources are stretched. But the American people must understand that this is a down payment on our own future.”

Bin Laden’s plan to have us go bankrupt is running on greased rails!  The US is in very serious financial difficulties and what is Obama’s priorities?  Ask Rahm Emanuel and his Israeli bosses! 

Among the resources required, he said, are an additional 4,000 troops, beyond the 17,000 he authorized last month, that will bring total U.S. deployments to more than 60,000. U.S. military expenses for Afghan operations this year, White House aides said, will increase about 60 percent from the current toll of $2 billion a month. The newly announced forces, from the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, will serve as trainers and advisers to an Afghan army expected to double to 134,000 by 2011.

Over $40 billion a year for just Afghanistan!  And don’t forget Iraq: it, also, will be around $40 billion a year, too.  Between themselves, they have drained over a trillion dollars from the US.  ALL of this is in the form of debts owed to the Chinese and Japanese rivals.  This is beyond suicidal.  It is simply stupid.  


Note how warmonger Obama is MORE THAN DOUBLING the misspending so we can ‘win’ what?  NO ONE ever wins ANYTHING in Afghanistan.  This is the one point on the entire planet with a long and illustrious history of destroying empires by driving them into bankruptcy.  

The Pyrenees, Caucasus Mountains, the Scottish Highlands, and Switzerland are classic examples of similar mountainous regions that spawn nothing but trouble and are best left alone to their own devices. Ask the Romans about that!

Obama called on Congress to pass legislation to provide $1.5 billion a year for five years in economic assistance to Pakistan, along with a bill creating “opportunity zones” for exports. Additional development aid is also planned for Afghanistan, and Obama said he would launch a “dramatic increase,” expected to number in the hundreds, of U.S. civilian officials on the ground there. The United States also plans to provide additional equipment, including transport helicopters, to the Pakistani military.

So, warmongering fool, Obama, is going to send in an army of civilians?  HAHAHA. How about sending all the AIG bonus babies there?  They are whining about how miserable they are, with no million dollar looting opportunities!  Well, the Pentagon is the #1 looting opportunity on earth.  Look at the numbers!  The army of civilian AIG derivatives guys could weasel out at least 8% of this $4 billion a month baby!


They could even leverage it 10 to 1 in the illegal drug markets.  After all, this is Afghanistan’s #1 money maker and it makes a lot of money.  The AIG workers could pack diplomatic pouches with heroin and then peddle it in Central Park, in NYC.  See?  Easy as pie.





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  1. hardrock

    Elaine, you are so right on all you say about Greenspan. He is a ‘sly dog’ who somehow slithers away from getting the blame placed directly on him. I wonder how he would fare if he were a ‘hard right Christian’. Think the media would leave him alone? HA HA!

    As for Obama, all I can say is; “Hey, you stupid ass Democrats. How does it feel to be betrayed so quickly???? Huh? Huh? Lots of Republicans felt the same way towards Bush for seven and a half years. So do as you asked them to do…and a lot of them did. They stopped defending him. But the didn’t attack him as they should have. You will have to attack Obama and don’t let him use Bush, or the Republicans as an excuse for all the shit he’s going to lay on us. Obama is a lying piece of shit who is controlled, just as Elaine says he is, by those slimy little Zionist/Jews who could care less about him, you, this country or anybody in the world who is not part of the ‘tribe’. They will without a doubt lead this world into the next world war. They will also destroy the economies of the world first and they will come with a ‘rescue plan’ that will make Orwell’s ‘1984’ and Huxley’s ‘BNW’ look like a cake walk…because there will only be about 1 billion people left to control.

    Yeh, there are a lot of crazy ass Christians out ‘there’, but there are a majority of them that are good willed and trusting…too trusting….which allowed the tribe to take over much too much in this country, for which we are all paying a helluva price. You Christian haters will be trying to find a ‘good’ Christian to hug before this is over. Lots of good Jewish folks out there…..but when it come to the ‘nut cuttin’ they will always support the ‘tribe’….at our expense if need be.

    I remind all of you again, this is a failure of a Marxian/Corporate state….a form of socialism with a small ‘s’. We have two generations of people who have seen nothing other than this form of government….they simply do not know there is a better way. I am reminded of my time in Russia, in 1992, after the Soviet empire collapsed. The people over the age of 35-40 could not even fathom the idea of unrestricted trade on a local level. I would attempt to explain it to them and they just could not understand it. We will have the same problem in converting stupid people, mostly Obama supporters of the need for a smaller presence of govt, rather than a larger one. But then again….I’m sure there are plenty on this site who wish for more government….only the ‘friendly’ kind, that gives them there way. It would never dawn on them that the govt would have to take away something from somebody else to ‘give’ them what they seek. Come on folks….you all know exactly what I mean.
    I’m with the president of Brazil, where on BBC last night, I heard him say; “The white man caused this problem. Let the ‘white man’ fix it”. He said a few other rather ‘victim’ like statements also….but suffice to say…the ‘white man’ did cause the problem….but…..


  3. David

    Interesting Article…New Catastrophe Brewing…

  4. CK

    Now Hardrock, you know there is no such thing as “white.” It’s all racism. Oh wait this was a not so white blaming the “white man”. That’s ok, in that specific situation there is such a thing as white.

  5. CK

    I have no idea why the USA are fighting the afghanis of afghanistan, no idea why the USA are continuing to kill the iraqis, no idea why the USA is continuing to kill Somalis. None of these countries ever did thing one to the USA. Some of the people who have lived in or near these countries have done criminal things in the USA, but then so have people who live in Mexico and Canada and Israel. Is the world better off with Saddam dead? Probably not, but how would one be able to calculate better-offness? Certainly more people died in Iraq from the American attempt to find and kill him than he ever killed on his own. Hell more Iraqis died fighting Iran when he was our BFF and ran a proxy war for the USA on Iran.
    I remember way back in 2001 an article from some florida newspaper going on and on about the probability of afghani scuba diver terrorists attacking Tampa or St. Pete or Miami. I have always had the greatest respect for the Afghani Navy as a fantasy construct.
    It is useful to remember that since time immoral, war is always and everywhere the health of the empire.

  6. nah

    i kinda like greenspan cuz i saw him a couple times talking straight about public debt and that ‘that’ was a major problem that ‘needed’ to be adressed or the solvency issue of government could create a public ‘solvency’ issue… but it does seem that low interest rates cause massive over borrowing and outrageous risk ‘on the fucking ballence sheets of banks????’… and thats not my job… cuz im not the chair of the fed… cuz the fed has a simple job… price stability and bank solvency… and they fucking suck at it like a whore for 20 bucks… and it is greenspans fault and all the other ‘directors’… so put the repooblo and demcroomuhl pundits on tv talking how we cant come back from nationalization ‘liquidation as i see it’ of the major banks… how regular people make good decisions with all this bullshit… do these guys have any idea HOW MUCH IT COSTS ME when they sell failure
    laws dont make turkey’ shoots

  7. nah
    There are three things for the current rally that need to be watched closely – resistance, earnings season, and April 15th
    if people dont protest all this nonsense ‘whatever is inside the box will stay there’… im going to a tea party they appear to be all over the place… i hope there a trillion people like me who are like wha’… we cant make government awsome ‘that would take a time machine to the end of the renaissance and the beinning of the U.S. republic’… there has to be a way to figure out what policy is and how to make it happen… so if your tired of giving 40% of your income to piss into the wind of war, finance, education, healthcare, welfare
    stick it to the fucking man

  8. seraphim

    Good on you Elaine! Debunk Harry Markowitz. He got the Nobel Prize only because he was a…Markowitz! Like all the others! When a goy who discovered the insulin and the treatment to keep alive the diabetics was proposed for the Nobel prize, he was short cut because he was “antisemitic”. This is the story of Dr. Nicolae Paulescu. Others have been granted the prize, and when people concerned with justice objected, they have been retorted that even if it was an injustice it should be mentained because it was already done!!!
    But talking about Markowitz I vividly remembered my maths teacher (who had an uncanny resemblence with Allan Greenspan) who introduced us to the “artifice of calculus”. I will never forget his grand gestures on the blackboard where he, after filling it with incomprehensible formulas for the hapless pupils, crossed them all out with the chalk and declaring that he “simplified” them all, and that all “demonstrated” that was said in the first place. We all were baffled. What was the need to “demonstrate” what was already known? And why take so many mental detours if the matter was already known?
    Was it that the “scribes” (seconded by the hypocrite pharisees) relish the “front seats” in the synagogues and to be called rabbis by men?
    Artifice of calculus is a part of derivative calculus, the great invention of the wizards Napier, Newton and consorts. I will not count Leibnitz (the true inventor of the infinitesimal calculus) among the necromancers and apocalyptic “calculators” like Newton. By the way, Leibnitz had “invented” theoretically the steam engine!
    And of course we should not forget that the same mathematics that feeds the “Derivative Beast” created the atomic bomb. And the same people!

  9. “Baltic Dry Index Down 20% in 5 Days: This Clearly Signals the End of Days”…

  10. emsnews

    Mathematics is a religion. People find it nearly impossible to believe but yes, it is a religion. ‘Math’ is the Hindi word for ‘monastery’. ‘Money’ and ‘mint’ come from Latin words for Juno. The religious implications of all these things are now obscured deliberately because this brings up many interesting thoughts which I like to think about and which many people wish studiously, to avoid.

  11. Gary

    99pct of the “Christians” (laugh track) I know are frauds. They allied themselves
    with the One-True-God (regTm) of Wall St and the Pentagon. They always opposed any and all regulation,philosophy,sentiments oriented towards working people as their Godly system of finance opposed it.
    This point in human history is really big. All the “One True Gods” are failing.
    Paganism with COMPETING Gods PLURAL is a far superior type of spirituality.
    All the Sky Gods are crashing. Judaism, Christianity, Islam. They are all going
    to hell simply because the concept of ONE GOD is unhealthy. Nature demands
    diversity and competition. It demands Socialism and Capitalism in competition
    with one another. CAPITALISM won ! Not socialism. (unless you get humorous
    and call capitalism, “gated community socialism”, ha ha)
    So, to 99pct of the “Christians” (laugh track) I say, “Kiss my Arse” !

  12. if

    Here is a snippet from ex- Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill (whose whole interview is worth reading in its entirety):

    This financial crisis in retrospect will look like a child’s game compared to what we’re headed into when we have to begin raising enormous amounts of money through floating debt, or reneging on the obligations we made to people that they thought were good and clear from Social Security benefits and Medicare benefits…

  13. “I have no idea why the USA are fighting the afghanis of afghanistan, no idea why the USA are continuing to kill the iraqis, no idea why the USA is continuing to kill Somalis.”
    All here…

  14. Gary

    Hey, Tell. I’ll bet this is where some of the missing trillions from the pentagon
    budget has gone !
    “The majority willingly collaborated. Today the CIA has hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Pakistanis on its payroll, earning $10,000 per month or more and operating in Pakistan. The same is true of tribal leaders bought for sacks full of dollars.”
    Catherine Fitts is a good source on the missing Pentagon money.

  15. Gary
    You are correct. The drug trade is in with it as well.
    In my link above it says this…”including the domestic and global practices of Canadian extractive industries”
    No wonder they want to keep a lid on George Galloway. A lot of money being made by some Canadian politicians.

  16. nah
    G20 marches begin week of protests
    wow people are kinda pissed the economy doesnt reward work vs. speculation

  17. nah

    bail out the poor and the gub’ment crys… bail out the rich and the gub’ment takes the blame

  18. Charlie the Jester

    Donald in mathmagic land, from Disney, 1959.

    At one point Donald is admitted into the Pythagorean club via a masonic handshake. And there are pentagrams on the hands.

  19. dgh


    Yes, the entire interview is interesting. One very notable thing he said: “…we started seeing inflation in health and medical care rising at the general inflation rate in the country.” Was this a misstatement? If not, he lays bare the lie that health and medical care have been rising at greater rates than general inflation.

  20. hardrock

    Pull your head out Gary. Go back and look at the CSPAN videos of Republican congressmen and senators trying to get more regulation of these derivatives and Fannie & Freddie. Listen to all the defenders of ‘no more regulation’…mostly Democrats, led by Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi etc. No doubt there were plenty of stupid ass Republicans that went along…like Sen.Graham, Bennett, etc.

    Watch Greenspan defend the ‘no regulation’ of the derivatives and the ‘creative financial instruments’ that the distributors of this slime were creating with both hands as fast as possible.

    As for your comments about ‘capitalism’ winning, it shows your ignorance of history. Go to school on this subject and you will see how prevalent the Marxian notions are embedded into our economy and social structure….all the better to pick the pockets of ‘dumbed down’ Americans who are distracted by created tensions and entertainment while the Anglo/Jewish banking cartel with headquarters in London make off with all the loot. Why was it that the Jewish leader of AIG made his main trading desk in London? These guys are extremely smart, merciless and count on guys like you to talk out your ‘ARSE’.
    ELAINE: Countries that practice successful socialism are beating countries that hate socialism.

  21. CK

    From a translation of the communist manifesto on wikipedia:
    10 Conditions For Transition To Communism
    1)Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.

    2)A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

    3)Abolition of all right of inheritance.

    4)Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.

    5)Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

    6)Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.

    7)Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.

    8 Equal liability of all to labour. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

    9) Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equal distribution of the population over the country.

    10) Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, &c., &c.

    So far, the USA has in place : 10, 5, part of 6, 4, 9, and 7.
    The current administration is pushing for 8. There is no avoiding 1, don’t pay your taxes on your property or your fees or whatever and you will find out just how much this is an ownership society. No one gets free alloidal title any property. We have a moderately progressive income tax, it was much worse under FDR, Truman and Eisenhower. But we can still inherit stuff.
    Our educational system was “borrowed” from Bismark. It was and still is a prison system designed to dull the minds of the many so as to make them little regimented workers and to syphon off the few ( usually sons and daughters of the nomenklatura ) to maintain the management of the state.
    ELAINE: When the US was using child labor like slave labor, Germany was socializing. They launched not only public schools for all children but also KINDERGARTENS which is why ours has that name! The horrors of child labor are as awful as the horrors of all forms of slavery. Combining training in school for industries is what made Germany so strong. Germany still ran, until our economy collapsed, a huge trade PROFIT surplus with the US. While running a socialist system.

  22. CK

    @Tell: Thank you for the links, especially the first one. I knew that before the USA decided to mess with Afghanistan, that the taliban government had decided against Union Oil on a very large pipeline deal. I had no clue that the mineral wealth was quite so huge. Should have realized, mountains and mines do seem to go together.

  23. emsnews

    What is killing all the oil deals for us is China. They are the ones with the money and thus, can close the deals.

  24. Gary

    Hardrock: Listen to me arse for a while:
    You make the mistake that almost all both conservatives and liberals make.
    You think there is/was a division between big gummint and big business.
    They are ONE and the SAME in the USSA and have been for a long,long time. You
    still think we have “private” health care but little do you realize that the insurance
    companies joined at the hip with your government own your health care. Its
    already been “socialized” by the high society of govt and the insurance co’s.
    The lobbyists are there to make sure the health care is owned by your “pro-bidness” govt.
    In America we already have socialism ha ha. BUT , its National Socialism Ha ha.
    Oh BTW did you ever hear of the name PHIL GRAMM. A white CHRISTIAN good
    ‘ol boy from the GODLY state of Texas? Ha Ha. You rabid anti-(real) socialists
    should take credit for having totally WON in the advance of capitalism. We now
    truly do have “free” markets. Free for the top. A FEE for the rest of us. You have
    buggered yourselves by getting rid of any opposition to capitalism thru your
    owner ship of the “liberal” media. Laugh track. Take credit for your success !


  26. CK

    We must keep them regimented, the children that is. Take them out of their parents control as soon as possible and start inculcating them in state worship and proper acquiescent behaviour to authority. Mandatory pre-kindergarten next. Ah hell just take them away from their parents a few hours after they are born and put them into a state sponsored creche system.
    Children are capital. In most societies, children have to contribute to the family’s well being. Carrying one for nine months then feeding it and tending it for four or five years is one hell of an investment. Farm kids start creating a return on that investment early in life. City kids — never create a return on that investment.
    Those sneakers everyone loves to wear, imported from countries that use child labour in the sweatshops making the sneakers.
    Child labour in an industrial setting has always been anathema to organized labour. Kids work cheap. The reason the states have laws against children working is to keep out the competition. The reason there are minimum wage laws is to stifle competition.
    But it is for the children ( vicious little ankle biters ) so must’nt say anything bad about kindergartens or pre-schools or anti child labour laws or minimum wage enactments.
    Amazingly, the USA has managed to extend “childhood” out to 21 and in more and more cases 25 years. Three generations ago, childhood ended somewhere around 12. So today we don’t have the elder males of the village lazing around drinking tea, playing chess, and watching the foreigners; instead we have the young males lounging around.
    ELAINE: I hate to pop this bubble but…ever try to get a community to pass a kindergarden bill? It is nearly impossible. Getting public service for small children is HELL. I am a mother. I had to work. I had to get daycare for my young children until they reached 6 years. Cost me a fortune.

    Not the only one
    29 March 2009
    “The home secretary, Jacqui Smith, apologised today for an expenses claim which included adult films watched by her husband Richard Timney.”
    “Smith said she mistakenly submitted an expenses claim which included five pay-per-view films, including two adult movies which were viewed at her family home in her Redditch constituency.”…
    I don`t know what to say…it`s neverending…it`s unreal

  28. hardrock

    GARY, I guess you didn’t read the post you commented on so vigorously. Phil Gramm [Graham] was in the list of names you claim I forgot to mention. There you go again, totally half-assed. BTW, I’ve owned and operated numerous businesses, from mining, construction, high tech, water purification, nursing homes, farms etc. If anyone knows about the health care [sick care] system and how fucked up it is because of government….I do. Because of our fucked up educational system, [fostered by government] we get incompetent, slimy businessmen who only know one thing, ‘fear’, fear of not ‘making it’. They, therefore are totally corruptible and they hook up to the government tit and never let loose. The worst are those who mandate insurance by legislative action which fosters more corruption and when it gets to the medical side of things it goes very crazy. The most insane SOB’s I’ve ever met are in the ‘health care’ industry. I even have a daughter who is an M.D. PhD….she is as loony as all the rest. Corrupt, but doesn’t know it. My God, she isn’t even a Christian. I thought only Christians were corrupt devils.

    Get a life, do your homework.

    CK, I see you have some ‘real life’ experiences. I agree on most of what I’ve seen you write. What you said about the fulfillment of the tenants of the commie manifesto is absolutely correct. With the new ‘stimulus’ and Omnibus Land Reform Act the bastards will have it all in just a short period of time.

    As for Elaine and her embracing of all the socialist success stories…all I can say is….give it a little more time. No way in hell will it survive for any length of time. Look how quickly we destroyed America with the silly ass Marxian nonsense we allowed to creep in incrementally over the last 60 years. You think any of the European countries will survive this crisis? They are as overburdened with false promises as we some cases much worse. Anyone under 50 years of age will witness the complete destruction of all socialist societies in their present state. Problem is, the ‘boyz’ may implement the ultimate system, ‘Brave New World’ because we have so many who are dependent on government to provide and think for them. They are like appendages to the udder of a sick cow. I’d rather die than become the oppressor of my fellow man….that is what socialism asks of its adherents. The forced acquiescence of equality is no life for a ‘thinking’ person….that is why we have so many ready to embrace it….they hate to think on their own.

    BTW Elaine, who says the ‘state’ should provide you with childcare? Tell me that is not a Marxist ideal. Who said you have the right to ask me or anyone to be responsible for your child’s care so you can work? Where do we get such silly notions? My wife and I raised 5 children with both of us working at times. We never imagined in our wildest dreams that the ‘state’ should have any responsibility in this matter. We would have refused it if they offered. It is my choice to work, as was it my wife’s. If we wanted ‘more’ was it yours or anyones duty to ‘help’ me in my aquisition of material goods? Utter nonsense!
    We, the modern world, are in a state of ‘disintegration’. There is no holding it back. We have industrialized to a point of utter chaos. We are disconntected with each other and even ourselves because of our egos and lack of knowledge of where we fit in a world of machines and magic.
    According to the best analysis, we’ve got ’til 2035 before the easy oil runs out. You just have to contemplate that in 1940 with 2.3 billion humans there were 47 million motor vehicles. Today with 6.3 billion humans (three times as many) there are about 775 million motor vehicles – that’s a sixteen-fold increase. The propagation of the machine far exceeds that of the humans. And to make the point, consider the computer. In 1975 there were but 50,000 – today there are almost one billion. That growth has paced the information revolution which now is the final factor alienating the human species from itself and nature.
    The last sentence is the one which needs careful pondering. Something is drastically amiss, besides the financial mess. We are coming to a ‘new age’ that will be like the birthing process for mother [earth] and infant.[mankind] Are we prepared? Mental preparedness is the key.

    Caught in these various snares of social-cultural karmic whirlpools, planetary humanity is experiencing a vertical exponential surge of population, machines, information, and pollution – and the temperature just keeps rising. What goes up must come down. The sheer weight of all of these factors at vertical thrust will reach a breaking point, more than likely before 2012. Are we prepared? Hardly, it would seem. The fact is that every day the world mind continues in the unconscious grip of the materialist Gregorian program it goes deeper into a gridlock of the will, where voluntary change, a shifting of gears becomes virtually impossible.

  29. emsnews

    Hardrock, you, yourself, claimed the ‘state’ wants to control our children even as very little tots. I countered this with talk about how this is NOT TRUE AT ALL and the state, on the contrary, fights hard to NOT take in our children at all, indeed, despite the desperate need to have children in school all year like in Europe or Asia, we have these goofy immense vacations which are HELL for working mothers. Trust me on this.
    Then, you turn around and accuse me of wanting child care from the state! I said, it was EXPENSIVE and I, alone, had to shoulder the burden. Not only that, I sent one child to a PRIVATE SCHOOL because the public schools were bad. So I know all about private paying for things! Gads, do I know.
    About social systems: you imagine a nation with very poor people who get nearly nothing and very rich who have everything is great, move to Mexico, hire a huge number of guards to take your child to a private school and start praying.

  30. emsnews

    From ancient Egypt onwards, all governments that lasted more than a generation had ‘social reallocation systems’ which were varying forms of socialism. This is why ‘cities’ would grow, rapidly. The ATTRACTION of these systems is so immense, aliens will flood into a country providing it and this is why illegal aliens are so dangerous and why letting them in is so fatal to any social system.
    The US flood to the countryside vis a vis the exurb movement is due 100% to the US extending social care to the countryside at large, not just the cities. If this collapses, the suburb system will be the first, not the last, to die.

  31. Gary

    Hardrock……Again, please bend an ear to me arse (from Wikipedia)
    And “Graham” is the Sen from Florida not Texas, BTW.
    William Philip Gramm (born July 8, 1942, in Fort Benning, Georgia, USA) is a US politician, who has served as a Democratic Congressman (1978–1983), a Republican Congressman (1983–1985) and a Republican Senator from Texas (1985–2002). He was a senior economic adviser to John McCain’s presidential campaign from the summer of 2007 until July 18, 2008.
    Some economists state that the 1999 legislation spearheaded by Gramm and signed into law by President Clinton — the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act — was partly to blame for the 2007 subprime mortgage crisis and 2008 global economic crisis.[8][9] The Act is most widely known for repealing portions of the Glass-Steagall Act, which had regulated the financial services industry. Gramm responded to criticism of the act by stating that he saw “no evidence whatsoever” that the sub-prime mortgage crisis was caused in any way “by allowing banks and securities companies and insurance companies to compete against each other.”[10] The Act, it should be noted, passed the House by an overwhelming majority and passed by unanimous consent in the Senate, though it was introduced on the last day before Christmas holiday and never debated by either congressional body. [11]
    Again, this is not apologetics for Billy the “C” Clinton who was/is just
    as destructive to the finances of America as the Repugs.
    I dont think you can find anyone on the left anywhere that wants welfare
    as it was—except for health reasons. We want living wages and decent
    income along with decent health care and education. And if you are a gajillionaire, we want you in the 80pct tax bracket. You’ll still keep
    your mansion and a yacht but you’ll have to pay a living wage to your
    servants and gardeners, along with the captain that has more fun with
    your yacht than you ever will.

    Liberals wanted welfare to soothe their consciences by “throwing the
    folks a dime” and then forgetting them, and Conservatives just want them
    to crawl in a hole and die. Either way is bad for the country
    I really think you would be happy with a big white mansion with a lot
    of surrounding cotton fields. And then grip all day to your overseers about how, “You just cain’t faahnd good hep’ these days” Maybe when you
    retire you can become a docent at one of them and give tours.

  32. CK

    Time to get a wee bit personal here. I am well into my 60’s and suddenly ( within the last 60 days ) find myself in the clutches of the American Medical system. Specifically, I have been diagnosed with illiac artery blockages in both illiac arteries. One is 100% blocked by smaller feeder arteries are working so my leg hasn’t fallen off. The other is partially blocked. Sooooo after many and varied tests I am being offered a solution that basically pushes the plaque blocking my arteries back into the wall of the artery and inserts a stent to keep the walls expanded. Oh and of course a regimen of drugs. Now it strikes me that: The drugs will have to be taken for whatever remains of my life, and the plaque will still be in the arteries just pushed out of the way. Arterial plaque, tooth plaque, it’s all non-water soluble calcium compounds adhering to the arterial surface/tooth surface and then stuff ( chloresterol, platelets, food residue,etc.) adheres to the calcium base. So my question is: Is there not something that will dissolve the calcium and let the blockages disappear. I thought I was not a big calcium ingester, I dislike milk, don’t eat ice cream, not much of a cheese head ( rocquefort with scotch is an exception but rarely and affordable one ). But then I realize that almost every food I consumer has either calcium as part of its components ( meat, fish, veggies ) or as and additive for “Strong Bones and Teeth” ( we add it for the ankle biters of course). I like the idea of curing the situation. I dislike the idea of papering it over and consuming bunches of drugs to keep the blood thinned and the liver upset.
    Since I have been offered exactly one active option ( stents and ballons and life time drug use ) I am a bit miffed.
    Yes I realize this is way off topic but I am actually angry. The brain in we humans is mostly chloresterol and the medicos want me to take drugs that LOWER my chloresterol, i.e. reduce my brain. Now it might be argued that in my specific case a smaller brain would be an improvement. I would smile more, be more agreeable, watch more tv, re-subscibe to newspapers and maybe even take out a subscription to People and Us. Oh and if they can’t drill through the fully blocked artery to insert the ballon and stent, then they do have a second option… bypass surgery. Wonderful, you can’t clean out the pipes but you can jury rig a piping connection. I have always believed in the abstract that Doctors deserve as much consideration as any other mechanic. My exposure so far has not supported my previous belief.

  33. CK

    And back on topic: There is now a push to get consumer electronics companies to not by “Blood Mineral.” Tantalum alloys mined in the congo and necessary for your laptop, desktop, ipod, iphone, cellphone, flatscreen monitor and TV, in-home and in-car entertainment systems all use tantalum. Without it, consumer electronics would be only affordable by the monied elites. So naturally the push is on to stop CE companies from buying these alloys from the only cheap supplier. Why you ask? Well according to media planted stories, the alloys are mined by Children and women. Think of it as an African version of the Asian sweatshop ( where the CE items are put together or the sneakers are sewn) only outdoors and with black people doing the management and sales. Of course if the CE companies stop buying from this source several things will happen. The children and women will die because without income there is no way to feed them. The supply will come from sources owned by central asian and israeli interests instead of from black african interests and will be higher priced and much more amenable to political interference. The availability of CE items will be reduced and the retail price will rise. The african nations involved will suffer even more internal revolutions and possibly regime changes to some regime more amenable to US/Israeli interests. First it was Blood Diamonds, now it is Blood Minerals, what next Blood foods? There are many crops sewn, maintained and harvested with child/female labour. Most spices, coffee, cocoa use child labour to bring them to the world markets.

    @Elaine: The US flood to the exurbs was mainly due to the aftereffects of Brown vs and Board of Education, along with the availability of cheap land to build on and cheap gas to fuel the commute back to the workplace. In the abstract most folks think desegregation is a fine idea, in the specific most folks want their little ankle biters to not be the experimental subject of forced integration. So the “old neighbourhood” school was to no longer be allowed to reflect the makeup of the “old neighbourhood”, folks individually decided to find a “new neighbourhood.” The papers called it “white flight,” those that fled thought of it as a search for affordable quality education for their kidlets.

    @Hardrock: Probably not a profitable idea to agree with me. I am a cynic; which makes me one of the last of the romantics. I’ve worked for a few folks, but mostly just a self-employed nogoodnik. Never wanted to run anything bigger than myself. I measure my profitability by the amount of hours I can spend on my own leisure and relaxation.

  34. emsnews

    The cities were very polluted back then. I know, I lived there. The countryside was ‘clean’ and yes, there was ‘white flight’. But the degradation of our schools continues even in white suburbs. Compare ‘white’ statistics with ‘Asian’ statistics and you will see clearly, what is wrong.
    Cars and highway building made suburbs possible. Now, they will die. Cheap commuting will win over expensive cars in the long run. Extending rail to suburbs is hard to do. I used to own houses in NJ that were on a long rail line built by Wall Streeters back in 1895. They were able to have suburbs and mass transit. This is very unusual. Only around NYC, do we have these Victorian suburbs linked by trains, to NYC. Everywhere else, people used cars starting in 1910.

  35. CK

    The countryside is always clean unless you live downwind from a hograising operation, or next to a gravel pit, or downwind of a food farm durning spring manure spreading.
    I will agree that all the public school systems are rigourously degrading. I remember school in the early 60’s most of the teachers were male (80% in my school), most were ww2 vets and most were rigourous. Today there are way fewer male teachers. I suspect a causality as well as a correltation here.
    I too have read Kunsler and his prediction of the death of the suburb/exurb. I suspect that folks will create new businesses and services in the exurbs instead of just dying off. It is to my mind equally likely that the big urban agglomerations without connecting Victorian suburbs will die back.

  36. hardrock

    CK, There is a hell of a lot you can do. Most of which is much cheaper, more effective with considerably less side effects. The answer is…Chelation Therapy. There are numerous combination’s of natural medicines and juices that can help. It takes time to get in bad condition and it takes time to get out. The modern medical method is to promise a ‘quick fix’ but, in reality it is a slow death from the surgeries, drugs and more drugs followed by more surgery and more drugs…..a slow and miserable, mind altered slide to the poor house and the grave. I’ve owned nursing homes, had M.D.’s work for me, my daughter is a doctor, my partner in one business is in the medical field…all of us know what the motivation is….money $$$$$, more $$$$. The medical profession isn’t like the Fed….an outright scam…but, it is getting closer and closer. The big pharmaceutical companies run the teaching schools….what do you expect…something like ‘health care’? No, their business is ‘sick care’ and they damn well don’t want you to figure out how to take care of yourself. Good thing there are a few people in the profession who really give a damn or it would tip over into some form of Dr. Mengala’s experimental lab and ‘chop shop’….selling body parts and harvesting gold teeth.

    CK, check this out: ———————————- –

    Then do some serious investigating on your own. Acai berry juice, noni jucice, flax and fish oil. Literally hundreds of things to help….but time is something it takes…don’t expect any changes in less than 4 to 6 weeks…maybe even longer.[[

    Dr. Christian Wilde has a great book out to help people understand how to become ‘heart healthy’. Here is a link:

    Hope this helps…good luck.

  37. emsnews

    Yes, what we eat is what we become. Eat lots of veggies and fruits and exercise. Even so, we age. I worked outdoors most of my life and my right shoulder now has twinges of arthritis, for example. My lower back hurts, too. No surprise.
    Blood problems, though, are partially due to problems from eating too much animal fat, etc. Diet really matters. But now that you have it, getting rid of it is much harder. I wish you luck and take care of yourself.

  38. hardrock

    Gary, I could give some reading recommendations but I doubt it would help. Once a person falls into the ‘partisan’ well it is almost impossible to pull them out.

    You are like the half-assed bible believer who pretends he is in a supermarket checking out what is on the shelf; “Ah, that’s interesting, fits right into what I already believe, I’ll take that.” Then, he goes further down the isle and; “Oh, I can use that to beat up on somebody”…this goes in the ‘ammo’ department. Then; “Look at this! I don’t think that will fit in my lifestyle…better reject that.” I’ve just given you an idea of what you sound like, you and all other shallow, whining, dependent type who know nothing of where things come from ultimately…you are dependent on others to provide for you…infantile in your skills and knowledge and do not even know you ‘don’t know’. Smoke that for a while, Pal!

  39. Angela

    >>I’ve just given you an idea of what you sound like, you and all other shallow, whining, dependent type who know nothing of where things come from ultimately…you are dependent on others to provide for you…infantile in your skills and knowledge and do not even know you ‘don’t know’. Smoke that for a while, Pal!<<

    Hardrock, wasn’t it Hardrcok last week?
    If you are speaking for God, then you are making a great case for atheism, not to mention speaking from deep within the party-line partisan well yourself.

    CK, investigate green plants and fresh berries. I am very suspicious of statin drugs, but then again I’m an ingrate and don’t get down on my knees in praise of our military-industrial medical cartel.

  40. CK

    @Hardrock and @Angela. Thank you for the links. I shall look into the EDTA chelation stuff.
    Animal fat eh, Lard, tallow, schmaltz not major parts of my diet. ( Lard in pie crusts is mandatory but I only bake two or three pies a year ). Funny thing, the first thing they threw at me to take was a statin drug. The second thing was Plavix. And they ( the doctors ) sounded almost gleeful in telling me that Plavix was probably going to be a life long diet component. My BP was 122/60 before they told me that. I suspect it climbed a bit.

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