Obama and the gnomes had a secret meeting.  They came to tell him to lay off of their madcap activities and just hand over all the money so they can get richer, faster.  He begged them to understand, people are pissed as hell at these rapacious creatures.  They, in turn, snarled, they would not lend the taxpayer money they are borrowing if we insist on some form a control of their uncontrolled lusts and desires to get rich, faster, on our collective dime.  Of course, I wasn’t there to yell, ‘YOU ARE ALL UNDER ARREST FOR FRAUD AND TREASON.’  Nope.  Obama wants to placate the gnomes, not discipline them.  I am commenting on nearly the entire Bloomberg story because this clearly illustrates who owns Obama and why he can’t fix a damn thing.  And how arrogant, stupid and obnoxious the gnomes are when they are badgering someone they own.  They are spitting mad, the US voters want to interfere with their use of our money.


Obama Tells Bankers to Show ‘Restraint’ as He Seeks Their Help – Bloomberg.com

President Barack Obama told chief executive officers from some of the largest U.S. banks to “show some restraint,” even as he courted their support for his plans to stabilize the financial markets.

HAHAHA,  I swear, I am going to laugh to death.  Of course, not all that many people have seen the little video I made,  YouTube – Cave of Wealth and Death pt 2 All About Gnomes



If Obama watched this, he could then clearly see exactly what he is dealing with.  His bosses, the gnomes, are brutal.  And mono-minded.  For him to beg them to SHOW RESTRAINT is utterly foolish.  The sole reason they do the things they do is, they have NO RESTRAINT and want infinite wealth!  

This is why they can enter the Cave of Wealth and Death in the first place.  They see Libra at the door with Her scales and yell, ‘Out of my way, bitch!  I’m going in and I’m stealing everything!’  Then, they rush in and jump into the Goddess of Infinity’s lap.

At a White House meeting yesterday, some of the CEOs expressed concern to Obama about government efforts to right the economy, HAHAHA….I bet it went like this: ‘OMG!  DAMN YOU!  Stop trying to stop us!  We are unstoppable and if you don’t stop trying to stop us, we will….just remember Kennedy!’ —-even as they pledged to help him achieve that goal. Worries included repayment aspects of the federal bank-rescue program  —HAHAHA, they screamed, ‘What the hell?  You want us to REPAY the sheeple????  NO WAY IN HELL!’—and details of initiatives aimed at preventing future banking meltdowns, according to attendees.

Imagine that!  Initiatives that might prevent the gnomes from rushing into the Cave of Wealth and Death and having sex with the Goddess of Infinity?  Perish the thought!  They want to control these pesky ‘details’ so there are NO CONTROLS AT ALL.  They hate Libra and love Infinity.  This is why I use the stories of the Cave of Wealth and Death: it helps us understand the twisted psychology of the gnome community.

The president met at the White House with more than a dozen CEOS from banks including Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase & Co., John Mack of Morgan StanleyVikram Pandit of Citigroup Inc. and Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. as he sought backing for his plans and to move beyond furor over bank bailouts and bonuses. Obama said he challenged the executives to prove they understand the public’s anger and exercise “restraint.”

What the gnomes want is to use our own military to attack anyone in the US who dares to try to stop the gnomes and force an accounting and enforce sane banking laws.  They do NOT want sanity.  They want a police state where we pay all the losses and they get to stuff their pockets and take anything they want while giving out increasingly worthless paper money in return.  

And look at the list of pirates here!  Jamie Demon.  Mack the Knife.  Vikkie Pander.  And the supergnome, Blankenstein.  

“Show that you get that this is a crisis and everybody has to make sacrifices,” Obama, in an interview with CBS News later in the day, said he told them. “They agreed and they recognized it.  What they meant was, ‘make HUMAN sacrifices.’  And this meant to them, they must kill some people and terrorize the rest of us.  Watch out.  We know what happens next.  Now the proof of the pudding’s in the eating.”…

And guess who will eat shit?  Think the piratical gnomes are going to suffer for one second?  They are already suffering because they thought the new windows blasted into the US Treasury by Bernanke and Paulson would stay wide open and be just another wonderful looting locus.  Instead, strings are attached and they don’t like this one tiny bit. 

People at the meeting said the president and the executives agreed on the need to work together to get credit flowing through the markets again and dig the economy out of a recession. One of Obama’s main messages was that financial institutions will find themselves working under stricter rules unless they take steps themselves, several attendees said.

Obama threatened them?  HAHAHA.  This means, they will activate their servants who infest DC and who we imagine, represent the US public.  It is already painfully obvious, we need much stricter rules and furthermore, asking a bunch of greedy, piratical gnomes to supervise themselves is like asking a child to guard a cookie jar.

“Clearly, the president said: ‘Look you can help me by helping yourselves and moderating this behavior and bringing scale to this and making sense out of it so the administration doesn’t have to step in,’” said Camden Fine, president of the Washington-based Independent Community Bankers of America.

They always ‘help themselves’ to the cookie jar!  This is how they operate.  I know that any mother that begs brats to not raid the cookie jar, get absolutely nowhere if she doesn’t use some strong arm tactics.  We know that that is.

Yesterday’s meeting was called to mend a relationship that deteriorated amid anger on Capitol Hill and among taxpayers over bonuses paid to some employees at American International Group Inc., once the world’s largest insurer, which has been propped up with $182.5 billion in government funds.

HAHAHA!  The gnomes want Obama to grovel.  So he did this a little bit while pleading with these monsters to behave themselves, PRETTY PLEEEEAAASE and maybe they can all go out and have ice cream later, OK?

The CEOs and administration officials called the 75-minute meeting a candid dialogue. It was a “very frank, open conversation,” Robert Kelly of New York-based Bank of New York Mellon Corp., told reporters afterward. “Our interests are very much aligned with the administration.”

Good grief. What this means is, Obama CONSPIRED with them.  They just destroyed the ENTIRE ECONOMIC SYSTEM OF THE ENTIRE PLANET EARTH and he wants to be ‘aligned’ with these creatures?  

While AIG wasn’t discussed by name, according to Fine, Obama emphasized the importance of “recognizing what the American public is going through in this economic crisis,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said.

In other words, Americans are losing jobs, committing suicide, going insane and dying.  While the gnomes still roll in obscene amounts of wealth.

“Several of the bankers indicated, ‘yes, we understand the public’s anger,’”Edward Yingling, president of the American Bankers Association, said in an interview after the meeting.

Yingling also said the bankers came to the discussion with their own issues.

These include concern about the vilification of Wall Street, negative comments about the economy and shifting rules, according to Yingling and other attendees.

The brats want us to stop talking about them?  HAHAHA.  I will still call them gnomes and demand, they be arrested.  This isn’t internal, either.  Since they operated in international waters, these pirates should be arrested, tried and hung.  Drawn and quartered, too, for that matter.  After all, they support torture.

As for shifting rules: who were the creeps who shifted the rules from being ones that worked to rules that were useless?  The banking gnomes!  They are scared, these old rules will return!  They want no rules, they hate Libra and her rules.

There’s a need for “consistency from the government so we don’t feel we are getting jerked all around,” he said. “We need people to be talking more confidently and not talking everything down all the time.”





THEY are getting jerked around????  After jerking around the entire planet and wrecking everything while they rushed off madly to snatch as much money as possible?  This clearly shows, these arrogant monsters are not humbled even slightly.  How on earth can anyone ‘talk more confidently’ when we are rushing over a cliff and falling into this immense ZIRP black hole?  Eh?  Try talking confidently!  


‘Hey!  We are falling off a cliff!  Oh well, we are now weightless!  Whoopee!’  how’s that for talking confidently?  Alas, when everything is going ‘down’ we can’t say, ‘it is going UP!’


Madoff Liquidator Says $2.6 Billion Will Pay Victims of Fraud – Bloomberg.com

 The agency liquidating Bernard Madoff’s brokerage says the $2.6 billion it has on hand is enough to satisfy all legitimate claims by victims of the money manager’s $65 billion Ponzi scheme.

The Securities Investor Protection Corp. is using a formula that investors may challenge in court. The agency has the money in an industry-financed fund and from recovered assets to reimburse Madoff’s 5,000 customers to the maximum allowed by its charter, Stephen Harbeck, SIPC president, said in an interview.

The SIPC has $1.6 billion in a fund designed to reimburse customers as much as $500,000 on lost investments, plus $1 billion recovered by brokerage trusteeIrving Picard from Madoff firm bank accounts and desk drawers, Harbeck said.

Madoff’s funds always went up and up and up.  Even though it was 100% fraud.  Like the crooks who met with Obama yesterday to give him his latest orders—‘Get rid of those peasants and make them shut up!’—Madoff charmed everyone, as he picked pockets.  Everyone thought, they would get real rich, hanging out with him.  They got poorer.

Some Madoff investors are up in arms about SIPC’s decision, announced by Picard at a Feb. 20 creditors’ meeting, to limit victim claims to “net equity” — cash invested minus sums taken out. That formula ignores profit reported on customer brokerage statements for the past 20 years, gains that were fictitious because Picard found no evidence Madoff had made any trades or profits going back decades.

Even though there were NO INVESTMENTS, they want the ‘return’ on their money that they got via fraud.  Not realistic returns, they want the FANTASY returns.  There is a problem with all this: there was no money in the first place.  So they can’t recover money that never existed.  They all have to chalk this up to the harsh school of experience. I have lost immense amounts of money in the past, and I didn’t cry about it.  This is life!


After all, we can and do lose the most valuable thing on earth: our own lives.  Not to mention, loved one’s lives.  That is all that matters, in the end.  Anyway, they trusted a con man.  They can collectively sue the US government for not protecting them.  But this means, voting into office, people who protect us, not protect con men, pirates and gnomes.  


So far, I see voters voting for the protectors of con men, not us.  Political agitation for cleaning up the financing of elections is a major task.

Customers paid taxes on those phantom profits and “legitimately expected” that they owned the securities listed in official brokerage statements, said Helen Chaitman, a Madoff victim and lawyer with Phillips Nizer LLP who is advising 350 investors in the fraud without charge.

If they paid taxes on phantom incomes, they should get a full refund.  This is fairly easy to do.  But to demand the full return on fictitious returns is unreasonable.  Capitalism is all about using capital to recycle into the system to support new enterprises, etc.  If no money flowed into the system to ‘grow’ something else, it was not growing.  So they have to accept this and realize, there is no free lunches here.


On the other hand, the demoralizing sight of a bunch of spoiled brat gnomes demanding bonuses for doing a terrible job, grates even more.  They expect to always be rewarded, even as they create losses! They are every bit as much, a bunch of cons and frauds, as Madoff:



Goldman Sachs Funds Paid $49.6 Million to Top Executives in ‘08 – Bloomberg.com

 Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s top 10 executives received $49.6 million from their investments in hedge funds and private equity funds during 2008, more than most of them earned in compensation after agreeing to forgo bonuses.

See? Up or down, they are rewarded.  They screw everything up, they want petting, loving and lots of loot.

Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein’s $1.1 million in total compensation was dwarfed by the $11.3 million he received in profits and other income from his fund investments, the New York-based company’s proxy filing showed. Co-President Gary Cohn’s $3.7 million in pay contrasts with $7.4 million in fund income, the filing showed.

This is why they hate paying taxes.  The richer they are, the more they hate sharing.  In general, they despise public responsibilities.  This is for the little people who not only get to pay all the taxes, but clean up all the gnome spit and throw-up after the gnomes party.  

While the payouts pale in comparison with Blankfein’s record-setting $67.9 million bonus for 2007, they illustrate that top executives had other sources of income at the sixth- biggest U.S. bank by assets. Two of the executives, Co-President Jon Winkelried and Co-General Counsel Gregory Palm, sold fund stakes back to the firm to raise money in the last four months of the year rather than sell stock in a rocky market.

Just like Madoff gave his ugly brats and himself and hausfrau, hundreds of millions in illicit loot, these guys are not happy unless they get immense sums, too.  The numbers are obscene.  This is why we must tax the very rich.  If they can reward themselves, they will do so, to the nth degree.  If they feel, the government will take some of this loot, they are less motivated to steal stuff.

“Stock sales would easily have covered their liquidity requirements but given the turbulent market conditions, we, and they, were concerned that such sales would be misconstrued by the market as indicating a lack of confidence in Goldman Sachs,” said Lucas van Praag, a spokesman. “It was clearly in the long-term interests of the organization and our shareholders that we purchase these interests.” Goldman Sachs bought the holdings after consulting with the board, he said.

HAHAHA!  The gnomes wanted to dump their stock.  But this means, filing with the SEC.  Even toothless, this requirement exposes the gnomes to examination.  So, if they are lying and they lie all the time, and claim, all is well, we can look at SEC filings to see if the jerks are selling off their own stocks, exiting as fast as possible.  

Palm, 51, raised $38.3 million in cash, while Winkelried, 49, garnered $19.7 million, the proxy showed. Palm’s sale represented 25 percent of his total investments in the funds and Winkelried’s was 30 percent, said van Praag.

This is another regulation the gnomes would dearly love to kill.  They hate any regulations. They either make the regulations toothless or they run the regulators or they simply void any laws restricting their nefarious activities.  And this means, giving money to politicians.  






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  1. MCC

    The ancestor of all humans is the rat. Long before primates existed, there were rodents, and they eventually diverged into all the mammalian species that ever existed. Humans are essentially overgrown rats. There is no way to reform a rat. A rat is a rat, and that is that. Its nature is to consume and breed until there is no more food left to consume. A silo filled with grain and just two rats in it will quickly become a silo filled with nothing but thousands of dead rats and a pile of shit. The only thing that keeps rats in check are snakes, raptors and disease. Right now the world is in need of Godzilla-sized snakes, and hawks the size of Rodan.

  2. hgkrebs

    Hi Elaine, Just catching up on your site and feel you should check out Karl Denninger’s latest also. http://market-ticker.denninger.net/archives/910-Whats-Disturbing-About-The-Truth.html. I would do a tiny url but need to go about spring yard work. Good video, and catching a lot of flack from Obama.

  3. This may be repetitive, but Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone article is perfect.

    I despair that Obama is acquiescing to Geithner and the Morgan/Goldman mob.


  4. payAttention

    ” Who on earth, wants a degree in computer tech fields today? It is expensive and suicidal.”

    I do not know the perspective of college age children, where I defer to your expertise. However a long time buddy who has been running Merry Grinch’s servers for the last nine years has been unemployed since September. He has been hiding it from his wife and young children. The one possible job offer he had is significantly less than his unemployment check. The thundering herd has been put out to pasture. So what do you think of that?

  5. nah

    id agree… these gnome bastards get paid to create official U.S. Public Defecits… is that a crime
    with a cherry on top

  6. PLovering

    Bill Moyers great with Second American Revolution

  7. openlyhidden

    “…a long time buddy who has been running Merry Grinch’s servers for the last nine years has been unemployed since September. He has been hiding it from his wife and young children. The one possible job offer he had is significantly less than his unemployment check…”
    life does significently suck. hahhahahaha! did i ever mention my two year degree in computer programming too! and i have accumulated like 300 or more regular college credit hours too all leading nowhere to dead ends as i searched for truth.
    in the 1980’s “farm crisis”, the government usa was paying farmers to be “retrained” so i took computer programming at local jc. when i had to finally make a decision if i wanted to take a job sitting in an insurance main office in the capital city shoulder to shoulder with other data entry newbys i instead planted what was my last crop of soybeans. said fuck it. took bankrupcy. refused to go away, kept my family and got back my farm and etc. over the next 20 years. now i am reasonably rich and my future still is ahead of me….no matter if the gnomes fall or not i think. meanwhile, as far as i know, no one, NOT ONE person in my computer programming “class” is working with computers. if i had taken the computer programming job, i would have been fired at least 10 years ago at best and would be divorced and not a penny to my name probably without a place to live even. do not depend on anyone for any reason. do not depend especially on anyone for any reason.
    still, i did get myself a very nasty prison-type tattoo on the very day of the bottom of the 1980’s farm crisis….in a biker strip joint at closing time. i look at it now and then to remember. ex-cons approve of it anyway. and now for the 3rd day of the last 4 days, i have had myself a nice “run” which at close to 300 isn’t easy at my age. 3 miles or more through my fields dressed in my northern knee boots and bib overalls and i positively swoon and pass out for a couple of hours afterwards, but know what, i can feel myself coming back already. ha! HA! tell your friend not to drink too much and take it like a man i.e get some vasaline. life can go on….or not.

  8. if

    The Road to Hell
    “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero.”

  9. Gary

    Another way to look at debt is to see it as “borrowing against the future”.
    Our mis-leaders think that the future will be much like the present or immediate
    past. They have no understanding of history, as time can be viewed as “punctuated
    equilibrium”–mostly steady evolution with huge earthquakes every so often. Jay Gould a famous evolutionary biologist came up with this phrase and concept of evolution mostly proceeding by huge leaps and bounds followed by long steady states instead of the older type concept of evolution which was steady increases in change. When the perception of “the future” changes, the worth of the debt increases or decreases. If we kept our regulators in a low level state of fear
    concerning the future, some of these bubbled economic problems would’nt have
    happend. But, as so many bumper stickers years ago said, “No Fear” So we
    kept upping the ante and lengthening the bungie cord for the bridge jumpers.
    Derivatives were the equivalent of “No Fear Gear” which was featured in a lot
    of outdoor sporting shops.
    “The Only Feah We Have is Lack of Feah Itself” …….Kermit Roosevelt

  10. nah

    Ron paul is tha’ man… if we let free markets go at this problem wholesale its over in 3mo and its all up from there

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  12. openlyhidden

    i hope some great writers are paying attention to all of this that happened. 15 years ago our form of destruction wasn’t even born yet. all the worry about what could have went wrong, and instead it was “sophisticated financial products” that ruined the world. worth more than the entire planet in what….12 or 13 years? hahahahahha! nobody would ever believe this. who says god has no sense of humor!

  13. mind control

    How much Obama can speak for himself ?
    if you research the subject for yourself you will understand better.
    ELAINE: Makow is crazy. And the allegations of these females is TOTALLY unsubstantiated by any evidence. Believe it or not, people can and do lie. All the time. It is easy to do.

  14. openlyhidden

    mind control, that is quite an article by henry makow. i had forgotten all about henry. i quit reading him because what he was claiming was so completely utterly outlandish. now? well…

  15. openlyhidden

    Henry -like him or not believe him or not – successfully connects the dots between mankinds deliberate cultural degradation and moral bankruptcy with our eventual political enslavement….which if we actually have the appearance of “choice” in our elections, what can that be called except an appearance….an illusion of freedom and eventually we are quite deluded about who and what we really are.
    i quit reading henry a couple of years ago because he seemed so … preposterous. now he doesn’t seem laughable at all. i am surprised the powers have let henry be for so long. i would have thought henry would have disappeared long ago.
    maybe it would be better to try to become rich as possible and hopefully then be useful to the illuminatti rather than no use at all. maybe? must i always be pissing into the wind?

  16. openlyhidden

    as if my mind weren’t boggled enough….henry. so do 95% of the people really want to be led and not want to actually know the reality of things? the same “reality” has been seen and known since pre-history. you would have to be deliberately distorting this for the powers or else really, really close-mindedly stupid not to see this. so what else can the fact, the undisputable fact, that the root of all the religions is the same be. the root that all the masters see then is deliberately changed into a useful religion by power and their priests. but that does not affect the fact that the root is always the same. who could not notice this? who wouldn’t think this was the most important truth in their lives? and yet here we still are, closed minded, sensation seeking slaves caught up in another gross distortion. boggled is what i am by all this.

  17. openlyhidden

    maybe the cycle of degeneration begins innocently enough with the assumption that “thou shalt not kill” does not mean we can’t eat meat and goes from there. i can see how populations could be controlled and manipulated by powers authority systematically removing the cultural prohibitions of various forbidden or disapproved of behavior to keep the population distracted and titillated while they are being turned into bottom feeding slaves of absolutely zero value or use to anyone, including themselves. i think that is the story of my generation really and this inevitably would end up with a generation of completely sensation seeking, self-centered, egoistic, amoral predators at the top of our societal food chain. mankows illuminatti conspiracy or not.

  18. openlyhidden

    and of course after awhile, who would even care as we enjoy our mental orgasms and accept there is no meaning to our lives.
    surely, surely this is the ultimate word i am capable of about this and can go about my business now! did i leave anything out i doubt it.

  19. rockpaperscizzors

    Golden child Obama needs to grow up and get a new set of ‘friends.’ And he should start by taking a trip to North Dakota:

    Motherjones.com: How the Nation’s Only State-Owned Bank Became the Envy of Wall Street
    The Bank of North Dakota is the only state-owned bank in America

    the Bank of North Dakota, with its $4 billion under management, has avoided the credit freeze by “creating its own credit, leading the nation in establishing state economic sovereignty.” Mother Jones spoke with the Bank of North Dakota’s president, Eric Hardmeyer.

    Mother Jones: How was the bank formed?

    Eric Hardmeyer: It was created 90 years ago, in 1919, as a populist movement swept the northern plains. Basically it was a very angry movement by a large group of the agrarian sector that was upset by decisions that were being made in the eastern markets, the money markets maybe in Minneapolis, New York, deciding who got credit and how to market their goods. So it swept the northern plains. In North Dakota the movement was called the Nonpartisan League, and they actually took control of the legislature and created what was called an industrial program, which created both the Bank of North Dakota as a financing arm and a state-owned mill and elevator to market and buy the grain from the farmer. And we’re both in existence today doing exactly what we were created for 90 years ago. Only we’ve morphed a little bit and found other niches and ways to promote the state of North Dakota.

    MJ: What makes your bank unique today?

    EH: Our funding model, our deposit model is really what is unique as the engine that drives that bank. And that is we are the depository for all state tax collections and fees. And so we have a captive deposit base, we pay a competitive rate to the state treasurer. And I would bet that that would be one of the most difficult things to wrestle away from the private sector—those opportunities to bid on public funds.
    But that’s only one portion of it. We take those funds and then, really what separates us is that we plow those deposits back into the state of North Dakota in the form of loans. We invest back into the state in economic development type of activities. We grow our state through that mechanism.

    MJ: Clearly other banks also invest their deposits. Is the difference that you are investing a larger portion of that money into the state’s own economy?

    EH: Yeah, absolutely. …..
    MJ: Would states with your model have any new tools to get out of the credit crisis?

    EH: Let me put it to you another way and tell you another thing that we do. We also provide a dividend back to the state. Probably this year we’ll make somewhere north of $60 million, and we will turn over about half of our profits back to the state general fund. And so over the last 10, 12 years, we’ve turned back a third of a billion dollars just to the general fund to offset taxes or to aid in funding public sector types of needs.

    MJ: Not bad for a state with a population of 600,000…………..

  20. nah

    Geithner won’t say if more bailout money needed
    love the plan… its more or less how we got here… so plan A right… over promise under deliver to save the banks, so that credit will be available for small business and consumers… but isnt there alot of bad credit out there imean, look at the banks, there awash with terrible credit
    so then he must be saying its all up from here… and thats the plan

  21. PLovering

    The Guy Fawkes Blog trashes British Political Correctness.

  22. openlyhidden

    no is not my last word. the only way things make sense to me is if this is how things are supposed to be. i.e. “evil” is not a mistake. and we and all of creation actually deliberately is meant to be a dog eat dog world on purpose for whatever reasons. i know the “religions” are convinced we need a priest or at least a “living master” to get the hell out of dodge so to speak but that makes no sense since this knowledge commonly manifests itself in unfortunate wimpy “sensitive” people spontaneously. probably this insistence on “masters” is just job security. and eating meat? wtf. this world is nothing but eating each other. this is what animals do. and “sin” and “evil”? wtf again. the point of this has to be that we all get to experience being the big fish in our little pond and ruling the place taking what sensation we want. and after awhile, once we become sick enough individually of living like the family in a rob zombie film, well then there is always this common way out of stopping playing “creation” and returning to god or whatever you want to call where we and creation came from. until then, maybe there is no reason not to “go all in” and try and “get some” for ourselves too. sort of a heavenly sport or something. but more than likely, when we return, we bring back something with us that our creator wants and needs from all this pain and suffering and struggle.
    now, NOW i am surely done with this crap and can happily go about the rest of my business. in other words, even the masters lie to us. so i guess “do as thou wilt”? why not? since the social contract seems to be breaking for us right now? enjoy be horrified and eat it all down. the end….SURELY. i am sorry to be doing this but i had no choice i think.

  23. openlyhidden

    and i will now delete this website adn leavy you good people alone i promise.

  24. mind control

    Dont jump to a conclusion without spending time into research.
    Too many separate sources through the years give the same information.
    To explain this with lies equals to imagine a new conspiracy.
    Who is behind it ?
    Make as few assumptions as possible.
    Remember Occams’ razor?
    These links are just examples you would find allot more for yourself.

  25. Something not very nice is going on here…
    Then this…
    And this…
    Somebody making some money from it?.

  26. emsnews

    People are desperate to believe many strange things and this is heavily exploited. This way, they get lost and confused and OVERWHELMED. So they don’t go after things they can go after. This form of sprinkling fairy dust is quite effective. Elevating our opponents to the level of great power means, we become helpless. This is why ‘conspiracy’ web sites are not healthy.
    Sounds odd because there ARE conspiracies! And some are important to note and watch. But all the add-ons I see all over the place are destructive. Just like, thinking that these guys wanted a meltdown, for example. No, they don’t, not even slightly. They love the status quo. Why wreck it?
    As for mysterious sex stories: people love to talk about sex. I talk about sex. But as far as I am concerned, outside of joking about the gnomes or the gods having sex, it is pretty stupid to worry about this.

  27. anonymous


    Take the commenter’s advice and do some research.

    As you make reference to “many strange things” again think about the poster’s advice regarding Occam’s Razor.

    Also, as far as these “guys” wanting a meltdown, why is it safe to assume that the “guys” you are referring to are the only powers in play?

    At least read Brice Taylor’s book: http://tiny.cc/Wk6Ls

    Before deciding that it is “stupid to worry about this”, carefully consider the ramifications in proportion to the percentage likelihood of truth. Always remember Occam’s Razor.

    What are the chances of a future golf phenomenon being discovered at the age of three and presented on nationwide tele by Bob Hope?

    We know that the Holocaust happened. What logical explanation is there for the atrocities committed by Mengele?

    If there is even the remotest chance that any of the human rights violations being alleged are ongoing then arguably human extinction is not too great a price to pay to right this wrong.

    Far from being “stupid to worry about this”, I think the mind control issue may be the most important issue we could possibly contemplate. Much more pressing than mere banking and financial matters, for example.

  28. emsnews

    Mind control: 2 methods….
    family influence
    public propaganda
    To do mysterious mind control is poor since the best and strongest forms of mind control are when the subject BRAINWASHES HIM OR HERSELF. Now, people think I am crazy when I talk about personal brain washing but the fact is, the internet actually facilitates this process.
    You are given a menu to flip through. You start choosing various items. Slowly but surely, you end up gravitating towards certain things like a moth to a flame.
    Because you think you ‘control’ things, you think, ‘I am not being brainwashed,’ even as the washing machine sloshes along. I am not an outsider peering inside the machine, I am an insider looking outside.
    I find, when I tell true stories that are really mysterious and strange, people get mad at me and deny what I say which is why I don’t say much. What’s the point? It hits the ‘propaganda’ wall and this is why I say, ‘No one believes me.’ On the other hand, bizarre and goofy stories coughed up by people who have NO PROOF AT ALL…are accepted if they have certain traditional ‘witch’ elements.
    The midnight sex orgies with powerful people, just for example. When we look at these tales, we notice they are remarkably like the testimony [also without evidence] at witch trials 400 years ago.
    As for the ruling elites: they come in all sizes, shapes, religions, political pasts and ethnic groups. They are NOT always the same…except for a very few oddball examples such as the Emperor of Japan and the Queen of England. Both coming from families going back 1,000 years or rule.
    Notice, I go after both. The thing to keep in mind at all times is to locate what is really important and throw aside the goofy stuff. For example, I mock sex a lot but the sex stuff is secondary. Watch what these people do with the things that matter which is paper stuff: laws, paper money, wills, deeds to land, certifications, wedding contracts, corporation contracts, and the accounting books.
    Littered throughout these are clues as to who owns what, who controls whom and who is a dynasty. There are dynasties, of course. Look at the miserable Bush dynasty! Look at the Rothschield dynasty! There are many such that are interlocking yet they come and go. Example: the Churchills: rose high in Queen Anne’s favor, like a distant uncle of mine, Sir Richard Steele, the Churchills then moved about the Throne for three hundred years and then, due to drinking, carelessness and lack of reproductive skills [you need LOTS of children for dynastic survival!] have now petered out.
    The family trees are tremendous fun for tracking activity over hundreds of years. People move in and out of the ruling class over and over again, sometimes, falling totally out of it and then shooting back up into it. It isn’t a conspiracy of ‘like minded people’ versus us.
    They are struggling like HELL to best each other! And they have very nasty internal battles. And total unknown peasants can exploit this and rise to the top. And if they wish to stay there, must cultivate financial and intellectual skills so they can keep their hard-won position. It is a very slippery glass mountain, the upper classes are not stable at all and can even totally collapse. They fear this a lot but again, no one really listens to me.

  29. emsnews

    OK: I looked at that Brice book. She sounds crazy. She obviously has many issues with the difference between her imagination and the real world. Note the lack of real details.

    For example, I was raped at 5 years. I buried the memory but remembered the sound of the prop plane that flew slowly past while it happened. Luckily, the rapist confessed, to my total shock because he confessed when I knew not anything at all except that one detail.

    Children who have real traumas have the same sort of memory process. They don’t have the sort of story telling this woman has.

  30. emsnews

    By the way, anyone who is a girl and has sex at a young age, usually has physical problems. For example, my plumbing downstairs had to be repaired three times in surgery. Very, very painful situation. I associated that part of my body with extreme pain.
    Seriously, that crazy woman’s book pisses me off more and more, as I think about it. And read her bizarre story about her brothers and father doing satanic rituals: pure 1650 fun! She must have referred to previous records for details.

  31. Angela

    OH, don’t delete this website! As far as I’m concerned, you are the EPITOME of the productive class right now- your work produces tangible, edible goods; provides work for yourself and your family and enables your own self-suffiency. With that resume, why ever would YOU, of all people, allow the elite mind games to wear on you like this? You have it all over the developers and schemers of ponzi’s, CDS’s, mortgage bubbles, arms and drug dealings, etc. – those are the parasites that need shaking off of the people like you, yet you are sounding like you have forgotten who you are!

    And I am with Elaine in that the worse trap you can ever get in is to permit yourself despair or to feel overwhelmed by a hideous, ruthless, death-dealing dark ever powerful cabal. The fear factor is exactly what the creepiest among them want and the real truth is that they give YOU not one moment of time, trouble or energy- why would you feed their warped little perception of power with your fear and despair and not use your time for YOU or in tangible ways to protest or expose their hypocrisy and lies?
    They are a small percenatage of “humanity”. And all of humanity shares the tendency to do hideous evil to one another under the guise of love and goodness, so probably the bulk of one’s work should start right there. Most women aren’t molested or abused in Satanic ritual abuse, but right at the hands of family acquaintances or a date with the wrong person. Huge numbers of women and children around the world have always had very true tales to tell involving sexual predation and not all of it stems from an evil cabal of elitists.

    On the Rigorous Intuition website right now there is a discussion going on about a new TV show, maybe its called Dollhouse?, supposedly a similar premise to this same business of Monarch slaves. Its either a huge Psy-Op,”hiding the truth in plain sight”, or the whole thing may be bogus, which possibility is being discussed there too. But it’s intersting that the discussion turned up in both places today.
    ELAINE: Slave societies do rape and abuse small children. Slavery is horrible. The guy in Austria did enslave his daughter and lock her in his nuclear bomb shelter. But royals, etc, presidents and rock stars, movie stars, etc, don’t need this. They have an army of GROUPIES who can’t wait to jump into any celebrities’ beds for free just so they can BOAST about it. That stupid book is one, long, groupie fantasy.

  32. nah

    Terribly sad story about your childhood emsnews… but you rock so that rox… reality is exhausting always changing… life is intense for most everyone and i hope this shines on humanity to a better future
    dont steal and keep your word things should look up

  33. Gary

    All this Illuminati Sex talk is s***house lunacy of the highest degree.
    It would all be humorous as hell if it weren’t so ocassionaly destructive to innocent (and mostly poor) people. To get sidetracked for a second, most of the witches and warlocks hanged or drowned in Puritan days were the poor. Wealthier citizens of John Winthrops Theocracy always got off the witchcraft rap. Poor lonely women almost always got the rap, or misfits that couldnt make it down to Roger Williams’ Rhode Island fast enough.
    Anyhow, just recently we had accusations of demonic ritual abuse in Wenatchee
    Wa, a small city on the desert side of the Cascade mnts. We had the sex, the witches flying thru the air, and the strange rituals. The sheriff, a religious fundamentalist, went bezerko and had at one time almost 70/80 people up on
    the rap of sexual abuse. Everybody from Preachers to Orchard pickers were
    accused. Most everybody eventually got off the hook. The people convicted,
    just like in Salem days, were poor and developmentally disadvantaged.
    Ditto for the North Carolina day care sex trials which was a worse example yet.
    People under stress and thru social hysterias, can develop “induced memories”.
    I saw a great bumper sticker on a car recently: It said, “Dont Believe Everything
    You Think”……. Ha ha.

  34. emsnews

    And what about the daycare center in LA? Secret tunnels and strange rituals? And the poor women were convicted of sex crimes! As the survivor of a real sex crime, I wish my assaulter went to prison but he didn’t. He did die very suddenly after we accidentally met and he blurted out the truth to me. I was utterly stunned by the whole thing.
    There are real crimes and then there are fake crimes. This is why we require real evidence, not hysteria. And although the guy who ruined my childhood [I literally had fierce physical pain and had to have surgery done!] got away, ‘free’, he dreaded Libra so much, he was weeping as he confessed. Still, he had to deal with Her at the Gates of Death and as far as I am concerned, I am content about that. She is relentless when it comes to forcing people to face their own messes.

  35. anonymous


    Well, we’ll never have any “evidence” if there is no investigation. That’s the job of law enforcement, not victims.

    You argument that “royals, etc, presidents and rock stars, movie stars, etc, don’t need this” is completely immaterial to the allegations: namely that mind controlled slaves are used in covert ops.

    Also, your reasoning is countered by the allegations that the need for security preludes certain individuals from indulging with just anyone.

    So when you say, “she sounds crazy”, I can’t prove you are necessarily wrong, but so far you haven’t presented any logic that supports that conclusion.

    It sounds to me like you are biased towards that conclusion and are engaging in rationalization to justify the bias, rather than pursuing objective reasoning.

    Suppose I told you that I had personal contact with aliens from another planet.

    Could you please describe the reasoning process you would employ to evaluate the likelihood that my claim has any merit?

  36. CK

    Have you noticed the recent spate of women teachers being arrested for having sex with their underage students? Dozens of arrests in the last year. I suspect this is just the current working out of the old adage: “get em young, train em right.” I believe that in more eloquent terms that is the Jesuit motto also. And speaking of catholics, they have a new pervert Newt Gingrich ( all of whose prior sins have now been manumitted ).

  37. anonymous

    Oh, and the allegations asserted by these alleged victims (and there are several) are based on recovered memories, supposedly.

    So, the question is not: are all events presented necessarily a factual reality?

    But rather, is there enough smoke to warrant investigating the possibility of a fire?

  38. emsnews

    RECOVERED MEMORIES ARE OFTEN FRAUDS. They are no longer allowed in courts due to the high level of fantasy involved. I would think everyone knew this by now.

  39. emsnews

    The entire ‘recovered memory’ stuff was a hoax from day one. Psychiatrists have known for a long, long time that people have this thing I call ‘The Dream World’ and they don’t really remember their dreams [for example, I had six distinct dreams last night that were of varying length, one was very long and involved] so when they remember stuff, they think these were real when they were DREAMS. Dreams are very revealing, of course. They show our DESIRES and many females want to be the sex slave of FAMOUS PEOPLE they see ON TV. TV is very much a dream-conduit.
    The narrative I read briefly of that female was both laughable and disgusting at the same time. I thought everyone would see how silly she is when she imagined she went to Disneyland in LA and was raped. Gads. The entire story stinks in so many ways. Take her with a MOUNTAIN of salt and a few thousand fishes, too.

  40. anonymous

    I notice you didn’t answer my question regarding the alien encounter.

    Regardless of whether the memories themselves are allowed in courts for whatever reason, there are other ways to ascertain if any of the alleged crimes are true.

    Honestly, you don’t know for example, that Ms. Taylor wasn’t raped at Disneyland, for example. Your statement is 100% assumption.

    One alleged victim claims to have been raped by Dick Cheney and tortured in a hunting game. That claim was made in 1995. She described his genitals as being grotesquely oversized, for example. There is one detail that can be verified. We know Dick Cheney has no qualms about casually strolling off to dinner after shooting a ‘friend’ in the face. We also know that Dick Cheney was actively involved in trying to legalize torture.

    Also, I notice that there are no defamation lawsuits pertaining to any of these alleged victims’ publications.

    And then there is the interesting Tiger Woods/Bob Hope coincidence.

    There are a lot of murky facts around the JonBenet Ramsey matter.

    There is a very interesting 2007 Documentary about Bobby Kennedy’s murder that discusses the questions of mind control raised at the trial. Also, a recently discovered audio tape of the assassination proves that Sirhan could not have been the sole killer, according to evidence presented in a recent update.
    I repeat: the question is not: are all events presented necessarily a factual reality? But rather, is there enough smoke to warrant investigating the possibility of a fire?
    That fire being complicity at the highest levels of government in torture/mind control experimentation.
    Apparantly the Germans couldn’t/wouldn’t believe/investigate that Mengele et.al., was involved in the same thing we are discussing here.
    I am not saying that Brice’s or any other testimony is proof of anything. I am merely saying that it is not reasonable to assume that there are necessarily no truthful allegations contained in any of the research that has been published on this subject.

  41. Angela

    Elaine, not all recovered memories are fake. I know a woman who was the daughter of a military commander who was a successful occupational therapist, married to a millionaire businessman and spontaneously recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse by her father in her 40’s. Her husband and two kids stood by her subsequent years of tortured mess. She sold nothing and had absolutely NOTHING to gain and everything to lose by having this happen. Fortuantely 10 years later, she’s whole again.
    There are MANY apologists for supposed “consensual sex” with children.
    Read NAAMBLA, lots of Satanic websites brag that their families are beyond such distinctions and clearly the sex rings that are all over the far east and Belgium are not all populated by sexual “deviants” and pediophiles.

  42. Bubba

    Any gnomes reading this?

    I can be bought, pay me $1,000,000 in gold and I will stop bitching about you on the internet!

    Just reply to this post with your offer and contact info.

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