The Freedom Tower in NYC isn’t a Freedom Tower anymore.  It is going to be called ‘The World Trade Center’ and so far, the ONLY tenants who have signed leases are… the Chinese!  HAHAHA.  And there is a big push in the ‘liberal’ media to back Obama’s crazy imperial wars.  He is doubling the war in Afghanistan, expanding it into Pakistan, threatening Iran and of course, continuing the insane and cruel Cuba embargo which is a crime in itself.  More of the same old same old stuff.

Owners drop Freedom Tower name for new WTC skyscraper –

The agency that owns the space where the World Trade Center towers stood is freeing itself of the term “freedom” to describe the signature skyscraper replacing the buildings destroyed on September 11, 2001.

The change from Freedom Tower was revealed Thursday at a news conference where the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced the signing of the first commercial lease in the building to a Chinese company. The building is expected to be completed in late 2013….

The entire business of the Freedom Tower was stupid from day one.  First off, after 9/11, we lost significant freedoms.  Our Constitution was shredded.  Our politicians passed draconian laws without reading the text.  There was little to no debate.  The GOP prevented debate.

Then, the American people voted for ‘change’.  But did the Democrats reduce ‘executive’ power?  No, they pretty much kept all the anti-Constitutional aspects of the Bush coup.  We are living in a fascist regime with two parties who serve the same masters: the very wealthy internationalists.

Notice who will be occupying the Freedom Tower?  The Chinese communists!  This is beyond hilarious.  It is a historic moment.  It shows who has the real freedom and who is the servant.

Mary Fetchet, founding director of Voices of September 11th, a group that commemorates the lives of those killed in the attack, said she was not familiar with the decision made by the Port Authority and was not willing to make a statement.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, on the John Gambling radio show taped Friday morning, said he was not upset by the Port Authority’s decision.

“It’s up to the Port Authority,” he said. “I have no idea what the commercial aspects are, and we can say, ‘Oh, we shouldn’t worry about that,’ but of course you have to, particularly now.

“I would like to see it stay the Freedom Tower, but it’s their building, and they don’t need me dumping on it. If they could rent the whole thing by changing the name, I guess they’re going to do that, and they probably, from a responsible point of view, should. From a patriotic point of view, is it going to make any difference?”

HAHAHA.  Bloomberg, like his fellow Bilderberg buddies, thinks that renaming the Freedom Tower to the WORLD TRADE Center makes no difference?  Well… does!  The difference is simple: the guys who are pushing this business along, are all devotees to ‘free trade’ and thus, work for the Chinese and Japanese, not for us.  And this is who will occupy the building: the guys winning the free trade wars.  Europe and Israel will also occupy the building just like before.

He added, “one of the things is, we call things what we want to call them. So, Avenue of the Americas is a good example, for it’s Sixth Avenue to most people. Very few people use Avenue of the Americas. If they name this One World Trade Center, people will still call it the Freedom Tower.”

People will not call it ‘the Freedom Tower.’  They will call it ‘the Tower of Babel.’  Besides, it should have been called the ‘Slavery Tower.’  Since 9/11 enslaved us, it didn’t free anyone.  Speaking about faux freedoms, the US is doubling its wars against the mountain peasants of Afghanistan, the poorest people on earth.  There is a HUGE effort to justify this frivolous, expensive and useless enterprise.  All quasi-state organs like the NYT and the WP, major war-mongering media, for example, are talking up the doubling of the Afghan war.  


I went over the the forlorn Daily Kos where people are dropping off due to a realization, their donations didn’t make hardly any difference with who runs DC, there is NO talk about the Afghan war at all, as far as I can detect.  The Kos Kommune kind of fell apart during the recent Israeli Jewish ethnic cleansing spasm and seems to not have recovered.


At the Huffington Post, the editorials are very pro-war and this is no surprise.  Adrianna isn’t an American patriot, she is an internationalist who hangs out with fellow Bilderbergers and hobnobs internationally and is funded very heavily by the people who run DC from behind very thick velvet curtains.  Of course, Huffington goes to these super-secret enclaves and says nothing to her pathetic readers.  Here is the NYT effort at pushing for doubling a war we can’t afford at all:


Op-Ed Contributor – Graveyard Myths –


The Soviet disaster of the 1980s, for its part, cannot be credited to the Afghans’ legendary fighting skills alone, as the mujahideen were kept afloat by billions of dollars worth of aid from the United States and Saudi Arabia and sophisticated American military hardware like anti-aircraft Stinger missiles, which ended the Soviets’ total air superiority.

By then, the Soviets were brutalizing the people and the world condemned it.  The US can’t come in and kill everyone, too.  We went in, proclaiming, we were bringing FREEDOM.  Actually, the Soviets were bringing freedom! 

There is a lot of lying about the Afghan situation.  From 1945-1978, the Soviet Union liberalized Afghanistan tremendously.  Women could stop wearing the veil.  Girls could go to school.  There was nationalized health care.  Modern science was taught in schools which were state-supported.

All sorts of civilized services were launched.  Then, the CIA’s efforts at enabling an uprising succeeded and war broke out as the pro-Soviet government of Kabul tried to fend off radical fundamentalists from the mountains.

In any case, today’s American-led intervention in Afghanistan can hardly be compared to the Soviet occupation. The Soviet Army employed a scorched-earth policy, killing more than a million Afghans, forcing some five million more to flee the country, and sowing land mines everywhere.

While the American military is killing too many Afghan civilians, in any given year the numbers are in the hundreds, not the hundreds of thousands. And even the most generous estimates of today’s Taliban insurgency suggest it is no more than 20,000 men. About 10 times as many Afghans fought against the Soviet occupation.


The Soviet experience is IDENTICAL to our own.  Before they were forced to invade, they killed very, very few Afghanis.  They couldn’t bribe the Afghanis to allow the Russians to dominate Afghanistan’s foreign affairs, for example.  The US, right now, is pouring in over $2 billion a month, bribing the Afghanis to cooperate with us.


Despite this, they are killing us slowly.  They mill around us and then strike out of the blue.  So the US is EXPANDING this stupid war into Pakistan and thus, are destabilizing Pakistan.  And this is worse imperial overreach than the USSR.  At least, Afghanistan was next door to Russia!  It is far from the US and very expensive to service now that we can’t just drive through Pakistan to get there.


Here is a brief summary of back then:  Soviet war in Afghanistan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Soviet-Afghan relations


After the Russian Revolution, as early as 1919, the Soviet government gave Afghanistan aid in the form of a million gold rublessmall arms, ammunition, and a few aircraft to support the resistance during the Third Anglo-Afghan War. In 1924, the USSR again gave military aid to Afghanistan. It received small arms, aircraft and military training in the Soviet Union for Afghan army officers. Soviet-Afghan military cooperation began on a regular basis in 1956, when both countries signed another agreement. After this, all Afghan military officers were trained in the USSR.

[edit]Initiation of the insurgency

In June 1975, militants from the Jamiat Islami party attempted to overthrow the government. They started their rebellion in the Panjshir valley, some 100 kilometers north of Kabul, and in a number of other provinces of the country. However, government forces easily defeated the insurgency and a sizable portion of the insurgents sought refuge in Pakistan where they enjoyed the support of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto‘s government, which had been alarmed by Daoud’s revival of the Pashtunistan issue.[14]

In 1978 the Taraki government initiated a series of reforms, including modernization of the civil and especially marriage law, aimed at “uprootingfeudalism” in Afghan society.[15] The government brooked no opposition to the reforms[13] and responded with violence to unrest. Between April 1978 and the Soviet invasion of December 1979, an estimated 27,000 political prisoners were executed at the notorious[16] Pul-e-Charkhi prison, including many village mullahs and headmen.[17] Other members of the traditional elite, the religious establishment and intelligentsia fled the country.[17]

Consequently, the reaction against the reforms was also violent, and large parts of the country went into open rebellion. The Parcham Government claimed that 11,000 were executed during the Amin/Taraki period in response to the revolts.[6] The revolt began in October among the Nuristani tribes of the Kunar Valley, and rapidly spread among the other ethnic groups, including the Pashtun majority. The Afghan army fought back violently, but couldn’t subdue the large insurgency. By the spring of 1979, 24 of the 28 provinces had suffered outbreaks of violence.[18] The rebellion began to take hold in the cities: in March 1979 in Herat, rebels led by Ismail Khan killed approximately 10 soldiers. The Afghan Air Force retaliated with a bombing campaign that killed 24,000 inhabitants of the city.[19] Despite these drastic measures, by the end of 1980, out of the 80,000 soldiers strong Afghan Army, more than half had either deserted or joined the rebels.[18]


The US still pays lots of money to ‘soldiers’ which we ‘train’ which is utterly silly since these are a people addicted to fighting!  And their form of fighting is very tactical and works like a charm!  Teaching them how to fight via the Imperial European School methods dating back to the Napoleonic wars, is utterly stupid.  99% of the guys taking US dollars to be ‘soldiers’ have little intention of fighting for the US.  They consider this part of a new welfare scam.


Below is a story from just 5 years ago:


March, 2004:  Bin Laden Hunt Hurt by U.S. Disrespect of Afghans, Experts Say

On a recent trip to Afghanistan, Robert Young Pelton went to visit a Pashtun tribal elder with whom he had spent time before. This time the intrepid adventurer and author ofThe World’s Most Dangerous Places brought with him a U.S. undercover military contractor stationed in Afghanistan to hunt for Osama bin Laden and other fugitives.


Pelton and his host, “Hajji”—a respected former mujahidin commander who fought the Soviet occupation in the 1980s—soon slipped into their thrice-daily pattern of long meals served on the floor, followed by endless cups of tea and hours of conversation through an interpreter.

The contractor, however, was uncomfortable. He refused the food: mutton, fresh bread, and a dish, specially prepared by Hajji’s wife, of what appeared to be curdled milk with oil poured into it.

HAHAHA…no fancy French cuisine?  I know the drink well…it is salty and the oil is rancid butter.  One can get used to it.  But it is a harsh drink.  Notice the ‘thrice daily…long meals…endless conversation…’  business.  

This is a culture that doesn’t like work.  Mountain cultures are like this.  I grew up on mountains. The air is thin.  Things literally move slower.  When you go to lower elevations, due to the way the lungs work, you feel very energetic. 

Many ancient cultures depended on female labor.  As a woman, myself, who has had to do more than my share of physical labor, men will sit around and do nothing if they can.  Designing a culture where men work harder means an intellectual revolution in thinking.  The lazy men lounging about, eating and talking, will become very energetic, briefly, WHILE FIGHTING. 

Otherwise, they prefer to rest like lion males rest while the females hunt.

When the contractor finally left the room, Hajji turned to Pelton and asked, “What is wrong with your friend?”

In this tradition-bound society, the contractor had just committed a major cultural faux pas.

Pelton describes the episode in “Into the Land of bin Laden,” his article in the AprilNational Geographic Adventure magazine. He believes the scene illustrates how Americans have misread the Pashtun culture.

By disrespecting the Pashtun culture, the Americans have failed to gain a vital ally in their search for bin Laden and other suspected terrorists, Pelton says.


Here is a Peace Corps story about a 1970-1974 stay in Afghanistan.  Thanks to the Soviets, the women in the picture could be with young men and they are wearing ‘western’ clothes.  The Peace Corps was riddled with CIA operatives and agents.  Many honest, young people thought we would go abroad and teach people how to be Americans.  Instead, it became a funnel for activities leading to dissolution of sovereign nations as we encouraged ethnic warfare [see: Tibet].







Afghanistan 1972-1975

Here is a book of pictures from back then: Afghanistan 1970-1975, Images From an Era of Peace …


Note the freedom the girls had, thanks to the communists.  The communists free women across the planet.  This is hard for some people to understand.  Women’s rights are very closely coupled with socialism and communist revolutions.


The Hippie Trail – The Road to Paradise

Unlike the conception of many people, Afghanistan is a land of natural beauty and friendliness, and if there had been no wars for decades, the country would definitely have been included in the programs of several travel agencies. When people of today hear the name Kandahar, almost everybody will think of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, with ruins and machine guns on the street corners, but I remember Kandahar as a very exotic place with all the features of adventure. We were sitting in a restaurant in the warm night eating Shish Kebab, with she smell of exotic spices and the sound of bicycle bells everywhere in a town with only few cars. From the bus, we saw plenty of camels and bedouins walking along the road. Shortly before the arrival to Kandahar, the bus stopped in the village of Girisk. Everywhere, turban-dressed afghans were sitting in front of their houses in the afternoon sun, playing chess and drinking tea.

Paradise for the men of this region was a culture where the women toiled in the dark while the men played chess, drank tea, smoked pot and goofed off all day long.  They didn’t care if they were ‘poor’ because they were very rich…IN LEISURE.  In all primate societies, the joys of leisure are treasured.  Dealing with food was work.  Socializing, picking nits from the hair, and having sex, was fun.


Here is another NYT editorial from the biggest idiot at the Times, Brooks, urging us to war with the chess-playing, pot smoking Afghanis:


Op-Ed Columnist – The Winnable War –


Fourth, the quality of Afghan leadership is improving. This is a relative thing. President Hamid Karzai is detested by much of the U.S. military.  In other words, he represents his own people?  Some provincial governors are drug dealers on the side. The US always supports drug dealing warlords!  But as the U.N.’s Kai Eide told the Security Council, “The Afghan government is today better and more competent than ever before.” Reformers now lead the most important ministries and competent governors run key provinces.

The paltry reforms barely rise to the greater reforms the Soviet brought into Afghanistan.  And even this is rousing huge resistance.

Fifth, the U.S. is finally taking this war seriously. Up until now, insurgents have had free rein in vast areas of southern Afghanistan. The infusion of 17,000 more U.S. troops will change that. The Obama administration also promises a civilian surge to balance the military push.

This is IDENTICAL to Vietnam and the Russian Afghani Experience.

Sixth, Pakistan is finally on the agenda. For the past few years, the U.S. has let Pakistan get away with murder. The insurgents train, organize and get support from there. “It’s very hard to deal with a cross-border insurgency on only one side of the border,” says Mr. Alexander of the U.N. The Obama strategic review recognizes this.

Yes, let’s also invade Cambodia and Laos.

Finally, it is simply wrong to say that Afghanistan is a hopeless 14th-century basket case. This country had decent institutions before the Communist takeover. It hasn’t fallen into chaos, the way Iraq did, because it has a culture of communal discussion and a respect for village elders. The Afghans have embraced the democratic process with enthusiasm.

This is hilarious.  The communal discussions are pretty simple, ‘How much can we get from these foreign invaders while changing nothing?’  And there is ‘chaos’ since the chess-playing guys lounging about, do nothing except in violent bursts!  We notice these because they attack us, even in Kabul.  We can’t let down our guard because they are all watching us like hawks while goofing off.

I finish this trip still skeptical but also infected by the optimism of the truly impressive people who are working here. And one other thing:

After the trauma in Iraq, it would have been easy for the U.S. to withdraw into exhaustion and realism. HAHAHA.  A slip of the pen!  He admits that withdrawal is ‘realism’.  Instead, President Obama is doubling down on the very principles that some dismiss as neocon fantasy: the idea that this nation has the capacity to use military and civilian power to promote democracy, nurture civil society and rebuild failed states.

The US is rapidly becoming a ‘failed state’.  We will fail like Russia.  Same game plan, the Afghanis can’t believe another empire is just as stupid as the previous one.

Foreign policy experts can promote one doctrine or another, but this energetic and ambitious response — amid economic crisis and war weariness — says something profound about America’s DNA.


What is says is, the guys at the top who run the propaganda apparatus and the military/industrialist supporters like the entire international banking giants, will force us into useless and unpopular wars for all eternity until we go bankrupt!  I thought, when I was a child, it was unbelievable that the Greeks would besiege Troy for 7 years.  Well, this seems normal behavior.


Since Obama supports this insanity, many who voted for him are hoping he has a secret peace deal.  Since our media lies about Iraq all the time, they think that the very expensive mess there that is still very, very expensive, was a success. Of course, we bribed lazy tribal leaders to sit around on cushions, soaking up US dollars, drinking and talking and eating three very large meals a day, quite slowly.  They will do this until we cease paying them, then they will attack us over and over again.


And here are a series of headlines from ‘’ which is one of the better collections of war news online:

Expanding the War Into Pakistan

Report: Israel Carried Out 3 Attacks on Sudan

Karzai Wants Taliban Taken Off UN Blacklist

British Treasury Reserves Will Have to Be Raided to Fund Afghan Surge

Without Pay, Iraqi Sunni Fighters Threaten to Quit

Biden Says US Won’t Lift Cuba Embargo

It is painfully obvious, the internationalists who run our government, still run our government.  The changing of the guard changed very little.  The Patriot Act still cancels out our Constitution.  The US warmongering is expanding, not contracting.  Israel is going about the planet, a total rogue nation, violating international laws.  


The need to condemn Sudan was a powerful push with the excuse, the Sudanese rulers are mean to the people of Darfur, and thus, allowed attacks on Sudan.  By a country that is doing the exact same abuse to the Palestinian people!  The British are raiding their collapsing treasury to pay for this insane war in Afghanistan.  Karzai knows that he is doomed unless he is seen, fighting for the Taliban’s political rights.  The US wants him to support our invasion of Afghanistan’s sovereignty.


And the money to bribe Iraqis into supporting us is collapsing, of course. What a stunning thing that is…HAHAHA.  And of course, we still hate Castro’s Cuba.  We want to occupy and control Cuba.  The empire continues to roll onwards!






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BERLIN, NY 12022

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  1. nah

    can the modern battle field look so hodgepodge… we build bunkers, leave guns, and hire locals to fight for us… we must have a private military complex ‘foerign fighters’ mercenaries numbering a million… think of the logistix and waste, what a parasite… hope someone knows what the hell we are doing, seems to me the exit stratagy just sux… hows the economy going to work??? both iraq and afghanistan would fall into civil war the minuate we left after 8 years??? wow
    2 big 2 fail is the new success

  2. larry, dfh

    I have always thought the U.S. had plans for using Pakistan vis-a-vis China the way we used Afghanistan against the Soviet Union, through their restive Muslim populations. Not mentioned in the Wikipedia article is that we were involved in fomenting unrest in Russia via Afghanistan BEFORE the Soviets invaded. Furthermore, I am convinced that our Afghan presence is directly related to the poppy: we invaded in the fall, and the next poppy harvest was a record, being an agronomist Elaine, you know that record crops just don’t appear spontaneously.
    Regarding Cuba, joe biden, my former senior senator, is a jackass. The head of the Rockefeller Foundation was in Cuba a couple of weeks ago; the foundation has brokered deals and conflict resolution between nations in the past. Definitely something was afoot. Then the ex-pats in New Jersey and Florida must have gotten wind of things, and they put the screws to that putz bobby menendez and his mobbed-up leader harry reide to destroy any chance of relations between Cuba and the U.S. Really too bad, because the Cubans are premier in many areas.

  3. larry, dfh

    Oh, and another thing, the civil ‘strife’ that used to characterize Iaq post-invasion is back in full force. So much for the fucking surge, hoax that is always was. And you’re right, Elaine, we’ll get our heads handed to us in Afghanistan, but will probably never learn from the experience.

  4. if

    UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations pledged Friday to repay the United States and other donors for a former U.N. official’s alleged misappropriation of least $480,000 from a fund for rebuilding Afghanistan.

    The U.N. Office for Project Services in Afghanistan said it would “reimburse any money owed to its clients as a result of errors or misuse.”

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  8. David


    Great Article! We will stay there for years, but still walk away with nothing.

  9. Simon

    That’s because there is nothing there to start with
    Should have just left these ‘uncivs’ alone, now look at what we have to deal with
    Then again maybe destabilising the whole region is part of the plan
    We hope


  11. Gary

    All along the World Trade Tower
    Princes kept the view
    While all the briefcases came and went
    Bare-foot Illegals too, but huh
    Outside in the cold distance
    A wild cat did growl
    Two riders were approachin
    And the wind began to howl

  12. hardrock

    The women were ‘freed’ so the ‘state’ could turn them against the men and encourage them to not have children. That ought to get a warm response from the ‘lady’ of the house.

    Lots of lazy assed men, no matter where you go however. I know of lots of lazy assed women here in America who think there s— is a cup of gold, ignorant as a post to boot! I blame that on men. They, yes they are the ones that are ultimately responsible for the sorry state of things. If men truly cared about humanity, their posterity, they would bust their ass to make sure their women were protected, furnished the best they could muster and would help them in every way possible….as opposed to getting shit faced at every opportunity or high on the weed so they can excuse themselves for their laziness, hornyness and stupidity. In most societies where the burden is placed on the women they end up smarter than the man….I can’t figure out why they haven’t taken over the world and kicked the fuck out of all those two legged critters that think with the ‘small head’.

  13. hardrock

    Do that all the time….get typing kinda quick and spell ‘there’ where ‘their’ ought to be and visa versus. See their!xxxxxthere!

  14. hardrock

    ‘Freedom Tower’….my butt! As misnamed as ‘The Patriot Act’!

    Black is white, up is down
    Wrong is right, sad the Clown
    Front is back, wet is dry
    Enough to make sane men cry!

  15. hardrock

    Larry,dfh, You are on the right track about Afghanistan and the ‘poppy’. Funds all kinds of dirty, off the books activity for the private police force of the elites…aka…CIA.

    What do you mean ‘mobbed up’ when you referenced Harry Reid? Do you have some info on this supposed ‘Mormon’ good ole boy?

    I really appreciate what Elaine said about ‘Daily Kos’ and the drop off there. Two things have ‘rung their bell’. First the Gaza thing and the cover up by the media and the lies of the Israeli’s….the other…Obama and his new podiatrist. You know, Dr. Fitt, the guy who stretched little George’s footwear so that Obama could step right in them.

  16. emsnews

    The Democratic party thought they found a way to get money, money, money from poor activists desperate to change things. Then shoved them all aside when Obama was planted in the White House. The horror of watching him try to protect and appease the banking gnomes, the horror of his expanding all our ridiculous, expensive wars, doubling the money spent, not reducing it, all of this is destroying all hope of ‘change.’ This is a historic opportunity, lost forever. The mob of people who showed up for his Inauguration will return….as an angry mob.
    When Kos refused to put important postings on the front page during the Gaza Ghetto attacks, this created great fury on the part of the antiwar people at Kos. His anti-women’s rights stance drove off many women in the past. Now, most people see that the ‘front page’ is nearly 100% written by DNC operatives who coyly use fake names.
    FROM DAY ONE…I was against hiding behind a fake name for anyone who is to be taken seriously. I chastised Kos for encouraging ONLY using fake names, I believe not one soul there uses their real name including the CIA operative, Kos. He was ‘outed’ by others, he didn’t reveal himself or his dark past.

  17. spartan

    Just a comment on the whole “mountainous men drink tea, play chess while women toil in the back.”. Hrmph. ) Actually, men also tend the animals, slaughter them, construct houses, and constantly defend the territory from OTHER men who prefer pillage and robbery to drinking tea and playing chess. Life in the mountains is hard for everyone, Elaine.

  18. CK

    Hey if you all find KOS unacceptable, there is always
    There another CIA op works to fan the flames of anti-obamaism via a pro poor poor Hillary model. Two peas from the same pod, hustling the johns on both sides of the street into believing that there is only one street allowable to be trod. The internet is a great place for re-inforcement of the two wings of the same bird of prey political model that is the USA since 1913.

  19. emsnews

    Spartan, did you know that house building in tribal cultures usually is done by women? I built my own house, for example. But seriously, the mud hut/tent culture is all about WOMEN building shelters. Only when the city-state business began, were men dragooned into this work.

  20. tpgdffa dyhwfodqy qglhoj ubfulkdr

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