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  1. nah

    so i got pre-approved for a home loan and saw a realtor… now its bernanke and geitners job to stop bailing people out so i can have some economic stability… there must be a handful of shoes left to drop here and if everyone is met with a handout the future is murkey… everyone talks hyperinflation like those bastards got us over a barrel, my point is why waste 10 years as a REAL 3rd world country with our obligations when we can and probably will default… our obligations are immence and come due soon… the time to roll over long term debt is fading fast… soon it will all be short-medium term funding… i see huge cracks in the system and government pretends its big enuf, but its only dumb enuf… people should have gotten real accounting 20 years ago to prepare for a decent life… now a system that uses debt to accomidate room for juicy margins that get ‘banked’ into the economy gets legacy assets… just like the people they were supposed to be able to provide liquidity via Mark to Market on the assets they traded… in other words noone is finantially liquid anymore, the entire private system of finance is a cover for bad leadership at all levels
    soon it will be legal for them to NOT tell you the truth

  2. nah

    Genes tell butterflies to head south
    in other words its not turkeys or bubble gum

  3. ccq

    Nice to see the person. hmm…

  4. A Day in the Life

    “IBM files for patent on offshoring jobs”


    This corpro-nazis need to be put to the sword.

  5. Angela

    Elaine, you are really hitting your stride with the format…

    wanted to share the next ball to drop-


    Arrest the slimy gnomes.

  6. openlyhidden

    apparently i belong to a really fat old cat that sneaks into my bed after i am asleep.

  7. sharkbabe

    Even treason, suicidal greed, etc – all go better with kitties! 🙂

  8. emsnews

    Yes, the cats were once gods, when they first moved in with humans 6,000+ years ago. Our distant ancestors understood the cosmic place of cats very well. Heh. Dogs were our servants, cats, our masters. This is causing a power clash in the animal side of the domestic relationship.

  9. rockpaperscizzors

    Elaine, your video was the best part of my morning coffee.
    Our bankers pet ruler Obama fired a hollow shot across the bow: China, EU Have Unfair Barriers to American Goods, U.S. Says
    March 31 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. Trade Representative’s office said China and the European Union have unfair barriers to American exports.
    In the first of the annual trade estimate reports to Congress released under President Barack Obama’s administration, the trade office presented cases where it said the countries are using investment protections, anticompetitive practices and curbs on imports to discriminate against U.S.-made products. The Obama administration has pledged to increase efforts to break down those restrictions.”

    Is Obama sending a tough love message: 1. buy our treasuries or we’ll implement protectionism. Or 2. threaten USA currency as the world reserve currency and I’ll impose trade tariffs. IMHO, the USA is too big too fail, even for China and Germany’s appetite. If Obama is serious he needs to start talking about Fair Trade not Free Trade.

    Last thought, Americans need to ask why the status quo of job exportation applies to us but not to the “C’s” jobs(CEO, COO, CFO, CIO…)? The overfed C’s gorge on the profits via stock options, bonuses, severance agreements, retirement packages and live as loophole tax dodger kings and queens. They’re rewarded for addictive gambling and destroying this country’s banks, industry, wages, and stability. I say offshore the “C’s” for pennies on the dollar and re-institute American jobs, living wages, and unions for the true patriots of this country; We The People.

  10. emsnews

    I intend to do daily stories once I master the systems. Right now, it takes HOURS to get things right as I try one thing after another or something goes wrong due to my own ignorance. There is a learning curve. Once something is mastered, it gets laughably easy thereafter.

  11. igneous

    That’s a big cat… It always amazes me how big they can get.

    How can all these people be so stupid. If all your jobs are out sourced especially manufacturing you have no stuff to back your dollars. Therefore you have no wealth and you have to borrow wealth to make purchases.

    You have to pay back the loans to China/Japan with crap dollars which will take more time and work to accumalate (if you are lucky enough to have a job).

    If you understand that wealth is not money but stuff that you produce its obvious. That and the collective amount of stuff being produced by your fellow country people determines the purchasing power of your currency.

    At least thats how I see it. Maybe should read some serious books on the topic.

  12. JSmith

    Elaine, your delivery has gresatly improved – NOW you’re talking to your audience. MUCH better!

  13. Gary

    Warning lights are flashing down at quality control
    Somebody threw a spanner and they threw him in the hole
    Theres rumors in the loading bay and anger in the town
    Somebody blew the whistle and the walls came down
    Theres a meeting in the boardroom theyre trying to trace the smell
    Theres leaking in the washroom theres a sneak in personnel
    Somewhere in the corridors someone was heard to sneeze
    goodness me could this be industrial disease?

    The caretaker was crucified for sleeping at his post
    Theyre refusing to be pacified its him they blame the most
    The watchdogs got rabies the foremans got fleas
    And everyones concerned about industrial disease
    Theres panic on the switchboard tongues are ties in knots
    Some come out in sympathy some come out in spots
    Some blame the management some the employees
    And everybody knows its the industrial disease
    Dire Straights

  14. Wonderful communication 😉 I have linked it to my political website, which have mostly Portuguese readers, but most of them understands English also. So, I hope you don’t mind.

    I would actually like very much to show your video posts as part of an exhibition of mine next may here in Lisbon. Would this be possible? Are you thinking about publishing some off-line DVDs? It would be a nice way to get some money I suppose 😉 “Elaine’s Colecction” — sounds good!

  15. emsnews

    I am going to make a full DVD for fundraising purposes as soon as I get a bit better at editing my videos. Right now, it is a learning experience. Just remind me later about this, Antonio.

  16. hi

    Awwwww…. A rising media star is born. Isn’t she cute… yes she is… OW! That bitch bit my FINGER! Hrmph. I will twice before under estimating emsnews as a newbie.

    WSJ claims the O team is trying to control banking gnomes.


    Politico claims the meeting with the gnomes was the O teams way of flexing muscles and exclaiming: “I’m the president, and you’re not.”


    So here we have a team who out organized the vaunted Hiliary Clinton campaign team -an alleged shoe in; checkmated Jindal & Sanford by getting them to accept stimulus funds; and are now force feeding TARP money to gnomes who know that they will end up being controlled instead of them controlling the executive branch. The O team may not offer change fast enough for emsnews, but this is ballsy stuff. “When weak feign strength” -Sun Tzu. It could be that too.

    What I do not understand is why the gnomes hailed the meeting as a success upon leaving the white house. Is it because they sized up their prey before the kill?

    President Jackson was the last one to kill the bankers. If our president is looking to Lincoln for inspiration, he may want to stop. I liken him to Justice Thorogood Marshall -the ultimate legal chess player who unfortunately gets overshadowed by younger rabble rousers like MLK & Malcom X.

    A challenge to emsnews:
    Tarot cards are one thing. A fly on the wall is another. Direct your flies to shit, and get to the bottom of what the bankers are really plotting after their meeting. Some say it is a tighter grip on the world. Whatever it is, it cannot be good. I sense the dynamics have shifted. Godspeed!

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