The greatest hope of voters who turned out by the many millions, was that our long national nightmare would end and the vicious abuses of the Bush era would end.  Alas, Obama, despite huge public support, is not ready to confront the Pentagon, the neo-cons, the Zionists or the CIA torturers or ANYONE.  The latest horror is the news today that the lawyers for men tortured under Bush at Gitmo and other nefarious prisons, will be arrested and put in prison for the crime of passing on the details of the torture….to this faux President!!!!  My god, this is the last straw for me.


This entire story is beyond depressing.  The gate keeper for Obama is Rahm Emanuel, the Anubis who prevents anything from crossing Obama’s desk that is in any way connected to the War Against The Entire Muslim World that isn’t vetted by Mossad, first.  


Anubis is the god of embalmers.  And if anything has been preserved in a coffin, it is the US foreign policy vis a vis Israel.  There seems no crimes that are hideous enough so long as they are committed in the service of the expansion of the Jewish domination of the Middle East.


So the letter, written by lawyers, sent to the President, a letter that is of the utmost importance due to it being heavily censored by the military, on their own desires, is of utmost importance for the President to read this, personally, himself.  Let’s look at this story which is NOT being heavily published in America but broke in England, far across the seas:


liberty central’s civil liberties villain of the week: The Pentagon’s privilege review team | Comment is free |

Lawyers for Binyam Mohamed face the incredible prospect of a six-month jail sentence in America after writing a letter to President Obama detailing their client’s allegations of torture by US agents.

What is this? The Soviet Union? Nazi Germany? Warlord Japan? This first sentence makes my hair stand on end. Today, Obama was hobnobbing with world leaders after kissing the Queen of England. Is this American democracy at work? What the hell? The privilege review team – officials from the US department of defence who monitor and censor communication between Guantánamo prisoners and their lawyers – have previously been accused of using their powers to suppress evidence of the abuse and mistreatment of detainees.

All totalitarian states strive to hide torture while, at the same time, insuring that everyone knows, they will be tortured if they notice torture. This is the true terror state. The War on Terror was won by Terror, itself. When disputing with undemocratic military despots, one has to have OPEN DEBATE which is the last thing despots want.

Obama left much of the neo con team assembled by Bush in place in the military. Which means, he is part of this Terrorist organization that tortures people and then threatens to put in prison, anyone uncovering the torture. This way, Obama can accuse China or Cuba of torture while gagging the lawyers and victims of outright illegal US torture! Clive Stafford Smith, director of legal charity Reprieve, and his colleague Ahmed Ghappour have been summoned to appear before a Washington court on May 11 after a complaint was made by the privilege review team.

Arrest the privilege review team! Arrest anyone connected with the torture, the covering up of the torture. We have precedent: the Nüremberg Trials! Stafford Smith had written to the president after judges in the UK ruled against the release of US evidence detailing Mohamed’s alleged torture at Guantánamo. The letter [PDF] asked the president to reconsider the US position and urged him to release the evidence into the public domain. He attached a memo summarising the case because his US security clearance gives him access to the classified material. In order to comply with classification guidelines, the memo did not identify individual officers by name or specify locations of the abuse.

I want to see this secret memo!  I think it should be enshrined right next to the Constitution in the Rotunda in DC.  I want everyone to read all the sordid details AND THE NAMES OF THE TORTURE TEAM.  I want this taught in school. After all, we demand that Germany do this vis a vis their own Nazis!  Below are photos I took of the documents in question:




Below is the letter with the details of the torture which the lawyers submitted to the military Nazi censors who then censored….THE ENTIRE THING!!!!


That’s it!  The entire thing has been deleted.  This is like putting a bag over all of our heads.  The US has a long and very ugly history of cooperation with torturers abroad.  The US then can deny any connection with these monsters even though a number of victims of this torture have come forward with disturbing details about US ‘contractors’ asking questions while vicious brutes torment victims.


All my youth, I argued desperately with my father to please come out in public against the CIA because of this.  He kept telling me, ‘But we are keeping the US public safe, Elaine!’  This is not working in our favor.  It is saving nothing.  All we are doing is, turning the CIA into the KGB or the Gestapo.  Literally, in fact.  To this day, the government won’t release OSS information concerning Operation Paperclip from WWII and that was before I was born!


The dire effects of all this are obvious: the reason the US warned England, if they obeyed international laws as set down by the rulings of the Nüremberg Trials, the US will cease being an ally of England!  Meanwhile, we are very much, allied, tied hand and foot to a nation rapidly morphing into Nazi Germany: Israel.  Before we discuss that ugly mess, first, back to the Afghanistan war which Obama is embracing like Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby:

YouTube – Br’er Rabbit: The Tar Trap [Part 2] – Song of the South clip

Afghanistan: No Benchmarks Yet

Last week, in revealing the outlines of his new plan for Afghanistan, President Obama spoke about “benchmarks” that would be applied to measure progress. The comment inevitably raised parallels to the benchmarks that were demanded by meny members of Congress, including Obama, in regard to the 2007-2008 surge of US forces in Iraq. So far, at least, Obama has released no information about the benchmarks, and that — among other things — is giving rise to concern within the administration and in Congress that public and congressional support for Obama’s Afghan plan might start heading south….

Earlier on Tuesday morning, Leslie Gelb of the Council on Foreign Relations, ridiculed the administration for not having set the benchmarks it promised, at a CFR roundtable that I attended. “President Obama said there would be no blank checks, and he promised there would be benchmarks,” Gelb told me, in an interview. “But when he released his plan, you couldn’t find a single benchmark in it!” Added Gelb, to the gathering of reporters:


“How the hell do you formulate a policy based on benchmarks if there are no benchmarks? And how the hell do you have a policy if there’s no way to know if benchmarks are being met?”


Gelb also slammed John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, for refusing to hold Obama’s feet to the fire over the benchmarks. On Iraq, Gelb pointed out, Kerry and Levin were vociferous in demanding that President Bush provide specific metrics for the surge.


This is so depressing.  Obviously, there are no ‘benchmarks’ because this is the road to hell.  On that road, we see a sign pointing to Afghanistan.  Along the sides of the road are skeletons and swords and helms strewn about.  We have to step over them to go down this road to destruction.


Osama has benchmarks!  He made these utterly clear: to strike at the US and then trick us into diving into war against all Muslims.  The first step was to lure us into Afghanistan.  Oh, he must have laughed to death long ago as we do exactly as he wished!  He said, quite clearly, that the hope was the US would do all of this via debt.  And we did.  We are going bankrupt.  We are rapidly being destroyed by our own financial wizardry. 


As we pass each benchmark, Osama rubs his hands with glee.  Running more than a trillion in the red, the US is headed towards utter self-destruction.  How can we miss this obvious fact? It is written on billboards lining this road to hell.


Worse than the Taliban’ – new law rolls back rights for Afghan women | World news | The Guardian


I was just disgusted with all the goofy propaganda about how mean the Taliban are with women!  Meanwhile, we tout the Saudis as ‘moderates’ when they were WORSE than the Taliban and are only slightly, ever so slightly, granting very tiny bits of civil rights to women in Saudi Arabia.  Very little.  The Russians did liberalize Afghanistan, unlike the US. Now, we see all the so-called liberation work going down the drain, fast.


STOP EXECUTIONS OF GAY IRAQIS :: :: informazione dall’Iraq occupato :: news from occupied Iraq :: – it


And look at that!  I heard over and over again, from the liberal side, that Iran was pure evil because they execute gays.  Well, the US right wing also began to use this as a club, too.  But then, we are the ones who are protecting the present power structure in Iraq.  And they are doing exactly what Iran is doing.  Under our own aegis.  Not that we are so very hot, either.


California just voted to destroy the civil rights of gays.  The Catholic Church has set itself against all gays, too, while dressing up like old cross dressers on Sunset Boulevard in LA.  Obama made a stab at stopping the ‘do not ask/do not tell’ policies.  We are a long, long ways to go for real civil rights for gays, here.


JIM HIGHTOWER: U.S. sinking deeper into Afghan mess : Root :

The initial surge will add 17,000 troops to the 36,000 already there. Then, later this year, there is to be a second troop surge of another 17,000 or so. This mass of soldiers is expected to be deployed to a series of new garrisons to be built in far-flung regions of this impoverished, rural, mostly illiterate warlord state that is ruled by hundreds of fractious, heavily armed tribal leaders. We’re not told how much this escalation will cost, but it will at least double the $2 billion a month that American taxpayers are already shelling out for the Afghan war.

Jim’s editorial was from yesterday.  Here is Obama and Rahm the Mossad agent’s answer to Jim:


U.S. Weighs Putting 70,000 Troops in Afghanistan –

President Barack Obama is weighing whether to deploy 10,000 more troops to Afghanistan but lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are questioning an increased commitment and seeking specific measures of progress against the deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan and Pakistan. When President Obama took office, the U.S. had about 38,000 troops in Afghanistan. The White House has announced plans to send 21,000 reinforcements in coming months, increasing the tally to almost 60,000.

This is Vietnam escalation on STEROIDS!  This is pure insanity!  Doubling the troops!  I warned everyone, we had to make it perfectly clear to Obama, if he did this, we would erupt in fury.  Instead, fools are thinking, they can reach him only if they assent to whatever he does.  Hillary is 100% for this, too, and McCain pretends to be in opposition but he supported Bush in Afghanistan and Iraq and wants to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.


The antiwar movement is split due to the desire of many people to support Israeli Jewish wars while being for peace, in all other cases.  Except when the US needs to kill Muslims of whatever stripes.  So we have no movement at all at this point.  Move On just elected a new leader.  There were exactly 5 voters in this little ballot.  They chose a Zionist, of course.  What a stunning development…gads.  Meanwhile, poor people who think they have ‘input’ are being treated as saps. They hold precious meetings and talk and talk but the guys running the place are operatives put in place to control and DEFY these same, trusting people.


I say, ditch Move On and move out.  Time is running out.


TTP Leader: Lahore Was Retaliation for Drone Strikes, Eyes US Targets | News From


Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Baitullah Mehsud today claimed credit for yesterday’s Lahore attack, saying the attack was retaliation for the repeated US drone strikes in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

Mehsud added that “over the next few days, more such attacks will come… two or three suicide attacks will take place. As long as the drone attacks continue, we will not stop.”

Perhaps even more ominously, Mehsud vowed to “take revenge from America,” adding that it would not be in Afghanistan, but in Washington. The TTP leader said “soon we will launch an attack in Washington that will amaze everyone in the world… The maximum they can do is martyr me.”


The US is bomb, bomb, bombing Pakistan more and more and the Taliban are retaliating and this tit for tat will tatter our nation.  This meaningless war with irate natives who hate our guts has no good ending.  I saw today that they openly attacked Kabul, yet again.  We can’t drive trucks to Afghanistan from Pakistan thanks to the many, many attacks.  We can drive in Iraq but only because the Shiites are using us as their cat’s paw in their battle with the Sunni who are being relentlessly driven out, one step at a time, sort of like how Israel is treating the Palestinians.


BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israeli FM questioned over fraud


Israel’s new Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has been questioned by police for at least seven hours over corruption allegations.

Police said Mr Lieberman was questioned under caution on suspicion of “bribery, money-laundering and breach of trust” as part of an ongoing investigation.


Israeli FM questioned over fraud

BBC News – ‎7 hours ago‎
Israel’s new Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has been questioned by police for at least seven hours over corruption allegations. 
Lieberman grilled in laundering case Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Note the lack of big coverage of this story!  A tiny handful, mostly Israeli, news media are coving this. Many leaders in Israel are crooks or sexual deviants.  But the voters are content with this.  The collapse of morals in that hell hole is staggering.  Almost as bad as here where the Mossad agent, Chertoff, cheerfully goofed off while hundreds of Americans drowned after Katrina.
The previous government fell due to criminal allegations.  I think the religious nuts in Israel should have a mass meeting and rend their coats and scream, ‘Oh my god!  We are doing it all over again just like the previous ten times!’  In the news is the awful news that American Jewish leaders are ‘dismayed’ by Lieberman but he is OK with them, so what, if he is a Nazi racist?  They can live with this!
Instead of denouncing him and voting to cut funds to an increasingly openly fascist Israel, they forgive even the nastiest crimes there.  For example, the news that the Jews invading the Gaza Ghetto committed terrible crimes was wiped out by the fiction that there was no real crimes.  This is why the Israelis let in NO reporters, of course.
Then, they can redact any future reports a la the Pentagon as we see above.  And put in prison, any lawyers that complain by writing to the President.  I warned Jewish friends and family, that is the Jews turn fascist, the US will follow suit and do it, too.  Only the predominant religion is not Judaism.  It is End of Times Christians who hate Jews, deep inside.  I said, ‘We don’t want to even think about having this happen here!’  Well, it is happening here.

Gates Prefers More Iran Sanctions Over Diplomacy | News From


A little over a week after President Obama offered a “new beginning” in US-Iran relations in what was seen at the time to be a significant diplomatic overture, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has insisted that he prefers economic sanctions against the nation to diplomatic initiatives.

America has already placed a massive level of sanctions on the Iranians, and has struggled to get international support for additional sanctions given the paucity of evidence of any Iranian wrongdoing. Indeed, while Gates spoke vaguely of Iran “clandestinely” building enrichment capacity, he conceded once against that Iran was not enriching uranium beyond the low levels needed for the soon-to-be-completed Bushehr power plant.


NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  Torture, war, threats against Iran: all are identical policies compared to Bush. The differences between Obama and Hillary vanished long ago.  Now, the differences between Bush and Obama are vanishing, too.  The military has to be brought to heel.  Instead, they are turning Obama into a heel.


China appreciates France’s commitment on Tibet


China said Thursday it appreciates France’s explicit commitment on not backing any form of “Tibetan independence”.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang made the remarks at a regular press briefing on Thursday in Beijing.

China and France released a joint press communiqué both in Beijing and Paris on April 1.

The communiqué says that “France fully recognizes the importance and sensitivity of the Tibet issue and reaffirms its adherence to the one-China policy and the position that Tibet is an integral part of the Chinese territory, in accordance with the decision made by General Charles de Gaulle, which has not changed and will remain unchanged. Based on this spirit and the principle of non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, France refuses to support any form of “Tibet independence”.

“France made a solemn commitment,” Qin said. “France’s position is explicit and the meaning very clear and we hope France can abide by the principles and the spirit set forth in the communiqué.”


Meanwhile, China uses arm twisting coupled with serious talks about the Chinese 50 Year Plan and how the US cannot extricate itself from these plans and if Europeans are smart, they should begin cutting the US policies adrift.   I know for a fact, all of the Islamic princes and kings are quietly doing this, too.  And I bet, they are going to institute the gold standard very suddenly the hour China announces its New World Order of the Dragon.





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  1. nah

    maybe its leadership under the guise of useless humanity… to lead us like lemmings to the precipice of historical slaughter… i kind of wonder ‘since the real bad math started in 2k1’ whether its all to destroy jobs and then humanity… as opposed to creating peace via force were just going to piss freedom, justice, and truth away in the name of righteousness
    are there rules in this game or just skin

  2. openlyhidden

    crap! you made me paranoid talking about “end of times” christian nazis taking over. i got to thinking what humorless clueless dickheads the ones i know are and how they would be ok with being really really mean with someone (like me) who claimed the kingdom of god was within and etc from jesus quotes instead of god being a severe white fellow who lives in the sky somewhere and votes republican and likes to kill and so i googled me….and there i am elaine! wtf. if you are right and they take over, i am toast! tell me….is every comment i ever made, asinine and otherwise, on record….forever….for the nazis to look at if they want!

  3. The antiwar movement is split due to the desire of many people to support Israeli Jewish wars while being for peace, in all other cases. Except when the US needs to kill Muslims of whatever stripes. So we have no movement at all at this point. Move On just elected a new leader. There were exactly 5 voters in this little ballot. They chose a Zionist, of course. What a stunning development…gads. Meanwhile, poor people who think they have ‘input’ are being treated as saps. They hold precious meetings and talk and talk but the guys running the place are operatives put in place to control and DEFY these same, trusting people. — Elaine
    I don’t know where the hell you dug up all this stuff. The most I could find was that Justin Ruben was “elected” as the new “executive director” of Move On Org on approximately February 10, 2009. (Probably a “Zionist.” However, I seldom speak of “Zionists” any more; I call them Jewish supremacists.)
    Well Justin Rubin is in cahoots with CIA crony Markos Moulitsas in the “‘Economists and Progressives Say Fix CNBC!’ movement
    . (Involving something called Progressive Change Campaign Committee PAC.)
    It occurs to me that the largest political group in the U.S. is very likely the LIBERAL POOR! And none of those conniving creeps represents this group even slightly! I know several liberal poor, and they are either unconcerned with, or opposed to Jewish supremacism. Very few want their meagre tax dollars sent to Israel (poor people always pay the highest taxes. The experts are full of themselves on this point. The Minimum Tax is perhaps 35% of their income (their landlord does not fail to pass the property tax on to them), etc., etc.).
    I’ve known of only one really legitimate by-and-for po’bucker liberal site, and it vanished. These are people who need a voice.

  4. OC


    China is working on Brazil:

    China to strengthen co-op with Brazil to fight crisis –

  5. mind control

    EMS: What is this? The Soviet Union? Nazi Germany? Warlord Japan? This first sentence makes my hair stand on end. Today, Obama was hobnobbing with world leaders after kissing the Queen of England. Is this American democracy at work? What the hell?
    Government mind control overlaps with many other things – it overlaps with a higher government and a secret world government called the Illuminati. As I investigated the Illuminati I had to also learn about their front that they operate. They hide behind the veil of National Security. They use our patriotism against us and make us think that for our own interest, for our own security of our own nations, that we have to subject ourselves to all the secrecy that they impose upon us.
    Yes, through the Illuminati. That’s not to say that I hadn’t been watching the government too, but a lot of what we see out front is just that – it’s a front and if we really want to understand what’s going on, we have to look behind that front.
    The Illuminati are the movers and shakers of the world. They are an elite group of bloodlines – I call these tribes or families – there are 13 major bloodlines. They are what are called “generational satanists”. That means that they have practised their secret witchcraft for many centuries and they have passed their religion down from one generation to the next. They lead double lives. They have one life that the world sees and then they have a hidden life that the world doesn’t see.
    “when you are listening to people or examining a situation, don’t look at the details but look at the process. The details may throw you for a loop because people will lie, they will give contradictory information. Look at the process.” That’s a very good principle. What I have been doing is analyzing a lot of raw data, raw facts and interview information, and I have been putting together a coherent puzzle. That means you have to overlook a lot of disinformation.
    Cisco was part of this group attempting to escape the mind control, and I got involved in their lives and did what I could to help them. I brought Cisco out of the Illuminati and in return my learning curve about the Illuminati was greatly increased because I was given inside information from these people and a number of other people. Like I say, trying to understand the secret organization, the secret bloodlines is very difficult, because one has to stand outside of one’s own culture and own way of thinking and understand these people as they think, and they do not think like we do. Being able to work with these people who were in the Illuminati was very valuable.
    The problems with trying to expose things through government documentation are one, the documentation has been destroyed or tampered with and to get the government involved in exposing these things, what you are basically doing is asking a bunch of criminals, that’s what they are even thought they work in government positions, to expose themselves with paperwork. That’s just not the way things work. When we think about the Nazis, they were trying to destroy all traces of their crimes. They tried, they didn’t succeed. That gives me some hope that even though a great percentage of the proof of the mind control in terms of government documentation has been destroyed, I am still convinced that tons of documents still exist. But I think even better than those tons of documents are the living proof we have in the tens of thousands of identified living victims.

  6. Simon

    Obama bows to Saudi king
    Greeting called ‘most unbecoming for president of the United States’
    Posted: April 02, 2009
    4:12 pm Eastern

    By Bob Unruh
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    President Obama greeted the king of Saudi Arabia with a full bow from the waist yesterday, a move one commentator described as a violation of protocol and not worthy of the office he holds.

    “I am quite certain that this is not the protocol, and is most unbecoming a president of the United States,” writes Clarice Feldman in an American Thinker commentary.

    The situation developed as leaders of the world attending the G20 summit in London assembled for a photograph to mark the event.

    In this first image, after the king extended his hand while Obama approached, Obama bends from the waist until his head is nearly at the monarch’s waist …. etc

  7. mind control

    The phrase that I like to use is “Total Mind Control” because it totally controls the person – body, soul and spirit. And the common person out there has never really imagined that something so all-encompassing or so horrendous or so totally powerful even exists. The type of mind control the Illuminati use – I think some people think “oh, mind control – television – yeah – subliminals.” No. I am talking about something that is 1000 or 10,000 times more powerful. This mind control is totally undetectable and it totally controls the person and it uses every known technique of controlling a person wrapped up in a sophisticated group package. That’s one of the important things that a lot of people have not emphasized – that it’s not one technique, but what makes this total mind control of the Illuminati so powerful is that it’s a sophisticated group package incorporating all of the known techniques of control. All of these methods have been carefully interwoven. When you listen to someone from an intelligence agency, occasionally they have talked similar to this, where they will say, “we tried such and such a technique but it only worked in 70% of the cases so we couldn’t use it … and we tried this technique and it only worked part of the time.” But what they are not telling you is that if you take a method that works only 70% of the time and match that to another technique that works 60% of the time, and another technique that works 50% of the time and you have 100 techniques wrapped up together like that, you make a package deal that totally locks the victim in to the control.

  8. David

    Very good article, but very disturbing to read.
    Elaine wrote:
    “The antiwar movement is split due to the desire of many people to support Israeli Jewish wars while being for peace, in all other cases. Except when the US needs to kill Muslims of whatever stripes. So we have no movement at all at this point.”
    Seems as if the nation is on a blind path toward self destruction and or creating terrible destruction around the world…possibly WWIII….intentionally…with a very dark form of totalitarianism here at home.
    Elaine, you have identified the culprits in the Middle East and the dual citizens in our own government….and if many people, both end-times Christians and the US Jewish community support this torture and murder of an entire religious group of people all over the Middle East and the world (the murder of the Muslims), THEY (End times Christians and Jews) ARE CREATING THE BASIS FOR THEIR OWN SELF DESTRUCTION.
    (Please note that I am very carefully not personally calling for the destruction of either end times Christians or any or all Jews…THAT WOULD BE ANTI-SEMANTIC AND RACIST, but I am saying that THEY ARE DOING IT TO THEMSELVES with their evil policies).
    Elaine, just suppose these people who are running things get their way and suppress US torture lawyers and make torture and authoritarian brutality and government murder a commonplace way of doing things in our nation and around the world…
    And this all operating under a system every bit as corrupt as the failing former Soviet Union….I know, I researched the Soviets for a college project just before they fell…and the corruption was so rampant that the masses had created an alternative, barter system underground economy in order to survive….And the US is fast heading the same way….People wanted strong, authoritarian leaders and elected Bush Co…and now their wishes are being fulfilled.
    I might add that living in fear of being turned in by snitches and of being tortured and imprisoned is going to be a new experience for all Americans…living in fear of their own government…and they will probably go along out of fear.

    But because of its terrific corruption and duplicity, the government will gain little…and the entire system will stagnate…(and is stagnating as we write our complaints)…until it no longer functions at any reasonable level of efficiency…

    We can see this already…as investors run from the markets and seek gold and other ways of preserving wealth. Global corporatism is, at best, not satisfying the needs of people around the world…and is faltering.

    So, the entire corrupt mess is going down the tubes….and the empire is crumbling, but it seems that elites have set goals of national self-destruction for us…and appear to be unwilling to halt the processes they have set in motion….delusional madness…not attached to any form of reality thinking.
    Mind Control(the poster above), talked about the government using complex groupings of methodologies of psychological manipulation to dupe and control the population….
    There is probably a lot to this, but these mind control propaganda..fear…disinformation groupings…also creates a lot of unease when ordinary people know deep down that what they are hearing is just not true…and when they feel fear and distrust the motivations of their own government…even the president they elected…who seems to be betraying their trust, it destroys their faith and motivation to create and preserve wealth.
    Elaine, I think we are closer to the end of this scenario than we imagine….but there is a terrific amount of suffering to be done before it is finally ended. As you say, Libra will balance her scales (soon) and the hubris we created will cause our nemesis and our bad Karma debt is already very much overdue.

  9. Simon

    Once I met some well meaning young Jews and we starting talking politics after a while. I find that we agree on most of the points, it was then the topic of Tibet came up.
    I said to one guy that at least it didn’t have rockets and suicida bombs like Palestine and it said something about the nature of this oppression, while keeping a calm voice and smile throughout
    He was very flustered and made a hurried exit. 🙂

  10. if

    Chas Freeman doubts Israel’s survival
    Former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia Charles W. Freeman has cast doubt whether Israel can continue to survive in the Middle East.

    “I don’t see how Israel can continue to survive in the long term as a state in the Middle East if it is not prepared to deal with respect and consideration with its Arab neighbors specially the Palestinians,” Freeman said in an exclusive interview with Press TV.

    In mid March, Freeman turned down Director of National Intelligence (NIC) Dennis C. Blair’s offer to be the chairman of the body.

    Later, Freeman accused the Israeli lobby of being behind his withdrawal.

  11. if

    MOSCOW, April 3 (RIA Novosti) – Russia has not yet made any commitment to contribute to the $1.1 trillion anti-crisis package approved by the G20, the finance minister said Friday.

    “Russia is not participating in this package yet. We have made no commitments,” Alexei Kudrin said at a congress of the Association of Russian Banks.

  12. Angela

    OH, I gave years of my life to these people. Years.
    In paying any attention to them, I am still giving them far more of my psychic space and my thoughts than I’d like to.

    But there are millions of people on earth who have no idea of the illuminati. Millions upon millions. Certainly thier lives and economic condition are effected and maybe to some extent controlled by the ill-ugly cult, but their ignorance is more than likely bliss.

    And not all of them are 90% mind-controlled. In any of those millions, maybe even billions- the illuminati knows this- IS the capacity for a Mozart or a Leonardo or an amazing leader. UG Krishnamurti has many many good things to say about this- EVERY human being is a seed. EVERY one.
    The mind control can only go so far, even if it was perfected to the point you say it is. They can only possess you if you allow it.

    This I know. YOU can unwittingly volunteer for the control in so many ways that you are unaware of – because their story is all about power and possession. There ARE other narratives, love being one. The “I’ve got joy like a fountain in my soul” narrative. Praise.

    Appreciation. Creativity. Blessing. The Garden.
    I find if I stay in these and do not allow my mind to slip into the abysmal state of the pathetic miasma created by these death and S&M addicts, then I’m keeping alive and thriving on earth the seed of possibility for another and superior reality.
    One where personal agency, creativity and responsibility trumps possession, control and exploitation.

    Reading all that Illuminati crap is like falling into a black hole of hideous collusion with them.

  13. if

    For those, who like conspiracy:

  14. CK

    The unemployment/underemployment rate has now officially gone over 17%. That means that it is actually well over 20%. The underemployment rate is accelerating. Now there are certain things that being unemployed cause: You don’t pay income tax, you don’t contribute to social security. You don’t pay local employment tax.
    Your monthly, non discretionary bills don’t decrease. You now have 40 hours a week to fill that were previously filled by work. You have to fill those 40 hours without spending money because your weekly income has gone away. Discretionary spending for most working stiffs is mostly about food choices and clothing choices. I went food shopping yesterday, staple goods are rising quite nicely in price, and on sale items were fewer and less desirable.
    In related news, credit card delinquencies are nearing 10%.
    But I gather that the most important news is that Michelle put her arm around the queen and the queen reciprocated and that Barack bowed to the Man who Suplies the Oil. Oh and Michelle dressed real nice but showed her bare biceps again. Democracy: the theory that the common man knows what he wants and deserves to get it good and hard and often.

  15. criticalcontrarian

    Except that you do not live in a democracy, you are supposed to be a Constitution-based federal republic, at least according to the CIA Fact Book. A Republic is a nation of laws, not a consensus of the majority or a government of the idiots (the word idiot is from the root Greek “idiotes”, which simply meant “private individual”, layman or private person). Unfortunately, this is only in form not in practice, and has become apparent to the whole world.

  16. Angela

    If Elaine ever hosted a conference, I would take a creative writing class with you, as you share with her the tradition of great storytellers.
    Tomorrow is three weeks into the quitting 30 plus years of cigarettes thing and I am telling you that I can feel my arterial plaque (which I hear is also a good source of B vitamins)lessening.
    You oughta write your memoirs for those darling little ankle biters of yours if you aren’t going to quit the habit with those recent test results.
    Honestly, I still think there are creative ways around the future that they are narrating for us, your arterial plaque AND living in a sinking cesspool of fear and loathing.

    Sadly, like all people who are full of good ideas, I lack venture capital and a team of willing partners, but like Elaine, I’d love to avert the Apocalypse- if even in my own mind.
    ELAINE: Angela, I heartily second this! I loved the droll way CK told us about his exploits as the Pope’s Little Helper. 🙂

  17. CK

    We certainly are a nation of many laws. Laws are not enacted to redress wrongs but to create more criminals.
    With no apologies to the L&O franchise:
    There are two parts to the criminal justice system, the police who indulge in crimes and the prosecutors who enable more crimes.

  18. openlyhidden

    a funny read from g20 protests:

    “LONDON, April 1: I am feeling a bit like Syed Saleem Shahzad this morning, with all due apologies to the intrepid Asia Times Online correspondent who reports from the Taliban frontline. In my case, a combination of anarchists, nutcases, attention-seekers, the grossly unemployed and assorted victims of the credit crunch have descended on the Bank of England, gathering up a tsunami of protests linked to the London summit of the Group of 20 countries [1] – a tidal wave of civil disagreement with authority that began barely a moment after I had secured an elusive macchiato from the local Starbucks.

    The barista recommended that I stayed inside the shop when they boarded it up, fearing that anti-globalization protests would be directed against all symbols of America however far removed from

    the world of finance. Instead, I took my coffee and walked out into the beautiful London day, waiting to be asked a cogent question on the future of capitalism. As luck would have it, most of the folks in the crowd merely wanted to find out where to score drugs, while a few did enquire about where I had managed to find the coffee….”
    it goes on at here if interested.

  19. criticalcontrarian

    We are certainly know that laws are created for the “idiotes”, or private person, your average Joe, and because your average Joe didn’t have a profession or specialized knowledge he was thought by the Greeks to be pretty ignorant. By the time the word turns up in Latin it is spoken as idiota, and has lost the “private person” connotation, remaining just ignorant and uneducated. When idiot arrived in English it still meant an uneducated, common person, and in this sense sometimes didn’t even carry a pejorative sense — people were called idiots in the same way we might call someone a layman today.

    Bottom line, laws are for idiots. Lawlessness for the elite. They make laws for idiots to follow, to rule and obey, while breaking them with impunity every chance they get; and to think we all thought the biggest law breaker of them all, G.W. Bush, was an idiot! Imagine that… LOL.
    ELAINE: Many words describing bad people all started as words for poor people, except for one: poltroon. In NY, this was the name of the richest man in NY in the 1600-1800. It became a pejorative term during the anti-rent riots in upstate NY. I am glad you did this run down of an old curse.
    In ancient Athens, all the men who were not slaves would gather in the agora to discuss politics every day. This was the sign of a citizen. People who were brain damaged via old age, or too young, were left at home. Alone with those nonentities, the wives and daughters.

  20. CK

    I was once in a Ph.D. program. I never finished it because I hated writing to spec. When I taught it was in the gloriously dull fields of statistics and economics and business policy. There were some disagreements within the various departments since I taught more Austrian school than Keynes in econ and used Machiavelli’s The Prince as the required first text in b.pol. ( I was kind I let them use an english language translation instead of having to puzzle out the old Italian, even though everyone knows that a tranlator is always a traitor to the original meanings and intents.)
    I hope to leave no memoirs, no tracks on the sands of time, no hostages to fate have I sired. And my recent tests were most encouraging to my daily rituals. Having been most careful to never allow filtered cigarettes into my possession, my lungs as of yet do not suffer from impairment.
    I thank you for your compliment. When I think of “great story-tellers” my number one is Robt Heinlein. My second is Robt Ruark,
    most specifically for him: The Old Man and the Boy and The Old Man’s Boy Grows Older. Heinlein is supposed to have said that the finest sentence in the english language was: “Pay to the Order of_________” on a check. I agree.
    Congratulation are in order for hitting the three week mark. I am told that you are now past the worst stages of the withdrawal if yours was a nicotine addiction. The problem with smoking is not just the chemical addiction but the behavioural rituals associated with the act itself. For me, a day that does not begin with a smoke and a hot cup of black coffee is a day that will go down hill rapidly. The ritual of lighting up after a meal. The muscular patterns inculcated over 30 years of behaviour. Just like the musician who practices scales over and over so that when it comes time to perform the muscles already know without conscious input what they are to do. This to me is the hard part of breaking the smoking pattern. And while I hate to admit it, the recent unconscionable increase in both state and federal taxes on cigarettes has motivated me to look into easy ways to give up my life long friend and amanuensis and muse. Economics uber alles. We are now at a point where my consumption of cigarettes is closing in on $75 a carton times 36.5 cartons a year.
    I can spend that $2800 a year on good scotch or fatty foods instead, and have the nonmonetary satisfaction of knowing that I have removed almost 2500 dollars from the government’s greedy maw.
    ELAINE: HAHAHA. So, you post here so you leave no tracks? Yet, the CIA downloads all my stuff. Of course, it will be blacked out just like the story about the torture. So you are safe, for now, CK. Interesting background. I hope you pull up roots long enough to actually visit me. My door is always open to visitors.

  21. criticalcontrarian

    CK: $5,000 of Scotch and cigarettes will keep 25 poor people alive in Asia for a year. In Africa double that.

  22. CK

    I doubt that the poor of asia and africa need scotch and cigarettes to remain alive.
    Give a man a smoke and a snifter you have made him happy for an hour.
    Teach a man to grow tobacco and distill scotch and you have created a future capitalist pig who will immediately try to attain political power and lord it over his dying brethren and cisterns.

  23. Angela

    The $2800 will prove you a pragmatist in the end. I am struggling with a tendency to depression at the loss of the seductive comfort of my demonic nicotine friend.

    I have to thank CC for the quit, it was one of many powerful things that he said once about self-knowledge. A biopsy on a lump on my throat that turned out to be benign didn’t hurt either.

    Obama is or was a smoker. It occured to me that he is as likely to die of lung cancer as he is to be assasinated by the neo-nazi’s who hate his half-blackness. Especially since he’s admitted an interesting past and is rumored to have an even MORE interesting past.
    It’s the HYPOCRISY that drives me insane.
    Drug laws that are made and rigidly enforced by drug addicts or those making a fortune on the illegal flow of drugs.
    Moral precepts determining the immorality of homosexuality that are mandated by practicing pediophiles and homosexuals.
    Tax laws and a tax system that is ignored by legislators and supported by peons.
    Corporate welfare queens with their tax havens in the pirate coves, as Elaine says, but blathering on for hours about entitlement programs and day care benefits for the working poor.

    These people avoid the light of truth like cockroaches.

  24. Angela

    I recently read of a woman in Thailand who is pulling herself out of poverty by selling her own herbal wine by the roadside. The power of plants is enormous and alcohol is a really excellent menstrum for some medicinal, healing substances, so I have mixed feelings about Like anything, it can be misused and tremendous harm done to those in the path.
    But responsible use of wine and certain spirits, I think is healthful on the other hand.

  25. criticalcontrarian

    CK: mea culpa, I meant the $5,000 worth of scotch and cigarettes converted to cash would feed… Not giving them a vice they surely cannot afford. Alas, even poor people who have very little, smoke and drink, they say it is their only happiness.

  26. CK

    Do they avoid truth, or do they revel in their hypocrisy. How sweetly ironic it must be for a steroid enhanced copper to bust some college nerd for an ounce of weed. Do you not feel the laughter.
    How like a rose it must be for a closeted queen to rant and rave about the sanctity of straight marriage. He has his closet unfettered by inspection and his rant untrammeled by his peers. The best of both worlds.
    How can one not admire the skill with which the corporate welfare queens control the conversation and direct the anathemas toward the state supported welfare queens and kings. These people are the light of current truth; that they are also cockroaches only means that they will survive whatever rancid thing might happen next.
    The cockroach always thrives.
    It is, unfortunately, people such as the inhabitors of this board that avoid the light of truth.
    Take Elaine as an example, Arrest them all. Yeah that is going to happen real soon now. The current operational truth is: The torturers will not be arrested, the ex-administration will not be arrested, the gnomes will not be neutered, will not have their power and pelf abated.
    The light of truth is that what you make you keep, what you lose you pass off to others. The light of truth shines quite brightly it is we who disliking this current truth wail and howl to no good effect.

  27. CK

    And here I was almost ready to send a case of my third best scotch and a few cartons of smokes to some bewildered asian/african and now you want me to not support the only happiness they have.
    I refuse to impose sadness upon people who have so little. I think instead I shall send them a carton of bootstraps and a taiwanese translation of the instruction manual for use of same.

  28. criticalcontrarian

    Angela: Agreed on the herbal alternatives. The Indians are very advanced in this, specifically in the Ayurvedic and Homeopathic traditions. Western science for example is just starting to realize the efficacy of turmeric for cancer, among many other things. However, even in red wine which is supposed to be good for the heart and anti-cancer properties due to its reservatrol content, it has been proved that in alcoholic wine form it is not effective at all, only when it is in red grape juice. So the alcohol is a minus in this regard. Angela, take baby steps, find your pace and stick with it. Do not give your mind a reason to rebel, play it. Slow and steady wins the game. 🙂

  29. criticalcontrarian

    CK: your sense of humor is contagious, and appreciated. What can I tell you, our people were used to very little until the advent of conspicuous consumption. Media and malls have changed all that. The price of progress. BTW, cigarettes here cost $12 a carton, and a bottle of scotch is $15 depending on what your poison is. The Europeans love living here specially the Brits who pay $30 for a carton of cigarettes and $5 for a beer.

  30. if

    Social Security: There Is No Trust; There Is No Fund
    Social Security is back in the limelight where once again its problems will no doubt be ignored.
    …Therein lies the rub. There is no fund per se. It’s all been spent, and then some.

  31. David


    Thanks so much for the link…just use and you can identify many of the ruling elites and their lines of connections to those mentioned in the article and to their foundations and organizations.

    Their arrogance and genuine belief that they are superior to the rest of humanity is amazing.

  32. emsnews

    Instantly, when Reagan passed the SS reform bill that was supposed to accumulate money for the Baby boomers, he CUT TAXES ON THE UPPER INCOMES. This is where it all went. Seriously and truly.

  33. Gary

    Yea Baby Yea
    Bootstraps. Let them eat Bootstraps ! Is what the Limbergers Dittos would
    I know they can lift themselves up by their bootstraps.
    I saw this once at Cirque du Soleil at the Tropicana at Las Vegas !
    I know it can be done

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  35. CK

    Now I am truly miffed.
    By my calculations, $12 vs $75, your side of the pond is 625% better off than I am on cigs. and $15 vs $45 you side of the pond is 300% better off than I am on scotch. This is immoral unacceptable and I bet you get better thai and vietnamese and Chinese cooking at better prices than I do here. I think instead of sending them a case of bootstraps I will send myself that case and find a way to bootstrap into a much more economically sensible situation.
    The results of the current unemployment/underemployment situation is that the SS trust fund might just find itself running in the red this year. That would mean no borrowing from the fund by the govt to support our little iraq excursion or our little afghani escalation.
    I watched several of the contortionists ( always young and female of course ) at Cirque. I was having amourous thoughts until I did the math.
    Which reminds me of an old joke about Mabel and her hubby of 60 years Ferd. Ferd one day, as he and mabel were rocking on their lovely shaker porch rocker, told Mabel that he was agoing to go to town and get hisself a 20 year old loverly and have a time. And Mabel said, “you go right ahead Ferd, you know I will always love you anyways. And I will follow you into town and find me a 20 year old young buck and have a time. Oh and Ferdie love remember 20 goes into 80 a lot more times than 80 goes into 20.”
    Math and economics … and love

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  37. nah
    UPDATE 1-Texas Instruments sues 3 banks over $524 mln debt
    seriously is it that complicated… or was it snake oil… these guys really are physicists on the micro level Citi & Co.

  38. CK

    Any deal too good to be true, probably isn’t. As foolish little people we know this but we still spend our dollars on the lottery.
    The people who manage billions for companies like TI, have much education in money management but they do believe that if it’s too good to be true then they want in on the ground floor.

  39. anonymous


    What about these claims regarding satanic mind control?

    Remember, we start with “reasonable suspicion”, move to “probable cause”, and then shoot for, “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

    Honestly, these claims are pretty significant. The silence here is deafening.

    Doesn’t anyone have anything to say one way or the other about this around here? If any of the worst of this stuff is true, then the complete destruction of our whole civilization and culture is pretty much justified and we have nothing to whine about.

    We KNOW about the atrocities that happened in Germany. Why not here?


    I am not sure about your claim that “they can only possess you if you allow it”.

    Unless you have first hand experience with the most egregious of the alleged atrocities, how can that claim not be a mere assumption? I mean, we are not talking Jim Jones here. (And that’s a big story as well).

  40. anonymous

    Also, I would like to hear from commenters who dismiss the claims as likely being wholly without merit.

    I just ask that you please show your work: describe the reasoning process that led you to that conclusion. That shouldn’t be too hard. We are mostly adults here, right?

    But anything but silence.

  41. CK

    @ Anonymous: is a web site that is very interested in your questions. Although it does appear that the site’s author has not updated since mid december. I believe he had a book coming out around then and might be on a signing tour.

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  43. emsnews

    Satan is in all our minds….it is ourselves. As for ‘controls’: the most effective brain washing is self-washing. Namely, we follow our own little paths to our own blind ends and then live there forever, in the dark.
    A lot of people would very dearly love to convince the gullible, some evil Svengali has brainwashed them but that is just plain silly. This works ONLY if the person involved wants desperately to have it work. For example, a girl who wants someone to love her might try to please that person no matter what. Or a man, in order to rise in an organization, will subscribe to, memorize and embody all of the thoughts and rules of the organization, etc.

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  45. criticalcontrarian

    CK: Bloody hell, just come and live here! LOL. The difference in savings you can give to charity and create some good karma to offset the bad, what do you say? Of course, if you decide to smoke and drink the difference then I will have to set you up with a good medical insurance provider and introduce you to the best doctors in town. 😉

    The unemployment situation Stateside has not yet peaked, it is growing. This is a serious cause for concern. Instead of planning and self-prophesizing local terrorism, Homeland Security should be raiding the corporates and forcing them to bring out all the buried alternative energy technology under fear of life imprisonment or death, to create new jobs, new products, and renewed hope.

  46. I have a dream. I wake up to it most mornings. It goes more or less like this:
    I get off a bus or a train.
    Just a day trip.
    I need to go home. I ask when the next bus home will arrive.
    But everybody looks at me funny when I say the town where my home is. They’ve never heard of the place. I then mention the biggest city closest to my home. Nobody has ever heard of that either.
    I’m stuck with these people who have no clue about where I came from.
    This sucks. My past never existed.

  47. Bear of Little Brain

    Thinking of you. Take care, man.

  48. I love you Bear. I love Elaine.
    All I have to give is my love.
    And thankfulness.
    I am so far from perfect.
    If you have five friends,
    You are rich!
    It Ain’t much.
    But it’s real true love!

  49. CK

    Are karma offsets in any way similar to carbon offsets? If they are, there’s monies to be made pandering to folks who think they need their karma washed.
    How about this, I move there, and use whatever difference there is left not for charity but to start a karma washing service. Hire several local karma market experts to advise the karma deficient. Then when the karma clearing ball starts to roll, I bundle the long term karma cleaning contracts into units, sell the units to the banks and start taking out options on how many of the karma contracts will fail. I can counterparty with the local insurers at first and gradually increase the scale until I am counterpartying with the biggest and brightest of the international financial community.
    Maybe I could by that time have leased a few local pols and could get them to pass a law requiring everyone to have a karma checkup and making it illegal to not write karma washing contracts on those least able to afford the monthly nut. Of course being a law-abiding when it suits me do-gooder, I will want to spread the risk of failure around. And since there is no correlation between the behaviours of people when things go badly, there is no correlated risk that the buyers of the options and karma derivatives have to face.
    By this time, I should be able to pay myself a fair and just retainment bonus. Yes I think it will work. Afterall everyone deserves good karma at a decent price, and if they can’t afford the good karma, we will just write subprime karmacontracts for them and bundle the subprime contracts with the contracts we write for those who can afford them. I foresee a few logjams however. The organized religions already in place will be very upset and probably have enough muscle to inconvenience a new karma washing business. The existing institutions already have set a price cap at 10% of income for soul saving so karma washing will face the pricing problem, to wit do I cut price and try to absorb the many, or do I start out at premium price to absorb the rich and gullible. Probably go with the premium model to start as the rich and gullible appear more often in the decision media and thus the free advertizing bonus. The only time the poor and useless appear in the decision media is when they are victims of nature or victims of nurture, or when they start throwing poo.
    Karma washing, a product whose time has come. Make your monthly payment to at our P.O. box in Macau.
    We have karmawashing brokers standing by to help you arrange financing.
    ELAINE; HAHAHAHA. I will wait until the market drops—short the karma and then buy up the entire stock and then repackage it and sell it to the Chinese communists.

  50. CK

    A bit over a year ago, on another website, I outlined my idea for starting a new bank. The Last Local Bank of Cynicism. It is the one bank where your account can never be overdrawn. The idea did not catch on for some unknown reason. Maybe it was the 24/7/366 nature of the operation, or the fact that all tellers would be required to be blind and all management required to be unwed orphans. Maybe it was the requirement that any savings account deposits had to be in real assets and that paper money would only be accepted for non-interest paying checking accounts. What ever the reasons, the bank plan went on hold.
    Then last year here, I volunteered out of the goodness of my black heart to start a new political party. The YardArm party. Very solid planks, very liberal in its scope yet conservative in its funding.
    We neither promised a chicken in every pot nor pot in every chick.
    Alas again I was ahead of the curve. There were no takers for joining the yardarm party.
    My life online is but a string of failed ideas, Bank of Cynicism, Yardarm Party, and I suspect the karma washing thing just could not happen in today’s worldly world.
    Still Hope Springs like a busted sofa, I shall come up with the Next Big Thing Real Soon Now.

  51. criticalcontrarian

    CK: Shut up amigo! You are giving ideas to the cabal of Paulson, Geithner, et al. LOL. At the very least charge the bastards for your intellectual capital. 😉

    blues: the trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same. Either way, abrasos, mi amigo. 🙂

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  53. openlyhidden

    so the queen of england, queen elizabeth 2, who everyone is in a tizzy about if michele obama was wrong to touch her royal highness or to wear the wrong clothes for her attendance to the queen….well, what you are saying is queen elizabeth basically is the lucky and nobody special undeserving beneficiary of her really, really hardass ruthless criminal bloodthirsty ancestors. and these ancestors of hers were no different from say the tony soprano gang writ large only not funny or entertaining….or the winning mexico drug lord gang lealder who has a habit of chopping off heads to make his point, and that ultimately “wins” and gets to take over mexico if things get too bad. and what happened in england is everyone on the winning side declared the family “royalty” when they are actually thugs and gangsters. and what i want to know is if a descendent of a once free english peasant family whose land was taken from them by the criminal gang soon to call their gang leader “king” would be morally right to correct this great historical wrong….wouldn’t that be justice?

  54. openlyhidden

    or collect his revenge.

  55. anonymous


    With all respect, “just plain silly” doesn’t resonate with me as far as reasoning goes.

    “Mind control” as we are discussing is not the same thing as ‘brainwashing’, although brainwashing could be considered a form of mind control.

    I really wish you would put aside your assumption that these allegations are necessarily “just plain silly” and take a closer look at the research.

    For example, what was Mengele trying to accomplish with his experiments?

    Do you think he merely had a ‘thing’ for torturing children? That doesn’t make sense to me. Why would the Nazi regime fund his work if there wasn’t some underlying purpose?

    Why is it safe to assume that whatever he was up to suddenly disappeared after the Reich fell? We know the U.S. was interested in recovering Nazi research after WWII.

  56. anonymous

    CK: Good grief. Another “crazy conspiracy site”.

    Just what we don’t need.

  57. When it all goes downhill…
    We will talk of conspiracies.
    It’s nature’s way.
    Of telling you…

  58. CK

    Hell when it goes uphill for other folks and not for me I think it’s a conspiracy. When it stands still for everybody I am assured it’s a conspiracy. BUT when it goes uphill for me and not anyone else, I know it is the just workings of a divine providence.

  59. emsnews

    Mind control is constant. We are all crazy so we can’t tell if we are meddling with our own brains [we are always messing up our own minds] and outsiders mess with us and there is LOTS of these starting with Madison Avenue ads and all the way down the line….of course, it is lots of fun to worry about porno mind control but then, it is the PORNO that is enticing and people love to pretend they have a pornographical past ONLY if they don’t really have one….a PARADOX.

  60. anonymous


    Yeah, I get all that.

    But that still isn’t enough to convince me that all of the research published online is necessarily false.

    In the case of Cathy O’Brien, for example, she would necessarily have the body scars to testify as to the potential veracity of her claims. She also claims that her daughter is a victim of the same MK Ultra program and is being held illegally in the state of Tennessee for ‘national security’ reasons. That should be verifiable, right?

    Needless to say, given the level of people that she has implicated, if any of her claims are true then there would have to be a major cover-up to stop this story from becoming public.

    This is why I am not comfortable assuming that this is all necessarily some porno fantasy. I hope it is. But none of the claims these alleged victims are contending is inconsistent with stuff that is known generally to the public.

    I assure you, it is not ‘fun worrying’ about all this. I am interested in facts. These are crimes being alleged. Holocaust level crimes.
    ELAINE; see? She is bullshitting you when she claims that her own child is now in this supposed program. Note the lack of hysteria and fury in her. She goes prancing about, scaring everyone. While showing no real concern.

  61. CK

    I just saw your most gracious invite. In truth I do not live all that far from you as gas powered SUV’s caluclate time and distance.
    On foot is a whole nother ball of bunions. I have to tell you though that I am not in the least worried about any TLA agency bothering me just yet. Blogging is so ephemeral. I am sure that some CIA webspider skims through this blog and many others, just as the google spiders do and the MSN spiders do and so on and so forth. I wonder how much of the slowness of the web is directly attributable to the plethora of spiders all cataloguing the ephemera.

    I do like your idea of shorting the karma market. One can never go wrong betting against the suppliers of the pleb’s needs for hope and change. Of course one can rarely go wrong betting against the plebs in general. Afterall if they were so smart they would be poltroons not plebs.

  62. H5534

    Well, since Obama is the 22nd cousin of King Edward I, perhaps she was just telling the queen, “Hi Cuz” ???
    —— the MEDUSA calms dissidents…. if people would search out HAARP and chemtrails and how they are used on the peoples (not just on weather and hurricanes)… these are tools to control the people.

  63. Angela

    How pathetically weak our powerful military is revealed to be. To have reached a point for such insidious measures against the very citizens that they are sworn by oath to protect?
    Years ago there may have been some honor in these military orders.
    All of that is clearly gone and it is now just empty ritual, pomp and ugly nothingness.
    Our poor fighting men- little chess pieces for the bankers who would expose them and their progeny to Agent Orange and depleted uranium dust- and “the saints go marching on”.
    Propping up what, exactly?
    Protecting what?

  64. emsnews

    Angela, the very first time ‘bankers’ hijacked an entire invasion army in the last 1,000 years was when the Third Crusade, sent forth to save Jerusalem from Muslims was hijacked by the money guys of Venice and sent to Constantinople to loot the place. They did and this weakened Constantinople so much, it fell to the Muslims!

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