The various offshore hell hounds and pirates pay our political leaders and regulators huge, huge ‘speaking fees’ so they can use this as cover for collecting bribes.  Summers collected many millions from hell hounds who use offshore hedge funds to evade US controls. So of course, he advised Obama to NOT cooperate with Germany and France or China at the G20 meetings and to NOT support international restrictions on the hedge fund community activities.


Banks Face Big Losses From Bets on Chinese Realty – NYTimes.com

 Back in the good old days — early 2007 — bankers from Merrill LynchDeutsche Bank and other financial giants placed their bets on a 48-year-old property tycoon who was supposed to be China’s next billionaire.

One thing about China: the State believes in knocking down anyone who might compete for political power so they don’t mind seeing billionaires hammered down.

They lent his company $400 million, encouraged him to acquire large tracts of land and in early 2008 promoted a proposed $2.1 billion public stock offering by the company, the Evergrande Real Estate Group, in Hong Kong.

They didn’t understand the Chinese COMMUNIST community. I know them very well and know how they think.  They know the oligarchs are very dangerous and want innovation and change but not a flood of very rich sitting on top of the very poor.

One year later, China’s housing market has collapsed, Evergrande is mired in debt and the Wall Street bankers are facing huge losses because the company never sold stock to the public.

Chinese communist leaders raised the reserve ratios and other indicators starting slowly in July, 2007, in order to stop exactly these sorts of deals.  The guys collecting Japanese carry trade loans were desperate to translate these as fast as humanly possible into IOUs for other people to pay.  

China warned them all to stay out of China, they didn’t want wild inflation due to too-easy lending but of course, the pirates, hell hounds and gnomes thought they could pull an end run.  Now, they are being hammered.  I hope people figure out, these guys got caught in a trap they set for the Chinese.  They got their leg caught and have to chew it off, to escape.

Now, analysts say, Evergrande has become a symbol of China’s go-go era of investing, when international bankers, private equity deal makers and hedge fund managers rushed here hoping to cash in on the world’s biggest building boom.

‘Cash IN’ is correct: they wanted to create loans via the Japanese carry trade and then translate these into mortgages which would force the Chinese to pay them huge sums of money. The entire goal of this ‘business’ was to borrow some money at a very low interest rate and then charge a higher rate to some poor sap who couldn’t go directly to the Bank of Japan.

In 2007, Japan even boasted to China, they could flood China with easy lending and the Chinese could not stop them.  Obviously, this was a delusion, the Chinese did stop them.

By making short-term and sometimes hasty bets on China’s property market, analysts say, some of the world’s biggest financial institutions may have lost as much as $10 billion….

Which WE are bailing out right now.  They hate taking losses.  They want to have fake values on their loan portfolios.  To understand all this, take a look at the US housing market where the government and the central bank consortium has spent trillions of dollars to keep the bubble going:


Failure Rate Rises on Mortgages Revised in Late 2008, U.S. Says – Bloomberg.com


  • Mortgages modified in the third quarter failed at a faster pace than those revised in the first, and the delinquency rate on the least risky loans doubled, signs of deteriorating credit quality, U.S. regulators said.

    This is the definition of insanity: to stop the army of deadbeats [and even ILLEGAL ALIENS] who drove up housing stock values to the heavens with those goofy NINJA loans, the US has taken on vast amounts of PUBLIC debt.

    The trick was, we would give them NEW mortgages at lower and cheaper rates and then they would all pay off the PRINCIPAL in the meanwhile while the US taxpayers eat the INTEREST DUE LOSSES.  Then, our insane gnomes could then lend more money to other people.  Instead of being forced into bankruptcy.

    THIS IS A TOTAL FAILURE.  Each rescue works even worse than the previous rescue because no one can pay the price for housing as it was set during the NINJA BUBBLE.

    Loans modified in the first quarter to help borrowers keep their homes fell delinquent 41 percent of the time after eight months, and second-quarter loans had a 46 percent default rate, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and Office of Thrift Supervision said in a report today. Third-quarter trends “are worsening,” the agencies said.




What is clear is that the real estate boom was fueled in part by foreign investors, who over the last four years pumped tens of billions of dollars into the Chinese property market, hoping to snap up office buildings, luxury villas and stakes in big developers.

Across the planet, all countries have been flooded this way.  The flood of lending poured over every possible surface.  It was terrible, a plague, a tremendous danger, very inflationary as it caused excess speculation, building and driving up prices of everything to the stratosphere.  We should avoid this like the plague, not try to restart it.

A Morgan Stanley real estate fund bought a tower in Shanghai for more than $240 million; the Carlyle Group acquired luxury villas; and in 2008 J. P. Morgan Asset Management held a 12 percent stake in R&F Properties, a big Chinese developer.

To earn big returns, many global investors used complex offshore investment vehicles, like convertible bonds and preferred equity, which gave them tax advantages —TAX CHEATS—and allowed them to more easily bypass Beijing’s strict controls on investing in Chinese companies listed overseas. Often the investments were routed through places like the Cayman Islands or the British Virgin Islands.

This is called ‘gnomes acting like pirates’.

A favorite investment play was the pre-initial public offering deal. Flush with capital, foreign investors would issue convertible bonds through an offshore entity as a way to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in a Chinese property developer. When the developer was ready to sell stock in Hong Kong, it would pay back the initial investment or bond by giving the foreign investor pre-I.P.O. shares at a discount.

These sorts of ‘insider’ deals are at the root of the entire global financial collapse.  Anyone who pretends this is a complex business is throwing fairy dust in everyone’s eyes.  It is ludicrously simple: if we allow tax cheating pirate coves to run amok, they will!  And the cure is very simple: we use our navy to raid these places and put them under US controls.  If we don’t do this, the Chinese WILL do this, eventually, after the pirates have totally destroyed the US by dumping many trillions of dollars of debt on top of all our infrastructure, our industries, our homes and even our natural resources.


Once everything is deep, deep in debt, including our government, it all falls apart.  Bingo.  Dead.  No more empire for us.  Anyone who protects themselves from these debt-dealing double dealing pirates will survive, intact.  Why we are protecting this guys is the important part that comes next:


Editorial – The Economic Summit – NYTimes.com


Stimulus spending wasn’t the only area of fundamental disagreements. The Europeans came to the meeting stressing the need for comprehensive cross-border regulation of financial markets, participants and products. Mr. Obama and his team seem more committed to domestic regulation than their predecessors — but fiercely resistant to the idea of a global regulator.

WHAT THE HELL????  The US has been ravaged by a flotilla of pirates using Queen Elizabeth’s pirate islands to sail here and destroy our entire economy and Obama doesn’t want them put out of business or even controlled at all????  

The group compromised with its call for more transparency and better early-warning systems for systemic risks. We suspect that it will take considerably more than that to reassure investors that markets are safe.

We can build light houses and have people with telescopes there who can see pirate flags from afar and then SHOOT THEM OUT OF THE WATER.  How’s that?  We can shoot down their private jets!  Sink their private yachts!  Aren’t we doing this to the Somalian pirates?

The world’s wealthy nations must come to a common understanding of the causes of this crisis and a common vision of the future role of financial markets. From there, they need to write new rules and regulatory regimes that address the real dangers. In the end, necessary regulation will not be transnational enough for European tastes and too binding for American tastes. When both sides grumble about the result, rather than praise it, you will know that progress is being made.


The NYT is guilty of supporting ‘free trade’ and stopping all attempts at shooting down the pirates.  They want the pirates to be POLITE and not rape, loot and burn our cities.  But remember: the pirates are all gnomes.  They love to loot, rape—especially, rape—and even like roasting marshmallows on open fires of countries being burned to the ground as millions die in ‘shock and awe.’  They even support torture. 


The world’s wealthy nations are getting poorer and poorer as the gnomes and pirates get richer and richer.  DUH.  Since hell hounds and other nasties are getting richer, we have an easy solution: arrest them all and charge them with high seas piracy!  They will stop.


One of my French ancestors was a pirate.  When England had  peace with France, he had to hightail it out of the Spanish Main and settled in Massachusetts.  Named the homestead, ‘Peru’ and then next one, ‘Lima’ in honor of the gold bars from these mints.  Pirates stop only when they see the hangman’s noose.


Bernanke, Kohn Pledge Fed to Withdraw Credit When Crisis Ends – Bloomberg.com


The Federal Reserve’s top two officials assured that they will pull back their emergency- credit programs once the crisis fades, even as they prepare to flood the system further with an excess of $1 trillion.

Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said yesterday in Charlotte, North Carolina that the Fed must retain the flexibility to withdraw its record cash injections to restrain prices. Vice Chairman Donald Kohn said in Wooster, Ohio, “the trick will be unwinding this balance sheet in a timely way to avoid inflation.”

The remarks followed calls by current and former officials for an exit strategy from the central bank’s record accumulation of assets, from corporate debt to mortgage bonds. Concern that political pressure may delay the start of an anti-inflation fight drove the Fed to forge an accord with the Treasury Department last month.


These are fake promises.  All these gnomes always promise to never, never rouse the Goddess of Infinity.  Oh, no, they will withdraw….ever have sex with a gnome?  They always promise the girl, they will withdraw before they do IT.  And then don’t, of course, this is how they reproduce. 


Anyway, they tell us, it is a ‘trick…unwinding….the…sheet’ after having sex.  Prostitutes call these guys, ‘Tricks’, by the way.  And pray tell, how will our Treasury exit their ‘purchases’?  Of course, this means holding them for a long, long time until Inflation takes care of relative values and they can be sold at their previous, higher price, with cheaper dollars.  Case closed.


This is a NEGATIVE CAPITAL system and will make us poorer, not richer.  The gnomes will buy everything when they can, when they find a new Japanese carry trade, to exploit.  The yen is dropping in value so this isn’t so far in the future.


Medvedev Resurrects Idea of Creating Regional Currencies to Replace Dollar as Reserve Currency – NYTimes.com


In a speech before leaders here at the Group of 20 summit meeting, Mr. Medvedev said that the countries most responsible for the global economic crisis (read: the United States) are not taking their fair share of the burden for “macroeconomic policies” needed to fix the problem.

Note how Russia and China take turns now, hammering us on the issue of the US fiat currency system? This means, they have secret agreements to do this in preparation for the coup de grace that is inevitable.

“On this basis we conclude that it would be wise to support the creation of strong regional currencies and to use them as the basis for a new reserve currency,” Mr. Medvedev said. “One could also consider partially backing this currency with gold.”

HAHAHA.  He mentions ‘gold’!  This will cause much gnashing of teeth.  Gnomes gnashing teeth is a horrible thing, very noisy.  GRRRINNNND.  They want funny money they can make very easily and then dump all over the planet.  Gold makes this virtually impossible.  And Russia knows this.  Thus, the tease.


Now, back to why we are helping, protecting and needing pirates:


Hedge fund paid Obama adviser Summers $5.2 million | Reuters


Lawrence Summers, a top economic adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama, was paid about $5.2 million in compensation by hedge fund D.E. Shaw during the past year, according to financial disclosure forms released on Friday by the White House.

ARREST SUMMER.  Charge him with piracy.  Treason would be nice, too.

Officials from D.E. Shaw were not immediately available for comment. Summers, a former U.S. treasury secretary, was a part-time managing director of the firm after stepping down as president of Harvard University.

Makes it sound like a part-time bagging job at the grocery store!  But it wasn’t.  This is outright bribery.  He did one thing for them: opened doors so they could go raiding.


The D. E. Shaw group





The masterminds at hedge fund giant D.E. Shaw think they’ve 

found the formula for thriving during troubled times. 

By Michael Peltz The Power of 


Few hedge fund firms have a more well-deserved reputation for secrecy than D.E. Shaw & Co. Founded two decades ago by David Shaw, then a computer science professor at Columbia University, the outfit was an early pioneer in quantitative investing — developing sophisticated computer programs to identify and profit from anomalies in the market. Like Coca-Cola Co., which zealously guards the formula for its prized syrup, D.E. Shaw has always vigilantly protected its proprietary trading algorithms. So secretive was the firm during its first few years that some employees wouldn’t even tell their families where they worked, let alone what they were doing there. picture-21

“There’s a healthy paranoia that we have in the firm,” says managing director Eric Wepsic, 39, who oversees quantitative trading strategies.


Hedge fund paid Obama adviser Summers $5.2 million | Reuters

Summers was also paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from major Wall Street firms and financial institutions, including JP Morgan, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers, the forms showed….

“One of their strengths is critical thinking,” says Steven Algert, who manages the hedge fund portfolio for the $5 billion Los Angeles–based J. Paul Getty Trust, a D.E. Shaw investor. “They are always looking to see if they are doing it right. They don’t want to be complacent with asset classes or with strategies.” Indeed, notwithstanding its reputation as a quant shop, D.E. Shaw has expanded into more qualitative investment strategies, such as distressed credit, energy trading, private equity and real estate — areas that today account for fully one third of its assets.”

So, Summers works with these six hedge funders. And he now is operating the levers of power of our entire financial and governmental systems and the chief aim he seems to have is to keep these hedge funds afloat! This is a DIVIDED LOYALTY PROBLEM. We already know that when Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan operatives run things, they run them so GS and JP get richer and richer no matter what. Summers is no different. He is like the others: he didn’t reveal this information when he waltzed back into public power. Nor did the secretive and paranoid gnomes running Shaw, make so much as a peep about this, either. Did they? It gets worse:




Summers’s $2.7 Million in Speech Fees Included Banks (Update3) – Bloomberg.com

 Lawrence Summers, director of President Barack Obama’s National Economic Council, earned more than $2.7 million in speaking fees from companies such as Bank of America Corp.Citigroup Inc. andGoldman Sachs Group Inc. that later received taxpayer funds in the economic bailout.

‘Speaking fees’ is code talk for ‘accepting bribes.’  If these GS and Citigroup groupies want to know about how to run things, they don’t need to pay a guy millions of dollars to tell them.  They can read the damn news and even read my blog, not to mention, Denninger’s blog, just for example!  All our past Presidents and others go about the entire planet, collecting hundreds of millions in these ‘speech’ bribes.  

Ronald Reagan legalized this blatant bribery.  When our media and the political classes all applauded him running to his Japanese masters to collect his bribes for unsuccessful trade negotiations that left Fortress Japan’s barriers intact, he was rewarded. 

Now, all our negotiators and representatives go off to all the people they must control and regulate and give nifty, meaningless speeches that should actually be, ‘Thank you for the money, I love money and am glad this is still legal. See you all on the golf course tomorrow!’  Frankly, this was basically what Reagan said to the Japanese.  His speech was less than 10 minutes long.

“There was considerable interest in hearing his economic insights from companies across various industries” said Ben LaBolt, a White House spokesman. Since coming to the White House when Obama tool office in January, Summers “has been at the forefront of this administration’s work to shore up our nation’s financial system and to put in place a regulatory framework that will strengthen the financial system,” LaBolt said.

HAHAHAHA.  And you can bet, LaBolt said this with a straight face, too.  This takes training.  But no matter how hard we train our own gnomes, the Japanese and Chinese are much, much better at keeping their faces totally unreadable while lying.


Merrill Lynch & Co. paid Summers $45,000 on Nov. 12 for a speech. Summers contributed that fee to charity, according to his form. When the economist learned that Merrill would be accepting taxpayer funds because of its merger with Bank of America, he tried unsuccessfully to cancel the appearance and then decided to donate the money, a White House official said.

Ah, such purity!  STILL, money changed hands!  And why didn’t he give a rousing speech about bribing officials and end it with a demand, this be outlawed?  Eh?  No, he used the cover of giving it to ‘charity’ [Clinton’s charities????] doesn’t nullify the fact that he was being bought by people with deep interests in insuring the government does work for them and not controls them.

And he knows, in the future, he can go to them with an open palm after performing many services for them and they will pay him immense sums of money, in the future, of course.

The White House also released the personal financial disclosure forms of other top White House officials today.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s form listed a holding of less than $1,000 in shares of American International Group Inc., the insurer that has taken $182.5 billion in taxpayer funds to avoid financial collapse. The White House said Emanuel doesn’t currently own shares in the company, which sparked a public furor by paying $165 million in bonuses to its employees as it was taking the taxpayer money.


This is the problem in a nutshell: we can’t mix government and ‘speech making’ deals. We can’t let people float in and out of both systems all the time since this creates an atmosphere of corruption.  If EXPECTATIONS of future goodies beacon, they will warp all resolve and tempt people to service those who they must control and deny.  


We see this throughout the systems: the very same people destroying us are coddled while we are forced to scratch for ourselves.  And as the government withdraws services from us, they increase protections of these guys who pay our officials immense ‘speech’ fees that are utterly outside of the range of any reality.  These are not entertaining speakers.  They are boring.  And some, barely able to deliver speeches like poor Geithner, for example. 

Finding a Doctor Who Accepts Medicare Isn’t Easy – NYTimes.com

Many people, just as they become eligible for Medicare, discover that the insurance rug has been pulled out from under them. Some doctors — often internists but also gastroenterologists, gynecologists, psychiatrists and other specialists — are no longer accepting Medicare, either because they have opted out of the insurance system or they are not accepting new patients with Medicare coverage. The doctors’ reasons: reimbursement rates are too low and paperwork too much of a hassle.

This is how they intend to literally kill us: by slowly strangling all access to  medical care.  They will claim they have no control over all this as we struggle to find someone, anyone, who will honor our SS medical vouchers.  THERE WILL BE NO ONE when there is higher and higher inflation.  And we know the gnomes will save themselves by creating immense tidal waves of inflation.  


They will tell us, ‘It costs too much, we can’t spend TRILLIONS on saving you!’ And then, after collecting a fat fee for burping in front of a bunch of satiated gnomes at some dining hall, will bail them out by putting another $5 trillion of debt onto our government.  Which will then go out and bomb more poor peasants in Pakistan!  We will die for our empire while they dine on our children’s future earnings.






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  1. Oh my God, my eyes!!! What a HIDEOUS gnome!! Joe cassano’s picture has surely been displaced from its place in the dictionary next to the definition “gnome.” 😀

    Well there was no sex.
    This little gnome was a quasi-gay bastard.
    He had this typical Connecticut dirt-road mansion.
    And he basically wanted to have sex with me.
    So this interlude took up one whole night of my life, such as it is, on this absurdly perverted planet.
    Of course, this little bastard did have a smart little “girlfriend.”
    And about two years later, she was telling me that she would have ditched the little fucker if only I had come on to her. She certainly was not lying (about this issue, anyway).
    This little fucker wasn’t even gay. He merely wanted it all. Everything he could possibly ever have.
    So this was such a simple decision. You cannot have me.

  3. PLovering

    Portugal … Successful 7 year drug decriminalization policy.
    “The data show that, judged by virtually every metric, the Portuguese decriminalization framework has been a resounding success.”

  4. MCC

    It’s enticing to demonize these people, referred to here as ‘gnomes’. They surely are responsible for tremendous suffering and unspeakable crimes. But the most scary thing is that they’re NOT demons. Or gnomes. They are in fact, humans. We don’t have the luxury of hiding behind the belief that we are inherently better than them, much less a different species. They are part of ‘us’. Clinging to the belief that we’re ‘different’ than them is dangerous because it avoids looking at the whole, enormous scope of the problem. Instead it conveniently lets us waste our time fighting over ideology instead of taking a long, hard look at human nature in all its massive ugliness. When I do the latter, I can’t help drawing the conclusion that the only way to limit the toxic effect of humans upon the planet… is the limit the number of humans on the planet. Human overpopulation amplifies all the worst aspects of human nature to the point that nothing can be made better unless and until we stop our constant, stupid growth. But maybe human nature is so bad, that self-limitation is ultimately impossible. Time will tell.

  5. if

    We, humans, are quite like viruses. A virus (from the Latin virus meaning toxin or poison) is a sub-microscopic infectious agent that is unable to grow or reproduce outside a host cell. Viruses infect all cellular life.
    We spread out all over the planet and in the end we kill our host.

  6. No. We could mean something. There still could be some reason for us.

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  8. Simon

    Overpricing of real estate is a real problem in all parts of the world, China is not immune
    People who just want a place to live miss out, while people who can get easy loans juggle ten or more houses and doesn’t have to lift a finger

  9. emsnews

    I call people names that are describing their PROFESSIONS. I can’t call these guys ‘whores,’ they are not whores. I can’t call them ‘bastards’ because they have fathers, a lot of fathers. They show various characteristics which they ruthlessly train and expose to us and these are the characteristics of ‘gnomes’. If they want to be like St. Francis, then I would call them ‘Franciscan priests’.

  10. CK

    Just something for you to remember.
    Back in November of last year, a bunch of banks, finace companies and credit card companies applied to the fed to become Bank Holding Companies. In what must be considered record time for bureaucracy, the applications were approved. At the time, it was posited that this move was made by such luminaries as American Express and Gollum Sucks to give them access to the TARP window of the FED.
    What was not mentioned anywhere at that time was that by becoming BHO’s they removed themselves from exposure to the laws written after the S&L crimes of the 80’s and into the less onerous regulations of the FED. The reason I mention this is that Bill Moyers last night interviewed one of the regulators from that era. And while what Mr Black said certainly resonates as an appropriate response for these busted flushers, the foresight of the banksters was such that his suggestions are no longer on point legalistically.
    I suppose it is also relevant that the FED which is to regulate these new BHC’s is owned by the BHC’s it is regulating. This is not capitalism but it is cronyism at its best.

  11. bob k


    It is not HUMAN nature to torture, murder, and enslave our fellow human beings, this is the nature of psychopaths. These humanoid creatures parasitize humanity with impunity, as they are not recognized as an intraspecies predator at best, and very possibly another taxon. Possibly mankind’s higher aspirations are not realized century after century as a result of concealed predation by humanoids called psychopaths. Psychopaths lack the emotional substrate to support empathy and cooperation which is the genetic and cultural heritage of humanity. This genetic and cultural heritage is infected by the principles of violence and lies of the psychopaths.
    The gnomes delight in the rape and plunder of humanity. Are they psychopaths? These predators can be controlled by knowledge of their existence, which MCC conceals by attributing systematic rape and murder to human nature, when it is the nature of psychopaths. It is not humanity which is toxic to the planet, but the deviant nature of finance and politics designed to benefit the deviant few psychopaths.


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  13. anonymous


    I am not convinced that one can remove oneself from exposure to laws ex-post facto.

    Besides, I saw the interview, common law fraud is common law fraud.

    Arrest them all.

    bob k: great comment.

  14. CK

    Neither am I, but I expect that the attempt will take a long time to wend its way through the different jurisdictions. Time during which monies will disappear, memories will disappear, and records will become restricted for “national security” reasons.
    So you have taken the history of humans, applied a convenient derogatory ex ante definition to the most common of human behaviours and then granted to the never existing part of humanity all the virtues of Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha. Koolness to the max.
    The Khan approves of your dutiful work.
    Let’s try this: All the wonderful ideas about “man’s higher nature”, “higher aspirations” are constructs by the predators to keep the sheeple from realizing that the sheeple too can be predators if they wake up. It was the predator’s necessity to write the New Testament, to create an icon of selflessness and subjugation, humility and weakness. Other predators with other backgrounds guaranteed that other equivalents of the New Testament would become the foundation stone for sheeplebelief systems.
    I the gods and goddesses had not wanted them sheared, they would not have allowed them to become sheeple.
    Some awaken slowly from dreamland and realize this, others just parrot what the Khan’s desire.
    One of the “facts” I find most hilarious is that the most common ancestor of all of current mankind appears to have been Ghengis Khan through his sons and nephews. ( Always have had a soft spot in my heart for old Hulagu Khan.) Our most common ancestor was a “pyschopathic killer rapist enslaver.” Or as me ol grandaddy once said: The apple that hit Newton did not fall far from the tree either.

  15. Daliwood

    MCC, As I read your comment, I was reminded of the Nazis. So many of them, when removed from the collective insanity of Nazism, seemed so ordinary. Their commonness was at odds with the horrible, monstrous acts they committed; and it was a lesson for all humans, I think, to see that ordinary people can engage in extraordinary evil.

    On the other hand, “human” may define us all as a species, but it is our conduct, our beliefs, and our relationships that define us as individuals. And as individuals, we are all different, with some of our species following only the destructive paths of self-interest and self-absorption. Personally, I think they surrender their humanity to whatever demons or gods they worship, and receive in return only a temporarily pleasing and ultimately unsatisfying life that equates money with happiness and human worth with financial worth.

    To say that humans are driven by self-interest would be to state the obvious; but that is not to say that all humans live every moment of their lives consumed, motivated, and driven by self-interest. There are those among us who nurture other motives and surrender to other, less selfish desires. For that reason, we as a species have, for example, both child murderers and Gandhis among us. You are exactly right that there is a “massive ugliness” to human nature, but I would add that there can also be a start beauty to it. The ugliest parts of human nature may lurk within all of us, but it is possible to accept and understand them without embracing them. The problem with the gnomes is simply that they have embraced the darkness that resides within them. In the process, they have mostly removed themselves from human nature and made themselves creatures, perhaps even victims, of human choice–the greatest blessing and curse in all of human nature.

  16. openlyhidden

    hahahaha! people always want to stop time. hee. hee… thats not how much of anything works either. stopping time, especially when they think they already have something that they deserve. that wish probably has provided lots of business for shamans through the ages. stopping time and depopulating the world sure sounds like a winning platform for my generation. close minded can’t see can’t hear. hee. hee. take a clear look at what is coming towards you instead of trying somehow to stop time….and avoid what you got coming to you. hahahahah!

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  18. anonymous


    People aren’t born one way or another.

    You get what you give, by and large.

    Yes, a little suffering is good for the soul, but not constant suffering.

    You give someone love and hope and you will get some back.

    It’s up to us to decide what kind of world we want.

  19. David

    Elaine, your very articulate consideration of the gnome mentality is brilliant in this article!
    As the discussion above turned to the way gnomes seem to feel an entitlement to the best of everything at the expense of everyone else, I pictured these folks and, in my mind, saw them as being really empty creatures inside, living a life that is a farce, without real, down-to-earth human contact with the rest of humanity that they are defrauding of basic sustenance and even their lives.
    This takes a brain that is able to disconnect itself from taking personal responsibility for others and their condition…as I said, extreme emptiness in their minds and hearts…soulless.
    This is possibly very close to being what a psychiatrist friend once described to me as being a true psychopath. This psychiatrist said that true psychopaths are quite rare, but they can do enormous damage to everyone they come in contact with because they only have empathy for themselves and not at all for other people…in fact, one of the psychopath’s greatest pleasures is being able to manipulate and make people squirm and suffer from the sidelines…often without their victims knowing who is directly responsible for their suffering. For some reason, this gives the psychopath great pleasure and feelings of great power.
    Doesn’t this all sound familiar as we look at how Elaine described these gnomes?
    Isn’t it interesting that, out of the 300,000,000 US citizens, probably less than a hundred dozen of these bastards exist in their truest and rarest psychopathic form? And they have concentrated themselves around the levers of power in finance and government so they can manipulate and control the lives of millions of people.
    And, isn’t it interesting that they all cling desperately to each other, and try to impress each other with honorariums and dinners and other gnome events. This reminds me of a movie I just watched where serial killers corresponded with each other in and out of prison and cheered each other on as they committed horrible crimes on unsuspecting victims.
    But, too, do we notice that these gnomes desperately often avoid coming in contact with the general public and the great unwashed masses as if the masses are afflicted with some kind of plague?
    What might this plague be? Could it be human kindness to each other and good intent in their hearts toward each other…or at least to those close to them….for gnomes, or psychopaths, this kindness and good intent would be interpreted as terrible weakness…which would lead to loss of prestige in the eyes of other gnomes and would thus be translated as leading to failure.

    Thus, these psychopaths avoid good intent and kindness like the plague…and everything in their lives is business…even having sex and producing offspring….and having respect for the women they have sex with…just another object to be used for their selfish end…produce an heir to carry on the family name and deviated thought processes….
    It’s like they want to reign from afar, but are afraid to get close to “the people” or even those they mate with.
    Elaine is probably right when she says they have to rape and deceive their sexual partners in order to reproduce because they cannot seem to have any kind of human relationship with “normal” folks who come from the general population.
    The problem with psychopaths is that one cannot reason with them just as Elaine explained that gnomes are oblivious to reason and self discipline….like the psychopath, they are compulsive and drive themselves from inner compulsions to control all things.
    The are concentrated in one area of the nation right now, and the public is identifying them…and as Elaine said, they cannot stand being exposed and brought out into the open…this destroys their secretive power.
    The world would be better off without these sick deviants, but perhaps for our own humanity more than theirs, we should just imprison them for the rest of their lives instead of executing them.
    Only the rule of law and harsh penalties will bring these gnomes under control…when they fear for their own lives and freedoms, they will change…only as long as they are being watched.

  20. emsnews

    Glad to see you again, David! It snowed here today. Where is spring?

  21. .
    Meanwhile, this has been festering.
    Here’s the deal: You are all mushrooms!
    They did the genetic magic on all the living stuff.
    Guess what turned up?
    Yup. The “animal” side of the biology kingdom turns out to be very closely related to the fungicidal side..
    Just so you’ll know.
    Think about it. How does a “mushroom” happen?
    these little spores gather together yeah, physically to make your mushroom.
    And this is what animals do. Not vegetables.

  22. payAttention

    You always harp on the Times but you are completely reliant on their reporting. That gap needs to be filled. The quant aura of D.E. Shaw is bullshit. They are the biggest momo chasers and drove the ag stocks and the energy futures up a pole til they crashed Semgroup and Amaranth. You might have noticed that nat gas and oil crashed as soon as Shaw ate their funds. You probably think that it’s good trading, but there is not much to crashing short positions when Goldmans shows you their hedge book, being both their prime broker and counterparty through Aron. You probably also think that it does not affect you, however someone is slowly accumulating energy positions at firesale prices, while getting their cnbc stooges to balyhoo demand destruction.. but not supply destruction.
    ELAINE: I figured that was obvious when I picked the section of the news story that talked about how they drove up the value of oil and thus, killed our economy.

  23. Yeah
    We know
    We are not totally stupid.

  24. nah

    when will the rich elites wake up and realize that they dont pay for the welfare state anymore… and they havent for years… the chinese and japanese do… and guess what the chinese and japanese cant afford a welfare state that includes thair punk rich asses… at some point we cant afford our spending and value is transfered out of your reality ‘inflation, deflation’…. and that is debt for dummies
    pride is cheap, that is why ancient story’s decry the fools pride

  25. You always harp on the Times but you are completely reliant on their reporting. — This is not actually true.
    We have awesome resources, like, for example:

  26. if

    Ref.to psychopats:
    Common characteristics of those with psychopathy are:

    * Grandiose sense of self-worth
    * Superficial charm
    * Criminal versatility
    * Reckless disregard for the safety of self or others
    * Impulse control problems
    * Irresponsibility
    * Inability to tolerate boredom
    * Pathological narcissism
    * Pathological lying
    * Shallow affect
    * Deceitfulness/manipulativeness
    * Aggressive or violent tendencies, repeated physical fights or assaults on others
    * Lack of empathy
    * Lack of remorse, indifferent to or rationalizes having hurt or mistreated others
    * A sense of extreme entitlement
    * Lack of or diminished levels of anxiety/nervousness and other emotions
    * Promiscuous sexual behavior, sexually deviant lifestyle
    * Poor judgment, failure to learn from experience
    * Lack of personal insight
    * Failure to follow any life plan
    * Abuse of drugs including alcohol
    * Inability to distinguish right from wrong

    Description of a ubergnome?

  27. criticalcontrarian

    @MMC, bob k, CK & anonymous: The word human comes from the Latin root humus, meaning earth and ground, and the Latin humanus which means MAN. From earth, to ground, to man. From lowly earth to evolved man. Now if one adds the prefix IN to HUMAN then you have a man lacking the qualities of a humane being.

    Having said that, I believe you are all partly correct, but not completely. Allow me to give you my perspective with this story:
    An Indian elder was teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”
    The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?” The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

    In every man exists Duality. For that matter anything in the material universe is subject to this duality, or Yin & Yang. In the case of mind, there is higher mind or conscience, and baser mind or instinct. One is elevated, the other animal. An evolved individual will have conscience guiding his actions, while a base instinctive individual will have his animal instincts drive his actions.

    Now comes the tricky part, intelligence does not necessarily translate to possession of a higher conscience. Much like the difference between an elephant and a velociraptor. Both extremely intelligent animals, but one peaceful and docile, the other a blood thirsty predator. You can look at men in the same light. In fact, I have had pets who act much more humaely than a few humans I have had to deal with in life. 😉

    An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.

    “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”

    The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

    The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

  28. criticalcontrarian

    Sorry about that, hit the submit button too soon. 😦

  29. Totally correct, CC. Absolutely 100%.

  30. criticalcontrarian

    blues: in fact the people you see in Wall Street very much behave and some even look like velociraptors, and in all probability were in previous incarnations. The thing with raptors is they tended to feed off one another when pickings were lean; something we can see them doing in the current situation. 😉

  31. CK

    Does one have to have all those symptoms simultaneously? What is CRIMINAL versatility? Does that mean that one can both lockpick and do second story work? When does normal self esteem transcend into grandiosity? When does heroism become reckless disregard? My bones are charming, my face much less so? I know this because I avoid looking in every mirror…my narcissism will not let me realize the trut. One person’s definition of abuse is not another’s. I have zero tolerance for folks who try to define my usage patterns as abusage, but then I like erotic art, you probably enjoy porn and he is addicted to rancid smut.
    So some pyschologist gave out a list of adjective noun combinations and defined it as the roadmap of psychopathy. You could do as well watching most of the prime time crime dramas on tv. If you do watch them you know that almost 50% of the population are cereal killers and the other half are either cops or nubile female victims without enough brains to come in out of the rain.
    @CC Wolf food, get your wolf food here. But hurry most of the folks fighting that internal war are morte.

  32. CK

    A sense of entitlement eh? Like one is entitled to health care and medicines and doctors. The difference between entitled and pays for is quite large isn’t it. I read the Madoff articles. Funny thing about him and his ponzi scheme. Unlike the state which holds you up at gunpoint. His victims all wanted to be in on the deal. They all wanted the MAGIC of something for 0. As Elaine points out, the godess of 0 is one nasty soul. But all the “littler people” want desparately to get that something for nothing. But the one common denominator in all the articles: the material things and the market value of said things that Madoff had. As the sweet poison of envy, but for a twist of fate you could have been one of the original investors and made your huge piles and gotten out ahead of the collapse. I doubt that any of the “gnomes” feel empty inside. Good steaks, fine victuals, great wines, sprakling company are not to be discounted. Laughing at the fawners is also not to be discounted. I suspect that Bernie and others like him get great pleasure from laughing at the fatuousness of their enablers. It is, to me, doublty no trebly pleasant, that the most harmed victims were charities. And it is the maraschino on the top of the world’s best sundae that his victims are suing the US govt. to get their billions and billions back. Because you see the victims are entitled to a piece of your flesh and my flesh because their envy backfired on them.

  33. CK

    I think you have mistaken the management of humans which is indeed borrowed from mushroom farming, and the creation of humans which has to involve gnomes and bimbos or gods and swans.
    Keeping you in the dark and feeding you bullshit does not mean that you are a mushroom just that you can be managed with the same techniques mushrooms are managed.

  34. David

    Thanks for the welcome back Elaine:
    Been raining cats and dogs and a few frogs here for 3 weeks, but sunny today…thought we were all going to float away…but I’ve been knocking myself out with carpenter work on son’s business…about 2/3 finished now.
    You brought up a very valid and arguable point about psychological/psychiatric labeling.
    Isn’t it interesting that the “approved” psychological mindset is then non-psychopathic one that most “good” natured humans posses, while what has been defined as being “psychopathic” is what these gnome elites who rule over us posses.
    Could it be that much psychiatric labeling is generated to discourage members of the masses from acquiring the cold-blooded set of aggressive principles that would enable them to take more of the common wealth for themselves? And common ideals of love and brotherhood are mean to keep the masses from rising up to take theirs.
    Ah! One could endlessly debate these chicken or egg things, but I do like the common notion of love and brotherhood best…and dislike the psychopathic way.
    Probably the best explanation is the Cherokee Two Wolves Parable that CC told….that if we feed our psychopathic tendencies, they grow until they overwhelm us and maybe then become uncontrollable.
    I know that I will never be invited to the Redwood forest in California for the “Cremation of Care” ceremony….and I would not want to go even if I ever were invited.

  35. CK

    Approved by whom?
    It is interesting this idea of “common wealth”. There is no wealth until someone puts brain and muscle to work wresting wealth from the clutches of nature. Someone. But once the minority that is productive creates wealth, the majority is entitled to it. Because now that the wealth exists it is just common. So the more people being productive, the more wealth that comes into being. The common ideals of love and brotherhood translate into: Brother I would love for you to give me what you have created for nothing. And if you won’t give it to me for nothing, then me and my friends will take it from you through legalized theft. Mostly brotherhood is really brother the hood. I am what used be termed a dabhand at many things.
    I am still trying to determine if that is the same as criminally versatile.
    Wealth creation is not a circularity chicken and egg time waster.
    Man’s ability to creat comes first. Everything else follows. Elstwise it is just a world of silver backed gorillas and howling monkeys.
    Now I am not a great believer that using perjorative descriptors is a way to determine truth or validity. Calling something cold-blooded is in the current context a perjorative. Not at all helpful. Rather like the appelation of RACIST to any argument that one finds distasteful. The other day here our hostess claimed that there is no such thing as race. Ok then there must also be no such thing as racist n’ est pas? But any discussion of the effects of illegal immigration on employment of current citizens is immediately racist, any discussion of variances in test scores between nations or subgroupings within geographical constructs is racist. So maybe there are races after all. Genetics certainly suggests that not all people are the same, your psycholabelling supports that. Hell three of the current gnomes appear quite melanin enriched compared to the ones who appear to be scottish or german by name.
    The approved psychological labelling is fine for re-inforcing sheepleness. So stay away from the psychological industry and you will find happiness in being a non-sheep. Sheep make very fine wolf food. Smart wolves always encourage the sheep to reproduce.

  36. emsnews

    Sheep are now easy for wolves to catch if they were wild but they evolved into a less wary form due to the alliance of sheep/human/DOG. The half-wolf first hunted sheep with humans and then, both figured out how to PROTECT the sheep who, in turn, trust the human/dog units and so, when there is danger, the sheep run to the dog and the human. I used to have sheep. When they were scared, they did this.

  37. Gary

    “A sense of entitlement eh? Like one is entitled to health care and medicines and doctors. The difference between entitled and pays for is quite large isn’t it.”
    CK…..We are entitled to health care AND we PAY for it through TAXES.
    In your pathological hatred for lesser beings, you would rather shovel gobs
    of money at gangster middle men (medical insurance co.’s) than a corresponding lesser amount in taxes to a single payer system which still rewards doctors and nurses handsomelly. We have in Amerikka the single most expensive medical system on earth as a percentage of GDP all because little meglomaniacs like you would rather see others denied your PRIVILEGE.
    HAHAHAHAHAHA ! And man are you PAYING for your Privilege. HAHAHA
    Look at those wicked little cheese eating socialist surrender monkeys the French. They have the second most expensive medical care on earth and its less by half what we pay. They pay taxes to the govt; we pay taxes to a peculiar synthesis of
    private and govt gangsters joined at the hip together making sure fools like you
    just LOVE your system.
    Dont respond with any silly medical insurance propaganda about the horrors
    of Canadian,or European care.
    You may resume your normal programming now

  38. sharkbabe


  39. emsnews

    Bit by hideous bit, our medical care is being ruthlessly cut back.

  40. Angela

    Pathology, in the form of psychiatric labels, is entirely in the realm of the plebes – just like the golden rule, the ten commandments, the rule of law, taxes and any ethical system of treating others- once you achieve the “godhood” by proving that you can ruthlessly kill or exploit another, you are excluded by your divine privelege to do whatever you damn well please.

    So, it behooves all of us little plebie people to bone up on the real “secret” or the law of abundance- that everything in nature, human or otherwise, exists as a source of supply for our personal needs and appetites.
    (Not sure how the concept of family, love and friendship can fit into this little system at all, maybe someone can clue me in?)

    You want some power and a taste of the godhood? Exploit, control, sexually abuse or murder someone today. There! See how easy that was… now you too are in the road to gnomehood. If you don’t have an appetite for it- you just must be a sheep. Period.
    No discussion. Just ask any gnomes and they will tell you.

    Anonymous and all involved in the discussion about Satanic Ritual Abuse- very interesting discussion about the whole “panic” angle
    at the thread title “MC- A rant” or something like that.

  41. emsnews

    There are a lot of creeps out there who justify child abuse of all sorts. I have a lot to say about that, shortly. Real child abuse is quite different from false memory games. These things usually have solid proof in the real world.

  42. Being sociopathic is fundamentally a neurological condition. In fact, some sociopathic people are very nice, and would go to great lengths to avoid harming others. The only thing different about them is, if they did something that caused you to, say, lose your arm, they would feel no guilt or remorse. And actually, sociopathy is a terrible disability. They really cannot handle things that would be easy for normals.
    Here’s the thing: All humans are programmed to be semi-sociopathic. If some other is perceived to be the “enemy,” then we are likely to think it’s okay to murder them with no remorse. Normal people can drop nuclear bombs on enemy cities with no remorse at all.
    I truly have known many gnomes. The common folk are totally unaware of the existence of these gnomes. But the gnomes know exactly what they are, and that these common folks are completely naive. And they perceive the common folks as “others.” So therefore, they can always be maimed or killed with no regrets.
    This is involved with the curse of “patriotism.” Which is simply the notion that “we are all in this together.” But see, the gnomes do not buy into this myth at all. Patriotism is a waste of energy if there is some class, or combination of groups, that perceives it to be a giant exploitable joke.
    They do not think they have anything in common with us. They prove that they are better than us every day by forcing us to make our own lives totally miserable, and to believe that there is something noble about all of this misery.

  43. David

    CK said:
    “Approved by whom?
    It is interesting this idea of “common wealth”. There is no wealth until someone puts brain and muscle to work wresting wealth from the clutches of nature. Someone.”
    Yes, CK, COMMON WEALTH! Wealth that everyone in a given geographical area is “entitled” to. Meaning most commonly natural resources belonging to the entire group that occupies the land or area where such resources are located.
    Using a lot of fancy words to justify that this wealth belongs to those who manage to take it from others through deception or leverage or force (business) is just like psychological labeling that convinces the masses to care about each other so those wolves can operate freely grab wealth until someone or something stops them….Still, this argument does not justify it…and the wolves seldom do the work themselves to develop these natural resources and produce value added “wealth” themselves. Instead, they con or force the sheep into doing the work and producing it for them while their major accomplishment is accumulation and hoarding for themselves.
    CK, the old feudalistic model although still alive and well and contributing to enormous suffering among the sheeple, is still not a good model. To hell with these wolfey, psychopathic bastards who arrogantly think they deserve the right to enslave or murder others for their own benefit. As I argued before, they need to be imprisoned.
    CK, just be thankful that there are sheeple in the world who trust each other and believe that there is goodness in the world. If everyone was “hip” and took the wolfy, psychopathic route in their thinking and angrily went about devious or violent ways of attempting to take wealth for themselves…these present day wolves would not fare too well if everyone was a wolf…because there are far smarter people in the world than these wolves who would easily outwit and outmaneuver them at every turn…and would make mincemeat of them.
    That is why the rule of law and some socialism is very important…LAW controls the wolves and allows the sheeple to seek some justice and sustain themselves without continual revolutions and uprisings to take stolen COMMON wealth back from the wolves.
    Sorry CK, I don’t buy your argument.
    Blues, I think you are partially right that the gnomes see themselves as having an “enhanced awareness” of reality that puts them above the commoners…and that the see themselves as far wiser and more necessary than the lesser sheep….and they do enjoy seeing themselves in all their strutting phoney glory in comparison to the miserable commoners who love their families and care about their neighbors and foolishly feel patriotism toward the nation. I would argue that they have developed themselves into pure psychopaths…and I question why?
    Not feeling genuine love, caring and peace…and trading these things for arrogance, hate, large mansions, trophy women who are using them also…and rich spoiled children who will fight and destroy their family over their accumulated crumbling possessions…..OH! Now, I get it!…considering this, I can see where CK’s cynical viewpoint originated.
    It’s a path I choose not to go down…looks very miserable from here….I’ll stick to foolishly working hard, caring for my family and neighbors and my country…I know I’m a fool, but one who is relatively at peace with himself.

  44. CK

    Let me take them one at a time:
    First: @ Elaine: Yup the half-wolves figured out which side of the mutton was easier to obtain. Smart creatures them half wolves. And in their wisdome, they let the cats pretend to godhood.
    Second: @Gary:
    So tell me why YOU need a theiving middle man in the form of the taxcollector to make sure that you get medical car? Can you not spend your money wisely enough to buy or not buy as the case may be the health care you need now or might think you might need in the future? I mean seriously bro, if the taxman can take from me to provide me health care would I not be better served to cut out the middleman and his take?
    Actually I would rather pay my doctor directly and bargain with him for the best price for his services. If he were allowed to bargain, I might even get treatment when I need it at the same price that the insured sheeple don’t pay.
    It is interesting that there exists in the USA the most expensive medical system in the world and the most expensive military. Arguing by analogy, I expect any single payer, bovernmentally approved health care system to be as gold plated and gold bricked as the current military. And with just as many perfumed princes holding high rank and guarding the gates against the sheeple. Meanwhile if one really needs medical treatment and cannot affor the goldplated american price, one can do the Indian medical system. Not to mention how much fun Mumbai can be during rehab. I hope you are younger than I am Gary, it is going to be with great pleasure that I consume valuable medical resources that you will pay for. And hopefully there will be others younger than you to subsidize your entitlement to medical treatment. Now excuse me it is time for my afternoon cigarette and tall scotch.
    @ Sharkbabe: In my pocket I have a list. It is a medium sized list of about 3500 people whose demise would improve the universe. Maybe you should consider Texas Justice. Arrest, Execution, Trial. In that order.
    @ Elaine: Bit by bit, step by step. Of course it is necessary to cut back medical care. Think on it for a moment. In the early 1800’s one was middle aged at 22. The diseases we think of as accruing to long life did not obtain. At the turn of the 20th century, middle age had moved up to 33. Bismark instituted social security when the average age of demise was 65. Expectation: half of the folks aged 33 would not make it to 66. A profit center indeed.
    At the start of the 21st century the average age of demise had increased to almost 74. Middle age become 37. How droll is that? But it is the last month of life that costs the most to maintain. Now being a BOOMER, I have already well passed the middle age. I am now facing a long long life ahead. And I revel in being a drain on society. For many, way too many years, since I was 14, I have been seeing my earnings disappear into the gaping maw of the government to pay for wars and rumours of war; sickness and rumours of sickness, other folks ailments and rumours of ailments. It feel damn good to be getting some of it back.

  45. CK

    ( continued )
    @ Elaine: In a few years, a sheeple having a child will be de facto and de jure evidence of child abuse.
    So because you live in an area, you are entitled to what is in that area? How long do you have to live there before the entitlement kicks in? A day, A week, A generation? If you were to move to Saudi Arabia, would you be entitled to the wealth under the sand? Just by existing? Somehow, your existence entitles you to the wealth that the drillers and refiners create?
    Now I have to call you out on your wording. I said that the folks who wrest wealth from nature. That your ass is sitting around a campfire singing Kumbaya while my ass is drilling the water well does not mean that you get the water for free. Nothing fancy there Dave. Just asking who does the work and who claims that their existence justifies them taking the rewards.
    I live in a world where folks work, and think, and plan. In that world not all folks work equally hard or think equally well or plan equally intelligently. So some of the folks in my world do much better than I and some do worse. The ones who do better than I do, I learn from; likewise the ones who do worse. None of them think they are entitled to my output nor do I think I am entitled to theirs.
    Sheeple exist in my world and so do wolves. Eventually the wolves devout the sheeple’s assets and the sheeple go to church and beg baby jesus to give them money for another spin of the wheel.
    And Dave, I am not selling. Arguments are just that, not some saleable item. If you don’t agree with my argument; that is superb. We can flip a coin to see who buys the good scotch should we ever meet. But do not mistake a belief as presented as an argument as a sales pitch. It profits me not if you believe or disbelieve, because there is nothing for sale. The world is what it is.

    @Angela: Which golden rule? There are three. 1) Do unto others as you would be done to. 2) Do unto others before they get a chance to do you. 3) Him as has the gold makes the rules. Your choice. For me: 1 is for the productive humans, 2 is for governments and other non producers, 3 is for for folks without gold, it gives them yet another excuse to sit on their buttocks and whine.

  46. CK

    Final comment here:
    First a direct copy paste from dave:
    “That is why the rule of law and some socialism is very important…LAW controls the wolves and allows the sheeple to seek some justice and sustain themselves without continual revolutions and uprisings to take stolen COMMON wealth back from the wolves.”

    I was writing about productivity. About the effort individuals put forth to wrest from nature what nature has that man can transform and use to his betterment. Productivity and the creation of wealth. Which to Dave and I suspect many others is the same as STEALING.
    The thieves are not the creators of wealth. It is funny but not in the haha way, the productive, the creative are always a minority. And if there is one thing democracy is good at it is stealing from the minority.

  47. emsnews

    Babies are not productive until they grow up. Just one immense example of the reasons why humans that protect not only themselves but their community, thrive, while ones who are individuals, are cut out of the evolutionary ladder of life.

  48. CK,
    Your arguments are quite reasonable.
    However, the world in which they would pertain is totally non-reasonable.
    It’s like installing the world’s best orchestra on the runway at an international airport.

  49. David

    “The thieves are not the creators of wealth. It is funny but not in the haha way, the productive, the creative are always a minority. And if there is one thing democracy is good at it is stealing from the minority.”
    CK, You appear to operate on a basic assumption that because wealth exists, it belongs to those who go after it…and I consider that wealth exists for the benefit of those who occupy the area of landmass where the wealth originated.
    Under your system, wherever a piece of gold is found, whether in Saudi Arabia or the north pole, whoever travels there and picks it up, is the owner of the wealth. Now, CK what about all of those who already live there and know the gold exists and have chosen to not yet use it? What we have here is a basis for wars of aggression and conquest…to subdue the natives and take their possessions including their gold. CK, your world view leads to violence and suffering and therefore, in my opinion, is an incorrect or inferior viewpoint….although, I will concede that it is an exceedingly popular viewpoint in power centers like Washington nowadays.
    But, lets just look at results….the wolves in Washington and Britain and Israel see Iraqi oil as belonging to themseves and the Iraqi people as inferior sheep who have no right to benefits from this resource that was located under their lands. So, your view is that wherever resources are located, anywhere in the world, they belong to those who have the power and might to dominate the people and take them by force….and cause millions of deaths among the owners of such wealth I might add. Now, is this justice according to the golden rule?
    Ah! But can this philosophy of aggression be sustained over the long term? As hatred against aggressors builds and millions are destroyed, those who were once sheep become exceptionally violent wolves themselves and seek revenge, and as more violence creates more hatred, a time will come when those who initiated such policies will be swept away by them….might take a thousand years, but when the blowback comes, it will be devastating.
    You see, the mistake aggressors make is believing that they can kill and murder with impunity, and then later bestow a few favors after the violence abates, and all will be forgiven, but such hatreds last for many generations…and sometimes for thousands of years. And, in the case of the US, we will not be the top dog forever…in fact the empire is declining already…so when we become weak, sympathy for us will be very scarce, and all the good things we have done in the past will be forgotten because of the ill will we have generated recently.
    That is why the basis of your reasoning is inferior to an ideology of attempting to live in peace and work in peaceful ways to share the earth’s resources through rule of law and legal bargaining and distribution systems.

  50. CK

    Indeed, in some parts of the world, family = community. It takes an extended family with a whole bunch of cousin intermarriage to raise a baby.
    In other parts of the world, family is limited and community is the same bunch of faces every wednesday night at the corner saloon.
    Human children can become productive around 7 years old. Ask any old farm family. Feeding the chickens and gathering the eggs is FUN, and having the child do it frees up the mom or dad or older sib for more productive endeavours.
    Protecting one’s child/children/anklebiters is not the same as protecting a community whether that community be of kindred or of strangers. I am told that babies are quite easy to replace. Three maybe four minutes effort, nine months of carrying and a new one is there. Tis funny indeed reading american history from the 1790’s to the 1890’s how many children families regularly had and how many children regularly died at early ages from simple diseases. Women having 8 or 9 or 11 kids over the space of one marriage. From which if they were lucky or urban maybe 3 survived to parenting age. Now granted those kids were had sequentially not simultaneously as seems to be the new fashion.
    @ Blues: Once upon a long ago, the band I was in played an airport lounge. As I recall, there were mumbled threats to the effect that we should play on runway 9E instead. Patrons of airport lounges still give me shivers. The way they line up for x-ray inspections and cheap feelups. Disgruntling. If one has a gruntle.

  51. flash

    Are you sure you want to be bargaining with the driver the next time you need an ambulance ride? The purpose of the middleman will become apparent.
    If the roles of the human and the dog are both played by gnomes, then you as a sheep may as well run to the wolves. In any case you’re someone’s dinner.

  52. CK

    Wealth does NOT exist as an independent entity. Wealth is CREATED.
    By some humans. For human purposes. A lump of gold is useless until someone discovers it, mines it, pans it, refines it, and uses it to create more wealth or trades it for someone elses production. Once wealth is created it does not magically devolve into the common property of all those who had no part in either its creation or distribtion. Your existence is not a debt that I have incurred, it is not a claim on my life, my work, my creativity, my existence; nor is mine on yours. But. If we both have something the other values we might find a way to trade with each other and both of us end up better off than we were before the trade.
    You consider that wealth exists without considering how or who created the wealth from the nothingness that was before it. If you can obliterate the creative and productive you can consume the existing stock of wealth; but you won’t be finding any more to replace it, because wealth is not replaced by magic or by wishes but by work and brains.
    In truth, my world view leads to peace, productivity, wealth and happiness. It is the worldview of those who believe wealth exists without a creator, that what is mine is yours and what is yours is yours that leads to Cheneyism, and zionism, and obamaism.
    Yes I do believe that whoever turns the unproductive thing into wealth has first call on the wealth.
    So calling me an aggressor or some other perjorative word designed to short-circuit thinking, is not very helpful. The philosophy of wealth creation can last for millenia. The philosophy of altruistic theft is usually self-extinguishing.
    As I have pointed out before I have a soft spot in my heart for old Hulagu Khan. The sands of time quickly erased the lineage of that thief of productivity; but he did make a mess out of Baghdad. And as a result of his actions, that empire never threatened he and his again. Or to paraphrase another of the founding fathers: “Never do a small injury to a man. For a man will sooner forgive the murder of his father than the theft of his purse. So if one must do injury to others, do it large and all at once.” History has shown this to be true no matter the race, or age, or nationality of the victim.
    If you don’t believe it I reference you to the statements of the father whose family was killed when the marine pilot screwed up and ditched his f-18 in a san diego suburb last winter. Hell that gentleman was forgiving the pilot before the flesh on his family had stopped smouldering.
    So I encourage you to continue in your belief that theft is superior to prodcution. As long as you have the state and its guns supporting you you will have access to all the wealth you can consume.
    I too am enamoured of the rule of law. Bernie gets to stay in his penthouse; shirley the crackhead gets to stay in Rikers. Shirley didn’t steal anything, she just got caught smoking mother nature. Yup the old rule of law. It’s like golden rule 3. Them that gets to buy the law gets to enjoy the law. Law is an uncommon good.

  53. CK

    I already did the bargaining with the ambulance service. I pay an amount each year and when I need a ride they are there. No need to bargain for each item if the items are substantially the same over time. The ambulance company figures someone my age probably will need its services once every two years, they charge me enough so that they make a profit ( I hope ). So call it insurance that is annually renewable. The significant difference is that I am both the user and the payer. I am the customer not the government, not some insurance company. Just lil ol me making a nice contract with the transport service. And if they welsh on the deal my wife or I or both have recourse. Simple, sweet, done once and over with until next year.
    I expect that as I age, the ambulance company will have its usage figures that show how much more often I might need that ride and will adjust their offer price accordingly. Because that last year of my life, if I need that last ride in the first half of the year, the rest of the payment is non-refundable. Smart ambulance company. I might even invest a few of my shekels in their limited stock.

  54. bob k

    Hi CK,

    Are you arguing that the gnomes are creative and productive? I agree with your argument that government wolves are a threat to the well being of humanity, especially when the wolves deployed at Treasury, Dept. of Justice, CIA, Pentagon, and even the White House
    operate on behalf of the gnomes of finance. I have heard that app. 50 Trillion USD of goods and services are necessary for the physical needs of mankind. There is 4000 Trillion USD of financial transactions on the planet per year. Indeed, if the lever is long enough, the magicians of money can subjugate billions of men and women. The clinical term psychopath provokes an emotional reaction in normal human beings, as we all have deviant behaviors programed by the struggle to survive in a pathocracy organized on behalf of these few deviants in their quest to subjugate and loot productive humanity of our labor and creativity. This emotional response blinds us to the existence of the psychopaths. I use the clinical term psychopath as a noun and not a pejorative, much as I use the word crocodile to label the dangerous denizen of the lower Nile. These humanoids have lack the physiological structure of the brain enabling empathy, cooperation, love, and conscience, in other words the higher creative and productive human qualities based on intellect and emotion. Psychopaths lack the emotional capacity, they are beasts in the same sense as the wolf or crocodile. True, they like steaks, scotch, and young women or boys, but loyalty, responsiblity, friendship, and love elude them, and they know something is missing. They have no soul. They rely on intellect to mimic emotional as they conceal their wolfish blood lust.
    Your resentment of medical care for “widows and orphans” is a red herring and an insignificant sum in comparison to the cost of “full spectrum dominance” and a billion dollar payday for the likes of Sandy Weil and Hank Paulson. These psychopaths are not “dabhands”
    whose petty crime is simply a result of the pathocracy organized on behalf of the psychopathic oligarchs. A place at the table is on offer by the oligarchs for those more normal human beings who are willing to aid in the subjugation and slaughter of the “sheeple” to use your all to accurate condescension.
    However, there is a middle way for a man of integrity to walk this life. You have falsely divided humanity into wolves or sheeple. The majority of thinking, creative, and productive human beings can avoid being allies or apologists for wolfish psychopaths or being prey. It is suggested to “go into the world as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove.” This way is difficult for the lazy, ignorant, and deviant, but obvious traps like “too much debt”, a career in real estate, or too many assets in USD can be avoided by a thinking, creative, responsible, and productive human beings. Perhaps the on going collapse of the stealing machine will wake up some of the sheeple and they enforce the rule of law on the wolves or billions on this planet will forfeit their lives so the few gnomes can benefit from the imperial looting of mankind. I agree with David and Karl Denninger that the looters must be prosecuted and imprisoned before any thinking man or women will trust the financial system. So, beware of pretending to be a wolf, you may find yourself a scapegoat.

  55. CK

    Nope, I never claimed that the financial whiz kids were producing and wealth. They were playing with and around the multitude of laws that govern their industry. Finding loopholes in laws is not creation of wealth, it is creation of billable hours.
    I would like someday to watch an experiment wherein the soul was weighed and measured. I am not certain that the gnomes lack anything.
    And I truly have no resentment of medical care for anyone who is paying for it. I resent being forced to pay for my medical care and for the care of others who I don’t know. One does not fault the dog that protects the sheep for its master, the sheep end up sheared whether they are human or ovine. I have yet to see a brain autopsy showing a generic lack of some structure in gnomes and not in other non-gnomes.
    Yes I am condescending to the sheeple. I could call them Mr T. C. Mits as was more common 50 years ago. Mr. The Common Man In The Street. Same same. I have never pretended to be a wolf nor a sheeple nor a goat ( well there have been ocassions when horny old goat has been deservingly thrown in my direction. Alas those ocassions come fewer and fewer as the years progress ). I too agree that the looters must be persecuted and tresspassed upon. I just believe that there are way more looters than just the 9 banks and their managerial gnomes, AIG, and a 533 fully owned serfs in congress.

  56. David

    Bob K:
    “It is suggested to “go into the world as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove.” This way is difficult for the lazy, ignorant, and deviant, but obvious traps like “too much debt”, a career in real estate, or too many assets in USD can be avoided by a thinking, creative, responsible, and productive human beings.”

    BK, I love the quote and this is what I too believe in. We can struggle to know and understand the same wisdom that the cynical gnomes know and use to subjugate us, but we can choose to use this wisdom for our own good and for the good of others….and that is the major difference between the gnomes and those of us who struggle daily to care about our fellow man.
    CK has some very valid points, I admit, but I hope he can come to realize too that many sheeple choose to be sheeple and that society with hundreds of millions of people cannot offer great wealth and even a chance of success for every single citizen…so socialism is needed to insure that all citizens get at least small benefits from this thing called civilization. To do otherwise is to deny our own humanity, as many of the psychopathic gnomes have done.
    Again, I must compliment Elaine for bringing up this topic…and her intro of the gnome mentality was brilliant. I think we have all learned a great deal from each other during this discussion.

  57. David

    Bob K:
    “It is suggested to “go into the world as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove.” This way is difficult for the lazy, ignorant, and deviant, but obvious traps like “too much debt”, a career in real estate, or too many assets in USD can be avoided by a thinking, creative, responsible, and productive human beings.”

    BK, I love the quote and this is what I too believe in. We can struggle to know and understand the same wisdom that the cynical gnomes know and use to subjugate us, but we can choose to use this wisdom for our own good and for the good of others….and that is the major difference between the gnomes and those of us who struggle daily to care about our fellow man.
    CK has some very valid points, I admit, but I hope he can come to realize too that many sheeple choose to be sheeple and that society with hundreds of millions of people cannot offer great wealth and even a chance of success for every single citizen…so socialism is needed to insure that all citizens get at least small benefits from this thing called civilization. To do otherwise is to deny our own humanity, as many of the psychopathic gnomes have done.
    Again, I must compliment Elaine for bringing up this topic…and her intro of the gnome mentality was brilliant. I think we have all learned a great deal from each other during this discussion.

  58. David

    sorry about the double post…computer slow and goofy today.

  59. emsnews

    No, WordPress is screwing up tonight.

  60. CK

    Indeed I do realize that many people choose to be sheeple. It is easier and the history of mankind is the history of people trying to find easier ways to do difficult things. Mooching is much easier than creating. Our earth bound society is now over 6 billion people and growing. Wealth is not some static quantity of goods and services. Wealth grows and sometimes wealth measuring tools shrink which is confusing. The stock market price for IBM is not IBM.
    Indeed many people make bad choices, from whence it does not follow that I am responsible for the results of their bad choices nor am I responsible for paying for their bad choices.
    As I was dozing off last night it struck me that your belief that wealth is common would logically lead to something like this:
    Children are wealth
    Therefore children are common property.
    Therefore if one wants a child but does not wish to go through the required slap and tickle and 9 months delay,
    One can rightfully appropriate any child that one wants from anyone who has one.
    I think what set this off was some chowederhead nattering on and on about Madonna or Angelina or some other very well off person obtaining yet another third world child. So someone in the third world sells their child directly to a celeb. whoopdedoo. Non-celebs go through governmentally approved agencies to buy their accoutrements; celebs buy direct. Even the McCain’s have one, but she wasn’t shown much in the last campaign.

  61. criticalcontrarian

    Off topic but couldn’t let this one pass. Absolute hypocrisy! Whatever little respect I had left for these people is totally out the window, I have no illusions as to what they are. What gets my goat is this, assuming they each loose $40 billion their grandchildren’s children will still be rich. So why pass the buck to the less fortunate? They have been given so much by their country, isn’t it enough?

    Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has been lauded for his plainspoken denunciation of the greed and foolishness behind the economic crisis. He’s pushed the massive federal bailout of imploding banks as the essential response to an “economic Pearl Harbor.” A Sacramento Bee examination of regulatory records has found that his extensive holdings in financial firms have made Buffett, the world’s second-wealthiest person behind Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, one of the top beneficiaries of the banking bailout. http://tinyurl.com/c9q7rx

  62. CK

    Ol Warren has been either the wealthiest or the second wealthiest person in the world for many many years. It was in the news a decade back when Gates passed him for the pole position finally. Since then the two of them has been the top two just depending on how the market priced Bershire Hathaway and Microsoft. There is a Mexican drug lord moving up on the rail this year and another Mexican Carlos Slim in the pack gaining on the leaders. It will be neck and neck, down to the wire, a photo finish again this year for the title. And the losers will buy glue factories instead of being sent to them.

  63. Gary

    In your own special way you are one of the very “sheeple” you love to
    sneer at.
    In your pathological hatred for lesser,weaker beings, you have willingly allied
    yourself with corporate “rugged individualists” who pillage not only
    the lesser beings but also YOURS truly. Ha ha. You are cutting off your
    nose to spite your face. You seem like a tough guy but you really are
    a wimp hiding behind the skirts of your big tough “individualist”
    Go git em boyz

  64. roger

    CK are you seriously suggesting that each individual is to be responsible for organizing and paying for their own medical care? I live in Canada and so have grown up in a socialized medical system. That obviously biases my perspective. That might explain why I find it hard to link your comments to a coherent medical plan. You seem too smart to hold up the US system of medical care as the example you would like to see others adopt. It is a failed system and is an increasing obvious failure. So what do you propose? Each man/women/child for themselves? And how would that work? What happens to those who can’t pay? Are they left to die on the side of the road?

    I am trying very hard not to put words into your mouth (a strange image, that!) but I am seriously confused by your rants against others who you have had to carry on your back (financially/medically speaking). Every system has faults but a community that cares so little for it’s members that it can not heal the sick without financial reward or at least no financial pain seems like a dead end to me.

    Would you be happier if the system were less corrupt/inefficient/unfair to the taxpayer? Is that your concern? Because you can’t throw out the concept of government or universal medical care (both honourable and, I believe, necessary concepts) because they have been twisted badly by crooks/criminals or idiots. Instead, it is important to remove the corruption. Baby and bathwater stuff, isn’t it?

    ps. for the record, as a person who has lived with socialized medicine in Canada, there are always lots of problems with the system that have to be dealt with but I wouldn’t have it (medicine) any other way. Good things are worth fighting for and often have to be.

  65. flash

    “And if they welsh on the deal my wife or I or both have recourse.”
    There’s your middleman, if you mean the gov’t. Otherwise you show up at the ambulance office on your crutches trying to aim your shotgun. See what I mean?

  66. CK

    @Gary: You are probably right.
    @Roger: No.
    Firstly Americans does not have health care. We have sickness management. We do not have prevention, we have symptom camoflauge through drugs. We have a system whereby the person with the illness is the consumer but not the customer. The necessary impediment between the insurance payout and the recipient doctor/hospital/whatever. We, as do most advanced nations, have a monopolistic supplier of doctors. The AMA. The job of the AMA is to assure that there are not enough doctors to clear the market. The AMA is not involved in quality assurance of its monopoly product either. The purpose of the drug companies is not to find cures to or preventatives of disease but to find palliatives to continue the existence of the diseased. The longer one is taking drugs the more money that is being made. A healthy person is not a profit center. We already have in place a system the loots the healthy to prolong the sicknesses and the profits derived from those sicknesses.
    The system cannot be made less corrupt. The system is based on a false set of premises and works to the advantage of the medical and pharmcological industries. Your family doctor used to be YOUR family doctor. You paid him and he tried to keep you from getting sick. That was many years ago. Today you pay a minimal co-pay ( ever wonder why? hell the cost of collecting the co-pay in employee pay and bennies is about equivalent to the co-pay ). The rest is billed to some third party and the third party returns a check for 1/2 to 2/3 the billed amount to the doctor. So try this. Go visit your doctor and offer to pay cash … his cash charge to see you will be the same as the cash charge he submits to the insurance company. But from you he won’t accept 1/2 or 2/3. Even though it is more profitable for him/her to do so.
    I have been going through the American medical system recently ( for the first time in about 25 years ). The first thing I noticed when I went to see the orthopedic guys about my knees was how many not medical staff were now necessary to process the paperwork. The ortho guys sent me to the local death emporium for an xray. Ok. Five sets of paperwork to get the xray. 35 people shuffling paper so I could get into an xray room where there were 3 high school graduate techs doing the real work.
    I am sure that for each itty bitty bit of paperwork there is some reason that has nothing to do with supplying medical treatment and a lot of reason to do with getting paid by the third parties. Remember this, when you are the paying customer it is your needs and your wishes that prevail. When you are just the consumer of something that someone else is paying for yours are neither the needs nor the wishes that will prevail.
    The system as it exists now is there to be gamed, not to provide health and wellness. The system exists because the people have allowed doctor supply to devolve to a single monopolist and health care to become sickness extension and management. You get what you pay for. And the future is more of the same.
    If you build a structure and use termite eaten wood for the foundation, all the fine and fiddly changes you do to the shutters and the gable ends won’t stop the rot in the foundation. You will find it hard to remove the “corruption” when everyone involved but the consumer is a beneficiary of that “corruption.” You can always check open secrets org to find the american pol benficiaries of the pharmacological companies and medical companies.
    There is much on this blog about the way the US govt is currently socializing the losses of the Big Banksters. I am not sure how socializing the illnesses in the big banks differs from socializing the illnesses in society.
    I read that the US is considering a “single party payer” system. Fine idea. Any system with a single concentrated point of failure will be gamed at and around that point. Easy money always attracts sleazy people. Health care today is easy money.

  67. CK

    Indeed I have a contract that could be enforced in the prevailing courts of law. In other jurisdictions the contract could be enforced through private arbitration. Methods vary. Shotguns are not necessary but sometimes they are sufficient. And of course it is to the ambulance companies interest to not have to face their customers in the civil courts. 60+ years and the only time I have been in court was to sit on a jury. Used a lot of lawyers over that time to make sure that what was said in the blather was indeed what was required in the contract. Saves a lot of wear and tear on the individual nervous system to use a lawyer before there is any signature anywhere. Using them after the shit has hit the fan is much costlier plus you fell like such a yutz for being penny wise and pound foolish.

  68. roger

    CK: I think you have misunderstood me or I wasn´t clear enough. I think the US system is not working because it is not a socialized system, like in Canada or any other “first world” nation. It rather is a system that preys on it´s citizens and obviously turns them against each other in misguided attempt to get better health coverage that those poorer than you.

    Fixing the US system means replacing pay for your own health care with a socialized system. The fact that the US is sunk into a disfunctional medical system is the problem. Linking health care to individual wealth is the problem. Fighting to get better care than your neighbour is a horrible way to live life. Fighting to get the best health care for all is a much better way to live.

    your distrust of the fake socialized system in the US is sensible. But to argue that all socialized systems are gamed like they are in the US is to ignore reality in those other countries. Canada has problems; but it is nothing like the system you describe in the US.

    ps. i agree that socializing the losses of Banksters is wrong (in fact it is criminal, I think) but that doesn´t mean that you have to throw out the idea of socializing anything. some people lie when they talk. should I give up the benefits of all talking because some people abuse it?

    furthermore, single payer, universal health care is far cheaper and more effective that the shitty system employed in the US.

  69. CK

    I lack first hand experience with the canadian system, so nowhere in my remarks do I direct any comments to the canadian system.
    A friend of mine is away this month in India getting an operation. He could have gotten the operation here in the USA but at a seriously impoverishing price. In India the op is 1/5 the price. Assuming the quality is the same, he has gotten a good deal and not removed any health care from any deserving american. Other friends of mine have gone on mexican vacations and come back with very nice new chompers at a fraction of the price they would have to pay for the exact same thing here.
    I guess I have a difficulty trusting institutions that cannot run a war or police a banking system with the control of everyone’s health.
    I have a problem with the FDA being a pawn of the pharma firms. With the HIH being owned by the med schools which means the AMA, and the pharma firms.
    1st person payer is cheaper still and much more effective, in a competitive market.

  70. The fool on the hill

    Actually, humans don’t “create” anything.
    So far, all ‘wealth’ is derived from energy provided by the Sun.
    All humans do is figure out ways to harvest the energy. Human ‘advances’ do not ‘create’ more wealth, they only figure out ways to consume energy more efficiently. Notice, the operative term is “consume”, not “use”.
    “Wealth creation” is an illusion that stems from the fact that the energy provided by the Sun appears to be infinite. But it is not. It is vast, but finite. There is only so much energy deposited into the system over any given period.
    No human would be in a position to cultivate anything if one had not gotten a break from Dame Fortune at one time or another.
    So I would be a little cautious about laying claim to entitlement of that thing we call ‘wealth’.

  71. emsnews

    Wealth is much, much more than the ‘sun’. For example, it is the earth, itself and all its mineral content. LABOR is wealth. The ground may grow weeds but when it grows cultivated plants, this requires lots and lots of labor. Why people don’t understand this is very simple: we have tons of propaganda, yapping about how wealth is paper or things, not labor.

  72. CK

    Oh Sun give us Iron and lead, gold and silver have I from the glorious sun, and hydrogen and nickel and copper too, all from the sun.
    And DNA and RNA the sun gave us those.
    And until a man looked at the trees and found a way to use them for his betterment, looked at the lumps of coal and found ways to use that, looked at the gunk oozing from the ground and found ways to split it and refine it, all that wonderous bounty from the Sun was worthless. Man gives value and man creates wealth. It would be a grand old earth with no humans mucking about would it not. No wealth, no nothing, just sunlight and dappled shadows but without a monet to give them life; just wind and running water without a mozart or a deBussy to give them life.

    True that most forms of energy ( nuclear and tidal being the exceptions) are just various forms of solar in various stages of freezing. But since the sun doesn’t appear to want to do anything with all this bounty, I suspect that humans who take the energy and mix it with knowledge to create wealth still have first call on what they have created. Or we could just tithe it to the various sun and volcano gods.

  73. Gary

    Your idea of “competition” would be the Boston Red Sox coming to play
    against the Tacoma Rainiers

  74. kenogami

    And don’t forget that a lot of the problems of the health care system in Canada is due to millions of poor Americans and other people from the South who fraudulently obtained a Canadian medical id and use freely the canadian health care system without paying anything for it. This must amount to billions of $ each year. So not only is the American health care system a failure and a horrible system, it is slowly bankrupting the good canadian health care system.

  75. the fool on the hill

    Again language fails me.
    While what you are saying may be true, it does not contradict my statement at all.
    ‘LABOR is wealth’ roughly equals ‘harvest the energy’.
    The only point is that humans do not create the stuff.
    So, while one may assert that mere labor necessarily ‘entitles’ one to something, Libra or Lady Luck may eventually disagree at some point.

  76. the fool on the hill

    Right CK,
    Once you mix your “knowledge” with the energy you have “taken” to “create” wealth, you’ll have some decisions to make.
    For example,
    Do you altruistically share that knowledge and energy so that the rest of humanity may benefit from the discovery?
    Do you conceal the “knowledge” in order to wield power over others?
    Do you “trade” it for knowledge + energy that others may “own” that you lack yourself?
    I won’t personally place a judgment on whatever action is decided, but there will be consequences one way or the other.

  77. emsnews

    Dear fool, no one ‘creates’ anything according to you. This sort of draconian elimination process can be applied to anything. If we were apes in the jungle, yes, we simply harvest what we see and then do nothing more.
    BUT WE DO NOT. We add value via labor. A fig tree might grow and the apes might eat the figs but we cultivate the figs, make them fatter and easier to pluck and protect the fig tree and water it, etc. This is labor and it has NOTHING to do with the sun shining or not, since the sun shines on the uncultivated as well as the cultivated but the cultivated now have VALUE ADDED via the labor. I hope you figure this out. It is pretty simple.

  78. CK

    All actions have consequences. I think if you have read anything I have written you know that my choic is the third. I trade.
    It is believed that during a 6 day work splurge a god created everything approx 6000 years ago by some good folk.
    It is believed that there was this really large explosion out of nothingness that happened many many billions of years ago and everything that ever was to be was created then, by some other good folk.
    It is really not relevant which of the sets of belief might be correct, the stuff is there, humans are here, the solar energy and uranium energy and moon powered tidal energy is here. Use it or don’t. As Eldgrige said, lead, follow or get out of the way.

    @kenogami: shame that, one of the benefits of NAFTA and managed trade in general I would guess. Seems that the southern border cities and states of the US have that exact same issue.

  79. emsnews

    About value added: I have a forest. I cut down trees that grew thanks to the planetary surface, millions of years of evolution, lots of sun, wind, and rain and then I used my body to saw them down, haul them with my ox team to the mill and then slice them into boards and then, use this to build my home. Every step, we all added our labor value: the oxen, myself, the saw mill, etc. I had to feed the oxen which meant, hauling bales of hay, cutting hay in summer, building a barn to hold the hay, cleaning stalls, feeding the oxen carrots and bananas that went bad at the local store [their favorite treats]. Without my labor added, there would be no oxen, no mill and no house.

  80. CK

    We do have in the US, two grand examples of governmentally run health care. We have the Veteran’s Administration and we have the health care coverage that members of congress get. One could google the recent coverage of the Walter Reade hospital and other shoddy medical institutions serving the military hoi polloi. Likewise one could google the benefits granted to members of congress. Then one could look at how the US govt managed Katrina. When the US gets single payer health care, it will be for most of us the equivalent of Katrina mixed with Walter Reade. I expect many more americans to avail themselves of canadian health care immediately america gets what it deserves in health care.

  81. the fool on the hill

    Yeah Elaine, I get all that.

    The point is you only ‘own’ your ‘value added labor’ until someone comes along with a bigger gun and decides they now own it.

  82. the fool on the hill

    At least, that the strictly ‘humanist’ approach.

    have a nice day.

  83. the fool on the hill

    For example,

    you “have” a forest at least in part because somewhere down the line you benefited from the type of stuff that you crusade against on this site.

    You know, slavery, war, etc.

  84. bob k

    @the fool

    I like your large questions and views, as the solution to many problems is a larger perspective. OK–lets look at the forest and the trees will take care of themselves. Predation is the forest problem in paradise, as you noted.

    Mankind benefits from the power of the human mind to understand the nature of the universe and harness its energy to provide for the physical needs of mankind. There are psychopaths and those infected by their parasitism who loot and enslave to thrive. These deviants must limit the human population as a large population requires concentrations of brain power to understand and harness natures bounty on behalf of the entire population. These educated and competent human beings are a deadly threat to the survival of parasites we observe in finance, government, media, and academia. These magicians of money and war are simply parasites on the labor and creativity of normal men and women and they would be dealt with if humanity continues up the ladder of knowledge. The deviant parasites lack the ability to create, they are a destructive force in the evolution of humanity.

    Mankind is mesmerized by media spin to believe we thrive by war and slavery, when the truth is only parasites thrive by violence and lies. They produce nothing. These predators are accelerating their war against humanity as they attempt to dumb down and terrify mankind into decreasing population as a result of a Malthusian lie that the earth is warming and natural resources are scarce. What is scarce are men and women who understand a few predators stand between mankind and a paradise of creation on earth. It seems this struggle is engaged and the more who recognize the phenomenon and understand the stakes, the less chance the predators will succeed in establishing a scientific dictatorship ruled by violence and fraud.

    The mathematics of compounding guarantee the collapse of the fiat debt money system the predators have deployed via JP Morgan, Federal Reserve Bank, Goldman Sachs, etc. This collapse requires a transition to reset another system of financial chains and is a period of imperial vulnerability which requires violence of war to control humanity for the transition period as we see in the false flag attack on the Trade Towers. We each contribute are mite to this battle by spreading the knowledge of the true nature of civilization and its lies and perpetrators. The academic and media have distorted and concealed the real reason for war and debt is slavery. Networked human minds have a great potential once engaged in this struggle.

    I think the nature of the system of government and finance is less important than the integrity and normal psychology of the men and women who work in these areas. The deviant psychology of many of humanities leaders and heroes has infected the entire culture. This leads many talented people to spend their lives taking care of only themselves and their families, but hard times and danger sharpen the human mind and its recognition of larger context of our individual lives. My apology for this long lecture. Perhaps it will give some context for your thoughts.

  85. emsnews

    I fear the Fool wants a fight, not enlightenment. HAHAHA. By the way, the land I own I bought with this funky thing called ‘money’. Money gained via very hard work and long hours of work and not spending it on stuff for fun. Lots and lots of hard work.
    On the other hand, there is the subject of gaining land via warfare. A long history of that! But what is that? More LABOR. Fighting is hard work and dangerous, too!

  86. You folks are trying to define “wealth?”
    Hey, I’m a theorist. It’s incredibly difficult to create new ideas, and then try to use words to describe them by using mere words.
    You think I would start with some word, and then try to insist on it’s meaning? No I certainly would not!
    Isn’t that the oldest mind trap?

  87. My own guess is that if there is any such thing as “wealth,” it arises from an instinct. The dog wants to keep her bone. The octopus to keep his little cave. Whether they worked or fought for it, it’s basically the survival instinct.
    Humans hate their own instincts. They demand “laws.” After all, we are not mere animals, right?
    We insist on having the proper terminology, even if our concepts are vastly overplayed!
    We demand tens of billions of dollars. We demand infinity. After all, we are not animals. We have no instincts! (Or rather, our instincts must be infinitely significant?)
    Yet we are still enslaved to our “words.” (Ask any lawyer.)

  88. CK

    It was magic that turned the wheat into bread
    and magic the barley to beer.
    Sheer sophistry made the wine from the grape
    And opposable thumbs the man from the ape.
    And it must have been the fates that found
    a mighty fine oil from sesame seeds ground,
    Oh call down the pestilence, bring back the plague
    because wealth while in vogue is essentially vague.

  89. the fool on the hill

    No Elaine,
    I like enlightenment; it’s just that you haven’t offered any on this subject.
    You worked very hard and I’m happy for you. Live long and prosper.
    Guess what though; the Native Americans hope that the Hammer of the gods will drive your ships back to the land of the ice and snow.
    So “economic theories” always boil down to “might makes right” in the final analysis.
    It’s no skin off me if people want to live like that, but the eventual outcome is a foregone conclusion.
    Last time flood. This time fire. So it goes.

  90. CK

    If might didn’t indeed make right, it would not be used so often and so effectively. We all may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night. If might failed, something else like oh religion would be tried.
    I think most native americans now hope that we all will visit their casinos and their exhibits and leave lots of funny paper behind.
    To find out what the native south american and central americans are hoping for will require a seance.
    Einstien once posited that the third world war would be fought with nukes and over in about a half an hour, and that the fourth world war would be fought with clubs and stones.

  91. emsnews

    He said WWIII would begin with nukes and end with arrows and clubs. Except for those of us who have steel broadswords like I have.

  92. CK

    I like my misrepresentation of his words much better.
    Steel broadswords melt in the loving fires of nuclear destruction.

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