The US is going bankrupt, trying to run the world’s biggest empire totally in the red.  The UK tried this after WWI and even greatly expanded its empire during the first half of the 20th Century but this utterly destroyed the finances of the UK which crumbled nearly instantly when Germany and Japan openly challenged UK powers.  So it will be with the US: a hollow giant which can only expand into the world’s poorest nations.  There are several news currents that are flowing now, flowing in ways that undermine US power.  Obama went overseas and tried to give everyone hope and change but when the rubber hits the Pentagon, change is changed into stagnation.Obama is a marvelous speaker.  Bush struggled to express even simple thoughts using human language.  He preferred to make crude quips.  Often, verbs and nouns couldn’t shake hands or Bush would blurt out what was really on his mind.  Decoding him was like exploring a dark cave filled with bats.  Obama, on the other hand, speaks very clearly but is very careful to give the illusion of promises while the essence stays the same.  


For example, when in Prague, he grandly announced the desire to eliminate all nuclear bombs.  Then also announced, he would continue the very unpopular Bush scheme of putting missiles in Czech lands, aimed mostly at Russia!  He made friends with the President of Russia, Medvedev but still is menacing Russia.  This is very much like the faux friendship Bush found looking into Putin’s eyes.  Within a year, Putin’s eyes looked like daggers whenever he spotted Bush due to US foreign policies.


Obama’s charming world leaders will collapse very rapidly if this isn’t backed by substantial changes.  Oddly enough [HAHAHA] the one thing Obama always promises and carries out is, expanding ‘free trade’ and getting everyone to be very friendly with us via the imperial technique of having all our allies flood the US with their exports!  This is the one thing that the US leader has to be very harsh about, not friendly.    Below is part of Obama’s talk with Turkish students:


Obama Holds a Town Hall in Istanbul – washingtonpost.com


OBAMA: Well, some people say that maybe I’m being too idealistic. I made a speech in Prague about reducing and ultimately eliminating nuclear weapons, and some people said, ah, that will never happen.

And it won’t happen since the US is not already reducing its nuclear arsenal.  When Russia fell and China embraced capitalism, the US could have reduced our arsenal.  We did not.  We did wail and keen about the potential spread of nuclear weapons but at every opportunity, we chose to snarl about ‘glassing’ other nations.

For example, due to 9/11, the majority of Americans were screaming for revenge and many wanted to nuke civilian populations in Afghanistan.  That unseemly rage should be a warning.  The temptation to use nuclear bombs to eliminate entire population is very, very powerful.  And extremely dangerous.

But Obama won’t drop our own gun.  He, like all previous rulers of America, prefers to disarm everyone else.  This disarmament movement ended in a sickening thud when we disarmed Saddam and then turned on him and destroyed him and his country which still limps along, filled with hatred and conflicts, falling apart rapidly.

And some people have said, why are you discussing the Middle East when it’s not going to be possible for the Israelis and the Palestinians to come together?  Or, why are you reaching out to the Iranians, because the U.S. and Iran can never agree on anything?

We know who these ‘some people’ are: AIPAC.  They don’t really want the Middle East discussed.  They want to issue orders for Obama to obey.

My attitude is, is that all these things are hard. I mean, I’m not naive. If it was easy, it would have already been done. Somebody else would have done it. But if we don’t try, if we don’t reach high, then we won’t make any progress. And I think that there’s a lot of progress that can be made….

All my life, we have had ‘progress’ when it comes to nuclear bomb negotiation and every time there is an excellent opportunity for the US to disarm and thus, disarm the world, we shove it aside and clutch our nukes to our breasts.  Every time there are ‘peace talks’ between the Jews and the natives of Palestine, things get worse for the Palestinians.  So they are very leery of US peace talks and the Jews use every tool available to kill any progress towards a two state solution.

And for the United States, I think that means that we have to make sure that our actions are responsible, so on international issues like climate change we have to take leadership. If we’re producing a lot of pollution that’s causing global warming, then we have to step forward and say, here’s what we’re willing to do, and then ask countries like China to join us.

If we want to say to Iran, don’t develop nuclear weapons because if you develop them then everybody in the region is going to want them and you’ll have a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and that will be dangerous for everybody — if we want to say that to Iranians, it helps if we are also saying, “and we will reduce our own,” so that we have more moral authority in those claims.

The US has the world’s biggest nuclear arsenal.  Reducing it by 10% makes no strategic difference nor changes any of the dynamics of US power based on menacing the world with the possibility of total annihilation.  Note how he morphs from ‘disarm’ to ‘reduce’ when it comes to US power!

The Iranians know that having no nukes means the US will sponsor invasions such as when we helped Saddam attack Iran.  Iran also complains, the US never mentions Israel’s nukes.  Any talk of disarming anyone has to include that hyper-military state.

If we want to communicate to countries that we sincerely care about the well-being of their people, then we have to make sure that our aid programs and our assistance programs are meaningful.

ALL EMPIRES USE ‘AID’ TO CONTROL PROVINCES.  Some provinces end up bleeding the capitol to death thanks to political influence at the heart of the empire.  Other provinces are looted by the empire and then, become too poor to support the imperium.  This is the history of empires.

So words are good and understanding is good, but ultimately it has to translate into concrete actions.

No kidding.

And it takes time. I was just talking to my press team and they were amused because some of my reporter friends from the States were asking, how come you didn’t solve everything on this trip? They said, well, you know, it’s only been a week. These things take time and the idea is that you lay the groundwork and slowly, over time, if you make small efforts, they can add up into big efforts. And that’s, I think, the approach that we want to take in promoting more peace and prosperity around the world.


Obama can toy with the media who mostly are a bunch of children.  But I notice, after he called once on Helen Thomas, her question about Israel’s nukes instantly put her on the ‘do not talk to ever again’ list.  She will never get called on again, I am pretty certain.  Unless someone leans on her to not ask questions with substance.


With a press that is willfully dumb, it is easy to banter with them and to smile at their goofy antics.  But let in the room, anyone who can ask sharp questions and oops.  Out the door with them! Below is Obama trading comments with a smart group of Turkish students.  He is very good at this while, at the same time, he tries to carefully tread around many land mines that litter the Middle East:


Obama Holds a Town Hall in Istanbul – washingtonpost.com


I have to believe that the mothers of Palestinians and the mothers of Israelis hope the same thing for their children. They want them not to be vulnerable to violence. They don’t want, when their child gets on a bus, to worry that that bus might explode.

Jewish children worry about that.  Note that he doesn’t mention Palestinian children worried about being killed in a thousand different, brutal ways.  I bet the Turks noticed this, too.

They don’t want their child to have to suffer indignities because of who they are.

Note that he uses ‘they’ when it is the Jews who are forcing the Palestinian children to ‘suffer indignities’ as they are treated as subhumans and are being systematically starved in increasingly small ghettos or cut off from water resources or from their family farms.

And so sometimes I think that if you just put the mothers in charge for a while, that things would get resolved.

This is just too absurd for words.  The women don’t yearn for peace.  The Jewish mothers want all the Palestinian children to vanish from the face of the earth and the Palestinian mothers want their old homes back and to have the Jewish mothers go back to where they came from.

And it’s that spirit of thinking about the future and not the past that I just talked about earlier that I think could help advance the peace process, because if you look at the situation there, over time I don’t believe it’s sustainable.

Here we come to a key issue.  All ethnic cleansing games can’t work unless one population can grow while another one must vanish.  Often, chasing people out works.  We saw in Rwanda, how the other method works.  Brutally butchering the other populations is a common solution for ethnic cleansers.

It’s not sustainable for Israel’s security because as populations grow around them, if there is more and more antagonism towards Israel, over time that will make Israel less secure.

Bingo.  Israel is in hysterics to get more Jews to come there and displace the natives.  It is very important.  But the natives are striking back using the womb.  We saw last week, how Jewish snipers boast about killing Palestinian fetuses and their mothers as the best way to defend a Jews-only state.  I notice, Obama never condemned this.

It’s not sustainable for the Palestinians because increasingly their economies are unable to produce the jobs and the goods and the income for people’s basic quality of life.

DUH.  Thanks to the Jews strangling them!  What a surprise.  Obama can’t mention this because one of the biggest fictions put forth by the Zionists is, they are much better stewards of the land while the Muslims are lazy and poor and thus, deserve to be shoved into ghettoes.

So we know that path is a dead end, and we’ve got to move in a new direction. But it’s going to be hard.

Note here that this ‘new direction’ is like his many ‘changes’ that change nothing: there is nothing here.  He has no suggestions at all, what to change so things can move forwards again.

A lot of mistrust has been built up, a lot of anger, a lot of hatred. And unwinding that hatred requires patience. But it has been done. You know, think about — my Special Envoy to the Middle East is a gentleman named George Mitchell, who was a senator in the United States and then became the Special Envoy for the United States in Northern Ireland. And the Protestants and the Catholics in Northern Ireland had been fighting for hundreds of years, and as recently as 20 years ago or 30 years ago, the antagonism, the hatred, was a fierce as any sectarian battle in the world.

What a ridiculous comparison!  First, Mitchell’s success, like all the previous ‘peace’ deals we make, used bribery to get people to do things.  Second, the Brits were no longer trying to move millions of Brits into Ireland.  Also, Ireland was not reunited at all.  But the odious religious laws that gave the Protestants all the political power and goodies was changed so Catholics could also be part of the system instead of locked outside.  

ONLY AFTER GAINING CIVIL RIGHTS, did the fighting stop.  Sort of.  We still see it there.  Israel has ZERO intention of granting total civil rights to ALL Palestinians in a REAL democracy!  They want a separate state which they control so they can continue to brutalize the Palestinians and lord it over them exactly like the way England did to the Irish.  Including, starving them to death and driving them out.

And yet because of persistent, courageous efforts by leaders, a peace accord was arrived at. A government that uses the democratic process was formed. And I had at the White House just a few weeks ago the leader of the Protestants, the leaders of Catholics in the same room, the separatists and the unionists in the same room, as part of a single system. And so that tells me that anything is possible if we’re willing to strive for it.

Oh, no.  The Irish want to be one country.  They are allowing the Brits to cling to conquered lands but ONLY for the time being.  Eventually, they hope to have enough Irish Catholics to vote Northern Ireland out of existence.  And it should be voted out of existence.  It is a rump state based on some pretty nasty invasions.

But it will depend on young people like you being open to new ideas and new possibilities. And it will require young people like you never to stereotype or assume the worst about other people.

I am against stereotyping.  But I also believe, we must understand human nature and how tribalism works on us, even in modern societies.  We have to understand the difference between empires and local tribal units and how successful empires embrace these units while SUPPRESSING their tendency towards ethnic cleansing.  And Turkey knows about ethnic cleansing!  As their empire broke up, this broke out, too.  Ask the Armenian Christians!

In the Muslim world, this notion that somehow everything is the fault of the Israelis lacks balance — because there’s two sides to every question. That doesn’t mean that sometimes one side has done something wrong and should not be condemned. But it does mean there’s always two sides to an issue.

In the US, of course, everything is the fault of the Palestinians!  Always.  Note that Obama doesn’t address this while in Turkey and I will faint from shock, if he comes here and tells the Jews to not blame the Palestinians for everything!  For this, they do, all the time!  And not a peep from anyone in power, here.

I say the same thing to my Jewish friends, which is you have to see the perspective of the Palestinians. Learning to stand in somebody else’s shoes to see through their eyes, that’s how peace begins. And it’s up to you to make that happen.


It is very easy for the Jews to see what it is like to be thrust into a ghetto and abused.  Instead of finding love and sympathy, this seems the main motivator for the Jews to do exactly that to the natives of Palestine.  This must be addressed and very sharply, too.  Instead, the Jews believe, they control the US levers of power and can do whatever they wish to the US as well as in the Middle East.  So they basically ignore these appeals to be nice.  There are no Mr. Nice Guys in the present incarnation of the Israeli government.


‘Israel doesn’t take orders from Obama,’ minister Erdan says | International | Jerusalem Post


“Israel does not take orders from [US President Barack] Obama,” Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) said on Monday, responding to the US president’s earlier reaffirmation of his administration’s commitment to all previous understandings between Israel and the Palestinians, including the process launched at Annapolis in 2007.

Gilad Erdan.   

Gilad Erdan. 
Photo: Ariel Jerozolimksi

All negotiations always start from an absolute new base every few years as the unstable, often corrupt governments of Israel collapse or the leaders are assassinated by raving right wing Jews.

Erdan, who is in charge of coordination between the Knesset and the cabinet, also praised Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who only last week said that Israel was not bound by the Annapolis talks.

The only shoes these guys walk in, Obama, are jackboots.  

“In voting for [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu the citizens of Israel have decided that they will not become the fifty first US state,” said Erdan, who was representing the coalition in a Knesset deliberation of Lieberman’s controversial statements. He added, however, that “Obama is a friend of Israel and the United States is an important ally, and everything between us will be decided through communication.”

This ‘communication’ will be massive jerking of Obama’s strings tied to AIPAC.  Of course, Rahm Emanuel will insure that nothing is done, to make the Palestinians better off.  All the aims of the vast majority of the Jewish community [minus some VERY brave souls who defy the greater community!] is for the Palestinians to be eradicated as a people and either transported to other countries and forgotten or eliminated via killing and starving them in their ghettoes.


The hostility shown towards the US is astonishing.  If we had a smidgen of pride, we would tell these Zionists to go to hell.  Instead, look at how we reward this arrogance:


US Senate moves to fully fund Israel aid | International | Jerusalem Post

The US Senate included a measure to restore full funding for foreign aid to the budget it approved late Thursday, increasing chances that the pool of money including assistance for Israel wouldn’t be cut.

The US Senate.  

The US Senate.
Photo: AP

SLIDESHOW: Israel & Region  |  World

The arrogant Likudniks will get full US funding so they can order us around.  This, at a time when the US is cutting postal service, firing people and undergoing tremendous financial difficulties.

The $3.5 trillion document passed by the Senate includes a $4 billion boost to the foreign operations appropriation, bringing it up to the $53.8b. sought by President Barack Obama.

The extra $4 billion was inserted recently due to Madoff ripping off everyone including a huge number of Zionist organizations.

Sen. John Kerry (D-Massachusetts), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and co-sponsor of the amendment, defended the move as important to advancing moderation in the Middle East.

Funding Likudnik expansion isn’t advancing any sort of ‘moderation’ at all.  Included are some bribes to Abbas.  Like the Egyptian dictator, we want him to suppress the Palestinians for us.

“The reality is that we are just not doing enough today to invest in the vital components of both diplomacy and development,” Kerry said on the Senate floor, referencing his recent trip to Israel, Egypt, Syria and other regional countries. “I saw firsthand the degree to which people we support in many ways are struggling to push back against enormous spending by Iran and other actors who seek to destabilize the region.”

I see little ‘building’ in the Middle East except where the Jews are displacing the natives.  Lebanon is regularly wrecked by the IDF.  We just saw the IDF shooting fish in a Gaza barrel and they did more damage and killed as many children as the Sichuan earthquake.  The strangling of Gaza continues to this day.  The region is very destabilized by the Zionist adventure.  And will remain so for the foreseeable future. 


Iran gets to choose sides just like we do.  We choose to support ethnic cleansing.  And this is why things are ‘destabilized.’


US Senate moves to fully fund Israel aid | International | Jerusalem Post

Also on Capitol Hill on Thursday, a coalition of rabbis and Jewish community activists were joined by members of Congress at the presentation of a petition with thousands of signatures calling for comprehensive immigration reform.

This really steams me.  The sight of Zionists who are trying to remove natives in Palestine so they can move in a bunch of immigrants from the outside are also demanding we open our borders to Jewish immigrants as well as all other immigrants.  If they demand ONLY Jews may immigrate into America, we won’t let this happen.  So they move inside the larger illegal immigrant community and use them as cover.

In what’s being called the largest immigration raid in Iowa history, agents today raided the Agriprocessors Inc. meat processing plant in tiny Postville, arresting as many as 300 people.

Agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement entered the plant at about 10 a.m. looking for evidence of identity theft, use of stolen Social Security numbers and for people who are in the country illegally, Tim Counts, an ICE spokesman told the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier.

The raid at Agriprocessors Inc. – considered to be the world’s largest kosher meatpacking plant with more than 1,000 workers — came after months of planning and is likely to stoke the national debate on what to do with illegal aliens now in the country.

Since December 2006, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has raided plants for at least four companies, arresting over 2,000 workers, according to the agency. Most of those arrested – almost entirely low-skilled, hourly workers – have been deported, and many faced criminal charges.

Thursday’s arrest of Sholom Rubashkin, vice president of Agriprocessors, Inc., was the first time a senior-level employee of a raided meat or poultry company has faced federal charges stemming from the raids.

The petition urges the government to take legislative action rather than conduct wide-scale raids on illegal immigrants, a practice that began to occur with increasing frequency once former president George W. Bush’s attempt at overhauling immigration policy failed with no resolution on how to handle the millions of foreigners without work permits in America. The Obama administration has been reviewing the issue ahead of unveiling a new policy on the contentious subject.

A number of illegal Jewish workers were picked up in raids.  Coming here as ‘students’ but staying here to take US jobs, they resent being shipped out again.  Also, a major Jewish business was raided due to it hiring nearly exclusively, illegal aliens.

A gathering of rabbis representing Judaism’s four major branches as well as Jewish immigration activists, including the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, one of America’s oldest immigrant aid groups, was in Washington to present the petitions, signed by 3,600 people, ahead of Pessah.

Why doesn’t Israel have open borders?  Instead, they are building immense walls and long no-man’s land that makes the Berlin Wall look like a garden hedge.  Even if one gets married within Israel, the entire family loses Israeli citizenship if they marry a West Bank or Gaza native.  Locking out all ‘aliens’ is what Israel is all about.  They even examine the Jews, for crying out loud, to make certain, no shiskas come sneaking in.


Pentagon fears defeat by Hezbollah

The Pentagon is spending millions to learn from Israeli’s defeat in the 33-day war on Lebanon, amid fears the US army would be outpowered by Hezbollah in case of a conflict. 

The US Department of Defense has conducted interviews with those Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officers, who fought against Hezbollah in the summer of 2006, to learn from the failures of their campaign, The Washington Post reported Monday. 

The US military experts who studied the Israeli Army’s annihilation were surprised by the defeat Hezbollah inflicted upon the armored columns, using anti-tank guided missiles. 

Hezbollah forces are “extremely well trained, especially in the uses of anti-tank weapons and rockets,” the newspaper cited a Pentagon report conducted on the group’s military power. 

According to another study conducted by the Army’s Combat Studies Institute, “From 2000 to 2006 Hezbollah embraced a new doctrine, transforming itself from a predominantly guerrilla force into a quasi-conventional fighting force.” 

The 33-day war highlighted a rift among US military leaders, with some believing that the military should be restructured so that it would be better prepared for asymmetrical wars. 

Why did we spend ‘millions’ talking to the IDF?  And why is is to hideous that Hezbollah armed and trained itself?  Duh.  The need for a hyper-US/Israel military state while all other nations and all other ethnic groups must be disarmed, is pure insanity and won’t work.  We pay for both our bloated military and Israel’s military police state.  And this provokes attacks on the US.  So it doesn’t help us here at home, at all.  


The 33 day war was a war crime.  Israel should have been punished by the UN but the US vetoed this.  Then, we turn around and demand the UN sanction North Korea and Iran!  And of course, the UN won’t do this.  Our strategy stinks.  We know we can kill everyone who opposes us and we know the tool is, the nuclear bomb.  And guess what?  This is what Obama was pretending, we won’t do because he wants us to disarm…right.


Below is more about how the Jewish organizations which support Zionism and restrictions on immigration in Israel, want totally open borders here and wish to end all security on our own borders, for good:


Jewish Coalition Calls for Immigration Reform – News

“Undocumented immigration is a symptom of the broken immigration system,” Aronoff said. “Enforcement can’t possibly be the total package that government brings to solving the problem.”

In addition to their historic experiences as immigrants, U.S. Jews are reeling from last year’s raid on the Agriprocessors kosher meat plant in Postville, Iowa. Roughly 400 traumatized Hispanic families, unable to support themselves and confused by their legal options, have relied on the struggling town’s charity.

Oy, the cheap labor, gone!  The US Jews got cheap kosher meat and big profits via illegal immigrants competing with our native US citizens.  All over many industries, US working wages have been suppressed thanks to this flood of illegals.

The plant, which had produced more than half the kosher meat in America, has declared bankruptcy.

“It’s had a horrible ripple effect in the community,” said Vic Rosenthal, executive director of Jewish Community Action of St. Paul, Minn., which wants Obama to issue an executive order to suspend similar raids.

Like Madoff.  Another illegal scheme bites the dust!  Oy weh!

During the moratorium on raids, campaign members said, Congress should draft legislation that creates a clear path to citizenship, and should strengthen existing labor laws to require safe workplace conditions and ensure that all employees have access to health care and legal aid.

No explanation about why we have immigration laws in the first place.  Instead, the Jews using illegals want lawyers for them so they can stay so long as they are employed at cheap wages.  And of course, the taxpayers who are citizens, must take care of these families.

Progress by Pesach is endorsed by the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League and more than a dozen other national and regional organizations.

The ADL attacks any American patriot who complains about these things.  We are called racist, just for example.  By the biggest racists on earth!

“We are confident that with a new vision of America, and the partnering between the Jewish community and communities of faith across the country, we will see and we can see, certainly soon, new immigration legislation passed,” said Jane Ramsey, executive director of the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs in Chicago.

Below is an example of this Janus-faced political system the Zionists use like a sword to slice apart America:


ParaPundit: Israel To Crack Down On Illegal Immigrants

Israel To Crack Down On Illegal Immigrants

Aimed at preventing West Bank Palestinians from marrying Arab Israelis and getting residency in Israel a new law will make illegals leave Israel for at least a year before applying for residency.

Meanwhile another law has been taking shape in the Knesset, which is an undeclared revolution in Israel’s immigration policy. The concern is that the bill (Amendment 19 of the Entry to Israel Law, known in the vernacular as the shabakhim, or illegal aliens law) will turn into Israel’s de facto policy on who gets in and who does not.

The law determines that an illegal alien will be able to receive legal standing in Israel only after he or she leaves the country for a cooling-off period of one to five years. The law passed its first reading on the first day of the Knesset’s summer session. It enjoyed wide support, and it is hard to imagine what will prevent its passing in the winter session.

The main reason for the bill’s support is the rationale that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens living in Israel should not be given a prize. However, it cannot be ignored that the law is directed only against non-Jews. Jews cannot become illegal aliens in Israel.

I want a barrier on the US border with Mexico that is as formidable as the barrier Israel built on its border with the West Bank. I also want a law at least as tough as the one discussed above which will require illegals to leave the United States.

Yes, the Jews have one set of rules for themselves and another, for us.  This will cause huge problems in the future.  This is why I am an anti-Zionist: far from preventing future Hitlers, the Zionists are justifying, explaining, and promoting ethnic cleansing!  This is so wretched.


YouTube – Speaker Nancy Pelosi “Immigration Raids Un-American”


See how insidious it is?  The Zionists will form an alliance with other ethnic groups to ghettoize US politics.  And this will create a backlash here that always fallows in the wake of economic collapse.  Obama is on a very fine high wire, here.  He can’t endorse flooding the US with aliens during an economic downturn.


Radio Review – ‘Israel’s Barrier’ – NPR Reports on Two Sides of Israel’s Wall – NYTimes.com

NPR is billing “Israel’s Barrier” as its “most extensive single multimedia report to date.” …

The project, which is the work of the reporter Eric Westervelt and the photographer David Gilkey, is a series of vignettes of life along the wall. Frustrated workers wait at gates for hours; a Palestinian in Bethlehem, cut off from his job in Jerusalem, sits around the house watching Arabic soap operas. Israelis cite a 90 percent drop in suicide attacks; Palestinians point to the significant chunk of the West Bank that now lies on the Israeli side of the wall or has been confiscated for the barrier itself, a wide swath of fences, trenches, checkpoints and holding areas.

The package is everything you would expect from NPR: intelligent, informative and polished to a high, somewhat narcoticizing sheen.

Well, how dare they ‘narcoticize’ this hideous business?  I have no idea who Mike Hale is, but if he wants to see stories about the raw nastiness in this wall business, all he has to do is visit You Tube.  There are plenty of videos there, unedited and showing all the brutality, clearly.  Of course, the dain

But it also seems a curious choice, considering the resources and promotion the network is giving it. It’s not entirely untimely, with President Obama wrapping up his first official overseas trip. But with United States unemployment at more than 13 million and mass shootings nearing epidemic proportions, is the Israeli defense barrier really the subject that will draw America’s attention to NPR’s Web site? (Those who go there will find some nice photos but only a smidgen more of information; for the most part the online component recycles the radio report into words and pictures, and the video and photo presentations are surprisingly basic.)


Yes, why look at ethnic cleansing in Palestine when 13 million Americans are out of work and Congress seems bent on legalizing millions of illegal aliens so they can use public services?  Note also, the aggressive wall that shoots well over the West Bank’s boundaries is called ‘defensive’ even though it is extremely aggressive?  What if Mexico were to build a wall that takes in half of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas?  Wouldn’t we call this ‘aggression’?


Perhaps Obama can come home and talk about all this.






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BERLIN, NY 12022

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  1. think that there’s a lot of progress

  2. Maybe Obama can fix the FBI: the Ted Stevens prosecution has utterly collapsed – judge calls it worst in history.


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    The Two Documents Everyone Should Read to Better Understand the Crisis
    The FBI has been warning of an “epidemic” of mortgage fraud since September 2004. It also reports that lenders initiated 80% of these frauds.

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