It is now official: the US auto industry is dead.  GM is definitely filing for bankruptcy.  This is why Rick Wagoner  was unilaterally fired by President Obama.  The decline and fall of the US industry has many strands.  One is, a refusal to look forwards in time.  Another is the need to get around the unions via outsourcing and offshoring.  The ultimate goal in all auto manufacturing is to move towards part-time workers who have little pay and live in dormitories and leave after working only a dozen years or so, on the line.  

First, GM’s death: This will impact many things.  First, the sudden plunge in wages that are inevitable here will continue the collapse of rewards for working stiffs.  As they lose more and more in the game of ‘who gets the profits’, we will see the collapse of the US consumer.  That is, if the unions cease to exist and worker’s wages return to Victorian ratios of return on hours of labor compared to profits for the bond holders and bosses, we will get the same miseries of back then….including revolutionary desire for wrestling power from the money controllers.  Already, we see tiny hints of this.



as of April 13 2009
1 Month -37.50%
6 Month -73.89%
YTD -46.88%
1 Year -91.41%
3 Year -91.67%
5 Year -96.33%

Holding GM stocks meant total losses.  Of course, the retirement funds that did hold US manufacturing stocks, dumped all of them as time passed.  This is due to many forces. One of which is how much the US participated in ‘free trade’.  First, let’s look at GM’s graphs:


Below is the graph comparing GM to Toyota.  After 9/11, when we all swore to be patriotic Americans, the value of GM’s stocks compared to Japan’s Toyota fell, drastically and continually.  This is partially due to the rising price of oil.  When speculators drove up the price of oil commodities to an amazing peak of $140 to the barrel, the collection of gas-guzzling dinosaurs built by GM saw a catastrophic drop in sales.

These 17 or less mpg monster vehicles were once very profitable for GM.  But now, to move them means stripping the profits from the sales.  And so the stocks of GM fell like a rock.


Toyota sales also fell.  And fell faster than GM’s sales.  But since they started from a much, much higher point, they could take a steeper fall and still land on their feet due to being better capitalized.

GM readies for ‘fast’ bankruptcy

THE US Department of the Treasury is directing General Motors to lay the groundwork for a bankruptcy filing by June 1, despite GM’s contention it could still reorganise outside court.

Members of President Barack Obama’s vehicle industry taskforce spent last week in talks with GM officials and its advisers. The talks are expected to continue this week.

The goal is to prepare for a fast, surgical bankruptcy, sources said at the weekend.

GM, which has been given $US13.4 billion ($A18.5 billion) in federal aid, insists a quick restructuring is necessary so its image and sales are not damaged permanently.

The groundwork is aimed at ensuring a GM bankruptcy filing is ready should it be unable to reach a deal with bondholders to exchange about $US28 billion in debt into equity in GM and with the United Automobile Workers union.

So, this is the end of the long road.  As the last of the American industries go under, we can’t laugh and say, ‘We can buy foreign cars!’  This is because this is all the prelude for the days when we can’t buy much of anything.  This is already the regime in Japan!

Japan’s auto industry, which ran neck to neck with the US, became much better capitalized via the simple action of stripping workers of all value.  Namely, the government of Japan, which is controlled by the manufacturing elites, changed the laws drastically during ‘reforms’.   They allowed the major industrialists to hire workers at ‘temporaries’ and keep them off the official books and make them not only disposable, but cheap!

These semi-slaves got to live in dormitories and work long hours with little compensation. When sales went down, they were dumped with not even unemployment insurance!  NOTHING!  Nothing!  And this is our ‘competition’: ruthless and cruel and using virtual slaves!

Over one third of Japan’s workforce is not ‘part-time’.  Poverty is growing, rapidly there.  The sales of cars in Japan has been collapsing for the last 15 years.  and the collapse is worsening EVEN AS JAPAN’S AUTOMAKERS GROW FASTER AND FASTER.  All of this growth is export-driven.

Automotive industry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Japan is now the #1 automaker in the world.  The US is second and dropping, fast. China is charging in behind us and will supersede us in the next 5 years, easily.  


Toyota and GM have been neck to neck now, for the last year.  But thanks to US free trade delusions, Toyota has a huge US market share and GM has nothing in Japan.  This is true with everyone doing business with Japan: it is strictly one-way when it comes to anything Japan is making.    The collapse of the concept of ‘free trade’ can be laid directly at Japan’s feet.  Not the US nor even China.  China exploits free trade but it isn’t one-way with most of the world.

Government’s Incentives Aim to Keep Buyers in the Fold –

Normally, auto makers establish an accounting reserve for each new vehicle they sell to cover expected warranty costs. Under a new program outlined by the Treasury Department, a separate account would be created, funded both by manufacturers’ money and government cash, to cover warranties if GM or Chrysler can’t….

Mr. Obama said he supports a so-called “cash for clunkers” program whereby customers could receive money for replacing their old gas guzzler with a new, more efficient car.

Under various Senate and House proposals, the program would provide anywhere from $3,000 to $7,500 toward a better-mileage vehicle for shoppers trading in an eight-year old vehicle or a vehicle getting 18 miles a gallon or worse. Details are still being ironed out — a House bill, for instance, would forbid trade-ins for some fuel-efficient cars, such as Toyota Motor Corp.’s Prius hybrid.

Now, on top of being the capital for all our bank accounts, the capital for all insurance, the capital for all investment banking, the capital for all mortgages, the US government will now capitalize the GM warranties.  The government takes on more and more as if we are Japan.  Japan has an immense FOREX holdings.  We have one that is only $70 billion and most of that is in the form of non-foreign currency holdings.  

The US has to examine our competition.  If they are using cheap labor, killing off their own citizens while using them as disposable tools, wrecking Japan’s future by making it impossible for the people to form families and have children, then we MUST stop this madness and say no to free trade!  The price of free trade is much too high!





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  1. Simon

    On second thought, let the Japanese kill their own future, they deserve it.
    Automobiles industry serves a convenient function of being fully convertible to a tank industry during war time.

  2. the fool on the hill

    Retraction in the in the auto industry was a factor in the great depression as well.
    So, the auto industry dreamed up this scam to get around market saturation whereby we don’t just need cars for transportation, but for fashion. So now, you get a new car every couple of years.
    The whole idea of supply side economics is supposedly predicated in the idea that innovators will be rewarded for bringing added value goods and services to better meet the needs of the market and the market will in turn benefit from the greater efficiency of the added value. But why stop there, why not manufacture actual needs?
    But where is the added value of food that has no nutritional value, for example?
    We have religions to oppress us spiritually, schools to oppress us intellectually, banks to oppress us financially, and governments to oppress us politically. Throw in copious amounts of mindless entertainment and booze, gladiator battles and various bread and circuses and it all runs like clockwork.
    Until it doesn’t.

  3. Paul S

    GM, to a large extent created this mess itself for a number of reasons. One REALLY big reason for GM’s failure is the “treatment” many customers received from their dealer when they would bring their vehicles in for servicing. MANY accounts exist of just awful service from the dealers: overcharging on repairs, charging for “phantom” repairs, price gouging on the hourly rates…the list could go on. Personally, I have owned GM cars exclusively and can tell you this to be true: Buick dealers, Oldsmobile dealers, Chevy dealers, Plymouth (not GM, but same situation) dealers. American car companies–for YEARS–crapped all over their customers. And now they wonder why American autos have such a rotten image among consumers. To a large extent. American automakers DESERVE their negative image. For a major purchase, once the consumer is convinced that a manufacturer has a “flip” you! attitude, it’s very difficult to change that perception among potential consumers.

  4. Bear of Little Brain

    The banks are too big to fail but GM is too big to continue? Whatever the ins and outs of GM itself, the fact is that, through derivatives of various sorts, GM is probably now worth much, much, much more dead than alive – to some. But the cancers in the system are killing the hosts. Who will be next?
    What say you, Mr. Blankfein? Wanna shake hands with some real protesters and not just some walk-on side show (how much did they cost, Lloyd)? Be careful now, the next lot may not be on the payroll and may be carrying a nice, long rope and not just a nice, big banner… 👿
    I’m beginning to sense that this monster has just begun its feeding frenzy. Is it just me, or is this The Great Unravelling? Just silly ol’ me, I hope.

  5. the fool on the hill

    Common thugs and thieves will never amount to the same threat level as organized government.
    This is why we have “intelligence services”: to create threats whereby the need for military and police can be maintained.
    Organized crime and government are one and the same and always have been.
    Humanity will remain slaves until the “ruling elites” throw a war and no one shows up.

  6. if

    The Congress, at the behest of corporate lobbyists, wrote into legislation the rules that permitted companies to offshore jobs, reduce real wages, and permit risky financial practices. Therein lies the root cause of this crisis.

  7. the fool on the hill

    The ‘root cause’ is, once again, that ‘government’ and organized crime are actually synonymous.

    Any particular legislation one wishes to point to, for example, is merely a natural outgrowth of that sad and apparently elusive truth.

    As long as people agree to live like animals, we will continue to suffer and die like animals.

  8. Bubba

    Who will run the cities in the future?

    It’s not the Japanese.

    It’s not the US Government.

    It’s not the Chinese.

    It’s the street gangs.

  9. DrKrbyLuv

    GM was treated fairly, no bailouts should be in the cards. But – the die should be set – spin off AIG, Morgan and the other “too big” bastards and prosecute CEOs/board members/officers.

  10. I rented a GM car once, nice car ,zero miles, well made, except 3rd morning out it pretended to have a dead battery, some minor glitch killed the thing. I felt bad for the people who made it, lots of work had gone into it, but it was let down by a lack of quality control.

  11. emsnews

    Quality control in Japan is simple: the workers have to stay extra hours and do this for free.

  12. Bear, I think you’ve hit the name of the current financial meltdown on the head. We will regale our New Stone Age grandchildren with tales of advanced civilization, including the Oil Age, the Space Age and the Information Age. This, of course, assumes we avoid or survive WWIII.

  13. PLovering

    BOLB: “I’m beginning to sense that this monster has just begun its feeding frenzy. Is it just me, or is this The Great Unravelling? Just silly ol’ me, I hope.”
    Spot on, Bear.
    It boils down to people’s confidence in their government.
    In 48 BC, after Julius Caesar took back the power to issue money from the Lizard money changers, the Roman Empire prospered with a plentiful supply of money to build great public works.
    Then Caesar was assassinated, the Lizards took back control of money supply, and Emperor Commodus lost control to the army. Welcome to the dawn of serfs, slaves, and Dark Ages.
    The parallels of history here require no great imagination.
    Some say the unraveling starts in Texas. Others say New Mexico or Arizona.

  14. nah

    well it had to happen at some point… noone has been folowing any fundemental managment stratagy for a while… someone had to create a credit event or else banks wouldnt be able to loot the economy… and that means our finantial system wouldnt be complicated enuf to support the reserve standard of the world… heres to you GM, your blow hard plan was just good enuf for 20 years of cars/stupid debt… to bad you didnt get the banks behind you… they just let you walk the perimiter of free trade as a bank wanabe… well there ya’ go… and your blow hard stratagy to boot

    theres no glory doin’ stuff your not known for

  15. Simon

    A silver lining may come out of this
    without the suffocating lobby efforts by automobile industries, trains may make a comeback

    I know, I know, I almost had you there for a second : )

  16. openlyhidden

    most people are animals now. animals that can only stand and wait to be fed like confinement livestock. animals that now identify with and worship their bodies and believe they are their gibbering out of control minds….that was bad enough. but now most have accepted that “who they are” is say c### up the a## people….or what they eat….or what they drive….or what they wear..or the size of their wallet. this was done to us deliberately and our teachers deserve complete blame for the church of our holy feelings. total degeneration. the bankster revolution did not come out of nowhere it was made possible and probably inevitable by this degeneration. what a wonderful legacy for my generation. destroyed everything that made civilization possible and replaced it with masturbation of the mind. wonderful. the stupid poor “dixie south” did not do this the stupid patriotic working classes who did their duty or voted for regan did not do this whoever deliberately did this to us hopefully will pay somehow. by the way, how did the demonstrations go this last weekend? i haven’t heard a word about them?
    ELAINE: We had a vicious all day long storm with high, high winds in NYC. So nothing happened. Demonstrations depend very much on the weather.

  17. openlyhidden

    probably about now phil spector is just starting to make the facinating life-journey of discovering who and what he really is. and oj. does anyone else not think it is interesting that whatever they can take from us, we still are there? they do not get to define me as anything! and this is what suffering and loss is for. heh. enough of this. back to my candlesticks.

  18. CK

    Step away from the candles. How dare you have light when someone somewhere is in darkness.

  19. Gary

    The Ghost of the Tucker Motor Co must be enjoying the demise of General
    Mismanagement Motors. A company that had seat belts, padded dashboards,
    and disc brakes only about 20ys ahead of the Big 3 turds.
    drove my Chevy to the levee
    but the levee was dry

  20. openlyhidden

    hey CK. do you do technical analysis of futures and commodities by any chance. after all these years of personal self-discovery–because of every-fucking-body the left telling me i am just what they see and can use, the retail stores telling me i need their stuff to be somebody, the advertising telling me what i like now, the schools telling me i am smart or am not and grading my attitude, the usmc telling me i am a killing machine and “the other” deserves to die because they are nobody, the government waiting to harvest me with taxes, people i know telling me who i am— and who i am not— , i am done, and now i am ready to return to the markets. what is new to me is candlesticks, which really seems to make sense and point and figure to determine resistance. i.e. what more do i need to SEE what is?

  21. openlyhidden

    oh yeah CK…and now that my mind is supple and nimble and mindful and stays quiet with i want to concentrate so i can be aware and see what is now and accept that THE FUCKING WORLD JUST TURNED last night and i need to get out long corn right now and maybe go short soon instead. wouldn’t it be something to get yourself “just right” finally, only it is too late then because the body is ready to die now. hahahahhahahha! or worse yet you are now OLD with no way to make any money to have a bankroll now that you know what you are doing.. hahhahahaahahahha! or even worst than that, have everything ready to rock and roll, and your mind is slipping into the twilight zone now! ahahahhahahahahah!

  22. the fool on the hill

    It boils down to people’s confidence in their government.
    You’re right about that! Of course, the word “conman” means “confidence man”.
    It’s all about restoring confidence.
    But hey, the Germans were “prosperous” under Hitler.
    Hail Caesar!

  23. CK

    I do not do any analysis, neither technical nor fundamental nor mythological of either stocks or bonds or commodities.
    I buy tools, sell tools and antiques and junk, and in general do as little as necessary to stay happy. Plant a garden, grow some fruit trees, have some blueberry and raspberry bushes. We feed some birds and shoo some squirrels. Have not given half a shit about other folks nibshitty ways in years.
    What is is whatever you make it. Candlesticks make as good a whatis as anything else. As for going long corn or short corn, are you planting or buying?
    It is a disgruntling realization that when you finally think you have the answers, someone changes the questions and the writing implements and makes paper illegal. Our bodies, our minds and our environments all turn traitor on us; just another fact to be adjusted for. If they didn’t do this, then we older folks could not enjoy irony as much as we do.

  24. Just in – Land of Oz underground toll expressway financing scheme implodes.,44021.0.html
    Locals have referred it to a Ponzi Scheme and a “dead parrot” model after the famous Monty Python sketch. Said language got onto Wikipedia! (Link found in main post on thread.)

  25. openlyhidden

    that is true ck. hee. hee. this time is the time of irony i think….and unintended consequences. and now we truely understand the fable about the emperor who has no clothes. i wonder if all my high achieving friends and relatives appreciate the sweet irony of it all. this weekend at easter family dinner i truly had to bite my tongue to keep from pointing out all the irony to my militaristic republican relatives. hee. hee. irony indeed. one of the very best rewards for not dying too soon.

  26. leavingtheoffice


    I worked for Toyota in Canada and they did work us hard; but, I also made more money than I have since (and I have a master’s degree and a good gov job). If you are laid off in Canada you get about 55% of your wages for 6 months on EI, which is about 65% of net pay because you drop a few tax brackets. Toyota also rotates workers from one process to another every 2 hours to cut down on overuse injuries. The guys at the big 3 do the same thing all day every day and part of the inflexibility is “job ownership” as the union insists on (no I’m not anti-union). I’ve spent 8.5 regretting my decision to quit.

  27. leavingtheoffice

    8.5 years, that is…

  28. emsnews

    Leaving the office, the pay was good ONLY because Toyota was USING YOU. So Canada and America, especially the US, would let Toyota flood the markets with cars made in Japan. The profits from the Japanese cars were bigger than the cars you made in Canada.

  29. emsnews

    You see, if there were no Toyota factories in North America, we would find it very easy to put up tariffs to stop Toyota. Japan didn’t let in hardly any foreign cars so they had to be VERY clever and were. Note that you didn’t know this strategy.

  30. JSmith

    “To a large extent. American automakers DESERVE their negative image.”
    They certainly worked hard for it.
    “Quality control in Japan is simple: the workers have to stay extra hours and do this for free.”
    Or, unlike US auto workers, they do it right on the first go. Your US autoworker will generally nail it on the 3rd or 4th try…
    “You see, if there were no Toyota factories in North America, we would find it very easy to put up tariffs to stop Toyota.”
    In the 70s, Japan risked being tariffed out of the US market – if you want to sell ’em here, they were told, build ’em here. At first they didn’t want to – they said US workers couldn’t build quality product. But they came around eventually.

  31. emsnews

    And they end up as our bosses. Banzai!

  32. openlyhidden

    my dads job in world war two was a platoon commander of bazookas and flame throwers with the u.s. marines in teh pacific. they would go up to caves in the islands that had japanese soldiers in them and light them all up. i always wondered how that affected my dad. he is about 90 now and finally is getting to the reminiscing stage. i will ask him. it had to have affected him i would think but who knows. one island he landed on like 75 lieutenants jumped into the water to wade ashore and 3 got back out of there. i still never know what he is thinking. i wonder what he thinks about what is going on in america now.

  33. David

    Elaine said:
    “This [GM Failure] will impact many things. First, the sudden plunge in wages that are inevitable here will continue the collapse of rewards for working stiffs. As they lose more and more in the game of ‘who gets the profits’, we will see the collapse of the US consumer. That is, if the unions cease to exist and worker’s wages return to Victorian ratios of return on hours of labor compared to profits for the bond holders and bosses, we will get the same miseries of back then….including revolutionary desire for wrestling power from the money controllers.”
    I read this article this morning and it stayed with me all day long as my old social sciences mind turned it over.
    We are seeing a new normality being implemented in the US…and this will be the fact that living a sparse existence will be “normal” for most of us in the future unless changes are made, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.
    Lets look back at what we’ve learned in this blog over the past years about the groups involved in creating this present scenario national decline, including the differing ideologies involved and the people who implement their plans which is a feudalistic future for the US and other Western nations.
    First, citizens have been out and out lied to by Obama Co. Both he and Hillary promised immediate attention to national health care when running for office, but now that’s a no go…no help for elderly…going to dump massive inflation on millions of aging baby boomers which will help kill them off as quickly as possible while it rescues the gnomes and crooked financial establishment of the nation…will solve a major population problem since many aging boomers have only a few children to care for them and will necesarily become a massive drain on the public purse…which is now controlled by rich elites and lackeys who are cold blooded in the extreme.
    Now, young college trained professionals are being either courted by the establishment to join it or else they are being disenfranchised by it…that is their jobs and their future is being downgraded….and this very bright, fairly large class of people are being killed off also with poverty so their birthrate will decline drastically just like poor workers in Japan. This is what outsourcing jobs overseas and bringing in non-citizen, college educated workers on a huge scale does…and this is very deliberate.
    In 1995, I was enrolled in a cultural pluralism course taught by a top professor who had just retired from Columbia who often sat in on round table conferences with past presidents, and this professor gave us a handout that showed the future projected demographics of the US…declining minorities of Whites and Blacks and Asian minority, but a huge Hispanic majority in 2050…and this was before the southern borders were even fully opened. There was even a mention then of moving manufacturing to China, and that China would be an unstoppable economic powerhouse, but no further discussion about it..and a mention that aging US baby boomers would be non-productive and expensive to maintain, that keeping them busy would be a problem…a need to create activities for them to keep them busy.
    Now, this was just after the Brzezinski speech about 80% of workers no longer being needed because of high tech automation in manufacturing…and how they should be kept occupied with tittytainment.
    So, the elites from the CFR and its affiliates can be said to be behind a lot of what is presently going on. Michelle Obama is a member of this group so Obama Co.,including lying Hillary, a member of CFR, is loyally toeing the CFR ideological line to dupe and oppress the “little people” into non-existence.
    Now, one of the CFR pet projects that I can go along with is going green to control global warming, and limiting pollution. They could have easily done this over the years by limiting auto and truck emissions and industrial pollution, but nobody was interested in giving up their oil profits. Now, since oil production and availability is declining, it is my opinion that the CFR folks and other establishment elites are simply looking to kill off the unwanted with depression and hyperinflation of prices of necessites like food and oil.
    The US middle class and the American dream has always been a thorn in the sides of these elites who imagine themselves as God’s chosen rulers…so the middle class needs to be degraded and destroyed…and that is precisely what is going on…destroying Unions…using the entire media and talk radio to dupe Joe and Jane Sixpack into supporting fearful ideologies and rulers who are totally working against middle class interests…and actively working to destroy the middle class.
    Jr.ROTC programs were put into almost every US public high school, starting back about 1990, and beginning with war in the Balkans, the US has enlisted the best of the former working classes into the “volunteer” army and has been on a continual path of endless war making which, in effect, destroys future middle class wealth building abilities. These former middle class young people, both men and women, are not being taught money making skills,but are given basic and specialized military training that effectively makes them future unemployable drones who will live off of a meager military pension that will eventually be degraded with inflation in the future.
    And we should perhaps check into the suicide rates for stressed war veterans and also the deaths attributed to “unknown” causes. The death rate for war veterans is staggering…and many will never see those pension checks. I once worked with a VA doctor and his psychologist wife doing the writing for a training booklet on PTSD for psychiatrists. It was discovered during WWII that 240 days of sustained low level combat would drive the sanest soldier insane..the constant fear of death and causing death of others does it. But, the new war fighting programs instituted by Rumsfelt returned the soldier back into battle time after time, year after year until they are used up completely…and they have little choice…no good jobs waiting for them if they leave the military….so I predict we will see many deaths and much mental illness and disorder in society caused by these terribly overstressed war fighters…but this is the corporatist mentality….use them at their maximum efficiency until they are worn out and then discard them.
    At about the same time JROTC went into high schools, public schools were degraded into duped citizen training grounds. History courses were rewritten and major components of traditional curriculums were removed…like discussion of the Great Depression and courses in economics were discarded in favor of Bible or religion courses or do nothing vocational courses…I taught technology and I had nearly 100 students daily and one set of textbooks and very little money for projects, but still managed to teach a little in spite of the entire system being degraded…public education became a warehousing process for young people.

    The main people who are being given a chance to prosper a bit in the US are the less educated immigrant classes and poorly paid, educated high tech immigrant workers who are being used to degrade educated American middle class workers into unemployment lines and away from technical schools and colleges. Make no mistake, this attack on the American middle class is well-planned and is being relentlessly and ruthlessly carried out by the CFR and elitist inspired Obama Co. and its minions.
    This is, in many many ways, the depopulation and degradation of America and also of Japan. These elitist ideologues also worked hand in hand with the out and out crooks of Bush Co. except that they were the main MIC supporters and financial gnome supporters. Now, the gnomes are not stupid, but very clever. They know what is going on what is planned. Under Bush Co., they decided to skim and scam everything possible while they still had the chance.

    What does the future hold? If things continue (as planned) I think we will, as Elaine noted, move into a new dark ages for America….with most commoners living in a subclass of sustience level poverty. Whether this new lifestyle will be orderly or not is yet to be determined, but elites are planning for the serfs to be orderly or they would not be bringing US army troops home to suppress citizens in the event of disorder and they would not spend 100 billion on law enforcement either.
    Will this all continue? Will a Julius Ceaser arise and put the Lizards in their places? Or will we all just decline into being mud people…and our children a declining race of serfs who do the bidding of minority White elites who run things and keep we mud people under their thumbs?

  34. emsnews

    I heard them all talking about this when I was a child. The plan is to get a Garden of Eden with Eternal Life. If only they can become gods, you see. This is, of course, pure evil.

  35. Simon

    Working hard is not the only ingredient to become successful
    Japan now has to face the rest of Asia, which work just as hard if not more, and demand even less in form of amenities
    There certainly hasn’t been much love lost there. We can do it but you better not even try

  36. David

    Being born, as you were, at the University of Chicago during the McCarthy era and the development of the H bomb, and with your dad in diplomatic corps, I’m sure you heard this stuff well before the rest of us even guessed that our rulers were not ruling according to the US Constitution…and that they probably regarded The Constitution as a mere stage prop, much like the McDonalds Golden Arches, to lull the masses into compliance for their elitist plans. I can imagines such interesting conversations that took place during your youth that you overheard.
    While studying under my old professor from Columbia, I personally met Dr. Gogoli, who helped Ghandi plot throwing the British out of India. A friend of the old Columbia professor, Dr. Gogoli taught our class one night and he told me and another student, in a private conversation, that the US was at a critical juncture just like India, and that we would soon have many of the very same problems India has (he didn’t mention specific ones like poverty of the masses and unemployment and a lack of jobs), mainly due to increasing populations and diverse goals and ideologies emerging among the various elements of the diverse populations…and an elitist class that wants to control all wealth and future developments.
    The path my old professor and Dr. Gogoli had chosen was to educate and teach everyone about their diversity and that we should all get along and work together….or possibly, everything would go to hell in a hand basket….and they were quite correct as we see happening now as elite plans come to fruition.
    Been thinking some more about this scenario of degradation of most of the lower levels of US society. We social liberals and thinkers are perhaps both the victims and, in some cases, the enablers of this degrading of American life
    One of the posters recently commented that we did this to ourselves by degrading labor and the working classes…and this in my opinion is very true of many arrogant, small minded people, public educators especially.
    I worked in the technical trades and educated myself before teaching so I was appalled at the simplistic views and petite bourgeois elitism being taught by US public school academic teachers,many of them, just one tiny step up from the laboring classes themselves. They often derided manual labor jobs and taught children to despise those who did the work of society.
    Since I taught technology, I was required to teach them about running computers, which were new at the time…and in our workshops, they let their feelings about vocational teachers like myself being unable to teach them anything because of their supposed “obvious intellectual superiority”…and, I’m not kidding, many of them were as dumb as shit…and couldn’t even catch on to running simple spreadsheets or how they could use memes programs to help expand mind and thought processes when writing literature or poetry…. I found many to be rigid, simple little uncreative people. And they were the people teaching the same people who are now leading us in various stupid ideological directions…explains a lot about why the middle class is losing the battle with elites nowadays, and how ordinary folks get suckered at every turn.
    There are two major opposing forces that are tearing us apart.
    One is the elites who want to control US and world populations. Back in the 1970s, they tried to convince people to only replace themselves. I agreed with that and still do.
    Opposed to this was the US corporations and industrialists because less population growth means they have to pay higher wages for workers.
    So, when White and Black Americans complied and limited their population growth, US corporatists immediately opened the immigration floodgates which instantly degraded wages and living conditions for native born American workers and destroyed the US middle class. When this happened top elites were overjoyed and found themselves on top of the hill against those upstart middle class petite bourgeois proles and serfs…and when US corporations went global, US elites were in hog heaven…they could cooperate with the globalists to completely degrade the American worker and middle class into poverty….with no opposition…
    So, a monstrous propaganda Wurlitzer that still runs continuously was created by both globalist corporatists and old money elites to dupe and distract middle class proles with issues like abortion, gun control, religious revival and a dozen other distractions including internet porn and TV tittytainment.
    Now, the basic problem that US and world elites first faced still exists…too much population growth…and this is killing us all with pollution and overuse of natural resources,mainly oil.
    So, now the US middle class is on the verge of being destroyed and the US is being flooded with South American immigrant Catholics (who have double replacement number birthrates) who are creating a new US population explosion…and these are less educated folks than the old US middle class…they will be the new feudalistic serfs for elites…unless they limit population growth and educate themselves….Americans of European and African and Asian descent are hanging on precariously and must be very careful not to be pushed off.
    So, US elites and corporatists are now playing hardball with the masses…allowing them to slip into depression partly because 80 percent of them are no longer needed and partly because they want to kill them off with poverty and a lack of opportunity…and notice that Mexican and Canadian elites are allowing their jobs to be outsourced to Asia also, so this killing off process is being applied to them also.
    For want of a better term, it’s a massive housecleaning of the Western Hemisphere…and these elites have little fear of being overrun from abroad since the US presently still has the most powerful military in the world, and war making only helps accomplish their depopulation goals.
    However, the one factor I don’t think was very much in their minds was the economic destruction caused by global outsourcing and financial fraud and every gnome and “ally” on the planet attempting to steal all they can before the decline reaches them. This, no doubt, is reaching deeply into elite CFR wallets as it is also reaching into globalist wallets….so a failure of globalism might also be a tiny saving grace for the small remaining US middle class.
    Now, we are down to two problems.
    The Church itself has to abandon its tradition of opposing birth control and filling the earth with ever more humans who cannot be supported by earths resources.
    The other is providing for aging citizens of the US and the world if they begin limiting the numbers of children they have, and this will mean a great expansion of Social services which both Elites and globalist corporations truly hate. If the money is spent on socialism, and people can maintain themselves without having large families to care for them during old age, they can be convinced to voluntarily limit their birthrates….but this will take time and lots of convincing…and public trust is seriously lacking nowadays.
    So, I conclude that those who want to save the middle class should work to solve these problems and resist those who want to degrade everyone and keep all of the present wealth and resources for themselves….and which could bring about a new feudalism that will degrade much of humanity into serfdom.

  37. emsnews

    The fastest growing populations are Muslim and African. This is due to industrialization: it kills families in the long run. All industrialized countries have the same process: first, it causes a population explosion. But after 2 generations, this fades to slightly below replacement numbers. All of Europe and Japan have this very strongly. The US doesn’t have this only because we have open immigration, due to allowing illegals into the country.
    The industrial family always wishes to escape working in factories for obvious reasons. It is not nice, hard on the body and soul. But if they have many children, they can’t invest the time and money in them [it is a lot] to raise them properly and get all the extra stuff [summer camps, good daycare, etc] needed to raise them as upper class children and thus, prepare them for top universities or whatever.
    The really tragic part is, most working class families have their children grow up IN THE WRONG CULTURAL MATRIX and thus, doom them to failure. For example, not teaching the tots to eat sitting straight up, elbows off the table, selecting the correct foods, walking properly [a LEARNED skill], speaking properly, knowing how to behave in public, being POLITE, listening to enough classical music to feel at home with it, etc.
    By the way, to even SUGGEST this to people sends many into an absolute rage. They think that this is extra, not the core. But NO parent of upper class children think this way. Even if they start far, far below that class, they insist on raising their children this way or their kids drop right back out of the upper class. I have seen this happen.

  38. Simon

    Has anyone seen the mind-numbing tripe they call education these days, science and mathematics in particular
    The syllabus and SATs, are openly derided by any student of same age from Asia, Europe etc etc

  39. emsnews

    Classes in Asia and parts of Europe like Germany are BORING AS HELL and you are expected to memorize everything or else. I went to school overseas and didn’t go to any special American schools!
    Now, whenever I mention fixing our system by making operate more like overseas, people blow up. For example, only a very short summer vacation! And more homework. And much more writing on tests, I didn’t take ANY multiple choice questions overseas! It was unheard of.
    These suggestions enrage people. I also want keyboards to be used for writing. All students should learn speed typing.

  40. openlyhidden

    this was very good david. thank you. i do know you have forgotten something that somehow figures into their equation….how i can only imagine. but i absolutely know this.
    there is a private army composed of elite veterans from different nations but mainly american i suppose. i forget what they are called….maybe blackwater? maybe not blackwater, i don’t know. over easter it was discussed that the corporate soldiers basic salary is $200,000/year and why don’t the freighters being hijacked employ a couple of these fellows to defend their boats. (but we all know why not don’t we….i.e. liberal lawsuits would happen if they did their job well) …but from earlier conversations i gather that somehow this private army is the elites “trump” card somehow. this corporate armies stock rose tremendously when about 50 of them were hired to go into some african nation that was completely engulfed in civil war and the domestic african national armies could not defeat the rebels but the 50 corporate mercenary troops basically fight to win and win completely and they destroyed about 50,000 african rebels to settle that shit. i remember reading some liberal hand wringing about this but that was all. they win, of course, because they fight like my old friend ssgt.JV did who took it upon himself to go hunting VC on his own at night in viet nam….and he and a few others owned the night too in his sector. of course ssgt JV would have been tried as a war criminal by you people if he had been caught and if you dared but…. the point is somehow this corporate mercenary army can be counted on in the future. and i am pretty sure that good soldiers fucked over by the national guard they joined and regular armies are in sympathy with and recognize the superiority of these corporate mercenaries too. $200,000 average starting salary sounds pretty good to these guys. and they can do something very, very real, as compared to an old hippy educated in the fine arts. heh. from their point of view of course.
    meanwhile, our own domestic national armies are NOT allowed fight to win apparently except for the special forces and marines who are deemed “guilty” as war criminals back home if they do whatever it takes to win a war. this is how things are seen by conservatives and the really open minded citizens now folks. hummm? heh. that is, liberal interests guarantee american armies will not win, much like they did in viet nam. and i might add, much like they do their best to guaranted america will not develop energy sources within our own borders. and you won’t. and this is going to come back and bite you life long liberals in the ass before you die i expect too….unlike me, who can see both sides. heh. deliberately lose wars, poisoned the young with drugs, refuse to develop domestic sources of energy for some unfathomable reason, hate god, hate the common working man, hate white men in general, devoted to degeneration of all sorts especially the degeneration of the sacred bond of marriage…. well i could go on. the class of 1965 has a lot of splainin’ to do yet before that karma is burned off i expect. a lot.
    now i suppose you all hate me a lot now….and would like to kill me. heh. i personally am in sympathy with you all and hope you can somehow make your adjustments to somehow welcome the regan democrats and all the hated working class whites especially from the old confederate states back as your natural allies but i doubt that you can. i think the other side has won frankly, and david is absolutely right, the old lefties are going to be encouraged to die their miserable, treasonous deaths asap. god, i almost forgot what all you people are guilty of in my lifetime. in my humble opinion, what is happening goes back 100% on what you did and the people you hate and what they have done to america is the result of your destruction of everything that makes any civilization possible.
    this is what you have sowed, agree with it or not. and i am in sympathy with you basically….i am sorry for all of us. the end.

  41. emsnews

    The Nazis won lots of battles, too. So did the Japanese. And they used brutal methods, too.

  42. emsnews

    On top of this, the hunting of PEASANTS at night by heavily armed imperial soldiers is what butchery is all about. For example, the illegal guy in Vietnam who was an outsider from far away, would ‘hunt VIetcong’ at night’.
    I bet, he mostly murdered sleeping people. And to him, all Vietnamese were ‘Vietcong.’ Which is why his actions were war crimes. WE WERE NOT THERE TO ANNIHILATE THEM. We were there to SAVE them. This is a critical difference.
    We hung the Japanese and German officials and generals because they were out to ANNIHILATE and ENSLAVE. See? This is why we can’t nuke everyone we want to attack. This means, we are Nazis and Japanese warlords.

  43. openlyhidden

    heh. here is what you don’t get elaine. what is it that makes any civilization possible? know that and you will know why all this is happening. personally, i am impressed terribly by you and david and cc and all of you. it would be nothing less than tragic i think for “the american dream” to die in our lifetimes. especially when it didn’t have to happen. but i think maybe we had our chance at a true democracy and ruling ourselves and are blowing it. life will go on. hopefully, at least the gnomes will die with us, but i think we will be ruled again just like it always is by pharoahs and kings and emperors and tyrants and caesars and dictators….and life will go on until maybe we get another chance in 1000 more years. again, what is it that makes any civilization possible? what is it that pharohs and kings and tyrants and caesars and even joe stalin had that we are busilly throwing away with both hands now. if we don’t find it again, i think all will be lost and our chance at self-rule will be over. no offence meant of course truely.

  44. openlyhidden

    and coincidence or not, which it is an incredible coincidence. here are excerpts from the last two emais i just received from my friend, and old debating buddy in iowa city. i.e. the fellow who to our amazements we completely agree with each other now mostly.
    “….I read the article you sent me. All those things have a real possibility of coming true. The kind of issues the article was ranting about was why I was writing the stuff in my e-mails to you over the past years. I remember I was saying economic issues were the ones ruining this country and you said cultural issues were destroying this country….”
    and his last email today:
    “Every now and then I reread the e-mails I write. I have to apologize for the “I told you so moment” in my last e-mail. None of that means anything anymore and it is unproductive hashing up old issues. I had a better idea how to keep our Humpty-Dumpty economy from falling off the wall. I knew he was losing his balance. But, now Humpty-Dumpty is smashed on the ground. I have no clue how he is going to be put back together…or if he even can be put back together. Humpty is in a painful mess. My mission now is to keep my own household financially intact….”
    and now elaine, we maybe can cry and hug each other in 10 years as we watch what is happening. personally, i am pretty much amazed to discover how sane and likable you all are….and i hope you all are at least a little bit surprised how unnecessary it all was to demonize me and my kind all these years….but i think maybe it is too late. now back to what ken called “stoik” silence as i move on but will still be reading. love you.

  45. emsnews

    Did I ever call you a gnome, openlyhidden? 🙂

  46. openlyhidden

    did i even mention i bet you are a hottie inside and outside elaine. good bye. this is taking up too much of my time elaine. keep up the good work.

  47. David

    Openly Hidden:
    My only criticism of your thinking is your clinging to a belief that military power is everything….In the US, it is simply the tail that wags the dog and uses up vast amounts of resources that could be used more productively to get us out of debt so all Americans could live a modestly satisfactory life…as things go now, Elites are hoarding vast amounts of wealth, corporatists are spreading it around the world to support their lifestyles and holdings and gnomes are stealing it with both of their little pig hands as fast as they can,and the MIC is using vast amounts of it to kill brides and wedding parties in remote backwater nations around the world.
    And do you know what OH, none of the above folks are giving much of a tinker’s damn about ordinary working people in the western hemisphere.
    And this is not Liberals fault…sure they made mistakes by underestimating the importance of allying themselves with the working classes, but the aforementioned factions are at the heart of killing off the elderly with depression and spreading militarism around the world. So, OH, please give up your idea that the MIC is working in the interest of the common man. The MIC is working in its own interests…and so are the private mercenary armies that are allowed to flourish and sell themselves to the highest bidder nowadays. This is warlord fuedalism, and the private armies are similar to ancient ninji who sold their murderous services to wealthy warlords and warring factions. And there is nothing patriotic or honorable in all of this.
    OH, you try to be reasonable…so please just come over and join us and we might be able to show you that there is a better way…hate always breeds more hate…and love brings back love and good Karma. I know. I’ve tried it both ways….and love is far better.

  48. openlyhidden

    mic….military industrial complex? did you read what the gov. of texas had to say today david. and teh govs of south carolina and louisiana too? hyperbole i sincerely hope! all i am saying is i agree with all of you, but you all had better move fast…judging how things are going in the south already. both of your sides have way more in common with each other than with the gnomes….lots more….of course i haven’t read what the tea parties are all about, maybe they are parties fully in support of the gnomes, but i fucking doubt it! not unless GS and other illuminatti starts to sponser nascar. i agree with you completely,….all i am saying is somehow make your peace with the red neck killing machines david or the gnomes will use them against you all if worse comes to worse….politically at least, more extremely if they have to. isolate the gnomes, not yourselves! probably i am way off base here. i hope so. you all ought to be natural allies that is all…they are looking for someone to explain what is happening to them and they will be who makes the difference in any wet ass hour. wave the american flag at them a little instead of the red flag. you know these people david.

  49. emsnews

    The ‘red necks’ will lash out at various minorities: illegal immigrants, then the black community, then, on to where the loot is, the Jewish community. And once they are done eating up all that, will go raging about the planet, on a conquest for loot. This is what all despairing empires do when cornered.

  50. David

    OH and Elaine:
    We just keep posting on this don’t we? It’s so important.
    If you check this again OH, Elaine is right about the order in which “Rednecks” search out victims. It is a culture of having to have something to push against and hate at all times….if nothing is available, they search for a hate object or create one.
    Now, OH, I perhaps misunderstood your intent…and possibly you mine.
    I am not at all against having an adequate, up-to-date DEFENSE system….or any of the other systems that are common to a civilized government and nation. As Russia soon discovered after the fall of its empire, adequate defenses are very important or the world’s scavengers will descend on you en masse as a nation in times of difficulty and pick your national bones clean and white, and leave them drying in the sun.
    And the US MIC is needed also, but in a much more diverse and scaled down, adaptable form that works for and with the entire nation and not just for itself.
    My masters thesis was written on the philosophy and thinking of Gandhi, and I discovered that even Gandhi did not completely rule out the use of violence to end oppression when all other nonviolent means of resistance failed and people were still suffering unbearably under harsh oppression. In fact, he endorsed the use of violence to relieve suffering in such cases…and so do I.

    The US military, of which I was once an unwilling (drafted),but loyal member(honorable discharge), is probably in a quandary nowadays. Every basic training program for both officers and enlisted men teaches that the military is subordinate to the “elected” civilian government of the nation, including the commander in chief, the president.
    This is,for the most part, a good thing except when we have “bought out” corrupt civilian leaders (receivers of huge speech making fees in foreign nations as Elaine pointed out) who are not working in the bests interests of the nation itself.
    This puts loyal, patriotic (to the nation itself) military officers and men and women in an extremely difficult position….They must by law, obey these civilians who are working for who the hell knows who or what…
    We liberals often talk about fearing a military dictatorship, and everyone should fear this, if you ever live in a militarily occupied nation, you immdieatly realize that any infraction of arbitrary rules brings swift and deadly punishment from the occupiers.
    Military power is designed mostly for subduing or elimination of the enemy, not for ruling over nations…as has been proven by the mess in Iraq…in that place, the US did its military things (overruning and conquering the chosen enemy) superbly, but did the occupying and pacification part poorly…because that is not what an army is designed to do. Civilian stabalization of a conquered enemy is essential or all military gains are soon lost.
    But such a situation as we have in the US now also gives us an appreciation of what Julus Cesar faced, a corrupt civilian leadership that was destroying Rome…..and it reached a point where Cesar and the military felt they had to take over.
    So, in our system, the military itself is forced to become its own supporter and political lobbyist in the US govenment, having to compete with every other Tom, Dick and Harry who can dig up a bribe to get funding voted for their pet causes…and the military and its contractors have become very good at lobbying…and of course,they have extra resources that can be brought to bear also…one is moving essential component manufacturing to all states so all legislators will vote money for their districts.
    The military and its contractors are enormously successful at gaining funding…so they have to spend the money on equipment and personnel…and because of their success, the entire MIC has grown into the largest military in the world, all out of proportion in comparison to US real basic needs.
    I do not blame the military itself for sensless wars nearly as much as Wall Street and the Military contractors and the corporations that own these contractors. If you are an equipment producer, if people buy your products and never use them, soon you will not sell anything. So military hardware that is produced must be used so new equipment can be produced and sold…
    This means war..and fighting and death for US soldiers and foreign peoples who are unlucky enough to be living in the places chosen to have the war…like Vietnam, Iraq or Afganistan.
    A lot is out of kilter here…and it is the moneymakers who are at fault, and not necessarily the soldiers or officers who are doing the killing and dying.
    The military itself needs money and equipment and personnel to exist…and it is dependent on the contractors and Wall Street lobbyists for its money.
    So, I’m afraid that these people behind the lobbyists are ones who are presently choosing who and where we fight and who we choose as enemies….preferably ones where a lot of equipment can be used up, some natural resources gained, and most important, nations that are not armed well enough to defeat us. Vietnam shook the nation to bottom of its soul and nearly destroyed it and the military, but these old moneyed boys made billions out of that war….so too in Iraq and now in Afganistan.
    So, OH, I am very sympathetic toward the military itself…and the men, officers, and even the generals who have the courage to stand up against gross malfeasance like the group who resigend their commissions a while back. These people do give a lot to the nation…mainly their souls and peace of mind, ostesibly because of their love for the nation and its people. Like almost everything else in this nation, it is the money that is at the root of the evil forces that are about to ovecome us.
    I must commend the military and its command for cool, wise restraint in some critical things…especially restraining fringe elements who would ship nuclear weapons to allies intending to start WWIII…and this problem is slowly “disappearing” according to updates on the internet.
    I’m sure some generals and officer and men and women have the same views we old liberals have about the corruption within the establishment…they are not inhuman…and I pray that we do not have to have a Julus Cesar rescue us anytime soon.
    Brezenski talked about tittytainment to keep the unneeded working population busy. I think we need work-for-the-nationtainment to keep US military contractors busy….Our manufacturing base has been destroyed by the globalists except for US military contractors. If these powerhouses could be returned to domestic production, then the military itself could shrink to a reasonable level, people could be employed and we could export high quality products again
    And our military and other nations could have some relief from US warmaking and empire building….its a mindset matrix that has to be changed. The US is failing as an empire, but it could prosper as a nation if we returned to pre-1913 value systems before we chose to make continual industrial profits mainly from warmaking….and this is now destroying us.
    Yes, OH, We liberals, as much as we dislike war, need to better understand that we need reasonable defenses and that the people who are willing to defend us are human and give a lot for us. I still think killing is wrong except in defense situations, but those situations do occur and a nation must be well prepared to meet such threats.

  51. openlyhidden

    so i never have opened the literature i keep getting from when i donated money to ron paul two times. first time i ever donated money to any politician. and i never did read anything about tea parties. so you tell me is this the beginnings of a new political party? is this where the voters get a chance to say no to the spiritual destruction of a nation? is this where revolution meets the road? i don’t know. i haven’t read much about it but here is what keeps showing up in my mailbox. somehow ron paul is part of this and it seems to be wanting to audit the federal reserve bank.
    April 14, 2009

    Dear Friend of Liberty,

    Once again, Americans are turning to the calendars and dreading the coming of April 15th. This year, the federal government will reach into our pockets to pay for their unnecessary corporate bailouts, the so-called stimulus, and an escalation of unconstitutional wars overseas. But even with all this dangerous recklessness, we can have hope in knowing that each day our coalition of freedom-loving individuals grows by leaps and bounds.

    In “honor” of April 15th, allow me to share with you excerpts from an article on taxes written by Ron Paul. It’s called The Case Against the Income Tax.

    Could America exist without an income tax? The idea seems radical, yet in truth America did just fine without a federal income tax for the first 126 years of its history. Prior to 1913, the government operated with revenues raised through tariffs, excise taxes, and property taxes, without ever touching a worker’s paycheck….

    The harmful effects of the income tax are obvious. First and foremost, it has enabled government to expand far beyond its proper constitutional limits, regulating virtually every aspect of our lives. It has given government a claim on our lives and work, destroying our privacy in the process. It takes billions of dollars out of the legitimate private economy, with most Americans giving more than a third of everything they make to the federal government. This economic drain destroys jobs and penalizes productive behavior. The ridiculous complexity of the tax laws makes compliance a nightmare for both individuals and businesses….

    Is it impossible to end the income tax? I don’t believe so. In fact, I believe a serious groundswell movement of disaffected taxpayers is growing in this country. Millions of Americans are fed up with the current tax system, and they will bring pressure on Congress….

    And this pressure is building! Thousands of tea parties and protests will take place tomorrow in opposition to the dangerous policies being pursued by the federal government. If you are attending any of these activities, I encourage you to distribute our educational and action-oriented handouts to fellow citizens also disaffected with the current economic situation. Additionally, be sure to read some very helpful advice for effective grassroots activity at these events from our very own Adam de Angeli here.

    It is critical to make those attending the tea parties aware of the culprit behind our country’s economic woes – the Federal Reserve. While the elimination of the income tax is a noble and necessary goal, we must understand that our efforts will be in vain if we do not deal with the silent, destructive tax of monetary inflation. Dr. Paul’s bill, HR 1207, requires a legitimate audit of the Federal Reserve System. Please sign our petition here to urge your congressman to co-sponsor the Federal Reserve Transparency Act.

    Rest assured, with your continued efforts, we are building a coordinated grassroots-oriented network that is becoming more and more effective in standing up for freedom, individual liberty, and the Constitution as envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Together, we will accomplish the goal of making April 15th just another day on the calendar.

    For Liberty,

    John Tate

    President, Campaign for Liberty

    P.S. If you’re attending an event tomorrow, don’t forget to take along some Audit the Fed slimjims, petitions, fliers, and fact sheets to spread the word about HR 1207!

  52. openlyhidden

    so what is this do you suppose? are these the “right wing extremists” whatz-her-name was going on about? is this where ron pauls ideas finally get a legitimate hearing? is this the real alternative to economically destroying our children and grandchildren with taxes to support the gnomes? is it? heh. and my point about the military is where will their loyalities be in a the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it situation? these people are real. it seems the old liberals will refuse to consider anything new or practical to what is being done????? is this the real black swan thingy that will just appear to change everything? i.e. end the fed? not saying it is, but here are a whole new group of people calling for the at least investigation of the federal reserve….this idea is going to take off with the younger generation i bet and the entire point of my question about the military is where will their loyalities be? if nobody cares much about the nation…which is something spiritual more than anything else, well then???

  53. openlyhidden

    this is the lefts achilles heel….they do not believe in the “spiritual” because they detest organized formalized ritualized religions and the stupid idea of god invented maybe well meaningly generations ago so the masses could worship something along with the king. so it is impossible for most of you to consider “spiritual” as being anything but a superstition. but what is it that the feeling the dollar is sound money is except “spiritual”? what is it that made ordinary russians die by the millions for mother russia but “spiritual”. and what is it that has been lost to our nation but something “spiritual”? mark my words, the idea of my country tis of thee sweet land of liberty is not going to go away easily david . especially down in your neck of the woods. i think something will morph between the good ideas of elaines and these friends of liberty. there is something that resonates here that may pull this country apart at the seams if politicans insist on letting the coup of the gnomes continue? i will now be silent about this subject but this is new to me and i think important.

  54. openlyhidden

    last word about red neck military veteran “extremists” by janet napolitano whoever she is with the administration.
    “Republicans on Wednesday said a Homeland Security Department intelligence assessment unfairly characterizes military veterans as right-wing extremists….”
    this is it. this is spiritual stupidity so incredibly stupid its suicide. my guess is moderation and intelligence and compromise ends here…good luck to you

  55. emsnews

    The far right wing has always been much more violent than the left wing. The left wing fights the cops but the right wing fights the professors, religious and ethnic minorities and so on. Much more dangerous than the left. The left becomes more dangerous when in power since they go after people for ideological reasons which means, everybody is under fire.
    BUT THEN, THIS IS HOW ALL RELIGIONS GROW, TOO! The take over a government and then persecute everyone who doesn’t follow the exact same belief scams! Religion is far from a cure, it is a very dangerous force.

  56. openlyhidden

    i must be too old to understand what is liberal and what is conservative anymore. i thought george bush was a radical. and i think obama must be a conservative the way he is supporting the gnomes and the status quo. my brains must be melting down. are tea bag parties conservative or extremist? how long before they are terrorists? and how can dennis kuchinich seem sensible and traditional to me….and ron paul too. and apparently the “system” of both major political parties regards them both as radical….because kuchincich and paul are sensible and traditional???its too much for me to comprehend anymore. god i got to quit this.

  57. emsnews

    HAHAHA. 🙂 You are right. Wait! You are left! Tear yourself in two! That will resolve things. What has really happened is, all verities are collapsing just like the status quo.

  58. Gary

    There is no “right” wing and “left” wing in Americka anymore, Openly.
    We only have authoritarian thugs and their media boot polishers in both
    The “tea parties” are frauds if you look at the history of the real Boston
    Tea party. The “tea parties” we have now are “orchestrated” events by goons
    from CNBC and FOX and corporate “think” tanks. (Dip tanks)

  59. emsnews

    And the biggest demonstration had fewer than 500 people. When we had half a million march against a war, this seldom made the news.

  60. CK

    Do you believe that a person should not be interfered with if they are not harming another person? If so you are a classical liberal, which is close to being a Ron Paul conservative.
    Do you believe that throwing out the old bath water is a bad idea? Then you are a modern liberal which is very close to an classical conservative.
    Do you believe that the State is supreme, that family, faith, energy, children exist to guarantee that the current state reigns supreme? Then you are a teabagger, which is close to the classical Roman Empire beliefs.
    Do you believe that corporations must be subordinated to the political state? Then you are a modern liberal which is very close to a congressional republican which is very close to a 20’s fascist?
    Do you believe that labels get in the way of getting things done. Then you are an old reprobate with no place in modern society.
    The USA has ONE political party with two wings. Imagine a very hungry vulture soaring and circling in the sky. Sometimes it circles left, sometimes it circles right but always it is on the lookout for something defenseless to consume.
    I worked for Ron Paul this past campaign, voted for him in the PA primary, voted for him for president, did the same back in the late 80’s when he ran. That the teabaggers are selectively quoting some of his writing now does not change the fact that they all worked very hard to make sure he was not on the ballot last fall. The devil quotes scripture too.

  61. emsnews

    FOX TV went after Ron Paul hammer and tongs.

  62. CK

    Once upon a time, a cynic wrote, Follow the money.
    Which is english for the old latin “Cui Bono?”.
    And also english for the not so old russian “Who Whom?”
    Examine how much money Mr Obama recieved from Gollum Sucks during his very short stay in the US Senate. Compare that to the next highest recipient of G-S largesse ( Sen Schumer of NY ). In politics one dances with the highest payer until someone else enters a higher bid.
    The old definition of an honest politician was one who stayed bought.
    So the USA has fantasy money paying stooges to keep the fantasy money game going. And the payment is in fantasy money laundered through PACs and corp giving. Understand that the Obama people made huge amounts of money through internet giving. Thousands and thousands of folks giving chump change adds up to real money; what it doesn’t add up to is real voice. Your $25.00 does not command any hearing, G-S giving millions gets them a few dozen positions in the administration.
    In another thread, about the push for governmental control of internet content, a salient fact is missing. The hoi polloi gave both money and votes to Obama and received no voice. The interenet is wonderful not only at massing monies from small folks but also at creating voice. There is no way that any government can allow an unregulated voice to speak. Voices must be filtered through the appropriate gate keepers. And by definition you are not an appropriate Gate Keeper. Neither is Elaine. Certainly I am not.
    One voice speaking down to many is the only approved way because it is easier to control the one voice. Whether that voice is a Murrow or a Hannity, a Cronkite or a O’reilly, a Turkel or a Bierce as long as it is one voice the control is easy to apply. It is said that the interent routes around blockages. The only reason it does so is that the internet was designed for military control under the expectation that much of the system would be inoperative after a nuke war. There was no nuke war, but the interent still is based on that underlying assumption. The internet was never meant to be used by the hoi polloi. That it is used by us does not make any government happy. Too many voices shouting too many different things is cacophony and cacophony is fine, it becomes just white noise. The scary part is that out of the cacophony has arisen uncontrolled voices speaking to indoctrinated audiences and reducing the effectiveness of the indoctrination. That is not an allowable outcome. There are folks on this very blog who question the rightness of getting a college degree…heresy. Folks who question medicine…you are messing with the biggest current machine when you question american medicine and american pharmacological poisonings. Folks who question the war. War is the health of the state. Questioning war is the same as wishing for a sick state. Was Ron Paul marginalized because he was against the FED? Not really, he was marginalized because he is a non interventionist. He questioned the necessity for 700+ military bases in other nations. He was marginalized because he doesn’t think war is the best use for resources or citizens. He was marginalized because his campaign was the first to really be able to use the internet to gain traction, to achieve huge amounts of money from small donors. It is funny, ironic funny, that he is now the go to guy for many of the media that traduced him just 6 months ago.
    Faux was not the only government agency that went after Dr. Paul. ABC, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN all of them worked in concert to make certain that his voice was not heard. Faux was, as is their role, the most egregious by a hair.

  63. Pingback: Campaign for Liberty- Ultimate Astroturfers! « I’m a Knoyd, and you should be, too!

  64. emsnews

    Yes, the media openly and obviously went after the ‘bad’ candidates, Kucinich and Ron Paul or worse, ignored them totally. Yes, they want to control the internet. Worse, the media is being slain by the internet! So they are working with Congress to pass laws that will kill us all on the internet and return things to the Old Days.

    I have been on the internet since the days when only the military and NASA used it. Got to it via my father’s connections with NASA. From the very, very beginning, the NASA scientists talked politics and gossiped on the free connections and we posted stories in the news!

    Way back when the NYT, CNN, WP, etc ran comment sections that were places where we could start a thread and then talk on whatever we wanted, en mass, we rapidly learned that there was a lot of suspicion about the news and further, people went straight to the forums for news rather than going to the main pages.

    So they killed all the forums! And then eliminated the files which were full of good research and analysis. Pooh on them.

  65. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

  66. luc

    Yes, the media openly and obviously went after the ‘bad’ candidates, Kucinich and Ron Paul or worse, ignored them totally.
    They have some things in common in the Policy Dept, like being Anti War.

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