We are now going to get a lesson in harsh reality: all economic systems depend on a well-educated, well-fed and happy workforce.  Unhappy workers revolt.  Or commit suicide.  Or do other damaging things.  All states since the founding of Ur have struggled with this fact.  The employment situation across the globe has been worsening.  People can’t pay debts if they are unemployed.  People who never get decent jobs don’t build families.  40% of the children born in the US in 2007 are out of wedlock.  In Japan, children are simply not being birthed by a considerable part of the population.

Longer Unemployment for Those 45 and Older –

Unemployed workers ages 45 and over form a disproportionate share of the hard-luck recession category, the long-term unemployed — those who have been out of work for six months or longer, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

On average, laid-off workers in this age group were out of work 22.2 weeks in 2008, compared with 16.2 weeks for younger workers.

Even when they are finally able to land jobs, they typically experience a much steeper drop in earnings than their younger counterparts. 

This is the very definition of a deflationary spiral: people lose jobs, they find it harder to find new jobs and then, the pay is worse and worse.  This sort of death spiral is particularly bad, when the working populace is very deep in debt.  As I keep noting, it isn’t the interest rates that matter all that much.  It is the overhead principal in money owed that matters.


Of course, if one is paying only interest on principal, this leads to paying quadruple or more for purchases.  For example, a house costs much more than its sales price and this amount grows with the length of the loan, not just the interest rate.  So if people have 40 year mortgages rather than 20 year mortgages, they pay a much greater interest rate overhead compared to the purchase price of the house!  


When these people lose their jobs and see their income stream collapse, they have to give it all up.  It is impossible to service many loans that have longer and longer shelf lives.  Credit card loans are forever.  Usually, these are buried deep inside of the mortgage deals.  That is, people refinance their houses and move previous purchases that have little or no resale value, onto their houses which is the main asset.  So a trip to Vegas that costs $2,000 is transformed into a $40 a month interest payments for 4 years becomes a $1940 in interest costs on top of still owing the full $2000.  Then the $2000 is folded into a 40 year debt!  After 40 years, it ends up costing around $12,000 or more, depending on interest rate charges on the home refinancing.  


Multiply this by over 100 million people and we get a financial catastrophe.  But we know it is much, much worse.  Whole fields of study and opportunities for work have been ruthlessly shut off by the outsourcing of high-level jobs.  Over and over again, I hear talk about ‘retraining’ workers.  Only, the problem isn’t one of lack of job skills.  It is a problem of competition undermining local labor.  That is, only people who live in distant lands with a lower cost of living, are hired to work as engineers, software designers, etc.  


In Silicon Valley, Recruiting Clashes With Immigration Limits –

The question comes from one of dozens of engineers around a crowded conference table at Google. They have gathered to discuss how to build easy-to-use maps that could turn hundreds of millions of mobile phones into digital Sherpas — guiding travelers to businesses, restaurants and landmarks.

“His plane gets in at 9:30,” the group’s manager responds.

Google is based here in Silicon Valley. But Sanjay G. Mavinkurve, one of the key engineers on this project, is not.

Mr. Mavinkurve, a 28-year-old Indian immigrant who helped lay the foundation for Facebook while a student at Harvard, instead works out of a Google sales office in Toronto, a lone engineer among marketers.

He has a visa to work in the United States, but his wife, Samvita Padukone, also born in India, does not. So he moved to Canada….Immigrants like Mr. Mavinkurve are the lifeblood of Google and Silicon Valley, where half the engineers were born overseas, up from 10 percent in 1970. Google and other big companies say the Chinese, Indian, Russian and other immigrant technologists have transformed the industry, creating wealth and jobs….

What this NYT article wants us to believe is, if we don’t import all our major workers who are ‘innovators’ we will die. This is utterly infuriating.  America has always let in immigrants but not out of the kindness of our hearts.  This was done to drop wages and increase the number of workers in the new industrial state.  

Foreigners come here to learn but they don’t get jobs here unless they accede to lower wages than if they are natives.  So, Mr. Mavinkurve would have had zero job offers if he didn’t also have no citizenship.  Employers like people who are not citizens because they have significant savings as well as the ability to fire or control the non-citizen worker.

Mr. Barrett blames a slouching education system that cannot be easily fixed, but he says a stopgap measure would be to let companies hire more foreign engineers.

I used to teach machine shop at RPI.  About 2/3rds of the students were American born citizens.  All loved the shop and working with physical stuff.  Then, I moved over to the computer chip fabrication lab.  Only one student was American.  All the rest were not.  Why was that?

Simple!  If you got a job in that field, you had to leave America!  The factories were no longer here.  This change was swift: just 5 years earlier, the lab had many Americans who then worked for IBM which was headquartered in the Hudson Valley.  Just last year, most IMB engineers and designers were terrified about impending layoffs.  They are now unemployed.  

“With a snap of the fingers, you can say, ‘I’m going to make it such that those smart kids — and as many of them as want to — can stay in the United States.’ They’re here today, they’re graduating today — and they’re going home today.”

One of our students worked for IBM.  He ended up going to China all the time.  Then, he left because it was too annoying.  We can’t have ‘innovation’ here while all the factories are over there.  This just does not work at all.

He is opposed by staunch foes of liberalized immigration and by advocates for American-born engineers.

“There are probably two billion people in the world who would like to live in California and work, but not everyone in the world can live here,” said Kim Berry, an engineer who operates a nonprofit advocacy group for American-born technologists. “There are plenty of Americans to do these jobs.”

Ruthlessly, step by step, US technological staff are being cornered, clipped and defanged.  They never had a major union that could lobby to stop the mad ‘free trade/open borders’ game.  Instead, they were politically fractured and many thought, if they danced with the financial wolves, they would be ruling elites, too, and not mere workers.  This led to their destruction.  They were and still are, mere cogs in a machine.  Humble workers. And the sooner they figure this out, the quicker they will also figure out how to protect themselves.

The debate has only sharpened as the country’s economic downturn has deepened. Advocates for American-born workers are criticizing companies that lay off employees even as they retain engineers living here on visas. But the technology industry counters that innovations from highly skilled workers are central to American long-term growth.

The gnomes love to talk about innovation.  But what they really mean is, scheming.  They are too dense to realize, they are slitting their own throats. After all, why work for some US gnome who is a jerk when the Chinese or the Indians can work for themselves and also be our bosses?  Duh!  This is obvious.  This is why we must rationally deal with this.  If we continue to shove US workers off the cliff, the US will follow suit.


Layoffs Deepen Pool of Applicants for Jobs Driving Big Rigs –

Con-way Inc. used to spend $500,000 a month on advertisements seeking drivers for its fleet of 2,950 long-haul trucks. Now, the company spends less than half that amount. For years, a shortage of drivers was the single biggest problem for the trucking industry. Con-way, J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. and other companies spent millions of dollars annually trying to attract applicants for a notoriously unappealing job that involves spending weeks on the road, sleeping in cramped cabs and showering at dirty truck stops. Annual driver turnover has routinely approached or exceeded 100%….

Instead of spending $500,000 a month on clean facilities and better care of the workforce, the main trucking industries worked long and hard to try to pass NAFTA laws that would allow them to flood the US with foreign truck drivers working at a quarter of US pay. Then, they would claim, US workers have no interest in truck driving!

Swift Transportation Co. Vice President David Berry said his company has a waiting list of qualified drivers for the first time in his memory. “We’re enjoying our newfound popularity,” he said. The sudden plethora of applicants is one of the few silver linings for an industry that has suffered amid huge drops in freight volumes in recent months.

Depressions are not all pain.  The surviving employers get to pick and choose the best workers, provide the worst working conditions, drop the pay, eliminate holidays and rest times and in general, get to treat people very miserably, and quite profitably.

In 2008, more than 3,600 trucking companies went out of business, according to Donald Broughton, an industry analyst with Avondale Partners, an investment-banking firm. The result was that 137,650 trucks — roughly 7% of the industry’s capacity — vanished from U.S. roadways, he said. Thanks to the jump in applicants and drop in capacity, the turnover rate for the nation’s large long-haul carriers has dropped to roughly 65%, according to Bob Costello, chief economist for the American Trucking Associations. By comparison, the turnover rate in 2005 was 130%, he said. The rate has dropped in part because fewer jobs means less “churning” — drivers hopping from one company to another.

A huge number of older Teamsters fell for the Culture Wars ideology and their fear of gays, fear of women, fear of minorities and fear of hippies caused them to vote, en-mass, for people who hate US labor and who wanted to crush unions and weaken protections.  And so here we are, years later, living in a nation that is quickly sliding down the pay scale, and the bosses are rubbing their hands with glee.  


Warmongering also was a nifty tool for driving people into doing things that destroy them.  The blue collar workers embraced this faux patriotism with all their hearts and souls even as the bosses flew in foreigners to be the new bosses and drove out all citizens from the hierarchy of the corporations.  Now, we look around and marvel.  What happened?  In the US South, the super-flag wavers couldn’t wait to kill Detroit  and work for Yokohama.  They imagined their Japanese bosses would love them and protect them.


But look at Japan!  This worker’s paradise is also now a worker’s hell!  And it is our FUTURE.  The Japanese plan to do to us, what they are doing to their own working class!


‘Lehman Shock’ Fuels New Wave of Homeless in Osaka (Update1) –

Within two months of losing his job packing shelves at a cold-storage company in Osaka, Toshiyuki Miki says, he was homeless. “Lehman Shock” turned his life upside down, he says.

Lacking the 60,000 yen ($600) a month he needs to pay rent, Miki, 40, sleeps in cardboard boxes under the elevated Hanshin expressway in Umeda, Osaka’s central business district. It’s his home as the global recession triggered by the implosion of Wall Street banks batters Japan. About 460,000 people have lost their jobs since the Sept. 15 collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., according to government data….

Welcome to the new Third World.  Japan is the world’s #2 economy and the condition of at least one third of the workforce has declined to the lowest levels of industrial societies.  They live no better than the most destitute people in Darfur.

Yosano didn’t specify what help would be given to the lower-paid temporary or part-time workers. They accounted for 34.5 percent of Japan’s 55.3 million employed in September 2008 compared with 24 percent in 1999, official data show….

The sons of once-defeated Japanese warlords run modern Japan.  It is no shock-u to see that they are reducing the peasants back to the hideous levels of pre-Mejii poverty.  This is their world plan.  They are NOT going to make things super-nice for us, we matter even less than their own subjects!  We are aliens, after all!

Japan’s jobless rate will soar to a record of 5.7 percent by the end of March 2010 after reaching a three-year high of 4.4 percent in February, according to a Bloomberg survey of 11 economists. That’s the highest since 1953 when records began. Companies from Toyota Motor Corp. to Sony Corp. are firing thousands of workers and reducing output as Japan’s exports plunged a record 49.4 percent in February….

Job security is dying in the US, too.  Unions are collapsing, not growing.  

In 2004, then-Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi extended labor laws, allowing carmakers and other manufacturers to use more lower-paid temporary workers and for longer periods. That helped employers cut production costs because they could hire and fire to meet demand.

The US South loves these sort of labor laws.  The use of ‘temporary’ workers doing the same jobs as ‘regular’ workers leads to workplace disunion and the lucky workers then cling to the bosses even as up to half of the staff are treated like scum.  We have been instituting this exact same system here!  The union workers either retire early, are bought out or will fade away, fast. 

“The labor laws switched the burden for supporting Japan’s workforce from the companies to the government,” said Wataru Kishi, in charge of welfare assistance at Osaka’s city government. “The issue is whether the government can provide the support or the entire system will collapse.”

Like here, the government won’t protect the workers.  When things get bad, the government reduces support.  The only thing that prevents our government from totally dumping us into the gutter is simple fear.  In Japan, the populace has fallen into a suicidal stupor.  They have basically given up all hope for any future at all.


Another aspect is how they are dropping their males into the pit.  The females live together: mother, daughter and grandmother.  This is because they share domestic chores and are sympathetic with each other.  The males refused to change to the new system and wanted one where they had no domestic responsibilities.  So basically, the women have kicked them all out.  And they still can’t figure this out.  It is all very sad, indeed.



Below is an ad from a Camden, New Jersey newspaper during the Great Depression:


Camden ad from February, 1938:


The Camden County Committee of Labor’s Non-Partisan League of New Jersey will be reorganized today at 11. a.m. at a meeting of delegates from C.I.O., A.F. of L., and Workers Alliance Units at 504 Broadway.

Sponsored by the provisional state executive committee of the league, elected at the last convention to work for establishment of a labor party in New Jersey, the meeting here is one of a series throughout the state. Leo Perlis, state organizer, will attend.

Officers and committees will be elected and the question of establishing a city committee for Camden will be discussed.

Arrangements are in charge of William C. Pommerer, first state vice president, and Nicholas Marinella and Joseph G. Mitton, executive board members.

This is what Japan’s Miti fears!  This is what our own rulers are terrified, we might do: organize.  Time and again, when workers threaten to form real labor parties, the elites try to buy them off.  This includes, even allowing workers to see improvements in pay and working conditions.  But after Reagan, thanks to the idiotic culture wars, this was totally unnecessary.  And so the condition of workers has been totally wrecked and is getting worse and worse not better.


By the way, to show how prices can fall, fast, here are some shoe ads from the same paper:


NJ shoe ad from 1927:

Similar ad in same newspaper, 1936: 

Low prices are meaningless if wages fall.  And even more meaningless when there are no wages at all, just beggars.  If the world’s #2 economy, one that is led by men who are now taking over huge hunks of US industry, if they like a 35% part time workforce that has no homes, no hope,  no children and no savings, this is what WE will get, too.  Time to wake up from dreams of future innovation and get to work, fixing what shouldn’t have broken in the first place.







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36 responses to “IT’S THE JOBS, STUPID

  1. Ven

    I read your blog quite regularly. You really have to do at least a little bit of research before you comment on immigration.
    “Foreigners come here to learn but they don’t get jobs here unless they accede to lower wages than if they are natives. So, Mr. Mavinkurve would have had zero job offers if he didn’t also have no citizenship. Employers like people who are not citizens because they have significant savings as well as the ability to fire or control the non-citizen worker.”

    Statements like above just show your ignorance and arrogance to put it mildly.
    I will let you know about one thing which will ensure that immigrants do not have to work for less. Stream line the Green card process. Do you think any knowledge worker would like to work for less after becoming an citizen?
    Do you know what an L1 visa is?? Let me tell you, it a legal way to get american jobs to Indians and Chinese who work right here and get paid one third of what any H1B get paid…and they do not even pay taxes…
    And regarding your statement above which I quoted, I am really shocked that you are saying that…you are just exhibiting as much intelligence as the Banking gnomes….Do you even know the number of immigrant founded companies who employ thousands of Americans?

    Please do think a little before painting all immigrants with the same brush or all immigration policies with the same brush.

    You and your family are immigrants too…Did your father get a Job only because he accepted an lesser pay than an American???

  2. David

    This article inspired me….It pissed me off!
    “As I keep noting, it isn’t the interest rates that matter all that much. It is the overhead principal in money owed that matters.”
    Elaine, you are so right. During my time of servitude in the US Army overseas, I saved nearly all of my meager pay…nothing but booze and prostitutes to spend money on anyway and I wasn’t interested in either….so I saved my overseas pay. When I returned, this was enough to pay 20% down and I got a 6% loan for 20 years and built a modest brick house. At first, making the payments seemed like going to hell each month, but after the Vietnam War ended, the good old US government decided to pay for the war with inflation…that is they printed lots of money and tripled the price of everything(so the cost of war debt would be relatively less). Then, for a short while, things got really tough for me, but in those days, we had lots of US industry and full-time jobs. US industry had to compete for young workers so wages and salaries began rising…and my house payments soon declined proportionally in relation to the higher wages I received…and wife and I eventually paid off the modest home.
    Those were saner times when the US had lots of manufacturing industry and a service economy and a budding technology sector with limited immigration and limited imports…and everyone was prospering some…even manufacturers and middle class Americans, even if the government had nearly destroyed itself with war debt and by inciting public rebellion.
    Ah, but the investment bankers and investment capitalists and corporate industrialists have always truly despised the workers…and see them as mere units of subhuman flesh to bought cheaply, used up and discarded….G..damn the arrogant bastards! They imagine that they can hire workers ever more cheaply, but as Elaine pointed out, this is a self-defeating proposition….poor wages equals poor markets, and no jobs equals no markets for the products they produce with ultra cheap labor….so markets continually decline until industries fail and jobless citizens rebel and have to be brought under control with ever more expensive and increasing law enforcement costs.
    The US South sucks as far as jobs and worker stupidity are concerned…and folks here have been under the thumb so long that they often actually believe the non-union line that unions destroy jobs. They don’t understand that union workers pay more taxes that translates into more services like education, roads, more jobs, etc…especially if there is some socialism to spread the money around.
    I know. I’ve lived here my entire life…and you have to love the climate and open air woodlands and fields if you stay here…and it helps to also like cheap booze (which I never acquired a taste for)…nor fundamentalist religions either. I guess the thing I like best about the South is you can pretty well do as you please as long as you keep your business to yourself and don’t get your neighbors riled up…nobody gives much of a damn as long as you leave them alone…and being poor is acceptable also…don’t have to keep up with the Joneses either.
    Now, the Japanese have starved their workers to death for elite profits and US corporations are doing the same here and importing South American and other immigrants to to degrade workers and worker pay. As Elaine quoted the US budget and Nah noted, the US is spending 100 billion a year on law enforcement because of fears of worker uprisings and citizens fighting and robbing each other over the crumbs that are left after the robber baron bankers and corporatists have stolen most of the wealth. This is a GD f…ed up mess….and the stupid Japanese want to come here and enslave US workers, especially in the South…gimme a fucking break! If I were a Japanese with any sense, I would stay the hell out of this powder keg that could eventually explode or worse, stagnate into complete worthlessness….and what is left to gain here? US markets are declining because of poor wages and no wages. If I were a Japanese leader, I would put my workers back to work producing some domestic products and spend some of money on my own people before Japan is completely destroyed.
    I don’t have much hope for US leaders right now. Obama co. is just an extension of Bush co. His consensus leadership theories are completely full of shit. He just tried to polish up the turd he inherited, but it still stinks to high heaven. We don’t need consensus leadership, we need leadership with some intelligence, and I’ve not seen any yet.
    The Chinese have kept themselves on a relatively even keel and they are solvent….and they will be dominating Asian markets. So those Japanese and American globalists who went running to China and Indonesia for slave labor and markets, will find themselves shouldered out of Asian markets that they intended to dominate.

    At the heart of US economic problems….declining jobs and and the quality of those that are left. Yes Elaine….This is the heart of the matter…and a time will come when those industrialists and will reap the ill will they sow as they destroy their workers livelihoods…
    I just don’t think this mess can hold together forever…going to eventually implode…with many serious difficulties.

  3. David

    I have no argument with immigrants…we all want to go where things look like they might be a little better, especially if things are terrible where we live. And Yes, most North Americans came from immigrant forefathers…and immigrants,especially in those past times when US citizens had more freedom than today, created lots of innovations and systems that then entire world presently relies on.
    All of the positives still do not cancel out the fact that when you bring in folks who will work for 1/3 to 1/2 of the standard wage for certain jobs, you create a situation where all workers wages can be degraded, even the higher wages of native born Americans. It’s a historical fact that when wages rose in the US, government suppresses them with immigration…
    Again, no complaint against immigrants as people since all except Native Americans are the sons and daughters of immigrants.

  4. Simon


  5. emsnews

    Once upon a time, we produced more computer graduates on earth. Now, it is near zero. Not because no one wants this! My son, just for one example, would have gone into programming, but didn’t because there were no jobs for AMERICANS. Seriously, from top to bottom, the Americans either cut themselves out or agreed to cooperate with people from other countries who then funneled all of their own students into the field our children used to go into.
    This is NOT ACCIDENTAL. My son, just for example, was very pissed off when the older students graduated and GOT NO JOB OFFERS. He had to change his major. He is NOT ALONE. This is not something I am making up. It has heavily impacted on my family and on many friends who were once involved in computer tech work.

  6. emsnews

    Even foreigners who come here legally and get citizenship and then have their own Chinese-culture children go into computer work, they get FIRED and the jobs are shipped to India and China! And they lose work here. This, again, is very heavily impacting my own family. I am not making this up. It is INFURIATING, watching jobs go overseas and in the interim, aliens are brought here, trained by the last Americans in the computer field and then MOVE MORE JOBS TO THEIR HOME COUNTRIES. See? It is easy to see where this is moving.

  7. Angela

    Ah, Elaine, I have such mixed thoughts about this.
    I’m 3rd generation in an immigrant, off-the-boat Italian American family. Some of my family is still living east of L’Aquilia on the Adriatic coast- and back there everyone is is solidly Italian and has married Italians from nearby.
    Here, the course of life of three generations has melted ours into a large family of many nationalities as each subsequent family intermarried. (Meanwhile, the birthrate in Italian villages is said to be very low.)
    So I guess I’m wondering if we even afford these distinctions about who is an actual foreign worker anymore? If a voting majority of Americans are wanting to close the borders/ doors because the USA Train is full, then we should have a really clear policy of saying so and see that it gets legislated very quickly.
    Why it scares me is because I’ve read that the eugenicists and neo-Darwinists would like to have the face of the entire planet reflect the preferred progeny of the Great and very literally White Brotherhood. Mud people need not apply, according to the Plan, which I’ve read in great detail on websites of the supremicists and neo-nazi’s, as well as some transhumanists.
    Meanwhile, factory jobs are all being exported and engineering jobs are imported and underemployed brown people around the world are “taking jobs” away from the children of the original settlers of America.
    I know that isn’t what you said at all, Elaine, but its loosely what lots of people people are hearing- its what Rush Limbaugh tells his vast followwing of sycophants. The working class, in his mind, translates to anyone whose roots in this country go back at least 50 years. My family barely sneaks in, although that doesn’t keep some of them from his fanclub. Lots of my friends wouldn’t even be counted.
    It is such a malovelent plan to get the people of the earth hating each other by having them in direct competition for their jobs. Still, I know some very smart young American people who are inadvertantly riding out the financial crisis working for NGO’s and corporations for super low salaries but living the regal lifestyle in Southern Asia right now.

    To me the issue is more about how to get a more equitably employed and paid workforce than whether or not an immigrant is taking a job or services from a “real” American. There is still such disparity in fair labor across the globe, yet our entitlement under capitalism to ignore the slave labor practices in other countries keeps us in autistic denial- maybe we need to look at and figure out the systems and practices that keep us locked into the traditional economy and come up with new ways of doing business and making money. This is being done with transition towns. The success of the “senior citizen communitY” leads me to believe that cooperation is a latent skill that people under a burdgeoning dictatorship are eager to try and that necessity is the mother of invention.

    The disparity is what gets me down.
    One American born acquaintance of mine is getting a fully paid teaching sabbatical to go paint in the French countryside with her husband and baby. Yet another has no health insurance and can barely afford the medicine that keeps his liver functioning, his business has dwindled and he’s three months behind on his mortgage.

  8. payAttention

    “They are too dense to realize, they are slitting their own throats.”

    Let’s not cast aspersions about density. While you are entirely convinced of your own genius, it may behoove you to look at the genius of those who have a ten year timeline. By then, most will have made partner or at least junior partner and converted their capital into something that is tangible. Unless you predict an implosion before ten years, Cassi?

    “The result was that 137,650 trucks — roughly 7% of the industry’s capacity — vanished from U.S. roadways, he said. ”

    Good, we need railroads. Some drive big pickups, others want nothing more than to see these over caffeinated and overloaded monsters off our highways.

    “A huge number of older Teamsters fell for the Culture Wars ideology and their fear of gays, fear of women, fear of minorities and fear of hippies caused them to vote, en-mass, for people who hate US labor and who wanted to crush unions and weaken protections.”

    No you baited these people when you could have shown respect and set your own trap. Your generation alienated the previous as no other has ever done. ‘Don’t trust anyone over thirty’ was the motto. We all get old, they never told you.

    ‘But look at Japan! This worker’s paradise is also now a worker’s hell!’

    Correct. Those people worked like drones to provide you cheap cars and cheap radios. Now they are thrown aside like some jetsam. Worse, many of the homeless in the former industrial south west are now over sixty. When you went to Sears and bought the cheapest transistor instead of supporting your neighbors work, you were in on it.

  9. bubba

    Where I live (Chicago areas) there’s a ton of indian h1bs here working in tech.

    They are the happiest motherfuckers around, there’s like 12 of them per car on the metra train. It’s no wonder they are happy, they are making tons of money compared to their currency value.

    They all sit together laughing and smiling, and talking, while the other americans on the train don’t say a peep, and are buried in their stupid books and newspapers, and other bullshit they use to distract themselves.

    My wife works at an Ob/Gyn where the main doctor is an Indian, and she see’s tons of these Indians pumping out babies on welfare. Thats the sickening part of it all. This H1B bullshit is just a subsidy for the corporations and the taxpayer pays for in when Pradeep pumps out a bunch of kids on the taxpayers dime, even though he has an IT job, and then he brings his mama and papa indian here in flowing indian robes, and they go to the doctor on the welfare dime as well.

  10. Paul S

    US corporations really DO prefer foreign born workers. Why? Foreign born workers are cheaper, complain less and often get homesick. This last factor gives the US corporations a ready made labor force to insert into their operations overseas. This makes getting rid of US jobs easier. Gotta keep the investors happy. Of course, US management is NEVER to blame. Note how long GM stuck with Rick Waggoner. And: note what a failure that NAFTA is. Al Gore lied and lied and lied some more about the benefits NAFTA would provide. I can recall Gore debating NAFTA with H Ross Perot. Gore said there had been 22–out of 23– studies showing NAFTA would be a HUGE net benefit to the US AND Mexico. The problem is that the Republicans and Democrats are just two factions of the SAME party. Hillary Clinton sits on the Board of Directors of WalMart. Are we supposed to believe she gives a rat’s tail about US jobs? At least Limbaugh and Hannity are straight up corporate welfare whores–to those who can see through their shtick about the “Free” Markets.

  11. Simon

    Whatever happened to taxation without representation? Just curious

  12. David

    “I’ve read that the eugenicists and neo-Darwinists would like to have the face of the entire planet reflect the preferred progeny of the Great and very literally White Brotherhood. Mud people need not apply, according to the Plan, which I’ve read in great detail on websites of the supremacists and neo-Nazis, as well as some trans humanists.”
    Angela, I’ve read some of the same stuff at various times, and there is something to it, especially those eugenicists like the Bush clan who believe that they are of the old money elites who are better bred than the rest of humanity….but hell, even their breeding shows them for what they really are. Bushy Jr. has outdone even his forefather Pres. Franklin Pierce as the worst president of all time…and Pierce was a really crooked nutcase.
    The neo-Nazis should be happy since we have moved close to fascism or corporatism which is the same political system that Hitler and the Axis powers once had, but I’ll bet they are not because many of them are from the lower classes and the elites use them just like the rest of us.
    Wayne Madsen, in his Expose’ of the Christian Mafia talks about the “Christian” Neo-fascist religious compound in Arlington that spreads fascist ideology in the Washington political establishment being very near the American Nazi headquarters, but for all purposes, the two entities are an embarrassment to each other. One is ideological and the other is for political influence and control…and they are not associated.
    Angela, as one of the posters wrote before, I think many of the ideologies that compete with each other nowadays are simply devices used by elites to keep the masses going at each others throats so the moneyed elites themselves can walk away with wealth and dominate the rest of us.
    Sure the elites have their narcissistic, semi-psychopathic, supremacist ideologies, but money and is at the root of their actions. They want us proles and serfs around in the numbers they need to do their wealth creation and servant work, but will not hesitate to kill us off, or more likely, incite us to kill each other off with wars or by other means if we begin to take too much control and power away from them.
    In my opinion, this is why a lot of what is happening right now is being allowed to happen…to destroy and degrade the American middle class because it was getting too strong and was bleeding power and wealth and worse, control away from elites…and they cannot stand that.
    The upstart, middle class American way of life was becoming the world standard, and that was a terrible thing for elites the world over so, no doubt, a lot of cooperation went into degrading the livelihoods of US citizens and citizens from other developed nations also.
    This is America, and when you want to get to the bottom of things, just look for who is eventually profiting most from it… corporations and their second tier lackeys.
    To the wealth and power controllers, we are mere sheep to be herded around and sheared and sometimes slaughtered as they see fit.
    Ah, but all of this gives our controllers something to do and a basis for imagining that they are actually needed as shepherds and that their lives actually have meaning and importance.
    Whether that is true or not is debatable.

  13. The big story EMS and some commenters here are missing is that the times have changed and the class composition of the USA in particular has changed. There have been two changes, one political demographics, and one in fundamentals.

    Once upon a time the USA working class had “progressive” interests and voted themselves a nice package (which excluded minorities); these were largely the descendants of irish/italian immigrants, who eventually became a large part of the trade union and democratic leadership.

    However the USA working class of irish/italian descent have become older and richer, and as they approach or have entered retirement they see their interests as being those of rentiers: higher asset prices, lower wages and benefits for those who follow them.

    The 35% of desperate temps? That is wonderful if you are a 50-60 year old retiree or near retirement. All those temps, all those immigrants, make for cheap, readily available labour to cut the grass, to clean the house, to sell cheap chinese stuff in cheap big box stores.

    EMS has indeed mentioned in other posts that the economy is being reshaped in the interests of coupon clippers — but should remember that a large portion of the older segments of the population are coupon clippers too, with fixed pension incomes, with significant asset ownership.

    These are the Rush Limbaug/Newt Gingrich/Grover Norquist fans. They donate to campaigns, they vote often.

    Realistically, the coming to power of the mass-rentier class means an epochal change for the USA — away from production and towards coupon clipping.

    The other fundamental change is that the USA has not been exporting oil for decades. Oil did fuel a very large increase in labor productivity, by making energy-powered labor aids (from combine harvesters to elevators) rather cheap. After the First Great Depression in 1930 the USA still had lots of cheap oil; no longer.
    ELAINE; You are correct. Do note, I mentioned rather strongly, how the former working class ended up voting for vapid things and thought, ‘I got mine, to hell with others.’

  14. criticalcontrarian

    On a more positive note here is something very encouraging and all-American, something that if “allowed” to prosper by the arrogant American elite, could go a very long way to plug the rabbit hole their stupidity created in the first place.

    There May Be an Answer to Detroit’s Problems, watch @

    If you find that interesting then check out the homepage @
    $4 per 300 miles, amazing! I want one. Just imagine all the peripheral apps. Zero emissions. Hooked up to a solar grid and you have… Bye-bye terrorizers! And their friends, Bush, Cheney, Israel and company. That may sound simplistic, but then it really is that simple. They just convolute that whole thing and make it look complicated. There is no way to steal when its simple. Think about it people. 😉

  15. criticalcontrarian

    Off topic, here is an interesting article with a decidedly conspiratorial twist: Johann Hari: You are being lied to about pirates @
    “In 1991, the government of Somalia collapsed. Its nine million people have been teetering on starvation ever since – and the ugliest forces in the Western world have seen this as a great opportunity to steal the country’s food supply and dump our nuclear waste in their seas.”
    Knowing that the UK exports millions of tons of chicken, cow and pig dung from huge animal farms to poor African countries, so as to keep this toxic sludge from contaminating their water table, it becomes easy to believe what is being said in this article about dumping nuclear waste.

    Bono is going to have to work overtime on this one…

  16. David

    Off topic, but we’ve talked about a need for this…maybe somebody listened. Nahhhh!

  17. CK

    Purchase price $109,000 ( before options)
    Miles life = 100,000
    Cost/mile to own $1.09 ( before options)
    Lithium for the batteries: largest deposit is in Bolivia where the US just loves the current leader, current producing deposits Chile and Argentina. Coming on line ( oh hold your breath for this one )
    China in Tibet. US deposits and production, neglibible mostly from salt brines in Nevada.
    CC I hate to break it to you but simple or complex there is always a way to steal.
    Oh and on the Tesla website they mention in passing that the car’s performance will degrade to about 70% of its showroom specs by 50K miles.
    Notice also the HUGE trunk for carrying anything larger than a golf bag; do not expect this to be the car you use for the weekly shopping trip for the family.
    But it is a sexy looking thing and red too, I can imagine an old codger like myself driving around, roof off, with some hot honey riding shotgun. And me an old, bald, evil substantial ( or fat if you prefer honesty ), boomer gnome.
    I smell an OLEC real soon, ( organization of lithium exporting countries).
    I have noticed that Hummers have come way down in price. Soon the cost to own one will be under $0.40 cents/mile.

  18. emsnews

    The days when most of us have private chariots to scream around the landscape will be a faded dream some day.

  19. G


    Allow me to both second and expand on your comments regarding the US tech industry.

    For the past 25 years I have made my living in software programming. This field is now dominated in the US by foreign workers. Survival for American programmers is now a function of possessing domain-specific knowledge that foreign workers do not or cannot possess; i.e. knowledge of American culture and business as it applies to writing software code.

    In a few years the children of the first wave of these foreign workers will assume leadership roles in the US tech industry (some already have). They do not suffer from the same lack of cultural knowledge as their parents. And they will have no reason to refrain from hiring only foreign workers. With each passing decade, our culture becomes more conformed to theirs and the entry barriers fall. In the end, the prevailing culture will be the same one that now dominates in the slums of India; “dog-eat-dog” and “some people are meant to be servants”.

    For those who fear the effect of the current recession here is a glimpse of the future and a warning: When this psuedo Immigrant\American culture gains the upper hand and pulls the levers of technical power, your current condition will be remembered as the good times. Poverty, hunger, and homelessness will not be the most humiliating condition imaginable; life under these hybrid darwinian capitalists will be much more base than any nightmare that you possess imagination to conjure.

  20. «For the past 25 years I have made my living in software programming. This field is now dominated in the US by foreign workers. Survival for American programmers is now a function of possessing domain-specific knowledge that foreign workers do not or cannot possess; i.e. knowledge of American culture and business as it applies to writing software code.
    In a few years the children of the first wave of these foreign workers will assume leadership roles in the US tech industry (some already have). They do not suffer from the same lack of cultural knowledge as their parents.

    Here you make two big mistakes:

    * “assume leadership roles in the US tech industry”: what makes you think there will still be a significant US tech industry? If the consumer electronics and PC industries have moved offshore, why ever would the sw industry and the remaining bits of the tech industry stay in the US? You somehow imagine that young hindu-americans will become the CEOs of IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, but what if these get replaced by Tata, Huawei, Redflag, Wipro, as as RCA was replaced by Sony and US Steel by Mittal?

    * The children of those hindu immigrants will be hindu-americans, that is 100% americans. For good and bad.

    «With each passing decade, our culture becomes more conformed to theirs and the entry barriers fall. In the end, the prevailing culture will be the same one that now dominates in the slums of India; “dog-eat-dog” and “some people are meant to be servants”.»

    This is another big mistake — that culture is 100% American culture. Perhaps more of the Dixie variant, but Dixie culture has taken over the whole of the country. The Southern Strategy and all that. Real Americans have always known that in Real America winners win and losers lose, and some people are means to be losers.
    ELAINE: The desire to have slaves is always there. When Westerners move to slave-type states like Dubai, they immediately get a bunch of servants from foreign lands and then treat them as slaves.

  21. criticalcontrarian

    CK: I was looking at the S model: With a range up to 300 miles and 45-minute QuickCharge, the Model S can carry five adults and two children. Rear seats fold flat, and the hatch gives way to a roomy opening, so you can stow a mountain bike, 50-inch flat-screen TV, full drum set or futon frame – more than ample for the entire family and their gear; plus an additional trunk under the hood. Model S costs about $4 to fully charge – a bargain even when gasoline is $1 per gallon. That’s where the $4/300 miles comes in. Plus it’s $49,900 base, inclusive of the $7,500 tax credit which makes it around $0.50/mile cost to own divided over up to 7 persons is very efficient. If you factor in the other state incentives, sales tax waivers and rebates this will be much less.

    As for the lithium batteries there is new tech that will charge lithium batteries in 5-10 minutes. About Bolivia, they need the forex, not to mention the battery production can be set up in Bolivia, or China, Chile or Argentina, as a sweetener. Capitalism works better when its equitable and symbiotic, so in any system for that matter.

    You are right about complex or easy, stealing is stealing irregardless, but it makes it easier to spot when every monkey and his uncle can understand and spot it before getting scammed. I am always on the look out and hopeful for renewable and alternative tech.

  22. criticalcontrarian

    Blissex: you certainly make sense, but, consider the possibility of the techs getting together… Microsoft and Apple are excellent examples of this in action. Problem was they (Gates, Jobs) allowed themselves to be assimilated into the system when they could have used their huge wealth to augment and improve. Profit was their only real motivation, and this is where they lost their edge.

    Actually, America has become a real hybrid culture. It was only pure before Columbus to start with, so what’s the big deal? Erasing a century of Dixie culture? It was transient to begin with, and any culture that is overlapped by another is weak by nature, is assimilated and improved by the stronger culture. History will support this. Even as a genus, homo sapiens are evolving, it is all part of the play we call Creation. This is why tradition is one of the greater evils, it’s static, unnatural and causes violent change. You either adapt or delay through violence what you cannot stop, and that is change; it is relentless.

  23. CK

    I was looking at the homepage model on their website. ( Which will truly be a babemagnet gnomemobile ).
    About the lithium, it isn’t the time to charge the battery that will be a concern, it is the rarity of lithium itself. Supply and demand will operate, demand will raise the price, improvements in refining will lower the price, governmental manipulation will raise the price, demand from other battery consuming devices will raise the price.
    Lithium is not renewable but it is alternative.

  24. Gary

    I have a friend that ,at times, almost accepts my arguements about
    the causes of our economic problems. But then he hits the Bouncing
    Betty trip wire of race and poverty and immediately switches over to
    blaming minorities and “welfare” people for everything. As things devolve
    this anti-minority anger will be used by the upper class to divert attention
    away from themselves much like the upper class of Germans focused the middle and lower class rage on the Jews instead of their own stupidity.
    Most Americans that dont want Universal Care, dont want it because some
    “welfare case” will get the same care they do. The days of Massa and his
    plantation are still too close to us yet historically, I fear
    ELAINE: Throughout history, they also set the masses on a hunt to savage the Jews! I talk about this all the time but few seem to want to understand this. The REAL rules always fling the Jews to the raving mobs when pitchfork bearing folk appear at the castle gates. The next round will be just like the previous 2,000 rounds of this game.
    We can’t talk about anything, it seems, without ancient forces being roused! If I point out to the Jewish community, the dangers of the present course, they call me ‘anti-semitic’ and if I do talk, people who hate Jews in general, all think, I support hideous campaigns against the entire Jewish people.
    This is just one example as to how incapable we are of rationally talking about history. When we talk about the Civil War, for example, there are many people who seriously believe, it had nothing to do with slavery.
    Slavery is a danger to the slave owner. It makes the slave owner lazy, weary and inhuman. Slave owners are not the engine of culture and intellect. They are the destroyers of both, in the long run. Just for example. I feel the ruling class should shed their powers because it is destroying them all. They are even losing the pretense of being ‘culturally superior.’

  25. «But then he hits the Bouncing Betty trip wire of race and poverty and immediately switches over to blaming minorities and “welfare” people for everything. As things devolve this anti-minority anger will be used by the upper class to divert attention away from themselves»

    That is indeed the story! Look, every Real American *knows* that most of his tax dollars and then some go for funding the luxury lifestyles of minorities and welfare scroungers:

    * The CRA has given them free loans to buy mansions.
    * Affirmative actions has given their children free and guaranteed university places.
    * Welfare gives them free Cadillacs.
    * Food stamps give them free t-bone steaks.

    All this while the government forces predatory lending loans on USA banks to limits the pay of already overexploited, underpaid bankers to such a low level that they cannot afford to send their children to a decent private school.

  26. nah

    A huge number of older Teamsters fell for the Culture Wars ideology and their fear of gays, fear of women, fear of minorities and fear of hippies caused them to vote, en-mass, for people who hate US labor and who wanted to crush unions and weaken protections. And so here we are, years later, living in a nation that is quickly sliding down the pay scale, and the bosses are rubbing their hands with glee.
    probably true hehe… the people that need unions the most… thats funny… fear of gays… owell still takes leadership to not fag on people who depend on you, gay support or otherwise…
    so lets get the gays, women, hippies and minorities to stand up against systemic theft via ‘wealth distribution’

    for less than the cost of a cup of coffee you too

  27. nah

    im all for support networks… but ‘social programs’ not so much… its just liar funding from the top on down

  28. the fool on the hill

    I don’t know about this round being just like the previous 2000.
    We must always bear in the mind the “nuclear weapons factor”.
    I feel the ruling class should shed their powers because it is destroying them all. They are even losing the pretense of being ‘culturally superior.’
    Tolstoy and some other Russians figured this out 100 years ago.
    Of course then we had the Great Cataclysm.
    Of course, I know I’m just a fool, because I’ve been told so so many times.
    But then again, most people tend to see themselves as the measure of perfection so I guess I can take it with a grain of salt.
    Or not.

  29. “The Corruption of New Labour: Britain’s Watergate?”
    Page 1 (Warning there are a lot of pages,what do you expect…just one page)…

  30. criticalcontrarian

    CK: Guess what? There is a Chinese company doing the same thing and coming out with a pure EV as well. And guess who is investing in them? The great Warren Buffeted. I guess he needs to make up for his loses.

    I would have thought he would invest in an American (Tesla) company trying to bring the same tech to market. I guess profit comes before patriotism, eh? You can check out the Chinese version here (and it looks to cost much, much less than $49,900):

  31. Angela

    What a great laugh out loud imagining CK AND CC driving around discussing alternative healthcare in the red gnomemobile “babemagnet” that just may save Detroit. I, for one, would love to see Detroit turn around and thrive, yet again.
    Every one of these topics of yours is a burning issue that too few people are discussing, Elaine, thanks for being such a rabble rouser!

  32. Angela

    >>im all for support networks… but ’social programs’ not so much… its just liar funding from the top on down<<

    nah, i am often in agreement with this, but feel as if there must be a governmental safety net for people with disabilities and more funded drug treatment programs, to name just some.
    the drug problem may have once targeted the poor, but lots of kids of the middle and upper classes are struggling with heroin and oxy addictions,too. these are the grandchildren of the patriotic WWII veterans -the greatest generation, but you don’t hear any of those grandpops calling into rush limbaugh asking why we are funding our wars and black budgets by flooding our cities with heroin?
    surely they aren’t so dumb to believe that all of those drugs are going to stay in the inner city and not go near the elite private schools of their progeny, too? do they love to see families ripped apart by this stuff, including their own? disgusting.

  33. criticalcontrarian

    Angela, I said the Model S (5 adults + 2 kids), so we have space for you, Elaine and one more in back! LOL. Be careful what you wish for… 😉

  34. CK

    Indeed!! However, a small caveat, If there is some plan afoot for a small rolling party; I vote for a well tricked out VW Bus. With Fuzzy Dice … got to have the fuzzy dice.

  35. criticalcontrarian

    CK: a VW Bus EV, hmmm, sounds like a good plan. Will look into it. Fuzzy dice up front, and the nodding doggie in back. 🙂

  36. CK

    Do not forget the must have accoutrement for any tricked out VW Bus.
    The Sign:
    I the Springs be squeaking
    Don’t be peaking.
    If the bus be rocking
    Don’t be knocking.

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