YouTube – CIA tortured small children 4 months

After a LOT of public pressure, President Obama finally released the CIA torture documents. The evasions and excuses the Bush lawyers cooked up to justify and expand torture are horrifying. These papers are an INDITEMENT of both the CIA and everyone in the Bush administration who supervised and called for these tortures.Worse, we now learn that the CIA tortured 2 small boys, one was only 7 and the other, 9 years old. Small children! They TORTURED them for FOUR MONTHS. This is pure Naziism! We hung the Nazis for doing this. 

Obama’s refusal to prosecute everyone involved in these crimes is a violation of the Constitution of the United States which he swore he would uphold, not rip to shreds to protect a bunch of sadistic, evil black ops torturers who resemble more, the KGB, not American ideals!





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  1. nah

    A Pegasus, a Giraffe, emsnews, and a floor rug ‘with a pegasus’… cool mang… go ooo aaaah alot too… ooooo, aaaaah, and gaaaaaaar nah ah ahah ahhhh…. who are they? 2 children tortured for for months… kidnapped… sux mang… anyways i like the vdo bettrn’ others

    nargle, shock and awe

  2. Daliwood

    The torture documents are truly shocking, perhaps more sickening than almost any of the other horrors of the Bush years. It’s as if Bush held a Skinhead Essay Contest and we’re now reading the winners. The twisted logic and garbled legalese are like the bits of straw and lint that rats use to line their nests. Nearly every sentence of these memos reveals a mindset that surely any rational person would find disturbing at best and psychotic at worst.

    Underlying all of the CIA’s and DOJ’s attempts to justify torture is the arrogant and indefensible assumption that the government decides who has rights and who doesn’t. The right-wing conservatives have been alarmingly successful in foisting this belief on a large number of Americans, who now look to Washington to dictate the number and extent of our rights as citizens. The idea that all citizens of Earth are BORN with human rights is anathema to them because it would undermine 99% of every goal they cherish.

    I am sure we can all imagine the reaction of the Arab world to these documents and to the amnesty being lavished on those who tortured children. The nearly universal hatred of the U.S. there will now only be reinforced, and the promise of change seen as empty and unfulfilled.

  3. Bear of Little Brain

    They hate us because we are free ™

  4. Rowan

    Elaine, the video is looking really good now, love the pegasus tapestry. Also Teddy-bear. Is he a glove-puppet, by any chance? If so, I`d love to hear what he has to say about the markets!

  5. CK

    Isn’t it ironic, the two Obama children are 7 and 10.
    I wonder what must run through a person’s mind, to not eviscerate these torturers. Does he not realize that if they were told to do the same things to his daughters, they would.

  6. David

    This is a nasty mess. It is pure, stinking shit….and I’m afraid there is no way to ever polish up this turd, and even President Obama realized it too.
    The hate filled Fox pundits will poo poo it, but it will not go away until justice is served in some way.
    Just like the Nazis at Nirenberg, the people who JUSTIFIED and ORDERED this torture must be punished the most…and the agencies and personnel who implemented it must be at least cleansed of personnel who went along with this evil.
    Further, the CIA, NSA and other Defense entities and their personnel must be given clear, IRONCLAD, LAWS that protect them even from the Congress and President or any other high ranking commander ever again ordering them to commit such atrocities again. ANY LAWFUL PRECEDENT THAT HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED BY THESE FORMER BUSH CO. ACTIONS MUST BE BROKEN DOWN, DISCREDITED AND DISCARDED SO THE PROCESS CANNOT LEGALLY OCCUR AGAIN IN THE FUTURE.
    We all know that people allow their anger and hatreds and intents to get distorted and out of control in warring situations, but,in such cases, the guilt and liability for punishment falls on the person who takes it upon himself or herself to commit such acts as unlawful killing and torture (in fact we just tried a US Army Master Sergeant and imprisoned him for unlawful murder)…and this is how it should be….ANY GOVERNMENT WHO EXPECTS TO HAVE JUSTIFIABLE MORAL CREDIBILITY IN THE CIVILIZED WORLD CANNOT IMPLEMENT SUCH ACTIONS AS PART OF ITS LEGAL, PUBLIC POLICY.
    What we have here is a case where the process was institutionalized from the top down to Lindy England at the bottom (note that England is the one in prison)…from John Yoo then to Bush co. and then to those agency heads and down the line to the torture facilities where “the gloves come off” against small children.
    I was once a member of the US military, and when I saw those pictures of US Army personnel standing over orange jump suited prisoners painfully kneeling in gravel with earmuffs, blindfolds and gloves on, being forced to lean forward to increase the pressure of knees in gravel and strain the muscles in their backs, I knew exactly what was going on….calculated torture and pain.
    I then wondered what was in the minds of those guards who were pictured wheeling a prisoner out of a torture chamber on a gurney, still hooded after a torture session. (note the blindfold protects the guards from seeing expressions of exhausted pain on the victim’s face).

    Dr. Donald Hebb, a Canadian psychiatrist pioneered the torture methods that we see used in Gitmo pictures. He found that by using such methods, he could break any person’s will within 24 hours. One of his 24 hour test subjects suffered a complete breakdown and still had mental problems 10 years later.
    There is no moral high road in doing such things. Even if you win the war, you lose the fight because you have destroyed the basis for living in peace with yourself and your neighbors.
    If President Obama (note: I didn’t say Obama co. because when he courageously outed the torture memos, he earned his title a bit in my eyes), if President Obama completes the process and orders the Justice Department to prosecute and punish the top officials who ordered the torture of children, our nation will be vindicated before the world to some extent(In such a case, I would refer to him as PRESIDENT OBAMA).
    You made a statement that the Nazis were surprised when your dad showed up and expressed horror at the torture and abuse and murder they were implementing in the death camps.
    I watched the Cambodian torturers who did the torture and murder under Pol Pot being interviewed on a TV special. They appeared to me to be so mentally shut down that they were almost inhuman…and as your father noted, didn’t appear to even understand how terrible their crimes were….Strange?
    The head of the main Cambodian torture/murder facility was recently put on trial…don’t know what happened to him.

    We need to clean this mess up…It stinks too bad…destroying our national credibility.

  7. tio

    Don’t be so upset, go with it, let it wash over you and enjoy the ride. I ask you, if an arclight strike vaporises a village in the middle of a jungle and no one hears the kiddies scream did it happen? Of course not – take a chill pill and stop being so skittish. If the gurning loon that sabotaged peace in SE Asia wants the football world cup to be held in the land of the challenged in 2012 do I argue? Hell no – I think those agent orange kiddies are funny! Kudos. I think you’ll agree that Mixoms madman strategy worked out well for all concerned, no one got too badly hurt there did they? Nope I think not, those gooks needed to loose some weight … Yay! Anyhoo what price a banana? Hey, your Dulles boys sure figured that one out ‘longtime’ ago and now you all have them for brains, woo and may I add – hoo. But wait! Did I forget your most valuable contribution to the ‘arts’ – dark/light it’s like chocolate man, all goood. The most culturally representative expression of ‘mrIKana! the cool aid of school aid, the school of the ‘mrIKaas? Rename it but don’t shame it dude. And hey, trying to infect RuskieLand with your parasites was just … way out there maan, and jeepers creepers gosh darn diddlin’ those suckers sobered up reeeal quick! And most recently … a million rag heads here, a million there – whose counting? Yup not me. Coolio, can’t wait to see what you’re told to do next! @David “We need to clean this mess up…It stinks too bad…destroying our national credibility.” – Nooo man go with the flow … toxic is as toxic does dude.

  8. emsnews

    Tio, I know you are being sarcastic. And what can we all do? Either cry or be sarcastic! Frankly, when I read the memos as they came out, I was simply angry. When I learned about the two children being tortured for 4 months, I became very, very sick. I had to go outside and chop firewood and then the dog and I ran off and we searched the woods for the bear.
    Then I came home and did three takes before I had a video that was watchable. I know I can’t cry on camera. So I had to swallow that but then, I was so mad, I was also unwatchable. The third try was the best I could manage. I don’t have to imagine the suffering of those poor children who then betrayed their father…after holding out for 4 LONG MONTHS!
    This totally and utterly unhinged me. I want justice on their behalf. Just so we can save our collective souls.

  9. Gary

    What a wretched puke-assed nation we’ve become….
    It’s all tied in. Torturing prisoners in Gitmo to torturing prisoners at Pelican
    Bay. Not giving a shit about torturing prisoners to not giving a shit about
    people without medical coverage in our own country. Not giving a shit when Clinton was bombing water filtration and sewer plants in Iraq to not giving a shit about jobs being outsourced because, hey, the stock market was going up.
    We are the nation of “I’ve got mine”. As Maggie Thatcher once said, “there is no
    such thing as society–only individuals” and by gosh here we are a bunch of
    stupid disconncted autistic acting individuals with no social glue holding us
    together. Little separate iron filings all lining up to the big authoritarian media
    corporate magnet in the sky.
    I’m HOPESICK. I’m tired of the wretched Democrat HOPE fiends.

  10. They hate us for our freedom to torture them.
    It’s way beyond appalling.
    I knew this would happen in 2000 when they put that creep in the presidency. I protested that “election” in the street with signs and so on. Saddam was such a nasty fellow?
    I just feel cold.
    Yale and Harvard are turning these monsters out right now!
    We need to hold a protest.

  11. MCC

    Yes, well, many many of us were protesting before these wars ever started, and it didn’t make any difference. At the time I was protesting, I knew it wouldn’t make any difference. But I did it anyway, just so that I would be on the record as having been opposed to all the horrors that would inevitably take place.
    And still the question remains: what are we supposed to do about all this? Obama hasn’t actually changed Bush policy here. Yes he is closing the most infamous of the torture prisons, but he is keeping the policy of Extraordinary Rendition in place. And he’s refusing to prosecute anyone for committing torture. Effectively Obama is keeping the same system intact, and keeping the same people in place, he’s just making the torture dungeons more clandestine. This is in keeping with everything else Obama has done. In his eyes, it’s not the Bush policies that were essentially wrong… it’s just the way in which they were presented that made for bad PR. So it looks like we’ve elected Bush/Cheney for 4 more years, and just slapped a new coat of paint on the steaming pile.
    Given that Washington has ensured that elections and protests are dead ends for effecting change, what other means do they leave us besides revolution? I am not an advocate of violent revolution, but it seems inevitable given there is no other option for effecting change. One need look no further than Thailand right now to see how that can happen.

  12. Melponeme_k

    I’m sick to my stomach over this, and to know that I’m complicit is even more horrific even though I protested against this war.

  13. emsnews

    I grew up in the heart of this darkness. My family papered it over by reading the Bible lots and lots and praying to their Death Gods. They thought, Jesus would love all of this. When I explain that a man tortured to death would NOT be all that pleased to have torturers in Heaven, they would shove me away. Which is why I moved out by 16. Not a run away, either. I literally and openly moved out and demanded adult rights which I got from a judge.
    These sorts of evils don’t protect us. They destroy us from within, even if we ‘win’. The Romans won their wars and turned into slimy horrors which everyone uses to illustrate corruption and total evil.

  14. DrKrbyLuv

    We are at the the apex of the true axis of evil – our government and country has been hi-jacked by wealthy lunatics. Depopulation is one of their sordid goals.
    Population Reduction 2012

  15. David

    Elaine said:
    “When I explain[ed] that a man tortured to death would NOT be all that pleased to have torturers in Heaven, they would shove me away.”
    A very good point Elaine, and one people like me, and others who feel the same way, can use when accosted by patriotic, flag-waving, Bible thumping, evangelical fundamentalist Christians who sermonize freely to anyone they meet about patriotism and God here in the South.
    I might respond and ask, why in God’s creation would I want to end up in a Heaven filled with merciless killers and torturers of helpless people and children? That would be living in hell forever.

  16. emsnews

    Correct. I want to got to the Celestial Bar at the End of Time.

  17. the fool on the hill

    But Michael Gross, a professor at the University of Haifa in Israel and the author of “Bioethics and Armed Conflict: Moral Dilemmas of Medicine and Warfare,” said that if physicians think particular harsh interrogation techniques do not constitute torture, there is no reason they should not participate.
    “Physicians are faced with a hard dilemma,” he said. “They have professional obligations to do no harm, but they also have a duty as a citizen to provide expertise to their government when the national security is at stake. In a national security crisis, I believe our duties as citizens take precedence.”

    So they are teaching torture as policy in the schools.

    I think the “right wingers” can be reasoned with. Some are starting to figure out that they’ve been duped by the GOP. I talked to one today that condemned torture.

    “The End of America” by Naomi Wolf is worth checking out. Although one online commenter noted that you could hold a Bar Mitzvah in the gaps of her analysis.

  18. the fool on the hill

    Wow, Elaine, that was stunning. I hope that courage is contagious.
    That music was playing in my head earlier today.
    Here something I found that relates to the topic very closely:
    Theoires by Lloyd deMause. I’m interestend in your opinion. Do you think this guy is crazy or do you think he’s on to something.
    I know that Aristotle wrote very casually about exposure of children and slavery as well.

  19. emsnews

    I read ‘the History of Childhood’ many years ago. Still have the book. As humans moved away from the animal world, our ability to easily rear children is constantly under challenge. One thing is certain: older mothers tend to have better relations with their babies. Younger women tend to ‘lose’ their babies much more easily if not, outright kill them.
    I have raised not only my own children but other people’s children. This is because a crying baby doesn’t bother me. I can put little babies to sleep by boring them to sleep. I know lots of women who go crazy with irritation when a baby cries. The babies of other animals do NOT cry! Except on very rare occasions, namely, when they are lost.
    Human babies are very noisy because this scares away all PREDATORS. Predators are afraid of the fire/stone apes and thus, would make a wide circuit if they hear the constant wailing of babies. So babies evolved into wailing as loud and long as possible!

  20. sharkbabe

    Powerful vid, Elaine. Thanks.

  21. We human babies are forever lost. I have this constant nightmare about being totally lost.
    Sometimes, it’s that I’m in this new town that the train has brought me to. I ask if anyone knows what train will bring me home. But no one has ever heard of the town where I live.
    I ask about the biggest city near where I lived. No one has ever heard of it. They think I made it up. It is a nightmare.

  22. emsnews

    It is your earliest pains. Rejection of children or children ripped from their mother’s arms…

  23. Powerful video, Elaine. I am truly shocked and awed.

  24. But not surprized. I knew BushCo were bad news from Day One.

  25. And they, BushCo, made Obama the ‘House Negro” of the Bush Crime Family. I think Obama knows, if he sics USAG Eric Holder after the torturers, BushCo will torture his OWN children!
    And IIRC, the Bush41 White House was ground zero for a child sex ring.

  26. I am awed at your willingness to relive your own pain to denounce the CIA torture of those two young lads. 😥 :salute:

  27. Well, my mother was totally heroic about protecting me. But she had to send me and my little brother to stay at a farm when my father kind of lost himself due to foolish business practices. I was about eight.
    Raising me was an awful burden, since I was seriously not like other kids. Maybe the nightmare is about that. The building we lived at when we moved back to Danbury had a laundry room in the basement. That was without question the loneliest place on earth.

  28. criticalcontrarian

    Guys, guys, what are we talking about here? Accountability or disbelief? In my book disbelief is moot and academic with regard to these chaps, they have proven time and again that they are capable of killing their own people and children for the “greater good”. What puke!

    Between the discovery of active thermitic material at the 9/11 WTC Towers site ( and aerial photographs of the Ryder truck at Camp Gruber-Braggs prior to the Oklahoma City bombing (, there is nary a doubt as to their capacity to inflict harm and loss at home. Accountability, or the lack thereof to be honest, is the bone of contention, and that is for the responsibility of American people to themselves, to rectify.

  29. Kurt Vonnegut, in one of his essays, gave opinions about the effects of various ideas about torturing Jesus to death.

    Kurt dug the “adoptionist” heresy – that Jesus started out as a regular guy, and then God decided to make him his Special Son. Of course as you know if you’ve ever repeated one of the Creeds, that’s not what the official line is – Jesus was ALWAYS special. Vonnegut said that there was a real disadvantage to the “Jesus ALWAYS special” idea – because it leads to the conclusion “Boy, they sure picked the wrong guy to torture THAT time.” And then the mind meanders to “There are right guys to torture.”

    It was Thomas Jefferson who said he was more interested in the religion taught BY Jesus than the religion taught ABOUT Jesus. Jefferson did a cut-and-paste New Testament that left out the miracles.

    One thing that bothers me about the official Christian ideology is the notion of “vicarious redemption” – the crucifixion was necessary for our salvation – that the blot of original sin that all of us carry, as children of Adam and Eve, must be washed away by the Blood of the Lamb. It was in Huston Smith’s Beyond the Post-Modern Mind that I encountered a Zen response to this rather strange idea about what sorts of things can satisfy God’s righteous rage, and evoke mercy from Him, rather than justice:

    “No one else can go to the bathroom for you.”

  30. criticalcontrarian

    mistah charley, ph.d. said: “It was Thomas Jefferson who said he was more interested in the religion taught BY Jesus than the religion taught ABOUT Jesus”

    Jesus was a mystic. A gnostic in the truest sense. An Essene Jew particularly. What he taught and practiced and what the Romans did to his teachings are antithetical. All forms of Christianity practiced today are different versions of the Roman model adapted by Charlemagne. The first 200 years of the Christian era died out rapidly in Palestine, its place of origin, and did not gain acceptance in the Roman Empire until nearly 300 years later. In the interim it was a cult, membership of which was illegal according to Roman law.

    Gnosticism stems from the Greek, gnosis. Literally meaning “knowledge”, gnosis refers to spiritual or mystical knowledge which is personal, revelational and self-evident. Essentially, gnosis means mystical experience. The gnostics were – and are – those who sought that kind of experience. A common thread among all mystic teachings is generally characterized by a belief that the soul has fallen into the bondage of matter where it is held captive until recued by a Saviour.

    For mystics, Original sin, is the separation of soul from God to populate the Creation. Salvation is the process of the soul returning back whence it came, guided by the manifestation of God in human form.

    You said: “I encountered a Zen response to this rather strange idea about what sorts of things can satisfy God’s righteous rage…”

    God is not raging. God is Love. Real Love. It is our minds that are raging. Raging with desires, with lust, anger, greed , attachment, and ego. This is what separates us from our true reality. What the Buddhist teaching, “No one else can go to the bathroom for you”, means is, one has to desire God more than anything in the world to realize God. Centripetal action, not Centrifugal living. It is a personal choice that requires uncompromising effort. After all, if one wants to attain the highest, nothing less than total commitment is required. Arm chair spirituality doesn’t work. Better then to become a pundit, carry your books on your head looking for endless discussions with all takers, never taking the first step towards true knowledge.

  31. emsnews

    I find the minds of others to be very interesting. For example, the desire to be reborn. In mystic cultures that believe we are reborn as other creatures, the mystics want to ESCAPE this by being born a Brahmin and then being insultingly nasty to all other people treating them like trash. Then, you are removed from the rebirth cycle. HAHAHA.
    Or Buddhists who strive to NIrvana which is total death of existing. Or Christians who want to go to Heaven and spend eternity buttering up a very nasty Death God.
    Personally, if rebirth does happen and we are reborn as animals or other things, I WOULD LOVE THIS! To be reborn as an insect! A bee, perhaps. Or reborn as a cat—to be Fluff with his spoiled life! Or reborn as a tree, a squid, a whale! What a wonderful constant future, all adventures in other ways of thinking, living, being! Who would want to escape that, I wonder?
    Only someone who is very bitter, deep inside. Who wants to be removed from the Great Cycle of Being. Oh, to be reborn as a bird, soaring in the skies! A fish, swimming the vast oceans. People who think this is a horror are people who are scared of death, and thus, scared of life.

  32. CK

    Some were reborn as fishes
    and filled their assigned niches
    others reborn as pelicans
    who then fed on the fish in the niche
    But I was reborn as a wealthy gnome
    surrounded by gold and silver.
    Swathed in raiments of finest silks
    and shod with the skins of rare reptiles,
    Fed delicacies and rare viands
    And indulged with the fairest of ladies
    Inflamed my senses with the finest of arts
    with ballet and paintings sublime
    and lived to be 103 thanks to stem cell therapy
    and elixer transfusions
    and they all lived happily ever after.

    Someones have to be reborn as gnomes, by virtue of their existence now; gnomes must have existed previously, and by the great wheel of life, the gnomes must exist tomorrow. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be; gnomes without end, all men.

  33. emsnews

    What if there is reverse incarnation. For example, if you are the victim of a crime, say, someone murders you, you come back as a stinging insect, you zip into his car and when he is driving fast on a winding road, you sting him on the nose? 🙂

  34. CK

    Reverse, forward or random re-incarnation are all possibilities.
    Might come back as a preacher, might come back as a conman ( but I repeat myself ) might come back as a gnome or a gnomette or as a tapeworm in the stomach of a gnome.
    The roulette wheel of re-incarnation is rigged. There be magnets and brakes and other such impediments to truely random spinning.

  35. emsnews

    Parasites abound in reincarnation! Look at DC. 🙂

  36. criticalcontrarian

    LOL. Or priests, bankers and politicians that come back as street dogs loaded with fleas and parasites, who get humped by every dog in the neighborhood. Or mybe as shit house rats, thats even worse, a female rat can get gang raped repeatedly by dozens of males. Be careful what you wish for… 😉

    But then ignorance is bliss, n’est pas?

  37. Shi

    I think this Lady Doesn’t Have A Mentally Stable Mind!

  38. Jimmy

    Perhaps not, Shi. But don’t discount what Elaine says.
    A mind derived from trauma may be unburdened by the delusions of the ordinary. Better an oracle than a siren.

  39. emsnews

    All humans are insane. Otherwise, we would live like the apes or monkeys, in harmony with nature.

  40. Shi has a radically unstable mind. Plus mountains of ignorance. Keep watching “House”!

  41. Sean

    The CIA torturing is just making our country look like a peace of crap. I can’t stand it when I think about the torture that the CIA does to people, they are supposed to protect this country not make it look like a peace of crap by torturing kids or’s also not going to make other country’s that hate the USA love the USA, it’s just making the other nations hate us even more i am so disturbed,mad and sad about this whole torture thing.we live in the 20th century not 600 years in the past.

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