Viruses are one of the Elder Earth Life Forms.  They use us as their Trojan Horses to invade new territory.  I was one of the very earliest US victims of the infamous Hong Kong flu.  I got it from a Vietnam Vet who returned from Nam, came home, partied and collapsed. I was with the Free Clinic on night shift and I gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until the oxygen arrived.  Three days later, I was walking down the street when I felt very peculiar. It was as if I was sinking into the sidewalk.  But no, I was literally collapsing.



Influenza A virus subtype H3N2 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Hong Kong Flu was a category 2 flu pandemic caused by a strain of H3N2 descended from H2N2 by antigenic shift, in which genes from multiple subtypes reassorted to form a new virus. The Hong Kong Flu pandemic of 1968 and 1969 infected an estimated 500,000 people with a low death rate.[5]In the United States, approximately 33,800 people died.[6].

Both the H2N2 and H3N2 pandemic flu strains contained genes from avian influenza viruses. The new subtypes arose in pigs coinfected with avian and human viruses and were soon transferred to humans. Swine were considered the original “intermediate host” for influenza, because they supported reassortment of divergent subtypes. However, other hosts appear capable of similar coinfection (e.g., many poultry species), and direct transmission of avian viruses to humans is possible. H1N1 may have been transmitted directly from birds to humans (Belshe 2005).[7]

The Hong Kong flu strain shared internal genes and the neuraminidase with the 1957 Asian Flu (H2N2). Accumulated antibodies to the neuraminidase or internal proteins may have resulted in much fewer casualties than most pandemics. However, cross-immunity within and between subtypes of influenza is poorly understood.

The Hong Kong flu was the first known outbreak of the H3N2 strain, though there is serologic evidence of H3N? infections in the late 19th century. The first record of the outbreak in Hong Kong appeared on 13 July 1968 in an area with a density of about 500 people per acre in an urban setting. The outbreak reached maximum intensity in 2 weeks, lasting 6 weeks in total. The virus was isolated in Queen Mary Hospital. Flu symptoms lasted 4 to 5 days.[5]

By July 1968, extensive outbreaks were reported in Vietnam and Singapore. By September 1968, it would reach IndiaPhilippines, northernAustralia and Europe. That same month, the virus entered the California from returning Vietnam War troops. It would reach Japan, Africa and South America by 1969.[5]




I was not taken to the hospital because the doctors I worked with decided to treat me at home with them working with Free Clinic staff, in shifts.  They thought, at first, this was no big deal but were very concerned that my fever was shooting upwards, rapidly.  I then had trouble breathing.  Being semi-conscious, I decided to deliberately cough up the increasing congestion in my lungs so they put a pan next to my head and I would turn and choke it up, frequently.


The fever kept rising.  I became very delirious.  The staff ran out of ice so they went on the FM radio to ask for ice and local restaurants delivered ice.  My fever was now 105 degrees.  I was told, much later, that they were discussing how the coffee maker was not working.  I briefly came out of my seeming coma and said, ‘Put the coffee on me, I’ll heat it up for you.’ 



By then, the staff got a report back that the soldier I saved had died.  They were already using greater and greater care, not to get sick themselves.  By day three, two of the staff were now sick, too.  But no one abandoned me and for that, I am eternally grateful.  I would have died.


As it was, they kept me hydrated and finally, I came out briefly to the surface to tell everyone, at about 3 am [known as the hour of death, by the way] to whisper, ‘If a bird sings in the window at dawn, I will live.’  And there was this big bush outside the window.  At dawn, a wren perched there and began to sing and sing.  I sighed and fell asleep and the fever dropped to a mere 101 degrees and I survived…barely.


My brain was fried.  I couldn’t read or write.  I didn’t know who I was.  Amnesia is very peculiar.  I didn’t know my parents who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.  My father put up one of my paintings so I could see it.  He said, I asked who painted it.  I said, ‘That is a wonderful picture, it tells me things about myself.  It is the best picture in the whole world.  Who painted it?’


Afterwards, I was knocked by pneumonia, lost half of the teeth on my right jaw and had to have a dental surgeon come in to operate.  I was a child genius before it but now, had to work to learn things.  I told everyone, for years, this actually helped me a great deal because it forced me to think harder and longer in order to comprehend things and the labor was where the value lay.  This meant, I had to really collect information before figuring things out.


People are increasingly scared of the newest incarnation of this old disease.  This is NOT AIDS.  That disease is extremely noxious, spreads via sex and like all sexual diseases, is nearly impossible to get rid of, runs along merrily for millennia and the more you keep people alive who have it, the more they spread it.  All viral diseases of the Hong Kong flu type race through populations and then vanish for several generations.


Due to evolution, these flues have their own ‘hockey stick’ graphs.  They are not like sexual diseases that simply spread outwards, relentlessly but fairly slowly.  These pig flu/avian flu viruses move at tremendous speed and end just as swiftly.


When I got sick, the doctors sent samples to the Federal health authorities for testing.  I saw a copy of the report.  It said, ‘What the hell is this?’ written off on one side  of the report.  Viruses have to go dormant and then mutate in order to flourish.  They are the nearest life form on earth to the classic ‘go to infinity, fast’ model that I talk about all the time.  This is rather funny because viruses are one of the oldest life forms if not the oldest.  They prefer non-oxygen environments and when mutations in the early earth waters created photosynthesis organisms, these multiplied very rapidly, pushing hard on the viral community. 


Which retaliated by ‘eating’ the photosynthesis creatures.  This is why viruses took up housekeeping inside of cellular living creatures.  And like bacterium, they are activists who are tremendously successful.  Which is why they have these regular boom/bust cycles.  That is, not all victims of viral attacks die.  And when they survive, they are protected by antibodies [which are very, very ancient!] which is why viral kills come in cycles that are often 20 years apart.  This is also why only parts of the population are badly hit.


My parents, for example, as well as the oldest two doctors who attended me, didn’t get this disease at all!  Anyone my generation, though, was a prime target.  So the doctors forbade anyone under 30 from visiting me!  Heh! Once we were certain I was not a danger to others, I could have visitors.


Running around in panic because of a viral surge is useless.  You can’t easily hide from it.  Sometimes, we must endure unpleasant visits from our fellow living creatures.  Viruses are living things, by the way, just as we are.  So is bacterium, plankton, etc.  All single celled creatures once ruled this planet and used all of its resources for multiplying and dividing.  We cannot banish them.


Looking at humans on a more cosmic scale, we are identical to them: we are in the middle of the final stages of our own, epic ‘hockey stick’ growth cycle and are heading towards a crash.  As do all living things that end up  maxing out natural resources.  All of us fear death and understandably so.  But Death will visit, invariably.  Even the greatest religious figures who found religions die.  


Even the very gods die, when the Zodiac stars shift over the eons.  We cannot live life in fear of death.  During the Black Plague, a truly noxious death visitation, people decided to stop wailing and crouching in fear and began to do the opposite.  And the urge to celebrate, have fun and live even as death swings its scythe is one of the more admirable parts of our psychology.   Animals, when they get sick, just lie down and passively die [except when they have rabies, another viral innovation that has a mere single celled entity driving its victim to work on behalf of the virus!].  Humans defy Death.


And this is why the latest flu story both worries me and yet, doesn’t worry me.  These things are inevitable.  I hope my own children don’t get it.  I hope, if they do, they get the care I got which saved my life.  And I hope hospitals understand that the best way to deal with this is to use OLDER PEOPLE TO CARE FOR THE SICK who are suffering from this disease.


That is, there should be medical protocols for symptoms of this disease.  If a patient shows any of these, only certain members of the staff should attend.  My doctor and the nurse who got the Hong Kong flu from me also got very, very sick.  If proper protocols were used in the beginning, they would have been spared that suffering. But they did suffer less than I and this is due them being cared for instantly whereas, I didn’t know I was ill until it became very obvious.


In conclusion, all of us survivors of the Hong Kong flu should be the ones to care for the victims of this flu.  And we should respect viruses more and know that they can evolve faster than we can fight them off.  This is their nature, they are one of the Elders on Earth.






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  1. CK
    Tissue samples from 1918 of soldiers killed by the spanish flu have been kept and experimented on.

  2. CK

    A weebit more on the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-1920.
    The world population at that time was estimated at 2 billion. One half the population of the world caugh the flu ( 1 billion ) and an extimated 100,000,000 people died of it. ( 10% of the infected 5% of the world’s population ) The war that had proceeded the flu had in four years killed half as many.
    The Spanish Flu was a summer flu ( unusual ), killed mostly the healthy and mature ( most fluxes kill the very young and the very old ), was about 20x as deadly as other flues.
    Put another way, between 1914 and 1920, 15% of the world’s population died. This explains why the 20’s were called the roaring twenties does it not?

  3. emsnews

    It attacked the exact same population this ‘hockey stick’ style of virus attacks: it always shoots upwards, very rapidly, once the previous population that suffered the previous attack 20 years earlier, cease passing on the antibodies to the following population.
    Throughout the history of this planet, viruses have done this. They did it to the dinosaurs. They did it to the very first ocean multi-celled life forms. They will do this FOREVER. The ‘Spanish flu’ made a much smaller blip on the GROWTH RATE of human populations compared to the GREAT DEPRESSION. The world birthrate or rather, the survivability of babies collapsed. Not to mention, that epic event ended in a massive slaughter that was many times worse than WWI and the Spanish Flu.
    To put things in perspective, the Black Death had a kill rate of around 40% in the Middle Ages. Incidentally, this barely stopped the eternal wars, strife and other activities humans seem addicted to. And even more paradoxically, it made peasants more powerful!

  4. MCC

    Thanks for another thoughtful post, Elaine. The best that any of us can hope for is to live a happy life and then die with honor and dignity… and not just with the most toys, or the most offspring. I’m always amazed at the people who live their lives scrambling for high powered jobs, all the time being stressed out to their limits. Rarely do they stop to ask themselves the question, “Why am I doing all this?” Or if they do, then they convince themselves that they don’t have any other choice… or that they’re working 90 hour work weeks, and never seeing their families, all for the good of their families (they believe). Otherwise it’s just too hard to accept responsibility for our own happiness.
    I think American men have increasingly realized that there are much more important things in life than career. Women have a shorter history in many high-powered professions, and have all the same lessons to learn as well. We’re all in this one way or another. But the system encourages us to be cut-throat with our co-workers, our neighbors, even our spouses. Ok, I’m pretty far off-topic now, so I’ll give it a rest.

  5. Simon

    What did you expect from a cold continent?

  6. if

    Isn´t it remarkable, when the situation get unpleasant for the ruling elite something convenient happens, terrorist attack, deadly plagues begin to spred, etc., which will derail the attention of the general public.

  7. emsnews

    We are always easy to distract. One thing everyone fears is a plague. Of course, the way to protect from this is to have good public hygiene and good public health services. And since these usually fall apart during economic stresses, this means more plagues, etc.

  8. I’ve still to hear anything from the financial press about the likely impact of swine flu. Even if it’s a limited epidemic, perhaps fizzling out after a few weeks, we might see a fall in economic activity for May which will set back any recovery. And if it quickly developes into a pandemic with US fatalities? We could quickly revisit and surpass the market lows.

  9. larry, dfh

    Actually, viruses are probably much newer than bacteria, evolutionarily-speaking. They need the entire cell apparatus of the host to reproduce, and thus evalved AFTER that apparatus existed. Most viri contain a few enzymes, and a very restricted genome. Like many inventions made by people, simplicity often comes after the more complicated has been built. And the problems show up fter the machine is in operation. One very important aspect of the 1918 flu is that there was a large spike in schizophrenia diagnoses about 25 years after the epidemic. There is some serious thought that antigens which are purged in very ealy life from the compliment of immune responses that one can commit are brought back by an immune panic mode that is brought on by virus infection. Thus viral infection can cause auto-imnmune responses; responses which should have been purged from ones antibodyt make-up. Parts of the 1918 flu had similarities to nerve tissue, IIRC.
    A a former boss said “A viurs is a little piece of life that wraps itself in you and gets away”. This explains alot, about both their simplicity and lethality.

  10. emsnews

    Yup, they are parasitical. When did they evolve? Most likely, when the first life forms evolved. In most cellular creatures are queer odds and ends which are alien forms that have been enfolded inside of single cells. Viruses are possibly nearly the same age as all genetic life form-types. Since they are nearly pure RNA and DNA mixes, it would not surprise me to learn, they were there virtually from Day One.
    After all, the Bible says, ‘And God said, “Let there be life” and immediately got sick from the flu’. See?

  11. David

    My grandfather died of the Spanish flu in 1921 the last year it killed great numbers…He was a 38 year old, very healthy railroad section supervisor and traveled a lot by train…and had his own work train which he moved from worksite to worksite…so contacting this flue would have been easy for him since he dealt with different people in different towns daily….
    Anyway, he came into our town sick and went to a town relative’s house because he didn’t want to bring the flue home to his family of grandmother and six children who lived in the country…and grandmother was also pregnant at the time.
    As you said, grandfather’s temperature went higher an higher and then he contracted pneumonia….and there were no antibiotics in those days, so grandfather’s lungs literally filled with fluid and then he suffocated to death.
    According to dad and those who lived through the epidemic, the Spanish flu went around the world four times in four years, from 1917 through 1921, in waves, and killed huge numbers of young mature healthy individuals…just as you and Elaine explained, these appeared to be the most vunerable.

  12. payAttention

    I brought up the Spanish flu on Saturday with a younger person. She said she had never heard of it. I replied that all her teachers from grammar school through high school graduation should be promoted to be field hands. Every cemetery here has a mass pit with a marker for unknown victims of the flu. Then there was many bodies that did not make it to the cemetery since they were incinerated to prevent further exposure. You very much underestimate the impact and the terror of that disease. Surprising, since you describe your own bad case of the disease.

    On the other subject, I am trying to inquire which Mr. Magoo in the directorate thought that the USSR was more menacing then the PRC back under Reagan I, and if you were mishandled by a branch that was about to slough off. At first reading, you were given a task of misdirection, which you did not understand. Or giving you the assignment was surety enough that the assignment would be mishandled. Either way, teaching the Chicoms to undermine our commerce was not the aim, eh?

  13. Simon

    The problem is pigs and chickens have been around humans so long, they absorb parts of the human DNA. They also exist in vast numbers with short life cycles compared to us.
    That’s why it’s so easy for us to be infected by diseases evolved on them.

  14. emsnews

    The deal with evolution is, as we domesticate ANYTHING we are then part of their evolutionary cycle and since we like to have things CLUSTER CLOSE TOGETHER, and since, during about 99.9% of our history with domesticating wild animals and wild plants is…this can only be done if we live VERY close to them, ALL THE TIME.
    Since we share their biology and EAT them, we share everything they have including diseases. Since viruses and bacteria have very rapid evolutionary cycle, many generations in few years, they evolve VERY FAST.
    The point here is simple: we can’t hide from them, we can’t even create medicines that will eliminate them since they evolve even faster, if we create medicines that interfere with these things.
    In this way, I am a fatalist. When, for example, people were scared of bird flu, remember that hysteria? People stopped feeding wild birds and chicken owners fell in numbers. At the height of the hysteria, I was probably the only other person in my region to buy chicks for my flock that spring.
    If we live in an artificial environment that has no connection with other living things, we might escape viral evolution. But then, this means AVOIDING OTHER HUMANS. The most memorable stories about this were the Robot series by Asimov. In it, the humans on planets with many robots and few humans were terrified of humans from the planets that had lots of humans and no robots. This was because of disease.

  15. seraphim

    Single cell creatures once ruled the world. They will inherit the world!

  16. if

    We have no vaccine neither against this flu-virus nor gnomes.
    Jack Bauer can’t stop ‘The Goldman Conspiracy’

  17. April 26, 2009
    “Do Not Take A Swine Flu Vaccine!”…

  18. CK

    The more I am exposed to the American system of symptom control, the more I agree with that article’s general premise as applied to every medicine I have encountered.

  19. JT

    Old writings on Spanish Flu from my country (notice our weird sense of humor).
    “Spanish Bolshevik has again attacked Finland and raging worse that ten Lenins in your worst dreams.
    So, reader, when you feel the Spanish bolsheviks nails on your neck, heat the sauna so hot that you can fry on herring on the wall. Drink two hot cups of coffee. Toughen your mind and enter the sauna, even though your doctor forbids it.
    Arm yourself with a bucket of ice cold water, a whisk of birch twigs and add a few drops of Camphor to the water.
    Throw a real finnish sweatbath so that the ceiling is dripping with water, wet your birch whisk in the ice cold water and beat your callous body for as long as you can take it.
    When finished pour a bucket of ice cold water on your neck.
    Dry yourself and you`ll find that the disease has retreated back to Spanish soil.
    Try it! Surely there is nothing else except your life in danger.”

    -Pen name “Aku” in Kaleva 28th of January 1920-

    “Up until now, it was not in favor of ordinary meek mortals to live, but now there´s a new hitch. It´s not in the best interest to people of small means to die either.”

    -pen name “Tulehmo” Helsingin Sanomat 25th of April 1919, commenting on rising burial costs due to the Spanish Flu-


    And just on springtime here in general.

    “Well I suppose it might be a good thing I didn´t shoot myself last winter”, said an old man when looking at the first flowers blooming in the springtime.”

    -An old wives tale-


  20. nah

    bad colds can get ruff… but i dont got to worry much about becoming half retarded… never been a genius to begin with… so bring it on mexican swine avian sars flu

    brain fluid on steroids

  21. emsnews

    HAHAHA. Good one, JT! If you survive beating yourself in a Finnish sauna, you won’t get sick! 🙂

  22. nah
    Thain says BofA Merrill statements not true: report
    the truth is out! Jhon Thain has no idea what he was selling, everyone else just assumed the boss was making money
    this banking stuff is just delusional, all the hub-bub is about regulatory loop holes ‘duh who ran the due diligence’… but what really is trippin’ me out is where is the money? These guys are essentially money managers. So what did they buy? they wont even disclose it and on paper its worthless. and how they booked this garbage to the bottom line is by selling trillions in insurance. I mean they were turning assets into paper profits and sticking us with debt, and now the economy floats on debt wether we like it or not ‘im in the not camp’… its just amazing that noone is calling them on their investment stratagies, these guys were socking away major paydays… sooooo what was the stratagy, you cant be a football coach and just fart around the field boss

  23. CK

    Nice link back to this post from
    Within his Monday morning posting, Kunstler links to this
    Nothing so well hides a “secret plan” as having it exposed by marginal characters.

  24. CK

    And they call me a cynic,

    And in the not so widely spread news, the epicenter of this swine flu appears to be a very large gloablistically owned hog processor and raising operation in New Mexico. Any bets on who owns the processor?
    I have read that the owner is Smithfield Hams. Poor Paula Dean, spiral slicing those mexican hogs, sure hope she stays healthy.

  25. emsnews

    Most pig flues came from China and SE Asia due to warm climate and close proximity of farmers to animals. Now, with factory farms that are huge and run by serf labor imported from third world countries, I guess the US would become the locus of this sort of mutations.

  26. emsnews

    CK, that web site, as many of its sort, immediately jumps to conclusions. GADS. The inability to understand that there are far older wars, far older systems at work, is just….HAHAHA.
    Look, the LAST THING ON EARTH the ruling elites want to see is ANY VIRAL PLAGUES . Why is this?
    Viruses spread way too easy!!!! The military anthrax, for example, was TARGETED. It would infect only people directly exposed to it. They would die but not pass it on. At least, this is what the goofy scientists hoped. But even with that proviso, the power brokers were a bit worried about it, not that it stopped the experiment of using it post-9/11 to kill Bush enemies like members of the Senate and the photo editor for the Sun who OKed the Jenna Drunk photos.
    But this sort of virus: scares the SHIT out of them!!!! So why, in the name of all hell, would they launch this? Of course, not! I give them some rational abilities to want to avoid annihilation. This is why they also fear the Black Death: no way in hell would they want it to reappear.

  27. emsnews

    There is this hard, hard push to assign all sorts of nefarious abilities and desires on the Ruling Elites. Yes, they would like population control. NO, they do not want to do this with a very dangerous virus that might kill their own children. Yes, they want fewer of the ‘wrong people’ but they use starvation, boycotts [see: Palestine] and as always, birth control. They use birth control, too, themselves. Oddly enough.
    But they will never, ever ever use our most ancient enemies, the viral community, in this battle. The viral community is a great lover of the Hockey Stick Graph: they lurk around in the background and then, with no warning, suddenly take off and multiply like mad until they kill a huge number of their hosts. Think: Dutch Elm Disease killing ALL of the elms.

  28. CK

    If one has the antidote, the disease is an inconvenience not a tragedy. If one keeps the antidote to oneself, there is ever so much stuff around after the tragedy wends its course.
    I am minded of another “ruling elite” who I believe is still the standard issue model. “Aprés moi le deluge”. n’est pas?

  29. Roger Bigod

    The Hong Kong flu was more lethal in young adults because it provoked a strong immune response and this is the age group with the most responsive immune systems. One feature of the immune system that can be lethal is high fever, which can cause brain injury if it goes over 105 or so in an adult.

    It isn’t clear from the news stories whether the present strain of virus is more dangerous for young adults or the more usual pattern of young and old. There’s probably enough information in the numbers from Mexico.

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  31. Dan Treecraft

    Thanks Elaine! Your essay on the Trojan Horse of infection strategies seems to be lighting up the boards. As you know by now, Kunstler is helping it get going VIRAL. (my mother used to remind us “Even an earthworm can learn!”) Some of the rest of us will manage (feverishly) to spread it around before the week is out.

  32. emsnews

    Viruses make terrible weapons of mass destruction except from the point of view of the viral community. This is because they mutate pretty fast. So if we have an antidote, it fails over time. This isn’t like AIDS which one can avoid. These flu viral infections can get past masks, of course. They are on the hands.
    After my awful bout with the Hong Kong flu, I used to carry around hand wipes and literally cleaned door knobs and cleaned off subway seats with it and on top of that, I looked like a Muslim woman because I wore a scarf woven in Afghanistan, around my face so people couldn’t cough on me. This was because my immune system was very compromised for several years.
    The very worst place people with these infections can go is to a hospital. Hospitals are bad for people with pneumonia. My father in law had pneumonia and we kept him at home, away from the viral dangers of the hospitals.

  33. Elaine~

    Thank you, Elaine, for sharing your experiences, and for giving information that puts things into perspective and calms fears.

    I view you as a sort of “Mother Earth”. She nurtures and teaches, but is also realistic and doesn’t put up with the children’s nonsense. 😉


  34. emsnews

    Hi, Elaine! Glad to hear from you. 🙂

  35. I came across this website by clicking on a link about swine flu in a critical post at Democratic Underground.
    Either this is the most delicious satire, or the Death God worshipper who wrote this is one sick puppy!!! 😯 If it’s the latter, I doubt Jesus would have anything to do with her, except judge her as one of the “goats” on his left.

  36. Simon

    Food hygiene in this country has gone out of control
    More outbreaks, more infections
    Rats in the sewers getting bigger every year, salmonella in the vegetables, flu from migratory birds and intensive farming
    This is what you get if you place deregulation above all others.
    I wonder if someone can do a graph of all cases of outbreak from the early 90s to present, should be interesting

  37. Ken Fischer

    Re AIDS …. “the more you keep people alive who have it, the more they spread it.” Is there a subtle suggestion here that they NOT be kept alive?
    ELAINE; No, it is an important difference. Sexual diseases of all sorts are spread by two things: birth and sex. Pretending that they are not is silly. So far, THERE IS NO CURE FOR AIDS. For a while, there was a cure for say, syphilis. But the disease is evolving, of course. AIDS is a disease that has to be carefully controlled to prevent it from spreading. We gave up on this, more or less. It is now ravaging Africa. No one wishes for a cure as much as I wish for a cure but look at it in an evolutionary way: we eliminated syphilis pretty much so a new disease took its place and filled the niche.

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  39. Jimmy

    Seems a fair bet this will become pandemic over the next year. Who (not WHO) knows what the eventual CFR will be. But we have time to stock up on medical aids and prepare for a fairly severe illness if it comes. It’s good to hear your first hand experience with the Hong Kong version Elaine, to understand the severity of symptoms in a ‘mild’ pandemic.
    The 2009 Swine Flu symptoms appear to include severe gastrointestinal illness as well as respiratory illness. So I’m stocking at least 10 days of rehydration formula. How about you all?

  40. emsnews

    Actually, my chief recommendation is to not have people lying on regular beds if they get sick with this sort of thing. They have to be encouraged to cough up all the time. It is very annoying and disgusting to hear but keeping it down is bad. Lying flat is bad for this sort of respiration. Actually, the best thing I had back then was hot ginger tea. I sucked down a lot of that.

  41. billibaldi

    In Australia we are worried as we are going into our flu season. I have been telling everybody to get their flu shots even though it does not cover for the swine because you do not want both infections in the same year and if it does get bad, the hospitals will use triage. There are few spare beds in our hospitals even in good times.

    I do hope that this is just a media beat up

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  43. Heather

    I was stricken by the Hong Kong Flu, in 1968 and it took a month to fully recover, after missing two weeks of school. Reading your account Elaine, makes me also wonder if I was ever the same myself!

  44. Mike

    My dear southern appalachian grandmother (age 93) who still lives in the mountains of western NC, was a victim of the 1918-19 flu epidemic. She had believed all her life that she had been a victim of diptheria as a toddler, and as she says it; “they layed me out to die, but my fever broke and I got better”. In 1998, during the course of some bloodwork that was being done on her, swine flu antibodies were found to be present in her system. Questioned by the doctor if she had ever had swine flu, she replied, “no, not that I know of; they say I had diptheria when I was a baby and nearly died, but I got better”. She was then informed that it was not diptheria that had nearly killed her, but swine flu.

  45. emsnews

    Wow, Mike! Amazing! Heather, yes, that episode was frightful. Mercifully, I was not able to comprehend what was going on. I have a new article about the swine flu now that much more data is coming out. Seems, it started in a pig farm owned by a major American corporation, in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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  48. Thomas

    Well, what if the Elite a. Had a vaccine for themselves and b. Could go completley into isolation until it blew over. Might it not then be in
    their interest to use it against their percieved enemies perhaps including
    their own people? And if this hypothetical Elite were an International one,
    might they not agree to use it as a means to lower world population?
    This current outbreak might just be a trial run. It is being pushed
    incredibly in the Media. Mexico is about to go under due to the drug gang
    armies. America is about to go under due to massive financial fraud. Martial
    Law might be a very useful thing at some point soon. Why not test out this
    paradigm as a means of moving into that. Last thought: a more virulent strain was released in Mexico and a lesser one here in the US. But if true,

  49. I’ll take Masonic death rituals for $400 please.

    “The dates April 16th-21st correspond with a week long Roman celebration to the Goddess Ceres (Demeter/Isis).”

    Down the rabbit hole we go…on a journey to the underworld with Ceres.

    In the days following the mass shootings (33 dead) at the Virginia Tech campus on April 16th 2007, I spent a lot of time wondering why mid-April seems to be the cruelest time of year here in the States. If you listen to the media, it would seem that a random assortment of misfits copycat one another every few years or so, in an act of selfish glory… After the dust has settled, and the carrion have picked the carcasses of these tragic stories clean do we ever gain any real insights? We’ve been given a multitude of possible triggers to explain these bloodbaths ranging from religious wackos, anti-government sentiments, white power organizations, lack of gun control, violent video games and movies, and neo-Nazis celebrating the birthday of Adolph Hitler.

    Do these “official” stories ever tell us anything useful, and for all the time spent covering these events have the so-called experts learned anything (or do they already know, and don’t care to intervene as has been claimed by many)? Is it a way to disarm and marginalize those who oppose or question the elite? Perhaps it’s even a massive cover-up to cloud the waters of a far more sinister agenda. Or, is it a cosmic drama being played out by a vengeful Goddess? And could we really blame her…?

    The fundamental connection between Waco, TX., Oklahoma City, OK., Columbine in Denver, CO., and Blacksburg, VA appears to be the time of year in which they have taken place. Why this particular week in mid-April? What I started to see, set off a chain of sychromystical connections that has continued to expand, even as we now enter the second week of May.

    The dates April 16th-21st correspond with a week long Roman celebration to the Goddess Ceres (Demeter/Isis). This spring festival took place from roughly April 12-19th (The 19th being known as the “Cerealia”). Ceres “The Mother Goddess” is perhaps best known as the mother of Persephone. The goddess of crops, plants, and fertility…specifically wheat, and corn. It is from her name that our modern “cereal” is derived. In the tarot, Ceres is “The Empress” and thus connected to Venus, for the purposes of this investigation I will primarily focus on her importance to the natural world of agriculture and animals. However, this rabbit hole is deep, and there will be occasion to invoke other aspects of Ceres.

  50. Gerold

    April may be the “cruelest month” because we’re coming out of winter, somewhat affected with Seasonally Affective Disorder and generally depressed. Northern latitude people are more affected then equitorial. Apparently in Finland (about as far north as you’d want to get) many Finns are found hanging from trees in spring (you’ll never find a Finn without rope.

  51. emsnews

    If we look at the entire year and over as much history as possible, the connections fall apart. Many a terrible thing has happened in, say, September. Of course, most wars throughout history are launched in April because this is the end of Mud Season which is March, the month, up north, where the ground thaws and it is harder to get around on dirt roads [modern paving takes care of this].
    So, if you want a summer of invading, etc, you launch these in April when the ground is dry, the equinox spring storms have subsided and there is more food growing.

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  54. I read that an estimated $3 Trillion (US) would be the global cost of Swine Flu, even if it fails to do much harm over all. That’s the fear factor for you.

  55. Greg K

    Here’s a thought, neo nazi’s or some hate group who want to kill Obama launched it. Perhaps they were attempting germ warfare against Obama. Why would I say this?

    1. Obama met a guy while in Mexico that was an archeologist who died of it one day after meeting Obama. What’s the statistical chance the PUSA would be at ground zero and come into contact with one of the people who died from it.

    2. If it’s a mutation and from some elite group – engineered. Perhaps they have a way to innoculate themselves against it already.

    3. This type of group would be without morals and would have a low view of minorities and want to change the entire population structure of the world. We are talking about Neo-Nazi like stuff. Who else would unleash something like this? Any ruling elite that felt they had an anti-dote for it.

    4. If you attempt to kill the president from something that just happens to kill others, it would seem more like a freak accident of nature, than an up front attempt which would hurt your cause or end designs. It would have to be someone who hates Obama due to a natural hatred, like racism. This would tend to make it more open to right wing groups, but even communists might attempt this, if they were some kind of elitists.

    5. Those hoping for dieoff of some groups for example Mexicans who are having resource problems and losing oil export capability, would make this a good motive for releasing it to target them.

    6. If Obama was exposed but didn’t die, did he have an anti-dote? This could lead to all kinds of more complex conspiracy theories as well.

    I’m really shocked that so many have not put out conspiracy theories. I’m just mentioning this, not based on any knowledge of any kind of conspiracy, but due to the seemingly statistical rarity of a President being exposed to a “new strain” of bug, released that is deadly. And that bug could be genetically engineered, since it’s composed of bird, pig and human parts and not easy to innoculate against according to early reports. Is it a freak of nature and it just so happened that Obama travels so much he just by mere co-incidence was exposed to it? How many Mexicans got this in the first week or so and how many of them would be by chance exposed to the President of the USA? I would think people who are in touch with the president would be vetted and checked out. So that would make the chance that someone randomly from a low level of society or caste would just happen to run into the President and be carrying the bug.

    Some thoughts.

  56. CK

    1) Same last name, different guy. The guy who met Obama is not dead, not even sniffling.
    2-6) Wonderful movie scenario. You might want to fill it out a bit and then get an agent and maybe market it around hollywood.

  57. emsnews

    Lady Luck is the mother of Coincidence. Coincidence is when Random Chance does artful things like flipping a coin and getting only heads 100 times in a row. Coincidence is the favorite tool of all movie makers, novelists and playwrights. They can have immense fun with Coincidence.

  58. CK

    When that happens, buy a share in the coin.

  59. OHH Great post!! I just add this to my bookmarks. Thank You ^_^

  60. ann

    Hi there i,m Ann from Scotland and would love a tarot reading i,m 48 years and i,m avirgo have 1 child at 21 and would like to know how my finances and home life will be , many thanks

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