The NYT has been pretty mute about the torture memo Sturm und Drang.  But the Washington Post has arrayed all of its mighty, vast stable of chicken hawk, Zionist neo cons to whack us over the head and waterboard us with their many tears of rage and hate: they love torture and think it is a mighty tool with which we can rule the planet.  This battle for the hearts and minds of Americans is continuing because roughly half of Americans want to live in a Soviet/KGB state protected from pesky ‘terrorists’ even if this means losing all their liberties and civil rights.  Not to mention, international war crimes are OK with this half of America.


Michael Scheuer — Osama, Obama and Torture – washingtonpost.com


In surprisingly good English, the captive quietly answers: ‘Yes, all thanks to God, I do know when the mujaheddin will, with God’s permission, detonate a nuclear weapon in the United States, and I also know how many and in which cities.” Startled, the CIA interrogators quickly demand more detail. Smiling his trademark shy smile, the captive says nothing. Reporting the interrogation’s results to the White House, the CIA director can only shrug when the president asks: “What can we do to make Osama bin Laden talk?”

Um, bin Laden is a CIA operative.  Just like Bush flew all his family out of the US while full fledged US citizens including former Presidents were prevented from flying for several days.  But special jets were used to fly all over America to pick up these people because they were very big inside the CIA even though none of them are Americans.

Americans should keep this worst-case scenario in mind as they watch the tragicomic spectacle taking place in the wake of the publication of the Justice Department’s interrogation memos.

What is so comical about these torture memos?  Unless we laugh at public hangings.

It will help them recognize this episode of political theater —i.e.: isn’t real or important, eh? —as another major step in the bipartisan dismantling of America’s defenses based on the requirements of presidential ideology.

We must change our songs and pledges of allegiance.  From ‘Land of the Brave’ to ‘Land of the KGB.’

George W. Bush’s democracy-spreading philosophy yielded the invasion of Iraq and set the United States at war with much of the Muslim world. Bush’s worldview thereby produced an enemy that quickly outpaced the limited but proven threat-containing capacities of the major U.S. counterterrorism programs — rendition, interrogation and unmanned aerial vehicle attacks.


Rendition is illegal kidnapping and then illegally and illicitly moving captives across international borders in order to avoid the Red Cross and other humanitarian groups.  Then, one may torture these people until they die and no one would be the wiser.  The Nazis called this ‘Nacht und Nebel.’


Unmanned aerial vehicle attacks are robot assassins which also illegally cross borders a la IDF and attacks whoever it wishes, usually killing lots of innocent people or targeting wedding celebrations, etc.  Far from containing threats, these robot murdering machines and the kidnapping of people who are held without charges illegally in distant lands, this is more like kicking an anthill.  Or hitting a hornet’s nest.  And I wish the WP would stop paying hacks to talk about how we are bringing ‘democracy’ to any Muslims on this planet. This is the last thing we want.


Craig Murray – Viral Press Officers Needed



Thatcher Room
Portcullis House
Tuesday 28 April 1.45pm
Formal Evidence Session on UK Complicity in Torture
Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights
Witness: Craig Murray, former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan
(currently Rector of the University of Dundee).

In 2004, Craig Murray told us that:

– The British Government was complicit in the most vicious forms of torture
– He had been the victim of a lurid smear campaign initiated by New Labour
– The government was lying about all this

In 2004, much of the public and media was not willing to accept that the government would cooperate with torture or with false allegations against an innocent man. Many still had trust in the basic honesty and decency of government.

The evidence that Craig Murray was telling the truth about torture has now become overwhelming, including from the case of Binyam Mohammed. The UK “benefited” continually from intelligence passed on from the CIA waterboarding programme and from torture in countries including Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Egypt.

Craig Murray suffered the most high profile sacking of any British Ambassador for a century. But in 2005 the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee refused to hear him in evidence, despite allowing Jack Straw to appear and attack him.

Astonishingly, this is the first time Craig Murray will ever have been allowed to give formal evidence in the UK on his grave allegations, and be questioned on the truth of his testimony.

As the Scotland Yard investigation proceeds into MI5 and MI6 collusion in 16 cases of torture, Craig Murray will argue that it is not the security service operatives, but the Ministers who set the policy – and specifically Jack Straw – who should be facing criminal charges.

Contact: Craig Murray on 07979 691085 or craigmurray@mail.ru
Transcript of Craig Murray’s formal evidence statement is athttp://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2009/03/trying_again_my.html

I need help to get this out to the mainstream media. Can you spare half an hour on Sunday or Monday to do that? Things you might do are:

– Find email addresses or fax numbers for newsrooms at newspapers, press and broadcast media and news agencies
– Send them a copy of the press release, and then telephone to make sure that somebody reads it
– Research on the internet reporters who have covered torture and extraordinary rendition, and send copies to them
– Speak with any journalist you have any contact with, alert them to the story and get them to pass it on to a suitable colleague
– Do not forget the Scottish media, political magazines and journals, specialist broadcasters, regional media and international correspondents in London 
– Send copies to relevant NGOs – again following up with a phone call 
– Rope in anyone with media experience and contacts you know to help
– Spread the news on the internet

Do not worry too much about duplication – it may be helpful, and there is much greater danger of too little being done than too much. I am sorry I am always asking you for help, but there is only one of me!

The parliamentary TV service is filming the hearing, so there will be footage and pictures available. It will also be webcast by parliament, though whether live or not I do not know.


Bravo, Braveheart Craig Murray!  Hammer away!  Of course, this story will not appear in the NYT or the WP.  He isn’t a warmonger.  He isn’t a Zionist.  If this hearing is on You Tube, I will connect to it.  As the internet expands its reach, our ability to circumvent the warmongering side of the media improves.


Josh Smith, by the way, is OK.  Here are two videos about how our government is making it impossible to do ordinary things like film war monuments or take photos of the private Federal Reserve buildings. The first video is from England where subjects don’t have any civil rights and the Bobbies are Bullies.  


YouTube – Big Brother Hates Being Filmed!

YouTube – Reporters threatened with arrest for filming private Federal Reserve building


Snapping this photo at MY request nearly got Josh arrested.  Why this should be illegal baffles me. Of course, the cops are paranoid but this is not an excuse for them to act like thugs.  Today, by the way, the WP efforts to make fun of the torture memo business continues with Gerson whining about how conflicted he is. Torture or not to torture?  That is the question.  Except the answer for him is very easy: torture away!  If only Hamlet figured this out.  Instead of trying to get his step father to confess his sins, he could have waterboarded him.


Michael Gerson – What the Justice Department Memos Reveal About Coercive Interrogations – washingtonpost.com


I respect many of those who say “never” in regard to coercive interrogation — just as I respect pacifists who believe that the use of violence and coercion by government is always wrong. This can be a position of admirable moral consistency, and some have willingly sacrificed for its sake. But holding this view is not an option for those in government, charged with the protection of citizens who share this position and those who do not. Adherence to this principle could involve unwilling sacrifice for many others.

Turning our government into an extension of the Spanish Inquisition will save no souls, protect no people and do no good. This is why our Founding Fathers were totally against torture [except for slaves, of course!].  It is very simple.

Some have dismissed this argument as “moral relativism” or the assertion that the ends justify the means. But this betrays a misunderstanding of ethics itself. The most difficult moral decisions in government are required when two moral goods come into conflict.

Torture or not to torture?  Ah, an ethical problem!  I recall, most real thinkers didn’t have to think very long about this, but only if they were not tools of some despot.  All tools of despot obviously know the answer to that question: torture is perfectly OK if it is for the ‘greater good’, which usually coincides with what the despots want.

Most of us believe in the dignity of the human person, a principle that covers even those who commit grave evils. Most of us believe in the responsibility of government to protect the innocent from death and harm.

Obviously, all the editorial writers of the Washington Post are not ‘most of us.’  About ‘protecting the innocent’: how doest this square with kidnapping and abusing two small boys, the youngest being only 7 years old?  Their crime: we wanted to catch their daddy and hoped to torment them into giving us information.

Government officials pursue both moral goods in a complicated world. In retrospect, they may sometimes get the balance wrong. But national security decisions are not made in retrospect.

This is a common, common DC theme: the past is not prologue to the future.  The past is buried and we pretend to have amnesia.  What on earth are we securing?  According  to all oaths of office, it is not the USA, it is the CONSTITUTION.  And Gerson knows this perfectly well.  Our Constitution forbids kidnapping children and torturing them for information.  Period.

I suspect that most Americans, in considering these matters, would come to certain conclusions: There should be a broad presumption against harsh interrogations by our government. An atmosphere of permission can result in discrediting crimes such as Abu Ghraib. But perhaps in the most extreme cases — when the threat of a terrorist attack is clear and serious — American officials may need to employ harsh questioning, while protecting terrorists from permanent injury. In broad outlines, this approach is consistent with the Justice Department memos.

Seig Heil.  I look and look and no where in the  Constitution nor in any of the amendments, do I see, ‘If information might be useful, the government can kidnap and torture people, even small children.’

I remain ambivalent about these issues. I suggest some psychiatric treatment for your pathological problems, buddy.  There may be other, equally effective ways to get information from terrorists — I don’t know enough about such techniques to be certain. Elements of the interrogation program may have been mistaken. But these were not clear or obvious calls — and they deserve more than facile, retrospective judgments.


There is nothing ‘facile’ of our collective horror over the fascists who tortured people, kidnapped people, some of whom were totally innocent or small children.  We see no ambiguity because there is none.  This is as close to a stark black and white issue if there ever was one.  This is why those memos are very, very long and tedious reading.  The authors had to slowly worm their way into the heart of the rotten apple and to thus, justify, bit by bit, outright torture.


And it is worse: much of this torture was designed to force victims to lie about Saddam Hussein.  To justify our illegal invasion.  This is a major war crime.  Just like the fact that there were zero WMD when we illegally invaded.  These things must be brought to justice.  Justice cannot be denied.  The longer we tarry, the more degraded we grow.  Look at the Washington Post!  A moral relativity swamp filled with crocodiles and water moccasins.  






P.O. BOX 483

BERLIN, NY 12022

Make checks out to ‘Elaine Supkis’




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  1. Bear of Little Brain

    Keeping you all inline, folks:
    747 with two military escorts flies low over Manhattan today with NO public forewarning.

    How obvious can these clowns get?

  2. Jimmy

    Far be it for me to condone police bullying, but taking a photo of a tactical cordon by police acting in a para-military role during night strikes me as imprudent and I’m not military nor police. I would say it could properly be construed as something to investigate. Some discretion may be prudent both for the photo taking and the ensuing dialogue with officers. Battles may need to fought in this regard, but in this case I would say pick your battles.

  3. emsnews

    Yes, the flight around Manhattan was stupid. Turns out, the cops were told by the Pentagon but both didn’t bother to tell the mayor. In NYC, the mayor is often the last to know what the hell is going on.

  4. David

    This promoting of torture by Washington Post writers is appalling.
    I hope I’m not out of line with the below post, but this is so wrong that I felt compelled to add a little more than my usual lengthy arguments.
    You said,
    “This is a common, common DC theme: the past is not prologue to the future. The past is buried and we pretend to have amnesia. What on earth are we securing? According to all oaths of office, it is not the USA, it is the CONSTITUTION. And Gerson knows this perfectly well. Our Constitution forbids kidnapping children and torturing them for information. Period.”
    This is the trouble with DC and those whose despicable actions against humanity are so disgusting. They think that as soon as the torture stops, and when no permanent physical harm occurs during the torture session,all will be forgiven, and the US will be forgiven.
    Not so. Read Frantz Fannon’s Wretched of The Earth….about Algerians who were tortured by the French. Frantz Fannon was an Algerian psychiatrist who treated French torture victims…and many of those victims still could not sleep and had horrible nightmares twenty years later…health problems, psychiatric problems and moral dilemmas they could never resolve….their suicide rate was much higher than normal…and this in a muslim country where suicide is a direct pathway to hell….so the damage the French colonial government did to these people was unforgivable and never, during their entire lives, did it completely heal.
    We must consider the psychological effect the torture had on the two young boys who were forced to betray their own father. Even if they overcome the physical and psychologcal trauma of the torture itself, they will most likely be unable to forgive themselves for betraying their own flesh and blood and this is also moral degradation of their psyches…and as they grow older, they will always berate themselves for not being stronger and resisting longer…until death even….there is no escape from this.
    But, back to the main point….and the main point is those who institute these policies believe that as soon as the pain stops, all will be forgive, but that is not so.
    Boethius, a 6th Century Christian Pagan philosopher and thinker came up with the concepts of hubris and nemesis. A person continues on a path of evil, creating pain and resentments with immorality and wrongdoing and spreading hatred to others…both people and nations, and at some point,this hubris builds pressure and resentments to a breaking point, and like a powerful dam bursting, all of the evil that was created comes back to destroy the creator of hubris….and this is called nemesis.
    Johan Galtung in “On the Coming Decline and Fall of The US Empire”
    “William Blum has 300 pages of solid documentation in his Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower (Monroe MA: Common Courage Press, 2000). The total suffering is enormous: the victims, the bereaved, the damaged nature…..Most of it fits into one single pattern: building a US Empire based on economic exploitation of other countries and other peoples, using direct violence and indirect violence….
    There is no sign of any clash of civilizations, nor any sign of territorial expansion. But there is enormous missionary zeal and enormous self-righteousness.”
    “Blum’s list of interventions up to the year 2000 covers 67 cases since 1945 (Grossman has 56, the criteria differ somewhat):

    China 45-51, France 47, Marshall Islands 46-58, Italy 47-70s, Greece 47-49, Philippines 45-53, Korea 45-53, Albania 49-53, Eastern Europe 48-56, Germany 50s, Iran 53, Guatemala 53-90s, Costa Rica 50s, 70-71, Middle East 56-58, Indonesia 57-58, Haiti 59, Western Europe 50s-60s, British Guiana 53-64, Iraq 58-63, Soviet Union 40s-60s, Vietnam 45-73, Cambodia 55-73, Laos 57-73, Thailand 65-73, Ecuador 60-63, Congo-Zaire 77-78, France-Algeria 60s, Brazil 61-63, Peru 65, Dominican Republic 63-65, Cuba 59-, Indonesia 65, Ghana 66, Uruguay 69-72, Chile 64-73, Greece 67-74, South Africa 60s-80s, Bolivia 64-75, Australia 72-75, Iraq 72-75, Portugal 74-76, East Timor 75-99, Angola 75-80s, Jamaica 76, Honduras 80s, Nicaragua 78-90s, Philippines 70s, Seychelles 79-81, South Yemen 79-84, South Korea 80, Chad 81-2, Grenada 79-83, Suriname 82-84, Libya 81-89, Fiji 87, Panama 89, Afghanistan 79-92, El Salvador 80-92, Haiti 87-94, Bulgaria 90-91, Albania 91-92, Somalia 93, Iraq 90s, Peru 90s, Mexico 90s, Colombia 90s, Yugoslavia 95-99.
    There was bombing in 25 cases (for details, read the book):
    China 45-46, Korea/China 50-53, Guatemala 54, Indonesia 58, Cuba 60-61, Guatemala 60, Vietnam 61-73, Congo 64, Peru 65, Laos 64-73, Cambodia 69-70, Guatemala 67-69, Grenada 83, Lebanon-Syria 83-84, Libya 86, El Salvador 80s, Nicaragua 80s, Iran 87, Panama 89, Iraq 91-, Kuwait 91, Somalia 93, Sudan 98, Afghanistan 98, Yugoslavia 99. Assassination of foreign leaders, among them heads of state, was attempted in 35 countries, and assistance with torture in 11 countries: Greece, Iran, Germany, Vietnam, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama
    On top of this come 23 countries where the United States has intervened in elections or has prevented elections: Italy 48-70s, Lebanon 50s, Indonesia 55, Vietnam 55, Guayana 53-64, Japan 58-70s, Nepal 59, Laos 60, Brazil 62, Dominican Republic 62, Guatemala 63, Bolivia 66, Chile 64-70, Portugal 74-5, Australia 74-5, Jamaica 76, Panama 84, 89, Nicaragua 84,90, Haiti 87-88, Bulgaria 91-92, Russia 96, Mongolia 96, Bosnia 98.
    35 (attempted) assassinations + 11 countries with torture + 25 bombings + 67 interventions + 23 interferences with other people’s elections give 161 forms of aggravated political violence only since the Second World War. A world record.” (Johan Galtung)

    This list is staggering, and now the empire wants to institute open torture of opponents and make no apologies for it. In fact, the Washington Post, the mouthpiece for the government, advocates torture.
    And, as we note daily, the US empire is in decline to a large extent, and is gradually morphing into an unfamiliar entity, but still this belief that all is forgiven as soon as the pain stops pervades Washington’s fragmented thinking.
    I ask these advocates of torture if reason supports their notion that torturers will be forgiven….I think not.
    The US is treading on very dangerous ground with recent human abuses, but leaders do not see it that way.
    If someone like Blum has taken the time to compile a list like the above, then we can be assured that others have done so also.
    History does not view such things kindly.
    I remember once seeing a very short film clip of early movie film on television…some documentary about a Russian peasant being tied between two horses and being drawn and quartered…and it was horrible…the Czar was attempting to keep Russian peasants in line with fear…they also had the gnout, whip with metal rings and hooks where the authorities literally tore the flesh from peasants to the bone until finally the peasant died in terrible pain…and this was meant to instill terrible fear in those peasants and keep the ruling classes safe and secure from the rabble of the nation.
    But, I ask, did it work? Absolutely not! Gradually, such terrible deeds built resentments and hatreds against rulers to such an extent (hubris) that when the dam of resentments, pain and hatred burst, the entire old order of Russia was swept away forever, including their entire families and children…and 60,000,000 died before the hatreds and resentments were appeased.
    It is easy to speculate and be smug when you’re on top as we in the US have been for so many years, but history also teaches that empires rise and fall and decline…as we are seeing now with our economic difficulties….and we might not be on top forever.
    So, I question whether we should continue on this path that grows increasingly more bizarre where we torture even small children to preserve our way of life.
    Something is wrong with how these Washington Post writers view the world.

  5. emsnews

    As a mother, I would have intervened on behalf of the children. But I wrote about US prisons in IRAQ where we held SMALL CHILDREN who were not EVEN GIVEN CLOTHING!!!! And they lived in TENTS behind barbed wires and an outraged Iraqi man found them and was furious. The guards said, ‘We throw them candy [and watch them scramble] so they are not suffering.’
    I wailed in rage after reading the report. How could anyone do this to 6 year old children??? Yet, this is what we did in Iraq! And this is why we need to beg for mercy. I want these people put in prison, the people who did this and the people who were in charge of them, arrest them.

  6. John

    …because roughly half of Americans want to live in a Soviet/KGB state protected from pesky ‘terrorists’ even if this means losing all their liberties and civil rights. Not to mention, international war crimes are OK with this half of America.

    Yep. I’ve had some conversations with some twentysomething children of priviledge, and they see no problem with torture. As fast as you can explain to them how it lessens us, how doing this violates every principle upon which this country was founded, they can come up with justifications for doing it anyway. “Well, I just really don’t agree that it’s wrong for us to do that,” they tell me. What it really gets down to is that they’re lazy, mentally and spiritually, and they want a TV dinner approach to everything in life.

    My only focus at this point is to keep my karma balanced so I do not have to have any more lives in this asanine plane. I am so very ready to be done with kindergarden…

  7. Paul S

    I am hoping that Sean Hannity will make good on his “promise” to be waterboarded to show that it isn’t torture. AND that waterboarding is effective in producing results. I encourage everyone to e-mail Sean and plead with him to make good on his promise.

  8. emsnews

    We should run an auction to see who gets to waterboard him! 🙂

  9. April 28, 2009
    Evidence To Parliament – Live Webcast
    If I pretended I wasn’t nervous about my appearance before the parliamentary committee today I would be lying. Little patches of moisture appear briefly on the keys as I hit them, then evaporate.
    I am nervous not for myself, but in case I fluff this real opportunity to redeem something of the honour of our country, and to end this barbarous collusion with torture. If I had the chance to speak uninterrupted for ten minutes, I am sure I could make an impact. But I am limited to short answers to questions from the committee.
    You will be able to see this on live webcast here at 1.45 BST today.
    If anyone knows how to capture this for podcast or youtube or anything…

  10. emsnews

    Tell, I just clicked on your name. You run a web site! I will link to you when I do stories from now on.

  11. CK

    The US dollar is backed by the full faith and credit of the US government.
    So also are the international treaties that the US signs onto.
    As in small things so also in large things.
    Seeing the contempt with which the US treats its foreign treaties, as a creditor to the US, I would expect them to treat their “honourable” debts in the same manner.

  12. Elaine
    I don`t run a web site. A very dear friend runs it.

  13. emsnews

    Ah, still good!

  14. Craig Murray – Torture 1 of 7…

    Craig Murray – Torture 2 of 7…

    Craig Murray – Torture 3 of 7…

    Craig Murray – Torture 4 of 7…

    Craig Murray – Torture 5 of 7…

    Craig Murray – Torture 6 of 7…

    Craig Murray – Torture 7 of 7…

    Philippe Sands – Torture 1 of 6…

    Philippe Sands – Torture 2 of 6…

    Philippe Sands – Torture 3 of 6…

    Philippe Sands – Torture 4 of 6…

    Philippe Sands – Torture 5 of 6…

    Philippe Sands – Torture 6 of 6…

  15. Elaine
    Sorry. Forgot too many links.If you could please delete above post for me?.

  16. emsnews

    I will try to post all the You Tube videos for you, Tell, OK?

  17. Elaine
    Thanks,you are a TRUE GEM.
    After watching all the You Tube videos I think they are going to come out and say that in a roundabout way torture is legal?.Time will tell.
    God help us all.

  18. Duski

    The end tops it all. They did not torture to get information, but to get lies they needed to make excuse for illegal Iraq war. That actually shows that resorting to torture already means that all morals are lost and the people wanting to torture should be put behind bars as soon as possible.

  19. emsnews

    I can’t post some stuff like artwork today on my blog because WordPress is having technical difficulties today.

  20. “How the Government and Secret Services Covered Up Flights”…

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