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Pirates Who Looted Archway Cookies Being Investigated

The lawsuits and investigations surrounding the hedge fund that used criminal fraud to fake cookie sale profits made the NYT.  Like all the other millions of ponzi-scheme-style of ‘business’ that kept America afloat on a sea of red ink, this sordid tale illuminated how lying, deception and too much debts combined to destroy a physical, real business and how many thousands of good people lost their jobs because a crew of greedy gnomes ripped apart and destroyed valid, normal businesses.

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Picture 6As the corrupt political parties of Britain go under in a cesspool of theft from the public weal, we can only pray that we have an identical crisis here in the US.  Time to clean out the stables!  Also, the US and UK mortgage bail out program help virtually no one at all, in England, exactly one person…yes, and not a member of Parliament!—has been rescued!  California is drowning and there hasn’t even been a  major earthquake, either. And Germany gets very stern about the money, they have long memories.

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GM Is Officially Bankrupt & A BIS Japan Banking Report


Picture 5The Bank for International Settlements released another interesting report this week.  It is all about Japan’s savings mania and how secularization of debts missed Japan, which is why Japan is still solvent, unlike the US and UK.  And Geithner is following Pelosi, going to China to beg and cajole China into becoming a consumer nation.  I guess, Hu needs some jesters to come and entertain him.  Bet he films all this for his own chuckles, later.  And GM is now bankrupt.  A terrible milestone we should all fear. Continue reading


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US Will Lose AAA Rating Just Like UK


Libra balances scalesIt is nearly never mentioned in the news in the mainstream media but gold has been climbing back to new highs as the financial system’s green shoots are shot to hell.  The attempt at faking interest rates in the teeth of impending inflation has now failed.  Remember: house loans are long, long term loans, not short like say, auto loans.  The long-term rates are now rising rapidly.  This is due to everyone seeing the obvious: by printing money, the Fed has handed our affairs back to the Goddess of Infinity and she is very dangerous.  The Goddess of Depression at least leaves a base to build on.  Goddess of Infinity destroys that base. Continue reading


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Pelosi Goes To Hu For $6 Trillion More Loans

free trade kills US manufacturingThere is lots and lots of commentary and opinions online.  Every once and a while…well, nearly constantly, I go to charts and graphs to see if my analysis is based on some shadow of reality.  Keeping things real is life and death when things are going wrong.  The only way we can get out of a trap is to first, understand the trap.  The US is like a bear caught in a leg trap.  We yank and yank and will eventually tear off our leg, to escape.  We won’t be able to do much tree climbing, afterwards. Continue reading


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Ruling Elites In West Are Inept, Stupid And Dangerous

War memorial, Jersey City NJWhen putting pieces of a very large, global puzzle together, it is easy to fall into the trap of accrediting everything that happens as part of a conspiracy against all of humanity.  This tendency is used by the Real Rulers as a tool to isolate and mock those who do try to track the very real conspiracies that really are going on.  The super-secret Bilderberg meetings as well as the follow-up even more secretive Rockefeller population control meeting are of greatest interest.  Today, I wish to tie some important events and people into one package so it illuminates how this business is working out or rather, how it is FAILING.  For the other secretive contra-system run by the communists, is surging forwards. Continue reading


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GM Bankrutpcy And Free Trade


1957 ChevyGM is most likely going to be bankrupt with the US government holding 70% of the dead business.  Meanwhile, Japan demanded and got to force the US to give financing for Japanese research, in Japan, on ‘green’ [sic] auto technology.  Free Trade is so cool, isn’t it?  I examine the dying US auto industry and how we lost WWII and how the only way we can kill competition here is to kill our own economy so badly, no one can make any money, no how, no way. Continue reading


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