Some Madoff’s Victims Are Also Crooks And Liars


Magic doorwayMore Madoff news: seems that his buddies and fellow Mafia dudes all used him to give them whatever ‘profits’ they wanted.  That is, they would tell him how much money they needed and he would give it to them.  After all, they were doing the same thing at the same time: feeding money into Zionist projects.  This week, nearly totally secretly, the US Congress gave Israel even more money.  They are used to simply asking and then, getting, whatever sums they need, now they can’t get it via Madoff, they turn to Congress.Magic doorway
Libra/Justice is at the top of this pillar showing the Zodiac.  Troy, NY
What chutzpah! That’s what some members of the tony Fifth Avenue Synagogue are saying about embattled financier J. Ezra Merkin, who’s about to ascend to chairman of the temple board despite luring fellow worshippers into the clutches of Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff.
The Post is being funny here. Of course, these guys can’t escape the clutches of the Madoff machine because….they loved the Madoff machine! It was a back door into the fabulous Cave of Wealth and Death! They could fund many ‘charities’ that expanded the power of Zionist Jews. So they rewarded the guys who were using cheating ways to create money out of nothing.
Now that the scam has been destroyed, these worshippers of the Golden Calf can’t escape. They hope that if they congregate and pray to this death God of theirs, He will shower them with funny money again!
The moneyed synagogue, where Revlon CEO Ron Perelman and writer Elie Wiesel worship, was dubbed “The Temple of Doom” last December after insiders estimated members lost $2 billion in the swindle.
HAHAHA. Yes, it was an outermost chamber of the Cave of Wealth and Death. In many, many ways, it was all about Death. Elie Wiesel, for example, wants to kill Palestinian babies in the name of the German ethnic cleansing, the Holocaust. This is the definition of ‘cannibalism’: after Jewish babies were brutally murdered by ethnic cleansers, the victims then earn the right to do it, too. “He’s tearing the synagogue apart,” seethed one member leaving services at the Upper East Side temple yesterday. “People cannot stand to look at him standing at the bimah. When he stands and holds the Torah, people want to throw up.”
HAHAHA. This is what happens when one worships the God of Wealth. They could easily walk away from this Temple of Doom but can’t. They want its power for themselves so they can have more power and money. Members will vote on a board-approved slate of officers Wednesday, and although many object to Merkin leading the prestigious institution, “no one wants to be the one to stand up in public and say do the right thing and step aside,” the member said.


So they don’t tell him in his face, they tell the OWNER OF THE POST who happens to go to this same Temple.  HAHAHA.  So he uses one of his writers to tell us all about this in the hopes, this will shame Merkin into resigning?  How Byzantine.  


Merkin will hopefully be arrested soon.  I hope a lot of the whiners in the Temple of Doom are examined more closely. See what other financial wizardly deeds they are pulling on us.


Madoff Victims Investigated –

Jeffry Picower and Stanley Chais, two philanthropists who invested heavily with Mr. Madoff, and Carl Shapiro, one of the money manager’s oldest friends, are among at least eight Madoff investors and associates being scrutinized by the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan, these people said.

I expected this. This is the Jewish Mafia in action. Like the Chinese Mafia, the Japanese Mafia, the Italian Mafia or the Queen of England’s family, these guys all operate under the cover of the law, enabled by the people in power or are in power.

Israel’s leaders all leave office in shame due to accumulating too many financial scandals. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing how this worship system they evolved are scams, they look the other way and blame outsiders.

All ethnic Mafia systems [and most countries have these in one form or another] operate under the cover of the tribe. This means, locking out outsiders. The Bilderberg group is a quasi-Mafia: many interlocking Mafioso meet secretly to plot their next moves. So it is with the Jewish Mafia.

NOT ALL JEWS ARE IN IT. 90% are outside it. But they protect the Mafia bosses for fear of group identity blame. I saw this with the Italian community, for example. The Catholic Church protects the Italian Mafia, too, for example.

The Jewish Mafia can only be broken up by Jews outside the Mafia just like Guiliani went after the Italian Mob when he was prosecutor in NY. So it is here: cleaning house has to be done by fellow Jews who will not tolerate this garbage. Federal investigators have gathered evidence they think will show that Messrs. Picower and Chais told Mr. Madoff how much in returns they wanted. Their accounts soon would reflect those amounts, people familiar with the investigation said….

These swindlers wept alligator tears about how they were victims. HAHAHA. They knew perfectly well, this was a swindle. How many investment houses give you money if you ask for a better profit on investments? None. They knew what they were cooking up.

Messrs. Picower and Chais already have been accused of seeking fictitious gains in civil lawsuits brought against them by Irving Picard, an attorney at Baker & Hostetler LLP who is trustee in the bankruptcy liquidation of Mr. Madoff’s firm, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. As part of his effort to recover assets for Mr. Madoff’s victims, Mr. Picard alleged that Messrs. Picower and Chais sought — and then received — better returns than thousands of other Madoff investors.

Arrest them all. In some cases, their returns reached 300% or 950% a year, Mr. Picard has alleged. The two men made withdrawals from Mr. Madoff’s firm of more than $6 billion in supposed profits above and beyond the principal they deposited for themselves, family members and foundations, the lawsuits allege.

These foundations that got $6 billion in illicit funds should be sued.  They also should look back in shame at how they were funded.  But then, Israel is funded this way: via fraud.  I tried to refind a story I lost today on my ‘to post’ list which was about how Congress voted…in near total secrecy, obviously, to raise the amount of loot we are handing over to the criminals in Israel.


The government of Israel has become utterly corrupt due to the ability to go to OUR Congress and get whatever money they wish, no matter what.  Many owners of US media and funders of our elections are now unleashing a frontal attack, again, on our social systems.  They are telling us in increasingly loud voices, we can’t afford Social Security, etc.  We have to cut money from the budget.


Yet, war money and money for Israel increase!  And is seldom if ever, mentioned in these news operations.  The victims of all this will be American Jews, too.  They, too, will be denied social services.  So what’s up?


Well, it is pretty simple: if the US is paying for all Jewish social services in ISRAEL, all the American Jews will move there!  Ta-da!  Simple!  It forces emigration to Israel.  Only this will weaken Jewish power in America.  So the solution is simple: dual citizenship.  All Jews will move briefly to Israel, get to be a citizen, then come here to run things so the money keeps flowing there.  


I hate to think of this but I know my former family all too well.  What a nifty scheme.  Have your Middle Eastern cake and eat in America, too.  I hope the Jewish community turns on their own Mafia.  This Mafia is killing Israel.  This is one of the contradictions in systems: the more the Jews gain control here, the more they are destroyed from within.  This is called ‘moral rot.’


Islam rotted from the inside, out, too.  Over the centuries, instead of opening minds and developing things, they closed systems and set things in cement.  Overcoming this internal rot proved nearly impossible, even as outsiders invaded.  To this day, the desire is to pull back into a protective shell, not expand horizons.


By the way, Kuwait had an election!  Some women ran for office and got in!  Congratulations.  On the other hand, the US and NATO gave the OK to Sri Lanka to crush the rebellion there.  Utterly at odds with US/NATO howls about Tibet.  It’s OK to crush ethnic minority civilians if it is on behalf of the US/NATO system.  Ask Palestinians about that double standard.


Pakistani Military Killing Fleeing Swati Civilians — News from

As the Pakistani military’s offensive against the Swat Valley continues, around 1.45 million are reported to have successfully fled. For several families today attempting to leave their homes, that trek ended in disaster as the Pakistani military attacked and killed several of them, and wounded an unknown number of others. Women and children were among the slain.

Witnesses who managed to escape the attack and reach a town in Upper Dir say the party of civilian families were crossing a mountain path after leaving their homes in the town of Matta, when they were attacked by the military’s helicopter gunships. Matta was the latest Swati town to be targeted in the ongoing offensive.


The blood on Obama’s hands turns redder by the hour.  The time to pull back has long passed.  Yesterday, he had discussions with the new Jewish Mafia Boss of Israel and got absolutely nothing.


Little Progress as Obama, Netanyahu Meet — News from

Four hours of dialogue between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama appears to have yielded little in the way of agreement on the major issues of discussion. The two appear to have come to little consensus on the question of Iran or the question of Palestinian peace talks.

President Obama pressed for the two-state solution, though Netanyahu was willing only to grant that it was possible to allow the Palestinians “to govern themselves, absent a handful of powers that could endanger the State of Israel.” Even as this was happening, MPs in Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party were gathering opposition to Palestinian statehood. It appears that even if Prime Minister Netanyahu is eventually brought around on the issue he will have stiff opposition.

Netanyahu got what he wanted: more loot from Congress.  Thanks to that, he was able to spit in Obama’s eye.  On top of this, work on even more ‘settler’ communities continues.  They are selling apartments to American Jews which takes me back to the entire business here: how Zionism is destroying Judaism.


The signs of moral turpitude are now pretty obvious.  Madoff wasn’t like the other, run of the mill rip-off artists, he was one of the chief money funnels to Zionist projects and enforcement systems.  Elie Wiesel, when he isn’t getting sick to his stomach, praying for money while standing next to Merkin, spends most of his time, attacking anyone who attacks the Zionist projects.  Now, he has no money to do this.  Too bad for him.  


Maybe, he should redirect his anger to his fellow worshippers.  Then, he will become a true Samuel, a true Elijah, not a tool of a bunch of crooks and swindlers.


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23 responses to “Some Madoff’s Victims Are Also Crooks And Liars

  1. payAttention

    ‘By the way, Kuwait had an election! Some women ran for office and got in! Congratulations. On the other hand, the US and NATO gave the OK to Sri Lanka to crush the rebellion there. Utterly at odds with US/NATO howls about Tibet. It’s OK to crush ethnic minority civilians if it is on behalf of the US/NATO system. Ask Palestinians about that double standard.’

    Dear Author should verify facts before writing, since this is false. The recently deceased Velupillai Prabhakaran enjoined the Tamil minority from voting in the general elections three years ago and thereby assured a nationalistic Sinhalese platform. When author pulls facts out of the air to suit her platform, credibility is destroyed on other issues, where author is correct. While author harps on the corruption of Israeli politicos, it is well to remember that author, working for the CIA, undermined the national labor union there as a precondition of our aid. Free trade and supply side economics was shoved down that country’s throat by her people. This was a trojan horse gift, since the labor movement included over half the working population, and no small feature in her CIA policy.

  2. seraphim

    “Some” of Madoff victims are crooks and liars. Is it some as in 1% or some as in 99%?
    In any case the biggest liar is none other than Elie Wiesel. Very little transpired of the allegations made in Hungary by a former inmate of Wiesel at Buchenwald, Miklos Gruner. Namely that Elie Wiesel is an impostor!The money he “invested” in Madoff were mostly the proceeds of his famous books.

  3. emsnews

    The Tibetans want to do the same thing, pay Attention. And the US supports this but NOT the identical business of uprisings in Sri Lanka. All over the planet, we see this double standard with the US picking and choosing which rebellions to back or condemn.

  4. nah

    is the bernie madoff crisis of 08′ over yet

    at least we got 1 scum bag to show for it

  5. Simon

    “When author pulls facts out of the air to suit her platform, credibility is destroyed on other issues, where author is correct. ”
    No it is not. Any astute reader can separate different issues, and acknowledge that there are gaps of knowledge, otherwise everyone would know everything there is to know.
    Assumptions based on character not the info only shows the bias of the reader and his inability to look beyond politics to find information of value.
    The current admin are habitual liars but woe be those who simply ignore or distrust everything they say.

  6. emsnews

    Everyone pulls facts ‘out of the air’ but few add a thousand charts, graphs, numbers and even cartoons to illustrate points, eh? HAHAH. 🙂

  7. seraphim

    pay Attention when “replies” become attacks “ad personam”!

  8. payAttention

    Ad personam not entirely. I compliment author when she presents her case with graphs and numbers that are both interesting and take skill to locate. However author has an agenda to obfuscate her own colonial dominion. Guilt is expiated by assailing you own sins as the sins of others.

  9. emsnews

    Ah, that explains how you think: you project your sins onto me. Glad to know this. 🙂

  10. payAttention

    I do not call Native Americans ‘illegal aliens’.
    ELAINE: I wish you made sense once and awhile. By the way, I am, in a very minor way, part ‘native American’ so please understand that AIM, the American INDIAN Movement, preferred we either use various tribal names or call them ‘Indians’. 🙂 By the way, I know Dennis Banks, personally. 🙂

  11. David

    So, the Madoff thievery was used to funnel money to Zionist projects….one assumes that some of this money went right back into campaign contributions which amounted to bribes to our legislators to favor giving more money to Israel, as it is now doing….while our nation attempts to print enough money to keep up to this outright thievery from our treasury.

    Just seems to me that a point will be reached were this corruption becomes so blatant that it has to be controlled….by someone…and that will be when the US military and MIC does not have enough money to continue their policies…..might take the initiative to do some housecleaning… almost hopes…or am I creating unlikely scenarios in my head?

    One reason I bring this up is because of what I saw on TV last night.

    I was surprised and amazed when a popular television show portrayed Israeli Mossad as cold blooded, and as sneaking one of its spies into the US security apparatus, and then this spy attempting to kill an American,

    And in addition to this, there was a portrayal of Israeli threat of torture of an American, and then of them abusing one of their own citizens….

    This was a complete departure from the standard Israel as victims US entertainment fare. What the hell is going on?

    And this was somewhat in depth portraying of how sleeper spies and other intelligence activists work….rather than the simple minded fare we usually get.

    Is a resistance movement to all of the manipulation if the US government by Israel forming?

    Wife was watching the show, and I got involved for a few minutes, but had to work on something else…and she told me the outcome.

    Anyone have any opinions or guesses? Are some others in government and entertainment waking up?

  12. seraphim

    “One can fool someone everytime; one can fool everyone sometimes; but one can’t fool everyone everytime”.

  13. David


    We all have our sins. The Native American sins were some tribes betraying others to the Anglos in the hope that the then weak, but technologically superior Anglos would help them dominate more land and eliminate enemies.

    Native American war making generally served a very useful purpose, and had reached a state of almost social art with some tribes were they counted coups by striking the enemy rather than killing him.

    I researched the Southeastern Catawbas and Cherokees….and their warfare was mainly to steal mating age girls from each other..and was not usually over land or wealth. The Cherokees raided the riverland Catawbas and stole girls whom they married…and the Catawbas did the same thing to the mountain dwelling Cherokees.

    Of course, there was token warfare when this happened….but it was usually wisely allowed to fizzle out until the next raid came.

    Exchanging women prevented close inbreeding and genetically related diseases. (babies were also sometimes exposed to the elements for a time period just after birth to judge their hardiness to prevent a drain on the village resources, this in the Catawba nation) Main art form of the Catawbas was oral poetry….very beautiful stuff. Cherokees even had a written language.

    In Asia, Japan, and many other places, including, some in the West, arranged marriages prevented this inbreeding (except in anglo elites as Elaine once noted…where inbreeding and insanity increased).

    This “civilized” war making among Native Americans soon took a very ugly twist when the Anglos came….and the more politically astute settlers set the natives against each other when Native Americans should have united into strong nations and preserved their culture as much as possible.

    In any case, they would have probably been overwhelmed, but might have preserved large tracts of sovereignty for their own kind.

    We’ve discussed Japan before on this blog. They were smart enough to unite and keep Westerners at bay….and still do.

    Ah PA. Hindsight is so nice.

  14. Simon

    The Zionists have power, but they are not the only ones with power
    Within the US there are several groups, and in this case it might be an opportunistic power grab by one of the other groups
    After all, even in Esther’s time there are power groups trying to annihilate the Jews, who are but one of many many scheming groups within the court of King Xerxes

  15. Simon

    No the correct thing is not for NA to preserve their culture, in that road lies ruin and damnation. The correct response would be the Japanese one, gather as much information about the invaders as you can and adapt their ways of life as your own. Of course the latter ethnic phyle has the advantage of being on a desolate island with little resource to attract outside invaders, but still

  16. David


    So, you might be right. As the Madoff web of thievery unfolds, and puts the Zionists on the defensive, these other elements you talk about might be taking advantage of the situation, and even might be bringing their case before the masses.

    This will have to be done, and the Zionists will have to be publicly exposed for what they are before anyone can break Christian supporting elements away from the Zionists.

    What better time than the present, when former conservative Christian supporters of the GOP are in disarray over conservative failures, especially the economic ones that cause present hardships for these Christians.

  17. David

    On second thought,
    I am perhaps far too narrow in my views. Perhaps other elements too will have to be shown how the Zionists have hijacked the US ship of state. The folks who need to become aware of this are not only disenfranchised Christians but a majority of loyal Jewish-Americans as well….as well as most secular Americans who are presently captivated by Zionist propaganda themes.

  18. Simon

    TPTB always think in terms of peers, never the proles. They cooperate most of the time to maintain the loving big brother facade, but when one member is perceived to be weak…. out comes the knives

  19. David


    And, possibly, could the outright arrogance, and boastfulness of our ally might be a mitigating factor in a PTB decision to bring out the knives?

  20. Simon

    There is the public swell against the money changers, and historically the money changers are associated with the Zionists
    Plus the fact there is genuine pain and hardship felt by many Americans now, after 2000 they were promised financial freedom and what not by the gnomes.
    The other power(s) will naturally use this ground swell to their advantage to take down the Zionists a peg or two.

  21. emsnews

    The Zionists exploited our NON-ZIONIST imperial systems. Don’t forget, the real ones who set up the imperial war machines of Europe were NOT JEWS, the Jews were the victims of this machine.

    The machine builders were mostly Normans and similar groups in Europe. For example, my Bardi ancestors, not the Jews, were the first bankers in Europe.

    We gave money to kings for WARS.

  22. emsnews

    To pay us off, King Edward raided who? THE JEWS. He kicked them out of England. My ancestors stayed on and dropped the ‘i’ from their name.

  23. I love all of the comments because I have spent 4 years of my life everyday making this movie. A few Million Invested. FREE GIFT: The Banksters, Madoff with America (First 23 min of movie) Lets take back our countries from them.

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