Ruling Elites In West Are Inept, Stupid And Dangerous

War memorial, Jersey City NJWhen putting pieces of a very large, global puzzle together, it is easy to fall into the trap of accrediting everything that happens as part of a conspiracy against all of humanity.  This tendency is used by the Real Rulers as a tool to isolate and mock those who do try to track the very real conspiracies that really are going on.  The super-secret Bilderberg meetings as well as the follow-up even more secretive Rockefeller population control meeting are of greatest interest.  Today, I wish to tie some important events and people into one package so it illuminates how this business is working out or rather, how it is FAILING.  For the other secretive contra-system run by the communists, is surging forwards.

War memorial, Jersey City NJ

One of my major thesis I have developed here is how the communist and the capitalist worlds of the post-WWII global power systems has undergone tremendous warping and shifting in the last 25 years as classical communism coupled with harsh totalitarianism has slowly collapsed or changed while the capitalist NATO/US Pacific alliance went off the cliff due to the ravages of ‘free trade’.  


This is the New World Disorder.  Whoever figures out how to exploit this disorder wins control of the planet earth for the next 100 years.  All the participants at the very top know this.  They use whatever ideological, propaganda, military and economic tools they can grab, in this vast struggle for dominance.  I track how they duel each other and how they succeed or fail.  I have a large advantage in this business due to growing up with parents who were personal friends and operatives within the global power systems.


The Bilderberg cabal has become one of the last refuges for the NATO-based conspirators in Europe and the US, the exact same players who ran all the Bretton Woods agreements, the creators of NATO and the UN, the creators of the World Bank and the IMF, these people are in a total panic.  They are filled with very great fears because they see what I see: their impending defeat at the hands of the communist collective.


Unlike the communist collective, the entire Real Ruler consortium which is expressed by the organizations and cabals listed above, these people are entangled in a massive historic disaster they chose to call, ‘The War on Terror.’  This insane war is where the NATO powers terrorize and kill millions of Muslims.  Muslims are a huge portion of the human population and span an immense swath of very important global real estate and resources. 


Originally, the NATO Real Rulers thought it was immensely funny, they could continue the long arc of endless wars with the Ottoman Empire, eating it up and rendering in powerless, with the former provinces of it and the other Muslim empires such as the Mogul Empire, etc, via endless excuses for wars of domination aimed at controlling Muslim lands.  These endless wars have a serious glitch in them: the Jewish demand to be allowed to expel all Christians, Muslims and anyone who isn’t tribally connected to the Jewish community, from the Holy Lands of Palestine.  In return for funding and propaganda assistance, the powerful Jews within or serving the Real Rulers [most of whom are very much, not Jewish]—this has thrown a spoke in the engine of domination.


That is, instead of the NATO alliance leisurely dismembering and chopping into smaller and smaller pieces, any lands controlled previously by Muslim empires, the attempt to build a Jews-only military state right in the middle of some of the most sensitive religious lands, has created a counter-force of tremendous power.  That is, it is energizing the Muslims tremendously.


Instead of defeating the Muslims and bringing them under the heels of the ‘West’, this is doing the exact opposite.  As we waste time, money and lives, in this goofy and very dangerous war which began in 1095 with the First Crusade the communist collective has been able to recover from being defeated in the Cold War and the excesses of their failed economic systems built on unworkable propositions and are now reorganizing and rebranding themselves as a new, alternative capitalist collective with some very bizarre and interesting communistic features.


Free to form alliances based strictly on economic/capitalist/utilitarianistic [I made up that word]—the communist collective has its own secret meetings where they discuss the Chinese 50 Year Plan for world dominance and the defeat of NATO.  I am not privy to these meetings but since I know the mind of the Chinese collective from back when they were first devising this plan, based on a careful reading of history [ahem, hahaha]—with the help of a rather obnoxious CIA brat [hahaha, again]—I can make educated guesses, what Putin says to Hu and what Hu has explained to Putin, etc.  The news flowing around the web this last 48 hours confirms many of my suppositions.  Not that many people seem to care about what my wretched point of view is….another source or wry amusement up  here on the mountain.


The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy


The Obama administration was heavily represented at this years Bilderberg meeting. Among the attendees were


1.  Keith B. Alexander, a Lieutenant General of U.S. Army and Director of the National Security Agency, the massive spying agency of the United States;

Keith B. Alexander –

  • is the Director of the National Security Agency (DRNSA) and Commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare.–that is, he plans how to defeat those pesky bloggers and conspiracy people on the web, not to mention, foreign news that leaks into the sealed casket of US news systems.
  • Previous assignments include the Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS, G-2), Headquarters,Department of the ArmyWashington, D.C. from 2003 to 2005; Commanding General of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command at Fort BelvoirVirginia from 2001 to 2003; Director of Intelligence (J-2), United States Central CommandMacDill Air Force BaseFlorida from 1998 to 2001; and Deputy Director for Intelligence (J-2) for the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1997 to 1998. Alexander served in a variety of command assignments in Germany and the United States. These include tours as Commander of Border Field Office, 511th MI Battalion, 66th MI Group; 336th Army Security Agency Company, 525th MI Group; 204th MI Battalion; and 525th Military Intelligence Brigade.—In other words, he is 100% NATO and thus, a great tool of the Real Rulers.  They need him in charge of the US NSA which is the overt enforcement arm of the Spook part of the US government.
  • In accordance with Department of Defense Directive 5100.20, dated December 23, 1971,—right on the heels of unilaterally killing the gold standard, this was created—the Director of the NSA and Chief of the CSS must always be a commissioned officer of the military services with at least the grade of a three star lieutenant general or vice admiral during the period of his incumbency. The Deputy Director is always a technically-experienced civilian. 


I was curious about who the present ‘civilian’ deputy was in this major spook organization.  The mythology that we have civilian control of the military has always fallen in the past.  So who is #2 here?  

  • Biography Deputy Director of the NSA – NSA/CSS
    • 1992-1995 Participant in Senior Cryptologic Executive Development Program Management and Staff tours in the Directorates of Operations (SIGINT Production), Information Systems Security, and Plans and Programs
    • 1991-1992 Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, U.S. Military Academy (West Point, NY)
    • 1986-1991 Information Security Analyst and Manager within NSA’s Information Systems Security Directorate
    • 1976-1985 U.S. Air Force Officer and Pilot
    • 1985-2006 Brigadier General in the Air National Guard and qualified as a command pilot. Has commanded at Flight, Squadron, Group and Joint Force Headquarters.


This is part of the ‘Sovietization’ process.  Back to the Global Research article about the last Bilderberg cabal meeting:

2. Timothy Geithner,— notorious tax cheat— US Treasury Secretary and former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York—ground zero of the international financial collapse—;

3.  Richard Holbrooke, the Obama administration’s special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan; General James Jones, United States National Security Advisor;

Holbrooke is typical of his fellow elites: he floats between government and making look in the gnome world.  His main goal is to enable the rich to get richer.  His bio is full of disastrous associations:

4.  Henry Kissinger, Obama’s special envoy to Russia, longtime Bilderberg member and former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor;—one of the planet’s #1 war criminals who should be put on trial.

5.  Dennis Ross, special advisor for the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton;—one of a great number of Jewish Zionists involved in running our Middle Eastern policy….very disastrously, I might suggest.

6.  David Patraeus, Commander of CENTCOM, (U.S. Central Command, in the Middle East),—3 soldiers died when others were blown up yesterday in ‘pacified’ Iraq.  Talk about withdrawing is withdrawing and being replaced with talk about eternal troops there like the 25,000 sitting ducks in Korea.

 7.   Lawrence Summers, Director of the White House’s National Economic Council, former Treasury Secretary in the Clinton administration, former President of Harvard University, former Chief Economist of the World Bank;— a creep whose ugliness is approaching Kissingerian levels.


LARRY SummersPresident Obama‘s chief economic adviser who conked out in public at two high-profile events earlier this year, did it again, our sources said. Summers nodded off at an economic summit in February and at a meeting with credit card industry officials in the White House in April. Photos of him dozing so embarrassed Obama, he quipped at the White House Correspondents dinner, “Larry Summers needs his sleep.” Now, our insider reports, “Larry fell asleep last week during a private meeting with the president. Thank God, no reporters were there.” A rep for the White House declined to comment.

8.  Paul Volcker, former Governor of the Federal Reserve System and Chair of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board;— the board that seems to never meet, of course.

 9.  Robert Zoellick, former Chairman of Goldman Sachs and current President of the World Bank;–One of earth’s biggest gnomes.

Robert Zoellick – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Zoellick was named U.S. Trade Representative at the beginning of the younger Bush’s first term; he was a member of the Executive Office, with the rank of Ambassador. According to the U.S. Trade Representative website, Zoellick completed negotiations to bring China and Taiwan into theWorld Trade Organization (WTO); developed a strategy to launch new global trade negotiations at the WTO meeting in DohaQatar; shepherdedCongressional action on the Jordan Free Trade Agreement and the Vietnam Trade Agreement; and worked with Congress to pass the Trade Act of 2002, which included new Trade Promotion Authority.[14] He also heavily promoted the Central American Free Trade Agreement over the objections of laborenvironmental, and human rights groups.[15]

When the final History of the Decline and Fall of the American Empire is finally written, this guy will get a lot of credit for it.

10.  and Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg.  AIPAC tool, Hillary Clinton’s #2:

This list of some of the top Obama-connected Americans should dismay anyone with half a brain or even a full brain.  Of course, I might ask the Daily Kos guys to ask Obama to come clean about the Bilderberg meeting and maybe, strong arm him into forcing them to release all notes, emails, telephone conversations and maybe, even waterboard them for details.  Give them electric shocks, and in some cases, lock them in boxes with lots of poisonous bugs, too.  Hit them against a loudly resounding wall, too, while slapping them.  Aw, give them the entire CIA treatment!


Instead, right on the heels of this super-secret NATO-alliance meeting in Europe, out of the Obama White House pops this little piece of toast:


The White House – Press Office – Statement by the President on the White House Organization for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism


Statement by the President on the White House Organization for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism

As President, my highest priority is the safety and security of the American people. HAHAHA…thats why all our troops are sent overseas to worry about protecting the ruling elite’s interests!  That is why, in February, I issued a Presidential Study Directive to look at how the White House should be organized to deal with the critical issues of homeland security and counterterrorism. ‘Counterterrorism’ is CIA shop talk for ‘killing and torturing poorly armed peasants all over the planet so we can exploit them’.   I have carefully reviewed the findings and recommendations of that study, and am announcing a new approach which will strengthen our security and the safety of our citizens. I fail to see how bankrupting America is making us more secure.  These decisions reflect the fundamental truth that the challenges of the 21st Century are increasingly unconventional and transnational, and therefore demand a response that effectively integrates all aspects of American power.   HAHAHA.  What is so ‘unconventional’ about people fighting empires via going to the heart of the Beast and blowing something up?  It is extremely old, this usually is done until the empires freak out and launch immense wars like WWI, just for one hideous example.

Key decisions that I have made include:

  • The full integration of White House staff supporting national security and homeland security.  The new “National Security Staff” —why not be honest and call it ‘NAZI’ or the simpler ‘SS’?—will support all White House policymaking activities related to international, transnational, and homeland security matters.  The establishment of the new National Security Staff, under the direction of the National Security Advisor, will end the artificial divide between White House staff who have been dealing with national security and homeland security issues.  I predicted several months ago, after reviewing the literature published by Obama advisors, they would increase the size of the bureaucracy.     
  • Maintaining the Homeland Security Council as the principle venue for interagency deliberations on issues that affect the security of the homeland such as terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, natural disasters, and pandemic influenza.  The Homeland Security Council, like its National Security Council counterpart, will be supported by the National Security Staff. No, this won’t happen. The internal battles for power within these groups will rage nearly totally out of control unless the President/puppet can control the parties involved which I frankly doubt.  Nixon dealt with all this by putting Kissinger in the way of anyone wishing to talk to him. Lot of good that did him.
  • The establishment of new directorates and positions within the National Security Staff to deal with new and emerging 21st Century challenges associated with cybersecurity, WMD terrorism, transborder security, information sharing, and resilience policy, including preparedness and response.  They absolutely hate the free flow of information on the internet.
  • Retaining the position of Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism (AP/HSCT) as my principal White House advisor on these issues, with direct and immediate access to me.  The security of our homeland is of paramount importance to me, and I will not allow organizational impediments to stand in the way of timely action that ensures the safety of our citizens. They told Bush about the 9/11 attacks while he was in school, reading.  He thought it was utterly unimportant to get involved since everything was obviously on track, as his handlers explained to him, a month earlier.
  • Creating a new Global Engagement Directorate to drive comprehensive engagement policies that leverage diplomacy, communications, international development and assistance, and domestic engagement and outreach in pursuit of a host of national security objectives, including those related to homeland security.  And who, who, who will be this mysterious ‘Global Engagement Directorate’?  HAHAHA.  We know, we know: the Bilderberg gang.  The odious ‘Group of Thirty’.  The Rockefeller guys.  The Trilateralists.

The United States faces a wide array of challenges to its security, and the White House must be organized to effectively and efficiently leverage the tremendous talent and expertise of the dedicated Americans who work within it.  The creation of the National Security Staff and the other recommendations from the study that I have approved will help to keep our country safe and our Homeland secure.    


Put Larry Summers in charge of this!  He can then snooze away.  Good grief: the Imperial Presidency gets even more imperialist as power slips away.  For power is INDUSTRIAL and in EDUCATION.  The US frets about education.  Obama recently was ignored when he suggested that we have a saner school year that is longer so kids don’t forget things and develop very bad habits during long summer vacations while their peers in the communist collective have a much longer and rigorous school year, for example.  Nothing will change here, of course.    In frustration, the new, new, new head of the new, new, new Global Engagement Directorate will advise Obama to ‘stay the course’ and use more military butchery to shove the US/NATO alliance forwards despite all hazards and obstructions.


This gangling monster that is being set up to ‘protect’ us includes killing the Constitution.  Obama’s latest choice for Supreme Court is a Catholic. They have a past record of rulings in the Court that are very unconstitutional.  They belong to a cult that believes the Pope is infallible and is their real boss.  Two other members of the Court are Jews and have equal problems with ‘who is the real boss’ here.  Even though more than 50% of the US is either various other religions such as Buddhist, Muslim, etc, or Protestant, the representation of these groups is now nearly totally vanished in the courts.  This, of course, is all about increasing the ‘internationalist’ parts of the imperium which is why no one seems to really give a heck, how evil the results of their negotiations, etc, are for the US citizenry.


This is why all our trade negotiations make life increasingly hellish for Americans, just for one glaring example.  The Catholics on the Supreme Court, true to their religious culture, support the concept of a Spanish-Inquisitionatorial system.

Dear Mr. President: I am writing to convey my appreciation for your speech of May 21 on security and values, but also to express several concerns, particularly about your intention to design a system for what you called “prolonged detention.” …

 This concept is 100% unconstitutional. Period. If there is any part of that document that is easy to understand, this certainly is at the top of the pile. The Founding Fathers took great care to put this in. In addition to these substantive matters, I was encouraged by your stated commitment to working with the judiciary and Congress as co-equal branches of government on issues of national security. All facade. The information above makes it crystal clear: The people Obama is choosing are also conspirators working inside a secretive cabal set up to make IMPERIALISTS IN EUROPE stronger and richer. This respect for our constitutional system stands in strong contrast to the approach of the previous administration. HAHAHAH. Delusions will die a hard death here, Feingold. In light of the principles you have put forth, I look forward to full and open discussions between your administration and Congress on policy and legal matters. I also welcome your stated appreciation for congressional oversight and for the need for Congress to have full access to classified programs and information. You mean, ‘I can’t remember what I said or did’ Pelosi will understand these ‘classified’ things? HOW ABOUT DEMANDING THE RELEASE OF ALL INFORMATION CONCERNING THE SECRET CABALS???? As you know, the previous administration established numerous obstacles to effective oversight and I welcome your commitment to tearing down what remains of those obstacles….

 These are INCREASING, not decreasing! They are being shifted sideways which is why Obama is imposing yet another layer inside of the many layers of the existing spook/international power systems we already have and which are rapidly destroying our nation!

Among the issues Congress must consider carefully is any resumption of the use of military commissions. Like you, I voted against the Military Commissions Act of 2006. I agree with you with regard to that statute’s many flaws, but it is not clear to me that those flaws can be fixed, or that the other options in the current federal criminal justice and courts martial systems for bringing the detainees to justice are insufficient or unworkable. If Congress is to fully consider your proposal for military commissions, therefore, it will need access to the same information your administration is currently reviewing, including detailed, classified information on individual detainees and the extent to which other options are available.

Senator Feingold has to demand all the secret systems be opened not to just himself but to ALL OF US. This is so effing unconstitutional, our secret systems have swollen in size to immense power and outright conspirators are allowed to travel, secretly, overseas to plot with alien powers, with the obvious goal of using the American people as TOOLS for global powers that are not working on behalf of the US public, not even slightly. My primary concern, however, relates to your reference to the possibility of indefinite detention without trial for certain detainees. While I appreciate your good faith desire to at least enact a statutory basis for such a regime, any system that permits the government to indefinitely detain individuals without charge or without a meaningful opportunity to have accusations against them adjudicated by an impartial arbiter violates basic American values and is likely unconstitutional.

 Not to mention, amoral, against the Geneva Conventions, etc. While I recognize that your administration inherited detainees who, because of torture, other forms of coercive interrogations, or other problems related to their detention or the evidence against them, pose considerable challenges to prosecution, holding them indefinitely without trial is inconsistent with the respect for the rule of law that the rest of your speech so eloquently invoked.

 Not trying people due to fears that torture might be part of the trial: this makes my head hurt. Keeping people locked in dungeons because they were tortured is NOT a solution, of course.

Indeed, such detention is a hallmark of abusive systems that we have historically criticized around the world. HAHAHA. We are the Soviet Union! It is hard to imagine that our country would regard as acceptable a system in another country where an individual other than a prisoner of war is held indefinitely without charge or trial.

I remember the Vietnam war. After 1970, the fiction we were fighting for democracy was dumped and instead, we were fighting to ‘free the prisoners’ and after losing the war, we whined about this for years and years and to this day, fly those fake ‘POW’ flags all over kingdom come. Talk about psychotic. You have discussed this possibility only in the context of the current detainees at Guantanamo Bay, yet we must be aware of the precedent that such a system would establish…..

Kiss our Constitution goodbye. I do not doubt your good faith efforts to wrestle with these complex issues, and I am confident that you would seek to use any new authorities carefully and judiciously…. Russell D. Feingold United States Senator

Futile letter but I posted it to show how our system is collapsing. So long as Senator Feingold refuses to go to the floor of the Senate and deliver a blistering speech about the Bilderberger gang including the names of the people who went to the latest secret coven gathering in Greece, he will be ignored.  When he DOES make this important speech, it will not be reported in the news.  It won’t be on TV.  No one will mention it again, at least, not in the mainstream media.


And he will join President Carter in exile, invisible as I am, gone with the wind.  In the darkness where he can join all of us watching the utter destruction of the US.  Here is more news!


CQ Politics | SpyTalk – CIA Briefers Regularly Mislead Hill Intelligence Panels, Ex-Spy Charges


A former deep-cover CIA operative says the spy agency’s congressional briefers routinely shade the truth or hide facts altogether from congressional overseers.

“They mumble, they dissemble, and there’s a lot of  ‘on the one hand . . .'” said the retired official, who spent 25 years as a CIA operations officer but now writes blistering, unauthorized critiques of the spy agency using the pen name “Ishmael Jones.”
HAHAHA.  Bad children mumble, too.  So do cheating spouses!  They also invite the pests who are asking questions to a screening of ‘JFK’s Visit To Texas’.  If that doesn’t work, accidents can happen, too.  Then, of course, they can stick AIPAC on the troublesome Congress critter.
Jones denounced claims by Speaker Nancy Pelosi that the CIA kept her in the dark about water-boarding terrorist suspects, saying the California Democrat “has been using the interrogation issue as a political tool for years.” 
Pelosi is a lying bitch and should be waterboarded along with all the GOP torture fanatics.

But he said the spy agency’s congressional briefers are also experts at camouflaging classified programs.


Duh.  They are SPOOKS.  Spooks live in the Outer Darkness and have no souls.  They work with the gnomes.  Often, they are the gnomes.  Then, there are scientific spooks.  I grew up, raised by top scientific spooks.  I knew the kids of a number of scientific as well as financial spooks.  The spook/gnome world has tremendous overlap.  Along with the wizard world.  It terrified and amused me, how my science/spook dad would always get the worst of financial deals with wizards and gnomes.  


He just couldn’t get the hang of it.  Watching this was very educational, for me.


The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy


The Bilderberg agenda of creating a global treasury has already been started prior to the Bilderberg meeting, with decisions made during the G20 financial summit in April. Although the G20 seemed to frame it more in context of being formed into a global central bank, although it is likely the IMF could fill both roles. 
Following the G20 meeting at the beginning of April, 2009, it was reported that, “The world is a step closer to a global currency, backed by a global central bank, running monetary policy for all humanity,” as the Communiqué released by the G20 leaders stated that, “We have agreed to support a general SDR allocation which will inject $250bn (£170bn) into the world economy and increase global liquidity,” and that, “SDRs are Special Drawing Rights, a synthetic paper currency issued by the International Monetary Fund that has lain dormant for half a century.” Essentially, “they are putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body.”[15] 
[See Appendix 2: Creating a Central Bank of the World]
Following the Bilderberg meeting, “President Obama has asked Congress to authorize $100 billion in loans to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to help create a $500 billion global bailout fund,” which would give the IMF the essential prerogative of a global treasury, providing bailouts for countries in need around the world. Further, “the bill would allow the IMF to borrow up to $100 billion from the U.S. and increase the U.S. fiscal contribution to the IMF by $8 billion.


Elaborating on the program, it was reported that, “World leaders began on the global bailout initiative, called the New Arrangement for Borrowing (NAB), at the G-20 summit in early April. The president agreed at that time to make the additional funds available.” Obama wrote that, “Treasury Secretary Geithner concluded that the size of the NAB is woefully inadequate to deal with the type of severe economic and financial crisis we are experiencing, and I agree with him.”[16]

With the G20 decision to increase the usage of IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), forming a de facto world currency, it was recently reported that, “Sub-Saharan Africa will receive around $10 billion from the IMF in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) to help its economies weather the global financial crisis,” and that, “As part of a $1.1 trillion deal to combat the world economic downturn agreed at April’s G20 summit, the IMF will issue $250 billion worth of SDRs, which can be used to boost foreign currency reserves.”[17]


I am including this for any new readers who need to see how the IMF works hand in glove with the Bilderberg gang to set up a world system.  The Chinese are amazed that their 50 Year Plan is way ahead of schedule.  That is, the US and UK are both going bankrupt and Japan teeters on the edge about 20 years too soon.  So the Chinese don’t want to be the world’s top currency…YET.  So they suggested the IMF do this thing and now, the IMF is pretending, they came up with it, themselves.  


Let’s look at the Dragon to see what is going on:


Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit


The leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting at Yekaterinburg are expected to announce whether Iran will be allowed into the regional security bloc as a full member. Widely seen as a counterweight to NATO’s influence in Eurasia, the group primarily addresses security issues, but has recently moved to embrace economic and energy projects. China and Russia have major commercial interests in Iran, which could swing the vote in Tehran’s favor.

Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan are full members. Like Iran, India, Mongolia and Pakistan have observer status within the organization. According to RIA-Novosti, China wants Iranian oil and gas, and to sell weapons and other goods to the country, while Moscow hopes to sell more weapons and nuclear energy technology to Tehran.

Full membership would provide Tehran with a mutual assistance guarantee in the event that it came under attack by a foreign state.


The Zionist Jews are probably throwing a major snit over this news.  If they attack Iran, this will launch WWIII.  So the ante is rising rapidly.  Especially since another communist collective section has gone nuclear.  NATO’s protection of Islamic rulers is collapsing and they are already deep in secret negotiations with the Chinese for the Chinese and their allies, to protect shipping and facilities in the Middle East.  The Chinese plan to suck up the ENTIRE Muslim world into their new alliance.


The Bilderberg gang is very aware of this and frightened to death but won’t invite me to their meeting so I can patiently explain the Chinese 50 Year Plan to them.  HAHAHA.  Gads.  They desperately need someone to show up and mock them and tell them in no uncertain terms, their chances at ruling the planet are DEAD.  And soon, they will be dead, too, if they keep trying.  They must stop.  Now.  Well, the Dragon made move #2 in this new initiative of contesting openly with the ‘capitalist’ West which has no capital anymore:


Yuan Drops Most in Four Months on Signs China Is Halting Gains –

The People’s Bank of China weakened the daily fixing by 0.07 percent to 6.8285 per dollar, a move that may be a “political gesture” before U.S. Treasury SecretaryTimothy Geithner starts a visit to China on June 1, said Huang Yi, a foreign-exchange trader at Guangdong Development Bank Co.

So much for all the hot air about China making the yuan stronger.  China is now going to poke us in the eye.  No surprise.  I bet, the Chinese even managed to spy on the Bilderberg gang.  Money buys a lot of information from staff, participants, etc.  HAHAHA.  Like the British Parliamentarians who went there only to come home to all hell breaking lose!


Market Skeptics: *****Soybean Shortage Sets Time Frame For Dollar Collapse*****

The U.S. supply of ‘old-crop’ soybeans is projected to be the smallest ever this summer. That is creating a run-up in CBOT soybean futures prices. The July CBOT soybean prices, at $11.85 per bushel, jumped 76 cents from Sunday night to Wednesday The price surge is also sparking world buyers to secure supplies ahead of any demand-rationing.

See? As I said before, the Chinese are not spending yuan, buying this stuff: they are translating their dollars into GOODS.  Goods and materials which they are HOARDING.  So long as someone is hoarding stuff, we will see a depression.  Japan is hoarding, too.  Global depression will grow while the price of commodities of interest will rise.  Gold: up.


Mafia Cash Increases Grip on Sinking Italy Defying Berlusconi –


Now, as the rest of the world tightens its belt in the global recession, he’s tracking how the mob is profiting by lending and investing what’s become a scarce commodity these days: a growing hoard of cash.

Scarpinato points to the 2.7 billion euros ($3.8 billion) of assets he’s seized on the island of Sicily, where Palermo is located, since the start of 2008. In one haul, he confiscated 12 businesses, 220 buildings, 33 plots of land and a 25-meter (82- foot) yacht from grocery-chain owner Giuseppe Grigoli.

Known as Sicily’s king of supermarkets, Grigoli, 59, is on trial in Marsala for running the food stores and other enterprises at the behest of the Sicilian Mafia. He denies the criminal charge of being a member of an organized crime group.

Unlike overleveraged companies burned in the credit crisis, the Mafia and its cash-based, debt-free business model are breezing through economic hard times. With young, savvy leaders at the helm, organized crime is poised to expand as legitimate companies founder.




Cash is king in the Underworld.  The Underworld is directly connected to and indeed, is the spook part of the mainstream Real Rulers who are all GANGSTERS, themselves!!!!  Which is why I call them ‘gangs’.  And both are secretive, both hate the rule of law or want laws to be only applied to people they want to control, frighten or murder.  Like, when we murdered Saddam after he foolishly disarmed. 


Since our nation is run by this Mafioso-style gang, we have had more and more debt piled on us and we lost our industrial base, we are in debt to aliens who hate us and we are dying in wars all over  kingdom come.  Arrest them all!  


27 public officials arrested in Mexico – The CNN Wire – Blogs

Federal agents carried out Tuesday a series of simultaneous raids in the Pacific coast state of Michoacan, arresting more than two dozen public servants, including mayors, police chiefs and other officials allegedly linked to illicit drugs and organized crime, the state’s governor told reporters. The arrests were made in the cities of Morelia, Uruapan, Tepalcatepec, Apatzingán, Buenavista and others, said Gov. Leonel Godoy.

Heh.  Only the top guy, the President of Mexico, has to be arrested for election fraud.  And corruption.  And being part of an internationalist gang.  Arrest everyone, I say.  Waterboard the entire lot of them.


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149 responses to “Ruling Elites In West Are Inept, Stupid And Dangerous

  1. Matheus

    Elaine, and NK , are they going to war or just gambling again ?

  2. emsnews

    They are playing ‘power politics’ using the principal, ‘power is those who have weapons of mass destruction’. The US demonstrated this very loudly when we got the UN to disarm Saddam and then lunged in and killed him and an immense number of his people.

    Smart people don’t disarm. Smart people don’t talk peace with the US anymore.

  3. DeVaul

    The constant mention of the word “Homeland” in Obama’s speech unnerves me. In fact, the first time I saw it used several years ago by the government I felt a cold chill run down my back.

    It reminds me of “Der Heimat” and “Der Vaterland” and “Mother Russia” and just seems so unamerican. To hear stuff like that in Europe long ago seemed normal, but it just does not really belong here.

    Homelands and ethnic purity go hand-in-hand, and America was once a Republic that rejected that entire notion in favor of inalienable rights for individuals regardless of ethnic background.

    I guess that unrealized dream will now fade away into the mists of history.

  4. emsnews

    It also kills the notion of ‘states’. Note that the GOP was the one that introduced this even as they push forwards guys like the Alaskan and Texan governors who scream about leaving the US.

  5. Simon

    If Texas leave the US, the US instantly lose 1/3 of its power, which is unfortunate

  6. emsnews

    Yes, hot air. 🙂

  7. DrKrbyLuv

    Thanks for the great report on the Bilderberg Group. It is very interesting how China and Russia are ruining their plans for world domination.
    I suspect that China routinely has secret meetings with the crooks who own the US, UK, EU central banks. At these meetings, China extorts added collateral and other “concessions” in order to continue buying and holding T-bills and other western debt.
    It is a disgrace that the US has the audacity to claim that they want to protect the world from a dangerous nuclear NK. The US has murdered over 1,300,000 Iraqis and countless Muslims everywhere. Who has NK bombed?
    The true intent is to scare Americans into spending money on the military and conceding their rights in exchange for security.
    You make an interesting point in suggesting that the muslim world may soon seek membership in the SCO, which is coincidently meeting in a couple of weeks:
    “Shanghai Cooperation Organization: representing half of humanity will hold its ninth annual heads of state summit in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg on June 15th and 16th.”
    “It will be attended by the presidents of its six full members – China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan – and by representatives of various ranks from its four observer states – India, Iran, Mongolia and Pakistan – and from several aspiring partner nations yet to be announced.”
    “Iran was the intended victim of thinly veiled threats of US military strikes. In fact the granting of observer status to the nation in 2005 and Ahmadinejad’s attendance at three successive heads of state summits – China in 2006, Kyrgyzstan in 2007 and Tajikistan in 2008 – played no small role in thwarting whatever plans the United States and Israel have nurtured for attacking Iran.”
    “Russia’s Putin said “We now clearly see the defectiveness of the monopoly in world finance and the policy of economic selfishness. To solve the current problem Russia will to take part in changing the global financial structure so that it will be able to guarantee stability and prosperity in the world and to ensure progress.”
    We are entering into a dangerous time where the skinny kids will begin to kick sand in the face of the the now obese western bullies.

  8. emsnews

    Today, Pelosi is in Beijing, begging to you know Hu.

  9. Niels

    This post, Elaine, reminds of a book by Christopher Lasch, “Revolt of the Elites”, which I read too quickly a long time ago. I’ll see if it’s in the library.

  10. nah

    grown up a bit since the end of the cold war ‘the world seems alot safer’… but the WWI WWII politics are back in the first order… hope the global elites know what they are doing cuz this light dont shine 2 well on the modern foundation of ‘reserve banking, international law, stateless trade, weak federal overlord governments, elites personal responsibility from the system’
    imean what was the point… its starting to look like nuclear weapons did more for peace than the organizations that get all the credit

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  11. shockuhzulu

    I believe you pegged it again, Elaine. I had never considered much the notion of a dual world order struggle until recent years. China snuck up on the West I think, and is now poised to compete for control of the world economy. What China has, which Japan never truly had, is real military power. In alliance with the Muslim world, the scale may tip ever so slightly to the East very soon.

  12. shockuhzulu

    That was an unfair jibe at Texas. But funny. All I can say is don’t rile up those rednecks too much, or the fan will surely be spraying manure.

  13. Simon

    What the muslims bring to the table is … er … spiritual power and population growth.

  14. emsnews

    The Texans have to rein in their own governor they voted into office. Until till then, I will joke about him and his treasonous chatter.

  15. Paul S

    Think how much better the USA would have been without Texas: no LBJ, no Tom Delay, no Phil Gramm (or his wife Wendy), no Dick Armey, no Jim Wright, etc. Texas exceeded its quota of slimy, sleazy politicians LONG ago. Sadly, we wouldn’t have gotten rid of the ultra sleazy Bushes. The Bushes would just pick a new state to exploit–but then they would lose their support from the Saudis probably.

  16. seraphim

    The “Ruling Elites” are mostly non-Jewish. But they are “judaizers”. Is that that makes them “inept, stupid and dangerous”?

  17. JT

    Your heart wants to believe in recovery, but your mind says it´s not possible.
    I think US will just print it´s way out of debt (because it can), but this site suggests that US might get a real depression this time.
    Real depressions mean 12% interest rates (20% unemployment). Countries that have to play by rules have to do it that way.
    I don´t think it will happen though, US never pays it´s debts, it would be stupid to do so.

    ” The US used to need to attract 80 percent of global savings to pay their deficits when the global economy was flourishing and their deficits were a lot smaller. Today that these deficits have increased by 400 percent at least (if not 1,000 percent by the end of 2009) while the planet has lost (and is still losing) thousands of billion-worth of financial assets, Washington’s daily problem has become: how to borrow 500 percent of global savings in 2009 (we suppose here that available global savings are stable when in fact asset devaluation is probably higher than savings growth because of the crisis)?

    Of course this is mission impossible, condemning the Dollar as mainstay currency, unless trying to cheat and disguise the money printing scheme into a global savings investment scheme; and/or, as anticipated , unless triggering a « world war of State bonds” that will compel the states involved to increase substantially the rates proposed for their bonds and to engage in a merciless process of overbidding to finance their deficits. “

  18. David


    “You make an interesting point in suggesting that the Muslim world may soon seek membership in the SCO, which is coincidentally meeting in a couple of weeks:

    I had never considered much the notion of a dual world order struggle until recent years. China snuck up on the West I think, and is now poised to compete for control of the world economy.”

    Much of what you say in my opinion, is right on track. The main thing I disagree with is that China “snuck” up on the West.

    Instead the West thought that it could dominate China both militarily and economically….and did its best to deceive China and then do so, but the Chinese just plain outsmarted our elites.

    In the 1990s, I was taking a course under Dr. Al Martin Jr….now deceased, who for many years headed the theology department at Columbia. Martin sometimes sat in on meetings with former presidents, and did so one time while I was taking his courses in 1997. At that time, Martin talked about China rising and becoming an economic superpower. He also told us that US planners might be even considering moving US manufacturing to China.

    My fellow teacher and classmate and I were riding home that evening and we both agreed at that time, if the US was stupid enough to move its manufacturing to China, we would be finished as a world superpower.

    As Elaine has noted many times, the nation that manufactures things is the one who eventually comes out on top because it can continue creating real wealth.

    What US elites hoped to do was make China its puppet and use it for cheap labor while dominating the rest of the earth economically and militarily.

    Martin also noted at the time that there was talk of the US moving to a governing system more in line with China because US corporations wanted better control over US citizens and felt that the Chinese model was better than the American one for manufacturing and business.

    Martin also, at the time, gave us a handout that pictured the “new American” a woman…..with slightly curly hair, slightly thicker lips, slightly almond eyes and skin tinted slightly brown…and the handout gave projected demographics that explained that the US majority population would be Hispanic by 2050….and that other races would be a minority….and we discussed the American melting pot concept.

    One questions also why a recognized theology professor would be sitting on conversations with former presidents….I think it was Carter and Ford at the time….and Martin did tell us that Islam was the fastest growing religion in the world….moving rapidly around the world in a wide belt that included most of the developed nations.

    Finally, in relating this long educational tale, I remember one puzzling instance at the time that I now understand.

    Martin was my thesis advisor, and guided my writing very adeptly…the man was a true genius.
    My thesis was in regard to adapting peaceful liberal views to the 21st Century….and I used the concepts of hubris and nemesis often….and warned that the West, with continued uncontrolled violence, would bring about its nemesis…and my thesis, reflecting the teachings of Martin, generally promoted world cooperation and peace and prosperity.

    As I visited with Martin for a work session, I asked Martin if he felt my thesis was too liberal. He looked strangely at me and said, no, its not too liberal, but, David, in a way, I feel sorry for you. I asked him why? He just shrugged and changed the subject.

    Martin wanted my peace promoting thesis put on the Internet, and I complied. Soon after, I got an e-mail from a professor who was on the House Armed Services Committee who wanted to use it to argue against economic sanctions against Iraq (under Clinton). Anyway the vote was for the sanctions (now see the mess they got into).

    Hindsight is so helpful in understanding the present. Carter and Ford had discussed PTB plans for world domination, and Martin knew about them….attack Islam, Iraq, corporate global outsourcing, open the southern borders for immigration to fill the population vacuum left by fading baby boomers etc. And, it all alarmed Martin. He guided my thesis, and then he and this other professor used it to try to slow the PTB plan to act against Iraq, to no avail.

    Just after 9/11, my thesis disappeared from Geocities…and only a remnant of the abstract remains at Midnight University in Thailand.

    So, just from my little education experience, I can safely say that the plan was to use China as a puppet and its people for cheap labor was there from day one… and probably began developing under Reagan, since it was well underway when Clinton was in office.

    We could probably safely say that it began developing at about the time Elaine was teaching the Chinese delegation about Capitalism.

    Now, however, US hubris has brought a world reaction against the US and Israel, and I agree that the Islamic nations will find themselves joining with China and Russia and the other developed nations of the East against the West, in order to protect themselves.

    “East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall they meet….”

    And a final note is that religious differences as viewed by the West, is a major basis for all of this upheaval.

    Al Martin was one of the finest men I ever knew.

  19. Simon

    It’s interesting that you mentioned theology, because my congregation thinks that China will be the last major bastion of Christianity in the 21c
    Provided of course it does not become a Muslim nation faster.

  20. PJSV


    You are right: Oil price rise leads to recessions:

    You must read.

  21. Simon

    Oil price rise feeds the bear

  22. criticalcontrarian

    I really don’t know what to make out of this. But it is disturbing. Elaine? Psyops disinfo or reality on hold?

  23. Simon

    It’s called spreading fear and doubt
    Causing paralysis and inaction among the pops, so they become easier to manipulate

  24. criticalcontrarian

    I tend to agree with that view except for the FEMA camps. They have always been a question mark. The last parts are very Christian militia oriented.

  25. David


    We’ve heard about Congress spending over 300 million on updating old military bases to process people before….all over the Internet….been around a couple of years now.

    What’s your take on these camps? Getting ready for a new draft for WWIII or for displaced people, refugees, or for a sinister scenario?

    Any thoughts?

  26. Simon

    May I suggest something?
    Bring out the pork

  27. JSmith

    In this month’s SciAm, Michael Schermer has an interesting column on something he refers to as “agenticity”: the tendency to believe that invisible agents control the world.

    Intelligent Designers, Rothschilds, Bildgerbergers, Illuminati… are all manifestations of a hardwired neurological tendency to see patterns in the world around us, coupled with the fact that false positives (seeing a tiger in the grass when it was only the wind) is more evolutionarily beneficial than false negatives (attibuting a disturbance in the grass to the wind when it’s really a tiger.)

    Consequently, our neurological pattern-detection systems did not evolve an effective bullshit detector, which renders us more likely to believe that lizards from outer space are running things.

  28. JSmith

    The second sentence should read “false positives… are…”

    Smith regrets the error…

  29. 28 May 2009

    “The fundamental social division is class, not race or gender”…

  30. JSmith

    “Think how much better the USA would have been without Texas: no LBJ, no Tom Delay, no Phil Gramm (or his wife Wendy), no Dick Armey, no Jim Wright, etc. …”

    Or Rossper Oh.

    Or Ron Paul.

    Texas certainly has a lot to answer for.

  31. JSmith

    ““The fundamental social division is class, not race or gender”…”

    From the link:

    “There were tributes to the humble origins of the future Supreme Court justice, noting her hard-working immigrant parents, her poverty-stricken childhood in a South Bronx housing project, the death of her father when she was nine years old, and even her struggle with juvenile diabetes.

    No doubt, it has not been an easy personal journey for Judge Sotomayor, and there can be little doubt that she is as tough as nails. However, amidst all the tributes to Judge Sotomayor’s triumph, one cannot help but think about the conditions that confront the hundreds of thousands of South Bronx residents whom she left behind. …

    Totally obliterated in this flood of commentary is the most fundamental social category in American society: class. Sotomayor will go to the Supreme Court, not as the representative or advocate of Hispanics, women or the socially disadvantaged more generally, but as the representative of a definite social class at the top of American society—the financial aristocracy whose interests she and every other federal judge, and the entire capitalist state machine, loyally serve and defend.”

    That’s why no one pays the slightest attention to the World Socialist Workers: the low-rent bitching about “leaving the South Bronx behind” indicated that the Workers would have liked her better if she’d stayed in the South Bronx, got married young, and had lots-‘n’-lots of kids.

    From the reports I’ve seen, the people Sotomayor came from are proud of her for having “made it”. They’re happy to leave the petty jealousies to the Workers.

    (And this ties in neatly with much of the whining around here about manufacturing jobs: the parents of many people in my age cohort worked factory jobs so they could send their children to college in the hope that those children wouldn’t have to work factory jobs.)

  32. flash

    “(And this ties in neatly with much of the whining around here about manufacturing jobs: the parents of many people in my age cohort worked factory jobs so they could send their children to college in the hope that those children wouldn’t have to work factory jobs.)”

    So where do the children of today’s parents who would have filled those factory jobs go, Smith?

  33. JSmith


  34. “Obama to tighten internet control – 27 May 09″…

  35. JSmith

    The point being: those “worker-type” jobs aren’t necessarily something one aspires to. That sort of work needs to be done, but not by me. (Or by Ms. Sotomayor.)

    “Supreme Court Justice” is a job one aspires to: it’s a fairly common answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.

    Punch-press operator? Not so much.

    ““Obama to tighten internet control – 27 May 09 … Worries New US Cyber Tsar Will Be Part Of Surveillance Society”

    Oh, for God sake. Those revolutionaries are taking themselves FAR too seriously.

    It’s not them the “US Cyber Tsar” is concerned with. It’s the Red Chinese. (article is from 2007.)

  36. Simon

    No its not
    But it has to be done
    What’s your point?

  37. flash

    Q: So where do the children of today’s parents who would have filled those factory jobs go, Smith?

    A: Abroad.

    With one word you validate the Mexican emigration.

  38. flash

    In reality, most people don’t get to be Supreme Court justices when they grow up. Smith Sr. might have worked as a punch press operator to provide upward mobility for his son. The opportunities for present-day Americans to do so are few and getting fewer. The JSmith solution for not being able to find a factory job so your kids don’t have to is to emigrate, even as the populations of other third world countries do so. Export the jobs, then have the workers follow them. Do they ever catch up?

  39. ZAK

    Income Tax Revenue dropped 40% from a year ago.

  40. Simon

    The principle of getting rich “pay yourself first” at work here

  41. May 27, 2009

    “Cyber Warfare: Building Attack Tools for Mass Destruction”

    “And with Congress poised to pass the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, an Orwellian bill that would give the president the power to “declare a cybersecurity emergency” and shut down or limit Internet traffic in any “critical” information network “in the interest of national security” of course, the spaces left for the free flow of information–and meaningful dissent–slowly contract”…

  42. emsnews

    Smith, the Bilderberg group is quite real. The list of participants makes it obvious, they are meeting to chat about how they are going to maintain power over the rest of humanity. This is why it is SECRET. Because if the Bilderbergs talk openly about their real intentions, the rest of humanity will probably kill them all.

    David: your bio is extremely interesting. By the way, tons of my stuff has been erased on the web. Ask JSmith. Remember what I wrote at the ‘DOW 36,000’ forum, Smith? All my predictions, down the line, came true on the time scale I suggested, to boot. All gone, now.

  43. emsnews
    Here is the stupid article which started us off with a year’s worth of intense and, despite Smith, smart commentary that was far, far, far superior to the Atlantic staff’s feeble efforts.

    All erased by the owners of Atlantic Monthly. Too embarrassing. We tore into the article and demolished everything.

  44. Paul S

    Our Ruling Elites are inept, stupid and dangerous–and arrogant as a result of inbreeding. Over time, this results in an ever larger disconnect from reality. Not to worry. I believe the Chinese are going to give these smug, arrogant elites a dose of reality. Maybe the Chinese will let us ‘proles’ watch as our–now former–elites get their just desserts. That would be fun. Most offensive to me is how our elites like to invoke patriotism to promote their own self-serving agenda. So true: patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

  45. Gary

    I’m looking fwd to the day when we can put them
    in cages and display them in public in say, downtown Detroit.
    The Chinese can turn GM’s “Renaissance Ctr”
    into a high rise prison and for the rest of their
    days, America’s Elite can overlook the skyline
    of the Motor City while they pace their cells.

  46. Davis Imperatore

    The only thing that’s “Inept, Stupid And Dangerous” is the author of this propaganda and should be considered a disservice at best or criminal at worst. It nothing more than the ongoing attempt to keep the masses in a state of constant fear. The Bilderberg Group is on a quest to free the world of the past, a past marked by war over territory, resources, religion and nationalism. With the hope and prosperity that a one world government representing all the people of the Earth will bring on a new chapter in the human experience as great as when we first started walking upright. Unity is our destiny anything less will surly spell the end of humanity.

  47. emsnews

    Oh, they ended wars by…bombing Serbia, bombing Iraq several times, bombing Afghanistan, greenlighting ethnic cleansing in Palestine, threatening to bomb Iran, increasing the NATO nuclear arsenal while screaming about disarming smaller nations they intend to invade as well as encouraging the attack on sleeping Russian soldiers on the first day of the Chinese Olympics….etc, etc. HAHAHA. 🙂

    Yes, peace is wonderful.

  48. Gary

    Mr Imperatoray….

    No more wars but lots of slavery.
    Your flag will feature a boot on somebody’s
    I hope you can be fitted for a cage

  49. seraphim

    Is Davis Imperatore a member, albeit small, of the Elite? It displays to much its caracteristics.

  50. David

    Davis Imperatore:

    “The Bilderberg Group is on a quest to free the world of the past, a past marked by war over territory, resources, religion and nationalism.”

    And they also have some Tennessee beach property to sell you at twice the going price if you just ask them….and they’ll allow you to work off the purchase price at 57 cents an hour, Chinese style, if you ask them.

    Dream on dude!

    ……and the world shall be as one. Damn! Gimme a break.

    DI, consider that the more distant government is removed from local people the less responsive it is to their needs or even their existance…and the less they see a need to support it…..

    And the only people the Bilderbergers think they are responsible to are they their own greedy, fat wealthy selves, and their arrogant accomplices.

    They feel no responsibility to ordinary people or to the world itself…..and they have only contempt for ordinary people…..or they would have not shipped most US domestic manufacturing to other nations around the world.

    They would not be threatening Iran with nuclear destruction either.

    I used to believe in Santa too, but I was four at the time.

  51. “Today in Tehran (24th May 2009) Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad held a trilateral summit with Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and Afghan President Hamid Karzai. The three agreed to an official statement in which they pledged, among other things, to work together to eliminate all “terrorism” (The Corporatocracy?) in the region.” –

    It is good to realize that whose who are holding much of the world hostage with the illusion of a democracy will soon lose it’s strangle hold in the coming paradigm shift, the last cycle called “ethics”.

    Free societies will soon form alliances to free countries such as The US, Israel, Great Brittan and other, so called “democracies” from corporate tyranny.

    However, the death of The Old World Order will be violent; many earth-suits will perish.

    The following is an excerpt from a discourse on The Above Top Secret Forum in 2007;

    “The Stock Markets will soon complete their controlled demolition. After an initial ‘appearance’ that the ‘bail outs’ and ‘rescue packages’ have steadied the ship, there will be new record lows by the end of the month.

    Our Financial Institutions will later call in all loans. There will be many bankruptcies and foreclosures.

    The only way John McCain will become the next US President, will be if something “happens” to Barack Obama before the election. If there even is an election. If a certain faction get their way, there will not be. Remember, behind the scenes, there is only One Party. Our Party. ‘Democracy’ is an illusion which is created to uphold your slavery. Whichever side ‘wins’; the Family wins.

    Unless any unforeseen disruptions delay it’s announcement, there will be a new currency by the end of 2008 / early 2009, along with a new Union of nations. January has been spoken of in some circles, as the latest, though there are plans underway which could even bring this to fruition much earlier than initially hoped for.

    San Francisco and Damascus, will be uninhabitable by the end of 2010, possibly even sooner. Again, it depends upon certain ‘forces’ at play, and which timelines are activated.” – Hidden_Hand a member of “The Ruling Family”?

    Al Qaeda was created by the CIA;

    Crapola? We’ll soon know.

    It appears that the truth is often more difficult to reckon than the many illusions fed to us by their corporately owned religions and other media outlets.

    I will not be returning to this post. Therefore, if you have comment regarding mine, please use the Contact Us on my website;

    Thank you,


  52. Gary

    I ck’d out D. Imperatore on google. You only see
    him on alternative websites as a little squaking
    Salacious Krumb. His postings elsewhere and
    his type of writing— “them Europeans”—lead
    me to believe that he’s not as highly educated as
    he purports to be.
    In other words, a little electronic snark just jerking
    people off for some kind of perverted entertainment.

  53. David

    Paul S:

    “Maybe the Chinese will let us ‘proles’ watch as our–now former–elites get their just desserts. That would be fun.”

    And if the Chinese let me attend as an observer, I will be standing there clapping and yelling for them to hurry up and kick the boxes before one escapes.

  54. anonymous troll


    The subject of extra-terrestrials is just fascinating to me. Whenever the subject comes up I like to take the opportunity to ask folks to please be as kind as to humor me by indulging in a thought experiment:

    Suppose I told you I had reason to believe that I have been in contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence.

    Describe the reasoning process you would employ to evaluate the potential likelihood that my claim is or is not valid.

    Thank you.


    The few people that have agreed to participate in this experiment in the past have, knowingly or not, described a process that very closely resembles that which Pavlov’s dog used to determine that his dinner was ready. I infer from your comment that you have supreme confidence in your superior reasoning prowess so I have high hopes that you will turn out to be the first I have come across so far to avoid erring along those lines.

    Again, thank you.

  55. emsnews

    I thought the gnomes were aliens! Ooops. Rather, they came from inside deep caves in the earth. As for figuring out what is an alien and what isn’t: usually, aliens are curious and ask questions all the time. This nixes 99.999% of the people I meet, generally. Maybe I am an alien. Who knows?

    Even odder, Mohammed flew on a quasi-Pegasus celestial traveling creature and Jesus walked on water and couldn’t be killed and then flew away straight up as if he were a member of the Starfleet ship, the Enterprise…! Yes, and the other aliens have pointy ears and are logical.

  56. shockuhzulu

    Elaine, you are bent . Maybe getting struck by lightning three times helps. Yes, Jesus was beamed up in the clouds, but Cpt. Kirk was never able to walk through walls. I’d be surprised if he (William Shatner) could walk sideways through a door now.

  57. JSmith

    “With one word you validate the Mexican emigration.”

    The motives are entirely legitimate; the legality frequently dubious.

    Once upon a time, people moved to where the opportunities were, and that was considered an entirely natural thing to do. Now, despite the fact that Americans are said to be very mobile (within the US borders) we have this idea that we’re very special, and the work should 1) come to us instead of the other way ’round and 2) when it gets here it should stay here.

    “Smith, the Bilderberg group is quite real. The list of participants makes it obvious, they are meeting to chat about how they are going to maintain power over the rest of humanity. This is why it is SECRET.”

    I don’t doubt that there’s a group, and that they have meetings to which the rest of the world isn’t invited. Hell – the board of directors of the company I work for has meetings not everyone gets to attend. It’s the “power over the rest of humanity” part that seems… hyperbolic. It’s my view that if life hasn’t turned exactly as one planned, one does better to look at a mirror rather than at the Bilderburgers.

    “Because if the Bilderbergs talk openly about their real intentions, the rest of humanity will probably kill them all.”

    Which are to what? Kill off and/or enslave the entire human race, I suppose?

    “Here is the stupid article which started us off with a year’s worth of intense and, despite Smith, smart commentary…”

    Thus validating the thesis that no one toots one’s horn as well as oneself.

    “Suppose I told you I had reason to believe that I have been in contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence. Describe the reasoning process you would employ to evaluate the potential likelihood that my claim is or is not valid.”

    I’ll answer that in a different way.

    People claim to “see” or to “know” all sorts of odd things. But a great deal of neuropsychology has demonstrated that the human perceptual system is very easy to fool and is notoriously unreliable.

    Therefore… in order for me to believe a claim of extraterrestrial intelligence, I will need a reliable report of a demonstrably extraterrestrial means of transportation, driven by demonstrably extraterrestrial beings, parked in the middle of the quad at CalTech or MIT. A report from a single isolated observer isn’t enough: I want validated reports with accompanying lab results showing that whatever it is, it did not (i.e., could not have) originated on this planet.

  58. criticalcontrarian

    Here is a long article with a really good message, worth the read. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked @

  59. David


    I loved some of the quotes in the article on The Burning Platform website…
    “Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil. Knowledge becomes evil if the aim be not virtuous.” Plato

    Think about end goal of an evil aim to begin with…to kill and dominate others.
    “False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.” Socrates

    Think about our leaders keeping secrets from the masses in regard to Iraq, Afganistan and a dozens of other things.
    “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”
    Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    Think about the Federal Reserve bank.

    CC, thanks for the link.

  60. JSmith

    “I loved some of the quotes in the article on The Burning Platform website…”

    The boy stood on the burning deck
    Whence all but he had fled;
    The flame that lit the battle’s wreck
    Shone round him o’er the dead.

    Yet beautiful and bright he stood,
    As born to rule the storm;
    A creature of heroic blood,
    A proud, though child-like form.

  61. JSmith

    (That was too easy.)

  62. emsnews

    Oh god, that poor boy was probably the cabin boy. He stood there because, being a child, he was rooted in place by naked fear. Grrrrr….

  63. emsnews

    The history of warfare has a subhistory that runs to this day: impressing very young children between 10-16 years old to use in various ways, often quite ugly. Child soldiers are a total tragedy.

  64. Gary

    The “Lord’s Army” of Northern Uganda is almost
    totally an army of children forced by thugs to
    fight for their gain.
    For a while, the leaders of this army taught the
    kids that if they wore plumbing fixtures to battle
    this would give them invisibilty and strength.
    Its easy to laugh at this but when you really look
    at it without cultural predjudice, the Army ads
    on our telly are not too much different–the appeals to video game type wizardry, the appeals for “becoming a man”, and all the other gee-whiz
    gadgets (plumbing fixtures) that the army has in
    its arsenal. The kids become deer in the halogen
    headlights over this propaganda.
    Jesus wept

  65. DrKrbyLuv

    David – Thanks for the response. It seems odd that the western elites would be dumb enough to move manufacturing to China. Maybe it can only be explained as arrogant racism – that they were smarter and would suck China into their trap.
    The bank of China has been listed as a “semi-private/public” bank. Does anyone know if they are as rotten as our Fed?

  66. emsnews

    The Bank of China is mixed into the Hong Kong systems…Still, it is how the Chinese hope to keep the Real Rulers on a short leash. The Communists have veto power over the entire system including the right to shoot anyone to death including using heavy firepower on the Real Rulers.

  67. JSmith

    “Oh god, that poor boy was probably the cabin boy.”

    Follow the link. There’s the rest of the poem there, and some interpretive material at the bottom of the page.

    My interpretation is a bit different from the accepted one, however: I don’t read the poem as being about heroism, I read it as being about futility.

  68. anonymous troll


    Thank you for your reply.

    Alas, you chose to go the Pavlov’s dog route, just like everyone else.

    You defaulted to a presumed conclusion via conditioned response, in this case negative, without undertaking any critical reasoning, investigation, or independent thought whatsoever.

    A couple of examples: you didn’t cite any calculations regarding the statistical likelihood or not of extra-terrestrial intelligence. You didn’t bother to ask what I may have discussed with these alleged extra-terrestrials, etc.

    You are correct, however, in your assessment that the human perceptual system is easy to fool. But then again Pavlov’s dog was easy to fool as well. 😉

    Again, thank you for participating.
    Speaking of child soldiers, you don’t have to go to Uganda to find that.

    Try South Central L.A. or any other urban US place for that matter.

  69. Gary

    Try the US Army (“of one”)

  70. Davis Imperatore

    You need only to read the anti-Bilderberg comments posted here to conclude what side is delusional if not evil. Espousing to nationalistic rhetoric when it has historically been proven that this fragmentary thinking of the past has lead to every conflict the world has ever endured. World unity is in the best interest and survival of mankind. What is it about the word “UNITY” that scares the mindless to such irrationality? One comment stated that a central government would be less responsive to more distant areas. Is Washington DC less responsive to Alaska or Hawaii then it is to Virginia? The same anti-Bilderbergers have no suggestions to the needs of the world other then the maintaining divisional path leading to extinction. They would have you think that world unity would spell the end of democracy or individual freedom. Fear not, unity does not imply the absence of anything other then division. Unity has always lead to greatness, such as in the example of The UNITED States of America. Would the UNITED States of America be the super power it is today had it not been united? Would there be more individual freedom then in this great UNION? The UNITED States of America even with its flaws has shown that the whole is greater then the sum of its parts. Why? Because of UNITY! Achieving a united world of this one little planet will insure limitless prosperity for all the people of Earth for thousands of year. Who can help mankind make the change to unity? Who has the power, the wealth and the influence to bring about such a great change? Oddly enough it’s the worlds wealthiest, most powerful and influential people. These great people (most of which are Americans) know that humanity needs to take the next step in it’s social evolution if it is to grow belong the confines of this orb and bring about a new era in human existence. Where all of Earth’s people live in a world without borders united with liberty, justice and the American way. God Bless America and God Speed to The Bilderberg Group (Americans) in this noble quest to save humanity.

  71. emsnews

    If you are talking to Smith, you are talking to aliens. So listen carefully to him. 🙂

  72. Frank DePalma

    In complete agreement with you Mr. Imperatore. Very insightful and thought provoking. Unfortunately I’m a pessimist and don’t believe that humanity will ever evolve to the point that it can unite and do believe that we are all destined to destroy ourselves, its in our nature. I applaud your vision and pray I am wrong, for my children’s sake. Thank you for the hope.

  73. Gary

    Mr Imperatore….Your “great” people are no
    different than south side gangbangers.
    You guys are like the people in the Star Trek serial
    who lived in the clouds and almost none of them
    knew the misery on the planet below. All your expensive vocabularies and pious rhetoric cannot
    disguise your thuggery.

  74. criticalcontrarian

    @DrKrbyLuv: the investment of Buffett into BYD a Chinese automaker instead of in Tesla an American automaker is a perfect example of this extreme lack of nationalism, considering the present economic condition of the US. Last I heard he was a citizen, yes?

    @ anonymous troll: I would ask two questions: 1.) Why you? 2.) Why now? The answers of which would indicate the conduit, time line and intent. BTW, Pavlov’s subject (dog) was an instinctive not a cognitive entity. Humans are half and half. When they fall on their debased behavior they are instinctive, when on their noble behavior they are cognitive. The key is balance. IQ should match EQ, otherwise you have a genius with the moral and ethical dispostion of a sociopath.

    @David: yes, its a good site. He harps on accountability which is very close to my heart. Action without responsibility = Cro-magnon with a big wallet.

    @ Davis Imperatore: pardon my evil inclination, but the American Way has been destroyed by the Bilderbergers in case you haven’t noticed. They screwed you and are now asking you to pay them for the pleasure. If being a gimp is your idea of Unity then keep it to yourself. Just my evil opinion. 🙂

  75. bob k

    @Davis Imperatore,

    The Bilderberger Group exemplify the elite attitude of predation on the creativity and labor of normal mankind. This predatory elite doesn’t have mankind”s well being in mind. They intend GENOCIDE for normal mankind as their control mechanisms of finance, academy, media and secret police fail when mankind attains the necessary competence and knowledge to provide for the well being of six billion people. The knowledge necessary to discover and implement new technologies and organization of cooperating nations states centered around the various human languages and cultures is an existential threat to the parasites you praise. These deviants are the predators responsible for the financial collapse and wars necessary to destroy human labor and creativity that would free mankind from the imperial elites you consciously or unconsciously believe have our best interests at heart. These imperial elites unite the choosen people of Judaism and the ancient warrior elite of the monarchy. Their subjugation of humanity by lies and violence is effective only with reduced
    human population. They intend GENOCIDE for billions of human beings with cap and trade, financial fraud, and entangling US in foreign wars for the benefit of a few at the cost of millions of human lives and trillions of USD in lost human labor and creativity. These deviants are an existential threat to humanity and you sir, are aiding and abetting them!

  76. Simon

    Why invest in Tesla which design expensive toys in a depression the size of which is never seen before, when you can invest in BYD that makes batteries and cheap three-wheelers?
    Got money to burn?

  77. bob k

    Andrew C. Marshal published an essay entitled The Bilderberger Plan for 2009: Remaking The Global Political Economy on Global Research this week.
    It details and footnotes the deceptions of these imperial predators.

  78. emsnews

    The world is a confusing place but even more confusing is the human brain. In the middle is this funky part that Dr. Freud called the ‘Id’ and others call ‘the Reptilian brain’ and it is where we store our oldest and most important learning memories from the time when we had to learn many things, very, very fast, in order to survive.

    When this part of the brain takes over, it is what we call ‘evil’ since it has one imperative only: SURVIVE NO MATTER WHO YOU DESTROY.

  79. David

    bob k:
    “It details and footnotes the deceptions of these imperial predators.”

    Lets change the word predators to PARASITES because they live off of the US body politic without contributing any worthwhile thing back to it. This makes them parasites…like fleas on a dog or leeches on someone swimming in a river…sucking the life blood out of our beloved nation.

    Once, in the old days before farmers took their old animals to the vet to be euthanized, we had an old hound that was already weakened by age.
    When we finally noticed this old dog was not coming up to be fed, we looked for her…and found her in a machinery shed. She was literally infested with fleas that were actually eating her alive because she was too weakened to scratch them off or wallow in the dirt or go swim in the creek to rid herself of them…and it was not a pretty sight. She was suffering terribly.

    We wrapped her in an old sheet and carried her to where we could scrub her with strong soap and then we applied kerosene to her fur to drive the fleas away…and we made her a comfortable bed with water and milk nearby so she could die with dignity. Had we not killed off the fleas, they would have killed her more quickly and in doing so, destroyed their own means of survival also.

    Parasites do this. When they are not scratched of or drowned or removed in other ways, they multiply exponentially until they kill off their host and then most of them die off themselves…leaving only a few who might be lucky enough to escape to live off other hosts.

    I liken our beloved US to that old dog. After 100 years, since 1913, with parasites living off of her life blood and multiplying exponentially, she is now in a weakened state, and these parasitic rulers, legislators, gnomes, bankers, and elites and even irresponsible commoners, all looking to live off of her life blood without contributing to her well being, are all infesting her and sucking her blood to such an extent that she is weakened and very anemic already, and is growing unable to even begin to scratch them off or drown them in deep water or find other methods of cleansing herself of them. If they keep draining her life blood at the present rate, it will not be long before she dies a horrible death…and most of the parasites will die along with her.

    Of course, the top level parasites have alternative plans to move to pirate coves or Costa Rica or Dubai until they can find another host to start sucking the life blood out of….but China is still strong, and willing to scratch them off quickly and destroy them before they become an infestation.

    Not a pretty analogy is it? But, I believe that it is an accurate one. Please consider its implications.

  80. emsnews

    More like vampire bats, actually.

  81. Simon

    I think survive is the only directive… destroying others are incidental and regrettable, but not the goal

  82. openly hidden

    lots of wars in my lifetime…since ww2. i think grenada is the only one we actually won! wtf! who is responsible for this poor record anyway.

  83. emsnews

    The wars have to make profits for the Pentagon guys and the rich people. Major wars will, thanks to modern nuclear missiles, be most unprofitable. Killing peasants who live on oil fields is very profitable. Even if we lose, the rich military industrialists still win.

  84. David

    Killing peasants who have the wrong religious belief system is also profitable…or at least keeps the folks doing the killing employed…and it makes our ally happy.

  85. criticalcontrarian

    Simon said: Why invest in Tesla which design expensive toys in a depression the size of which is never seen before, when you can invest in BYD that makes batteries and cheap three-wheelers? “Got money to burn?”

    If Buffett put his money where his mouth is then he would invest in Tesla and set them on the right path just like any true blood American should. After all, taking your money Simon through the bailouts and spending it on the Chinese mustn’t feel like whoopee, eh? Unless you are Chinese. 😉 Any other concerns, Simon?

  86. Simon

    Because Buffett is a gnome?
    It’s not his duty to bailout all the expensive toy makers, if you are going to invest invest for the future, and most of his holdings are US companies.
    He is pretty much against the ostentatious spending, or have you not read his bio?

    And you know I receive bailout money? that’s really funny, you should consider join a comedy act, the Palawan Pals or something

  87. criticalcontrarian

    You have a reading problem. Definitely not Beijing U. It is Buffet who receives bailout money not you! And its partly your money, that is if you really are a taxpaying American, Simon?

    I don’t need an act, I have you. 🙂

  88. Simon

    It’s called Beida
    Again, the faux oriental boy shows his true colors
    Elite Asian school my ass

  89. criticalcontrarian

    Gotcha! LOL. Too easy. 😉

  90. Simon

    The Palawan Pals strike again, comedy gold

  91. David


    Yes, vampire bats sucking blood are a more appropriate analogy.

    In our case, we have a flock of them who have already drained the life blood out of our nation…and the few fleas left are beginning to drop off and starve to death because there in not enough left to sustain them, even in small numbers.

    Elaine, I thought my smart assed analogy was good, but yours is much more accurate….

    A deep, somber bow to your my dear…..

    ….trying to get used to this new Asian way of doing things….maybe Nancy can watch and learn.

  92. David

    Another deep, somber bow and apology for bad grammar also.

  93. David

    It should be noted, however, that healthy dogs that are well cared for and well protected do not fall victim to either vampire bats or to fleas.

    Bats and fleas are with us in our world, but the trick is to control them in one way or another so they won’t kill us. And we must protect ourselves by staying healthy so we can ward off such pestilence to begin with.

    If we control them all along, and shake them off and limit their ability to multiply and take over, we won’t need an exterminator.

  94. Simon

    There are also other things to look out for
    See my dog was sick the other day and I found some HUGE tics attached to its skin in a hidden spot. There is no way to remove it except by the vet.
    The hidden danger is the worst.

  95. David


    The approved way of removing ticks is to smother them with a greasy substance like Vaseline until they cannot breathe…and then, they supposedly will die and let go. This requires patience because you have to wait until the tick releases from its host.

    Yes Simon, fleas and ticks do carry diseases that can be dangerous, but they are not usually as dangerous if the host is healthy to begin with, and well maintained.

    A flock of vampire bats attacking while the host sleeps, is far more dangerous because they have no affinity for the host and do not care whether it lives or dies…and will seek another host as soon as they kill the one they are attacking….

    Yes, I know bob k. Bats are predators….and sometimes have to be driven off with a shotgun if they attack in a flock.

    Another deep somber bow….Are you watching Nancy?

  96. Simon

    Yeah it also had blood poisoning, so going to the vet was the only smart option.

    The good thing is the Chinese might just interpret this overacting as negotiation in bad faith and ask the US to send in someone sincere. In a polite roundabout way of course.

  97. David


    As they probably should….and it might benefit us too.

    Sometimes, a fresh start might be needed when negotiations are obviously unbalanced.

    I still believe that the Chinese are good people….At least the few I’ve known personally have been….and if properly respected, will be reliable and reasonably equitable in their dealings, but they will also be competitors too. That is just the nature of things.

    Where the problem arises is when others who have a desire to arrogantly dominate everyone they deal with might attempt to take excessive advantage of them.

    Chinese are not at all naive or stupid….and every one of them I ever met, which was just a few, were very bright, pragmatic, likable and intelligent.

    We know we are in competition with the Chinese and we need their help at times, and they might need ours also.

    But we also need to clean our own house before preaching to them that they need to clean theirs…

    And at present, our house, in my opinion needs some cleanup. We need to use our resources (the labor of our citizens) to create new wealth for ourselves rather than going on begging expeditions to people who work very hard for their money.

    We need to manage our own resources much more wisely and curb excessive spending or questionable ventures before going to the Chinese for “help.”

    What do you think Simon?

  98. Simon

    I think that despite what is said here and on other blogs, the cooperation between two world powers are still going full steam ahead
    Of course this discounts the average citizen’s POV, but note this is for both sides, the Chinese do not appreciate taking away their jobs and talks about going Made in America either.
    This is unclear because a twin-power is never seen before in world history, not even Britain/Germany rivalry can provide a clear model on what is likely to happen next.

  99. David

    to continue,
    We need to use our resources (the labor of our citizens) to create new wealth for ourselves rather than going on begging expeditions to people who work very hard for their money.

    You see Simon, I am just an humble prole who still believes that people should make real things and do services for their fellow man in order to create the means for their survival.

    Sure, we need managers of our production processes and even of our wealth…and we need leaders and protectors, but there must be balance, and there must also be a sense of working for the greater common good too, and not just for ourselves. You see, that is where we’ve fallen short.

    The mantra that “greed is good” is harming us and when we create all of this money and never once attempt to revitalize our industrial base, but instead use the money to ship more jobs to China and elsewhere, we are not doing ourselves any favors.

    Now, I’ve made some fun of Pelosi…and I’m still angry at her for not going after Bush co. tooth and nail….the shit he and his did is just not right and it degraded our nation…and she let it slide…so I cannot feel much respect for her.

    Now, our government spent billions on bailouts, but none on creating new US jobs….while Detroit, once a premier city of the world now sits in ruins…and, by god, that is wrong. Pelosi is a lovely lady, and she has a huge amount of potiental, but is unwilling to let go and do the right thing, which is face harsh facts and deal with them.

    I’m sure she feels that she is serving the US by going on a begging trip for her handlers, but she would serve us far better, and others would too, if they tried to rebuild it into a functioning, wealth producing sovereign nation again….not a world empire, but a good solid, fisically sound, wealth producing nation again…and I still believe that is possible….(think of those New England workshops that began the US industrial revolution).

    And our present elites want globalization? Well, as we look at Detroit, just imagine what the entire world will look like if they get their way….

  100. Simon

    Yes, creating wealth should be the number one priority for all people right now. Not just the average Joe, but the elites as well, they have to prove they provided added value.
    The original plan was the third world will be proles, and West can be all managers… see the flaw in this plan
    The leader simply say “behold, for every middle manager in US I can hire ten in India, who won’t be as demanding, maybe not as efficient but there will be TEN of them.”
    But they provide poor service to US customers you say?
    “Look to the future,” he says. “Soon there WON’T BE any US customers, only Indian ones”

    As for creating real wealth.
    We can do that by simply conserve money and not buy gadgets of dubious value, but production material to build things. Things in demand.
    This can all be done without the big brother watching, just find a need and fill it, as you have been doing.

  101. David

    “As for creating real wealth.
    We can do that by simply conserve money and not buy gadgets of dubious value, but production material to build things. Things in demand.
    This can all be done without the big brother watching, just find a need and fill it, as you have been doing.”

    Yes, I agree with this idea….and it will work because corporate America is abandoning Americans..and is still clinging to their world market, create their own consumers with propaganda, ideas…and you are right about them targeting world markets rather than US markets.

    So, that does leave some nice openings for US entrepreneurs….

    And, also, we can note, or at least I do, that Wally World, idiot style, consumerism is on a decline because of (maybe) resentments or a lack of money from wiser consumers….

    Right now, there is still an excess of cheap throwaway items…think vacuum cleaners, household gadgets and other items that last about a year and are worn out due to planned obselescence.

    If US entrupreners could come up with super quality items…vacuums, furnitiure, and other items that last for the long haul, I think, when this all shakes out, there might be some market for such things.

    We, like Germany, cannot compete with Chinese cheap labor, but we might compete with super high quality items, especially when corporatists are occupied attempting to make mass consumers of the rest of the world in order to market their cheap gadgets.

    Makes some sense, if US entrepreneurs can find the capital for some startups….and we might even reinvent the wheel again.

    The problem is that with few jobs, Americans will have difficulty buying either imported or domestically produced products…and we cannot just print worthless money forever….so there might be several glitches in this too.

  102. emsnews

    The battle to protect the early US industries in the NE was immense because the MAIN tool for this was tariffs and barriers.

  103. Simon

    Have real plans to preserve the industries, write down things you know, pass the knowledge
    Even if you cannot save the buildings and machinery itself, try to make it easier for people to rebuild them
    There are heaps of practical things to do.
    And the fundamental optimism in me lies in the fact that despite all the doom and gloom, there is food security.

  104. criticalcontrarian

    Yes, US food security is real, the US is still the wheat bowl of the world. But this security is not encouraging most everywhere else. Here is disturbing news:
    Terrible Outlook For 2009 Global Wheat Output @

    At the end of the day, you cannot eat gold.

  105. Simon

    Not only that but have you considered people’s backyards? Ie, Soviet style kitchen-gardens.
    And the vast amount of human inedible grain used to feed cows? If they are converted to grain and less emphasis placed on meat production?

  106. criticalcontrarian

    Yup, that is something the US has a very great advantage in, good arable land. In my opinion, at this time a much better bet than commercial/residential property. And you are right Simon, if we stopped feeding cows we could easily feed every human being it the world. It’s a sad thought.

  107. Simon

    Good news compared to the 30s Depression
    People are much better informed and probably will not tolerate hunger while farms dump unprofitable produce
    Heh 🙂

  108. criticalcontrarian

    We as a species need to re-engineer our thinking in technology, finance, social-political, even how we distribute wealth; so many different levels if we truly want to survive. You mentioned preserving knowledge, how about getting back all the buried knwoledge and tech the elite have buried to keep us married to their system. Forced servitude.

  109. criticalcontrarian

    I’ve been reading how has been receiving so many hits the past months. A sign that people are not buying the drivel of the government, preparing for self-sustenance. That’s a good thing in a way.

    Dumping produce under any circumstance is a crime in my view. It should not be allowed. Better to spend it feeding Africa than arming Israel.

  110. David

    As I’ve mentioned before, I collect a little machinery….my back acreage is full of sheds with it…and I do not have much room…but I’ve collected a sawmill and two lumber planers. I can take a tree to finished lumber.

    In a nearby town, I know of a field full of old furniture machinery rusting…and I wish I could salvage and store it in a warehouse somewhere….for my kids to use or to sell to others who might want to restart US industrial production…..

    Most corporations went running overseas and some just abandoned their machinery and America itself…and this machinery needs to be preserved….it represents the genius that was once American…when we were growing and becoming wealthy….

    I think a time will come when disconnected, and brainwashed Americans will have to reconnect with reality…and then again might become doers instead of talkers and bullshitters and cheaters…and that is what it takes to make good things happen for yourself….look around for that work that needs doing and go present yourself and offer to do it (For a modest equitable fee of course).

    I too have hope.

    And, a time will come when the US, if it survives and begins looking out for itself, will reinstitute tariffs…as it should have done years ago….and that will be after these financial gnomes and foolish corporate structures fall on their asses overseas and come home with their tails between their legs…and when maybe our elites get handed their hats also…or get replaced by a new set of elites that can see more clearly than this bunch.

    The worm does eventually turn…and we must all think of that day, and plan for it if we have a chance to do so.

  111. Simon

    I encourage preservation of any good Depression-era literature and written works – it paints a much hardier generation and their philosophy and mindset.
    Even as this generation die out their spirit lives on, encouraging not just Americans but people all over the world.

  112. criticalcontrarian

    You should start organizing a local area union of skilled workers, engineers, gardeners, farmers, David. Start in your own neighborhood, then work it up to county level. Build a cohesive social and professional base of like minded citizenry. Re-think, re-engineer, and think outside the limitations of the current system. Barter, trade in services. Everyone has a value they can bring to the table. Make a list of minimum needed requirements by the collective whole and prioritize these first. Get people busy and focused on serving one another. This is very fulfilling work, and socially uplifting to both the giver and the taker. Roles are reversed regularly.

  113. criticalcontrarian

    Back to topic of this post, here is additional info on the seemingly never ending B.S. Sometimes I don’t want to read this stuff anymore, it seems futile as no one seems interested in accountability, in media, government, etc.
    Read, Is Larry Summers Taking Kickbacks From the Banks He’s Bailing Out? @

    And here incontrovertible evidence of rampant market manipulation. Now you know where the bailout money is being used: Goldman Sachs Principal Transactions Update: Collapse In Agency Program Trading Volume @

  114. JSmith

    A. Troll: “A couple of examples: you didn’t cite any calculations regarding the statistical likelihood or not of extra-terrestrial intelligence. You didn’t bother to ask what I may have discussed with these alleged extra-terrestrials, etc.”

    You asked what it would take to make *me* think there were extraterrestrials about. Statististical likelihood depends on the person doing the calculating – Sagan did a calculation in which he pegged the likelihood of extraterrestrial “life” as quite likiely; that didn’t take into account whether the life was bright enough to travel here. I regard that as rather unlikely.

    What you’ve discussed with your ETs is of no interest to me in determining whether you actually have contacted ETs.

    Elaine: “Smith is an alien.”


  115. David


    Like that idea too…and we who love America are disconnected right not…and we do need to connect….I’m just a bit of a wordsmith….and know how to do a few things, but have never been much of a leader-organizer…so I’ll leave that to others who have more skill than me.

    One of my stories…

    Before glancing at the computer to see post responses, I was thinking about chainsaws.

    Until the 1920s or so, trees were felled with axes and crosscut saws. Then, someone Jerry rigged a crosscut to a tractor and used it for cutting logs into sections…

    Then someone put the cutting teeth on a chain and rigged a gasoline engine to the chain….

    In the US, the first chainsaw was the Mercury two man saw that weighed nearly 100 lbs and had a 5 or more foot bar and was hell to handle, but cut trees faster than anything before it.

    Next came the one and two man Mall saws…again super heavy to handle and gear driven…chain moved very slow and really just tore chunks of wood out of the log….When I was a kid I used one of these to saw wood for one entire day and was nearly unable to get out of bed the next morning it beat me up so badly.

    Next came the Pioneer US made chainsaw…very lightweight…and a pleasure for us farmers and loggers to use…high speed chain and fast production.

    Next came the US made Homelite and it used an improved chain that cut at a high rate of speed…and it was the saw to own for nearly 20 years…as was a similar competitor, McColluoch.

    But Homelite became a corporation and built all kinds of other consumer stuff, and began making money….so it stopped developing better saws for US loggers..and the same thing happend with McCollouch…

    And Stihl of Germany came out with a superb saw…the .043 Farm Boss…a powerful, lightweight, well balanced saw that cut like a demon.

    Did Homelite or McCollouch try to compete….no. They just gave up and rolled over and kept producing cheap consumer items for yard work while Stihl walked off with the professional business…and then, Stihl gradually produced super quality consumer items that even the Japanese could not match..and they ran nearly everyone out of the high quality chainsaw and yard tool markets.

    Until Electolux corporation of Sweden, the ones who brought out quality vacuum cleaners, decided to get into the chainsaw business.

    First, they bought out Poluan and improved it as their very basic Wal-Mart consumer saw…a good, reliable buy, but not professional quality.

    Next, they bought out Husqvarna chainsaws and firearms and machinery of Sweden a super quality reputable name and began exporting Husqvarna chainsaws….and these were superb mid line saws, but still not up to German quality.

    However, a small Swedish timber saw company named Jonsered had a super saw….so Electrolux bought them out and took many Jonsred design features and put them in the Husqvarna saws, but left the Jonsred name as their top line professional timber and arborists saws.

    With these great new designs, they competed with Stihl of Germany and their saws are just as good if not better….and they even built a slightly cheaper Husqvarna timber saw for loggers with more modest needs than say the axe men like we see on television. If you watch the professionals, they use either Stihl or Jonsred and a few Husqvarna saws.

    Meanwhile, by producing quality products, Husqvarna is selling everything, weed eaters, lawn mowers and all kinds of stuff that competes tit for tat with the Germans.

    And that is a story of how a company that produced one quality product became a super successful world class corporation….

    And where is Homelite today. It sells a few cheap imported weed eaters and a cheap Japanese made homeowner saw….no continued R&D and planning for the long term….just the bottom line today…

    And, in my opinion the Jonesred and Husqvarnas are best….they are just as good, but start better than the Stihls. My timber saw turns 13000 rpm and will almost fall through a log that is 30 inches in diameter…and the Husqvarna 350 is, in my opinion, the best homeowner saw ever made and is used by most arborists…has the best power to weight ratio available…cuts like a demon, and you can run a tractor over it and keep going…I’ve done that too.

    I think my little chainsaw story shows that cheaper is not always better..and that going the cheap consumer gadget route is a route to ruin…as it was for Homelite and many others….and the ones who are surviving, are the ones who produce quality.

  116. emsnews

    I have a large range of Husky saws, mostly use their smaller ones due to my arms getting old but use a larger one for the 2′ and larger trees. I used Stihl until Husky came out with the no vibration saws and I immediately began using them because the vibrations bothered my wrists a great deal.

    Yes, these are all EUROPEAN saws and imported. This was due to them putting energy and engineering into their products. Engineers are treated like scum in the US. This infuriates me no end. They can’t get work anymore, easily. One engineer I knew had to go to CHINA to get work!

    This is insane.

    About forming groups to do manufacturing: this cannot be profitable unless we first have barriers of some sort to protect everyone from monetary differentials and such things. Tariffs and barriers, everyone! Tariffs and barriers must be considered and used.

  117. JSmith

    “But Homelite … and began making money…”

    That would seem to be a problem for some reason.

    “Tariffs and barriers, everyone! Tariffs and barriers must be considered and used.”

    That’s great if all you want is the domestic market.

    Tariffs and barriers are a double-edged axe. If we use them, so can others. You want (with some reason, I admit) to clobber the import market. Fine… but you’ll want to learn to live without exports as well.

  118. emsnews

    Well, there seems scant other solutions. We have no industrial base we have nothing.

  119. Simon

    Your logic is flawed here Elaine
    Without a home market to flourish in, the Scandanavians would never grew unless someone was kind enough to open a market for them
    Guess who? US and China
    If you apply crippling tariffs, guess what you’ll get?
    Soviet style heavy metal saws

  120. “Well, there seems scant other solutions. We have no industrial base we have nothing.”

    No Elaine,you do have one thing.The USA is or could be if it wished have self sufficiency in food.

    The UK is NOT.We in the UK can say…”Well, there seems scant other solutions. We have no industrial base we have nothing.”

  121. Simon

    France has massive farming potential

  122. emsnews

    Once upon a time, England had many farms. Then, they decided in about 1550 to depopulate the farmlands and turn it all into sheep grazing, etc. To this day, one can see the old furrows of the many thousands of missing farms just below the topsoil.

  123. David

    I will go with Elaine with tariffs and barriers. The US did not become an independent nation by kowtowing to England or to anyone else….and neither did it become an industrial superpower by doing so.

    The problem we have is with our financial system that looks to sacrifice US industrial production to maximize its financial profits in currency markets….and this is very different from producing real wealth.

    I’ve said this before…and John Ruskin said it back in the 1860s. There is political economy….and that is real wealth…roads, farms, bridges, railroads, houses, chairs in the parlor and even our automibiles and production machinery….especially our production machinery…all we have to do is come up with some natural resources…and maybe these might come from farms…and we can use this machinery to produce wealth over and over again. Ruskin’s idea of political economy is what we need much more of.

    Ruskin’s second type of economy is the economy of merces…derived from the word merchant….these are the people who sell things…and they make nothing and create nothing, but manipulate prices so they can skim as much as possible from the real wealth sold….and stock merchants sell shares of production companies and manipulate them for maximum profits…and so on. Now, however, there are few production companies left since the economy of merces has taken over and destroyed production just because of its hatred of production laborors and the wages they are paid. Now, in our nation, the main things left to trade are financial companies who do the price and currency manipulations of abstract numbers….and these numbers are increasingly not attached to real wealth at all…they’re just numbers….an artificial language that can be manipulated to make larger numbers… effectivly, we are not trading in real wealth…chairs, roads, bridges, machine tools, washing machines or chainsaws. we are trading numbers…and this is supposed to sustain the livelihoods of 306 million people. Damnit! Gimme a fucking break…this is sheer lunacy.

    I used to trade assorted items with other crony friends when I was a smart assed teenager. I thought that I was smart, but then I ran onto Jack and Jack was sharper…and he took me for some really nice stuff…..and gave things worth much less in return….for a short while, I was fooled because I did not know values….but when I learned values, I stopped trading with Jack….

    Later on, I was a collector different items and a trader for awhile as a hobby…and I always tried to give moderately equitable trades to my trading partners…and I learned to spot a shyster in a heartbeat…and would not deal with them….If you are about to get screwed in a deal, just walk away. How hard is this?

    All we hear is liquidity, liquidity, liquidity…this is the talk of scammers. Why should our nation trade with anyone who is beating it to death on every trade….just so the scammers can skim their percentage….they are destroying us.

    Tariffs and barriers..and value added taxes on anything not produced with American labor…and then give additional tax breaks to American owned companies…and limit foreign ownership of American based companies to 4o percent just like the Japanese have done for years….and limit property ownership too… you can lease land and houses in Mexico, but you cannot own them if you are a foreigner…and you pay taxes on this lease.

    Open markets and free trade are worthless, from a national perspective if the other fellows are restricting their imports and taxing them..and this is what is happening, but our financial elites could give a damn less as they keep screaming liquidity, liquidity, liquidity…and keep scamming their percentages from the deals that are giving away America…damn them….little mindless number men and women….who do not attach the real world to their numbers…and they priss and primp around in their imported cars and live in gated communities, playing golf and tennis like the little prigs and dorks they are…and they contribute very little that is beneficial to the body politic of the nation itself….

    I cannot find it in my thinking to respect them because they are vampires and leeches and they are destroying us without even realizing it.

    High tariffs and barriers and value added taxes on imports….and if we have to shut down foreign markets, so be it…maybe we will then again learn how to create real wealth.

    And I’ll stop for now.

  124. emsnews

    It is worse: we owe too much money to political and economic rivals. It is one thing to owe money to here and there and owing 50% of our money held by foreigners to Asian industrial powers. I know for a fact, these others track this and base future strategic plans based on this.

    Germany and Japan are being hammered right now due to reliance on the US export market. Even if they have a very bad recession, they still have their industrial bases. This isn’t being exported, it is contracting by having fewer workers. Not like here where it is being terminated permanently. Even if our GDP shrinks less than Germany or Japan, it will rebound less IN EXPORT MARKETS. Exactly where it hurts us the most.

  125. David

    Somehow, Elaine, these folks who are so stupidly giving away our nation must come to realize that what they are doing is fatal.

    However, until their little financial empires are scooped up by foreigners and they are booted onto the streets into the soup lines, they will not realize this….they are idiots.

    These arrogant little pricks cling to Ruskin’s notion that you can also become rich by making others poorer than yourself….and this is their plan…except it is fatally flawed too.

    Foreign creditors could give a damn less how important this little prick is on his home turf. If he or she is not paying the interest bills on borrowed money, and they continue losing money, they will eventually want to physically take over American businesses…and finances and boot these little leeches out onto the streets.

    Ship jobs to Asia just to drive down inflation. This is so asinine that it is pitiful because these retards do not even know where real wealth comes from….from labors and knowledge and skills and engineering…and the kind they gave away took hundreds of years to accumulate…and these fools are giving all of this up just to keep inflation down so the masses cannot demand higher pay…..well my dears, what are you going to do when the Chinese workers, with their government’s blessing, demand higher pay and a middle class standard of living….and they will.

    You will have inflation anyway and US masses will be broke and cannot buy at all…where is your stupid liquidity then? It is gone like a puff of smoke…and you can sit in your big house and wonder when the repo folks who work for a foreign owner are coming to boot your ass out and sell off your worthless imported furniture….and don’t expect a warm welcome down at the homeless shelter either…because all those folks have left are their torches and pitchforks which they sharpen daily because that is all they have left to do.

    Sure, Elaine, these other nations track our indebtedness and plan accordingly. I would too if I were them. I have a few rent houses, and I try to research future tenants incomes to see whether they can pay. That is just good sense.

    Our elites imagine that they can eliminate wars and make the world as one if only they are placed in charge and they are allowed to run the US off of debt to foreigners, but this will end as our creditors take over…and own us as a colony…and guess what, those who sold us out will not be respected and allowed to hold positions of power. They are held in contempt by our trade rivals probably more so than by Americans.

    I cannot respect someone who sells out his country for any amount of money and neither will our trade rivals respect them either.

    If I were a factory owner, I would simply lock the doors on my factory if I became unable to compete, and would wait until I could find a way to compete….and this takes imagination and the ability to have more than tunnel vision.
    Flexible minds can set aside one method and experiment with another one until one works…

    This destruction of our nation must stop or we will be a third world colony…and after our military deteriorates, it will be unable to protect us from predatory nations…and when our military power eventually fades, our trading partners will descend on us with a vengeance and pick our bones clean….and that includes the bones of our traitorous elites also.

  126. openly hidden

    Manjeshwar Bhakta’s The Vedic String Theory of Everything explores the remarkable relationship between modern physics, which continues its search for an all-encompassing theory, and the insights of Vedic philosophy, whose concepts are consistent with quantum mechanics and string theory.

  127. “France has massive farming potential”

    Yes it`s the ONLY country in europe that could have self sufficiency in food.

    Back in the 19th century there was a BIG debate in the UK parliment.It was one of those full to the rafters with just about every MP there.What was it about?.Well the UK had what they thought was a major crisis on it`s hands the population off the UK had reach 20 million and had no longer “self sufficiency in food”.It was open to blockade from a foreign power.This as it turned out became true in 1940.What did they do about it back in the 19th century? what was their answer…they built a VERY strong navy.

    As someone on here said it`s not that there are too many people on this planet it`s about the way we live and govern that causes the problems.In other words just to much insanity and greed within mankind.

  128. David

    Your whole post shows how OUR minds has fallen into a trap…

    There are no “nations”.What we have is mankind and we live on a planet.We must share with each other and look after each other.When we start to break apart into splinter groups and call them “nations”…well thats how to get into the mess we are in.

  129. Simon

    Our minds work on classifiers
    Whether we base our bias on classes or nations it is no different, we need to see the “other” and find something to fight against

  130. David

    “There are no “nations”.What we have is mankind and we live on a planet.We must share with each other and look after each other.”

    Thanks for the provocation Tell. I’ll try to answer as reasonably as I can.

    Sounds really good Tell.

    If we do away with nationalism, we solve all of our problems because the nations won’t squabble with each other and henceforth things will be equitable for everyone.

    Please consider:

    Now, after we become a world as one with no borders and a world government ruled by a group of distant elites and bankers who could give a damn less about little old nobody me living way down here in my little woodland part of the US South.

    Even now, the US govenment doesn’t care at all about me now unless I cause them trouble.

    If, under world government, I have no job, and am doing a little hardscrabble gardening on my tiny plot of land…or if I lose that, am begging for food for my family or worse, trying to steal it, come and try to convince me that world unity is the way to go.

    The more distant government and rulers become in relation to local people, the less responsive government is to their needs…and the more unilateral their decisions…and that is not just part of my harangue…its been proven time and again in history, but oh, we are ignoring history nowadays aren’t we, and we are going to write a new chapter for humanity….with perfect solutions to all of the old problems?

    Remember how the Allies led by the US, and England and bowing to France, split Vietnam in two as just a convenience….now, did that work out very well?

    What about Korea, where millions had to move from their traditional homes…many dying along the way because of the whims and politics and ideological fears of military leaders and world leaders?

    And what about Israel in the Middle East that we’ve talked about so many times. Was Germany happy with these people? Did other nations want them? Why didn’t the US, or all of the allied world governments take them? Instead, distant world leaders shoved native middle easterners off of their traditional lands and simply moved these homeless people there and gave it to them…and hell has followed. Where would Israel be if world resources were allocated on a fair person per person basis? What about the Palestinians? Would they receive more land and food?

    I could write a hundred pages giving examples, but I won’t. Such a plan for world governance is arrogantly stupid to begin with, but I very much expect elites to go ahead with it, and some folks to believe their propaganda.

    But I have faith in humanity, that even the common man is far too devious and self serving and parochial to ever let such a plan succeed for very long….I have faith in people.

    Possibly, Elites imagine with new technology, they can manage the entire world….but this will be a rigid and brutal management (enslavement)…since that is the only way anyone can manage people of distant lands….to do otherwise will be to invite the rise of parochial nationalism…which is a normal human trait…..

    I’ve been critical of the Japanese in the past because they can be really cold and arrogant with outsiders, but, at least, they are honest…and I’ve mentioned this before that their language from family level, to community level to workplace level to national level uses two words, uchi (inside my group) and soto (outside my group) to describe people, and they are very protective of their nation for good reason too….they’ve watched distant rulers dominate and kill millions of Chinese, and, over the years, colonize and enslave other nations.

    Now, how in the world are you going to convince them to give up their sovereignty and bow to the wishes of world elite management of their affairs? This could not be done even after the US dropped nuclear weapons on them…it only made them more determined to keep their nation intact for Japanese only…and I really don’t blame them.

    People are cliquish. That is a fact of life.
    Look at the present world. The US and a few others with lots of guns and bombs dominate those who do not have very many guns and bombs….and feel no compunction about killing them….as was recently witnessed in Iraq (if they don’t agree to give up their wealth, and go along with the plan, just kill them). Tell, do you think a world government will be any different with troops from one place moving around the world to enforce decisions made by distant elites who have no stake in the welfare of those mere little piss ants who live far, far away….just send a contingent of world policemen to eliminate them or maybe just spray the area with some new (or old) chemical that will kill them quietly without anyone knowing or protesting about it or really giving much of a damn.

    Leaders must be held accountable by the people for their governance…and even in our US democratic republic, that is nearly impossible to maintain because of influential factions and wealth dominating the process. Do you imagine that a world government will be any different? If we cannot find leaders who are immune to such things on a small, nationalistic scale, one doubts whether it can happen on an even larger scale.

    Will you give Japan or the US or China the same considerations that you give Zimbabwe or Kenya?

    How will the new world government be organized? Will an impoverished, starving African be given the same voting rights as David Rockefeller and Oprah Winfrey? Will we take some of Bill and Melinda’s wealth and spread it around Africa until Bill and Melinda and Dave and Oprah will have the same net worth as millions of Africans?

    So, we might move to globalization, but, in my opinion, it will just enhance human interaction problems.

    Think of human interactions and conflicts this way….

    In the family, we have an argument once in awhile, but these seldom move to serious physical violence considering the numbers of families that exist within millions of people.

    When we organize into communities, some will begin to dominate and attempt to force their will on others with violence, but even here, if the community is healthy, violence is rare.

    However, when we organize into states and nations, institutional violence increases a lot. Rulers who impose arbitrary rules on the populace and become willing to use police and military violence (shootings, beatings and torture) against their own people and others to enforce their decisions….and frequently resistance arises…and we have rebellions and revolutions….and wars. These might take many years to mature like in the harsh Soviet Union, but things change eventually.

    Now, imagine how elites will try to dominate a world with one government…and the lengths they will go in order for their will to be enforced…and the violence they will use to keep billions under control, or possibly to just arbitrarily eliminate them if they are deemed unuseful or as being a nuisance to world homogeneity.

    The argument I’ve been building a basis for here is that the larger the human organizational entity, the more impersonal and violent it becomes….and the less responsive it becomes to real needs.

    Consider the UN. It was formed to prevent a violent world, but, now, its troops are used to arbitrarily enforce the will of its most influential members and elites who control these member states…and the violence increases.

    Tell, uniting the world sounds good, and I think we always to need to work for peace among nations, but if we ENFORCE peace, then, I fear that we support human enslavement. This begs the question; WHOSE PEACE ARE WE GOING TO ENFORCE?

  131. Simon

    The way I see it is a pyramidal thing
    If the foundation is not strong, ie nations and their institutions
    How can a world government work? It just gets corrupted from within

  132. David

    There is one view of “world government” the one you say above.Then there is my view.It doesn`t have to be the evil world,if we educate our chilren the right way then maybe in three generations we can have the world we want.

    I look and always have (since the age of seven) that I am one person living at this moment in time, it is what I do that is important NOT what others do.It is one thing to give up against evil and accept it as “thats the way it is,nothing can be done”it is not my way as an single living force I will not accept it and live my life as such.The more that think the same…then maybe in the future things will change…

    “This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, in its place is something that you left behind let it be something good.”

    Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

  133. emsnews

    Liberalism is good. And has to come about organically, within a community that has feelings of love and generosity. It then grows outwards as the liberalized community then is TOLERANT of others on the outside of the community. The joys of liberalism [that is, respecting people and their lives and letting them live as they choose] can be demonstrated and copied if one wishes.

    Imposing it via military or economic sanctions or violence is not liberalism. It is totalitarianism. ‘Liberals’ can be totalitarians just as much as communists and fascists. Anyone can be this, many parents are this way, after all.

    As someone who defied her own parents when very, very young, the threat of violence and economic sanctions is very powerful [I worked beginning at a young age so I could be independent of my parent’s economic controls, for example].

    The organizing of the UN as a world government got off on the wrong foot instantly when the nuclear powers divided the world in two so they could drag all humanity into their struggle for power. Once the US won that struggle, we doubled our nuclear powers so we could militarily dominate the planet. Since then, we have been at war all over the place. So much for global liberalism and the good of capitalism.

  134. David


    Ghandi advocated non-violent resistance in order for people to free themselves from enslavement…..Ghandi was a revolutionary freedom fighter who took on the central powers of the British Empire.

    I am personally one of the few people who delved into Mohandas Ghandi’s personal philosophy. He was a wonderful man and he advocated non violence for India, but had to nearly kill himself in a fast to keep hindus and muslims from killing each other….and he was a nationalist.

    In the beginning, he tried to support the larger British Empire because it preached the commonality of mankind to its colonies…and Ghandi was an ambulance driver in the British Army during the Boer war, and became a British educated lawyer, but when he tried to defend an Indian client against British overlords, he was thrown out of court.

    So, Ghandi became a revolutionary…and worked for Indian Nationalism against the Empire. He believed in suffering to improve humanity, and stood by this, even to the point of being beaten himself.

    While Ghandi advocated non-violence, he was willing to provoke violence in his opponents, the British, in order to show them and the world the evil they advocated….and what most poeple do not know is that while Ghandi advocated non-violence, he advocated violence as a very last resort against human oppression after all efforts of non-violent resistance failed.

    I know these things, because I talked personally with Dr. Gogli who helped Ghandi plot throwing the British out of India…in other words promoted Indian Nationalism.

    Education Tell? Yes, that is a way to go, but at present, education is just a dumbing down process to keep the masses under the thumbs of elites who try to keep the secrets of manipulating wealth to themselves…where they can set man against man, and make vast profits from this… what kinds of education are you going to institute to keep the masses compliant? And this begs the question also, what kinds of education are you going to force on the children of elites that will make them abandon their arrogant contempt for the masses who will soon be under their control as they asume power in a world government?

    I too have hope for mankind to better itself, but I just cannot see such a globalization plan working without causing human suffering on an unimaginable scale…..(think Pol Pot and the killing fields of Cambodia on an international scale…. Pol Pot the ideologue was going to unite all of his people in an idyllic agrarian society and was willing to make it happen…and certainly tried, but the changes and the force used to make the changes caused millions to die.)

    Often the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions.

    Tell, think of this massive, all powerful entity ruling arbitrarily over billions of commoners. Without imposing violence and the threat of violence, it ain’t gonna happen…and Ghandi would agree with me on this too since he spent most of his life peacefully resisting this type of imperal domination for his beloved India.

  135. David

    And Simon is right…all governments and empires eventually corrupt themselves from within…a fact of history…..time and time again…and Rome which was the central government of the entire know world of its time use crucifixion of commoners to keep them under its control.

    And the bigger the governmental entity, the more corruption and rot it will contain.

    I am a socialist and I advocate a strong central government, but with well thought out laws and regulations that keep leaders as well as the masses working for the common good and spreading the wealth around.

    I believe in the people, and if given a chance, they will display genius that will bring great prosperity to a nation, but if oppressed and controlled will give little effort to the process.

    The communists under the Soviets and under Mao discovered this. The people must be allowed to flourish and must be given local controls before they will bring prosperity to a nation or to the world…and dominating them for the benefits of a few world class elites, is not the way to bring prosperity to the world.

    And keep reminding yourself that all systems tend toward either/or scenarios. Either inactivity or frenzied activity….either peace or war…and it is hard to keep gray areas and relativity, which is applying a varsity of solutions to human problems, alive within a huge system. Such a system tends to fall off the cliff in one direction or the other.

  136. May 25, 2009

    “California: Governor plans to completely eliminate welfare for families”…

    Schwarzenegger is living upto his film role…TERMINATE the poor.

  137. emsnews

    David, even Gandhi understood, the ONLY tool he had was the FREE PRESS. If they ignored him being beaten to death, end of Gandhi.

    The Palestinians are constantly told, they must imitate him. But when they are beaten to death, they are not in the mainstream news. I see hundreds of ‘Palestinian/peace demonstrators’ in Israel being literally murdered or beaten severely and not ONE of these makes the news…EVER…in the US. Even the video of Rachael Corrie being deliberately run over was never played on US TV. They didn’t dare.

    If Gandhi had been run over in Israel then his name would never be used to invoke civil rights struggles. See? This is sad. This is, incidentally, why Gandhi’s grandson was chased out of his organization by Jews. He talked about how the Palestinians shouldn’t be bombed by the Israelis and that the Jews were practicing apartheid. So they not only kicked him off campus and out of his job, he used to write editorials for the Washington Post and the Zionists killed that, too.

  138. David

    Good Link Tell.

    And The Terminator is just leading the pack. When corporatists outsourced our jobs to China and elsewhere, where their communist-socialist system still provides basic social services, and is instituting Social Security, they killed the tax bases in our states and local governments…and George the Bushy cut taxes and killed off many many federal assistance program and dumped the problems back on the states…and the wealthy got deregulated so they could steal this wealth and totally waste it…and corporatists carried the means of producing more overseas with outsourcing just to keep inflation and labor costs down….

    What a wonderful bunch.

    The Terminator, being a good Republican, is just reacting to this shortfall. Being a true Republican, he is not going to borrow anything to feed these people…he’ll just let them eat dirt…

    “No problemo.”

  139. emsnews

    He can’t borrow a penny unless the legislature votes 2/3rds for this and they didn’t so he is ruthlessly cutting things. He has to, it is the law.

  140. “Rotten borough”…

    Nothing has changed.


  141. Simon

    Timmy goes to Dragon to ask for a currency appreciation
    So the dragon moved the yuan downwards by a further 0,7 %
    Kill exports? how about Timmy “eat shit and die?”

  142. David

    Thanks Elaine:

    I once heard Arun Gandhi speak..and he was working at Christian Brothers University in Tennessee at that time… I had just completed my masters on a peaceful 21st century in which I used many of Ghandi’s ideas so I was invited to Wake Forest University where he was speaking. He is a great speaker…and he told wonderful stories about his grandfather and the kind of man Mohandas Gandhi was. Arun remarked that Mohandas was not the stoop shouldered little man portrayed in the movie…. but that he was barrel chested and was a very powerfully built and very strong man. Both Arun and Dr. Gogoli said that Gandhi was super intelligent and was an extremely adept politician along with being a peace activist and non violent resistor to British oppression.

    Thanks for the Update Elaine…

    I went to the Wikipedia to find out more about Arun Ghandi and I read about why he was driven from his non violence foundation…and that is so sad. I hope that everyone reads what he has to say about middle east violence.

  143. criticalcontrarian

    Exactly right, Simon. The question people should be asking is, who is in a position to buy China’s exports? The answer is, the countries who followed the draconian measures imposed by the IMF & WB. They have proper banking regulations in place and good forex reserves. At this point, Asia will grow internally, it will be the catalyst, and the West will have to re-think, re-engineer and re-tool its plants, and rehabilitate its currency to conform to Asia’s needs. That or it will be “eat shit and die”.

    Assuming the dragon bends over backwards an plays nice to Timmy, does it solve the problem? It only delays the bang for a much bigger bang. But then, we must assume that these poor excuses for financial wizards are playing the Last Man Holding the Bag game, eh?

  144. David


    “He can’t borrow a penny unless the legislature votes 2/3rds for this….”

    Thanks Elaine.

    So, The Terminator had a heart after all, but the legislature is responsible for cutting family welfare services in California….

    Apologies terminator.

  145. “He can’t borrow a penny unless the legislature votes 2/3rds for this and they didn’t so he is ruthlessly cutting things. He has to, it is the law”

    “Apologies terminator”

    Hmmm…I just cannot understand the mindset of the quotes above???.

    He didn`t have to do it.He could have said…No to “eliminate welfare for families”…and said…I as a human being will not do this immoral thing …I RESIGN.

    He did not.

  146. Simon

    I believe the gubernator is someone from a long line of inspirational speech makers
    If it weren’t him they’d get professional looters and bureaucrats
    Not exactly an improvement huh?

  147. David


    Yes, I was short sighted when I removed blame from The Terminator…and apologized….you have a right to beat me across the brow with a wet noodle…

    So, I retract my apology. The Terminator is heartless after all.

  148. David

    Perhaps people like myself too are missing an important point when we put all of the blame on those who create crisis and refuse to feed hungry families but give people like The Terminator (too lazy to look up the spelling) a pass because they are just the enforcers….yes, they can and should resign.

  149. 2 June 2009

    “The costly and inefficient system of health care is a major concern for millions of working Americans. The global economic crisis, bringing with it massive job losses and cuts in social programs, is only deepening long-term health care problems. Women and children are among those hardest hit by this crisis”…

    “US treasury secretary touts Obama austerity policies in China visit”…

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