Pirates Who Looted Archway Cookies Being Investigated

The lawsuits and investigations surrounding the hedge fund that used criminal fraud to fake cookie sale profits made the NYT.  Like all the other millions of ponzi-scheme-style of ‘business’ that kept America afloat on a sea of red ink, this sordid tale illuminated how lying, deception and too much debts combined to destroy a physical, real business and how many thousands of good people lost their jobs because a crew of greedy gnomes ripped apart and destroyed valid, normal businesses.

At the heart of the Archway collapse is international finance flowing through pirate islands and using the Japanese carry trade to fund take overs and buy outs.  The hedge fund that took over Archway were basically seeking something to dump this super-cheap debt from Japan.  They needed a parking spot for the loans so they could then reap the profits from both the borrowing side [they become the lenders when they pass on their debts to a corporation] and on the board of directors side of the ledger.


What Happened to Archway? – NYTimes.com

Tired, but intrigued, he [the new head bookkeeper in charge examining Archway] began digging through orders and shipping and inventory records until, well after midnight, he reached the conclusion that Archway, based in Battle Creek, Mich., was booking nonexistent sales.

Archway hadn’t been audited in years.  To keep their bank loan lines open with Wachovia Bank—now bankrupt—the owners of Archway had to produce an outside audit. Obviously, the auditor discovered CRIMINAL ACTIONS and it turned into a legal matter, the need to discover exactly who ordered these deceptions and why, is now unfolding slowly and relentlessly.  I hope a lot of gnomes go to prison. We should put them in a cave, maybe, bin Laden’s secret cave, this, after all, is their normal environment.

He reasoned that sham transactions allowed Archway, which was owned by a private-equity firm, Catterton Partners, to maintain access to badly needed money from its lender, Wachovia. Mr. Roberts’s investigation eventually caused Wachovia to pull its financing lines, helping to push Archway into bankruptcy last fall….And Archway’s collapse is a reminder of the apparent lengths to which some of the nation’s biggest banks went to do deals with private-equity firms during the recent buyout boom.

Wachovia, for instance, provided tens of millions of dollars in loans and lines of credit backed by assets to Archway despite the fact the company had not had a formal independent audit of its financial statements in three years. A spokeswoman for Wells Fargo, which acquired Wachovia last year, declined comment.

NINJA loans weren’t just handed out to illegal aliens who wanted to flip houses.  They also were handed to pirates, fools, gnomes and anyone who showed up and held out a hand and asked.  This is why the global financial systems collapsed.

Archway’s failure also raises questions about how some private-equity shops operate. When they acquire broken companies, the firms pledge to use their financial, strategic and operational expertise to fix them. The firms receive management fees from their portfolio companies while also charging investors — large institutions and pension funds — fees for managing their money.

Although Catterton placed three of its partners on Archway’s board, naming one as vice chairman, it hired a management company, Insight Holdings,Here is their web page:  Insight HoldingsPicture 16 —–It doesn’t exist anymore—to handle day-to-day operations at Archway. Several former executives and employees who worked at Archway’s headquarters say Insight conducted most of its oversight of the company via telephone and videoconferences.

If Catterton LLP was a pirate organization that wanted to bleed money out of stones, it is hilarious that they, in turn, were bled to death by another LLP crew of hell hounds who did minimal to zero actual work and simply looted the bigger LLP who then tried to pay for all this looting by looting Archway Cookies.

The Catterton partners, these former employees say, were never seen at Archway. Catterton and Insight nonetheless collected about $6 million in management fees and compensation during their nearly four-year tenure running Archway, court documents assert.


The Limited Liability partnership is even newer than the Derivatives Beast and is very much connected to it.  Throughout the post-gold standard era, the US has been the pioneer in coming up with ridiculous systems, organizations and rules or rather, no rules, all designed for one end: to evade responsibility for something or some system and to reduce risk by shoving it aside so it will appear safer but in actuality, is increasingly dangerous.  


It is obvious that LIMITED LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY LEADS TO CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES.  These newfangled things should be outlawed because they are designed to evade responsibility for actions.  They are legal fictions set up to allow criminals to operate legally!  Just like the entire Derivatives Interest Rate Swap business and the Over the Counter scams, these systems have one goal and only one goal: to run things deep in the red and to evade oversight, controls, limits and interference from outsiders.

LLC Advantages – LLC Disadvantages – Why Form an LLC – 

The advantages of forming an LLC are that the members are afforded limited liability and have pass-through taxes similar to a partnership. By forming an LLC instead of a corporation, you get all the benefits of forming a corporation but you avoid a few drawbacks that you would run into if you formed a corporation. Specifically, when you form a corporation, you subject yourself to double taxation and excessive paperwork. Both of those annoyances can be avoided if you form an LLC. How do LLCs work? The LLC allows for multiple owners, or members. Additionally, there is a managing member, who also enjoys the rewards of limited liability and is typically the person responsible for managing the business. (However, if the LLC has just one owner, it will be taxed as a sole proprietorship.) The profits or losses of the business pass directly through to the owners’ personal income tax returns, on their Form 1040. The LLC files a Form 1065, and then lists each member’s taxable profit on Form K-1. In other words, the LLC itself does not file taxes.So are there any disadvantages to an LLC? Why isn’t every corporation in the world switching to LLC status? Why are traditional C corporations and S corporations still being formed? There are a few answers to that question.

So are there any disadvantages to an LLC? Why isn’t every corporation in the world switching to LLC status? Why are traditional C corporations and S corporations still being formed? There are a few answers to that question. In fact, we recently chose a C corporation structure over an LLC structure, and here’s why. The entity we were forming will be seeking outside investment and will be offering stock options to employees. Many angel investors and venture capital firms are still gun-shy about investing in LLCs because it’s a new business formation that is not well understood. When you’re raising capital, it helps to keep things simple and avoid anything that makes an investor think twice; hence, despite our having used LLCs successfully in the past, we went with the C corporation formation. Another advantage of the C corporation over the LLC is that law firms tend to have many more boilerplate agreements for C corporations than they do for an LLC. Hence, your legal bills may be higher if you go with an LLC because more lawyer time is involved in drafting agreements. Of course, that will change over time as more and more business entities adopt LLC status.


Let’s look at Catterton Partners

what makes us unique:


  • Focusing exclusively on the middle market consumer sector
  • Targeting companies that meet specific investment criteria
  • Partnering with management to build value
  • Capitalizing on our experience, relevant knowledge, and proprietary network

Catterton Partners – Company Profile on LinkedIn

Picture 15

The list of thinks this LLP does is the usual dreck.  Their way of enhancing value is to do vicious amputations and make outrageous demands.  And cut wages or offshore everything.  This is why these organizations must be outlawed: they are toxic.  They are looting expeditions, not systems that make us stronger and more effective.  They took Archway cookies, a decent product, and turned it into garbage and then, turned the entire business into a criminal operation set up to lie about finances, cheat banks and the government as well as poison customers.


Look at the data above!  The average age of the Catterton organization is 30 years?  WOW.  Aside from the old guys at the very top, the average person working there was probably under 30 years of age and were computer users who basically spent their days, manipulating data and tracking things for the bosses whose involvement was to come in and demand better numbers.

A lot of Harvard graduates.  Shame on that university!  A lot of the horrible news we see in the corporate world features graduates from top schools like this goofy school.  But then, look at who teach at these schools!  I read these professors all the time.  Bernanke is a Harvard graduate, for example!  

CURRENT INVESTMENTS Retail & Restaurants:

  • Cheddars
  • Culinary Concepts by Jean-Georges 
  • First Watch 
  • Outback Steakhouse 
  • Restoration Hardware  

Food and Beverage:

  • Breyers Yogurt Company
  • Farley’s & Sathers 
  • Sweet Leaf Tea 
  • Van’s Foods 
  • Consumer Brands 
  • Heartland RV 
  • The Lang Companies
  • Liberty Safe 
  • Little Miss Matched
  • Monosol 
  • Nature’s Variety 
  • Niadyne, Inc. 
  • The Worth Collection Zeno

Consumer & Marketing Services:

  • FirstLight Financial 
  • Healthy Advice Networks 
  • QuinStreet 
  • TechTurn

A general rule of thumb in life: if an organization is lying, cheating, stealing, degrading services and products in one area, we can bet, they are doing the exact same thing in all other areas, too.  Can we trust any of these corporations and their products?  Obviously, the answer is no.  Resoundingly, no.  Some of these things, like Breyers, were high-quality products.  


Are they this today?  Well, if the NYT story about degrading ingredients, lying about finances for Archway are true, then I would suggest this is true with Breyer products, too.  We can bet, if these dangerous pirates are in control of Beyers, they did this via ‘leverage’ which means, the organization is probably deep in debt and deeper into trouble and is struggling to pay off the banks and the pirates while selling food.  And it is so easy to degrade ingredients we can’t see!  Just like degrading a currency is the first choice of power brokers in trouble.


I will also note all the ‘healthy lifestyle’ stuff here!  Trust is important!  Throw that away and I say, boycott all things on this corporations’ list due to the high, high probability, these things are now dangerous due to the need to get money no matter how unethical, dangerous or stupid it is.


Catterton Partners – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 1990, the founders of Catterton, Frank Vest, Michael Chu and Scott Dahnke, partnered with former US Secretary of the Treasury William E. Simon to form what was then known as Catterton-Simon Partners. Simon, the chairman of private investment company, Wesray Capital Corporation, had gained prominence as a buyout investor in the early 1980s after the acquisition of Gibson Greetings, a producer of greeting cards. The success of the Gibson Greetings investment and the subsequent buyout of Atlas Van Lines were among the first deals to attract the attention of the wider media to the nascent boom in leveraged buyouts.[2]

William E. Simon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

William Edward Simon (November 271927 – June 32000) was a businessman, a Secretary of Treasury of the U.S. for three years, and a philanthropist. He became the 63rd Secretary of the Treasury on May 81974, during the Nixon administration. He was reappointed by President Ford and served until 1977. Outside of government, he was a successful businessman and philanthropist. The William E. Simon Foundation carries on this legacy. He was a strong advocate of laissez-faire capitalism. He wrote, “There is only one social system that reflects the sovereignty of the individual: the free-market, or capitalist, system.”[1]

In August, he was asked to continue to serve at Treasury by President Gerald R. Ford, Jr., who shortly afterward appointed him Chairman of the Economic Policy Board and chief spokesman for the administration on economic issues.

On April 81975, President Ford also named him Chairman of the newly created East-West Foreign Trade Board, established under the authority of the Trade Act of 1974.


This hedge fund was founded by the same group that negotiated us into a very deep hole in Asia.  And are ‘free market’ pushers.  And all their actions have been extremely destructive.  None of these pirates or traitors created Archway cookies, nor did they figure out how to make these cookies, etc.  They are all creeps who know how to go to Asia for loot so they can then use this loot to loot all US systems which are physical entities built up, brick by brick, cookie by cookie.


They don’t care if the cookies are pure poison.  Or made overseas.  Or stale, for that matter.  They care about one thing: money flowing into their pockets so they can have sex with the fanciest, tallest, most snobbish females on earth.  Then, they can also control our politics and our economic systems so the ‘trash’ who eat these noxious products don’t bother them but instead, become fat and ugly and have severe health problems.  And even if they try to evade this fate and go for ‘healthy foods’ they are cheated and fed cheap garbage.  This, in particular, is funny for these guys.  They probably laugh about the gullibility of the health food freaks falling into their clutches.


What Happened to Archway? – NYTimes.com

Besides putting 230 of the Oakland plant’s employees out of work, the closure had another negative effect. It lengthened the time between when the cookies were baked and when they hit store shelves around the country.

Some also believe that Archway altered its recipes or ingredients. Mr. Gallagher, the distributor, said that as time went on, he ended up having to eat a lot of cookies that he couldn’t sell. “I noticed, over time, they were getting worse and worse.”

Mr. Zinzer is more blunt: “Our cookies turned to crap. They were nowhere near as good as they used to be.”

A former employee inside the headquarters, who declined to be identified because of continuing litigation, said that as the company’s troubles worsened, the company began using less expensive ingredients in its cookies.

Still others noticed odd quality-control problems emerging. Some distributors said they saw a significant increase in the numbers of cookies they received where the package hadn’t been sealed correctly, leaving vendors unable to sell them. “One of my last loads, I got a pallet of Taffy cookies and they were all open. Unsealed,” said Dennis Pfeifer, who had a Mother’s route in Northern California and Oregon.

I remember the mania for ‘quality control.’  Supposedly, the Japanese were sticklers for this.  In Japan, the wretched workers have to do ‘quality control’ on their own time, they are not paid for this service.  In the US, this is illegal.  But not in Asia, obviously.  Ergo: move the production elsewhere.  


The poison stories pouring out of Asia are not new.  I remember similar health problems in the 1950’s and 1060’s.  The US, since the muckraking stories of the 1900’s, has passed many laws about food quality.  These have heavily eroded over the years.  For example, sugar is being substituted for a much more deadly sugar-substitute that is creating a health crisis.  Yet, nothing is being done.  Just like hydrogenated oils are equally bad but all over the place due to the government being bribed to be quiet about this.


The degrading of our food service system is hand in glove with the degrading financial systems.  And all are in critical condition.  Why isn’t our government outlawing dangerous sugar substitutes that are in our pop drinks?  Hey isn’t the government regulating oils being used?  Palm oils are cheap and are not healthy.  Yet, it is displacing important or healthier fats like our most ancient fat of all: butter.  Real butter tastes most excellent in real cookies!  We will never see it, even in ‘health foods’ anymore.  We can’t afford anything better than rat poison, it seems.

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47 responses to “Pirates Who Looted Archway Cookies Being Investigated

  1. Raymond in Guelph ON

    Breyer’s “All-Natural” ice cream used to contain real cream as the first ingredient. Then one day we noticed the labelling changed to “Naturally flavored — New! Double Churned Extra Creamy!” The cream was replaced by milk solids, xanthan gum etc.

    We conducted a blind taste test with my brother who hadn’t seen the new label and who was used to the old Breyer’s… Quote: “There’s something wrong with this ice cream, it tastes like crap.”

    We now buy over-priced Haagen Daaz if we want ice CREAM.

    This was in Canada; I think Breyer’s in the US maintained its cream content a while longer, but I haven’t been across the border to check since 2005.

  2. DeVaul

    Wow. That’s a great bit of information. I always wondered if those labels were truthful or not. Of course, they are not. Everything is a sham in our country now.

    We are de-evolving to the kind of society we had during the Golden Age — which was “golden” for a tiny handful of millionaires and an unmitigated nightmare for the rest.

    In a way, it is kind of amazing that we even managed to regulate food production and raise a middle classs in the teeth of so much constant opposition. It is also amazing how quickly everyone forgot about the epic struggles and began to settle for slogans over real meals.

    I am still befuddled by the total nonresponse to our leader’s public admission a week ago that “we are out of money now” and need a 6 trillion loan for next year. If JP Morgan said something similar, their stock would plummet overnight. In fact, that is why all financial institutions lie about how much money they have. The reaction is immediate and devastating.

    Yet, the US sails on in a world where nobody seems bothered by our public admission. I am not sure the Chinese are all that smart. If I ran a small country, I would sell my dollars right now and leave the marketplace with gold bullion or something (porkbellies?). There is no way I would wait to see what some other country does first. That would be suicidal.

  3. Simon

    Welcome to the new world, in USA, the cookie owns you!

  4. criticalcontrarian

    Yes, a world where the guppies like (Archway) pay the piper while the sharks roam free unabatedly and without remorse. Is anyone investigating Buffet the buffoon for loosing trillions of OPM? Smaller shark, Paulson? The cookie is really a dog and pony show.

  5. CK

    Remora Dreams a poem by An Elk
    First the guppies die
    Sharks must die to get
    Remoras re-elected.

    Professor Elk’s poetry was unearthed in the 1970’s and quickly reburied in a hidden location.
    It was suggested at the time that her/his poetry was almost as good as euthenasia. But even the youth in asia would not buy it. Samizdat copies however have been circulated among prominent demopubs and republicrats and have formed the basis of much change and more hopeful blather.

  6. sharkbabe

    Archway cookies .. for some reason they were the best for road trips .. joints, check .. archway cookies, check ..

    Bailout capitalism (which is all capitalism is, at bottom) is simply sucking everything true and good and honest and useful from our world and replacing it with, well, Haiti. Hey America, supersize that dirt pie! Now with xtra xtreme e coli and double high fructose corn syrup! Oprah’s got free coupons!

  7. openly hidden

    nonsense elaine. i paid good money to a lawyer to create a LLC for my boy and myself just this spring. i put all my cattle, machinery, tools, and equipment in the LLC and my boy has 50% ownership now free and clear. the LLC has zero debt. my farmland is kept separate from the LLC, with no debt. i did this because my boy is a good boy and a great mechanic and has ambition and most excellent work habits. so see, nothing criminal going on with my LLC.
    warning. watch your credit cards everybody. i had told my wife to be reading all communications from credit card companies and today she told me a little card we use sparingly and pay off every month raised its rates from 7% to 17 1/2%! CRIMINALS! CRIMINALS!
    for the last two years we would get offers from credit card companies offering us obscene amounts of money for a year at zero percent interest. so we took the money and put it in 3 month CD’s with the local credit union at i think last time we rolled them over they were only paying 2 1/2% interest. but anyway, i will be curious to see what interest the credit card companies think they will be getting from me when my free 0% interest is up. and the credit cards themselves had already been rolled over at 0% from the year before. hahahahah! CRIMINALS! i bet they really will be mean to people who can’t pay their cards off in full anytime. fuck them all.
    and iowa farmland may be going down in price…opportunity knocking? this year, iowa corn and soybean farmers have spent about $200-$300 more money per acre for planting and harvesting costs than their crops will be bringing in this fall unless serious inflation starts in the commodity markets soon. if corn and soybean prices tank and farmland comes down in price, i will let all of elaines asian readers send my LLC money to invest in iowa farmland with me in a few years or so. hahahahha! the old elites are dead, long live the new elites. hahahahah! nothign is going to change people! only new elites.

  8. David

    What Elaine is talking about is very real…and is happening all over our nation, not just with cookies, but with all types of businesses.

    It seems that these criminals work in specialty groups….one does one type of theft, and then another comes along to pick what is left.
    Wife works for a corporation that has endured first a legitimate buyout. Then another buyout and takeover and then finally another buyout by bank controlled owners.

    First, private owner’s kids sold the company to a legitimate corporation that ran it well, but it failed to return enough annual income to suit them.

    Next owners brought in every scavanger friend they could find…were young and aggressive from the best business schools. They immediately skimmed all of the excess capital to the tune of 88 million dollars by setting up an Internet company with friends and paying these friends exorbitant amounts to run this internet company. After the corporate money was skimmed, they went to the banks…(who according to Elaine were handing out Japanese carry trade loans)…and they kept the Internet company in place….and began downsizing to keep their financial statements up. When the bank came by to examine the business, they were taken to the Internet company and employees were instructed to be continually calling each other so the phones would be ringing off of the hook….and banks kept loaning the money until most employees were completely gone….except for office and skeleton crew. Then, this bunch sold the company to a crew that began a huge garage sale of machinery and operating equipment.

    Again, these new guys, (probably using carry trade loans, and I know which bank) bought the company cheap and began shipping the machinery to China in a fire sale.

    Now, with only part of the original office crew, this bank is furnishing the capital to run this brand name company as an import company with brings in products from China and stamps its label on them and sells them at premium prices.

    And guess what, this bank is not stupid. All checks that come into the company are sent immediately to a lock box owned by the bank…and then funds are returned to owners and managers for daily operations out of controlled accounts.

    Wife is a credit manager and has watched this
    great American corporation that once employed 6000 people become just a shell of its former self.

    And all of those clever, articulate, aggressive business school graduates have now gone somewhere else to raid other businesses while only remnants of the old office crew and the bank remain….trying to survive by importing from China….and all of those workers are out of work and our area is dying….only old people left…the children have gone…searching for opportunity elsewhere.

  9. criticalcontrarian

    @CK: hope you are doing good! 🙂 LOL. Forgot about the remora’s. Where will this end?!!

    @sharkbabe: I love high fructose corn syrup, cannot get agave nectar around here. My daughters chocochip cookies put Mrs. Fields to shame. And they’re made without eggl, and remain chewy even after 5 days.

  10. openly hidden

    here is the major problem i can see with america pulling herself out of a hole anytime soon. and that is the kids. from what i can tell, white kids aim to get themselves a make believe, pretend job where they make big money and don’t actually have to do any work…. “work”…. i am pretty certain the kids who are happy to get construction jobs in the summer or roof houses or any real job whatsoever will be fine, but the majority of kids who would never consider doing what i do for a living will probably stave if things get bad. i spent all day running up and down in ravines in a pasture today weaving ruthless 4-point barb wire in an old woven wire fence i could not stand up in places so i lay down and my arms look all carved up right now. i build new fence right over old fence and it will last a lifetime when i am done building with the best materials. i do this kind of shit work because i have to, and my boy will, but i could not hire this kind of work done by anyone, unless i hired mexican workers. white kids will end up working for the mexicans in another generation i predict. and i hope so.

  11. openly hidden

    i am talking about college kids workign in the summer. my nephew thinks he is getting away with somethign because he has a pretend job. he would die if he had to join a work crew doing real work somewhere. he still expects the banksters to pay him huge money when he graduates college.

  12. openly hidden

    i am 62 years old and look like hell gnarly and white whiskers and such, but i can still go! i bet i can outwork most people half my age. i am mean as dirt too. bring it on!

  13. payAttention

    I used to enjoy Archway cookies, when they used butter. Correct. Butter makes all the difference, and the anti butter/cholesterol studies were funded by adm and cargill to sell hydrogenated margarine. I remember when Breyers turned to crap. It was a premium brand and getting it was a treat, until they stopped using real cream. I am personally familiar with another company on that list. Hint, it’s listed under food and beverage, but it has nothing to do with either. Used to be very American – became very Chinese.

    Don’t know if you expected me to be surprised by the shutdowns and outsourcing, David. I have seen it happen half a dozen times to engineers within my own family. Me too, though I switched out of the technical field before that was destroyed. Actually I lost count and stopped remembering the names of the new bosses, who were excellent enough to be able to obtain printed money. No other expertise from what I could tell.

    Dear Author, you should be willing to submit to your own psychoanalysis if you want to subjugate me to it. I, however, do not constantly use my family’s achievements to stand on, nor my Norton bona fides. Generally I am very happy, except since I lost my investment banking job, my tall beautiful blond girlfriend will not give me any more sex. The only women who will look at me now are twice her age, about eight inches shorter and closer to my own height, and carry another thirty degrees of arc to their shape, for the same given length, thereby closer to my own rotund shape. My girlfriend always told me she loved me for me, notwithstanding the several protruding moles on my face and the greenish hue of my skin, not because I had accounts at Bergdorf Goodman and Tiffany’s. But now I am not sure anymore. If you think you have the insight into these complex issues, maybe you could help. I just don’t want you to peg all my problems into one archetype, as all the other psychologists have done. I tell them if your only tool is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail.

  14. openly hidden

    let me give you a hint jpayattention. your normal girls are at least two times the fun. and this is simply amazing but it is true. the older i get, the hotter older dames get too. now, young girls look …. incomplete or something to me now. this is true. the older you get the better it is….if you have been learning all the way. the end.

  15. nah

    how long till the long end borrowers have to actually run the world

    sorry ADM is chinese now

  16. nah

    the holy grail of terrorism
    ‘herd it said on mah TV’

  17. nah

    Colombian politician kidnapped
    “Is Larry Summers Taking Kickbacks From the Banks He’s Bailing Out?”
    Its a shame that key US institutions are causing ruinous damage to capitalisms image and weight in such a difficult world. I guess only ‘bad people’ are punished in the 21st century

  18. kenogami

    OH writes:
    “iowa corn and soybean farmers have spent about $200-$300 more money per acre for planting and harvesting costs than their crops will be bringing in this fall unless serious inflation starts in the commodity markets soon. ”
    It will. Here are some numbers for this year wheat production (source: http://www.marketskeptics.com/)

    1) Romania = output wheat down -30%

    2) Ukraine = output wheat down -27%

    3) Hungary = output wheat down -28.5%

    4) Czech = output wheat down -20%

    5) Bulgaria = output wheat down -30%

    6) Poland = output wheat down -10%

    7) Spain = output wheat down -42%

    8) Australia = output down -10-35%

    9) Argentina = output down -34%

    10) China = output down -20% or more

    11) US = output down -20% or more

    12) Canada = output down -12%

    13) Russia = output wheat down -21.5%

  19. Gary

    “Pay Attention”…
    What stolen native land do you live on ?
    Elaine lives on stolen Mohawk land. My suburban
    manor is on stolen Puyallup land. My parent’s place was on stolen Nipmuc land. Mother’s side of family lives on stolen Catahoula land. My fathers side of family comes from Friesland. The Dutch took that land over ys ago. And the ancestors of the Dutch stole it from the Neandertals.
    Just curious about the origin of your land, eh ?
    Also time to think about breaking the chain of
    stealing eh ? What are you doing about that ?
    Other than calling everyone else a stealer.
    And, well, the Dutch actually did such a good job
    stealing Friesland that many Frisians have been prominent in the history for centuries, are still allowed to fly their own flag, and have the most successful minority language in Europe.
    Not all stealers are equal. Some may start out bad but eventually respect the locals, learn to live their way, and marry them.

  20. openly hidden

    here in wapello county, we live on land sold the settlers by chief wapello. heh. i would love to know the true story of that. do you suppose chief wapello took the money and ran? i mean what if it wasn’t the chiefs land to sell in the first place? there is a little statue of him behind some bushes about 5 miles from me. well, as whitey literally disappears, due to expensive goddesses not breeding much, white folks will be losing their land too in a lot of places i expect. it is going to suck to be a young white kid in a lot of america i expect. a minority that can’t even fight well but with high expectations in a bankrupt land.

  21. emsnews

    I talk about my wretched ruling class family because someone has to explain how a wretched ruling class family thinks, operates and their sense of history.

    My dad just sent me an obscure scientific magazine article, for example, where he describes a tiny bit of Operation Paperclip and then leaves out many details I dug up in Germany, years ago. And even mentions a dinner I helped generate whereby I had a bunch of former Nazis gather together to talk about the gut alten Tagen 1945!

    And in his article, he mentions details of this dinner which was when I was 16, fluent in German and got my first fine wines to drink and we all got drunk and I pumped the Germans for details.

    And he writes an article about this dinner and NEVER MENTIONS I WAS THERE….which is so typically CIA. Namely, leaving out details. He even sent me an email telling me how careful he was with the details and how he hoped I would like it.

    I grew up in an insane household. And guess what? These emotional wrecks are running the globe and I keep mentioning how they are MENTALLY ILL and UNSTABLE and OUTRIGHT INSANE.

    They have no ability to see in the mental mirror, their true nature, shape or cruelties. It is very hard for them to see this.

    For example, my father writes about how he was supposed to be on the nuclear bomb ship, the Indianapolis, which delivered the bomb for Hiroshima [my dad was also at the Naval testing grounds, too] but then, he was suddenly called away, with no warning, to fly immediately to Europe to supervise the extraction of the Nazis and the rockets from the Soviets who were moving much faster than the Allies anticipated.

    Anyway, my father’s article is all about how marvelous Fate is, he was not on the nuclear bomb ship which was sunk after delivering its deadly load.

    Fate is a force I don’t take lightly. The Three Sisters, Past, Present and Future, weave our fates while Libra tracks all things and weigh them on her scales. And Lady Luck rolls the dice. We are always on the knife edge in life.

    There is this dark, dark cloud that lurks not very far below the horizon, indeed, we see the hammerheads of WWIII on the horizon like a swirling category 5 monster storm, we see the waves stir and lick the shores. Few people worry about this and don’t notice the restless nature of the sea and air.

    But I grew up seeing this monster up close, when only a small child. I grew up knowing the adults around me who were in control of this Thing were all nutty as squirrels. Far from reassuring, these adults scared the daylights out of me because I could see how their internal emotional states were in the full grip of the powers of the Outer Darkness, that place in our souls and brains where we can’t control anything, our Dream World which intrudes on our Waking World.

    Nightmares can come into being in the Waking World very easily. Seeing, up close, personally, how easily set off these controllers of our nuclear power really are, is why I dedicate myself to stopping them. And stopping economic collapse is very much part of this. My grandfather warned me of the return of a Great Depression for this very reason.

    We all have to fear this but we go mad if we try to riddle out what the hell is really going on. This is why I warn people not to believe that these controllers control EVERYTHING….they do NOT. They barely control even a fraction of what is going on which is why they are dangerous and fearful. I hope this manic posting helps….heh.

    Doubt it, though. Just troubled by 45 year old memories tonight, thanks to my dad’s own memory problems.

  22. criticalcontrarian

    @payAttention: Gold digger: a young woman seeking or attaching herself to a rich and/or powerful older man (or sugar-daddy) who will support her; one seeking money and expensive gifts from wealthy, usually older, men. A term popular in the 1920-40s; now dated.

    You have to understand two things:
    1.) a woman who goes with a gnome NEVER gets a free lunch; she will work for every penny she gets, that is a given, thats why gnomes gravitated to dumb blonde’s, they are easier. This is a Scrooge meets Smurfette story. Scrooges love their money more than the girl until they loose money, then they start loving the girl who by then learned her lesson from Scrooge and screws gives him the royal twist and turn.
    2.) women are competitive by nature and they have a too much competition today. This will give you a good perspective to my meaning. It also gives a good insight as to where our mentally challenged gender benders are taking our species:

  23. criticalcontrarian

    Elaine, the man is throwing you a line, it may be his way of trying to make amends. Control freaks don’t know how to say sorry, but they are the sorriest people in the world. My guess is the parts he kept out, are the ones he relives the most… My unsolicited advice is to rise above your angst and show him the compassion you never got from him. By doing so, you will be an example to him and your children, and this will allow you to let that hurt go once a for always. Abrasos.

  24. emsnews

    Yeah, I know. Except for one thing: I want him to tell the truth about the beginning of the CIA and our nuclear missile program and how this interfaced with all the economic/academic parts and of course, if he chooses to talk about people, that’s OK but he shouldn’t edit me out of the stories entirely as if I didn’t exist. This is creepy, to put it mildly.

    There were DEALS made with the …. what shall we call this thing? ‘Devil’ is a stupid word. The Veiled Woman, who is Mother Nature when She is the Death Goddess, the Kali nature of the choices made during WWII is an important thing and I am fascinated by how the deal was done and who did it and how they think and also, even more critically, how divorced from emotional reality they are… my father is typical of his group.

    When they focus on what they actually created, namely the Beast of the Apocalypse, they can’t look at it so they practice brain-damaging their own memory banks. This impacts on any innocent children in their vicinity [some commit suicide, I nearly did this before the age of 16].

    The robotic replacement of a loving parent leads to all sorts of unhappy things if the robot attempts to raise children. This robot-style of nurturing is also a side effect of the very rich. They hire warm, loving nannies to raise their children and then train the children to be heartless, cruel and robotic, themselves.

    Who then have to find mates and produce children. It is easier for the males to do, using money to buy females as child-machines is easy. The rich women are another story. They can’t hide their cruelty so easily from the very sensitive systems Nature endowed on all children.

    Imagine growing up knowing daddy is planning to threaten to blow up the entire planet. Sigh. A real miserable childhood.

    The assassination of the doctor in Kansas has me upset, too. My family is all born again Christian which means HIDEOUSLY MEAN AND CRUEL in both personal relations as well as their hopes that Jesus will come here and butcher family members who don’t like Jesus and think Pegasus is a much easier god to cling to in these rough seas of life… 🙂

    Anyway, I fear and hate these people because I know, first hand, how much they desire to kill absolutely everyone in a fit of snit over some emotional slight upset. Thinking about feeling bad is sufficient trigger for hating some innocent person, the smaller and weaker, the better. This is why I am aghast about the butchering of the poorest peasants on earth in Afghanistan, using ROBOT ASSASSIN MACHINES. Ech. These things butcher little children and babies.

  25. payAttention

    Gary, I rent. As I said, title can not be taken to something stolen. It is easy to criticize Enclosure Laws in England, or even wring our hands over the expropriation of communal farming lands in Ireland that led to the famine. Why then is it difficult to recognize that ownership of large tracts of land here is same? Ownership of land was always communal and the taking of title through the King’s deed is an innovation of Dear Author’s forebearers. This dispute caused some friction between Henry VIII and the Church, if you want to study the epistemology of the conflict. You recognize that the land belongs to others, and that is an honest position. Unnamed others do not even want to admit this simple truth.

  26. criticalcontrarian

    Chance of his coming clean as you would like are next to nil. I would be surprised if he did. His training will not allow it. It would be tantamount to admitting his whole life was a fake. That what he helped build, fought for and sacrificed is worse than the Evil empire he helped take down. If you are lucky he will leave you a memoir and dedicate it to you. What they started will run its course and you will live to see it end; better than knowing the beginning. Who has ever learned from history?

  27. criticalcontrarian

    About the murder of the abortion doctor, I have never understood how people could behave this way on abortion while keeping silent on the number of men, women, children, being bombed, tortured, sodomized by their government daily. They cry for the unborn, but ignore the living. They are against the taking of life, but will take life to justify their beliefs? It mocks the very Christian principles they preach. Their god is very small, and it isn’t Jesus let me tell you.

  28. shockuhzulu

    “The degrading of our food service system is hand in glove with the degrading financial systems. And all are in critical condition.”

    I thought I was the only one who saw this. Everytime I ask someone if they see the lowering of our food quality, I get a funny look.

    Only you Elaine can go from bad cookies to robot assassins and tie them together. This post reminded me of the chunk of evil left behind in Monty Python’s “Time Bandits.” Only right now we’re dealing with a whole mountain of the stuff.

  29. emsnews

    I loved the Time Bandits.

  30. اهتماماتي

    Wonderful my friend

    Thank you


  31. CK

    @CC : So far the score is: Arterial Blockage 2, Medical profession 0. There will be another attempt to drill through it later this month. If that fails then it is new piping time. I would blame the blockage’s success on Archway cookies, but I never cared for them all that much.
    Could blame it on margarine but I never ate that crap. Been a lard and butter and oils man since I was a bairnly man.
    However on the downside, I have said goodby to an old friend. My oldest and dearest actually. Been 4 weeks now that I have been without the comfort of his warm flame and the ease of his soothing calmning smoke. 4 weeks at a pack a day at 6.50 a pack and I have already saved enough to pay for the Chantix I am using to ease the passage into adulthood.
    ELAINE: Dearest CK: my condolences. We all must pass through the Gates of Death. We discover, when we arrive, that nothing gets past the Guardians [Libra] except for one thing: our souls. This elusive thing that is nothing is a very interesting thing since the things that exist on the other side of the Gates are very interested in souls and have no interest in anything else. They find souls most valuable.

    The thing is, here on earth, we get comfort and happiness only if we are aware of our souls and take good care of this thing. The body always loses the battle for control with Time and Nature. But the soul doesn’t. It always exists even if the one who has this soul tries to make it as small as possible. They think, if they ignore the soul, it won’t bother them. But it remembers everything and when it comes before Libra, she asks questions and it blurts out everything, all the hidden stuff. It is our conscience. It is the repository of all our pain.

  32. Simon

    To be honest, I didn’t think Buffett is that bad of a gnome
    Clean living, just bought stuff, didn’t wreck East European economies
    What more can you ask for?

  33. criticalcontrarian

    @CK: not wanting to sound insensitive bro, but BRAVO! 🙂 Good on ya, I am rooting for you. Just keep repeating to yourself, “Everyday, in every little way, I keep getting better and better.” That’s your mantra until you get well. Keep the faith man, all the best always. BTW, if you go within and reach the third eye with that mantra there’s a shot of Laphraoig 10 Year waiting for you, on my tab. Cheers. 😉

  34. JSmith

    “Throughout the post-gold standard era, the US has been the pioneer in coming up with ridiculous systems, organizations and rules or rather, no rules, all designed for one end: to evade responsibility for something or some system and to reduce risk by shoving it aside so it will appear safer but in actuality, is increasingly dangerous.”

    That’s because we have far too many lawyers.

    “I remember the mania for ‘quality control.’ Supposedly, the Japanese were sticklers for this. In Japan, the wretched workers have to do ‘quality control’ on their own time, they are not paid for this service. ”

    Building or making it right the first time is theoretically part of one’s job – or should be. “Virtue”, remember? And if what you build while you’re on the clock is crap, maybe you should stay after and fix it. Next time, you’ll do it right on the first go.

    In China, apparently, they have “reverse quality control”.

  35. JSmith

    And while we’re on about “quality”, and the control thereof…

    I was diging through a file drawer over the weekend, looking for something else, and found an old folder marked “Automotive”. Among other stuff there was a one-page article on “All About Buying a New Car” taken from some magazine and dated “9/79”. Along with advice on how to make sure the dealer isn’t screwing you on the deal, it closes with the following:

    “Check teh car for dents, dings, and wiggly armrests. If you can, take it for a test drive before signing the papers. A zip through a car wash is a good test for leaks.”

    Wiggly armrests?? Leaks???

    No wonder people started buying Japanese cars. American cars were no damn good. Probably because in 1979, the “wretched workers” were still coming to work stoned. (And going out to the parking lot to toke up during breaks and lunch.)

  36. JSmith

    Mea culpa on the typos!

  37. Hey JSmith – I’ve made many a typo myself. I make them all the time. typos. they suck!
    Profit if for the profitable. The rest of us would just assume be simple humans. Know what I mean?

  38. See what I mean. Profit “is” for the …….

    they can have it.

    Seems like a waste of time to me!

    Peace again – Smith

    Craftsman are crafty!

  39. dgh

    “No wonder people started buying Japanese cars. American cars were no damn good. Probably because in 1979, the “wretched workers” were still coming to work stoned.”

    I remember the ’70s. Complaints about American auto quality were common. I new that the American manufactures would be cooked by the Japanese when Honda came out with a car in 1975 that met 1977 federal emission standards. The Americans fought with lawyers and the Japanese responded with product.

    Quality is a management problem, not a worker problem. This is a well established science. Most workers are happier to make a better product, it is up to management to destroy that natural urge. Quality requires a lot of hard work on management’s part.

    The same goes for “union problems”. Show me a company with a bad union and I will show you a company with bad management .

  40. CK

    In those bad old days, we purchased a vega.
    It was made on a Monday.
    It was cheap and it was inexpensive too.

  41. CK

    Every Day
    I keep getting a day older
    Life has not killed me yet
    It will.
    My third eye was blinded by porn made by americans who could not make automobiles either.
    Armwrests would get very wiggly if the car was used by teens for frequent sex. Adults usually didn’t use the armrests.

  42. CK

    Thank you for the kind words, giving up smoking seldom draws such condolences.
    Being a soulless gnome, I am free of libra’s potential truth blurting espisode.

  43. emsnews

    This is Culture of Life News. I want my readers to stay alive, damn it. 🙂

  44. CK

    Uth is wasted on the ung
    Life is wasted by the living.
    I am in a haiku state of mind.
    all 17 extraneous syllables of my syllabus.
    Damn you An Elk.

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