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North Korea Bombs And The Rockefeller Population Limitation Cabal


YouTube – Berlin NY Memorial Day Parade 2009

First off, here is a little video I made of our very small town’s Memorial Day Parade.  Our town is filled with the sort of honest patriots I often talk about.  Well, North Korea might have set off a nuclear bomb test. Instead of the continuous stream of hysteria over the possibility that Iran might do the same, in this case, everyone calls for calm because China thinks this is a smart idea.  More news about the secret Rockefeller cabal meeting.  It is all about reducing global populations, one way or another. Continue reading


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China Be Bank

Panda-politics-bigThe New World Order of the Chinese is rushing forwards during this global trade retraction while the Old World Order holds many secret meetings, hoping to harness the Chinese and control world populations.  The delusions of the Old World Order gang are actually hilarious.  The only way they can keep their wealth is to undermine their imperial home base, the US/UK global empire.  So, this is what they do!  Imagine that. Continue reading


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The NYT Fights Back Like A Punch-Drunk Palooka

200px-Joe3palooka42The sleepyheads running the NYT woke up and finally noticed that one of their little gnomes was being beaten to death with noodles by bloggers.  Also, Maureen Dowdy tries to make excuses for plagiarism and lying.  Then there is the corrupt Zionist Flat Earther, bankrupt Friedman: going to California to palm off $75,000 of state taxpayer money for a short speech and no ditch digging, either.  Arrest them all! Continue reading


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NYT Economics Reporter Is Caught Lying About Bankruptcies

Judge Judy rips NYT economics reporterThe bankrupt NYT economics reporter who is living illegally in a house he doesn’t own–i.e.: he is a squatter—is pissed off that reporters are discovering immense holes in his story.  He lashes out at all of them, using PBS as his platform.  PBS should have gone after him for lying to them, not provide him with sympathy.  Heh.  Turns out, his wife’s second bankruptcy, while she was married to this schlub, was due to money she owed…..HER OWN SISTER???  And he told his wife to do this.  What a maroon. Continue reading


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JINSA Editorial, Wishing We Could Be Like The Nazis

Columbus DCThe Pentagon guys have gone nuts.  They are frustrated, they can’t use all our ‘power’ to ‘win’.  They are desperate to win.  They wish to do it the nuclear bomb way: total annihilation if that works.  Of course, the German Nazis heartily endorsed the concept of either totally displacing or utterly murdering everyone so they could rule vast lands, perhaps, the earth, in peace.  It is getting harder and harder to explain to Pentagon ‘thinkers’ that what they desire is extremely evil and we EXECUTED the Japanese and German warmongers for exactly the sort of war crimes, our own officers itch to commit. Continue reading


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Creating Inflation Video

YouTube – Creating Inflation


In 1934, a propaganda movie was made, telling Americans, if inflation is created, the depression would end. We are seeing the exact same formula yet again. This childish belief that simply printing money will end the dire downward effects of the collapse of a credit bubble, is hard to dispel. I know from my own long life that when we try this, we get stagflation which has both the hell of a depression’s effects on stock markets and assets coupled with inflation in food and fuel. Continue reading


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Geithner Sweating Bullets Over US Budget Deficit


ConFXYesterday, Congress passed a $90+ billion war spending bill so we can continue killing Afghani and Pakisani civilians.  The very same day, the delusional Zionist, Geithner, vows to cut the budget deficit.  This is a mere four days after Congress increased US financing of the Israel war machine for Bibi, the real President of the US.  The dollar is dying again, relative to other currencies.  We seem to be heading into the realm of ‘stagflation’ where we get horrific inflation in energy, food and medical prices while stocks and assets fall in value.  Also, the British fret about politicians killing themselves and the former President of South Korea jumped to his death in the mountains. Continue reading


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