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World’s Biggest Welfare Queen Wants More Money For Her Castles

Picture 12My favorite monarch is having financial difficulties.  Her Nogoodnik son, the former Prince of Wales (no longer in the long line to the Throne) spent well over a million pounds, pounding the pavements, touring the world, first class.  Also, Her Mad Hatter Majesty needs lots more money to update her many palaces.  Meanwhile, the economy in Britain is collapsing.  Oh my.  Still, can’t starve the parasites who pretend to be ‘royals’. Continue reading


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CIA-Sponsored Coup In Honduras Is OK For US Political Chattering Classes

In Honduras, an outright military coup took over the democratic government.  Naturally, since the military coup conspirators are good buddies of the Pentagon, this sort of anti-democratic tyranny is A-OK.  Also, as I predicted, Madoff was sentenced to 150 years of watching Judge Judy and Cops TV shows.  And Iraqis go crazy with happiness, they think the US is now out of their hair but we are not, we never get out of anyone’s hair.  Even if Iraqis go bald.  Lots of very interesting news.  Wish I could cover everything but can’t. Continue reading


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Culture Shifts From West To East

Picture 1Cultural and economic changes are sweeping the planet.  The locus of energy systems is shifting from the West to the East.  We can detect these shifts via participation rates in consuming ‘classical’ music or banking growth, trade and political energy.  China, in particular, is going crazy with all these things roaring along.  Which means, lots of failures but also, lots of triumphs.  First, the story about the tower that simply fell over in China. Continue reading


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Creation And Destruction

Picture 15Far from being unusual, Mr. Jackson was quite common for a talented creator who spent much of his life, self destructing.  Just as love and hate live side by side, creativity lives in disharmony with destruction.  Many creative people have terrible trouble dealing with impulses, money and fame.  Yet pursue these three things all the way to the bitter end.  Often, finding true fame in a sordid, early death. The truly tragic cases are those who have or buy children to haul along on this downward death spiral. Continue reading


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Galaxy Express 999: Human/Cyborg Attempts At Eternal Life

Picture 10Once upon a time, I was one of the very first people in the United States to get cable TV.  We were a test neighborhood because our brownstones in Park Slope were very close to each other and the population was young and hip.  I loved cable TV.  No commercials!  Also, the global depression is getting worse.  Shipping data shows another downturn.  And I get an interesting email from Japan. Continue reading


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Madoff Gets 150 Years In The Slammer

Picture 1The judge throws the book at Bernie Madoff.  His hausfrau gets to keep only $2.5 million of illicit wealth. I wish I had $2.5 million.  I would no longer have to publish these stories.  I could go sail the Caribbean.  Visit the Cayman Islands during hurricane season.  Also, the Bank of England releases a report with graphs and charts which means, lots of fun for us.  Oh, and Bernanke is furious about the Ron Paul 1207 bill.  HAHAHA.  Bernanke should share a cell with Bernie. Continue reading


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Ron Paul’s Excellent Antiwar Spending Bill Speech

Ron Paul delivers a great speech about the war/IMF bill Congress passed pretty easily.  This happened during the Vietnam War.  It didn’t matter who we voted into office.  They all rushed into the exact same mess.  It was pretty hopeless.  Iran’s rulers are the same way.  Like here, if an election fails to support the agenda, they use brute force. Continue reading


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