My Father Reveals A Very Tiny Bit of His WWII History

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My father is a very, very important person in the history of the world rocket history, the history of nuclear bombs and the building of observatories as well as the most sophisticated spy devices in space, just to name a few things.  But I was raised in this insane matrix whereby there were many secrets.  As well as insane plans for WWIII being cooked up, discussed and proposed.  And I got to see the true face of the Apocalypse up close, too.  I wish to talk about this because there are so many bizarre things attached to this business.

Pegasus horsehead orionI seriously don’t like talking about this things due to emotional distress.  But it has to be done by someone.  Since I was edited out of all tales concerning these matters and live in this eternal limbo whereby I can’t PROVE anything even though plenty of people know the truth: this is Fate at work on myself as well as my family and the entire planet earth.  


When I was 16 years old and went off to the University of Kansas to prove my high abilities in deciphering international communications and ‘seeing’ into the systems and minds of the Soviet and Chinese communists, I ended up in this huge, hideous mess which involved learning very swiftly, many of my father’s darker secrets from WWII.  At that time, I didn’t even know Operation Paperclip was top secret.  All I knew was, the entities that gave me the information had to be checked out and the only way to do this was to get my father to go with me to Germany!  A nearly impossible task but one I managed to pull off.


There is this place I call ‘the Outer Darkness’ where the Dream World and the Waking World merge and where the Past, Present and Future are all in confusion and overlap.  One way into this place is to be hit by a lightning bolt which has happened to me more than once.  My father was very aware of my talk about the Outer Darkness and how one can see in three dimensions in time, all at once. 


Since my father is part of the CIA system, they also knew that I knew this information and talked about it.  This meant, the dream of having someone who can see strange things is very wonderful, what if this lightning-struck child could see into the secret facilities of the Soviets?  Or understand the Chinese future plans….[HAHAHA]….sigh.  Yes, they wanted to see if I could see things so my father suddenly decided he WOULD go to Germany with me and allow me to ‘see’ things!


I was quite stunned by this boon.  Off we flew to Germany!  Where I immediately went to work, poking around, asking the same question in various forms, ‘Where were you at the end of April/beginning of May, 1945?’  Ratzi, the present Pope, got very pissed off with me when I asked that question while probing him, for example.


Before going on with this insane and unbelievable but real story, and feeling shame because I am leaving out the most bizarre parts of it like the business in Kansas and Hoch Hall and the lightning bolts….in 1968, many strange things were happening all at once and I headed right into the middle of it because I needed desperately to know what my father did in that 1945 time frame.  It was, for me, life and death.


My father sent me a story he is publishing this week in an obscure Optics magazine.  In it, he gives a very strange rendering of what he actually did during the run up to that dangerous month.  He was surrounded by death, doom and destruction while still in the US.  Before heading to war.



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I knew the Schott family and even lived with them, once.  I knew the Zeiss executives, too.  The story here is peculiar in the extreme.  For example, when the man in charge of the rocket part of Operation Paperclip was shot down, there was this flurry over who would go.  

Sex and Rockets by John Carter: Book CoverSex and Rockets, John Carter, Book – Barnes & Noble

My father doesn’t mention Jack Parsons in his article.  I didn’t know who this man was until a reporter told me about him and I nearly fainted.  He was my father’s advisor in the rocket club and my father was the young cub whose abilities exceeded everyone older than himself.  Jack lived near my father’s birthplace as well as my mother’s and godmother’s homes in Pasadena, California.  He is the founder of the Jet Propulsion Labs where my father worked, off and on, over many years. 


Jack Parsons was a man obsessed with bringing into the world a ‘Moon Child’ who would bring the Apocalypse.


From the LA Times:  Life as Satanist Propelled Rocketeer

According to “Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons,” a new book by John Carter (a pseudonym), Hubbard chanted incantations while Parsons and his new lover, Marjorie Cameron, tried to produce a “moon child,” a “magical child” with superior intellect and powers whose birth would occur on the astral plane, not the physical one.

The ceremony was to span 12 consecutive nights. But when rituals called for a naked pregnant woman to jump nine times through fire to ensure a safe delivery, the neighbors began protesting. The police looked into the matter, but nothing came of their investigation.

Parsons and Hubbard, who had united to take on Christianity, fell out over more trivial matters. Carter writes that the two argued over a sailboat venture that ended in a court dispute….

The FBI was investigating him on suspicion of espionage, consorting with communists, including some allegedly at Caltech, and cult activities; the scrutiny cost Parsons his government security clearance.

In June 1952, while his wife shopped for groceries for a planned vacation to Mexico, Parsons mixed chemicals from his arsenal of illegal explosives.

Police reports say the explosives expert dropped the concoction of fulminate of mercury. A deadly blast that could be felt a mile away ripped through Parsons’ garage lab, blowing off his right arm, breaking his other arm and both legs, and leaving a gaping hole in his jaw.

He died 45 minutes later. When his mother heard the news, she joined him in death, gulping down a bottle of sleeping pills.


When this book came out, this is when reporters asked me about this guy.  To say I was shocked, is an understatement.  Parson’s new lover, for example, has the same name as my mother.  Every time he wanted his moon child, one of us girls were born to my mother, Marjorie.  He was very much aware of this although my mother moved to Yerkes Observatory when pregnant with me and I was born there and not California like my older sisters.


Jack wanted to be sent to Germany and was furious, my father was chosen.  There were very strange sexual things going on in the small community that worked on rockets and my father was very handsome and I do think, there were all sorts of odd tensions going on there.


Another thing here, is how my father confirms one of the things that amused me the most as a child: how he is always suddenly picked up by the military and flown off to other parts of the planet with no time to even pack a toothbrush.  I actually saw this happen more than once.  Sometimes, a helicopter comes in and picks him up.  Most often, just a military car of some sort.  


My father’s article not only skips over Jack Parsons, a notorious person, he skips over his visit to the President of the United States, the fog that locked him into NYC and how a naval officer noticed him and picked him up and, after learning why he had to go to DC, driving him all the way there with hardly any stops, at top speed.  


My father leaves out all the details of how he got to Jena, the concentration camps he encountered and had to deal with and all the many dead bodies that were strewn about these death camps.  Nor does he tell the stories of how he got in and out of NAZI-held territory [there was virtually no military backup for him as he penetrated deeper and deeper into the future East German territory].  He skips all that to talk about getting two Soviet periscopes?  Huh?

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The Schotts told me, they were madly peddling westards as fast as possible on a bicycle!  My father’s jeep pulled up and he asked them questions.  When Herr Dr. Schott told my dad, who he was, my father hauled both of them into the jeep, saying, ‘You were just the person I was looking for!  We are so LUCKY!’


Another German scientist told me, my father came roaring into their compound, ran into the vast underground chamber they were working in and raised his revolver in the air and announced, ‘You have less than five minutes to decide if you want to come with me or go to Russia!’  Not everyone ran.  The smart ones dropped everything and under my father’s instructions, while other Nazis were yelling, the ones who wanted to leave with the American took up files and blueprints and ran like hell.  The Soviet forwards tanks were already firing just on the other side of the hill.


Back to the ship that figures so big in my father’s story.  My father was always totally and utterly lucky.  Nothing ever happened to him, he was always on the nice side of life’s deals.  USS Indianapolis (CA-35) – 

After major repairs and an overhaul, Indianapolis received orders to proceed to Tinian island, carrying parts and the uranium projectile for the atomic bomb Little Boy which would later be dropped on HiroshimaIndianapolis departed San Francisco on 16 July. Arriving at Pearl Harbor on 19 July, she raced on unaccompanied and arrived in Tinian on 26 July. After delivering her top secret cargo to Tinian, Indianapolis was sent to Guam where a number of the crew who had completed their tours of duty were replaced by other sailors. Leaving Guam on 28 July, she began sailing toward Leyte where her crew was to receive training before continuing on to Okinawa to join Vice Admiral Jesse B. Oldendorf‘s Task Force 95. However, at 0014 on 30 July, two large explosions on the vessel’s starboard side caused massive damage to Indianapolis. Twelve minutes later, as a result of the unexpected attack by the Japanese submarine I-58 under the command of Mochitsura HashimotoIndianapolis sank. The Japanese vessel had gone undetected prior to the attack due to the lack of effective submarine imaging equipment on the American ship….

 Of the 900 sailors who made it into the water, only 317 were pulled out alive. After almost five days of constant shark attacks, starvation, terrible thirst, suffering from exposure and their wounds, the men ofIndianapolis were at last rescued from the sea.

Captain Charles Butler McVay III, who had commanded Indianapolis since November 1944, survived the sinking, and was with those rescued days later. In November 1945, he was court-martialed and convicted of “hazarding his ship by failing to zigzag.” Several things about the court-martial were controversial. There was evidence that the Navy itself had placed the ship in harm’s way, in that McVay’s orders were to “zigzag at his discretion, weather permitting.” Further, Mochitsura Hashimoto, commander of I-58, testified that zigzagging would have made no difference.[7]



This was the worst naval loss for the US in our history.  For some psychological reason, my father doesn’t mention that bit of business.  Just like he leaves out all mention of all the death camps.  He does cheer the nuclear bomb drops.  No mention of the effects on the civilians… an old debate between us, going way back in time.  The captain of the ship committed suicide in the late 1960’s, shot himself with a gun while holding a sailor doll in his hand, in the front yard of his home.  My father was lucky, Captain McVay III was very unlucky.


It is interesting to me that the Japanese submarine captain became a Shinto priest in his final years and prayed for all the war dead.  This is part of a common thread throughout this business: the effect of religion on various people and how they struggled to cope with the pain of the unfolding events of war and destruction.  


About the castle: again, the Germans told me about this, too.  The caretaker who was in charge of the castle in 1945 was still there in 1968.  I took him aside and begged for stories.  He said, my father drove up in his jeep [all the German stories started with this image] and he looked at the castle and was overjoyed because of its beauty.  ‘I want that!’ he said.  Since he was one of the very few humans who had a piece of paper signed by Roosevelt just before he died, which basically said, ‘Give this guy whatever he asks for’ so my dad, being a very youthful and energetic guy, decided to requisition an entire castle for his group!


The caretaker was very amazed by this and when the Army came to try to take it away, the caretaker, who liked my dad because he spoke German and was of German stock, was rooting for my dad to keep control of the castle.  


Now, to the really annoying stuff here: I was at that dinner in Germany.  It was very foggy.  Herr Dr. Schott decided to surprise my dad by not telling him, where we were going. We climbed into the company’s fleet of Mercedes Benzes and took off for the mountains of Wiesbaden.  I already had enjoyed the spas there.  Lovely place.  Well, it was very foggy so my dad couldn’t see anything outside.  But once inside, he remembered a lot and I eagerly plumbed him for information.  But he wasn’t nearly as good a source as a bunch of drunk Germans!  They enjoyed telling stories and this was very amusing for me!


So why did my dad, who was increasingly unsettled by this flood of information…all of which was CLASSIFIED by the Pentagon!  Flowing like wine into the ears of his daughter, the one that was being tested to see if she could ‘see’ into the minds of adults who had secrets?  Why did he delete me from this story?  But still include not only a long digression about visiting his old castle eyrie but also mentioning someone who was not there but who happened to be one of millions of Germans fleeing the Russians?  Someone who has no impact on the story, unlike the daughter who was at the dinner and who was plying everyone with questions and soliciting memory recalls?


This was the year I told the CIA, the minds I wanted to probe were their dark, shuttered lives.  I wanted to figure out what their plans were, and how they operated and my plan was to shut down the dark side of the CIA.  This, of course, was impossible.  My father supported the dark side!  Many powerful people thought, stupidly, this business of assassinations, crazy systems, strange powers and mysteries galore were all going to protect ‘democracy’.  When logic was used to explain, this was ridiculous, these systems were destroying ‘democracy’, they just do what they always do: delete whoever makes this point and pretend this person doesn’t exist.


And they do not have to go out and directly kill people who are pests [even Jack Parsons]—most people who tangle with the dark side end up killing themselves.  Bad luck becomes their lot.  They suffer increasing torment.  They can’t handle the psychological confusion, paranoia, grandiosity, fear, anger about being caught in a web, the withdrawal of money and affection, driving people to suicide.  I know this force, I felt it in its full fury and fought it off before adulthood.


It was hard as hell.  I have to thank Pegasus here.  Diving out of the evening sky, wings spread, the roar of the wind in his hair, he took me away from the pain and showed me how one can fly above all this hideousness, the Luck of the Draw that is drawing oceans of blood and death.  There are many sites online that talk about these sorts of things, often run by anonymous people.


They fill readers with fear and despair.  But look at this story more closely: the adults, all of whom were players and people very deeply involved in Operation Paperclip….were unable to hide from a young woman who was hunting her own father’s past business.  And they were confused, or even playfully teasing my father, they were seeking their own ends just like the Chinese when they lived with me.  They wanted something from me and I wanted information and to be able to see the future because I fear WWIII.


WWIII is like a mega-hurricane vortex that spins off in the distance.  We can barely see the tops of the anvil heads of this storm.  But we see the rising waves splashing onto the shoreline.  Today, Israel is on full alert, doing huge war exercises.  And have just told Obama to shove off, they plan to double their settlements and give the Palestinians nothing at all.  And they were told to not attack Iran so they will attack Iran and shoot any American ships that get in the way like they did in the past!


And I hear the howling winds of the Apocalypse roaring in the distance.  Like banshees screaming, the 150 mph winds are not that far away.  And the US refuses to face the reality that our entire military system is based on us threatening to create WWIII due to economic distress, a refusal to pay creditors or any combination of things.  


This is totally insane.  Our leaders are mad, raving mad.  The ruling elites are riding a horse that will throw them just like Pegasus kicked off the human who tried to ride him, Bellepheron wanted to see the gods and instead, died.  


Israel Launches ‘Doomsday’ Drill — News from


The exercise will simulate missile strikes simultaneously coming from the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Iran and Syria, including chemical and biological weapons in the most densely populated areas. It will also include a wave of suicide bombings, earthquakes and epidemics.

The drill has been planned for month and officials insist it is purely defensive, but the timing – just one week before the Lebanese elections, is being seen in neighboring Lebanon as a sabre-rattling exercise meant to prepare Israelis for retaliation in the event of a new offensive war.


Then there is this insane news:


UN wants ‘flood of drugs’ in Afghanistan to devalue opium | World news |


After the failure to destroy fields of the scarlet flowers in Afghanistan’s volatile south, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime says the answer is to stop the drugs from leaving the country in the first place.

“Manual eradication is incompetent and inefficient,” UNODC chief Antonio Maria Costa said during a visit to the western Afghan province of Herat. “So we want to see more efforts to stop the flow of drugs across Afghanistan’s borders and the hitting of high-value targets to create a market disruption.

“We want to create a flood of drugs within Afghanistan. There will be so much opium inside Afghanistan unable to go out that the price will go down.”


The flood of opium going out is immense.  Big time, in Mexico and filtering into the US via the usual routes.  After all, this is identical to the Golden Triangle drug business during the Vietnam War. The Communists are great at stopping illegal drugs so we should hand the country over to the Chinese.  Heh.


This stupid news story is just more proof, our leaders are insane.  The war in Pakistan is raging and this is a war of the government of Pakistan against its own people.  The US doesn’t care since we view citizens of a country as cannon fodder.  Killing women and children and destroying homes is OK.  Even if it is your own people.  And this goes back to the Luck of the Draw of WWII: we were very lucky back then.  No one hauled us into court over our bombing of civilians.  We still evade our own laws and this is now quite naked.  We prosecute others for the exact same crimes we commit.


And this displeases Libra who is NOT Lady Luck.  She is the law and eventually, will get her own way, Luck or no Luck.  We have to choose the hard road and remember the past, not cheat people by rubbing out their memory from a story just so it can be told as a lie while pretending to tell the truth.  And we have to try to see reality despite all the images, words, stories and games being played, all of which are aimed at deceiving, confusing and thwarting us. 


Reality is interesting.  As is the Dream World.  One mirrors the other.  Sometimes, we can’t tell which is which.  Maybe we should all take some peyote or swallow some LSD.  Yeah, that might work.  


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68 responses to “My Father Reveals A Very Tiny Bit of His WWII History

  1. seraphim

    The “Moon Child”…that’s Aleister Crowley! O.T.O.! Magick! The Scarlet Woman, “the mother of the whores and abominations of the earth”, Babylon the Great! Not quite the Lady Libra.

  2. payAttention

    Bernie Sanders of Vermont is calling for federal regulators at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to crack down on speculators arguing that “rising oil prices during a global recession, while demand has eased, is a very unusual moment. There is more oil sitting around than ever before, so there is no supply problem. US demand is the lowest it’s been in at least a decade. What we are looking at now is not the fundamentals of the economy. What we are looking at is speculation on Wall Street.”

    Up 2.2% in the overnight. Dollar tanking. Glad you saved Goldman yet?

  3. payAttention

    To celebrate the bankruptcy of GM, our Japanese, Chinese and Continental friends have bid our futures up 1.66%. A real wave of buying.

    Indianapolis.. do you really think that we don’t know about it? Hint.. Richard Burton – Jaws. Not to mention History channel running it every month.

  4. Simon

    A toast to the victory of the Chinese and the reverse opium war that they have orchestrated upon the West
    The irony is now complete

  5. Simon

    And this blog entry is extremely fascinating
    I knew the gubment was into ESP and superhumanism but did not realize the fantasy runs so deep into the spy infrastructure
    I guess it’s a lot easier to swallow if your daily duties are like “Get Smart” and the peons look like ants from above. It’s easy to conclude oneself possess extraordinary powers.
    But why did Jack Parsons commit suicide, if he was so assured of his ego?

  6. CK

    One can indulge in psychological analysis.
    But looking for beneficiaries is probably more relevant.
    Consider that Mrs Meinel no longer had to keep having daughters … benefit.

  7. criticalcontrarian

    The Western elites have a lot to answer for, watch the video of the police transmissions, TV news reports blotted out, and interview with on site building personnel during and just before the planes hit the twins. More fragmentation of the elite. Lots of stuff going on in the background. The bad boys are loosing grip. Thank God for small favors.

  8. criticalcontrarian

    @Simon: my tendency to pick on Buffet is due to his not protecting the investors (many who are not rich and who have lost their retirement money in old age), people who trusted and invested with him all these years. No sense of loyalty? After calling financial derivatives an “economic Pearl Harbor” it turns out he was a party to the party. Something very wrong with that picture. Then he benefits from the bailout money (Berkshire owns more than $13 billion of stock in the top recipients of TARP funds – including Goldman Sachs Group Inc.)

    The man is a poster boy for the Wall Street dog and pony show.

  9. Simon

    Oh come on, if they invested with him for years there would have been plenty of times to pull out with massive returns
    As if you want to get into Berks when it’s already 100,000 a pop. Those people had it coming I reckon.
    Better be a poster boy than an economic hitman, who wrecks 3rd world economies for fun and profit.

  10. JSmith

    There were a lot of guys who had a huge amount of fun during WWII. I’ve always thought the old OSS under “Wild Bill” Donovan would have been an interesting assignment – anyone called “Wild Bill” had to have been somewhat unusual.

  11. Simon

    Bletchley Park comes to mind
    The place Churchill dare not bullshit in his memoirs

  12. David


    I am simply amazed at your fortitude and the fact that you survived and came out of these terrific nightmares you lived through as intact as you are (which is very intact)….and you did it by yourself, without the support of those you should have been able to count on.

    And you also had to face nearly complete disillusionment while still a child because of an abnormal family breakdown and a dearth of the very values everyone holds dear, like ordinary love within the family, and a common belief that our nation is using above board methods in its dealings with its own people and the surrounding world.

    To be led into this laybrinth of fear and deceit by your own father at such an early age is unimanginable for ordinary people, and your having the intelligence and super sensitivity required for remote viewing and intelligence analysis, and being tapped to go into that dark world by a parent is unimaginable.

    But that was common in those days. The US had unleashed the power to destroy the earth, the Apocalypse, and paranoia and fear drove our actions as ordinary people went crazy and dug fallout shelters in their back yards and went insane with secrecy and began talking in riddles in ordinary conversations… keep the secret of mankind’s utter destruction from getting out….fear on an unheard of scale.

    And we wonder why the American public buries its head in the sand as far as politics and graft in our government are concerned. This is probably a normal countermeasure to such insanity as US citizens experienced during the 1950s and 1960s.

    I had an uncle who worked for the US War Department as a lawyer during this McCarthy era time…and he told my parents that Washington was a dangerous place to be during that time…and he feared that he would say the wrong thing and lose his job or even end up in jail or just disappear.

    The ship story is very interesting…and I remember an old 1950s movie starring Victor Mature about an atomic accident while working getting a bomb ready to drop on Japan…the setting for the movie was on land, not on a ship, but could such a thing have happened to this ship, and it was allowed to be destroyed to get rid of evidence….but, then 317 people survived….very puzzling….and reason does not seem to enter into the secretive world of such things….

    Or this ship was sacrificed, possibly to keep people who were “in-the-know” about nuclear weapons to a minimum at the time….and the Captain was discredited and made a non-person…and he would have been one of those “in the know” people….only reason that makes sense….very cold to sacrifice the sailors who delivered the weapons just to limit the spread of secrets…as if secrets are everything.

    This is paradoxically strange because much information about nuclear weapons was available to the public at that time…even in information movies and documentaries. I can remember that Little Boy used a bullet principle…there was a movie about this shown to us public school elementary children during the 1950s that used animation to explain the entire explosion process…and in your article, one source mentioned an atomic bullet, and the movie I saw explained the entire process…and they made movies for school children to watch, but eliminated those people who delivered such atomic bullets to keep the information secret….how insane this is, but human motivations for conflict and war are insane to begin with.

    I don’t think any of the Western powers or Israel have any idea of the destructive power they will unleash if they use nuclear weapons in warfare. When the US used them against Japan, it had no threat of retaliation. Nowadays, the threat is very real.

    I am a normally loyal person to friends and acquaintances I promise my support to, but , trust me, I would not come to the aid of an ally who used a nuclear weapon against others under any circumstance.

    Were I in charge, I would only think of using a nuclear weapon in response to a nuclear attack upon my own country…..and I certainly hope those in the labyrinth of secret corridors of our government and its decision makers about such things feel the same way….and that they will resist being pulled into a conflict that nobody will win.

    Ah, but people forget and imagine that they are greater than the gods themselves… insane illusion.

    If these insane folks decide to have nuclear war, just let me know and aim the largest nuke at me and fire it first, and give me time to get a lawn chair and a beer because I just know it is going to be a hell of a show.

  13. Simon

    Despite what the survivalist movement say I doubt there is really anything one can do about nuclear war if it breaks.
    Even if you find an abandoned bunker there is no telling if nuclear winter will happen or you won’t be hunted down by other survivors or whatever
    The only action you can take is probably meditation and a healthy dose of humor.:)

  14. JSmith

    “Jack Parsons was a man obsessed with bringing into the world a ‘Moon Child’ who would bring the Apocalypse.”

    That whole paranormal bit brings to mind the sort of bad movie I’d flake out on the sofa watching, late on a Saturday night.

    “Tonight’s feature…


    OPENING SHOT: a dark ans stormy night in the Harz Mountains. Thunder, lightning, rain.

    PAN TO: Gothic-looking schloss, dark save for lighted room in tower.

    INTERIOR SHOT: Large room, fire in fireplace, candlelight. Four or five High-Command-looking types and a blonde bimbo (possibly Ilsa) in Waffen-SS uniforms listening to a weaselly-looking civilian:

    Herr Doktor: “Und, so, Herr General, ze results uff ze experiments vuld zeem to be conclusive, no?”

    General Von Katzenjammer: “But are you sure, Herr Doktor? Absolutely sure?”

    Herr Doktor: “As zhure as one can be, when one iss probing ze paranormal.”

    Gen. Von K.: “Verry well, zen, ve vill prezent zis to Der Fuhrer.”

    (Arms fly up in involuntary salutes.)

    – Cut to commercial –

  15. Simon

    I shudder this is where ze Jude got all their funny movie plots from 🙂

  16. criticalcontrarian

    @Simon: I just very much dislike pretentious fakes. I wonder if good ‘ol Warren has an underground paradise much like Microsoft Bill’s built ten floors under his $168,000 home. LOL.

    There will not be a nuclear strike or a bioweapons epidemic. The A-holes who try will not survive their action. Neither will their families 4 generations removed. They know this. The rules of the game have changed. Also, watch how the Japanese elite political party is cleansed over the next few months. Expect decoupling from the “real” Evil Empire before year end. And no, this is not an AshkeNAZI movie plot! LOL. Many anime plot? 🙂

  17. Simon

    Bill’s building is pretty much public, and Bill is not a poster boy like Warren, he’s the “guy you love to hate”, ask any IT nerd
    You might be a Boss Hater if you see pretentions everywhere

  18. criticalcontrarian

    Hehehe, actually been a boss all my life. Never had a problem with my employees; never had a union, and they never wanted one. Gave two months bonus more than other company. Subsidized meals, paid the best salaries in the industry. Worked harder, arrived earlier and left later than anyone in the company. Would celebrate family day with all the kids on Christmas and give scholarships to the brightest of the employees kids. The Japanese taught me that in order to grow a country you needed a strong middle class. I translated that into action. My people were my team. It was very successful, and a large combine of companies offered to buy my interest, I sold majority but continued to run it. Made good profit, ROI to investors was 16 months on paper, in cash on the 20th month, but could not get along with the higher bosses, they treated employees differently, so I sold my remaining interest and moved on. All my key people left. I gave them half of what I parted with to give them a good start. It’s a long story. But yes, I am a lone wolf and like to run my own op. I pick who I can work with, and I usually know if I can within 20 minutes.

  19. openly hidden

    this world is for lessons….its not a paradise and god is not “love”….love is a state of mind….and evil is not a mistake. there is purpose and all possiblities, including unimaginably horrible ones, are here in this world from the beginning. which possibility happens just depends. and some people simply always depend on others they don’t approve of to preserve and defend their very own helpless ungrateful existence since they can’t or won’t help them selves. but all are in this sorry condition in the beginning and at the end. and you can see what this has led to in our generation….and that is not evil, just inevitable. and its called “change” and change is rarely good for you and good for me…both.

  20. wow – nice poem. Seemed that way to me.

    Peace OH,

  21. openly hidden

    aka ….keep your pecker hard and your powder dry, and sooner or later, the world will change. and the world is turning. facinating i agree but you have to deal with it or fail. this is why it is turning. times up, the ride is stopping. hahahahahah!

  22. nah

    Jack Parsons was a man obsessed with bringing into the world a ‘Moon Child’ who would bring the Apocalypse.
    That is funny… 2 bad millions of geniuses have yet to produce a space ladder… super bombs and space exploration are soooo expensive… however i think that space exploration/discovery is infinitely more valuable than say, bombs

    give an inch, take a mile

  23. yeah nah, but of course after you give an inch, then I suspect you will be ready to give another.

    Seems sensible to me.



  24. emsnews

    The more we sought to protect ‘America’ THE MORE WE DESTROYED IT. Note how the same people arming us for WWIII are also destroying our economic base due to their greedy, personal actions. The arming of the US for WWIII is bankrupting the US and this bankruptcy itself will trigger WWIII because these same idiots will launch WWIII in order to deal with the bankruptcy of the US arming itself for WWIII.

    This is a circular situation that is actually the biggest historical force/dynamic in all human history. The Mongols could kill all the humans in their path but no one was killing all the Mongols on earth while they were doing this.

    But in WWIII, we can kill all humans and…we will also die due to the fact, even if no one bombs us directly, the planetary ecosystem would be utterly destructive for the continuation of the human species as the dominant species on earth. Cockroaches, on the other hand, with their evolution speeding up due to the radiation, will suddenly have many more niches to operate in due to all the dead things. Then, perhaps, some small mammals in hidden valleys might survive, some birds, the plants will, of course, adapt to the new, elevated levels of radiation.

    But humans? No. We will be dinosaurs. Now, inside the scientific/CIA community, from my very earliest memories of spying from behind couches or under desks, etc, was the ongoing, serious debate in the 1950’s about surviving nuclear warfare.

    As the dire data built up over the years, it became increasingly obvious that we faced oblivion. This is where the ‘MAD’ doctrine came into being. By being armed to the teeth AND threatening to go to war over the slightest provocation, the idea was to SCARE the other party into not starting WWIII.

    Russia and America went back to the pre-WWI international colonialist warfare where both nations invaded and fought barely-armed natives and used these unfortunate victims as stand-ins.

    Now that third world nations are increasingly arming themselves and the natives in these lands are now figuring out, thanks to Vietnam and Afghanistan, how to BANKRUPT empires deliberately, we are in the next new phase of the business of ‘will we launch WWIII in order to be a world power?’ dynamic again. We are one election away from violent resolution of the riddle, ‘How do you pay for wars while not paying for wars?’ The Sphinx knows, the answer is, ‘Commit suicide while murdering the human family’. We know humans think this way, look at the rise in family murder/suicides during this downturn.

  25. openly hidden

    you inspire me ken. i can afford to take a couple of hours a day for just myself. i could investigate the commodity markets….or i can do this. if i can be “stoik” like ken, i get useful stuff done. on the other hand, reading this stuff is so interesting. i am sure the jailed condemned waiting their unavoidable end always have interesting observations and stories to tell each other. but if i can be “stoik”, i get more useful stuff done….but perhaps this is useful too? peace to you to ken.

  26. emsnews

    I am against passivity in the face of the Beast. We must take adult responsibility for this planet we are using as our habitation point. This means being politically active, not passive.

  27. openly hidden

    i have always thought some deserve to return as …. toads perhaps? but maybe our collective “fate” actually has been to return as cockroaches all this time. humanity may not be the pinnacle as most happily assume. but maybe as cockroaches, we then can evolve into “the aliens” instead of being what aliens hunt. fuck me i will never smile again! this is going to be great!

  28. openly hidden I honestly refuse to “fuck you” such that you never smile again! How stupid could that be?

  29. meant to say: “to not”…..ha ha – double ha.

    I suppose it is time for me go be stoic – with a “c” mind ya!

  30. criticalcontrarian

    Your formula of political activism is not working, they have all the countermeasures prepared for that. And they have a lot of camps ready for the filling. Civil disobedience at this point would be much more effective. My country was a test case for all that US psyop crap, . People power and all. The NGO’s, civilian groups are infiltrated and manipulated, even formed by elite minions, just follow the money and you will know them by the color of green.

  31. whatever cc!- california-style.

    I still think China and the US would make exceptional allies. Just an opinion.

    Plus, I think fathers should reveal more. What is there to hide.


  32. So if you look at the DOW today it is as if it hit a plateau “right” from the get-go during the random day’s transactions! How is this plateau holding so? Seems like a fair question and I suspect there is a fair answer. Still beyond just a day, short-term-wise, we should all be able to agree that the “market” as is is manipulated.
    A joke. A waste of time. A fools endeaver. The market is going down in my opinion!


  33. of course, “going-down” is subject to interpretation – just like so many “things……

  34. If I must be difficult, then I could also say that “things” are subject to definition. Riddle that openly hidden.

    But I think the definition is arrived at by consensus. Seems simple to me.

  35. And furthermore, generationally, there is an imperative to get over time-differences rapidly. Elsewise, the choices will narrow. Seems that way to me….

  36. Incidently, I’d like to just say one more thing and then I will shut up again. My dad died suddenly while I was away in Mejico – literally.

    My mother’s father was the supervisor of some mines mined in Mejico – literally.

    I’m proud of it all, and I’d love to have a chance to talk to my Dad, but he is gone just like we all will be one day………..

    ………..gone and then maybe back again if we have something worthwhile to offer…….

    U no?

  37. Randy

    Asteroid 4065 Meinel is named in honor of your father. Is Asteroid 4064 Marjorie named in honor of your mother? If it is , I think that’s powerfully romantic.

  38. emsnews

    Argh. Yes, that is so. And guess what? My dad joked about these degrading in orbit some day and crashing into the earth.

    My grandfather used to amuse me, too, by telling me [he also has craters and such things named after himself] that if the sun blew up, I had less than 8 minutes to deal with it. No wonder I was a screwy kid and a wretched adult.

  39. No wonder. No wonder. But wonder nonetheless.
    And wander too.

    Move around. Explore.

    Elaine – just would like to say to you as in individual – sorry……….


  40. I should add one last little itty bitty thing – I still have these “magic plants” growing around in my yard…..I apprciate them. Big time.

    Just like I appreciate this site. Big time.

    OK – I promise (just like openly hidden) I’ll be quiet and stoic for along time now……I will…….i will it…..what bout U?

  41. Gary

    “and a screaming came across the sky”
    Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon
    First time I tried reading it, I gave up after a
    After having read Elaine’s stuff for a few ys, the
    book now makes a hell of a lot of sense with its
    weird mixtures of sex, rockets, death, war, and
    the Freudian sub/unconscious world of imagery.
    Oh gosh, maybe I am Slothrup the guy that was
    followed by the OSS because everywhere he had
    sex was soon followed by a rocket attack of V-2’s.

  42. PLovering

    @ Elaine,

    Your reference to the sinking of the USS Indianapolis piqued my curiousity.

    The Navy’s star chamber trial of Captain McVay was not a shinning moment.
    ELAINE: it was a CRIME. I suspect it was done because they feared that the secrets of the nuclear bomb were jeopardized. The attempt to silence the captain. For example, the victims of the Liberty attack by Israel were threatened with all sorts of things if they didn’t shut up and go away. Only thanks to the Internet and us talking about them, did they open up and start their own web page and demand justice. Ditto, the prisoners of war of the Nazis: after WWII, they were told to shut up or else due to the US wanting Germany to support our cold war against Russia.

  43. criticalcontrarian

    @BKen: no doubt a China-US alliance would be good, but methinks the Chinese are more in China-World alliance mode. Enough of the, it’s them and us war monger mindset. Let’s all make money TOGETHER, not we make money, we give you scrap, you walk away or we bomb you. You complain we bomb you.

    How is the plateau holding? Well, all that TARP money isn’t circulating back to the people in loans and buyers credit, so where is it going? They use it to prop up their stocks to sucker play the quickly disappearing simpletons who have been skinned alive in the past year. They pay you .25% on your deposits and lending it to you at 6%, how you like that math?

    My deepest sympathy for your loss, Ken. We all go the way we came.
    “My friends are Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, and we’re singing about mortality, getting older. It’s an interesting time.”
    ~ (Sting)

  44. David

    PLovering and Elaine:

    As I read through your link, I noted that the authors seemed to believe that the court martial was to protect the security people who ignored McVay’s request for a destroyer escort, but, this seems slightly unrealistic because the court martial itself brought more attention to them than not court martialing McVay.

    So, someone set these guys up and intended to have the Japanese U-boats eliminate them…wittnesses to what the atomic bomb looked like and people who were around when it was being transported and who might have bits and pieces of knowledge about this ultra-secret device…..more expedient to just eliminate them than to allow them to continue to live and possibly talk about this device that could destroy the US if it got into enemy hands.

    One thing I learned during the Vietnam War and that is that everyone in the military is expendable. Westmoreland (who I once saw personally) sent many troops into battle to be killed for blood money, but when Johnson went down the tubes politically, Nixon did not hesitate to dump Westmoreland also…

    And we just saw this with the commander in Afganistan. Now, these commanders were not court martialed or killed, but if the need arose to eliminate them, and if everyone was scared that what they might reveal could be used by enemies to destroy the US, then there are those who would not hesitate a single moment to sacrifice them for their peace of mind….that is the insanity of conflict and war making whether a hot war, or a cold war.

    And a lot of this went on during the cold war….sacrificing people believed to be spies and communists and so on…whether they were or not….looking for demons behind every bush, and creating them when they could not be found…all to drive the military industrial complex and scare people into funding it.

    Bush co. tried to bring this mentality back after 9/11, our “new Pearl Harbor,” and we were told to “be afraid, be very afraid.”

    But from their education or from watching too much action television or whatever, the American masses quickly became sick and tired of this “be afraid” bullshit.

    The American masses are not very afraid. They are just plain bored and want to “git er done” even if it requires torture to make a contrived enemy confess to crimes so we will have someone to send to trial and punish and, therefore, justify our war on terror so we can feel real good about us “God fearnin mericans commin out on top.”

    And then, things can go back to being like they used to be…where people had lots of jobs making lots of money producing more bombs and guns and planes and other deadly devices so we can rule the world.

    These are the passages that caught my eye in Plovering’s article:

    “(It is very likely that the Surface Operations officer was indeed aware of the dangers in the path of the Indianapolis revealed by the ULTRA code-breaking but not known to the court-martial board. Thus, his testimony that the dangers were “practically negligible” had the self-serving impact of diverting attention from his own culpability for not heeding Captain McVay’s request for a destroyer escort.)”

    “The court of inquiry ultimately recommended that Captain McVay be court-martialed on two vague charges: (1) culpable inefficiency in the performance of his duties and (2) negligently endangering the lives of others.”

    This is totally unbelievable even now….Why charge a flag officer with such foolishness unless someone really wanted to silence him?

    “In early 2000, only months before his death at the age of 91 in Kyoto, Japan, the commander of the Japanese submarine which sank the Indianapolis gave an interview and, referring to Captain McVay’s court-martial at which he had been a witness, said, “I had a feeling it was contrived from the beginning.”

    This guy had no axe to grind. He had avenged the Japanese who died from the bomb by sinking the ship that brought it. He is just stating his perceptions…. someone had a perceived need to silence the crew of the Indianapolis with death…and they allowed it to happen…..

    As Elaine noted, in the sinister world of spies and espionage and deep paranoia, such a thing was not at all unthinkable during the 1950s and 60s cold war.

    When the Republicans gained power, a fellow teacher remarked to me that “we’re going to bring back the 1950s.”

    I replied, “God, I sure hope not, the 1950s were the most miserable time in my life that I can remember.”

  45. emsnews

    Even more, my dad didn’t go into this business in his article which, again, agitated me. The cruelties pushed onto people who do the dirty work for the Empire never ceases to amaze me. Just like the staff in the prisons who tortured prisoners being punished while NOT ONE person really responsible was not arrested or even charged at all.

    I feel sorry for the schmucks who do the dirty work, the death and torture. They get persecuted to death…like the suspect who was supposed to be the anthrax assassin. Note that his suicide was a great way of closing that messy business so the real criminals could get off, scot free.

  46. David


    After reading this, account, I also understand a little more about Asperger’s Syndrome….and believe me, I absolutely know it works…because I saw it with my own eyes…as spooky as can be to us simple, ordinary folks. I read your post over a second time, and, slow as I am, I think I understand the picture a bit more completely.

    Asian Pure Land Buddhism teaches that the past, present and future are all the same.

    I’m not a physicist. In fact, I’m not all that good with mathematics even though I studied advanced math and have a science background, but those who do know the implications of such things, and I’ve met a few, claim that in the field of quantum physics, the mathematical possibility exists that differing realities might exist at a given moment at the same time and place, but all this is too complex for me to understand clearly.

    Again, I applaud your survival, and even better than surviving, you flourished.

  47. emsnews

    Time isn’t linear. It is warped in odd ways due to the shape and dynamics of the Big Bang’s paradoxes…which is, all galaxies are flying away but also falling TOWARDS each other.

  48. DrKrbyLuv

    Your article about Germany and the conclusion of WW2 was very interesting. Truth be told, the entire history of the 20th century was mostly a lie.
    The US helped defeat Germany in WW2 but the Nazis were never defeated. In his book “The Rise of the Fourth Reich” Jim Marrs makes a solid case that the Nazis are very much still with us.
    Operation Paperclip was very successful in helping to bring advanced technology to the US but unfortunately, along with it, came the Nazi philosophy.
    Prescott, Poppy and W are all Nazis. When W is finally tried for his many crimes, it would appropriate for the proceedings to be held in Nuremberg.
    Your story was very interesting from a personal viewpoint as my father served in the Pacific theater in intelligence with the C.I.C. MacArthur did not want the O.S.S. in his theater, especially in Japan and the Philippines.
    Thanks for sharing a most unusual and interesting story.
    ELAINE: Holy cow! Wow! Small world! My father was supposed to go to MacArthur but Eisenhower asked for him so he went to Europe, instead.

  49. openly hidden

    here is a nice site david:
    Hinduism & Quantum Physics

    Click on underlined words to open paragraph
    The Implications of this theorem are staggering

    Bell’s Theorem-Vedanta and Quantum Physics

    Transcendental meditation lowers cholesterol

    Hurry sickness

    Vedanta as the synthesis of Science and Religion

    Modern physics and Philosophical Reason
    only a spiritual revolution can bring about the kind of world we all want….this would have absolutely zero to do with “churchianity” or “priestcraft”…. imho, this hoped for revolution not only would be the greatest equalizer between all peoples, but it would open the way for all sorts of advancements….but of course won’t happen since existing power absolutely depends on keeping our illusions and divisions alive.

  50. openly hidden

    oh yes. this is just from the hindu site. the reason why i make much of the “mystical” similarities between every religion that i have investigated is to prove that this “spiritual revolution” would have nothing to do with “religion” since the original impetus of every religion originally springs from the same source, then once the original is recognized as “useful” to the authority and power, it is made into a “religion” for the people. undercut all this and truth is what is left underneath. imho of course. then again, maybe humanity can’t live without strife and war and conflict….maybe we would all die of boredom then, i don’t know….but maybe a spiritual revolution like i would like to see happen would result in a world that could exist within its means nicely and people could live with working only a few hours a day and alpha types simply could not abide by that either. all i am saying is so much seems unnecessary and counterproductive in this world for no reason whatsoever except to stroke pricks and prickesses.

  51. openly hidden

    elaine writes: “…dynamics of the Big Bang’s paradoxes…which is, all galaxies are flying away but also falling TOWARDS each other…”
    i can’t find it now, but recently i read a very interesting article about “science” that now concludes that the universe is “rotating”….which agrees, once again, with the very first writings in history that have been found yet. and of course, this could have only been known either by some mystic “seeing” some out of this world source of truth, or maybe aliens from way back then, who left behind this knowledge. but history seems to have been all about re-inventing the wheel so to speak for thousands of years. in the town in iowa near where i live is some little college called “Maharishi University of Management” (used to be maharishi international university”)which promotes “consciousness based education”. they also have their own high school. every year, they rank at the very top in every ranking of all the schools in academics…and good at tennis too. they study physics very hard i think. cc would like them for sure.

  52. Gary

    The “Cold War” was kept going because powerful
    people love to hatch plots. This gives their puny lives some excitement and “purpose”. The cold war had little to do with communism vs capitalism as neither one was practiced in either empire. Twas all just sheer love of power and the various plots—both of which attracted the babes.
    The James Bond movies weren’t too far off in some things.

  53. openly hidden
    it says fairfield is a “progressive community”. heh i graduated from highschool in this town and we have 20 rental houses there too. the “guru’s” are mostly good renters and good citizens, but the town still has lots of refugees from the 1960’s still living in the community. i am sure they and you all have much in common. i stay away from them though since imho, a guru that you have to pay is no guru at all. i know everything they know but more but i stay openly hidden so they don’t even know i am alive. but i keep track of them as they struggle to figure it all out and what happened to the music. some live on daddies trust funds, some are very poor, and some make their living doing the weirdest organic and “spiritual” and artsy stuff. before i got married 30 years ago, i had great sex with them. they all have a great attitude about tantric sex! actually there is a great diversity of business in town because of them. they moved here from california naturally right after the viet nam war.

  54. openly hidden

    one last thing. in the wet ass hour, fairfield is the place you want to be….betcha.

  55. openly hidden

    i would go so far as to say this little guru community is why iowa went for obama instead of hillary in the primaries. they all keep themselves busy as bees. cc you ought to come visit me here. now i surely have not one thing left i can possibly comment about for the rest of my life.

  56. openly hidden

    well i am not going to say i “know more”…. actually looking at the web site for mum, i am sort of proud of them. this people, this is actually the spiritual revolution that i keep harping about. the entire town and countryside is merged together with the college, consciousness and intelligence and its people who are families some in their 70’s and from all over the world. i would have to say this community is as self-sustaining as anywhere else i have ever heard of. i am proud of them i guess which …. well i am done.

  57. openly hidden please don’t stop writing cause how could we “see” you then!

    I hope you are not openly hidden to your own self!


    If I’m ever in Iowa I plan on looking you up. I like the Iowa state quarter. A little shoolhouse I think is the image!


  58. emsnews

    I know them VERY WELL INDEED. When the movement began, in the sixties, my mom and dad were very deeply involved in CIA business in Tibet’s border regions.

    Due to this, I was rather involved in the religious communities of that area. The top people always wanted to meet with me because my dad would tell them, ‘She gets hit by lightning bolts!’

    This is how I got my Pegasus statue from the King of Sikkim, for example. The religious leaders want to be leaders. So when we meet, we have a brief struggle of will power with them projecting on me and me doing bizarre things to them until they give up and run away.

    Rats. No one ever stays to see the fight to the end. And they DO fight, fiercely. They are NOT peaceful at all nor do they gently accept things, they fight off new information tooth and nail as strongly as any Western religious fanatics.

    The inability to accept other religious matrix systems or even, my gods….even to step outside of the human mental matrix to look at everything from the outside: a true religious leader should be able to enter the Outer Darkness and exit it without dying. But you have to let go of all illusions when doing this and this is the one thing humans are least capable of doing!

    It is amazing, they would rather die than change a belief system! I find this very funny. If I get new incoming data that conflicts with old beliefs, I ditch the old beliefs and wrestle to incorporate the new data.

    But then, I may be mad! HAHAHA. Yes, we are all mad. And this is the real Revelation, by the way. Studying physics in order to be spiritual, by the way, slowly leads one towards the more dire parts of the Outer Darkness.

    I should retell the story of Mother Nature’s Veil, I wrote it many years ago. Came out of a dream. It is how knowledge can lead to producing the complete destruction of humanity. One of my favorite topics, of course.

  59. everyone probably already knew what I meant, but just be to clear (with a “c”). Make that schoolhouse!

    I like the image so I fugure chances are I would like the state. Assuming it understands its own proclaimed heritage!


  60. oops sorry Elaine – didn’t know about your post when I posted mine just above. A coincidence.

    Plus, please do retell the story of the Veil. I’m very curious!

  61. From wikipedia, it looks like you are just scratching the surface here with Parsons, What about the conections with scientology?
    ELAINE: HAHAHA. Boy, do I have stories. I was rather bemused when Ron tracked me down when I was a teenager. We had a fun encounter. He never really recovered from it.

  62. openly hidden

    Parsons? Parsons COLLEGE? dad graduated from there. i think i did. heh. my relatives showed up for graduation ceremonies (i heard later) and i remember that morning, walking to the union for coffee for my hang-over, wondering what the crowd was for. i remember a tee shirt back then saying like harvard, yale, parsons, back in the 1960’s. (i am sure the second college was not yale). in teh 1960’s, parsons had over 7000 students and anyone wanting a college deferment from the draft basically could get in. my great-uncle was on teh regional college accreditation board back then and there is more to parsons sad story than is generally known of course. and there were more…. hell, i forget, but expensive model of car in fairfield than anywhere else in america. i remember a rockefeller boy of standard of california rented a farmhouse from dad. porsch? anyway, he was a very nice kid. sometimes, when dad and i went to the farm to do chores in the morning, he would come out holding his mug of beer and usually trailing not one but two coeds. heh. his dad had to come and get him last i heard.
    more seriously. here is elaines basic gripe about “religion” all along i think….i.e. “…The religious leaders want to be (political) leaders…” and alas, that is probably so. and did you read my article i posted last week about china is now actively promoting catholicism christianity for its people now to try and develop a unifying …. culture? (not culture, but whatever it is that gives a people a common feeling of unity with each other) for its people now that they can no longer believe in communism? i.e. they are going to do what eliane crabs about “religion” again, which is USE the underlying spiritual reality and change it to reflect what they want to use it to manipulate their proles according to their culture and times they live in. however, this does not change the ground of reality one bit. and afterall, how could you have a society composed of wizards and gurus and gurus in training? what would be the fun in that for the elite alpha’s wanting to run things always. but i gotta admit, the mum people have certainly made my town a unique little town and it works….maybe better than anyplace else even. they did have huge intramural vicious legal fights with each over at one time due to “dissidents” within their community. anyway, unfortunately, what elaine basically has against “religion” is probably the only truism in the world and that is “The religious leaders want to be (political) leaders”.

  63. emsnews

    You see, all communities [including the 9/11 people] build up belief systems. If you counter ANY ASPECT of their belief systems, they recoil in horror and disgust and run away. It is very sad. I see it here, in reverse: many people come here and try to convince me of things that are often rather amusing which I refuse, then, they turn on me and leave.

    This is why I have no ‘followers’ and hope to have none, I want thinkers who really want to figure things out and we are in this, together. I read everyone and go to links due to curiosity.

    It is all about learning things! Learning things is fun and interesting. Hewing to an ideology is boring and stupid.

  64. emsnews

    For example, if someone likes my financial analysis but believes all the lights they see that are funny are UFOs and then we argue about this belief, they never come back. They would rather preserve a belief that all strange lights they might have seen are strange lights, not flying saucers, for example.

    By the way, the logic of aliens is absolute: if they want to be hidden, there is no way in hell, they will have their lights on for ID. DUH. I wish people were logical. But humans struggle with logic systems. Maybe, that is why computers are taking over and will communicate with the aliens…HAHAHAH. 🙂

  65. Yep I’ve seen some lights…flashing and all.

    Don’t think they are UFO’s. At least not yet.

    Just think they are my mind. My imagination.

    The beauty of which is. I own it. I own my imagination.


    Hold it close.

    Close to the heart!


  66. Lou

    Off we flew to Germany! Where I immediately went to work, poking around, asking the same question in various forms, ‘Where were you at the end of April/beginning of May, 1945?’ Ratzi, the present Pope, got very pissed off with me when I asked that question while probing him, for example.

    /So, where was Ratz?

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