World’s Biggest Welfare Queen Wants More Money For Her Castles

Picture 12My favorite monarch is having financial difficulties.  Her Nogoodnik son, the former Prince of Wales (no longer in the long line to the Throne) spent well over a million pounds, pounding the pavements, touring the world, first class.  Also, Her Mad Hatter Majesty needs lots more money to update her many palaces.  Meanwhile, the economy in Britain is collapsing.  Oh my.  Still, can’t starve the parasites who pretend to be ‘royals’.

First, the very bad news for the British subjects who are taxed so they can support a family of leeches:

UK economy shrinking at fastest rate in 50 years | Business |

The current recession is even deeper than had been thought – and started more than a year ago – as statisticians today revised the drop in national income in the first quarter of the year to 2.4%, the biggest fall since 1958.

The annual drop in output in the January to March period is now said to be an all-time record of 4.9%, fresh Office for National Statistics figures showed.

Economists had expected a downward revision to the initial estimate of a 1.9% drop in gross domestic product, because of a recent revision to construction sector output. But the new figures are much worse than expected.

Normally, when times are bad, everyone has to suffer.  Except if one is a Sovereign.  Sovereigns are the ones who created the term, ‘Sovereign Wealth’ and none are older, longer at doing this and more relentless about it than the British Royals.  Once upon a time, they had to kill lots and lots of people in order to have an Empire.  This empire was immense, the sun never set on it.  Now, the sun has set and the moon is preparing to set, too.

The rump empire is collapsing.  A bunch of tiny pirate islands who are protected by the Crown were used to run raids on international banking and evade taxes.  These, in turn, utterly destroyed global finances.  They still swear fealty to the gangsters who run the British Crown.  Most sane countries got rid of their royal parasites.  But not Saudi Arabia, for example.  Ripe for revolution, I may add.  Nepal recently dumped their lousy lords!  Why can’t Britain?

The British royals live as if they ran an immense empire.  The British Isles just saw Scotland’s finances go belly up.  Ireland is on the ropes.  Wales is not far behind, obviously.  Britain runs an immense trade deficit per capita and has an immense public debt which the people of Britain, not the Queen, has to pay for.  Instead of facing reality, the Queen thinks she ought to live like her lazy ancestors.  The British royal lifestyle enjoyed today is a relic of when Queen Victoria literally  lorded over the entire planet.  I would suggest the Queen be downsized.  Perhaps, a la Marie Antoinette.

BBC NEWS | Business | Eurozone inflation turns negative

Prices in the 16-nation zone fell 0.1% in the past year, Eurostat said. The inflation rate had been 0% in May.

Inflation in the eurozone has been dragged down by lower energy and food prices, and by falling demand for goods from companies and households…

“At this stage, we expect negative inflation rates for the next six months or so. With factory gate prices falling, wage growth likely to slow sharply and a big amount of spare capacity in the economy, core inflation will decelerate considerably.”

All of Europe is in the same boat. We are definitely in the Great Depression II.  So long as fuel prices remain fairly low, we will get deflation.  If, on the other hand, the US and UK and Israel manage to foist a war on Iran, expect world oil prices to shoot to the moon.  England is an oil pumping nation but not an exporter of significant amounts of oil.  So the UK doesn’t care if world oil prices climb suddenly.  The US is a major net importer so we get hammered.  I will note that as of today, the US media is OK with a military coup in Honduras.  So much for ‘democracy’.  I knew all the hysteria about Iran’s elections was totally fake.

Parliamentary Standards Bill second reading | Parliament News

Jack Straw, Justice Secretary, moved the second reading of the Parliamentary Standards Bill which has, unusually, been planned through all of its parliamentary stages with report and third reading due on 1 July.  Usually a Bill is scheduled only one stage ahead.

The Bill will:

  • establish a body corporate known as the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority and an officer known as the Commissioner for Parliamentary Investigations, and
  • make provision relating to salaries and allowances for Members of the House of Commons and to their financial interests and conduct.

The financial scandals enveloping Parliament is all rather silly.  This is classic worry about nickel and dime stuff while ignoring the gold plated scandals.  This is, of course, the immense amount of money spent on shuffling the British Royals all over kingdom come, just so they can say, ‘Oh my, rather, yes, quite, I say, ah, thank you very much,’ etc.  They could contract out to  Madame Tussauds to have wax figurines shipped out to various locales.

I have a neat idea!  Parliament could contract with the Japanese to have a family of robots built that look like these mechanical wind up royals and no one would know the difference.  At least the British could save money by parking these in a safe spot between public appearances.  Copies could be made and installed all over the place to shake hands and chirp various stock phrases as I listed above.  The savings in just one year alone will pay for all the duck houses in England.  Time is running out.  The Queen wants MORE money NOW.  So Parliament should begin discussions about going modern and getting rid of these leeches.

Queen Elizabeth faces wait for palace repairs | Lifestyle | Reuters

Picture 12Key projects facing at least a 10-year wait include the 13 million pounds renewal of lead and slate roofs at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, and the 4.5 million pound refurbishment of state rooms at both properties.

Also facing a decade of delays are replacements to the palace’s heating and electricity services, as well as the replacement of aging cast iron and lead Victorian water mains at the castle.

If this robotic queen was replaced with a Japanese robot, there would be no need to replace all the old plumbing and wiring.  The palaces would be used only for state functions or pay for themselves by being opened up as museums like The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.  Germany got rid of its Kaisers in 1919.  France sort of did it in the French Revolution and then did it a second time in the mid-19th century and I hope they learned from that event to not do it again.  We got rid of royals here back in 1776.

Maybe we should replace our Presidents with Japanese robots.  Foreigners own our Presidents, anyway.  The Bilderberg gang can program in all the speeches once a decade.

The Associated Press: Queen Elizabeth II’s costs rising

Figures showed that royal travel costs rose to 6.5 million ($10.76 million) from 6.2 million ($10.26 million). The queen visited Slovenia and Slovakia last year, while Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, toured countries including Japan and Indonesia.

Officials said a 400,000 pound ($661,302) relaunch of the royal family’s Web site in February, and hiring staff to run it also contributed to the increase in costs.

HAHAHAHA…I wish I had nearly a million dollars to run a web page!  As for the other business: gads.  Stop it!  In ancient times, royal progresses were for mainly one purpose: to spread the pain.  If the royals sat in one spot too long, they drained all the resources and ate everything so they had to keep mobile to keep from destroying a place.  They were literally a plague of locusts.  Queen Elizabeth I made a big thing about all this: she hated spending her own revenues so she ‘visited’ all and sundry.  Very expensive visitor, I might add.

The present Elizabeth is the exact opposite.  She expects the British people to pay for her both at home and abroad.  She is a continuous drain on the Privy Purse.  She doesn’t stay at rich people’s estates and make THEM pay for her.  No, she happily leeches off of the public till.  Here is a list of all her own palaces which she owns and which the public pays for:  Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Frogmore, Sandringham House, Balmoral Castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Clarence House, The Chapels Royal

Picture 10These photos are from the web pages above.  You can have a virtual tour of one or two rooms of these multi-room domiciles.  The royals, of course, don’t live in these chambers—anymore.  They are for state visits, etc.  But they do live in the other half of each of these palaces.

Considering that they have no realistic function aside from meeting and greeting people and basically doing nothing in particular, it is rather expensive, I would venture.  Of course, considering that they are not running hedge funds is a positive.  But not by very much since they are in control of the hedge fund

Picture 7

community’s place of residence, all those islands.

By the way, the top room here is all gold leaf.  This gold came from foreign lands like Africa and Asia as well as South and Central America.  Note that it is here and not there.  Those places continue to be poor or suffer from coups and other difficulties while the English Crown gets to use gold plated residences.

Now for the scandal of the costs of running these clowns all over the place:

Royal Travel Grant-in-Aid—200809.pdf:  £4,038,922

A one week visit to Tokyo, for example, costs the British subjects well over half a million pounds for Charles and his hausfrau. Another one week long jaunt by this doddering duo to South America also costs the same amount.  So, they will spend over £1.3 million going around the world, reminding everyone that his wife ain’t no Diana?  Below is a screen shot of the official web page:

Welcome to the official website of the British Monarchy

Picture 6

Here is a You Tube posting by the Royals which is all about how they now have an organic garden so they don’t have to buy icky veggies from locals:

YouTube – A new allotment at Buckingham Palace

It is all hand watered by expensive flunkies!  And it is all very decorative, too.  Can’t have icky looking gardens, can we?  This kind of reminds me of Marie Antoinette and her fad for pretending to be a shepherdess and having cute gardens, etc.  As the British suffer from a worse and worse depression, will the Queen say, ‘Let them eat organic veggies from their own gardens’?

Britain has looming problems due to the steep fall in gas and oil production:

Committee reports on UK offshore oil and gas | Parliament News

The Government needs to take steps to ensure that the UK’s remaining oil and gas resources are exploited to the greatest benefit and that the fiscal and regulatory regime in which the industry operates is effective.

In the report of its first full inquiry since it was established, the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee argues that to prioritise the security of UK energy supply whilst moving towards a low carbon economy the Government must do more to support the efficient recovery of UK oil and gas reserves….

.In 2007 the UK was self sufficient in oil (producing 583 million boe and consuming 575 boe) and produced three quarters of its gas requirements (70 billion cubic metres (bcm) were produced and 91bcm consumed).[4] Oil & Gas UK told us that “the industry is the single most significant contributor to this country’s security of energy supply, today providing 70% of our primary energy needs”.

It states that 70% of the UK’s primary energy will need to be provided by oil and gas in 2020 and “with up to 25 billion barrels of oil and gas still to recover, in 2020 the UK could still be producing oil and gas in sufficient volumes to supply 65% of our oil needs and a quarter of UK gas demand – enough gas to cover all that we need for our homes, for example – provided capital investment can be sustained at £5 billion per annum and the production decline rate held at 5% per annum”. The organisation concludes that “maximising the recovery of the country’s own reserves is therefore essential for future UK security of energy supply”.[5]

North Sea Oil Reserves

I inserted the black line to show maximum production in 1994 and then moved it forwards in time to 2007 to show clearly that production is not even half of what it was a slightly over a decade ago.  This is a very steep drop!  If the Crown and Parliament imagine they can continue on the present course, they are nuts.  They are not Saudi Arabia anymore.  Here is a break down on how the government funds things today:

File:UK taxes.svg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

File:UK taxes.svg

Lots and lots of taxes!  The VAT is 15%.  And there is still the biggest bite, the income taxes at nearly 30%.  Health insurance is nearly 20%.  And do these taxes cover expenses?  NOPE.  They don’t.

UK National Debt As Percent Of GDP for United Kingdom 1900-2010 – Central Government Local Authorities

ukgs_line.phpThe National debt as percentage of GDP was immense beginning with WWI costs.  After that deadly war, the empire actually expanded so of course, the overhead remained.  WWII cost even more.  After that, mercifully, the sun set on this experiment in looting the planet.  Despite this or rather BECAUSE of this, the GDP/debt ratio began to improve somewhat.

Then, in the mid-1970’s, the North Sea Oil business began.  All was well.  A few slight surges in ratios in the 1990’s but generally, much better than when England ruled much of the planet.  But as the oil dries  up, the ratios begin to deteriorate again.

UK national debt set to surpass £2 trillion – Telegraph

In the latest Government figures, which underline fears about the impact of the crisis on the taxpayer and may spark further jitters over Britain’s creditworthiness, the Office for National Statistics confirmed that it now considers both Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland to be public sector companies.

The ONS expects to have to add between £1 trillion and £1.5 trillion to the UK’s public sector net debt, taking the total national debt to an unprecedented £2.2 trillion – just under 150pc of gross domestic product. This would be the worst debt total since the 1950s, when Britain was in the process of paying back its war debts.

Should a government running £2 trillion in the red have a bunch of no good, lazy bums living like the biggest welfare queens on earth?  Shouldn’t these guys be reduced to cleaning out moats and duck houses for a living?  I would think, the British people should examine these finances with the same fine-toothed comb they applied to Parliament.

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42 responses to “World’s Biggest Welfare Queen Wants More Money For Her Castles

  1. ralph

    The queen is stacked. Her face is on the Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, British oz., and many other coins and fiat notes. She certainly doesn’t need money. She owns the stock to the bank of England and other vassal central banks.

  2. I think coins can be melted down.


    ps – I enjoyed the picture of that volcano – I think I already saw it once on Yahoo – but not elaborated upon as you did in that other post – thanks!

    The WAR is on!

  3. War – don’t revel in it…..but my goodness, this “nobility” crap is so yesterday!

    Some things never understand when to quit, and that is when they are primed for a lesson.

    Just a FREE opinion.

  4. oh, oh, Ohio!

    Didn’t Grant come from there or am I confused?

    I still like his picture on the 50.

    Anyhow, ralph if anybody knows about Gold you must. Gold melts but don’t worry it reforms so pretty. I don’t give a flip about Eliza or her many pictures. Grow up girl.

  5. And Sherman – I have some deep opinions on this man and Adam – I have a DVD just now that I am getting ready to study.

    And Franklin.

    I love Franklin.

    How could anyone not?

  6. And Lincoln.

    All I can say is:

    Obama you are not Lincoln.

    Be your own man why don’t ya?

    And queenie – I’ve already gone on record!

  7. ”We are definitely in the Great Depression II”

    Seems Denninger was wrong, the US is getting it worse. there is virtually no sign if recession here in BC ,except the lumber towns have been down for some time, even so i still see fresh logging activity. Anecdotal reports i hear from Britain are the things aren’t too bad. Its strange government statistics indicate recession but there are no outward signs of it. Don’t know about Ontario, maritimes are always hard up.
    Wish there were signs ,all this growth is driving me crazy.

  8. I think you are being a little unfair to Prince Charles. His mother should have abdicated long ago and allowed him to become King. Prince Charles has spoken out against the destruction of England by ugly modernist architecture – which
    is a lot more than his mother ever did.

  9. PLovering

    ziff house, “Seems Denninger was wrong,”

    We have 1 out of 5 unemployed here in the U.S..

    Year over year GDP is -5% here in the U.S..

    For more real numbers check web site below:

  10. Hey everybody is wrong every now and then.

    If you don’t believe this then I have nothing else to say to you.

    Please ignore from now on out! (if you don’t believe what I said erstwhile – ha, ya, ha.

    A poke in the eye – I tell ya.

    That is what it seemed to me.

    When – oh forget it!

  11. charlottemom

    Like others on the dole, the Queen wants her cost-of-living payments upped.

    Amazing to me how even the elites (but non-royals) of Britain are so attached to their free-loading monarchs. My Cambridge-educated, royalist friend says that having a “standing “monarchy makes Britain unique and special. I agree but to my American sensibilities, it’s not in a good way. Although I suppose it’s good for tourism.

  12. charlottemom – you want my suggestion.

    No matter. I will give it to U!

    No need to capitalize the Q in queen.

  13. emsnews

    Hire Mickey Mouse to meet and greet.

  14. The queen is imagination.

    Especially in her own mind.

    Just my opinion of course.

    Wonder what her son thinks?

  15. Mickey Mouse should be laid to rest.

  16. charlottemom

    Yes, buffalo — I stand corrected. queen is more appropriate. That capitalization of q is the grammatical equivalent of a courtesy, no?!

  17. Yep. So no need for it.

    Just like the “e” in english.

  18. Duski

    Found an interesting piece to read, dunno if you have tackled it (at least trodding around the same topic):

    Summary: It is about how our financial geniuses got it all backwards, and when data does not agree with their theories, they ignore it or make it disappear (M3 numbers…).

    Looked like solid to me, but what do I know. 🙂

  19. roger

    downsized. Perhaps, a la Marie Antoinette.NO we r civilized,I say lets return the stolen wealth to the people and allow them to get a job a
    real good paying job at a Mc Donald hamburger joint,with minimum wages and no benefits’

  20. Hey – I hope to have some better jobs to offer in the not too distant future.

    But maybe I’m just dreaming.

    I want to get some stainless-steel piping, but my wife (whom I love more than I can ever express) is presenting opposition to my idea.

    Should I defer to her just now.

    I honestly don’t know what to do.

    Maybe, that is for the best.

    Peace – southern style if what I’m thinking just now.

    Southern Peace.

  21. So anyhow, I already made a map, but I might have just been kidding myself.

    Time will tell.

  22. I prefer the Bonnie Blue.

    A nice star with five points.

  23. Simon

    The good King William the Third (or is it the Fourth?) is touring the world telling Indians they should live in mud huts and eat one meal a day and leave the square meals for the real Aryans
    My, how typical. Bollocks 🙂

  24. Simon

    The elites of GB defer to the Queen because if she is no longer considered sacred then all other leeches would also be fair game.

  25. Well then let me be the first to declare:

    Hunting season is open!

  26. What is fair is fair.

    Fair for the fowl.

    Fair for the bear.

    Fair for the buffalo.

    But remember this. Beat back once – watch out next time! Beat back twice. You don’t even want to know.

  27. openly hidden

    the english were responsible for the slave trade to the new world.

    and just about the greatest thing i ever heard was there was a time in england, when you could be happily drinking your grog in ye merry olde english taverne squeezing the serving wenches, and english naval press gangs could and would catch you and drag you on board and after they beat the crap out of you enough, you WOULD be a common english sailor in the navy with no decent food, no size D merry serving wenches, and buggery all around. the english. salute!

  28. ah the english…the english.

    They thought they were so smart.

    But the states knew better.

    One at a time.

  29. although if the movie I just recently watched was correct it went more like this:

    If you get everyone else to agree, then we agree as a state.


    The only state that held out was New York but you can’t blame them, they had 150 English ships sitting in the harbor.

    But, if you know history, they agreed one week later. As soon as they were able to convene.

    Seems reasonable to me.

    Still – I honestly thing there is nothing better than a Kentucky women!

  30. I thinK….

    Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky!

    Tenessee turns me on too.

    Just now SC is pathetic.

    Betcha Rutledge wouldn’t have put up with it.

  31. North Carolina is as solid as they come.

    I support the current governer and her husband.

    OK – enough of the political talk.

    Does anyone have a recipe.

    I just posted one elsewhere for powering a freezer in the event central power lost it. Most likely that this will occur.

    Just my opinion.

    But still – I’m not kidding.

  32. emsnews

    There will be no more Navy to impress anyone.

  33. Come on Elaine.

    Come on baby!

    There will

    Always be a Navy.

    We live on an Ocean Planet!

    Figure it out.

  34. and if I was in the Navy I would command a sub.

    You can rest assured.


  35. flash

    And if I had a boat
    I’d go out on the ocean
    And if I had a pony
    I’d ride him on my boat
    And we could all together
    Go out on the ocean
    Me upon my pony on my boat

    The mystery masked man was smart
    He got himself a Tonto
    ‘Cause Tonto did the dirty work for free
    But Tonto he was smarter
    And one day said kemo sabe
    Kiss my ass I bought a boat
    I’m going out to sea
    -Lyle Lovett


  36. flash – that was good.

    Still China cannot be defined in my humble opinion. It is a country.

    One that has been around for a long, long time.

    China has widsom.

    Does the US? Remains to be seen.

  37. Here is another poem of the cuff from me.

    CO2 is the by-product of combustion.

    How much more do we need?

  38. nah

    Britain runs an immense trade deficit per capita and has an immense public debt which the people of Britain, not the Queen, has to pay for.
    Sounds like california’ dreaming… the most important of the states, if we draft debt and are in trouble WHAT BEFALLS OUR BROTHERS IN CALIFORNIA LEADS THE NATION INTO TEARS… or whatever they say about noble financial pain over there… they are 2/3 the way to defaulting on their debt???? Insaine unreasonable delusions about what that means for the nation, whats good for California and all that bullshit LIKE WE SHOULD FOLLOW MORONS… maybe we do, maybe if we forced the banks to eat their losses California would have been a lil’ more responsible and not be sitting’ there playin’ the 2big2fail card
    set up to fail is more like it

  39. RobG

    No, Freddie and Fannie are or will be the biggest welfare recipients:
    Freddie Mac receives additional $6.1B from gov’t

    The Federal Housing Finance Agency, which has been operating Freddie Mac since last fall, requested the funds for Freddie Mac after the mortgage firm’s liabilities exceeded its assets by more than $6 billion, according to the filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    After drawing the funds, Freddie Mac has now received $51.7 billion from the Treasury Department and still has access to an additional $149.3 billion to help it finance operations.


  40. WNC Observer


    I have what is apparently an odd attitude. I know that a lot of people fantasize secretly (or openly) about being a Royal and “enjoying” all of the lifestyle that goes with that. I recoil in horror at the thought. It is difficult to conceive of a more un-natural life. One cannot be a Royal and also be a “normal person” living a “normal life”, period!

    I firmly believe that it is not healthy for any human to be placed in such an un-natural position. You’ve written a lot over the past few days about the pathologies and dysfunctionalities that result from fame and wealth and power. Well, entire plays and operas and novels have been written about such amongst the Royals, and not just a few, but MANY! It is one of the main plot staples for much of humankind’s artistic patrimony!

    This is why I am an anti-monarchist: not so much because I think that monarchy is such a terrible system (though it doesn’t have much with which to commend itself), but more than anything, because it is bad for the monarchs (and their royal families) themselves. For their own sakes, I hope that they can be liberated peacefully and kindly from their burdens, and allowed to enjoy life as ordinary human beings.

  41. emsnews

    Replace them all with robots, I say. 🙂

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