Zionism IS Naziism

Picture 15Once again, I do the stupid thing of talking about stuff that annoys lots of people.  That is, my main worry in life is the potential for WWIII being launched.  And one of the perfect platforms for this war is in Jerusalem.  The most misnamed city on earth since it is often the locus of massacres and major series of wars over the eons.  This means, talking about Zionism and fascism.  AIPAC is very anxious to outlaw us discussing these issues.  In Europe, it is nearly totally impossible to talk about Zionism anymore without risking loss of jobs or outright prison.


Calling Jews ‘Nazis’ may be criminalised | The Jewish Chronicle

Parliament will be asked to consider whether the use of Nazi symbols and terms in reference to Jews, Israel and Zionism is breaking the law on incitement to racial hatred.


A new report by the European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism (EISCA) has highlighted the increasing use of what it terms the “Nazi card” in antisemitic discourse and has called for a number of measures to try to combat its spread.


“Playing the Nazi card” has been defined in the report as the use of Nazi-related terms or symbols — for example intertwining the swastika with the Star of David — while negatively referring to Jews, Israel, Zionism or other aspects of what it calls the Jewish experience.


The report, which was jointly published by EISCA and the Department for Communities and Local Government, recommends that the Home Office, the Association of Chief Police officers (ACPO) and the Crown Prosecution Service should prepare new guidance for the police on whether this kind of terminology amounts to incitement.


One of the most recent legalist pushes by Zionists is to outlaw comparing them with Nazis.  All of Europe is content with having no free speech.  In the US, it has been unconstitutional to meddle with free speech via the First Amendment.  But periodically, Congress passes unconstitutional laws (actually, quite commonly they do this) and so the Zionists of AIPAC who own Congress managed to tack on the unconstitutional laws about ‘hate speech’ to the latest war spending bill.


This is not an amazing coincidence.  The singular periods when we lost our Constitutional right to discuss things has traditionally come during wars.  Each time, the true nature of the reduction in our civil rights is supposed to protect America from enemies.  What it actually does is prevent honest political discussion of wars.


I recently had to censor ‘Pay Attention’, one of the people who post here, because I am tired of people being rude to each other here and in particular, obscene attacks.  This isn’t censoring material comments.  I hope people can have some minimal sense of dignity and self-worth to not descend into obscenity when discussing public matters.  But the ‘hate speech’ bill is nothing like this at all.  It is a desperate attempt by Zionists, who have total freedom of speech, even very hateful speech, to stop people from talking about Zionists.


Zionism is Naziism.  It has all the features that defined Naziism: 

  1. The state taxes everyone for social services but metes out these services unfairly with the vast bulk going towards the ruling ethnic group.
  2. The state has laws preventing intermarriage of the ‘master race’ and the ‘untermenschen’.
  3. The state allows the ‘master race’ to run riot and protects them when they do riot while killing any of the ‘untermenschen’ who riot or even do small civil disobedience.
  4. The state locks up ‘untermenschen’ inside of ghettos which are starved of jobs, food and medical care.
  5. The state has laws forbidding ‘untermenschen’ from buying property or living in ‘master race’ communities.
  6. The ‘master race’ believes that god loves only them and all others have no right to land, life or future in heaven.
  7. The ‘master race’ supports ethnic cleansing.


I probably missed a dozen other points where Zionism matches Naziism.  Everyone knows there is a near-perfect match.  The match is so obvious that Europe has to pass laws forbidding noticing the obvious.  anti-Semitism is rising in Europe precisely due to these unfair laws that criminalize any discussion of Naziism and Zionism.  The Zionists hope to turn themselves into invisible menaces that can swoop in and destroy the lives of anyone who notices that they resemble Nazis.  The Nazis called this ‘Nacht und Nebel’.


The Zionists would probably dearly love to have secret courts to try anyone who compared them to Nazis.  Maybe, kidnap people at night and then torture them at Mossad secret prisons sort of like what the US did in conjunction with Mossad after 9/11.  Israel is riddled with these sorts of prisons.  Since the untermenschen in Palestine have zero civil rights, the Jews believe it is OK to go all the way and torture and murder people and lock them in ghettos and starve them.  In the US, these Nazi actions are not reported by media owned by Jews.  Which is part of the ‘make it all secret’ stuff which Hitler used to prevent Germans from knowing what the Nazis were really doing.


Police investigate ‘Nazi’ gnome – Telegraph

Salutes and Nazi symbols have been illegal in Germany since the Second World War but investigators may decide the figure is in fact ridiculing the Third Reich.


Wolfgang Traeg, a spokesman for the public prosecutors office, said: “The investigation is ongoing and people are being interviewed. “It is also a question of art a bit,” he said. “It will also depend on what the artist and the owners of the gallery have to say for themselves about the whole thing.”


The gnome was produced by German-born Ottmar Hoerl, the president of the Academy for Fine Arts in Nuremberg.


See how ridiculous these laws are?  We must thank the wisdom of the Founding Fathers to include free speech as a major civil right.  The Zionists would dearly love to see professors like Hoerl put in prison for doing what Jews do in Hollywood nonstop.  Part of being a ‘master race’ means, one can churn out hundreds of movies about the Nazis and even make fun of the whole thing via comedies like ‘The Producers’ which have Nazis marching and singing in a fake musical.  But Germans can’t even use ANY Nazi sign in ANY setting or art form or movie without being arrested!


Soon, we will all be Germans.  Locked in this idiotic system whereby Zionists can say or do anything they wish while anyone else has to hold their tongues and be scared of even looking as if we are doing the ‘wrong’ thing.  On the other hand, the Zionists just might have bitten off more than they can chew.  That is, hate speech directed towards anyone the Jewish activists hate might be prosecuted!  Of course, the Zionists hope to use the ‘master race’ concept to have a totally unfair situation whereby only those people talking about them are prosecuted while they get to talk hate speech nonstop.


Settlers torch West Bank trees: Palestinians – washingtonpost.com

Israeli settlers on horseback set fire on Monday to at least 1,500 Palestinian-owned olive trees in the occupied West Bank and others stoned cars, a Palestinian security official said.


Two Palestinian motorists were slightly wounded and five vehicles damaged near the settlement of Yitzhar, outside the Palestinian town of Nablus, said the official, Ghassan Daglas.


He said 10 settlers riding horses and carrying torches set fire to between 1,500 and 2,000 olive trees. Olives are an important cash crop for Palestinians, who have complained of frequent attacks on their groves by settlers.


Israeli military and police spokesmen had no immediate comment. Israeli media reports said the rampage was a response by settlers to the army’s destruction hours earlier of a caravan at a settlement outpost built without Israeli government approval.


Here is another take on the story.  At least the Washington Post ran it.  The NYT, being even more Zionist/master race than the WP, didn’t even bother to run this story.  Here is the Muslim version of the same news:


Middle East Online

Picture 15

Around 20 angry settlers blocked traffic on a road near the Israeli army checkpoint in Hawara, just outside Nablus, and stoned Palestinian cars, said an AFP photographer whose camera they also tried to seize.


An Israeli border guard spokesman said the unrest broke out after a settlers’ caravan was removed, triggering incidents during which one settler was arrested but no injuries were reported.


According to an Israeli human rights group, Yesh Din, the settlers were reacting to the evacuation with a policy which they have termed the “price tag” phenomenon.


“Jewish settlers set fire to olive groves in the West Bank village of Burin and engaged in violence on Howara Road,” it said.


When a settlement, outpost or structure is under threat of evacuation by the Israeli military, settlers implement an emergency violence response including setting fire to crops, attacking villages and people and damaging property in order to draw military energy away from the scheduled evacuation.


The WP story left out key information.  This wasn’t merely an attack on the groves, it is part of a known policy by fascists invading the West Bank.  The US never condemns this and if the UN votes overwhelmingly to condemn this, the US condones it and protects Israel from censoring.  The real news here is the Nazi-style reaction of the IDF to these crimes: one person arrested.


If Palestinians were to go to Jewish farms and burn everything, all the Palestinians would have been shot dead, on the spot.  This is why we must call the Zionists ‘Nazis’.  When they murder people for doing far less than they do, this is extremely unfair.  If the police and army stand aside and let their fellow ‘master race’ buddies run amok, while imposing the severest form of restraint (death) on the ‘untermenschen’, this is the definition of ‘Naziism’.


Middle East Online

A senior member of Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s party described Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman as a “racist” just as the controversial extremist was beginning a Latin America tour. .

“Lieberman is a racist and a fascist,” Valter Pomar, secretary of international relations for Lula’s Workers Party (PT), told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz in an interview published on Tuesday. .

“The Brazilian left is organising protests against him and against the policy he represents,” Pomar was quoted as saying. .

A spokesman for the Brazilian foreign ministry told the Haaretz that the statement “certainly does not represent the government’s position.”


Note how this obvious Zionist-Nazi is protected!  Someone points out the obvious: this guy is racist!  He is, of course, extremely racist.  The fundamental basis of Judaism is racist.  Lieberman is also very much a fascist.  But note that the foreign minister denies this.  Europe and America want to make other foreign leaders ‘outcasts’.  That is, if it suits our imperial pretensions, we will not allow various national leaders to travel about the planet.  We isolate them.  We accuse them of being Nazis.


But if Zionist-Nazis who are openly racist and openly violent are traveling about, we demand everyone kiss them and say only nice things or we will make life miserable for anyone who doesn’t do this.  AIPAC has a firm stranglehold on the State Department.  Recently, Obama and the State Department have made ritualistic noises about not building more ‘settlements’ on occupied territory.  As per usual, the IDF makes a big show of closing down a trailer.  This leads to riots which are not suppressed violently (unlike Palestinian demonstrations against the apartheid walls) and this game of round robbing continues unabated.


But even the suggestion of stopping the seizure and evictions of ‘untermenschen’ on the West Bank sends the Zionist-Nazis into screaming fits similar to Hitler threw at Chamberlain.  So, Congress is working in tandem with AIPAC to pressure Obama into not talking about obvious Nazi-style crimes against the Palestinians.  Note that he hasn’t denounced the latest actions by Zionists in the West Bank.  Obama will freely talk about the demonstrators in Iran and condemn shooting demonstrators but even when an American is shot and killed in peaceful demonstrations against the apartheid wall in the West Bank, Obama is struck deaf and dumb.


I wondered where Darfur went.  Since the butchery of the Gaza Ghetto suppression, Darfur fell off the political map since it wasn’t working as a means for washing Jewish hands of blood of the innocent.  But in Israel itself, there is some Darfur news:


TA Court: Darfur refugee has 48 hours to leave central region – Israel News, Ynetnews

Tel Aviv District Court decided to release Hassan Bessit, a Darfur refugee arrested 10 days ago in Tel Aviv.


Justice Drora Pilpel ruled that Bessit will be allowed to stay in the Tel Aviv area for 48 hours only. At the end of this period, he must leave the area between Hadera and Gedera. The justice did not rule on the lawfulness of the Hadera-Gedera protocol. Bessit’s lawyers said they intend to appeal the decision in the Supreme Court


The poor people of Darfur actually thought the Zionists loved them.  Obviously, not.  If the Palestinians are ‘untermenschen’ then black Africans who are not even ‘Jewish’ like the Ethiopian community, are ‘super-untermenschen’.  Some time back, I decided that the poor people of Darfur who suffer from ethnic warfare in Africa, were being used by cynical Jewish publishers and media owners in the US to make it look as if we cared about preventing ethnic cleansing.  Since the US did absolutely not one tiny thing to stop one of the ugliest cases of ethnic cleansing on earth, the need to pretend we are nice has been dropped.  Now, we resume official indifference to this.


This is why the US media owners and our government said virtually nothing about the establishment of obvious concentration camps in Sri Lanka.  The Tamils are being locked up in these and are suffering but who cares?  Not the US!  The US cares only if Chinese kill rioters who are murdering Han Chinese!  That is verboten.  The US may kill hundreds of thousands of Muslims or even Buddhists if it suits us.  But not the Chinese.  Like with Iran, we support democracy, freedom of speech and liberalism when it is all about our enemies.  But our government does not support democracy, freedom of speech or liberalism at home!  Or in Palestine.


Clinton Rules Out Military Junta in Pakistan — News from Antiwar.com

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today ruled out the possibility of Pakistan returning to the control of a military junta, saying in an interview with a TV channel in India that “there is no appetite, at least as we speak today,” for such a government.


I really hate Hillary CRF Clinton.  So, we don’t want a military dictatorship in Pakistan…today?  But tomorrow is another matter.  We will impose it when we think this is the only way to control a client state.  Right now, we are paying the government there to butcher its own civilians.  Suppressing the civilians in Pakistan via using robot assassin rockets or military attacks on whole villages is OK.  If China suppresses riots in cities, this evil.


HAHAHA.  Double standards are fun.  And very fascist.  We demand democracy in Iran while musing about the need to destroy democracy in Pakistan if the voting civilians are unruly!  This reminds us that the US practices fascism abroad and increasingly, at home.


US to Increase Army by 22,000 — News from Antiwar.com

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates today announced what he termed a “temporary” increase in the size of the US Army, adding 22,000 more troops over the next three years and bringing the active duty numbers to 569,000.


We are going bankrupt.  We cannot patrol the world so we can impose dictatorships on various unruly populations.  Even as our government spends lots of money supporting insurrections and anti-government organizations in other countries, we are spending a fortune on our military.  We cannot afford this.  Finding more chumps to send deep into Muslim lands to die while trying to suppress civilian uprisings is costing us an arm and a leg.   This also makes all our  propaganda points about the evils of empires using the military as ethnic suppression devices look thoroughly stupid.


Four US Troops Killed in Eastern Afghanistan — News from Antiwar.com

Last week July set a record for deadliest month for foreign troops, with 46 killed at the time (now 55). Today, another record was set for the month, this time for US troops killed in a month with 30. With well over a week left of the month, both records are likely to continue to rise.


And we need more troops because they are being killed.  The Afghanis know time is on their side.  They discuss how they killed the Soviet Union.  The US pretended, the USSR died because the US was very clever to support ethnic insurrections.  This is a profound misreading of history.  Or rather, it is playing with fire.  Ethnic insurrections can and will happen here at home!  And I know our own government will suppress this very violently.  And will be very unfair when selecting who to suppress.  Ask the American Indian natives or the descendants of black slaves, how this works.

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121 responses to “Zionism IS Naziism

  1. Matheus


    Dutch will be posting info today that is very important. In a nutshell, it looks like the big powers are going to war…….and when the dust clears, there will be a clear winner…a clear loser….and a push for a one world government.

    The wild card is Russia. From what I gather, secret agreements are being drawn up between the Big Powers, which are similar to the agreements drawn up prior to WWI. The wildcard is Russia, which could double cross China and ally themselves with the U.S. OR Russia may be part of a triple cross, in which they wouldn’t honor their secret agreement with the U.S., and betray us at the very last moment. Everyone is paranoid.

    Another wild card is India….. Hillary Clinton’s real mission to India was not about cap and trade, but rather to see where India stands vis a vis Russia/China/and the USA. The Indians have secret bases near the Himalayas which the Americans would like to know more about. The Indians won’t tell. During any world war, the Chinese would storm across the Himalayas, into India….as they did 50 years ago.

    China’s three gorges dam is on the target list…as is the Aswan dam in Egypt…….as well as the nuclear power facility in Israel,(Dimona). Israel’s nuke weapons are supposedly stored in limestone caves, in deep underground bunkers. They will be targets also, if Southern Russia is attacked by Israel…..

  2. isha

    How classic: Bringing light, civilization to the benighted barbarians by building even better prisons…)))


    Today we learned that the U.S. armed forces in Afghanistan are now spearheading a major effort at (drum roll) … prison reform. We’ve figured out that the brutal treatment that even petty criminals face while in jail is facilitating Taliban recruitment in the prisons, and so the United States is going to build some new facilities and try to get the Afghan government to change its incarceration practices. Your tax dollars at work.

    Given that we are trying to defeat an insurgency, I don’t have a big problem with any initiative that might weaken Taliban recruitment. But am I the only one who sees the irony in this situation? Prison reform is badly needed back here in the United States — where the incarceration rate is the highest in the world (Russia and Belarus — well-known bastions of freedom — are #2 and #3). In fact, the incarceration rate in the United States is nearly four times the world average, and nearly seven times higher than in the EU. Recidivism rates in the United States are also high (about 60 percent), which suggests that prison life isn’t doing a very good job of rehabilitating convicts. As sociologist Bruce Western has shown, this situation has far-reaching negative consequences. Although Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) has been trying to spearhead a reform effort, this hasn’t generated a lot of momentum so far. So the Afghans may get significant prison reform before Americans do.

    Let’s not forget how we got here: about eight years ago a small group of anti-American criminals hijacked four airplanes and flew three of them into buildings in the United States. The ringleaders of the plot were in Afghanistan, and the Afghan government (at that time under Taliban control) refused to give them up. So the United States invaded to overthrow the Taliban and capture the al Qaeda leadership. Unfortunately, we failed to get the latter, and we bungled the subsequent reconstruction effort by going into Iraq, thereby enabling the Taliban to make a comeback. So now we’re escalating there once more, in a potentially open-ended effort to build a functioning and legitimate Afghan state. And now that means fixing their prison system too. How does one say “mission creep” in Pashto?

    Joe Raedle/Getty Images

  3. Israeli settlers on horseback set fire on Monday to at least 1,500 Palestinian-owned olive trees in the occupied West Bank and others stoned cars, a Palestinian security official said.

    What a waste of horses, fuel, minds, and most importantly olive trees. Does anybody remember anything about a spirit with an olive branch in its mouth – wasn’t that spirit a dove?

    I think any kind of “war” that happens today will be focussed upon those who perpetuate suffering of innocence.

    Regardless, thanks for providing some information regarding the topic of “Zionism” – seems hateful to me…..seems to foster burning of trees. What a shame. Well, that is why I support a poke in the eye for some who refuse to learn, or even less, refuse to go outside of their own imaginary box that they want to put everybody else in. Good luck with that – even luck won’t help. Its lonely in a box.


  4. emsnews

    The irony here is obvious: one of the biggest propaganda points of Zionists is ‘we planted trees in the Holy Land.’

  5. ralph

    Rep. Jane Harmon can spy for Is-ra-hell and get away with it. Imagine if she was caught spying for the Iranians? ZIONIST control of Amerika in full force. Everyday they are in your face. Talmudic jews are superior to shabat goiy, no? Fuck them. Americans will get their independence from zionist Jews, and so will Palestinians.

  6. Hasn’t she been caught yet? I thought the evidence was overwhelming…..

    So much evidence and such little time.

  7. w c


    and of the mossad..

    the five dancing men on the inside scoop..

    we can not report on this … cameron fox news as it is classified . 9-11

    8 tons of termite

    and three bldgs in a double hit.

    following the history ,, ‘By Way of Deception, thou shalt do War’

  8. emsnews

    Muslim terrorist attacks are very real. Denying this is not a sane response. We are at war with Muslims and many of them are at war with us and much of this is pouring out of the ‘Holy Land’ and is very toxic.

    There is a real conflict here on many levels. One of which is, the Age of Pisces is drawing to a close and this is literally driving people insane since all religions are ultimately based on which ‘houses’ of the Zodiac we are in at any given moment.

  9. w c

    July 21, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    pure clap trap

    Let’s not forget how we got here: about eight years ago a small group of anti-American criminals hijacked four airplanes and flew three of them into buildings in the United States. The ringleaders of the plot were in Afghanistan, and the Afghan government (at that time under Taliban control) refused to give them up. So the United States invaded to overthrow the Taliban and capture the al Qaeda leadership. Unfortunately, we failed to get the latt

  10. w c


    Muslim terrorist attacks are very real. Denying this is not a sane response

    sure we are at war.. who is denying muslim attacks.

    but to deny 8 tons of termite in bldges

    the insane story of how it happened

    but to ascribe this attack to muslim terrorist ,, is beyond sane ,, it is fitting a fiction into a what has become accepted ,

    no research .. yes and oh the official line .. in the wreckage of the dust .. they uncovered a passpoet .. of atta ha hah ha ha .

    i have a new bridge to sell .

    why is it that the obvious is so hard to accept ,, and the offical line from the government is .. no wonder lol

    and 1 and a half hours to get a plane in the air. .

    ems .. you have a very bad blind spot in my opinion. among all those other very good analytical skills …

  11. payAttention

    Say you are afraid of getting served with libels suits instead of the moral grandstanding. Denninger has used off color language and Keiser interviews him in Europe, Kunstler let’s slip in an obscenity and he is getting interviews with the New Yorker and a publishing contract.


    ELAINE: As it is, a good number of readers here think you are *ahem* not exactly the best person. It is OK to cuss but NOT OK to direct sexual ‘rape’ words at other commentators here. Anyone doing this will have to suffer me XXXing out this sort of talk. You obviously think this is a bar and you are a drunk. 🙂

  12. payAttention

    Not to even mention CNBC exposure. Could not believe Denninger made that pump and dump station.

  13. w c

    only two planes hit the trade center .. 3 bldges imploded .. tell me how that was done.. in all your wild imagining… the muslims relied on allah

    a plane hit the pentagon .. right at the exact spot of sensitive information of 7 trillion missing . and 1.3 hours after .. where were the pursuit planes.

  14. ralph

    The Popes hat is a fish head symbolizing the piscean epoch, hence Jesus’ symbol is the fishes. This is 100% fact. Collectivism, communism, catholicism, judaism, nazism,zionism, national socialism, Amerikanism, are all piscean. The schools of fishes are always mistaken to be herds of sheep. The Aquarian epoch is coming, although it is at least 500 years away. The vibrations of this have been slowly manifesting for hundreds of years now since weve entered 31 degrees of pisces by precession.

  15. w c

    July 21, 2009 at 6:41 pm
    Not to even mention CNBC exposure. Could not believe Denninger made that pump and dump station.

    because he has nothing new to sell .. reads balance sheets. lol

  16. ralph

    The people are not going insane. The schools of fishes are breaking up. The nations will go to war soon in response to revolutionary vibrations of Uranus. Laugh at your own peril. The Zodiac reveals all. Thats what the Church and organized religion are petrified of. People understanding and utilizing the stellar science.

  17. ralph

    Also, our monetary system is totally piscean. Money is called LIQUIDITY or CUURENT-CY. Cash must FLOW. Assets must be liquid. These coincidences are not haphazard. They are designed that way by a hierchy that trumps all nations and religions. Where are banks found in nature? On the side of rivers. To control the flow of current-cy.

  18. w c

    9-11 answer

    1) where did the 8 tons of termite in the dust come from



  19. w c

    THREE bldge to fall in their own footprints straight down . in free fall speed ,, never before has any steel inforced bldge done this with fire ,, but three answer that .. waiting

    3) why did it take 1 1/2 hours to get planes in air ,, waiting for answer

    once these three are answered with any degree of rational thought

    i will post 100 other questions lol

  20. w c

    July 21, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    and where are people found in nature .. are they trading, eating, doing commerce . or just strolling in the garden of eden..

  21. w c

    if it walks like a duck

    quacks like a duck

    feathers like a duck

    bill like duck

    swims like a duck

    conclusion a dog lol

    muslims please .

  22. w c

    p.s three bldge were hit with two planes. impossible .. maybe a wing or a piece of passport brainwashed the other bldg down ,, and reported ten minutes before it happened by british press..

    why to funny for words

  23. ralph

    I hear you on building #7 and Twin Towers. I was underneath buildings on 9/11 at 8:00 am eating an egg sandwich. I watched the entire fucking nightmare happen right in front of my eyes. I hid in a deli on exchange place and heard massive explosions around 10:00 am. I came out of Deli and everything was dust. Couldnt see shit. What sickens me is all the men and women that gave their all to clean up the biggest crime scene on Earth, thinking they were showing strength: and a new building would be erected quickly. Meanwhile they were erasing a massive crime scene and poisining their bodies, and NOTHING was ever erected as a memorial or new building. Building #7 had to be an inside job, it was never hit by anything. How anyone could debate that is beyond me.

  24. w c

    July 21, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    their you go .. an eyewitness ,, with an egg sandwitch lol

    the pure fantasy and 9-11 .. is balls of sting and sacks of mush.

    right no one can answer that how did two bldgs go doen in fast fall . let alon the third never hit..

    but 8 tons of termite would answer that question.. .. muslums imported termite ,, wearing head scarves… using maybe five months of preparations on a bldg location with bush little one in control of security lol

    then flying airplanes never the mind they some flunked the flying] school in piper cubs . were told . then jumped in jet liners and crused 1 1/2 hours over new york ,, to hit the target ,, making turns and dives that even experienced pilets could not do.

    lets wait for some answers to the three question asked , not jump to any conclusion lol

  25. w c

    July 21, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    would love to hear your rational .. on the three questions ,, lol did you know one bldg fell with ourt being hit ,,

    did you know the latest research of jones ,,and the termite , .

    so fire away (no pun intended)

    ems give it a go ..

  26. CK

    Was whatever happened on 9/11 an act of war as the insurance policies define an act of war?
    Was the Pentagon self insured?

  27. emsnews

    Religious belief systems are impossible to dislodge. Historical forces generate their own power. Whatever one’s belief system, if it doesn’t operate in the real world, it causes self-destruction.

    Many events are very complex like the weather. There is no one generator of complex events any more than there is one easy answer to anything even something as fundamental as viral diseases (the #1 killer of humans aside from old age, before vaccinations were invented). We all swim in whatever waters we wish and people will not accept contrary information no matter how logical it is.

    Just like the born again Christians DEMAND we believe the earth was magically created 6,000 years ago: these things are encrustations on history.

    Look at how the ‘bombs in the buildings’ belief system cuts one off of nearly all commentary of anything having to do with the Muslim/NATO conflicts! It is nearly impossible for anyone to discuss these things.

    If we wish to believe that the US deliberately did ALL the stuff on 9/11….aside from the obvious crime of ‘standing down’ deliberately!…. then we go into this insane place that makes no sense. No one has ever answered the question, ‘Why would they blow up any buildings on 9/11?’

    After all, the mere fact of the jets hitting was more than enough provocation for our leaders to attack Muslims! Ergo: it makes no logical or tactical sense. I give my opponents the grace of being at least, to themselves, logical.

    Since they wanted a war with Islam, it is EASY to get by the simple method of egging on terrorists. Doing all the work, one’s self is a waste of energy and time since more than a dozen Muslim groups would very much love to do it, for free!

    COMPLICITY makes total sense. Letting terrorists run riot is easy, too. See? I do hope this logic is somewhat appealing to everyone. I happen to be rather addicted to logic systems, myself.

  28. PLovering

    Of the three Jews confirmed dead in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, two of them were in the airplanes. The third Jew died on the ground.

    Of the 4000 Jews in the WTC on 9/11, only one died.


  29. Matheus

    I do agree with w c , 9/11 was false flag.

  30. payAttention

    You have trouble reading sober perhaps, and as it is drugs and boozing and sex are a part of your ongoing leitmotif. My comments were not directed at other commentators. They were directed at the shill from from Friedman Billings.

  31. payAttention – I really appreciate all your effort. Sincerely, I do, and I could ask you a question, but I won’t because as I have said elsewhere I know what I want to know and I think I know what I don’t want to know, but I don’t know this for sure. How could anyone really.

    Live and Learn. In the present cause it is all we have now. History is over. The future remains to be seen? Hope so.

    Peace payAttention, but honestly, nobody really can “pay” attention. You are either attentive or you are not, and I suspect attentiveness depends on resonance as well as whether or not there have been past offensives. Anyhow, I try to read most of your posts closely.


  32. w c

    If we wish to believe that the US deliberately did ALL the stuff on 9/11….aside from the obvious crime of ’standing down’ deliberately!…. then we go into this insane place that makes no sense. No one has ever answered the question, ‘Why would they blow up any buildings on 9/11?’

    why would thre bldgs fall with two planes ,, who had the termite.

    by way of decption,, thou shalt make war.

    muslums flew the planes .. ha ha,, the airforce stood down for 1 1/2 hours ha ha

    why did they blow up the bldges insane i suspect power,, cover up of incriminating evidence .

    why would any one blow up the financial world.

    why would they let the Trojan horse in the gates

    The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam: A meditation on the historical recurrence of governments pursuing policies evidently contrary to their own interests. Focuses on Troy, the Renaissance Popes provoking Protestantism, the British losing their American colonies, and the United States in Vietnam. 1984

  33. Complicity is punishable in a court of law is it not?

    Any F_U_**** lawyers out there?

    do we even have a stinking justice department – I don’t think so. Neither do we have a treasury, and frankly I disown the Treasury Department because it is NOT my debt! No way.

    Eat that derivatives beast….

  34. So here are a few names that I will throw out there….

    Emanual (most doubtful)
    Clinton (you choose one or both)
    Bush (no comment)
    Cheney (you are as you are named….)

    I could go on, but why.

    Oh yeah, one more — HARM ON I think her name is from some western area (supposedly). Aptly named seems to me. Reminds me of this house bill from a year or two ago passed 400-6 or something like that having to do with “homegrown” stuff. What a joke. Talk about killing the Constitutions and the Bill of Rights. Get a clue representatives cause except for a few of you, you do not represent the US that I know……no way.

  35. w c

    oh after thought ..

    why would the gold cartel american interests british yadda .. push the price of gold down .to lift the buck . to surpress the mining activities of africa .. killing how many hundreds of thousand ,,subjecting them to a life of poverty , hunger, .. then paying off the thieves in power. cycle of destruction.

    the three bldges is any easy answer. the were brought down to continue this cycle .

    blaim it on a a phoney terriorist organization ,, ben lauden ,, who from the secure fortification of his bunker ,, pulled the switch on tons of termite

    then laying dead of liver problems is the master mind for the whole enchalada.. killing 1 million in iraq, lieing to congress .. congress lieing to itself, the nation.

    yes the 3 bldgs is the easy part.

    the question why would a nation world embrace Keynesian.. economic policys .. get to the root of that .. and perchance the answer to the three bldgs..

  36. emsnews

    There are many ways to be confused about things. Endless ways. Blowing up buildings to ‘cover up crimes’ is just plain silly. Again: the fires from the plane crashes were enough to do the job of wrecking most anything.

    If you are referring to other stuff, hell’s bells! Blowing up buildings at night would have done a much, much neater job, eh? Why do it right on the heels of two jets crashing? Makes no sense. But then, the ‘bombs in the building’ belief system brooks no alternatives even if excuses have to be stretched to the outer limits of believability.

  37. criticalcontrarian

    w c: “only two planes hit the trade center .. 3 bldges imploded .. tell me how that was done.. in all your wild imagining… the muslims relied on allah… a plane hit the pentagon .. right at the exact spot of sensitive information of 7 trillion missing . and 1.3 hours after .. where were the pursuit planes.”

    As George Carlin said, “They will never investigate themselves, it will never happen… its good story telling…”

    And I totally agree with you Sherlock, “How often have I said when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth? (Sherlock Holmes)

  38. criticalcontrarian

    Elaine: “Blowing up buildings at night would have done a much, much neater job, eh? Why do it right on the heels of two jets crashing?”

    Errr, to have a reason to invade oil rich Iraq and poppy rich Afghanistan???!!! 😉

  39. David

    wc and ralph and others:

    You will get nowhere…so let it go, but I still hear quacking.

  40. David

    Good article Elaine…a really sad state of affairs…and we steadily drive forward toward the abyss…to a scenario that will make 9/11 seem like child’s play.

    Ah, but I from my reading of past history, we have fools pushing for domination of areas that will never be dominated….fools errands, but with a lot of death and destruction that will be involved….so very sad.

  41. w c

    July 22, 2009 at 12:10 am
    wc and ralph and others:

    You will get nowhere…so let it go, but I still hear quacking.

    shut your quack (g) who are you the guardian of the talk circuit.. go kick your dog he probably cares lol

    so let 4000 murders go .. in the past.. nothing here folks ..carry on. an obamaism..

    go bake a cake .. . . and who are you. call for the raid spray guy. “i’ “i” ‘i” i’ still hear

    david .. just tune the post out .. for heaven to betsy .. stop the patronizations . who made you the boss of speech lol

  42. criticalcontrarian

    @David, w c, Elaine: we can be passionate about our views and beliefs while keeping a civil and mature relationship with one another. No need to get personal, which is what leads to all the things we clearly despise. We can agree to disagree as kindred spirits. Getting at each other will only work to the advantage of the ones who got us here in the first place. So lets apply a bit of our IQ’s to our EQ’s and be nice. Anger is a tool of the elite.

  43. w c

    July 22, 2009 at 1:23 am

    another patronizations voice . lol i have no anger, just posting . go grab a bunch of guys on the street and do your tap dance ..

    what is this the posters day let me give advice board lol

    “we” do you have a mouse in the pocket .. just speak for your self

    when someone hits you in the face ..you turn your cheek..

    have just posted view points . when some one throws out the quacks .. go after that poster not a shot gun.. elaine is the model of a testy person and very interesting may i add ,

  44. w c

    and notice the (g’s ) and lol’s that is not anger.

    that is shop talk ,,over the counter with a glass of wine .

  45. David


    And, what, pray tell, are you going to do about 9/11? Shout to the rooftops some more?

    Sure its a duck, but we people who hear ducks quacking are a minority wc, and all of the rage you feel will only serve to upset you and give you ulcers or worse. You can take it out on me for simply stating a truth, but I got over the anger and pain of 9/11 long ago…to my own benefit…and now, I wait. I watch. I read history and I see history in the making…right now…

    And Elaine is telling you exactly what is likely to happen before too long into your future…and you should be considering and preparing for what she and others not necessarily related to this blog are telling you.

    Our leaders’ arrogance goes unabated…and unquestioned by so very many, but this is not so everywhere in the world, and a tide will come that will sweep away the perpetrators of 9/11 and their supporters, which probably also includes many of us, into the dustbin of history…and something new, and possibly better, or maybe worse, might replace us after awhile, and after the dead are buried and forgotten.

    A time will come in the future when those who created such evil will themselves be swept away by it. They don’t believe it, because they have always had their way, and they think they are all powerful…just as many before them thought. When it happens, their downfall will probably be swift and will probably occur in ways they never dreamed of…

    We talked earlier about the logic of the dream world, and you pooh poohed my thoughts, but, now you see that this dream that we call life is driven by its own hard logic…which includes your anger over 9/11…and for the moment, it is very real…

    You see, in this world (even if it is a dream), there are natural laws that govern us all, including those whose delusions, fears, arrogance and greed led them to create 9/11 with its “collateral” damage.

    And those natural laws will seek retribution in some way…as has always occurred in human history.

    So, hear me or don’t hear me. With all the noise we make, we are just blowing smoke into the wind for all intents and purposes right now,

    but, wc, just patiently wait, and watch, and if you survive with the rest of us long enough, you will see the creators of 9/11 create their own destruction, and you might even be a part of the history that changes things…but that point has not yet been reached….so please do not become overwrought, especially at me. Just watch and wait…and opportuinity for change will arise when the time is right.

    The path they are on is wrong, and it will destroy them.

    And, 100 years from now, few will even remember their names as they are swept away by nature and history for the terrible evil and harm they caused their fellow human beings.

  46. w c

    July 22, 2009 at 2:11 am

    stop the lecturing ,, i bloody know what is going to happen LOL British talk

    i am not angry nor over wrought not any thing you think .. get over it.

    we all are on theat dream raft in the ocean kicking and shoving .. some think its real .. others know it is not.

    but still engage in the world for something to do,

    no caves for me ..

    and wc is telling the board exactually what is going to happen in the future,, so we have two futurists.. and many more .elaine is a gifted sort ..

    no doubt about it .. that is why i read her stuff.. and keep on coming back

    are you an educator in some school system.

    i have voiced my views .. no need to misrepresent them ..

    given urls and places to go .. i bet you haven’t even read two pages of capitalism by reisman .. one of the best and most profound insight into human nature ,

    nor read for thirty odd years the insight of joel goldsmith

    about 9-11 i will not be fall for the propaganda .. that is all.. an interesting place to do some sleuthing..

    if some one called a white cat black would you not scratch your head .. same principle .

    i talked of the many things about be in the world but not of.

    yadda yadda yadda (g)

  47. flash

    The pope wears a fish head hat? That leads me to

    Is tonight’s eclipse significant as another marker of our movement out of pisces? Also, Elaine, have you read any tarot cards lately?

  48. David


    Circles and windmills.

    I’ve already been sleuthing…for many years now…and there is as much disinformation as there is information..and some places you would not ever expect will simply be disinformation sites and or for other purposes too.

    And you will have to decide who has information and knowledge and who doesn’t.

    And I’m not lecturing you. You can do as you wish and be as outraged as you wish, and shout at me if you wish, and the world will continue on the path it has chosen and we will be forced to go along with it until a crisis point is reached…and the crisis point will probably not be of our own making.

    I’ll not list the books I’ve read, but I’ve been a lifelong reader…and student…and am still learning…

  49. openly hidden

    and it took me a long time to figure out what sucking on marrow meant….i thought it had something to do with bones or something. presumably this is the no-no? who knew!

    so wc, you are some sort of financial advisor? i have been preparing for the wet ass hour since 1991. i have good iowa farmland paid for, farm equipment, all the carpentry and machine shop tools, supplies, and a angus cow herd all debt free. and mean relatives all around me skilled with making and doing shit with their hands and superior iowa wrestling skills. plus silver…. and about 20 guns. what am i forgetting?

    the plan is …. well i can’t tell you the plan.

  50. openly hidden

    in fact, it seems to me lots of elaines followers live in remote places out of the way like survivalists with lots of good books and tools too. why is that?

  51. openly hidden

    just today i ordered a book on tarot cards….and ….well coming soon from amazon
    1 “The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons to the Dead (Quest Books)”
    Stephan Hoeller; Paperback; $10.36

    Sold by: Amazon.com, LLC
    1 “Jung and the Lost Gospels”
    Stephan Hoeller; Paperback; $11.20

    Sold by: Amazon.com, LLC
    1 “Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing”
    Stephen A Hoeller; Paperback; $11.53

    1 “Freedom: Alchemy for a Voluntary Society”
    Stephan Hoeller; Paperback; $11.95

    Sold by: Amazon.com, LLC
    1 “The Fool’s Pilgrimage, Second Edition: Kabbalistic Meditations on the Tarot”
    Stephan A. Hoeller; Paperback; $13.46
    yes. kabbalistic meditations on the tarot….i didn’t know tarot was jewish custom. i want to see if it is like reading yarrow stalks. actually i made considerable amout of money consulting the magic sticks in the past….bamboo skewers sold in grocery stores actually. so soon, i will be even more ….whatever i am. heh.

  52. David

    Maybe our practical natures and the struggles we experienced…from farm life…and hard work and onward caused us to have to learn what made some sense and what didn’t. If you plant the wrong crop on a whim or gamble, and you fail, you just might go hungry next winter…so you think things though a little…and Elaine describes similar experiences…and she has an uncanny sense of what is going on…so I am attracted…and I try to learn.

  53. openly hidden

    ralph that all was very good. congrats. and a fish head hat? i know of cheese head hats from minnesota….and my favorite, the beer hats.

    and if i had david as a teacher, i bet i would make more sense more often and perhaps even went on and become more acceptable by the sophisticated and innovative people who currently are going broke from trusting themselves and their entire futures to the kindness of strangers. david actually seems like a too good to be true squared away fellow. david could have had my back in the day anyday.

  54. w c


    balls of string and sacks of mush lol

    outraged as you wish, and shout at me if you wish, and the world will continue on the path it has chosen and we will be

    i do not shout at you, i am not outraged ,, and yes your world will continue on the path you have set. each will do his own.

    decide his own information chart his own course say his own words .. two paths deverged in a yellow path a stranger long i stood ,, took the path less traveled by.. made no difference lol

  55. criticalcontrarian

    Joel Goldsmith. Crickey w c! Read all his rehashed and regurgitated Eastern mysticism. Okay, got your number w c. It’s all good, we sees your reality. Happens in the best of families.

  56. w c

    openely hidden

    so wc, you are some sort of financial advisor

    nope ..

  57. emsnews

    I view the cards as a communication device for other people. They illustrate important facets of our human reality.

    About bin Laden: he is a member of the ruling elites who has decided to play the game I call ‘The Apocalypse’ with fellow elites. Part of this game is called ‘Bankrupting America’ and the strategy is for the US to go morally and financially bankrupt via endless wars with eternally enraged Muslim civilians all over the planet earth.

    This plan is working like clockwork! On top of that, the Chinese have this opposite plan, the ‘Anti-Apocalypse’ plan whereby the US still goes bankrupt…to the Chinese government which then takes over rule of the earth, peacefully.

    On top of this, bin Laden wants China to go down in flames just like the US! The US thinks it can play the doomsday game with all Muslims while avoiding the Apocalypse. And the Jewish Zionists think they can seize all of the Holy Land while also avoiding this Apocalypse.

    But the born again Christians also want the exact same Apocalypse as bin Laden! So they are also a titanic force aimed straight at WWIII. The Jews want to avoid WWIII but every action they take insures that WWIII will happen.

    Perhaps I don’t share other people’s various visions as to what happened on 9/11 simply because I know that it was part of the Apocalypse machinery and thus, is thoroughly entangled in the gears of the Four Horsemen.

    So the historical forces shoving us towards WWIII are many and the restraining force, as far as I can detect, is mostly China. And this is where we are right now: China still has sufficient power over world forces to keep the Apocalypse at bay.

  58. w c


    sorry you have not understood a thing.

    you see nothing but a caracture of your self

    happens in the best of family’s

  59. criticalcontrarian

    LOL. Yes, certainly a “caracature” that knows how to spell. No worries w c, you have a good one. 🙂

  60. openly hidden

    Joel Goldsmith???

    is this someone i would appreciate too cc? heh.

    cc? i just cannot leave my fetters behind and walk the earth. i will be 75 when grandson graduates high school and i bet we get granddaughter too and that will make me pushing 80. i am not going anywhere cc. wife informed me so too. says she will take up with a younger man from the casinos if i go. no cave for me either. but its all fun anyway.

  61. w c

    The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson sometimes featured “The Great Karnak”, in which Carson ‘divined’ the answers to questions he had not seen before, which had been placed in an envelope and hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar and kept on Funk and Wagnall’s porch since noon the day before… One of Carson’s best characters! (IMHO0


  62. w c

    July 22, 2009 at 3:17 am
    LOL. Yes, certainly a “caracature” that knows how to spell. No worries w c, you have a good one.

    spelling the easy part .. taking a red pen is the hard work ,, and a gift of the choice spoken ,

    understand and learn


    ler me know when you want the understanding,, spelling lol



    ydoan o
    yunnuhstand dem
    yguduh ged

    yunnuhstan dem doidee
    yguduh ged riduh
    ydoan o nudn

    LISN bud LISN


    lidl yelluh bas
    tuds weer goin


    ee cummings

  63. openly hidden

    i know nothing about tarot (yet), but i think i know a little about magic sticks….and i think if you can let yourself, you can communicate with yourself that way….and maybe a passing demon too. heh.

    did i ever tell you about the time something tried to drag me out of bed? gads! something fucking grabbed me by the foot and pulled hard! and that wasn’t that long ago either! and red eyes. anybody ever notice red eyes looking at you. heh.

    i have had a lot of strange shit happen. especially after closing time….when the girls all get prettier. good night.

  64. w c

    mr critical

    no need an interpretive from a web site ..

    The poem is a series of mid-sentences by a New Yorker in a bar who is constantly being interrrupted.

    The poem was written in 1944 when hatred for the Japanese was reaching fe ver pitch in America. IT is a criticism of Americans who were racist against the Japanese during WWII. Roughly the poem translates as:

    ‘…you got to…
    …you don’t…
    …you understand…

    …you don’t know…
    …you understand them…
    …you got to get…

    …you understand them dirty…
    …you got to get rid of…
    …you don’t know nothing…

    Listen, bud, Listen


    little yellow bastards
    we’re going

    to civilize them’

    What better irony than to have someone who speaks caveman talking about civilizing others. As you can tell, I love this poem!

  65. flash

    Closing time here and it still ain’t pretty. One more time I feel like I’m with a bunch of drunks yelling at each other not realizing they actually are all saying the same thing. Some nights the comprehension skills make the spelling look good.

    you like ee cummings?

    think of me

    as Uncle Sol

    or Le Mat walking over the red cliff

    But seriously, Elaine, I’m impressed with the concept of all these cultural forces pushing toward an apocalyptic explosion. I imagine the Chinese want a peaceful bankruptcy to retain some value in their forex reserve dollars. At some point do you think the Chinese rulers might change their minds, throw away the $2 trillion, let the rest of the world slit each others’ throats, and then pick up the pieces? Or are they thinking they’d get sucked into the wars too?

  66. w c

    a great board .. with many points of view .. keep on trucking

    elaine wc would have it no other way .. worth a 1/10 oz of gold for sure lol //and other crumbs

    will never leave the room leaving just a empty candy wrapper ..

  67. K-Bo

    Wow, everyone’s a little nutty and testy here tonight. It’s like a never ending play where the characters are revealed slowly – somewhat entertaining, yet freaky. Elaine sure does attract a freaky crowd. Must include me too!

    I still don’t understand why everyone wants to believe everything will turn out so badly – so much negative commentary and expectations for disaster everywhere. Must be human nature to worry about things; it’s good for survival. I sort of understand Elaine’s preoccupation – the dream world vision thing … but is all this fear of the future *reality*, or just our own fears, or my thoughts – fears foisted upon us by other beings?

    Isn’t the future unwritten, and depends on what people choose to do today? Or will the world go on to destroy itself, no matter what we do? If people fear so much for the future, yet believe they can influence the future, doesn’t that mean they don’t believe in their own goodness? Worrying may be good for survival, but I don’t see that it’s a healthy way to live today, or to enjoy life today, right now, or to ensure the future we make is a good one.

    Crazy and interesting people and ideas, I guess that’s why I come here.

    I know w c you and others don’t want anyone like me, David, or cc to tell you what to do, but relax people, be good to each other, think happy thoughts, and make the future better. We truly can make the future whatever we want it to be.

  68. w c

    I know w c you and others don’t want anyone like me, David, or cc to tell you what to do

    then why do it lol and why should anyone … omnipotent no doubt.. after 70 years and 15 grandchildren and many miles of experience

    just having fun laughing on the floor sometimes. great to still be alive ..

    now let me tell you a thing or two tongue in my cheeky


    just mind your own P’s And Q’s

    and the world will turn just fine ..

  69. openly hidden

    there is one way elaine and the whistling in the graveyard after dark 19th century marxist materialism AND marie leveau, and everyone else, are both right…..

    can anyone spell composite?

    that is the great conspiracy people.

    everything makes sense then. nuttin freaky about that.

    15 grandkids!

    lately i realize i am now living in their (the kids) world. not mine anymore. this changes things considerably. and i do not think the young are so pessimistic. i don’t suppose they can be.

    and its come to my attention that now unemployed but otherwise intelligent people with a lot of hard won professional skills with university degrees believe in “when” a lot….as in “when i get another job….”, or “when things turn around….”

    they do not believe the world has turned do they.

    as wc says (i think), everything still depends on what you believe. its your choice. hahahahah! the basic issue is still the question of free will.


  70. openly hidden

    and it doesn’t have to be this way….it doesn’t have to happen. just give a little bit more than you expect to receive.

    but noooo! where is the profit in that sez i!

  71. openly hidden you are so wise…..

    I’m almost there (the place you refer to regarding “worlds”)……, i’m not “in” their world yet, but man can I feel it coming on. I do you have two children, so I have standing.

    Anyhow, I can feel and it feels GOOD!

    K-Bo: hello amigo!

  72. Poem of the day (the eclipse poem)….

    I do have two children = standing

    feelings = attitude

    will-will, oh well what is there to say?

    Free will seems OK to me…

    Choice is sacred. Individual choice.

    Collective choice is a distinct possibility.

    We may have already passed the inflection point, but I really don’t know…..

    )()()(++++++++===———-) 🙂
    end of poem

  73. criticalcontrarian

    @w c: a timely poem, we are soon to find out who civilizes whom. You live in the shortest empire ever to walk the earth, so enjoy the illusory ride while it lasts, but don’t loose the lesson. 🙂

  74. David

    “I still don’t understand why everyone wants to believe everything will turn out so badly – so much negative commentary and expectations for disaster everywhere. Must be human nature to worry about things; it’s good for survival.”

    K-Bo, I don’t know either, but in my case, it seemed that every time I thought I had found happiness and peace, something or someone’s grandiose scheme messed it up.

    Hard sayings?

    No. Just a reality that I discovered through the years.

    Met wife and was happy and in love…super beauty..offset by draft and terrible Vietnam War….Then, many years of struggle to accomplish goals…but reality happened while I was making plans…and plans are abandoned and turn out differently than expected, so a person learns to go with the flow to some extent.

    Raised children who turned out differently than expected, but they are still wonderful in their own way that are different than I envisioned…and I love them deeply.

    I love the nation of my birth, but its leaders betray me and the nation itself from time to time…and so it goes…life…full of beauty and happiness…and also with a lot of pain too….my reality.

    Optimism is for the young of spirit…and I refuse to give this up for very long…hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

    And I do have optimism, but it has been, and still is tempered by the reality I choose to recognize around me….and right now, that reality in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and Asia is not good.

    Reality sets in and shows us truth, and we see the beauty of life, but also the awesome horrors that occur too, and we cannot escape them easily when they do occur, as they inevitably will.

    Immanuel Kant gave a definition of the sublime that I’ve carried with me since the day I read it, and it gave me some notions of this human phenomenon.

    What is memorable is when beauty and terribleness or awesomeness occurs at the same time….this is the sublime…this is life…and what makes it memorable.

    Let me give an example, and I think of the poisoned poppy field in the Wizard of Oz when I write this.

    If we flit along, seeing and seeking only beauty and happiness as we dance by a beautiful field of flowers, we soon cease to notice the incredible beauty, but if we stop dancing and soberly walk by the same poppy field and a terrible, dark, threatening storm approaches in the background…with terrible lightning flashing, the scene is memorable and stays with us forever in our memories…it is sublime…just as the director of wizard of oz created in the movie.

    That is life more in line with the reality I’ve experienced during my 64 years….and, by god, it has been a hell of a great adventure, and a hell of a ride so far, with more to come if I survive a just a few years longer…and some of it will not turn out well, and some of it will and it will bring me happiness…and a sense of satisfaction for having experienced the sublime grand nature of it all.

    The thing is that once a person accepts it, as Elaine, OH, and CC, Gary, Ralph and so many others have often noted in so many different ways, it becomes bearable…even the terrible things that happen, and then we are somewhat immune when the terrific things that attempt to destroy us occur, because we know them, we sense them, and know they are going to occur.

    But we are not discouraged for long…because it’s life, and we have to live it until the end, living and loving and kicking and growling and complaining until it’s over, but also with full awareness of what it’s nature is and that it will not always turn out well for us, but like I said, It’s a hell of a wonderful ride….the sublime.

  75. hey david – nobody said it was for free, or if somebody did or has, I have never met them. It is good to live in the moment. It is good and I’m glad to be alive.

    One time cc talked about suicide and spoke eloquently about why it was so wrong. I agree, but at the same time, I disagreed then with what cc said, because it hit up close to what I think is sacred. Choice. No country is sacrasanct and “manifest destiny” has been a long-time-running strategy, but this age is coming to an end (the “fishy” age) and this concept is soon to be diminished. I can’t sense any other possibility, but of course, I know I might be wrong.

    That is about it. Choose-2-choose life is one of my mottos. Plus, some sayings hold so true and money is NOT a root. Money is a tool and paper is fiat.

  76. David

    “It is good to live in the moment. It is good and I’m glad to be alive.”

    Agreed BK, and for me this means just accepting that things turn out the way they are going to turn out…we change what we can, and we accept what we cannot really change, but continually work to not be discouraged for long by what we cannot change…and the sublime nature of it all is grand…and joyful and happy at times.

  77. Can’t be joyful and happy at all times because then how would you even know what it means to be “joyful” and/or “happy”. Good sometimes to just be stoic.

    Best I can tell you basically concur on this David (with a capital D – sorry)…..I hope so. By the way, what do you think of “Dollywood”? (that was sort of rhetorical whatever that means!).

    Some things are obvious if the mind is broadly receptive. Anger is natural as long as it is focussed. We all need to eat don’t we?

  78. emsnews

    As individuals, we can’t change the course of history. But as a group, we can. This means putting one’s energy into parts that are moveable.

    The Apocalypse machine is very slippery and I have yet to find some mechanism to move it to another direction. But I think about this matter a lot. I find, people can’t even begin to understand the forces at work because of the very nature of these forces (the religious part of our brains, that is) so I still haven’t gotten a grip on this matter.

    I do notice that whenever I try to explain this business, I hit this brick wall with everyone. Which is interesting to me since I saw this coming from long ago, that is, WWIII wasn’t going to be ‘communism’ vs ‘capitalism’ but would be religious in nature.

  79. David


    Been a couple of years since I visited Dollywood. really liked it, much better, in a smaller way than Disney World…and the shows allow you to go into cool air conditioned surroundings and enjoy while you rest an relax a little…and I especially liked the Eagle sanctuary…and the wagon shop..

    Dolly did herself proud…caring about her relatives and her hometown and Tennessee.

    Gotta respect her for that…didn’t go build a stupid mansion in Beverly Hills, and then go to seed.

  80. David – to my own amazement I enjoyed also. Immensely. My wife “forced” me to go, but you should know, in the end, I defer to her!

  81. Muslim

    Muslims are not at war with USA. There is no Muslim army or militant group in existence that has the capability or intelligence to threaten USA.

    We Muslims never heard of Al-Qaeda until we saw it on American TV and we refuse to accept the stupid notion that a bearded caveman who doesn’t know how to use a fax machine managed to organize such a high-tech operation.


  82. openly hidden

    i must have missed something along the way. it doesn’t sound to me like the next big war is about “religion” at all. it sounds to me like its all about “the worldly great” white western billionaire sociopath egomaniac “elites” trying to hijack the rest of us and seeking total dominion over the world. thats not “religion”, thats total evil.

    muslim. i found the rumi network.

    so what are sufi’s? are they still?

  83. flash

    “The Apocalypse machine is very slippery and I have yet to find some mechanism to move it to another direction.”

    Please keep thinking and writing about this. Certain reptiles do seem to have some idea of where the levers are and how to move them.

    Reality is the ultimate belief system.

  84. isha

    w c and Ken:

    Does this book answer all your question?…)

    joke aside, Do you think the author F. William Engdahl make sense to you? …

    how about his theory on Pike Oil?

    Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order


  85. openly hidden

    filing somthing in your “religion” mental cabinet doesn’t make it so at all. heh. traditional worldly institutional “religions” have a lot to answer for, but how you think “religion” is going to be responsible for world war 3 is beyond me. what you are thinking of as “the religious parts of our brains” is the problem because this emphatically is not. what it is is ye olde fashioned sophism though. games.

  86. openly hidden

    the problem is when greedy creepy evil egos insanely seeking power take over something real, and then redefine what that was to suit them and their purposes. redefinition. so they redefine what a “patriot” is. or “freedom”. or “capitalism”. or “religion”. or “education”. or “love”. sophists live for this. it is what they do.

  87. openly hidden

    this is progress. from the rumi network about the persian mystic.
    “….Rumi, the 13th century Persian mystic poet, has been called the greatest mystical poet of any age. During a period of 25 years, he composed over 70,000 verses of poetry — poetry of divine love, mystic passion and ecstatic illumination. Scholars of his work today believe that Rumi is one of the greatest poets of all time, and that his work is comparable to that of Dante and Shakespeare.

    Barely known in the West as recently as 15 years ago, Rumi is now one of the most widely read poets in America. His is an exciting new literary and philosophical force. One reason for Rumi’s popularity is that “Rumi is able to verbalize the highly personal and often confusing world of personal/spiritual growth and mysticism in a very forward and direct fashion. He does not offend anyone, and he includes everyone. The world of Rumi is neither exclusively the world of a Sufi, nor the world of a Hindu, nor a Jew, nor a Christian; it is the highest state of a human being–a fully evolved human. A complete human is not bound by cultural limitations….”
    the thing the sophist, godless left is stupidly unnecessary guilty of is trying to isolate the “christians”, redefining them to suit their purposes, and then trying to discredit that basic unreality they created. this counterproductive shit is clueless. but this was what was taught to the budding sophists. then rumi becomes widely known. hahahaha! “religion” indeed.

  88. openly hidden this is why we all must not allow any other to “take over our mind”. Or try to exert mind control. On the other hand, how do you ever really know – no way to know for sure.

    So be openly hidden all you want, but you must be aware of this – your name is a paradox from the get go, and there is no escaping that!

    None of this is complicated – just well is a function of perspective. Big-picture and Small. They are not really relative because they reflect one another.


    Technetium now on the other hand, (#43) is a clue…(it is the “first” radioactive element). I also think that if one uses Terbium (#90) in nuclear fission, then it seems simply mathamatical that you can get you some awesome Rhodium (#45).

    But, I just may be confused. I don’t jump to conclusions openly hidden. Do you?

  89. openly hidden

    the purpose for the agreement and cooperation about “reality” between the totalitarian loving fascists left and right and the demonic global illuminatti is the deliberate diminishment of who and what we really are….and that way, it is ok to fuck with the 80% of the population who “they say” serve no actual purpose and seem unnecessary except as cannon fodder or consumers. this is evil shit imho. now i am off to do some really crappy hard, manual labor outdoors alone for myself and my fetters the rest of the day.

  90. openly hidden I hope you have a feffen good time working outside on your land!

    What you say is simply why we can’t let “them” control our individual minds.

    Define as you will, but if something resonates then it does. If not, then it fades in the wind.


  91. CK

    Thermite: Powdered aluminum and powdered rust. Grind it fine, mix it well, ignite it ( strip of magnesium works nicely ) and it will cut or weld steel. Confine it and ignite it and it will ‘splode nicely.
    After it has burned or sploded what is left is aluminum oxide and rust.
    Anyplace there is aluminum there is aluminum oxide. Stuff oxidizes at the drop of an air molecule. Rust is another common place.

  92. emsnews

    What interests me is how the ‘Hand of God’ causes interesting events and humans just have to subscribe human agency to ALL actions in nature including immense, badly designed buildings collapsing.

    That is, humans built these stupid things and refused to design these things rationally (NEARLY ALL MODERN BUILDINGS ARE LIKE THIS!!!) and then marveling that these stupid things fall!

    I say, 99.9% of modern buildings will cease to exist in less than 100 years due to poor design and engineering. These are not like ancient buildings which, if not made of mud, stand for eons. The only reason the Parthenon is a ruin is due to storing explosives inside the building, for example.

  93. I say there is a 50-50 chance that you are correct (Elaine).


    I can’t decide nor will I place a bet. I’m sitting this one out.

    Frankly, per my wise kind brother’s wisdom, I don’t even waste my time thinking about it anymore. I’ve been to ground zero so I have standing.

    Incidently India has vast quantities of Thorium. Thorium just might be a great transition to Fusion, but maybe not. 50-50.

  94. K-Bo

    Thanks, David. That’s a beautiful essay on life there – can’t appreciate the good as much until you’ve experienced the bad. But the constant expectation of bad things can’t be healthy – can it? Maybe by setting expectations low you’ll be happily surprised, or it won’t hurt so bad when it hits you. Somebody said that was the secret to marriage – low expectations. Heh.

    The “machinery of the Apocalypse” grinds on. It is fun to guess the future and watch trends and gain insight into what is driving world events. That’s where Elaine provides such wonderful insight. But it’s not set in stone, so why expect bad things?

    For me, being a good vs. evil thinking kind of guy, I was shocked to learn of the conspiracy type of thinking that is very believable – especially the alleged occult practioners and Luciferians (Illuminati brotherhood and upper-level Masons and many major religions like Scientology, the Watchtower society/mormons and where does it end?) and how the elite and our leaders are members of these secret groups or controlled by them or seek the “power” of the occult. So to me if there’s any end of times struggle or coming apocalypse, yes it’s religious in nature – between those who worship the creator (a loving God/God’s will) and those that worship the creature (the light bearing angel and the self/we are all gods/do as you will).

    So that’s one of my latest obsessions, to learn as much as I can about the possibility of evil forces trying to destroy the world. I mean, who knew such things such as Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Illuminati, Masonic rituals, and who knows what else even existed? They are hidden for a reason. But we don’t need to be afraid of them.

    So my religious thinking seems much different from Elaine and others, who thinks that all the people who worship one God (Christians and Jews vs. Muslims) will cause the end. And it’s written in the stars as such, and the new age of Aquarius will usher in a better world without any religion (or maybe a different religion that remains hidden). To me it’s those who are influenced by evil forces (to destroy and/or control others for the glory and benefit of self) vs those who are influenced by good forces (to love others and seek their well-being in concert with your own for the glory of God or some other sense of goodness) that’s the real struggle.

  95. w c


    yes the wars coming are religious wars. belief systems ingrained in the mind. .. agreed here ./

  96. criticalcontrarian

    @OH: nothing wrong with Goldsmith, reading him is easy, he paints the same picture mystics have for thousands of years, just short on the transport dept. (my opinion). You are searching, so you loose nothing reading him. He is eloquent, sincere and truthful.

    About your fetters, we all have our beloved thugs who bind us to the Creation. Just remember one thing, at the end of your life only one thing will matter for you, and no fetter, thug or illusion is going to be able to help you then. We spend our whole lives serving our family, friends, community, country, et al, as we must. The trick is to leave something for oneself. This is what true mysticism focuses on. The rest as I always say, is fluff. You take care now, amigo.

  97. David


    “I mean, who knew such things such as Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Illuminati, Masonic rituals, and who knows what else even existed? They are hidden for a reason. But we don’t need to be afraid of them.”

    They are afraid of the light. So, they are secretive, devious and duplicitous…just the opposite of goodness and kindness and openness….seeking to be gods themselves…to rule over the earth and all they can see.

    I think that the answer to all of this lies in the fact that we might all somewhat spiritual in nature, and we might sense forces of “Otherness” or possibly just some mathematical laws that balance things and make them right again once they swing out of kilter.

    Why would these folks who love to be gods themselves be attracted to groups of like minded individuals in the secret organizations?

    I think it might possibly be their own brand of spirituality…but in an opposite and negative sense that is opposed to what is normally accepted as good and decent. If a mad power seeker went it alone, against the entire world, in his secret plans to dominate his fellow man, I suspect that the inner turmoil would be tear him or her to pieces, but when that person can gather in secrecy, and participate in spiritual rituals with like skull and bones or boheminan grove…where there is a “cremation of care” ceremony, like minded individuals then validate each others’ self-centered god complex ideals…and thus, they are able to delude themselves that they have an important role in the grand schemes of humanity…and that they are “special.”

    And, this is also one of the elements of being a psychopathic personality…being able to create and cause events from behind the scenes and to make things happen to other people without them knowing where the driving forces are coming from….

    So, one might conclude that, according to most “normal” folks, if we knew the true motives of our elites, they would be labeled as being somewhat dangerous and insane, but their secrecy and secret organizations allow them to belong to humanity and still consider themselves sane and human and necessary.

    K-Bo, the only question I have in relation to what you said about these groups is that there is nothing to be afraid of. I am very afraid of them. In my humble opinion, they are dangerous and insane in some ways…and are willing to destroy large numbers of fellow humans in order to achieve their goals…psychopathy…way up at the top of the human pyramid.

  98. emsnews

    Actually, back a number of years ago when I was struggling with the NYT to do stories about the Skull and Bones (they refused) they said, ‘What is the big deal with the satanic rituals, they are just a fraternity having fun’.

    Yes, there are many queer things in the world. The elites have queer beliefs and ceremonies that are very much satanic. But then, most religions are ‘satanic’ and telling people this gets them angry.

    We dearly want to believe that someone else is satanic, not ourselves. I am a creature of the Outer Darkness so I don’t worry if someone yells that I am ‘satanic’. Heh. Not at all.

  99. nah

    and so the Zionists of AIPAC who own Congress managed to tack on the unconstitutional laws about ‘hate speech’ to the latest war spending bill.
    Zionism is anti American… pure and simple… to hate breed a untouchable race of men thousands of miles away from home is a crime HERE, in THE US… im sure may of us understand that religious obligatorily identity is as much a crucible as any facet of history… but not everyone can scapegoat piss poor angry helpless victims who are FORCED to stand open mouthed and witness the slaughter of their own identity, people, and religion day after day
    Zionism should be put on a mock trial at the hague for all the international damage it has done over the due coarse of history… I would say our current military engagements started, succeed, and fail in due part to this Zionism that propogates with fearlessness… look at netyanwahoo hes not being a man who respects the peace process, hes a heavy handed pawn who squawks the most radical right wing demands straight to the US media to cut down any negotiation that would draw the line of peaceful coexistance and partnership… which obviously would be useful in palestinian negotiations… Israel loves the hatred it breeds in gaza, it gets netyanwahoo talking points on CNN and a undeterminable exit strategy to the peace process which the Zionists despise
    I bet hitler thot free speech would end the world too… thats why he lied through his teeth despised peace and subjigated 100s of millions to a dilusion which he trumpeted on the front page as a new beggining for a better victory every single day
    Freedom only enslaves the good and the loving

  100. David

    You are right in that we are possibly all creatures of the outer darkness at times, especially when we peer into the darkness and get a glimpse of what really is…and, does this change us?
    Yes, I think it does.

  101. criticalcontrarian

    Elaine, Satan is mind. It works with you until you try to escape its area of responsibility, upon which it does everything in its power to keep you distracted and lost. The game the elite play on mankind is just a poor facsimile of the one the mind plays on us. The game it plays on the elite is much, much worse for their suffering will be long and hurting. Truth be told, ignorance is not bliss, it is utter evil.

    Anyone can play any game they wish as long as they are willing to pay the price, regardless of whether they know it, agree, or disagree. All pay the Piper, no exceptions, not even Pegasus. In the Creation it’s no holds barred. Some are giving, some receiving, some dishing out, others taking the beat, all depends on which part of your karmic cycle or destiny you are at a given point in time. Regardless, we are all reaping our just desserts. So rule of thumb for enlightened souls who insist on sticking around, keep your nose clean, that is, if you can remember to… 🙂

  102. Muslim

    In two words, Sufism is Islamic Buddhism, – complete disassociation with worldly things, meditation, dance, and mysticism. It is a minority, practiced in Turkey and Muslim Europe. ( Bosnia, Chechnya ).

    It is the complete opposite of Wahhabism, – focus on worldly things, strict social application of punishment, forbidding of dance, music and mysticism, also practiced by a minority. ( Saudi Arabia, North Africa )

    The majority of Muslims then fall somewhere in between these two movements, regardless of whether they are Sunni or Shia ( it is a political divide, not mental, thus irrelevant ). In Sufism, women can be religious leaders. In Wahhabism, women cannot drive.

    Sufis are not political and do not want to get involved in governing. Wahhabis want to be the government.

  103. criticalcontrarian

    @Muslim: I am familiar with Sufism it is a mystical form of Islam. I personally love Rumi and read his verses often, a true mystic master, deeply spiritual and transcendental.

    “That which God said to the rose, and caused it to laugh in fullblown beauty, He said to my heart and made it a hundred times more beautiful.” ~ (Jalaluddin Rumi)

    Although Shaykh Ibn Ata’ Illah, ibn Arabi, Bayazid al-Bustami are wonderful to read as well. If I were a Muslim I would be Sufi. 🙂

  104. @w c: “8 tons of termite”

    Common North American termite or the invasive Formosan termite?

    How did BushCo get the termites to eat through steel???

    And how did BushCo time the installation of the termites so that WTC 1, 2 and 7 would collapse the same day as the terrorists’ plane hijackings/attacks??? 🙂

    I know, I know, a little humor at your expense.

    Terrible, ain’t I? 😉

  105. @Elaine:

    “Perhaps I don’t share other people’s various visions as to what happened on 9/11 simply because I know that it was part of the Apocalypse machinery and thus, is thoroughly entangled in the gears of the Four Horsemen.”

    Well that explains the smoke from the burning WTC twin towers take the shape of the face of the devil, which was caught on film and disseminated by the MSM, then the blogosphere and the discussion boards.

  106. Here’s my perspective on the falling towers.

    It has now been what……almost 8 years.

    The water is so muddy (kind of like my wife’s dream last night) that there will never be any certainty.


    You choose.

    Another topic I’m done discussing.

  107. some trails go so cold that they are almost forgotten….now it is 6:50 pm where I am, and this thought occurs to me.

    Luckily there are some rangers who hike the hard trails. These rangers learn so much, but that is not enough. More importantly is what one tries to teach.

    Some things are better left unsaid.

  108. sorry for this, but I just don’t care for the number 3 – nor for quarks 2/3 and 1/3 if you must know.


  109. kenogami

    Muslim wrote:

    “In two words, Sufism is Islamic Buddhism, – complete disassociation with worldly things, meditation, dance, and mysticism. It is a minority, practiced in Turkey and Muslim Europe. ( Bosnia, Chechnya ).
    It is the complete opposite of Wahhabism, – focus on worldly things, strict social application of punishment, forbidding of dance, music and mysticism, also practiced by a minority. ( Saudi Arabia, North Africa )”
    The sufis are mystic, and the Wahabis are theologians and inquisitors. The sufis are full of love and tolerance and kindness, the Wahabis are full of hate, cruelty and intolerance. The sufis live the spirit and the heart of religion, the Wahabis live the letter and have no heart.
    Same thing as in Christianism wrt mystics and thelogians.

  110. I pass no judgement.

    I just want a fair debate.

    Can you argue with that?

    If so, speak.

  111. and furthermore, I disagree that “Zionism” is “Nazi-ism” because if they are “one-in-the-same” then why are there two names?

    I still do not understand what Zionism means, but I know this.

    If you plan on causing harm, then I POKE OUT YOUR I….

    Good evening to all and “Gutan Nacht”. Sleep tight.

  112. Why this world is a shithole

    Go w c, you have my support, oh and it’s a dog obviously! Quack Quack!


    click link

  113. Ordinary Jews are okay. It’s the Nazi Semites that need to be destroyed. They are the ones who killed six million Jews and six million others for Hitler!

    Destroy the filthy Semites, and we will save the rest of us. Including the goofy Jews, with their impossible-to- sustain-Kosher- bullshit.

  114. DM


    How preposterous is the notion that it doesn’t much matter what you say in this blog – as long as you poo-poo 911?
    How preposterous is the notion that this is the entire raison d’etre of this blog?
    How preposterous is this notion – given that you say that you have been a CIA ‘insider’.
    Who knows? Not I. But then, I do not boast of an IQ of 150, and to be an expert on anything and everything.

    By the way, I love your blog. Even the rambling bits. More than compensated for by cogent social and financial analysis, and a few scattered pieces of pure poetry in prose.

  115. CK

    How much will it change my income if I know a “truth” about what happened on 9/10 or 9/11 or any other past date? I will be unable to change anything whether I know a truth or not.
    How much will it matter to my well being if the world might end in a big bang sometime long after I am dead?
    How much does it affect me if I am a risen ape or a mud creation of a hairy deity?

  116. Well if you are just talking about yourself, then I put forth that it won’t affect you much….

    Earlier you said something about “grandchildren” and well you know the answer now don’t you?

  117. criticalcontrarian

    @Why this world is a shithole: no worries, as you can see from this article your BFF, w c, is in good company: http://tinyurl.com/nhegq5

  118. Goldie


    David Letterman’s hate is as old as some ancient Hebrew prophets.
    Speaking of anti-Semitism, it’s Jerry Falwell and other fundy leaders who’ve gleefully predicted that in the future EVERY nation will be against Israel (an international first?) and that TWO-THIRDS of all Jews will be killed, right?
    Wrong! It’s the ancient Hebrew prophet Zechariah who predicted all this in the 13th and 14th chapters of his book! The last prophet, Malachi, explains the reason for this future Holocaust that’ll outdo even Hitler’s by stating that “Judah hath dealt treacherously” and “the Lord will cut off the man that doeth this” and asks “Why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother?”
    Haven’t evangelicals generally been the best friends of Israel and persons perceived to be Jewish? Then please explain the recent filthy, hate-filled, back-stabbing tirades by David Letterman (and Sandra Bernhard and Kathy Griffin) against a leading evangelical named Sarah Palin, and explain why most Jewish leaders have seemingly condoned Palin’s continuing “crucifixion”!
    While David, Sandra, and Kathy are tragically turning comedy into tragedy, they are also helping to speed up and fulfill the Final Holocaust a la Zechariah and Malachi, thus helping to make the Bible even more believable!
    (For even more stunning information, visit MSN, Google etc. and type in “Separation of Raunch and State,” “Michael the Narc-Angel,” “Bible Verses Obama Avoids,” and “Hate Bill Favoritism.”)

  119. emsnews

    Palin destroyed herself, too. She pretended to be good when she should have taken better care of her family that is now falling apart. Out of wedlock children, wild sex by herself and her entire family, divorce is now looming: social collapse brought on by her own hubris.

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