The Family Is the Most Important Economic Unit Of All

99% of the time I post a story every day.  Yesterday was an exception.  We have had record amounts of rain, often in the form of violent thunderstorms, all summer long.  I am in the process of terracing the landscape for water control purposes as well as building two new roads on my mountain.

Using the backhoe

Well, yesterday was one of the very few days it didn’t rain all day.  At first, the forecast was thunderstorms by 2 pm so instead of writing a story, I ran outside to do some digging.  At one point, due to the soggy ground, my backhoe slid into a pit.  It took us rather a while to pull it out again.  But it didn’t rain!  I kept working all day and it didn’t rain which felt like a miracle.  So I worked until nearly 8 pm.  Then, after dinner and a much needed rest, I set to work on the story only it began thundering and we had more downpours.


During which, I couldn’t post a story.  So I went to bed, instead.  Sorry about the inconvenience to everyone. There was so much interesting news and I was rather annoyed with the endless storms.


Shanghai encourages aging population to have 2nd baby

Eligible couples in the city are for the first time being encouraged to have a second child, as authorities make an effort to tackle the burden of an aging population.


Family planning officials and volunteers will make home visits and slip leaflets under doorways to encourage couples to have a second child if both grew up as only children. Emotional and financial counseling will also be provided, officials said.


“We advocate eligible couples to have two kids because it can help reduce the proportion of the aging people and alleviate a workforce shortage in the future,” said Xie Lingli, director of the Shanghai Population and Family Planning Commission.


Shanghai, the country’s most populous city, has more than 3 million registered residents aged 60 and above, nearly 22 percent of the population. By 2020, the proportion is expected to rise to about 34 percent.


Throughout the history of humans, the elderly were a very tiny percentage of the population.  Most people died before they were 50 years old.  The first places to escape this death rule were ancient civilizations.  Cities and centralized governments always enable fast population growth and the protections civilization gives to the weak and elderly meant they increase in numbers and proportion of population. The populations with the worse survival rates for the elderly are hunter-gatherers and herding tribes who have to migrate every year, following wild animal migrations or following their herds of domesticated grazing animals.


Pig growing domesticators tended at first to be slash/burn farmers.  That is, they move only after the fertility of the ground fails.  The Chinese were ancient pig farmers, for example.  And they figured out how to fertilize the fields using human and animal waste and developed a thriving, stable society that integrated pigs, cows, ducks, chickens, silkworms and other domesticated life forms that renewed the land so civilizations flourished on the same places, century after century, for eons.  Like the Nile delta farming community, the renewal of the cultivation process kept populations high.


The way China has dealt with excess population is the 4 Horsemen method: war, famine, disease and chaos.  Many, many millions of Chinese people die when these things ravage them.  In my own lifetime, this has been inflicted on them by Chairman Mao, for example.  He decided to break the one thing that is the rock of Chinese society: the family ethos.  That is, the Chinese worship of the ancestors, the Chinese honoring of the elderly was tossed out the door.


Now, there is going to be an excess of elderly without the underpinning of the Chinese youth to support them.  The State will support the elderly.  I believe that the leadership in China looked over at Japan with tremendous alarm, recalculated their figures and came to a conclusion, they must increase birth rates.  The best way to do this is to strengthen the family.  That is, the West continues to have a birth rate but a great amount of this is happening with shattered families that barely can be called ‘families’.


The most dissolved families are having the most children.  If a family does have lots of children, it often evaporates by the next generation.  My upper class parents had 7 children.  Most of the grandchildren are in broken families and the entire structure of the ‘clan’ is utterly collapsed with most of the members unable to socialize or even talk to each other, not even children with their own parents.  The disintegration of the Family is something the Chinese are suddenly becoming aware of: the loss of this will hammer Chinese society.


U.S. 10-Year Note Falls Most in 7 Weeks as Record Supply Looms –

Treasuries declined, with 10-year notes falling the most in almost seven weeks, as stocks rose and the U.S. announced plans to sell a record $115 billion in notes in four auctions next week.


Yields on government securities rose for a second day as the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 9,000 for the first time since January. Next week will be only the second time the Treasury auctions three so-called coupon issues and an inflation-linked maturity in a five-day period since the U.S. started selling debt regularly in 1976 as the government accelerates its unprecedented pace of borrowing to stimulate the economy and service deficits.


The US ‘regular’ sales of debt since 1976 is the real problem here.  Prior to that year, the few times the government overran budgets were during wars or really bad depressions when tariffs and fees couldn’t fund the government.  When we collectively decided to not tax ourselves or tax those who trade with us, we were forced into a dual system called the Internal Revenue Authority, the taxes supporting the government via tariffs and fees fell like a rock and reliance on only taxes stripped out of wages, was inserted in its place.


This way, the very rich could offshore their economic systems and then flood the US with their goods so our own population turned on us and used us as a colony, all, while taxing us for this!  And worse, to keep the lid on the populace being taxes in lieu of tariffs and fees levied on foreigners, the rich conspired with foreign powers to sell them our government debts so the average taxpayer doesn’t pay in full for these perpetual IOUs.  Which are used as leverage to decrease US taxpayer sovereignty over our own government.


So our government is now owned by Asia.  This was NOT the end product the European and US ruling elites planned.  They planned to do this to Asia, not the reverse.  All the people who think the conspiracies of the very rich are all working just great are fooling themselves.  The rich people of Europe and America made IMMENSE miscalculations!  I watched this develop, up close, like, cheek to jowl.


China and Japan played along with the EU and US elites but USED THEM.  They offered to be the leverage for these elites and now are turning the tables.  In particular, China deliberately set out to do this and this is their 50 Year Plan.  The one problem both powers have is domestic: they are losing control of their own societies.  The analysis of both Chinese and Japanese social systems is of utmost importance.  This is because, unlike in the West, the Chinese and Japanese overlords have more power over the structure of their socieites and thus, can change things, if they wish.


The Japanese overlords are still content with what they have destroyed, internally.  This is why, utterly unlike the Chinese leadership, they are NOT raising wages, increasing the buying power of the lower classes or doing anything at all to improve the family situation.  Whereas, China is being much more proactive.


The US right wing thinks, if they kill off feminism, they will save our families.  This is silly.  The economic/social system of a family is hard to change if society is set up to fall into chaos so the ruling families can prevent insurrections.  Just this week, the US government FINALLY, after nearly 20 years, is THINKING about raising the minimum wage for workers who get tips, for example.  The minimum wage has been kept well below the rate of inflation ever since 1976.  This deliberate destruction of the incomes of the working poor is the main cause of social collapse in our cities and in the countryside.


A husband can’t support a family but the State can.  Except the State has also decided to dump these millions of unwed mothers into the ditch to die.  So we have more children than the Japanese but they are of increasingly poor social quality, that is, not raised to work and develop ongoing child raising skills or an eye on the distant future.


Pay of Top Earners Erodes Social Security –

The nation’s wealth gap is widening amid an uproar about lofty pay packages in the financial world. .

Executives and other highly compensated employees now receive more than one-third of all pay in the U.S., according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of Social Security Administration data — without counting billions of dollars more in pay that remains off federal radar screens that measure wages and salaries.


Highly paid employees received nearly $2.1 trillion of the $6.4 trillion in total U.S. pay in 2007, the latest figures available. The compensation numbers don’t include incentive stock options, unexercised stock options, unvested restricted …


The role of a government is to prevent this sort of wealth accumulation.  I know many people are very doctrinaire about NOT letting governments taxing the very rich.  Look: we are DEEP IN DEBT.  The very rich BENEFIT from this deep debt accumulation. They are NOT supporting this nation AT ALL.  They are LEECHES.  They control Congress VIA BRIBES.  They then make Congress spend and spend and spend while NOT TAXING THEM.  They got Congress and Presidents to support ‘free trade’ even as it ravages our nation, doesn’t contribute a penny to running of our government and destroys jobs and families.


A society that has a smaller spread between rich and poor coupled with a balanced government and trade is the IDEAL SOCIETY.  The most precious thing in any society is the family.  I am a pro-family feminist.  I worked very hard and made sacrifices to have children, raise them, and make them good adults.  I wore down my own body and even endangered my own life more than once to do this.  They matter so much to me, I am willing to die for them and frankly, they would do this for me.  The social glue that holds a family together is most difficult to concoct and one way to kill things is for an over class of very self-destructive rich people to suck down all the wealth for themselves.  Here is some dark news from Britain, the country we emulate:


Economy shrinks at record annual rate in Q2 – Times Online

GDP tumbled by 0.8 per cent in the second quarter meaning the country has been mired in recession for five consecutive quarters. . Analysts had expected a fall of just 0.3 per cent, after a massive 2.4 per cent decline in the first three months of the year. While the pace of contraction has still slowed significantly from the first quarter in every corner of the economy, the worse than expected figures have dashed hopes that the country was starting to recover from recession. . The economy has now shrunk by 5.7 per cent since the recession begain in April last year, bigger than the downturn in the 1990s and in the early 1980s.


The leeches who are called ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ and her clan of whining deadbeats want a pay hike this year.  While everyone is losing their jobs.  They also want the carbon footprint of the churls and serfs cut down in size so they can live in Paradise and consume vast amounts of carbon, themselves.  Either the British subjects figure out this scam and storm the palaces of this family, ditto the Japanese people, or they will continue to be shoved lower and lower down the Ladder of Life.  Preserving emperors and queens who have little interest in preserving their own subjects is what revolutions are all about.


England itself is slowly dying.  Young women there are joining their male peers in wild sex and drinking orgies or are starving themselves to death to look ‘beautiful’.  Or grossly overweight due to extremely bad diets.  And just as China looks to Japan in alarm at the social deterioration there, so must the US look to the UK.  Once the greatest industrial and mercantile power on earth, the ruler of the Seven Seas, the pitiful remains seems to be set on an economic funeral pyre and the flames light up all of Europe.  Just two years ago, the super-rich bankers were boasting, they would use the entire Kingdom as their pirate cove for banking.


Now, this has crashed through the floor and the mountain of debts are being pushed onto the same serfs who must shrink their carbon footprints so the Prince and his evil mum can live in many palaces, use private jets and trains and live like emperors who still rule the Seven Seas even though they barely rule a duck pond next to Buckingham Palace.


Bernanke Says About 25 Financial Firms Systemically Important –

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said about 25 financial companies may be deemed too big to fail and subjected to additional oversight by the central bank under the Obama administration’s proposed regulatory plan.


Twenty-five is a “very rough guess,” and “virtually all of those firms” are already subject to umbrella supervision by the central bank, Bernanke said in response to a question from Representative John Campbell, a California Republican, during a House Financial Services Committee hearing today. He didn’t identify any of the companies.


ARREST BERNANKE!   If he can’t name Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup owned by the Saudis, etc, then this man is a FRAUD.  He obviously is TOO STUPID to be head of anything.  Good gods.  But then, he is non-stop stupid these days. Some genius.  I was 100% against him when he first stepped into office and am 1,000% against him, today.   For the readers who haven’t seen this already, here is the video of him flapping his lips at Congress:


Via naked capitalism: Alan Grayson: “Where is the half a trillion dollars the Federal Reserve lent to foreigners?”

YouTube – Alan Grayson: “Which Foreigners Got the Fed’s $500,000,000,000?” Bernanke: “I Don’t Know.”

Alan Grayson: “Which Foreign Banks Got The Fed’s $500 Billion?” Bernanke: “I Don’t Know.” (Video 7-21-09) – Home – The Daily Bail – The Bailout News Central Depository. News, Interviews,Videos, Comedy, Songs, Opinion & Analysis

Grayson: “What’s that (the $553 billion)?”

B-52: “Those are swaps that were done with foreign central banks…”

Grayson: “So who got the money?”

B-52: “Financial institutions in Europe and other countries…”

Grayson: “Which ones?”

B-52: “I don’t know.”

Grayson: “Half a trillion dollars and you don’t know who got the money?”

B-52: “Um, um, the loans go to the central banks and they then put them out to their institutions…”

Grayson: “Let’s start with which central banks?”

B-52: “Well there’s 14 of them…I’m sure they’re listed in here somewhere.”

Grayson: “Who actually made that decision to hand out half a trillion dollars?”

B-52: “The FOMC.”

Grayson: “Under what legal authority?”

B-52: “Section 14 of the Federal Reserve Act…”


‘Yo, I don’t know nuthin’…’  This seems to be a case of Alzheimer’s disease.  Reagan didn’t no nuthin’, either.  At the very least, this brain dead dope should retire.  I want to know where the money went.  I know that if I did know this, I would also remember it for more than an hour, too.  But then, telling Congress what is going on is the last thing Bernanke and the international gangsters who own these top 25 banks want.  Arrest all of them.  Charge them with screwing up the entire planet earth.  Then, shrink their collective carbon footprint to the level of a typical serf struggling to stay alive in Japan or the UK.


Banning ‘Naked’ Default Swaps May Raise Corporate Funding Costs –

A ban on “naked” trading in the $26.4 trillion credit-default swaps market being considered by U.S. lawmakers would have the unintended consequence of making it more expensive for companies to borrow, traders said.


“It will inevitably lead to higher costs of funding across all U.S. corporations, significantly reduce liquidity in credit markets, and further widen the opacity” of other instruments that rely on credit swaps for pricing, said Tim Backshall, chief strategist at hedge fund adviser Credit Derivatives Research LLC in Walnut Creek, California, in an interview yesterday.


Credit-default swaps were created as a way for corporate lenders and bondholders to protect themselves from defaults. Naked swaps, where the investor doesn’t own the debt on which the contracts are based, have proliferated in the market and may be prohibited under legislation being drafted by House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank.


The problem is, the top 25 investment banks are fully clothed while naked trading is going on.  Riddling out how this works is simple: think ‘Gollum’:  he used the Ring of Power to make himself invisible so he could kill things and eat them.


Lawmakers Rebuke Treasury Department Over TARP Spending –

The Treasury Department took a bipartisan beating on Tuesday from lawmakers who claim the agency has failed to live up to its promises of transparency in handling the federal rescue of the financial system. . “The taxpayers now have a $700 billion spending program that’s being run under the philosophy of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ ” Rep. Edolphus Towns, (D-N.Y.) said during a hearing on the Troubled Assets Relief Program, or TARP. . Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) went as far as to compare the Treasury’s refusal to provide regular updates on how TARP money is being spent to the way convicted Ponzi scheme mastermind Bernard L. Madoff misled his clients.

. “Congress will not be outlasted, and our patience is running out for the transparency promised by the administration,” Issa said.


And arrest Geithner.  Why is the Treasury department stonewalling Congress?  Where is Obama?  Why didn’t he stride forth when he entered office to pass rules and regulations controlling the mess created by our top banker who happen to also be soaking up all our collective wealth, etc?  HAHAHA.  And why didn’t he denounce the brutal assault on Gaza?  Or do a host of other important things?  Thus ends all Hope and Change.  Under the seemingly placid surface of US society rages some dark waters and lots of frustration.  But people can’t put things together because they are distracted by many silly things and boy, there are many silly things to worry about.


Which is why building a movement is nearly impossible right now.  The pain is nowhere near great enough for us to throw aside the silly stuff and focus where we must and on top of this, a century of anti-socialist propaganda coupled with a century of bad financial advice about taxes, has turned us all to mush.  We really long for the old status quo of everyone being irresponsible about trade, taxes, social systems and civilization in general.  Indeed, we are taught to hate high culture and high civilization instead of aspiring to it.  Silly pop artists are turned into cultural icons and gods while opera dies, for example (I love opera a great deal and mourn this!  I am listening to Wagner’s ‘Tannhäuser’ right now.)


Gold rush over as demand slows – Telegraph

The gold price increased modestly in the second quarter, supported by ongoing inflation fears but demand for gold from private investors has slowed after its record start to the year, according to World Gold Council’s latest Gold Investment Digest.


The gold price edged slightly higher in the second quarter, ending the quarter at US$934.50/oz, on the London PM fix, compared with US$916.50/oz at the end of quarter one. The gold price fixed as high as US$981.75/oz on June 1 coinciding with the quarterly low in the dollar, which was pressurised, among other things, by growing questions about its future as the world’s reserve currency.


The Council said that while asset classes such as oil, the commodity complex in general, and equities outperformed gold during the second quarter, on a year-over-year basis gold posted a small gain while the others suffered sharp declines.


Investors continued to increase their gold holdings via exchange traded funds in the second quarter, though at a much slower pace than the record amount of gold purchased in the first three months of the year.


When stocks go up, the big investment houses cease buying gold or sell it.  China is still buying gold.

.. – Data show German economic recovery faster than US, UK, and Japan – Buy Euro sell the Dollar, Pound, and Yen

The German purchasing managers’ index zoomed at the fastest pace ever. The Ifo index also rose to 87.3, up from 85.9 in June. The Ifo index hit the highest level since last October.


German business climate index rose at a very fast pace. Rise in The German purchasing managers’ index is much faster than that of UK, US and Japan. The business confidence index and the consumer sentiment index are showing similar trends.


The German economy is in fast pace compared to the rest of the world. Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) are all tending to expand their business relations with the Eurozone especially Germany.


There was tremendous pressure on Germany to do what the UK and US were doing during the collapse. Germany refused.  And look at the results.  It is pretty obvious.  Germany did NOT destroy their own industrial base, destroy the unions, destroy the workforce or go deep into debt.  Guess what?


They won.  The US, UK and Japan lost.  History continues to write and we are being turned into footnotes.  Or make that, small carbon footprint notes.

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  1. w c

    make sure the life insuance policy is intact then for the family

    on the flue shot lol

    from a post on another board

    You might want to take a minute to give serious consideration as to the various “ingredrients” that “may be contained” within the vaccine shot they say you need … personally I would rather run the risk of getting the flu than subject my own body, or the bodies of those I love, to the mad scientists who profit with their poisons. It is bad enough that we have allowed our food supply to be genetically modified without any reliable research or restraint … now how many, who remain uneducated and fearful, will not ask any questions and simply take their vaccine shot this fall?

    There is an old saying … if when reading the ingredients listed you cannot pronounce the words, or if you do not know what the actual ingedient is, it is probably wiser not to ingest until you do some additional research.

    * aluminum hydroxide
    * aluminum phosphate
    * ammonium sulfate
    * amphotericin B
    * animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain,
    * dog kidney, monkey kidney,
    * chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg
    * calf (bovine) serum
    * betapropiolactone
    * fetal bovine serum
    * formaldehyde
    * formalin
    * gelatin
    * glycerol
    * human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)
    * hydrolized gelatin
    * mercury thimerosol (thimerosal, Merthiolate(r))
    * monosodium glutamate (MSG)
    * neomycin
    * neomycin sulfate
    * phenol red indicator
    * phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
    * potassium diphosphate
    * potassium monophosphate
    * polymyxin B
    * polysorbate 20
    * polysorbate 80
    * porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
    * residual MRC5 proteins
    * sorbitol
    * tri(n)butylphosphate,
    * VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, and
    * washed sheep red blood

    Additionally, some vaccines have been found to have been contaminated with Simian Virus 40 (SV 40) and that SV 40 is causally linked by some researchers to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and mesotheliomas in humans as well as in experimental animals. Make sure your physician is aware of this and also guarantees you that the vaccines (s)he is giving you does not contain SV 40 or any other live viruses.

    Before you take that shot be sure to ask you doctor if any of these ingedients are contained in the vaccine … then ask if (s)he will allow themselves to be held personally liable should any medical complications develop as a result of the shot. The answers given should be enough to convince anyone that the medical risks both short and long term outweigh the benefits that can be achieved. There are natural ways to build up and maintain your immune system and also many common sense precautions one should always follow to decrease their risks.

    If you still decide to go ahead with the shot(s) I only recommend that your life insurance policy is fully paid up and is substantial enough to care for those you may very well leave behind.

  2. w c


    and by the way nice blogs ,, your posts are right on . and very enjoyable reading .. and nice tractor. keep the mountain running smoothly

  3. oh gracious, I think I might have said something about ignoring not too long ago, but I must say that tractor picture is “top-notch” A-1 OK in my book.


    Now on to read the article….

  4. Joseppi

    Of course we missed you – but we also realize you have a life beyond this blog, and the great photo proves it.
    Over the years of watching the Japanese tourists in Hawaii I have noticed that they have gone from the suave Gucci fashion magazine look – to the street urchin comic book look. These days, there is a lot less of them too.
    Since the corporate plantations abandoned Hawaii (actually the corporate agriculture plantation were replaced with the hotel plantation) tourism is down to a trickle.
    If it wasn’t for family destroying Federal welfare, and the military bringing in the empire’s money to their Pacific military base, the citizens of Hawaii would all be reduced to living a pre-plantation lifestyle.
    There’s an odd mixture of Hawaiians who are demanding a return to the Sovereignty of the old Hawaii Kingdom, and the agitated back-to-the-landers with their sustainability fantasies hoping in miracles.
    A miracle will be what it takes to get the military to give up their campaign to turn paradise into a war theater stage for destruction.

  5. w c

    ploughing the land on a tractor of truth

  6. JSmith

    ” The disintegration of the Family is something the Chinese are suddenly becoming aware of: the loss of this will hammer Chinese society.”

    Huh? I thought that was what the old Chairman was after all along. Marx&Engels pointed out that what families are for is preserving and passing down wealth (aka, “the people’s property”.)

    So if you want that egalitarian society the Commies were supposed to be in favor of… you have to eliminate the “family” structure.

    What you’d put in its place was something the Commies devoted an insufficient amount of thought to.

    ELAINE; Smith, you just can’t replace ‘Pay Attention’ who never carefully read anything here. 🙂 As for Mao, note again, what I said about him. Then think carefully about what is going on today in the US. Nearly half of all babies are born out of wedlock, just for one glaring example.

  7. Daliwood

    JSmith, You’re using the classic and inaccurate view of Marx and Engels. In capitalist societies, we have been trained by propagandists to believe that Marx et al. were revolutionaries calling for the establishment of Communist states throughout the world. Not true. They weren’t writing guidebooks on how to overthrow capitalism and establish communism. They were writing observational economic histories. They believed they could trace the economic path of civilization from the distant past to the present and into the future. Their writings about communism were largely descriptions of where they thought societies were ultimately headed. They weren’t penning My Little Book of How to Be a Commie.

    To my knowledge, neither Marx nor Engels ever advocated the elimination of marriage and family. However, they did trace the evolution of contemporary marriage as a basic economic unit, one based on the subjugation of women, the economic and social supremacy of males, and the economic mechanism for the transfer of wealth in capitalist society. They then pointed out that the concept of marriage and family will change in parallel with changes in the economic structures of a society. They were making observations about marriage as an economic institution, not demands to destroy marriage and family in order to achieve an egalitarian society. They had no problem with marriage and family, but they were disturbed by an economic system that uses marriage and family as a tool of the wealthy to control class struggle (uh, which, if you think about it, is exactly what conservatives do in the US–especially those many, many conservative politicians who can’t keep it zipped despite their constant posturing as people of “family values” and morality).

    And Chairman Mao was not a Marxist, no matter what the American spin doctors tell you. He ran a totalitarian state, not a Marxist state. Marxists believe economic structures must and will change, and they believe that there will be large changes in social institutions as a result. They don’t want to change societies to bring about a different economy–they want to change economies to bring about a more egalitarian society. Political leaders like Mao and his kind (e.g., Stalin) got it backwards. So I don’t think the “Commies devoted an insufficient amount of thought to” what to put in place of the family. If anything, they gave insufficient thought to “What Would Marx Do?” (WWMD)

  8. emsnews

    Or ‘What would Mad Max Do?’ WWMMD. Sounds like WMD with Saddam….


  9. sharkbabe

    Luv that butch tractor pic .. you’re the real deal Elaine 🙂

  10. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Outstanding post, hitting the nail on the head with the sledgehammer of truth!

    Here’s a little ‘flu shot’ for the family:

    Kindest regards,

  11. PLovering

    “various “ingredrients” that “may be contained” within the vaccine shot”


    As a chemist in a prior life, the presence of ethyl mercury compounds in vaccines has always staggered my learned imagination.

    WTF can Big Pharma be thinking of adding ethyl mercury analogues to vaccines. The ffffing … MSDB (material safety data bulletin) for Thimerosal says right off “DANGER! POISON!”

    Babies get 45 vaccines injected by age 6 months. Sometime 8 vaccines in 1 shot.

    And the horror show continues:

  12. roger

    very few people have read Marx,most of them if not all have read interpretation of his ideas with a very strong bias.His analysis of how the Capitalist system function was very accurate,he was the best social scientist of all times.most people in this country would not be able to define Capitalism.Or any ism for that matter

  13. PLovering – I agree I think….don’t really know. Time is so short.

    I’ll quit with 3 for the sake of humility.


    “slow it down” is the song playing now….my daughter gave it to me….track 13

    folks, People….what is there to say.

  14. K-Bo

    Nice link, PFO. I’ve always been curious about the scientific “proof” of the Marian apparitions at Medjugorje and elsewhere – and it was fun to see them on that site again. More important is the message of Mary.

    However, you do realize you just gave a link to a book talking about the importance of the man’s God given authority in the family and society on an anti-Christian feminist’s blog? Hahaha.

    openly hidden out to love this book, as he always laments against the feminization of man (and loss of his place).

    p. 267 of that book by a “Friend of Medjugorje:”
    “Women are a touch of God, offering great enhancement to man and the elevation of society. … The danger is when positions of authority are filled by women on a wide scale, the degradation of society will follow. Women have the ‘qualities’ to fill these positions, even exceeding men in many ways. But they do not possess the direction, guideship ability, and far-reaching consequences of decisions made that come with God-given authority in the same way a man has. A mechanic can easily mislead a woman about a problem with her car that does not exist, because it is her nature to trust. Man is more suspect and can be misled but far less likely than women. From satan’s standpoint, therefore, it becomes important, if evil is to prevail, that man’s authority be not only challenged but usurped which, in turn, will lead to the destruction of society. …”

    “Fathers’ and mothers’ roles are extremely important and we must make them more clear in the future … Indeed satan’s goal is to make God the Father hated and so satan works to make earthly fatherhood despised and hated, which serves perfectly his plan.”

    “… the core problem in today’s society is the struggle for female domination over male authority and also the man’s weakness to hold the course which he knows in his heart he must follow to guide the family.”

    Well, we see the breakdown of the most important economic and moral unit of society, the family, often because men are absent from them. It’s not the way it was meant to be. Good men won’t let it be that way.

  15. w c

    If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

    George Orwell

  16. w c

    on 9-11

    There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them.

    George Orwell

  17. igneous

    Yes the family is the most important economic unit of all. The question is how do we make it work? How are 2 ordinary people supposed to organise a good home life that fulfils social needs and provides good nutrition and also both work full time jobs.

    Home economics is a very important facet of the family unit. If you dont prepare healthy food at home you become obese eating fast food. I’ve just spent the whole day preparing food for the week.

    I don’t think forcing someone to stay at home and the other to go out and work based on gender is a particularly good solution but it did work, sort of.

    I really think that liberals in general have ignored the problems associated with their progressive policies. As people have found very real problems with feminism, cultural plurism etc the liberals have responded by deflecting their complaints or by denying they exist. This is really very very stupid. The people who make these complaints become disolute and gravitate towards extremist organisations such as the facists or communists. The liberals lose a lot of political supporters this way and the problems remain unfixed thus destroying any good these policies might do.

    Understand I am a big supporter of many socialist ideas. But the implementations are often thwarted by massive dualistic contradictions.

  18. igneous

    roger i’m trying to read marx at the moment. He have been the best social scientist of all times but he sure wasn’t the greatest writer!!

  19. w c

    Karl Marks

    From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.

    even at the force of a gun lol

  20. nah

    If we are going to keep 2big2fail around we mite as well just be total socialists, the polititians can just crony out the the jobs for cash while the entities of entrenched power are immune to common law reaping outsized rewards for their troublesome paperwork that is a cross for the rest of us to carry in the name of secret powers
    Thanks George Washington, we finally got here

    1/2 a trillion and you dont know who got the money

  21. Elaine – I’m impressed by all the safety gear you display in the tractor image above:

    – reflectors
    – ear protection (that “puppy” must make some noise)
    – glasses (eye protection)
    – gloves (most critical)
    – various lights and such
    – I’m sure there are more.

    It demonstrates real experience to me.

    The exhaust pipe seems a bit rusty, but at least it is pointing away. Who needs all the fumes?

    Ah. Good morning all. Good morning good morning.

  22. flipspiceland

    Every system of economics eventually deteriorates to ‘political economics’ and therefore, is temporary. Socialism, communism, fascism, dictatorship, benevolent kings and queens….. they all succumb to the very worst of the traits in humans.

    We have not evolved as quickly as our tools’ uses have. We could invent A-bomb but we cannot control it. We can invent socialism but we cannot stop the certainty that production will come to a halt when everyone realizes that the state will take care of everything from cradle to grave.

    There are no answers only temporary advantages to be gained by exploiting distortions in any system. Right now socialism looks great to many people because the political crooks and Executhieves have gamed the capitalist model to monopolize financial markets.

    The prospect of armed revolution particularly in the United States is a non-starter. Sabotage does not seem to be on any militia-man’s agenda for all their talk and armaments.

    The absence of true Courage, bravery, self-sacrifice of the individual for the good of all is an antediluvian concept. The people have become obese, fat, doughy, soft and coddled, and have adopted ‘do your own thing’ to a fatal fault. Self-discipline is thought to be an unbearable hardship for the masses.

    Community has become virtual just like being here. There are few people I know who can agree on anything. I have a friend whose son owns a beer and wine st0re. I cannot talk to them about the stupidity of having special stores in our state that sell these items, when across the border grocery stores are able to sell for less and provide one-stop shopping. The state will not change this system because it provides unionized high paying jobs and benefits to clerks who vote for their incumbent politician who is corrupt to his core.

    One day the whole thing will crash or we’ll just muddle through with a que sera sera fatalism like other old countries’ citizens do.

  23. One day the whole thing will crash or we’ll just muddle through with a que sera sera fatalism like other old countries’ citizens do.


    I reckon.

    The problem with many terms lies in the definition or so it seems to me.

    Nice post flipspiceland.

  24. to elaborate just an itty bit…

    If the problem lies in the definition it suggest to me that there are too many different “opinions” regarding many terms – such as “socialism”.

    I think socialism and capitalism can operate in harmony, but we must —- scratch that —- but, this whole “invisible hand” concept is also a bit out of whack.

    I plan on focussing on local economy such that the funds remain in the local area – gradle to grave if possible, but of course no area has all the resources that it needs to function “optimally”. So there you have it according to “me” (my opinion).

    But just to linger a bit more, this is also why I suspect my own days of posting here are coming to a close. I have work to do.


  25. emsnews

    About chemicals: women rub into their bodies an immense amount of chemicals as well as putting into their hair the same…AND OUTLIVE MEN. The fear of chemicals is rather strange, I would suggest. Or rather, we should in general, cut down on chemical exposure. But why be scared of vaccine chemicals since this is the ONE ONLY CASE where it makes 100% sense in that it stops death, not increases death potential?

    About the disintegration of families: If anyone watches the British show,

    we can see the effects of domestic disintegration due to a flood of junk that has overwhelmed us. I personally know stay at home moms who fill their houses with so much stuff including toys for tots, you can’t walk through it and nothing gets cleaned since everything is all over the place.

    The flood of Asian goods has devalued all the things we now keep in our homes.

  26. Andrew Jackson

    1. The family is a small unit of distributed power.
    2. Global central bankers want to centralize power.
    3. The destruction of the family is essential to the centralization of credit and power over people.
    4. Free enterprise is a larger unit of distributed power.
    5. Monopoly capitalism, state sponsored socialism and communism are all larger units of centralized power.
    6. The ‘debate’ between monopoly capitalism is a manufactured hegalian dialectic to distract the masses from the true transfer of economic power from the distributed free enterprise to centralized economic power.

    The vision the global central bankers sell is unlimited anonymous sex, unlimited debt to party and a central all-powerful state/monopolies to provide all your health and entertainment needs.

    The vision of personal responsibility is a tight knit, ethical family, that controls its urges to productive purposes, and is free to trade with other families and keep (or freely share) the fruits of their labor.

    So the stakes in this battle are incredibly enormous; basically not just ruling the world but the souls of mankind.

    But this following video finally helped solve for me the mystery of how they were going to steal all the world’s wealth.

    Did you know that the IMF can print SDR’s that allow them to get the US gold reserves for $42?

    Basically this is why the ENORMOUS US Dollar debt auctions in the next 4 weeks will SUCCEED. The foreign banks were given the trillions of dollars by the Fed to buy this crap in exchange for the promise that when the USD collapses in a few months, they can take their vaults full of potentially worthless paper and exchange it for SDR’s.

    Basically, the crime of the century is that only THEY can buy SDR’s, say $1 billion worth, with $1 billion USD ‘Fed Notes’ (aka toilet paper) and that can be exchanged for gold at $42/oz, which is say worth 20 times that. So any bank that goes along with the scam can magically turn $1 billion into $20 billion.

    $1 Trillion into $20 Trillion. Unlimited Sex, Money and Power forever.

    You admit it, you would sell out your country too, wouldn’t you?

    Elaine, I realize you are not allowed to write about this, but thanks for letting us post our opinions. Good fun.


  27. wow – well if the above post is accurate with the fact, then this is a real dilemma….

    Oh well, I don’t care what they trade for supposed gold they claim.

    I have a few coins.

  28. PLovering

    I would like to hear from any of my liberal friends as to whether they think the following items contained in the House Health Care Bill make sense to them. Are you comfortable with them? These are just a few from the early pages of the 1,000 page bill.

    Pg 22 of the Health Care Bill MANDATES that the Government will audit books of ALL EMPLOYERS that self insure!!
    (FYI many very large corporations self-insure because they have found it cheaper to do so)

    Pg 30 Sec 123 of the Health Care Bill- There will be a government committee that decides what treatments/benefits the insured participants receive

    Pg 29 lines 4-16 in the Health Care Bill- Health Care is to be rationed!!!

    Pg 42 of Health Care Bill – The Health Choices Commissioner will choose your Health Care Benefits for you. You will have no choice!

    PG 50 Section 152 in Health Care Billl – Health Care will be provided to ALL non US citizens, illegal or otherwise

    Pg 58 Health Care Bill – the Government will have real-time access to every individual’s finances & a National ID Health card will be issued!

    Reminder. This is only in the first 58 pages. It gets better.

  29. nah
    High-Frequency Trading – My View
    CNBC video has the ‘pipeline trading chairman’ talking about how 21 billion in kickbacks derived from individual investors is in the interest of mutual funds and banks cuz they help centralize the power of the finance industry by cornering the market… reason: WE NEED MORE LIQUIDITY, is it just me or is this buzz word getting worn out? when was the last time unfair pricing and income wasnt propped up with the demand for MORE LIQUIDITY
    consisting of or capable of ready conversion into cash b: capable of covering current liabilities quickly with current assets
    lack of capitol, or the inability to support ones position in the market without public financing b: enjoying nefarious gains at the expense of public knowledge or ability to react to a complex profit motive

  30. w c

    government health care the american way

    first stop being the policeman to the world

    second step. set medical plans up with a 3000 deductible .. in the working world ,, with a 3000 dollar medical pretax deduction going in to ones own account.. with the provision if you don’t use it .. you keep it.

    congress people included

    the 3000 dollar deduction will lower the cost of the policy .. the saving going into your account

    this will encourage folks to not use the system for colds and run to the doctor on every little hurt.

    for the uninsured .. a bold inituative funded by govenment .on the state level . with the savings of two aircraft carriers and 10 fighter jets .. transfered to you know where .in the middle east.

    and then a reduction of 80 percent of war spending ,, send every american citizen a $10,000 check annually .. LOL

    with enough to spare ..

  31. w c


    lets see what that will do for the family ..

  32. roger

    your comment does not sound very objective.My approach is:
    Read Marx,then read his critics from the right and left,then I make up my mind.As for his sloppy writings you might check his articles writing for the New York tribune in1850. An excellent book is (An American looks at Karl Marx by Williams J. Blake a bank Director 1939

  33. JSmith

    Daliwood: “In capitalist societies, we have been trained by propagandists to believe that Marx et al. were revolutionaries calling for the establishment of Communist states throughout the world. Not true.”


    “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.” – Marx, K., Theses on Feuerbach, XI.

    Sounds like he was calling for something there.

    “Their writings about communism were largely descriptions of where they thought societies were ultimately headed. They weren’t penning My Little Book of How to Be a Commie.”

    Unfortunately true. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, et al. have all had their own ideas on How to Be a Commie, which has left that whole area of political theory a bit disreputable.

  34. w c

    why is it that this continued reading of failed policys .. as a cure

    while i bet two tacos .. that those who wade hip deep in trying to understand marx

    have not taken one step in reading Human Action by mises

    Or the even more relevant

    Capitalism .. by george reismans very readable works .. and introduction to human action. for free on the internet

    yet wade into exotic and thread bare material .. i suspect the book looks great on the coffee table for friends..

    whilst some still struggle why a gun is more important to the head .. than common sense

  35. kenogami

    Is the blue tractor for sale?… with the girl added as a bonus or a stock option?

    ELAINE: What? You need a road graded? Ditch dug? 🙂

  36. PLovering

    “government health care the american way”

    @ wc

    All my health care providers are American White Male Christians.

    So much for the war on dispossession.

  37. w c

    All my health care providers are American White Male Christians.

    quote PLovering

    what on gods earth is that supposed to mean… have you not been treated by an asian, a african america some of the best health care in america is seattle ,, and it is a no bigot area for trash talk

  38. w c

    on marxian clap trap

    go to page 603 Capitalism by Reisman

    as he point by point takes apart the fallacys and distorted thinking of karl Marks

    then many other areas .. on capital .. rents , division of labor ..

    so much jumping over logs of truth to read obscure and anamorphosis sludge.

  39. w c

    here read lol

    The Clearest and Most
    Comprehensive Defense of the
    Capitalist Economic System Available
    1096 pp. hardcover

    Open your Acrobat Reader and browse through the entire book now in pdf and see the wealth of original economic theories and irrefutable logical arguments it offers in defense of economic freedom and laissez-faire capitalism. The book is on line in its entirety, here on this web site, in one large, fully searchable pdf file, with all entries in the table of contents and lists of figures and tables hyperlinked to the material to which they refer. Feel free to download the file to your hard drive and look through it at your leisure. Unlike the CD-Rom edition, however, the online version does not allow printing or copying and pasting.

  40. w c


    For those with the intellectual courage to accept a challenge of having many of their firmest and most cherished beliefs reduced by unanswerable logic to the status of Dark-Age superstitions, here are some of the beliefs that Reisman’s book demolishes:

    The profit motive is the cause of starvation wages, exhausting hours, sweatshops, and child labor; of monopolies, inflation, depressions, wars, imperialism, and racism. Saving is hoarding.

    Competition is the law of the jungle. Economic inequality is unjust and the legitimate basis for class warfare.

    Economic progress is a ravaging of the planet and, in the form of improvements in efficiency, a cause of unemployment and depressions.

    War and destruction or additional peacetime government spending are necessary to prevent unemployment under capitalism.

    Economic activity other than manual labor is parasitical. Businessmen and capitalists are recipients of “unearned income” and are “exploiters.”

    manufacturers; advertisers are inherently guilty of fraud—

    the fraud of attempting to induce people to desire the goods that capitalism showers on them, but that they allegedly have no natural or legitimate basis for desiring.

    (These are all common accusations that are bandied about again and again ad nauseam, in the media, in novels and plays, in classrooms and lecture halls.)

  41. w c


    Based on the same foundation, the book presents the most powerful critiques of Marx, Keynes, the pure-and-perfect competition doctrine, and environmentalism to be found anywhere.

  42. w c

    and lol

    Reisman’s book flies in the face of all such anticapitalistic ideas and demands. Its thesis is that never have

    so many people been so ignorant and confused

    about a subject so important, as most people now are about economics and capitalism.

  43. PLovering

    Germany becomes Russia’s closest partner in Europe and the whole world.

  44. nah
    Germany calls carbon tariffs “eco-imperialism”
    The issue of greenhouse tariffs has met bitter opposition from developing countries such as China and India, who count on the developed world to buy their exports as they build their economies in the face of the worst financial crisis in decades.
    Dont forget information imperialism… why be honest when we can just forgoe reason in lieu of faith in an every more centralized power that is built on an internationalist foundation… We need the CIA, and the CIA needs usssssssssssssssth
    due process, real dialogue, and historical fairness is for wimps who want excuses or at least would rather live in fear instead of trusting in a ultra elite financial hegemony… and pray tell what DOES money buy anyways

  45. nah
    Clinton says Iran’s nuclear pursuit is “futile”
    LOL iran is crazy they are going to slap the west in the face! then they are going to overthrow the evil powers with the help of the taliban and chechens LOL… talk about a puppet regime, but a puppet of the taliban LOOOOOL…. hell they probably want a nuclear bomb so they can get their pound of flesh from the american velvet revolution in their little puppet island of afiranistan

  46. w c

    July 26, 2009 at 8:42 pm clinton b.s.

    Memo to SECSTATE HRC: my dear lady, the “big lie” technique is not working on the American people anymore, no matter how desperately you feel the compulsive need to publicly prove your undying fealty to Israel.

    FACT: As a signatory to the NPT, Iran is perfectly within its right to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes, i.e., build a power plant.

    FACT: The IAEA, which has been inspecting this plant, has declared that there have been no missing or unaccounted for nuclear materials which might be used to create a nuclear bomb.

    FACT: The level of uranium enrichment necessary for creating a weapon is infinitely stronger than that necessary for creating a power plant, and the IAEA has found absolutely no evidence of that either.

    FACT: Israel, which does have nuclear weapons, refuses to sign the NPT, which would mandate inspection of their nuclear facilities.

    FINAL FACT: Secretary Clinton, you must be, in light of your position in this administration, aware of the reality that senior Russian officials have warned that a military attack against Iran will trigger WWIII.

    If you are insane enough to believe that somehow, a war between Russia and the US would be a really good thing for this country, you need to be immediately relieved of your responsibilities as Secretary of State, and receive a psychiatric evaluation.

  47. w c


    the big lie except for

    July 26, 2009 at

  48. roger

    Reisman = for profit you accumulate till there is nothing left to accumulate,so much for laissez faire economics. best book for a recipe on the road to self destruct,not bad for $249.00.
    the most important element,human behavior is conveniently ignored

  49. w c

    July 26, 2009 at 8:57 pm
    Reisman = for profit you accumulate till there is nothing left to accumulate,so much for laissez faire economics. best book for a recipe on the road to self destruct,not bad for $249.00.

    roger it is free ,, and something you have never read,,, ,, and so much for an educational system composed of junk and many rogers

  50. w c

    roger .. you post junk

    no context warmed over mush ..

    i suspect you wear old leather boots made out of a skinned deer,, and eat fruit picked off old vines of magical thingking

    and live in a home made of straw lol

  51. w c

    dear roger

    the book cost 90 bucks .. what does any text book cost for college ,, even books of junk cost as much

    have had it for 12 years .. read it .

    most people stuff it up their a## and think they have a full understanding ,,

  52. w c


    George Reisman has written a profound, often brilliant work, full of fascinating and valuable insights, wisdom and vision. It is seldom that I find myself underlining or putting exclamation points in the margins of nearly every page of a book. . . . I have learned much from Reisman’s magnum opus and recommend it highly to all readers who want to expand their vision of economic reality.”

    – Mark Skousen, Adjunct Professor of Economics and Finance
    Rollins College

    roger the wizard of nothing writes

    mush . lol

  53. charlottemom

    Elaine et al

    Hot discussion for Hot day. Just got back from the pool with the kids & watched Warren Pollack’s Great Reset presentation, which is making its way around the internet.

    Lots of Elaine’s themes covered (but of course he doesn’t name names or assign individual blame. Wish he did, actually).

    Basically, his point is we’ve collapsed already, but Americans in denial don’t know it yet. God help us with that a soon to happen (before 2012?), “unforseen event” triggers a massive and violent realization here.

    Are you familiar with this? Thoughts?

    @ wc — re 9/11. No I there on 9/11. Many from Marsh Mc died (around 300) but none from my individual unit (mercer) – Mercer corp was a different tower/different floor. Marsh Mc primarily had its data and recordkeeping housed in trade center. NY. MMC corp executives were all safely in midtown office.

  54. w c

    @ wc — re 9/11. No I (was) there on 9/11

    yes tragic for M Mc, employees ..

    sure the collapse is going on as we speak ;

    willy coyote is running off the cliff and not yet looking down lol

  55. w c

    sinclair… 102 days until all confidence is lost…three months and the mr coyote finally looks down

  56. PLovering

    Spitzer says Federal Reserve is “a Ponzi scheme, inside job” …

  57. I don’t support Marx. One of the 10 planks was a central bank. It is clear that the central bankers were behind this gig to run the world. In the mid 1800’s, the Bank of England wasn’t much, contrary to what we have been told. Today, what do we have? We have the IMF, nothing but an endowed banking system to loot the US for the benefit of keeping the banking game going.

    The idea of Marxism was to concentrate industry so that it could be ruled from the top by bankers. TPTB then knew the big lie, what you know that you know that you don’t know, could rule for them. Elaine takes a good shot at Bernanke. Is the guy braindead? No, he is just part of more of that communist manifesto. What is being called capitalism isn’t capitalism, but bankerism. Anyone who confuses what Goldman Sachs does with capitalism is brainwashed. This is all government endowed.

    I believe the original sin was man becoming aware of himself. This seems to have affected women more than men simply because looks plays such a big role in women. Modern Western society is all full of itself. Banking plays on this fact through their aids in movies and the press. A person will cut off his nose to spite his face when it comes to keeping the self image up. Get you a new car you can’t afford so they can see you behind the wheel.

    People 200 years ago knew that fractional reserve banking was against the law and immoral. Lending something that doesn’t exist in return for more than something that doesn’t exist back is a mathematical impossibility. Woodrow Wilson and his communist aide, Mandel House, knew this. Wilson wished for a corporate society, the facist side of socialism. I believe they knew that war, debt and a central bank would break the back of the US constitution. The Smoot Hawley lie, that tarriffs caused the depression, was a cover for the fact that unpayable debts and a lack of former financing due to the continued lending of what didn’t exist caused the depression and it will cause this one as well.

  58. w c

    July 26, 2009 at 10:23 pm

    my opinion a good post thanks

    the original sin was man thinking this was real… or thinking LOL

  59. the original sin is a lie!

  60. roger

    Mark Skousen
    Your comment sounds like a system of belief,nothing concrete,the last sentence attacking my personality is not very professional
    Magnum Opus …..I think not

  61. w c

    I think not

    roger you have never read the full of reisman .. do not know any thing about austrian economics

    so why even try to make an excuse for your snide 250 cost or some such baloney

    having never read, living in a glass house tossing out platudes

    SHOW one point of view of reisman that you can dispute, rather than straw man inuendo ..

    and also the benefactor of a system ,, that gave you TV, air conditioning , modern conveniences, modern trucking , supply chains, so you bite the hind end of the capitalistic system that was the ground for advancement and now confuse the banksterism systemand its attendent evils .

    at least have a shred of ground to stand on . when throwing out balls of string and sacks of mush as you did,,

  62. w c

    who said any thing about professional

    your statements lacked all of that lol

  63. donethat

    The WSJ article about top pay earners eroding social security is propaganda. The 12.4 percent social security payment of the top wage earners only increases their full retirement age social security benefits by 30 dollars a month for every 84,000 dollars earned. Social security gets 10416 dollars to pay a 360 dollar annual annuity.

  64. emsnews

    Concentration of wealth at the top of ANY system no matter what the original basis of that system, leads to TYRANNY as well as a collapse of a society.

    Example from ancient history: When the Mongols captured Babylon, the Khan found lots and lots of hoarded gold. He demanded to know why the Calif didn’t use this gold to build a better army and defenses.

    Then, he melted the gold and poured it down the Calif’s throat.

    Wealth is worthless if it doesn’t circulate. Setting up a system that creates circulation of wealth is very important for any working system. The US has lagged in this matter and now is collapsing. Ditto, Japan, but NOT Germany!

    And so we have to keep our heads: there is no perfect philosophical system that ‘works’ except for one: to admire and emulate Libra and try to balance all systems. So when a sector starts to suck down all wealth, moves must be made to redirect this wealth lest it lead to inequality that is so great, it destroys the entire system even at the top (via revolutions, wars and economic collapses).

  65. PLovering

    “Mom Refuses C-Section, Baby Taken Away”

    @ RobG

    We have a new Constitution.

    And Declaration of Dispossession.

  66. emsnews

    About the woman who lost custody of her child: I once had to push for this when a crazy woman insisted on having babies she couldn’t care for….we managed, after her last birth, to persuade her to get her tubes tied.

    This ‘shocking’ case is not so shocking when one has to deal with people who have sanity problems (my husband has been institutionalized more than once and I spent a lot of time hanging out with the patients and trust me…some of the women are in terrible distress as well as mental confusion)

  67. w c


    to admire and emulate Libra and try to balance all systems = using the mechanism of a as perfect as we know it system .. called austrian economics, with laws upheld. Human Action,

    lets try it for “once” .. see if it does not work.

    in my very humble opinion

  68. PLovering

    Health Minister swine flu quote:

    “Washing hands regularly and practicing good personal hygiene can reduce the infection risk by 60 percent,”

    Sure beats vaccines.

    I don’t have flu shots anymore. They always make me ill.

  69. emsnews

    I never, ever got ill from one. And I get them every year. Remember: you have a 40% chance of getting it even if you wash hands.

  70. PLovering


    Young chicks don’t get ill … only us old geezers.

    I don’t mind taking a vaccine that works.

    But I very much mind having a vaccine foisted on me right out of the skunk works, without the essential preliminary tests and studies as to efficacy.

    There are lots of communities exempted from vaccines, and doing very nicely. Maybe better than we are, not that we’ll ever know.

  71. emsnews

    Time is very much on the side of the Virus Empire. You can wait until it is too late. Asking all of us to do this is crazy.

  72. norcalkid

    “Money is like manure, of very little use except it be spread.”
    -Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

    There is much practical wisdom to be learned from his works.

  73. emsnews

    One of my favorite guys. 🙂

  74. w c

    would you like to be hired by a person with scant manure . But first the person has to have the manure to spread

    many will say bacon wrote the Shakespeare plays


  75. shockuhzulu

    First let me say, we need more tractor pictures.

    All you need to know about Marx is this: when writing “Das Capital” he was so bored with his own bunk that he failed to even finish it.

    How long before the last vestiges of Western Civilization becomes a tiny carbon footprint? Heaven knows.

  76. flash

    boy loves girl
    girl loves backhoe

    and opera

  77. emsnews

    Marx saw one part of the system. So did Adams. Many people contribute to understanding systems. But most humans are doctrinaire so they can only cling to one explanation or another and reject all other incoming data, forces, etc.

    This human tendency is extremely powerful and is part of the innermost parts of our brain, our need to cling to something as ‘perfect’ while all other things are rejected, this is a very, very powerful force. Periodically, I toy with this and try to get people to absorb new data or new systems and let me tell you: this is virtually impossible. I am happy when even a few people accept this challenge.

    Changing one’s mind is tremendously difficult. Try training someone to change their child rearing techniques, for example.

  78. roger

    Elaine: There is safety in numbers,leaving the comfort zone to become the minority of one, can be very dangerous.In the good old days your sins where purified at the stakes,even to day there are places in this world where non conformity is punished by stoning to death.And you are right no one individual has all the answers.Reality is in constant change whether our minds like it or not.There are some exceptional individual in this world,you are one of them.

  79. shockuhzulu

    I read “Das Capital.” Longest 20 hours of my life. IMHO Marx made one simple point in his voluminous ramblings: the worker is exploited. C’mon. This made Marx an economical genius? I could’ve told you that when I was a 5th grade paperboy.

    Von Mises makes 1000% more sense and his writings are much more interesting, succinct, and reality-based. He makes Marx look like a dunce.

  80. My communist and capitalist manifesto: only communists can build and maintain capitalism properly.

    Look at China. 🙂

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  82. Lou

    you have a 40% chance of getting it even if you wash hands–Turns out hot water does not kill germs, boiling water does kill germs.

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