Vanity Beauty Treatments Are Far More Dangerous Than Any Vaccinations

A number of websites that like to scare people are jumping on the ‘scary vaccination shot’ bandwagon.  They then exaggerate every possible fear in order to get people to not get vaccinations.  Some of these fearful stories are rather pathetic such as the ‘mercury poisoning’ fears.  True, mercury is not good for us.  But the miniscule amounts involved in a vaccination pale in comparison to say, eating a fish dinner.  And the true menace to our health is vanity: throughout history, the most dangerous substances and practices are done in the name of ‘beautification’.


First, let’s dispose of all the super-scary stories that we are going to be forced to take flu shots:


BBC NEWS | Health | Swine flu vaccine for ‘half US’

A US government advisory committee said health officials should prepare to vaccinate 160 million people.  The vaccination campaign, which will involve two doses of vaccine per person, is due to begin in mid-October.  In the event that not enough vaccine is available, a tighter group of high-risk patients will receive it.  This group also includes people who care for babies, health workers and children between the age of six months and four years.


In other words, there will NOT be enough for everyone.  This simple fact means that all the super-scary stories about how this vaccination is set up to kill everyone is pure bunk.  Why give a vaccination to only half of the population if you want to kill most of the population?  Just like all the illogical UFO stories which jump to the assumption that there are strange space aliens running around our planet, spooking us by flashing bright lights, the need to apply logic to any conspiracy story is paramount.


That is, if something is illogical, it is probably improbable.  The blanket explanation used by many websites pushing all the stranger stories is, ‘The do this because they WANT to do this’ is not a logical explanation at all.  On top of this, assuming the same thing all the time and applying it to every possible story is lazy as well as an intellectual fraud.


People have complained about my analysis of ‘scary things’.  This is because I apply the exact same system to these ‘scary things’ as I apply to all other things.  I think very hard about what to compare things with and then draw parallels or similarities and then I look at the historical outcome of these various things.  This is why I stand very firm on the foundation of rational thinking when I state that vaccinations have increased longevity and survival rates in human populations.  Indeed, I push it further and can say that vaccinations are directly responsible for the surge in human population growth in places that don’t use lots of birth controls.


When one uses this sort of logical thinking system, one then can detect bulls**t stories set into motion to scare people.  So, let’s go through today’s news and see how this process I use, works:


Will Safety Fears Hurt Swine Flu Vaccinations? – ABC News

The source of many of these concerns is the probability that the mercury-containing preservative thimerosal will be an ingredient in some of the doses of the new vaccine. Concern over thimerosalhas lingered for years, despite research that has overwhelmingly found it to be harmless.


“We have yet to find any evidence that thimerosal ever hurt anyone,” said Dr. Andrew Pavia, chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Utah….


…Dr. John Treanor, a professor of medicine and immunology at the University of Rochester, added that the design and production of the swine flu vaccine should be much like that of the seasonal influenza vaccine, which is developed every year without the benefit of time- and cost-consuming clinical trials.


“It’s like a new product each year, and when we use it and we don’t do clinical studies when [seasonal flu vaccines] are licensed because of the long history of flu vaccine safety,” Treanor said.


Now, scary websites that use this fear of mercury poisoning will try to spook innocent people into not protecting themselves because supposedly, the taint of this extremely small amount of mercury will kill them.   We have ingested mercury since the dawn of civilization.  Like lead, mercury has many uses in a wide variety of manufacturing, making leather goods, metallurgy, etc.  Aside from natural mercury leeching into the biosphere, humans have polluted the environment with mercury and it is mostly invisible to us and we ingest it unknowingly.


Now, there is a principal at work here: we weigh risks with benefits!  That is very simple: we get mercury poisoning from our polluted environment and we get it from vaccination shots.  The mercury pollution gives us the benefit of modern civilization but it is also unnecessary which is why we have draconian laws in many places (NOT the US!) which restrict mercury pollution.  The benefit of getting vaccinations greatly outweigh the minute hazards.  Despite a lot of yelling by certain parties, the stories of vaccinations doing harm to children are either tremendously exaggerated or are based on assumptions, not on medical research.


While You’re Pregnant – Methylmercury

“What is methylmercury?”
It’s a metal that can be found in certain fish. The methylmercury in these fish can be harmful to your unborn baby if you eat these fish. Mercury occurs naturally in the environment and can also be released into the air through industrial pollution. It falls from the air and can get into surface water, accumulating in streams and oceans. Bacteria in the water cause chemical changes that transform mercury into methylmercury, which can be toxic. Fish absorb methylmercury as they feed on aquatic organisms.


“Is there methylmercury in all fish?”
Nearly all fish contain traces of methylmercury. However, larger fish that have lived longer have the highest levels of methylmercury because they’ve had more time to accumulate it. These large fish pose the greatest risk to pregnant women who eat them regularly.


“How could I become exposed to methylmercury?”
Fish in the diet is the major source of methylmercury, and eating certain types of fish leads to the accumulation of methylmercury in the body. Methylmercury can build up in your blood stream, and can then pass from your blood into that of your unborn child.
Methylmercury is removed from the body naturally, but it may take over a year for the levels to drop to a safe level. Thus, it may be present in a woman even before she becomes pregnant. This is one of the reasons that women who are trying to become pregnant should also avoid eating certain types of fish.


“How can I tell if I’ve been exposed to methylmercury?”
You will not show noticeable symptoms from eating commercial seafood, but your newborn may experience symptoms (see next question). If you think you’ve been exposed to methylmercury, see your doctor or health-care provider immediately.


“How could methylmercury affect my baby?”
Some fish and shellfish contain higher levels of mercury that may harm an unborn baby or young child’s developing nervous system.


“What types of fish should I avoid eating while I’m pregnant or trying to become pregnant?”
You, along with nursing mothers and young children, should not eat the following fish, as they can contain high levels of methylmercury:

  • Swordfish
  • Tilefish
  • King mackerel
  • Shark


I knew many years ago that mercury in fish was dangerous so when I was pregnant with both children, I didn’t eat dangerous fish.  For example, sardines don’t have much of this poison in them.  Tuna has more.  Some people would very dearly like to connect autism and Asperger’s syndrome to vaccinations.  But if mercury were the cause, and the probability of this is rather low to vanishing (it is probably genetic) then eating fish is far, far more likely the case.  Mercury poisoning causes nerve damage but not the type expressed by autistic victims.


Of course, I can tell this until blue in the face and no one will listen so long as they can pull up webpages from various INDIVIDUALS who make opposite claims!  There will ALWAYS be one or two or even a dozen people who will dispute this sort of information.  This is where weighing information is very important: when less than 1% of all experts on medical information disagree with 99% of the other doctors or scientists, then the chances of this 1% of being wrong is higher.


This might be due to misinformation or new data but often, when I look at the information, I see holes the size of a black hole in many of the stories put forth by dissident health advisors online. This is why one shouldn’t cling to these sites as unassailable proof.  Just for example, I have been vaccinated for the flu nearly all my life due to nearly dying of the Hong Kong flu.  Far from harming me, it has made my life much easier to bear because in the past, when I got a flu, it would cause lung problems due to the aftereffects of getting pneumonia during the earlier Hong Kong flu event.


It is now also pretty certain that people who definitely got the Hong Kong flu the way I did don’t need any inoculation this time around.  So I will be one of the half of the US to not get the shots.  And this doesn’t bother me at all.  On the other hand, I am very anxious that my own children get it.


Now, let’s get logical: what should women (and even vain males) fear the most?  According to history including up to today, our greatest fears should be the stupid things we do to ourselves in the name of LOOKING ‘beautiful’, not vaccinations!  The history of humans poisoning themselves, deforming their bodies and putting noxious chemicals on the skin is epic!  No painful process is too painful if it is done to be ‘beautiful’.  No poison is rejected if it makes one look ‘beautiful’!  This is a tremendously powerful force in humans.  We risk DEATH in order to look pretty!


Tanning Booths Are Deadly

For Mary Ann Gerber, every glance in the mirror is a reminder of the hours she spent tanning and their heartbreaking consequences.  “The worst part is I know all the damage I did to my skin in all those years tanning,” says Gerber, a 24-year-old skin cancer survivor. “It doesn’t matter. I’ve done the damage.”


Gerber, a self-described “tan-a-holic”started her trips to the tanning salon as a teenager.  “I loved tanning,” she says. “I was happy, I felt skinny, it was good.”


This week, warnings were put out about tanning booths.  They are DEADLY.  The tiny potential for bad side effects from vaccinations are utterly dwarfed by the immense dangers of tanning beds.  How odd is that?  My first husband was 30 when he nearly died of melanoma.  He was one of the first ‘guinea pigs’ for modern cancer treatments since he had a terrible prognosis for survival.  35 years ago, and I am happy to report, he is still alive.


Tanning is good if one gets it via the simple process of doing things outdoors while wearing a hat, if one is of fair skin.  I strongly suspect the gene for light skin which evolved during the last Ice Age was due not to just being in the northern hemisphere but was due to wearing of hats.  So, fairer skin could survive the impact of letting in too much solar radiation.


Fair skin is actually a disability.  I used to love pointing this out to white power freaks.  Personally, I always wished I had somewhat darker skin so I could go out in the hot sun without worrying about frying my flesh.


Dr. Rose’s French Arsenic Complexion Wafers — 1902 Sears Roebuck Catalog

Every lady a possible buyer of this celebrated complexion preparation and beautifier. Regular size, also large size boxes, can be sold constantly at a very good profit.


PERFECTLY HARMLESS when used in accordance with our directions, it possesses the “Wizard’s Touch” in producing, preserving and enhancing beauty of form and person in male and female by surely developing a transparency and pellucid clearness of complexion, shapely contour of form, brilliant eyes, soft and smooth skin, where by nature the reverse exists.


The history of beauty treatments being deadly is obvious.  Geishas poisoned themselves, trying to look spectrally white.  Movie stars apply the most bizarre and noxious treatments in order to look like walking mummies.  Botox, for example, has not been tested by time!  We don’t know if it will make all these vain people look like Michael Jackson in their old age (hint: they will look like him!) but this doesn’t stop vain people doing this freakish thing in order to give the illusion of looking young.


Can Beauty Be Dangerous? –

Lipstick tainted with lead. Mascara that contains mercury. A hair-straightening treatment that slicks your tresses with protein . . . and formaldehyde? As three recent controversies show, sometimes the world of beauty can be downright ugly.


Take the lipstick debate. Last fall, a study gave women reason to worry about their war paint: The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics tested 33 lipsticks for lead, from Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer to L’Oreal Colour Riche. They found that 61 percent of the lipsticks tested contained a detectable amount of the contaminant. In fact, several lipsticks exceeded the Food and Drug Administration’s lead limit for candy. (The study used candy as a benchmark not only because women ingest both candy and lipstick — albeit in vastly different amounts — but also because the FDA does not set lead standards for lipstick.)


Even a minuscule amount of lead is a big problem, says Campaign for Safe Cosmetics spokeswoman Stacy Malkan. “What the companies will often say is, ‘There’s a little toxin in one product and you can’t say it causes harm,’ ” she says. “But none of us uses just one product.” Lead is a neurotoxin that accumulates in the body over time, which is why tiny amounts ingested regularly (or in the case of lipstick, multiple times per day) could be hazardous.


I didn’t use hardly any lipstick during my life.  So I am an ugly old crone.  But very much, alive.  I also didn’t use hairspray since 1966 after deciding it stank, was sticky and made my scalp itch.   So I became a hippie chick.  Heh.  Beauty treatments are a million times more dangerous not only for vain adults but their children, than any number of vaccine potential side effects.  I have buried female relatives who died of lung cancer caused by hairspray overuse.


Anorexia caused by this demented desire to look super skinny kills far more women than the entire history of vaccinations.  More people die of cosmetic surgery complications than have died of flu shots…by a million miles.


‘Botox tax’ could fund Obama health care reforms | Mail Online

A ‘Botox tax’ could be introduced in America to pay for sweeping health care reforms demanded by President Barack Obama.


Patients seeking cosmetic surgery, including breast enlargements, liposuction and nose jobs, would be forced to pay an extra 10 per cent on their bill.


With Americans spending an estimated £10billion on cosmetic procedures the tax would go some way to meeting the estimated £1trillion overhaul of the health care system.


Call this the ‘Hollywood tax’.  This should please right wingers who like to whine about Hollywood and then flock to vote for right wing actors who has fake hair and face lifts.  This includes the Republican, Schwarzenegger.  They love his rigid face.  Which is the product of lots of noxious injections.  Octomom rushed out to get her own lip injections, etc, right after getting some loot for having a litter of children.  Everyone in Hollywood loves fake faces!  And if we had this tax in the past, Michael Jackson alone would have balanced the budget (is a joke).


New Poll Finds Growing Unease on Health Plan –

President Obama’s ability to shape the debate on health care appears to be eroding as opponents aggressively portray his overhaul plan as a government takeover that could limit Americans’ ability to choose their doctors and course of treatment, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.


Americans are concerned that revamping the health care system would reduce the quality of their care, increase their out-of-pocket health costs and tax bills, and limit their options in choosing doctors, treatments and tests, the poll found. The percentage who describe health care costs as a serious threat to the American economy — a central argument made by Mr. Obama — has dropped over the past month.


We want to have our cake and eat it, too.  And we don’t care if many millions of Americans have zero healthcare: so long as the majority has healthcare that is bankrupting our nation, we want more of this.  And the scare of bankruptcy is fake if we are told, we must cut healthcare spending while not cutting our massive Pentagon spending:


Despite Obama’s Objections, House Appropriators Seem Intent on Earmarks –

The Democratic-controlled House is poised to give the Pentagon dozens of new ships, planes, helicopters and armored vehicles that Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates says the military does not need to fund next year, acting in many cases in response to defense industry pressures and campaign contributions under an approach he has decried as “business as usual” and vowed to help end.


The unwanted equipment in a military spending bill expected to come to a vote on the House floor Thursday or Friday has a price tag of at least $6.9 billion.


See?  Far from even suggesting cuts in wild military spending, it is increasing.  The warmongering Democrats are even worse than the warmongering Republicans. This is the real danger.  We must stop this military machine.  We can’t bomb our way out of bankruptcy.  Though the danger that we might try this, is very real.  This will cause WWIII and I fear WWIII much, much, much more than flu shots.  We have to keep our heads and look at the real dangers!

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108 responses to “Vanity Beauty Treatments Are Far More Dangerous Than Any Vaccinations

  1. ralph

    Read – Murder by Injection: The story of the medical conspiracy against America. by Eustace Mullins. Until you read the facts, you are uninformed. The chapters on fluoridation and vaccination are fact. All references are from and archived at the library of congress.

  2. larry, dfh

    I never thought the problem with vaccinations was the mercury, although I would doubt dr. andy pavia would pour some on his cereal while he was dismissing it’s toxicity. I think that there are potential problems with vaccinations, in that they are very much one-size-fits-all. Peoples’ immune systems are their true chemical uniqueness, and people react to immunological challenges differently. Shortly after birth we are supposed to ‘purge’ the ability to make antibodies to ourselves, but those abilities are not so much purged as made inactive. Under severe (or perceived!) immunologic challenge, we may be able to recall those abilities, and produce auto-immune disorders. There is evidence that the 1919 flu pandemic may have resulted in a burst of schizophrenia 25 years later, for example. What is considered a severe immunologic challenge is, of course, individual. Look at ourselves: some people sense a threat in pllen, and have hay fever; some do not. And some get hay fever occassionally, but not every year. The same with poison-ivy sensitivity. But whomping everybody with the same whopping dose of foreign matter could conceivably be overwhelming for some. A friend of mine was crippled by a Lyme disease vaccination, which he took while unknowingly infected with Lyme disease. It threw him into immulogic overdrive, and he has what is diagnosed as M.S. because of the resultant auto-immune de-myelination of his nerves. They yanked the vaccine off the market for being unsafe. I know a young man who got polio from a vaccination; he had a cold when he was innocculated, and neither the parents nor the pediatrician noticed. The polio vaccine is usually virus of decreased viability, but it can be viable if one’s immune system is suppressed, like by a cold. It’s just that the immune system is so complex, and so little understood. It really needs to be approached with caution, and posibly with psychological councilling, as there is a connection between our psyches and our immune systems.
    As to the tanning booths, anyone lookin at the products of those operations can see that it must be harmful. But the down-side of over-pigmentation in extreme latitudes is ricketts. But I’m with you on the pigmentation thing, there are some wild shades of skin out there. Years ago I was in a karate group and there was this one guy of Japanese ancestry, who worked construction, and he was the most beautiful shade of orange in the summer!

  3. Robert Paulson

    Comparing the poison that is botox and the damage of tanning beds to the poisons in vaccines is an apples-oranges argument.

    No one is forcing anyone to get botox or lay in a tanning bed. Those are voluntary actions.

    The problem with this over hyped flu, that has killed nowhere close to a year’s worth of traffic deaths (4,378 pedeastrians killed in the US for 2008 – according to, is that it will be lathered in heavy propaganda and where I can see a forced innoculation program.

    “A number of websites that like to scare people are jumping on the ’scary vaccination shot’ bandwagon.”

    Ahem, I’d be thinking that they aren’t ‘scaring’ anyone. Most of the websites I have visited are administrated by doctors who are informing the public about this over-hyped flu and the NOT tested vaccines.

    “They then exaggerate every possible fear in order to get people to not get vaccinations.”

    Yeah, because the possibility of seizures and brain damage REALLY appeal to me.

    “Some of these fearful stories are rather pathetic such as the ‘mercury poisoning’ fears.”

    Those so-called ‘fears’ are for far more than just ‘mercury poisoning’. You have no idea, do you? You are, again, just ignoring the information that commenters are leaving you.

    “In other words, there will NOT be enough for everyone.”

    You’re right and a good thing too. I wish that there was even less available. They’ll just inject 160 million people and a large number of them may succumb to defects in that medication. But this never happened before. Oh, no. No way.

    “This simple fact means that all the super-scary stories about how this vaccination is set up to kill everyone is pure bunk.”

    Why, becuase ONLY 160 million people may be injected with a possible toxic concotion that has NOT been tested?

    Three words for you: ‘follow the money.’

    By the way,

    University Of Alabama Implements Mandatory Vaccination Program (July 30, 2009)

    snippet: “Another major school institution has implemented a mandatory vaccination policy that bars both new and current students who haven’t received the meningitis and MMR shots from enrolling for the coming academic year.”

  4. Robert Paulson

    DANGERS OF MMR JAB ‘COVERED UP’ (July 15, 2009)

    snippet:”According to a secret dossier, five cases were reported of potentially deadly brain inflammation following the use of MMR in Canada before it became part of standard childhood vaccinations in Britain.

    The internal documents from the Government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation also reveal reports that another brand of MMR had caused “neurological complications” from the measles component of the vaccine in the US.”

  5. Robert Paulson

    Six months after the MMR jab… a bubbly little girl now struggles to speak, walk and feed herself (Jan. 21, 2009)

    snippet:”Until she had the MMR jab Melody Brook was a bewitching little girl who loved to sing and dance. Two days later the five-year-old started to limp and fall over and before long she couldn’t walk.
    Melody was admitted to hospital within a week, but her condition deteriorated at frightening speed. Today, six months after the routine jab, the schoolgirl is still in hospital and she has regressed to being ‘like a baby’ again.

  6. drkrbyluv

    The NWO order is moving to the end-game as they prepare to depopulate the planet. The WHO is an integral part of the NWO criminal cabal.

    Infowars – Today’s show has two experts reporting on the deadly flu vaccine coming our way.

    Alex talks with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, one of the country’s most knowledgeable and outspoken physicians regarding the impact of vaccines on health.

    Additional guests include Bob Coen and Eric Nadler, producers of Anthrax-War, a provocative new investigative documentary covering today’s secret and dangerous world of germ weapons and the “international biological warfare mafia.”

  7. Robert Paulson

    American sheep to the extreme — herd mentality (and symptoms).

    Now read this and think of what’ll happen when it’s the ‘flu’. They’ll all be screaming, “Please, God! Inject me! Inject my kids! Inject all of us! Inject them! Make sure to inject them, too!” Riots will break out when there isn’t enough of the brain-rot vaccines.

    Perfume sets off events in Fort Worth that put 34 in hospitals (July 29, 2009)

    snippet: “A rush of hysteria over what was initially reported as a gas leak likely resulted in 34 people being sent to area hospitals Wednesday afternoon.

    But the actual culprit was perfume, brand unknown.

    That’s right — perfume.

    Lt. Kent Worley, a Fire Department spokesman, suggested that the situation escalated because of “psychosomatic behavior.””

  8. Robert Paulson

    “Alex talks with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, one of the country’s most knowledgeable and outspoken physicians regarding the impact of vaccines on health.”

    I’m listening to her right now. Very knowledgeable and is not a crank or a scare monger. As much as Eliane would like to think.

  9. Robert Paulson

    Must Read:

    ‘A Whole Industry Is Waiting For A Pandemic’ (July 21, 2009)

    “Jefferson: The WHO and public health officials, virologists and the pharmaceutical companies. They’ve built this machine around the impending pandemic. And there’s a lot of money involved, and influence, and careers, and entire institutions! And all it took was one of these influenza viruses to mutate to start the machine grinding.

    Jefferson: Don’t you think there’s something noteworthy about the fact that the WHO has changed its definition of pandemic? The old definition was a new virus, which went around quickly, for which you didn’t have immunity, and which created a high morbidity and mortality rate. Now the last two have been dropped, and that’s how swine flu has been categorized as a pandemic.”

  10. ralf

    Elaine, it’s just amazing how you research your economic stories and almost always defer to alternative news sites or other bloggers to get your facts. You always seem to demean mainstream news sources. Yet with this vaccine story I see you quote ABC and the Washington Post. The mainstream media are the propaganda mouthpiece for the government and corporatist interests. You know this. I don’t believe myself that there is a conspiracy to de-populate behind vaccinations (actually I don’t know) but I do believe as some other commenters have said that there is a HUGE money making intent behind all this. Big pharma is all about money and very little about human health. You mention people taking risks with their health using makeup…there are risks. And yet you won’t even look at the risks exposed by many experts in taking vaccinations. Why do you think that mercury amalgams have been banned in many parts of Europe? Here in the US they are only now looking at the health risks posed by using mercury in dentistry. Take a good hard look at retired dentists and their health. There are reports out there. They are not a happy or healthy group of people. I know your outlook on health, nutrition, vaccinations is a result of too much embedded reliance on medical science. It’s your upbringing. You should start to explore alternative health treatments…you will read about the horrors of medical science and what it has done to the health of many. Very few doctors know about nutrition…it’s not taught in American medical schools. They focus on learning pharmacology. Many health problems are the result of faulty elimination of toxins. And no doctor in the US will tell you about the problems that parasites cause within the human body. Or pharmaceutical drugs for that matter. Do you even know the cause of your own problems with arthritis? I suspect not. Please don’t denigrate the research or results of alternative health issues based on your own bias.

  11. Robert Paulson

    Washington Post: Swine Flu Vaccine Will Contain Mercury (july 30, 2009)

    snippet:”The Washington Post confirmed today that the swine flu vaccine, which is set to be rolled out nationwide this fall in what some fear could ultimately become a mandatory vaccination program, will contain mercury, a toxin linked with autism and neurological disorders”

  12. WNC Observer

    One of the vanity beauty treatment things that really gets me is this idea of having a high-powered laser slice through your eyeball, just so you don’t have to wear eyeglasses OR contacts. We have only been doing these things for – what? – a decade or so? We as yet have NO idea what the consequences of this will be over the course of an entire lifetime. Insane.

    The only thing that might worry me about the H1N1 vaccine is the fact that we do not have enough production capacity, especially not enough domestic production capacity. I fear that the temptation to cut corners in order to ramp up production is going to be very great. Start cutting corners in the production of a vaccine, and now you really DO have something legitimate to worry about. You and I are both just barely old enough to remember when there were some problems in the manufacture of one of the early batches of the Sabin vaccine, and a bunch of kids got full-blown polio. Making vaccines is something that must be done very carefully, there really is no margin of error. It worries me when we have offshored the production of such a critical thing to places where shaving margins is their whole mode of operation.

  13. payAttention

    While you are playing at Marie Curie or Madame Marie the astrologer, our Treasury auctions were a complete failure. The Chinese, for whatever reason, saved the seven year auction. Indirects, or foreing buyers took 62.7% of the seven years today. Yesterday they bought ten years after the failure of five years. If you need the figures, I will post them. Meanwhile the vampire octopus is bloodsucking the market with undisguised obfuscation of the unemployment rolls. Let’s stop counting people who roll off federal unemployment rolls, that will make the number go down. Whopee.

    Who gives a whooping you know what about botox treatments. And no, I did not read this column.

  14. mind control

    Elaine, which agenda do you further?
    ( this was rhetoric question 😉 it is obvious )
    From all the developing storys you choose to stick with vaccine promotion!

  15. Duski

    All people believing this vaccine conspiracy: I wish you learn some critical thinking after you see it was a lot of hot air.

  16. Duski

    …and you still talk about mercury AFTER it has been shown that it is in very tiny amounts people will receive? Sigh.

  17. drkrbyluv

    mind control,

    Ezekiel Emanuel is one spooky guy. Check out this video:

    The sheep are eagerly lining up for the slaughter – they will rush to be first in line.

  18. Gus

    75% of Public favors
    Fed Audit

    Rassmussen Poll

  19. Robert Paulson

    “All people believing this vaccine conspiracy: I wish you learn some critical thinking after you see it was a lot of hot air.”

    Present your facts to the contrary! Otherwise you’re contributing nothing and assuming the roll of troll with such a statement. Also, the information being provided are not ‘conspiracies’. If you even bothered to read any of the links that are provided, you’d see that the information is not based on ‘conspiracies’. Just keep on believing what you do. I can see it’s based on ignorance and no doubt, fear.

    “…and you still talk about mercury AFTER it has been shown that it is in very tiny amounts people will receive?”

    Thimerosal has been used since the 1930s to protect vaccines against contamination from bacteria and fungi, especially in larger vaccine vials that contain several doses.

    Thimerosal contains a form of mercury called ethylmercury. The form of mercury that has been linked to nerve damage is methylmercury, found in contaminated fish and seafood.

    The U.S. National Academy of Sciences released a report saying there is no evidence proving the link between thimerosal and diseases such as autism and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.

    HOWEVER, the report also stated it was possible a child’s risk of developing such a disorder could rise because of increased exposure to mercury in vaccines.

    Think of how many vaccines kids get year-over-year! This fall, they want to hit ’em with FOUR in one sitting due to this over-hyped flu strain, which, according to virologists, is far less harmful or dangerous than common flu!

    So, before you’re next posting, Duski, practice what you preach before dispelling your own equivelant of ‘hot air’. But critical thinking may not be achieved due to the vaccines you’ve received and are probably in the early stages of Alzheimer’s from them.

    Are Vaccinations Causing Early Alzheimer’s Disease? (Nov. 20, 2008)

    “The issue of cognitive decline and the more advanced Alzheimer’s disease is predicted to be a public health crisis in America over the next 20 years, as the swell of baby boomers hits the age when problems manifest. This past week the Wall Street Journal ran an article on a man getting Alzheimer’s in his 40s, one of 500,000 Americans with early onset. The notion that this problem is striking ever earlier sent shock waves through the country and left people wondering why this is happening.

    Clearly, there are many inflammatory factors in a person’s life and gene-related weaknesses are involved. However, theoretical data on the inflammatory nature of vaccines, especially in the large numbers given to children at an early age while their nerves are developing response patterns for future life, means that they cannot be ruled out as one main factor that primes the Alzheimer’s pump.”

    Do some research on your own. Start with ‘vaccines cause cancer’ and when you’ve (hopefully) absorbed all that, change the word ‘cancer’ to ‘autism’, ‘diabetes’ and ‘sids’.

  20. emsnews

    Actually, astute readers will note that I VERY RARELY refer to ANY non-mainstream news story when talking about economics.

    This is why people get instantly enraged when I explain gold stuff, just for one very glaring example. As for ‘three children had an adverse reaction…’ stories: NOTHING on earth is perfect. Nothing. People have adverse reactions to all sorts of goofy things.

    I, for example, am very allergic to caffeine! This means, caffeine is a poison to me but not to hardly any humans. My son inherited this trait which is a recessive while my daughter didn’t (sons tend to inherit more recessive traits on the X chromosome due to the Y ones they have).

    Everyone here may think I am stupid when I apply the EXACT same analysis to health as I use with finances. There is no difference. I compared the inflated fears of a very, very small probability, one person out of 10 million might have the wrong reaction to the indifference to high probability of death from cosmetic stuff to show how human vanity erases death dangers from the mind.

    See? 🙂 People get instantly enraged whenever I step on toes but this is my job. Why on earth should I echo the stories of others? If they and you all are scared to death of simple inoculations, I can’t stop this nor educate anyone. Fear is fear!

    But then, look at reality: the fears of ‘NO TESTING!!!’ is exaggerated since we are in an epidemic. Period. Time is not on our side.

    Secondly, the ‘They expect an epidemic’ is CHILDISH. Gads!!!! I am flabbergasted.

    The Health services MUST plan for epidemics! This is their job. J-O-B. Job. They must do this. Any civilized country that refuses to do this ends up on the dust heap of history. Dead. D-E-A-D.

    I would hope and expect our authorities to prepare for epidemics just like I expect them to prepare for earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, blizzards and hurricanes. This is the job of any government.

    Period. This is the LEAST they can do. If people here are total anarchists, may I inquire, have any of you lived in an anarchist community? I have. Boy, was that fun….NOT. Usually, the only ones that work are actually dictatorships with everyone else just goofing off whenever possible.

  21. emsnews

    Robert Paulson, the ‘early onset of Alzheimers’ is hard to characterize since before inoculations and modern hospitals, etc, like, in the 1920’s which wasn’t that long ago, the age of death was below 60 years and in Africa, is around 48 years! Wow!

    Today, we live a lot longer. Many people who would have died of early onset of Alzheimers back before social security insurance usually died. DIED. They didn’t live long to be counted and besides that, no one was counting them.

    This is like autism. No one was really counting. Autistic babies or small children were often allowed to die. Now, tremendous efforts are used to keep even the most marginal babies alive. Back in 1940, if a baby couldn’t survive, it died. There were no modern incubators, etc. I remember when a small premie under 2 lbs always died. Now, they nearly all live.

    And they have immense problems including autism, etc. Real bad problems. So comparing stats with pre-premie care/pre-social security disability data is going to give a false reading. A totally false reading.

    This is why you MUST be VERY careful when reading studies that jump to conclusions. Many scientist jump all the time and it is the job of us to attach other incoming data to things so they are clearer.

    Putting the blame for the rise in the PERCEPTION of Alzheimers or autism onto vaccinations is very much a leap into the dark. It could be caused by many, many other things working in concert.

  22. ralf

    Elaine, you’re right about using mainstream news articles for your economic stories. But you only use them in order to refute them. You then back up your thoughts or ideas with very non-mainstream sources. Usually from the internet. Raw Story, Seeking Alpha, Wikipedia come to mind. What you do with your economic stories (and they are nothing short of wonderful) is what many of your readers are doing to research health/nutrition/vaccination issues. They are not accepting the standard accepted government/corporatist view of these issues. And it does appear that a preponderance of your readers or at least those that comment are of this type. I must confess that I have a built in bias against standard American medical practices: I was brought up by a nutritionist that opposed all vaccinations as well as processed foods. Especially, white sugar and white flour. He lived to be 99 without one day of sickness. No diseases, no flues, not even colds. I, too, enjoy remarkable health. So I naturally follow his lead. This is probably my last post on this subject. After a while it just becomes bashing and that is not my intent. I just hope you can allow yourself to become just a little suspect about this mad rush to vaccinate the world. Just a tiny bit. (smiles) And thanks for all your otherwise great work.

    ELAINE: Luck is wonderful, isn’t it? I, on the other hand, ate the same diet and nearly died of the Hong Kong flu. There is a lesson there. If diet alone fixed viral epidemics, we would never had any in the past when all humans ate ‘organic’ food. Instead, they were hammered by these epidemics. See?

  23. roger

    If you have the misfortune to live in interesting times you should know that schizophrenia becomes a social disease and that theories of conspiracy abound.

  24. seraphim

    People really don’t notice that the beauty treatments made them ugly? They probably do but vanity preclude them to admit.

  25. Duski

    Robert Paulson, something to consider:

    1. Has there been any study showing a strong link between autism and vaccines? To my knowledge, studies so far have totally refuted these claims.

    2. Which is worse: imaginary risk of autism (even if you do believe it comes from vaccination) for very tiny percentage of population vs. diseases that can and will kill off large parts of population?

    3. In science, very very few things are said to be 100% certain. For example, it is quite impossible to say no one has ever got autism because of mercury in vaccination. All we can say is that it is very unlikely.

    4. Any and all vaccinations that YOU prevent by scaring someone can really KILL someone.

  26. isha

    What do you think about this Group? LaRouche?

    China Youth Daily Runs Extensive Article on LaRouche
    Printer-friendly versionSend to friend
    July 25, 2009 (LPAC) — China Youth Daily, the second most widely read newspaper in China, reaching an audience of over 10 million, printed a lead article on Lyndon LaRouche on their international page, entitled “The Present International Financial System Cannot Be Saved,” the first words out of Lyn’s mouth when the author begin his interview with Lyn a few weeks ago. The author, Bright Ju, conducted the interview with LaRouche at his home on July 12. The article is really an excellent presentation of Lyn, his work and his ideas. The author begins by going through his biography, through the nine forecasts, his role in the SDI, the political trouble ensuing from that leading to his incarceration, his founding of the Labor Party and his running seven times as a Democratic presidential candidate.

    The author also depicts how Lyn aside from being a major political figure, has wide-ranging interests in science, culture and music, a man who hopes to create a new Renaissance, reviving the great tradition of Western culture, from Plato to Riemann, which lay at the basis of the rapid economic development of the last centuries, and to use it to create the basis for a revival of discovery in the natural sciences, based on the study of physical economy.

    He refers to Lyn’s July 2007 forecast of the end of the system, warnings which were pooh-poohed by most economists and politicians, but which again proved on the mark. He says that Lyn, as a young man, began as something of a Marxist, but then became a proponent of the American System of capitalism. He outlines Lyn’s arguments on how from the 1960s on, the U.S. economic system was virtually taken over by the financial oligarchy, laying the basis already then, for the crisis we are facing today. While other economists are busy looking at the economic data, Bright writes, LaRouche is looking at the long-term developments, especially the growing dichotomy between the production of physical goods and the bloated expansion of the financial structure. He also notes how society changed during that time, from being a country intent on producing real goods for world development, to one in which the goal is achieving quick profits.

    He outlines Lyn’s four-nation proposal as the basis for a new credit, rather than monetary system. He references Lyn’s appeal to U.S. bankruptcy law as the basis for putting the present system through bankruptcy and using the powers of the Constitution to revive a dollar-based credit system to revive the U.S. economy, and extending this through treaty arrangements to the other nations of the world.

    The article also notes how the U.S. reconciliation with China in the 1970s, and China’s consequent “opening up”, was premissed on using China as a cheap source of imported goods, thus “fleecing” the Chinese economy. That 30-year period has now reached its end,it quotes Lyn as saying, and now China must shift to internal consumption as the source of growth. This, of course, would require an influx of credit for that purpose, which would only be made possible by the shift to the new international credit system.

    China Youth Daily also prides itself on its appeal to the youth, taking “Promoting Social Advancement and Helping Youth Development” as its primary goal. China Youth Daily also advocates new thinking and new ideas.It is perhaps also notable, that the article appears just two days before the convening of the next session of the US-China Strategic Dialogue and Strategic Economic Dialogue, to begin on Monday in Washington. A quick Google search indicates that Bright’s article, in the day or so it has been in circulation, has been picked up by about a dozen other Chinese media.


    “LaRouche emphasized that the world financial crisis has already arrived at a crossroads, and that any efforts to try to save the old system would be fruitless, and the only feasible solution is to conduct bankruptcy reorganization in order to restore confidence in the economy. LaRouche says, the U.S. has bankruptcy laws which are tailored to putting bankrupt firms back on a stable footing and to overcome their difficulties. What is now needed is to utilize bankruptcy proceedings that would permit a country to as quickly as possible to discard the distortions created by the financial crisis…

    “LaRouche believes that if the United States, China, Russia and India, as sovereign nations which encompass the greatest area of the world and contain the largest population in the world, were to come together to in agreement on financial arrangements, this could provide immediately the basis of a new world financial system…

    “LaRouche believes that the development of all of Asia will in the future provide the forward position for the development of humanity. He notes that China has experienced thirty years of rapid development by leaps and bounds, but it can’t be denied that there is still a large portion of the population which is far from well-off. Therefore it’s necessary to formulate a common policy over three generations to carry through water projects, develop energy resources, and infrastructure in order to raise the productive capabilities of that portion of the population. China certainly has to transform its form of economic growth from an export-orientation to one propelled by internal demand. since China possesses potentially a huge internal market. But it can hardly rely on its own capital which is insufficient to sustain it. It would require other countries to furnish a large quantity of the needed material capital. Russia possesses abundant mineral resources, and through agreements could help provide a large quantity of high quality mineral resources, Japan could export advanced technology, South Korea and Beijing would bring into play each of their strong points. In this way, Asia and the Pacific Rim could become the largest and fastest growing area of the world economy, thus allowing the world to finally exit the present world crisis.”

  27. It is probably going to be a very bad year for ordinary flu, since this year’s batch of (ordinary) flu vaccine is very weak. Every year, medical organizations choose three types of flu for inclusion in the vaccine, based on which ones are likely to begin circulating widely. This year, they guessed dead wrong on two of the flu variants, which is unusual. So there will be a lot of ordinary flu going around.

    Regarding the mercury (thimerosal) issue, is is probably only harmful to children. The autism issue I am not sure about, but children definitely should not be given thimerosal. It would be trivially easy to avoid this. Thimerosal is only used in vaccine to inhibit the growth of dangerous organisms, and it does this quite well. But the organisms would have no chance to grow if the thimerosal were removed from the vaccine just prior to administration, and this is quite easy to do by simply adding the chelating agent DMSA to it just prior to its administration.

    The new A/H1N1 vaccines are much different than normal flu vaccine, in that there is just not enough of them to go around. So substances called squalenes are being added to provoke a stronger immune response. There is much evidence that the resulting intensified response very often does not diminish once the squalenes stop being given, and resulting auto-immune disease then causes arthritis, neurological degeneration, and most of the maladies associated with Gulf War syndrome.

    The government must move in and begin a “Manhattan Project” to develop adequate quantities of the A/H1N1 vaccine, sans the squalene. Forget about the philosophical issues of “capitalism.” Let the oligarch chemical companies compete with the government’s project. What will happen if the American population becomes arthritic and damages in two years, while the Russians and Chinese remain healthy?

  28. Duski

    Studies summarized in here for example:

    “Studies showing that MMR vaccine does not cause autism
    Ten studies have been performed that disprove the notion that MMR causes autism.
    In 1999, Brent Taylor and co-workers examined the relationship between receipt of MMR and development of autism in an excellent, well-controlled study. Taylor examined the records of 498 children with autism or autism-like disorder. Cases were identified by registers from the North Thames region of England before and after the MMR vaccine was introduced into the United Kingdom in 1988. Taylor then examined the incidence and age at diagnosis of autism in vaccinated and unvaccinated children. He found that:

    1. The percentage of children vaccinated was the same in children with autism as in other children in the North Thames region
    2. No difference in the age of diagnosis of autism was found in vaccinated and unvaccinated children
    3. The onset of symptoms of autism did not occur within two, four, or six months of receiving the MMR vaccine”

    “Other studies on the causes of autism

    One of the best ways to determine whether a particular disease or syndrome is genetic is to examine the incidence in identical and fraternal twins. Using a strict definition of autism, approximately 60 percent of identical and 0 percent of fraternal twins have autism. Using a broader definition of autism (i.e. autistic spectrum disorder), approximately 92 percent of identical and 10 percent of fraternal twins have autism. Therefore, autism clearly has a genetic basis.”

    Just for starters. I am very enraged about irresponsible people (who probably HAVE been vaccinated to worst diseases) scaring people to not get vaccinated. So I stop writing now, it will only get bad if I continue.

  29. Duski

    ralf, people can have several opinions, some are right, some wrong. For food, I bet avoiding excess white sugar & flour is good for almost anyone, since it simply has too much energy for most people. Body turns it to fat or cannot finally process it efficiently enough (diabetes etc). But this does not mean vaccinations are bad, these are totally separate things.

    When we have herd immunity, it does not matter much if there are few individuals that are not vaccinated. Viruses / bacteria are not spreading easily between humans since most are immune to it. So that nutritionist that brought you up may not ever have been in contact with these.

    On another hand, if / when we start losing herd immunity, deaths will come and fast. There have been already deaths caused by diseases that could have been prevented with vaccination. If more people start abandoning vaccinations, it will only get worse. A lot worse.

    I often feel a tad bad because of financial crisis and the uncertainty it causes, but it is very tiny matter compared to chance of several very deadly killer diseases returning.

  30. emsnews

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are Chaos, War, Epidemics and TV commercials. 🙂

  31. Robert Paulson

    “1. Has there been any study showing a strong link between autism and vaccines? To my knowledge, studies so far have totally refuted these claims.”

    That is to “your knowledge”, but still you present nothing as proof of your claim.

    “2. Which is worse: imaginary risk of autism (even if you do believe it comes from vaccination) for very tiny percentage of population vs. diseases that can and will kill off large parts of population?”

    Ah, the ‘needs of the many’ argument. It depends on how well the propaganda machine works to sell those diseases.

    “3. In science, very very few things are said to be 100% certain. For example, it is quite impossible to say no one has ever got autism because of mercury in vaccination. All we can say is that it is very unlikely.”

    Or LIKELY. Come now.

    “4. Any and all vaccinations that YOU prevent by scaring someone can really KILL someone.”

    Pfft!! Presenting a straw man argument, are you? How absurd! Perhaps you should be thinking of the person(s) that could be killed or injured from taking the several injection(s) as a result from an over-hyped flu strain, that again, (and I can’t say this enough, but it does seem to get ignored time and again by your kind) has been refuted by virologists as not being as bad as common flu?

    Why don’t you go badger the media on that account as they are the ones selling the idea of getting many injections?

    Me, I am one person and hardly able to ‘scare’ anyone into making a decision that would see them succumb to to injury or death as result of an alternate decision.

    After all, I can’t seem to prevent you from doing so.

  32. nah

    Sunglasses are the sux too… i dont wear them cuz i want to see as much natural beauty as i can before i croak… I also dont like gawdy shoes, tatoos, high water jeans, perms, or nasty attitudes… but shots help make the world a much cleaner hopeful plane of miracles
    least till the afiranistanians start slappin’ folk

  33. kevin

    Interesting you bring up Autism. I think most kids with Autism are simply slow. It sounds better when parents are told the kid is Autistic rather than simply retarded.

  34. PLovering

    The government ordered Thimerosal removed from all vaccines administered to children under 6 years of ago some years ago.

    Flu Tracker web site has fatal swine flu cases running about 20/day worldwide: total fatal cases at 1,401 as of July 30, 2009.

    High water mark for fatal cases of seasonal flu in the U.S. is 150/day.

    Experts claim there is no pandemic in the numbers. Say such a call would require inside information.

    WHO is stumped: Why serious illness and death from swine flu in Mexico, and so much milder elsewhere?

  35. nah

    if anyone cares… Java is bitchin’… Sun has got RAAAAAD typecasting and excelent documentation boi

  36. nah

    c++ is a maze comparatively ‘but has its own advantages too’ … life without pointers is ok, really … java has made me a total array whore

  37. Anyone see the Daily Show last night, Giethner can’t sell his own house! and he’s trying to get more than he paid for it at the height of the boom! HaHaHa

    Seems he believes his own BS.

  38. Cancer Fungus

    UVA is deadly, UVB (15 minutes per day at high noon) creates live saving, cancer preventing Vitamin D. Sunscreens uses to block UVB only, decreasing vitamin D and causing MORE cancer.

    Tanning beds that create UVA are dangerous, but new ones that create UVB for 15 minutes max can prevent cancer and prevent viruses. This is why flu does not show up in summer.

    See how disinformation works? By not differentiating UVA and UVB, they can keep people out of the sun, lower vitamin D levels and generate more Cancer and Virus business.
    Everytime someone gets cancer, it earns the cancer industrial complex $500,000 per person on average.

    Also, the constitution does not allow the federal government to mandate injects for ANYONE. This is the business of your State (optional for you), and your private doctor.

    Still wonder why there is no ‘cure’ for cancer? Follow the money.

    Cancer is a Fungus, by Dr. Simoncini

    “Is the therapy with the bicarbonate effective against all sorts of tumours?
    Yes almost all kind of tumours are good treatable. In order to achieve the most detrimental effect on the tumours, the sodium bicarbonate must be put in direct contact with the damaged tissue. It is also possible to put specific catheters (port-a-cath) in the arteries that run to the different conventional endoscope methods. Furthermore there can be used clysters, drip infusions, irrigations and infiltrations at the places where the tumour has grown.”

    all rights reserved.

  39. Duski

    Robert Paulson: Oh, a straw man. So are you claiming that common flu does not kill anyone?

    I’ll support your claim about maybe(now you forgot the maybe part!) being common flu:

    “Napolitano said that U.S. officials are now “cautiously optimistic that this particular strain will not be more severe than a normal seasonal flu outbreak.”

    The official pointed out that seasonal flu puts hundreds of thousands of people in the hospital, and typically kills 35,000 people a year in the United States.”

    So, I’ll stick to my claim: not getting a vaccinated because of fear can kill. And much more certainly than small chance of complications from vaccine. Besides, if the virus mutates, it can get worse. In any case, if there seems to be problem with the vaccines, administering them will stop.

    Oh, I had some research summaries already posted too, if you happened to go past them. In those studies it was concluded that vaccination had no proven link at all to autism. There were those previous studies too that claimed the link, which were criticized and later disproved by more research.

  40. criticalcontrarian

    @Cancer Fungus: quite compelling that. Thanks. Wish I had come across it two months earlier, it may have saved the life of someone dear to me.

  41. Duski

    If there was easy treatment for all sorts of cancers available, it is impossible to keep it a secret. Most of industrialized countries are researching it, so it is simply impossible. Way too many mouths should be silenced.

    Besides, whoever can make such treatment available will make so much money I can’t believe they all could be bribed either.

  42. CK

    It was illogical to believe that Iraq had WMDs, ocean spanning drones, suitcase nukes. The USA still aggressed against them.
    What is the minimum safe dosage of Ethyl Mercury for a 6 month old child?
    If one is being paid to not find something, it is a good bet that the something will not be found.
    Thimoseral is ETHYL mercury, not Methyl mercury.
    Has the ability to do division disappeared?
    The botox tax would generate less than 1% of the shortfall, and there being more than a few good cosmetic surgeons not resident in the USA, would encourage medical tourism by the “evil rich hollywood capitalist liberal debbils.”

  43. Duski

    ….sigh. All this only proves Elaines point: When trust is gone, it is hard to regain.

    Yes, USA government lies to get to make illegal wars around the globe. And they lie about economy. But still this does not mean they lie about everything.

  44. Duski

    And that is only one government, there are plenty others out there… no company can stop every research on planet earth without anyone noticing.

  45. Duski

    “Babies Excrete Vaccine-Mercury Quicker than Originally Thought

    Controversial Preservative Doesn’t Have Time to Build Up in Babies’ Bodies”

    “Researchers learned that, in all three age groups, the half-life of ethyl mercury in the blood – or, the time it takes for the body to dispose of half the mercury, and then another half, and so on – was measured to be 3.7 days. That’s a far cry from the blood half-life of methyl mercury, which is 44 days.

    “Until recently, that longer half-life was assumed to be the rule for both types of mercury. Now it’s obvious that ethyl mercury’s short half-life prevents toxic build-up from occurring. It’s just gone too fast,” Pichichero said.

    To illustrate, researchers cite that infants in the 6-month-old group – who, in their lifetimes, had encountered more total ethyl mercury that any other group studied – still had the same pre-vaccination blood-mercury levels before their checkups as most 2-month-olds had before theirs. This suggests that, before each round of shots, the mercury has plenty of time to be cleared.”

  46. criticalcontrarian

    @CK: let it go amigo. It is inconvenient to accept truth beyond ones safety zone. Seeing in black and white is a luxury, be glad you can. For the rest, ignorance is bliss. 🙂

  47. emsnews

    Logic systems are needed when discussing anything. About autism: children with any sort of genetic flaw often show these up after 3 months. This is due to the way babies grow. They grow rapidly after birth because they are no longer confined inside the mother.

    Various time frames where serious genetic flaws show up coincide with the same time frame for these inoculations. So it is very easy for parents, seeking something to blame, to think the shots caused problems which came from elsewhere.

    This business of being very fearful of a small, small danger reminds me of seat belts. My parents went out and bought the only vehicle in 1962 that had seat belts after a drunk driver nearly killed my family (my parents didn’t like me much so I wasn’t with them when this happened, I tended to volunteer to stay elsewhere). I grew up driving with a seat belt. It feels funny to have no seat belt.

    But millions of Americans were freaked out by seat belts. Even after it was proven that far more people survive accidents with seat belts, there was a large group who yelled about, ‘What if you crash into a river or lake and can’t get out of your car?’ which was one of the least likely of accidents.

    Seat belts save far, far, far more lives than no seat belts might save someone in a very freakish accident. Yet, there are to this day, many people who resent seat belts and think that it is ‘confining’ them.

    So when laws are passed to force people to wear seat belts, there is great resentment. But since I pay insurance and am part of the insurance pool, I don’t like people who refuse to wear seat belts because they cause higher insurance rates and it is rude to force other people to clean up shattered brain matter due to flying through a windshield.

  48. emsnews

    About cancer miracle cures that are odd ball: when my poor father in law was dying of cancer, he fell for ever charlatan on earth. They all wanted money and had him eat or drink sometimes utterly repulsive things.

    People are NOT keeping cancer cures secret. Any cancer cure that works is embraced very rapidly. But the claims of cures which are easy (just eat or do this) turn out to be frauds.

    It is illegal to claim cures if there is no proof and these sorts of doctors who make these sorts of claims usually flee the country. All the doctors my father in law paid were outside the country. He threw away tens of thousands of dollars on these lying bastards.

    Thanks to modern medical research, my present father in law who got the identical form of cancer, took the proper cure. We held his hand throughout and when he had bad reactions due to the fact that all cures for cancer lower the ability to fight unrelated diseases, he endured the one year of bad health and now has neither the unrelated disease or cancer.

    He survived and we are very happy for him. Thank god, he wasn’t lured into doing stupid things that don’t work. So many people who do this end up in the latter stages of cancer when they discover the doctor with the miracle cure is a rip off artist.

  49. criticalcontrarian

    That’s your story Elaine. My grandfather, mother, mother-in-law, uncle, and recently brother-in-law all did what you just said. Between 5 months and three years they all succumbed to either radiation or chemicals, or both, not from the cancer. My sister-in-law and aunt who on the other hand went to the “lying bastards” as you call them, live to this day, in complete remission, toxic free. They must belong to the 1 in a million, eh?

  50. ralph

    “University Of Alabama Implements Mandatory Vaccination Program. Another major school institution has implemented a mandatory vaccination policy that bars both new and current students who haven’t received the meningitis and MMR shots from enrolling for the coming academic year.”

    Elaine, Use your head for one second? You really believe that vaccination is implemented to HELP PEOPLE? meningitis vaccine? Measles, Mumps, Rubbela? Give me a fucking break!!! Vaccination is a COMPLETE fraud to make certain politically connected corporations profit. Baxter patented a SWINE FLU vaccine 10 months ago. Guess how many lobbysits Baxter has in Washington DC? Guess how much they spend on bullying and bribing? Dr. Richard Besser, who Time magazine once called “the CDC’s calm-voiced, telegenic acting director,” has joined ABC News as a medical reporter. Besser has been the CDC’s “public health emergency preparedness and emergency response” Czar. Please Elaine, do some real research on vaccination, read Mr. Mullins book. Please.

    ELAINE: Before the meningitis vaccination existed, I lost a beloved girlfriend to this disease. She got it in the locker room. She was very athletic.

    This infuriates me: the fears people have about vaccinations. PEOPLE DIE BECAUSE OF THESE DISEASES!!! These are very frightful deaths, too. I’ll never forget the severe pain she felt before dying. It is horrible.

  51. ralph

    You sound like a shill on this topic. That is beneath you.

  52. ralf

    Elaine, isn’t luck wonderful? Good for your present father-in-law. I’m happy for him. But luck wasn’t in the cards for one of my relatives who followed the same medical cancer treatment regimen and died a very agonizing death.

    ELAINE: There is no 100% survival rate for cancer. There is definitely a 100% death rate if there is no medical interventions.

  53. trailin' pete

    I’m amazed such an intelligent person in other areas is so completely (presumably) uninformed on what is now very hard science. Vaccinations dangers and damages are so well documented that it isn’t possible to not be aware of what is going on in that arena. Next you resort to the tired methodology of controlling the universe of choices. I don’t want ANY shots, but no one is threatening to kick in my door and jab me with Botox. You don’t know the mechanisms of lobbyists and pr people to create hysteria for $$?
    The technique of creating demand is well known in the world of advertising. People will clamor and knock others down to get a crappy rag doll when the media announces they aren’t available. Same technique with vaccines. Created demand for the unaware.

    Maybe you are ready for a cultural operating system upgrade:

    ELAINE: Obviously, your proof doesn’t convince vast numbers of doctors and other people including me. I am totally unimpressed.

  54. CK

    Wasn’t it just a few postings ago, EMS was showing how once trust is lost it is hard to regain? Trust the FED; it/they give poverty for most and wealth for GS. Trust the congress; they take away freedom inch by foot and minute by minute. Trust the medicos and the pharmas. Verily for the medicos also own diagnostic centers and imaging practices and what featherth ones nest is a good thing. What feathereth their nest at your expense is a better thing and having legal immunity for any fuckups they might advertantly cause is the bestest of all good things.
    I have a list CC, it grows daily, a list of people whose disappearance would make the world a more civil place.
    Good Sex is bliss
    Ignorance causes inept sex
    Ignorance is not bliss.
    Practice practice practice, it works for piano playing, ballet, marksmanship, penmanship, haute cuisine…might work for sex.

  55. Cancer Fungus

    Google search has 1.8 million hits for Cancer Fungus.

    If you know how to connect the dots, you can even find this information in the beloved mainstream media, albeit in reverse. Dark is Light. Anti-cancer drug cures fungal infections, instead of Anti-Fungal curing cancer. HAHA!

    “FRIDAY, July 24 (HealthDay News) — A drug used to help prevent recurring breast cancer appears to hold promise as a treatment for deadly fungal infections, new research has found.”

  56. criticalcontrarian

    @CK: When you state it so eloquently I can only say I ‘m with you. Haute cuisine and all. Cheers!

    BTW, we should compare notes on that list, you may have missed a few. We can offer them free vaccines. LOL.

  57. Duski

    Are we talking only about swine flu vaccination anymore? Seems like some are attacking all vaccinations altogether.

    Children have been killed to perfectly preventable diseases since they did not get their common vaccinations. This has not happened in several years before in industrialized countries. Are you claiming also that this is some sort of advertising trick?

    Everything is NOT a conspiracy.

    ELAINE: Thank you, Duski. Yes, when one gets in a frame of mind that ‘all things are conspiracies’ and then, ‘all people who are outsiders are right’ then one goes down the rabbit hole. I have seen this all my life. People believe many queer things due to this tendency. There are many eager purveyors of weird ideas in this world and they latch onto people who feel doubts and play on their fears. This has to be understood! WE ARE NOT GODS nor are the people who claim to know stuff gods, keep an open mind.

    And always remember: if there is no proof, there is no proof. So, claims that vaccinations are evil are easily refuted by the many, many, many millions of people who are alive thanks to these vaccinations.

  58. Duski

    “Minnesota is reporting an outbreak of five cases of HIB–one child, whose parents chose not to vaccinate, has died. Of the five cases, three of the children were not immunized due to parental concern about vaccines and the desire to delay or space out vaccinations. Minnesota hasn’t seen this many cases of HIB since 1991. ”

    Children will die. Now that is something to strive for!

  59. Duski

    …Agh, just remove that last line. I got too angry.

  60. CK

    It’s for the children. Fill em full of mercury and let them live long long lives as drug damaged recipients of the states largesse.
    Make certain that you combine the mercury with aluminum as the combination of the two is very synergistic. And then make certain that you inject boys with that wonderful dinner …. testosterone is a catalyst for the positive mental improvements that overindulging your children on mercury brings. ( 4 times as many male children as female children are now diagnosed with 0ne of those ADD/autism/ new since 1943 diseases)
    It’s for the children, make em sick and make em stupid.

  61. CK

    In a post way up this thread you commented this: “Yes, USA government lies to get to make illegal wars around the globe. And they lie about economy. But still this does not mean they lie about everything.”
    1) All governments lie about everything.
    2) If a government functionary is breathing, he or she is lying.
    3) They are not here to help you.
    4) They are not here to help the children.
    5) By your own admission, the govt will lie about killing non citizens and citizens and will lie about stealing the wealth and production of its citizens, so why would you not take EVERYTHING that any govt functionary says with a whole damn box of Morton’s Iodized.

    ELAINE: This is the voice of despair. Look, if you can’t tell apart honest people from dishonest people, you are in trouble. All governments have lots of fine people who work very hard, are honest and good. Telling yourself that all of them are evil is not smart, it is called ‘tarring everyone with the same brush’. For example, there are a number of bad cops. But there are a number of GOOD cops, too! When I first worked with the Police Benevolent Society in NYC to reform the way the police operated, they were very, very hostile. But after 5 years, were very, very friendly. And I was thoughtful about their difficulties, too.

    We had to make changes and that is hard work. If I went in, saying all cops were bad, they would have not listened to me. I got the good ones promoted and tried to get the bad ones reformed or fired.

  62. trailin' pete

    duski and others yet to understand. Take a look at what the western european nations did (or didn’t do) in terms of mandatory vaccinations and compare the results across the entire population groups of both geographical areas. Say from late 1950’s thru the latest 2007 statistics. What you will find is that the rates of infection, transmissions and remission are essentially identical.

    That’s right, the vaccines are useless in terms of modifying or significantly altering the spread or effect of viruses in a population group.

    Now take a look at the side effects of vaccines in these same groups. Of course, western europe had none while the vaccine makers had to lobby congress for immunity from malpractice to stay in business. The funds congress set up as a sopto those injured were depleted within weeks of being made available.

    For a more modern look, check out the autism rates in china for the last 1000 years before 1999 and then 2000-2006. Corresponding t when mass vaccinations were implemented there.

    Refute these statistics and I’ll consider your subjective and ancedotal arguments to the contrary.

    While you are at it elaine, how about some objective data to support your claims regarding improval in cancer survival rates from medical “technology”. As much as you see the fraud in the financial system, you can’t see it in the medical industry??

    ELAINE: Another story based on suppositions. Look, the viral empire NEVER SLEEPS. It mutates like crazy. We are always playing catch-up with it. If we look at WHAT KILLS PEOPLE, we see that the ancient scourge, small pox, kills zero people now thanks to inoculations. Polio: nearly eradicated. Lockjaw kills very few, too, thank god. Etc. See? This is where throwing around statistics without analysis is a danger to you.

  63. Duski

    CK, so you happily jump over all the research data that happens to say that vaccinations are not dangerous? So far, you have not refuted any of those studies in any way (other than “government lies”).

    It’s not like government lies because that is a part of it’s function; all of those lies come out because someone will profit from them. Now, when it is something like “Iraq war, WMD”, all outside USA government propaganda with any brains could see that was an obviously created lie from start to finish.

    It is ENTIRELY different thing to claim ALL scientists in ALL countries LIE about vaccines. There are hundreds of sources and research all around. If you have the knowledge and understanding to criticize that research, do it then, but do not only say “government lies”. It is not evidence for anything, really.

    Did you even read about that link I put about that mercury in vaccines? They get out of body FASTER than normal mercury, thus the risk of it is way smaller.

    In the end, everyone tries to make informed decision. Parents hesitating about vaccination already have lost children. And more will die. This is the point all anti-vaxxers seem to want to avoid. Science has failed to prove link to autism and vaccines. Of course, there is small chance of complications sometimes, but chances for them are very much smaller than getting a deadly disease without vaccinations.

    And you start bringing about the points of 4 times more autism? When several of those childrens simply died in 1940s? When only few knew about it at all? When no link is proven, quite contrary, more research has only refuted the claims more?

  64. Duski

    trailin’ pete,

    You gave no source at all, so you assume that I will dig up the data for you? Have you done it already? If you have something to back up your claims, then we’ll see. What diseases spread? To vaccinated people or those who were not vaccinated against it? Statistics alone tell us nothing, you need to know who got the disease and who did not to make any claim about vaccination efficiency. Also, vaccination after you got virus is useless (too late).

    Not sure if this is relevant to your claims (no data provided), but when we talk about “herd immunity” it is a thing that comes over time with vaccinations. When virus is spreading already vaccinations can do little to stop it entirely. But what we can do, is to vaccinate every children so the disease does not get to spread to start with.

    It’s not like everyone gets vaccinated the same day and no one had viruses / bacteria already inside of them without them knowing.

    “Smallpox was responsible for 8 to 20% of all deaths in several European countries in the 18th century. ”

    And now? Zero. Do you think it is because virus has disappeared? Or we are immune because of vaccinations?

  65. trailin' pete

    Here’s some statistics on the 5 year “success rate” using chemotherapy.

    Published in the journal Clinical Oncology in December 2004, the results of this study were astounding, showing that chemotherapy has an average 5-year survival success rate of just over 2 percent for all cancers!

    In the U.S., chemo was most successful in treating testicular cancer and Hodgkin’s disease, where its success rate fell just below 38 percent and slightly over 40 percent respectively.

    Still well below the 50/50 mark…

    A review of chemo on 5-year survival rates in Australia garnered almost identical results, with a 2.3 percent success rate, compared to the U.S. 2.1 percent rate of success.

    And yet this is the best that conventional medicine has up its sleeve for treating this widespread killer.

    Here’s a link with the detailed chart by cancer type. Got Baking Soda??

    ELAINE: Modern cancer cures are still quite primitive. And the death rate if there is no intervention is a lot less than 5 years. My ex husband was one of the very first humans to survive melanoma. He was used in lectures, the doctors at his clinic were very proud of his survival. This was thirty years ago and he is still alive.

    Thanks entirely to his team of doctors. Usually, when cancer is first diagnosed, the persons used to die in less than a year. Today, they often live for up to 5 years. 5 years is much better than one year.

  66. trailin' pete

    duski. Of course I have done the research over the last 20 years or so. Started out with my two boys and being born as preemies. I learned a LOT about how things work within the medical industry…much of it I learned from nurses late at night in the ICU that felt sympathy for my plight.

    I found the comparatives between europe and the US to be the most convincing because they are very large populations, had generally similar standard of living characteristics, and, once and for all, put the herd immunity bs to rest.

    As to the sources, you can Google them yourself if you really are interested to understand and learn. I have seen that people, once they form an opinion, tend to gravitate to data which supports their worldview and reject that to the contrary. When I was doing my “learning” my boys lives were at risk so I cared not for the theoretical or political nature of the argument. I recognize the contributions of the medical industry…I don’t reject all of their doctrines and in fact find many of the aspects of medicine to be very good and are worthy of consideration. Not the case with vaccines. They are wrong and dangerous, but when I learned this I didn’t reject all of medicine, only the parts that didn’t prove effective.

    I encourage you to look at those data sets. It is impossible to come to any rational conclusion other than vaccines are best case ineffective and worst case dangerous. Check out also Doctor Mendhelson and Dr Carley for their research as well.

    One final note. When my family found out I refused to immunize my kids they launched a “terror campaign” to get me to change my mind. A nurse/cousin of mind led the assault since she was “in the business”. She asked me repeatedly how I would feel if my kids contracted polio or whooping cough. Stupid question. Anyway, fast forward 5 years and her son develops autism after an MMR shot. All of a sudden her religious fervor subsided and she, too, became focused. She contacted me and asked for help to find a way to reverse the damage. Needless to say, she no longer advocates for the industry and is no longer a nurse.

  67. I have one point to make regarding “studies.” Many of them are extremely shoddy! The academic world seems to studiously ignore the very concept of common sense. I have known a few very well trained people with PhDs who utterly lacked the slightest common sense. Probably what happens is, the researchers with common sense go into the business of discovering new things, because it’s very interesting, and they can actually accomplish it. And the common sense-less ones are relegated to doing the “studies.”

    I have subscribed to all kinds of scientific journals all my life, and I have concluded that most scientific studies are just shoddy. Tawdry, even. It’s really pathetic!

    About the mercury compounds: some remains bound in tissues. Over 60 percent of brain tissue is made up of fat. Eight percent of brain tissue is made up of cholesterol. And I will guess (I’m not totally sure) that some mercury compounds will permanently bind with these substances. 80% of the myelin needed for nerve conduction is made of lipids, so mercury could cause permanent harm. Especially to young children with rapidly growing brains.

    Some astonishing things are currently turning up in cancer research, and you should absolutely read the following two articles:

    NewScientist: Cheap, ‘safe’ drug kills most cancers

    NCI Cancer Bulletin: Vitamin C Injections Slow Tumor Growth in Mice (Scroll down to find)

  68. emsnews

    Much of today’s cancer is caused by pollution, lifestyle changes, and nuclear bombs. People didn’t get to see these bombs go off. For years and years, all the nuclear powers blew up bombs all over the planet. I called this ‘the Silent Nuclear War’ and it covered our entire planet with hideous nuclear fall out. The best way to stop cancer is to stop nuclear weapons. The ‘depleted uranium’ weapons are very nasty and extremely polluting and should be terminated!

    If people want to fix cancer, fixing our nuclear arsenal so it ceases is of HYPER importance. Home remedies, taking pills, etc is like shooting a fire with a squirt gun.

    Stopping nukes means stopping the source of much of the causes of cancer.

  69. Duski

    trailin’ pete & blues,

    The studies claiming link with autism and vaccines especially are shoddy and proven false already. People look for cause and effect and tend to recognize patterns even when they are not there. Vaccinations happen to very young babies, and autism is detected very early too.

    Studies where the comparison was made with vaccinated babies and those who were not vaccinated showed no difference in amounts developing autism.

    I will repeat this one more time: herd immunity protects everyone, so few here and there not receiving vaccination will not necessarily get any of the disease we vaccinate for.

    But when it starts spreading wide enough, diseases will start appearing. Are you denying that this has happened already? We have raw data in our hands right now: more people rejecting vaccinations, more disease outbreaks (that had not happened in a long while). How else do you explain this then? Also, when these outbreaks start to happen, even vaccinated are in danger of getting that disease _before_ they get immunized. Do I need to remind here that polio is pretty much nonexistant now as well? And that it is making return INSTANTLY in those countries where people are refusing vaccination?

    “The disease has since resurged in Nigeria and in several other African nations, which epidemiologists cite is due to refusals by certain local populations to allow their children to receive the polio vaccine.[56]”

    No vaccination = more polio. What does it take to refuse to accept obvious?

    Well, about cancer: I don’t believe there are miracle cures that could be hidden. Also chemotherapy does not work wonders for many types of cancers, but it does not mean every treatment is bad. Haven’t done much research in there.

  70. emsnews

    Blues, I clicked on the story you linked. Note the end of the story:

    The phenomenon might also explain how secondary cancers form. Glycolysis generates lactic acid, which can break down the collagen matrix holding cells together. This means abnormal cells can be released and float to other parts of the body, where they seed new tumours.

    DCA can cause pain, numbness and gait disturbances in some patients, but this may be a price worth paying if it turns out to be effective against all cancers. The next step is to run clinical trials of DCA in people with cancer. These may have to be funded by charities, universities and governments: pharmaceutical companies are unlikely to pay because they can’t make money on unpatented medicines. The pay-off is that if DCA does work, it will be easy to manufacture and dirt cheap.

    Note there are draw backs. ALL therapies have draw backs! If this data in the study correct, this is good news. But note that it doesn’t restore things to ‘normal’. And this is the true story here: all things have downsides. And note the second story here: the scientists are exploring ALL OPTIONS and most of them are sincere and honest.

    I hope everyone understands this. We can’t jump to conclusions or tar everyone with the same brush, all the time. That isn’t thoughtful, it is thoughtless.

  71. norcalkid

    Hmmm. One thing the anti-vaccine people seem to forget: Life is 100% fatal. You could be in an auto accident tomorrow and die (how many deaths per year from auto accidents…ban cars!). I think I will continue to take my chances with the vaccines. Sure beats dying slowly from fluid-filled lungs or other effects.

    As to the side-effects, consider what the world would be like with out vaccines. Most of us writing here would have died years ago. I was raised by my grandparents, and learned a bit about what life was like when they were young (born in 1898, 1904). People died or were left crippled from diseases for which there are now vaccines. My own grandfather lost most of his hearing to a measles outbreak in during WWI. There were no antibiotics, so all the military could do was quarantine the soldiers in their quarters until they got well.

  72. JT

    Trailin Pete if your children get a nasty cut or something like that, you will NOT give the permission to give the tetanus shot they will automatically give to everyone in the emergency room?

    Not only are all the scientist from all the countries involved in this vaccination conspiracy but it has been going on for a 100 years?
    And they wasted all that time in World War II vaccinating everyone as if they had nothing better to do?

    Governments politicians lie often but they make honest mistakes also. We have to remember that, not everything is a conspiracy. And the thing about secrets is, everybody is dying to tell them at some point. So very few conspiracies survive longer than one generation ;).

    Scientist may lie but they have superb system of testing the truth compared to pretty much any other walk of life.

    I´m pretty sure the “scientists” who just write bestseller books or publish their findings on the internet have taken a few shortcuts with the burden of proof real science has. These people just have a tough time letting go of their theories even though nobody else is convinced or worse they just want your money (some of them are right also of course, most of them are not).

    And you really should be very careful with what you read on the internet (even Wikipedia or many other respectful looking sites).
    We have more information at our disposal than ever before but that goes to misinformation as well.
    You can Google pretty much anything these days. It´s a bit like the bible. You can find justification for just about anything when you read it with the right mindset ;).

    The internet is no substitute for education, reading or thinking for yourself. You should read a lot of different sites and from different perspectives and only after that make up your mind.

    And it´s awful when children get sick, but it´s also very natural to try to find someone to blame and to be angry at for this.

    I don´t mean to be rude or disrespectful but I worry when I read so much religion, conspiracy, jesus camp, chastity ring, Creation “science” etc stuff coming from the US.
    What the hell is happening over there?

    Do you use for science nowdays? It´s a nice site but 95% of it is pure BS and I would be pretty wary with the remaining 5% also.

    Why do you hate and fear your own government and eachother so much over there?
    That´s what I worry about mostly these days.

  73. emsnews

    We hate and fear because when the Cold War was launched, it needed tons of hate and fear to function. This caused our military/industrial complex to flourish. They are in great fear it will be defunded. So we have our rulers deliberately trying to make us fearful. Alas.

    This is all about social insanity. We can go stark raving mad thanks to lack of real leadership as well as everyone screaming at the same time and people not able to distinguish fact from fiction thanks to many forces including DARPA which spreads misinformation so people remain confused.

  74. CK

    There is no despair, anyone who goes into govt is by definition dishonest. Ergo it is easy to tell honest folk from govt drones. Might not be brilliant, but it is accurate.
    If they deserve to wear the same tar and feathers, I will gladly voluntarily contribute for a couple of extra brushes if you think that tarring all of them with but one brush is unfair.
    I try to waste minimal amounts of time and energy on any state functionary whether he wears a badge and mirror shades and struts like a mini caesar or sits behind a desk somewhere imagining himself an important and productive member of society.

  75. CK

    You misunderstand, I have no interest in debating or refuting or supporting your preferred beliefs. I have no dogs in this fight, no skin in the game. If you want to shove mercury into yourself, your relatives, your friends …be my guest.
    To take government money is to be the recipient of stolen goods, a thief is a thief whether he is a cop or a “scientist” or a general or a FedBanker. What part of criminals lie is beyond the scope of understanding here. Thieves lie.
    And again I ask you what is the minimum safe dosage for mercury in a 6 week old child? How much mercury do you want to eat? That the stuff eventually exits does not stop it from doing long term deadly neurological damage while it is in the body.
    SO yes I read the misdirection article you cited, and it too didn’t quite say that children should eat mercury.

  76. emsnews

    A huge number of people in our government are trying to make things work. If someone is totally uncooperative, this makes it look as if all functionaries are ‘evil’.

    I have readers here who do work inside the government including, doing statistical research. They are very good people. The people in charge can be ‘corrupt’ but it is our responsibility as citizens to keep things not corrupt. This means, being politically active. It is also, hard work but well worth it.

  77. emsnews

    CK, Duski didn’t say children should ‘eat mercury’. Second: we all ‘eat mercury’ thanks to both natural and human pollution which means there is mercury in water systems. This is not good for our brains which are sensitive to mercury but the amounts in vaccinations is vanishingly small compared to say, living in mom’s womb, just for one glaring example.

  78. CK

    25 mg a dose from the vaccines …times however many different vaccine shots the little darlins must get before their brains are even partially formed. WHich is a whole lot MORE than the nanograms found in fish or dental fillings. So please, if you are in favour of children being vaccinated with the current mercury laden shots, then you are indeed saying that it is a good idea to feed kids mercury. Why not just send the little darlins out and let them be hat felters? Mad hatter’s disease is what ADD and ADHD are, only instead of coming after years of blocking felt hats with mercury compounds now you can give them to your kidlets before the little ones are even a year old….saves the whole damn apprentrice, journeyman, masterhatter routine.
    If the mercury is such a good drug additive, why isn’t it in ALL the damn drugs and injections? Why do only the vaccine makers need to be held non actionable if their products kill? And who but the GOVT drones and the NIMH and FDA and CDC criminals and thieves are used as “scientific” support. Oh gee, thieves supporting other crooks and all of them on the govt payroll or on the govt protection. It is to laugh is it not? It is the finest irony, well aged in thimoseral casks is it not?

  79. Robert Paulson

    Hey, CK (and anyone else)

    Flasback to January 28, 2009

    Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury


    “Almost half of tested samples of commercial high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) contained mercury, which was also found in nearly a third of 55 popular brand-name food and beverage products where HFCS is the first- or second-highest labeled ingredient, according to two new U.S. studies.”

    HFCS is most prevelant in soft drinks/soda/pop. So mercuery is in their shots and in their crap they eat and drink. No wonder IQs are slipping….they’re being bombarded with poison before birth!

  80. emsnews

    Correct. Any ‘health food’ study should include this sort of information: what poisons modern food production introduces into our systems. Organic foods is best because it isn’t polluted.

  81. emsnews

    CK: one week with modern TV or games is enough to rot any child’s brains more than vaccinations.

  82. CK

    I never said that the overweening objective was NOT to rot kidlets brains.

  83. CK

    @Robt Paulson:
    Yes, aware that HFCS is mercury laden crap.
    If there is an “obesity” “pandemic” it is most likely that HFCS plays a large role in it.
    But then the amount of real physical labour that the kidlets and young adulterers of this country have had to do has dropped hugely since the early 50’s while the consumption of calories/eater has not dropped … so one would expect that waistlines might expand a bit.

  84. Daliwood

    Elaine, thank you for tackling an issue that clearly is a hot button topic with many people, and I appreciate your balanced, entirely reasonable view of the subject.

    For some reason, I am reminded of my childhood way too many years ago in a rural community in the deep South. A number of people in that time and place believed things we now consider ridiculous, but they passionately clung to those beliefs. For instance, some people believed that a certain type of long, thin worm was created from horse hairs that sat in rain water. (To this day, they’re still called horse-hair worms.) Other people put empty Milk of Magnesia bottles on the limbs of bushes because they thought unfriendly spirits would be drawn to the colorful blue glass and enter it rather than going into a home. A ring of salt placed around the home was another defense against evil spirits. Attempts by the big, bad government to fluoridate water supplies were seen as a conspiracy to poison the population while enriching the corporations, and people turned to well water to avoid the poisoning. These same people typically had a total of 3 teeth in their head, but they would argue endlessly with public officials and cite “scientific studies” showing the horrors of putting fluorine in water. It was tantamount to murder, they claimed.

    The Old South had many superstitions and for that reason, some people still look upon us southerners as ignorant, backwoods morons who use hound dogs for pillows and old car seats for couches. But most of those southerners weren’t fools. Many of them were intelligent people with a deep and often profound understanding of the natural world around them. They were simply uninformed and suffered from the fatal mental flaws of closed-mindedness and excessive distrust. They were often smart but not wise, and so they could believe foolish things.

    I am not suggesting that anyone opposed to vaccinations is in the same category as the old timers from my childhood, but I do see the same kind of unyielding, passionate opinions that spring from world view rather than an honest assessment of the facts.

    I too am concerned about potential hazards of a swine flu vaccine, but everything I’ve read (including ALL the links people have posted here) suggests that yes there are risks–as there are with any introduction of foreign substances into the body–but the benefits far, far outweigh the risks. It is a definite risk that people who contract the flu may die from it. So with life and death medical issues, I’ll take the very small risk posed by the vaccine over the bigger one posed by the flu any day.

  85. emsnews

    We should fear the Virus Empire. But we can’t fight it by ignoring it. We have few weapons that work due to viruses being able to evolve with tremendous speed.

    The elderly die every year of various flues due to being old, something will come along and kill us when we are old. This is inevitable. Flues that focus on killing young mothers, children and people of working age are a totally different thing and immensely bad.

    This is why, when people fling the business of ‘well, thousands die every year of the flu’ are being dishonest if they don’t add, the vast majority in easy years are elderly, not young.

    The 1918 flu killed young people and was a tremendous sorrow for everyone. Many children were left as orphans, many mothers wailed and wept at the gravesides of their children.

  86. CK

    It is the job of patriotic mothers to weap and wail at their children’s graves; and then to create more grave filler for the health of the state of course..
    Once both one’s parents are dead, one is an orphan. Maybe some of the gnomes’ children will be orphaned young, inheritors of gnomic wealth, easily gulled. This whole flu thing might have an upside at least the equivalent of the newly refunded used car crushing pogrom. Let the poor walk.

  87. emsnews

    Don’t get lost in the woods, dear CK. 🙂

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  89. Mark

    Autism is caused by the adjuvants found in vaccines, not the mercury. But, conspiracies to do harm relate only to the financial world, after all, don’t they, Elaine..

  90. Duski

    “When people say that vaccines “contain mercury”, what they’re actually referring to is the compound thiomersal, an organic mercury compound used as a bacteriostatic preservative. But do vaccines in use today, particularly those vaccines for pediatric use, actually contain thiomersal?

    To answer this question, we need credible primary source information, not just the vague and mendacious claims of anti-vaccination groups, which lack any credible evidence. So I examined the original product information sheets for all the vaccines produced by two major vaccine manufacturers; using the list of products from CSL here and the list of vaccines sold in the United States by GlaxoSmithKline, here.

    Of those 27 different vaccines, only 3 contain any thiomersal; specifically, CSL’s Q-Fever vaccine and GSK’s Fluvarix and FluLaval influenza vaccines. Not a single one of the 24 other vaccines on the market from those two manufacturers contains any thiomersal.

    It should be noted that all of those three vaccines are intended for adults; they are not intended, nor are they medically indicated, for any pediatric use. There is not one single vaccine marketed by either of these companies, in the United States at least, which contains any thiomersal in a vaccine intended for pediatric use. Furthermore, the Q-Fever vaccine is not administered to the general public at all; it is only administered to people working with livestock who are at a significant risk of contracting Q-fever, which is an exotic disease associated with livestock.”

    Please, forget this “mercury to children” nonsense already. Of course, if you want to believe, these are all lies again.

  91. Duski

    If you want to believe whatever you want to that is…

  92. Duski

    “Range of Metals Detected in Breast Milk Around the World

    Metal Median (ppb) Range (ppb)
    Arsenic 0.3 0.1-0.8
    Cadmium 0.1 0.1-3.8
    Lead 5.0 0.0-41.1
    Manganese 18.0 7-102.0
    Mercury 2.7 0.64-257.1”

    ppm: 2.7
    molecular weight: 200.59 (mercury, from first source I found)
    mg/m3 value: 22.15

    Although mercury amounts in mothers milk in average are not high, range is very wide.

  93. Anonymous

    Up is down, right is left. Take that vaccine. Its ok, our government and EMS said so.

  94. emsnews

    Anonymous, that is correct, even though you are feeling scared and want to be sarcastic about this.

    Look, this is the exact same problem we have with 9/11: people build up belief systems based on what people call the ‘conspiracy’ side of the internet. All media sources are full of bias and in particular, the ‘conspiracy’ side of the internet.

    Think very, very carefully now: If I were running DARPA and I wanted to flush out all ‘dissidents’ and isolate them and kill them off, I would run a news system that would tell everyone that the government lies all the time and if we want to live, we should avoid vaccination shots and alienate everyone with various beliefs that defy the laws of gravity.

    Then, they all die or become socially isolated. Thus, neutralizing opposition to things that SHOULD be fought. Note that I am totally against nuclear bombs, depleted uranium weapons and torture. I am against ethnic cleansing. These are clear, sane goals we should all focus on.

    I am not against international banking systems but am against these when they are used like the IMF to destroy social services and expand imperial military powers. I am for trade but not free trade that floods my nation with foreign goods we could easily produce here.

    The ruling elites are scared that we might unite to stop free trade and the IMF anti-social strictures and even more, above all, any movement to stop ethnic cleansing and nuclear bombs! Instead of running around, getting mad at anyone who doesn’t share a belief system, we should focus on GOALS and go for them.

    Being scared of vaccinations is OK. Many people are scared of things like spiders, snakes, and other things, this is how our brains work. But we have to overcome these fears to focus on the much more dangerous fears: NUCLEAR WAR, aka, the Apocalypse, WWIII.

    This, dear readers, will wipe out organic farming, people who avoided vaccinations and people who got vaccinations, people who believe that Bush blew up the WTC and people who believe that it was caused by jets wrecking the buildings, ALL will die miserable deaths. Along with billions of other humans!

    I always wondered, all my life, why people don’t fear this event enough to stop the death machine from assembling more and more deadly power. It just baffles me. I see this event like a looming black wall of destruction, grinding away just off the horizon. The splashing waves we see hitting the shores are just a hint of the evil of this event.

    If you wish to be scared, be scared of the religious insanity that is at the dark heart of WWIII. Enlightening people about how religion will shove us into WWIII has zero effect on the parties who wish for WWIII: Jews, born again Christians who want Jesus to come back and kill everyone and Muslims who want Jihad. Far from stopping themselves, everyone in these groups are increasingly hysterical and dangerous. THIS SCARES THE SNOT OUT OF ME.

  95. Duski

    Elayne, reason for blindness in real big things is obvious: people are constantly flooded with all sorts of fears and paranoia, so they will most likely grab onto wrong ones instead of forming solid group to oppose things that are really wrong.

    Anything and everything must be considered and evidence weighted. Saying something must be a lie because of source is only blinding yourself from parts of the system. Just look at the data behind the claims, every time.

    We are very keen to adapt beliefs and think we arrived to them due to critical thinking. I have believed in very stupid things by simple manipulation. First, they make a claim that stirs up your fears and feelings (children get autism from vaccinations). Next, they make a half-truth about science (there were studies showing this; BUT these studies have been refuted later several times already by several independent sources) to make us angry against the “system”. Then they tell how things really are and what we should do (after initial points have sunk in, people can believe ANYTHING since now they trust this new source that is telling the “truth”). Very simple.

  96. Duski

    Actually very often first valuation in credibility of a claim can be done simply by looking how it is presented: Does it start by creating fear and asking questions (instead of just spilling out the data in neutral manner)?

  97. emsnews

    Note that I use a zillion charts, graphs and crunch numbers like crazy. When I speculate, I make it as clear as possible, that I am guessing at things.

    Most of the websites people give me when they get angry when I cross some ideological line often are bereft of ‘contrary information’ that is, they won’t cite probable problems with their own data. Instead, they ignore contrary data.

    When there is contrary data, one MUST deal with it by having new data added that clarifies this matter. Unfortunately, I don’t have the free time to refute every piece of data brought to my attention.

    I thank everyone who are pro AND con in this conversation here for bringing in many links and data. It has been a very interesting discussion.

    Do note that most websites ban people who debate things in the fashion that we debate here. I want to thank everyone on all sides of this debate, for participating.

  98. trailin' pete

    elaine…agreed. you have done a very good job allowing free expression on a number of hot button subjects and have a healthy relationship with your ego. kudos to you.

    When I had to learn about vaccinations was way before the internet. I subscribed to MEDLARS, which was a physicians reference…basically I could search abstracts, but had to order them which were delivered by mail. seems very quaint by todays standards. But i think that having limited information i spent more time scrutinizing the information I did have and made better sense of the raw data.

    To the poster above, my boys are now grown and in their 20’s. I did have times when cuts and scrapes might have called for a tetenas shot, but I never did. Cleaning with H2O2 and ozone always healed things up in quick fashion.

    Ultimately, our genes will advance (or not) based on the decisions we make for ourselves and our progeny. I am a firm believer that vaccinations are an unspeakable evil, but the great thing about the US was that we all had the ability to make choices for ourselves. I would never demand that a vaccine believer be denied his “poison” and likewise don’t want to be forced to take something I know is wrong..concepts of herd immunity be damned.

    check out europe if you want the truth. They had no immunizations during tis time and had the same or better results

  99. emsnews

    OK, a quick check on the internet news refutes your contentions, Pete. It took me exactly 10 seconds to find this alarming story from this year:
    WHO calls for scaling up of measles vaccination. Children in affluent European countries have a higher risk of infection

    Copenhagen, 26 February 2009

    The WHO Regional Office for Europe calls on governments, health professionals, civil society and donors rapidly to scale up national immunization programmes, as outbreaks of measles grow larger and cross country borders. This highly contagious respiratory illness could spread because many children are not immunized or have received less than the required two doses of measles vaccine.

    The decline in immunization rates is attributable to a combination of vaccine scepticism born of ideological positions and, ironically, the success of immunization programmes in earlier generations. In addition, some hard-to-reach vulnerable groups in every country still lack access to immunization. Further, the challenges to immunization are fed by disturbing and dangerously misleading anti-vaccination advocacy campaigns.

    Paradoxically, although measles can be avoided through simple and inexpensive vaccines, children in affluent countries have a greater risk of infection. Nine of the ten countries in the WHO European Region with the lowest average measles immunization rates, from 2000 through 2007, are members of the European Union.

    Over the last 12 months, over 8145 measles cases have been reported in the Region. Six western countries – Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom – and Israel accounted for 86% of them.

    According to the latest reports, the provisional total number of measles cases in England and Wales was 1348 in 2008 (1). In Switzerland, a measles outbreak began in November 2006 with 73 reported cases, and peaked in March 2008, with 2195 reported cases for that year; 500 of them involved complications. This outbreak is continuing. In up to 98% of all cases, the sick children were unvaccinated or only partly vaccinated, mainly by the decision of their parents. In 2008, outbreaks caused by the virus strain from Switzerland were reported in Germany (50 cases), Austria (202 cases) and Norway (4 cases).

    Measles can lead to serious complications, such as pneumonia, encephalitis and death. In 2005–2008, 25 deaths from measles were reported in the Region (14 in 2005, 10 in 2006 and 1 in 2008). This number is widely believed to be a significant underestimate, as measles deaths are often listed as being due to other causes, such as pneumonia and encephalitis. During a large outbreak in the Netherlands 10 years ago, concentrated in groups that chose not to have the children vaccinated for religious reasons, almost 20% of cases suffered serious complications: 3 children died; 53 were admitted to hospital with pneumonia, encephalitis or other complaints; 130 were treated for pneumonia at home; 152 had otitis media (middle-ear infection); and 87 had other complications, mostly respiratory-tract infections.

    “Today we have a safe and effective vaccine to prevent measles, but children still die of the disease. This needs to change,” says Dr Nata Menabde, Deputy Regional Director at the WHO Regional Office for Europe. “The Region has achieved substantial success in controlling this disease: we are very close to reaching our goals for measles elimination by 2010. Unfortunately, in 2008 measles incidence in the Region increased from the 2007 level. We must scale up vaccination coverage to ensure that the gains made so far are not jeopardized.”

    So…not doing the vaccinations has caused a rising epidemic of measles! And what else, we may add?

    Look, I know people hold various ideas very dearly but facts are facts. There is NO excuse for parents to expose small children to measles.

    Worse: people who don’t have it as a child, can DIE of measles when adults. When I was younger, I remember adults nearly dying or dying of measles and when kids got sick with it, parents were relieved because it meant, they would be spared the greater dangers, later.

    If your kids didn’t have measles as children and now are adults, their danger has doubled, not vanished, Pete. I strongly suggest you do some real research on this and not at anti-vaccination web sites.

  100. emsnews

    About tetanus shots: I worked on farms. Get a rusty nail with cow dung on it and you will learn the joys of tetanus. When I worked for the Free Clinic, we had to go into nasty places that were very dirty and had needles, etc (this is before AIDS) and we had regular tetanus shots just to keep safe, just in case.

    If you don’t do farm work or medical work, the need for the shots decreases greatly.

  101. criticalcontrarian

    @trailin’ pete: this one’s for you and all the others who are on the anti-vaccine side of the fence. Enjoy the read.

  102. emsnews

    You have got to be kidding me. Look, every story about this can’t be taken all that seriously unless they produce a LOT of verifiable data.

    I take great pains to include as much raw data as humanly possible and I try to include all sides of the data. When you read stories with very strong assertions, it MUST be backed up with a lot of good primary information. One problem with the CDC under the GOP was, funding for research was restricted.

    And so the function of the CDC was not as good as it should be. This is why we had industrial food poisoning, the government under the GOP cut back on food production inspections.

    Government inspections are very important, we see this from the poisonings in Chinese food production, for example. We need a government to do this for our own protection. Romanticism of the Victorian past should be avoided. Back then, governments inspected no one and the term ‘muckraking’ arose as reporters would look into how food like sausages were processed in unsanitary ways, for example.

    The CDC can’t solve every riddle. Jumping to conclusions in light of the CDC not issuing a report is also a problem. Deciding that we cannot know something is the obvious path here unless there is confirming information that is POSITIVE. If only ONE PERSON, a person here or there, who works with chickens or pigs, gets a unique reaction to whatever, this is possibly a happenstance, not a deliberate cause.

    The CDC specialists know that these diseases are constantly churning through various population intersections. Seldom do they become person-to-person transmittable (which is why the entire family doesn’t get ill). Once in a while, the virus does become a person-to-person event and this raises alarm bells.

    The interface between humans and domesticated livestock or nearby wild populations which interact a lot with humans, is where many new viruses ‘jump’ from one population, where it causes little damage, to another population, where it can suddenly be, during this transition, quite damaging!

    This is why we must be very careful to not turn happenstance (that is, this bubbling up from various populations interacting with animals) into a conspiracy.

  103. emsnews

    Now, here is a conspiracy story I do find very believable, from India:

    New Delhi: The government might have reversed its decision to shut down three public sector vaccine manufacturing units following a public furore, but what’s not known is that these ‘‘revived’’ plants will no longer be asked to make vaccines used in bulk in the immunization programme. Instead, they will make minor vaccines.
    The upshot of this sham is that vaccines that are needed in millions of doses every year, will have to be bought from private manufacturers at much higher prices.

    Answering a question in the Lok Sabha about the reversal of decision to close down the units, health minister Anbumani Ramadoss listed out the products the units — Pasteur Institute of India in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, CRI Kasauli and BCG Institute, Chennai — will be manufacturing.
    The list does not include DPT, which PII and CRI were earlier manufacturing for the universal immunization programme (UIP).
    The BCG Institute, which was the sole supplier of the BCG vaccine, won’t manufacture it any longer.

    These PSU vaccine units were threatened with closure ostensibly because they did not comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.
    The minister informed Parliament that upgradation of facilities will be done at the institutes to make them GMP compliant and they would be manufacturing yellow fever vaccine, anti-rabies vaccine, typhoid vaccine and various sera.

    However, he failed to explain why the units cannot go back to being bulk suppliers for the UIP once they are certified GMP compliant. The tearing haste in shutting down the PSUs raised a furore as no alternative arrangements were made for supply of vaccines which led to acute shortage.

    Said CPM MP Brinda Karat, who has taken up the issue: “Whose interest is being served by shutting down these PSUs? Already, there have been complaints from 15 states about shortage of vaccine following the shut down of the vaccine manufacturing PSUs. So, the decision to shut them down was determined not by the interest of our children’s health but by private manufacturing interests. It is to provide them with a huge market for vaccines to which they had no access as long as the PSUs were doing the manufacturing.”

    Karat added that there has not been a single complaint about the quality of the vaccines being produced in these PSUs and hence the decision to shut them down on the ground that they did not follow GMP seemed suspect.

    The health ministry is yet to explain why the government can’t spend money to make the units GMP compliant while it was willing to spend money to buy vaccines at a much higher price from private manufacturers.

    Several things here: this is a government action supposedly in response to problems in manufacturing vaccines. But the response isn’t to improve the facilities. It was to STOP the production entirely. This, in turn, means the price of necessary vaccinations shoots upwards in a very poor country which then denies the poor, access to these vaccinations.

    The government has an obligation to protect this poor population as much as possible. India has vast numbers of people and the cost to the government going to the non-state manufacturers of these vaccinations will be a big burden to the taxpayers.

    So using government factories to produce this makes economic sense. But we know that politicians can be bribed into doing things the expensive way. So this story is a call for an investigation of this matter.

    I feel that our own government, instead of spending money on military bioweapons research, should fund the production of vaccines. But then, we would rather spend most of our money on military things.

    Also note that this Indian article is arguing that the denial of vaccinations to the poor is a bad thing, not a wonderful thing.

  104. We are just now reaching peak oil, plus peak immunization. What worked in the past will not work again tomorrow. So sorry and all.

    I did recommend small villages, built of log cabins. Isolated. No more airlines. The Amish figured it all out.

  105. emsnews

    Why not go back to being monkeys?

  106. That is precisely where we are heading. It’s not what I would prefer. Yet, it is the actual trend.

    Why deny this realty?

    Better to be a monkey than nothing?

    Log cabins are damn cozy, by the way. I was raised in one. My father just split the trees in half. Turns out, this provides great insulation.

  107. laserlipolondon

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