Financial Analysis Is All About The Soul

Picture 3Before I launch into business news, I wish to explain the difference between business and science.  Science is the accumulated, joint exploration of Nature and uses a methodology that that tests suppositions and there may be spirited debate about conclusions concerning data and experimentations but these are resolved by using more data and running more experiments and also going back in history to find previous information, data and new information which is why it is so much hard work.


The ability to debate issues is an important part of science.  Without debate, there is no moving forwards in knowledge.  Everyone likes to take sides in debates, this is the nature of debates.  The problems arise when doctrinaire people refuse debate and demand mental conformity.  Nonconformists, on the other hand, have an OBLIGATION to assemble as much proof as possible and not settle on a small bit of information and base entire theories on too little information.  I have debated with scientists in the past including, of course, my own parents.


I am very familiar as to how one can discover something only to find out that it isn’t correct due to missing data.  That is, one can look at a problem from only one aspect and not know that another aspect negates the theories based on just one aspect.  All things in nature are complex, by definition.  The multi-dimensional nature of all existing matter, systems, gravity, time, space and atomic structure means that the more complex the system, the harder it is to have a definitive answer.   The exploration of reality should give one pleasure since Life is, by definition, interesting.  Not to mention, fun.


I watched course of the cosmic revolutionary thinking due to space exploration and much better telescopes.  I watched, very close up, the struggles of astronomers to grapple with the concept of say, black holes.  The proponents of the concept had to find one proof after another.  The black hole revolution is still ongoing.  The nature of the universe is barely understood by us humans.  This same process is at work with medical care: we still know very little about the human mind.  Though what we know has expanded at a tremendous speed.


The darkest part of nature is our own minds.  That is, the connection between the ‘spirit’ and the gross physical functions of the mind is terra incognito.  Or I should say, ‘terror incognito’.  Where our fears reside is a snarly place I call ‘the Cave of Wealth and Death.’  This is a spiritual state of being that is deep inside all of us.  For example, we want to live forever.  We think, there is some magical way to do this if only we unlock the secrets of the Gods who happen to live in this queer cave.  We are extremely fearful when it comes to this business about living forever.  I want to share a website that runs all the ‘Galaxy Express 999’ which is an anime from Japan made over 30 years ago.  It has many, many episodes all of which are about a young boy, wishing for eternal life, learning about death.


Galaxy Express 999 – Joost

Picture 3Maetel, a Death goddess and her side kick, the Conductor who is a non-being wearing a suit and is actually a dark shadow, conduct a living boy who was snatched from the jaws of death, offering him eternal life but first, he must journey with them from one place to another.  And each of these places are deadly not only for the boy but often, for everyone.  Indeed, a number of the places he visits are completely and totally annihilated right after he leaves them.


The show is a masterpiece along the lines of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or Wagner’s ‘Ring der Nibelungen’ about the gods, power and the meaning of life.  The boy in this Japanese anime learns a lesson:  his dealings with the dying makes it possible for him to fight a Death Goddess and win….and how does this child win?


By renouncing eternal life for himself.  We are all fearful of death.  But we should understand that the key to self-discovery and self-power is to embrace death and accept it and to then look past it to the real life that surrounds us: the here and now.  The very rich, by the way, fear death more than the very poor.  This lesson is very clear in these Japanese animated stories.  The rich need infinite wealth to get over the fear of death.  Only this wealth makes death even more fearful.  It is a heartbreaking business.  Only the rich have no hearts, they have to kill their hearts in order to get rich.


Now, back to the beginning: scientists often don’t make much money at all.  Often, they are motivated by love of humanity.  Medical scientists nearly uniformly ( BUT NO ALWAYS) want to save lives.  When governments pervert scientists and enroll them in death situations, this is evil for both science, medicine and all humanity.  The Nazi and Japanese human experiments were immensely cruel and inhuman.  The US government should have never run medical war labs.  But the major body of scientists are focused mainly on saving us, even if this may be done poorly.  But proof of their collective success is obvious: the human population is surging across the planet.


We are given choices every day: do we kill or do we nurture.  The difficulties of making these choices means listening to experts.  Now, faith healers imagine, they save lives.  And they do.  There are many hypochondriacs who have mental problems and are cured by faith healing while doctors and pills do no good at all.  I found one way to get some people out of bed is to threaten to clean their messy houses, for example.  Works like magic.  Then there are things Nature does which we must deal with.  The virus community is vastly more clever than mere humans, this being evolutionary flexibility beyond the powers of all other living things.  We are in constant battle with this force of nature.  And will always lose unless we work very hard.


Modern hygiene, for example, has limited the scope of conquering viruses.  But the water flushing systems designed 150 years ago created side effects which are now showing up all over the place as the world’s many water systems are increasingly polluted.  This is just one example of cause and consequence we see in science.


In finances, everything is 100% in the realm of the Cave of Wealth and Death.  Science operates in the outer world which I call ‘reality’.  But banking, finance and politics are 100% conducted ultimately in the dark core of the human mind, that place we can barely control at all.  That is, where the 7 sins live.  Where our desire for infinite life, infinite consumption, infinite power resides.  The struggle, the debate is internal, unlike in science which is external.  There is tremendous soul searching in economics.  We can use data from the exterior world, to chart the condition and progress of many economical and financial systems but the core of this is in our own minds.  The struggle with the titanic forces of destruction that is connected with the desire to have infinity is a personal struggle most humans lose.


Infinity is a condition of the gods.  And we want to be gods.  Let’s look at the Goldman Sachs gods, for starters:


How You Finance Goldman Sachs’ Profits | Mother Jones

This is perhaps the most important thing I learned over my years working on Wall Street, including as a managing director at Goldman Sachs: Numbers lie. In a normal time, the fact that the numbers generated by the nation’s biggest banks can’t be trusted might not matter very much to the rest of us. But since the record bank profits we’re now hearing about are essentially created by massive federal funding, perhaps it behooves us to dig beneath their data. On July 27, 10 congressmen, led by Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), did just that, writing a letter to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke questioning the Fed’s role in Goldman’s rapid return to the top of Wall Street.


To understand this particular giveaway, look back to September 21, 2008. It was a frenzied night for Goldman Sachs and the only other remaining major investment bank, Morgan Stanley. Their three main competitors were gone. Bear Stearns had been taken over by JPMorgan Chase in March, 2008, Lehman Brothers had just declared bankruptcy due to lack of capital, and Bank of America had been pushed to acquire Merrill Lynch because the firm didn’t have enough cash to survive on its own. Anxious to avoid a similar fate, hat in hand, they came to the Fed for access to desperately needed capital. All they had to do was become bank holding companies to get it. So, without so much as clearing the standard five-day antitrust waiting period for such a change, the Fed granted their wish.


This is a good article.  Paulson, a Goldman Sachs person who owned shares in this behemoth, saved his own buddies and himself.  This is why I went to DC to cover the story back then, thanks to the generosity of readers here.  This is a simple conflict of interest: Paulson should have resigned, not saved himself and his buddies.  But the system has been corrupted by huge sums of money flowing from the very rich into our government.  They do this so they can use our government for their own greedy ends.  They want all the money to flow all the time to themselves.  This diversion of funds has caused our government to run very deep in the red and we are going bankrupt, trying to fee the financial powers who want everything for themselves.


There is one nifty way for nipping this at the bud: tax the hell out of them.  Yes, if they lose most of the money they expropriate, then they have little incentive to hog all this money.  We are going bankrupt.  They can save us from this by being taxed heavily.  This will change the economic dynamics for the better.  Like with vaccinations, to save the entire entity we call ‘society’ or ‘our nation’ or ‘the world’ we must stop individuals who are endangering the rest of us.  Greedy Wall Street manipulators must be stopped and they will use every possible tool including controlling Congress, so they can continue to discover nifty ways to suck up all wealth.  Instead of this, if we tax them, it won’t matter what tricks they think of since they will not get the goodies they are seeking.


Believe it or not, we have a joint social responsibility with each other.  We all exist in this collective which has many names: cities, states, nations, the entire earth.  If we don’t focus on this, we splinter apart and this is called ‘chaos’.  Chaos is tremendously bad.  The Dark Ages were full of chaos, for example.  The French Revolution fell into total chaos.  China was in chaos from 1840-1980.  The Japanese Warring States was a period of great chaos.  The Constitution was written in such a way as to prevent social disintegration.  But the US did disintegrate.  It was rebuilt at the point of the gun.  The side effects from that war still echo today, very powerfully.


Goldman Sach’s desire for infinite wealth is destroying the US.  We must terminate them.  But they will merely be replaced with others doing the exact same thing, if wealth is not taxed sufficiently.  Oddly enough, redistributing wealth doesn’t lead to destruction.  It is how civilizations are built.  History is perfectly clear about this.  Worse, if the lower classes are taxed heavily (as they are today, like with the ‘sin’ taxes and gambling) then this leads to great social disintegration and chaos as well as a collapse in morals since the State had a vested interest in increasing sins so the tax base can grow.


Study: Bank Bonuses Far Exceeded Profits – CBS News

According to the report:

• Goldman Sachs, which earned $2.3 billion last year and received $10 billion in TARP funding, paid out $4.8 billion in bonuses in 2008 – more than double their net income.

• Morgan Stanley, which earned $1.7 billion last year and received $10 billion in bailout funds, handed out $4.475 billion in bonuses, nearly three times their net income.

• JPMorgan Chase, which earned $5.6 billion in 2008 and received $25 billion from the government, paid out $8.69 billion in bonus money.

• Citigroup and Merrill Lynch lost a combined $54 billion last year. They received a total of $55 billion in bailouts and paid out $9 billion in combined bonuses. ($5.33 billion for Citigroup; $3.6 billion for Merrill Lynch, which was subsequently acquired by Bank of America.)


In other words, the bail outs were a TRANSFER OF WEALTH.  If the bail outs equaled the bonuses, this means it was a fraud and the bankers who did this should be arrested.  Since we can’t arrest them, we can tax them so the government can recover these funds via taxes.  This seems awfully simple to me.  But then, people fear and hate taxes.  Taxes are mean.  Taxes are theft.  But dumping trillions in debt on the rest of us is an even worse theft.  This is a theft that lasts FOREVER.  We will pay and pay and pay for this.  Ergo: preventing this is hyper important.  If we tax these richest Americans, this means we reduce our debts and they have no incentive to defraud our government in this fashion.


Bond Worry: Will China Keep Buying? –

Shaky auctions of Treasury notes this week reignited concerns about whether the government can attract buyers from China and elsewhere to soak up trillions in new debt.


A fuse was lit this week when traders noted China’s apparent absence from direct participation in two Treasury bond auctions. While China may have bought Treasurys just before the auctions, market participants read the country’s actions as a worrying sign that China and other foreign investors may be ratcheting back purchases at a time when the U.S. is seeking to fund a $1.8 trillion budget deficit.


Hillary went off to the Chinese/US conference to beg for money.  This money will then be handed over to the military industrial manufacturing and supply operators and to the biggest banking houses.  They, in turn, will do this again, as soon as possible.  And to keep our domestic industries going, we are also spending billions to egg Americans who don’t need new cars, to buy more new cars.  And much of this money is going to flow into the pockets of foreign powers since we gave up supplying ourselves with industrial goods we make, ourselves.


Weak Treasury Sales Raise Worries About US Debt Burden – Bonds and Treasuries * US * News * Story –

The U.S. Treasury sold $39 billion in five-year debt Wednesday in an auction that drew poor demand, raising worries over the cost of financing the government’s burgeoning budget deficit.


It was the second lackluster showing in as many days,  convincing analysts that the stellar results of debt auctions just a few weeks ago were a fluke and that Thursday’s $28 billion seven-year offering could suffer a similar fate.


“Obviously everyone is inferring that tomorrow’s won’t be good either,” said James Combias, head of government bond trading at Mizuho Securities USA in New York. “Maybe you will see more interest tomorrow but I think the increase in the auctions and the size of them may be starting to have an effect. These are very large auctions.”


The Fed will deal this this the way we alway deal with this: we ignore it.  And then inflation will take off.  For the US dollar is still the world’s fiat currency.  We hope to repeat the 1970-1990s where we flooded the earth with dollars and then devalued it ruthlessly via inflation.  The one problem with this nifty plan is simple: China is preparing the grounds for dumping the dollar as the world’s premier currency.  We know this will happen. When, is the only question.  When the US flooded the world with cheap dollars in the past, our trade rivals grew in power.  So they don’t fear this.  But back in the 1970s, our trade rivals held little in the way of US dollars and US debts.  .

Now, they hold trillions in both!  So they have a lot to lose, this time around.  And will dump it much faster in order to escape, once China decides it is time to dump the dollar.


Fed Holdings of Treasuries For Central Banks Tops $2 Trillion –

The Federal Reserve’s custodial holdings of Treasuries for overseas accounts including foreign central banks reached $2 trillion for the first time.


The holdings rose by $5.38 billion, or 0.27 percent, to $2.001 trillion in the week ended July 29, according to data released today by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Custodial holdings have climbed 18 percent this year, after surging 39 percent in 2008, the data shows.


“They’re buying them because of the liquidity and the depth of the market,” Chris Ahrens, head interest-rate strategist at UBS Securities LLC in Greenwich, Connecticut, one of 18 primary dealers that trade directly with the Fed, said before the release. “If you have large funds to invest, where else can you go to get the liquidity and the size you need?”


And what is ‘liquidity’?  It means, they can dump it very fast!  Since this is very easy to dump, we must fear this.  Since $2 trillion is now held by foreign powers WHILE THIS IS IN THE US, this means we may end up holding trillions in worthless bonds, ourselves, one day, when they abandon these pieces of paper we are holding for them.  Since our entire banking structure is based on the Fed holding this crap, the Fed will suddenly be decapitalized which is like being decapitated.  Won’t work when this happens.


The only party the Fed can fool at this point will be the Federal Government, itself.  That is, we can lend ourselves money based on no capital but this means, we become Zimbabwe.  I noticed over time that our media ignored Zimbabwe and still ignores it while I read about it all the time thanks to readers sending links from Africa or in Europe.  Thank you, everyone.  Here is Arizona becoming like Zimbabwe, selling everything to others (often aliens) and then paying rent on things the state once owned:


State may sell Capitol buildings, others

Call it a sign of desperate times: Legislators are considering selling the House and Senate buildings where they’ve conducted state business for more than 50 years.


Dozens of other state properties also may be sold as the state government faces its worst financial crisis in a generation, if not ever. The plan isn’t to liquidate state assets, though.


Instead, officials hope to sell the properties and then lease them back over several years before assuming ownership again. The complex financial transaction would allow government services to continue without interruption while giving the state a fast infusion of as much as $735 million, according to Capitol projections.


NY tried this when we went bankrupt in the seventies.  I assure everyone, the state NEVER buys back the leased properties, ever again.  This is a one-way street.  Other states are selling off highways, water systems, transport systems, etc and this still doesn’t work.  It makes the people poorer as this is a form of taxes which are levied via tolls, one of the most pernicious of taxes.


• House of Representatives: $18.2 million (estimated replacement value).


HAHAHA.  I thought the politicians sold themselves long ago.  And I doubt it will cost us $18 million to replace them.  We could go to a bar and hire a passel of drunks.

• Senate: $18.2 million.


HAHAHA.  The poor Senators at state level get no more money than the Representatives?  They should demand a revaluation!


• Polly Rosenbaum Archives and History Building: $29.4 million. 

• Arizona State Hospital: $176.1 million. 

• Arizona Coliseum and Exposition Center (fairgrounds): $84.3 million. 

• Florence prison complex: $155.4 million.


This is an IMMENSE prison.  And when a state can’t own its own prisons, it should throw in the towel.


• Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind; Phoenix school: $20.5 million; Tucson school: $46.4 million.


And this is just plain mean.


• Arizona Department of Administration executive tower: $39.5 million. 

• Prescott Pioneers Home: $9.6 million. 

Prescott Historical Society: $8.6 million.


This is what happens when tax policies collapse: the public is made private and services to society collapse.  This is not a good thing.  Public buildings are owned by the public.  When they are sold, we become renters!  Renters are NOT sovereign powers.  A society that has to rent everything from creditors who own all our systems, literally, lock, stock and barrel, is a society that has no sovereignty.  This is pure, pure evil on a philosophical and political level.


Sources: Government to stop ‘cash for clunkers’ – Autos-

The government plans to suspend its popular “cash for clunkers” program amid concerns it could quickly use up the $1 billion in rebates for new car purchases, congressional officials said Thursday.


The Transportation Department called lawmakers’ offices to alert them to the decision to suspend the program at midnight Thursday. The program offers owners of old cars and trucks $3,500 or $4,500 toward a new, more fuel-efficient vehicle.


The congressional officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. Rae Tyson, a spokesman for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which administers the program, declined comment.


SELLING CARS IS A PRIVATE MATTER.  So, our state is going bankrupt and running up immense debts so private individuals can buy fancy new cars???? This is INSANE.


Lawmakers Seek $2 Billion to Keep ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Running –

“If you were planning on going to buy a car this weekend, using this program, this program continues to run,” Gibbs said. “If you meet the requirements of the program, the certificates will be honored.”


The Michigan delegation is working to transfer economic stimulus funds for the Energy Department to the clunkers program and has the Obama administration’s support, Senator Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat from the state, said today in an interview.


There was no immediate confirmation from the administration on the $2 billion. Gibbs told reporters this morning that the program “is something we believe can, should and will be extended.”


Congress has no concept of limits.  Only time things are limited is when the government is divided and one party runs one sector and another runs the other parts. But this has been FAILING for the last 50 years due to political corruption.  The biggest economic powers own BOTH political parties.  This is setting us on the road to social collapse, bankruptcy and insurrections.


Congress allowed auto rivals to flood America with foreign goods.  Then, we allowed all nations to flood us with excess production.  In return, we went deep into debt on the back of falling interest rates.  And are going bankrupt because of this.  We can’t save our auto industry by going deeper into debt.  Period.  If we want to protect Detroit, we have to kill off ‘free trade’.


Japan’s Jobless Rate at Six-Year High, Prices Drop (Update1) –

Japan’s unemployment rate rose to a six-year high in June and consumer prices fell at a record pace, adding to evidence the domestic economy is struggling to recover even as exports start to improve.


The jobless rate advanced to 5.4 percent from 5.2 percent in May, the statistics bureau said today in Tokyo, higher than the 5.3 percent median forecast of economists surveyed. Consumer prices excluding fresh food, the central bank’s preferred gauge, fell a record 1.7 percent in June, a separate report showed.


Japan is not trying to get Japanese to buy more autos. They want US to buy more autos and if we do this by selling Japan more government debts, so be it.


Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) Website Main Page

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28 responses to “Financial Analysis Is All About The Soul

  1. ”So, our state is going bankrupt and running up immense debts so private individuals can buy fancy new cars???? This is INSANE.”

    Never mind the flu pandemic there is a stupidity pandemic running wild.

    PS; that includes you guys bickering about vaccines.

  2. I see two enablers of the above;

    – critical thinking i not taught

    – we are subjected to a constant media [US media are the worse] bombardment of disinformation and illogic.

    we can only speculate about why.

  3. is not taught, see i’m catching it! HA.ha

  4. w c

    yes the place between the inner real,, and the outer view. many refuse to acknowledge the soul..

    the cave of death,, midnight in the garden of good and evil.

    t.s. elliott

    We are the hollow men
    We are the stuffed men
    Leaning together
    Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
    Our dried voices, when
    We whisper together
    Are quiet and meaningless
    As wind in dry grass
    Or rats’ feet over broken glass
    In our dry cellar

    Shape without form, shade without colour,
    Paralysed force, gesture without motion;

    Those who have crossed
    With direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom
    Remember us — if at all — not as lost
    Violent souls, but only
    As the hollow men
    The stuffed men.


    Eyes I dare not meet in dreams
    In death’s dream kingdom
    These do not appear:
    There, the eyes are
    Sunlight on a broken column
    There, is a tree swinging
    And voices are
    In the wind’s singing
    More distant and more solemn
    Than a fading star.

    Let me be no nearer
    In death’s dream kingdom
    Let me also wear
    Such deliberate disguises
    Rat’s coat, crowskin, crossed staves
    In a field
    Behaving as the wind behaves
    No nearer —

    Not that final meeting
    In the twilight kingdom


    This is the dead land
    This is cactus land
    Here the stone images
    Are raised, here they receive
    The supplication of a dead man’s hand
    Under the twinkle of a fading star.

    Is it like this
    In death’s other kingdom
    Waking alone
    At the hour when we are
    Trembling with tenderness
    Lips that would kiss
    Form prayers to broken stone.


    The eyes are not here
    There are no eyes here
    In this valley of dying stars
    In this hollow valley
    This broken jaw of our lost kingdoms

    In this last of meeting places
    We grope together
    And avoid speech
    Gathered on this beach of the tumid river

    Sightless, unless
    The eyes reappear
    As the perpetual star
    Multifoliate rose
    Of death’s twilight kingdom
    The hope only
    Of empty men.


    Here we go round the prickly pear
    Prickly pear prickly pear
    Here we go round the prickly pear
    At five o’clock in the morning.

    Between the idea
    And the reality
    Between the motion
    And the act
    Falls the Shadow

    For Thine is the Kingdom

    Between the conception
    And the creation
    Between the emotion
    And the response
    Falls the Shadow

    Life is very long

    Between the desire
    And the spasm
    Between the potency
    And the existence
    Between the essence
    And the descent
    Falls the Shadow

    For Thine is the Kingdom

    For Thine is
    Life is
    For Thine is the

    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.

  5. emsnews

    Lies in economic matters do not automatically move into medical matters, Ziff house.

    Indeed, in the ‘alternative medicine’ area, there is LOTS AND LOTS OF LYING. The delusion level there is immense. I was a hippie and was exposed to this a lot.

    Example: a hippie family left their son with me for three days. By day two, I called an ambulance and took him to a hospital. The parents went to the usual alternative med ‘doctors’ who were barely better than witch doctors.

    The kid had many problems and was being treated ‘organically’ only I took him to a real doctor who found out he had a brain aneurysm. He nearly died. I argued with the parents to let him be operated on. They finally allowed this.

    The child survived, thank god. The surgery was vast and terrible and he was in a coma for weeks and then had to learn how to do everything since his brain was messed up due to this mess.

    He succeeded, grew up and went to college.

    If he didn’t get this surgery, he would have died. The witch doctors told the parents, I was wrong and stupid. This really, really irritates me. The parents listened to crack pots and trust me, there are lots of these sort of crack pots all over the place. I was very pushy and saved the child. The alternative would have been to go to court on the child’s behalf. I did this in the past, too. Saved other kids from their parents.

  6. payAttention

    There is nothing fundamentally deathly about economics or statistics. Going out on television and lying on the strength of self appointed financial expertise, on the other hand, is obnoxious. The only thing these ratings chasers should discuss is why the Treasury auction won’t fail next month and why those repos that Benake did last fall with ECB, BOE and SNB are coming back to buy our treasuries! There was a great deal of headscratching about the success of the seven years. Ok, how about you look at the chf from Wednesday, that went vertical, after it went ballistic on Tuesday. Coincidence? The gdp was minus one for the quarter and that’s a good thing? Take out the huge increase of the government portion and the Odumbo boondoggle stimulus of 800 bil, and that -1 would match last quarter’s minus 6.5. This year is a running replay of last year, except this time when da boyz run to mama, mama gonna be busted.

  7. Lies in economic matters do not automatically move into medical matters, Ziff house.

    eh? And you can call me Ziff


  8. emsnews

    OK, you trust no one except who? 🙂

    I remember one joke we had many years ago: Don’t trust anyone over 30 or under 29. 🙂

  9. emsnews

    Pay Attention, of course the TV guys scratch their heads because they are hired to not know things. This is why I am not on TV arguing with everyone. I love arguing. Beats me why they won’t let me do this in person. HAHAHA. Maybe it is because I am so persistent. On the other hand, you are too (ahem).

  10. payAttention

    The usd/chf chart was going vertical I meant to say. Meaning swiss francs were getting converted to dollars. My guess, to buy Treasuries. Who knows with China, they set the exchange rate every day.

  11. payAttention

    Well Denninger is getting through, which is actually very hard to believe. Matt Miller actually quoted him on Bloomberg, since yesterday’s ramp job was fed by a deliberate glitch in the momentum indicators from the overnight futures. I don’t look at them, but others do, and all trade robots do. Shows you immediately who is a journalist and who is a shill though. Zero Hedge is the bete noire of cnbc now as well. You go off into some far off tangents though, instead of trying to hold the evil goldman vampire at bay, which is what every independent journalist/blogger should be doing now. In my humble opinion.

  12. emsnews

    The tangents I explore happen to be often life and death issues. Imagine that.

    As for pursuing GS: note that I have a wonderful solution for their perfidy: much higher taxes on bonuses! Heh. This is why I am not on the news. This is the last thing the rich want to hear.

  13. emsnews

    Note also, I try to build a case for tax cuts being the solution. Replacing GS with JPM is stupid. Or letting Citigroup take over the role of leech. Instead of laws restricting bonuses which is what Congress is stupidly talking about, we need simple taxes to do this. And guess who passes tax laws? 🙂 🙂

  14. CK

    And elaine said “Believe it or not, we have a joint social responsibility with each other.”

    ” And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.”
    “And the LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother?”
    And Cain said: “Thou are omniscient, and omnipotent. Not a sparrow falls but thou doest know. So why asketh of me what thou already knowest?”
    And Cain turned his back and continued to till the soil for Cain was a tiller of the soil.
    And it came to pass that Yawweh waxed wroth and Roth didn’t like it. Cain was tatooed and left for Nod which is slightly east of Eden.

    It is nice to see that citizens are becoming sovereign again in Arizona…that it is chinese or some other nations that are enjoying that sovereignty is interesting.
    What everyone owns, noone owns. Or as a wise man asked, “When was the last time you changed the oil in a rented car?”

    Another billion will be appropriated to the “destroy perfectly useable older cars campaign.” Shame that, poor folks will be even more marginally deprived of mobility, but the good news is that any old POS is now worth at min $3500 as a trade in…or as a sale to someone else who might want to trade it in if you perchance have a better use for that money than buying another vehicle.

  15. RobG

    On the local radio and TV are Ads by the Toyota dealers to rush in for ‘Cash for Clunker’ deal. It struck me then, that this is another bad idea because it is more likely people will be buying imports with this program.

    This is going to have a very tragic end.

  16. emsnews

    It is the wrong medicine for what ails us. This is the confounding part: people have to figure out systems in order to fix them. Even obvious, simple stuff has confounding parts to them so we have to be very clever to figure out how to deal with all this.

    This means thinking in a subtle manner. And then looking at all parts. The US has gotten away with accumulating increasing debts. Now that we are reaching a limit, we can’t understand that there is a limit. We assume we can go to infinity. This is why I talk about infinity all the time. Not to bore people but to explain dynamic systems and how they reset themselves.

    For example, the vaccination system caused a global population surge of unprecedented proportions. This also increased the size of the human biomass. Thanks to vaccinations, people are more reckless with hygiene.

    This means, there are oodles of opportunities for germs to evolve and spread. On and on, this cycle goes. All alterations we make on any system has both good and bad side effects. The debt system is no different. Too much debt=bad news.

  17. CK

    Do you own your body?
    Do you own your mind?
    Do you own the product of your efforts, physical and or mental or both?
    If you don’t, who does?
    Would you like to own someone else’s mind?
    Would you wish to own someone else’s body?
    Would you like to own the production of someone else’s mind and or body or both?
    If you would; you are a candidate for the priesthood, or politics.
    If you wouldn’t, why do you support others owning you?
    Over way to many years, I have read a bit of religion. Not enough to be a theologian but enough to be a damn fine pulpit pounder when there was money in it. Elaine understands the cave of wealth and death, religion comes from there as does the slavery that is politics. Abel the passive aggressive one, Lilith the first of the emancipated women, Eve made as a subsidiary, second hand parts as it were. Cain the first victim of political entrapment, Judas the only honest disciple. My heroes have always been heroes.
    “That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle, …”

  18. nah

    the amount of subsidized economic policy is mind boggling… the roots of our finacial fundementals can clearly be seen now… so i wonder if all the helicopter money drops will work to ‘restore’ the economic ‘fundementals’ ??? if not being super duper rich could be well… hard work…. and that could just totally screw all of us looted taxpayers if we wake up and realize we need speculators so we can have speculators, cuz without them running the boom/bust cycle… their broke ‘and by 2big2fail inference were broke too’… boy did the regulators blow it
    Its the Mount Everest of Dollars

  19. Simon

    I note with amusement how uplifting and creative the animation in Japan was in the eighties, and the sorry state it is in now
    Opiate for the masses, where suicide and gang-violence dominate the theme
    Or outright insanity

  20. emsnews

    Yes, it has evolved into greater violence and sexual deviancy. But then, so have US movies, TV shows and entertainments, this is global.

  21. flipspiceland

    You say “we” must tax away their dishonety, greed, avarice, and licentiousness.

    Who are “we”?

    The people who could change the top tax rates to recapture our money paid out in obscene unearneds income are the very same people that Goldman Sucks has put in place in venues all over the world, from CFTC chairment and women to Henry “Slick” Paulson, Ben Bernanke, Denny Orszag, Gary Gensler, Tim Geithner and others who, peculiarly, are nearly all semites.

    It is “they” who will not change our windfall profits tax on individuals.

    “We” and “They” don’t seem on any course to meet.

    How do we get rid of “they” in Massachusetts (those of us who live in Pennsylvania), when the “we” of Massachusetts vote term after sickening term for Ted Kennedy and the “We” of Pennsylvania vote for a closet liberal and semite like Arlen Specter?

    The system is rigged the entire Congressional system based on that one huge flaw in many of our institutions: promotion based solely on, “Seniority” with no regard to national meritorious conduct.

  22. igneous

    Interesting that Snow White bites a poison apple that does not kill her but puts her to sleep which is like death. The whole castle is placed in unchangeable suspended animation. ie There is no change. So perhaps desire to live for ever is part of a more general fear of things we are attached to changing or disappearing.

  23. igneous

    People who say that the market decides the value of a commodity, or a persons work fail to understand that powerful players skew the price to their advantage. Ultimately this skew of power hurts the economy because people are more interested in making money than real wealth. Its easier to gamble in a rigged financial system than dig and build.

    We need to create taxes and trade tarrifs inorder to rebalance the phenomenal power of multi nationals and banks.
    There thats my piece.

  24. nah

    t.s. elliott

    We are the hollow men
    We are the stuffed men


    yeah yeeeaaah yyyeeaaaHhhhh

    thats good stuff… i have recorded ts elliot as a digital generational buy

  25. newoaktown

    we were shown ge999 as a young high school student by my jp school teacher. i’m glad he showed us this film. he also had us watch the original star wars. interesting films, both about a hero.

    yes, taxing Goldman and all the top 1%ers sounds like a sound plan to me. but that would be a revolution, so we’ll limp (or run) to collapse and revolution instead.


  26. W.C.

    tax all the money from top 2% and what do we have even more and more debt. that will solve nothing ,, except make the poor even poorer

    the solution is not more tax but less expenditures.. like stop being police to world. spending billions on cash for clinkers .. bridges to nowhere.

  27. emsnews

    True, WC. We are misallocating resources, big time.

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