Jet Setting DNC Wants Newer Private Jets

6a00d83451c0bf69e200e54f0291758833-800wiThe corrupt elites in Congress are intent on spending money…on themselves!  Just like they get gold plated public healthcare for only themselves, as well as gold plated guaranteed retirement packages that equal their working salaries, they also want a fleet of private jets so they don’t have to fly with the voting public or go through Homeland Security hassles.  So here they are, at it yet again, trying to buy more new jets for only themselves.


Opposition Emerges to House’s Jet Spree –

Bipartisan opposition is emerging in the Senate to a plan by House lawmakers to spend $550 million for additional passenger jets for senior government officials.


The resistance to buying eight Gulfstream and Boeing planes comes as members of both chambers of Congress embark on the busiest month of the year for official overseas travel. The plan to upgrade the fleet of government jets, which was included in a broader defense-funding bill, has also sparked criticism from the Pentagon, which has said it doesn’t need half of the new jets….


The very favorite place to park this sort of porcine spending is inside the military spending bill.  Everyone in Congress loves spending oodles of money on military stuff! So they park all sorts of non-military stuff in these budget packages.  I remember both parties swearing they would stop doing this. Both do this, anyway.


This time around, the GOP gets to yell about this pork.  But the instant they get their paws on power, they do the exact same thing.


….The funding for new planes is “a classic example of Congress being out of touch with the realities of deficit spending,” said Mr. Thune.


When we have ZIRP interest rates, the need to live within one’s means vanishes.  Since 1982, interest rates have been mostly dropping. They are now nearly zero percent.  So of course, since we plan on paying only interest and never any principal on our public loans, we think this is ‘free money’ and the principal balance doesn’t matter.  THIS IS INSANITY.  Eventually, the principal reaches this glass ceiling and will rise no further.


The Obama administration had sought $220 million to buy four passenger jets, including two that are currently being leased by the Air Force, to replace a fleet of older planes. Before leaving town for the August break, House lawmakers doubled the aircraft order to eight, at a total cost of $550 million…. ….Lawmakers who support funding for the planes say the move would save the government money down the road because the new planes are less expensive to operate than the older planes, some of which are now grounded.


Pentagon officers can fly on commercial planes.  Hell, if they did this, we wouldn’t have to worry about hijackers, eh?  Government elected people should also fly only on commercial planes. Then, all the suffering that the public goes through will be felt by our elected officials who will then be very motivated to insure that things work better!  Duh.


When they insist on using private jets to do public business, they are setting themselves separate from the rest of us and this is tyranny.  Since it is tyranny, it is bad and Congress and the Pentagon should stop it.  I don’t even want an Air Force One, either!  Our Presidents now are utterly separated from the masses and this is why they cease caring about us at all, we are outside their bubble.


Here are some older postings about the desire of Congress to use private jets that can fly cross country.  The ‘liberal’ websites actually and very stupidly, sided with Pelosi and her gang of thieves!


Money Matters: Daily Kos Wants Democrats To Live Like Billionaires

February, 2007:

America is going bankrupt. The GOP spent us into a very deep chasm. The Democrats were supposed to fix this but they won’t, either. The Pelosi plane flap shows the depths of the debt depravity in Congress in full bloom.

This was posted at Daily Kos by the Pied Piper, Kos himself:

And if you want to know why the “Pelosi wants a luxury plane” fake scandal is total bullshit, read here.

This is a fraction of the huge story by Media Matters, trying desperately to excuse Speaker Pelosi’s bizarre request.

But neither Costello nor Blitzer provided independent evidence of Pelosi’s request. By contrast, several other media reports on the controversy have stated that there is no evidence Pelosi ever asked for a specific plane and noted that her staff has explicitly denied she ever made such a request. Indeed, Pelosi herself has repeatedly explained she merely wants an aircraft that can travel nonstop to California.


See how the lying bastards operate?  I run a really nasty website here.  I don’t reflexively support anyone or even anything (except maybe the concept of the Cave of Wealth and Death, of course) and so I look at everything with my jaundiced eyes.  Well, Pelosi had to back peddle like crazy in 2007.  But she kept her jet shopping list in her Prada purse and now has taken it out again and wants those jets, damn it!


So what, if we are now running a $2 trillion deficit!  Who will notice a mere half a billion more in wild overspending???  So she tacks it onto the bill.  This is why deadbeats are very dangerous.  The minute they realize, they are heading into bankruptcy, they madly increase their debts to the max.  And spend like fiends.



NOVEMBER 20, 2008

One of the more pathetic stories today is how the private jet setters in Congress scored points off of the gnomes running Detroit into the ground, coming to Congress on private jets to beg for US taxpayer bail out money.  The hot attacks by our very corrupt Congress, screeching at the corruptors from Detroit, daring to show up in private jets, is very ironic.


For Congress LOVES private jets. So do our Presidential candidates and our rulers and nearly everyone connected with the collapse of the US economy and our deepening debts.  As usual, the media won’t report this correctly.  They want to orchestrate American viewers into hating the heads of dying industries, not examining the true nature of what is going on here.  There are fleets and fleets of private jets and all of these are indications of corruption, venality and selling the US down the economic river and into the Red Ink Sea of debt.



JANUARY 26, 2009

Citigroup just purchased a tremendously expensive private jet.  This is on the heels of begging, yet again, for another $45 billion bail out from you and me and everyone who has no private planes, much less, jets.  This latest outrage doesn’t surprise me.  No one is being arrested for vandalism, fraud and theft.


The other two stories here shows that my analysis of this matter is spot-on.  One thing I am a very big believer in is, did I call the shots correctly in the past?  Whenever this is the case, I am very happy.  Many countries that think they are democracies have the same problem as the US: people troop from one status quo party to the other over and over again, hoping to find relief.


They are let down as both choices are the same, deep down inside. This is why third and fourth parties must be encouraged.  This way, the voters have a choice and have to be courted. Of course, this doesn’t fix the desire of democracies to run in the red to please voters who nearly always, love deficit spending and low or no taxes.


Which is where morals come in: countries that don’t tax and spend within realistic limits end up bankrupt.  So the People as well as elected officers must always keep this in mind and must educate each other and the public about how to live properly balanced lives, both personal as well as public.




“Nightmare” as 47 Stuck on Tarmac 6 Hours – The Early Show – CBS News

A routine, three-hour flight from Houston to Minneapolis Friday night turned into what one passenger called a “nightmare,” with the cramped plane’s 47 passengers stranded on a tarmac for six hours, then spending another three-and-a-half in a terminal before completing their trip. .

Adding to the passengers’ discomfort — the smell of the only toilet on board and the sound of crying babies….


… ExpressJet Airlines, which operated the flight for Continental, says airline regulations prevented passengers from getting off the plane, and security screeners had gone home for the night, anyhow. Not only that, says the airline, but efforts to arrange a bus trip failed, and the plane’s crew passed the legal limit on hours it could work, so another crew had to be brought in.


So, the major reason these poor US citizens were trapped in this aluminum coffin for an ENTIRE NIGHT was because the stupid Homeland Security agents went home?  Seriously, did the airline companies and the government think this plane was filled with terrorists?


This is the level of paranoia that is utterly insane.  We live in a paranoid police state that can’t tell citizens who are honest apart from terrorists so everyone is treated as a criminal.


YouTube – Elderly woman slammed hard by police at Walmart


Here is a video of a senile lady nearly 90 years old, being manhandled by the police as if she were Atta, using a knife to hijack a jet.  It is obvious to these casual observers of this police brutality that the lady is barely able to walk, is confused and is quite frail.  The police waste no time, talking to her.  They bark an order and then lunge.


The US troops in Iraq do this all the time to the Muslims there.  And then are sent back here and get jobs as police and they treat citizens like aliens.  Aliens shouldn’t be abused, either.  To have a security state that abuses and punishes law-abiding citizens is to have no security at all.  Our Homeland is becoming a prison cell.  The police are turning themselves into terrorists.  Homeland Security rules endangered the health and sanity of an entire planeload of citizens!  This is disgusting.

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58 responses to “Jet Setting DNC Wants Newer Private Jets

  1. ralph

    Come on now, corporate officers need corporate jets to do their business. Congress, the administration, Pentagon, etc… are all corporations, why not let them have their ELITE jets. If they would just come out with the facts that the USA is a giant corporation, and Obama, Bush, Bernanke etc.. are just corporate thugs, Americans would understand their fraud government and not be so hostile to obscene corporate spending? ”

    Go the site, learn REAL AMERICAN HISTORY. Not that shit pumped into the brains of our youth by the corporate whores in DC.!!!

  2. emsnews

    What, and have their private jets get hijacked and flown into the Pentagon? 🙂

  3. no jet flew into that building according to many actual pilots….

  4. It appears that early in the ‘elderly woman’ video the female police officer says “Ma’am, can you put the knife down.?” Later, the elderly woman seems to have been holding a knife which is either planted by the officer or had been held by her all along. I would not attempt to interpret what’s going on here. If I HAD to guess, I might speculate that the guys with the camera planted the knife on the elderly lady, telling her to take it to the police or some such. And that they knew long before the police that the lady was barely able to walk, is confused and is quite frail.

  5. I think elderly ladies tend to like the feel of a knife….but I’m biased because I am not elderly yet.

    What is UP Fred. So great to see you here.

    Really – I’m impressed.



  6. Oh but of course, elderly ladies are also so frail.

    Feffef knows.

    Feffef likes touch!

    Gold Trophies though – not too much.

    Anyhow, I follow the charts as best I can.

    This is NOT a riddle.

  7. and just to be annoying in a typing sort of way – (just talking is the way I consider it)…….

    For for a 4. Not really a box.

    Just a box wanta be.

    5 is best.


  8. emsnews

    The lady used a small knife to cut her seatbelt so she could look for her daughter. She is insane. The degree of menace is very small here since the lady is obviously slow moving and ancient. Throwing her violently down like she were a menacing teenager is just batty.

  9. So is there an argument here or a debate? Do you want to argue about that or do you want to debate?

    The cartoons above would have been just a bit better in my opinion if Miz Nancy had some chocolate that she slurped sliding down her cheeks with glee in her eyes as she consumed…….

    It has happened before, so obviously it can happen again. Pelosi though ought just see the writing on the wall – seems this way to me, but hells-bells there are so many out there who just want me to shutup, so maybe I will. Maybe not.

  10. RobG

    What next, call them terrorists?:Fox News

    “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi turned the health care debate up a notch Monday, penning a column along with her top deputy that questioned the patriotism of those disrupting town hall meetings to air their complaints.

    Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer claimed such behavior is “simply un-American.”

  11. how can she know about “america” when she knows nothing about tables?

    RobG – sorry for my “trap-talk” from before, but sometimes it is hard not to wonder if someone is watching with bad intent. No matter, bad intent always dies in the end. Dies in a black-hole so to speak.

    AnyHU – she don’t know. She ain’t nothing but a CA – valley-hoo who probably has never even crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. I have. My wife and I did together. It was not easy, but we made it and then afterwards we came back the easy way.



    end of poem

  12. Paul S

    The video of the elderly woman being assaulted by the cops is ABSOLUTELY despicable. But I don’t think this is a new trend among cops. There have ALWAYS been cops who were quick to use lots of force, well over the necessary amount. That said, there are MANY in law enforcement who serve honorably. Cops are human like everybody else; there’s good ones and bad ones.

  13. nah

    creature comforts are important enough to give strangers guns and money… safety and stability are the most important things in the USA

    carbs are bad

  14. See, theres that new theory i posted, max out your credit, then default, on a national scale.

  15. seraphim

    Private vs Public is the whole history. Check the Roman History and you will find how the “Respublica” became the preserve of the “Senators”, one of the greediest oligarchies in the world (allied with jewish finance since Julius Caesar) which survived all turmoils (transmogriphied in the Roman-Catholic church). They passed the flame to the Bank of England and Wall Street!

  16. @ralph: Yes, I studied that site long ago. And it is true, But the change was not in the 1870s, but in 1787, when the US Constitution was adopted.

    @Elaine et al: What the police did there was bat shit crazy and beyond disgusting. They know better than to blindly go by their training. Yet they did it anyway. Just like the officers who arrested Professor Gates. Go figure…. Oh yeah, she’s black. This is just typical of what a black person has to face at least once in this country. Just ask Obama — the right-winged lunatic fringe “Birther” movement would never even been conceived had Obama been white.

  17. @ken: My partner and I also crossed the GGB and came back the easy way… by Sausalito Ferry. Very enchanting.

  18. emsnews

    The USA always was a corporation, ask any native American Indian about that matter.

  19. emsnews

    I love the Bay, Ed. Used to live in the Berkeley Hills and watch the afternoon fog roll in during the summer.

  20. More @Elaine et al: And when I said “Oh yeah, she’s black”, yada yada yada I am NOT excusing or coondoning these police in any way, shape or form. I hope she sues their pants off!

  21. oops, condoning. :blush:

  22. That must have been a sight, Elaine. I have only visited SF myself. We never saw the fog from the Berkley vantage point but we did see the fog fighting its way over Twin Peaks and the other hills as we were travelling up Market Street towards The Castro.

    If I had enough money, I’d definitely live there. Right now, it’s too damned expensive even with a popped RE bubble.

  23. trailin' pete

    you do elitist satire well.

    the 60’s live on after a lengthy consumer based intermission

  24. trailin' pete

    i understand the video of the old crone getting tackled at wally mart will be included in future cop training manuals.

    great techniques on how to get a physical jump on the old and infirm. it’s lots easier than taking on those fit and wily minorities. it’s also imparative that women cops get credit for some collars without jeopardizing their own safety.


  25. RobG

    Over at Seeking Alpha: California Won’t Even Accept Its Own IOUs

    It was the U.S. federal government which started Ponzi-scheme financing as a permanent means of financing a nation. To make its balance sheet look much, much better, the federal government does not carry its future obligations on its own books – like every business in the United States is required to do by law. Instead, the U.S. government calls these future obligations “unfunded liabilities” – and simply pretends they do not exist. Then when Americans actually make claims against these unfunded liabilities (now somewhere in excess of $70 trillion), these expenses are a “surprise” to the two-party dictatorship in power. Worse than that, the federal government has plundered trillions of dollars from its own Social Security “trust fund”. Clearly, “federal government trust fund” is an oxymoron.

    As a result, the United States is hopelessly insolvent. Merely transferring its own obligations officially onto its books would instantly bankrupt the U.S. – as it is totally incapable of paying the interest on those obligations. The only option other than immediate default would be to instantly descend into hyperinflation, since it would be totally cut off all international credit (no one will lend to someone who can’t even pay interest on its debt).

  26. emsnews

    Stealing from the SS fund was a Reagan move. The taxes paid for the expenses but the people who wanted hidden taxes pushed very hard to scare everyone into believing the baby boomers would bankrupt SS so we had to save back then, to pay for this.

    Then, every penny saved was used to run our national budget in the red. This immense tax hike on the working class was used to transfer wealth to the upper classes.

    Now, there are zero savings. This is another reason why our economy is collapsing.

  27. CK

    But have you not read the glad tidings of great joy? Kurggie says its over. Thanks to big government spending and stimulations the green shoots of spring have appeared. All is right with the world and no one should ever need to think of buying precious metals or productive objects ever ever again…ever. And the death panels have been exposed by someone, so there will be no new death panels, the old ones will just have to carry an increased case load.

  28. Paul S

    The ‘Jet setting’ DNC doesn’t get it. But why would they? They live in a cocoon, where the ‘proles’ are merely some kind of abstract concept. Time is LONG overdue to give these guys a dose of reality: term limits, strict regs concerning campaign contributions–whenever the politicians get them. No more junkets, no more “vampire” Congresses, where special interest legislation is passed at 3:30 in the MORNING. These are just a start. A third and fourth party system is needed so voter choices are no longer between tweedle dum (Democrats) and tweedle dee (Republicans). And for the President: a ‘recall’ option. IMHO there should be a voter option where a President can be booted from office not only for impeachable offenses, but because s/he is a complete idiot or they are corrupt. The country could have gotten rid of “Dubaya” for Katrina. Think of all the problems that would have been avoided. Of course none of these measures are realistic; BOTH parties fight real reform tooth fang and claw.

  29. w.c.

    paul S

    The country could have gotten rid of “Dubaya” for Katrina. Think of all the problems that cheney would have solved

  30. w.c.

    99 percent of the worlds population.. have no debt control cover for untreated massive currency debasement world wide ,

    a condom for debt

  31. emsnews

    CK, Krugman is often off base. Even sometimes, wrong.

    You are correct about this recovery: it is paper thin.

  32. CK

    I shall endeavour to do a SNARK alert more often when I right.
    There IS NO RECOVERY. It ain’t even fiat paper thin.
    Krugman is an academic, not an economist, not a productive soul. A thrall to the cult of Keynes.

  33. Paul S

    W.C.: Darth Cheney was probably running things anyway. Boot him out the door too. This is why Kucinich wanted to impeach BOTH “Dubaya” and Cheney. And Addington and Feith and Yoo and Gonzales…the whole neo-con bunch. ALL of ’em are war criminals. The list speaks to the depth of criminality of the Bush warmongers.

  34. w.c.

    condum for debt gold . silver, land . food yadda

  35. RobG

    Doomsday — pros and cons

    “We are roughly where Britain was in 1968,” said one. That year Prime Minister Harold Wilson decided to abandon all of Great Britain’s obligations east of Suez. That included the entire Persian Gulf, from Oman to Kuwait, the Strait of Hormuz, British special agents in all the emirates and sheikhdoms, local constabularies with British officers, the fabled Trucial Oman Scouts (TOS) — all for the bargain basement cost of $40 million a year.

    As the British and other colonial empires faded into history, America’s global empire grew topsy-turvy and since the collapse of the Soviet empire in 1989, its power grew unchallenged. The two tycoons, who did not wish to be quoted, agreed with a rapidly growing segment of the U.S. population that says America can no longer afford the astronomic costs of empire.

    With more than 2.5 million U.S. military personnel serving across the planet and 737 military bases spread across each continent, and 3,800 installations in the United States, a reassessment of roles and missions is long overdue. The estimated $1 trillion in overdue infrastructure repairs and modernization strikes many as an overdue priority.

  36. RobG

    How about these towns in Norway: Time online

    Seven towns in Norway’s Arctic Circle have sued Citigroup for more than $200 million (£121 miilion) in losses and damages for selling them complex mortgage-backed investments that brought the towns to the brink of financial collapse. The towns – Brenmanger, Hattfjelldal, Hemnes, Kvinesdal, Narvik, Rana and Vik – and a now-defunct Norwegian brokerage claim to have lost $115 million that they paid Citigroup for fund-linked notes.

    The local authorities borrowed money from DnB Nor, Norway’s biggest bank to buy the notes, which were backed by American mortgages. According to a lawsuit filed in the Southern District of New York, Citigroup marketed the notes in May and June 2007 as “safe, conservative investments”. The lawsuit alleges: “In fact, [the notes] were neither safe nor conservative; within a few weeks and as a result of those sales, the municipalities had lost tens of millions of dollars and by May 2008 substantially all of their original investment was gone.”

  37. emsnews

    Rob, those towns BORROWED money so they could GAMBLE. They then lost. This is typical of all credit bubbles: people borrow money to make it ‘grow’ faster than the interest rates on the loans. When the bubble pops, they can’t pay the debts off and go bankrupt.

    They were FOOLS. A fool and his money are soon parted and no one is more foolish than idiots who borrow money to play in bond or stock markets.

  38. Paul S

    “Think of all the problems that cheney would have solved.” Not to put too fine of a point on it, but under my recall plan there would be a new Presidential election after a successful recall. Cheney becoming President would NOT be a sure thing. Could you see Cheney on the campaign trail? Think of ALL the money the special interests could waste in a recall system. They could spend HUGE amounts of money getting ‘their’ guy in office, but that person staying there is NOT guaranteed. Anything that genuinely threatens the current power elites is a good thing. And hopefully it will force the voter into taking much more interest in the goings on in Washington DC.

  39. w.c.


    solved.” Not to put too fine of a point on it, but under my recall plan there would ( my plan ) lol

    your recall plan.. is in what section of constitution .

  40. can someone please post a link to the Constitution – once referred to as a ….oh we all know what that walker said…..

    It ain’t paper. It ain’t money.

    It is the Constitution and I think Madison would agree with ME.

    Just a free internet opinion.

  41. So my house just now (literally – a few moments ago) just got buzzed by a low flying mean-ass looking helicopter. I shot it down in my mind because I got such a good look at it and I could here it coming way before it arrived in sight.

    One of these stupid aircraft are gonna crash into a bunch of unsuspecting civilians when they fly so dangerously low.

    One of these days. Chance don’t play around and statistics don’t lie.

    So anyhow, I heard from a bunch of pilots (or so I think I did) who were of the professional opinion that a large commercial aircraft never flew into the Pentagon. They seemed credible to me.

    Plains get shot down. Or they ought.

  42. and just to close the loop here on August 12, 2009, I’d like to put out a “Happy Birthday” to my ole friend Bob Howard from Buffalo, NY. He must be 44 today.

    I remember all of my childhood friends. Or at least I think I do.

    Do you?

    You ought.

  43. Incidently did you get this:


    I don’t think that is a coincidence.

    Of course, I supported Gravel too.

  44. I support dirigibles.

    Regardless, here is another interesting mathamatical consideration.

    Take a “hooped” object (I had some sort of small vacuum cleaner belt I think) and then throw it into a fan. The result depends upon orientation of the throw and of course whether the fan is going clockwise or counter-so.

    Anyhow, I think imaginary numbers are very, very limited in time. Very limited.

    This speaks to my theory regarding shapes and the non-existance of neutrons.

    So anyhow, sorry to interrupt the conversation.

    Debate away…..

    Still, I don’t think a big plane flew into the pentagon building in the made-up city of dc….

    Just a free 1st Amendment opinion.

    I’ll find a link myself thank-you.


  45. I did though awhile ago post a link backing up what I said about the pilots.

    I mean I read it on the Internet – so it must be true – musn’t it?


  46. Angry Bill

    Since they appear to be getting Gulfstream jets, can I get some Stinger missiles put into the budget for homeland defense? I feel the need for these anit aircraft missiles as much as these assholes feel the need to fly in such aircraft. Fair is fair, right?

  47. Paul S

    “your recall plan.. is in what section of constitution ” It isn’t in the Constitution. But wouldn’t it be nice if it were? I guess I’ll have to start a drive for amending the Constitution. At least the solution is simple to define. Chance of success? Problematic haha.

  48. Well, hells bells, I called for a Constitutional Convention a long time ago, and I still think this makes sense.

    There is so much confusion about risk out there – are there any good lawyers in the house?

    I think so. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks assuming of course that I am still alive to sense them!

    Pretty sure I will be. I give myself a decent chance. Some others though, I think their chance are fixing to get mighty slim.

    Just my opinion.

    Still – I tend to give deference to pros. Professional pilots especially. Especially those who first flew in the military.

    Hey – what is the oath sworn to? I think I know the answer.

    Do you? You ought especially if you are in the military.

    You ought.

  49. chances – their chances (they are all different) are fixing to get mighty slim.

    That is what happens when the choices narrow.


    It ain’t a black hole.

  50. OK – here is a joke.

    So what kind of air-borne vehicle just floats?

    Easy answer.


    Dirigibles just make good sense and so does 3 because I have figured it out so far in advance that I don’t think you will ever catch up to me…..but of course, those are the words of a fool….so I take it back.

    Who knows what will happen next.

    Not me.

  51. So Lithium is in constant turmoil in the core.

    No wonder Lithium is a metal.

    All those 3 protons are just so close even if they are not all the same at any given moment in time. They must be different. Don’t you know.

    There is no such thing as a perfect triangle.


  52. And to belabor the point once again….regardless of whether this is “5” or not….nor is there such a thing as a “perfect” number.

    6, 28, so on so forth. Go forth all you numbers that think you are perfect, but I know better.

    Time moves on with or without us.


    Don’t you think?

  53. CK – thank-you very much for the Constitution link. I appreciate it and have added it to my “Favorites” for the purpose of more detailed future study.

    Thanks again CK.


  54. w.c.

    666 in symbolic talk in reaching for perfection. the number of the beast ,, not perfect .. the human world .. the mind ..

    777 is more perfect.

    12 12 12 is in some views a symbol for perfection

  55. emsnews

    You know, the New World natives and the Asians in China, Japan, etc, consider the even numbers to be good numbers and the odd ones to be bad numbers. 8 is perfection and 4 is a fine number.

    7 and 9 are nasty numbers. 12, of course, is very Asian. It is a wonderful number because it is attached to the concept of time passing here on earth as it circles the sun and the moon circles the earth.. 🙂

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